How do you feel about a trip to Nantucket?  You’ll have to leave him . . . can you do it? Perhaps a little MUSICA will help.


I tell you it is not easy . . .

Girl Kitty wave Bye Bye

How about Girl Kitty?  It’s hard saying goodbye, but they have darling people, Jessica and Bob, staying with them, so it will be OK.  They have been trained in the fine art of rubber-band shooting.

island hopping

So here we go.  Dropped off by Joe’s sister in Oak Bluffs, that’s our boat straight ahead, coming to get us.



We’re going island hopping . . . My kind of travel, no car and this is the view out the window from our table on the fast ferry as we’re leaving the harbor.

island hopping

from the beach

Passing all the summer frolickers . . . not the clearest of pictures because the windows on the boat were a wee bit salty!


One hour and ten minutes of smooth ocean travel wearing lovely sea bands just in case, and voila, we pull into downtown Nantucket where we are met by our dear friend and whisked away to his August hideaway . . .


. . . he rented this most glorious house and invited us to come over for a visit and thank goodness we did not foolishly come up with some sort of thing like Oh no, we can’t go, we have to work!  (For a change.)  You know how “house crazy” I am . . . well Nantucket is the place to indulge. Cutest places here, I just stared out the window as we were driving along, and then . . . this!  Can you imagine a more comfortable place to sit, talk, hangout?  No, me either. Get ready, there’s more . . .


Go out that door in the previous photo, you have your choice of THREE of these lovely seating areas on different parts of the deck. You can knit, you can read, you can write letters, you can nap, you can drink wine, you can stare blindly at the ocean.


island hoping

With the quietest most lovely view, and the ocean breeze bobbing the lanterns around.


And rather a nice front row seat for the sunset . . .


The view, along with the light wind, makes all the little hairs on your arms stand right up; you pull your shawl a little closer.  Now watch what these lanterns do . . .

island hopping

Ahhhhh!!!!  They’re solar powered; they come on all by themselves.  Aren’t they wonderful?

Nantucket view

I’ve never seen them before but they were very close to magic as far as I’m concerned.  I got right on it . . . if you want these,  here’s where you go to get them . . .

our room And soon, it was bedtime, we had a room with a view . . . and slept with the ocean outside our windows.

dining room

Thought you would like to see the dining room where we had our tea this morning.  Is this not a little bit of heaven? These wooden walls smell sooooo good! (I love traveling with you, we like so many of the same things!)

pictures like this

This house is old and has been in the same family for generations . . . the rooms are filled with photos like these. They are so lucky someone held on to these precious memories.


But this is my favorite, a shelf-desk just like the one Louisa May Alcott had in her bedroom. And the house is filled with books.


It’s kind of like a rambling old camp . . . seven or eight bedrooms in different wings, and there’s one wall where family members have been measuring themselves with dated pencil marks and initials since 1910.


This morning we went for walk in Sconset, which is on the other side of the island from where we came in on the boat, and very peaceful and quiet, especially during the week.  Especially at 7 am.

Back in the whaling days, the whale blubber (and other whale parts) smelled so bad, that the families built themselves “summer houses” on the other side of the island to escape it. Hence we have the darling town of Siasconset or “Sconset.”


Worth the getting-up and getting-out for . . . the day is fresh and the window boxes are fluffed on all the darling old houses…


It reminds me of England . . .a chip off the olde blocke.


On one side of the street is that long walk along the ocean, and on the other side are houses facing the water. Here are a few we saw along the way.


From the name over the door, we are led to believe these people aren’t home much, but if this was mine I would change the name to Seldom Out.  It might not make as much sense, but it would definitely be closer to the truth.


Look how they continued the hedge in the back (left side of house) off the roof line and across the back.  Is that brilliant or what?  Then they took all the square lines and rounded them out with the smiling fence.

island hopping

You want to stop for tea in every one of them.  Knock-knock, can I please come in?  Just a quick cup of tea, a nap with your kitty and I’ll be on my way.


It’s all fences and hydrangeas.


Fences, roses and porches . . . and charm . . . (Musica? Same song, same place . . . One more time.  Happy Summer my dear friends!)


And more porches, the kind you dream about . . . and roses grow on trellises on roofs!


Porches with stripes and pillows and wicker and rocking chairs . . . and starfish in the windows.


bikes and porches

more hydrangea and bikes with baskets . . . love-love-love it.


And lots of driveways made from crushed clam and oyster shells . . .



Too early for a swim in the pool . . . but I’d say it looks like the perfect place for lunch. 


This used to be the town water pump a long, long time ago . . . see the plaque on the rock, below right?


Here it is up close:  “The well was dug in 1776.”  Out here on this bitty island, less than half the size of Martha’s Vineyard, even then, teeming with life and determination.


And adorable houses like this one right across the street from the well.


A couple of blocks over, this is the only business on this part of the island. They have fancy groceries.


And the basics . . .


You can see why it might be popular.

Island hopping

When we got back to where we’re staying . . . I walked right out the door to take us down the little path to the sea . . .


I knew you would want to see this lovely little beach . . . I wish I could send this breeze to you via Internet Express.


This is the view when you look to the right . . .

IMG_6136 And here it is when you look to the left.  You have it all to yourself.

The house

And this is the house as you walk back up to it from the water .  .  .  I have other pictures of the bedrooms ~ in case you’d like to see more.  We’ll be here for a couple of days.  I’ll take my camera everywhere!


But, in the meantime, I also wanted to update you on AUTUMN.  I’ve been getting letters asking for an update, so here you go.  Just before we left I got a sample of the finished product! I am thrilled with the way it looks.  There’s our long awaited ribbon, securely fastened in our new book.  Finally!  I love how it looks. What do you think of the color?  It’s like wine, brownish wine, fallish leafy color of New England.



This is such perfect timing, I am so ready for fall, I can’t help it, it’s my favorite season and we’re so on the verge right now — singing crickets and little cool breezes in the woods. The printer is saying he’s trying to have the rest of the books to us in two weeks. We are keeping our fingers crossed.  For sure, the second it comes in, out it will go, signed, to you and yours.


new logo

Autumn is the very first book from Spring Street Publishing so you’ll see this, our new logo, inside the book for the first time.  We are very excited in more ways than one.


Because being “in charge” means that our little bookie-book gets a new logo, a ribbon, a sticker and a new start on life for anyone who may have missed it ten years ago. And that makes me happy.

leaves  And, let’s see, I had something else I wanted to show you . . 


Ah yes, this darling Pig pitcher.  He looks especially cute right now in my pantry, and he matches my elephant creamer! (The elephant is vintage, you have to find him in antique stores ~ once in a while, when I’m out and about, if I find an extra, we put him in our vintage store, so keep an eye out there if you’re interested).



Anyway, we found this beautiful little pig brand new and actually got a few of them in stock in case anyone else needs a perfect creamer for a large tea party, or for the myriad of other uses for which pitchers are famous.



He looks like he’s singing!



I think he’s adorable . . . I just got him a couple of days before we left, so far he has put milk on our cereal and that’s all we’ve had time for.  But, he made Joe smile (indulgently).

pink border


There’s a little spoon/teabag holder that matches, and I think there are a couple other piggy things in our store.  I really needed the spoon holder!


And soon, coming to a neighborhood near you, Janie has made us a wonderful new fall banner!

fall leaves

 And now, back to our regularly scheduled programing!  Nap on porch anyone? XOXO 

sb border


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355 Responses to ISLAND HOPPING; Martha’s Vineyard to NANTUCKET!

  1. Linda Petersen says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tour!~~~Love the window boxes & the colors of the flowers. What a charming place to spend a relaxing respite.
    I have the original “Autumn” book but also looking forward to the new tenth edition. Love piggy pitcher & tea bag / spoon holder. Need to go shopping!!
    Fall is coming & I can’t wait either. Brings me back to life 🙂 . Take care~~~


  2. Jack says:

    Yes….destruction galore down around Black Canyon City — I -17 closed down to one lane for about ten miles ….over 6 inches of rain in two hours— big tankers , RVs and mobile homes floating away ….helicopter rescues of people stuck in rushing flood water — we were just on the edge but we had a rushing river out front ….still a lot of debris to clean up ….we only got a roof leak out on the deck and lost our phone service …in fact it’s still out …..You know those monsoons
    Can be severe here . . .

    • sbranch says:

      Wow. I’ve been trying to call you for several days ~ no wonder I can’t get through. I emailed you too, but I don’t think you saw it. Do you know when you’ll have phone again? XOXO

      • Jack says:

        They are coming out here to work on it sometime this afternoon …I’ll
        Call you when I can…..

        • sbranch says:

          OK, good, thank you, Miss YOU! xoxo

          • Mary in Phoenix says:

            Your dad is right about those monsoons. We got a year’s worth of rain in an hour! The wash behind our house began rising and then roaring! Scary stuff. If you’re ever driving in AZ heed the signs that say “Do not cross when flooded”. Cars can be swept away in an instant. And then they hold the drivers responsible for the rescue cost with the “Stupid Motorist Act”. No joke. The rain was kind of nice too 🙂 Glad your dad is safe and dry ♥

          • sbranch says:

            You needed it, but it sure comes in hard!

  3. Keri Brown says:

    I’ve felt so stuck at home this summer (vacation budget having been blown on our one-and-only trip to Disney World last winter), seeing all of my friends’ and family members’ pictures on Facebook and Instagram. You’re the only one who has made me feel like I’ve kinda, sorta, been taken along for the ride! Thank you for that. 🙂 (First time commenting, I’m ashamed to say, but I’ve enjoyed your blog for a couple of years now.)

  4. Mary Lou says:

    What a pleasure it was to take another little trip with you….such lovely pictures. Writing a beautiful and inspiring blog is so difficult and you make it seem so easy. Thanks for taking us to so many beautiful places. You always make me feel like I’m walking right next to you saying “look at that!”

  5. Judy Harvey says:

    Oh, my! Thank you so much for taking us along with you. It looks like a little piece of heaven!

  6. Karen Saunders says:

    Oh my…me thinks me wants to go to Nantucket!…..

  7. Carla Ludwig says:

    Oh my, Nantucket looks like Heaven! It is definitely on my bucket list. So glad you shared your little getaway with us, and so glad you took advantage of the chance for a mini vacation. I am getting ready to go to NYC for the first time with my two Daughters, leaving tomorrow morning. I went back and read your past NYC posts to get ideas from you and the girlfriends and what to see and where to eat….thank you, so excited! Enjoy the rest of your getaway!

  8. Judy Jennings says:

    This is the most beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing Nantucket. My whole life, 67 years, I have been “pulled” to that area; it’s like an ache inside similar to homesickness, but i’ve never been able to go there. I recently discovered that my ancestors were there in the 1600/1700s. Can I be pulled through the centuries by genes or DNA? It has to be. I want the furniture, the corner china cupboard, the Windsor chairs, the long dining table, the four poster beds, the wide plank flooring. I want to step into a time machine and go back……it’s an ache that haunts my daily living, and seeing your photos makes me happy. Thank you, Susan.

    • sbranch says:

      I do think that happened to me too . . . and when I was in the Yorkshire Dales, I felt it again, and still feel it!

      • Julia says:

        The same thing happened to me. When I was in England
        I felt so “at home.” I must get back as often as I can.
        I’ll be 67 in Oct. Maybe it’s our age since we are all the
        same age !

  9. Troy Louise says:

    Oh does that look like a heavenly place to spend some time. I love the lanterns. What fun to see your sweet elephant pitcher again. You know I have one of my own. It was my mother’s and I adore it. Can’t wait for your autumn book as it is definitely my favorite time of year. Thanks for sharing your fabulous life.

  10. Hello,
    Thank you for this lovely tour. I love the house you are staying at. That is so fun that the family members left the wall of the measuring. 🙂 I like that.
    Your photos are wonderful.
    My mom loves pigs, I just might have to get her that pitcher
    for Christmas.
    Thank you for everything.
    Love, Carla

  11. I loved your “Seldom Out” joke, I actually laughed out loud at that one! 🙂 Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing. I haven’t been to this area of the country (yet!) so it’s so nice to travel along!

  12. Oh, this is so fabulous! I wish I could twinkle my nose and wish myself there and island hopping, too! And, considering I’m on the California Coast and can hardly complain about life here…. However, my family was from Massachusetts near the ocean, and I love the East Coast. If only it wasn’t for that season, ‘Winter’. And those storms with lots of lightening and thunder and big winds. However, when the weather is fine, I can’t imagine any better place to be! Thank you for the vicarious vacation! I’ll be visiting again often! And congratulations on your new ‘Autumn’. I’ll get into the season around mid-October. Just love Summer!

  13. Vicki in Cincy says:

    Hi Susan! I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to write. Love the pictures! Beautiful…take care…xoxo

  14. Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

    And then there’s that well. 1776. In the turmoil of the war for our freedom, someone dug a well. Everyday happenings in the midst of the Big Events. That’s what makes history so fascinating.

  15. Jackie P says:

    Oh the trip to Nantucket was devine! Love it all. We all do like the same things. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the trip. (It does make it a bit easier to leave the critters behind when this is the destination.) ☺

  16. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Thank-you Susan for this fabulous tour of Nantucket! It has been on my bucket list to visit for decades. I love all the history, like the water pump from 1776. I am imagining colonial women filling up buckets every morning and chatting about life. And those flowers in the window boxes! The salty air seems to be solution to a robust flowering season out there on the island. Beautiful!!

    Your new edition of Autumn looks splendid with the new ribbon too. Love that fall wine color you chose! I am glad you have brought it back into print because for those of us who are totally obsessed about Fall, your book is a must have. Some of my favorite pages are the ones about Halloween!!! You were the first well known person I ever found who absolutely loved Halloween as much as I do. Right then, I knew we were “kindred spirits” even though our paths might never cross. Finding this blog, however, has been the next best thing! Remember digging into the box of dress up clothes every year and putting together a costume for trick or treating? Somehow there was always a combo that worked for everyone. Then it was out the door into that magic only on Halloween with carved pumpkin faces on every porch front! Come Fall, COME!

  17. Beverly Brewer says:

    Remember the “Calgon—take me away” commercials? Thank you for taking us away to picturesque and serene Nantucket! Happy belated birthday wishes to Joe from the English Rose Tea Room, too!

  18. Becky from the mts of West Virginia. says:

    I have just one word for your post today. ” Glorious”. Thank you.

  19. pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

    another warm day here, but its not as hot as it has been, feels like Fall may be just around the corner. the mornings are definitely cooler here, and the shadows are longer now. the nights get darker earlier, so we have to get the ducks, chickens, geese and turkeys in earlier and earlier now. the young turkeys are growing like weeds, you should see those big feet.. LOL!! the young male ( Thomas) is already strutting his stuff and puffing out like a big male turkey, but he hasn’t gobbled yet, I am still waiting to hear that gobble from him. the ducks are enjoying their big new swimming pool, and the chickens are enjoying the cooler days now. hope we keep these cooler temps through the Labor day weekend, I refuse to sit out under the hot sun in triple digit heat and watch the tuff truck competition.. sorry but I like my comfort. the squirrels are showing signs that their winter fur is coming in, could mean a cool Fall and a cold winter, hope its wet and snowy as well, we could use it here. soon it will be time for the wild geese to fly over, honking on their way south. the crickets are still singing, but are joined by the Katydids. soon the crickets will be gone and it will be just the Katydids. almost time to hang up the hoses and sprinklers for the season, and put away the lawnmower for another summer. time to get out the quilts and air them out good and beat the dust out of them and consider decorating for the Fall. I love the Fall , my favorite time of the year. I love all the wonderful colors and scents of the season, like sage and onions cooking with a turkey or chicken for supper, soup simmering and bubbling away for a nice hearty dinner. time for sweaters and warm shirts and time to put shoes back. its almost Fall, soon it will be here and its so lovely. hugs….. 🙂

    • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

      still here and if today is a taste of the Fall to come, I’m ready for it. its a nice sunny day, definitely the sun is at a different angle now, the shadows are longer and the nights a lot cooler now. I am glancing at a catalog for Fall, new Fall sweaters, jackets and shirts, all of which I need and am drooling over. also looking at Fall decorations and seeing if there are any I would want or use. I’m enjoying these last days of summer and I am hoping for a cooler and wet Fall and cold and wet winter, snowy as well, it would be nice and a relief here. time to run the dust mop around and get the last of the cobwebs out of the corners, and time to go look for a nice big copper tea kettle as I have worn my other tea kettle out. maybe I can recycle it and use it to hold a plant in on the porch. hurry up Autumn, I can’t wait much longer. enjoying these last barefoot/sandal days before putting shoes back on, and enjoying watching the tractors and lawn mowers go by for that last gulp of fuel for the summer, the turkeys are busy munching on some apples, I swapped eggs for a sack of apples and the bruised ones I gave to the barnyard brats ( chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese) they love that treat along with salad fixings and leftover salad, and what ever other good ies I have like leftover pasta and noodles, they love that. soon it will time for soup simmering on the stove and bread baking in the oven, and turkey or chicken roasting in the oven with sage and onions, love that scent. and its almost walnut season, time to go walnut picking and get some for holiday baking and it is apple season already and I love going to the orchards and apple farms to pick those big juicy and gorgeous apples. but I really love walnut season, when I was about 10-11 years old went around our neighborhood and picked walnuts from the trees, I was a good kid and asked first if it was okay. then I dried the husks and cleaned them off of the shells and scrubbed the walnuts clean of dirt and anything left by the husks. then I bagged them and sold walnuts around the neighborhood for holiday baking, sold them for $1.00 a bag, in the shell or shelled. that’s how I made most of my Christmas money for presents for my family. I had lots of good customers and plenty of walnuts to sell every Fall. it was a good time. I miss that now, I miss walnut season. well off to go look for my copper kettle, hope I find one. you all have a great day and a great weekend. hugs…. 🙂

  20. Thank-you, Susan, for the seaside vacation in your neighbourhood. It’s a long way from the coast I live near but visiting your coast is definitely on my list of musts. It is soooo pretty!

  21. Heidi says:

    I always have the urge to hit the like button (like on Facebook) for all your pictures,etc. I currently am sitting on a friends Victorian beach house porch in the lively old Victorian beach town of Cape May, N.J. Quite certain you would love it here as well. Thanks for sharing Nantucket with us!!!

  22. Laura Lee says:

    Oh Susan! I so enjoyed your photo tour of Nantucket! Thank you! I have been experiencing vertigo for several months, and haven’t traveled or been to the beach this summer. Thus…I am temporarily living vicariously through you! Growing up summering in Chatham, Mass…I have always had a desire to visit the Vineyard and Nantucket. One day when the spinning has stopped…I will be there! Enjoy your stay! xo (happy belated to Joe!!! august 14th is the best!)

    • sbranch says:

      I am sure you have tried everything for the vertigo, but here is one more: lay on your bed on your back with your head hanging over the side. Turn your head to the right, and then, as quick as you can, turn it to the left. This worked like magic for me. There are these little ball bearings in your ear that get stuck, and supposedly, doing this, dislodges them (ignore my medical jargon, I think you know what I mean). Try it and see if it helps, at least its something you can do yourself.

  23. Gina P. from NY says:

    Dearest Susan:

    Gee, I was wondering what had happened… I never got an email about this blog you just posted on August 18th! And what a lovely blog I almost missed! I thought, why haven’t I heard from my girlfriend Susan lately? So I thought I better check Susan’s website! I was so happy to find this wonderful entry about Nantucket, one of my favorite places, and a place I have not been to in a long time! But I see that nothing has changed – it is still the beautiful, lovely, quaint little island it always was! What a beautiful house to be staying in! Yes, I would love to see more pictures of the house – the bedrooms, everything! So exciting about the new edition of your “Autumn” book! I have the original and really love it – it is always on my table in the living room come October. Fall is my favorite time of the year also, and it’s almost here! The pumpkins, the changing of the leaves, the sound of the heat coming through the radiators, the cozy blankets, fires in the fireplace, Halloween, and looking forward to the holidays that bring our families together each year.

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Nantucket! Keep sending those lovely pictures our way!

  24. Pam G says:

    thank you Susan for the visit to Nantucket! It is lovely. Nantucket and M. Vineyard are both on my “bucket” list, not sure I will ever make either one in the flesh so your trip was wonderful. I could almost picture myself on the porch gazing out to sea and the smell off the air.

  25. Joan says:

    Looks like a “bit o’ heaven on earth”. 🙂

  26. Chris Wells In Knickerbocker, W TX says:

    I just got around to clinking on the link for those cute solar powered lanterns. And they are SOLD OUT! My first thought, “Must be the buying power of The Girlfriends!”

    • sbranch says:

      I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment! But they need to get them back in, because I forgot to go there!

  27. Renee lynn says:

    Just beautiful!! So relaxing…..Oh YES, more pictures please!!!!

  28. Lori from MN says:

    Hi Susan-

    It’s been a busy week so I am just now getting around to viewing your latest blog entry. I can not say anything more than~ SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the inspiration to get my day started off right!

  29. Marianne says:

    This is a beautiful blogpost about a sweet retreat. Delightful. So happy you decided to reprint Autumn under your own printing company – so fun. I have the original, and I’m happy to get this 10th anniversary edition for myself to sit along beside that one, and have lovely Christmas gifts for friends and family, too. Happy day to you, and hope your Dad’s doing ok.

  30. Mary Lou Cummings says:

    Just received my Yankee Magazine in the mail today and was so happy to see your book Autumn showcased in one of the eye-catching gift guide ad spreads! Can’ to wait for my copy.

  31. WA Judy says:

    Feel like I’m on vaca when I read your blogs…so wonderful. Speaking of wonderful…have you read “Minding the Manor” by Mollie Moran (2014 – The Memoir of a l930’s English Kitchen Maid)? I loved it! I don’t watch Downton Abbey but must start now that I’ve read this book.

  32. cecelia says:

    Great tour!
    Love the piggies

  33. Barbara Mentzer says:

    I remember reciting that poem “Great wide beautiful, wonderful world with the wonderful water around you curled.” in elementary school. I’m 64.

  34. I’m trying to imagine you, stopping at a stranger’s house, really asking to take a nap with their kitty!! haha — what would the kitty think? That was a lovely visit to a family home. Mid August is just the right time for a leisurely beach visit. I’m also desperately ready for AUTUMN — my favorite! Your book looks gorgeous. Those red/brown leaves make my heart flutter.

  35. Siobhan from Santa Monica, CA says:

    Hi Susan,

    Hi Susan!

    I’ve just gulped and gulped and gulped up your summer blogs…I have been way too busy, and lonely for girl-endorsement. I feel so much better now! Are you hinting that you might be going to Ireland next vacay??? I do hope so. You are leading a charmed life, and it is lovely to look at. Nutritious, even, for the girlfriends. Loved every single post. Heading over to the store now. Must get Autumn!

    smoochies, your friend, Siobhan

  36. Patricia Ruehle says:

    You brought me back to one of my most favorite places. We enjoyed numerous girlfriend trips to beautiful Nantucket years ago. It has not changed and that is such a very good thing. The flowers, the cobblestone streets, the beaches, lighthouses and the fresh vegetables! Thanks for filling my heart to the brim.

  37. carol shapiro says:

    just beautiful, Susan…great pix of Nantucket. Hope your visit was just as wonderful as your pix!

  38. I loved island hopping with you, Susan! I must confess that it made me homesick for the New England coast where much of my family lives. I can’t stay away from my two adorable granddaughters for too long, so I may be winging back there soon. Happy Autumn to you, Joe and the Kitties!

  39. Taffy says:

    thank you for the etrip to Nantucket. this summer I discovered the nantucket books by Elin Hilderbrand. it was great to be able to know the land she paints in her stories. have been a longtime friend of your books, susan. when we downsized I could not part with yours.

  40. Maria Penner says:

    Dearest Susan….I have been an admirer of yours for years…ever since moving to San Luis Obispo in 1985…stayed until I retired,single for 18 years and then married a dear wonderful man and we moved to Pacific Grove to retire!! We love it here but I often go to SLO to visit my girlfriends…there are twelve of us and we go away every June for three or four days of singing, dancing, eating and catching up..This past June was our 20th year of this JOY!!!!
    Our family takes trips each summer and we are thinking about Nantucket!! It’s always like a family reunion so we need a house with at least 6 bedrooms!!! If you have any suggestions that would be wonderful!
    Meanwhile, I found a magazine while in SLO at Picking Daisies and read that you will be at Happy go Smile in Cayucos on November 8th…I am suggesting we take a carload down there and make a day of it exploring but most of all MEETING YOU!!!! They all borrowed my book, A Fine Romance and loved it too!
    Looking forward to meeting you and saying that you make a difference in so many lives with your inner beauty and the beauty you find in nature. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hugs, Maria

    • sbranch says:

      Hope to you there Maria! I’ll also be spending time with my high school girlfriends, all meeting there too! That neighborhood is a Girlfriend’s Paradise. So much to do. Just Google Nantucket rentals . . . there are tons of large houses there you can rent.

  41. Ramona Horta says:

    Susan – I am just getting to this particular blog right now…but crazily working my way through…It is always amazing to me how similar we all feel to you because all those pictures you are taking are the same I would take if I were there at that beautiful island of Nantucket and everything you take pictures of, that is exactly what I would take pictures of!!! So beautiful and once again I feel I get to escape from my world here in Central California…with the “dustbowl” drought of 2014. Anyway, I love, love, love all your blogs of course and am grateful for your gift of sharing to all of us! Thank you..well my break is almost over before I go home for the evening. p.s. I do so enjoy my original Autumn book without a ribbon, but maybe I will create my own…or a special “fall” bookmark 🙂 Thank you for always inspiring creativity, when I always think that I have none. Ramona Horta-Riedeman – Atwater, CA 🙂

  42. The piggy reminds me of the movie Charolette web.. he looks like Wilbur.. so sweet.. Im so enjoying running through your blog..It has brightened up my dull Saturday Morning.. with love Janice

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