I hope you enjoy my first Guest-Requested MUSICA . . . for you, dear Girlfriends, from my darling friend Margot, the Magical Mother of Scarlet (the elf), the Grandmother of Georgette (the gnome), and dog mother of Yoda (the Naked Leprechaun). 

Scarlett and baby

Scarlet kindly granted me permission to show you her new baby! Thank you Scarlet! Those little baby pants are a very soft wool, and with the pointed white hat, there was no doubt that Scarlet had given birth to a gnome.



Totally worth waiting for, don’t you think? Didn’t Scarlet do a fabulous job?  This was our Baby Snuggle Tea, where Scarlet brought her three-week old baby girl Georgie to meet and greet Margot’s best girlfriends.

Let the Fun Begin


We each got to hold her . . . she made us feel like we must be really interesting looking.


scarlett and georgette

Scarlet’s already a wonderful Mom . . . Georgie went out like a light when Scarlet put her into this little wrap. (I’m thinking about getting one of these for Girl Kitty, she would LOVE it.)



We are going to enjoy watching this little gnome grow and thrive, she comes from a family of extremely creative people.

natural beauty

scarlett and wolfie

This is Scarlet and her adorable brother Wolfie at my house for an Easter Egg hunt many years ago ~ it’s been fun watching them grow up.

watercolor flowers

Margot art

This is the baby announcement Margot painted when Scarlet was born.  Is it not the most adorable thing you have ever seen???  Me, too!  I think it should go into the Smithsonian for best baby announcement ever.  Maybe I’m biased.

watercolor flowers


Margot loves to celebrate her July birthday at the beach.

watercolor flowers


This is Margot’s dog.  Its name is, of course, Yoda. 

Margot and Tom

To make Yoda feel better about “everything,” Margot and her fiancé-for-life, Tom, modeled themselves on Yoda for Halloween.  Look at the top of Tom’s head! Look how happy they are!  Don’t they know what they look like?

halloweenA scientific comparison of Yoda’s hand and Margot’s hand.

Tom and Margot

Just so you know, Tom and Margot don’t always dress like Yoda.  But they always do have fun, and . . .

fun is good


Last summer, Joe and I went sailing around Edgartown Harbor.  I took a picture of this little pointed beach. Later, we went to Margot’s art show . . .


And this was one of her new paintings! It looks like the same place! 

Creativity is Magic


If Margot seems familiar to you, I’ve mentioned her before, along with her wonderful book, the Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids.  If you haven’t seen it, I asked Kellee to put some up in our web store.


Besides everything else, Margot is a very famous local muralist on Martha’s Vineyard . . . not only Martha’s Vineyard ~ Margot’s done projects in many parts of the country.  Here she is doing a mural for the Oak Bluff’s Steamship (ferry boat) Authority. That’s not the real sky, that’s the sky Margot made.



This is a project Margot did at her art studio at home.  It’s for a private home. The home owners had an indoor balcony off their bedroom and asked Margot to paint some ambience for it.


But this has been Margot’s most ambitious project so far and one for which she will go down in Martha’s Vineyard history. You can see the “before” in the top photo, and the “after” down below, Margot painted the mural behind the musicians.

The Whaling Church

It was for this historical  building in Edgartown called The Whaling Church which was built in 1843. You can listen to a story about the renovation of this church and see Margot in action by clicking that link.


During the restoration, they found this old photo and discovered that in the 19th century there had been an amazing mural that had been painted over. 

IMG_5842Using the photograph as a guide, Margot made a working drawing so she could reconstruct the mural as close to the original as possible. I thought you’d like to see some of the photos I took while she was in the process of doing it. 


This was the space as it was before the new mural began.


And this is it while Margot was working on it.  Every so often we girlfriends would come over to see what she was up to. We knew it was big, but we had no idea!  I could not wrap my mind around the fact that what we were looking at was a flat wall.

on a flat wall

I had to get closer, and the closer I got, the harder it was to believe.

A complete flat wall . . . if you try to jump onto that checkered floor, you will body-slam yourself into a wall. 


Hard to believe, but it’s true.


Margot has worked two freezing winters on this project . . . the first year she did the front of the church, and this winter, she trudged through one snow storm after another to complete the sides and back.


I think you can see the passion in Margot’s eyes as she explains to Lowely and Barbara (and me) what she has been creating.  Note: no matter WHAT else Margot is wearing, no matter if she has been dipped in paint, she always has on a pretty scarf and cute earrings.


The patience, the sheer energy this took! (Margot is 61; she said I could tell you.)


tromp l'oeil

Here’s a close up of some of her detailed brushwork . . .


See the flat walls, that’s what it looked like before Margot got her brush onto it.  Not to mention the fact that she was up and down this scaffolding, carrying paint and brushes, twenty times a day.  If I got up there once, I would cling there, a ball of dripping adrenalin, until the fire department came to rescue me.

you make it look so easy


Yoda came to work, dressed for action, every day.  Margot says sleeping with Yoda is like sleeping with a naked leprechaun.


Whirling Yoda

Yoda does the happy dance.

oh happy day

Scarlett with gnome

Margot didn’t have to do the whole thing alone, besides Yoda, she had Scarlet and an incognito Georgie, as the perfect assistants.

it takes a village

IMG_5834And every so often we would all trek over to Edgartown to check out Margot’s progress, sit in awe as she explained how she was doing this impossible thing, and take her to lunch.


We did the right thing by giving her no advice.



So here is the “before” of the back of the church which Margot finished about two weeks ago.


It’s very subtle, but you can see the panels on both the bottom floor and the top, the gold leaf details below and around the clock. Tromp L’oeil  panels also go both sides of the church.


The panels look raised, but they are completely flat too, all the way from the edge of the window trim.


The eye, she is fooled! I have to say, the whole island is proud of what Margot has accomplished here; generations will applaud what it took to do this.  ♥ Thank you, also, to Chris Scott and all the supporters of the Preservation Trust, for bringing back to the island history that had been lost.



See what I mean?  Flat. Margot explains these stripes of color in this link.

And I bet now you’re saying to yourself, I’d LOVE to see what that girl’s house looks like inside . . . right? Mas Margot MUSICA  

Come with me to the Casbah. . . and . . .

cake love how to be happy

Margot Datz House

Oh, yeah.  Margot, along with Scarlet and Wolfie’s dad, Charlie Blair (the afore mentioned “fisherman”) who is now the  Harbormaster of Edgartown, built this log cabin.  And then Margot did things to it.  See that sofa?  Just an old run-of-the-mill brown sofa, but not after Margot got her hands on it, recovered  and fattened up those cushions, and voila! And the panels around the windows?  She made them. Wah ~ Wah.

If you do it with heart

Margot Datz House

     How about this magical “doll house” Margot made for above the fireplace?  She used to make lots of doll sculptures that she called “individuals” for obvious reasons.  She fashioned them from high-fired stoneware and fabric. The hair, she said, came from Poodle Parlors, and I’m told that if you had a dog with a very nice tail, you had better watch it when Margot was around.

Margot Datz House

It is the perfect creative surrounding for costume parties at Margot’s.  But, you say, I wonder if she has anything cute in her closet?  Is it all paint-spattered jeans, or what?

OK, you asked for it ~ because Margot puts Vanna to shame. (Don’t tell Vanna I said that.)


For starters, she wears diamonds on her feet.



Poor thing, she simply has no personality. Tsk Tsk.

november 2010 817

quote clothes

studio 709

As you can see, I keep my camera ready to see what cute thing she wears next. I try to talk her into doing a whole book of clothes.  Then make them, then sell them to me.  In normal sizes.


Darling Margot, Mother, Grandmother, Original, Artiste Extraordinaire, Hard-worker, Funny, Smart, Problem-Solver,  World-Class Survivor.  Great Cook, Excellent Bargain Finder, and All around Good Dresser. And Best Friend to Many and to Lucky Me.




I hope you enjoyed our Baby Snuggle and Grandma Snuggle, our elf, our gnome and our naked leprechaun . . . I know you will LOVE Margot’s paintings, you can see some of them and “Like” her on Facebook at  Margot Datz Designs or go to her website at


With love from me to you Girlfriends.  Hope you enjoyed that!  I am working hard on our book, and making progress!  Thank you for all your wonderful supportive comments.  You’ll never know how much they mean to me.  HAPPY SPRING!  XOXO

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  1. lin rader says:

    I loved the photos of the precious gnome! I have a gnome of my own! A lovely great granddaughter named Raelynn. She was born on March 11th. Our one and only grandchild, great or otherwise, so we were delighted! And speaking of being delighted…I opened my March/April Country Register and lo and behold, the delightful Susan Branch gave me a Spring lift!! As soon as my eyes lit on the little girl and her lamb, I knew you were there! Your sweet inspirations of spring made my day. Rochester is dreary and cold today, so I took your advice and went right to my kitchen to bake! My spring banner of bunnies with real cotton tails is on the mantle and a spring quilt is on the wall, so I am ready for Easter and the renewal it brings…to the earth and to our lives. Have a blessed Easter with your honey, Joe, and your kitty children. Lots of love from Me!

  2. Teri Byrne says:

    I just turned “sixty wonderfuL,” (61) as my neighbor refers to me.
    Thought you would also like that term!

    It’s such a happy “Susan Branch” title :))

    • sbranch says:

      Happy Birthday sixty-wonderful!

      • Elaine in Toronto says:

        Here’s a trick girlfriends. This year when I turned 69 I decided to convert my age to Celsius so I am 21 (again), lol. So much younger!

        • sbranch says:


        • Margot }~~~O @ Virginia Beach says:

          I like that idea!!

          • Judy in Ohio says:

            Great ideas! 🙂

            I just celebrated the 42nd anniversary of my 21st birthday…I like how that sounds too!

            The bottom line is that we are all here to CELEBRATE still!! (The alternative would be a definite downer!)

            Happy (belated) birthday, Teri…and Elaine!!


  3. Pam says:

    And that is island life in a nutshell… eccentric people living eccentric lives! With a little poodle wig hair thrown in!!

    • Susan Mill says:

      It was so nice reading about you and Margot Datz, I missing seeing all of you (you two, Joe and Scarlet and Wolfie) coming into good old Dr S’s dental office. Nice to hear all is well.

      • sbranch says:

        Hi Susan! Those were the days! 🙂

        • Susan Mill says:

          They were indeed, the good doc is in Wellesley enjoying retirement with his 3 grand-daughters, Lee has retired and Jen is still working in Edgartown. Hope all is well with you, tell Joe I said hi and best wishes

  4. Marianne says:

    Adorable baby (cherub comes to mind – so cute!), awesome mural and paintings – just beautiful! (I feel absolutely speechless I’m so in awe of how they were done on such a grand scale with such a feeling of depth – I think that’s the word I’m looking for.) Commitment, patience, love – and more – is needed to complete a project on this scale. This is a lovely tribute to your friend, her daughter and grandchild, and to friendship.

  5. Janie Horn says:

    I want to come live on your island!!!! It’s like a fairyland. You are magical and so are all your friends……….

  6. Jane Franks says:

    I really enjoyed learning about Margot’s work, Susan. I am always mesmerized by Trompe l’oeil, and this is the best I’ve ever seen. Knowing a little about art, being married to an artist, what blows my mind is the EXTREME concentration and steadiness she has to paint all those perfectly straight lines! I know their are tools to help with that, but you have to know how to use them. Her perspective is so PERFECT! Just amazing! I can tell she is a really fun person, and that you guys have a great time! I love her unique and individual style!! Oozing creativity!! Thanks for sharing this, Susan.

  7. Susan on Bainbridge Island, Washington state says:

    This is such a fascinating letter this time…I love seeing and hearing about some of your friends on the Island….Margot Datz is an AMAZING artist…Her abilities are beyond perfection….the work she did in the Whaling Church is remarkable. I am in awe of her ability to stay with a commission for as long as she did with the church project..Her paintings are wonderful…Whimsical, colorful and full of meaning/emotion….When she paints for herself, are her paintings acrylic, watercolor or mixed media? do you know? She is exceptional in everything she does. Thank you for introducing her in your blog. Otherwise, I would never have know about her and her work. And as for you, Dear Susan, it is so wonderful to have you back a little more often.. I have always enjoyed your letters to all of us…Opening your heart and home, for the world to see. You are so AWESOME in so many many ways….Thank you for spreading your sunshine into our homes and our hearts….xo Sending love from my Island to yours ……(Peter cottontail will be hopping down the bunny trail very soon!!!!)

  8. Arline in LA says:

    Thanks for this story, Susan. You give us science lessons as well as art appreciation! We stayed in a B&B in Edgartown before Margot did this awe-inspiring work and got to see it in the before stage. (Paul McCartney was attending a wedding there just before we got there and stayed at the same inn. Missed him by-this-much. Darn.) Does Margot sign her name as the artist somewhere on the wall? Although we will never forget who did this work, hopefully the artist’s signature is there somewhere for future generations to see.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, Margot signed it. And you’re right, no one will ever forget. And if Margot ever gets too old to keep it up for them, Scarlet can do it . . . and I would imagine someday Georgie. They are like the Flying Wallendas.

  9. Susan Austin says:

    I’m so happy to live in a Margot and Susan Branch world today savoring all the pictures. What an enchanting blog piece this time. Memorable. Girlfriends are the best!

  10. Cathy from Golden Co says:

    Margot’ s talent leaves me SPEECHLESS! Just BEAUTIFUL … WOW! But I can say her grandbaby is so sweet and adorable – a precious gift.

  11. Anne in Maine says:

    What a beautiful, magical post! Margot is part gypsy, part fairy. How very blessed to be so talented! (The same goes for you Susan!) How very lucky Georgie is to have Margot as a granny.

  12. Liz says:

    Oh, I want to be a Margot in so many ways!

  13. sondra fox says:

    How AMAZING your wonderful friend Margot is! Can’t get over the church project she took on. Magnificent. I’m sure it’s a tourist attraction, eh? If it isn’t yet, it soon will be. Margot’s hair is fantastic! The picture of the two of you show the love & friendship you both share. The gloves scare me though. They remind me (please don’t tell Margot) of a Tarantula. The baby has Jack’s eyes. Questioning, surprising, full of curiosity. I so wish I could have at least ten more babies to cuddle. That would certainly go down in the World Book of Records. I’m so happy that you have such a good friend, one you no doubt could call “sister.” I have that type of friend as well. We’re so fortunate to have found friends like that. Two of my good friends are in heaven now. They were also like sisters to me. They saw me through my life emergencies, always there when I needed them. The poem about being able to say anything without what you said being measured, is so true, when you have a forever friend. My good friend who is now with me through thick & thin, both lost our husbands within a month of each other. The four of us (husbands & wives) had been friends for over fifty years. We were put on earth to care for one another, to help one another get through this life. God bless you Susan, and Margot, her daughter, & your sweet, sweet baby. Oh, & what bravery climbing up that scaffolding. That’s way up there!!! (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

  14. Marie (Williamsburg, Virginia) says:

    Susan, thanks for sharing this sweet bundle of pink with us. SO precious! I’m speechless at Margot’s creativity. Wishing mom, grandma’, and baby, many special moments in their new rolls.

    Merry Monday!

  15. Marianne says:

    Susan, in an earlier blog I remember you mentioning Margot’s book, and this blog piece is such a wonderful introduction to her, but, for those of us who aren’t familiar with her work, I want to encourage everyone to look at her facebook page, her website, and the Whaling Church video on the mural. I’ve just had the chance to do that. Dedication and seriousness, but also – such fun!!! Thanks for the smiles!!! : )

  16. Denise S says:

    This may be the most amazing post I have ever read. I keep pulling others in to look at the pictures. It makes sense that two of the true artists of the Vineyard would become friends too. Margot has a talent that is so clearly far greater than the sums of its parts. How wonderful for it to be celebrated in such a public way so that many future generations can enjoy her abilities. I and clearly many others are stunned by this photo essay which could be in a national magazine–except these days they don’t do such in depth pieces. Thank you Susan for bringing us into a magnificent part of your world!

    • sbranch says:

      My pleasure, as I’m sure you can tell. It’s lovely there are so many who can appreciate it. xoxo

  17. Glenda says:

    Thanks so much for yet another wonderful blog entry. Margot is one talented lady! She strikes me as someone who would be so much fun to be around but her time is in such demand. With her schedule and yours, it is so wonderful you make time for your friendship and have the special relationship you do. Darling daughter and granddaughter and know they are going to be a joy for you too. Thanks for sharing Margot’s talent. Hope you will include a photo one day when she is all done with the church. Have a blessed Easter and spring!:)

  18. Sreekala says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks a lot for introducing this wonderful artist! Her work just amazed me and yes, I would not have believed that it was trompe l’oeil if you hadn’t taken those WIP pictures! Truly breathtaking! Do say hi to your wonderful friend from me. Off to her website now!

  19. Donna C says:

    I finally watched the video of the Whaling Church mural restoration done by your amazing artist friend Margo. What a project of love that was. Thank you for sharing this bit of history. I loved seeing how she’s done up her home….l’m sure fairies live with her. Happy day.

  20. Deborah T says:

    Can we say: Margot is phenomenal? Can we say: Margot you ROCK?? YES and YES!
    Thank you Susan for giving us women with a 4, or a 5, or a 6 or a WHATEVER in the front of our ages the key to the kingdom!! I still love old, odd, and various types of clothing- that one may think: ?? isn’t she too O_D for that? NO, no and NO!!! I love the frills, the patterns, the shapes, the colors, and the textures that Margot wears, and that you so wonderfully photographed for us to see!! Her work is beyond talent as is her energy, and shame on any of us in the ‘sisterhood’ that don’t use our own!!! Love this blog today, (can ya tell?)

    Her home is a dream of color, warmth, imagination, and creating…I love it.

    The daffidillys the creativity and the energy abounds!!!! oh, and the baby is little sweetheart, and her mom is sooooo in love!!! as it should be.

  21. Just absolutely amazing is Margot’s painting ! And the little baby is adorable !!! What an inspiring post !!!! You are so lucky to have so many wonderfully talented friends !!!

  22. Jack says:

    For you and Margo to keep busy this summer I suggest you guys open “The Island Tattoo
    Parlor” … Margo will do the Mermaids and for the less adventuresome , you could do
    Jack with a hairband in his mouth ….. I can see those tourists now , lining up to get the
    “Island Tattoo” souvenir from Marthas Vineyard , to showoff.
    In order to do a great tattoo , the artist must have a great sense of perspective —Margo has that to spare , so with small investment , you girls are off and running , to riches !

    • Jack says:

      P S — there’s plenty of other memorabilia available too like the island ferry … Or the
      Two masted schooner …or scenes from Menemsha ….or a nice red lobster …potential is endless . I wonder what local businesses would want their logo’s made available .
      M V would no doubt want to have a logo also…..Joe and Tom could man the desk , appointments , billing and keep order as needed.

      • sbranch says:

        Who’s in charge of the needles? 🙂

      • chris consentino says:

        wow, Jack….you are BACK!!!!!! don’t have to ask how you are feeling….this comment…..speaks for itself….BIG-TIME!!!!! keep up the great recovery. IF Susan and Margot take your business-model, and run with it…which I doubt, hehe…..YOU would surely have to make guest appearances….as the “brains” behind the idea. wow. I’d visit mv just to observe YOU in action there. wheeee!!!! happy, and FUN april-fools to all. for me….can’t think of ANY joke or prank….and, believe me…..I used to out-do the whole planet with my prank-ness. oh, dear. xo

    • sbranch says:

      Good laugh for first thing in the morning Dad! I can see it now . . .!

      • Jack says:

        Needles ? The boys of course, they will keep you ready with sterilized
        Tattoo needles………

      • Chris Wells In Knickerbocker, W TX says:

        You can sure tell Blog Daddy is getting back to his old self! Love it!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        Grins galore Jack! You are up with the times! The biggest “draw”back I can see – NEEDLES! Those girls would be toasting with their Peah Cidah, right along with their guys, celebratin’ rakin’ in the riches!!!

  23. Eniko says:

    Dearest Sue…what a delightful blog post of our dear Margot…and Scarlett as a mommy! I still have a copy of baby Scarlett’s birth announcement, too!!! -Sweetest one I’ve ever seen. So nice to cyber-visit with you! Love you to bits! -Eniko

  24. Jack says:

    You would also do any writing — in script style , the customers wanted ….however , Margo
    Might want to sign or initial her own drawings.

  25. Mary S. says:

    What is beautiful baby! And what Margot has done inside that church is absolutely astonishing! It’s almost unbelievable! And the inside of her house – oh my! I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing all of this with us. Love from Mary S. in Fresno, CA

  26. deborah.t.norling says:

    Loved the posting ! There are days that I’d love for someone to bundle me up in that cozy baby wrap and let me fall fast asleep without a care in the World…..just like sweetest little Georgie.

  27. Cindy Tuning says:

    I’m thinking that I read a feature in maybe Romantic Homes about Margot’s house a long time ago. A bathtub in the woods if I’m remembering it right? Magical! Just like that Island you live on. Hope Spring is soon springing up around you after this long winter. It’s good to hear the birds chirping again in the morning!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, she does have a bathtub in the woods with curtains thrown over ropes and blowing in the wind. Can you imagine?

  28. Susan P. says:


    I have been away…playing with my new grandson, Lincoln. And after the weeks of playing in the Desert with him and his sister Audrey….My husband took me on a mini trip to Berkley and then SLO. Oh YES HAD A GREAT WEEKEND. But this post was the frosting on the cake. Babies and beautiful mothers and talent just flowing from everyone and the gift of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP. Caught up on all the comments and was happy to see Blog Daddy at it again with his comments. But the two words that got me from one of the girlfriends comments was
    “BLANK WALL” We all, each day have that gift of a “Blank Wall”….to do what we want with it….create….teach…play…build…invent…help…LOVE…etc etc etc. It made me think …How am I using my “Blank Wall”…Some days are great…other days I just let nature splash it’s beauty on my wall. But in the end I hope my
    blank Wall is a Mural of my life. How Blessed we are to see your Wall and your friends. Thanks for sharing again. Love, Susan P.

  29. Martha says:

    Martha’s Vineyard is such an amazing place – so many incredibly talented and interesting people living there! That’s one of the many reasons I visit every summer. Just made my plans yesterday for this year’s visit — can’t wait!!
    Martha from CT

  30. Elizabeth K. says:

    It’s a small world after all, Susan!
    We’re back in Chilly Chilmark, after a warm & sunny visit with my sister & her husband in southern CA. I just caught up on your blog. I’m so excited to write that my husband & I are the grateful, adoring adoptive family of Scarlet’s geese, and goats! What a wonderful world!
    Thank you for your beautiful blogs, artwork, and outlook.
    Happy Easter!
    Liz K.

  31. maggie b in nevada says:

    Truly an amazing post about amazing people and talent ~ including yourself, of course. Thanks so much for taking time to share this!
    Also, I didn’t read through much of the comment posting, so don’t know if anyone else commented, “AHA! Now we know who Vanna really is! Or at least the inspiration for your imagining of her 🙂

  32. Carol King says:

    I loved this addition to the many I have saved. I’ve loved meeting her and seeing the wonderful talent she has. I feel you have just introduced me to a new friend. Thank you, Susan. I look forward to your next entry.

  33. Baby comes first says:

    If you put up pictures like that of my newborn baby, I would be upset. Give the kid a break. Unhappy doesn’t begin to describe how she looks. Pretty name though.

    BTW, it looks like the the church is large and airy, but pregnant women should not be around paint fumes, even a little. She is her Mom’s assistant on all of her jobs? Scary for a pregnant lady. Why risk it? You are growing your baby.

    • sbranch says:

      She is so happy, and her mom said it was fine, it was only six women, and we all loved her. It’s funny you write to complain so much. These are very smart women. Very smart. Perhaps it just reads wrong, in that case, thank you for your caring.

    • deborah t. norling says:

      Thank you as always to Susan for creating this joyous and peaceable respite from the rest of the world, where no one would ever imagine inflicting harm or injury of any kind to any living creature.

      • sbranch says:

        What a lovely thing to say.

      • Susan P. says:

        Deborah……Well said…VERY WELL SAID…..I sat in front of my computer for quite awhile…thinking how I could respond and still be eloquent. But you said it all. And Susan, you and your friends are amazing, talented and smart…”very smart” women. Who bring allot of joy and happiness to many…this is one of my happy places to come to….ALWAYS!!! Happy Easter, Love, Susan P.

        • sbranch says:

          I have a lot of trust for women, mostly because I have been the recipient of so much loving common sense from my grandma and my mom, and every girlfriend I’ve ever had.

  34. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    Talent must run rampant in Martha’s Vineyard! Thank you for sharing. Margot, that was an incredible undertaking, I cannot find the words to describe how beautiful your work is. What a fun grandma you will be!

  35. Josie A says:


    Simply….. WOW!

  36. Deb Butler says:

    Margot is fabulous! What a talented lady! And I have “liked” her on Facebook

  37. Theresa says:

    I love Tufted Titmouse birds ! We have tons of them here in Indiana. They are very busy little creatures!
    I agree with the wow!!!! She does beautiful work !!!!

  38. Wowsers!
    I just have to say that the work your friend Margot did in the church is just STUNNING! So amazing! You are both Lucky to know and support each other in your creativity and to share and inform each other’s life.
    Everything is just beautiful and colorful and charming with you both!

  39. Paula Keeler says:

    Susan, You are so incredibly blessed with amazing female friends. Margot sounds absolutely amazing and it is no wonder both your creative souls connected. thank you for sharing your love for your friends, in such a warm style. Sending you big Alohas from Kauai!

  40. Laura S. says:

    Wow! Just. Wow! I’m in awe of Margot!

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