Guest Room

If you were to ask what is most important in a home, I would say memories. ♥  Lillian Gish

We’re having company!  And I can’t put our friends in the Peter Rabbit room, because these people bring half their house with them. Since we bring half our house with us when we travel, we understand perfectly.  They need the front bedroom, it’s bigger, at the top of the front stairs; it’s the one I would have loved being twelve-years-old in.   Has two windows that look out over the front street, and one that looks out on the garden.  I love it in a snow storm when the flakes are whirling around in the sky, leaves are off the trees and you can see all the way up the street.  But I digress  . . . so first I iron a clean dresser scarf.



I could spend hours in here; it’s a perfect room for dreaming.  I put a pillow in the chair, hung the quilts, straightened the heart rocks on the window sill…. I put out a copy of two books I love, one is Consider Poor I (a biography of Nancy Luce, which I tell all about in the next Willard that goes out starting Tuesday), and the other is A Short Guide to a Happy Life by Anna Quindlen.   Both of these books you could pick up, start anywhere, and be happy you did. 

I made the bed snug with fresh cotton sheets and feather pillows; tucked the sheets in with neat nurse’s corners, put a clean cover on the comforter.   I have a thing I do with sheets . . . I put a one-inch fold across the bottom of the top sheet, the entire width of the bed, so when my friends put their feet in, there’s plenty of room for their toes.

O Bed! O Bed! O delicious Bed!  That heaven on earth for the weary head.  ♥ Thomas Hood

I decorated  the room with little personal things . . . I found this seashell in a California antique store and couldn’t resist it.  So homemade.  I think you could do this with any quote if you used a permanent ink marking pen to write it on the shell with.  And look what a charming little thing it turns out to be.  

Then I put plate hangers onto these old fish plates, to hang over the dresser. I love dishes so much, I don’t just put them in the kitchen; I put them everywhere, even in the bathroom!  These are hand-painted Limoges.

I put my favorite Laura Ashley hat on the bed post.  And then I gave this room the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval…

With this old magazine to sit near the chair.  And that was it, pretty much ship-shape and ready to go.  I still have a little bit to do, I need to cut flowers from the garden for the  pitcher on the dresser top.  But that will do for now; it’s iced tea time.

Now in a cottage built of lilacs and laughter, I know the meaning of the words, “ever after”. . .

Hope you’re having a wonderful day! ♥ xoxo me

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