Rabbit-Rabbit, It’s JUNE 🌸

Rabbit-Rabbit Girlfriends!  Good Morning! MUSICA It’s the glory of love!

Everything good here ~ so far it looks like it might not rain today! A minor miracle on this first day of June considering that it rained all May ~ but, so far, so good,  it’s dawning with blue skies! Time to turn over the new page on our calendars ~ It’s tea! Perfect timing (how did I know?), because today I’m having twelve best friends for a Farewell Tea Party Twine for a girlfriend who’s moving south! I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, if the sky stays blue, we’ll be able to have it outside under the arbor!

Our party is at four, so I doubt we’ll need the twinkle lights. But every time I look at that little spot, I think of Mr. Bowditch, who I never met, the man you lived here before us, who built the arbor with his own hands back in the 1950s. He doesn’t know it, but he has given us YEARS of pleasure. He and his wife called the arbor the “Teahouse of the Vineyard Moon.” Romantic people that they were.💞

But I’m still waiting to see if the picnic table gets dried out enough! We cleaned up the dining room just in cases. Jack’s been helping me get ready, but we still have a lot to do. I know everyone is waiting for the drawing . . . So I thought I’d say hello and give us one last day to make sure everyone is signed up for our Luv-lee beautiful cup Giveaway.

Be sure to sign up your sister, your daughter and your mom! And you! Do it today ~ just leave a comment below and you’ll be entered ~ because Vanna (our very interesting “random number generator”) is on her way back to the Island so we’ll try to do the drawing tomorrow depending on what kind of shape she’s in. 😜 You know how she is. (If none of this makes sense to you, read down the next post ~ for drawing explanation.) Until then, off I go . . . Let’s see, where’s that recipe . . . Oh yeah . . .

I’ll take lots of pictures today, between setting the table, cutting chives in the garden for the tender little egg salad sandwiches and dipping the perfectly ripe strawberries into melted chocolate. Ahhh, tea parties. How I love thee.  Have a wonderful day everyone . . . It’s true, to know you is to love you!

P.S. Just saw this photo, wasn’t Jack the sweetest little kitten?  He’s under the bed in the Peter Rabbit room in this photo, on his first day home. All ears and mustache! Intelligence shines out around the eyes, don’t you think? 😘


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1,303 Responses to Rabbit-Rabbit, It’s JUNE 🌸

  1. Janeen Breyman says:

    My last child is graduating high school next week, then off to college for her! I look forward to many afternoons with my pot of tea. A lovely cup would make it taste all the better.

  2. Summer says:

    Rabbit rabbit!

  3. Charlene Scholey says:

    I love love the cups. They are beautiful . I have all three but would love another for a daughter😁💕❤️

  4. Barbara says:

    Thank you for making all of our lives a little brighter!

  5. Jen Chamberlain says:

    Rabbit, rabbit brought memories of my childhood growing up in Yorkshire England _ my mum always would say that on the first day of a new month 🙂 Susan you are a reflection of my memories of growing up in the English countryside & I can’t wait to read your blog. The mugs are adorable – so pretty. I have lived in the Willamette Valley in Oregon for many years now – thanks to you dear Susan I can visit my homeland anytime I want.:):):)

  6. Dyana says:

    *~*~*Totally in L❤ve with the tea cups! *~*~
    Tea, a (((hug))) in a cup! 😊

  7. Belinda Young says:

    A beautiful way and such a sweet reminder…would love to enjoy by green tea and oolong combination in one of your pieces of art.

  8. I was hoping you would also share your Teatime Sandwich recipe. Love the dipped strawberries….please share any other ideas you are using. You are the reason June turned suddenly into summer here in the mid-west. Thank you for all you do for your friends.

  9. cori says:

    Your new tea cups are such beautiful piece of art!

  10. Raynore Jones says:

    It’s time for a tea party. Let’s get started.

  11. Lorraine LeBlanc says:

    Love the teacups!

  12. Juli says:

    For my BFF ❤️

  13. Juli says:

    My BFF is Kimmie 🙂
    And now for my sister in law Malia

  14. Juli says:

    And this time for my sis Jennifer who designed a couple of tea boxes for Celestial Seasonings

  15. Joanne Vyce says:

    Rabbit, rabbit. I love tea in my new mug. A tea party will be on my agenda soon to show it off to my friends.

  16. Dena says:

    went back and looked at your Peter rabbit room. love it dearly. Makes me want to watch the movie.

  17. Linda says:

    Kitten Jack is so cute!
    Love the cups Susan! Hope to win
    A cup, it would be awesome!

  18. Linda Ipson says:

    Hi Susan, love your cups and art.
    Btw kitten Jack is very cute!

  19. Heather McLoughlin says:

    Oh Susan–thank you! Thank you–for your honesty and pictures! Our front entrance is also blocked. My books are overtaking my house. I too am going to work on emptying SOME oh my shelves. Your new cups are everything I thought they would be!

  20. Donna Swisher says:

    Jack is so adorable! I have two kitties of my own. I love my new cup, The Simple Things! I have been enjoying this stretch of clear weather, working in my flower garden and relaxing in my hammock chair. The breeze is sweetly scented from all the flowers in bloom.

  21. Gael says:

    Little Jack’s face would look cute on a teacup!

  22. tedi says:

    Thank you for sharing your life with us! Would love to have tea in one of your cups!

  23. Janice Newman says:

    I would be so excited and honored to win one of your teacups. ❤️

  24. Candy says:

    Your posts are so uplifting! Love Jack’s antics.

  25. Joanna Peterson says:

    Love the new cups and the upcoming designs, too! I hope it wouldn’t be too terrible of me to drink coffee out of them instead of tea. 😉

  26. Charlotte M says:

    I always look forward to your posts! And sweet Jack is adorable! Love your cups as well!

  27. Susie Q says:

    I love the new cups! I am a tea only girl and they look so cheerful 😊

  28. Michele says:

    Susan, thank you for doing this!💕 I hope I win 😉 TODAY is my birthday!🎈🎉

  29. Kathy Korb says:

    Fabulous kitty! And I love your tea party dishes!! Cheers to you!

  30. Debbie says:

    This southern gal would love a beautiful tea cup. Thanks for the sweet offering!

  31. Leslie Scutellaro aka Mrs. S. says:

    Dear Susan, I invented a lovely tea party beverage, the Teamosa, cold raspberry tea and champagne. Serendipity. Peace, Leslie

  32. Lucia Donahower says:

    Dear Susan
    Greetings from California, I’m hoping to win a cup this time!
    Wishing good weather for your lovely tea party!

  33. Judy Purdy says:

    My best memories were my sister and I having our little tea sets and poured tea into those tiny weenie cups. But what fun we had, feeling so grown up! I always admire your cat, such personality!

  34. Judy in Ohio says:

    Good morning, Susan!!!…I am hoping that Vanna has been taking her time and is a bit late getting back? In any case, it has been awhile since I said “Hello!” so I wanted to do that and say how happy I am that you are now home for at least a bit!!

    I have had such a great time (we ALL have) keeping track of you and dear Joe on your “adventures”!! LOTS of FUN!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Tea Party (wherever you had it!) and that you have a joyful & dry weekend!! 🙂


    • sbranch says:

      Hi Judy! I worked on the new blog all day yesterday, but didn’t get it quite finished, I’ll have it this morning! Nice to hear from you! xo

      • Judy in Ohio says:

        Oh, Susan…Dear Susan…I am such a “doofus” (is that how to spell it? :/) sometimes!! I JUST realized how my note above “sounded”…I did not mean that YOU were taking a long time with your beautiful entry…I meant that I had hoped Vanna was taking HER time, so that I had time enough time to get my name and note in to you!!(As I thought I was possibly a bit too late seeing your post to be included in your drawing.)

        I think that what you do here (which to me IS the IMPOSSIBLE!!!) is just a m a z i n g…So well written (always) and so inspirational…I REALLY don’t know how you can possibly do so much!!

        Hope that you will accept my apology…and know that I was not being critical…or pushy!! 🙁

        Thank you SO MUCH for ALL you do!!
        (I am pretty sure you do not truly know the depth to which we girlfriends are touched…and just plain blessed!!) XOXO


        • sbranch says:

          You are not a doofus, don’t worry, that was more for me than for you…I’d been working on that post all day and couldn’t get myself in gear to finish it the way I wanted to. You are WONDERFUL, always have been and always will be, don’t worry a bit. xoxoxo And thank you for all your kind words. Wob you. 💞

  35. Karen Williams says:

    Oh as usual Susan, you brighten every day for us – so grateful xoxo 😘

  36. Linda C. says:

    Better late than never ?
    Cute cups, and the winner is … ?

    Linda C of So Cal

  37. Debbie Lannerd says:

    I was looking at all the stuff you were packing away in the attic… I still remember using all your stickers when they first came out on all my snail mail, cards and calenders!!! <3 Seems like yesterday!!!
    Love that it's almost summer!!! But my favorite tea cup is the Autumn one!!!

  38. Eurika says:

    Entering for the give away, don’t know where I’ve missed it, but I would love to own one or more! of your lovely cups dear Susan

  39. Yes, Susan! I agree with Debbie! I remember when I first found your books, then everything else. My sisters’ and my quest was always to find your stuff! Now you make is much easier by having your blog and internet store!!! YAY!!!! Have a great weekend.

  40. Kathy Saari says:

    I have enjoyed reading all of your books, blogs and the beauty of your artwork. Tea always tastes better in a beautiful teacup/mug. I would thoroughly enjoy one of yours.

  41. Mary Calaway says:

    Enjoyed your blog!! LOVE the beautiful cups💕

  42. Jane Connolly says:

    You make the world a happier place. Thank you. Jane

  43. Christine Beutner says:

    June is bustin’ out all over! I’d love a cup. Love your work, Susan! We are one. God save the Queen!

  44. Paula, New Romney, UK says:

    Hi Susan, what a sweet kitty pose with one cute little paw in the air!! Darling Jack, we love you. Please send some rain over to us in Kent Susan, we haven’t had any for ALL of May. My poor garden is parched! Lots of hugs to you,

    Love Paula X

  45. Jan says:

    I hope I’m not too late! These mugs are darling. I’ve just spent an enjoyable hour with you reading all about the Peter Rabbit room and Laura Ashley and reliving the fun memories I also hold in relation to each of those topics! Your blog’s the best, Susan; thanks for all the time you devote to it. I hope you had sunny skies for your tea party!

  46. Cheryl says:

    Love love your style! Imagining sipping Earl Grey tea out of one lovely cup

  47. Candice Hill says:

    Hi, Susan….Always excited to see your blog in my mail! You have the most wonderful and happy attitude! It’s a joy just to read, and soak it all up!! I’m entering with my friend, in mind, she would love your tea cup. Crossing my fingers, to try, to win it, for her! Thanks for all you do for us! Wuv you, Candy 🙂

  48. Cathy K says:

    Would love to have tea in my kitchen with this lovely mug!

  49. Oh no…am I too late to enter the drawing??? I waited too long to read this post! But never mind…I’ll just make myself a cup of tea and dream about attending your wonderful party… Thank you for being luvlee you!!!

  50. Terri Major says:

    Cute little Jack! Been thinking of having a tea party myself. Thanks for the inspiration. You are a bright spot in this crazy world.

  51. Melissa Roberts says:

    Bringing up tea, brings sweet thoughts/memories of many tea gatherings ..such sweet times ! Thank you! And thanks for an opportunity to win!! Yay!!

  52. Dolores' Cottage says:

    Love your sweet Jack. He is such a fun little fellow with such an endearing face. I need to plan a tea party for my friends too. Such a lovely idea. I hope yours goes off without any rain!

  53. Carol Costello says:

    Love your tea cups!❤️

  54. Hollis says:

    My daughter, who now resides far away, and I still share “rabbit rabbit!” I didn’t realize so many others do, too, and I love knowing it now. Thank you.

  55. Linda J. Smith says:

    Jack was a darling kitten and handsome young cat!
    Would love to win a cup!💕 Happy tea partying!🍵

  56. Terry Lummer says:

    Hi Susan!
    I would love to own a second perfect tea cup!

  57. Janet Wolfe says:

    Thank you for sharing your tea party with us all!!! love love the joy you have of life:-)

  58. Suzanne Kalanquin says:

    The cups you designed are heavenly! It would be bliss, indeed, to drink from them!

  59. Barbara from Northern California says:

    Baby Jack absolutely has the look of “plans afoot” in his eyes. Perhaps he is already contemplating that first game of fetch the rubber band/hair elastic.

    Happy Tea Party!

  60. Shell says:

    Hi Susan. I just got the catalog for Cunard ship line. It is inspiring my dreams to travel this year. Happy June, my friend.

  61. Emily Johnson says:

    I love your work, and would love to have tea in one of your fine cups!!!

  62. Mary/Indiana says:

    I have 2 BFF’s that are fans of yours and both would enjoy tea in one of your cups!
    And me two! 3 would make for a good little Tea Party! If you supply the cups. I’ll
    supply the rest! Thank, Susan!😍😍😍

  63. Terrie Trebilcock says:

    What beautiful pictures! Hope you were able to have your outdoor tea party, under the arbor. Love your cups!

  64. Jeannette from the Central Coast says:

    I’ve never been a tea drinker (except unsweetened ice tea), but I would absolutely LOVE one of these very special cups!! I’m going on 72 and have never won a beautiful teacup…it’s time:)

  65. Linda Alperin says:

    Good Morning, Susan and All: So fun to read through the information on the origin and meaning of “Rabbit, Rabbit”. I’d like to add a twist: I think I was 14 or 15 years old when my BFF Joan Wilson (Springdale, CT) told me about the tradition of saying, “Rabbit, Rabbit”, on the 1st of each month. Her version of saying this guaranteed “Good Luck” but even more so – “Good Luck with the boys”! As a mid-decade teen, this rendition was VERY important! I’m now 65 years old – almost 66 at the end of this month! – and I have faithfully muttered this bit of whimsy every month since the first month I said it! Over the years I have mostly had “luck with the boys” – even getting the chance to reunite with – and marry – my first love (a high school boyfriend) after my first marriage went astray so OBVIOUSLY, it works! 🙂 Have a wonderful day and celebrate the first day of each month with a smile and a sincerely proclaimed, “Rabbit, Rabbit”!

  66. Suzy C. says:

    The cottage I live in each summer..before it used to be in the winter too…has a small office office upstairs that could be a ‘rabbitty’ room … trees outside up to a hundred feet tall, oaks, birches, pines..no elms…they’ve succumbed to diseases. A small porch to sit on..heaven.

  67. Judy says:

    Hello from Colorado!!! If it wasn’t for your tweets, blogs, books, etc., and my Bible I believe I would be so depressed about life. I’m the same age as you and I appreciate your desire to always point out the beautiful things around us. IT WORKS!!!! Happy, beautiful Sunday to you and thanks for sharing your “heart” of your home!!!!! <3

  68. Debbie Boerger says:

    Tea Pots and Peonies…..I rummaged through my gardening “file”..piles of this and that collected over almost 20 years of living here in Maine…6 or 7 months of the year. Your beautiful peony picture spurred me to find the name of one we planted that wears a little fringed “tutu” right around her middle…midst of the bloom petals. She’s about the size of a salad plate when fully opened and smells divine. Someone mentioned thinking of them as ballerinas. My garden diary, begun the first summer living here, is so much fun for me to read today. We put in tremendous physical labor to shape the place. I’ve been sidelined now for at least 5 years. But the peonies are my favorite. Sadly, I can’t find the name of Ballerina Peony, but it may be Sarah Bernhart. Not sure. I have written in my Living Will…for Tom or somebody, to put some of my ashes in the ground around the roots of the peonies!! They love bone meal, and I like to think of my chemistry becoming part of them and their beautiful blooms.

    The tea pot in the basket I won was labeled Vintage and is by Himark. Basket included English curd, French marmalade, scone mix with directions, a pretty tea towel and the 6 note cards by a local artist, gardener and friend.

    Your blog and Tweets were much needed this morning, Sunday, June 6. How terribly sad for the world, and the UK especially. But they know how to Stay Calm and Carry On. My oldest friend gets anxious now when she knows her daughter will be down in London on museum or university business. A dark Voldemort type of shadow over us all. And no easy solution.

    Thank you for the reminder of the beauty and peace we can all make in our little corners of the world…….

    Love you much,
    Debbie….happily in Maine

    • sbranch says:

      Daily life is actually more dangerous when we get in a car and drive on a freeway ~ something like 3,000 people a day lose their lives on our roads. I know that doesn’t help people who have children near where these things happen. But there is power in keeping us afraid. I love how the English are so defiant in the face of this violence. Proud of them. Proud of you too Debbie, you always keep your sunny side up!

    • Charlotte Schultz says:

      Dear Debbie, I too have informed my hubby that I want my ashes spread in my beautiful peony garden. My peonies are over 70 years old. They belonged to the elderly lady who lived across the street from my family when I was growing up.
      She would let her niece and I pick them to take to church for the altar in as day mornings in the spring. After she passed away, I asked her daughter if I could have some of the bushes as a remembrance of her Mom. She said to take whatever I wanted. I filed a wheelbarrow with white and pink peonies. That was in 1982.
      I brought them with me when we moved to our new home in 2006. I love them for their fragrance and beauty, but most of all because they remind me of my childhood in a small New Jersey town in a neighborhood filled with love.
      Peonies and old fashion purple “flags” iris fill my garden every spring. ❤️

  69. Sherri McShane says:

    I love a good tea party! The egg salad sandwiches are my go to for tea! I would love to add this cute teacup to my collection! Fingers crossed!

  70. Debbie Boerger says:

    By way of searching for the name of the special peony, it decided to go through all the clippings and magazines on gardening I had in the dark place under the little roll topped desk. Thank you, Susan and the girlfriend who mentioned peonies reminding her of dancer’s dresses. I’ve discarded about 2 tons of stuff. And found many, many things to poke me into action…shade plants. The name of the peony with the fringes may still come up.

    I so love reading the stories posted by the girlfriends. Something so Real about it…sadness and happiness we all experience if we are alive and aware.

    Thank you for providing a safe place for us, Susan.
    Debbie in Maine…evening light on the water, Tom on his afternoon walkabout.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, we are everything here, all the facets of life, the good, the bad, and mostly, the beautiful, the faith, and the hope, and the gratitude, that all strong women are. Women who see a dancer’s dress in a peony . . . lovely to think of. xoxo

  71. M. Alexandra Martinez says:

    I love reading your books, and your blogs Susan Branch! Your photos are wonderful too! Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us! 🙂

  72. Julia Sackett says:

    I love the quotes and the pictures you draw. You could put them in a book for embroidery. Your tea party looked absolutely wonderful!

  73. Carol C says:

    Love this reading so much about the tea party! Thanks!!

  74. Judith DiFrancesco says:

    All this talk of tea and sandwiches is making me hungry! I have poured myself a nice hot cup of tea and I will dream of having one of your fresh baked cookies. I will be visiting your area next week. I am so excited. I have never been to the area, so it will be an exploring adventure! Hope to see you!

    • sbranch says:

      How wonderful Judith, it is greener than I’ve ever seen it, almost hurts your eyes, it’s so green. Now if the rain will stop for your visit, it will be pure magic for you, roses will bloom just in time!

  75. Susan Morgon ( Ohio gal from SoCal ) says:

    Back in Ohio, got off the Southwest Chief on Saturday. There’s no place like home! Now it’s time to catch up on my blog reading. 💕

  76. Valorie Veld says:

    Entering for the giveaway….I always seem to be a bit late!!! Thank you!

  77. Marilyn Bunte says:

    Hi Susan
    Oops I see by the above posts I am late for the drawing. No worries!
    Chat again

  78. Georgia says:

    Hi Susan or should I say A LO HA,
    I was born the year of the rabbit so obviously I love them. Rabbits are everywhere in my house year around. It’s hard to get garden decorations here so when I can I get one on line. Their so adorable in the gardens. Growing up in Pennsylvania we had a entire lot of peonies another wonderful gift God gave us. Your arbor is adorable. Mr. Bowditch new beauty & romance for sure. Hope your tea party went well & the weather behaved.
    I recvd my cups about 3 weeks ago but been afraid to use them. Their sooooo pretty. Now for the new ones in a couple months. Thanks for your talents.
    Well Aloha from the Big Island
    Georgia in Kona

    • sbranch says:

      Big Island . . . I was there a long time ago … been to several of the Islands, but loved yours the most. As my dad would say it, Alo-ha-ha!❤️

  79. Cissy says:

    I was given a beautiful tea cup and saucer by an elderly friend….I enjoyed drinking my Orange Spice Tea and having a snack at tea time everyday at 4:oo…but now the cup is broken….I kept it and the saucer to remember the sweet gift….to win a Susan Branch Designed Mug would be a lovely replacement. ~ Blessings ~

  80. Nancy J Coler says:

    What a treasure those new mugs are Susan!
    Love the sweet kitten face of Jack under the bed. 💕

  81. Margaret W says:

    Once again you have delighted us with your ideas, inspiration, imagination and sharing!
    I have a couple of ideas for cups. Put the sayings that are your favorites..
    My favorites are There is nothing wrong with the world that a sensible woman could not settle in an afternoon and If you dream it, you can make it so, and my very favorite, Well behaved women rarely make history.

    • sbranch says:

      Wonderful! The designing of cups reminds me of that old quote that says, So many men, so little time! My problem is I will probably over cupify my Girlfriends … but these quotes are a must have, cup-wise! Thank you Margaret!

  82. Melinda Melhus says:

    at the dr with Mother and missed the Rabbit Rabbit opportunity on one of your precious cups ❤️•.¸¸.•´´¯`•• .¸ ❤️ ❤️ Blessings all able to share in times of friendship with tea … sweet memories past for now… at least for me … so sweet JOY to all <3

  83. Robyn Genau says:

    Dear Susan’
    I saw the pictures on the blog where you had washed the dishes after your tea. I kept thinking I recognized one of the patterns . Finally dug thru my china closet and found a bowl to match the one on the left in the pic. White flowers with green leaves. Wow. I knew I had seen it somewhere. It was my Moms. Nautilus, made in 1954, USA.Love it.

  84. Tina says:

    Love the pic of baby Jack! He’s such a big boy now!

  85. Maria says:

    Jack is watching it all.

  86. Toni Moriarty, from Sylvania OH says:

    Hi Susan … a question…in the picture of your tea-party table I spyed a stack of square plates. Would they be Rose Chintz by Johnson Bros. by any chance?
    I LOVE them and am looking for some. Waiting for your reply…love and prayers, Toni from Sylvania OH xoxoxo

  87. KATHY DAVIS says:


    • sbranch says:

      I did Kathy, and Kellee is going to make sure you get it from now on…if you don’t, please let me know again. Sorry!

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