Hi Girls, Get your giggle ready because we are in delights-ville of Spring and all the sweetness and color and happiness fresh air and new growth can bring!!! MUSICA

This silly boy says Hello!

Green coconut and jelly beans, a star bow-tie and marshmallow teeth!! Who could ask for more!?🌸🌸🌸 I put the instructions to this bunny cake in one of my calendars years ago and I STILL get photos of this homemade charm from our girlfriends! For some it’s been passed on, mom to child, and become a family tradition! I think it’s because it’s the easiest cake EVER, but has all the festive charm of even the most complicated! If you’d like the recipe, HERE it is! It’s wham-bam, thank you ma’m, and voila! You get an Easter gold star!⭐️ 

Ran next door to deliver a bunch of daffodils to our new darling neighbors . . . the whole family was there, grandma, moms, dads, children, sisters, nieces, all around the table dying eggs!  It was ADORABLE! They told me the secret to the bright colors is that you put TWO color tablets in each glass of water!👏 Now why didn’t I think of that!🤣

I always have to visit Donorama’s Nursery in Edgartown this time of year. They put out the BEST displays. It’s a treat for the senses! There are still no leaves on our trees, and despite the first blooms of daffodils, the predominant color where we walk in the woods is BROWN ~ so my eyes and nose are beside themselves in that place!🌷🌷🌷 Ahhhh . . .

Just thought I’d throw this in . . . I made it for my mom years ago . . . I painted me and my first two brothers for a greeting card . . . I have always wanted to learn to paint people . . . I practiced on us! Plus, rabbit-rabbit!😁🌷

Time for little spring celebrations every chance you get! Guess what? We were just invited for a May 6th TEA PARTY to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles! This was their invitation below … how could you not be excited? Feeling Inspired????👏 Have a party! It’ll force you to clean the house and get some flowers. Gifts for friends! Gold stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️  

Yes, I’ve been painting! Because that’s what I DO!

Sooo romantic, it’s the colors isn’t it! Most delicate in the spring, and vibrant at the same time!

Beatrix Potter was the queen of this coloration. Total inspiration!🧡💛💚💙💝

Like for vibrance . . . look at these TWO flowers in a field of brown. And even though you are listening to a book on your ear pods, how can you not STOP

And take pictures of them? Both up close and further back … because that surprise pop is pure celebration . . .

Can you see them? Now you know why I go to the nursery!

And what were we listening to? This! A historical-fiction novel, The Nightingale, about two French sisters, Isabelle and Vianne along with their friends and family, and everyone in France… doing their very best to survive the occupation of France by the Nazis. Now I know how horrible it was. My review… I loved it and cried my eyes out at the end. At first, I didn’t love it. But after a couple of hundred pages, the real action started and even though it is a novel and not a true story, I learned a lot and I now have a thirst for more. Gold Star.⭐️

Reading, while walking with the love of your life . . . joy of joys in the spring!💖

Now here I am, shadow girl, out behind the barn, picking daffodils, all dressed in spring wildflowers!

You see? No leaves . . .

Also, out behind the barn, kitty grave yard. All my girl kitties and man kitties, and my one William T. Aristocat III, are buried here.🌸

And here comes the forsythia!!!

Don’t forget

So many little ways to celebrate this time of year … give yourself the beauty that you deserve, the peace of mind and heart, and love every precious moment.

So I’m on a diet again. Exercising like crazy. Feeling good! This time, because everyday starvation no longer works, I am giving in to the Keto Diet, mixed with a little bit of Intermittent Fasting. If I didn’t like clothes so much, I wouldn’t do this! But if you see me stop loving clothes, then just go ahead and kill me. It’s the way I am, born this way, but fun is fun, and I’m up for it!💖

It’s not a bad diet. You get all the sauces and olive oil and mayo you like. Tons of protein, some veg, blueberries, salad dressings, even butter (I haven’t gone that far yet) and basically nothing else. I’ve lost 10 libs. With this glorious weather, plus 10 lbs off, and yes, this IS my birthday today, I am HAPPY!!! (I wasn’t going to tell you, but then I couldn’t help myself! Doesn’t everyone LOVE their birthday? Birthdays make me feel 6 years old!🎈)

When I’m working, or sitting around, or knitting, or watching TV, or whatever, and get an idea, I often just do a quick squiggle in case I go back later and find it has become a full blown inspiration! Like this one I showed you in my last post . . .

And now here she is! I love her! See? Practicing people. She’s probably my best one so far. She’s been waking me up in the morning and calling me to the art table!🎉 “Give me freckles she screamed!”🤣

Then one day, for at least the 10th time, I was watching the wonderful LINCOLN movie, directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, and thinking how he is a man who is constantly giving us gifts, and this is definitely one of them! Between him and Daniel Day Lewis, and many others, like Tommy Lee Jones, I could watch this movie a million times and never get tired of it. While watching, I was squiggling. 

And I Love Lincoln so so so much, I thought, wouldn’t he be good for a calendar page? Shall I paint him? He was Ours! Our Pride! I could practice some more. I could always throw it away if it was awful!

I’m reminded on how much you notice about someone when you are painting them. We became best friends. I love his compassion, the empathy I found in his eyes, the honorableness in everything about him, and his hellbent determination despite EVERYTHING. Plus, the purple tie was the bomb, and he had some good hair! A few years ago Joe and I went to the Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, Illinois. Let me say, their website does NOT do it justice. It is SO wonderful. You learn so much! You would love it if you are ever in the neighborhood, but it’s worth a trip if for no other reason but the War Gallery Exhibit, which I cried all the way through. Came out of it and there was a museum guard there, dressed in uniform, I said to her, “How can you stand it, how are you not crying all the time?” She nodded and said, “I know.😥” Inspiration is everywhere! 

So, speaking of clothes, have you seen Inventing Anna on Netflix? It’s a pretty-much true story about this girl who totally and completely scams New York high society pretending to be what she is not. And while scamming, she is dressed to the nines!👏👏👏 You can see how she got away with it, kinda. Plus, she has this little accent that you get sort of addicted to. We loved it!  

Now for the winner of the geranium giclee giveaway … did you think I forgot? Never! Watching Vanna gearing up for the deep dive into the vat filled with all of your names!

Here’s the original that hangs on my dining room wall  ~ the first painting I ever did . . . I thought I’d show you how I framed it in case you, the lucky winner, want to do that with yours! So let’s see what Vanna came up with … the room is filled with ticker tape names, blown up by her fins . . . here’s my squiggle of the sinuous, mermaid-like, jet-setting Vanna … soon I will paint her. Note her flowered swimming cap. Today she’s in a silver body suit, sleek as a dolphin. And very very beautiful. In the eyes. And our winner is . . . LEE in MI!! (The Lee with the word Butler in her email address, who gave potted geraniums to guests at her wedding!💝). I will write you Lee, and then please write me back and give me your address and this luv-lee giclee will be going your way very soon!

We’re all winners today, it’s Spring! And here’s the newest news on cups . . . they ship first of MAY! Is that perfect or what? While we are celebrating the new King, we get to remember his wonderful mom. (And one guess for which cup I’m drinking out of today! Hint, it’s my birthday.😆 🥳)

Guess where we’re going? Ever hear of Patriots Day? It’s a holiday belonging only to Massachusetts that comes with very big celebrations! Because we are the proud owners of Lexington and Concord and that’s where everyone heard the shot heard round the world! 

In Boston, they have the famous Boston Marathon… but in Lexington, on Battle Green, surrounded by houses that were there way back when . . . they have THIS!⬇️

It’s a reenactment!👏 I’ve never been to one!

With drums and muskets . . .

. . . smoke and action, and it all starts at 5:30 in the morning! Mysterious dawn, like Christmas morning! Wearing my warmest Uggs with the bows in the back! It’s going to be freezing out there! 

Here’s the arrival of Paul Revere! No phones, no texting, only word of mouth, and horseback! And Joe and I are going! We’ve been to the area before, right around the corner is Louisa May Alcott’s House. The whole area is wonderful and old, and the graveyards of our ancestors speak volumes. Can’t wait. Got a kitty sitter for Jack!


We have reservations for lunch here . . . the village pub since 1716!! We’ll walk where they walked!

And here’s how it looks on the inside . . . my total cup of tea! I adore history, trying to put myself into other days and feel a little of what they felt. 

Well to me, drenched in the beauty God gave us, of the seasons and the sky and the water and the wind, every day is Earth Day.

My last word because it’s my Birthday and I have to GO! Wishing you the happiest of Happy Days! With all my Love, Anna Susanna Branchburger III. A mere 76 years old today!

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388 Responses to DELIGHTS of SPRING

  1. MargotB+in+Navarre says:

    Love and loved that bunny cake! Our moms made a special childhood for us! I always loved to see a crocus poking up though the last remaining snow. Grandma and I kept an eye out for the first robin. I have been potting plants 🪴 🌺 and planting new hydrangeas in the front bed.
    Hugs 🤗
    Margot B

    P.S. My Great-great Grandfather shook President Lincoln’s hand at Appomattox. Then he came home and finished building our house.

  2. Kathleen Jenrich says:

    Wishing you a most wonderful birthday! Your Willard’s are a present you give to us. Love every calligraphied word and every illustration. Thank you from my whole heart. You are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Debbie Boerger says:

    If any of you are considered “at risk”, you can now get another jab of the bivalent covid booster. Being 83 and 78, we qualified. Got ours yesterday. Feeling a bit punky today, as is usual after the shot but glad to get it before we ride a flight to Maine with everyone jammed in like sardines.
    I feel tremendous gratitude to the army of scientists who worked to give us these vaccines.
    Mucho Love, Dear Lady.
    Debbie in Tampa…for 17 more days

  4. Sheryl Kirk says:

    Wow, it took me a long time to come to this end. I must send my best birthday wishes to you, however late. You are the best gift to all of us. I appreciate you!! Yes, I do. I have been very sidetracked and have not seen everything you have written lately. That must change. This has filled me with so much joy. I have a TKR replacement on next Tuesday and you still put me in a fantastic mood. That means total knee replacement. Wish me luck. Thank you. XO

  5. Kari O'Brien says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Month! Celebrating the day you were born and all of the delightful treasures you create. Happy Spring to you, Dear Susan Branch! xo

  6. Viffy says:

    I’m an April birthday gal too… so Happy Birthday!
    You’re aging gracefully and always delighting everyone with your prose and painting.

  7. Denise Hyde says:

    I’m afraid I’m a bit late in reading this blog post–so happy, happy belated birthday wishes to you!!!!!!!
    By the way, do you know of Jon Meacham’s latest book on Lincoln–And There Was Light, Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle? I recently bought and have not read yet, but I think it is a good book for these times (and any time), as is Meacham’s The Soul of America!!
    Joy & Peace,

  8. Beth Bruno says:

    Just a quick note to say your bluebird is actually an Indigo Bunting. Not to be a Debbie Downer, because Indigo Buntings are gorgeous and special birds. I would squeal if I had one on my feeder. Eastern Bluebirds have an orange breast. I hope you don’t mind me correcting you. I do it with all the affection in the world. ❤️❤️❤️

    • sbranch says:

      Grrrr!🤣 Wouldn’t you just know it!! Well I like that name Indigo Bunting about 200 times better than Eastern Bluebird, so I’m going with it! Thank you Beth, truth does matter! Next time I’ll look it up before I’m so sure of myself. Didn’t even know there WAS an Indigo Bunting! Puny imagination! xoxoxo💖

  9. Anna says:

    ” “Ah, spring sang!” the groundhogs
    “Spring!”, sang the frogs …’
    Spring flowers and newly unfurling green leaves are among my most favorite sights. Thank you for sharing your delightful photos and illustrations! I wish I could live “inside” the world of your drawings – colorful, detailed, mentally stimulating and peopled with kind people.

  10. Fran From Michigan says:

    Happy Birthday Susan! Sorry I’m late, haven’t been checking in for a while. been busy with the grandchildren. I loved reading about the Boston reenactment, I have always loved history and you shared so much more. War is always sad. I can’t imagine living in one of those beautiful home and watching threw the windows.
    And guess what? I make one of those bunnies every Easter. My grandchildren love it. I even dye coconut green for grass.
    If you ever take a trip to Michigan visit Mackinaw Island and watch the Fort Michilimackinac reenactment between the British and French and Native tribes , And if you go , make sure you stay at the Grand Hotel, where the movie Somewhere in Time was filmed with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. The motel is still decorated in the same old Victorian style. I know you would love it. anyways. Good to be back. Hope you have a wonderful Spring.

    • sbranch says:

      I know . . . outside in your own front yard… where up to know it’s been so quiet and then, boom, in a matter of minutes! I’ve always wanted to go to “The Somewhere in Time Hotel!” Is there a time to go when it isn’t crowded? That’s my only problem … I need to be there alone!🤣🤣🤣

  11. Kim Rose says:

    Only got your post on my feed today. Hope you had a fab birthday 🎉 I celebrate mine for the whole month 😉 Love all your bright and happy Spring photos as we are in Autumn in Africa.

  12. Debra Sewell says:

    Ahh the rich. wealthy towns of Concord and Lexington MS. The rich live well. I love to go to reenactments. I went to one on Lexington once and i felt like i was truly back in history. . Sadly i fell in love with the Redcoats. Just the history in MA is so wonderful and alive. There was an amazing house i knew in Concord .I called it the Harry Potter house. 3 giant floor of fabulous old house. full of kids and big dog. Thank you for this most wonderful Willard. I fly up to Boston on May 31st and can hardly wait to be back in my beloved MA. Willard is always so uplifting and lovely. Bless you and Joe.

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve never been to a reenactment before. I was afraid it would be silly or fake looking, but not one bit. I hand it to the people who do this, they are WONDERFUL!! Thank you Debra!💞

  13. Debra Sewell says:

    I am so stunned by May and April’s Willard’s. I keep rereading them to absorb it all. I’m sure all breathlessly await Willard each month. Thank you. for creating Willard for us all to have. Happy spring. Yes i looked close to pic..YOU. DID. SEE A GHOST. I love the lilac’s and Dogwoods

  14. Patti Heisler says:

    Dear Susan,
    When I see the announcement that Willard is here, I always wait until I can dedicate an early morning with coffee to viewing it.
    Thank you for sharing the History/Concord visit, and spending time with such lovely friends. I always feel like an invisible participant on your adventures.
    Spring is my favorite Season, so your pictures of roadside daffodils thrilled me…unexpected delights.

  15. Sandy Whitman says:

    Just getting to your May post this morning and was delighted to see your ‘coverage’ of Concord and Lexington’s Patriot’s Day celebration. You did it proud. Having grown up in Concord, Patriot’s Day always has a special memory for me. Our family always attended the parade downtown every year. We bought balloons and marched in place to the band music as they marched by. I felt proud! I’ve attended the Lexington battle as well, but only once….it’s a little early. Concord is a wonderful place – so filled with history. I live in New Hampshire now, but I’m thinking I need to go ‘home’ and visit my roots very soon. You inspired many good memories. BTW, my nephew belongs to a reenactment group and participates in Patriot’s Day activities every year.

    • sbranch says:

      Well, please tell him that they were WONDERFUL. I felt like I needed to write everyone a Thank you note. The put their hearts into it ~ everything was so perfect. So much work, quite a gift for all of us and very much appreciated! ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Beverly says:

    Help. Your system says I’m signed up but I’m not receiving the blogs.

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