RABBIT-RABBIT Me again, I know, shocking! But, it’s June, and something is coming! But first? MUSICA!But I couldn’t let today go by without saying Rabbit-Rabbit and a wishing you Happy first day of June! 🌸

June is wonderful on Martha’s Vineyard . . . the roses bloom! They aren’t yet, but soon fences and walls will be covered in them!

    Go get a cup of tea and let’s talk about the little things in life. 🌸

My hour for tea is actually anytime I want! But half-past-five in the morning is perfect! We had some moody Island fog today ~ the fog horn was blowing all morning long. I like it. Makes us invisible. We’re out here hidden in the mist.

We’ve been busy doing probably just what you’ve been busy doing, putting away winter and getting out the things we need for summer ~ including pulling the yard furniture out of the barn.

And taking off the last of the storm windows . . .

We brought the screens from the barn and exchanged them for the double windows. This old house! These are really the old fashioned kind of storms . . . like modern double windows, only in two pieces so not as airtight. We only have a few of them left, most of our windows work the modern way. But I like doing it the same way Mrs. Bowditch did. I know after we leave this house no one will ever do it this way again.

Speaking of this old house! This is a close-up of a page in one of my scrapbooks. This month of June is our 30th Anniversary!🎉 That’s the first photo I ever took of the house, standing on the street, poking my camera through the bushes because I was already so madly in love.It’s still a miracle to me!

And out comes my collection of seashells . . . I love to scatter them around in the summer . . . this little pile is now rinsed and clean and piled in the middle of the table in the garden next to the Adirondack chairs.

Our little fountain is out of the barn and gurgling away on the kitchen porch, I added a couple of seashells to make extra gurgle.

These will be sitting on the bricks when I get everything organized on the porch.

Ahhh, Mother Nature. 💞

Time’s passing . . . petals are fluttering off the clematis, waving a sad little goodbye to spring  ~ but the Rhododendrons and peonies are already vying for attention  . . .

Chives are in bloom ~ they provide a triple garden whammy, come back every year, for free! The flowers are pretty, and the whole plant tastes delicious!

I think our peonies have finally established themselves,

. . . we have lots of blooms on them this year.🌸

We’re replanting our little shade garden ~ our old hydrangeas outgrew the space, so we moved them and put in smaller blue hydrangeas, white impatience, hosta, browallia (flowers like little white 🌼 stars), white bleeding hearts, and lily of the valley. This garden is next to the picnic table and I hope the white flowers glow in the dark this summer.

I also planted different kinds of marigolds . . . they protect the garden from bugs, but also . . . 

. . . They look great in vases in September and October ~ plus, the petals add charm to soups and salads and look very sweet sprinkled on ice cream or zucchini bread.

Yesterday I picked my first salad from the garden! 

I took a leaf or two of everything out there, plus a few chives, a bit of thyme, a sprig of parsley . . . The nasturtiums are planted but no flowers yet!

I gave it all a rinse under cold water and tore the leaves into bite-sized pieces,

And put the whole delicious, fresh, crisp, and crunchy health-tonic in a bowl with a bunch of other vitamins like mixed seeds, sliced red onion, kidney beans, and chicken (see, I’m like my mom, nothing is actually food, this is roughage and protein) . . . and drizzled it all with a homemade balsamic-garlic dressing. It was delicious, and I felt like Superwoman when I finished eating it!

Something else that goes really well with that salad . . . these little exercises from Girlfriends Forever . . . I do them every other day!

With help from Jack my fitness coach.

Here’s another easy, delicious, and healthy lunch . . . scrambled eggs, Ezekiel bread with avocado, salt and pepper, and roasted chicken on spinach leaves with some balsamic and olive oil. I’m still working my way back down the scale. It’s slow but steady, but like I said, I don’t care how long it takes. It gets better every day, and I’m never hungry. Of the two choices below, I decided to get what I want. 😁So Guess What??? A miracle has occurred! 

To all my patient, darling, and loyal Girlfriends who stood by me while we waited FOREVER for the new dishes to come . . . they’re HERE!

I was so happy when Kellee called and said, “They’re Here!”

I’m glad I didn’t give up  . . .

They turned out great . . .

Kellee and Sheri have them almost packed up . . .

They’ll be shipping all next week!

So take time for the little things Girlfriends!

Adorable little pin tray . . .

And this is a little vase has a place for flower stems in the back so the blooms will show over the top.

Life IS good! If you end up wanting more of anything, we will be getting another shipment in a couple of weeks …

Thought you’d like to see the people who make it all happen . . . Sheri and Kellee sent me this photo when I first got Jack!

You looking’ at ME?One more thing before I go . . . I haven’t put this recipe up in a long time, but it’s so delicious I don’t want you to forget it ~ perfectly pink for summer!

Our new feeders should be up this week. We got safflower seed too! Thank you so much for all your brilliant suggestions. I think we may outwit them. It takes a village! (I mean, with squirrels, it REALLY takes a village ~ luckily we ARE one! 💞)Be sure to take time to smell the flowers! It’s a good time of year for that! Happy June! XOXO 

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329 Responses to SOMETHING IS COMING!

  1. June Emmert says:

    “What is so rare as a day in June,
    Then if not now come perfect days”

  2. Pam payne says:

    I still enjoy your post…have been following you for years…..i even have your personal hand written notes in the cookbooks! Love your home and all the beautiful photography!

    I do hope you are working on a new book/cookbook….the new you! Full of health tips and recipes, nutritional advice too…it’s never too late is it?

    Thank you for sharing your little piece of Heaven with us all!

    • sbranch says:

      I am working on a new book, but it’s a diary about England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland! There will be recipes! Thank you back Pam!

  3. Penny Carpenter says:

    Blrssings to you and Joe this summer. In north Idaho our gardens and flowers are a bit later coming!! Love your blog. Penny

  4. Sharon Maier says:

    You always surprise me with something new and this time it’s white bleeding hearts. I’ve never seen them before…no doubt they don’t fare well in Texas. The heat…in the 90’s now and also that humidity…but the crepe myrtles make up for everything! And thank you again for all your positive thoughts…they mean so much to me and I’m sure to everyone. It’s hard enough to deal with personal difficulties, but when the country is in such a state, it’s even worse. So….your letter is a refresher and welcomed…
    Sharon in Houston

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, LOL, the crepe myrtles do make up for everything!! I’m glad you’re here Sharon, and that it helps. xoxoxo

  5. PeggyAnn Smith says:

    I always feel like I have just taken a little Vacation every time I read one of your posts! I don’t really get to travel much anymore so I live vicariously through you and other friends. Plus I read a lot, so I guess you could say in that aspect I am always on a Trip To Somewhere! LOL I have ordered a few new things from your Store as of late too. Your over the Moon Mug (love it) and last night I ordered your cute and charming little Glass. I probably will not drink from it…I have either posies in mind or my very favorite writing pens. Thanks for always making us feel like we are your best friends Susan! Love and Hugs, Peggy Smith

  6. Paulette Feld says:

    Loved the photos of the fog….I grew up on Lake Michigan. Loved days when it was foggy and the foghorn blew. The foghorn broke and wasn’t replaced. Just the lighthouse at the end of the pier. I do miss Lake Michigan, now I’m on Lake Winnebago, there is no comparison. Luckily, Lake Michigan is never more then an hour or two away.

    Can’t wait to see the tiny pitcher I ordered!

    • sbranch says:

      The smells and sounds where we grow up are always the best! I love neighborhood sounds, people, kids, chatter, lawnmowers, smell of barbecues!

      • pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

        the smell of fresh mowed grass, sounds of kids flying kites, the smell of just grilled hot dogs, the sights, sounds and smell of 4th of July celebrations, the sound of a ball game on the radio, dad working in the garage on the cars, got to love summer memories.

  7. Sara S. says:

    Happy June! The month I was born in 62 (yikes) years ago. I love living vicariously through your posts. I am a little envious of your place to walk, but I need to learn to appreciate where I live. Have a happy day, dear Susan.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, the lovely old saying, bloom where you’re planted. Look for a golf course if all else fails!

  8. deezie lotz says:

    I just adore when I see a blog post from Sweet Susan Branch* love it so much. You are giving me such good meal ideas also* I love foggy mornings also. I live at the beach so I have the same happen here and I am only in CT so we have similar weather. Have a great weekend Susan


  9. Peg Parrish says:

    Another charming missive and congratulations on 30 years in your beautiful home. We purchased ours in 1993 and I can’t believe it has been that long!! The thought of us ever moving gives me the shakes because somehow we have managed to fill 5,000 feet with treasures! I’ll think about that tomorrow (Scarlet says 😂)
    We will be on the boat from Woods Hole, the evening of June 30, and we can’t wait. We always catch the parade on the Fourth so if you see an old lady with two little boys in Fire Hats approach you to say hello, don’t be afraid. You may not travel to Edgartown on the Fourth, wouldn’t blame you!
    Enjoy the lovely weather and the roses. Happy June to you, Joe and Jack!! 😘

    • sbranch says:

      Noooooo, never to Edgartown on the 4th of July! 🤣 That’s what happens when you live here and you get jaded . . . and I know it’s charming! So enjoy! xoxoxo

      • Peg Parrish says:

        After I wrote that, I realized that no one who lived there would travel to Edgartown for the parade! Our place is in Katama and there is no way we would go to Vineyard Haven on the Fourth! 😂. We have small grandchildren and it is fun for them! I would like to thank you for all that you have contributed to our vacations on the Vineyard. I started collecting your books after my first trip in ‘92 and we have used so many of your recipes and decorating ideas to make our holidays more festive! It has been a wonderful time with our family raising our kids and now doing the same “Vineyard” things with our grandchildren. My family has so many Susan Branch inspired memories over these last few decades, you have enriched our lives so much! So, many thanks to you for sharing yourself and your charming ideas with all of us. We have been the lucky beneficiaries and have created our own fairy tales without you even knowing about it! I’m sure that you will be pleased to know that your writing has created so much happiness for all of your “girlfriends”. Thanks for being such an inspiration for all of us! XOXO 😘

        • sbranch says:

          Yes, we avoid traffic like the plague! But not such a bother if you’re VACATIONING here! Whole different mindset! And you are doing just the right thing . . . your JOB is to give your grandchildren experiences they can pack in their lovely childhood memory book! Your words touch my heart. I love to think my books somehow made it into family lore! Fairy tales do come true!!! xoxoxoxo

          • Peg Parrish says:

            P.S. Please tell Joe we also have the Black Dog cookbook and in the early nineties we bought one Black Dog dinner plate. Throughout the years, this was the special plate for birthdays, good report card, whatever occasion was being celebrated. Of course, this has now been passed down to the kids and the grandsons wait for their turn to get the special plate!! Both of you have added much joy to our lives (along with the kitties through the years! We had two Maine Coon cats, a brother and sister, who lived for nineteen years so we have always loved the photos and stories of yours.)
            XOXO 😘

          • sbranch says:

            I’ll tell Joe, he’ll love to hear it! Happy to have you here! xoxoxo

  10. Deb in Wales says:

    Good Evening Susan! How did we get to June already? How did that happen, and why do I still need the heating on?

    I love roses. Right now I have a very special one blooming in my garden; it’s called Betty’s Smile. Betty was my Mum’s name, and my cousins bought it for me to plant in the garden in her memory. What a lovely thing for them to do.

    I miss the fog horn so badly. How we do not know what we have until it’s gone. The plaintive echoing against the blanket of fog, somehow so deeply reassuring and comforting.

    Few things are more delicious than picking your own home grown veggies and putting them straight on a plate to eat. So yummy, so full of goodness, and brimming with flavour and nutrition.

    Aren’t American Girlfriends so lucky to have your new line of goodies? Such darling little pots and plates. Wishing there was a supplier here. It’s not to be.

    ~~~Waving~~~from Across the Pond~~~Deb in Wales xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      I do not know, Deb, I was thinking that myself. No, the countries have made everything only work if you have a billion dollars or near to it. Little guys, not so much! Happy spring sweetie! xoxo

  11. Peggy Willoughby says:

    Thank you for another blog post. It made my day.
    I have such garden envy. So much barely or just did not survive after Hurricane Florence in my yard. Even resilient weigela did not make it. There was some new growth, but this drought we had in May withered the tiny leaves. I was out there with the hose and my watering can every day, but it may not have been enough. A good series of thunderstorms last night may have helped. My other plants and lavender are cheering at the rain. However, nothing looks as heavenly as your yard.
    I am excited to receive my new butter dish and pitcher. It is a shame that you have had to be bothered by the manufacturer.
    I have been to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket several times in June. Yes, roses and hydrangeas abound. There is nothing like it.
    Yay, summertime!
    One more thing…Tom and I are going to visit our new puppy, Daisy, on Tuesday. She will come home with us the end of the month when she is 8 weeks old. We are a little crazy to add another dog to our pack. Orange Blossom is going on 12 now and has slowed down. Rosebud is a wild 2 year old. She needs a buddy to chase and play with. Plus I love training puppies
    Happy June, sweet Susan. Love you tons. ❤

    • sbranch says:

      Hurricanes are so bad on plants. We’ve had a couple in August, it’s like summer ends in one day. Leaves are gone (no fall colors), flowers tattered to shreds. Because no one ever seems to get hurt in them, at least so far, the killing of the season is the thing they do I hate most. You get the good years, then the years where the lawn is yellow and there’s only one flower on the Magnolia tree. Stuff goes around! Love your dog world, Peggy! Keep us up to date.

  12. Wendy Louise says:

    Oh Sweet Susan!
    I would have waited even longer, just knowing they would be coming! The sweet anticipation of waiting is exciting enough for me! Paul and I just got back from your beautiful island and had the most beautiful, romantic, charming time just beach combing and riding our bikes. We rode one day from Edgartown to Vineyard Haven. We had a tail wind all the way to Vineyard Haven but when we went back to our humble abode, Oh my great goodness, the head wind was making me laugh, three pedals forward, two pedals back! Oh but what a beautiful bike ride! On our way back as I was looking to where we were going and your cute “A Fine Romance” van drove right past us so I waved and blew you a kiss! 🙋‍♀️😘 It’s been a tradition for us to spend our Anniversary on that charming island, this was or 37th year! So happy you are having a beautiful Spring and now on to Summer, where does the time fly to?! Sending happy writing thoughts and healthy eating wishes, both so great for the soul!
    Love, Wendy Louise

    • sbranch says:

      Anticipation truly is a fun thing. I’m so glad you had a wonderful visit to the island. Your bike ride sounds perfect. We have the same problem sometimes as we walk to the water, wind on our backs, all is well until we turn around!!! But then you get to say, “We did it!” And go eat a big dinner! Love hearing from you Wendy Louise!

  13. Cathy Jo Cole says:

    Happy June 1st Susan! how is the weather on your Island? We are on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina (28 years!) and it is very very hot! 90s all ready!
    I am so so happy I am finally getting your notes on my email!
    Thank you!
    Cathy Jo

    • sbranch says:

      Me, too . . . it’s easy to sign up, once it’s done, it’s done. I keep putting the link up, sooner or later everyone will be signed on! Our weather is cool, sometimes foggy, sunny, in the 60s for the most part! Perfect! It will get hot, but not yet!

  14. Kitty DeMento says:

    Dear Susan:
    Thank you so much for this lovely blog!!!
    I am so happy to hear that the dishes will be sent – I purchased the butter dish for her wedding shower this July, so it’s PERFECT timing!!!
    All the best to you this Spring and Summer!!!!

    • sbranch says:

      Yay, timing that’s working out! So happy Kitty! And same to you, happy days of summer!

  15. Beverlee Moreno-Ring says:

    Loved this blog post! So uplifting and inspiring. Thank you Susan! Rabbit Rabbit! Come everybody, here we goooooo! (I always here the voice that says that when you get on Peter Pan ride at Disneyland. Been hearing that since I was a child. 🙂

  16. Rita says:

    What a treat to visit with you this summer afternoon!

  17. Patti Fitzgerald from Skippack, PA says:

    Ah yes . . . . the little things in life are the best things! The ordinary, normal days are the best days! There is a feeling of contentment and security with all in life that is common and ordinary and dependable. Thank you, Susan, for reminding us of these important lessons. Today, we tended to our front porch and back deck, sweeping and washing and watering pots of flowers . . . all ready now for the summer outdoor furniture, and cool mornings outside with a cup of coffee or tea! I, for one, love hearing about your ordinary days and little adventures . . . squirrels, long walks, blossoming flowers, delicious salads, a handsome kitty, seashells, beautiful china cups . . . . you invite me into your life by sharing with your lovely words and pictures. Thank you so much, Girlfriend!! A happy June, and a very happy house anniversary to you and Joe!! xoxoxoxo

  18. Carin garland says:

    Thank you for your emails and a glimpse into Martha’s Vineyard life.
    I am excited to visit next week for the first time. Bringing my family. 😊

  19. Christine Vosk says:

    Happy June!

  20. JUNE EMMERT says:

    June is my name and my favorite month
    “What is so rare as a day in June,
    Then, if ever come perfect days.”

    As you stated, today is the first of June, and the flower is a rose, and the jewel, pearls.

    Elegant parties were sometimes called PEONIES AND PEARLS AND ALL THE LADIES

  21. Samantha (Nova Scotia) says:

    I LOVE all those dishes. You inspire me to eat healthier! I am a comfort food eater. I love the good, rich foods but know I can’t continue on like that. Simple is best sometimes. Summer is a great time for eating light food and getting exercise. Isn’t it so satisfying to pick salad from your own garden? I recently discovered that I can have a box of fresh local veggies delivered to my door by a very sweet family who owns a nearby farm. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was to receive such fresh goodness for $30 a box. (veggies and fruit in Canada are crazy high in price) We had beet greens and pea shoots for the first time! So happy June Susan and keep at it….you know Girlfriends are cheering you on. 🙂 And might I just add that Jack has such a sweet face in that photo…sleepy almost while mama works out! LOL. Have a beautiful rest of the weekend. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      That box probably has way more vitamins that you could get at any expensive supermarket! And the great part is, when you eat according to what’s fresh and in season, it makes every season exciting!!! Always something to look forward to! Those little happy thrills count for a lot in this life!

      • Samantha (Nova Scotia) says:

        I agree with supermarket expense and quality! My small son loves unpacking the box asking what each veggie or fruit is. He’s tried a few new things this way. We truly have a relationship with our food lol. Im pretty happy this week about the rhubarb 🙂 😉

        • sbranch says:

          I totally understand . . . how are you doing with strawberries?

          • Samantha (Nova Scotia) says:

            🙂 Towards the mid or end of June we have local Nova Scotia strawberries available and they are amazing…we eat them by the basket….until then we have some expensive sad ones for the rest of the year from who knows where! (taste a little like hairspray! Yuck!)

          • sbranch says:

            Yes, eating the out of season stuff just plain never works! Wait for the joy! xoxo

  22. Gail says:

    Sitting on my front porch enjoying the day and your blog. Thank you for the arm exercises. [Several years ago I went to try on a swim suit, and lo and behold someone had put my grandmother’s arms on my body.] Perhaps these exercises will help me find mine again. Thank you too for your creativity…it is inspiring.

  23. June emmert says:

    Why do I keep getting erased?’What is so rare as a day in June?
    Then, if ever come perfect days.”
    June is my name and my favorite month. A rose is the flower, jewel, pearls.

  24. natacha liuzzi says:

    So sweet and inspiring, Susan! Thank you always for sharing your island life with us.

  25. Karen Baron says:

    You just made my day with your industriousness and good possible attitude!! Happy June to you too!!

  26. Dixie Reimold says:

    Totally Heaven! Thanks for Celebrating the Sweetness of June’s arrival and sharing! Western PA. is Bursting Out also…Oh, my Goodness, I was so caught up in June I forgot to mention ..The Cups ! Yikes!! Love the Look, The Feel, The Size …sigh!

  27. Regina Carretta says:

    ….summer….I love that tea time is any time you want it to be! so true, so true, and that sentiment can be applied to many things, true?
    Have you ever watched the ITV or BBC gardener Alan Titchmarsh? He, like Monty Don, makes over people’s gardens, large and small….all the flowers, all the heart and soul that go into planning a garden…….simply luvly.
    thanks for the blog…..

  28. Barbara M. says:

    Sweet, sweet and sweet!

  29. Ginny Evans says:

    What a fun “letter” from you! —Watching the spring turn into summer, ooooing over the views of your yard, being inspired to exercise and try new healthy food combos, plus the good news about your pretty dishes! I wish I could show you my sweet little “line” of round rocks, on the window sill. When I lived in Nova Scotia there were some beaches that magically tumbled the grey rocks into perfect circles, of all sizes. I collected assortments from 2″ diameters, down to 3/8″ size and then placed 7 or 8 in a row on the windowsill from largest down to smallest. I gave sets to friends and family. They are so charming and never fail to delight. Can’t you must imagine it?
    Thanks for dropping by with beauty and joy! Love ya,

    • sbranch says:

      I can! I’ve done something like that with round-ish flat rocks, but stacked UP, biggest on bottom, 5 or 6 stones of graduating sizes on top! All a balancing act! Magical nature! xoxo

  30. Sandi from the Cape says:

    Omg! I so loved your blog! Rabbit rabbit and happy anniversary with your lovely home. It’s so wonderful you share it with us! My lettuce is ready for harvest and I have the same wonderful chives ready to add. Have you ever made chive blossom vinegar? So beautiful and makes a great gift! I’m sure your Island will be busy soon as the Cape has already begun. We had the fog today also, helps keep me busy with the chores I need to accomplish before the summer heat arrives! Happy June to you and Joe and Jack and to Girl Kitty, whom I still want to hear about! xoxoxox
    P.S. If you’d like some chipmunks I’m the person to talk to!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes! I put Chive Vinegar ~ and all kinds of herb vinegar in my Summer Book! SO pretty! I love going camping and watching the chipmunks! Fun to think you have them over there!

  31. Charlotte Klamer says:

    Although we are sad here in Virginia today, your note brightened my day like a call from an old friend. I do love reading your new recipes aiming for better health; and I will include those your gazpacho recipe which I made this week to kick off our warm weather. I simply can’t get enough of it!! Enjoy this season.

    • sbranch says:

      I am sad for you. For all of us. It’s just awful. xoxoxo I adore that gazpacho too! Can’t wait to have it with my very own tomatoes!

  32. Marlyn says:

    Thank you for the motivational exercise. I have been wondering what to do with my grown children’s weights. I will put them to good use!

    Congratulations on your 30th anniversary. We celebrated our 50th on May 30!

  33. Judy Roper-Smith says:

    This post makes me want to come visit, Texas temperature is already in the mid 80’s!!

  34. Judi says:

    Love your happy springy post. Xo judi

  35. Jeannette from the Central Coast says:

    I grew up in Minnesota where we had storm windows in the Winter. They could get a bit iced over and were never opened. I really prefer the Central Coast where we can open a window in the Winter on some nice warm days. Loved all the flowers and the new dishes – oh my – I want them all. Thank you for such a colorful post! We had a misty May and looking forward to June gloom (not every day!). So happy Summer to you & happy anniversary !!

    • sbranch says:

      In the winter here, there are no nice warm days. But you can bet, the MINUTE we get one, those windows are open!!! Happy Central Coast life, it’s wonderful there!

  36. linda kimsal says:

    My husband has built so many contraptions and I mean contraptions around our bird feeders to keep the squirrels out but to no avail. They may be stymied for a week or two but eventually they make it in. In fact, he swears they look at it and look at it and then run home and call their main office to see if anyone has seen this contraption and how to get around it. LOL Our friends enjoyed my husbands work but I must say they enjoyed the squirrels besting him better!!!
    Good Luck with your new feeders.

    • sbranch says:

      They root for the squirrels! 🤣 Cruel friends!!! xoxo

      • pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

        sounds like my squirrels have been branching out a bit… LOL they just bombed the mail truck, I don’t know why poor lady and the neighbor’s rooster just attacked her, this is seriously not her day. LOL!!!!! 😀

  37. Linda Miller says:


    Isn’t it lovely to take out the new season’s delights and decorate? Such a ritual in all regards!
    Everything seems new again and feels right at home. Nature brings new decor outside….such a delight! Summer is here and the days are warm and long. In the south, we tend to languish in the mid-day sun and revive in the late evening under the shade trees! Every season brings its earthly charm and surprises.

    Happy Summer!

  38. Cyndi Vossler says:

    Dear Susan,
    I am so thrilled to receive your blog this morning. I can remember way back when I would purchase Hallmark cards with your art on them and now I am blessed to have your talent in a blog that is sent to me and I can sit and enjoy reading it with a cup of tea. How wonderful! So glad to be one of the girlfriends! I visited Martha’s Vineyard and the charming cottages in Oak Bluffs with my mother in the late 90’s. I fell in love! If only a fairy godmother could wave a wand and I could live there. 🙂 Alas, that is not going to happen, but thank you for helping me to enjoy island life through your blogs and your incredible books. Speaking of which….I look forward to your next book. Someday, I will visit England and Wales. if not in fact, then in fantasy, through your books. Happy June, girlfriend!

  39. Emily D. says:

    What a lovely post!
    My sister is getting married this month so we’re flying out to Colorado for that. I ADORE the corgi mug and I think I must have it. 🙂 I love all things Corgi and English!

  40. Regina says:

    What perfect timing today ! I’m on vacation sitting on my small little patio at the resort we’re staying at in Colorado.
    We’ve had a busy day so decided to relax and open my email and there you were. So I quickly made myself a cup of tea and enjoying the gorgeous weather and reading your blog. Always good to hear from you and to see your beautiful flowers and garden. I downloaded an audio book from our library I thought you might be interested in . It’s called “Becoming Mrs. Lewis” by Patti Callahan. It’s the story of C.S. Lewis and his wife and it’s considered one of the greatest love stories. I haven’t started it yet. It sounded just like something you would like. Again thanks for all you do for bringing so much happiness to so many.

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you so much Regina! I love the sound of that book . . . I think I saw a movie about them sometime back. Sending love xoxoxo.

  41. Kay Bennett says:

    What a nice surprise! Your beautiful blog. I just came in from planting more flowers
    And here you are sharing your beautiful flowers. My hydrangeas are just starting to show me their color. Aren’t they the highlight of every garden. June is such a colorful month. Special this year because my son, daughter and I will be spending a couple of days in Martha’s Vineyard. Looking forward to visiting the store that carries your things. Enjoy the weekend!

    • sbranch says:

      You’ll notice that Hydrangea seems to be our island flower, they are everywhere! You’ll love it! Have fun Kay!

  42. Tawni Urrutia says:

    Dear Sweet Susan,
    I just love your blog posts about your everyday life. It’s so kind of you to share so much of yourself and your generous way of making life lovely. I just ordered the Bella Luna mug for Auntie Penny to celebrate her birthday! We spent a week together on MV last September, we just loved every minute. I’m so happy a local gallery is carrying all of your things. I was incredulous when we would be chatting with islanders that hadn’t heard of you. I would launch into my one woman show monologue about the magic of all things Susan Branch, until Auntie Penny would grab my elbow and lead me away. I’d shout over my shoulder, “She has a website!”, or “she’s on Instagram!”. Then we’d laugh at my ridiculous behavior for a few blocks.
    Happy Summer to you and Joe and Jack!
    Tawni Urrutia, in Lodi, Ca.

    • sbranch says:

      LOL! I can just picture Auntie Penny trying to steer you away! Makes me laugh too! Tell her I said hello! Love you Tawni!

  43. Debbie says:

    Isn’t it a wonderful time of year!

  44. Marge says:

    Love it all! From Marge:)

  45. Jana says:

    Love the thresholds from one season to another!

  46. Linda Hardin says:

    Your Jack is such a lovely gentleman – I look for his picture with every blog. Thanks for your words, drawings, pictures, recipes, poems, music and thoughts!

  47. Maureen from So. Cal says:

    Rabbit Rabbit!

    I was overjoyed to see another blog notice so soon! Always inspiring. Your yard is lovely, and the lovely green grass is amazing. We have green lawns again in So. California, yay! But yours has that sense of peace about it.

    Thanks for the healthy food tidbit, I haven’t had Ezekiel bread in years. Great idea.

    I’m very much looking forward to the lovely vases and dishes coming my way soon. It will be like Christmas in June.

    Thank you for sharing today. It was nice break in my ‘cleaning house’ day.

  48. Tara Grosso says:

    Rabbit Rabbit! I would NEVER forget about Skip n go naked! I have it memorized by heart!

  49. Marian A says:

    Loved your happy blog today. Your flowers are lovely in the garden. I’m going to put my sea shells on my window sill. Thank you for the idea. AND the salads look very yummy and so simple! Cheers from California. Enjoy your summer!

  50. Sarah says:

    Rabbit, Rabbit! I love this little silly tradition. Sadie opened my blog post today with her own Rabbit, Rabbit. 😍 I was just thinking about chives this week. I want to plant some. I love their blooms! I’d really like to have a garden like yours full of healthy veggies for the picking, but we don’t have a good sunny spot. We bought a small container garden for herbs, but have yet to get it planted. Perhaps it will work. Big smiles here at the thought of you getting things ready for summer. Oh, to live on your island and experience all the seasons! I do think that is the most lovely thought! I do have a little collection of sea shells, but don’t keep them out. I just use them on a table for fun sometimes. What I do bring out starting with Memorial Day, is my collection of Americana folkart. My Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty pieces along with flags, both vintage and current, are here and there to remind us to enjoy the patriotic holidays of summer. I know the Vineyard is a perfectly patriotically spot to celebrate. Perhaps one day I can be there for the 4th of July. I love that you post photos of the parade and your celebrations. Thank you!
    Well, I’ve rattled on long enough. I just love feeling as if I’m sharing a cup of tea, chatting with my friend Susan.
    Happy Month of June!
    Hugs from Austin ~ Sarah and Sadie

  51. Karen H. says:

    Susan, do you think there will be a visit with your girlfriends at the Flower Farm in SLO this year? I’d love to plan for it ❤️❤️

    • sbranch says:

      I think you mean the Apple Farm? Not planning it, because of writing new book. But you never know. I’ll be sure to announce it on my blog if I’m going out!

      • Christie Levin says:

        Oh. Well of course, the writing of the book does take such a great deal of time, and your girlfriends are all so excited and looking forward to seeing it published and reading it and to see your name on the NY TIMES Bestsellers List again. But, as you say, you never know!! And oh how happy we will be the next time you visit The Apple Farm ~ Times!!💗💗💗Good Times

        • sbranch says:

          Funny thing about the book. In my imagination, it’s all written, but it doesn’t quite work that way! I have to make all those letters first! xoxoxo

          • Christie Levin says:

            You’re right, I know you’re right, I’m sorry to keep forgetting that first things📕📚 need to come first. My ✈️ flights of enthusiasm sometimes blot out portions of reality ~ I know you have The Book and LOTS of other things going on, and I have other adventures (roadtrips🚗) out there waiting to be embarked upon ~ I’ll enjoy the present while looking forward to the future, will (try to) keep my hurry-up attitude reined in (even when memories of SB Girlfriends’ Gatherings sends me off on pre-trip tripping 🛸, planning, looking-forwarding). Thanks for your kind patience, dear Sue. xoxoxo

          • sbranch says:

            Don’t worry Christie I have the same hurry-up gene, it’s standing next to me right now saying, guess what? “Hurry up!” Barely dawn here, SOOOOOO green and flowery outside. Happy day sweetheart! xoxoxo

  52. Paula says:


    Happy Joyful June to you as well !! I was like yayyya Susan wrote something!

    Your garden looks nice, I didn’t realize your island is blooming before us here in northern Indiana!?! but then with all the rain we have had might have slowed it down some?? I also didn’t know Marigold could be eaten?? hmmm.
    In your scrambled eggs you should try them with alittle cream cheese and fresh chives , I thought it was very tasty .
    I too lift little weights , I just wished the back of my arms looked as good as the front , those darn batwings, hahah. I have been trying to be more aware of what I am eating too, but that ice cream flavor of day will get me, after all I do need some dairy haha.
    I love your driveway or pathway ,or is it a lane up to your house, question is , is it brick, gravel , or cement? It very charming , and our driveway way needs something!! but around here people would be thinking ???
    Have a super June, and Im sure you will be having exciting days to fill !!
    Hugs xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      I always wanted an old-fashioned driveway with grass growing up the middle . . . this one was made with granite bricks (because the house has a granite foundation), but you could easily keep it really simple and do it in some sort of dirt/gravel ground cover and leave a space for the grass. Google: Driveways made with grass growing up the middle . . . there are lots of different designs. Happy June!

      • Paula says:

        Thank You SuSan !!! Now why didnt I think of google ?haha

        Oh, my first Peony ball bloomed , it was love at first site , pretty in pink !! And then I noticed pretty flowers growing in the field next my house, to my surprise they are Iris and Daisy growing !! So I dug them up and planted them in my yard , !!


        • sbranch says:

          Perfect! I love getting plants from my girlfriends gardens! Makes the garden into memories!

  53. Darlene says:

    Love this! ❤️ Thank you!

  54. Becky McMahan says:

    So you don’t have to come to Virginia anymore for flowers cause you have your own!!

  55. Theresa Morse says:

    Hi Susan! Your reference to the island hiding in the mist made me smile. It reminded me of Brigadoon!

  56. rebecca mcmahan says:

    So you don’t have to come to Virginia anymore for flowers because you have some of your own now.

  57. Milanya Hall says:

    We had a beautiful first of June day here in the Midwest. A neighbor was having a garage sale, so, just to be neighborly, I stopped. When I saw Gladys Taber’s, “The Book of Stillmeadow,” for a pittance, I bought it, not knowing if I had one at home. It turns out I did not have that particular book, so I am going to enjoy the June chapter tonight before bed. Gladys opens it by saying that every time June comes, it is as much of a wonder, as much of a delight. I can tell you feel that same way. Your post made me sigh with gratitude to God for giving us such a splendid day.

  58. Beth Doherty says:

    My husband is having triple by-pass surgery in two days. I am sharing the recipes you shared with us. Your photos are so uplifting and often funny. Thank you. Susan.

    • sbranch says:

      Blessings on you both Beth. Three days from now everything will be coming up roses!!! xoxoxo

  59. jan lane says:

    We are beginning to thaw after an unusually long, cold winter in Pine Mountain Club, Ca. We woke up to snow a few days ago which quickly turned to rain, and everything is green here for a change. No longer in drought conditions, so I am not complaining. As everyone knows, summer is on the way and so will the triple digit temps.
    Your garden is lovely. I can imagine that in a few weeks, you will be sitting out on the porch and enjoying the long evenings, sipping some of your special pink drinks and enjoying the songs of crickets singing in the evening, under the starry night sky. Fireflies and Chinese lanterns and fairy light garlands twinkle and glow and a gentle breeze cools everything off. It really is a miracle and you must feel so very special in your dream home on the island. Thank you for sharing with us something most of us can only dream about. Happy June!

    • sbranch says:

      I do feel so lucky. Having dinner under the arbor is as fleeting as the season. But it’s all as you say, starry night and fireflies. Quiet. Sound of screen doors slamming. Bugs ticking around porch lights. All good! Love to be able to share it. It’s like summer when we were kids.

  60. Robin in New Jersey says:

    What a sweet post, Susan. 😊 June 1st is my birthday! Heading to your store to buy myself a little gift. 😍

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, was just saying how June was a beautiful word, and here it belongs to you! Happy Birthday Robin!

  61. Ann Woleben says:

    This has been a beautiful first day of June and your post made it even more special. Love your garden – yummy salad and beautiful flowers!

  62. Julia G says:

    Happy first day of June from Hephzibah Georgia!

  63. Carol on the farm in Iowa says:

    I saw a great bird feeder somewhere on fb. When a squirrel gets on in it, it spins round and round and they can’t get to the bird seed! It doesn’t hurt them and there are plenty of other things for the greedy squirrels! Loved your post!

    • sbranch says:

      We got one that closes the little doors when something that weighs more than a bird gets on it! Fingers crossed!

  64. Jennie Lou says:

    All this, and ‘old Blue Eyes, too! My beloved Granny had the most beautiful border of marigolds across the front of the big house in Pennsylvania. Thank you for the memory. Where we live, in Washington state, the morning fog weaves through the trunks of tall Douglas fir trees and gets caught in the limbs. I sit and sip my tea while the morning sun steals along the hillside toward our house. The day may get hot and sticky before it is over, but for now the world is cool, moist and delicious. Summer isn’t quite here yet, but she’s a-coming!

    • sbranch says:

      We have the fog again this morning, but the pink flowers on the Rhododendrons are shining through. Love the marigold border! xoxo

  65. Jan Johnson says:

    You really are a fairy tale girl with a fairy tale house! I’ve never seen that long view with the outdoor furniture – your back yard I am guessing – and then a beautiful path to the sea! I love how you are still thankful for all those blessings and appreciate them. I love the exercise tips! I’ve been meaning to try some simple yoga poses to help my arthritic 58-year-old body. I have to do something gentle as I have heart failure and a heart arrhythmia, and I think yoga would be perfect. I do try to do a walk every day but going uphill takes all my breath!

    I am having fun anticipating that UK calendar with photos. I can’t usually treat myself but I am so happy I did!

    Thanks for doing another post so soon – it makes my week!

    • sbranch says:

      Living here really was a complete accident. If my ex-husband’s grandmother hadn’t invited us to Thanksgiving on the island (where she lived) in 1976, I would not have known it existed. It was best-kept secret back then! And another lucky thing, real estate was still affordable. I’m with you, can’t WAIT to see that calendar! Never did a photo one before, so I’m excited. Everyone I know who does Yoga is slim and strong. I think they even have levels, so you could find a class that suits you. They say it’s never too late, and you’re really still quite young. You go girl! xoxoxo

    • Chris Wells Knickerbocker TX says:

      Jan, if you have an IPad or tablet you might check out the apps. I have Yoga Studio and I just love it. No need to plan my life around someone’s schedule. I can do my yoga whenever, wherever I want to. I was so stiff when I started and thought I will never be able to do this. But it just gently stretches those muscles and before you know it you are much more limber and ache a lot less!! Good luck!

  66. Karen Seward says:

    June is my Favorite Month I want to enjoy every minute of it, That Drink you shared sounds wonderful and refreshing and I can make it right in the blender I will have to make it, Thank you…..Hoping to visit MV this August my 3rd visit such a beautiful place, Thank you for your Beautiful Blog, Kiss Jack for me…….

  67. Debby says:

    Dear Susan, how is Joe’s ankle? And are you liking your curtains? Debby

    • sbranch says:

      Joe is THINKING about trying to go on a walk today! His ankle is much better. I LOVE the curtains, just not sure the living room ones are right with everything else in there. Too busy to care or do anything about them. In my next spurt of living-room creativity, I’ll do something about them!

  68. Yvonne Miller says:

    Thank you so much for your happy June message !!

  69. Anne says:

    I wish that I could share the scent of my Bay Magnolia which is in full blossom with you and all of the friends. Your lovely post has lifted my spirits. I am also saddened by the shooting in Virginia….the shootings everywhere. TOO MANY GUNS.

    • sbranch says:

      That’s just what I was saying, TOO MANY GUNS. I’m thinking about becoming a one-issue voter!!! Ahhhh, Bay Magnolia, now that thought makes stress just slide away!

  70. Sheree McMahon says:

    The first of June and just like clockwork the lightning bugs are out! How their little lights are working in all this rain I don’t know but they are so happy June!

    • sbranch says:

      I haven’t seen one yet . . . I always look, we have their magic for such a brief time.

  71. Deborah in the fields says:

    All I can manage to say is “Thanks.” I love your blogs coming into my email. Thank you for being positive, for the lovely photos, and for your focus on beauty, whimsy, and all things kind, gentle, and dear.

  72. Ann Prins says:

    June looks so wonderful there- we still have the furnace on in Michigan!! And I am still wearing my wool sweaters !! I am predicting a cool summer and a brief one!! But we had sun for a brief time today in between rains but I am not complaining because the rivers are up and running over the banks and ruining homes and fields and lives in the Mississippi and Arkansas and Missouri Rivers areas.

  73. Gert says:

    Oh Susan , what a spring inspired post!! My favorite time of year! Except when it’s winter/spring-summer all in a few days. Or when the rains bring flooding, covering the farm ground , to the point that they look like lakes. And soon realizing there will be no crops this year. But then we thank God for life and know there is next year!
    My peonies are about to bloom too. They are late this year, of course I blame it on the weather..ha! ha!
    Love your new dish ware !!!


    • sbranch says:

      I keep my eye on Iowa and always think of you Gert! Wishing you some cool breezes this winter . . .

  74. Mary McCatherine says:

    I always love hearing from you. Like catching up with a faraway friend. I love the new tiny dishes!

  75. Patricia Edde says:

    Hi Susan,
    It’s been awhile but I’m Baaaack! I must have been out to lunch the day “RABBIT – RABBIT” came to be so I’m pondering its significance and all I can come up with is ribbit – ribbit but I know we are not talking about frogs. Please do tell, what does it mean?
    Here in Northeast Iowa, Spring has decided to take the season off and we are going from winter-like temps to hot and muggy summer. At least the grass is now green, the trees are leafing out and the flowers are doing their flower thing. My peonies are in the big bud stage like yours. It doesn’t quite seem fair that it takes so long for them to bloom and such a short time for them to stay but they sure are beautiful for that little while. I needed to order a new Maple tree because last year one of the deer rubbed away a lot of the trunk with his antlers. I love the deer more than I hate having to replace a tree so it’s ok.

    We have several kittens at the Humane Society here in town and one of them reminds me of Jack because he has a half mustache. Today was a sad/bad day because one of the dogs we had taken in from the Nebraska floods got loose today and ran into dense forest. I am praying that he will find his way back to us. He is a very scared and skittish dog not only because of the flood but because he and several others were abandoned in an empty shelter before they were rescued. My heart breaks for the pain he has endured and I can only pray that we will be able to give him the love he has missed once again.

    Have you been on the eagle cam from Decorah? Mom birthed 3 eggs but one somehow got punctured and became nonviable but the other 2 are so big now and will be ready to leave the nest soon. With all of the hatred in the world, we still can see so much beauty if we are willing to open our eyes.

    All of my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends in Virginia Beach who have lost a loved one. 150 mass shootings in our country just this year is 150 too many. This has got to stop and we are the ones who have to stop it. Write/call your senator, your representative, your governor, your newspaper – whomever you can think of and demand a stop to this madness. I know heaven has no boundaries, but we are sending up just to many angels right now.

    Love to you Susan and to your 2 best guys.

    • sbranch says:

      Love seeing you back dear Patricia! The second time I said Rabbit-Rabbit, right near the top of the post, you’ll see I linked it to the definition, just click on it and there you go! Love that caring YOU takes care of the little critters at the shelter. Poor dear things, caught up in our human messes. TOO MANY GUNS. So fed up. I can’t help being mad, I blame ANYONE who has the power and chooses to do nothing ~ our beautiful idealistic kids look at this and can’t believe what they’re seeing. I’ll just never get over those Connecticut babies . . . and it’s been years, with no change. Politics over principle. It’s so wrong. If I was ever to be a one-issue voter, this would be the one. Love to you Patricia. xoxoxo

      • pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

        you and I agree, TOO MANY GUNS in this world and too many people out there somehow getting the idea its okay to go out and shoot people for no reason. how do they get these ideas???? I mean what possesses a kid to carry a gun to school and use it on his classmates, or an adult to take a gun to a workplace and use it on his friends… makes no sense to me.

        • sbranch says:

          They are sick. And these days, there’s nowhere they or their families can go for help. Our mental hospitals were closed in the 1980s, that system was shut down and to bring it back now would cost billions which should be wrapped into healthcare costs if they do it right, but we lose faith. If you’ve ever tried to help someone with mental illness (which, I don’t know why they differentiate it from BODY illness, it’s illness, head, heart, whatever!) ~ you know it’s almost impossible. You are NOT ALLOWED to get them help. That’s the system. The best you can hope for is that they get put in jail for a few days, usually just for crazy behavior, so they don’t keep them long. Then pray they don’t think of getting a gun.

          • pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

            I hear that, around here if a family is dealing with mental illness they can only hope the person gets arrested and held for observation, sad that it comes to that. I just don’t understand why mental illness is not up there in priorities with heart disease, or other illnesses, because you are right it is an illness, whether it be in the head or the rest of the body.

          • sbranch says:

            Yes, hoping they get arrested as your best hope is a terrible thing, but they do help them in jail ~ it’s the only time you can truly breathe easily because you know your loved one is safe. Too bad they can’t keep them longer. It’s an illness that has become so prevalent, I would call it a national emergency that never gets talked about. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched by it. But look, here we are, TALKING about it. This is how it starts. xoxo

  76. Ashley Williams says:

    Grinning from ear to ear about Skip and Go Nakeds and updates from your garden that I saw with my own eyes last week! Was so fun to see Joe in his navy Polo like in my pics when I was visiting! I am home now and have so many special memories and fun keepsakes, including your Autumn book and a Black Dog pint glass, coffee mug, and cowl neck jade sweatshirt! 💚
    Had the best time on the island and my friend, Brenda, who you met had the tomato bisque soup and grilled cheese! Snail mail coming your way!!! So grateful for your time! So special to me!! Can’t wait to re-read your book! Have never seen Jaws and actually watched it last night after being there!! Brenda held a HUGE live lobster, we walked around where it was filmed, and had the best lobster bisque ever there!!!
    So fun to be on your dreamy island!! Hi to Joe!!! So fun to report back to every friend from the last 20 years who knew I loved you and your books!! 💕💕💕

    • sbranch says:

      I’m glad you had such a good time Ashley! I always hope the Island lives up to everyone’s expectations! It sounds like you made perfect use of your time! Menemsha is such a beautiful place, but so crowded in the summer, it’s almost unapproachable. You were so lucky to come when you did. Back in the day, before it was discovered, we celebrated my dad’s August birthday on that little beach. We brought a little table and chairs, wine and salad, and bought lobsters and ate while the sun went down ~ almost no one was there. The greatest memory! It was very nice to meet you and Brenda! xoxo

  77. Ashley Williams says:

    Also, so fun that you are bringing back Skip and Go Nakeds!!
    Will totally make this with my girlfriends in Michigan and now I feel like manybof them need their copy of Girlfriends Forever!! ❤️❤️ For sure, Brenda who ran through Susan Branch’s garden to meet Joe and who knew it would be Susan, too?!!! Makes me think of your Beatles stories!! 💕💕

    • sbranch says:

      Once you try them you’ll wonder where you’ve been all your life. They are shockingly HEAVEN! I don’t even like beer! LOL. You’ll have to start collecting used Girlfriends Forever for a surprise someday when you get them all together. They are out of print, but if you look around, you can find them. Hello to Brenda!

  78. Prnny says:

    Wonderful Susan 💫 that Sheri has been steadily keeping me updated as I wait for the trio ! Love summer & June my absolute favorite ! Make sure your Peonies have ants 🐜 to open up their lovely blooms -it’s essential. I have two large hot pink & a blush pink that are loaded with buds 😎.
    Enjoy the relaxing pace of warmer days 🌸!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh my peonies are ant-central right now! I just hope they can’t smell the house!

    • Tawni Urrutia says:

      AP, is this you? I love your beautiful peonies! A new post from SB is a perfect way to kick off your birthday month!🥳

  79. Cathleen says:

    It is 10:30 here in the Pacific NW and it has been a day! But now, I am sipping tea laced with honey and cream and sinking into this post. What a gift. Tomorrow will be better. Good night, Susan, and thank you.

  80. Naomi says:

    I love Jack! I just burst out laughing when you said he was your fitness coach! I can just imagine him leisurely watching you while you exercise. That is so funny Susan!

    When I see how much you love Jack, and all the little special things you do for him, I think to myself .. boy that little kitty sure is lucky to have been chosen by such a wonderful person like you, and to be able to live such a cozy and precious life :o)

    Thanks for your two back-to-back newsletters. So much fun to read them as I kitty-sit my daughter’s kitty while she and her husband and friends are white water rafting down the Deschutes River in Oregon.

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, yes, there is one indescribable exercise where I am up on one hand, sort of on my side, which makes a space between my hand and body, where he can go under my arm, which he does, he goes back and forth, jumping up to rub me . . . makes me fall over laughing. Your daughter is lucky to have such a perfect kitty-sitter! xoxoxo

  81. Colette File says:

    We just returned from our annual trip to England. I went to see a small exhibit of Beatrix Potter’s early sketching at the V&A in London and thought of you. I will sent you a photo via e-mail. Thanks from this post. I am reading it with a cup of tea at 2:00 AM as jet lag took a hold of me as soon as we landed. Love.


  82. Happy June Susan!

    “It was June and the world smelled of roses! The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.” ~Maud Hart Lovelace

    I can’t believe how quickly the months are sliding off the calendar this year. Somebody please make the world slow down! Love all of your new pretties. Oh how I wish I could wave a magic wand and have them all in my china cabinet! You sure know how to delight the soul.

    Loving your newer healthier way of eating. I need to get with that program! I am a bit like Peter Rabbit. Lettuces make me quite sophoric. I do love them however. I am going to check out a new organic veggie farm shop near where I live this week. Apparently they send out veggie boxes also. Bring on the season of fresh veg and fruit!

    I love this time of year when everything it bursting into colour and flavour!! My husband’s rose garden is coming into its own. Every year I say I am going to dry a bunch of petals and then my summer gets away from me. Not this year. I am determined! I hope you have a beautiful month filled to brimming with goodness from top to bottom and right to left! ♥♥♥

    • sbranch says:

      I know. Scary, soon (cover your eyes) it will be Christmas! I love those veggie boxes from the local farms. I need to get signed up for one too! Thank you Marie! Have a wonderful day!

  83. Danielle says:

    Thank you for your beautiful blog 🙂

  84. Beth from Iowa says:

    We have been waking up to fog here too! I think it would be hysterical to hear fog horns going off – rolling across the corn fields – farmers have to be careful too!! Have a beautiful summer😘!!!

  85. Colleen says:

    Again, a special post has arrived in my inbox! I love each and every one, Susan! I hadn’t thought about the whole changing out the storm windows thing in years. I had totally forgotten about that being “a thing” when I was growing up. I remember my mom doing that. Hadn’t thought about that in years…(actually, I had Nice memory. I love that you love the old ways of doing things. Another “something” I had forgotten about is the foghorns. When I was little, I grew up on a farm that was a few miles from one of the Great Lakes here in Ontario. Lake Huron, and (again..hadn’t thought about this in years) , but I can remember hearing the big laker ships blowing their foghorns on hazy or foggy summer mornings all the way to my house. Maybe the wind was just in the right direction? Time is passing, and I can’t believe how many things I have forgotten about or maybe I just put them away in my memory bank waiting for the little reminders from you. Thanks for all these lovely memories . Your gardens are just lovely too! My mother’s gardens were pretty too. Old fashioned flowers…phlox, zinnias, marigolds, peonies, cabbage roses, yellow (Mmm) and white rose bushes, orange blossoms, lilies of the valley, clematis and hollyhocks…Oh, I forgot..I was sitting here in my sunroom one early morning last week having my coffee and something caught my eye out in the backyard. I looked up and there was a deer just passing through. I didn’t make a move…lol, but, just sat there and took it all in….😘

    • sbranch says:

      My favorite thing about growing older is getting this long view of time that I never had before! And the best part of THAT, is that now we can even see it . . . ticker-tape parades, voices of some of our heroes, ends of wars (and even battlefields) on youtube … so the memories and the lessons of our times never really have to go away. I think it helps for the future. We can see what makes change, and perhaps make choices! Perhaps.

  86. Margie says:

    Rabbit rabbit Susan. Love your seashells, mine are under glass! I have the collection of my husband’s grandmother’s too. I love to add seashells. Our clematis is blooming now, so purple beautiful on the light pole. The other flowers came and went, the roses are but a hint. From one of your posts we planted kale this year. I will try to remember how you said to fix it. I think you dried it out in the oven. Thank you for your beautiful pictures, just like another Spring! Will check out your beautiful new arrivals from England.

    • sbranch says:

      Seashells. Aren’t they amazing? The colors! I discovered the tricky one-step way to wash, dry, and massage kale . . . massaging kale makes it tender and easier to eat so you really need to do this pain-in-the-neck step! SO, wash it, roll it up in a dishtowel, twist the towel as tight as you can, roll it, press it, unroll it and squeeze it again, and voila, not only dry, but massaged all at the same time! Put it in a big bowl, drizzle over a tiny bit of olive oil, mix it with your hands, massaging a bit as you go, put it into the fridge and it’s ready to eat in all kinds of good ways, mixed into salad, dried in the oven, steamed or fried in oil…all good.

  87. Chris Wells Knickerbocker TX says:

    Yes June is here already! And I have now been retired for 10 months. Wow where is the time going? We have had intermittent rains, not a lot but enough and Mom’s garden is doing so well. She just brought in a whole colander of spinach! It is beautiful, so spinach salad is definitely on the dinner menu tonight. After last years garden disaster, Mom said she prayed for a good gardening year. At 96 she can’t know how many gardens she has left and it looks like God answered! We have not had one triple digit temperature yet…fingers crossed.
    And we have yet another cat in the family! Gray Scruffy Kitty showed up about 3 weeks ago. He came to the backdoor regularly for food, but always hissed at me as I set the food down. Long story short; one live trap, one trip to the vet, he is neutered, has shots, dewormed and currently in the guest room recuperating! He is purring and rubbing up against me and seems to enjoy being petted. He is so thin and his coat is dull, but so was Lucy when I picked her off the highway! He will shine in due time!
    That is our spring so far! Hoping I don’t turn in to a crazy cat lady in my retirement! Scruffy will be cat #5 here. Two barn cats, 2 house cats and not sure where Scruffy will fit in. We shall see.
    I have rambled on enough, I think I will pop over to the store and look at all the new goodies!
    I have the CS Lewis cup in mind for a friend.

    • sbranch says:

      I hope I get to bring in a colander of spinach at age 96!!! SO happy about your Kitty-saves!!!! That’s just wonderful! Go right ahead, who doesn’t LOVE a “crazy” cat lady!!! Love you all, blessings on your family. It’s the little things in life! xoxoxoxo

  88. Cassandra N. says:

    Oh, Susan! When we (my daughter and I) move into your house (because that is my dream… to be able to buy it when you and Joe decide to get a smaller place), the storm windows will be going up for at least the next 80 years! <3 <3
    Nostalgia will reign <3
    XOXO ~ Cassandra

    • sbranch says:

      I LOVE that! And you are right, I will definitely be offering it to my Girlfriends FIRST before I put it on the market! xoxoxo And you know how I feel about the name Cassandra! 😘

  89. SHERRY JOHNSON says:


    • sbranch says:

      I learned about White Gardens when I read Portrait of a Marriage and discovered the English garden belonging to Vita Sackville-West called Sissinghurst. Mine is tiny and their’s was not, but tiny is enough, my whole white garden fits into two eyeballs at once!

  90. Susan says:

    Wanted to know what is the name of the climber Rose? I have New Dawn that looks very similar…love your spring posts..such fun! Thanks and the house..charming!

  91. charlotte m. says:

    So nice to hear from you again so soon. Here in San Diego, we are in full June Gloom mode. We aren’t having temps above 68 yet. They say next week. And we had rain quite a few times in May, which is unheard of. We’re still wearing sweatshirts! We did have a lot of blooms this spring with all the rain we got this winter and it was beautiful. I love your garden. It reminds me of my youth. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of it with us. Happy June to you and Joe and of course, Jack.

  92. I always love a new “Susan” blog post! They make me happy. 🙂

  93. Jen Pen says:

    I can’t wait to see your island paradise!!!

  94. Peggy Willoughby says:

    I wrote yesterday as soon as I saw your blog. I don’t see it here so I will write again and apologize if my comment shows twice. The trick is to remember what I wrote!!
    Thank you for your fun blog. I always enjoy them.
    I have tremendous garden envy. Hurricane Florence trounced a lot of my plantings. A few are gone forever. My normally hardy wiegela was struggling to resprout. Then we have had a drought all of May. I was out with the house and my watering can until we finally got thunderstorms Friday afternoon. This morning I greeted my plants hoping they perk up. I see more green today, but nothing at all as lush as your yard and garden.
    No worries about the new, little dishes. I am excited to receive them. I understand how frustrating this has been for you.
    I love the shells. I have them all over too. I love the different shapes, textures, colors. I love knowing they were some creative’s homes. I even love looking at them when something is still alive inside,especially when the waves are rolling back into the ocean leaving them exposed on the sand and they wriggle back into the sand or crawl backwards the sea.
    Summertime! Yay!
    I remember what I wrote. On Tuesday we are going to meet a new puppy, Daisy. We will take her home at the end of June. I will post pictures on Twitter later this week. We arrested to add a new addition to our pack. Orange Blossom is 12 and not very active any longer. She is healthy, just slowing down. Rosebud is a vivaclous 2 year old and needs a playful buddy.
    Love you!

  95. Ann Y. says:

    Dear Susan….Rabbit Rabbit back at you! Always did rabbit rabbit since I read a book about wishes many years ago. LOL…when I was working my dear friend and I would always say it when we left work the last day of the month. If we would forget ( it happened!) we would get home and there would be a message on the answering machine…just “rabbit, rabbit” ! So we were good! Your flowers and garden look lovely. Since moving to an apartment and downsizing I miss my flowers…have a lovely screen patio here, but only get the tiniest bit of afternoon sun…so nothing grows. Last year a pot of herbs never died…but never thrived. Lucky that we live with wonderful farms all around us, so getting fresh veggies and flowers is not a problem. But….I do miss my roses! So happy to see how much you enjoy your home – it is no small thing to be happy at home. Even without adequate sunshine we love our new spot, and made so many new friends….think of them as flowers in our garden of life! Enjoy the season, thanks for the updates, and thanks for all your inspiration !

  96. Melody Graves says:

    Every time I see your posts I think my favorite three wonderful books you wrote, A Fine Romance, Fairytale Girl and Isle of Dreams. Of course I have all your previous ones too. I read the first ‘novel’ and loved it, then promptly ordered the other ones. I have shared them all with friends and they loved them too! Any chance you will add to this collection? Please do!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m writing one to add to it right now . . . it’s called ENCHANTED and is another diary style travel book. Thank you for asking!

  97. Margaret Matlock says:

    So fun to see you again so soon. Love the pictures of your garden. June brings my 80th birthday. Looking
    Forward to a party with my 4 children and 13 grandchildren and their children. Thanks for being a light in my life. When I was in my 40’s I discovered Gladys Tabor and Stllmeadow. She led me thru a dark period just as you do.

    • sbranch says:

      That’s a very sweet compliment Margaret . . . blessings on you and yours and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xoxoxo

  98. Liz Keller says:

    Hi Susan,
    Where did you get that adorable sitting rabbit holding a planter? I have to have one!

    • sbranch says:

      I think we got that at Miners Hardware Store in Arroyo Grande! Had to have it! Bunny!

  99. pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

    Hello Susan, Girlfriends. Happy summer. I love this start of summer, always brings back such fun memories of when I was a kid, eating watermelon on the front porch and spitting the seeds into the front lawn ( mom hated that … LOL) or ate ice cream to cool off, it was wonderful in the shade. I can remember going to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream cones and our favorite flavors were there, watermelon ice, Yankee doodle apple pie, strawberry and of course chocolate. several flavors of chocolate to choose from. my grandma used to make us ice cream, well she made up the ice cream and we did the work with the crank. and the wonderful smells of summer, fresh peaches, strawberries and watermelon and cantaloupe. all the kids had a fun tradition in the summer, box cars with candles and on Friday nights we had a parade and showed off our boxes with windows in them and small candles inside to show through. the parents thought it was so cute. we would walk up and down the street with our shoebox trains and everyone had fun. wish we could do that today… awww childhood!!! I can remember going barefoot all summer long, no more socks and shoes and I even wore sandals to church, mom never could get socks or shoes on my feet during the summer. I can remember grandma making us a special treat, cantaloupe ice cream and it was good, she made the base for ice cream ( cream/milk, sugar and eggs) then pureed cantaloupe in the blender and added it to the base, and it was heaven. smelled like cantaloupe and tasted like it and was very cooling and refreshing. she also made peach ice cream and we loved that, so sweet and good. good summer memories. I mentioned we somehow got a new rooster, well he just strolled into the chicken yard and he’s here to stay so we named him George. he is definitely a Bantam or Banty for short and he is feisty, won’t tolerate Jake’s bullying for too long and he is quick with the hens, he can round them all up and get them out the door in 1 move, Jake can’t do that. we are expecting Buffs from a hatchery in a couple of weeks, along with the new ducklings at the same time…. busy barnyard season. well I am off to experiment with grandma’s ice cream recipe, I just may make some cantaloupe ice cream or even some watermelon ice and then sit back on the front porch and watch the tractors chug on by, good old lazy summer days. life doesn’t get any better. sending hugs and love……. hugs…. 😀

  100. Patty in Redlands says:

    Happy June to you, Susan, and to all of the GFs! I’m very excited that the little Susan Branch treasures that I ordered awhile ago will soon be delivered! I can’t even remember what they are so it’ll be like Christmas. And this is the week of abundance because I visited darling Barbara Cheatley’s in Claremont, CA, last week with girlfriends and treated myself to another of your cups! So coffee in the 4th of July cup makes me very happy, and my collection is becoming extensive. Yay for me!! Thanks for visions of flowers, good food, and Jack.

    • sbranch says:

      I wish I lived closer to Barbara Cheatley’s!! Lucky you! Have fun with your surprise package!

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