What’s in a Name?

The Love in your Heart wasn’t put there to stay, Love isn’t Love ’til it’s given away.♥

See this little kitty-in-the carrier? He came home with us today!

He’s only nine weeks old.  I’d been wanting a new cat for quite awhile; I always have at least two cats, sometimes three, and now I have only one; I felt like Girl Kitty needed a friend.  So a few days ago I called the animal shelter in Edgartown, to see if they had any kittens. They didn’t, but they told me they would put me on a waiting list and let me know if one comes in.

I thought it might be months before I heard from them . . . but then, yesterday afternoon, Lisa called from the shelter and said they had one; a male, black and white, “tuxedo.”

I said to her, “Oh good, how wonderful, I’ve been thinking my older cat needs a playmate.”

Lisa said, “It doesn’t often work out that way, but they’ll get along after a while.”

I hung up the phone feeling a little bit worried.

So I Googled: “How to introduce a kitten to a 10-year-old cat.”  And discover it’s not as simple as I thought. After reading pages of expert advice, all suggesting that the older cat (Girl) is not going to be happy about this; we will need to keep them apart until they have time to get used to each other; and how important it is not to disturb Girl Kitty’s routines; it was much more complicated than I’d imagined.  Not the vision of feline harmony that I’d hoped for.  I’m disappointed, but I think perhaps we should say no to this new kitten.  I don’t want to ruin Girl Kitty’s life!

But, after all, we did ask the shelter to save us a kitty; it can’t hurt to at least go look at him.  It might even be rude not to.

 Just in case, we better put the cat carrier in the car.  Probably won’t need it.

We drive into Edgartown.  On the way, Joe says, “What do you think you’d want to name him?”

I smiled, “I was thinking about that this morning.  I don’t know; I wouldn’t want to name him Man Kitty again.”  (I’ve named all my male kitties “Man Cat,” then call them by nicknames: Mr. Momo, Momita, Mannie, Manita, Moesome ).

“How about Livingston?” I suggest, “then when we see him we could say ‘Livingston, I presume.’ “

 Joe says, “But Man Cat’s a good name; at least it’s easy to remember.”

 I say, “Yes, that’s for sure, OK, we’ll just name him Man Cat.  It’s probably best.”

Joe says, “How about Jack? You could name him Jack.”

I say, “Jack?  Jack!  I like it!  We can name him after my dad.  Jack, Jackie, Jackarina, Jackolantern; it works! “

By then, the inner me was saying, People do it all the time, get a new cat, it’s not impossible, we can do this.

 And then we arrive at the animal shelter, and we see him for the first time, with his funny French mustache, a face only a mother can love, and his look that says, I really want to go home with you and live with you for the rest of my life; pick me.

I’m thinking, this is a very cute kitty.  And then he lifted his head, and the temporary collar he was wearing around his neck had something written on it.

The women at the shelter had named him Jack.

 The end. 

There was never any choice really.  It was meant to be.

Girl is still Queen of our Bed; we’ve given Jack the Peter Rabbit Room for the time being.  I visit him there every hour or so; I roll his furry self around and around in my hands.  He loves it.  He turns on his back for more.  I’m already madly in love.  Wish us luck that he stays healthy, that he won’t play “Tarzan” in the Christmas tree, that Girl Kitty learns to tolerate him someday soon, and that he lives with us forever. ♥  

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436 Responses to What’s in a Name?

  1. Shanon says:

    They always adjust after awhile. We introduced a new kitty to our two older cats a few months ago. Which also became his name: New Kitty 🙂 And lo and behold, my older male cat who wasn’t friends with anybody, decided to befriend the newcomer and now they are best friends!

  2. Courtney says:

    We adopted a year and a half old cat this summer. She was to be the companion of our 12 year old corgi. At first it was horrible…nobody was happy. The cat, Sophie, lived under the couch. Gus, the corgi, seemed to look at us as if to ask, “What? I wasn’t enough?” I had had cats before…Gus lived with those cats, but I guess he forgot! It took about four months. Now, they chase and play. They hang out together while we go to work. And finally, Sophie seeks out our laps for her naps! Your Jack is a cutie! Enjoy!

  3. Debb says:

    Oh, Susan, how heart warming. I adopted a black and white kitty (or rather SHE adopted me) last May 19. Two weeks prior I lost a very beloved long haired white kitty (with one blue eye one green eye) to a very tragic strangulation accident in the basement rafters. I found her… and my heart was broken – in many pieces.. My darling (should-be) daughter in law brought me an Iris plant to help with healing. The next week I visited the humane society shelter telling myself IF they had a black and white kitty I would get one. I already had a black kitty left at home. Well… this particular black and white kitty watched ME take a tour of all the cages with kitties. She did not take her eyes off of me.. I knew I had to take her home, she was picky me after all. And I did.. I named her Miss Iris and love her more each week I have her. My four year old black kitty – Miss Twyla – took to her the first day.. accepting her and was washing her by the end of the second week. Jack is a lucky cat, let’s hope Girl Kitty feels the same way!

  4. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Even a dog person would think Jack is cute! “Jack” is a cute name, too, although with that moustache, he sure looks like Hercule Poirot in the Agatha Christie movies! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      I was thinking Felix for a moment.

    • Debbie says:

      I, too, am a dog person but must admit that “Jack” is sooooooo very cute! My Dad’s name was Jack also – so that part of the story is especially touching to me. Kismet!

  5. Nicksgranma says:

    Since he has a french moustache you can all him the french version of Jack…Jacques(Jock). He looks like a “Jock”..I like it!

  6. Martha Ellen says:

    Oh Susan he is so cute!! It was meant to be–Jack! What a lucky little kitty–Living in the house of creativity. I hope that Girl Kitty adjusts well to her brother and you all live happily ever after! xoxo ♥

  7. Meant to be.

    I went looking for a dog at the local shelter and came home with a second cat. She’s black and white too, but long hair. A Turkish Van, apparently.

    I love Jack’s markings under his chin as well as his little Errol Flynn mustache. Perfect for Movember!

  8. Yvette says:

    Oh, he’s adorable. He looks like Hercule Poirot – with that little mustachio. 🙂

  9. Carol C says:

    Hi Susan and good luck with the blended family. Maybe because they are different sexes they will get along better. We had a cat that disappeared for 5 weeks (an indoor cat that got out). Before she came home we adopted a stray cat that people kept calling about thinking she was ours. Long story short Cat War! It was probably because they were both female. Happy ending–the folks at the kennel fell in love with BP (Bernice Paverotti–she came with the name) and adopted her. I take her cans of tuna for Christmas, Valentine’s, etc and she is living the queen’s life. Has a 4 poster bed up on the counter, her own little couch and a gigantic climbing structure. She’s happy! Hope Girl Kitty feels maternal about little Jack.

  10. Oh Susan ~ he is such a beautiful boy, congratulations!! I think Jack was a meant to be!! How about when you serve him salmon you call him “Jacque ” to go with his french mustache and tuxedo coat. I grew up with a black and white and have had a couple of them since ~ they are very dear to my heart, and can’t wait to hear about this bundle of love in your future posts!!!! Good luck with Girl Kitty – she may end up loving him to pieces as did our black & white “Mickey” when our new baby black & white “Tatiana” finally grew up a bit!!

  11. Bev Spencer says:

    we have a Man Cat, black and white, called Forrest, because when he was young we lived in a forest…he’s 13 now (our last cat was 20 when she went to that playground in the sky)…Pioneer was born in Sydney Australia, moved with us to Melbourne Australia then to Boston MA where she learnt the delights of snow, chipmonks, raccoons, squirrels and life in the Northern Hemisphere. She came back to Melbourne Au with us to live out her life…we loved her very much. Forrest is just as special….he has 3 little black dots under his chin and is a joy…black and white cats always look ready for a party…all dressed up in their tuxedo’s…..hope Jack settles in well and that Girl Kitty loves him as much as you do…

  12. Jessica says:

    He’s adorable…and definitely meant to be with you ‘three’…you’ll be all cuddled up together in no time.
    Bless you for rescuing him and his sweet little moustache!
    xo J~

  13. Barb :0) says:

    Oh My … I LOVE this story and also Jack’s sweet face :0)
    My sister Susan …. LOVES the name Jack and longs for the day when she is able to have a dog … to name Jack !!!!
    I can’t wait to show her this post !!!!!
    Happiness and Harmony … to you all :0)

  14. Lynn Marie says:

    It will be OK–we have been through this before–It may not seem like it at first but eventually they will be “buds”.

  15. Francine says:

    Congrats on your new baby! I noticed that silly mustache immediately! So cute! Who could resist that? Very funny how you picked Jack and saw it written on his collar. It truly was meant to be! That’s my grandson’s name and it was my grandpa’s name too. A great name! He almost looks like Girl Kitty could be his ma-ma! I hope they learn to LOVE each other very soon.

  16. Tam says:

    awww! I want a kitty but they claw carpets and furniture. Which is even worse if you have berber carpeting. The kitty we did have for some time (we ended up giving her away) also threw up fairly often. Yuck. I miss her sometimes, though. She was a very skittish cat though and took a long time to adjust (we hardly ever saw her when she was just a little kitten!) but finally would sit on my lap. Her name was Kiara – from the Lion King 2. I like the idea of naming animals after the ones in Disney movies. LOL

    • sbranch says:

      You should see my furniture! But then, hey!

      • Your furniture will be fine if you start clipping their claws when they’re young. Distract them with a bit of tuna in the beginning, and after a while, they don’t even mind you doing it. The first time I trimmed my older cat’s claws, he jumped away and tried to climb on my fabric wingback chair. He slid down like a fireman sliding down a pole! The look on his face was priceless.

  17. Mary Cunningham says:

    When I saw the kitty on the top of the page ,I thought ,”How adorable , company for Girl Kitty”, Jack is a great name, the same name we picked for our daughter before she was born, only hers was Jackie! Her best friend calls her Jax….sweet kitty times and lots of new kitty presents this Christmas! You must put your kitties on a calendar page! Meow!

  18. Deborah says:

    Congratulations on your new addition, I am sure in no time at all, you will be sharing with us pics of both kittys getting along famously! Jack is very sweet, and so lucky to have that bedroom!

  19. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Congratulations to all! What a darling, I mean handsome, kitty. Girl Kitty will have Jack trained in no time! You & Joe can each have a kitty on your pillow! Purrrrfect! xo

  20. Jack says:

    Looks like you got your self a winner — He is so handsome he deserves two names …….
    Henceforth and forthwith he shall be called” Jack Pierre” a fitting name for such a beauty!
    Of course he will work out. Have you ever known a Jack Pierre to fail? Especially one with a moustachio……….good going, you couldn’t have found a more fitting cat, he already looks like Girl’s baby…….

  21. Rita Baker says:

    This was meant to be, Susan. I had 2 cats in my former life – before I married my present hubby – and it always worked out. Not at first, but in time they will be able to tolerate each other. And might even surprise you when they become buddies. Bless you for taking in another homeless creature. I am involved with sheltie rescue and have taken in homeless unwanted critters all my life. I love my present dog Andy, a 3 year old sheltie, more and more each day. We adopted him in May when our old sheltie became very ill and had to be euthanized. Your love for little Jack will grow, too. Keep us posted on his progress and again, “bless you!”

  22. Treese says:

    What a little beauty! I live on the ranch with so many pets (horses, donkey’s, mules, cows, chickens) that when a new one comes they just seem to melt in with the others. I grew up with Bloodhounds and I have 3 of them. I also have a one-eyed little Boston terrier someone threw out on the road (that happens a lot in the country) that I adopted. I have 4 cats. My old Mr. Alexander cat is solid black and also ten years old. I found him in a trash can when he was 3-weeks old. All the other cats were also recues. There is Emma, Annie and Catarina. Unfortunately, they cannot go outside, not because of coyotes the dogs keep them away. The big Barn Owls swoop down and carry them off. They don’t seem to mind being inside (especially when it is snowing). They spend their days looking out the windows at the countryside or lying by the herth.
    Good luck and happy days with your new little Jack.
    Colorado Cowgirl

  23. Dolores says:

    Jack is so adorable! Loving and sweet. We introduced our black and white cat “Jack” to our little bit older Siamese “Zoe” a few years back. It did not go well at first, but I really babied and loved on Zoe at every turn so she would always know how much I loved her still and all has been fine.
    It really brought a tear to my eye because my other kitty “Grey Girl”, my gardening buddy, has been missing for four weeks now and it has been so hard these last couple of days for some reason. I guess I thought she would turn back up sooner or later because she loves us so much. But I guess now I have realized she is really gone, but I keep looking and hoping. It is just so hard not knowing what happened to her. She is such a sweet soul. My husband keeps telling me someone has her cause she is so sweet and pretty. I hope so…and that she escapes soon!!!! But it made me so happy to see you had a new little fun kitty. It has been a long time since I had a little kitten….maybe it is time.
    Enjoy your new and your old loves, looks like it was meant to be!

  24. Jacquie says:

    My mother’s name is Jacquie, I’m Jacquie and my 10 year old son’s name is Jack! No matter how you slice it it’s a good name for human or beast (and all of it’s derivatives). He’s a lucky Jack The Cat.

  25. Maureen says:

    Oh Susan!!!! So HaPpY for you, Joe and Girl Kitty!! Jack is just adorable!!! Your two kitties will sort things out & be the best of friends I’m sure!! We just got a little kitty we named Sebastian, and he is 11 weeks old today. He has been with us 3 weeks. He is getting along with our six year old kitty Holly just fine! 🙂 Congratulations!!!!

  26. Barb says:

    It’ll work out. Just take it slow and limit their time together. Eventually they will be best buds.

  27. Kim Wilson says:

    Oh Susan. Congratulations! Thank you for going to the shelter to get one. I love the story about his name. Had to be! Good luck with the christmas tree. Put the breakable ornaments near the bottom. heehee.
    So happy for you all. Even Girl Kitty.

  28. Jandina Konop says:

    I have years running down my cheeks. I just had to put my kitty of 18 years down. Your story just made my heart melt. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  29. Linda says:

    What a face! Today was his lucky day! Girl Kitty will surely come to love him as much as you do!

  30. Sheri says:

    Jack is just precious. I’m glad you brought him home! We kept our new cat in a separate bedroom for a week, and by the end of the week the two were play pawsies under the door and were happy as can be when we finally let them see each other. I hope you keep us posted as they meet and become friends!

  31. Melissa Gomez says:

    A girlfriend of mine has three cats. The last one she adopted from her vet’s office & Sydney the older cat of 12 years did not care for Buddy…. Here it is almost 2 years later and she doesn’t budge….my friend is hopeful she will change her mind and just tolerate him!!! Best of luck with the furies – Jack is a cutie!!

  32. Doris says:

    Hi Susan ~ What a sweet kitty – he looks like a Jack, all black and white … great name! When we adopted our 2 1/2 yr old girl kitty Rosie a couple of years ago, I thought it would be an adjustment with our older male cat. But after a few days of keeping Rosie in the spare room, we let her out and the two of them have gotten along great from then on. I hear that it helps if they are male and female and spaced apart in age. Good luck with Jack & Girl Kitty! So happy for you 🙂

  33. Cris says:

    I had tears in my eyes when I saw the name. It WAS meant to be. He is adoreable. We brought in another kitty when our, now recently deseased, cat Nikki, was 8 years old.. They split the house into territories right away. It was amazing. This went on for a little while but it really wasnt that long before they were sharing the house and special places up till we had to put our older cat to sleep. Now that Daisy is 8 years old and we have a dog that she loves to pieces. They will.. if they dont bond… exist together just fine and maybe they will get along.

  34. Robin Smith says:

    What a handsome boy!!

    We adopted our Tiger when he was just about 10 weeks old. Our oldest cat, Muffet, gave him a hard time at first. He spent lots of time behind the refrigerator 🙂 However, before long they got to know each other. That has been about 8 years ago. I do believe that in Tiger’s eyes, Muffet is “Ma-Ma.” He treats her with much respect and actually looks out for her. It is so funny to see him following her around and making sure she is safe.

    Now if our inside cat, Otis, would just do the same. When Muffet comes in, he just wants to play and she wants nothing to do with that. However, she is now about 12 years old and is so over that nonsense.

    I bet Jack and Girl Kitty will learn to love each other and he just might see her as Ma-Ma, too. Can’t wait to hear more.


  35. chris says:

    what a great story! clearly, your Jack was meant to be! thanks, too, for another peek into the Peter Rabbit room. just lovely!

  36. Amanda S. says:

    What a sweet story! I think he’s gorgeous and loving that manly little ‘stache he’s sporting. I’ve introduced kittens with older cats and after some initial adjustment everything worked out just fine. It sounds like Jack was meant to come home with you. 🙂

  37. Country Gal says:

    How wonderful he is soo cute. They will get used to eachother soon enough. Funny how the lady at the shelter already named him Jack I like it. Hope you have a wonderful evening with your kitty’s .

  38. Kelly J. says:

    Congrats! He is adorable!

  39. LindaSonia says:

    oh my, it was soooo meant to be… Jack is the cutest little kitty bitty ever!!!

  40. Becky says:

    Hello Susan! I found your blog by accident.I find it extremly gorgeous, cute, homey, cozey and more LOL.I dont know how to become a follower though since you dont have a follower widget so let me know about that.

    I loved this blog.I can so relate.I have a 4 year old kitty and a 13 year old kitty.Both are males.I thought,as I had an awesome idea of adopting another one, it would be so cute to have two.I started loving cats since my oldest loves them so much.But I have 2 dogs as well.That wasnt the problem my oldest kitty was.I was worried bringing another one into the house he may get jealous.Well the newest kity name kit was the BOSS Is the BOSS.Ha!I thought the opposite would happen.But that was 4 years ago,now they have adapted a bit more to each other,but the youngest is till the boss.Reason being,I raised the littlest one by hand. My youngest found him up under her car tire October 4 years ago.I bottle fed him and he was my baby he knew it.Hes just a cutie and so is yours.As you soad as well “it was a ment to be” kinda situation.Blessings!

  41. Lorie says:

    Oh my goodness…how cute is he. I absolutely love black & white animals. I have 5 inside kitties…no black ones right now…and I have 3 dogs…two are black. We also have an amazing little grey tuxedo girl kitty that is an outside/garage girl. She is the absolute best girl. When I saw Jack’s picture on your blog, I hollered at my husband…”Susan just got her a new kitty”. How lucky are you guys. I know you will enjoy him so much. Our big ole granddaddy cat, Baxter, absolutely loves his kittens. When he comes in from outside, they are all waiting for him at the door and just have to get all the fresh air smell off of him. He adores them even if he looks like a bruiser…he is a pussycat for sure. Have a great one and enjoy Girl Kitty & Jack. They will get along just fine….Lorie

  42. DonnaRay says:

    Isn’t it fun to fall in love again? A ferral cat has taken up housekeeping in an old woodchuck den under our shed. I’m acting like a lovesick fool trying to woo her. : ) DonnaRay

  43. Ah Susan, it will all work out. We have had many cats over the years as our boys just kept bringing them home from somewhere/someone. Sometimes we would put them in a separate room for a few days if need be, but we have never really had a problem with socializing. Once we had seven cats and they all loved each other. Now we have four, 2 males and 2 females and they all get along just fine. I think it is all what you make of it, if you know what I mean. Assume the best case scenario 🙂

  44. Susan in Maryland says:

    Aren’t pet-getting days the best?! Happy Adjustment Period.

  45. Trish says:


    (Trish looks at the floor, looks up again and then averts her eyes as she says…..) I have seven cats. Yes. I’m in training to become the “crazy cat lady”.

    One of my little devils is also named “Jack”. The only awkward bit is when I say “hello” to him. Everyone looks at me with suspicion when I say, “Hi Jack.” I quickly reassure onlookers that it’s two words and I’m not uttering a threat. Oops.

    • Trish says:

      Nota Bene ~ We named him “Jack” because, at that time, we had another kitty with the exact same colouring. The other cat was named Cracker. I liked the idea of Cracker and Jack. Apparently, I’m easily amused. ~smile~

      • dottie says:

        Funny posts, Trish — and you aren’t the only one easily amused — I thinkk cats named Cracker and Jack would be amusing! Love black and white kitties but then again — I just love cats though currently I have only my little doxie fur baby.

  46. jeannine leonard says:

    He is so cute, he looks like his name,
    Jack, I wish you all the best with the two cats becoming friends, I cannot wait to show his picture to my girls. We have a grey tux. kitty named cookie. We also got him from the human shelter. I don’t think our houses would be the same without a kitty.

  47. Karen P. says:

    Congrats on your new baby! He is precious. I’m sure Jack and Girl will be great buddies before you know it! He will charm her as he has you and Joe. Have fun!!! I’m jealous! I need a kitty again but, alas, I have a non-cat-loving hubby…can you even believe it??!! Will look forward to kitty stories yet to come. xoxo…..kp

  48. Virginia says:

    Congrats on the new kitty! Such a cute face. I have a soft spot for tuxedos. Our Matteo is a Maine Coon, a rescue kitty, adopted as an adult. He has a very similar mustache, though somewhat larger. I have no advice for helping the two become buddies, but keeping them in separate rooms for a time is what my friends have done. From your photos of her, Girl Kitty seems pretty mellow, so hopefully she’ll take this little interloper in stride. She’ll teach him who’s boss of the house. I look forward to future reports of how things are going.

  49. Gert says:

    Oh Susan, “Jack” is soooo cute! I just know Girl Kitty & Jack will eventually get along fabulously!

    xoxo Gert

  50. Brenda says:

    What a wonderful story. It was meant to be. The tree…. We have always had a cat and even though our old mean cat that will not come upstairs after Ladybug came home with us, we have a walk out so he has all the conveniences that we have on the main floor, I still wrap this old heavy piece of carpet pad around the base and of the tree then cover it with pine cones to hide it. Artificial tree. I will just say our trees have been tipped a few times in the past by cats and dogs. He is very sweet. I would not have left him behind for anything. Have fun bonding with his little furry self.

  51. Susan L says:

    A new kitty! This reminds me of our little rescue, Tempe, short for Temperance. I drove from Atlanta to Tuscaloosa, AL to get her from the shelter there. We have an older cat, Cali, and I was a little worried about them getting along as Cali does not like anyone! But Tempe has been with our family for over a year now and Cali took to her like a mother hen! She even PLAYS with Tempe 🙂
    Welcome to the world Jack! You are in a very nice family 🙂

  52. Gumbo Lily says:

    Jack the Man Cat is adorable! He’s so lucky you picked him.


  53. Brenda says:

    It must have been the week for falling in love at the Humane Society. On Wednesday I brought home the cutest little dog from our local Humane Society. He’s such a sweetie and he finally has been named: Finn.

  54. Dore says:

    What a delightful story come true! About names I love the name Man Cat! and The name Jack is the name of my mothers cat he is Jack be nimble “jack be nimble jack be quick jack jumped over the candle stick!” this is beacuse he was rescued and was crippled and hard for him to get around as a young one he was a little nimble 🙂

    We named a cat Winston a great name for a butler, or someone of dignity!
    and a oliver because it was one we got at Thanks giving one year. We have only had one cat at a time, and now with none.
    I think you have found the perfect kitty “”Jack”” “”Jack the Man”” that little “”Jack in the Box!””
    Thank you for sharing you adoption and your new family addition 🙂

  55. Carol H says:

    Yay for you! Jack is adorable! Girl kitty will survive!

  56. Lisa says:

    I so love this story. And so happy Jack is now part of your family. He is absolutely adorable.


    Lisa B.

  57. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! He. Is. SOOOOO. Cute!!!!!! Want!!!!
    I can’t believe the shelter actually got a black and white baby – your favorite! What are the chances?!
    Really happy for you guys! I’m so excited about little Jack that I can’t stop using exclamation points!!!!

  58. Kathy Phenix says:

    Welcome, Jack! What a handsome addition to your family. He does look like he belongs to Miss Kitty already. Hopefully, she will feel the same but don’t rush her. She will need time to think that it was all her idea in the first place. So glad you rescued a poor lost “furry soul”. The rescued are the best. Just ask “Chuck” our sealpoint Siamese and “Wendy Sue” our Goldendoodle. Both rescued from shelters. Kisses to all the furry ones. Kathy

  59. Bess says:

    Oh, I’m so happy for you and for Jack. Your precious Girl Kitty will come around, I hope. Although, we have five kitties and do keep one separated at this time. She’s very content to live apart from the others; her “quarters” (a bedroom) have a screen door, so she can watch the other kitties when she wants to, but she rarely does. But I think Girl Kitty and Jack will become best buddies. Thank you for giving sweet little Jack a loving home and congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  60. Laura Jenkins says:

    Ahh…Joe is probably glad to have another man in the house…love Jack’s mustache…he looks so refined….some things are just meant to be xo

  61. Kathy Thompson says:

    Hi Susan…You made my day. A kitty has a new forever home. Lucky Jack!! My own black and white kitty, Comet, says that it will all work out. One of these days you’ll do a blog that shows Girl Kitty and Jack all cuddled up together on a winter’s night. You may have saved a little life today, and you’ll be repaid ten-fold for the years of love the little guy will give you. Yeah!!!

  62. Pom Pom says:

    What a good idea! Jack is adorable!
    I bet they’ll get along soon. You’ll have some adorable Christmas pictures this year!

  63. Kim S says:

    Congratulations on your new family member!! He is so cute and does look French! Perhaps his name could be Jacques Cousteau although I doubt he will like to be underwater lol. Wouldn’t a cute little Beret look so stylish on him??Lucky guy to be in the Peter Rabbit room. Maybe it will work easier as he is a boy cat and she is a female?? We are dog owners and we have all girls and haven’t had a problem introducing a new dog but realize that cats are different. Good luck!!

  64. Priscilla says:

    Jack is adorable and with that little french mustache he looks like a Black Jack Bouvier to me! I bet Girl Kitty will not have a problem with his adoption. When we were blessed to have our black cat Oreo some time ago, he allowed us to bring home siblings. Black cats just seem to be different than other cats. And his name was certainly a sign that he is meant to be with you. Enjoy!

  65. Nellie says:

    How darling! A great big welcome to Jack! Those of us who “know” cats, know they have their own timelines.:-) I send along wishes for a good and speedy adjustment for Girl Kitty. xoxo

  66. Val says:

    Aww, congratulations! 🙂 My husband and I always think about how great it would be to have another cat here for our “Stuffed” to hang out with, but we are only allowed one cat in our apartment. Your Jack is adorable….the mustache-markings! 🙂 Enjoy!

  67. Ellen Beeton says:

    What a fabulous face little Jack has. He is exquisite! I know Girl Kitty will accept him at some point. I will keep in touch to see how it all works out. Blessings to you and congrats on your new addition.

  68. Cris says:

    OOPS. That is Daisy that was the kitty years ago and is now eight. I left out a word…or something. 🙂

  69. Marilyn says:

    Susan, I had to smile when reading about how you went just to “look” and that you “probably wouldn’t need the carrier”!

    We have always had at least 2 dogs ( or as we call them, Kanine Kids) in residence with us. We can’t function without their kisses, greetings at the door and that special loving bond that develops.

    Through the years as our beloved fur babies grow old and pass away, we always find ourselves heading to a shelter just to “look”. Ahem….somehow there always seems to be an extra passenger in the car as we leave the shelter’s parking lot! 🙂

    Monsieur Jacques is absolutely adorable. Congratulations on finding each other. I have a feeling that Girl Kitty will be smitten, as well.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  70. Thimbleanna says:

    Oh, what a cute story! It’s name karma — Jack is definitely meant to be yours! I can’t wait to hear more about The Story of Jack and how he becomes part of your family!

  71. Vicki says:

    Oh, he is just adorable! I’ve had cats all my life and even if there is initial hissing and fussing, after a week or two things settle down and work out fine! I’m loving the French version of Jack too–especially with that cute mustache!

  72. Cathy in Golden, CO says:

    Jack is adorable and I can see you are totally in love forever! We have always had cats – for nearly 30 years but are taking a break for awhile. We lost 3 in a row – too sad. Many years ago we introduced a 6 wk. old kitten to our older cat. Both were females. Lucy Lucille thought Callie was her mom and Callie didn’t take to that notion. Lots of hissing and fit throwing but eventually Callie came around. She could be a hag to the little one though. Actually we kinda got a kick out of watching the “show”. It will work out. I’ve also heard it’s easier when you have female/male cats. Everybody will get a routine and that little kitty will really be special in those early morning hours. He looks like he’s gonna be full of kitty energy for awhile. Watch out that he doesn’t impale himself on your jeans/legs. OUCH! – Enjoy!

  73. Coni says:

    What an adorable little face! How could you have resisted? His little nose reminds me of an anchor. Is that strange? 😉

    We have a tuxedo cat named Winkie (after the cartoon character Winkie Dink). That was my husband’s favorite cartoon when he was a boy, and it fits our little boy perfectly!

    I’m sure everything will work out just fine in time. Best of luck to all 4 of you!

  74. Janis says:

    Mr. Kitty was 12 years old when we got a new male kitten, Fluffy. Of course, I got Mr. Kitty’s approval before we adopted Fluffy. Lo and behold, Mr. Kitty treated Fluffy like his baby! There was no adjustment period…just love at first sight. They were best buddies from the get go. Fluffy grew to 23 pounds and Mr. Kitty was only 7 pounds. It was funny to watch them play because Fluffy was so much bigger, but, Mr. Kitty was always the boss. Cats are curious creatures!

  75. Becky Pingrey says:

    You must check out The Lettered Cottage blog~today she posted about a kitty they thought they would have to find a new home for because her dog was not fond of it. Check it out if you have time, you will love it. Welcome home Jack. <3

  76. Heartsdesire says:

    Oh, that is a sweet kitty, and Jack is the perfect name (my grandson’s name also). We rescued two kitties from a shelter many years ago. One a 4-month-old Maine Coon kitten (Daisy) and the other a beautiful 3-year-old orange tabby we named Gatsby. Because they both came to our house together on the same day, it didn’t take long before they were friends. I think it’s the male/female bond. Gatsby passed away a few years ago at age 16 and poor Daisy was a bit forlorn, so we though she would like another companion. She seemed like the motherly type. So we bought a 3-month-old female Pixie-Bob who we named Caliope. It was definitely not love at first sight, and after four years together, Daisy (who is 17 1/2 years old now) is still hissing and growling while Callie looks longingly at her waiting for the day that they will become friends. I think Girl Kitty will love Jack once she gets to know him.

  77. Ruthie P says:

    Bless his heart,and bless you and Joe.Just think,this winter,when it is oh so cold and snowing,and the wind is howling,your little Jack will be safe and warm in your wonderful home with people who love him.I am sure Girl Kitty will love him too.You are a joy!

  78. Lucy F. says:

    I’ve been wanting a second cat for some time now. Abbey is going on 4 but I worry about the intoduction. Your story makes me want to just do it. Does Jack realize what a lucky feline he is? I think so! Enjoy!

  79. Jacquelyn W. (Jackie) says:

    What a lucky little kitty! Jack will be “helping” Girl Kitty manage your studio in no time. Cat treats all around to celebrate! Bless you and Joe for making a home for this little charmer.

  80. Kaitlyn says:

    Oh how adorable! I adopted a little orange kitten from my local shelter three years ago. He was a Christmas gift from my parents- we went to the shelter, and he lept out of the cage and into my arms as soon as the door was opened. There was really no other choice after that- he picked me. We named him Jack, and while he lives with my parents now (in Nanaimo, I moved to Calgary and couldn’t bear to take him from my mother), I still think about him and visit him when I can.

    When we got him, we also had an older cat named Connie, and she got used to him right away. As soon as she realised she could just smack him on the head if he was bothering her, they got along fine. So I wouldn’t worry too much about Jack and Girl Kittie getting along- as long as Girl Kitty knows she’s in charge, they’ll get along fine. 🙂

    Love your blog, by the way. Read it every day!

  81. Betty says:

    How could you resist that face? I wonder how Girl Cat reacted. Hope they soon become friends. Jack is a lucky little cat!

  82. andrea says:

    Oh my heavens, what a cutie pie!! Jack was Heaven-sent, obviously 😉

    I went with my girlfriend to our local shelter while she adopted a doggie and ended up with a new girl kitty. She’s so adorable, a white rag-doll with silver points on her ears and toes…we named her Jenny Bean. A few days after we brought her home, she started sneezing, eyes watering, etc. and had to go to the vet. Ended up on two rounds of antibiotics. My vet said ALL the cats she’s seen from that shelter end up with the virus (Parainfluenza, I think)…it’s extremely contagious and makes them very sick eventually, if left untreated. Hopefully your local shelter does not have that problem 🙂

    May Jack live a long and healthy life with your family!

  83. Jack is one handsome dude! Have fun with him, I am sure he will love you so much. Love his markings..so gorgeous! ;D

  84. Suzanne says:

    Jack is so lucky to have been chosen/adopted by the loving Mr. and Mrs. Branch. He is going to bring you so much happiness and he will find contentment, happiness and love in his new home…forever.

  85. K. Ross says:

    Your kitty is adorable, and he and Kitty Girl will get along just fine. They always seem to become friends sooner than later. We have four cats and a dog . . . and they have each accepted one another – good naturedly – in their own time. That little moustache looks like he could be a “Giovanni” or a “Jacque” — a little international flair! (And since you love England, he can be your little “Union Jack”!) It’s amazing that the animal shelter was going to put you on a waiting list . . . our animal shelter is overrun with homeless cats, kittens, and dogs. So sad that they are unwanted and deserted. I’m glad you’ve adopted this little guy. His life will be WONDERFUL!! 🙂

  86. Laura Croyle says:

    He’s Sooo C-U-T-E!!! I Love his French mustache!!! How lucky for you they got the perfect kitty so soon and even had the name right!! Hopefully he and Girl kitty will adjust in no time! Have fun playing with your new ‘love’!

  87. Judy says:

    What a little sweetheart! I think Jack is the cutest and so interesting that the name you picked had already been given to him. He was very much meant to be part of your family.

  88. Kathleen Willliams says:

    I’m hooked on your Blog….. I find myself every few days checking in on you and looking forward to all you have to share with the “girl friends”. I find myself wanting a grilled cheese sandwich one minute and coming along on your trip to adopt your new kitty(he’s soooooo cute!) the next. It all makes me smile and feel good inside. I have acturally re-discovered you. I have had your books for years … I dug them out (they were always right where I knew they were) and then I realized that I didn’t have AUTUMN (can’t be … so I dug deeper … nope) … so ran out to Barns & Nobles (hoping … praying … I wanted it NOW I could not wait for the mail) and acutally found a first edition (it was meant to be) … it’s mine now. So I’m back on board for the simple life. Now that I’m retired I can slow down and enjoy it that much more. Thank you thank you Susan for sharing the “JOY”!!!! P.S. Keep working on your new book … I for one can not wait.

  89. Annelies says:

    I can hear the purring all the way in California. Lucky Jack…and lucky YOU!!!! Now I am going to bed and cuddle with our Bailey. It is soooo cold today that I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have a kitty to keep their toes warm ( which is where our kitty likes to sleep at night). LUCKY ME!!!

  90. M J Smith says:

    Jack is a very lucky kitty to be able to come live with you, Joe and Girl Kitty.

  91. {oc cottage} says:

    well if names are any indication,
    Jack will have a good long life…
    my sister’s kitty, Jack, lived to
    be 22! your new kitty boy is just
    adorable and one lucky little duck! ;}

    m ^..^

    • sbranch says:

      I have to agree, I’ve often thought that I would like to come back as one of my cats! 🙂

      • Trish says:

        Me, too. I often say that my cats have hit “kitty lotto”. Ok. The boys probably weren’t thrilled about the neutering but the less said about that… the better. 😀

        • sbranch says:

          We still have that to look forward to!

          • {oc cottage} says:

            even though my guy, Dutch, did just
            miss out…by a whisker…on being
            Chris Carter’s new kitty and living in Malibu…he’s still pretty happy with
            me. {he & his siblings did get to spend
            their formative weeks in Mr. Carter’s home…hidden under his desk so they
            could be bottle fed every few hours…
            while his “rescuer daddy “edited the
            last X Files movie…so Dutch had a little
            taste of the “high life”!}
            be prepared for the new way of neutering…
            i wasn’t…so when i got him home from
            the vet and took him from the carrier
            only to see his manly bits still intact…i
            thought it was one of those situations
            where someone goes to have their
            gallbladder removed and they take out
            a kidney instead! but after i checked his
            tummy to be sure he hadn’t been spayed,
            i did a little googling and apparently this
            technique is more “aesthetically pleasing”…
            and we all know how important that is for
            a cat’s self esteem…we wouldn’t want all
            the other cats pointing and meowing at
            them, would we! ;} sheesh!

            m ^..^

          • sbranch says:


  92. Elizabeth says:

    My husband had two large husky/wolf hybrids when we met…mother and daughter…I love dogs. The month before we married, he said he’d like to get a cat. I never had a cat, my brother’s allergic. So we go the shelter, look at them all, I tell him, “whichever one you want.” I ask him a couple days later, “when can we pick up the cat?” His reply: “The catS will be ready on Thursday”. CatSSS??? “Well, I wanted an orange tabby, but there was this black one that’s been there five months…I just couldn’t leave her.” Ok, fine. I promptly fall in love with them, dogs like them too. A year later (last fall), we go to renew the animal licenses…go into the stray cat room…fall in love with an orange tabby boy and what we think is a Maine Coon mix…now we have four cats…and I love them all…Fluffy, Fiona, Dandylion and Fletcher. Fiona was a little put out at first when the “boys” came home, but she got over it. Your new fur baby is adorable!

  93. Andrea says:

    What a face! He is the sweetest boy ever. How can it not work out? You knew his name before you even met him. He belongs with you.. and girl cat. Hope the rest of your weekend is peaceful. Hugs to all of you…and to all the girlfriends out there. Shine on… : )

  94. Pam says:

    He’s really sweet, how could anyone resist taking him home?

  95. Rob-Bob says:

    Congratulations on your sweet, new kitty! I have introduced many new kitties in a multiple pet household and it always works out beautifully, sometimes right away and sometimes after awhile. Don’t you just love giving something so precious a forever-home!??!

  96. Becky in California says:

    Ohhhh…. I was already in near-tears by your sweet telling of this story, but when you got to the part about his paper collar…. oh, my my. What a sweet baby. Don’t know if anyone else mentioned this (haven’t read all your comments), but doesn’t he remind you of a little Inspector Poirot? : )

  97. Pamela Jo says:

    Congratulations, Susan! I think it was Divine Intervention, you getting Jack to love. How incredible that they had already named him Jack at the shelter! He was meant to be yours! Girl Kitty will adjust. It will take some time, but it will work out. Jack is so cute. So glad you rescued him from a shelter. I get so emotional when I think of all of the sweet kitties who need homes. Jack surely got a wonderful new home and a very loving family! Good luck. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Jack…and Girl Kitty, too! ~xoxo~

  98. Darlene says:

    Oh my goodness, what a handsome kitty Jack is!! I love his name! I have my 10 year old girl “kitten aka pretty girl, my 11 year old black and white guy, “oreo” and my 11 year old big guy Tuggs—tugs at my heart. Oreo had a brother, my blackie, who passed april 2008. He was a lover boy for sure and would wedge his head under my neck at night as we slept and I wouldn’t budge as it was just so sweet. Woke up many times a little stiff but I wouldn’t trade that memory for anything. Your girl kitty and Jack will be fine…..congratulations and bless you and Joe for bringing him into your family.

  99. He is gorgeous! I have a thing for tuxedo cats – and I agree, his moustache does look a bit like Hercule Poirot (one of my favorite detectives). We have a 10 year old tuxedo, Moodie. He is the animal love of my life. Sooo sweet, he loves to meet new people and show off for them by fetching his toys and doing the “Happy Cat Dance” – where they roll back and forth on the floor. He is better than any alarm clock, wakes me at 5 each morning – because he wants his breakfast. He is diabetic, which means he gets an insulin injection twice a day, 12 hours apart. He is so good, he knows what is coming and he purrs right through the injection. We tried to introduce a new “friend”, Lucy, a while back, but he started to withdraw from us and with his diabetes, we decided to give Lucy to my parents. They LOVE her. Have patience with Girl Kitty – she will come around eventually! Much love – Raquel

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