YOU and ME and LOUISA, makes THREE

Hi Girlfriends!  Yes!  I had a wonderful birthday, thank you so much for all your well-wishes!  I’m still having it!  Friday is a Girl-Party Lunch on opening-day-for-the-season of a restaurant at the golf course and all the guys are coming too. The birthday that will not end! MUSICA  I heard this on my birthday in the car on the way to lunch and I haven’t been able to stop singing it since, thought I’d spread the wealth.


balloonsSpring has sprung, bo-yo-ying around here!  It’s so wonderful to have an April birthday! Look at my flowers! Gorgeous! This is why I love birthdays.  My mom called, my dad, my brothers and sisters, my friends.  That’s my favorite thing, those calls. ♥  My cup runneth over.

Parrot tulips

These parrot tulips are from my friend Marjorie. We do have daffodils just about to pop in the garden, but it’s still very very early spring.  Lovely sun and around 60* today, but no flowers except on my kitchen table.

Gerbera daisy

Even a gerbera daisy for my little vase ~ still can’t believe Joe found this little blue bottle in the hole he dug out back for our dogwood tree. People ask me where I got it, I say it came with the house. I don’t know which I like better, the dogwood, or this little bottle!  (OK, the tree, but only by a hair.)

birthday party


We went for a walk on my birthday and it was gorgeous out there.  This probably doesn’t look that great to you, winter worn sunand still no leaves, but it was heaven ~ cool breeze but nice warmish sun. When you’ve been indoors for a long time, there aren’t words for how fresh it all seems. Smell of ocean, thawing ground, blue sky, and the birds have lost their little pea-picking minds! Chasing each other through the trees ~ singing so loud, we have to stop the whole way out and look to see what they are up to.


My walk is my best “thinking place.”  I try to remember to carry pencil and paper with me so if an idea pops into my head, I can write it down and not forget. When I get home I run to the studio to see how it fits into my writing.


to the water

 This day we ended up laying flat on the cold sand (in coat and jacket, very cozy, it’s not summer yet!), letting the sun bore into us for about ten glorious minutes, listening to the sound of the waves, the wind and the peeps of the birds, watching the sky ~ of course I had a thought I wanted to write down ~ I dug around and found a pen, but neither of us had any paper! (Or phones either!)

notesThat’s when a white seashell comes in very handy!

Progress on the book (because you’ve been so patient about the blogging part  which I love you for, very, very much!) has been good! This is the longest story I’ve ever written ~ in order to get all the photos in, it has to be two books. I get so excited I can’t stop ~ when I’m in writing mode, I try to stay focused and not do anything else but write.  But both books are done and at the copy editor as of April 12th!  He’ll have them for a month, in the meantime, I’ll be doing the watercolors for them.  I’m trying so hard to get them to you by Christmas, but I still have a ton of artwork to do.  My birthday has jumped between me and my paintbrush this week, but soon I’ll be free to burrow down and focus again.

Tickle-me pink  Once I got going, these books pretty much fell out of me.  They’re not exactly memoirs because I changed a few things to susan branch diariesprotect the innocent (mostly me of course :-), but they are  fact-based ~ on the diaries I’ve kept since I was in my twenties ~ I would say it’s an 87% true story, at least “semi” autobiographical and a novel rather than a memoir, two novels! I think you will love them. Remember Diana, my best friend in A Fine Romance?  Remember how funny she was?  Well, she and I laugh all the way through the new books. It’s so hard for me not to tell you the whole story.  But I want it to be a surprise so tell me to shut up.

birthday party

susan branch 2016 wall calendar

Thank you. I needed that. 🙂 And this was waiting for me on my Birthday too. The color preview of the new 2016 wall-calendar ~ also, the mini, the purse calendar, the magnet and the desk blotter calendars came too. Everything bright and shiny and new.  We should have them by the end of July if not sooner.  And even more good news, Kellee called to tell me . . .

reasons to go on living

that REASONS TO GO ON LIVING prints have come in and are in the web store.  I think she announced it on Facebook, but I promised I’d tell you when we got them.  

And, you may be asking, what did I want for my birthday? You can  see it was already a Red Letter Day ~ but my special birthday present was . . .

IMG_0683This.  I wanted to go to Louisa May Alcott’s house and take you with me.  So that’s exactly what we did yesterday.  Joe and I packed the car for a day trip along the backroads to Concord, MA ~ a town famous for lots of reasons, probably number one, because it’s where the first conflict of the Revolutionary War took place. And, it’s also famous for Orchard House (c. 1690), the house where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women.

birthday party



Speaking of memoirs that turn into novels; we learned so much on our visit . . . for one thing, Little Women is 87% true too ~ Louisa changed names, places, and times to make it more of a “story,” but it was truly based on her life, friends and family. It was so much fun learning about her real sisters and seeing how much they had in common with the characters, Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth.


And here at the front door, you can see the perfect reflection of spring . . . tiny leaves about to burst.


In the orchard, one or two of these brave flower souls.

spring fever


Louisa’s dad made this “desk” for her ~ this is where she wrote Little Women.  It was considered quite something in 1865 for a woman to have a desk of her own. I am so glad she did!

“Every few weeks she would shut herself up in her room, put on her scribbling suit, and fall into a vortex as she expressed it, writing away at her novel with all her heart and soul, for till that was finished she could find no peace.”   Louisa May Alcott

flower border

The table where Jane worked

But look at this desk, it’s even smaller, this is where Jane Austen wrote during the most prolific time of her life in early 1800’s.  At this tiny desk.  I don’t know how these girls did it. I always ask, “How did they do it, were there piles of paper all around them on the floor?”  But no one knows.

flower border

susan branch studio

 This is where I write . . . I live in the Paperless Society, my trash is full and my floors are always covered with little bits and piles of book everywhere that we all have to step around. With all this space I have no excuses for not getting it done! One thing Louisa and I have in common, until I get it done, I will find no peace either.

flower border

working in the living room

My work in the paperless world leaks out of the studio to the back of the sofa and right now, the table in the living room is covered with photo albums!  Jack is king of the room, everything he surveys is his. I don’t know how he gets up there!

flower border


This was my favorite thing at Orchard House, that owl over the fireplace in Louisa’s bedroom (where the desk is too). Her sister May (the artist, Amy, in Little Women) painted it.  When she was young, the Alcott’s encouraged May to draw anywhere in the house she wanted to, many walls are adorned with her art. She also painted the flowers next to Louisa’s desk.


Louisa collected owls. Isn’t this just the most wonderful thing?!

May Alcott at Orchard House

Besides line drawings, there are also some amazingly beautiful framed pieces belonging to May. She was quite highly regarded.  BTW, Those are needlepointed foot warmers on each side of the fireplace; the tops come off and you fill them with coals!


Almost everything in the house actually belonged to the family.  You are seeing the real thing when you go to Orchard House.

alcott dishes

A cupboard in the kitchen.


They made the house so homey.  It opened to the public in 1911 ~ keeping all of the history and originality has been a work of love for over a hundred years, for generations.

alcott quilt

This quilt was on Marmee’s Bed, she made it.  And they did call their mother Marmee.


Louisa’s sewing box, with needles and thread. 


And Beth’s piano.  Not really.  But when I came in this room, tears came in my eyes.   The piano belongs to Louisa’s real sister, Elizabeth.  Like Beth, Elizabeth died very young at only age 16.

piano at orchard house

That’s Elizabeth in the picture. It’s all seems to come alive.

from the Concord Museum

I think I will stop there.  Next time I want to show you some of the houses in Concord because they are GORGEOUS.  This scene is actually a model made in 1930 . . . we saw it in the Concord Museum, so there’s lots more.

Birthday game

This is the birthday game my girlfriends and I play ~ we call it the “Ring Thing.”  We drop our rings over the candles, light them and then everyone gets to make a wish.  Let’s do that girls, let’s all make a wish.  Think of a wonderful wish, I’ll count to ten.  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  OK, now very slowly, close your eyes and make your dearest birthday wish . . . and send all of your lovely thoughts right to heaven along with mine. XOXO 

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604 Responses to YOU and ME and LOUISA, makes THREE

  1. Sonya Hewes says:

    I was beginning to think that my email had gotten lost on the list, but you have been very busy! So thrilled for the new book!

  2. SUSAN DOANE says:

    Been checking every week for YOUR post and glad to see you back. Loved the cameo ring. I have one that my grandmother bought for me for my 8th grade graduation and now I am almost 60 and still treasure it.
    Would love to be a Fairy Tale Winner!!

  3. Terri Smith says:

    What a fun giveaway! I would love to read your new book- It sound delightful! Thanks for your blog and your lovely artwork- I really enjoy them so much!

  4. Rose Utterback says:

    Dear Susan: I dearly love your blogs–the beautiful photos and delightful comments, AND the kitties. Your home and yard are so adorable. What a lovely place to live near the ocean. Good Luck on completing your “Fairy Tale” and the next book. It sounds like you live a fairy tale life.

  5. Loretta says:

    I can’t wait fir your book to come out and want to pre order. I love fairy tales and I’m sure I will love yours By the way I love your cats. I use to breed Persians and still have 2 . I kept 9 originally.

  6. Dianne Vanderwende says:

    Oh another two books to stay up late reading! Can’t wait… please pick me for the drawing, that would make it even more special.

  7. Mimi Rendish says:

    Dear Susan,

    TY very much for giving us a peek into what we can look forward to. I love fairy tales with Prince Charming, Hearts and Flowers, and especially Love! You’re the Best for writing this all down so we can Dream.


  8. Sally J Penning says:

    I love it that you are writing a book full of flowers and whatever fits your fancy! Please add me to your list!
    Until we meet again,

  9. Barbara Harris says:

    First, what a surprise! Both kitties in one photo!! And they were both posed so nicely. The spring photos are such a soul pleasing treasure. I miss my dogwood and forsythia. Lastly, but best news of all, The Fairy Tale Girl book that you have been working on – it will be interesting to see photos in a novel. But if the book(s) are based on your diaries, they can be nothing but delightful. Thank you for all your gifts even though it was your birthday (and Mother’s Day).

  10. linda M says:

    Oh Susan—-you always make my day.No matter how i feel,no matter what i am doing,i must stop to read your email.
    Thanks for just being you…. Love ,your Connecticut Friend,Linda Matera

  11. linda Matera says:

    Hi Susan,Thank you for your lovely emails.No matter how i feel,no matter what i am doing,i must stop & read & watch what Susan has in store for me next.

    Thank you for just being you.Love,Linda Matera(your Connecticut friend)

  12. Jessica says:

    Oh Susan,
    I really loved A Fine Romance & Fairytale Girl sounds delicious 😉
    I could not think of a nicer gift than to have a book signed by you to join A Fine Romance on my bedside table. AFR always brings back wonderful memories of travelling in England with my daughter when I dip in & out of it-although we stayed at Hostels & not lovely places like you did!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a copy of your new book.
    Regards, Jessica from AUSTRALIA

  13. Lexy Lawrence says:

    I’m a person of few words…I’m giving the many left to you because I know you will use them with a loving heart, timeless hope and a great “fairy tale” for us all.

  14. allison says:

    Spring has sprung-you are a fabu artist-made your crab cakes last week-yum

  15. Lynn Richmond says:

    So wonderful to get the spring update complete with the news of the date of the release of “The Fairytale Girl.” Loved seeing Jack and Girl again!

    In Tennessee we are headed into summer – complete with warmer temperatures and humidity!

    Congratulations on completing the new book.

  16. Karen says:

    I would be THRILLED to receive a signed copy of your new book!!!

  17. Heather Mathieu says:

    Hello Susan from Ontario,Canada!
    I am loving your creative ideas and thoughts and can’t wait for your new books. Thank you for the inspiration that helps me follow my heart.

  18. Jill smith says:

    Love seeing spring on the vineyard! Can’t wait for the new book

  19. Mary Anne says:

    That noise you’ve been hearing coming from across the sound was me – worriedly finger tapping as I wondered “Where IS she???” as if you were a teenager out past curfew 🙂
    Happy to see everything is fine! The news of a new book ( and then another!) makes up for the worry you caused :). I would love to be a winner of a treasured signed copy of The Fairy Tale Girl. (The truth is I’d buy it anyway! But having your autograph inside would be so nice!)
    Mary Anne

  20. Happy Spring Susan,
    I always enjoy reading your uplifting emails/blog and of course, I would love to receive your new book.
    I find the wedding dress on the cover, to be so beautiful and old English/early American ..1900″s?..delicious. I am wondering where you found this lovely dress to use on the cover…or, did you conjure it up from your dreams and paint it.?..knowing you are a talented painter of loveliness.
    Hoping in Ct.
    Gerri Keating

  21. Charlene says:

    I was wondering if I had just missed emails! I would love to have your new book, I thoroughly enjoyed A Fine Romance.
    Thank you for the chance!

  22. Betty Wimmer says:

    Everytime I read one of your books or your blog……it just make me “feel good”. Thank you for that.

  23. Elaine Anne Smith says:

    Fairy tales do come true. I met my American sweetheart in England and now live in Upstate New York at the foot of the Adirondack Hills in a beautiful little valley with a wonderful garden, fascinating wildlife, all the delights of nature abound. Yes, I came all the way from England to marry the man of my dreams. I became Mrs Smith. As a young girl I believed there were fairies at the bottom of my garden and had delightful adventures in search of them. There are fairies at the bottom of everyone’s gardens, the secret is knowing where to look for them. I am still in love with the English countryside and equally in love with my home here in America. You have a wonderful way of telling about the delights in your life. Oh, to have that same ability. Lobg live our daily loves and delights.

  24. Bobbi says:

    Be still my heart…can’t wait!! 🙂

  25. Kate says:

    Keep those books coming, congratulations.

  26. Susan Rozier says:

    So happy you’re writing a fairytale book!! What would our life be like without them?Thank you for bringing so much happiness to our lives through your blog, books, and beautiful artwork:)

  27. Teresa G., Lafayette, CA. says:

    Spectacularly lovely! I made a wish on your birthday cupcake ~ thank you! 🙂

  28. Patricia Ruehle says:

    Dear Susan,
    It is so “heartwarmingly” good to receive your update. I was genuinely concerned that I had somehow mistakenly unsubscribed.
    I love, love, love all of your Spring blooming photos, as they take me back to growing up in New York state with all of the same gorgeous creations. My favorites of course remain the lilacs.
    I cannot wait for your new book and your new illustrations.
    Lots of love and hugs from Houston.

  29. Amy Baldwin says:

    I adore your journals, I’m always looking for the fabric type. Since you said you’ve had them for years, I am going to go back in time like I used to do and make my own with fabric!! It’s so much funner making them by hand than trying to buy something you can’t find exactly to our liking nowadays!

    Thank you for the chance to win/read your precious new book. I can’t wait!!!

  30. Amy Baldwin says:

    this note jumped to the wrong newsletter. Sorry!

  31. Gloria Jean says:

    Congrats on finishing your latest book!!!
    Loved your sharing of Spring with us…my favorite time of year!!

  32. Pam says:

    How lovely! This update was truly worth waiting for. Thank you, Susan.

  33. debbie young says:

    Love the two kitties in one pic….I can not get the three puppies and their mommy in photo…well, they are not puppies anymore! They had their fourth birthday party on the 15th! They are “Doxiepoohs” or “Doodles”. Mom, Mollie (named after my Great Grandmother I did not get the opportunity to meet), is a rescue poodle we found on the freeway….and their daddy is a mini doxie, my son’s college room mate’s we were puppy sitting for three days! Seven doggies later, found great homes for four and kept three! So glad your back!

  34. Lauri R Hyde says:

    Hi Susan,

    I was really looking forward to your new post, but it would appear the graphics or layout or whatever it is, is not Ipad/tablet friendly? I can’t read any of it on my IPad? I will just have to read it in my big computer.



  35. Kim Greene says:

    You’re new book looks wonderful, and…I want to thank you for using people of color on the cover. Whether on purpose or just because they modeled the clothes, I appreciate it. And love your artwork around it. I don’t know why, it relaxes me, and makes things magical.

  36. Roxanne Bernard says:

    So happy to seep the kitties welcoming Spring! That blue bottle was an amazing find, and I know you will always treasure it!

  37. Kathy says:

    What a beautiful book! Would love to have a copy. I enjoy your blob so much!

  38. Pat Saunders says:

    Dear Susan,
    I just love reading your blog, seeing the photos and most of all, reading your cookbooks! The thought that you are creating another novel fills me with delight! Loved “A Fine Romance” and now I have “The Fairy Tale Girl” to look forward to this year! My birthday is August 27th, so I shall think of a wonderful wish, I’ll count to ten. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and very slowly, close my eyes and make my dearest birthday wish . . . that you pick me!

  39. Arlene Koktavy says:

    So excited for your nw book. you’re the best. Arlene Koktavy

  40. Karen Legg says:

    Dear Susan,
    Congratulations on your new book, and especially, for having the courage to venture into the world of fiction! It’s so exciting! I know that you, so full of optimism and wonder, will have written a magical adventure!

  41. So happy to hear about your new book ! Would LOVE to win one — but win or not I will have a copy . I have been enjoying the spring too. I have two doves, Red birds, squirrel’s and a host of others out side my kitchen window everyday. Have a wonderful day and a beautiful spring!

  42. Linda Bjorn says:

    Thank you for “fairy tale girl” can’t wait to read it!

  43. Darylene says:

    I slowly savored every word and photo, and then went back through and did it all again. The pear, the dogwood, oh…simply magic. It was worth the wait!!! THANK YOU.

  44. Terry Armor says:

    I so enjoy life with Susan Branch books and blog.
    A sad birthday week here — physically and emotionally — loosing my rescued pal Chemo (the dog) who lived life so beautifully, and now is the angel we all seek to watch over us. Surrounded by all the vibrant watercolor, photos and text of daily life on your island, the inspiration abounds and my life will continue forward. It is all good, albeit momently sad.
    Breeze onward Susan. I love you.

  45. Your new book looks like so much fun. I brought 2 girlfriends up to Santa Barbara last fall to meet you at your book signing. You always brighten my day!

  46. tracy says:

    Love jumping into your life for just a bit while reading your entries. I would love to win a copy of this book (or any book)! Thank you for sharing with us.
    Enjoy all things good!

  47. Kathy Doherty says:

    i can’t wait to read your new book! Hope I win a copy!

  48. Diane Hunter says:

    I just love all of your books and everything in your store! I bought two yards of your beautiful alphabet fabric to use for a quilt I’m making. I hope you pick me because I love to read, but especially love reading your books! They are keepsakes for sure.

  49. Debbie Harshner says:

    So glad your back and brought a new book to boot. I love the title, of course I hope I’m one lucky lady.
    Thanks you for the opportunity to win. Oxox

  50. Shannon says:

    SO much to be excited about right now =) Loved this blog entry so much and cannot wait to read “The Fairy Tale Girl” as soon as I can.

  51. Leslee Andersen says:

    Fairy tales are wonderful things, and kindled my imagination as a child. “Happily ever after” can happen in real life, too!

  52. Mary DD says:

    I want to win the book! Already pre-ordered but I love to give gifts!

  53. Jo Kavanagh says:

    I am so excited about your new book! I have all your books and of course, first additions. I have gifted my girlfriends with, what else? Girlfriends! I can’t pick a favorite but my top four are, Autumn, Girlfriends and your first two cookbooks where I discovered and fell in love with everything Susan Branch!

  54. Debi says:

    Love going to “Branchland” from books to pictures to writing to quotes.

  55. Kathy Keeling says:

    Your work makes me feel good.
    That is all. It just does. ッ
    Would love to have an early copy of
    “The Fairy Tale Girl”.
    So, would my eleven year old grandson,
    who is an avid reader of anything and everything,
    and smiles when he sees your artwork,
    in all the yearly calendars
    I have collected over the years.
    Yes, even little boys love you!


  56. Maryann Howell says:

    I am so excited for your new book! I can hardly wait! I preordered it but would love a chance to win one for a friend. Keep blogging love love love your blog. So much fun!!

  57. Grace Rice says:

    I love fairy tales and I’ve been a big fan of yours for a while. I’m so glad I found your blog and website!

  58. Carol Cooley says:

    Can’t wait to get a copy of your new book….unless I win one! Good luck to me, it’s my birthday!

  59. Mary Davis says:

    love the pics of all the cut flowers. I love bringing the outside in.

  60. I too am writing a book bases on old journals! Mine will be a daily meditation book. I have read through and tabbed 18 out of the 22 of my journals. I wish you well with your completion of this project. I know the last stretch is the toughest! Best wishes, Heather Lagace

  61. Steph Brady says:

    Looking forward to purchasing and reading your new book. Your blog always makes me feel great!

  62. debra sewell says:

    I love giveaways. You are very generous and always make it fun. Like at fairs as a child i LOVED grab bags. So happy spring. Enjoy the lilacs and all things in bloom.

  63. Diane Brown says:

    I love your blog! Thanks for sending such light-hearted beauty into cyberspace! I would love to win a copy of your new book, too!

  64. Sheila Hebert says:

    I would LOVE another Susan Branch book! The books are so inspiring and sweet. ❤️

  65. I am so thrilled to see my inbox with a Susan Branch email! My sister and I both love your books, emails and all of you items! What a breath of sunshine you put in our day! You are truly the “best girlfriend” to have! Much love and blessings to you and your family!

  66. Susan Carter says:

    I would love a copy of your new book.

  67. Elizabeth Trotter says:

    Love your writing and illustrations. Thank you for sharing!

  68. Sharon Fernandez says:

    Susan, I love everything you do!! Can’t wait if the book! West Virginia loves you!

  69. Mary Compton says:

    So glad you have a new book for us to read soon. I’ve missed your emails.

  70. Lena P. says:

    Such an awesome giveaway! This book would make an excellent addition for me, All smiles.

  71. Deb Harmon says:

    You are my favorite fairy tale! I have everyone of your books, stickers, cards, etc. — and cannot wait to read this book (and its sequel!). Thanks for sharing so much of yourself, your creativity and your stories. xoxo

  72. Joyce Fowler says:

    I would love to receive the new book.

  73. Tammy Weeks says:

    What a magical gift it would be to win one of your books! Your artwork always makes me smile! 🙂

  74. Tere Land says:


    I’m Bob’s wife. He gave me your manuscript to read on the flight to FL this weekend. I hope that’s okay. It’s just wonderful ~ even without the artwork that makes it You.

    Just wanted to tell you I’m your newest fan and can’t WAIT to see what you do with this book!


    PS: Just ordered what I think must be your first cookbook. After reading about it, I just had to have it. It should arrive about the time we get back from Florida. Take care and please keep doing what you do!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh my goodness, Tere! Well, you are my first real review! THANK YOU! Thrills me to know you liked it! (To the Girlfriends, Tere’s husband, Bob, was the editor for the book.) Made my day!

  75. Jacqueline says:

    I can’t wait. Really. I am dying to know your story. A story that tells more about your lovely life. Rich, beautiful and inspiring you. Thank you for continuing to build up women and creatives in ways beyond what our imaginations can conceive. You are a gift. Xoxo

  76. Lynn Bauer says:

    I have had a devastating Month and am only now starting to get back to being me. I haven’t been able to read because of the cloud of sadness that surrounded me. Hopefully your new book will be my return to what I love to do.

  77. Laurie I says:

    Your pictures are always so inspiring. I’d love to win a copy of The Fairy Tale Girl.

  78. Michele Salazar says:

    Bless you for giving us another book!

    You inspired me to take watercolor classes at the local community college. Pray tell, what brand of watercolors do you use?

    In your spare time, please do a YOUTUBE tutorial on watercolor painting-Tee-Hee!

    I love Jack,

    • sbranch says:

      I use all brands, I just choose by color, not by brand, so I use both tubes and paint boxes.

  79. Jan Jasper says:

    Susan, thank you so much for the opportunity to win a copy of The Fairy Tale Girl. I have a dear friend whom lives on Long Island, and I know she will enjoy reading it!

  80. Cindy says:

    Your illustrations always make me feel happy, happy, happy! I would love to get lucky and win a signed copy of your new book. Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed.

  81. Kay Bennett says:

    Your latest blog was worth the wait. I love all the photos of your flowers, your home, the ocean and of course your kitties. I have preordered your new book for my daughter. Am excited to read it after she does, however, she lives in Kansas and I live in California so hoping to win one for myself.

  82. Amy Lee says:

    So excited for a new book, would love to win a copy!!! I have read my Fine Romance three times already. Wondering when you will be making another trip and hoping you will keep sharing your adventures with all of us. I love being one of your girlfriends.

  83. sherry phillips says:

    I would love to win a copy of The Fairy Tale Girl! Thanks for a walk in the woods today and all the beautiful flowering tree pictures. I have fresh lilacs on my dining room table and I am enjoying the scent as I write. I have collected your books for many years and love your blog. I keep thinking I should start painting at age 58! You are such an inspiration.

  84. Donna says:

    Hi Susan,

    SO happy to hear about your fairytale book! I’m waiting patiently to read it but it’s hard!


  85. Julie Robinson says:

    Oh I love a fairytale!! Bless you for pouring out your heart to your fans!! Can’t wait!! Thanks you!!

  86. Jennifer Lauri says:

    Oh please, oh please pick me for the new Fairy Tale Girl book giveaway! It looks like another wonderful journey for me to take. Love, Jen

  87. Candice says:

    Pick me, please. Pretty please.

  88. Nancy R. says:

    What a perfect title!! I hope I win.

  89. Mary C. says:

    Dear Susan, I do so love your blogs, your home is so beautiful as are all the flowers, trees and all the beauty around your home. I loved your other book and am looking forward to reading Fairy Tales which I have already ordered. Love your paintings ,drawings in all your books. Many thanks.

  90. Pat Arnold says:

    I LOVE your website. My husband grew up on the Island. Every summer as soon as school was out, his family packed up and headed for their cottage right off Circuit Ave. in Oak Bluffs. When he and I started dating we spent part of our summer there together. What a “fairy tale” place to fall in love!

  91. Jackie Sampson says:

    I look forward to this new book. I don’t know how you do it all Susan, but the art work is such a special addition to your books.

  92. Tracy P, Memphis, TN says:

    I would love to have both of the new books. I just love everything you do!

  93. Kathleen Claire says:

    Thank you for sharing your gifts! Many blessings to you and Joe as the summer season begins and you finish up the last minute details for your new book(s).

    Thank you!

  94. Anne Marie of New Richmond says:

    Dear Susan,
    I sure have been missing your frequent blogs. However when your new book is available I’m sure it will all have been worthwhile.
    Also, I wanted to thank you for your blog a few months ago about a darling and very talented friend, Margot. We have been e-mailing about her art work and living in log homes. I bought one of her prints, the “Tree of Life”. I liked her work so much I commissioned a piece, a “Peaceable Kingdom”. It should be ready soon.
    I emailed her some pictures of the Captain of your QE 2 standing on the bulb of the front bow at water level…making the ship look all the more huge! I hope you got those from her.
    Thanks too for getting some darling quilts into your shop. Bought one I just couldn’t resist.
    As always,
    Anne Marie of New Richmond (Ohio)

    • sbranch says:

      I did! Thank you Anne Marie! And how wonderful that you and Margot are becoming friends!

  95. Mary Weir says:

    Dear Susan,
    I have been meaning to thank you for your sharing your wonderful birthday in Concord, because I had one of the very best days of my life in Concord almost 30 years ago. I extended a NY business trip and flew to Boston for a few days for my first (and so far only) visit to MA. I guess it was the first nice weather of the season, because the whole city was outside celebrating. All the teachers had their classes outside, everyone was eating their lunch in the sun, I saw so many smiles — it was a city-wide sense of joy I will never forget. Despite getting lost about 50 times in your fair state, I headed to Concord on Saturday, thinking I could do a once-over-lightly there and also see Lexington in one day. I started at Orchard House and was overcome by being in the very places Louisa and her sisters lived. To see May’s drawings on the walls…just a complete thrill. By the time I toured the Hawthorne house and saw the Old North Bridge, I was in LOVE. I spent the rest of the day wandering through Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, then drove the little way to Walden’s Pond and was again overcome by beauty, history, literary greatness — what a great pleasure that so much is still there for us to see. I’m sure Lexington is great, but I couldn’t bear to leave Concord. I stayed so long I had to make my way back to Watertown (where I was staying in the guest room of a sweet little family) in the dark, getting extra lost in the process, but it was so worth it. That day I realized how much fun I could have traveling by myself and that awareness, along with the treasures I got to see, made me take a huge step forward in experience and confidence. Thank you for bringing back that memory so vividly by sharing your day there. This is why I love “visiting” you through your blog. I always feel better after I get to catch up with your world.
    With gratitude,

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