Staying Warm


This is what my house looks like right now . . .



Lucky lucky lucky.  Hope you are staying warm . . . xoxo

Lucky us


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  1. Janet Carlson says:

    LOVE! <3 My mother in law always made a lamb cake for Easter. I would love to be able to do that for my grandchildren, and start our own tradition of "Grama's Lamb Cake" but as the 5th of 6 Daughter in laws, I didn't stand a chance of getting the Lamb cake pan. Would mean so much to have yours! 🙂

  2. Aloyce Levin says:

    Hi Susan,
    Your blog is always a bright, inspirational spot in my day. Being in Southern CA. I have nothing in the way of snow stories to relate, but I enjoy the pictures of your house, the birds feeding outside and today especially the step by step directions for the lamb cake and frosting. It’s not that I’ll be baking one anytime soon (unless of course my name is drawn from Vanna’s Easter bonnet) but I love your commentary on each step. Thank you!

  3. Sheryl Martin says:

    All minds seem to be thinking of SPRING! I saw the first green tips of the crocus today, it won’t be long. My mom and I look forward to your blogs, especially when they include sweet kitties. Thank you!

  4. Cathy says:

    Oh my..this post brought back memories. I remember my mom making THE lamb cake every Easter. Green dyed coconut for the grass, black jelly beans for the eyes, a pink one for the nose and a red one for the mouth. We could hardly wait, especially after a season of Lent and giving up sweets. Had to be 50 years ago..nice memories..thanks!

  5. Patsy Coats says:

    That cake looks delicious!

  6. RobinLynn says:

    It is beautiful here today in my hometown of Santa Clara, California. We had a little sprinkling of rain overnight and it washed out the skies to a beautiful blue. Being with my beautiful mom sharing pictures of your beautiful house and kitties makes my heart warm. Thank you for bringing so much color and joy to all of us “girlfriends”.

  7. Linda says:

    Long posts are good! I never tire of your posts, long or short.
    Such a beautiful post today. I love the flowering trees of springtime. It’s coming! soon!

  8. Jana says:

    That boiled frosting photo took right back to childhood birthday cakes! My mom always made me a chocolate cake with the white boiled frosting (nothing tastes as good as that frosting). Then she would put diluted food coloring in 6 different clean jar lids. Using kitchen twine, one per color, cut the width of the cake top, she would make a plaid pattern in the frosting. So pretty! Add pink birthday candle holders and candles. I loved it … precious memory.

    • Charlotte Anderson says:

      Jana, I love the idea of making a plaid design! I have never seen that, or at least wasn’t paying attention if I did! I’m going to have to look for that , so I can try it!

  9. Hope says:

    I would love to win the pan and book! The book looks delightful to read and learn from. I love you blog. Being able to visit it is a blessing. Have a good evening.

  10. Marilyn Taylor Young says:

    Your home with the snowscene is beyond Heaven! I love love love your home and right where it is situated! Thanks for your Blog and if this is where I enter your contest then, consider this an entry. Thanks so much for being you>

  11. Bonnie Crawford says:

    Hi Sue!~~
    Thank you for the great directions on making a lamb cake with the lamb mold!~ Boy, was that ever cute!! I have always wondered how it was done. I have printed off your Blog directions today, and put them in my Susan Branch ‘Homemade Recipes’ binder. (Which is VERY full now, I must say, and I need to start my 2nd one SOON!). You got me hooked on collecting vintage lambs, so I’ll have to take a picture, and send it your way so you can see how my collection has grown!
    You mentioned Laura Scudder, and I wondered if I ever told you that she was my 3rd cousin?? She was my Grandma Scudder’s 1st cousin, so wouldn’t that make her my 3rd?? I think it works that way…. One of my great great aunts that was also a Scudder, married into the JB Williams Soap Company family, and Tom and I got to go through their mansion in Glastonbury, Connecticut! I love the heritage in our Scudder family, and the stories seem endless… I also love the fact that my roots come from New England, so maybe that explains why I have such a love for everything there!! (Well, everything except the freezing weather that is….I am a true California girl when it comes to our sunny and warm weather!) I bet you are missing it right about now, am I right?? 🙂
    I am rambling, so will end this for now….Stay warm, and close to that fire.
    Thank you for all you do to make our homes happier, and homier with such fun ideas! You are truly amazing!!~
    Love you lots!~ xoxo

  12. Heather Thompson Roberts says:

    While finalizing the list for my daughter’s 13th birthday dinner (for next week), Susan your blog arrived sharing your grandmother’s recipe for the Lemon Daisy Lamb Cake. This with the marshmallow frosting will be perfection for my February birthday girl!
    Snow, snow and more snow! But golly it sure is pretty here in New England!

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Marilyn Taylor Young says:

    I must tell you about my Christmas calamity! My great granddaughter in PR is hoping to go to college in the US beginning in 2014 and wants to be a writer. She is very talented and has published her first magazine article while in High School. I thought it would be a grand idea when you were in my town to get her a signed, first edition book of yours to treasure. I did and then I bought a comic book, first edition (my how comic books have changed), for her brother. A perfect gift! I sent it and accidently used an old address and now it’s lost in the world somewhere. I am hoping you will be touring near me again and I can start all over again! I have high hopes of someone returning the books to me.

  14. Roseanne from upstate NY says:

    Hi Susan
    I was in a little winter wonderland reading your blog. .love your stories, kitties , recipes and your big wonderful house which I wish I lived in!! You brought back memories of my childhood when my mom would make a lamb cake every Easter. .love to you my kindred spirit and stay warm!

  15. Julie says:

    I think you and Tasha Tudor could have been fast friends. Thank you for the smile and light you bring to my day.

  16. Jeannie Buckley says:

    Your beautiful pictures of Martha’s Vineyard have inspired me to get outside on milder days and take some photos of my hometown, Nahant MA. I am not a whiz when it comes to technology, ( and am impressed at what you can do), but I’ve just figured out how to post them on Facebook. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather when I’ll be able to go a little crazy with my pics.

  17. Cheryle says:

    Hi Susan,
    Always enjoy your blog re: pics, recipes and muse! Cute lamby cake! Our snow is gone for now and no buds are threatening ;-). Hugs

  18. Teresa says:

    The lamb reminds me of my darling little grandson who will turn one in April. I might just have to make that lamb cake for his party. Your spring fever theme was such a lovely reminder of what lies ahead! Thank YOU.

  19. Mary Ann in Missouri says:

    I must say, I agree with Mark Twain. I want spring so much it hurts. But, I love the picture of it “snowing” on your beautiful house. Looks so cozy. Thanks for your blog. It warms my heart on a cold, winter day.

  20. Lana Decker says:

    I’m having an Easter brunch for several of my friends and the darling lamb cake would be the perfect centerpiece. Thanks for the tip about the head and ears. I’m also a collector of Tasha Tudor books and avid gardener and book would be a great addition to my collection. I think you and she strive to live similar lives, simple and so fulfilling. Do you think you could send Jack along as I have four cats; two tuxedos, one black and white and one all black? Fondly.

  21. Suzanne DeVoe says:

    How wonderful it was to see the beautiful Spring blossoms! Thanks for sharing, I can hardly wait for Spring.

  22. Wendy says:

    What an adorable lamb cake!! Almost too cute to eat! And a beautiful photo of your home! (From someone sweating in South Florida) I thought of you the other day in Barnes & Noble they had a Petter Rabbit display with cupcake liner cups and toppers (like your cute chicks!) I thought if only I knew how to send these too you. 😉

  23. Arlene Burger says:

    The lamb cake is tooooo stinkin cute!!! I truly look forward to your Blogs. Can’t wait for the next one.

  24. Colleen says:

    I have loved you from the moment I came across your very first book. I have all your books, of course, and have been able to meet you, twice, in person, when you came through Indiana at Conners Prairie for book signings. Yep, my mom also had the lamb cake mold…that cake was the highlight of Easter dinner. I love the things from my youth (I am 62) and am even drawn to the television shows of that era. Because we were late getting a TV, I relive those days by watching reruns of Father Knows Best, and Leave it to Beaver right now on the cable stations. I am a Margaret Anderson, and June Cleaver wanna-be. Your blog is a salve on my winter weary soul, thank you!

  25. Linda Nusbaum says:

    Susan, you make it all look so easy! I love the charming little garden book with the lovely drawings.

  26. Lauri says:

    Dear Susan, thank you for being such a breath of spring!! We are having lots of wintry days here in Northern Michigan ( we saw you and adorable Joe in Grand Rapids) and I have a spot on at my kitchen window where your little “lambie pie”(oops, I mean cake) could sit and watch for spring robins!!

  27. shirley burt says:

    Yippee, I am able to post now. Just wanted to say, You are absolutely brilliant. I have a rabbit cake pan and have worried about the ears and there you have solved the problem. Thank you a bunny bunch for your clever idea with the toothpicks and skewers. I am going to try it. Your curly lamb cake was fabulous and the recipes sounds yummy . He was perfect sitting on that lovely golden trimmed platter. I will try the recipe in my rabbit cake pan and use your clever tricks.
    Thank you for being you.
    Much love and bunny hugs,

  28. Christine from Covina says:

    Lovely Spring blog. Here in So Cal we have had Spring almost all winter. I was telling my son, While we do need rain too, we should be so grateful for the wonderful sunshine, the warm days, the chilly nights and I am so glad to be alive right here where I live! It is tiring to hear the news just lamenting that all the weather is bad! Too much, or too little! So sweet of your positive attitude to know Spring will come again and is something to look forward to!

  29. Deb says:

    Susan, I have been a collector of your books over the years and just started subscribing to your blog. It’s the perfect ‘getaway’ for me, and I love reading about your adventures and collecting your recipes. I make your “Annie Hall’s Butter Cookies” twice a year…Christmas and Valentine’s Day, much to the delight of my family and co-workers. You are such an inspiration. Thank you!!

  30. Hannah Wend says:

    What a wonderful breath of spring! We need it right now, and your lamb cake looks delish! Thanks for the terrific pick-me-up; you’re the best!

  31. Noelle says:

    Susan- your blog was a breath of spring in the midst of a very long winter in Minnesota! We are supposed to get another 6 inches of snow tonight! I have decorated my house for St. Patty’s Day with Lambs and shamrocks and I pine spring to come. Last year we had a blizzard in May here, so I will have to hope the green decorations will tied me through! I loved your new book, which I received for Christmas from a dear friend– thank you for the vacation of a lifetime! Since my four kids keep me busy, I enjoy getting lost in others adventures. Would love to spend time lost in a world of lamb cake and Tasha Tudor drawings! Thanks for sharing your charm with all of us.

  32. Loved learning the secrets of a perfect lamb cake. I, too am a lamb lover. Thank you !

  33. Jan Jobes says:

    Lambs and Tasha Tudor-you made my day. Thank you, Susan, for your inspiring posts.

  34. Nan says:

    I loved reading this post today! While our Seattle rain has subsided a bit, the winds are nasty cold!! Just a few pics of Spring seemed to warm me right up…and that lamb mold has my name on it!!! Truly! I need it!! Thanks so much for the post, the pics and I’ll thank you in advance for the lamb mold! xo, Nan

  35. Oh “Be still my heart” .. I started “oohing” and “ahing” from the moment I opened your blog today then immediately shared it with my friend Susan! The lamb cake is “over-the-top” adorable, then the cute red owl timer, then you blew me out of my chair with the vintage Kitchen Garden book!! Oh my … Thank you for making my day!

  36. Donna Downey says:

    Susan, Even in the winter weather you home and area appear so lovely
    and inviting. You have such a positive attitude no matter what. I would
    love to add the lamb mold and garden book to my collection of all your cookbooks.
    I live in California and we have had unusually pleasant weather for this winter but are praying for rain…….

  37. Maureen Graham says:

    Hi Susan! I love the lamb cake. Thank you for the Spring reminders. Here in Michigan we are having a cold snowy winter! My favorite kind!

  38. Linda June says:

    Love this particular springtime blog and all the instructions for the lamb cake. Toothpicks and sticks–love it!–and never would have thought of it. He looked so cute all wrapped up for a walk in the snow to the neighbors’ house for dinner.

  39. Jo Ann says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the breath of springtime! Lambs, and bunnies and forsythia. What a joy to behold.

  40. Debbie says:

    Susan~ you never fail to brighten my day and just make me feel happy! I love the life you live and enjoy reading about the details! Lambs have always been a favorite of mine since they remind me of my late Mom. The cake looks delicious!

  41. Lindy says:

    Ahhhh Spring, closer than we think here in the Midwest. Only a month till St. Patrick’s day….we are stout people, we can do it!!! Yes, we have deep, deep snow out there (all the better for snow shoes and x country skiing after work before the sun sets) but the song birds are out every morning and the sun is coming up earlier each day. Spring, it will be here before you know it!

    Love the directions for the lamb mold and the Sticks tips are priceless. THANK YOU….but that book is a dream. I would love to see a copy, I will be on the look out at the local library and resale shops. Enjoy the Olympics everyone, Go USA !!!

  42. Donna says:

    Thank you for your springtime joys……we’re in the middle of a Montana snowstorm. It’s nice to be reminded that this too will pass. Sunshine and flowers are on the way!

  43. Jenny says:

    My birthday was Monday and my mother-in-law, who I introduced to you through your Christmas book, gave me one of your cookbooks. Lucky me!

  44. I love it all!!!! I am “dieting” and right this minute my tummy is growling and I don’t think peppers and hummus are going to cut it!
    I wanted to share a picture of my “ewe” painting with you but I don’t know how to attach it to here. I will try to tweet it to you.
    Happy day Susan.

  45. Laura says:

    Oh, thanks for this bit of spring!
    I love all the detail about this cake. My mom used to make us a lamb cake for Easter and she too put the green coconut and jelly beans about the lamb.
    What a dear memory you brought me.

  46. Shirley Poe says:

    I’m sure everybody is so ready for spring! Lambs are so symbolic of springtime. Your blog is a great reminder of what is just around the corner. Thank you.

  47. Kristi says:

    What a cute lamb cake! I would love to try to make this. Thanks so much for your generous giveaway! Fingers are crossed.

  48. Judy says:

    Wonderful post. I had a lamb mold and let it go, now I want it back. Such clever tips on making the perfect cake. I like the look of your finished lamb with the dark nose and ears. Spring dreamin!

  49. Marti Lundh says:

    Hope Springs eternal… least now we can hope for Spring thanks to your wonderful pictures and joyful conversation as reminders. I’m so glad I discovered your Blog.

  50. Phyllis says:

    Even here in Georgia it has been so cold and snowy that we are anxiously awaiting Spring! I would love to make your lamb cake as a harbinger of the season. Also, I have many books illustrated by Tasha Tudor but never knew this one existed. You and Tasha are my favorite artists and you both share the gift of cheer and hope that you instill in all that see your work. Your blog is a joy and I always know that I will feel better about everything when I read it. Thanks for all you give to your readers. Any plans to come to Georgia on your book tour?

  51. Cindy Holshouser says:

    That first picture is gorgeous. If that was my house I would stand outside and stare as long as I could stand it! What a perfect Christmas card pic.

  52. Jane Armour says:

    Thanks to the vagaries of our Georgia winter weather, today was absolutely beautiful with the highs in the 60 to 70 degree range. Quite the contrast from last week, when we were closing down again, due to icy roads! The lamb cake is just darling & does leave me longing for spring. Thank you for this hopeful inspiration!

  53. Chrissy Thrower says:

    Chicks and lambs and cozy warm delicious oven smells! Snowing at Sue$Joeville to top it off! How darling! Stay warm and cozy now!
    I hear the call of Spring…….or, is that Joe looking for some Bunny cake! LOL!

  54. Asha says:

    Hi Susan! Loved everything about this blog! Would love to receive the lamb cake mold AND especially the cook book. Betty Crocker was a staple in our home when I was growing up! I still have my Mom’s original Betty Crocker Cook Book! We have about 25 inches of snow here on the ground in central Mass. Soooo looking forward to Spring! Thank you for this blog! oxoxox

  55. Suzanne Bidinger says:

    I am always inspired by the things you do here in “Susan Branchland”. There are those people in the world who God gave creativity to and there are the rest of us to whom He gave appreciation of the things created. The later is me – I marvel at all you can make and I love to see the books that inspire you. So kudos to you for your inventiveness – keep it up! I never tire of all the wonderful things you show us.

    • sbranch says:

      There are two ways of spreading the light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ♥ (Edith Wharton) and at different times, we all can be both.

  56. Joy Gaiser says:

    I have a best friend who made a lamb cake every Easter, and always complained that the ears fell off and sometimes even the head. She would stick it together with frosting (sans ears) and cover it with coconut, which she said covered up most of her mistakes! It was always a big joke with her family and her children would give the cake funny, made-up animal names for her annual creation! I’ve copied your post to send to her so she knows how to keep its head! I just love your posts- you take so much time and effort and they are a pleasure to read and see! Thank you!

  57. Nancy says:

    Dear Susan, Thank you for the inspiring spring post! That is what I needed especially with the threat of yet another blizzard heading our way. Spring can’t come soon enough for me! Have a great evening; thank you again!

  58. Anne Krush says:

    Vanna, please, please, please choose me! I want to make a sweet lamb cake, but most of all I LOVE Tasha Tudor! The snow fall on your house photo looks awesome, Susan.

  59. Judy Ridgway says:

    What caught my eye, after seeing the adorable lamb cake mold and the coconut, was the drawings by Tasha Tudor. I love her drawings and first learned of her when I read The Secret Garden in sixth grade. I have one of her cookbooks and it sits next to yours on my shelf.

  60. Nancy says:

    Love the view from your kitchen window…reminds me of our five years in SD!
    The lamb cake is too cute…bet your friends loved it. 🙂

  61. Melinda says:

    Wonderful, all of it! My mom used to have the best tins and molds! Wish I could still play with them. Love it all, can’t wait for Easter now. We already have some flowers here in sunny (but too dry!) central California. Thank you so much for the bright spot of my evening!

  62. Debbie Dority says:

    my first time to leave a comment! I too collect lambs, my daughter’s name is Rachel (meaning of her name is “Lamb of God”) … we are having a worse-than-usual winter here in Little Rock so the pics of spring blossoms look wonderful!

  63. Ginny D says:

    Love the cake. Super cute!

  64. Elaine from MN Brrrrrr says:

    I leave comments, but I hardly ever see them posted…..doing something wrong or maybe the blizzard that’s on its way is affecting things 🙂
    Your post can never be too long. I ‘m always disappointed when it’s over.. Thank you for a little taste of spring…might be revisiting your post many times in the next couple days!!!

    • sbranch says:

      I think they get posted, but we do have gremlins on the blog that seem to take some of them away — even mine. Not often, but sometimes. Let’s see if this one goes!

  65. Irene says:

    Is it possible that even though I’m way out in California, I could get a “lamb pan”? I hope so…..

  66. Kathleen says:

    Dreaming of this year’s garden and a new dress for Easter!

  67. Barb says:

    Thanks for the sweet post. The musica and the pictures and recipes have helped soften what is coming our way tomorrow!

  68. Brenda King says:

    I just love your blog. It gives me a warm and comfortable feeling when I read it. Thanks for always thinking of your girlfriends and making our day. I hope you have a Happy Day too!

  69. Toby Goode says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for the wonderful wintery photographs, which I selfishly enjoyed more than the beautiful springtime ones (because I’m in California). I’m originally from Boston and I miss the seasons. My daughter is out there now, though, going to school and experiencing her first winter ever. She left California in August and didn’t believe me when I told her fingerless gloves were not going to cut it. She knows what I’m talking about now! But as she has told me, “Mom, I have to learn things the hard way.” So be it :).
    By the way, I think your lamb cake is the cat’s meow and I would love to win the mold. Wish me luck!
    xo Toby

  70. Clair says:

    I could use anything with successful and cooking in same reference!! 🙂 I hope I have Vanna luck…I too, love all things lamb….comes from having last name of Lambright!! 🙂

  71. How cute, we just started raising sheep last year, we take the babys that the mom rejects and bottle raise them. Now its time to start collecting sheep items as well, Love your sheep stuff! Always looking for items in your store! Design a towel! Just a suggestion;)

  72. Pat Salada says:

    All the snow we’ve had sure makes me look forward to Spring. Thanks
    for the floral reminders of what it will look like very soon. I’d love to
    win the lamb cake mold and make Grama’s Lamb Cake.

    Pat S.

  73. Thea says:

    Oh I just love the lambie cake! As I was scrolling down I was wondering how you would do the nose and ears to differentiate lambie’s face. Adorable! Anyhoo, I am admiring all your cupcakes – I am on the host committee this month for our local garden club (we do hot lunches for our monthly meeting) and I’ve been icing several dozen cupcakes for dessert and making floral designs for each table, as well as doing two miniature floral designs for our monthly floral design challenge. And still! I want to make a lambie cake! tanx for the tutorial and the reminder to be patient. I have to force myself to be patient when baking. If I hurry it always ends up a disaster! xoxoxo t

  74. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the boost of Spring, we had a long winter, but not like you have. I love the book and I’ve not seen it before! It has three of my favorites ,gardening book, an old book,and Tasha Tudor! As a child we always knew Easter wasn’t far behind if Grandma made a lamb cake! Loved it loved it loved it! Thank you for the memories.

  75. Barbara Saia says:

    What an adorable lamb cake! Thank you for the carrot cupcake receipt too! I can’t wait to try it 🙂

  76. Patricia Irizarry says:

    Always enjoy reading your posts. The posts alone are refreshing and a little bit of spring for me! Thank You.

  77. Ruth Rosales says:

    The lamb cake is just adorable! I’m very excited to try this cake, with spring on a lot of people’s minds it’s perfect.

  78. Cindy Stierhoff says:

    Gosh Susan, I would have loved to lick clean that cake batter bowl for the Lambie Pie cake, I could just taste it…..hmmm need the cake pan so I can make the cake, hint hint.

  79. maria johnson says:

    It would be fun to make the cake and let the grandkids decorate with the coconut and raisins for eyes. A very cute cake. Who eats the little lamb ears?

  80. Karyn B. says:

    Have been a fan for over 15 years & just love everything Susan Branch! My Gram would make a lamb cake at Easter- loved it & miss her dearly. We will have a Brown graduate in May 2015 & have our trip planned to spend time on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s been on my bucket list & I can’t wait! I’m a central coast – Monterey Bay native but The Vineyard has always called to me. Maybe I will bump into you while shopping & exploring!
    Stay warm, cozy & think Spring!

  81. Christina Lorrey says:

    Oh Susan, thank you so much! The lamby cake is great! My mom always made the exact same lamby cake for Easter when I was a kid. Every year it would fall apart, or get dropped. So we turned the holiday into, “the annual tossing of the lamb”. The idea of the skewers inside the batter is a wonderful one. We will try it this year and think of you 🙂 Even if the cake stays together this year, I am still calling it the tossing of the lamb. Have a great day!

  82. Cindy says:

    I would LOVE to make that lamb cake for my little girl. Actually, she would love to help me make it! She’s really getting into baking with her momma! Thank you, Susan! Your creations are wonderful! 🙂

  83. Miss Marion says:

    I’m staying quite toasty warm with all the snow shoveling and ice chopping! I firmly believe they should become Olympic events. Athletes would be more than welcome to come to my house every winter for training.

  84. Ann says:

    Great post and just the touch of spring that all of us in the snowy-icy-cold regions (which is most of the US, this year!) need. I also love Gladys Taber and have been collecting her books whenever I can find them. Her writing is lovely, just like yours.
    LOVE the lamb pan and Tasha Tudor/Betty Crocker book–please pick me, Vanna!

  85. LynnCC says:

    Such sweet memories your lamb cake evokes. My aunt had a similar cake pan, and now my cousin uses it every year. I’ve always contemplated looking for one, now perhaps I can be a lucky winner of one! There is something deliciously delightful about using a well-loved cake pan that has been handed down with all the love baked into it.

  86. Susan Ray says:

    Hi Susan ,

    I loved your post. As soon as I saw the book…..I went to Amazon and ordered it (used)…..because I’m just starting my garden. Then read at the end of the post that you are doing a give away….should of waited…lol.

    Just so you know……..I have tons of blogs I check into…..but you are my first and favorite.
    Plus we share the same names.

  87. Jean says:

    Susan, I love your lamb cake article! My mother use to make these. The only difference is her mold is CAST IRON!! She would make them at Easter and pit a ribbon around his neck with a small bell on it. She would use the sticks in the neck, ears and add another to the nose. It had a tendancy to bread off too! My favorite story was the summer a cousin was about to celebrate his second birthday. His mom made him a cake and he kept crying “No”! Somehow they figured out he wanted one of Aunt Evelyn’s lamb cakes. I am the proud owner of this cake mold now and just might have to get it out and make one. Thanks for the reminder … Just in time for Easter!

  88. Tracy says:

    This cake looks inspiring for Easter! I will be making those Carrot Cupcakes for Easter for certain! Thank you for sharing SPRING with us today!

  89. Sharon C. says:

    Thank you for the lambie cake recipe! I love all the pictures of both Spring & Winter–so much beauty in every season! I have a few books illustrated by Tasha Tudor, but I have never seen this one–would be thrilled to win it! As always, I thank you for your wonderful artwork, recipes, and inspiration!

  90. Martha Grinestaff says:

    I have enjoyed your artwork since finding receipes in Contry Living magazine in 1989 thru 1991 that I still have in my cookbook.I also have many articles and clippings saved thru the years abot

  91. Martha Grinestaff says:

    Hello Susan,
    I have enjoyed your artwork and receipes since I found your receipes in Country Living magazine in 1989. I cut them out and still have them in my cookbook.I also have collected many clippings and articles on Tasha Tudor thru the years.Both of you are inspirational.I have your books and do love every one.Thank you for the joy you bring to all.
    Martha Grinestaff

  92. heidi shorts says:

    oh susan…
    i haven’t written in oh, so long…but i sooo look forward to your blog installments, even when i don’t…and to snuggling in each night with a bit of “a fine romance”, trying to make the journey last forever. i just know we are kindred spirits! (yeah, i know, everyone says that!) but truly, i KNOW that we are.
    i want to throw my name into vanna’s stash…i love seasonal celebrating, i love baking, i love lambies, i love gardening and i love tasha tudor. so there you have it! please include me in the drawing…but more than that, please keep inspiring and celebrating and creating (how can you NOT?)
    i am sooo thankful for everything you do and sharing it with all of us!

  93. Janet Duff says:

    Hello Susan,
    I want to take this chance to thank you for your blog and generosity. Your posts have been such a bright spot in my winter. We live on a farm. Some days I am responsible for checking on the beef cows and cutting the ice on the ponds so that they can drink. Two times cattle have fallen through the ice. Thankfully we were able to get them out. At times, I would think about how hard the elements were making things. But then I would sit down at my computer and find a wonderful reminder about the things I do love about winter. I was reminded to not let a few chores steal the joy that God has provided. Snow and ice are beautiful especially as a backdrop to cardinals.
    Thank you also for a reminder to get use the recipes in your books to make our home smell wonderful and provide delicious comfort food. The bookmarks you have created are marking the pages of my favorite books. Thank you again for the happiness you’ve brought to my winter!
    Blessings, Janet

  94. How I love your blog Susan!! I am an avid cookbook collector and I love looking in antique stores and thrift shops for your books. Now I will add the “Kitchen Garden” book to my list of things to look for. So far I have only found two books of yours but they give me a great thrill to find them, come home and read them from cover to cover!! Also, to my list, I will look for a “lamb mold” which I have seen in the past but thought too difficult to make but now can’t wait to try the lemon cake. I remember making one when my children were little and how they loved it.
    Peace and love to you Susan.

  95. Sherry says:

    Hi Susan I loved your blog today, it is grey and raining here in washington state and your springtime pictures were perfect. My mom used to make us lamb and bunny rabbit cakes for easter and you brought back all those good memories. The Kitchen Garden book is a treasure I have always loved tasha tudor and she made another book with mary mason campbell called, The New Englang Butt’ry Shelf Almanac and it was filled with recipes and tasha’s drawings. I checked it out of the library so often I think I memorized it. I would love to be included in your drawing I would attempt to make a lamb cake for easter and the kitchen garden book would be memorized too! lots of love from sherry k.

  96. Brenda Wagner says:

    A welcome taste of spring warmed my winter weary heart.

  97. Carol Oliver says:

    Hello Susan,
    Wow…not too long of a Blog at all! It was fun, and interesting. Your Snowing Home is my background now…lol… Love the scenery, and all the baking, would
    love to make the cupcakes and the are so good…Love your thinking
    and love of life…I know you are craving Spring, but its beautiful and scenic
    there,and you are comfortable and safe, that trip back from the City was a
    little harrowing last week but you made it. Thank you again for all that you say
    and send, I always love it.
    Carol O. in So. Cal. just over the bridge from mom…with your Red Toile Gravy Boat.

  98. jane says:

    Greeting, Susan, from the stormy, windy, and wet northwest! Oh, how thrilled I was to see a new post so shortly after the first this week! Yipee! Off I went to my comfy chair and cuppa to dream of being on snowy Martha’s Vineyard. I have seen your house in autumn but the snow is especially beautiful. I would love to own the sweet Kitchen Garden book. I will be starting a little garden at our new little cabin on Whidbey Island and would love to have some guidance!

    Cheers to you — the snow will pass and we’ll see those daffodils and tulips sooner than we think . . .

  99. Kathy Wagner says:

    Hi Susan….It’s been a perfect winter here in CT for reading and I just finished “A Fine Romance”. My husband are not big travelers so I feel like I’ve been on a great vacation. Loved it and enjoy your blog so much. Thank you.
    Kathy Wagner

  100. Dear Susan,

    I so enjoy reading your posts and can certainly relate to your love of the old-fashioned way of life and it’s many charms! My mother made a lamb cake every Easter and I think my sister now has that pan. I would treasure it should I be the lucky winner! You have some sweet, darling kitties, and Jack is adorable—reminds me of a black and white cat I used to have named Whitley. She had some health problems but was so sweet. Well, I better save room for your other friends to post their comments. I’m a new reader but a fond one. Thanks for brightening our days! 🙂

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