Happy 2017 Everyone! Here we GO . . . 🎵MUSICA 🎵word reasons to go on living



go. be. love. Bird and heart ... With love from Susan Branch

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  1. Gill Smith says:

    Happy Happy Happy New Year to you too dear Susan and Joe Gill xxx

  2. mary spring says:

    ..oh, what a wonderful post to start the morning ( and a new year ! ) with !!..yes, “a dream is a wish your heart makes” !!..thank you for this, Susan ..and here ‘s to a peaceful and loving and joyous new year !!!

    • sbranch says:

      To you and to yours xoxo

      • mary spring says:

        ..’needed to tell you, Susan..(as my pottery wheel (and piano and sewing machine) are still in storage) I just needed to do something creatively, so I bought watercolors and paper the day before yesterday !..’can’t stop me !!..thank you for the inspiration, as always….xoxo

  3. Deb in Wales says:

    Happy New Year Susan and Joe and Jack Kitty
    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi!

    Isn’t it exciting? A brand new year, a brave new year, and a brand new brave new page each brand new brave new day. I’m sounding slightly crazy but I’m giddy with excitement over my brave new brand new me! I’ve started working through doing something purposefully creative every single day; no matter how small it is, each and every day I’m making something creative to start nourishing my creative spirit. The first brave and brand new thing I did was not let not having the ‘right book’ and the ‘right pen’ stop me from starting!

    Grabbing everything by the lapels ~~~ Let’s Go!

    ~~~waving from Across the Pond~~~Deb from wildly wonderful west Wales xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      Perfection, I like the way you think Deb! xoxo

    • Debbie Boerger says:

      From one Deb to another….Thank You for Your inspiration! This is how we pay it forward from inspiration we receive from Susan, Right!
      Debbie in Tampa…for now

  4. Winnie says:

    Happy New Year, Susan!! Don’t you just love a clean slate each January 1? It reminds me of the excitement If felt every year on the first day of school in early September: lots of excitement and wonder about what lies ahead, but looking forward to new friends, adventures and discoveries.

    I also just read about your visit before Christmas to the Convent and it all looked and sounded wonderful! So much joy in the nun’s works and what a blessing to have been invited to spend time with them at tea. Thank-you for sharing your amazing afternoon with them!

    • sbranch says:

      It was wonderful Winnie, so glad you enjoyed it!

    • Linda D'Elia says:

      I too LOVED all the pictures from your visit to the convent! I was incredulous as each new artful endeavor rolled past my unbelieving eyes as I kept scrolling. So inspiring! I have been feeling kinda blue about my own creative attempts not going anywhere, (just have not found my audience yet), and somehow I said I have to get up and do something about it, after I saw that post. Thanks for the never-ending cheer and the pictures of your homey home, they are a breath of fresh air for the soul in a world full of people being awful to each other.

  5. Sydney Ellen from Michigan. says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy and wonderful New Year. I adore your art and inspirational house of words, ideas and encouragement. Great start to the new year by hanging your 2017 calendar on my wall yesterday. January is off to a terrific start. Sending joy, and blessings to you and Joe.

  6. Martha says:

    Bless you, Susan! What cheer you spread to us, inspiring us to do the same. I’m off, to dream and spread some joy, too. Happy 2017!

  7. YOU are a joy to the world, Susan! 💕

  8. Marla says:

    A new year and a new journal! I love the excitement of a starting a brand new journal & wondering how I will fill the pages. You always have such inspiring quotes in your blog — many end up on my journal pages along with my art doodles and life stories. Enjoy the day and the Rose Parade!

  9. Sandra Mailey says:

    Wishing you the very best 2017 possible!! You inspire all of us to be the best that we can be – or at the very least, make a really good stab at it.
    Love and hope for a good new year!!

    • sbranch says:

      The stabbing is what counts! Without the stabbing there is nothing. xoxox

    • kathleen a goblirsch says:

      Sandra…That is how I feel. Inspiration to look with fresh eyes at me, my home and my life. If I want a change, then something needs to change. Make a stab at it. Yesterday I started a scarf for my niece and today I finished it.

  10. Laurie A says:

    So many things that brought a smile in this lovely post. Here’s to magic, joy and a creative year ahead!

  11. Mary Hobart says:

    Happy New Year. I’m not good at keeping dairies but started a “nice thing I saw or experienced each day”. Yesterday, a beautiful hawk was in my yard.

    • sbranch says:

      Perfect, if you start somewhere, you have no idea where it might lead. It’s getting started that’s the most difficult.

  12. Marie Knight (Long Beach, CA) says:

    Happy New Year! Wishing you, Joe and Jack, a new year filled with new hope, new joy, and new beginnings. ♥

  13. Debbie Boerger says:

    Last New Year I resolved to let my hair be natural, a la Susan. I’d always yearned for sparkly salt and pepper, but didn’t think I had enough gray or that it would be sparkly. Well, my dear, I’m loving my “sparkly” salt and pepper! The sparkly comes from a bottle of that purple shampoo, called Sparkle. I’m 71, and was slow in getting this fabulous gray. Now I’m part of the “Big Girls” club. Just another thank you to you, Dear Susan.

    We’re on the way over to the beach for a few nights of quiet time with my Main Squeeze before he has open heart surgery in a couple of weeks. Soon as he’s all mended, I am having shoulder replacements….thank goodness!!! and some kind of nerve ablation for my spine and neck. No worries, we’re very positive and looking forward to the rest of our 70’s and and on to our 80’s after these “tune ups”. Even our beloved 17 year old Subaru gets tuned up, as well as the 20 yr. old Lexus, and they are as good as new, well, almost. 🙂 And of course your Tweeter and Blog will speed the recoveries.

    XOXOX to you and Joe and Jack,
    Debbie in Tampa….for now

    • sbranch says:

      With your attitude you are going to sail right through these challenges this year. And when you’re done, you’ll be good to go, bionic! Blessings on you both, and all my good wishes go with you. xoxoxo

  14. Tam says:

    Happy new year!

    I just wanted to let you know how very much I loved Isle of Dreams. I posted on my instagram with a tag for you so you will see next time you log in there. I’m really looking forward to your next book.

  15. Tracy Jones says:

    Dear Sue,
    Thank you for this post…it’s been a tough year for me and I am hoping the New Year will bring some reprieve. I hope you and Joe have the most fabulous year ahead of you. Thank you again for making my life better. ~ Peace ~ Tracy

  16. Jan Pollett says:

    Happy New Year to you Susan and Joe. We so enjoyed meeting you at Stourhead in September, and the happy memories will keep us going for a long time! I am Janette (although I use ‘Jan’ on Facebook) who made the book bags for some of your Girlfriends at Stourhead. It was lovely to keep up with your trip to Scotland, and back to England, by way of your Blog. Happy Days!

  17. Treese says:

    Happy New Year to this Brotherhood of Man where we all exist. I wish happiness, kindness, peace and love to everyone alive. (The Good, Bad and The Ugly).
    Treese/Colorado Cowgirl

  18. Diane says:

    Wishing you and Joe a blessed 2017,

  19. Carol Maurer~~~~ Kennewick, Wa says:

    This is a new year!! Loving it so far. We’ve got SNOW!! About 8 inches so far. Been snowing most of the time since yesterday morning. Suppose to quit this afternoon. At times it’s hard to even tell that it’s snowing. Just have to look closely. We’ve been feeding the birds for a couple weeks now. They were so excited this morning to see fresh seed. About 8 were out on the fence chowing away.

    I hope that all the girlfriends had a good New Year’s Eve. All safe and sound.
    Susan, I ordered the Christmas cards to use next year. They are very cute and I know all my friends and family will like them.

    Until next time….
    Carol M

  20. Shannon(Pennsylvania) says:

    Awww, love this. I was just looking at the January page of your mini calendar, adore the way you built “reasons to go on living” into a little house❤❤❤Happy, Happy New Year! Hugs!

    • sbranch says:

      Well, home holds a lot of what gives us reasons to go on . . . it’s where love grows. 💖 Happy New Year Shannon!

  21. Anita says:

    Happy new year and thank you for all of your beautiful artwork! I have my calendars up and love them!
    Also- I have enjoyed making a lot of “old fashion” drinks this holiday season thanks to your recipe!
    Look forward to reading your posts and books this year

    • sbranch says:

      Did you get the “good” cherries? They are almost black and make such a good difference! I got the ones from Italy … our liquor store has them, but they are also on Amazon.

  22. Yesterday I was looking at 2016 and 2017 calendars. The quotes that speak to peace and quiet are needed to create are so true. Years ago when my life was crazy, I couldn’t even think! Moving threw me back into that, and to think I moved 19 times in my adult life! So I say to start creating one must clear the clutter!!!


  23. Linda in Arizona says:

    Susan, I wanted to tell you that “The Night Will Never Stay” poem on the January page of my Susan Branch planner, was always sung in my family as a lullaby. Out words were slightly different, but it is the same wonderful sentiment!

  24. Mary Cunningham ( Barefoot Sparkler) says:

    Happy New Year! Such an exciting thought , to have new calendars with empty squares, just waiting to be filled! Hopes and wishes that your year is filled with many blessed days!

  25. Julia says:

    Please keep,our spirits up as we are going to need you! The best for you in 2017!

  26. Lynn says:

    Love when you travel because we might see another book from that!! But it also feels good to have you home! Happy New Year!

  27. Happy New year to you both! I’m a dreamer and keep thinking of new things to dream…makes life interesting! Thanks for sharing so much of your art, ideas and yourself with us this past year! What a sweet girlfriend you are! Warm hugs from Florida, Diane

  28. Peggy Borell says:

    Thank you for your optimism!

    I just finally allowed myself to finish reading A Fine Romance. I didn’t want it to end, so I read only a few pages a day–for a few months. Now I need to start over, and read all the books again. My favorite fairy tales!

    I’m so glad you are in this world I live in, to brighten up our days, and help us to be a part of the happiness that is meant to be. You are an Angel in the quest for world peace.

  29. Trudy says:

    Happy New Year to you both Susan!
    May all your dreams come true.
    Love the drawing of the house at the beginning.
    Greetings Trudy from Holland

  30. Debby Moreau says:

    Happy new year to the girl whose emails always make me happy. If I’m feeling anxious I just go lie down with one of your books and everything starts feeling all right again. ❤❤❤

  31. jeanie says:

    Happy New Year, Susan. And what a beautiful way to start the year, with dreams to help guide us through a brave new, sometimes very scary world. But may it be filled with loads of Hygge — cocoa and tea, fireplaces, good books, lovely music — and loads of visits here.

  32. Sally Roth says:

    What this little post meant to me was a big HOPE!!! Nothing can be all bad with hope… Blessings, Joy and Hygge to you and Joe xx

  33. Tisa says:

    ♥back at ya! Opened my SB mini calendar (same art you posted above, yay!) and didn’t peek ahead to the other months so I’ll be surprised & delighted each month to see what you created. You’ve inspired me to do more art, so thanks from another former SLO / PB gal…

  34. Jo'L says:

    Bravo to our cheer leader extraordinaire, Susan, and her accomplice, Joe, for helping us get going in this New Year.

  35. Janie Phillips says:

    Happy New Year, Sue! XOXO

  36. Linda Petersen says:

    Happy New Year to everyone! May light & love shine through your hearts & touch the world around you❤. Love, Linda

  37. Ann Woleben says:

    Love your reasons to go on living! I think that’s the key – looking for joy each day in the ordinary events of our lives and focusing on others. I’m trying to become more positive and see the “glass half-full” until the “trying” becomes a habit. I have started a “Gratitude Jar” as part of the process. Each day I will write one word or phrase of gratitude. Gratitude for today: Susan Branch’s blog – inspirational in every way.

  38. Eliza Waters says:

    A luv-ly, cheerful post, thank you. Happy New Year to you and Joe and of course, Jack, who really doesn’t care what year it is! 😉

  39. Melissa Routh says:

    Oh lovely, Happy New Year Susan! I agree with other’s posts about the excitement of a fresh start, new calendars, (yours on my fridge!), journals, out with the old, in with the new, being creative, and being inspired by you! (Always!) Our local PBS Station just ran the entire Dowton Abbey non-stop for 3 days ending yesterday! I was thinking of you as my husband and I relished the whole yummy thing all over again! I loved that he loved it as much as I do, it was on constantly while I was puttering and cooking for my kids and was such a nice background. My husband said he was having withdrawal last night and I agreed. Sadly he thought there was one more season! 😢
    I just did the treadmill and was reading in A Fine Romance before your post, so it was like, “Oh Hi! we were just chatting and then you emailed me!” Thanks for being a great friend and making us all feel like you’ re actually our very own BFF!
    Also, my dear husband elf got my wish list of A Fairytale Girl AND the girlfriend bead for me for Christmas, so if I’m sounding a little obsessed, then I confess! Just love you and mostly all things that you love!
    Wishing you and Joe and all girlfriends a hopeful and blessed New Year!
    XO Melissa

  40. Lynne says:

    Can I just say how much I love you and how much you make me smile? Your books, your drawings, your writing….all of it is my happy place. Thank you for being you and for making the world a kinder place with joy in the things we love, whatever they may be!

  41. Shirley Burt says:

    All this inspiration, perfect way to think on this New Year’s day. I intend to actually write down a good thing a day. I have never been good at doing that, I fear when someone reads them when I am gone, they will think how silly I was. But I am going to try. Your blogs will certainly help me along the way.
    Thank you, Susan for being there and sharing.
    Happy New Year, to you and Joe.
    Love and bunny hugs,

    • sbranch says:

      If you’re gone, who cares how “silly” you were. The heck with them. You are wonderful, and all the things you do are also wonderful. Bunny hugs right back to you!

      • Shirley Burt says:

        Thank you, Susan. You are correct, I won’t be around to feel silly and embarrassed. So I am going to try hard to keep going. Much love and lots of bunny hugs to you, my inspiration.

  42. Barb says:

    Happy New Year, with many thanks for your beautiful website!

  43. Margaret Harke says:

    May this be a very wonderful New Year for one and all! Choose joy!

  44. Candice says:

    Thank you for the wonderful New Years’s post!

    Happy New Year Blessings to you, Joe & kitty cuddles to Jack!

  45. jean says:

    thank you for your talent and making our hearts smile. glorious new year to you

  46. Jamie Vance says:

    Happy New Year Susan and hope your new year is full of love, joy and many more adventures!

  47. Cyndi in NC says:

    A happy and healthy 2017 to all! Hugs!

  48. Dorothy H. Jones says:

    Thank you so much Susan for the joy you bring into my life. I look so forward to anything you share. Happy New Year to you and Joe. God bless.

  49. Val says:

    I’ve always loved that “Astonishing how short a time. . .” quote. One moment you can feel positively BURIED in the muck of a rut, and the next, you find the good book, the perfect quote, the new person you click with, the interest or hobby that keeps you up late and makes you get up early, the new crush, the [WHATEVER!], and life feels not only worthwhile, but also BEAUTIFUL again. And that this can happen countless times! And that we never know when the next “something wonderful” is going to come into our lives! It’s a wonder.

    I worked the weekend, so it’s a few days off work now for me, a new journal to begin today–Ahhhhhhhhhh, that first page–and “real time,” finally, to delve into some of the books I got for Christmas. Bliss! ♥

    Happy new year to you and yours, Susan. 🙂 ♥

  50. Kathy Cronberg says:

    I LOVE this blog post! And I love reading your Reasons to go on Living, and at the end of it, all the things you thought “might” happen, did! Happy New Year to you and Joe and little Jack! Much love, Kathy

  51. Shanna says:

    Happy New Year, Susan, Joe and Jack-Kitty! You bring such inspiration to all of us. Seeing a new post in my e-mail makes me smile, even before I read it. That is a rare gift. I am hoping this year will surprise us with joy.

  52. KellyV says:

    Dearest Susan – I am in DC on vacay and thought of you as this coast is so lovely. Happy 2017. KellyV from the other coast

  53. Virginia says:

    Happy New Year, Susan! I have been loving all your posts–a stream of Christmas presents to all of us. Your visit to the nuns was an absolute delight and so full of inspiration, both creative and spiritual. My cousin and I were directly in front of them in line at your Newburyport signing so I feel as if I was part of the whole experience. Still enjoying those candles.

    I am still celebrating Christmas here, with all my decorations made, given or collected thru the years, all so cherished. Christmas isn’t over til Epiphany…and sometimes I don’t stop even then…love it so much.

  54. Helen says:

    Wishing you and Joe health, happiness, and travel adventures in the new year!

  55. Marianne from Illinois says:

    What a treat coming from you! Happy New Year from the midwest and from my heart. Let’s be positive and laugh a lot!

  56. pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

    Good afternoon Susan and dear girlfriends, wishing you all a very Happy New Year. lets all hope 2017 is a happy, positive and peaceful new year. I have been busy with taking down the Christmas decorations and leaving out my snowmen for the winter and guess what…. for a delightful new year’s surprise we got snow, tons of it. I walk out in my dairy boots and it is past my knees going to the barn to check on the barnyard crowd and they are doing fine. it has stopped snowing for now, but more is expected today, tonight and all through tomorrow,,,whee you should see the snowmen in my front yard and the snow fort in the back.. we had a snowball fight yesterday, don’t know who won, but we had a ball. doing a large load of laundry and I still have one more to get done.. the white load, Ed’s dirty socks, t-shirts and whatever else.. I won’t mention those. the cats are curled up by the woodstove in their big basket staying warm and comfy and are a bit upset with me for taking down their tree, but it has to come down and be put away for another year, and our tree is down and tomorrow is recycling day so I will put the tree out for the boy scouts to pick up and recycle. you all have a wonderful day today, stay warm and comfy and enjoy this new year.. so far so good. hugs…. 🙂

    • pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

      whee its snowing again… time for more snowballs and snowball fights, what a great way to start the new year …….. 😀

    • judi says:

      Happy New year to you Pat. The new snow is always so beautiful … l do miss it💕🌴

  57. I just loved your post with the Sisters! What a creativity house for sure! So much fun serving God in a creative way! Yeah!

  58. Cathy Kawalek says:

    Dear Susan, Happy New Year! Just as the Musica started playing, my cocker spaniel, Lady Sarah-Sandy, came running over to snuggle. (She had been sulking because I would not share the pizza crust.) If you were with us, we would be sharing an Earl Grey tea in Emma Bridgewater mugs. May we all have a year of hope, love and blessings. xxx

  59. Janet says:

    Happy New Year, Susan, and thank you for bringing joy to my world with each post that you write! I just finished reading Isle of Dreams for a second time; we have so much in common with our love of nature and cozy spaces. You’re even inspiring me to think about relocating to Martha’s Vineyard! Thank you for your positive attitude and for this wonderful new year’s post. It’s easy to think negatively about the upcoming year, but you’ve found the secret – that the simple pleasures are the best!

  60. Mary/Indiana says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  61. Patti E says:

    Happy New Year to someone who always brings a smile to my face whenever I see your name in my “in box”.😊

  62. Ann Y. says:

    Happy New Year…Loved that illustration when I turned my mini calendar over to January to plan the year. Wishing you and Joe health, happiness, and PEACE!

  63. Kim from Canada says:

    Blessings to you and yours! Here’s to a magical 2017! 😊💕

  64. linda matera says:

    Lobster with Butter…of course!!!!

  65. Kathiellen says:

    Dear Susan, ” If there were dreams to sell……and the cryer rung his bell……what would I buy?” I would buy Peace on Earth and Good Will Unto Men ❤ Your Musica for this post has always been one of my favorite songs…. “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” I dream it, I wish it and I pray it with all my heart….Peace on Earth and Good Will to each and everyone of us ❤. God Bless You Dear Susan…Happy New Year! xoxo

  66. I absolutely love the house of JOY! that doggie at the door just makes me smile all the way to my toes!


  67. Gayle Hall says:

    Happy New Year to you and Joe. It is a dark gloomy day here but I have my candle glowing and still hanging on the Christmas music. I can listen to it all the time. Today I am busy with thank you cards and New Years wishes for all my loved ones who were so kind to me this past season. I have my art supplies out and am busy making the envelopes as cheery as possible. May this note find you cozy and warm, and enjoying this day no matter what the weather there in Martha’s Vineyard. Bless you both, Gayle Hall

    • sbranch says:

      It’s been good here, we’ve been able to walk every day, and every day with a walk in it, is a good day for me! Thank you Gayle! xoxo

  68. Lyndia from Corte Madera, CA says:

    Well right back at you! Thank you for the inspiration you do so well. Happy New Year!

  69. Jana says:

    And the happiest, most full of good surprises New Year to you, Susan! Health, vitality, and joy to you and all your dear family.

  70. Suzanne DS Conover says:

    It has been a great day and though hot for this time of year (in FL) have played some tennis and actually had some really great shots !! That is not always the case. Read a very nice book called “Our Souls at Night” by Kent Haruf and recommend is not long. Have a terrific new year, and, don’t fret..the boat we are all in is headed in the same direction.

  71. diana from ancaster says:

    All the best for 2017 and beyond!!!!
    love the ‘reasons to go on living’………..there are a few things on that list that have me dreaming…….

  72. Diane M. Ely says:

    Love it! So true, the year is new and your positive lovely words and thoughts make me feel bouyant and excited, I turned 70 Christmas Day and so I’m eager to embrace these years for all they’re worth!
    Thank you, Susan ❤️

  73. Paula, New Romney, Kent says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’ve started a Thanksgiving Jar. I’m writing down each day something I am thankful for, maybe a sunset or a rainy afternoon sewing (that was yesterday) or it could be just seeing my robin in the garden. The paper is then folded and put in the jar. I’ll re-read the notes in 12 months time to remind myself of all the magic moments the Lord has given me. This isn’t my own idea, I read about it recently and thought it would be a nice thing to do. May you have many magic moments in the coming year Susan and thank you for spreading so much love and happiness. A very happy and peaceful New Year to you, Joe and Jackie Boy oxox

  74. Christine Breidenbach says:

    Happy New Year to you, Susan and Joe and Jack!!!! Thank you for all the joy you bring all year long. I loved the tour of the Convent at Christmas – just so creative. I’m leaving for Florida on Wednesday to winter as a “snowbird” so I am packing all my creative things I can’t do without…watercolors, paper, colored pencils, coloring books, crochet stuff, tea, candy, cookies……

    Christina from Pennsylvania

  75. Jeanette in Illinois says:

    Susan & Joe & Jack!
    Wishing you all the bestest of 2017 and everything wonderful in this glorious New Year!

    Thanks for this super-sweet and thought-provoking blog – so much to ponder and all those empty pages waiting to be filled!! Very exciting.

    Sending oodles of love and squishy hugs!

  76. Happy New Year to you and all the girlfriends! I love your blog and your way with words. I’m always excited to see a new posting.

  77. Lisa G. says:

    Seeing your “if you can dream it, you can make it so”, reminds me of the movie “Affair to Remember”. But, have you seen the original of that, “Love Affair” with Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer? I watched it again recently, and as good as the former is, this original is sweeter, and my favorite.

  78. Wendy Dewar Hughes says:

    Happy New Year, Susan and family! I mentioned you on my blog a few days ago. I hope you don’t mind (or think me presumptuous) but I included your link so I hope lots of my friends click through to your pretty blog.

    Wishing everyone joy, sunshine, and prosperity for 2017.

  79. Susie Carlson says:

    Wishing you and Joe a wonderful, happy, healthy and joy filled new year too. When I read your opening house I was reminded of all that joyfully filled my life last year and what the new year may hold.

    Peace and Blessings!

  80. Cathy Aquilina says:

    Happy New Year!! This was a wonderful treat to find after a very tiring day, I took down all of our Christmas decorations and put them away, cleaned and did laundry. Love when my home is back in order, as much as I love Christmas I am always ready to take it all down and put it away. Fresh beginnings for a new year!

  81. Debbie says:

    Happy New Year, Susan! My sister gave me your 2017 calendar for Christmas and I just love it! I’m looking forward to a year of peace, kindness , & joy. Wishing you & Joe all the best!

  82. Charl says:

    ~~~~”HAPPY NEW YEAR, SUSAN!!!”~~~~

    I can’t think of a better way to start 2017 than by sitting with a cup of tea & gingernuts (cookies) and revisiting your blog posts from 2016…especially the England photos. Thank you for all you do to bring a smile & warm our hearts.

    Best wishes for the new year to you & your family,

  83. Nancy Mosley says:

    Happy New Year Susan and family! One of your quotes reminded me of a quote by Jim Elliot, one of five missionaries killed by Auca Indians on Jan 8, 1956, he said, “Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

  84. Susan P. says:


    I love this post…..DREAMS FOR SALE,…. I WILL BUY….. Health and a little Wealth…allot of Happiness and Love….Sunrises so glorious in the morning to sing
    about and Sunsets so splendid to dance into the evening moon light. Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Love, Susan P.

  85. Sarah says:

    This is an absolutely perfect post to begin the new year. Thank you, Susan!
    Of course you would arrange all these words of wisdom within a house. Home Sweet Home! I want to print this out and keep it handy ~ instant inspiration from my friend, Susan!
    I have my new Susan Branch pocket calendar ready to fill with life happenings.
    Happy, Happy New Year to you and Joe and Jack.
    Love and hugs from Austin ~ Sarah

    • sbranch says:

      Kellee had the House of Inspiration made into a print ~ it’s in our webstore, in case it’s something you might want. xoxo

  86. Pat Johnson says:

    And HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Dear Susan (light of my life) and Joe and kitties……. Look forward to another year of surprises from you. I loved what you wrote about the election and wonder what life is going to be like now. You are most definitely my hero!! Not just for the election thing – but always. This year I will be going to Grand Tetons National Park and staying at my favorite place – Moulton’s Cabins. A wonderful gift to ME!! Thank you for being YOU!!!

  87. lovely new year to you and yours; it’s exciting…a new chance to be kind and nice to one another, no matter our differences.

  88. Deborah in Odessa says:

    I love the Happy Life House. Inspiring. Love new starts. New yr. New day. make them count so that the old is full of great memories. So ..Go…Be …LOVE. Thank you. Oh, I love my calendar.

  89. Kay Kay says:

    My heart sings every time I see your name in my Inbox…you bring so much light and love to all.
    Thank You and Happy New Year to you and Joe and Jack.

  90. Anita Jahner says:

    This bright and cheerful message was just what I needed today! The world isn’t always pretty, but there’s always some kindness and goodness to be found. Wishing you a Blessed, Joyful New Year!

  91. Starr miller says:

    Happy New Year!!

  92. kathleen a goblirsch says:

    Back to work Tuesday…boss still out for a week. Students in the office, two, are in Florence for a study abroad for a month. It is the Foster Youth office at a community college. Two years in and most certainly a place I practice hope, joy and new beginnings…..Right now, this evening, my big boy cat Rocco is snoring away on the couch….The other two soundly sleeping too. A good day. Except someone hit the front of my car and creased my fender and license plate. Geez. I do not know when it happened. Today I took pictures….tomorrow I call the insurance company. Right now all is good.And the Rose Parade…..I have been to it many times on the sidelines and all that fun. This year cozy in my home. I love to see it is enjoyed by many.

  93. 'Arden says:

    Happy New Year to you all from Oregon. I LUV your house of inspiration. I think I’ll cut it out and pin it up….and I hung up your new calendar. Thanks so much…arden

  94. Brenda says:

    Happy New Year to you and Joe! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your year to come…

  95. ashley says:

    happy 2017 Susan…..i love coming here and have for many years. you answered me once on an “ask susan branch” dealie-whop years ago on cherry menlove’s blog. i don’t even know who the heck she was, but i knew who you were! it’s all gone now…i can’t find the question and answer thingy on the ol’ “internets” but i remembered it after about, oh, 4-5-6-ish years later a couple weeks ago…i can’t even remember what i asked you! i love all your writing and your scrapbook type books and of course all your artwork. i am a single-mother of three (and a first grade teacher) and i come here to see what you write all the time and see what’s on your oven shelf (when it’s quiet and no one is awake in my house!). i have a little magnet that is a painting of your stove that i keep on my fridge. it’s cute. thanks for writing everything….i read all your “story” books in order so i’m just now on the third one, which is actually maybe the first one or something….when y’all go on your dream vacation. love it all. i hope you have enough fan mail to last you a whole life time and all the good stuff forever and ever. you are so precious and your writing and artwork is a light in my tired world. : ) i could go on and on…. happy new year. (i just started “the artist’s way”….you inspired me. i’m slow. i’ve had it for nearly 10 years i think.) many blessings.

    • sbranch says:

      I think you are very likely right on time. We grow into everything. And look at you, mom of three and a first grade teacher, what you do is amazing. Never think you aren’t already creative. Thank you for your kind words. 💖 You go girl. xoxo

  96. Laura G. says:

    Wishing you the best year ever, Susan! Thanks for all the ways you inspire us all to be our own happy selves. And keep the movie and music and all other motivating recommendations coming.

  97. Laura G. says:

    P.S. “Hearing La Vie en Rose” made me smile. Good one!

  98. Dee Fox says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the dancing chicks!!

  99. Noelle says:

    Happy New Year to you and Joe:Thanks for the good wishes and for always cheering me up! It’s lovely to know that you are in this world inspiring all of us and cheering us all up and cheering us all on! Thank you!

  100. Delaney Ann Prins says:

    Happy New Year 2017 – hoping for the best in all things that I can do – artwork, quilting, family, friends, reading, traveling, sewing, embroidering, and letting go of things that I cannot have any influence on! Go Forth, boldly!!

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