Daffodil Sunday and Easter are both on Sunday this year.  How perfect that they’re together! MUSICA



Our snowdrops are finally up!  I know most of you are way past the snowdrop stage, but our spring is coming very slowly this year.

I thought, since it’s almost Easter, and it really is spring, I would give you my recipe for the easiest Bunny Cake in the world, in case you need something fast, but festive, kid-centric, and of course, delicious!




Bunny cake

A couple of our Girlfriends sent photos of their finished Bunny Cakes, I thought you’d like to see ~ So creative! Dried apricots for teeth!


Bunny Cake

Love the carrot!  Mini-marshmallow teeth!  You can tell they had fun decorating! If you make one, try to post it to my Facebook Page; we’ll love to see it!

flower border

bunny cake

The great thing is the Bunny Cake doesn’t require any special equipment, just two 8″ cake pans and some jelly beans!

lambcake mold

But if you would still like to have a Lamb Cake, we have some lamb molds left in our web store.  It’s such a special cake for a Spring Tea, Mother’s Day or a Baby Shower. (Lots of lovely tried-and-true Tea Party recipes in the “Spring Tea” link ~ choose the one you like on the teapot and click on it.)

flower border



I told you Spring is coming very slowly here, this was our first day of spring on Martha’s Vineyard.Welcome to my world.


Yes, but when?


And here they are, bless their hearts, demonstrating the thwarting of reality!



snowdrops They have risen above!  I have to tell you, that cold dirt smelled like heaven! Aren’t they wonderful!  Like clockwork!


in front of the fireWe have to rise above reality too, because it is definitely not time to put away the coats and jackets.

Jack in the kitchenDespite the lovely morning light and the adorable kitty, we still need to keep the house cozy, and keep ourselves warm . . .

Joe in the warm laundry

Clean clothes, warm from the dryer, is a most delicious way to keep warm! 


And then there’s this way ~ with a mixing bowl and a 375º oven  . . . for some

home cooking


I thought I’d show you my recipe for Rhubarb Crisp.  This is not a fancy dessert, but it’s perfect for a family dinner, wonderfully seasonal, old-fashioned and delicious. And so easy!


I’ll put the recipe at the end so you can print it out.  First you make the Topping ~ with oats,  brown sugar, flour, nutmeg, cinnamon, and softened butter.



Crumble it together with your fingers until it looks like this, then set it aside.  Wasn’t that fast?  See what I mean?



Then you make the Rhubarb Filling   I measured my rhubarb stalks to give you an idea of how much to buy, each stalk was 18″ ~ the recipe calls for 5½c. chopped rhubarb ~ and we used three stalks.



I chopped them into ¾” pieces . . .


measured them . . .


And put them in a mixing bowl, along with flour, sugar, cinnamon and the zest of one orange.  Mixed well . . .


and stirred in a quarter cup of fresh squeezed orange juice.


Beautiful!  The rhubarb exuded juices and made a wonderful orangey-cinnamon sauce.


Spread the rhubarb filling into a buttered 8″ square baking dish . . . sprinkle over the topping . . .


And pop it in the oven for thirty minutes until golden brown and bubbly.

Tufted Titmouse

While the Rhubarb Crisp was baking I looked out at the feeders and found we had a visitor I hardly ever see ~ a Tufted Titmouse!  Such a cutie, with those pale peach feathers under his beak and wing and those big round eyes, not to mention the hair-do!  He’s very shy and very quick, zipped in for a seed and right out, fast as a hummingbird. I was lucky to get this picture.

watercolor flowers

Girl Kitty

Since I had the camera, I thought, Hello Girl Kitty! She’s shy too, but not so fast.


The timer went off, I pulled the bubbling hot crisp from the oven. It made the kitchen smell wonderful and kept it warm for our “spring” day that’s so much like winter it’s really hard to tell the difference. But then, I didn’t really care anymore!

cooking is an art


You can serve it hot with vanilla ice cream, or cold with whipped cream.  I made it for a dinner party ~ for our friend Peggy’s birthday.


peggy's birthday

But we also had a gluten-free guest in our midst, so we tried something new and it worked.  We made a mini ice-box cake, the kind you make with whipped cream and the thin chocolate wafer cookies?

flowers (If you’ve never made one, the Ice Box Cake was what my mom always took to Baby Showers in the 1950’s and it’s DELICIOUS.  Just spread whipped cream between Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer Cookies, stack together and cover with more cream and refrigerate for at least three hours before serving.)  In this case, we tried it with chocolate-chocolate-chip gluten-free cookies, and it really turned out good!


bunny boy somebunny


So there you go my Girlfriends. Some bunny does love you!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Happy Easter and Happy Daffodil Sunday!

Sammy and SashaI thought I’d let our Studio kitties say goodbye from California . . . on the left is Sammy, and on the right is Sasha. . . Kellee and Sheri dressed them up for St. Patrick’s Day! Aren’t they adorable?  Even better in person!

hatI also wanted to thank you for all the lovely comments for my friend Margot Datz, her darling elf, her precious gnome and the naked leprechaun ~ and her wonderful art!  There are so many talented hardworking people out there who we don’t get to hear enough about so XOXOXO to all of them too!  I especially wanted to thank you for taking the time to “like” Margot’s Facebook Page.  She has thanked me every single day, and so I have to thank YOU.  You have made the day of someone very wonderful. And mine too.  But what else is new? XOXO Love You!


8 servings                375º


  • ½ c. flour
  • ½ c. oats (regular oatmeal)
  • ¾ c. brown sugar (packed)
  • ¾ tsp. nutmeg
  • ¼ tsp. cinnamon
  • ⅓ c. butter, softened

Preheat oven to 375º.  Mix Topping ingredients together in a medium bowl.  Use fingers to make it crumbly.  Set aside and make the . . .


  • 5 ½ c. rhubarb, cut into ¾” cubes (3-5 stalks)
  • ¼ c. flour 
  • 1 c. sugar
  • ½ tsp. cinnamon
  • zest of one orange
  • ¼ c. fresh squeezed OJ

In a large bowl, mix rhubarb with the dry ingredients.  Add zest and OJ and stir well; pour into a buttered 8 x 8″ baking dish.  Sprinkle topping over rhubarb evenly.  Bake 30 minutes until bubbly and golden brown.  Serve hot with vanilla ice cream, or cold with whipped cream.

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  1. Laurie Walt says:

    Happy Easter Girlfriends!

  2. Bev Brewer says:

    Happy Easter to you and Joe from the English Rose Tea Room in Carefree, AZ. Loved the “coast to coast” kitties—and everything in between! Thank you, Susan, for sending all of us a sweet and wonderful Easter greeting.

  3. AngieTink says:

    ☆♫♡✞❀❀✰♬♡ Rise & Shine Sweet Sue! Happy Easter! & Happy Daffodil~Sunday! Yay! I’ve Been Twirling With The Easter~Bunny Under The Pink~Moon! Yay! 🙂 I Adore Today’s Musica! Bunny~Hugzzz & Kitty~Kisses To You & Joe & Girl (LOVE this Photo of Her!) & Jack! Herbster & I Are Sending Easter~Blessings & Lots Of Love Your Way! Yay! Off To Make Our Easter Feast! Eat Drink & Be Merry Everybody! xoxo Poof! ☆♫♡✞❀❀✰♬♡

  4. Robyn Brown says:

    Happy Easter! I hope your day is filled with sunshine and good things to eat.

  5. Deborah in Odessa, Tx says:

    One more comment from me……Rhubarb…memories. My grandmother had a patch in her garden. Mom did too. Loved those cobblers with fresh, thick cream. Thanks for recipes…they all look soooooooooOH Good.

    • Judy Young says:

      I haven’t been able to find rhubarb in the stores in Texas. My mother always made “stewed rhubarb” which we would eat cold with custard. Is it still in season does anyone know?

  6. Barb from Ohio says:

    Happy Easter to you and everyone out there! We are having a quiet Easter at home, not making much of a fuss, but still enjoying the day. I’m baking a piece of ham and we are having that with potato salad and deviled eggs this evening. It’s up above 60 outside,some sunshine but very windy. Hope your weather is nice and spring like. I have one bunch of mini daffodils that are blooming, so I cut some for a small vase. Others are up, but the buds are just forming.
    I copied off your Rhubarb crisp recipe to try when I get some rhubarb, it looks so delicious. Have a wonderful Easter!

  7. Mardell Lamb says:

    Hi Susan,
    Happy Easter to you and Joe. Your posts are SO refreshing. Thank you. I’ve been a bit absent in commenting. My husband (of 14 yrs.) passed away on Feb. 26. It was so sudden. Brain aneurysm. He was 45. Trying to explain this to our 10 yr. old son. It’s been tough. When you said in one of your earlier posts (I think it was in Jan.) regarding the Chinese New Year (The year of the Lamb), I posted and thought this would be my “lucky” year. Sigh.

    My little Lamb will be ok. He’s a lot stronger than I ever imagined. Thank you for your wonderful blog! It is a blessing BEYOND words. xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      Mardell, I’m so sorry, that’s such sad news. Breaks my heart to hear it. God bless you and your son, and your dear husband in heaven. xoxo

      • mary spring says:

        …your son is looking to you for strength and understanding, Mardell… ‘prayers for you and your son.. my father lost his mother when he was just eleven years old..my grandsons and granddaughter lost their father (my son ) as they are so young as well.. as Susan has said, may “God bless you and your son “..with love, as always…

        • mary spring says:

          ..dear Susan..I see that my comment to Mardell is still in moderation..once again, please be so kind as to not print it after all..I only wanted to let her know that she was not alone…your and Susie’s comment was so much better stated..btw, may you have the best birthday ever !!..a little “twitter”-ing bird tweeted that your new books have been written and turned in to be edited and that you were painting the title..’so exciting..you must be feeling so happy !!!..with love, as always…

          • sbranch says:

            I’m a little bit beside myself, it’s been a very long haul! This is the book (s) I’ve been trying so hard to write since about 2004 — I just didn’t know how! But where there’s a will there’s a way! Thank you dear Mary!

        • Mardell Lamb says:

          Hi Mary,
          Thank you for your very sweet comments. I’m saddened to hear that you lost your son also. Having children or grandchildren losing a parent is so hard. There are days I just break down (not in the presence of my little Lamb, though.) My quiet time.

          We are so blessed with Susan’s wonderful blog. It always brightens my day. You gals are so amazing here. Thank you again.

      • Mardell Lamb says:

        Oh Susan,
        Thank you. Your blog keeps me going. It is truly a blessing; as YOU are as well. I imagine the weather in Smallville is sunny and springy. I hope so anyway. It is here in WNY. I thought we’d never see the end of snow. Looking forward to seeing flower pictures and more kitties. Never get sick of those. Hugs to you!

        • sbranch says:

          It is Mardell, Smallville is brimming over with cool spring breeze today. We walked to the opening without any jackets or hats at all, our first time! Sending love xoxoxo

    • My sincere and heart felt condolences Mardell on your husband’s passing.

      • Mardell Lamb says:

        Thank you, Susie. I appreciate it. One day at a time…

        Rocky Point sounds like such a nice place to live!

    • Deborah in Odessa, Tx says:

      My heartfelt condolences. Treasure your memories. they will truly help you as you share them with each other and others. I am so sorry.

      • Mardell Lamb says:

        Hi Deborah,
        We’ve been treasuring many memories. We laugh through tears; as my husband was a big jokester. Always pulling something on someone. Never a dull moment when he was here. Hard now, it’s so quiet. But yes, we are clinging to those fun times.

        Thank you so much.

    • Judy H in FL says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband in December and I am feeling your pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son as you go through this. Cling to what is “normal” in a time when nothing seems normal. For me it is Susan’s blog. God bless.

      • Mardell Lamb says:

        Thank you, Judy. I’m also sorry to learn of your husband’s passing. I am trying to cling on to what’s “normal” for my little Lamb’s sake. It’s hard. Sometimes I think he’s stronger than I am.

        Again, thank you & blessings to you.

    • Margot }~~~O @ Virginia Beach says:

      With sincerest sympathy Mardell, to you and your son!!! My prayers are with you.

      • Susan Joy says:

        Dear Mardell,
        I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son. I’m glad that you find comfort in Susan’s blog. My husband is very, very ill and I often come here for a little sunshine even on a gloomy day.
        May God bless you and your family.

  8. Pamala B says:

    I love seeing the birds!

  9. Deb says:

    Thank you for your “springy” Easter post. I, too, love your yellow bowl — in fact a lot of the things I see in the pics of your house speak to me! And it makes me laugh every time I see one of the kitties sitting on your table or counter. I spend half my life pretending that my cats don’t sit on the counter! You have brought so much laughter to my life through the sharing you do on your blog. Many times it’s been just the thing I needed to get me through some rough times lately. Thank you for your generosity in sharing so much of your life. I wonder if you have any idea how you brighten up the world?

  10. nellie says:

    Dear, dear Sue! I am late with these wishes for a wonderful Easter! It has been a glorious day here, and I hope it has been the same there.

    Rhubarb Crisp is a favorite here, but I have never been able to find fresh rhubarb that looks as good as what you have!

    Love the recommended way for keeping warm in your cold weather!

    Such sweet kitties in your California studio!

    Spring is coming! Green growth through the snow give the sign!

    xo Nellie

  11. Deb Butler says:

    Thank you for the Rhubarb Crisp recipe! My Grandma used to make the best! I’m sure your recipe will be just as good. oxo Deb

  12. Cathy Dupuis says:

    We are still very cold in central NH feels as if spring will never come. I guess when it does come it will be all the sweeter.

  13. Cyndee Randall says:

    Oh, Susan! Snowdrops! We received the gift of a day of snow for Easter Eve in out Northern Maine community. We have at least two feet of snow still on the ground. But, the robins have arrived! Loved the Tea Party link. I am getting ready yo host a bees & honey tea in a few weeks. Such fun. I am thinking about serving a childhood favorite: peanut butter and honey sandwiches!

  14. Margot }~~~O @ Virginia Beach says:

    Easter was simple and nice. I shared some old tasty treats that I had growing up with my husband. I didn’t do any of my own baking. Maybe later in Spring. BTW where did Spring go again??? Easter morning was 47 and we had ice on the car windshield!!! Never in the 10 Easters that I have been here did I have ice on my windshield.
    Spring…Spring…Spring…Summer…Winter…Spring……Mother Nature is in menopause I guess!

  15. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Whoopee! Instead of Snowdrops (love those sweet flowers), we had a snowstorm in the Sierras on Easter! And, rain here in the valley! Poured buckets just as our little ones found the last hidden eggs outside! Expecting more! Rain & snow, not eggs! Sweet blog for Easter, thank you! I’m going to look for rhubarb, and make your crisp recipe, mmm-mmm, & I’ll share with Mom, we’ll love it! xoxoxo

  16. Jack says:

    Happy National Carmelized Popcorn Day !

    • Chris Wells In Knickerbocker, W TX says:

      Popcorn! It’s really good with Kale. Have you tried it? 🙂

    • Margot }~~~O @ Virginia Beach says:

      Oh no…I missed it Blog Daddy. Remember when SEARS had carmel corn at the front door??? We got it on the way out. It smelled wonderful!

    • Joan Lesmeister says:

      Right back attya Jack! Yummy day! xoxo

    • Marty from NYC says:

      For those who missed the broader National Popcorn Day on January 19th!

      What would we all do without a word from you, Jack to put a smile on everyone’s face.

      Naturally I mean no disrespect to the truly observant followers of the day! Marty

  17. Margie says:

    Love, love, LOVE the pictures of the snow drops and other flowers in your latest posting. ALSO — a belated FOUR THUMBS UP to your fabulous friend Margot Datz. Wow, such work that goes into her creations. I was getting dizzy just looking at the huge murals she does – so very intricate. Kudos to her (and yourself!!!) for following your bliss and staying true to yourselves! You both have truly inspired me!!! Thank you …. Margie

  18. Brenda says:

    Happy Easter, Susan. This really has nothing to do with your lovely post, but I was just going through some Scottish information. No doubt you are researching for your trip to the Highlands. Don’t forget to check out Birnam where there is a Beatrix Potter display and gardens commemorating the time she spent in Scotland.

  19. laurie says:

    mmmm, that looks delicious,, the photos are always such a treat, our rhubarb is still under snow, a faint memory but now enlightened with this lovely recipe! The kitty photos are so sweet and I love warm clothes as much as my cats did, they would always be ready to help when a fresh load came in, I love to put my nightie on warm from the dryer,,,,I hope you are well, and Joe, enjoy spring!

  20. Edel Mulligan says:

    Susan I love snowdrops too. My mum calls them “such brave little souls” and she is 94 so she has seen a lot of Springtimes come and go. I love your blog and send you warm wishes from Ireland., fairy wishes and leprauchaun frolics.

  21. Happy Easter to you, Joe and the Kitties!!
    I just love the photos you take and the joy you put in each day.
    Have a blessed week,

  22. Judy H in FL says:

    Kitty pictures always make me smile. I can’t have a cat right now but my neighbor says anytime I want to hug a kitty just come over. Isn’t that sweet?

  23. AngieTink says:

    ☆♬♬♪♡♡☆❁✿❀✩Good~Morning Sweet Sue! Hey I Think Those Pesky~Gremlins Got Me Again! lol Yikes! I Think I Posted a Comment Very Early Easter~Morning & I saw “Awaiting~Moderation” & Now It Seems as if it Vanished! Poof! 😉 so Just a New Note To say I Hope Your Easter & Daffodil~Sunday was Truly~Scrumptious! Ours Was a Yummy Fun Day! & Today is Our Taylor’s Birthday ( I Tweeted You This Morning) Our Beautiful Grand~Daughter is 11 Years Old Can You Believe it? 🙂 April 7th for Her & April 12th for You My “April~Loves” 🙂 so Happy Easter Happy Spring Happy Birthday & Happy Everything! Yay! 🙂 Hugzzz & Love to You & Joe Sweet Sue & Jack & Girl! (I Love This Pic of Girl~Kitty!) Purrrrrrrrrrrrr & Meow! xoxo Poof!☆♬♬♪♡♡☆❁✿❀✩ P.S. Have You Checked The Real~Mail Lately???? 😉

  24. Jennie Lou says:

    Thank you for the rhubarb recipe. Yesterday we took a drive through the Puyallup Valley and saw the first rhubarb of the season being harvested, and can’t wait to have a tasty crisp after supper! This weekend is the Daffodil Festival, with the Grand Floral Parade that begins in downtown Tacoma, Washington, then moves to Puyallup, then Sumner then Orting – every town has crowds along Main Street and every town gets to cheer their Daffodil Princess and their High School Marching Band! Rain or shine, everyone will salute Old Glory, applaud the floats and be amazed at what can be done with hundreds of thousands of daffodils. It is a chance to gather up friends and families, say hello to neighbors and welcome another spring. I wish you and all the girlfriends could be here for this wonderful event! Almost every family in the Valley has a former Princess or Daffodil Queen in their number (my neighbor was Queen the year we graduated from High School, but I won’t say when). Happy Spring everyone!

  25. sue welborn says:

    looks so yummy!!! I am enjoying your wonderful illustrations as usual Susan!! Our blooming of the “Bradford Pears” is over, now our redbuds are in bloom, and our daffodils are starting to wane…boohoo…spring just doesn’t last long enough!!! But the dogwoods are now also starting to show up everywhere here in lovely Maryville, Tenn!!! Take care and keep those happy photos coming! Lots of nice soft rain, that my gardens are appreciating!! Love the snowdrops, mine popped up, but no blooms??? Not cold enough???

  26. Donna says:

    The rhubarb recipe looks wonderful! I have never tasted rhubarb so this gives me a reason to do so!!!

  27. Pat Johnson says:

    Oh, my – I just got to your blog and Easter is past – but my, did I ever enjoy coming here!! The food looked divine and kitties looked oh-so-happy-and-warm but the VERY BEST EVER was Joe and the dryer clothes!!!! Made me laugh until I hurt!! You did it once again, my dear Susan – made my day and you always do it so well. We got rain in Paso Robles today and it POURED for a fairly long time – that is FABULOUS!! And then it stopped, clouds floated to the North and blue sky with sun came shining through. I will not have to water for about a week!! Oh….and it is a bit cold. Just finished watching “Into The Woods” and found it to be very entertaining – would have loved to see it on Broadway! If you haven’t seen it, you might try it. The best to both of you and wishing you a speedy Spring with lots of flowers and birds and joyful walks to the beach. Hugs galore………Pat

  28. Leslie Gammelgaard says:

    Your snowdrops are darling and certainly a welcome encouragement for your late arriving spring. Our Spring in the NW has popped a month early. It’s beautiful but seems odd. Makes me wonder what will happen to Summer! I’m definitely making your Rhubarb Crisp…YUM! I use Mama’s Almond Blend flour (order on Amazon). No one will ever know it’s gluten free! You can use it for your cakes, cookies, waffles too. Enjoy!

  29. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi Susan! So very happy to see that Spring has sprung on MV. Know it was a long time coming this year… my wonderful husband thanks you from the bottom of his heart because he loves rhubarb and this crisp was an extra special delight for him.. I was late getting it all together as I had a nasty run in with a kidney stone that absolutely laid me up for several days. Back at it now and catching up on everything. Hope spring is still blooming for you.. the flowers are out and the trees are wild with their blooms..beautiful here… enjoy it all!!! Love, cindy
    ps…I have always chuckled at that picture of Joe.. love it!!

  30. Happy Spring Susan and Friends!

    Love the picture of Joe with the warm laundry, it made me laugh and crave some warmth myself. 🙂
    The bunny and lamb cakes fill me with the joy of Spring, thanks so much for sharing them.
    Come on and grow little snowdrops, grow!
    Hugs to you all and to the kits as well!

  31. Margaret Harke says:

    Even though Daffodil Sunday is over this poem is still as timely as ever. Thank you William Wordsworth. thereadersnook.com/2015/04/author-birthday-scar-reads-the-poetry-of-wordsworth.html

  32. Cindy K. Beranek from PA says:

    Dear Susan, Spring holds a special day for you!!!!! I send you a humble and heart felt HAPPY BIRTHDAY a little early!!!!! I did not want to forget!!!!! Hope your BIRTHDAY BRINGS YOU AS MUCH JOY & HAPPINESS AS YOU GIVE TO US YOUR “GIRLFRIENDS” EACH DAY!!!!!!!!!!! I look and search for a card to mail you but can not find any to equal your talent!!!!!!!!!! HOPE YOU BOTH HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!! Lovely SPRING post!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE CA KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Deborah in Odessa, Tx says:

    I have been catching up….reading all your past posts. Love them……now…..as if you don’t have enough going on…..but…..uhhmmm….the Breakfast Book….I hope you haven’t forgotten. I thought it had already been published….see I have been hunting. I have almost all of your books. The Girlfriends book has been given to my closet friends. I had to buy 2 of the Sweets to the Sweet books, my darling 7 yr. old grand-daughter had to have her very own. We are big fans here..lol. So looking forward to all your new publications. Thank you.

    • sbranch says:

      I haven’t forgotten, it just got interrupted by other things. I’ll get back to it one of these days!

  34. lin rader says:

    Love your living room, cozy as the quilts! All that is missing is a spring banner across your fireplace. Best of all is Jack curling up on the sofa back! Kitty children are the sweetest. Your kitchen resembles mine, so I always feel at home when you are creating in there. We shall continue to watch for the daffodils. Love from Me to You!

  35. Marie (Long Beach, California) says:

    Another beautiful post! Hope your Easter was wonderful! Thank you for all the “eye candy” with your flowers, cake, fires in the fireplace, kitties, Joe, rhubarb crisp, and more kitties! Enjoyed it all! With love and joy! ♥

  36. Mary in Phoenix says:

    Happy Birthday Weekend!!! “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Special wishes coming your way from Arizona 🙂 xoxo P.S. April is the BEST month for birthdays … sweet peas and diamonds ♥ I celebrate mine with the Queen herself 🙂

  37. Laurie, Nico's Mom says:

    Happy upcoming birthday, Sue! My mom and I share this birthday month with you. Also, her sister, a favourite aunt of mine, now sadly gone, her daughter and granddaughter all had April birthdays! We called ourselves the April girls!
    Our seven bunnies are recuperating after all the exercise they got delivering Easter eggs last weekend.

  38. Happy birthday Susan! May all your birthday wishes come true!

  39. Sara says:

    Hey, Susan, I can’t believe it’s taken me eight days to respond to your blog! Ridiculous! It’s all those lambs on Twitter that are occupying way too much of my time! Your snowdrops are lovely! I’ve never seen them close up, so I had no idea they are green and white in the center…so pretty! I plan on planting lots of them this fall.

    I love your yellow bowl with the daisies on it. Is it a certain pattern/company? The way you arranged the ingredients in the two bowls was so artistic, but then why am I surprised? You’re an artist! By the way, I noticed that the towels on the stove pre-baking and post-baking were switched. I have no idea why I noticed that, but when I saw the second picture, I instinctively scrolled back to the first stove picture and there it was–switched towels! Ha!

    I love how you share your life, Susan… so thoughtful you are about what you write, and I love seeing you and your hubs having fun as evidenced by Joe swathed in fresh-from-the-dryer clothes! Was that his idea or yours? 🙂

    It’s finally getting green here, but nothing has bloomed except the crocus. However, there are buds on the daffodils, and everything else in the flower beds is starting to pop up. Doesn’t this poem by Lilja Rogers describe perfectly our long prelude to spring this year?

    First a howling blizzard woke us,
    Then the rain came down to soak us,
    And now before the eye can focus —
    Crocus. 🙂

    Happy Springtime, Susan! 🙂 Sara 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      I dropped the clothes on him and he cuddled right into them! I’ve painted that quote in calendars Sara, yes, it’s perfect! Especially for today, bright sunshine here on the island and heading toward fifty degrees.

  40. chris consentino says:

    happppppy birthday to youuuuuu!!!!! happpppy birthday to youuuuu!!!! I did use “real” mail last year, but cannot find the appropriate address this time.so sorry!!!! yikes!!!! I guess I NEED one of YOUR awfully cute & wonderful address-books!!!! do have a GREAT day, and MANY happy, healthy returns-of-the-day!!!! obviously, we all love your dearly, and thank-you….for being you!!!! now HOW could we give better b-day presents than that?????????? keep on keeping on!! enjoy the springing-of-spring!! we all need it this year. all love and VERY best wishes!!!! xo

  41. Judy in Ohio says:


    It’s your birthday, Susan…MAKE A WISH!! 😀

    Here is hoping your day and your year is ALL
    that YOU hope for …and MORE!

    Thank you for filling the world with sunshine
    and thank you for the SMILE that you always
    give us when we come here.

    Wishing you a smile all day long …
    just like the ones you give to us!!!

    And remember:
    “We turn not older with years
    but newer every day.”
    ~ Emily Dickinson

    God bless you, dear friend, today and always!

    (And Happy Birthday (anniversary) dear Gladys Taber!) 🙂



  42. judi says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Sue! xoxo judi

  43. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Susan – sung with much joy and gusto! Blessings, good health, & much success, for a wonderful coming year! Enjoy your very special day! xoxoxoxo

  44. Jack says:

    Marty from NYC –thank you for your genuine interest …. And I’m sure you will appreciate
    today being National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day , also . You can eat the sandwich and throw the kale at the wall

  45. Regina Carretta says:

    Susan – you may have already posted in the past about Edith Holden and her garden sketches….I searched for a reference to her in “A Fine Romance” and didn’t find it..wondered if she had a house/garden that people could visit in Olton, Warwickshire and if you indeed visited…I just wanted to send her name and her book title “The Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady” to you and get your comments on her drawings….she made her first diary entry Jan. 1, 1906…..there is a book that was published in 1977, called “a facsimile reproduction of a naturalist’s diary”…I thought of you, and feel that you must already know of her…..

  46. Judi Davis says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Susan!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day! Love all of your work.

    Also, is there any chance that you will be getting any more of the girlfriends charms back in? I so desperately want to purchase the pink girlfriends charm. Thanks for any info.

  47. Sending sunny Birthday Wishes, dear Susan! Our teacups are overflowing with happiness this morning as we all celebrate with you! We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Have a wonderful day!
    Sweet hugs,

  48. Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Susan!

    I’m so glad for the gift of your presence to us in this world — your life adds so much beauty and wonder and grace to our lives. THANK YOU!

    Wishing you a beautiful day of celebration and a year ahead filled with lots of new adventures, dreams and ‘continuous small treats’.

    Hugs and blisses,
    Brenda xox

  49. sandy says:

    today is Susan’s birthday,,,yea, yea, yea–may it be a verrrry happy one! you give so many so much happiness, may it be multiplied back to you dear Sue 🙂 xox

    • sbranch says:

      It was WONDERFUL, I have lots to share, but no time right now, I’ll be back soon, thank you all for the wonderful wishes! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO (and many more!)

  50. Helen says:

    Happy Birthday! I always remember because my amazing Jennifer was born on the same day

  51. Laurie Walt says:

    Happy happy birthday to one of the most selfless women I know… and Love! Love.

  52. Lynn Cunningham says:

    Lately, I’ve been a day late and a dollar short for everything it seems ~ but I couldn’t let today go by without wishing you a wonderful birthday! Hope it’s filled with all of your most favorite things, and may that joy be reflected throughout your coming year. April 12th was a very good day as far as I’m concerned ~ gifting us with you and Gladys Taber (and my favorite cousin, Iris). A big (((HUG))) for each of you!

    The picture of Joe encased in warm laundry cracked me up, and the yummy looking rhubarb dessert made my mouth water! Along with blackberry pie, it’s probably my favorite treat.

    Have a wonderful week, sweet Susan, beginning with a delightful birthday!

  53. Happy birthday, dear Susan!! How cool is it that you and Gladys Taber share a birthday! Lovely post, as always! Hope you’re getting some warmer temps today!

  54. Evie Tong says:

    Happy Happy Birthday
    Susan Branch …. you certainly deserve a very fine day and the month of April!
    You’ve given us many ideas, loving inspirations and great JOY!
    Thank you for being you, you, YOU!
    Aloha from San Diego, Evie

  55. Sue (from Michigan) says:

    Hoping that your birthday was delightful from beginning to end and that you experience the warmth and joy that you share with all of us!

  56. Carol from PA says:

    Happy Birthday, Susan! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day celebrating!! You are a blessing to the world!!!

  57. Phoebe says:

    HaPpYhApPyHaPpY Birthday to YOooUuu!!!
    Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful spring day!

  58. Chris Wells In Knickerbocker, W TX says:

    Happy Belated BirthdaySusan! I have my mom here and her birthday is Wednesday. She will be 92! She and I pulled weeds yesterday and planted tomatoes and peppers. That woman is too amazing! She is like the energizer bunny! She wears me out…I swear she can still out work me and she still beats me at 500 Rummy.
    Hope your birthday was wonderful!
    We love you!

  59. Marty from NYC says:

    Hello Dear Susan:

    As it is too late for birthday wishes, I will just say have the happiest year that you can imagine! — and we certainly have a glimpse at what you can imagine and create. Good health and much joy along the way. Marty

  60. Jackie P says:

    You were on my mind yesterday:


    Hope it was delightful. Finally spring has sprung and we have just a teeney bit of snow left in the back pasture. Bird song abundant. Best wishes to you.


  61. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday DEAR Susan, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!! May 2015 be your BEST year ever…..you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Rosanne Murphy (Oregon) says:

    Happy Birthday to the girl who is everybody’s best girlfriend! It’s a big job, but you do it with style and heart! Blessings and love.

  63. Susan Joy says:

    Happy Birthday!

  64. Susan on Bainbridge Island, Washington state says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUSAN! I am a day late and am sorry! I have been up to my eyeballs with other things and haven’t dropped in to see you for a few days… I hope, with all my heart, that you had a marvelous birthday with your family and friends….When you come up for air, we all would love to hear about it…. Again, wishing you the best for this next year: a ton of laughter, the love of family and friends, good health, safe travels and peace within yourself….bless you for being you. From my island to yours..xo

  65. Cora says:

    Oh no- I am late in wishing you a very Happy Birthday! So I will just say ,” Thank you for all the sharing of your creativity. May you be blessed with continued good health to pursue your dreams. Happy Birthday “

  66. Sylvia in Seattle says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 SUE

  67. Hi Susan,

    We were out of town for a very long Easter weekend and I didn’t get to see your blog post. I was wondering if you’ve posted anything lately and I just went to take a look and was sooo excited to see the photo of our Easter Bunny cake! Thank you so much for including it! This was a great project and fun to make with my daughter (it’s the one with the marshmallow teeth). And yummy too 🙂

    Happy Spring!

  68. Heidi from Issaquah, WA says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Susan! Hope you had an extraordinarily, amazing day! I just wanted to share with you a really cute song sung by a man named Jimmie Rodgers called “English country Garden”. Have you heard it before? The video shows lots of beautiful gardens, too! Here’s the link: youtube.com/watch?v=9H9IojB9iYY
    Enjoy! 🙂

  69. Karen Saunders says:

    I never in my life met rhubarb until I was an adult and my Mom made a Rhubarb Custard Pie. Talk about a ‘face-plant’!! OMG!! It was so good!! I couldn’t eat enough of it! Other than the pie I never remember eating it growing up. But I have to say…anything with the word custard in it I’m going to eat!! Ha!

  70. Lori C. says:

    Hi Susan! I just ordered The Cottage Tales Of Beatrix Potter (Books 1 – 3) – are they wonderful? I can’t wait to get them! Spring reads!!!

    • sbranch says:

      They are very sweet! Let’s you hang around the Lake District (in book form), and what’s better than that!

  71. Susan Mill says:

    I know you belong to the Gladys Tabor group. My mom passes away and had a complete first editions set of her books (I believe 1 or 2 are signed). If you know of anyone who would like them, please let me know. Thanks. Make your Easter Bunny cake and my nephews loved it!! thanks for the great recipes.

  72. Deb says:

    Susan and Girlfriends,
    I am watching The Help and Aibileen’s stove is just like Susan Branch’s stove!!!

  73. Diane Harris says:

    Dear Susan,

    I hope that you are well. I’m missing hearing from you on your blog. Hoping you are in the garden and can’t drag yourself to the computer after being cooped up all winter!

    Your pal,
    Diane Marie

  74. Lynn Cooper says:

    Where are you? We have not heard from you in over three weeks? Is everything okay?

  75. Susie Cook says:

    Are you ok? It’s been a month almost since your last blog. Even though I enjoy it every time, I keep reading this same blog over and over again. I hope everything is okay with you!!

    • sbranch says:

      Everything is good Susie, thank you for asking, I’ll be back soon, just staying focused on the new book (s)! xoxo Miss everyone!

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