How’s Life ?

 Hi everyone, how’s life? MUSICA?  OUI! I’ve heard there are terrible fires in San Diego and snow in northern Illinois (of all the disheartening things); and here on the island the forecast was birdiefor a week of clouds and rain. But they were wrong!!! It’s been just the opposite.  We have been waking up to blue skies and 70 degrees ~ we walk every day, making hay while the sun cabinetsshines.  We’ve been gardening every day too (it’s looking so cute out there), and doing a true deep and rewarding spring cleaning.  I am ON the kitchen now, every bowl and plate in my open cupboards is going into the suds today for sparkle upgrade.  The silver is going into the aluminum foil ~ but I look out my studio window right now and I can see butterflies floating around the garden . . .

wildflowers and cat mintI keep the kitchen doors wide open while I work because the birds are singing their hearts out, and just like now, when I feel the need to procrastinate due to spring fever, I go out and pick wildflowers like these.  You all realize we have not seen anything like this for a full year?  How exciting!   So pretty!  Free ~ like the best things in life!


This is what our entire neighborhood smells like right now. Lilac. This, plus wisteria, plus Lily of the Valley. All in bloom right now.  Help, I’m going mad with something I don’t know what it is. Perfumorama Virus.


Lemon Roll

It was my girlfriend Lowely’s birthday on the 14th . . . she asked for that Lemon Roll I showed you on the blog last week . . . I’d sent over a couple of pieces to her and John for tasting, so she asked for another one for our girlfriend’s lunch Birthday Party for her . . . instead of forsythia petals like I did on the first cake, Lowely got a little bouquet of wild violets and Lily of the Valley.  Isn’t it fun to decorate cakes with gatherings from the yard!  Happy Spring!


How’s this for seasonal segue and non sequitur all rolled into one? How dare I say Happy Spring and Delicious Autumn in one breath!  Well, because this is part of what I’ve been up to lately, planning ahead ~ we know we love fall, maybe not right this moment, but we still love it. And I finally did it!  I have started to reprint some of my older books.  And AUTUMN is going to be the very first one.  It will go off to the printer at the end of the month.


And because we are in charge of this book, it is going to be printed in the good ole’ US of A!  Made in America.  Totally.  Are we happy?  Yes we are.

the reason I'm so happy

As with anything, there are good things and bad things about doing it ourselves.  One good thing is we get to choose where it’s printed, the only bad thing is we aren’t able to print a zillion of them like a big publisher would, although

our new logo

. . . we did become our own publisher for this.  Yes! That’s the other thing I wanted to share with you.  We are actual publishers now! That’s our logo ↑ ; it will be used for the first time (but not the last) in the new printing of AUTUMN.  If ever you would have told me that sometime in my life I would a.) be an author or b.) be a publisher, I would have (and did) laughed out loud.  This is what I like about life. You just never know.


Autumn will be our first project.  And as the publisher we get to decide important things, like ribbons.  If you figure out which book is Autumn in that pumpkin art by Jessie and Sydneypile above, you will see that it has no ribbon. But since we are doing our own publishing this time, guess what?  No one can tell us “no” but us and we would never do that. We are really nice to us.  We would like a ribbon.  Of course, my darlings, you may have one.  Could we have our book printed in the USA?  Yes, dears, we know that means a lot to you.  

No one can say no!  The publisher has to pay more for these things, but since that’s us, we can choose what we want.  We have all the power.  (None of the money of say Random House, but ALL the power of “that little old ant,” with high hopes of moving a rubber tree plant.) MUSICA.



Other than than having a ribbon and changing the publisher’s name to ours, the book will be just the same.  If you already have one, I didn’t add anything new . . . so you won’t miss a thing.  But if you’re new to me and my blog . . . or your daughter has grown up and has a family of her own now, here are some of the goodies I have for you inside this book:


Pumpkin Cheesecake

Melt in your mouth EASY Pumpkin Cheesecake . . . well worth the price of the book all by itself.

Corn Chowder

But there’s so much more, like my Texas-style Chili, Corn Pudding, and Spicy, Sagey Corn Chowder  you can serve alone or ladled over creamy Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes.


spiced pecans

There are delicious appetizers like Red Chili Onion Rings, and ideas for gifts like brown sugar and cholula Spiced Pecans, Butter-Bit Croutons, or . . . 


stuffed pumpkins

 There are”Jack-Be-Little” Pumpkins stuffed with butternut squash, leeks, and apples you can arrange around the turkey platter . . .



September will be time for back to school, and what says it better than . . .

best brownies

. . . Chocolaty, Chewey, easy to make, the best brownie recipe in the world? Nothing really . . .




Recipes and ideas for all the seasonal celebrations like Halloween are included . . .

salads  . .

There are special salads . . .



And at Thanksgiving, the recipe for my Grandma’s famous Turkey Stuffing . . .

My House

And beside recipes, there are stories like My House and Morning Science; Decorating and Entertaining for the season . . .



. . . decorating the table, fixing up the Guest Room, making Gift Baskets, interesting ideas for Fall Collections, recipes for Afternoon Tea, things to do in Sweater Weather, fall Cocktails and everything else our vagabond Autumn hearts desire.  


I’ve been reading it over while getting the art ready to go to the printer, and despite the birdsong and the smell of wisteria, or maybe because of it ~ I’ve enjoyed it. I’m sure you can tell I’m very excited.  If this goes OK, we’ll do some more!  We hope to have the new printing in the studio the first of August, just when we’re all longing for Autumn and wishing for those cooler breezes and thinking about hot apple crisp with crunchy topping and vanilla ice cream.  It’ll be for sale in bookstores too, but as usual we’ll make sure you have first crack at them, trying to make sure we have enough for our Girlfriends first ~ we’ll also keep signed copies for you in our webstore.


High school

So you know, in a couple of weeks I’m going to New York to Book Expo, then to Connecticut to give a talk at the Gladys Taber Reunion, then my best high school girlfriends are coming from California to stay here with us on June 20 . . . can you tell we are going to have fun?  Oh yeah.  That’s Karen second from the right, the one I met the Beatles with. But before I go clean up the house (!!! now you see the situation, nothing like company to get a house clean!), here are a couple more pictures of island spring!

hyacinths for the soul

morning light

. . . This is morning light on our house through the Linden trees . . . I keep getting up thinking I will see rain, and this is what I see instead.  Lucky! Dreamy ~ after that winter.


west chop

Joe and I drove out to a part of the island called West Chop just to see these white daffodils blowing in the wind next to the sound.

planting petunias

And here’s me, muddy-kneed and happy, putting in some petunias..


Brachyscomeand one of my favorite low-growing mounding plants called Brachyscome.

gardeningSo, that’s it for today Girlfriends. I hope you enjoyed Spring and Fall all in one post!  We have another big surprise for you coming soon.  June 11th is the 3rd anniversary for my Blog; it’s also the anniversary of our first post on FACEBOOK ~ so we have decided to combine forces to make a wonderful drawing, to say thank you for your support, and for the fun you have brought all of us, me, Kellee, Sheri, and Alfredo (and Joe too!) Not to mention Jack and Girl . . .♥   Have a wonderful day!

Girl and Jack


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579 Responses to How’s Life ?

  1. Marjorie says:

    Congrats on becoming a publisher and thank goodness you became an author! I love this post with the lilac pic, my Moms favorite flower! I can always count on your posts to brighten my day!

  2. Judy C in NC says:

    I already LOVE my Autumn book so much, I can’t imagine it being any better. Please tell me what color ribbon you will use as I will just buy a ribbon and insert it in for now. I have so many other books of yours I am wanting in my collection. Your post was inspiring and over-the-moon – Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons and for obosite reasons. One wakes up the world with all new and wonderment and the other quietly puts it everything to rest for rejuvenation. Congratulations to you and Joe for venturing into the publishing business – way to go girl. You make us all smile. Judy C in NC

    • sbranch says:

      We chose a dark red ribbon …

      • judy says:

        Green would have been my choice–earthy, mossy–but I’m a green person. Reds are my second choice. I’m an autumn person when it comes to colors. Congrats and good luck with this new venture…Judy in Tennessee

        • sbranch says:

          I tried them all, but green was too soft for the cover which already has lots of green it — it didn’t stand out, and why have a ribbon if it doesn’t stand out . . . but then orange seemed to stand out too much ~ The cinnamony, ruby-colored, red one reminded me of the color of maple leaves — so we’ll see!

  3. So excited about the Autumn book being re-printed! It’s my favorite one but I don’t own it. My library has a copy and I think they’re getting tired of me checking it out! I might buy an extra to give to the library too!

  4. ChrisTea says:

    Thanks, Susan! I’ve been searching the used book stores for the Autumn book with no luck. It’ll be great just to get it from you. I hope you do go on to re-publish many of your other books. Have fun with this whole project!

  5. Michele Washburn says:

    So glad you are re-printing Autumn! Congratulations and good luck! Loved seeing all the beautiful flowers in your garden and the neighbourhood! I always enjoy your blog posts, they are the highlight of my day!

  6. Gale Harris says:

    How exciting that you are republishing Autumn! I finally found an old copy for myself, and I think it is your best ever, with the exception of A Fine Romance. Good luck on your new Spring Street venture. I love the way you keep taking on new challenges.

  7. sylvia FAye says:

    Susan love the logo chosen for your very own US publishing company and now your romance partner Joe will be very much a part of this new business. How swell the two of you, Petey, Jack and Girl get along.

    You and Joe thought that you had planned your 25th anniversary trip to England because it was a promise you made to each other to return to England and spend more time there….little did you know that “A Find Romance” would be the springboard of the many adventures you two have shared with your girlfriends on your trip and traveling across the country to promote the book. I love, love my copy. It is a treasure!

    I predict that your new publishing company will be very successful and the beginning of a ‘people’ orientated book company. Fall was always my favorite time of the year but in my after 70 years I have to change this to spring. Your Autumn book sure wets the appetite for cooking, n’est ce pas. You and Joe are both inspirations for marriage and that it takes two to make it work and above all to love home and hearth above ‘the corporate world’.

    You bring spring to your posts and joy to our hearts and alert our taste buds with your cooking pictures. With a grateful heart…I thank you!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you back Sylvia . . . I think you will agree that spring doesn’t last long enough! It’s beautiful but much too short.

  8. Penny Harrison in Oceanside, CA says:

    Awesome news! Can hardly wait to be able to order from Spring Street Publishing!!! Will they do stickers and scrap booking too?! 😉 I live in the area where the fires are in North San Diego County. From 9 fires burning on Wednesday we were down to 5 fires still active this morning, but a new fire has broken out on Camp Pendleton – that makes 3 on the U.S. Marine base with new evacuations just ordered. One of the other fires, the Cocos fire, is still only 10% contained – burning through hills and homes. If you know of Eleanor Burns of “Quilt in a Day” fame – her main quilt shop / teaching studio / warehouse is in that area. Currently closed under evacuation orders, all staff are safe. Continued prayers would greatly be appreciated for all. Heartfelt thanks to all of the incredible fire fighters – in the air and on the ground.

    • sbranch says:

      My prayers are with you all. Rain and fog and cool temps with no wind. xoxo

      • Rhonda D. says:

        Will keep everyone in CA in my prayers as well. xo

        **SOS** Girlfriends…California needs our prayers!

      • Susan P says:

        Thank you everyone for good thoughts and prayers…they were answered. The cool sea breeze came in last night…..aawww…and this morning woke up to the birds singing and overcast…..husband up at 4 AM opened all the windows and doors and the “HOUSE BREATHED” Have a great day. Love, Susan P.

  9. Christine Aschbacher says:

    Greetings from northern Illinois and yes we did have snow here today! But…. the pear trees and crabapples are still blooming, grass is green and eighties I hear are on the way next week!!!! So we will enjoy it even more when it arrives!!!!

  10. Oh Susan – I haven’t read all your blog post as not meant to be on the computer. BUT I just needed to quickly say WHOOP WHOOP re the reprint of Autumn. I had my copy out this morning (Autumn here in NZ) of which I won a signed copy from you. So I am thrilled to see it is going to be reprinted and by your very own company too!!!
    I’ll be back later to finish reading. But I have to fly I’m off to shops to buy bits n bobs for our autumn picnic tomorrow. SUCH FUN! Love Leanne New Zealand xx

    • sbranch says:

      Happy Autumn Leanne … I’ve actually been wanting to do a post for our southern hemisphere and I figured I came a little close to it today! xoxo

  11. Gypsy says:

    Hurray for fall in spring!
    We dream of spring in winter! I love fall all year long! So this post is just wonderful!
    And the Autumn book is the absolute best to start your brand new blessing of bliss adventure with in publishing! Yea!
    Love your logo too! So you!
    Can’t wait to buy the new Autumn books for gifts for Christmas this year!
    I am so excited! WhooooHOOOOO!!! Can you see me doing the happy dance?
    Oh, and I will get one for me too.
    I have one but two of anything wonderful is always good!

    • sbranch says:

      Me too, fall all year long! It’s our secret gift.

      • Diana says:

        Fall all year! I’m in! Whoo hoo for the new reprint in the good ol’ U.S.A. I have one but see another in my future as well as gifts. Love! Thank you sooooo much for the happy news!

  12. Terry says:

    Hurray and Thank You! Got to see the “Autumn” book this past November while out with a friend at our local library. Went home and tried to find it to order. And as of August, I can!!! All the best to you and Joe with your new titles of “Publisher”. Nothing is impossible. God bless and enjoy these beautiful days 🙂

  13. Linda in Glendale says:

    I am thrilled beyond belief that you will be republishing your books!! I am glad that you are in control and it is another dimension of what you all do so well. Your older books can be hard to find or in the hundreds of dollars on amazon. I have Girlfriends and a Fine Romance on my shelf along with The Black Dog Summer on the Vineyard Cookbook! How fitting is that??

  14. LauraC says:

    I have the Autumn book. I saw the picture of the pumpkin cheesecake and I literally screamed at my husband (the baker of the family): “Look at this cheesecake! I have this book! I have a can of pumpkin! Make this!!!” He is on his way to the grocery store for the cream cheeses now. 🙂

  15. Caroline C. says:

    I can hardly contain myself! I have wanted the Autumn book for along time. I always seemed to just miss getting it or it was a little to expensive. I am definitely purchasing Autumn when it’s published. Please let us know when it is available. Are you going to do pre-orders?

    • sbranch says:

      I’m going to check and see what Kellee is planning as far as preorders are concerned. I’ll let everyone know.

  16. Dorothy says:

    Yea! June 11 th! My birthday! # 61 this year!

  17. Jack says:

    To celebrate the event add 1 page — Pan Fried Pineapple —
    In your frying pan melt about 6 oz. Unsweetened butter …. Cut slices of pineapple bout a pound … Fry till translucent and cover with brown sugar ….turn and fry topside adding a
    Cup of dark rum . ….when it looks like you want it to ….serve it —good for any meal or with Vanella ice Cream for desert. If you’re feeling a little bound up you can substitute ripe figs cut in half and spice it up any ole way you want — it’s like being your own publisher ….ya fix it to suit yourself

  18. Sarah Maldonado says:

    Love that Autumn Book! The corn chowder is a favorite, too. So glad you are able to do the publishing and that logo is so perfect! Yes, spring cleaning. I’m in the midst of it, too, prepping for my cousin reunion next month. Took down all the decorative birdhouses on top of my kitchen cabinets, gave them a good scrub and have new cranberry checked valances on the way. :-). So fun to have everything fresh. Even took the peace lily and the ivies outside, dusted each leaf, and freshened the pots. I think the plants feel happy, too!

  19. Autumn used to be my very favorite SB book. I still get it out every September 1-ish and display it so I can easily peruse and cook from it!

    It was only surpassed when you took me to England. I adore that book. Just thinking of it makes me happy.

    • sbranch says:

      Maybe I should take you to Scotland.

      • For real you should take us all to Scotland!!! yes please!!

        • sbranch says:

          We think we should too!

          • Oh Please take me to some of the places that Outlander is being filmed at oh and the site of the battle of Culloden, Drumossie Moor, where you might even find the clan Fraser stone. If time Dunure Castle and the Labyrinth on Ayrshire coast, Scotland. But ONLY if time – not being one to fly I know I’ll live more through your book than probably ever getting myself on a plane.

          • sbranch says:

            I wrote it all down!

      • Rhonda D. says:

        That’s right, it’s May…have you decided? Remember, you said I could ride shotgun…even if it means in the pocket of the door, I’m going. I’ll lose some weight and be very quiet (sort of). I’ll try not to bother you too much, but, oh boy, I’ll be squirmy. There may be a lot of commotion going on in that door pocket, but feel free to ignore me.

        • sbranch says:

          We have until the end of the month! That pro and con list gets longer. The KITTY KISSES!!! OMG, that’s the tough one.

          • Maybe we should go!! A new adventure sounds like fun! ♡♡

          • Rhonda D. says:

            Just think how quickly the trip to England cruised along. Those two months passed very quickly. Now that you are experts in the traveling/writing arena, you have a lot of things figured out already, half the “job” is done. Aye, Scotland is just a winner, hands down. Your heart and interest, our hearts and interest…everybody just seems to love Scotland. I know that book will be an instant hit. The Kitty Kisses etc….that would be the hard part. But just to let you know, I have my kilt and my Scottish journal packed and waiting by the door. I’ll have my ear tuned in to that note from the bagpipe, just in case.

          • sbranch says:

            Definitely our hearts and interest! xoxo

      • Elizabeth in Montana says:

        Yes! Oh Yes, please take us to Scotland! My favorite place on earth!

        • Ricki says:

          I can’t see why Jack and Girl Kitty can’t go. They can ride in the back with me. Jack needs a kilt and a bagpipe. I bought a small one in Glasgow…still have it.

          • sbranch says:

            Wouldn’t that be great if they even wanted to go!

          • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

            we’re going to Scotland now??? oh boy!! can we take a side trip to Ireland as well??? okay fait warning this time, no more river dunking, or i’ll sic my ducklings on you all. LOL!!!

          • sbranch says:

            We’re not sure yet, but we’re really sure we’d like to! 🙂

  20. Lynn B says:

    Smiling and smiling… 😀 I didn’t even know it, but I believe I wanted you to get your own publishing co. Good for you!!! Your dad’s comment is hilarious. I’m going to pick up a pineapple now. (Will make sure to get some figs, 😉 )

  21. dah says:

    ahhhh…..I do love Autumn and I do have your book! I can add a ribbon guess! Your home on “the island” looks gorgeous with all the blooming flowers! Enjoy!

  22. Debbie Greene says:

    Love my Susan Branch books. They are my old friends.

  23. Gail Rose says:

    Oh Susan , I’m so happy for you. Can we preorder the new book?

  24. Gail Rose says:

    You reply to your dad made me cry. I so miss mine.

  25. Oh… and Iowa Cornbread, Cranberry Apple Crisp, and Ginger Crisps! These are just a few of our family favorites from the Autumn book! My brothers even mention Susan Branch now whenever I make one of your recipes! It will be so wonderful to introduce so many new Girlfriends to this treasure of a book! Congratulations on becoming a publisher!! It’s hard to believe that “our” blog is about to celebrate another birthday, Susan! In fact, this afternoon I was just thinking about how much time and love you put into each post. My own little blog is just two weeks old, and I have a new appreciation for the time that it takes to write a post! Thank you so much for spending so much time with us, dear one!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Elaine in Toronto says:

    Congratulations Susan and Joe – your very own publishing company, so exciting. I think it would be wonderful if you published “The Night Before Christmas” with your own illustrations. I collect these books and to have one illustrated by you would be awesome. Just a thought. No need to drop everything and start now, lol, although I wish you would. You’re going to make a lot of people happy by reprinting “Autumn”. I have a cherished copy but would buy some for gifts. Happy spring!

  27. I LOVE the fall book. I have a book for every season, but the fall one is one of my favorites. I will have to add a ribbon to mine.

    Will we see the book in bookstores? Or Amazon?

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, I think probably both places. When we sign up to get an ISBN number for a book, all the information automatically goes to those places.

  28. Barbara says:

    The Autumn Book was my first Susan Branch book and it remains my very favorite. I have always loved Autumn, the changing colors, the chill in the air, the hearty kitchen smells and lazy days with good books, hot tea, and something sweet. You captured it all brilliantly and anyone who buys one for the first time will not be disappointed.

    PS…. is that a look of (slight) disapproval on Girls face??

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, I fear that you are right. She is always slightly disapproving of the youngster.

  29. Gina P. from NY says:

    Hi Susan:

    We got the rain you didn’t get up there down here the last few days! Wind, rain, humidity, ugh… Only good thing the temps have been on the warm side, so even if you get wet, it isn’t that bone chilling feeling. I think my umbrella has turned itself inside out about five times today. I finally abandoned it and decided I’d rather get wet than fight the umbrella! We are supposed to have a nice sunny weekend, so I am looking forward to that! Going to the nursery tomorrow to plant shop w/my honey – always a fun thing to do on a sunny Saturday!

    I have had your “Autumn” book for years, along with your “Christmas” and “Heart of the Home” books. Every October, when I put out my pumpkins and decorate with autumn leaves and such, your “Autumn” book goes on my coffee table. I love the recipes and all the helpful tips for making a home cozy, loving and comfortable. One of my favorite parts of the book is at the end when you talk about traveling out west on the train, and how during the Christmas holidays you peer out the train window and watch all the Christmas lights go by. You describe how you go through big cities and see all the decorations, then how in the middle of nowhere there is a house with a string of Christmas lights on it, with nothing else around. Lovely. I love to picture that in my mind. It also reminds me of the movie “The Polar Express” – have you ever seen it? The train passes through the country side and you see lone houses decorated for the holidays. Those houses look so inviting and cozy, you just want to stop in for a cup of tea! I have always dreamed of going across country on a train. I hope someday I’ll make that dream come true.

    Congratulations on your publishing venture! I know you will be a smashing success at it!

    • sbranch says:

      That Christmas ride on the train is quite amazing and reminds me how we are all connected . . . so much of the world is celebrating at the same time. Thank you for the weather by the way, it’s here this morning. Rain is very light, windows are open, but it’s grey and windy and actually my garden is lapping it up.

  30. Sara says:

    I am SO happy for you, Susan! Writer, publisher, entrepeneur, speaker, gardener, cook, wife of Joe, to list just a few of your accomplishments…what’s next? The sky is the limit! I love your dad’s recipe for the rummy pineapple stuff! Sounds like a weekend dessert to me.

    I have to tell you I had a dream two nights ago that was SO real. In the dream I called my friend, Linda, and told her we HAD to go to the Gladys Taber to-do at Stillmeadow. It’s only a 12-hour drive, after all! (I looked it up!) Who knows, we just might show up, but first I really need to tell Linda! Hahaha!

    Thanks for all the springishness… We’re still waiting! Oh, and by the way, if you do the pre-order on The Autumn Book, count me in for two, one for each daughter!

    Sara 🙂

  31. Janet in Rochester says:

    Wonderful news about “Autumn” and of your becoming a publisher. Your empire is expanding! Please print a lot because I have a sister AND a SIL who drool over MY copy every time they’re over here visiting, and they’ll be blown away to get their own copies from me come Christmas. My college senior-niece is getting one too. Love that itty bouquet of real flowers on top of the lemon roll, with the sweet gingham ribbon! I’ve been a complete sucker for anything gingham ever since I can remember. PS – just wondering if Jack and Girl are still playing together upstairs? Have a great weekend, Sue and Girlfriends! ❤️

    • sbranch says:

      My empire, ha ha ha. Looking around at my empire right now: Girl Kitty is on my art table, and Jack is sitting in the open window looking at the grey spring rain and wind blowing through the trees. Hannah and Her Sisters is on TV, with all that good Woody Allen music, and I’m drinking tea and writing you. All is well (as my Dad would put it) in Smallville.

      • Janet in Rochester says:

        Love “Hannah” [have it on DVD]. Did you know that Hannah’s apartment in the movie is actually Mia Farrow’s own New York home? Love the dining room & kitchen Thanksgiving scenes.

      • Victoria Miller says:

        Susan ~ But look how many lives you touch and have touched and continue to touch. Think of how many bookshelves hold your wonderful books! There is your empire, and so many are so delighted to be a part of it! All of the girlfriends, and the family members who reap the rewards of the flow of generosity!

      • Smallville sounds like a fine empire! My stoic Maine husband says don’t court fame – he says, “You don’t want to be famous, you just want to be able to do whatever you want to do, in peace and quiet.” Which makes me think of this late Emily Dickinson poem:

        “Fame is a bee.
        It has a song –
        It has a sting –
        Ah, too, it has a wing.”

        Congratulations on becoming a publisher! As long as real (and deeply wonderful) books continue to be printed, you will surely have legions of loyal, happy readers, me included…

  32. sylvia FAye says:

    I just read your father’s comment and your reply. So cute! My only brother’s name is Jack… retired thorasic surgeon.
    I forgot in my comment to say I love books that put in ribbons as does our mass missal then one does not have to look for something to keep one’s page for the next read, n’est ce pas?

    • sbranch says:

      That’s probably where I learned about ribbons!

      • Susan P. says:

        Oh this brings a memory…When you got the missal with the ribbons on your Confirmation. YOU WERE AN ADULT NOW!
        Oh yes, that was quite the thing….I gather that is also why I love ribbons in most of my books and journals. I am having too much fun here. Thanks Susan P.

  33. Lauren Naudain says:

    Congratulations, Susan! You so deserve every ounce of your success. The Autumn book is a favorite that I read every Fall for happiness & inspiration. I feel that all your books & your blog should be sub titled “How to Have a Happy Life” One other thing that is very special to me about this book is on P.66. The lovely remembrance in honor of your grandma, Florence Orr Smith, was so touching, Susan. The Selma Lagerlof quote “Nothing on earth can make up for the loss of one who has loved you.” so perfectly describes the feeling I’ve had since I lost my dad & then my mom a few years back. So you see, your books (you) have the gift of touching all the many places in the human heart. How could you not succeed in life? Thank you, Susan

    • sbranch says:

      You are so dear Lauren, thank you . . . and yes, that quote just says it doesn’t it. One who has loved you.

  34. BlissfulBabs says:

    I bought an advanced publisher’s copy of “Autumn” about 12 years ago and I cherish it. The only downside is that it’s printed in black and white. I’ve been looking for a real copy for some time now. I can’t wait to get it!!

    • sbranch says:

      How in the world did you get that? There are so few of them made. I thought maybe five.

  35. Linda P says:

    Susan… What a joy for me to see a post from you today…Its been a devastating week for many here in SAN DIEGO with all these fires and your post has brought some much needed comfort……THANK YOU THANK YOU for reminding me that FALL will come again and this will all be behind us.

  36. Joyce Jenks says:

    “Autumn” is a favorite and an AUTOGRAPHED gift from my daughter Susan. It reads, “To Joyce…With love from Susan … and me, too.” Susan Branch 2004. Love your love of life and your gift for beautifully sharing so much of it. Brings lots of smiles that I relate to!

  37. LOVE the autumn book! Since it’s my favorite season, I usually take it down from the cookbook shelves sometime around mid-summer. Those spiced pecans are soooooo good – make them almost every year. 🙂 Very exciting you’re publishing now too – congratulations!!

  38. Meg Cooper says:

    AUTUMN! My favorite cookbook ever. I display it every fall and reread it cover to cover as I plan what to cook from it. I am very excited for your new business endeavor and look forward to purchasing from Spring Street!

  39. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi susan!!!!!!! beyond exciting!!! this is another wonderful LEAP forward in our “if you dream it, it can be” belief!!!!…especially because ribbons are vitally important and no one, and I mean NO ONE!!…should ever say “no” to a ribbon!!! I am thrilled for you ( can you tell??)…… and I absolutely love the logo you all chose… maybe it’s because we rode that ferry…maybe it’s because we loved Martha’s Vineyard so much…maybe it’s because we are dreamers ourselves…but whyever (is that a word??)…it’s perfect!!!….I LOVE Christmas but I have always loved the AUTUMN book the best ….( shhhhh…don’t tell my family..they think it’s the Christmas book that they gifted me….. :-)…it runs a very close 2nd..<3)…..I have several girlfriends that I will gift the Autumn book to as soon as it makes its' appearance…thank you susan!! you have made my day!!!!! oh happy day!!!!! love, cindy xoxoxoxo

  40. Jackie M. says:

    I am so excited for you that you get to publish your Autumn book again! I adore mine — I love every single page of it!

  41. Gail Buss says:

    Hi Susan, Love seeing all the blooming flowers since many of them do not grow here. I’m so happy for you in publishing, and I must say I absolutely love your logo – it’s just perfect. I do have the Autumn book and since it is signed by you from 2004…………I can’t part with it even if it means I’d get a ribbon. It is just so special to me. I noticed you have a Bake King pan………I have a set of 3 round Bake King pans that I use to make a checkerboard cake, and I’ve had them forever it seems like. I never knew anyone else who had that brand. Isn’t life grand??? That’s how I feel and from your blog I think you feel that way too. You have such a zest for life and do so many things to make it fun. Happy Spring. Gail xoxo

  42. Holly says:

    Hello! How exciting! A publisher! Does that mean you will publish other people’s work too? It will be nice to have a new copy of Autumn for gift giving. I have searched for used copies of all your books to give as gifts over the years, to family mostly. Nice photo of your “kids” to end with. I always love to see them. My “kids” are all getting along and are actually playing with the new kitten. The youngest of the “older ones” of course, plays most with her, but even my old girls have been seen running through the house being chased by the kitten, then they switch places and the older girls chase the kitten. Of course there are plenty of antics and wrestling matches too. We are well entertained and happy here!

  43. Sharon Provence says:

    I don’t have your Autumn book, but will be SO excited to get it from your website! And I can’t hardly wait for the Calendar blotter too …will it be available in July? I want several of those -they are so adorable. Everything you make is adorable, and I love your blogs -makes me feel like I am right there, and everything you write about is so uplifting! Now ….sure wish you could reproduce the “A Proper Tea ” china -I am on a mad -search for the teacups and saucers, so Cute!! Can’t find them anywhere, but am hopeful some will turn up somewhere! Susan, I just can’t begin to tell you how much you are loved! Wish everyone had your demeanor -what a wonderful person you are! And congratulations on becoming a Publisher!! That is awesome!!

    • sbranch says:

      I think I heard the blotter isn’t slated until probably late July … I’ll have to check. It’s being printed somewhere different than the wall calendar. It’s really hard to find the cups, I agree, I have my one, which I glom onto. Thank you Sharon!

  44. Sharon Provence says:

    Update – just saw the ‘Coming Soon ‘ 2015 Calendar collection on your website!!! SO EXCITED!!!! Now ….the ‘A Proper Tea ‘ teacups …have to find them!!

    • sbranch says:

      Ohhh, Kellee must have put that up! I just got the first samples in . . . it’s a fun time of year on so many levels!

    • Susan P says:

      Sharon, Go to e bay…..just type in Susan Branch….every once in awhile a tea cup or teapot come thru. But if you see it….jump on it for the tea things go fast. Good Hunting…..Susan P.

  45. Elaine says:

    My favorite book and my favorite season! I absolutely love all the recipes and drawings in the Autumn book and I love that I had you sign it in Sandwich last year. Congrats on your own publishing company!

  46. Gert~Iowa says:

    Well now Susan…your own publisher! Congratulations! That’s “Huge”! Love the logo too! I felt just like I was there in your spring day! Love those pretty clean cupboards…your home will be so full of ‘love’ when your friends arrive! I get excited just thinking about the fun times you’ll have! Your new Autumn book seems so far away…but with our temps in the 20’s that corn chowder sounds very appealing! Lol So glad Tom doesn’t have our garden in yet! We had a friend last night who had to cover (with cups) 96 pepper plants! Can you imagine??

    Enjoy your wonderful weather and spring in MV!

    • sbranch says:

      20! That is so wild! Hard to believe I’m going to say this, but stay warm Gert!

      • Gert~Iowa says:

        Ha..Ha! We are trying to stay warm! We’ve had our furnace on..and it’s so dry in I tried your tip and wet a towel & hung it in the bedroom! You’re right, it works!! (Thank you!)

  47. Sharon O'Hare-Meagher says:

    Hi Sue,
    Your “Autumn” book is prob. my 3rd favorite, behind Heart of the Home and Christmas respectively. But it has a very special place in my kitchen come Sept. 1st! Fall is my favorite season. 🙂
    Congratulations on becoming a publisher! Such a wonderful feat and we all are so proud of you! And finally, isn’t is AMAZING how great we are at cleaning and re-arranging when company is on the horizon. We will sit amongst the dust bunnies until guests are on their way. We are funny people!
    My Mom says hello from Leisure World. She’s really enjoying playing cards with your Mom. Keeps them young!

    • sbranch says:

      It makes me so happy to know they’re together. I just worry about the heat out there. My mom says she’s fine, but that’s what she always says! Yes, thank goodness for company!

  48. Barbara (WA) says:

    Autumn is my favorite of all your books – I savor it every Fall. But I know I will need to get several copies for gifts. Congratulations to you, Sue!!

  49. Jo says:

    What a lovely birthday surprise, Autumn back in print, now I can own one, yay!

  50. Anita Taylor says:

    Susan, I thought for sure you published A Fine Romance. It has a completely different look and feel to it then all of your other books that I own. I even found a few typo’s and I thought “yep, this is self published and I love it!!” I guess I better get it out and see who did publish it!
    Congrats on your newest venture. You are my mentor, the type of creative person I aspire to be …..

    • sbranch says:

      It was published by a small publisher here on the island, and it was the first step to doing it ourselves. The book was edited, but I have to say he did miss a few things! Since they didn’t have a logo, I painted a boat for AFR, and then we decided to use it for Spring Street. The little publisher here wouldn’t even try for Made in the USA and by the time I understood that, it was too late for A Fine Romance, so that sort of sealed it as for my next books. I don’t usually leap, for better or for worse, it’s always baby steps.

  51. Leigh on HHI says:

    I’m so pleased that you’ll be offering a whole new group of Susan Branch fans the opportunity to buy your ‘Autumn’ book.

    I’ve loved mine for as many years as I’ve had it (along with all the other ‘seasons’ books you’ve given us. And I make your ‘sagey corn chowder’ every week — no matter what the weather.

    I miss the lilacs from the house where I grew up and this island isn’t condusive to growing them so thank you so much for the photos. I can almost smell their lovely
    cool scent from here.

  52. Sheri says:

    Hurray, Susan! I don’t have a copy but will wait for the new printing. By printing in the US you are helping our economy even more. People may gets jobs as a result which is wonderful! You inspire me so much.

  53. CindyK says:

    How exciting that you are a publisher now, as well as an author!! Wow! You are really coming up in the world! 🙂
    I loved going back to fall! It really is my favorite season, and your book was a “Must have” when it came out. Sounds like you are staying busy, but not too much to miss out on the glory of spring!

  54. Lisa Jorgensen says:

    So happy to hear you are now a publisher too! You are amazing, an inspiration to us all. I love, love, love the Autumn book. Fall is absolutely my favorite season. I wish it was Autumn all year too. We can dream, and keep a few pumpkins out all year long (which I do.) I think I will buy another copy of the Autumn book also. I thought the ribbon would be orange!
    I’m happy you are finally having Spring. In California we are praying for cooler weather instead of 102 degrees with fierce winds.
    Enjoy your Spring cleaning!

  55. Nancy B says:

    Hi, Susan. I just acquired The Autumn book a few months ago. I know it will make a lot of people happy to have it in print again. So glad to hear you are now in the publishing business. Congratulations! It’s really warming up here; 100+ today. That always happens when it gets near graduation time. Our twin granddaughters are graduating on the 29th (also Hubby’s b-day) and then they turn 18 on the 31st.
    They are looking forward to college in the Fall. I’m very excited for them. I really enjoyed your post today; looking forward to Willard. I didn’t receive it last time so I signed up again.

    Thanks for all you do!
    Nancy (from Bakersfield)

  56. Lesley says:

    Hi Susan,

    I’m thrilled that you’re publishing your Autumn book yourself, but please say if you will be shipping to the U.K.? I live off the northwest coast of Scotland (Skye, in fact) and would love to be able to order a copy. Many thanks. Lesley

    • sbranch says:

      We do ship to the UK now … the only drawback of course is the cost of shipping, but we do it . . . and for some things, it’s the only way. Amazon UK carries a few of my things too, and ordering through them cuts way down on the shipping — although for signed things, that’s only through my web store.

    • Debs OBrien says:

      Hello Lesley, you live in a magnificent place! Skye is on my ‘must visit’ list. We are on the same side of the UK, as I’m in west Wales.

  57. Robin in New Jersey says:

    How exciting, Susan! I have your Autumn book and I love it!

    My son and his family are right in the middle of those fires in CA. My son is a Marine and he is on call to leave at a moments notice to go and do anything he is told to do. His family had to evacuate, but he is still on base working. This mama is very anxious and saying extra prayers for them.

  58. Dolores says:

    As always your pictures and words fill my heart and soul. Spring is so lovely on your island, I hope to see in person one day.
    How exciting to become a publishing company! And of course there is a really cute Susan Branch logo to watch for too! Congratulations and I wish you much success and many, many books for us all to enjoy! And I am so very glad you are starting to reprint your books. I have them all, first editions even, but want them for my daughter too. And I am always looking for copies in old bookstores or flea markets, yard sales as gifts for my friends that don’t have them. I can’t think of a better present. And now to be able to buy new ones will be wonderful! Thank you so much! I know there will be lots of sales and hopefully you will republish them all!

  59. Janet G says:

    Congrats on your publishing company! I am lucky to have a first edition of “Autumn” and will pre-order if it is available. The only thing better than a first edition is a SIGNED copy. Now I can give one to my daughter :0)

  60. Heather L. says:

    Yay!!!! So happy that you are going to reprint some of your books!!! Yes! There is a whole new generation coming up that needs your books!!! A friend handed me your Autumn book when we were in Scotland last Fall and said I could read it while I was there. How perfect was that?! Now I need my own copy….

  61. Chris Wells Knickerbocker, W TX says:

    Dear Susan,
    I am so happy for you! Wow Publisher! Love the logo, it is so fitting. Of course Autumn is the one cookbook I have of yours that I bought new, but that does not mean I cannot have two! So I will definitely be pre-ordering when it is time. And I want to add, I do not understand why books cannot be printed in this country anymore! All books used to be printed here!
    I am pleased your weather has been so lovely. We are still windy and dry. And I mean windy! Outside work has been canceled for today if this wind does not lie down. To borrow a phrase from my granddaughter when she was little, “it makes me crazy”. We still have hail and wind damage outside to repair, but it will just have to wait until this wind stops.
    Keeping all the girlfriends in my prayers in parts of the country that are either burning or flooding.

    • sbranch says:

      I understand, but I don’t like it! There’s just so much pressure from the buying public for lower prices now that walmart and others have given us a taste of it — so understandable, but it’s very difficult for large publishers to do it they way they have been.

  62. judi says:

    HUGE congrats to you and Joe! How wonderful to be in control of your “baby” from pen to the WORLD:)))
    Happy spring to you….LOVE those lilacs, always had 3 colors in my yards “up north”. I have the Autumn book and it is delish. Just now getting the Summer one out to peruse. xoxo judi

  63. Mesclun says:

    Congratulations on becoming a publisher! This is so exciting – I am in awe that you are taking ultimate control over your books. Wonderful! And since Autumn was my first Susan Branch book it has always had a special place in my heart.

    Apparently the reason you’ve been enjoying all those sunny days is because the rain has taken up permanent residence here. We’ve had hot days with rain and (now) cold days with rain with NO relief. I desperately want my porch painted – it’s scraped and ready to go, but I can’t catch a break on the weather. And gardening is out too with our soggy soil. So I am vicariously enjoying nice Spring weather through your photos. Thanks for the view!

  64. Jackie P says:

    Congrats on the new publishing company and the re-issue of Autumn. It makes sense for you to have more control over your books. Can’t wait for the release of your newest work — it will bring back memories for me, too, I’m sure. Loved seeing all the spring shots of MV — miss it so. Thanks.

  65. Lori Edmonds says:

    Congratulations on becoming a publisher!!! How wonderful to be able to publish your own books : ) The “Autumn” book looks sweet…especially the pumpkin cheesecake! YUM! Best wishes for your publishing adventure. I hope it is just WONDERFUL!!

  66. Martha Jean Starnes says:

    Oh Susan! My heart is giggling just reading this! So happy that another dream has come true for you and kudos that your books will be printed in the good ‘ole USA!

  67. How exciting! You give us so much to look forward to this year! Happy weekend sweet lady! One of these days I would love to meet you…I feel like I know you already! hugs Diane in Florida

  68. Gail Golden says:

    It is joyful news that you are now a publisher. Great good will come of it, I am sure. I loved your Autumn book, and would say it is my favorite, but they all bear that distinction!!! I love ribbons – YES!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  69. AngieTink says:

    .¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫Good~Morning Sweet Sue… & Now You’re A “Publisher” 🙂 Twirling With Excitement! Champagne for All! 🙂 I LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS….But AUTUMN has a very Special Place in My Heart….I End Each Summer & Begin The Fall Season Reading Your Autumn Book….Pure Magic…. 🙂 & I Always Do The Jiggity~Jig With a Huge Smile on Me Pumpkin~Face 🙂 I Have Goosebumps! Yesterday I Put Away All My Bunnies & Put Out All My Red White & Blue For These Spring/Summer Months….& Of Course Cleaned & Shined Everything! Yay! I Adore This Blog~Post… You Always Bring Me Joy Sweet Sue & I Thank~You! 🙂 The Photo Of Girl & Jack Is Purrrrrrrrrrfection! Wishing All The Girlfriends A Glorious Weekend! & A Dazzling Weekend for You & Joe & The Kitties! Today ….The Preakness…..& I Am “California~Chrome” Dreaming of The Triple~Crown! 😉 It Could Happen! Giddy~Up! 🙂 xoxo Poof! ✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫

  70. Andi M says:

    Three years of blogging! Congratulations! When I open my emails and find notification of one of your posts, well, I’m so excited and I can’t wait to read it. I can remember when I would go to the mail box and find Willard, same excitement different delivery. Congratulations too, on your publishing company and keeping it close to home. Have a great weekend!

  71. Mim Pepper says:

    Just discovered you, so will probably start collecting your books.
    Wonderful pictures. Still dreary here in Maine. MV looks like spring.

  72. Linda T. from Maine says:

    Hello Susan, So excited to here of your good new. Now, I have a huge request. Long ago you made these books called {Little Books},To name a few…TEA Little Book, Birdies,Summer, Gardens,Spring,Drinks,Flowers,Girls Guide To Success, Girl Powder, Happy Birthday, Hats, Love, Pretty Baby, Halloween, The Best gifts are tied with heartstrings, Little Dinners, and Cocktails. All were mostly $4.95 and dinners was $15.95. and so on. I so want all of these. I missed getting them cause I was just learning back then whom you were and all about your books. I have an add I can send you to show you what I found. Please consider making them again or even put all in one large book so We all can buy this. I’ll buy. I have tryed to get them but on E-bay they pop up once in a blue moon for Prices to the moon and back. I mean 70.00-100.00., for your Little Books. At that price no one buys them cause to high price.Us girl friends love your books. Kick myself that I never got theses ones cause it was too late they were gone before I discovered you as an author. Now your my favorite Author EVER! So just something to think about and hope you do make them. They will sell fast. I’ll send you what I found way back then in hopes you do this. Maybe? Well you gave me this wild idea cause of reprinting the Autumn book. I have that and lots more. Love all your spring pictures . Your flowers are way ahead of us this year. I don;t have lily of the valleys yet. Have not bloomed yet. Soon I hope. Have an awesome week-end.

  73. I can’t tell you how happy your lilac pictures made me! I adore them with a passion and you so rarely see them out here in Northern California. Whenever I do stumble upon them, I can’t tear myself away. I only wish there were a “scratch and sniff” feature on your blog … how ‘ bout it? 🙂

  74. Laura Ann in Vermont says:

    So happy you are having Autumn reprinted in the USA! Can’t tell you how many beautiful books I have put back on the bookstore shelf when I saw that they were printed in China or Singapore. (I had to make an exception for A Fine Romance. After all, I can’t cut off my nose to spite my face!) Does that mean your future books will also be printed here? Autumn is such a wonderful book and I’m so glad that it will be available again for those of us not lucky enough to already own a copy.

  75. Linda T. from Maine says:

    Hello Susan, Just wanted to say you made these cute little note cards also…Joy, Love Notes, and Girlfriends Forever. Cute note cards! Thanks.

  76. Jack says:

    I learned a much more straightforward version of the two loaves verse ….way back when …..
    “if in thy funds , thou art bereft,
    And hath but only two loaves left ;
    Sell one my son , and take thy dole ,
    Buy Hyacinths , to feed thy soul.”
    This is easy to remember and flows (meters) so much better……

  77. Vicki S says:

    Too funny Susan! Autumn is the only book that was missing from my Susan Branch collection (how did THAT happen?) and I finally decided to treat myself to it and bought a used copy off of Amazon. Turns out that I got a beautiful library book, still with that great old cellophane cover on it. You’ll be happy to know that many people checked it out of the Harford County Public Library before it found its way to me. Though I’m nowhere near ready for autumn now, I’m savoring every page of this beautiful book. Thanks for bringing it back into print … I’ll have to splurge on a beribboned edition. Love the new logo!

  78. Ann Jane Koerber says:

    WOW!! Congratulations on your new publishing venture! As a fairly new fan (Girlfriend) of yours, I have started a collection of your books and will certainly want your “published in the USA by Sweet Spring Publishing” Autumn…..can’t wait!

  79. Lynn Cooper says:

    Perhaps you did not realize but Lilly of the Valley is highly poisonous and should not be used on food of any kind. My cat has never tried to eat it, but putting the flowers on baked goods and pastries could be a recipe for disaster.

    • sbranch says:

      It’s really OK, we didn’t eat them, they weren’t wet, and I was careful. Everyone is fine. I did check it out first. And there were no children there . . . It was only on the cake for a few minutes and then it was in a vase. But it’s important that everyone know, so thank you for the timely information.

  80. Lynn Cunningham says:

    Congratulations on publishing Autumn! I had that on my “list” last Christmas, but didn’t get it ~ and now I know why! Santa was waiting until your first publishing! Happy May!

  81. Very excited about your Autumn book!! Can’t wait to have it in my hot little hands!!!

  82. martine levy says:

    Congratulations on your new adventure!I’m so excited that you chose the Autumn book as your first project! It’s my favorite and i know i’ll get at least a couple to give to friends.And most importantlyTHANKS for publishing it in the us.I’m sure it will be a great success. Enjoy your summer, thanks for your beautiful blog,that’s how i start the day, after coming back from my walk,i just have a chat with you, checking all the new things and get inspiration for the day.

  83. Sharon C. says:

    Susan, my copy of the Autumn cookbook is well-used and loved! Some of my favorite recipes are from it–I might need a new one 🙂 ! Thank you for the inspiration–I think it is time I get off the computer and go sparkle my kitchen!

  84. Maureen MacKenzie says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’m so excited for you….you publisher you! Reading your post about autumn on this beautiful spring day on Long Island prompted me to light an autumn scented candle, but I do go out every once in a while and smell the lilacs. Your autumn book is my favorite…just by a little of course. I was going to write that I loved the part about your house, but then I thought of the recipes, the fun stories, etc…I guess I just enjoy the whole book. Happy printing!

  85. Jules says:

    I love ribbons in books! How could anyone say “no” to that? I just tried the aluminum foil cleaning for a silver platter. It worked wonderfully! No amount of my elbow grease would have cleaned it up that well. Thank you, Susan.

  86. Janet Reilly says:

    I am delighted to hear this! I love giving your books as gifts and to think some are coming back is pure joy!
    Hurray for you!

  87. Gloria says:

    Really truly earnestly hope hope hope that you will publish your Tea Cup & Floral Chair spiral bound writing journal from 1999—please.

    Congratulations on your publishing business and especially on the Made in USA!!!

  88. Jennifer S (from CT) says:

    How exciting to become your own publisher!!! (My son-in-law has published some of his own books as well as another author’s so I am familiar with the process)

    I just received my 2nd hand copies of Heart of Home, The Vinyard book and The Summer Book. All three have their dust jackets and are in really good condition. So excited! 😀

    Enjoy the beautiful Spring New England weather!

  89. bobbie calgaro says:

    Susan, I am glad you are becoming a publisher. Your autumn book was the first book, I bought and have missed out on most of your older ones, so this new idea makes me happy. I would love for you to do a book for every season especially a winter one that isn’t Christmas oriented. I love Christmas but that’s just a small part of winter. Plus I would love to own some of your earlier books. Happy happy spring!

  90. MS Barb says:

    This is so exciting! Congratulations on becoming a publisher! This book is absolutely delightful! THANKS for sharing your talents!

  91. Martha B says:

    The Autumn book is one of my favorites!

  92. Dear Susan
    I’d love to see a story about you in Country Living, (where I first “met” you in the early 80’s): “Susan Branch, then” & “Wow ===> Susan Branch, now!”

    Your “blood, sweat & tears” are an inspiration to we women entrepreneurs!

    Applause, applause, with standing ovations!
    To Sue, our new publisher…Congratulations!

    God’s Best Blessings on whatever your brush tips tap!

    OH Happy dancing, just singing in the rain!
    Love, Bunny XO

  93. Hi Susan, by way of introduction, I’m the blogger who sent you a pic of your book on Beatrix Potter’s wall last summer! I thought of you yesterday when I heard that a replica of Beatrix Potter’s garden at Hilltop is appearing at the Chelsea Flower Show in London. You might already know about it but if not the show starts on Monday.
    The replica garden has been created by the World of Beatrix Potter in Bowness-on-Windemere. You’ll find out all about it on their Facebook page below:

    Chelsea Flower Show website

    I’m a member of the Westmorland Red Squirrel Society and look after their facebook page. The society’s aim is to get lots of Squirrels Nutkins (red squirrels) back into the southern Lake District. Hard work but we’re making progress.

    Best wishes from the English Lake District

    • sbranch says:

      Oh I am so happy to meet you and know you’re helping the red squirrels! Thank you for all the wonderful information, I’ve been reading about the planning for the BP garden. I’m so looking forward to seeing something on youtube of the finished garden at the show.

  94. Jill says:

    I’m tempted to get a new copy just to get the ribbon! I love the fact that some of your books have ribbons.

  95. Sue in Maine says:

    Oh your new followers are going to love your Autumn book! I have it and it is my favorite of all your books!

  96. Susan from the Cape Fear Coast of NC says:

    Congratulations on your own publishing company. What a marvelous achievement. Autumn is my favorite book and a wonderful way to start your new company. Every September I pack up the summer decorations, get out the Autumn book and start cooking. (Even though summer lasts through October around here.) Long ago your Touchdown Chili became my go to recipe for Halloween. It is now a tradition with us and is so so good with cornbread.
    I know that all of us out here in blogland send you much love and best wishes in your new venture.

  97. Elizabeth in Montana says:

    I have all of your books except Girlfriends…they’re stacked on an old school desk in my dining room, and I use them frequently. So excited about the new publishing company! I would write more, but Dandy my Maine Coon just landed in my lap, and there’s not room for him and the computer too…

  98. Donna Babbitt, Brea, Ca. says:

    Do you have a blood sister named Marti………………seems I read that somewhere? In a looks like new, Girlfriends book I recently got there was a cute sticky note to you from a girlfriend who said she loved being your neighbor, friend and sister. I LOVE books with “things” in them…………………………I got a Gladys Tabor book with her obituary taped in………………………..just thrills me……. not the obit. of course but the connection with someone who is probably gone ahead of me to Heaven. I think I have all your books and all of Glady’s and a tidy spot waiting in my fav books bookshelf in my room just waiting for the new one.
    GRUMBLE: this is a completely non serious grumble ok? Do you have any idea how hard I searched and how much I had to pay for your Fall book??? Actually I love nothing better than a quest.
    COMPLIMENT: In the girlfriends book on the page titled Girl Talk I think, you summarized raw pain in one paragraph……………………… that is a true writing gift. One can feel it in just that one paragraph, I had to stop and breathe deeply the first time I read it……………………………….thank goodness I knew how the story progressed.
    Does everyone appreciate the ribbons like I do!!! They make the book even more special, I love them!!! So now you are the boss and can spread ribbons far and wide, yipppeeeee!!!
    Thanks for the fun and ribbons, D.

  99. So happy to hear you are going to reprint the Autumn Book!! I only have two of your books and I would love to have them all. Here’s hoping you also reprint your house flag collection. And I would just love the cute lamb, from your new book, with the British Flag wrapped around his/her neck as a house flag too!! hint! hint! hint!

  100. Joan Lesmeister says:

    An exciting blog my dear! 1st though, Happy Belated Birthday Dear Lowely! Wishin’ we have scratch n’sniff blogs, that roll must have a heavenly aroma! Will have to make it soon! GFs are going to love “Autumn” & I think I’ll have to order a new one for the ribbon & your beautiful signature!! And, if they make the “Autumn Spiced Cider” & take it to a soccer game on a cold day, they’ll have a whole lot of BFFs – kiddos & parents! And, the “Cranberry Apple Crisp” is a wonderful dessert, breakfast, snack! So many super recipes, and beautiful pages – congratulations on being your own publishers. Hugs to you and Joe! ♥ Joanie

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