Staying Warm


This is what my house looks like right now . . .



Lucky lucky lucky.  Hope you are staying warm . . . xoxo

Lucky us


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  1. Amy says:

    Happy Birthday to me! Today is my birthday, and I have the day off. Relaxing on a cushion, doing puzzles and enjoying all the sunshine out the window and the gorgeous blue sky against the snow. The warm air tells us Spring is in the offing! Thinking what to do next, and decided to check in with you – your writing and drawings and photos and music always make me happy! And what do you know: lemon cake with coconut frosting is my favorite type of birthday cake! (And I love lambs!) Thank you for the virtual Spring and cake to help me enjoy my birthday! If I should be so lucky as to win the cake pan & book I will take delightful care of both, making the daisy lemon lamb cake right away, and planning my kitchen garden while waiting for the snow to melt! Happy day to everyone!

    • Susan (in VA) says:

      Happy birthday, Amy.

    • Nina says:

      Happy Birthday Amy!
      Although, I don’t know you personally….I think everyone deserves special recognition on their birthday! I wish you a special day of joy, and everything happy today!
      ….Glad that Susan’s blog is a nice forum to celebrate you! Calgary, Canada

    • Hi…my Birthday was also on February 20th. Happy Birthday to Amy too. My sister’s name is Amy…what a coincidence. Thank you to Susan for all you do to inspire others to be creative each day. We can’t wait until Spring time and celebrating with Peter Rabbit and all his friends…keep inspiring.

      • Amy says:

        Thanks, Susan, Nina & Melissa! And happy mutual birthday, Melissa; hope you had a great day! Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

    • Angela Camacho says:

      I love reading your posts and seeing your little corner of the world! We live in Los Angeles at the moment and I so miss the seasons! Hubby is retiring from the Air Force in June after 26 years and we will be back somewhere with 4 seasons!

  2. patty hewitt says:

    Oh Susan, you are a real inspiration. How I miss some good snow and/or rain this year. Our socal weather has been like spring for months now and while its such a treat to always be able to go outside to enjoy mild weather, I do long for some real “seasons” – so your posts are wonderful. Please keep sharing your weather and don’t worry about your long stories….they are much appreciated.

  3. Mary Beth says:

    This morning, although it was still cold, somehow there was the smell of spring. Later on, when the sun came out, the huge icicles started dripping and then crashing to the ground. I am trying to ignore the forecast, which calls for freezing rain tonight, and concentrate on thoughts of spring, lambs, and lilacs.

  4. Marcia says:

    I love reading your uplifting blogs! This time, I just had to let you know that I also have the Kitchen Gardens book! It really surprised me to see the pic of it in today’s post. I’ve had it since at least the early 70s – I think I ordered it through a book club. Lots of good ideas in it.

  5. Pat says:

    Can’t wait for those spring flowers! And a gardening book illustrated by Tasha Tudor — what could be better!

  6. karen martindale says:

    Dear Susan,

    I was going to write to you when you showed us your grandmothers flower garden.
    You said you liked the white that surrounded the flowers. I’m an affide quilter and love to learn the history of quilt patterns.
    I read years ago that the white that goes around the flower represents the crushed sea shells they would put around the garden in New England. And in most grandmother flower garden the white is surrounded by a green diamond that represents the grass.
    I know you have always said you wanted to learn to quilt and doing the grandmothers flower garden would be the perfect quilt to start with. It’s all easy hand work you can take with you ,or work on when your watching your favorite T.V. show.
    Susan thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world you are such an inspiration.
    Please don’t ever stop doing what you do!

    God bless
    Karen Martindale

  7. Christine Polkovitch says:

    Spring, spring, where are you???? Please come soon!!! Here in New Jersey, there is so much snow in my garden that I can’t help but wonder how the spring bulbs are holding up in the cold, wet ground!! Thank you, Susan, for giving us something to look forward to!! It won’t be long until we are surrounded by colorful flowers!!

  8. Debbie Murray says:

    Dear Susan,
    This is such a sweet and lovely lamb cake. Everything you do reminds me of the old days when life was simple and a bit calmer. Although I have to admit I do love the internet too, because we wouldn’t be having conversations with people we’ve never met! It’s almost like having a pen pal, but much quicker and easier. I love your blog Susan! Thank you.

  9. Debbie Murray says:

    Susan, I forgot to ask you where did you get that adorable owl timer! Are you going to sell them?

  10. Kristine R. says:

    Hello Susan ~
    Your lamb cake mold makes such a cute finished cake! The cake sounds delicious too! Even though Spring is a few weeks away, the chance to make this adorable cake makes the anticipation worthwhile. I’d like to give it a try if I win the mold and vintage book.
    One additional thought ~ I believe in definitely appreciating just where we are today, even if it’s still cold and Winter. I never want to wish my life away ~ so I try to enjoy it and make the most of it. Spring will be here sooner than we think! 🙂
    I love your blog and look forward to seeing it in my inbox. I save it for last after I have attended to all other necessary mail.

    Thanks and blessings to you ~ Kris

  11. Christine D says:

    Oh love you lamb cake very cute! I went toa large fiber fair in the Fall andmet the cutest sheep ever! He was so sweet and bust loved to be pet. I had to ask if he had a name he was such a original he had to lol his name was Lewis and ever since then ive been hooked on sheep and I love to needle felt them they are so darn cute!

  12. Carol Werner says:

    That is just the cutest cake ever! I make your 3 layer cake w/lemon filling & coconut icing for my husband’s bday every year. It’s the best. I so enjoy your blog. I think just the way you do, always excited about gardening & the change of seasons. Thanks for writing your blog & giving us a chance to win the most adorable things.

  13. Gail Hasbrouck says:

    I fell in love with Tasha Tudor when I happened upon one of her books while volunteering for my son’s school library in 1986. When I purchased “A Fine Romance” I was thrilled to see how alike your wonderful and joyful drawings are and look forward every day to your blog.

  14. Christy says:

    My mother, Mona, left you a comment and she was so excited that you responded to her. She introduced you to me and I have been in love ever since. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful stories, pictures, and songs. On hard days or good ones, they make me re-adjust my thoughts and pay more attention to the important things. The little things……….

  15. Vicki Kasper says:

    Hello Susan,

    Loved looking at your home in the snow – kitchen is so cozy and warm looking. Thank you for all your spring thoughts and your lamb cake recipe!.


  16. D'Anne Paratore says:

    We are sitting here, and felt very inspired with your lamb cake!! It is our family tradition to make our lamb and bunny cake, and home made chocolates. We like the idea that you left the ears and nose plain, very authenic. My brother takes a pastry bag, filled with butter frosting, and a small tip and makes swirls, to look like the wool-all over looking like a fine coat. Now with your idea, we will leave it plain, take a different size tip, and fill the ears in with pink and the nose.
    Then we finish it off with a fine bow of spring colored tulle.
    Thank you so much for the idea!!!
    Now we would like to ask you, whomever designs your blog, if they can add the
    button for your receipe that is “printer friendly”. It will have just your receipe
    Then we can post it in our Book “Receipes from Susan Branch”
    At the moment we have to cut-copy-paste. Then we just add your stickers and any comments
    It is a fun family event and it will be passed to the grandchildren.
    Keep the fun coming

    for the idea

  17. emma cook says:

    I am so glad I found your blog and books! I check it every day down here in Texas. My mother made me a coconut pineapple lamb cake for my birthdays when I was young. Seeing yours brought back so many nice memories. I, too, would love to win it and make cakes for my little grandchildren. Wish you could see my little lamb. He looks a lot like yours but is not a bank. Until tomorrow…..Emma

  18. Sue says:

    My Mom always made a lamb cake for Easter – sometimes she would make it with Rice Krispie ‘batter.’ I was born in 1954, the second of seven, and grew up on the family farm. Life was full of hard work but she made holidays and birthdays extra special. When we were young, she’d make a new dress for us three sisters for our first day of school, Christmas and Easter. I too try and make holidays special; my signature ‘thing’ is seasonal cut-out sugar cookies. Your posts and drawings/paintings take me back to those special days and I look forward to your new posts!

  19. Christine C from Michigan says:

    Hi Susan-
    Loved your post. The lamb lemon cake looks wonderful and I liked the bunny cake too as bunnies are a favorite. Anything to bring Spring to all of us helps at this point. We have 12-18″ of snow expected in our area tonight into Friday, so no Spring here for awhile yet. Yikes!
    Thank you for the chance at your giveaway of the lamb cake pan and “Kitchen Gardens” book.

  20. Pat W. says:

    Thank you Susan for your creative & inspirational posts! Loved this “spring” fling…it did my cold winter soul good to see the pink blossoms. I would just jump for joy to win the lamb pan & garden book – both look lovely! I received a mold for my January birthday from grandchildren – maybe I’ll try your daisy cake recipe.

    Thanks again “chickie”….

  21. Kelley S says:

    I simply adore this post! What lovely photos, beautiful foodings, and the wondrous prospect of another exciting drawing. Take heart, girlfriends. Spring is coming. There was a fine film of pollen on my car this morning! Can’t wait to try the lamb cake. It is too cute!

  22. Charlotte Anderson says:

    Susan, I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful blog! I grew up with a lamb cake, too. Just Tuesday in the mail my mom’s wonderful old cast iron lamb mold arrived for me! Then your blog had this on it! I got on the phone with my 88yr old magical mother and we went thru the blog on the lamb cake together! What incredible timing! I remember my brother proudly bringing the lamb cake head to school and holding it high in the cafeteria, yelling, “What will you give for this head?” Let the bargaining begin! My dad would steal the ears at just the right moment! I have had an aluminum mold that we wired shut to keep the batter from coming out as it baked! The twine would be easier! I line the ears with foil before coating with crisco, but I’ve used the crisco without melting it. Our old family cake recipe is firm poundcake like, too. It has lemon and zest and almond extract. We call it lamb cake, because it’s the cake we always put in the mold. Somehow I’ve never had the head or ears fall off, but my mom used to put tooth picks in the ears. I just use the foil. I ice it with a simple powdered sugar/butter/ lemon+zest swirled to look like wool. I thin the icing and glaze the face and ears. I’ve started making the inside of the ears pink, with thicker icing on the backs. I cut raisins length wise for almond shaped eyes, and cut a raisin or date for the nose. After that I go nuts, and have done every kind of themed lamb you can think of doing. I even made a little black mask of fimo for a Halloween lamb. But my favorite is the Christmas or Easter lamb with a crown. I plan to make a crown like a wreath out of rosemary with red currants or tiny flowers next. I think your blog is magic like my mom!

  23. Jocelyn says:

    I can not tell you how much I enjoyed your blog today! I always make a point to sit down with a cuppa and relax while reading your blog. But today I really enjoyed it because here in New Hampshire we are buried in snow and ice. I had just started measuring my favorite loose leaf tea and drip…drip…drip… as I looked up I saw water coming through the kitchen light fixture. Ice damns on shingled roofs are a major problem here. But I finished reading the blog before I went out with the roof rake one more time to try and break ice off the roof. So thanks for the peaceful moments you provided to my day. I love bunnies and lambs! The make me smile 🙂 and so does your blog! thanks for all you share !

  24. Luann France says:

    Love lambs, love lemons, love carrot cake, love your blog!

  25. Brenda Brady says:

    I have been a fan for many years and have most of your books. I love your warm and friendly attitude, your love of home and hearth. Love your recent book on your trip to England. My husband and I plan to make the trip next year for our 30th anniversary. The lamb cake and garden book are priceless. I am a Master Gardener and enjoy all garden books. That is one I don’t have in my gardening library and would love to have it.
    Brenda Brady
    Lewes, De located on the Atlantic Ocean just a bit south of Martha’s Vineyard

  26. Linda Fulmele says:

    I’m new to your blog, but not new to all your books and calendars. This lamb cake reminds me of my four sheep… Betty Lou, Suzie Q, Izzy Belle, and Anna Belle. They were named after family and friends. However, they are all in greener pastures now, so the cake is a nice idea to make. My grandchildren will love it! Thank you for sharing. I just love your cookbooks and calendars. I took an old calendar and papered the back of my granddaughter, Madison’s purple book shelf with the pages. My daughter loves to look at it when she cleans Maddie’s room. One year I bought ten of your small Christmas cookbooks and gave them to special friends. I just wanted to share the love and your art work! Thank you again, Linda

  27. Gale Puffenberger says:

    Your home always looks so cozy & inviting. Thank you for sharing it with us. A lamb cake for Easter would be perfect!

  28. Lucia says:

    The lamb cake is part of our Easter tradition every year! I just love your mold and especially Betty Crocker’s Garden Kitchen book. Just wonderful items that would truly be cherished.

  29. Mary Johnson says:

    Thanks always for inspiring me to be optimistic! Spring will arrive, but until then I will enjoy warm fires in the fireplace and hearty soups with crusty bread!

  30. Mary Peterson says:

    Dear Susan:

    Thank you so very much for the taste of Spring. Wisconsin has had a long winter, as you have had in the East. I think the whole country will be ready for Spring!

    Your lamb cake is the exact one my mother in law used to make for Easter. She has been gone now for 11 years and we still remember her lamb cake with the coconut for fur. She used to borrow a mold from a friend, so we haven’t enjoyed that cake since she passed away. I’d love to be able to “re-introduce” her tradition!

  31. When I was a little girl my aunt would make us a lamb cake for Easter. I’ve been reading one of Gladys Taber Stillmeadow books – a chapter on each month of the year. I read some each night before I go to bed. I love snow but I’m quite reading for spring. Would love to win the book and cake mold!

  32. Cyndee Gayle says:

    Guess who is on my screen saver…Lambie-Pie-Cuddle-Bunch of course. What a cute cake that would make for my grand child’s second birthday! Your blog always makes me 🙂

  33. viv says:

    What a lovely post and a chance to win the lovely prizes as well. I’ve adored Tasha Tudor for years and am so looking forward to gardening this spring.
    One of my favorite books is DRAWN FROM NEW ENGLAND. Happy Spring.

  34. Elizabeth S. says:

    L♥vely and Inspiring on this wintry day in the Midwest!

  35. donna says:

    I think I am more excited about Spring this year than ever before! The lamb cake is adorable! I always love dropping by your blog. I save it for last, so I can step away from the computer feeling positive and uplifted! Thanks for all your beautiful work!

  36. Patricia Ruehle says:

    I haven’t seen snow like yours since my growing up years in Buffalo, New York.
    What wonderful memories your blog evokes. That first snowfall was magical. We often had heavy snow on Easter. By that time it wasn’t quite as magical.
    Thanks for stirring up sweet memories along with your sweet lamb cake.

  37. Anne Endler says:

    It is raining on top of the many feet of snow and there is dense fog everywhere here in Garrison, New York, but my outlook is MUCH improved after seeing your pictures of SPRING! And of your house in the snow, which is so beautiful that it made me like Winter again. The lamb cake is as dear as can be, and I will hunt for lambkin cake molds from now on. And make the cake without one this weekend , as it looks delicious and my husband needs something to fill him up after all of the snow plowing, blowing, shoveling, etc. Loved seeing Jack’s little face as he helped you cook! Thank-you for CHEERING ME UP this morning! And for giving such great and precise directions for making the cake, and for the sights and imaginary smells of Spring.

  38. Vela says:

    Love this!

  39. Joann says:

    It has been blizzardsville here as well, with snow snow snow and bitter cold temperatures, all while my mom had a heart attack and has been in the hospital and in the rehab. She is home now and most of the snow has melted, but now we have 4-5 days of super high winds and temps in 30’s and 40’s. (maybe snow was better?)

    The lambie cake is so wonderful. I love how you left the frosting off the face like that—-just perfect!! Makes the shape so much more defined!

    Youngest daughter’s baby shower is Mar. 22—remember, you met her in SLO? She is due May 25th—we’re excited for little baby boy in family. We thought there were only girls! NO, a boy is coming! Goodness sakes…..what to do with him?
    Rockies baseball, no doubt!

    Excited for all things in Spring and so happy you got a colonoscopy. I wish you would have given me advanced warning; I would have gone with you as I have never gone! I need a little hand-holding!

    Love you lots!!! Way to be brave!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh Joann, knowing you, that baby shower is going to be so adorable!!! A boy!!! And I PROMISE you, from the bottom of my chicken heart, that you can just go get that colonoscopy and find out it’s actually NOTHING. You already know you have to drink eight 8-oz glasses of clear lemon flavored liquid that is yukky-ish the day before, but not that bad, and after that, the actual event is even kind of cozy. They put warm blankies on you. You are never naked, or cold or exposed or any of that. You go to sleep in the best possible way in a soft little bed, all covered in oven-warmed blankets (I don’t like anesthesia, but this is not like anesthesia, you wake up almost normal!). I will never be afraid again. Go do it. You will be so proud of yourself. 🙂

  40. Elaine Erhart says:

    Loved reading your post today. Was just outside here in MO where the wind is blowing, but all snow is gone. So-o-o ready for spring, so the pictures of your yard were just what I needed to see. Loved the carrot cupcake recipe and will make shortly. Can’t wait to try the lemon lamb cake also. Have to tell you that as much as I am ready for spring, I don’t think I have ever seen anything as beautiful as your house in snow. If I had a scene to look at like that, I could stand a little more winter. Have never heard of that garden book, but would love to read it. Didn’t know Betty Crocker did a garden book. I am always on the look out for gardening books in flea markets, hope I run onto this one. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide at just the right time. Later…..

  41. Marion Powell says:

    A delightful post! Thank you for your inspiration and dedication. I love it!

  42. Cindy Storrar says:

    Susan, my 4 year granddaughter would be “all over” that sweet lambie cake. What an adventure in frosting and coconut that would be! I also love Tasha Tudor but have never seen this book. Perhaps my kitchen garden would flourish under her guidance. Thankyou for again offering simple life sweetness.

  43. Eloise A says:

    Thank you for your wonderful blog posts. I too am looking forward to spring. (writing from Dallas)

  44. Anne from NH says:

    So love the lamb mold and the resulting cake! You are just the most Renaissance woman I have ever known! Enter me into Vanna’s hat and I will stay snugly there until she pulls me out! LOL!

  45. Diana Latimer says:

    The pink and white potholder you were using when making the lamb cake sure brought back memories. Those potholders made on a loom with prepackaged loops were my only attempt at craftiness. I kept my mother well supplied!!!

  46. Lynn Schulz says:

    I just recently found this blog and I love it. I had to get your book “A Fine Romance” when I heard about it. I’ve been to England and love the Lake District. Keep up the good work.

  47. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    I love the picture of your house in the snow. So, so pretty.
    I see your little green flags (to mark where the driveway is?) We put out reflectors each year along our drive as it is hard to find when the snow comes. And it certainly has done that this year!!

  48. Sherry Svoboda from Maryland says:

    Happy Anticipation of Spring Susan! Thank you for sharing the photos of spring and flowers. We are still cold here with snow on the ground and not
    a flower in sight but you gave me a glimpse of what’s to come and something to look forward to. The lamb cake is adorable and sweet and looks so yummy. Please enter me in the drawing ” My fingers and toes are crossed” with excitement.

  49. Becki Smith says:

    I love your blog. Makes me smile everyday! I have been collecting your cookbooks since my mom bought ‘summer’ for my birthday. I now have them all and love them all. Thanks

  50. Jill says:

    Hello from very cold and windy Illinois! Thank you for posting those beautiful Spring photos. I know Spring is coming I just wish it would hurry!

  51. Debbie Macdonald says:

    You have no idea how much I’ve been absorbing you. I observe everything about your rooms, your daily life, where you have things placed, how you accomplish your creativity and where it all takes place. I listen to the sounds around your home and I see the innuendos in color, and see where the daily grind of life takes place in getting the work done. I wonder if you have ever read the book, “The Hidden Art of Homemaking” by Edith Schaeffer? I believe that one of my contributions to my family’s well being is to bring beauty into their lives and into their memories and being creative in my home is an expression of my love. I think you and I are kindred spirits!

  52. Judy D. says:

    Love looking at all your snowy pictures. That lamb cake looks delicious. I still remember a painting of lambs that I can only dream about. Having a good day here in San Diego. Still would have loved to be in your kitchen helping make the cake. xo

  53. salve says:

    You give us such beautiful pictures of Winter Wonderland, especially from your kitchen window – birds and squirrels from outside and your cats from inside the house! And now your house and your friend’s – oh my! That lamb cake makes me hungry, got to eat something! Bye and thanks for now…..

  54. Linda says:

    Your lamb cake reminds of a trip to Kentucky when I was young. Dad took me into an old country general store and someone had made coconut bunny cakes for Easter and my Dad bought me one. Of course, we shared it at dinner with our friends, but I’ve always remembered how special it was. Thanks for the memory!

  55. Eva says:

    Woweeeee! Spring preview……yay! Just exactly what I needed. The lamb cake I love!! Thank you for this lovely post and blog! Yay Spring!

  56. Janet Elizabeth Dickey says:

    Thank you for sharing your Lamb Cake with us! I grew up with my Grandmother and mother making these wonderful cakes….making wonderful memories!

  57. Evangelina Joyce says:

    Wow.. Whew a lovely post.. Definitly would like try that really and how sweet in the mold!

  58. Rochelle Gorgen says:

    Beautiful lamb cake. You always make everything seem so simple. Love reading your blog and your cookbooks are always my “go to” books. everytime!

  59. Merrilee Gladkosky says:

    What a delightful read your post on how to make the lamb cake! My mother in law had a lamb mold and made this cake every year at Easter time. I would love, love, love to introduce my grandson to the tradition and make one for him. The tips about the dowels in the lambs neck and ears is much appreciated! Thank you, Susan.

  60. Bernice Dufek says:

    Hello…love reading your blog. The lamb cake mold brought back alot of memories. I use to work at a bakery in Chicago called…Burney Bros. Sold many many lamb cakes at easter time! Would love to win this mold & book.
    Have a wonderful Spring…soon I hope!

  61. Marianne Thomas says:

    I love, love, love the lamb cake. It’s such a harbinger of spring! My dear Mom used to make one every Easter for us kids (7). Didn’t you love growing up in a big family? Also, it’s nice to see that you use a hand mixer. I have a pretty small house and don’t have the space for a large stand mixer, but my little hand mixer does just fine.

  62. Joyce Meinhardt says:

    Oh the sweetness of your lamb cake just made me smile & sigh! Just charming. I would be honored to be the next owner of the adorable lamb pan & the book! Thank you for bringing warmth to our homes.

  63. Cheryl Powell says:

    Hi Susan, I think my Mom had a lamb cake pan. She has been in heaven for 4 years now. I just love Tasha Tudor as well. Thanks for your kind and personal drawing. God Bless you and yours. Cheryl out in beautiful Sequim, Washington

  64. Fabian Lujan says:

    Love your blog, your drawing, your calendars and (of course) the mold and cake!
    A very inspiring blog!
    Thank you, Fabian

  65. Dawn Margowski says:

    Anxiously awaiting spring here in Colorado, too!! Love your sheep cake!!! and the Betty Crocker book! (crossing my fingers my posting is a lucky one!)
    off to have a cup of tea,

  66. Susan Eaton says:

    Lovely and love to win a lamb mold! I am a Cake Decorator and bake and cake decorate for family & friends and don’t have the lamb pan! I love thst frosting recipe too. I remember and still have the postcard you wrote me back before all the technology grew! I made a quilt pillow case & tableclotj with your fabric and have a few of your books.

  67. Laura Lee says:

    Happy Birthday to Amy! I LOVE the lamb cake…but the bunny cake is my favorite! My best friend is ‘Bunny’ so now I will search for that pan for her! Thank you Susan, for blogging and painting…and for inspiring us to keep the home fires burning!

  68. Pam Seltzer says:

    What a lovely way to share your passion.
    I would love to make the lamb cake for my Sunday School class.
    I have used your stickers for years in my scrapbbooking.
    You speak to my soul!
    Blessings to you !!!

  69. Barb says:

    Sweet little lamb cake….my wee grand daughter would love one of those.

  70. Maggie Gillespie says:

    So very sweet! I would love to win.

  71. Jan McCusker says:

    I love lambies. Springtime seems already here in central California. My daffodils are nearly all spent. I will miss their sunshiny faces!

  72. Heather says:

    You’re so inspiring! Thank you!

  73. Mary Ellen Padula says:

    Your columns and ideas are always so fun to read. The little lamb cake looks yummy and I especially enjoyed your snowfall action photo!

  74. Barb says:

    I wanted to say that I’ve had your cookbooks since they first came out. I have them on my low book shelves in the kitchen. My 16 month old grand daughter will pick one out, give it to me and climb in my lap. Then we go through as many pages, ooohhhing and aaahhing as long as her attention will allow. I am so glad she is being exposed to these treasures at such a young age. :O)

  75. Susan Parkins says:

    I love the lamb mold although it looks like quite a challenge, at least for my cake baking skills. I have seen the book “Kitchen Gardens” and cherish anything written or illustrated by Tasha Tudor (and your books as well!!).
    Thank you for your inspiration of springtime!

  76. Tracy Brooks says:

    Such a beautiful lamb mold !! I would love the book also as I want to start gardening this year ! I love your posts they are so happy !!

  77. Pam Graffius says:

    My sister always made a lamb cake each Easter for her family. I’ve always loved that tradition. It would be so special to have my own lamb mold!

  78. Nancy Z says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful reminder that Spring is coming! To get in the mood, I took my mother to the CT Flower & Garden Show today. Buying seeds and seeing the exhibits with flowers in bloom made our day! I would love to win the Lamb cake mold and the book. I have a kitchen garden and am always looking for recipes.

  79. Marcia says:

    I really enjoyed your lamb cake story, and the photos that went along with it! Thank-you!…and I hope you cake tasted as wonderful as it looked!

    Marcia :o)

  80. Cissy B says:

    Hi Susan ! I love your blog. I love your art, and you inspire me more than anyone. I live in Jersey and it’s been a long winter. What an inspiration to see your lamb pan and your photos. Now I suddenly remember that yes, Spring will come back once again.
    I know that Martha’s Vineyard is gorgeous, and I wish I lived there. I visited once for vacation back in the summer of ’99. ..I didn’t want to leave…ever ! You’re truly blessed to live there in your charming home, and I love all the little things you love too. Thanks for your books, your paintings, and all you have meant to my life. God bless you Sue <3

  81. Judy Ree says:

    Oh, how delightful! I just love anything lamb-y! Thanks for such a cozy post! I LOVE winter & treasure being snowed in, guess I’m just a homebody 🙂

  82. Dina Brazil says:

    Today in Templeton, CA sure feels like a spring day! This lamb
    Is do cute and would be fun to make a lamb cake!!! Pick me! Lol

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Templeton! xoxo Have lunch at McPhee’s, have the Spicy Tempura Shrimp with the peanut sauce and the Asian Slaw for me!

  83. Cheryll Adams says:

    Oh, I would so love to win the lamb cake mold and the book. I’m so looking forward to spring, and baking a lamb cake.. Thank you.

  84. Jayne Marquit says:

    This cake is adorable! Perfect for the St. Paddy’s Day table!

  85. Hope Oswalt says:

    I have all of your books, Susan. I enjoy looking at them often. When I was doing hospice care for my Great Aunt Dorothy who had Brain cancer, your books would brighten her day. She so enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures. The Betty Crocker book would be a welcome addition.

  86. Jackie Sampson says:

    As always, love your blog. The lamb cake turned out beautifully and your words of encouragement gives us incentive to try to duplicate it. I love Tasha Tudor and actually have that little book as I have lots of hers as well as her bio.
    Happy Easter, happy lambing….

  87. Jane Makuch says:

    Oh such dear memories… my grandmother had a mold like this and the “lamb cake” was the main attraction of the Easter gathering every year. All of us little ones would “ooh and ahh”! Such amazement 🙂 How did Grandma make it? Was she a secret artist able to create such an incredible sculpture? So many questions we had then, so many wonderful memories now xoxo

  88. Jenifer Broussard says:

    Susan, I just love your blog! My mum Linda introduced me to your books and I’m currently reading “A Fine Romance” and never want it to end! Mum also told you about our membership in the Daughters of the British Empire, and I do hope that you can find a nearby chapter! We’ll be visiting England in less than two weeks and hoping to see lots of little lambs on our travels through the countryside. I just love your sweet lamb cake. He’s so adorable, I’d have a hard time cutting into him! 😉

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Jenifer, I hope you and your mum have the most wonderful time together! I know what you mean about cutting the lamb — I had to keep reminding myself, “This is a cake.” A Cake. a cake.

  89. Bonnie Jobe says:

    I’m reading A Fine Romance and living vicariously through you and your adventure to England. I’d love to make a lamb cake and collect old garden books. Thanks for your generous giveaway.

  90. Deanna Burke says:

    I love reading your blog (it’s never too long), and I love your books and calendars. Thank you for sharing. You must be such a joy to know in person. I would love to have the lamb cake pan and try to make him for Easter. I’d also love a (WOW!) signed book. I would treasure it. Thank you for your sweetness and generosity. Here’s to SPRING!

  91. Julie Robinson says:

    Your writing makes everything seems as tho it is right in front of me!! What a talent!! You are so inspiring!! Thank you. (The illustration in the garden book has a Tasha Tudor feel, maybe it’s the corgi.)

  92. Melanie says:

    What a lovely lamb cake and book. This is my first visit to your blog. I love it here. Melanie

  93. Cheryl Barnes says:

    Thank you for the reminder that spring is on the way! Even in a city like San Diego, where it’s consistently 72 and sunny in the winter, it’s always nice to have a reminder that there are seasons and that the flowers are ready to bloom.

  94. Julie Robinson says:

    Love your blog!! Wow, such an inspiration!! Thank you!!

  95. Marilou North says:

    I love this lamb – I always wanted to make one. Thanks you for the detailed insturctions on this lamb and frosting and hints to make it come out perfect. I would love to win the book and lamb mold.

  96. Kathy Gordon says:

    I will be making your lemon cake! Made me hungry just reading the recipe! Thank you.

  97. Susan,
    Just want to let you know that I received your “Prince Charming” froggie and just LOVE him!! For now, he’s in my studio, but will be placing him on the rocks around my fish pond, as soon as the weather is better.
    I always look forward to your posts and really love your blog.

    • sbranch says:

      Isn’t he the BEST? I’ve had him on my front porch for years and he never fails to touch my heart every time I see him. We just ordered more of them for our store. So happy you got one Lynda!

  98. Bernadette Viola says:

    The hope of Springs coming and childhood Easter’s are brought to life, when I see that lamb mold!

  99. Jan says:

    Lovely Lamb. Bless birthday girl, Amy, with it.

    First time I visited your blog but it will not be the last. I so enjoyed the blog.

    Jan from Florida

  100. Wendy Kay says:

    Your lamb mold brought back memories of a dear friend who used to bring us a lamb cake every Easter. The frosting was full of coconut and ithe lamb was surrounded with jelly beans……I wonder if my kids remember? I was always going to purchase a mold but there was no need as long as my friend was down the street. Life changes and my friend moved away and we moved overseas. Now that we are retired I must get busy and make a lamb cake for my grandchildren…..Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful tradition!

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