Thought you might like a little springtime something this morning 💛, with MUSICA, of course . . . around-the-house-romance-1

Nature!Love you 😘 . . . XOXO Have a happy day!tree

The best time to plant a Dogwood or a Crabapple tree is three years ago. The second best time, is now . . . XOXOtouch-quote

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  1. Pom Pom says:

    Wonderful romantic suggestions, Susan!
    Thank you! Safe travels! ❤️

  2. Good morning Susan! The weather here has me de cluttering our winter house and moving into a lighter and brighter interior. I love collecting old linens and fabrics with romantic flowery patterns, along with small painted pitchers to use for small bouquets all around the house. I cut a small bunch of Lily of the Valley the other day…so pretty and they smell so lovely.

    • sbranch says:

      Joe’s favorite flower! I received a small tussie mussie from one of our Girlfriends at a signing, with Lily of the Valley in it . . . I took some of it and put it in a tiny old jar in our van, and it makes the whole car smell nice! xoxo Happy springtime and thank you for your sweet comment!

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        My grandmother’s house in Iowa had Lily of the Valley growing all along the strip between the driveway and the house. I love that smell–brings back memories. Warning though: They are terribly poisonous to kitties or dogs! 🙂

      • Kathy says:

        😋 That was from ME, at The Learned Owl, in Hudson, Ohio! So good to visit with you!

      • Charissa says:

        Speaking of Lily of the Valley,(and since i saw your singing debut) I thought you might like to sing this to Joe. My mom sang it to me as a child and sometimes she still does. It was my absolute favorite because it was my favorite flower and she told me the fairies would come out when it was sung. It seems pretty appropriate for you. Maybe you have already heard it. White Coral (or Choral?) Bells youtube.com/watch?v=IEOULEXea-o. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for the wonderful inspiring post Working on romantic things around here xoxo

        • sbranch says:

          We sang it in the Girl Scouts . . . we did rounds with it! Thank you for the reminder Charissa!

      • Mary Windemuller says:

        What in the world is a tussie mussie?!

        • sbranch says:

          It’s what the Victorians called a very small fragrant bouquet where many times each of the flowers had a meaning.

  3. Lynn Marie says:

    It was such a pleasure to meet you in Wilmette! I traveled there through the Chicago traffic (gulp! It all seemed so harmless when I suggested this at ticket sales time—I don’t even like to ride through there with someone else at the wheel let alone ME DRIVING! We lived through it though and what a wonderful time we had—thankyou!) with a girlfriend I met at you last book signing tour another gal and now we are corresponding and sharing pictures from the day with a whole new table of girlfriends from the Country Club. Springtime Joy!

    • sbranch says:

      I feel the same way, it seemed so harmless! That traffic is ridiculous! Thank you for being there Lynn Marie, I appreciate your courage, even tho it may have taken a few minutes off your life, stress-wise! And I LOVE that you met some kindred spirits. That’s the best! xoxo

  4. Julie says:

    Totally agree Susan. I picked up some beautiful old linens at antique and consignment shops in Cape Cod lasr week. I love lacy, linen things. Time to throw open the windows and let Spring in! Have a safe trip. xx

  5. Karen P. - (Wisconsin) says:

    Lovely little Spring time tips! Can’t wait for the next nice day to hang clothes out on the line! What a beautiful sight is the dogwood tree! Too cold up here but we do have pretty crabapple and serviceberry trees. When the fruit comes we get a whole flock of Cedar waxwings. They eat the berries then leave and we never see them again. I always wonder where they go? Have a safe trip on to your next destination! xo

  6. Diane Cassano says:

    My day off just started with this delightful inspiration – Thank you! I met you in Madison’s R.J Julias shop. My son was so happy for me as he gave me the book that you signed for me. He is a writer so he “gets” my love of special books. I hope for you folks as it has been for me – a great month of May so far – hehe. Keep smiling.

  7. Melissa (from eastern PA: formerly of the Midwest) says:

    Thank you for sharing photos on Twitter (I prefer Instagram myself, but am glad I can see these photos). I like specifically these: your sunny kitchen, with the yellow towels on the stove; and I read “Capture the Castle” a while ago too, a good book; and then your singing on Facebook, what fun!

  8. Tina C. says:

    Hi Susan, I am going to be seeing you in Woodstock, Georgia, but I have a burning question that I’ve been wanting to ask; have you considered doing any painting or illustration tutorials on YouTube? I love when you put tidbits on your blog about your illustration and water coloring but would love to see an actual video. This might be an impolite question to ask an artist so please excuse my ignorance if it is. I hope you are having a wonderful and adventurous signing tour so far!

  9. Mary Ann McCann says:

    Good Morning, Susan! Thank you for the “Spring Inspirations”! Your blog makes me want to get going to create a beautiful spring/summer ambiance in my home. I guess sometimes we all need a little nudge to make things happen, so thank you for that! (and every other lovely blog, too) Love your sweet pictures. Can’t tell you how excited I am for my girlfriends and I to make the 3hr. drive to Kansas City to meet you next Wednesday. We were going to meet you in St. Charles, Mo., but my grandson is graduating on that Sun., soooo I said, ROAD TRIP TO KANSAS CITY!!! WHAAAHOOO!!! See you there! YOU please have fun and safe travels!

  10. Maddie says:

    So lovely! Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely day in Wilmette! I was there with my mom and grandma and we had such a wonderful day together! We all love you, your books and your recipes. Always sweet finding a kindred spirit who enjoys the little things in life! Thank you again!
    XO, Maddie

  11. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Lovely! So sweet of you to think of us, and inspire us, thank you! Our PEO hostess yesterday, treated us with coffee in her beautiful old teacups, in her 100 year old house! Prayers, & happy trails to you & Joe!

  12. So many lovely ways to celebrate Springtime, Susan! Yesterday I picked our first little bouquet from the garden, filling a small, pink vase with Lily of the Valley and Bleeding Hearts. Sweet, old-fashioned charm!

    What a wonderful Afternoon Tea at Westmoreland, Susan and Joe! I still haven’t stopped smiling!! 🙂 We adored the stories you shared, your thoughtful answers to all of the questions, and the lovely, little song. Your gracious time spent with every person in the very long line was a true gift from your heart. Being part of the lovely line is always a very special part of your book signings. So many new friendships were made in line that afternoon! Heartfelt thanks for coming to visit us! Hope you could feel all of the LOVE!! It was another perfect gathering of Girlfriends! ♡
    Sunny hugs!
    Dawn (in Illinois)

    • sbranch says:

      I’m still floating on a cloud, Dawn, it was wonderful, thank you for being there, and for being my welcoming committee! I finally figured out how to describe it . . . it’s like a surprise party, where at first you are so shocked by seeing everyone that you are stupefied and can barely talk ~ a party which later turns to pure wonderful fun! The best part is getting to connect in real life with so many. XOXO

      • We are all still floating on the same cloud with you, Susan! ♡ I am still trying to find the words, so that I can share our Afternoon Tea with everyone. In the meantime, friends are all sharing their photos with one another. So, we are enjoying our cherished moments and memories again and again! Being your welcoming committee was truly an unexpected joy! 🙂

        Hold onto that outpouring of love you felt from all those Girlfriends who gathered in your honor! Now it’s such fun to think about all of the happy gatherings still to come, as you and Joe make your way across America, all abloom in its Springtime splendor! Safe travels! More fun ahead!! ♡♡

        • sbranch says:

          Looking out the hotel window here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, drinking my tea, Joe still asleep, about to start getting ready to toddle on down to St. Charles, MO . . . what an amazing trip. Joe and I needed a break from home, and we are certainly getting it. Blue skies here, with huge white clouds circling this town like a flower wreath. Love to you Dawn! xoxo

      • Karen P. - (Wisconsin) says:

        It was so special that you went from table to table to greet everyone! You are a doll! xo

        • sbranch says:

          Easing myself into the room, all those beautiful faces! So happy yours was one of them Karen!!!

  13. Betsy in Pennsylvania says:

    Aren’t we lucky to get the experience of the changing seasons! Just when we think we can’t take another day of winter all of the sudden little miracles are popping up outside our window! xoxoxo

  14. Julie V from Springfield, MO says:

    Good Morning Susan & Joe! Ahhh the joys of spring 🙂 It makes me feel inspired to clean, cook, and work out in the yard. Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday in St. Charles, MO. Safe travels.

  15. AngieTink says:

    😊💖😚💙😎🎶💜🌸🌟🌷🎵🌹✨🌻 Good~Thursday~Morning Sweetest Sue!!! I Have Been Truly Loving All The Girl~Friends Meeting You At The Book~Signings & All The Gorgeous Photos!!! I Just Saw The Video Of You Singing…& Thought Zooey Is Truly The Best One To Play YOU! xoxo Poof! 😊💖😚💙😎🎶💜🌸🌟🌷🎵🌹✨🌻Happy~Trails Continue!!! This Book~Tour Is Pure~Magic!!! 😊💖😚💙😎🎶💜🌸🌟🌷🎵🌹✨🌻

    • sbranch says:

      It has been Angie, meeting some of the nicest people in the world. xoxoxo

      • AngieTink says:

        😊💖🌸💙🌷💜🌹💚🌟💛✨ & So Much L💖VE Sweet Sue Happy~Friday~The~13th A Very~Lucky~Day!!! Yay! xoxo Poof! 😊💖🌸💙🌷💜🌹💚🌟💛✨

  16. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    Thank you Susan for list of special things to make springtime even more beautiful. My Lily of the Valley is blooming and I am going to cut some to bring into the bedroom for the weekend. I just thought of the quote (“What is a weekend?”from cousin Violet) I just had my birthday and my sister bought me a Downton Abbey book, the photos are beautiful; I will have many delicious hours pouring over this book! Sending you a big hug.

  17. Debbie Johnson says:

    Hi Susan!
    Just finished Isle of Dreams and am so sad it is done. It was worth the wait from Fairy Tale Girl. Now I’m going to reread A Fine Romance to keep the dream going. Thank you for sharing your enchanting life with us girlfriends. What an amazing ride of a life you have had. And the ride is far from over! I do have a wish that you will forever keep writing and painting and sharing with us, your forever girlfriends!
    Love you,

  18. shanna says:

    Hope you’re having a good trip and not missing home too much. We’re packing up to leave Summer soon (Florida, where we’ve been picking tomatoes for a couple of weeks!) and heading to Spring in the Adirondacks. (Hoping to beat the lilacs.) A topsy-turvy life for sure.

    ps: Enjoyed your last book, immensely!

  19. Donna Money says:

    Love Dogwoods!

  20. Gina D. says:

    Spent a few minutes crying this a.m. over the loss of your Pooh at the worst possible moment. My mom and I both received your Isle book for Mothers’ Day and are reading it “together, bicoastally.” We have both lost adored kitties in the last year. But what a sweet book! Love all your pretty artwork, as always. And now we longtime readers can see where all the inspiration has come from! Hope you are doing well on the road. – gina in Virginia

  21. Nancy Conley says:

    I live in the mountains, so spring is a little slow coming. But things are starting to green up now!

    P.S. I hope, hope, hope to get to your Denver book signing. I’m delaying buying your latest book until then. Just wanted to tell you that if you have the time, you must visit Estes Park, CO. You will see the beautiful Rocky Mountains up close. And, you can visit Moon Kats Tea Shoppe and Cafe–it’s everything tea and cats! I know that’s your kind of thing! All soups, sandwiches and desserts are made from scratch in house. It would be a lovely reprieve from all your road trip business! Oh, and men are always welcome!

  22. Susie (Rocky Point, NY) says:

    Good morning happy travelers! I am smelling lilacs. Oh how I love them! I noticed my lilies of the valley have bloomed. It is just so exciting to see what will pop open next. That is what I love about Spring. Everything springs forth with enthusiasm saying “here we are!” “here we are!”. Enjoy your day out and about.

  23. Maryellen says:

    Such bright and cheerful ideas to celebrate Spring! I love your advice about planting a flowering tree, too. Having so much fun following you and Joe’s journey again. He is such a sweet guy- your biographies have a wonderful happy ending (as it should be for all Fairy Tale Girls!).

  24. Linda Sherman says:

    Spring is my favorite of all seasons. I love getting my window boxes filled with plants that make me smile all summer. Cleaning up the yard from the winter. Opening my windows throughout the house to have the fresh spring air flow through. Most of all, I watching my weeping cherry tree bloom. Susan, trust your trip is beautiful. Thank you for your inspiration.

  25. leslie says:

    I planted 6 pink dogwoods in my last house, all in a small front yard. They were beautiful in late Spring and made the yard. Plant the kousa variety (Korean) as they resist disease.

  26. Mary Lawrence says:

    I so enjoy how we like so many of the same things.I think collecting things that someone has loved once before.I hopefully will see you at the Asheville signing.Safe travels and enjoy your road trip.

  27. Amanda says:

    I will be doing all of these except drying things on the line. I’m allergic to grass and tree pollen, and cloth collects so much outside! Not worth the sneezles.

  28. Kathy Phenix says:

    My grandmother had Lily of the Valley in her garden and I always loved them. My aunt’s silver pattern had Lily of the Valley on it. Technically I’m a “valley girl” growing up in the Naugatuck Valley of CT. So there you go.
    Beautiful blog.

  29. Barb Murphy says:

    This is just what I needed today. I have old linens that I need to repurpose. Thayer would make lovely curtains.

  30. Anne Rowe says:

    Teapots with no lids make wonderful vases too.

    • Charissa says:

      Love your idea:)

      • pat addison ( cave junction, OR.) says:

        I keep an old teapot with no lid around, I planted some chamomile in it and it makes a lovely window planter. I have a couple of old strawberry pots on the back porch, well the kitchen porch and I have strawberries in them, and I keep one for the blackberries to grow in. love fresh berries well the scent of them, can’t eat them as I am allergic to them. but I do enjoy blackberry honey, I swap eggs and fresh bread for a few jars of that each summer. delicious on ice cream or on toasted muffins. enjoy… hugs…. 🙂

        • Charissa says:

          Well Pat, I’d swap just about anything to have fresh eggs and bread or blackberry anything:)

  31. Linda H (from northern IN) says:

    Hello Susan!
    What a sweet little post! I’m taking your suggestion to decorate a door by putting up a white hanging basket containing silk lilacs. Such a beautiful time of year. I was noticing the blooming trees outside the windows of the country club room you spoke in on Tuesday! Thanks for stopping in this area on your book tour. It meant so much to my friends and I to be able to see you in person! Enjoy the rest of your tour!

  32. Sylvia Johnson says:

    Hi Susan
    Your newest book is wonderful. The first two were also great. I learned so much about my favorite places in England, even though I never been there. Fairy Tale Girl was full of fun with family, girlfriends and Cliff🙁. But Martha’s Vineyard is all Susan Branch, heart and soul! I would have named this book. “The Heart of Susan Branch”. Thank for sharing your life and talent with me. See you in Woodstock, Georgia in June

  33. Sandra says:

    A lovely post and a wonderful dogwood tree in full bloom! Sometimes I just wish I had a garden, but I do have lots of plants on my balcony – even strawberries and fresh herbs! You just have to adapt to where you live!

  34. Janet Magina says:

    I hope you and Joe are having a marvelous trip. I am still on Cloud Nine from meeting you in Plainville; you were every bit as lovely as I had imagined. Seems like I have known you for years ❤

  35. Valorie Veld says:

    You have a wonderful day too!!! 🙂

  36. Marianne in Hidden Meadows, SoCal says:

    Happy Springtime, Susan — Our volunteer organization just did a Mother’s Day Tea on Camp Pendleton for the wives and mothers of the helicopter squadron we’ve adopted there. We decorated the room in spring colors and for table centerpieces, we used the most adorable tea pots that were painted with pastel-colored flowers and vines and one of our florist members filled them with small bouquets of a variety of spring flowers. They were beautiful and just perfect for the event. I’m copying this idea to use for tea at my house! I’m so enjoying “our” trip across the country! Thanks for bringing us along. Here’s good wishes for safe travels and good weather!

  37. Donna Hardin says:

    Lovely…looking forward to tomorrow!

  38. Debbie Noyola says:

    I love spring! Especially here in Washington where there are flowers everywhere. I have a rose bush that gets pink w’ white tinged edges that bloom as big as a saucer. So beautiful. Gotta tell you, I made the cheesecake from your book. Wow! Really delicious. I made a fresh strawberry sauce to spoon over it. Yummy! The hunt for the perfect cheesecake recipe is over! Thank you Susan.

  39. Karen Holly says:

    Thank you for your delightfully romantic suggestions, Susan. Ahhh, Spring! I hope your travels are going well.

  40. Jo says:

    You bring such comfort and joy to my world. I look forward to all you share with us. I hope the road trip is going well. And by the way, you have a lovely voice! I hope that you and your sweet husband are having the grandest time. I look forward to your next blog. Warmest regards!

  41. Sarah says:

    Tea cups, sugar bowls, water pitchers ~ all do double duty here for boquets of fresh flowers. I’ve never been one for florist arranged flowers. I much prefer the casual look as if they were fresh from my garden. Not they they are! I rely on the flower market for most of my flowers. I wish I had a cutting garden, but no place for that luxgury.
    Your crab apple tree is gorgeous. How special to look out your windows to this beauty.
    Safe travels. Looking forward to meeting you!

  42. Gayle Hall says:

    Oh Susan,I was so disappointed I could not attend your book signing in Winnetka. The storms made it impossible for me to get there. But I will now go to the local Barnes andNoble to get copies of your two books I am missing. And Susan, my Mamas favorite tree was the Dogwood. If you like you have my permission to name your tree “GRACE” you can even call it Gracie if you like? 😊 have a safe trip wherever the road takes you. Love to you, Gayle

  43. Conchita says:

    I love your blog…. Fills me with hope for a better, lovelier and happier life. Thank you 😃

  44. Nicoline says:

    I’m enjoying following you along on your booktour! Thanks for the lovely pictures.
    My husband and I just came back from the Lake District, and that was followed by a week in York. The highlight was to visit Hilltop! We had a lovely talk with one of the sweet ladies there, and had such a good time! Unfortunately, it was freezing cold, hard wind blowing, brrrr, so not much fun to take walks. But we thought winter had arrived a few days later, when we even had a snowstorm!! Great big snowflakes, like cotton balls, and white snow covered mountain tops the next day.But all that doesn’t matter at all, oh my what a gorgeous part of the world it is!
    So, thank you, dear Susan, for your stories about this part of the UK, you helped us make our way up there!
    Safe travels, and best wishes from across the pond

  45. Virginia says:

    The joys of spring housekeeping–thanks for sharing–your words always make such delightful pictures in my head! Not to mention the photos and watercolors.

    Your trip across our beautiful country in spring is a treat and we are all enjoying it vicariously. I just got back to New England from California (by plane–un-scenic but fast) and it is bursting with bloom on both coasts. I am dizzy with flowers!

    While there, I was up at dawn to sign up for your July talk on Beatrix Potter’s birthday at the Brewster Ladies’ Library. They just sent an email that they have moved it to the church next door to accommodate more people. The tickets (free) are gone and there is a waiting list. I am so excited that I got my two tickets and will see you on the Cape! Can’t wait! Safe travels to you and Joe.

  46. Gayle Hall says:

    Reading above Susan I was so glad that someone gave you some lily of the valley. They were my messenger . I had a bouquet ready to bring you as May 20th is my birthday, and wanted to share my birth flower with you. Someone else delivered them for me! 😊. Gayle

  47. Wendy from Muskego, Wisconsin says:

    Susan – I’m still floating on high from meeting you and Joe at the lovely Country Club in Wilmette, Illinois. What a joy to hear you speak and “sing” an old English tune, sign our books and indulge in a delicious tea luncheon. I cherish the “hug” and the “touching” of my book 4ever! You’ve won the hearts of the Milwaukee delegation always! Enjoy your book tour and safe travels during the book tour and abroad. Savor the moments and know you’re just a blog away from your world-wide girlfriends. Hugs from the heart, Wendy

  48. Mrs.T says:

    Thanks so much for these lovely romantic ideas! It’s a warm humid day here in northern New Hampshire, but although there are some dandelions and violets about and the occasional tulip or forsythia bush, it cannot really be said to look or smell like spring here. The apple blossoms are just buds. I do have the windows open and am doing a bit (just a bit) of spring cleaning. Happy travels!

  49. Trudy says:

    Thanks for this lovely spring blog with the washing drying at the line and all the blossom at the trees.
    We have had a week with 23-25 degree Celsius an just a week before we had a layer of snow from 10 centimeter! So all the trees just pop out in leaves and flowers and also the garden is full of flowers. We did enjoyed the weather sitting outside.
    Wonderfull you got lily of the valley flowers!
    greetings, Trudy from the Netherlands

  50. Sue Stoodt says:

    Thank you so much for writing from the road. I was there with my sister, Cindy, on Tuesday in Wilmette, and we had the loveliest of times. Who cares that it was cold and pouring rainy most of the day! Did you see that table set for tea?! We should live so well EVERY day. You are even more gracious and beautiful in person, and it was a delightful event. THANK YOU so much for sharing your love and your beautiful heart with all of us. And Joe, too! What an extra treat to get to see the two of you in action! Traveling mercies for the rest of your journey. You and Joe are very, very dear to all of us! XOXO

  51. Such lovely ideas to “pretty up” daily life. I have a collection of old linens and particularly like the printed tablecloths from the ’50s and ’60s. I also have handkerchiefs including a fine cotton embroidered one that belonged to my great grandmother.

    Thank-you, Susan, for the reminders of the sweet romantic touches and gestures.

  52. Gloria Nugent says:

    Just came back from an outdoor flea market where I found a tiny chicken pitcher. You have inspired me to clean it up & go pick some wild violets for it before the rain !! Looking forward to more pictures from your cross country travels. Thought of you last night when the TV show Modern Family was shot from inside train in California. I also wondered if you will grace us with cookbook next OR another wonderful saga from travels across the pond?? Take care💕

  53. Diana H. says:

    Beautiful post! Just lovely… Also very lovely was the opportunity and honor to be able to meet you at Westmoreland in Chicago on Tuesday! It was a beautiful venue and they were gracious hosts. Met so many wonderful people! Hi to all the F.O.S.B.’s we met!!! My sister and I were at the almost very end of the line and you were so very gracious and it was so nice to meet Joe…so helpful and willing to take pictures again and again!! You both are just wonderful! Just as I knew you would be, but to meet you in person… oh happy day!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for a perfect day… couldn’t stop smiling…. went to sleep with a smile on my face and still smiling…..please be safe in your travels and I hope the storms miss you!! Love you for giving back like you do! Thank you again for all you do, I’m just really over the moon!!

  54. Heartsdesire says:

    A great post today, Sue. Lots of wonderful spring suggestions. Plates on the wall, lace tablecloths, glass candlesticks, fabulous. Unfortunately, I’m in the process of moving a large four-bedroom with basement house into a small 1,000 ft. mobile home. Can’t take advantage of any suggestions yet, but after July 1, I’ll be redecorating like crazy. Have had to store a lot of things (not your books, they’ll be coming with me), but I will be shopping my lockers (3) when I need something, and it will all seem new. Safe travels and enjoy your book signings.

  55. Sherrill says:

    Happy Spring, Susan and Joe…such a lovely time of year for all our senses.
    What a beautiful dogwood tree! Enjoy!

  56. Brenda Caldwell says:

    Sooooo happy to hear from you 🙂 I know you are having a ball! (Have one for us too 🙂

  57. Phyllis L. Ruzzi (nickname that EVERYONE calls me--PAN--you cancall says:

    Susan, how come you never come to NYS (The Empire State!)? I live in Athens, NY in a lake community called Sleepy Hollow Lake, just 30 minutes south of Albany, our capital. I think I own about everything youve ever sold (well, maybe not ALL of them! I KNOW I have all your cookbooks & have used them for years.) You have a wonderful life, a great talent & a fine sense of humor–thanks for sharing them all with us! Best, Pan

  58. Meg Cooper says:

    I always dreamed of having Lily of the Valley in my bridal bouquet. But I was married in Arizona and the florist could not get it. It has always seemed like an exotic flower since then and I would love to have it in my garden, but I do not think it grows where I live. Thanks for the inspiration to add a little romance to the everyday!

    • Judy Young says:

      I have to go to Crabtree and Evelyn now to smell the Lily of The Valley soap. I don’t remember the smell. My husband tells me his mother used to have a big bed of them on the north side of her house and they were so pretty.

  59. Betty Koger says:

    Thank you…I needed that..🌷

  60. Anne Regan says:

    I love you back! Time for my nap!😳

  61. Debi says:

    What a sweet post. Thanks and happy traveling!

  62. Alice says:

    A friend just lent me a book a British friend gave her. Knowing how much you love Beatrix Potter made me wonder if you’re familiar with At Home with Beatrix Potter The Creator of Peter Rabbit by Susan Denyer. It was published in association with the National Trust. The photography is WONDERFUL!!!

  63. Susan butler says:

    Springing up to Denver to meet you!

  64. Jane says:

    That was beautiful Susan. I needed that today. Thanks

  65. What a pretty, pretty post! Isn’t this such a wonderful time of year? Makes you just want to do a great big happy dance outside! BTW, I think your decorating ideas would make such a wonderful book!

  66. Julie says:

    Lovely – your energy to be always doing something beautiful is so inspiring! Time for me to start another round of de-cluttering!

  67. Sally Roth says:

    How perfect to have lilies of the valley in your van a heavenly fragrance! They are almost out in this garden in central Vermont. Spring is late here this year but the happy birds know it won’t be long.
    I hope you and Joe are enjoying your long trip, a lot of driving but worth it to see friends everywhere you go.
    Best wishes, as ever,

  68. Trisha K says:

    I actually think the three years ago advice applies to many things for me! I love all your suggestions.

  69. Kirsten in So. Cal says:

    Beautiful blog! Happy Spring!

  70. I love these suggestions. I think there will be some romantic decorating going on this week! Thank you.

  71. Kat Fry on Rose Creek Farm says:

    You are truly something Special Girl! Sharing wonderfully sweet & Romantic ideas even as y’all trek across country! Yesterday we picked a basketfull of dewberries from along the fence…we always make sure we leave some for the bunnies & birds…I love that the berries intermingle with our beautiful pink climbing roses, makes a lovely sight. And its right by the clothesline! Perfect! Put some of the ross in a jar on the front porch along with wildflowers from our meadow. Posted pics on facebook. Only 37 days until y’all get to Book People in Austin! So excited! Safe Travels…See y’all Soon!

  72. pat addison ( cave junction, OR) says:

    good afternoon Susan and hello Girlfriends, Happy spring, though it does seem like summer is coming up fast. I have my sheets out on the line along with the towels.. I always have my clothesline out in the spring and summer, but by the middle of Fall it is time to put it away. we have our windows open to let in all the fresh air and breezes, the cats are enjoying the views of the front lawn and the bird feeders, squirrel table and all the birds and squirrels in the yard, its their version of outdoor kitty TV. I have one more idea to help freshen up the home, take a small glass bowl and slice up a whole lemon or 2 and put them in the bowl along with fresh water and you will have a natural air freshener as well as a room humidifier as the water will moisten the air and allow the lemony scent to float around the room. I usually use lemons, or oranges and even limes to really clean up the sir in the house and it makes life easier on the sinuses as the air is not so dry. we’re off this weekend to town ( Grants Pass) to go visit the antique stores and enjoy the antique festival and fair going on, plus there is an auction of unclaimed coins and jewelry from old safe deposit boxes. should prove interesting to see what is up for sale, some nice pearls maybe or maybe a nice cameo brooch… we will see. safe trip Susan and Happy Spring everyone. oh yes before I forget, we have been letting the peeps out into the main yard so they can get out and enjoy the good weather here and get used to the barnyard life. well yesterday one little peep was all by her little lonesome by the fence, when one of the geese waddled by, and somehow that little peep ended up riding on the goose’s back for awhile, think she made a friend. it was cute to see. have a great day everyone and a safe trip Susan. hugs….. 🙂

    • Charissa says:

      Thanks for the tip, Pat:)

      • pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

        I also do that with rose petals, such a delicate fragrance. and afterward I keep the water in a bottle to use for ironing. it takes a day or 2 for the water to be really fragrant, but it does “perfume” the room with their delicate scent and it is wonderful.

        • Charissa says:

          Wonderful and natural I will try it. Thank you. I commented on your comment for Susan’s post about the drawing. You talked about your chickens and your garden and some recipes you were trying. There were so many entries I wasn’t sure if you saw it:)….”Pat, I always enjoy reading about your life. I look for your comments. It’s like your famous;) hee hee” 🙂

          • pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

            thank you Charissa, I’ve never been famous before. today the ducks are just floating in their pool, it is early yet for the mischief to begin but as soon as the peeps get out there… the mischief starts. I have at least 2 escape artists in this batch of peeps, so they keep me busy chasing after them to get them back into the pen. I think the ducks like that, they keep quacking when it happens, I think they are laughing. of course the peeps have just discovered bugs, especially flying ones and they love to chase those round and round the pen. for now the cats are curled up on the bed, I guess it is morning nap time. but once the birds get busier out on the feeders they will be in the windows watching or by the fish tanks watching the fish swim around, anything to fascinate them and keep them happy. they have rediscovered my yarn basket and keep me busy untangling what they tangled up. my poor yarn…. may just get me new yarn and leave the old yarn in the basket for the cats to play with. now if I can keep them out of the linen drawer… they love sneaking in there and sleeping on all my nice clean napkins ( hint: I use bandanas like the pioneer woman, less fuss and mess and they can be washed very easily.) for now that is all that is going on, except for an occasional tractor chugging by or the school buses flying down the road, school is out come june 9th or 10th, not too far away. enjoy your day, talk with you soon. hugs…. 🙂

          • pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

            thank you Charissa, never been famous before, feels kind of funny!!! 🙂

          • Charissa says:

            Famous Pat,Thank you for a glimpse into your fun life. Ducks laughing made me laugh. I love hearing about everything. Did you get anything when you went into town for antiquing and auction? I am a a bargain hunter too and love garage/estate saling and antiquing. But I’ve never been to an auction. I tried your room perfume. I think our cielings are too high for the main rooms but i but it in the bedroom and it was lovely.

  73. Diane ely says:

    It is 75 here today, my windows are open, curtains on the line and the crab apple, flowering cherry and dogwood are in bloom with sweet Viburnum, oh, I love spring,(finally)! You are right, a time to make everything sparkle and romantic.
    Diane, Andover, Ma

  74. Kelley says:

    The best time to plant an oak tree is fifty years ago. The second best time is now.

    I enjoyed our little somethings from you today.

    Keep calm and travel on!

    Kelley on Guam {“Hafa adai”}

  75. I love the smell of fresh clothes on a line in the summer and the smell of hyacinths I wish where I lived it was summer all year round 💐🌻🌼🌷🏵🌹

  76. Deanna Rabe says:

    Delightful! I am longing for both a Dogwood and a Crabapple tree!

    Also beautiful ways to romance a home and family!

  77. Rebecca says:


    How nice to see your spring post, and as always, full of inspiration to enjoy the season. I have been dreaming all week of planting a new little cutting garden with sunflowers, pumpkins, morning glories, zinnias, and more old fashioned annuals. I have a spot that was our old stable-yard that I have claimed for it, and I’m watching the weather to see if the weekend is working out for me. I noticed you will be in Memphis later, and that is two hours away from me, so I have been thinking about that, too!

    Happy Trails to You!

  78. Debbie says:

    Your post was just what I needed to read at this moment! My mom passed away at the end of March and I am going through so many things from her house. Today it’s letters, pictures, cards, keepsakes, and things I wish I could ask her about. For example, in a box with things she kept from when she & dad were dating, I found a perfectly cute baby carved from soap & I want to know the story behind it! Your post just brightened my mood so much, and I want to thank you! Wishing you safe travels from here in east-central Illinois!

  79. Kathi says:

    What wonderful suggestions, so simple and yet soul-inspiring! I filled a vase with honeysuckle yesterday and set it next to the kitchen sink so I can enjoy washing dishes. 🙂

  80. Nele from Michigan says:

    Bee You Tea FUL!!! Love dogwoods.. They haven’t bloomed yet up here in Michigan :-). But soon. Are you home sick yet?? Happy trails and travel safe!

  81. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for this sweet note
    as you travel! I have the same
    sweet sugar bowl, which came
    from a dear friend who knew I
    loved this pattern. You’ve inspired
    me to round up my florals — inside
    and out💕🌸 Thank you!

    xo Suzanne

  82. Sandy Schmidt says:

    Hello Spring! Love all your romantic flowery ideas! I have made many Tussie Mussies over the years. They are so quant and feminine!!! Maybe you should share the story of the original reasons for them to your readers!

  83. Shellie L. says:

    Hello Susan! I have so enjoyed tidying up around the yard and planting all of my annuals in pots.

    Hope you and Joe are having a safe and fun trip!!

  84. Tracy Jones says:

    I loved this post! I am so bogged down with the end of the year responsibilities and happenings in school, that I haven’t had a chance to much “springing up”. The lawn will get mowed this weekend and I will buy some hanging baskets. Hope you are enjoying your road trips and book discussions! xo

  85. Jo says:

    Always enjoy your suggestions especially with Shirley Temple singing. Actually, I love most of the Musica that you provide.
    Have wonderful days with Joe to snuggle with and no responsibilities like cooking, cleaning and such.

  86. Kathiellen says:

    Congratulations on your new Dogwood Tree! 🌳 The pictures that you posted made me remember my favorite saying, an old Chinese Proverb……”Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come” I just love trees ❤️ May your new tree bring you many years of happiness and lots of singing birds!!!

  87. debi says:

    Thanks for a breath of fresh air
    sprinkled with love & joy
    in these crazy times…
    Praying for safe travel for you all.
    looking forward to your next update…

  88. Lynn says:

    Hi Susan,

    Happy Spring! Here in Wisconsin the weather is up-and-down, but in my house I’ve already brought in Summer! I swap out my winter oriental blue rugs and velour pillows for orange, teal and gold-colored flowered rugs and striped pillows and decorating with lots of colored glass vases to reflect the sunlight. So fun and refreshing! Like a Popsicle on the beach. (Thanks for the shell idea – I’ll be “borrowing” that!)

    I hope you are enjoying your book tour as much as we are enjoying reading about it.

    Continued safe travels!

  89. Jana says:

    Your lovely springtime suggestions for “fluffing” brought to mind a message from inspirational author Edwene Gaines from one of her books on developing a prosperity mindset:

    “Always seek to create beauty in your environment. We should all make beauty a habit. Notice all the beauty in your life and thank God for it.”

    I thank the Creator for all the beauty you bring into the world, Susan!

  90. Marianne in Mo. says:

    Thanks for the flower power! I’m temporarily living in an apartment, so not many flowers or much planting for me – I so miss it! The first thing I do when our house is finished being built is to plant a dogwood or crabapple! I can’t live without one or the other! And I will add a lilac too! I miss my lily of the valley I had to leave behind, and my red dogwood was just getting fabulous. ;-(
    Hope I can make it to your book signing in St. Charles, Mo., but not sure if time will allow. We have grandkid time then.

  91. Susie Q says:

    Love Springs clean fresh coolness!

  92. Kathy says:

    Please add my email address to your mailing list

  93. Mary, St. Louis says:

    Love this post ! This is just lovely. Can’t wait to meet you on Sunday ! xoxo

  94. Vita Avanesian says:

    Thank you for your endless inspiration Susan!! I always love your sweet posts! Vita

  95. Sara McKeefer says:

    Hi, Susan, I was sorry to miss seeing you in Wilmette, but I hear my friend, Linda, asked you to sing and you did!! I saw your debut on Facebook, and I must say, you did good, girlfriend!

    That’s a lovely dogwood you planted in your yard! I saw your comments about the flower-filled white and pink dogwoods you’re seeing on your travels. I think this year’s are the beauti-fullest I’ve ever seen. My two pink ones are still loaded with blooms, and they started blooming more than two weeks ago. My wisteria is gorgeous this year too. I planted it 16-17 years ago, and everyone said I was crazy–it is, after all, Northern Indiana! It took 7 years before it bloomed, and it’s now in the tops of my mature Japanese (Yoshino) Cherry and Flowering Crab Apple trees and also growing (and blooming right now!) alongside and in front of one of my bedroom windows. I love it!

    I also have a long bed of Lily of the Valley in front of my house that I started 20 years ago with a few plants an elderly friend gave me. I put a little bouquet in my bedroom and a big one in the family room. Heaven on earth, second only to Gardenia! It’s been so very cold this spring… it’s only going to be 47 for a high tomorrow, and in the 30s at night! Our last frost date is May 17 and we’re almost there.

    You and Joe be safe on your travels to Cedar Rapids and beyond. Wow, I just checked on Twitter to see where you are…yes, that sky is spectacular! I’m hoping for some of those blue skies here tomorrow. You may have to do some snuggling up tonight with this cold front, but that’s the Midwest for you!

    I’m reading The Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen, who really is a shepherdess in the northernmost part of Yorkshire. It’s a great read, and you can download it on your Kindle. I think Joe would like it too! It’s the story of her life from being a townie to finding the love of her life (Clive) at Ravenseat. Kind of reminds me of a certain couple I know. You might want to take a drive up to Ravenseat when you’re up her way this fall. She welcomes travelers for tea and even has a retro-fitted gypsy caravan she rents out! I hope to stay there too, even if it’s only for a couple nights.

    Happy trails, my dears! 🙂 Sara 🙂

  96. Patricia in NC says:

    Our neighborhood has the scent of honeysuckle in the air. Perfect for sitting outside while reading Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams that I just received today!!!

  97. Splendid thoughts and thank you for sharing your home. NJ is in bloom, finally spring is really here. Hope to see you soon …safe travels
    love to you and Joe

  98. Patti Reed says:

    Susan, my husband and I had a wonderful time at the country club on Tuesday. I was so happy that he was able to meet you. We both enjoyed talking with Joe. I wanted to tell you that I’m getting 2 kittens in June. Our 18 1/2 year old girl cat died last December and her brother passed away 2 years ago. I wanted to wait until June when I get out of school. We miss our cats, but so excited to have kittens once again! Happy traveling!

  99. Oh I love Dogwood. An old tree I dug from the woods of my Mother’s house has 3 blossoms – progress😊

  100. Marilyn Young says:

    Hi Susan, hope you and Joe and enjoying your book tour. Can’t wait for Morro Bay.

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