Thanksgiving Love


Thanksgiving table

Blessing blessings

We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving tonight on board the Queen Mary 2, out here in the wild North Sea, feeling very grateful! It’s been really hard to get anything up here on the blog, but for some reason, Twitter seems to be okay! I’m sure you’re too busy today to care . . . but I wanted to send Thanksgiving blessings to one and all.  SO excited, we arrive in New York …

 New York Harbor

On Saturday . . . then it’s home sweet home.  Wishing you all a wonderful Turkey Day!  Thank you for being you. 💖

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1,001 Responses to Thanksgiving Love

  1. Marsha from Michigan says:

    Merry Christmas Susan and Joe! Thanks for bringing happiness to our homes! I always enjoy your posts. I’ll be thinking of you Susan, as this is your first Christmas without your dad.

  2. Kim Tilton says:

    Seasons Greetings Susan!
    I love taking out my Susan Branch cookbooks each season to read the loving messages my mom wrote in each one when she gave them to me as gifts.
    My mom is no longer with me, but it warms my heart to see her handwriting in those cookbooks that she knew I would always cherish. And I do!
    Thank you for all you do to help us make our lives more beautiful, mindful, delicious and loving. I think it’s safe to say, we’re ALL grateful for you!

  3. Kathryn Oliberos says:

    Just finished reading your Willard. So much fun and inspiration! Thankyou for all the updates. If I never get to travel to England myself I will always feel I have been there thru your writing and photos. I hope you do write a book about this last trip. I can’t wait! May you and Joe have the most blessed Christmas ever!

  4. Sharon C. says:

    Happiest of Holidays, Susan! I made the cranberry cake and it was fab!!! It is similar to a cranberry loaf that my Great Aunt Iva from Rhode Island used to make. So yummy! Also, I am in the process of writing all of my family recipes in books for my daughters for Christmas gifts. More than a few of your recipes will be in those books, too! I hope you and Joe have a very merry Christmas, and a nice rest after your trip!

  5. Judi Davis says:

    Just rereading and enjoying it once more!

  6. Cheryl says:

    Ahh Susan this is such a sweet, comforting place to be. So refreshing and hygge, love that. You are so wise and funny and sweet and I just love this Happy Susan Place so much. And not only that people’s comments are often so precious as well. Ahh breathe of fresh air, needed it today. Thank you so much and happy holidays to all.

    • sbranch says:

      Aren’t they? Our kindred spirit Girlfriends are what makes this place what it is. Truly, the kindness is unfettered.

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