How’s Life ?

 Hi everyone, how’s life? MUSICA?  OUI! I’ve heard there are terrible fires in San Diego and snow in northern Illinois (of all the disheartening things); and here on the island the forecast was birdiefor a week of clouds and rain. But they were wrong!!! It’s been just the opposite.  We have been waking up to blue skies and 70 degrees ~ we walk every day, making hay while the sun cabinetsshines.  We’ve been gardening every day too (it’s looking so cute out there), and doing a true deep and rewarding spring cleaning.  I am ON the kitchen now, every bowl and plate in my open cupboards is going into the suds today for sparkle upgrade.  The silver is going into the aluminum foil ~ but I look out my studio window right now and I can see butterflies floating around the garden . . .

wildflowers and cat mintI keep the kitchen doors wide open while I work because the birds are singing their hearts out, and just like now, when I feel the need to procrastinate due to spring fever, I go out and pick wildflowers like these.  You all realize we have not seen anything like this for a full year?  How exciting!   So pretty!  Free ~ like the best things in life!


This is what our entire neighborhood smells like right now. Lilac. This, plus wisteria, plus Lily of the Valley. All in bloom right now.  Help, I’m going mad with something I don’t know what it is. Perfumorama Virus.


Lemon Roll

It was my girlfriend Lowely’s birthday on the 14th . . . she asked for that Lemon Roll I showed you on the blog last week . . . I’d sent over a couple of pieces to her and John for tasting, so she asked for another one for our girlfriend’s lunch Birthday Party for her . . . instead of forsythia petals like I did on the first cake, Lowely got a little bouquet of wild violets and Lily of the Valley.  Isn’t it fun to decorate cakes with gatherings from the yard!  Happy Spring!


How’s this for seasonal segue and non sequitur all rolled into one? How dare I say Happy Spring and Delicious Autumn in one breath!  Well, because this is part of what I’ve been up to lately, planning ahead ~ we know we love fall, maybe not right this moment, but we still love it. And I finally did it!  I have started to reprint some of my older books.  And AUTUMN is going to be the very first one.  It will go off to the printer at the end of the month.


And because we are in charge of this book, it is going to be printed in the good ole’ US of A!  Made in America.  Totally.  Are we happy?  Yes we are.

the reason I'm so happy

As with anything, there are good things and bad things about doing it ourselves.  One good thing is we get to choose where it’s printed, the only bad thing is we aren’t able to print a zillion of them like a big publisher would, although

our new logo

. . . we did become our own publisher for this.  Yes! That’s the other thing I wanted to share with you.  We are actual publishers now! That’s our logo ↑ ; it will be used for the first time (but not the last) in the new printing of AUTUMN.  If ever you would have told me that sometime in my life I would a.) be an author or b.) be a publisher, I would have (and did) laughed out loud.  This is what I like about life. You just never know.


Autumn will be our first project.  And as the publisher we get to decide important things, like ribbons.  If you figure out which book is Autumn in that pumpkin art by Jessie and Sydneypile above, you will see that it has no ribbon. But since we are doing our own publishing this time, guess what?  No one can tell us “no” but us and we would never do that. We are really nice to us.  We would like a ribbon.  Of course, my darlings, you may have one.  Could we have our book printed in the USA?  Yes, dears, we know that means a lot to you.  

No one can say no!  The publisher has to pay more for these things, but since that’s us, we can choose what we want.  We have all the power.  (None of the money of say Random House, but ALL the power of “that little old ant,” with high hopes of moving a rubber tree plant.) MUSICA.



Other than than having a ribbon and changing the publisher’s name to ours, the book will be just the same.  If you already have one, I didn’t add anything new . . . so you won’t miss a thing.  But if you’re new to me and my blog . . . or your daughter has grown up and has a family of her own now, here are some of the goodies I have for you inside this book:


Pumpkin Cheesecake

Melt in your mouth EASY Pumpkin Cheesecake . . . well worth the price of the book all by itself.

Corn Chowder

But there’s so much more, like my Texas-style Chili, Corn Pudding, and Spicy, Sagey Corn Chowder  you can serve alone or ladled over creamy Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes.


spiced pecans

There are delicious appetizers like Red Chili Onion Rings, and ideas for gifts like brown sugar and cholula Spiced Pecans, Butter-Bit Croutons, or . . . 


stuffed pumpkins

 There are”Jack-Be-Little” Pumpkins stuffed with butternut squash, leeks, and apples you can arrange around the turkey platter . . .



September will be time for back to school, and what says it better than . . .

best brownies

. . . Chocolaty, Chewey, easy to make, the best brownie recipe in the world? Nothing really . . .




Recipes and ideas for all the seasonal celebrations like Halloween are included . . .

salads  . .

There are special salads . . .



And at Thanksgiving, the recipe for my Grandma’s famous Turkey Stuffing . . .

My House

And beside recipes, there are stories like My House and Morning Science; Decorating and Entertaining for the season . . .



. . . decorating the table, fixing up the Guest Room, making Gift Baskets, interesting ideas for Fall Collections, recipes for Afternoon Tea, things to do in Sweater Weather, fall Cocktails and everything else our vagabond Autumn hearts desire.  


I’ve been reading it over while getting the art ready to go to the printer, and despite the birdsong and the smell of wisteria, or maybe because of it ~ I’ve enjoyed it. I’m sure you can tell I’m very excited.  If this goes OK, we’ll do some more!  We hope to have the new printing in the studio the first of August, just when we’re all longing for Autumn and wishing for those cooler breezes and thinking about hot apple crisp with crunchy topping and vanilla ice cream.  It’ll be for sale in bookstores too, but as usual we’ll make sure you have first crack at them, trying to make sure we have enough for our Girlfriends first ~ we’ll also keep signed copies for you in our webstore.


High school

So you know, in a couple of weeks I’m going to New York to Book Expo, then to Connecticut to give a talk at the Gladys Taber Reunion, then my best high school girlfriends are coming from California to stay here with us on June 20 . . . can you tell we are going to have fun?  Oh yeah.  That’s Karen second from the right, the one I met the Beatles with. But before I go clean up the house (!!! now you see the situation, nothing like company to get a house clean!), here are a couple more pictures of island spring!

hyacinths for the soul

morning light

. . . This is morning light on our house through the Linden trees . . . I keep getting up thinking I will see rain, and this is what I see instead.  Lucky! Dreamy ~ after that winter.


west chop

Joe and I drove out to a part of the island called West Chop just to see these white daffodils blowing in the wind next to the sound.

planting petunias

And here’s me, muddy-kneed and happy, putting in some petunias..


Brachyscomeand one of my favorite low-growing mounding plants called Brachyscome.

gardeningSo, that’s it for today Girlfriends. I hope you enjoyed Spring and Fall all in one post!  We have another big surprise for you coming soon.  June 11th is the 3rd anniversary for my Blog; it’s also the anniversary of our first post on FACEBOOK ~ so we have decided to combine forces to make a wonderful drawing, to say thank you for your support, and for the fun you have brought all of us, me, Kellee, Sheri, and Alfredo (and Joe too!) Not to mention Jack and Girl . . .♥   Have a wonderful day!

Girl and Jack


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579 Responses to How’s Life ?

  1. Barb from Ohio says:

    Congratulations on becoming your own publisher! And good news that you are reprinting the Autumn book! It is my favorite of your seasonal books, and I remember I had a hard time finding it at the time and finally found a used copy on eBay. Fall is my favorite time of year and the recipes in this book are perfect for fall, Halloween time and shorter days with cooler temperatures. For anyone who already has one, it would make a great gift for someone.
    As for the weather, it’s rained every day this week here, just dreary and miserable, so if you have sunshine and temps in the seventies, enjoy!

  2. Mim Pepper says:

    Linda from Maine, where are you. I’m in Saco.

    • Linda T. from Maine says:

      Hi Mim, I am in Phippsburg. Don’t you just Love Susan branches everthing. I have been with her since 1994 or so Nice to here from you. Thanks Linda T.

      • Hi Mim and Linda,
        I live in Wells and love Susan Branch, too. I have most of her books and turn to them regularly for recipes and ideas. Also love her blog and that she connects so many of us around the country and world. Hope to meet you sometime in Maine – and maybe get Susan here to check out the antique shops and for a book signing in our neck of the woods. Take care and happy Memorial Day! Nancye T. in Wells

  3. Linda T. from Maine says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SUSAN B. Can’t wait for the mini books. I so want them. …..Hugs!

  4. Mamey Brown says:

    I am so excited for the Autumn book. Just the recipes you mentioned above sound delish. I will be first in line to purchase it, so please let us know. I just received my copy of A Fine Romance. I just thumbed thru it quick when I anxiously opened the box. Oh MY GOODNESS!! It’s GORGEOUS!! I can’t wait to start it. I feel blessed that you shared this experience with us. It’s like you’ve invited us to read your personal journals……Thank you! Also I LOVE your blog, I was so excited to get a new entry today…..You are so inspiring. Please keep them coming!!

  5. Valerie says:

    Hi Susan,
    I am thrilled that your Autumn book will be published again! I have wanted a copy for so long. My local library was getting tired of me borrowing it all of the time! I really enjoy your blog and it is like a lovely gift every time it arrives in my e-mail. Thank you thank you!!

  6. Lynn McCormack says:

    Hi Susan, I love and have all your books! Keep them coming! Love the ribbons!

  7. yvonne b california says:

    hi Susan, hope u have a great time with your girlfriends in june. Life is full of surprises got told yesterday that my company is closing our office so so sad. So i”ll be looking forward to your website for happy inspirations. i sgree things that are free in life are the best.

  8. How timely for me…I just booked my flight to fly back east for Thanksgiving!
    Will you tell me the name of the china pattern that is holding that steaming bowl of corn chowder in the Autumn book?
    And congratulations on so many of your dreams come true with publishing being the newest!

  9. Kelly Billings in Oregon says:

    Sooo happy to hear about you becoming a publisher!!! I missed getting you Autumn book and now that your bringing it back I told my husband I needed it when it comes out. Printed in the USA is awesome.

  10. Pat Johnson from Paso Robles, CA says:

    Oh you are so good about lifting up our lives!! A treat indeed! Not only did you give us Spring in Martha’s Vineyard, but reunited us with an grand old friend! I was so happy to hear you were having good weather because I worried about you. I left my house and family, traveling across 2 states, to my cabin in Newport, WA. The closer I got, the calmer I became…..and then…..there she was in all of her glory. Turn in the driveway…..tears in my eyes…..and then the lady from California saw RAIN for the first time in a very long time – it was like a total gift!! My grand old lilac bush was in bloom, dandelions covered my grass (such as it is) and my windshield was WET! I have moved everything around and weeded out things I don’t want anymore to replace with new and exciting things. Went with my girlfriend (from across the street) to the towns “Who Let The Girls Out?” shopping spree and had a grand time eating & shopping. Life is good and believe me when I say that I DESERVE THIS TREAT!” I totally look forward to the new old book “Autumn” and that you have grown to include “publisher” – this is GREAT! Sending you tons of hugs & keep up the good work because you are SPECIAL! XXXXOOOO Pat

  11. Beth T. says:

    Oh, joy! Susan, your Autumn book is such a treasure at our house. Your Sweet Potato Casserole has become our classic Thanksgiving side dish, replacing the marshmallow-topped ones I gave up as a vegetarian. Everyone loves it, and I love saying your name at every holiday meal. I won’t be needing a new copy, but will be thrilled to share the loveliness of Autumn with my girlfriends.

  12. Susanb says:

    I am so happy to hear your great news! The stars just keep lining up, and that is such an amazing thing for all us girlfriends. I have searched to acquire many of your books for myself, but now I will be able to give them to all the special people in my life. Woohoo! Susan, I just wanted to share that last week I planted two Horse Chestnut seedlings in my yard, and then I read your tweet My Garden Diary the next day. While reading I noticed that you wrote about them in your 2004 English Garden Diary. I learned to love them from my mom when I was growing up. I was absolutely thrilled to be gifted with the seedlings. Trees are my favorite type of plant, they are so strong and beautiful. I love nature.

  13. diana from ancaster says:

    What great news!
    While I have a copy of your ‘Autumn’ book….and pretty much all the rest, I want to send my congratulations on your latest (ad)venture!
    will be waiting for your newest book to come off the press!!!!!!!!

    Happy Days!

  14. Danella on the Canadian West Coast says:

    Dear Susan,
    Oh now I am excited! I love fall and have seen your Autumn book but don’t own it. I will soon!! Congratulations on becoming a publisher as well as an author. How wonderful for you and Joe. Another book! Something to look forward to for sure.

  15. Nancy Shuey says:

    Susan, I just love your books and blog. I do have question or two: do you draw out your pictures first in pencil? Do you use water colors or colored pencils? I am just learning to draw and admire your work.

  16. Susan P says:

    Susan. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How exciting for you…you had the will and you found the way. What a wonderful adventurous soul you have. I am so excited for you that My Soul (and heart) are jumping for joy. All I can think of is the smell of new paper and ink and when the pages come together to make that book,,, then when you hold that BOOK and the weight and the smell of the new book …let alone what treasures it holds inside…aaahhhhh Like the first day of school and all the books were new…or when you walk into the library and you can smell the books and my soul would skip a beat as to what adventures awaited me. What a wonderful little world I live in. Enjoy the journey all the way…I wait with great anticipation for your next adventure. Love,. Susan P.

  17. Christine in Covina says:

    I am so excited that “Autumn ” will be republished again. I love my copy and have tried to find one to give to my dear friend. So excited!
    Love your ” spring cleaning” blog. Love all the spring flowers!

  18. Wendy Louise says:

    Ohhhh, Susan what a fantastic idea, you are a clever, clever, girl ! A publisher, Author, and so much more. Spring and Autumn together, they are my favorite seasons besides Summer and Winter !

  19. Victoria Miller says:

    Wonderful news that you will be doing your own publishing and here in the USA! And I am particularly fond of the name. My Grandma Jackson, as we called her, lived on Spring Street in Amesbury, Mass many years ago. When I was tiny and we visited, she still had a cast iron stove in the kitchen and an ice box where the ice many delivered a big block of ice every other day. Thanks for the lovely memories of her. And thank you for sharing your East Coast Spring. I love California, but I miss the lilacs everywhere, and tiny Violets and Lilies-of-the-Valley (which used to grow beneath the hedge in our back yard when I was growing up in Ohio). And fireflies. For family and fireflies, I’m almost tempted to move back to Ohio, except for those winters (and this year I was there for the beginning, flying back when it was -10!) The fires here are terrible, as they are whenever it gets too hot and dry; however, the good news is that it had cooled down considerably and will be cool and without much wind. I have the Autumn book, and to celebrate the cool temps and because I was trying to think of a treat I could make, I think I’m going to tackle those brownies! Brownies and tea sounds like a great idea. You are a wonderful and delightful author, and person, and celebrator of life, and we rejoice in celebrating with you!

  20. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Your Autumn book has been on my shelf ever since it was published. Since Fall is my FAVORITE time of year, I had to have it! I love it so much and have read it cover to cover many times over. How wonderful that you can reprint it again for everyone who doesn’t have one. If you love the fall, this book is as essential as a pumpkin on the front porch! Your new logo for publishing is so cute. Could you make us a bookmark with the logo on it? My lamb one is fun but I would love to have another with this latest!

  21. Carol from PA says:

    So very happy for you, Susan, in regards to your news about the start of your very own publishing company. I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment that this brings. As so many have already said, “Congratulations”! We are all terribly proud of you and look so forward to seeing your company grow and evolve. I look so forward to the arrival of “Autumn” and can already think of a number of special people I will treat to a copy besides myself. I have given “A Fine Romance” to a number of friends and because of you I am the belle of gift givers! Thanks for the information for massive silver cleaning. Do you think it would work for silver jewelry? Again, congratulations to you!!!

    • sbranch says:

      First off, thank you Carol, you are so sweet. And as for the jewelry, I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t work just fine. I probably would be careful of any stone that might be involved, but for a silver bracelet or chain I would definitely do it.

      • Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

        Hi, I use to sell jewelry for 8 1/2 years. Home remedies are not the answer to keeping jewelry in fine condition. You can buy silver cleaner at Wal-Mart in the jewelry dept. It just goes in for a few seconds then out and rinsed and whipped dry. Better safe then sorry.

  22. Carol Maurer~~~~ Kennewick, Wa says:

    Good evening to you Susan and to all girlfriends everywhere ~~~

    I’m so anxious about purchasing your book “Autumn”. The only book that I have of yours is “A Fine Romance”. Looking forward to purchasing more books of yours.

    Your post is so full of Spring! I love it! I’m having so much fun landscaping our yard. We have some raspberries, tomotoes and strawberries growing also. We purchased one red grape plant. Am anxious to see how that does. I love those grapes… so sweet and yummy! I saw a picture of an arbor on FB last week. It is really neat. Behind it is a secret garden like area. I made a copy of it and very sweetly told Frank that I would love for him to build one for me. Well, he is just about finished up with it. I’ll post a picture of it when all is done on FB. The area behind it is our eastern side of the backyard. We have all our vegatables there. I’m dreaming of all the plants and flowers that I want to fill up the space also.

    Until next time….
    Carol M

  23. Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

    Congratulations Susan becoming your own publisher. Have you finished your latest book?
    I picked Butter cups and vinka vine flowers yesterday to press and put around the “Wise Cherokee Grandmother” fable. Can’t wait to start this craft project.
    Having the ribbon in your books is an extra expense, but it is so you, doing the extra. Thank you, I really like using this to keep track of where I am or where I really want to go back and re-read or to mark your recipe I want to try. Everything I have made has been sooo good. I love your Ginger bread.

    • sbranch says:

      I haven’t finished it, probably I’m right in the middle of it now. Thank you Betty marie!

  24. carmel says:

    Congratulations, dear Susan!! So great that you have become your own publisher! So now I can buy them for friends again. Welcome back ribbon page markers! When I bought the Autumn book, I kept looking for the ribbon marker as I was used to having them with your other books. A wonderful touch and so practical. The photo of the lemon roll with lilies of the valley took my breath away. Just beautiful. Thanks for sending all the beauty you have around you with us.
    You are having such inspiring new beginnings! Can’t wait for the book you’re currently writing, the tea book and the breakfast book. And it’s great to share all the fun with the girlfriends on this blog.

  25. Irene Talaasen says:

    Hi Susan,
    So happy that you are your own Publisher now! and printed in the USA is fabulous. I don’t have the Autumn book and will love to have it when it comes out 🙂 Such a beautiful season and in Colorado it really is a season with the golden Aspens.
    Blessings on all your work! and the blessings it gives to all of us!

  26. Joanne Wood says:

    True spring has finally hit Michigan. I intend to breath in every minute of it – and stifle any silly comments this summer such as “gosh it’s so hot.” The pretty little blue flower you call Brachyscome looks a lot like one I’m trying to find that a friend called a wind-flower. Yours doesn’t have another more common name does it? I haven’t been able to find it as “wind-flower.”

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve heard windflower related to anemones, but I am not an expert! I have only heard it called Brachyscome, so far.

  27. Ann Waddell says:

    Congratulations on being a publisher! It can only bring good things (like the ribbon). I cannot wait for the new book to come out! I wait with baited breath.


  28. kedra says:

    Every Fall your book comes out of the cookbook cabinet to be used but also to serve as part of our kitchen “decor”!!

    P.S. so glad it is being re-printed in our USA!

  29. Asha says:

    Hi Susan! Congratulations! Love your logo – it’s perfect! Printed In The USA – YAY!!!!!! Of course you know, we girlfriends will be expecting more books because now you can publish them yourself! 🙂 Thank you for this spring time blog. It is just what we needed. But then, you ALWAYS know just what we need. Love ya! oxoxox

  30. pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

    good morning Susan and good morning girlfriends. congratulations on becoming a publisher I look forward to Autumn being out on the market so I can grab a copy. well life out here on the farm is busy, I have busy barnyard I was wanting and we now have an incubator for hatching eggs, as sometimes the hens don’t want to sit on those eggs forever or too many hens try to lay in the same nest and it gets rather confusing, soon as we notice a hen eggsitterin’ we mark her eggs… helps us keep track of them. plus with all the babies we have in the nursery and more arriving, its going to be a busy summer as well. just getting the babies fully feathered and ready to be with the adults is a job and a half, but I love peep season, and I love all the little peeps we raise. we are expecting thunderstorms today and rain, and from looks of the clouds outside it may be soon so I had better get stuff off the lines if dry and get the rest in real soon. I may just sit out on the porch and watch this storm, for sure its going to water the garden for me so I get out of that job today. just popping in to say hello and howdy. you all have a great day today, have fun. hugs……. 🙂

  31. Carrie says:

    You must be in raptures!

    An outsider’s observation only, but I would proffer that you may have very well reached what Maslow’s Hierarchy refers to as “self-actualization” with the establishment of “Spring Street Publishing.” I would have thought you’d have hit that top of Maslow’s hierarchy already, tenfold but alas, you soar into another stratosphere.

    From A to Zed, it will only be your influence, good faith and intention that each book will be baptized in. Fancy a brilliant grosgrain red ribbon down the middle of that great read, done! Taking to the road with your latest read in a gussied up van, done and dusted!!. And the piece de resistance, a Girlfriend’s Voyage on the QMII for the full-on Susan Branch immersion, metaphorically of course, no girlfriends overboard; done, dusted, kippers and custard (said in a sort of cadence if you will).

    The synchronicity is simply spot-on as the symmetry is divine. May this bring to the masses an extension of all the goodness and beneficence that you manifest and in only the way you, Susan Branch, plate it up for your dear, bodacious and beautiful readers!

    Mazel Tov!!
    Glory Be!!!
    May Joy Be Unconfined!!!!


    • sbranch says:

      Kippers and Custard! I like the way you think Carrie! 🙂 You have the most wonderful way with words!!

  32. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    Oh Susan, thank you, thank you for PUBLISHING your Autumn book. I remember on your book signing tour in Wilmington Ohio someone asking you about bringing that book back and you said you would see what you could do….and wow you certainly did; ribbon and all! You are the best! Can we pre-order the book?

    • sbranch says:

      I think maybe Kellee is going to set that up. Thank you Joy!

      • Joy Pence from Ohio says:

        Looking forward to that…..thanks Kellee!! One more question. I see that you have the Emma Bridgewater rose and bee mug…which makes me soooo happy. But 🙁 I see it is out of stock. Are you getting more? Please, oh Please??

  33. June Fisher says:

    Hi Susan,
    I am so proud of you for starting your own publishing company and keeping the printing in the USA, not to mention doing it the way YOU want it! Hoorah!!

  34. Robin says:

    Thanks for talking about Autumn – to me it is the best season anytime!
    Delightful !

  35. Barbara from MA says:

    First of all a big Thank you for the musica High Hopes. It brought back so many wonderful memories for me as our Dad used to sing that song to us kids(there were 9 of us) many, many times. We lost him at age 59(so very young).
    Secondly, a while ago I wrote to you about missing your Autumn book signing in Plymouth, MA because I sprained my ankle right before I was to drive down there(I drove anyway), I got lost along the way and I just missed you by about 10 minutes. And I never did buy the Autumn book so I just can’t wait to order it.
    Congrats on becoming a Publisher….

  36. Diane says:

    Wow..that is a huge step to become your own publisher…congratulations! I LOVE your Autumn book, and save it to read every year in the fall, so I am very excited for everyone who hasnt had a chance to read it or buy it to be able to now have one for their very own! I am so happy for you that Springtime has arrived on your beautiful island too! Your pics are so gorgeous and I know how much you must be enjoying the wonderful weather….FINALLY! I am in the Pacific NW, and we have had a very early, warm spring. My hubby and I enjoy our times together planning and plotting (haha) our front and back gardens/yards. I am thrilled with our new Wisteria! My husband bought it just for me because I love the way it drapes and flowers. He now has to build the trellis for it! I had to share it! 🙂 Happy Springtime Susan and Joe!!!! xoxox

  37. Mary Eva Ross says:

    “Autumn” has to be my favorite of your books. The first hint of cool crisp autumn air and out it comes. I can’t imagine a color of ribbon that wouldn’t work as a marker for the Autumn cookbook. Orange, rust, marigold – wish I had just one favorite color to throw out there, but I love them all. Also, congrats on your new publishing adventure and what a great logo!

  38. Oh my words fail me. I must make more time to read the words but your blog is a feast for the eyes and soooo inspirational. I will be back very soon!

  39. erica says:

    Hi Susan!

    Hope this finds you well. Isn’t that GRAND news that you have chosen to self publish!! I don’t have a clue what it involves, but I’ll trust you to know what you’re doing and we’ll have available to us (soon) the much raved about AUTUMN book! woot!!

    I am, quite possibly, one of the many Susan Branch fans …er…girlfriends, who have been on the look out for the AUTUMN book. So Susan – I’m excited! I can’t wait to see those beautifully printed and bound pages by SPRING STREET PUBLISHING with a dark red ribbon. I’m sure the colors alone will put me in a trance!

    I adore the Brachyscome plant you’ve planted. Seems there are a couple of varieties, but I usually plant the Swan River Daisy variety, in patio tubs and hanging baskets. It’s such an awesome little performer all summer long and blooms abundantly right through till frost here. Beautiful lavender colored puffy clouds tumbling out of baskets and pots….and one which attracts butterflies! That’s a bonus! I look for “bonus” plants/flowers….that do another deed except look pretty. The nurturing of butterflies and bees is important because they work so hard and bring much joy. Some butterflies, like the Monarch are having a heck of a time during migration. Food sources are disappearing for them. Habitats are being destroyed. In particular, milkweed is their choice. Oh, and the honey bees! I think, disease and/or pesticide is wiping them out. So we gotta’ do our part, even in a small way to help these little guys out!! It’s only fair.

    I read a really cute little quote the other day and I thought of you and your decision to publish. The definition of the word ENTREPENEUR: “Someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.” So, thank you for being so brave.

    All for now.

    Erica xo

  40. Laurie Walt says:

    Congrats on the whole publisher decision. It makes me happt to know that out of print books will be available through you! Life is good here in Illinois. My husband got to move home after 8 months away for his job, then 4 days later they put him on unpaid leave. But in the meantime I have found a job that I really like and he has found a temporary job. He may be bought off leave in July. Things just have a way of working out! Ask of the Universe what you need and the Universe responds! In the meantime I have had my hands in dirt and my nose in lilacs, while enjoying the sun on my face. I am re-reading your English book and loving it all over again! It helps me unwind after work. I start at 4 in the morning! Not a morning person, so I really need to relax after work! Love.

  41. Connie Haltermann says:

    Dear Susan,

    I loved the picture of you with your five high school friends who will be visiting you soon. There were six of us in our high school group, too, back in the ’50s. We were inseparable. We’re in our seventies now, and we have a sleepover the first week in December every year, with some coming from miles and miles away. The only difference is, we go to sleep a lot earlier.

    I have always loved your Summer and Autumn books. Will you ever do a separate Spring book or Winter* book? (*I mean, besides your Christmas From the Heart of the Home book–which is my absolute favorite of all your books.) If you do, I’ll be first in line to get them!

    • sbranch says:

      But I bet you laugh just as hard! I might do those books, if I have time in this fast moving life!

  42. Ann says:

    Loved the quote by Mirabel Osler, whose book “A Gentle Plea for Chaos” is one of my favorite gardening books!

    I am looking forward to your “Autumn” book. I see recipes I want to try already!

  43. Hello,
    I am so proud of you. You are amazing!! And again such an inspiration.
    Made in the USA! Perfect. 🙂
    I like the name Spring Street Publishing.

    Thank you for the update.
    Best to you as you travel and have fun, fun, fun!
    Love, Carla

  44. yay! if i remember right “Autumn” came out in 2004…so happy 10 year anniversary of its debut! my youngest son was born in 2004, that’s how i remember the copyright date, and he will be 10 in june. it also is the only book i have not gotten a second copy of, because all the ones i find on amazon through used booksellers all want an arm and a leg for it! lol…not that your books aren’t worth an arm and a leg mind you, but the amounts they are asking would be a whole stash of new yarn for a sweater, or a quilts worth of fabric! 🙂 i have a second copy of all the books i have of yours so i have a pristine copy in my library, and a used second copy for use in my kitchen. now i can get the new edition with ribbon for my library, and used the one i have for my kitchen copy! congrats on becoming your own publisher!

  45. Allison says:

    The pumpkin cheesecake looks delicious. Another goody to try sometime soon. Happy spring!

  46. Joanie B from San Diego says:

    Huzzah, hip hip hooray and all that!!!!!! I don’t have your Autumn book and I will be buying one as soon as they are ready, I am soooooo excited. I borrowed my girlfriend Lori’s copy last fall and loved it. Can’t wait for my own, thank you!!

  47. Julie C says:

    Congratulations to you and Joe on Spring Street Publishing ! How exciting! Love that it will be from the Good Old USA. I agree with the other Girlfriends that Autumn is the best season. Just loved this blog. The picture of Girl watching Jack is so cute! I know you don’t need anymore ideas, but, looking at the beautiful dining room table, a decorating book would be nice. I love looking to see how you arrange things. Kisses to the Kitties!

  48. ArlineLA says:

    Wonderful news! I’m one of those setting up the “necessary” cookbooks for my grown daughter. She is not terribly homey, but hoping that “Autumn” with her favorite Ginger Crisps will inspire her. My 2004 “Autumn” still has the original publicity blurb sheet in it from LB&Co. and the list of tour cities. Got mine signed at “Country Classics” in SLO which has unfortunately moved out. Arline in Burbank

  49. Cindy Tuning says:

    Hooray for you for putting the Autumn Book out there again. It’s my very favorite of your cookbooks and although I already have one,I’m so happy for everyone who will be able to get one now. That is the book that I use the most and there’s just something so cozy and real about it. Sometimes when I’m feeling down I’ll browse through it and I always feel better. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that book! I should have the brownie recipe memorized by now. The best ever!!

  50. Helen says:

    Hi Susan,
    The Girlfriends will love the Autumn book! I have it and enjoy reading it at the beginning of the season to get in the mood! You know what else I would love??? A Spring book to round out my collection: Love,Summer, Autumn, Christmas. Good idea for your next book?? Thanks for all of your wonderful inspiration.


  51. wendy Rowland says:

    Looking forward to your publishing company’s debut!

  52. Lucia says:

    Dear Susan”
    Can’t wait for the Autumn Cook book! Congratulations on becoming your own publisher and I will be watching to see when I can place an order for the Autumn book and also for the blotter calendar! I usually buy one for my daughter and miss 2014!
    Thank you for the beautiful photos!
    Lucy in California

  53. Maree from MI says:

    Just looking through a catalog from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop and saw Downton Abbey pillows. Immediately thought of you! One pillow has the union jack with Downton Abbey stamped inside. The other pillow has Violet’s wisdom, “You’ll find there’s never a dull moment in this house.” (funny to read that in a catalog—it is something my mom used to say )
    It says they are made in the USA and have invisible zippers, so you can slip off the covers and machine wash.

    • Chris Wells Knickerbocker, W TX says:

      I just got my catalog today. So many things to love!

  54. Chris H says:

    Wonderful news about self publishing. Speaking for all those of us who’ve not had the opportunity to buy any of your early books, I really hope that ‘Autumn’ is only the first and that all the others follow! Yay!!!
    Also I’ve not been getting any of your recent posts via email. Has anyone else reported the same problem? Any suggestions for getting them again?
    Beautiful post

    • sbranch says:

      We’ve been checking into that … I sent your comment to Kellee, hopefully she will be able to help you.

  55. Mary Lou Cummings says:

    Congratulations on your new venture-so glad you had the guts to go with it! Can’t wait to purchase the Autumn book. It’s also one of my favorite seasons in New England

  56. Marty from NYC says:

    Wow! what a wonderful step forward in letting you be who you want to be. “Autumn ” was my first recipe book written by you and I have enjoyed it so many times over reading the quotes, decorating ideas and recipes. If some have not had the opportunity to read it,it is a real winner. My regret is that I already have the book, but I do have a cousin with a fall birthday who I think is going to love the new edition. I hope it is a sell out…and I love the publishing name and logo!. Have a wonderful day. Marty.

  57. Twila says:

    Good Morning Susan!
    Enjoyed the “spring-y” post 🙂 I have a silly question! Your friend Lowely —
    how is her name pronounced? When I read her name in your blog, I never know
    how to pronounce it in my head — lol. I’m guessing Lo-WEL-y…..

    • sbranch says:

      Low-lee. Her family name is Lowell, so she was nicknamed Lowely. Her real name is Anna, which is also her mom’s name, so there was confusion.

  58. Doris - Sonoma County, CA says:

    What great news about the Autumn Book! Autumn is by far my favorite season and this book has been calling out to me for a long time. I can’t wait to order it! And how awesome that you’re going to be your own publisher! Fabulous!! Thank you so much Susan!

  59. Elaine in Toronto says:

    Hi Susan, I’m just back from getting all the ingredients for your corn chowder and lemon jelly-roll. We have wonderful bouquets of tulips everywhere because the squirrels are biting the heads off them as fast as we can pick them. I wouldn’t mind so much if they ate them but they just chomp them off and leave them. Adds a whole new meaning to “off with their heads”, lol. On a happier note, I found all 23 of Beatrix Potter’s books at a garage sale. They belonged to Leo and Oliver and their mom was selling them. They were published in 2006 but I liked the format and the fact they were all the same. She was asking 25¢ each but I didn’t think that was enough for such treasures. I gave her $20 for all of them. She was happy, I was happy. All but one is in good condition. The “Jeremy Fisher” one has folded pages, quite a few, for some reason. I haven’t read all the books so am in for a treat, I think. It’s raining here so will go and start the chowder. Happy new endeavour!

  60. Audrianne says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for reprinting this book! I can’t wait to get it in the bookstore (Reader’s World, Holland MI) and to give as gifts to many of my girlfriends who LOVE autumn as much as I do!

  61. Jan says:

    What great news for you, and for us! Congratulations! Would certainly like to get new copies of some of your early published books. Made in the good’ol U.S.A. too. Can’t wait. Love the new banners made by Janie, too.

  62. Nellie says:

    This is exciting news about having your very own publishing company! I have the Autumn Book and love it! It will be great to have it available for those who don’t have it.

    You’ve some busy times ahead of you with your book signing and speech giving. Then, a visit from your girlfriends from the West Coast! Lots for you to anticipate this spring besides digging in the dirt.:-)


    xo Nellie

  63. Linda says:

    It was wonderful to hear about the book, I can’t wait to order mine. Oh Susan you have Linden trees, they have to be one of the most beautiful trees God has ever planted. Have you ever made tea from the flowers when they have bloomed. One of my dearest friends was from Germany and she told me that it was one of their favorite teas.

    • sbranch says:

      I haven’t, but I will! Our trees are always so full of bees, you hear the tree before you see it – those bees must know something!

  64. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~ Good Morning Susan & Girlfriends ~ I finally get a few moments to catch up!~ Our weather here in Wisconsin has been crazy! ~ We had to replace the windshield in our truck as it got broken in the hail storm we had about a week ago ~ thank goodness no other damage ~
    It’s also been Birthday/ Party Central here~ 8 birthdays and counting! ~ I usually make the birthday boy or girl their favorite meal and cake ~ a tradition I’ve done for many years ~ keeps me busy and out of trouble ~ the only down fall ~ it keeps me out of the garden!! ~
    Today will be different ~ I’m getting out there!!~ Have a great day! ~

  65. Linda says:

    Congratulations on becoming a publisher and knowing you can now call the shots. I love all your books. I don’t own any but check them out frequently at my public library.

  66. Linda T. from Maine says:

    Hello Susan.. Today is my 60th Birthday. I feel ammazing and no like i am 60. Life is good. I made your Lemon Roll for my Birthday cake. It came out so pretty. I put Lilly of the Valleys and purple violets together and tied them with polka-dotted pink and white ribbon and made a cute bow . Looks so nice. I took lots of pictures.Thanks for showing us how nice it looked. I copyed what you did. It’s ok right? That’s why I love your books and ideas cause they are so Lovely. Have a great Memorial Day. Hugs to blog Daddy. Well wishes coming his way. My name means Beautiful., Just like your Lemon Roll. Thank you…xoxo.

  67. Carol from Indianpolis says:

    What joy you bring to all of us!! Memorial Day in Indy means the Indy 500 so we are all decked out in black and white. But summer follows closely on its heels.
    Congratulations on becoming your own publisher! And as if you dont’ have enough to do, may I ask that you consider publishing another book of your Willards? I have the first one and I treasure it. But there have been many Willards since and I would love to have them all bound. You’ve already done the work, now they just need to be bundled up! (See how easy it is for me to give you work to do? 🙂
    Just a thought. Enjoy your spring cleaning and planting and tidying. It is a tonic to the soul.

  68. Linda Hurst says:

    Loved hearing about the Memorial Day parade! We have lots of children in our neighborhood, but no one seems interested in organizing the little ones in red, white and blue ! They all head out to go camping on the first official summer weekend. So glad your neighborhood does this! Rain is forecasted for us for the next four days! My dear Mother always said,”Don’t plan picnics for Memorial Day, the 4th of July or Labor Day!”

    • sbranch says:

      They get out early for Memorial Day weekend, they’re all set free after the March, so you can imagine how excited they are.

  69. Susan, I am playing catch up this morning. Love, LOVING your springtime photos of your house. What a beautiful home you have. Spring is in full swing here now. We have sparrow fledglings at our feeders (so cute to watch) and the tadpoles in our pond are getting larger and more froggy looking, no legs yet, but they are nice and round and fat now. Our Oriental poppies are blooming, as are the snap dragons. It’s such a beautiful time of year!

    I was sorting out my craft room yesterday and looking through all of your books that I have. Some are first issues. Lucky me! I love all of them. I am so happy you are becoming your own publisher and publishing closer to home! I cannot wait until your new book is out. Reading A Wonderful Romance for the third time now and loving it again!

    I had to pop over and read your Beatles Story. I was quite young when they came out, in grade three at school, but love, LOVED them. If you had told that eight year old small town Canadian girl that she would one day be living less than an hour where they came from, she would never have believed you. The thrill of my life last year was when I finally got to visit the Cavern for the first time and see where they basically got their start. It’s a magical wonderful hole in the ground really, but what a feeling there. You can still feel the excitement and wonder of their presence, and there was live music. (Of course!) It was a dream come true for me!

    • sbranch says:

      When I was reading your comment, and you said “less than an hour” the first thing that popped into my head, have you been to the Cavern! Of course you have! How fun!

  70. Kelly B. from Pittsburgh says:

    Susan, I have all your books and LOVE each and every one of them. Although I already have the Autumn book (can’t believe that I found someone who not only loves and delights in all of the fall wonders that I do, but has captured that sunny, crispy, cozy feeling of the season so perfectly in words and pictures) I’m excited for you to have the opporunity to be your own publishing house! And I was thinking that you would be puting a question out there about which color the ribbon for it should be — if you want my opinion I like a light green or an orange, but whatever you decide I’m sure will be perfecto! I love the Martha’s Vineyard tradition of children marching to the sea – another great thing about Island life. What a lucky bird you were to have ventured there and found a cute little house and started a whole new life in such an awesome place!

  71. Michele says:

    Happy Anniversaries, and Congratulations on becoming a Publisher~ so innovative and cool!

  72. Judy says:

    Love the bowl full of kitten.

  73. Lisa aka Jessies mom says:

    Hi Susan! Just catching up on your blog, I have to tell you the Autumn book is one of my favorites…if it is possible at all to have a favorite, they are all wonderful.
    It was good to see Jessie’s little pumpkin in your post, I will show her when she wakes up. Have fun with your girl friends and tell them Lisa, Rachel, Sydney and Jessie say hi.
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend, wishing I was on the East coast for this weekend…you all do it so much better than we do on the West coast…

  74. Angela says:

    I have started to re-read your book about England and thought I needed to go buy some Pear Cider to go with it! What brand did you have on your journey to England?

    Thanks so much.


  75. Susan Webb says:

    Gardening this week between raindrops. It’s supposed to stop raining here this weekend so maybe camping, kayaking (but the rivers are too full and running way too fast!) a bonfire and a cook out! Summer’s coming and I can’t wait! Love reading your posts. Congratulations on 5 years on Facebook too. Hope the new book will be published SOON!

  76. Vickie T. says:

    I have been a devoted fan for many years. I just spent the last hour looking through your Summer Book and Sweets to the Sweet with my 8 year old. When summer break starts, we are going to make all of our favorite recipes from these cookbooks.

  77. Mary Gustason says:

    Another beautiful blog, thank you, Susan. One quick question… Did you ever write a book titled Celebrations? Seems as though…. Mary

    • sbranch says:

      I did a keepsake book with that name. It was like a diary where people could record Christmases, Thanksgivings, Valentine’s Day, birthdays . . .

  78. Debra V ~ Southern California says:

    Susan, you bring such delight with your blog. Enjoyed seeing Jack and his playhouse, all your pretty glasses freshly cleaned and placed back on your kitchen cupboard. Lovely colors. Also loved the fresh linen hanging on the clothesline.
    I was so inspired by your previous views of vintage dish towels and quilts hanging on the line, that I recently restrung my old 1923 metal clothesline poles. It was fun drying various things on the line. I don’t think the neighbors mind, since we live in a Historic Neighborhood. I did, however, follow your example and omitt my underclothes and dry them indoors. I do try to put some extra pretty things in with the clothes – to make it more visually apealing, just incase someone does see it, like old lace dresser scarves & vintage dish towels.
    Which reminds me, my mom always added some extravagant or unusual items to her grocery list ~ just incase she dropped it in the store. It added some fun interesting ideas for the finder of the list. I do this occasionally, it’s fun. When my daughter & I shopped together she was very intrigued by these additional items on the list…like Rosewater, Escargo, Anchovy Paste or Lemon Grass. These are things I don’t offen need ~ but fun to jot down as extras. Sometimes I think of things that would make you laugh. “Crazy but Fun”!

  79. Megan Hyatt says:

    Congratulations on becoming publishers. Life is curious isn’t it? By the way 11th June is my birthday.

  80. Judy Young says:

    What happened to my comment?

  81. Judy in OR says:

    I am catching up on reading blogs I follow as we just came back from Boston a week ago. We were attending our son and his girlfriend’s graduation from Medical School which was very exciting. We made it to the Cape for a couple days and amazingly enough we were staying right across from Martha’s Vineyard (gf’s parents have a house there) and I was really excited when our host pointed out Vineyard Haven was just across the water. The weather was gorgeous and it was interesting to watch the color and movement of the water throughout the day. We also enjoyed seeing the ferries crossing to your island and if we had more time we would have taken one, hopefully next time.
    Yay! to you reprinting your Autumn book and also adding a ribbon. I absolutely love books with ribbons in them. June sounds like a very fun month for you with the Gladys Taber Reunion and girlfriends coming to visit.

  82. N Jean says:

    The Autumn Book is by far one of my favorite books you have written. I love them all though. I look forward to the new release and your new book. Have a wonderful time with all you are doing.

  83. Michele M. says:

    Hi Susan! Yes I am a month behind on the blog! I’ve really been pushing the midnight oil lately (I am sure you understand HA!) and finally have some time to try to catch up! Some congrats are in order! Having your own publishing company must just feel so amazing! Also Happy Anniversary on the blog! This place is a sanctuary for antique, cozy, garden & cat-loving, homey sides to all of us! Ok…on to the rest of May posts! 🙂

  84. Anna says:

    So happy you are now publishing. I preordered my copy of Autumn and A Fine Romance just now. I can’t wait to receive them. The past two years I’ve been so sick but reading your blog has been healing. Hugs to you..Anna

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