So much news, and all-all-ALL of it is good! Isn’t that wonderful? Do you find yourself smiling more these days? I do! Everything seems more beautiful than ever before. I am almost giddy sometimes! I think it’s pure unadulterated appreciation for this start-over time we are having, being with friends again, making wonderful plans! Let me share some of that with you! 🚢🥂🚂 MUSICA!🎵🎶 Tweet, tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet! 🎵

Such a springtime it’s been! Has it ever been prettier? I don’t think so. Each bloom has been like a marker, part of a seasonal parade, I’ll catch you up ~ the wisteria and the clematis has come and gone . . . . . . the sun rises with an exclamation point and the garden sings out “Yes!” And I go get the camera. The peonies were gorgeous this year! Utterly utterly…

And this one, given to me by my girlfriends last spring when my mom died ~ just the perfect thing ~ a living tribute that will come up every year with a surprise of beauty and sweet reminder of my mother. Just like her, clean, sweet, and simple on the outside, complicated, and one of nature’s wonders inside! Never stops with the giving. Joe and I just made reservations for the TRAIN … we’re going to California in September, in our room with a view, to hug and kiss my family (squeal), and have a family reunion and celebrate our mom/grandma’s life and all she was and is to us. 💞

The rhododendrons and the dogwoods bloomed beautifully ~ and as usual, I thank Mrs. Bowditch, the woman who moved into this house with her husband and four children in 1949 and planted so much of our romantic garden (we’re the caretakers now) .. they’ve come and gone ~ as all things do, and so has the mock orange, the wedding bouquet of our garden! I am in the garden often these tender spring mornings…🌱

Now it’s time for the foxgloves . . .

The roses are blooming too . . . . . . best roses I’ve had in years! Even the beautiful, fragrant, peach-colored “Just Joey’s” which bloom like mad in California, but until this year, not so much here! They’re doing great! 

And the parade marches inside, into my little vases that line…

…the little shelf above my kitchen sink. Joe laughed the other day when I told him this shelf is the very best thing they put in this house! Pure genius! My wand, my Beatrix Potter people, little vases and flowers! Birdfeeders on the other side of the windows with view of the garden! Everything I need!

I’ve been drying laundry outside and airing the quilts on breezy days ~ with wide blue skies, sunshine, sea breezes, and birdsong! It’s truly the best musica anywhere . . . 🎵   🎶🎵  🎶

I go out with my scissors to cut flowers and look back through the screen door to see Jack on his ironing board perch, watching me like a hawk! He stops me in my tracks. Everything is Him!

When he sees me looking at him, he starts flirting immediately, rolling over and squirming and almost falling off the ironing board!

He can’t help it if he’s adorable!

We pulled the tiny fountain out of the barn, filled it with water, and surrounded it with porch flowers . . .

And Joe planted our new Dahlia garden. It’s our first one ~ it’s SO exciting… the tubers arrived, we got 23 different varieties . . . and I went out and made a schematic on paper to “decorate” with the different colors, so Joe would know where to plant them. 

He did a gorgeous job … Everywhere you see a green stake is a different dahlia, all sizes, shapes, and colors ~ can’t wait until they bloom. Like a little gift under the tree that we can’t unwrap for weeks!

Doesn’t it look organized? And you know what else we did in this brand new world where we’re allowed to leave the house sometimes? We bought a new car! There it is! It’s actually a 2020, but new to us, we have joined the Subaru Forester club … isn’t it cute? I love it but, it looks like every other car on the road! We’re never going to find it in the Costco parking lot! I’m still not quite used to the push-button start. We’ve only had one car ever since my old 1982 Volvo finally said bye-bye (after 40 years of perfect service ~ I’m of the “if it ain’t broke” school of thought)! All we’ve had is the van for the last year … we’ve been joined at the hip. Now I can go somewhere, and Joe can go somewhere else, and all at the same time! How novel! Note: Rhododendrons and the wisteria . . . see how fluffy?

But I digress, we’re talking dahlias . . . and LOOK! Our first milestone, they ARE coming up! (One worries. Actually, two worries.)

Every morning, after checking on the dahlias, out to the woods we go . . . to walk the sun-dappled dirt road through the shady green to where the pond opens to the sea . . .

The wonderful thing about walking on dirt instead of asphalt, is how kind it is to your knees! Also, less breathing of car fumes… years and years of doing this adds up! 

These days (except when we get to the sea where we take them out), we walk with AirPods in our ears … Joe has one, I have the other, and we listen to the same book (from my iPhone) … it’s Hamnet now, a not-THAT fictional story of Shakespeare’s son … who’s name was actually Hamnet … it’s finely woven and beautifully written with the few Shakespeare facts we do know. . . so it’s fact-based . . . we’re only a few pages into it, but so far, I’m loving it. We love historical novels. If any of you, hint-hint, think you might be visiting Shakespeare’s home in the future, this would be a fun read!

This is the actual house of Shakespeare’s wife, Anne (Agnes) Hathaway. Joe has to watch his head! Look how crooked it is! And still standing! It’s wonderful! Can you imagine how she would feel if she knew? But again, I digress . . . we’re supposed to be walking now! Here we go… MUSICA

These days there’s lots of action around the water’s edge . . . and when you’re on foot, you don’t miss seeing the little things . . .Me, too . . .

Lots of new babies amid the sparkles, guarded by their watchful parents  . . .

Festive, happy, grateful people out digging for clams and canoeing, communing with nature! It smells wonderful out there!

The waves roll in toward “Stonehenge” of Martha’s Vineyard ~ but this stone circle is much more transient, like the seasons on the island ~ it goes away every winter, but it’s back, a little changed, every summer. But just like Stonehenge, you see it, you like it, you take pictures of it, and you wonder, “why?”  . . . People being people, because we can.💞

And one more celebratory thing before I get down to business . . . this:⬆️  Speaking of yes we can: Girlfriends, off-island, TOGETHER, having LUNCH in a FRENCH restaurant, WITH wine, in the middle of the day, AND shopping. Okay? See what I mean? It’s because we’re free, and so happy to celebrate! We’ve only done this once, but once is so many more times than we’ve done it in the last year and a half!

Soft spring nights having dinner next to the water with dear old friends . . . I turned back to look as we were leaving our table … and had to take this photo for you . . . isn’t it insane? How can this BE? Just a little moment in time. Our beautiful earth. These vaccines have set us free! I pray everyone gets them so we can live like this forever!

Speaking of beautiful … wasn’t it wonderful to see the Queen, all dressed in flowers, out and about, so chipper, joking, and full of smiles? She truly set the tone with that smile ~ an inspiration for everyone . . . she seemed as overjoyed as I’ve been feeling . . .🌸

…despite the losses. But like her, we won’t forget. We are still honoring what happened to us all… our common grief . . . I saw this memorial, each flag representing a lost soul during the pandemic, while driving through Falmouth ~ every small town and big city in America has one… But despite it all, Queen Elizabeth showed us, with her action, despite profound loss, life is for the living. At age 95, she gave hope. A profound gift to everyone.🇬🇧

spring cleaningSo, off to work we go! What have I been doing, you may ask? 

This. Spring cleaning to the nth degree! I’ve been getting ready for our neighborhood yard sale ~ happening next Saturday the 26th! And I have to say, instead of bemoaning the never-ending work that goes into doing this after twenty years🤪, I feel lucky to be lightening our load in a recycling kind of way! For all the joy I found in finding and using these charming old treasures all these years, it makes me happy to think soon it will be someone else’s turn!

Even a yard sale has it’s pretty moments! I can’t help myself. I tie things in ribbons.

I washed, and dried the linens on the line, thanking them for the memories as I say goodbye. I chose to believe that red embroidered monogram said S B … but I do believe it will be just as easy for a G B to think it was made for them!

I love these old things, I’m amazed at the kind of work that went into making them and wonder about the world they were born into … wishing they could talk! I think the initials here are D C, but it’s very hard to tell ….there might be an I in there. I never cared to know for sure, it was the beauty of the work I could not say no to!

Love all the little embroidery and lace trim . . . the heaviness of the old cottons, the sheerness of some of the fine linens…the colors in the old quilts. 

This tablecloth has tiny appliqués of flowers and butterflies all over it, sewn with the tiniest of stitches. As I fold these linens, I remember the parties where I used them, and think about the good ju-ju they will bring to the lucky person who gets them next. Letting go, while reveling in the memories.♥️ Joe brings in a box from the barn marked “Yard Sale” ~ I open it and say, “OMG, I forgot all about this!!”

These wonderful old books have decorated our tables at lots of dinner parties!

Vintage tea pots, pin cushions, sewing baskets with their strange vintage contents from a bygone era (irresistible, I have four, three for the yard sale, one for me!), books, dishes, throw pillows, cups, rugs, baskets, kitchenware, dish towels, furniture, garden things ~ Joe’s in charge of tools and man stuff  . . .  Like native Americans I believe everything has a soul and a destiny and that these things deserve to escape the cardboard box, the dark cupboard, the messy barn, to run free and be useful. My girlfriend Margot likes to anthropomorphize her things, she says it makes it easier to say goodbye ~ I laughed so hard with her on the phone when she said, “Run little pie plate, run!” And FYI: I did try to do a yard sale in my webstore, but it takes so long to measure everything (laying tablecloths and linen towels out on the dining room floor to measure them ~ Jack positions himself in the middle!), take pictures, front, back, sides, and bottom, write a description for each item, upload and send pics to Kellee so she can put them up on the website ~ and time is the one thing I’m running out of … although we did get a few things up, and I am saving others, things that are so good, they should go to you . . . which I’ll get to after this imminent looming event is over!

Yard sales . . . we have everything for PLM, People Like Me, people with . . .  

But the world does not stop for a Yard Sale! Yes, I’m telling you the truth! It does not!

New things have come in! A new dream charm! Filled with blue skies, fluffy white clouds and rainbows! Perfect timing for our world right now.

It has “Go. Be. Love.” engraved on it . . . Kellee put it up in the webstore a couple of weeks ago!

This too, Janie made us a new Courage banner . . . with the most darling gift envelope.

Can there ever be too much of this? Never! Even the good things require it! Janie also made us beach banners! A Secret Notes are back! All Here.

And LOOK, the samples arrived!!! One of each of the new cups was sent from England, so I can approve the final color! I’ve been drinking out of them! I love them! Here’s “Blessed” (the other two items in this photo are not part of the arrivals!).

And here’s “Rabbit-Rabbit” … I am thrilled with them ~ the only change I requested was to make the dark lines around the bunnies slightly lighter … I also asked them to lighten up a bit around their “toes” … I want them to look pink!

But look how cute “Rabbit-Rabbit” is with the rest of the “collection!” We needed a cup with a pink background!

And the last one is Winter! I did a reprint because so many of you asked . . . one of my prettiest cups, and smaller than the other two as you can see in the photo below.

Here are the “backs” of each cup … which I try to make as pretty as the “fronts” so no matter which hand you drink with, you are happy!💞

And here are the handles . . . the “Blessed” cup is a little hard to read in this photo, it says “My favorite prayer is Thank you.”

And the bottoms . . .

Ta-daaaa! Kellee just put them up for presale … go HERE! They should arrive from England the end of September or the first of October . . . you know they are special order and limited in number . . . I have to tell them soon how many to make … I think I know, but I just want to make sure you all get one if you want one!

But right now, for even more fun . . . how about a give-away?

I have three prizes for you today . . . one Fourth of July cup… (it’s out of stock, this is an extra I found in the cupboard!)

 And to celebrate this amazing spring, despite the fact that yesterday was the FIRST day of SUMMER! ~ two “Spring cups.” To be entered, just leave a message in “comments” down at the bottom of this post, you’ll see tiny letters and at the end of the words, click on “comments” and voila! We’ll have a drawing in a little while and announce the winner here, but for now, you are ALL winners, so enjoy!

I told you it was all good news! And now, what many of you have been waiting for ~ NEWS about the England trip!

Joe and I went out to lunch and did our favorite thing … brought our books and talked about our trip to England next year . . . I wanted to figure out really special tours for all of you who might wish to take one when you arrive, tours that would make you feel as if you were walking through my book A Fine Romance. And, I wanted you all to be able to come to the PICNIC we planned! You know we found a great travel agency, one that does tours for 15 or less people, and takes care of EVERYTHING, so you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING! Between us we worked out 3 different tours, each of them lasting 8 days, all wonderful places Joe and I have been to … your biggest problem is to choose just one! These tours are a win-win-win! They all end up in London, where you can either go home, stay for a few more days, or join another tour! And, on the last day, before you go to London, all the buses come back to the most beautiful park I’ve ever seen, called Stourhead, where, after our time on the ship together, and then time on each of the tours, we will meet back up with stories to share! Is that good or what?!

So here are the basics: but first, mas MUSICA!

The Queen Mary sails from New York harbor May 1, 2022. We will arrive in Southampton on May 8th. People who choose to go on a tour will be picked up at the ship ~ and off they will go for a week of fun in the English Countryside. I can’t wait until you see the itineraries! They’ve kept me in dreamland for the last few weeks! Different clothes, but nothing else has changed!

So far, 98 staterooms, filled with US! Kindred spirits! have been booked!👏 Isn’t that wild? The ship is almost sold out! If you try to make reservations and are thwarted in any way, ask to be put on the wait list. I’m told that many people will cancel at the end of the year (everyone has up until Dec. 31 to cancel for a full refund), so there’s a good chance you’ll get a reservation. 

To sign up for the ship crossing, contact Susan Gannon at 800-468-7752 x41663 or Cunard reservations 800-728-6273 ~ tell them you’re with  Group #TNM (USA) or, #TN3 (Canada), Voyage M211, with the “Susan Branch Girlfriend Group.” They handle the ship questions, but have nothing to do with the tours… fyi.

To see photos of the ship, go HERE.I have lots of on-board fun planned … but it’s a little early for full confirmations for some things, I’m waiting until closer to the time to make sure! I’ll be talking about this for the next year! The best part, is that we will all have each other, kindred spirits! 

Our Picnic will be in the world famous garden at Stourhead, Sunday, May 15, at approximately 12:30 pm… on a beautiful lawn in front of the grass bridge like you see below . . . it’s one of our favorite places in England, pure magic, where we had our very first picnic! You are all invited. And that includes EVERYONE, that means you, Brits, and you over there in Norway, and YOU, out there in Spain! ALL our Girlfriends, everywhere! We’ll be waiting there for you on May 15th, 2022, at 12:30 pm, join us if you can! If you’ve elected to take a tour, the buses will stop so you can get a picnic lunch, and they will bring everyone back that day! The rest of you are on your own, but England makes travel VERY easy, as I’m about to show you.

FYI on the tours, you are all welcome to join any of the tours ~ you don’t have to take the ship … you can fly over if you like, you just have to get to Southampton to meet the bus! Talk to Kelsey, as mentioned below. (FYI, speaking of below, that’s Sissinghurst White Garden!)

To see the different tours: Go to print them out and read through them, you can check out most of the places in my book if you like, … and then call Kelsey Matson and her coworker at Discover Europe LTD with your questions ~ they handle everything having to do with tours (but not the ship). Call Kelsey from 9 to 5 EST, M-F, at 866-563-7077. FYI, they have almost the exact same cancellation program as Cunard ~ for a full refund you must cancel by January 1. So that gives everyone time to try this all on for size! For any of you that may want a longer tour, maybe go to Scotland, or go up to the Lake District, just let Kelsey know. She can arrange pretty much anything as long as there are enough of you to warrant the trip. You can work it out between yourselves on my Facebook page! And remember, we are a large group. We have a year to get this done, so in case she doesn’t get back to you immediately, I promise, she is wonderful and she will!And, for you who you get off the ship but don’t wish to go on a tour? What to do, what to do? The options are basically endless. There are buses and trains to London, you can hire a private car, you can go with a group. Talk to others on my Facebook page, and perhaps put something together there. Everything you want to know is available in the Google machine.

If you feel comfortable driving and wish to do so, you’re fine, you can rent a car in Southampton. And for those of you who’d rather have a driver, there are many choices. There are cabs at the ship in Southampton, they can take you to a bus, or train, or you can arrange for a car to pick you up and take you to London (it’s only 1 hr. 42 min) where you won’t need a car, because they have cabs and the Underground! Totally civilized. They even speak a language that’s very much like English! Extremely handy! You can get a city map and do the MUST SEE things like Westminster Abbey. You can get on a red double decker bus and see the city. There are airport transfers from your hotel to the airport for your flight home. And London is where many day-trips originate, which take you everywhere, from Bath, to Sissinghurst, to Oxford! Just Google!    

Google: “London Walks”
*For other tours from London: Check out THIS
*For best things to do in London, look HERE
*For Day Trips: London by coach . . . 
*Go here to see day trips with locals who will take you to Hever (heaven place) or Chartwell (Churchill’s home), or Sissinghurst (amazing garden). 
For even more far-flung adventure, remember that some Viking cruises depart from London! Also, Paris is only a 2 1/2 hour train ride from London! They have cabs in Paris too! There are boat taxies on the Seine . . . car, shmar! We don’t need no stinking car!
Don’t forget to leave a comment for the drawing!! I have to go, have a lot more pie plates to set free! Hope you are all well, and keeping well, and getting stronger, and being hugged! Sending all my love XOXO!
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1,941 Responses to ALL GOOD NEWS

  1. Cathy from Golden, CO says:

    Your flowers are beautiful!

  2. Nikki Pacheco-Theard says:

    Sharing the good news, such a welcome post to read from you. Your art and writings help bring a welcome glow of sunlight with the summer’s warm breeze. Rabbit, Rabbit captures my heart, frolicking with joy!

  3. Georgina says:

    Always brightening my day with your blog! Thank you. xx

  4. Linda W says:

    Sorry I missed the drawing but so relaxing to finally have a spare moment to read your post. One day I will arrange my life to join a cruise and tour with you – looks like SO much fun. And jealous of everyone that is on Martha’s Vineyard for the yard sale weekend! Not that I need anything…LOL. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to your next post. XO, Linda

  5. Susie Lettau says:

    Hi Susan! Susie here from Arroyo Grande, CA. I just got through reading your uplifting inspiring
    Blog, they always make me so happy. When I need a pick me up I grab fairytale girl or a fine romance I’ve read them 3 times each, I would love to win one of your beautiful cups. I’m turning 70 this July 24th and going to the vineyard for my very first time on July 18th with my husband and daughter.. I can’t wait, I’m so excited!!! Cheers thanks for all your beautiful art, words and your wonderful spirit.

  6. Mary says:

    Hi Susan, I love all your pictures! Wish we lived closer.

  7. Judi says:

    *comment* for the mug!
    Also, would love to shop your yard sale…wowzers!

  8. Debbie Boerger says:

    Tom and I have come to the conclusion that it would be unwise to go to England this September. Until the Corona variants have slowed and many more are vaccinated, we will continue to see more virulent strains, like the Delta variant. Just not worth the risk, not to mention possible lock downs if it gets worse. All the lodgings are fully refundable, and I want to give the hosts plenty of time to re-book. Maybe by next Spring we can go over….even in May!!! I can keep our Aer Lingus tickets and use them then, or redeem much of the price through the insurance. Fingers crossed things will be vastly better in 10 month’s time, virus wise. It would be fun to meet you and the Girlfriends in the Merry Month of May.
    Bigger decisions than travel on our horizon. We’ve noticed that Tom is showing some signs of dementia. His father died of it. He now has trouble remembering how to use the digital camera, program his simple flip phone, the TV recording, etc. So he’s on a list to be screened, and is going to his cardio to get some tests to rule out low blood flow.
    In any event, he agrees with me that it’s time to sell the little condo in Tampa. I’m so weary of worrying every hurricane season that we won’t have anything to go back to. And our total worth is in these 2 houses. I’m sure I’ll shed some tears when I part with so much that I’ve accumulated in my lifetime. But better to do it now while we are both able to deal with it. So, our winter will be quite an adventure…what to keep and what to give away. Our kids are not interested in any of it, and we don’t want to but that burden on our daughter.
    On a brighter note, everything is so lush and green after 3 years of drought. I was so happy to see the natural ground cover thriving, as it shades out the “Johnson grass seed stalks”. I heard the weed whacker running, looked outside, and there way my sweet Tom whacking all the new ground cover. It’ll grow back quickly with all this good rain.
    I have now finished scrubbing, rinsing, and painting both our doors. Just gawjus, a deep wine red.
    Our friends know our noses are to the grindstone, getting ready for the family, so our neighbor made us a pot of Portugese soup, and another buddy brought bags of lovely lettuce, kale and bok choy!! Yummy supper on the porch.
    Everyone please say well, there is no shame in putting your masks back on if you are in a high risk area.
    Mucho Love,
    Debbie in cool, rainy Maine

    • sbranch says:

      I agree, this Delta variant, the unfinished business with the booster. We are still planning to go to California in September, but are reserving the right to cancel. I hope everyone would get vaccinated so these variants will STOP!!! Sorry to hear about Tom. Hopefully a diagnoses can bring a little help too. Does this mean you have to go BACK to Florida to do the work? That sounds hard to do… Take care! xoxoxo

      • Debbie Boerger says:

        Yes, back to The Big Guava (Tampa). Kristin, our daughter lives and teaches in a suburb, about 40 minutes East. So, if the dice roll for us, we will find a one bd. condo out by her. She and he just adore each other, in fact watching him with her showed me his gentle, loving self way back in 1985. I’ve lived in South Tampa since 1970, always within a couple of blocks of the Bay, so I’d really miss seeing the water most days. But we must change with circumstances, right?
        I arranged a big Boerger Family Reunion over on Longboat Key for the first week in December, and if it’s safe, that will go on. Then, we can focus on our future. As long as we’re together, Home is with my Sweet Baboo, where ever that my be.
        Reading your Blog, Dear Lady, is a mini guidebook on surviving Loss. Thank you and so many of the Girlfriends for sharing how you coped.
        Mucho Love,
        Debbie in Maine

  9. Catherine says:

    Susan, I have been such a fan of yours for YEARS!! I have several signed books from your visits to “sunny” Southern CA and I absolutely LOVE your blog!! I used to get the “Willards” and it was such a TREAT to find that in my mailbox. But time marches on and I love hearing the music you intersperse through your “talk”. Such lovely mugs!! I was SO LUCKY to find the Martha’s Vineyard one in a shop in Claremont this year when on a Valentine’s weekend get away. They were sold out on website before I could buy so I was OVERJOYED to find one. I use it EVERY DAY!! Thank you for all the “loveliness” you spread!

  10. Sharon from SoCal says:

    Hi, thought I’d posted a comment a few days ago but haven’t seen it appear yet so sending another for a chance to win the little Spring Cup. I put off buying that one until one day I saw it had sold out. I have Autumn, Summer, and Santa cups so Spring would round out my seasons. Anyway, good luck to everybody. Also, I’m looking forward to being one of the armchair England travellers 🙂 I’ve been a fan of yours since my sister gave me one of your cookbooks many,many years ago.

  11. Kari OBrien says:

    I loved reading your blog post. It felt like tea time, coffee time, scone time, summer time! Thank you for the many details to think about for days with a smile on my face! If I didn’t miss the drawing, Oh, I just love the Fourth of July mug. Thank you for sending so many smiles and your glad warmness across the internet! Much love to you!

  12. Debbie Boerger says:

    I see Miss Elsa is right on your door step…….no wind damage, Please. All we’ll get is more rain, for which I’m grateful. Everyone stay inside and off the roads, she said in her teacher voice. 😉
    Mucho Warm Love…
    in cool, moist Maine

  13. Lori A Monroe says:

    Hi, hope you had a nice 4th! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  14. Dianne says:

    I just finished rereading through your post and the comments again (I’ve lost track of the number of times) and reviewing your recipe for blueberry angel food cake. Angel food cake has always been a favorite of mine, and I shamefully admit that it is the one cake I made from a box. Not my choice; I just didn’t want to waste 12 yolks. Then I saw your comment about using packaged egg whites. Brilliant idea. I’m going to make your recipe for my birthday later this month. It will be perfect, as my sister is hosting a luncheon at which several of the girls are lactose intolerant. Hope you are enjoying the summer. We seem to be having either high temps with heat advisories or pouring rain. Fortunately the rain usually stops long enough for me to get in a walk. I’ve worked out a hydration schedule for when I walk in the heat. So all is well.

  15. Kathleen Conrad says:

    Always love reading & rereading your posts. Thank you Susan❤️❤️

  16. Jenn Barker says:

    I’m oh so happy it is SUMMER! What better way to celebrate than with a great gathering for 4th of July, garden flowers and your favorite cold beverage in a big mug! Would love to win the 4th cup- my son was born on July 3rd and he would love it.

  17. Judi Davis says:

    Loved seeing the new cups! Always love your posts! And Jack is as adorable as ever!

  18. Veronica Powers says:

    Thank you for bringing ‘happy’; Sweet Susan…..As only you can do. Thank you Sweet Joe,that you extend that ‘happy’….Happy Summer.

  19. Susan Lettau says:

    I’d just really love to win one if your lovely cups if it’s not too late. I am going to be on island
    July 24th for my birthday. I can’t wait to see all the places I’ve been reading about in your books all these years. Truly a dream come true for me.
    Thank you for being you, your blog is so uplifting and inspirational..

    • sbranch says:

      Happy to have you here, and you aren’t too late… good luck and have a wonderful time on the island!

  20. Laura L. says:

    Reading your post is pure heaven! Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are a shining light! Thank you for the giveaway. The 4th of July cup is adorable!

  21. Holly in Colorado says:

    Oh, how I wish that I could have been there for your wonderful garage sale!

  22. Jean Russo says:

    I reeeeaaaallly want that July 4th mug. You must reproduce it!

  23. Joanne Hayden says:

    Thanks for all the new loot for us to put in our carts Susan! And I also own a Subaru Forester (2010) and love it. Happy trails to you!

  24. Marilyn Ghere says:

    I agree with you that your little shelf above your kitchen sink is the best.
    This blog is just chock full of wonderful photos, but what are my favorite photos in every single blog ?—-JACK, OF COURSE !! Thanks for sharing your multitude of happiness.

  25. Kelli Davis says:

    What a lovely post!! You have so much to look forward to and how exciting to share it with others!! Can’t wait to follow along through the internet!! Sounds like a wonderful trip! 🚢
    The mugs are lovely! Plan to check them out! Enjoy your summer!

  26. Vicki says:

    What lovely items you gave to the yard sale and I bet it was a success!
    Thank you for such a cheery blog!

  27. Kimberly Carr says:

    Hi Susan,

    I love your uplifting, beautiful posts. I have several of your lovely books and have read your blog for years. Thank you for such joy in a sometimes tough world. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you so much.

  28. Betsy says:

    I think I am too late for the spring cup give away. It is so cute! I do love my cup that has the corgi on it that you created. It is so adorable and I use it almost daily with tea or coffee and my corgi, Carson, sits near hoping some yummy crumbs from whatever I am eating will fall his way! I too am clearing out things and I donate to a dear friend that has a delightful little Thrift shop. Sending love always. ❤

  29. Hina Shah says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. Wendy Rowland says:

    So glad your blog is up and running!

  31. Mary Jo L says:

    What a wonderful way to start my day by reading your blog! Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers and cutie Jack with us! I always feel calmer and have a renewed sense of appreciation for life and the everyday moments after reading your posts.

  32. Karen S Jones says:

    I am able to see this older post here..but your last post that went up said I was blocked or the URL was wrong or something ..gosh I hope I’m not blocked !! please check if you get time , I really enjoy your art work and writings so much I have to think it is a mistake in the internet contortions !! I hate to miss a single post !! maybe many more than I got that notice when clicking on your blog …

    • sbranch says:

      It’s up Karen, with good long explanation! Thank you for your patience ~ and that goes for everyone!

  33. Patty Campbell says:

    Thanks for the give away, I hope I’m not too late.

  34. Jo Donaghy says:

    I received your recent newsletter but when I clicked on it I received an error report. I tried going directly to your website and kept getting the same warning that I can’t remember the wording of right now. Is anyone else having difficulties? I was able to get on the website today (obviously) but still can’t see the results of the drawing.

  35. Chris says:

    Looking forward to the picnic next year!!

  36. Debbie Boerger says:

    Happy to have you up and “running”. It’s warm and extremely humid out here in Down East Maine. We have all windows and door open, multiple fans, and hope for cooler days ahead for our family, visiting from Minnesota. They’re used to central heat and AC. They were also astounded at the speed and aggression of the Massachusetts drivers!!! I won’t say what Maine folks call them.
    Of course that definately does not apply to Susan and Joe. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      No, definitely not. We are plodders! Not dangerous plodders, but we have NO WHERE to go, and ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to get there! We finally broke down a few years ago, realizing the party was over so to speak, and bought some window air conditioners for our house. I can’t BEGIN to tell you what a difference it makes. For your mood, for your health, for your peace of mind, and for your relationships! xoxoxo

  37. Joan Holdorf says:

    I LOVE this quote by Louisa May!! Perfect for today!

  38. Neva says:

    Very happy that I wasn’t forbidden. So happy to have you back. You’re my sunshine on a cloudy day.

  39. Merry says:

    You are a blessing, Susan Branch!

  40. Cary Norman says:

    Another giveaway?!?! Wonderful!

  41. Barbara. Brugman says:

    Was thinking of you today when I purchased a Beatrix Potter small pitcher for my window sill! Hope to win that 4th of July cup , Peace and joy. Barbara

  42. Barbara. Brugman says:

    Was thinking of you today when I purchased a Beatrix Potter small pitcher for my window sill! Hope to win that 4th of July cup , Peace and joy. Barbara No this is not a duplicate comment. I always have trouble trying to post a comment?…???

  43. Alice Crandall says:

    I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your positivity.

  44. Karen Kotowski says:

    Your blogs are such a delight. This one was particularly sweet with anticipation of this FORBIDDEN blog! So much work you have been doing! Sure wish I could join you on the Queen Mary II. What an adventure that will be!

  45. Nina Escudero-Bailey says:

    Sooo looking forward to EVERYTHIIIIING!
    Specially meeting you and Joe and all the rest of our shipmates~

    Yes! I would love to win a lovely cup!


  46. Jane B. says:

    This was a joyous post. So filled with such beauty. Thank you so much Susan.

  47. Eleanor K Hunzinger says:

    Beautiful garden you have!

  48. Annabelle Kopf says:

    Dearest Mrs. Branch,

    You are a blessing to my heart!!! Thank you for being you, beautiful, glorious you!!! xoxox

  49. Debra. E. Sewell says:

    So happy Willard is back!! Bless you all. Wonderful. I read it atleast 3 times. Fast, slower then saver aver word.
    I am wondering about the book you are writing that we purchased exerts from I loved it and anxious to get book. I am so hoping the trip in 2022 that you take back to England, you turn into a book also. Going with you in print is almost as wonderful as being there..

    Thank you
    Debra Sewell

  50. Joyce Williams says:

    Oh my! I hope I’m not too late to enter. I just found your page and feel like you already gifted me. What a delight your words and pictures are. Thank you…for being you…and sharing you with us.

  51. Nancy Wheeler says:

    I love the linens hanging on the line in the sunshine. They are so fresh looking.

  52. Marlene Wright says:

    I hope it’s not too late to enter the drawing. I love your art work. I love pie! Bought some cherries at Costco to make a pie … I live in a desert climate but love flowers. Your pages inspire me to plant. There are so many flowers in the Sonoran Desert. Recently, we’ve had rain so the cactus are blooming! Thank you for sharing your lovely view.

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