How do you feel about a trip to Nantucket?  You’ll have to leave him . . . can you do it? Perhaps a little MUSICA will help.


I tell you it is not easy . . .

Girl Kitty wave Bye Bye

How about Girl Kitty?  It’s hard saying goodbye, but they have darling people, Jessica and Bob, staying with them, so it will be OK.  They have been trained in the fine art of rubber-band shooting.

island hopping

So here we go.  Dropped off by Joe’s sister in Oak Bluffs, that’s our boat straight ahead, coming to get us.



We’re going island hopping . . . My kind of travel, no car and this is the view out the window from our table on the fast ferry as we’re leaving the harbor.

island hopping

from the beach

Passing all the summer frolickers . . . not the clearest of pictures because the windows on the boat were a wee bit salty!


One hour and ten minutes of smooth ocean travel wearing lovely sea bands just in case, and voila, we pull into downtown Nantucket where we are met by our dear friend and whisked away to his August hideaway . . .


. . . he rented this most glorious house and invited us to come over for a visit and thank goodness we did not foolishly come up with some sort of thing like Oh no, we can’t go, we have to work!  (For a change.)  You know how “house crazy” I am . . . well Nantucket is the place to indulge. Cutest places here, I just stared out the window as we were driving along, and then . . . this!  Can you imagine a more comfortable place to sit, talk, hangout?  No, me either. Get ready, there’s more . . .


Go out that door in the previous photo, you have your choice of THREE of these lovely seating areas on different parts of the deck. You can knit, you can read, you can write letters, you can nap, you can drink wine, you can stare blindly at the ocean.


island hoping

With the quietest most lovely view, and the ocean breeze bobbing the lanterns around.


And rather a nice front row seat for the sunset . . .


The view, along with the light wind, makes all the little hairs on your arms stand right up; you pull your shawl a little closer.  Now watch what these lanterns do . . .

island hopping

Ahhhhh!!!!  They’re solar powered; they come on all by themselves.  Aren’t they wonderful?

Nantucket view

I’ve never seen them before but they were very close to magic as far as I’m concerned.  I got right on it . . . if you want these,  here’s where you go to get them . . .

our room And soon, it was bedtime, we had a room with a view . . . and slept with the ocean outside our windows.

dining room

Thought you would like to see the dining room where we had our tea this morning.  Is this not a little bit of heaven? These wooden walls smell sooooo good! (I love traveling with you, we like so many of the same things!)

pictures like this

This house is old and has been in the same family for generations . . . the rooms are filled with photos like these. They are so lucky someone held on to these precious memories.


But this is my favorite, a shelf-desk just like the one Louisa May Alcott had in her bedroom. And the house is filled with books.


It’s kind of like a rambling old camp . . . seven or eight bedrooms in different wings, and there’s one wall where family members have been measuring themselves with dated pencil marks and initials since 1910.


This morning we went for walk in Sconset, which is on the other side of the island from where we came in on the boat, and very peaceful and quiet, especially during the week.  Especially at 7 am.

Back in the whaling days, the whale blubber (and other whale parts) smelled so bad, that the families built themselves “summer houses” on the other side of the island to escape it. Hence we have the darling town of Siasconset or “Sconset.”


Worth the getting-up and getting-out for . . . the day is fresh and the window boxes are fluffed on all the darling old houses…


It reminds me of England . . .a chip off the olde blocke.


On one side of the street is that long walk along the ocean, and on the other side are houses facing the water. Here are a few we saw along the way.


From the name over the door, we are led to believe these people aren’t home much, but if this was mine I would change the name to Seldom Out.  It might not make as much sense, but it would definitely be closer to the truth.


Look how they continued the hedge in the back (left side of house) off the roof line and across the back.  Is that brilliant or what?  Then they took all the square lines and rounded them out with the smiling fence.

island hopping

You want to stop for tea in every one of them.  Knock-knock, can I please come in?  Just a quick cup of tea, a nap with your kitty and I’ll be on my way.


It’s all fences and hydrangeas.


Fences, roses and porches . . . and charm . . . (Musica? Same song, same place . . . One more time.  Happy Summer my dear friends!)


And more porches, the kind you dream about . . . and roses grow on trellises on roofs!


Porches with stripes and pillows and wicker and rocking chairs . . . and starfish in the windows.


bikes and porches

more hydrangea and bikes with baskets . . . love-love-love it.


And lots of driveways made from crushed clam and oyster shells . . .



Too early for a swim in the pool . . . but I’d say it looks like the perfect place for lunch. 


This used to be the town water pump a long, long time ago . . . see the plaque on the rock, below right?


Here it is up close:  “The well was dug in 1776.”  Out here on this bitty island, less than half the size of Martha’s Vineyard, even then, teeming with life and determination.


And adorable houses like this one right across the street from the well.


A couple of blocks over, this is the only business on this part of the island. They have fancy groceries.


And the basics . . .


You can see why it might be popular.

Island hopping

When we got back to where we’re staying . . . I walked right out the door to take us down the little path to the sea . . .


I knew you would want to see this lovely little beach . . . I wish I could send this breeze to you via Internet Express.


This is the view when you look to the right . . .

IMG_6136 And here it is when you look to the left.  You have it all to yourself.

The house

And this is the house as you walk back up to it from the water .  .  .  I have other pictures of the bedrooms ~ in case you’d like to see more.  We’ll be here for a couple of days.  I’ll take my camera everywhere!


But, in the meantime, I also wanted to update you on AUTUMN.  I’ve been getting letters asking for an update, so here you go.  Just before we left I got a sample of the finished product! I am thrilled with the way it looks.  There’s our long awaited ribbon, securely fastened in our new book.  Finally!  I love how it looks. What do you think of the color?  It’s like wine, brownish wine, fallish leafy color of New England.



This is such perfect timing, I am so ready for fall, I can’t help it, it’s my favorite season and we’re so on the verge right now — singing crickets and little cool breezes in the woods. The printer is saying he’s trying to have the rest of the books to us in two weeks. We are keeping our fingers crossed.  For sure, the second it comes in, out it will go, signed, to you and yours.


new logo

Autumn is the very first book from Spring Street Publishing so you’ll see this, our new logo, inside the book for the first time.  We are very excited in more ways than one.


Because being “in charge” means that our little bookie-book gets a new logo, a ribbon, a sticker and a new start on life for anyone who may have missed it ten years ago. And that makes me happy.

leaves  And, let’s see, I had something else I wanted to show you . . 


Ah yes, this darling Pig pitcher.  He looks especially cute right now in my pantry, and he matches my elephant creamer! (The elephant is vintage, you have to find him in antique stores ~ once in a while, when I’m out and about, if I find an extra, we put him in our vintage store, so keep an eye out there if you’re interested).



Anyway, we found this beautiful little pig brand new and actually got a few of them in stock in case anyone else needs a perfect creamer for a large tea party, or for the myriad of other uses for which pitchers are famous.



He looks like he’s singing!



I think he’s adorable . . . I just got him a couple of days before we left, so far he has put milk on our cereal and that’s all we’ve had time for.  But, he made Joe smile (indulgently).

pink border


There’s a little spoon/teabag holder that matches, and I think there are a couple other piggy things in our store.  I really needed the spoon holder!


And soon, coming to a neighborhood near you, Janie has made us a wonderful new fall banner!

fall leaves

 And now, back to our regularly scheduled programing!  Nap on porch anyone? XOXO 

sb border


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355 Responses to ISLAND HOPPING; Martha’s Vineyard to NANTUCKET!

  1. LINDA JUNE says:

    Goodness–I missed you! Seems like eons ago that you wrote Que Sera Sera, even though it was only a week ago. What a wonderful house in Sconset–I was there years ago–love Nantucket! Thanks for your blog–really love reading it.

  2. Debbie R from Valencia, CA says:

    Dear Sue, thanks for taking us along. What a beautiful place and home. Enjoy your mini vacation you and Joe. You deserve it.

  3. Looking for LAURA ANNE who wanted to buy a very special painting... says:

    Laura Anne, please email me at as I have a very specific painting you wanted to buy. Only Laura Anne, please.

    Thank you for your time.

  4. Monique says:

    I went 15 years ago..for our 25th..
    Fell in love..I think I took a pic of Seldom Out:-)
    I could be many were named..had roses growing up the rooftops..
    I think a restore voted the most romantic ever was there also..
    Love where you are staying..who would not.
    Like a movie home..
    Diane Keaton would star:-)
    The new edition looks ribbon bookmarks in books.

  5. Melody says:

    How wonderful.. a little trip to Nantucket! It looks like you are staying in a beautiful house! Lucky girl! So glad you are keeping us up to date so we can enjoy it with you!! Have fun!

  6. Jill says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful place 🙂 Oh, to fall into the picture…

    • Roseann Copeland says:

      Oh I agree. I wish I could jump into each photo and walk along with you. I think there might be a trip planned in my future! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Marilyn says:

    I have just one solar lantern like the ones at your fabulous holiday house. It hangs outside my office window in the garden and I call it my own personal moon.

  8. Gini says:

    Susan! This No. California girl loves the East Coast tours! Yours are so intimate, so genial. But, as another true home lover, I love that you would be “Seldom Out” ’cause that’s how I feel about home too! Enjoy your travels!


  9. Sandra says:

    What gorgeous and friendly homes. Yes some of them remind me of England where I grew up! I love autumn too and find summer often too hot, though I do love the longer days. The new book looks wonderful. I love the oak leaves and acorns design!

  10. Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket have been my dream destinations for oh-so-long, Susan! The colorful window boxes, hydrangeas spilling over white picket fences, and the lovely seaside homes are calling me to come visit one day soon! Enjoy every moment of your stay. Relax ~ dream~ soak it all in. We are looking forward to your next letter, with more lovely photos of life on Nantucket.
    Sunny hugs!

  11. sondra fox says:

    Imagine, roses on trellis’s climbing over roof tops! Too good to be true, although I know you never lie to us. All those lovely little nooks, in homes, outside on yards, on porches, everywhere, just everywhere you care to sit & let the world spin on by. Amazing watching the sunset from your porch. What a marvelous post. Love all those old, old homes. No wonder the homes stay in one family “forever.” A family would be crazy to give the homes up. Too bad I didn’t know how charming Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket were, a long time ago, when I was young. I know I would have made those wonderful places a part of my life. Beauty all around. Charming place to spend your time Susan. You deserve a wonderful place in which to relax. The look on Jack’s face as you left, was way to sad for me. I’m leaving on a cruise to Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, England, Iceland, in a few weeks. I hate leaving my dog, Jack, & my cat, Sheba. Home is the place I love best, but I’ll survive, I guess.

    I’ve been looking for your blog for a week, wondering what happened to you. Now I know. Glad for you, spending your time in Magical Wonderland. (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

    • sbranch says:

      Oh Sondra, good for you, what a fantastic cruise … I know how hard it is to leave our animals, but they will be waiting when you get home.

    • Julia says:

      Oh Sandy, you will love your trip. I went to the UK in June and
      loved every minute of it and want to go back soon. I would love
      to take a cruise like that. Have fun and take lots of pictures.
      I missed my dog and cats, too, but they know you will be back.
      Even homebodies need to grow and learn. So many places, so
      little time! Julia

      • sondra fox says:

        Thanks for the encouragement. Right now, I’m nervously awaiting my passport, which I applied for in June! I’ve even paid to have it expedited! If I don’t get it, there goes my cruise. You’d think I belonged to the Mafia or something. I’m just an ordinary citizen who hasn’t even had a traffic citation in years. What the heck is holding it up?? I call each day, trying to bug them enough to get a move on. (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

  12. Marie Hill says:

    Susan, You have just taken me back 9 years to are honeymoon in New England, we visited Nantucket and spent days traveling around quilt stores and book shops. I found your you in a book shop in Bennington wrapped up in your Autumn book and have loved you ever since. We are planning a return trip this Fall (fingers crossed that all is well on the farm so we can get away) I want to show my now Seven year old daughter the fall. I can feel Autumn approaching, the air in the morning gives it away and the small mist in the river valley, I love this time of year something special is about to start and it’s all to come. x

  13. Nancy B says:

    Oh, I love traveling with you too, Susan. Thanks for having me come along. I love all the photos you provide. I first heard of Nantucket when I read Cheaper by the Dozen as a young girl. And then the original movie. I loved the scenes of the Galbraithe (?) girls in their “twenties” swimsuits. Always dreamed of going there. Such a fun post! Thank you.
    Nancy (from Bakersfield)

  14. Therese in England says:

    Your friend’s holiday home is wonderful, it reminds me of the Summer cabin in the film “On Golden Pond”. Enjoy, it looks so relaxing, perfect for lots of wine, cheese and good conversation!

  15. Colleen Ann says:

    Good morning Susan,
    This is such a lovely writing with beautiful pictures. I’ve never been anywhere in New England (shame, I know)…but now I know at lease one place I’d like to see. All so quaint and charming, and life-giving. I’m really grateful for the joy and peace you share with me and all of your readers. Really a gift!

    I’m watching the red sun come up through the trees from my porch, with tea, and a quiet house (6 little boys still asleep in their beds) …..which is like a Christmas present this morning….a little time for mommy to visit Nantucket 🙂

    Have a wonderful day,

  16. Karen Stefanelli says:

    So beautiful….Again Susan thank you for bringing us such lovely views. Hmmm…I wonder what you might draw …cannot wait!

  17. Asha says:

    THANK YOU, Susan! Been missing you. The trip to Nantucket was worth the wait.

  18. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~ Good Morning~ We will be “island hopping” too this weekend ~ in Door County~
    Our friends have a cottage there and it’s been in the family for ages~ Reminds me a lot of your friends home~ Door County is the New England of the Midwest and we love going there~ sooooo much to do and see~ we love the outdoorsythings the best! ~
    I have to tell you when I saw the first few pictures the theme song from ” Jaws” came to mind~ I think the movie was filmed on Martha ‘s Vineyard or there abouts……
    ~~Have a great little break from work and enjoy these last dwindling days of Summer! ~ ~

    • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

      Lynn do you get the Katydids singing there during the last few weeks of summer??? we hear them here, the crickets are slowly going and soon it will be just the Katydids.

    • Pat Mofjeld of Minnesota says:

      Wish we lived closer and would meet you in Door County for some antiquing, Lynn, or coffee and cherry pie! It’s our favorite “escape”… Have a fun weekend! 🙂

      • Lynn McMahon says:

        Thanks! ~ my friend made cherry pie and I stopped and got fresh cheese curds ~string cheese and a container of frozen cherries to make cherry jam and cherry bounce~ yummy!p

  19. paula ann fetherston says:

    Very nice little vision of Nantucket – I enjoyed it…. and, you played my song.
    I made the cantaloupe soup – it turns into a great smoothy as well and try throwing in a sweet ripe peach. It enhances the flavor of the cantaloupe. Great recipe, thanks! – Paula

  20. Mary Lou Cummings says:

    One of your best blogs yet! So happy to be able to travel with you to such a time-honored destination- looks like heaven on earth. Yes, anxiously awaiting the Autumn book to arrive.
    Enjoy every minute you can on your island visit.

  21. Sylvia in Florida says:

    Simply beautiful! I can’t wait to visit there myself one day! Sylvia =(^.^)=

  22. Penny Hoopes says:

    love it, love it, love it. thank you.

  23. Dolores says:

    If I cannot be there the next best thing is seeing thru your eyes! I sure hope to be able to visit both your Island and this one too one day soon. But until then thank you so much for giving me something to dream about!

  24. JoAnne Daniels says:

    Susan — thanks for the trip to Nantucket — armchair traveler that I’ve become.
    We were planning a trip to Maine but now we’re waiting for “the pond guys”
    to start drying out and enlarging our koi pond….problems with the skimmer became an enlarged pond! Somehow these things get away from me.
    I could feel the breeze and smell the fish…I so need to get away………….
    I could taste those cinnamon buns!! Do they ship them to NJ? We had a
    WONDERFUL bakery that made the best cinnamon buns in the world, but the
    owners retired and their son took over, but now he’s picked up and moved to Texas and took the cinnamon buns with him. I’m still searching for their
    replacements. I think their secret was cake flour, so that they had a fine
    crumb and the honey and brown sugar melted into a candy on the bottoms
    of the buns…..warm from the oven — YUM!
    You and Joe have a wonderful time — the weather this summer has been fantastic!

  25. Mary says:

    You are correct, we LOVE the same things, thanks for sharing!

  26. Tawni urrutia says:

    Good morning Susan!
    What a glorious post! I just love those bawdy, bright hydrangea hanging over the crisp white picket fences.
    For some reason, I think that swank house looks like Kate Hepburn could walk in that living room with a highball for Spencer Tracy, ehem maybe the other way around!
    I have been cheating on Summer, and rolling around your Autumn book. I made your Corn Chowder last night…YUM! Congratulations to you as a publisher, and what a perfect first…I treasure that Autumn book! Enjoy your vacation!
    Tawni Urrutia in Lodi, Ca

  27. Kathy Phenix says:

    Thank you for the little trip to Nantucket. Lots of memories from our family vacations on island. We always stayed at a guest house in town and could walk to all of our favorite places. It is a magical place.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much Susan for this little vacation! My spirit is revived.

  29. Janie Phillips says:

    It was pretty amazing to go on a heart-tugging tour of Nantucket, share the Spring Street Publishing excitement, see some really cute pigs, and then find myself right back at home with the autumn banner! What fun and what an honor! Thank you, Sue! xoxo

  30. Twila says:

    So happy to travel to Nantucket today! Always wanted to see that island. Thanks for the tour!

  31. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    Thank you for taking us to Nantucket with you. The rooms in that house reminds me of the rooms in On Golden Pond. So cozy, wood paneled walls and ceilings. Love the little cottages and all the lattice, fences and flowers. Have a wonderful time. The Autumn book looks lovely….cannot wait to find it in my mail box. Hugs!!

  32. Elena says:

    You certainly know how to tease a gal ! With you in spirit!

  33. Thank you for the beautiful get-away this morning. I can smell the sea breeze…ahhh!

  34. Linda T. from Maine says:

    What a lovely trip we all went on this morning. My Husband was stationed on Nantucket while he was in the Coast Guard at the Sconset Lighthouse 1976-1977 many years ago. Since he was there they moved the Lighthouse back from the edge of the shoreline hundreds of feet to save the Lighthouse from falling into the ocean. It made news when they did it. Can you go take a picture of the Lighthouse and post it onto the blog while you are on the trip out there please? My Husband wants to see it and what it looks like now since he was there. Thanks!!! Nantucket this too is on my bucket list. The list is getting longer and longer and I think it is now time to get up and go to all the place I only dream of seeing. I love New England. I’ll never want to leave this place cause we have everything here . All the 4 seasons puts so much color in our lives and keeps us so busy getting ready for the next season that is just a waiting around the corner. Thanks for the trip to Nantucket. So,so beautiful. I must go to the Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket and the Cape next year. I so hope to run into you just to be-able to say I got a hug from Susan B. That would be amazing. I collect seashells also, so I have to come home with many seashells from the Island. A must.Keep those pics coming. I have been watching to see if you have written on the blog lately. Missed you. I have the 1st Autumn book, Is this going to be the same as the first except new people printing it? Love all your books. I think you should combine all your little books you printed years ago into one big book so all the people today can have a copy of all what they missed years ago. Like little books called- – – – – – Tea,Little dinners,Cocktails,Halloween,Birdies, Garden, Best gifts are tied with heart strings little book,Drinks, Girl power, Girls guide to success, Flowers, Happy Birthday, Hats, Pretty Baby, Summer, LOVE and Spring. It would give your new printing company more to do and give you a small brake to catch up and give all of us another new book ASSP. You should really think about this and just do it. If you can reprint Autumn then this would really sell fast. I would buy lots for all my Friends and family for Christmas Presents. PLEASE!!! Think hard on this. Thanks. Thanks for everthing Susan. Hi Joe!

  35. Michele says:

    Susan, thanks!! I needed that!!! Lovely. So GLAD we do like the same things.

  36. mari1017 says:

    Perfect, perfect, perfect ♥♥♥ And just last night I had my brother take my Autumn boxes down from our attic – what timing!!! Oh, Susan, enjoy Nantucket – I’ve had wonderful visits there and now wonderful memories ♥♥♥
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy – can’t wait to receive your beautiful 10th anniversary Autumn book – it will be treasured, read and re-read as are all your books here!
    Hugs to you, Joe & kitties ~ mari

  37. Gloria L. Nugent says:

    your lovely post has taken me back almost 40 years when my then newlywed hubby took me on a trip to serene Nantucket. It is so gorgeous & I relish ALL those photos you shared. Thanks so much & enjoy everything that happens from lanterns lighting your way!!

  38. Judy says:

    My husband and I visited Martha’s Vineyard a few years ago in late September on our trip to the east coast but we were only there one day. Your pictures reminded me of that time. It was fun and oh so pretty. We rented a scooter to get around, not realizing that it didn’t have enough power on the roads there.

  39. Jack says:

    Nantucket revealed ^*^*^*SHAZAM+++++! best place to stay ? “Always Inn”. :~)

  40. Pat Johnson says:

    Well, you did it again! Took me on another fabulous trip and we didn’t even have to leave the US. Thank you Thank you – you know just what we want to look at and take in and breathe (oh darn – can’t smell anything!!). Looking forward to Autumn. I have some amazing news – I bought a small RV so that I can travel to more places and sit in my little abode to write/read/enjoy! Yes, my tummy took a few flips because of the expense – but it is going to be so worth it. I have to find just the most perfect name for my “girl.” Any suggestions out there? The world awaits Queen Pat! I am looking for an RV book that is written by a single woman who also likes to travel. If anyone knows of one, let me know. I am a novice in this area – but not afraid. My sister told me I was taking after my mother – and she is correct! Mom loved to travel in her RV or even the car. And I know how to pack even though it is a small space. What FUN!!!! Have a wonderful visit by the sea. Thank you again for taking me there…..XXXXOOOO

    • Pat Mofjeld of Minnesota says:

      Pat, check out Maryjane Butters. Her magazine has a Farm Girls connection with a group of women who have those little rounded trailers–I forget what they are called. There is an organization that plans get-togethers, trips, etc.

    • Julia says:

      Which RV did you get? I’d love one of those little white “La Casitas”
      but they said that my small SUV could pull it but it wouldn’t be happy.
      But I’m going to make sure that my next car could do the job.
      I have a friend (72) who travels by herself all of the time. She loves
      to go to N. England and to the beach in the south. Have a good time and
      fix her up real pretty. Queenie??? Baby Girl?

  41. Pat Mofjeld of Minnesota says:

    Thanks for taking us along. This house is my mental stereotype of a vacation house on Nantucket–it is beautiful! I love the casual warm furnishings and the views from the windows. I might just “beam myself over” to the porch this afternoon to sit and knit, if that is okay? I read a book a couple of years ago, I think it was called “The Summer House”, if I recall, that was about a family’s summer home and this could be the place, it is just like I imagined it. Can you just imagine being back in those times and in a family that had a summer place like this? I think I would have never left it! Question: Do you know what the purple flowers are in the window boxes are? Thanks. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, those little cuties are purple verbena.

    • Gert~Iowa says:

      Pat..I’m going to join you! Day and night on that porch! smile… Wouldn’t we have a blast with Susan by our side?

      • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

        count me in, I love front porch sitting and shelling peas or snapping beans, or crocheting. nothing more relaxing than sitting on the front porch and watching the world go by.

      • Pat Mofjeld of Minnesota says:

        Yes, we “Iowa girls” would have fun! Hmmmm….we could make some popcorn and sit on the porch and watch the sun go down. When we are in Door County, there is a rocky beach in Fish Creek that people gather and watch the sun go down. The views are gorgeous. When it finally dips beyond the watery horizon, everyone starts clapping!

  42. Christine says:

    I love traveling with you too! We were able to spend a day in Nantucket once many years ago. It was charming with such lovely homes! living on the west coast, we have not been back, but it is on our retirement travel list!

  43. pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

    hello Susan, hello girlfriends. sorry I haven’t been around too much, been to hot here and have to keep refilling the water containers and tubs and put out extra buckets of water for the chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. so I’ve been busy. wow Nantucket, always wanted to go there. first I think of when I think of when I think of Nantucket is the flower boxes and the pickets fences. such a quaint and beautiful place to be and cool, wish you could send those ocean breezes this way, they would be appreciated. on the good side we had a good soaking rain and thunderstorm last night. the ground is drinking up all the water from the rain, but everything got a good long drink. hopefully come rain season we will see more rainstorms come in and drop good soaking rains on us. aww the Fall, its almost here, my favorite time of year. time to restock the pantry, and put up the preserves and veggies for winter. time to pick apples and make pies and freeze them for baking later on, same with cookies, make up the dough, roll them good in waxed paper, plastic and tin foil and label well and you will have a ready supply of cookies for the upcoming holidays. I can’t wait for the Fall to get here. I need the cooler temps and cooler nights, I have had enough summer for awhile. the county fair is over, and the festivals, the Labor day carnival is the last hurrah for the summer for the kids and its back to school. the crickets are singing, and the katydids are out and singing, soon the Autumn leaves will begin to turn color and fall. time for that last porch sitting, and for that last float along the river…. Fall is coming. hugs everyone, have a great day. 🙂

    • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

      another warm day here, the sprinklers are watering the last of the garden, and the back lawns, the ducks (all 8 of them) are splashing and quacking in the new pool we bought them, the turkeys are under the oak tree in the shade just enjoying the shade. soon it will be time to watch the geese fly south and hearing them honk to each other and to us below wishing us well and see you in the spring. the tractors are making last runs to the gas station and the lawn mower brigade will soon disappear for the year. the deer come around more often for grain and corn, and the squirrels are fattening up for the cold months ahead. soon it will be time to roll up the hoses, and hang up the sprinklers for another year. then it will be time to start settling in for the winter and enjoying all the wonderful smells of Autumn, the crisp dry leaves as you rake them into a pile, the wonderful smell of pumpkin pie and apple pie coming from the kitchen, the scents of nutmeg and cinnamon in the air, along with the scent of sage and onions cooking with a chicken or turkey for supper. the smell of soup simmering on the stove , of cinnamon toast and of hot chocolate… all the wonderful smells, scents and aromas of Fall. I can’t wait, can you???? hugs…. 🙂

  44. Andrea D. says:

    Hi Susan and Girlfriends!
    I can not believe it has been 10 years since “Autumn” first jumped onto bookshelves and into my very greedy hands. I love your books and I really love Fall, so it has been one of my favorite reads… ever!
    That being said, I just wanted to say that I guess I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t mention the passing of Robin Williams in this blog. I know your blog is about mostly happy things, but I guess I was hoping for something.
    His very painful and public passing has truly affected my in a ton of ways. First of all, I’m so thankful for the life I have. I hug everyone I love a little harder and a little longer. I tell people how grateful I am for their presence in my life. And I try to go a little bit further than I normally would to show unconditional kindness and generosity. I don’t say, “I’m doing this because I can’t believe he lost hope when he gave so much laughter to so many!” But in my heart, that is exactly what I am doing.
    September 10, 2014 is World Suicide Prevention day. I hope that everyone reading this will love a little harder and show their friends, loved ones and even people they don’t know so well that life is worth living and show them that they have support no matter what.
    Thank you, Susan.. for everything that you do. For your inspiration, your joy and your passion for life. You so many things with such great love and artistry. Thank you for teaching us how to bring even more beauty into ours.
    Much love…

    • sbranch says:

      That was lovely Andrea, and so fitting. He was an amazing person. Thank you. I think his passing has made us all a little more introspective; we can add that to the long list of his gifts to us.

  45. Trisha K says:

    Ahhhhh! I needed a mini-break. Thanks for letting me tag along.

  46. Jackie Bienemann says:

    I have never been to Nantucket, thank you for the wonderful tour. We do love the same things! Safe travels!

  47. Thank you for the divine tour of Nantucket. I’ve only visited once, but I was enchanted with it. Your pictures were beautiful! -Derrith Scarbrough

  48. Marla says:

    Ohhhhhhhh! You lucky ducky…what a beautiful place to be. I just love the way you describe your adventures. I can almost feel the breeze on the porch.
    “Peah Ci-da” anyone? 🙂

  49. Kelly J. says:

    Hi Susan!
    Thanks for sharing such lovely photos of Nantucket! On my beach vacation a couple of weeks ago I read the book The Beach House by Jane Green which takes place in “Sconset” and was perfect to read while lounging by the ocean. Your photos have now brought the story even more life! Check it out if you haven’t already read it, and enjoy that little slice of heaven you are relaxing in!
    Kelly from eastern PA

  50. Mary from Ipswich MA says:

    Happily took a break from work to go on a mini-vacation courtesy of you, Susan. My office mate and I got real quiet (other than a sigh here and there) as we perused your latest entry. So much gorgeous-ness!! Please take more pics of the house. Must see the bedrooms!! The flowers are amazing and what lovely views. Can’t wait for my very own copy of Autumn.

  51. Cathy B says:

    So lovely. I can smell the ocean and feel the salt spray. There are many good things about living in the Northern California foothills, especially my family, but Oh how I wish we all lived on either island all year ’round. I miss seasons, the ocean, weather, hydrangeas and roses.

  52. Jan McKinney says:

    Susan, thank you for the ‘summer vacation ‘ , I am health bound at the moment, and feel after viewing your blog THAT I REALLY HAVE TRAVELED ‘ Jan

  53. Sarah says:

    I think I actually swooned from pictures of that house where you are staying. 🙂

  54. Gail Buss says:

    Hi Susan, Thank you for taking us to Nantucket with you both. When we went to Martha’s Vineyard (2009 – my how time flies) we thought we could take the ferry over to Nantucket too but it was in Sept. and the ferry had stopped running for the year which meant we would have to take the ferry from MV to MA (was it called Woods Hole?) and then another ferry from there to Nantucket and we didn’t have the time to do all that. I am so happy I got to see all of this………..that house is lovely and just what one would imagine it to be…………..the sunset gorgeous……….love the back porch. Just a perfect place for vacation. Each part of our great land is so different and so very beautiful in its own way. I haven’t written in a while since we had vacation at Sunnyhill in the Catskills (what a wonderful place) in mid July with our whole family (16 of us) and have had company ever since we got back to Florida. They leave tomorrow so it will be nice to get everything back to normal.

    I love my Autumn Book and know everyone will enjoy it when they get their copy too.

    Better end here…………the grandchildren want to get in the pool and they need supervision. Enjoy the rest of summer! Hugs, Gail xo

  55. Pamela Tasker says:

    As I was just sitting here at work daydreaming thinking to myself, and listening to my radio station play “Fly me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra, (coincidence?) I thought I so wish Susan Branch would send her own private message to me…just me…like girlfriends taking a break… an everyday routine…and there pops on my computer screen …. a message sent to my email box….”Susan Branch Blog” ! what? what? Oh my gosh I explained to my co-workers! She’s here, she’s here ! You took me away….I try to read sooooo sloooooow and hope I never come to the end of our conversations. My cousin is on the Cape in Spring Hill as we speak attending her daughter’s wedding. She too use to live there and has promised me a trip in the spring and a trip across to Martha’s Vineyard !! hip hip hooray ! I can’t wait to share your view. I so envy your travels… must be my twin because you haven’t shared anything that I haven’t longed to do. Bless you and can’t wait for your new book….I was born and married in October…best season ever !

  56. Kristi says:

    Your tour brought back memories of a vacation a friend and I took to New England years ago. Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are so beautiful ; I want to go back!

  57. Cindy Stierhoff says:

    Oh you make me cry Susan, with the memories of Nantucket. Was there last Oct with my bestest friends, the most beautiful place in the world, to me. I can smell the sea air, the baked rolls..have you tried the homemade fudge yet??

  58. Sherry Palla says:

    Oh you lucky ducky! Thanks for sharing the beautiful island photos! I’ve been taking my camera to some extraordinary gardens and rock formations here near Cannon Falls, MN. and it is “delightful”! Have too much fun! xoxo

  59. Debbie P. ~ Weedsport, NY says:

    What a wonderful, timely post! So happy you made the time to refresh and replenish. Your writing takes so much of your time! We’re packing our bags for another get-away to Cape Cod in the morning. Someday, we will go to the islands. I think we need a little more time to be able to stay right there and soak it all in. It will happen! Thank you for the awesome photos of the flowers…my favorite part of that whole area…the salt-weathered houses, the white fences and the flowers! Those window boxes…oh my! Well, then, of course, there’s the ocean, the sand, the clam chowder …. Speaking of food….we made your crab cakes a couple of weeks ago…they were perfectly delicious! Never knew we could make them so easily in our own kitchen! You’re just a gem, Sue, to help us discover so many good things in this life!
    Congrats on the newly published “Autumn”. It remains a well-loved, go-to source of inspiration in my kitchen! Love the addition of the ribbon!
    I’ll be thinking of you as we roam the cape and breathe in that salty ocean breeze.

  60. Lorraine says:

    Love, love, love the trip to Nantucket…. I read your blog while I was eating some Chocolate Fudge Brownie by my good friends, Ben & Jerry…. Can life get any better??? I think not. When I was done, I honestly think I felt the ocean breeze. I was wonderful. Thank you ever so much.

    I plan to pre-order Autumn, and I have to have a piggy teabag holder (too cute). Autumn is also my favorite season and I’m looking forward to owning a copy of your Autumn book. I checked it out at the library, so I already know its lovely.

    Enjoy the rest of your island hopping. Your kitties are fine and will be so glad to see you again. Thanks for including us again in your travels.

  61. Frances Fowler says:

    How gorgeous! Being a Southerner, I’m used to everyone and his brother (or cousin) going to beaches down here, and they are great. But if I had my druthers, I would go to the beautiful New England beaches where someone is always wearing a sweater at night! Hhmmm, kitties may expect a fish treat in payment for being so terribly “abandoned”. I’m so ready for my favorite season, too, although a relatively nice August wants to give us a few days of steamy heat (which I detest). Loving all the goldenrod blooming and the change of light in the evening 🙂 And, I LOVE the pig. He does look like he’s so happy to be singing. Enjoy the seasonal transition in your gorgeous neck of the woods!

  62. wow! What a delightful trip and such beauty; every single house looks picture perfect. I believe those pitcher/jugs are called Toby’s and there’s a Toby museum – My aunt collected them and had a bundle of animals, historic figures, etc. They were sooo cute!

  63. Ahhhhhh! I’m feeling it Sister!

  64. Donna Hrehor says:

    Oh Susan, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. I really needed a little get away today!!! Donna (Idaho)

  65. Harriett says:

    Thanks for the tour. I loved it. I have only been to Nantucket once before but just as I remembered it, all the weatherwashed shingles, purples and pinks, and roses climbing on the rooftops. I can almost smell the sea. You take the BEST pictures!

  66. Debbie Sowards says:

    You are an amazing tour guide! I love all the places you take us and the descriptions are almost as good as being there. Bless you and Joe and have a wonderful time away!

  67. Cheryl Roblyer says:

    Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  68. Tasha says:

    I few years ago, I enjoyed a wonderful holiday in New England. I desperately wanted to visit Nantucket but, alas, time would not allow. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures – you’ve made me realise what I missed!
    Perhaps one day I shall go back ……

    Tasha in Wonderful Warwickshire

  69. Denise :) says:

    Will you adopt me, please?! Enjoyed your post, very much! 🙂

  70. Beverly says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and for taking us away!! Read this right before I left work for the day (don’t tell) so uplifting.

  71. Karen Carpenter says:

    Looks just marvelous, darling. Have fun. Have you everbeen to Mackinaw Island? I love it there. No cars and so peaceful and idealic! You must go sometime!


  72. Kathy T. says:

    Love your post and look forward to it every time I see it come up. My husband and I were in Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket last September and enjoyed ourselves so much. I would like to get your new book coming out soon. Do I order it from you? Thanks for sharing with us.

  73. Janice says:

    I just came down from a walk behind the barn calling and calling for our
    cat Sassy. I finally gave up and started picking up stones from an area
    that had recently been worked on. The grass is still trying to grow there
    so I go up every now and then and throw the little rocks into the brush so
    they don’t get into the mower. Tonight I picked up the sweetest little
    heart shaped stone and thought – I have to send this to my little niece
    Camille. I’ve never met her – she’s only one and lives in Nebraska – my
    sister who I lost way too early would have been her Grandma. So as I’m
    walking back to the house I see the cat Sassy sitting on the porch swing
    with my husband, wondering why I was shouting her name all over the place
    when I should have known where she was. and my husband once again wondering
    why anyone would bring a rock back home. He just doesn’t get it. So I come
    inside to check mail and read your post. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw
    the rocks shaped like hearts! You see! Some one does get it! and I hope my
    new great niece Camille will get it one day. That she will pick it up and feel the
    love of her Grandma that she never met. I hope so anyway. with love, Janice

  74. jeanie m says:

    Just beautiful! Feels so meditative. Thank you for sharing with us.

  75. Martha says:

    Having visited Nantucket, and in particular Sconset many times, I too, love the little houses covered in roses! It is magical to walk among them taking in each house’s simple charm – they remind me of doll houses!
    My husband and I visited your island, Martha’s Vineyard, on our boat for our honeymoon in1980. He goes there now and then for work and I need to go back and explore your area too!
    Thank you, really enjoyed your post as always ❤️

  76. Vickie in Olympia says:

    Ohhhh! Just what I needed a little trip to paradise with our favorite tour guides. sigh. Heaven. I’m glad I can share my house envy with someone who understands.
    Thank you sooo much. (And I love the pig.)

  77. Becky Farnsworth says:

    Thank you for sharing Nantucket! I’ve always wanted to go. The houses looked just like I imagined. Isn’t it nice that there are so many wonderful things to see, created both by nature and by people. I appreciate the hydrangea too! Though I’m south of you, we had a very cool winter so very few of them bloomed this year. Enjoy every moment of your stay!

  78. Bee Stevens says:

    Delightful house and area for a mini-vacation. My Dad was in the Army at
    Camp Edwards and I was born in Wareham. My parents always teased me
    and said I was born in Buzzards Bay — they moved back to Colorado when
    I was still very little so I am more of a Mountain girl than a Water baby.
    Now I’m in WV for 25 yr but my heart is still in the Colorado Rockies.

  79. Cyndi in NC says:

    I could move into that home and never leave!! When you get home I know you’ll give the kitties lots of hugs and extra rubber bands for Jack. Have a great time Susan. Can’t wait to get my book!!

  80. Cindy Tuning says:

    Enchanting. That’s it.Just enchanting.

  81. Mary/Indiana says:

    Very nice! Always wanted to visit Nantucket and now I feel as if I’ve been there!
    Of course, vicariously through you! Fun just the same! Great place to kick-back!

  82. Linda Lee Miller says:

    Hello Susan,
    Love sharing your little journeys and pictures of a new area. The house
    looks charming and very comfortable for a get-away. I would love to visit
    Nantucket sometime. I, too, am awaiting autumn with all its color and cooler
    days. Tennessee, where I live, is quite warm and humid now.
    Thanks for the lovely visit to the coast!

  83. Terry says:

    Often I see a beautiful house, usually a cottage, and wonder what reaction the owners would have if I knocked on their door…well I did once! A lady greeted me and I apologised for my intrusion, then proceeded to tell her how much I love her house and would she mind if I took a photo. She was thrilled to pieces! I see this house on a regular basis so I don’t regret being ‘cheeky’!

    In these times of uncertainty, your blog is an invaluable asset Susan!

  84. Carol Maurer~~~~ Kennewick, Wa says:

    Oh, Susan … I love all the houses, fences and flowers. I’ve never seen Nantucket at all. I know that there is at least one girlfriend that lives there, or perhaps, just comes to visit alot. On the news, whenever there are storms, etc., they mention Nantucket and I always wonder why they don’t ever mention Martha’s Vineyard. Thank you so very much for the tour of th island! Love the home that you are staying in also.

    I’m looking forward to Autumn as well. Beginning to at least. Each year, about a month before the weather changes, I always get so excited…. decorating the house differently, getting to wear either warm and cold weather clothes and the temps either getting cooler and warmer. Looking forward to the cooler weather right now, as it’s been so hot here in South Eastern Washington. I’ve also noticed that it’s getting darker earlier and earlier. Love it!!

    Looking forward to getting your book… Autumn. The wait is not much longer now 🙂

    Carol M

    • sbranch says:

      Nantucket is a bit further out to see than Martha’s Vineyard, probably a little more vulnerable. Yes, the wait is just about over!

  85. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Have a wonderful time on Nantucket!!! Thank you for sharing the photos. My dreams will be of ocean breezes, quaint beach houses, and white picket fences with gorgeous hydrangeas……nighty night!!! (Can we bring home just one of those Adirondack chairs in our suitcase for a souvenir, they’re all over!!!!)

  86. Joann says:

    I have longed to see Nantucket. Of course, I have longed to see Martha’s Vineyard as well, so when I did, I was enthralled….this is amazing!! I love the house, the wood, the white, the flowers, the ocean, the sand, the bedroom…..what a blessing to have such a time right now! Enjoy it!! Soak it in!!

    I’ll be thinking of you…………..xoxo

  87. You are definitely living the dream Susan! I hope to travel to those places one day. Your post today reminded me of a book I read by LaVyrle Spencer a long time ago when I was young and really into romance novels. It was called Twice Loved and took place in Nantucket. These adorable little houses and cottages you have shown us look just like the ones I imagined in my mind’s eye when I was reading that book so long ago! I hope one day to see them in person.

    It’s always such a wrench to leave our furry family members when we go off on our little jaunts. We are off to visit my husband’s brother and family in September to see the new “Twins” which were born in July. It will be hard leaving Mitzie behind, but some “new baby” cuddles will sort of make up for it. ☺ So will the happy tail wagging greeting we will get when we return home!

    Thanks so much for taking us on these little adventures with you! I can’t wait to see where we travel to next. I enjoy them all, even if it is just into your cosy little kitchen. Happy Days. xxoo

  88. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    L-o-n-g sigh…lovely, lovely post, Susan. One of my favorite things on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard (haven’t been to Nantucket yet) are the starfish in the windows! So sweet, I bought one last year from a shop in when I was there with my daughter, and it has a happy home in my kitchen window. Jack, hope you and Jeannie are high and dry and are not sustaining any damage from the monsoons that are causing flooding in parts of AZ. Thinking of you, and sending hugs your way.

  89. Jack says:

    Oh yes , we are doing just fine —we have water run offs on both sides of our place …into a
    bluff – situation that is about a hundred feet to the bottom where there is golf course so althe water is carried away by gravity .

    • sbranch says:

      You’re having storms where you are Dad?

      • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

        they are having the monsoon rains that come up from Mexico through Southern California ( mostly San Diego) and into Arizona. they bring lots of rain and thunderstorms, we’ve been getting a few of those ourselves here, mostly dry with thunder and dry lightning.

        • sbranch says:

          I was just reading my dad’s recount of what’s going on there in Arizona, wow! I haven’t heard a thing about it.

  90. Oh Susan!

    This is my FIRST response since I retired a few weeks ago!!! Oh My! I want to drive right up the coast and hop the ferry! This place is just heaven on the water! How wonderful you got a chance to get away and visit with friends in such a GLORIOUS house with a direct no nonsense view of the sea. Yes! Front and center… there it is!

    It’s just wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I’m missing MV so much right now… with the Grand Illumination… the fireworks… bike rides… walks to the sea. This post brings it all back and plops me right into a NEW place.

    Enjoy your stay!
    XOXO Georgie from NJ

    P.S. Hip Hip HoooRay for Spring Street Publishing (I Love the name)

    I LOVE That new Pig too… it looks like he’s singing had me laughing out loud!!!

    • sbranch says:

      Well, welcome whole new person! Yes, you would LOVE Nantucket Georgie! I see a trip in your future.

  91. Elaine Depo says:

    Oh, how I long to travel there ~ perhaps someday. But for, now you’re mind-blowingly beautiful post sure lifted my spirit and gave me incentive to figure a way to make it happen! Susan, I really felt like I was with you. ***thank you***!!

  92. peg says:

    What a way to wrap up the summer, Sue! What a lovely place to stay! Perfect! I l♥ve the color of the ribbon in the Autumn book!!! Just right! I am so excited that this is back in print (I’ve ordered 4 ~ one for each of the Ladies Who Lunch and one for me, too!). We have had the smallest of hints that Autumn is on its way (as if there were any doubt). The heat and humidity seems to be pushing back…..but, in the end, dear Autumn will win! We will be up to Pismo just after Labor day….a much needed escape….a bit bittersweet, though, since we are missing our Roxie. The house is so quiet….Charlie says we need to take a break and a break we will take. Looking forward to more pictures of your trip. Have fun and enjoy the view! xoxo peg

    • sbranch says:

      Oh Peg, I’m so sorry about Roxie, it must be very hard. But Pismo is bound to cheer you up some. xoxo Have fun!

  93. It reminds Me of a few places over here on the west coast, in My own stomping grounds.grounds. Laguna,Catalina,Balboa for a few. There’s always something magical in the Sea air to Me ,sends Me daydreaming.Enjoy keeping in touch-Denise

  94. Margot in Virginia Beach says:

    I love ocean views, the lanterns, hydrangeas…, the blue door on the first house you showed from Sconset! I wish I knew what the color name and brand was! I was just talking to Arnie about changing the front door and shutters. I really have more important things to take care of I guess.
    I love your Summer and Autumn books. I guess if I had to chose, I would pick Autumn, as it is my season. Not for colors, but for my birthday. I am a summer colorwise.
    Why didn’t you put a bookmark in the first Autumn book??? My summer one has one. I am just curious. I may go find some ribbon, as I know how to make one look like it is part of the book. I love the color you chose!

    • sbranch says:

      The first publishing of my Autumn book was by Little Brown and they were in the money-saving mode at the time (as they still are, times are tough for publishers) and just wouldn’t do it. That’s why it’s extra exciting.

  95. Margot in Virginia Beach says:

    PS Don’t forget to get yourself a basket!

  96. Sylvia in Seattle says:

    Love that scrumptious Nantucket house — what a nice friend to invite you to share. Have some great memories of such a rustic place from my childhood in the 40’s on Camano Island here on Puget Sound. Probably A LOT more rustic, but it did have basic plumbing :-). I go there often in my reveries. Nice to relive those kid days with my brothers on the salty rocky beach.
    To Andrea, I understand your feelings about Robin Williams — almost too much to comment on — I think many of us come here for relief from the often grim realities of life, but wanted to acknowledge and empathize with your comments.

  97. Karen Lotito from Aquebogue, NY says:

    Hi Susan! Thank you so much for the lovely “trip” to Nantucket. 🙂 We haven’t been there yet but this afternoon I felt like I was. Hydrangeas, porches, white fences, saltbox houses, bicycles, little shops – some of my favorite things! I hope you’re enjoying yourself, just sitting on the porch with a cuppa – as my dear friend Clare from England would say – and watching the ocean, hearing seagulls cry and contemplating clouds. Ahhhh……heaven! Thank you again for sharing.

  98. Linda Lepage says:

    Thankyou! for taking us along on your trip to Nantucket! Love it! We were on Martha’s Vinyard in 1987 for our honeymoon! And just fell in love with your island! We want to go back!!! I jusst love reading your blog posts, each time I get your email, I just can’t wait till I have time all to MYSELF to sit and read it! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Can’t wait for the Autumn book!!
    Hugs!!! Linda 🙂

  99. Susan K. says:

    Such a magical place! It’s definitely going on my Wish List of places to visit.

  100. Holly says:

    How lovely! Can you believe I’ve never seen the Atlantic Ocean?? It looks so different from the Pacific. We are going to upstate NY and PA this fall, and that will be the farthest East I’ve been (in this country, not the world). I’m so excited!

    Thanks for the house tour. It looks so comfy & relaxed. New book idea– “Susan Branch’s Great American House Tour”. Or British! Remember the way Country Living had wonderful layouts of three or four different houses? I really miss that, in fact I miss the old style of the magazine. The old magazines from the 70’s & early 80’s are the best! (I still have a few & have a box cut out photos) Anyway….. love the photos of Nantucket.

    Have a great get away!

    • sbranch says:

      You’re so right, they were chock full of fun ideas for decorating, I would look at those pictures almost microscopically!

      • Heidi says:

        I used to pick the current issue up on my way to work a night shift in the ICU, and hopefully my patient rested well & about 2 -3 am I’d get a break and chance to escape mentally. I’d even make antique hunting lists! Most of the photos I cut out were of old quilts.

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