Too many things to talk about and only one blog!

Today, I have the same problem I have with every post, too many things to talk about and only one blog 🙂 !  I couldn’t decide if you’d rather have a delicious recipe for the Onion Pudding I made yesterday?  Or, maybe you’d like a retrospective of the Life of Jack and his beautiful step-sister, Girl Kitty Branch?  Perhaps you’d enjoy a peek between the illustrated pages of my English Diary?  Maybe we should do winter decorating? Or take a walk over to the old graveyard?

One thing I know for sure, I’m keeping our drawing open for the little birdie salt and peppers for another couple of days . . . want to make sure everyone’s had a chance to enter; just scroll to the bottom of the next post and leave a comment if you haven’t already.

The “what to talk about” question was solved for me, because we finally had snow over the weekend!  I can’t bring myself to talk about a recipe when all this beauty is sitting outside the window just waiting for the click of my camera!  Having been born and raised in California I don’t think I can ever stop thinking about a snow fall as a kind of miracle!

Our first snowstorm this season started innocently, a few flakes came drifting down, but soon, with an assist from a sharp breeze off the harbor, every rooftop, picket fence, tree limb, and porch roof was edged, then blanketed, in white.  A wall of gray mist blocked out the sky and hung over the shore obscuring the line between land and sea . . . pure white snowflakes poured down from every direction, swirling off the roof of the barn, a ticker-tape parade in celebration of nature. 

The views from inside the house were wonderful . . . this one is from the living room . . .

Looking out the kitchen window toward the barn . . . the feeders were filled with chickadees, wrens, nuthatches, and cardinals, tiny feathered things, hungry in the snow, keeping warm by doing lots of eating — much the same as yours truly.

 It’s a decorator’s dream, white on white with smidgens of black trim thrown in for graphic contrast!   Joe and I decided to go for a ride and check out the island; we brought back lots of photos, so now it’s your turn!  I can barely wait till you see the ferry docking!!  While Joe cleaned off the windshield and heated the van, I checked out the garden . . . ♦     ♦     ♦

We’re only growing snow flowers today!  But it’s still a “lovely garden.” 

 If you look closely at the tree, you’ll see a little bit of inspiration, my favorite bird house.  Before I moved to snow country I didn’t realize that snow gathers on twigs as tiny and narrow as a needle; the thinnest ledge on the picket fence is brimmed in snow. Everything gets outlined in snow.

Cozy in sweater layers, topped with fleece-lined jackets, thick socks and boots, leather gloves, wool hats and scarves, we head out to explore — if we fall down we probably won’t be able to get up, like the kid in the snowsuit in Christmas Story — Joe calls what we’re doing an “airing” as in, do you need an airing?  Yes, I do!!

But you need musica to do this, if Martha’s Vineyard had a voice, this is exactly what it would sound like . . . and never more beautiful than on a snow day.

Down our street, through the mist to Main Street . . .

♥     ♥     ♥

Some of you are probably starting to recognize the places in my photos — remember the lighthouse the other night under the full moon?  In this photo, you can barely tell where the mist ends and the water begins!

A beautiful long fence collects snow . . .

 I visited this tiny graveyard on my first trip to the island.  It was fall; the leaves were coming down; I had no choice but to fall in love.  That will be thirty years ago, March 6th of this year.  Like it was yesterday.

Beautiful houses are even more so in the snow.  I’m laughing, just thinking, so many of you can probably look out your windows and see these kinds of scenes in your own neighborhoods; you would probably rather have me show you last year’s garden in full bloom!

But I can’t help it, this is so beautiful to me.  Lines get blurred with the blowing snow and wind off the sound on our left.  Can you imagine being a whaling captain in the 1800’s in this weather?

Another cozy little house in the snow…

Joe had to get out and play with the windshield wipers.  We wandered around a bit more out there and then fishtailed and slid our way back into town . . .

Past the darling houses . . .

to the harbor . . . the shore line and this little green boat with the red life saver.  But then the real fun started, because the ferry came in . . . so we ran over to watch it dock  . . .


It’s always so exciting at the ferry, the boats coming and going, the loading of the people, trucks and cars, the hellos and goodbyes.  Once in a while the ferry stops running and we are all trapped.  That’s when it really gets fun!  But it takes a lot more than this “little” storm!

Joe dropped me off at the back driveway so I could walk up; I took this picture of the house next door to us — always so pretty in the snow!

Love Gladys Taber; she always says the right thing.  And then, Home Sweet Home . . . where we found this . . .

. . . for the first time, they shared the back of the sofa!  We made a fire

. . . and watched a wonderful old English movie with Wendy Hiller called, I Know Where I’m Going.

 I caramelized some onions and put a casserole in the oven — and continued to watch the storm . . .

 . . . the garden from our upstairs window

Life goes on, no matter the weather — I loved seeing these people trudging along with their umbrella.

After the sun went down, we had to celebrate by turning the Christmas lights back on the tree in our front yard.  We didn’t have snow at Christmas, but we knew we would someday, so we left lights on the tree just for this moment!  Yay.  Now we are complete!

 Hope you enjoyed our snow storm — I spoke to Kellee and Judy today so I know it’s raining in California.  Must really be winter!  Have a great day girlfriends!

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602 Responses to Too many things to talk about and only one blog!

  1. Suzanne in Sydney, Australia says:

    I always love your snow day/night photos because it is something we never get down where I live. The closest we ever came was after a massive hail storm when the grass and gardens were totally covered with hail – it did look beautiful, like snow, until it thawed and we could see all the ruined flowers and shredded leaves – from beauty to destruction 🙂 – 🙁

    • sbranch says:

      We get hurricanes every once in a while — things are beautiful, then shredded, so I know what you mean!

    • Jane Grayson says:

      Beautiful pictures – thank you. Wet and grey here in Manchester! I would love to hear about your Winter decorating. Many thanks for the measurement advice- I’m hoping to have a go this weekend. x

    • Linda Goetsch says:

      I think I may have the best of “both worlds” here this morning. I lovvvvved looking at the beautiful snow pictures you shared with us, but here in southern California this morning, it’s a crisp blue morning as I head off to the market, an easy trip in tennis shoes & sweater, for some fresh veggies to make a pot of vegetable soup for dinner!

  2. Doreen Strain says:

    Loved your posting today Susan. It gave me a peaceful feeling if that makes any sense to you. It also brought back memories of a home we used to have that was over 110 years old. Looking at the pictures you took out your windows at the snow reminded me of being in bed and hearing the snow sliding off the tin roof onto the front porch making a loud thump. It also reminded me of the floor boards squeeking as we’d walked across them in your stocking feet to go poke the fire. Yes, the wonderful memories. So enjoyed your sharing of “one day in the life of Susan Branch” blog. I see Miss Girl Kitty is tolerating “showoff” Jack.! Enjoy the weather, let your heart warm the inside of who you are as the outside enjoys the wonderful things in your life, ie the crackling fire. FOSB 4~Ever! ~ Doreen ~

  3. Lyn - Townsville Aus says:

    Hi Susan
    Love reading your blog tonight, as I live in the tropics of North Queenlsand, Australia. As I write the rain is falling and you can hear the sound of frogs croaking loudly in the background, a relief after the heat of the day!
    My husband and I enjoyed a lovely holiday to the States in late Oct/Nov and we were lucky to see the last of the snow as we walked through Central Park 🙂

  4. donna sutton says:

    I just think your snow pictures were beautiful. I so miss the beauty of it. I used to live in the snow belt Chardon Ohio ,but moved to South Carolina a few years back. Oh so different in the south. No more snow. If anything only rain. But I really can’t complain, the weather over all is quiet nice. Today it will be in the sixties. I envy you and the beauty of where you live. I would love to win the bird shakers. They would go with my squirrel and not shaker salt and peppe, that I happen to find many years ago on a trip to Canada. Your web sight is the first thing I read each morning. Just love it and gives me insight to go on each day. Bless you.

  5. Audrianne in Holland Michigan along the shores of Lake Macatawa says:

    The first BIG snows are always the most beautiful and make the shoveling a bit lighter.

  6. LindaH says:

    Loved your snow photos, even though I also live in snow country–it is beautiful, and great for us to appreciate it at the time! (I think its called “living in the moment”, right? I’m happy to see your “kids” getting along, too. Glad that you have more topics to cover with us on your blog–looking forward to them…

  7. “A wall of gray mist blocked out the sky and hung over the shore obscuring the line between land and sea . . . pure white snowflakes poured down from every direction, swirling off the roof of the barn, a ticker-tape parade in celebration of nature. ♥”

    I had to read that line several times because it was so beautiful and had to highlight it here again! Here in Maryland we only received an inch or so of snow and then ice–enough to inconvenience us but not envelope us in the blanket of coziness you describe. I’ve always wanted to live on an island, but we’ve been in this house on Braddock Mountain now for 30 years and it is Home to us–our little bit of Heaven–in it’s own way, it IS an island. As they say Home is where your heart is. Thank you, as always, for sharing.

    • sbranch says:

      That was very sweet Cathy . . . thank you! Have a wonderful day!

      • Cathy McC. says:

        Oh my gosh, I did the exact same re-read! And it made me look again at the picture and truly you could not see where water ended and sky began. Had I not recently retired from teaching, I would have taken those lines to my students to visualize and treasure!

      • Mary says:

        I am just alittle further than Braddock mountain in Boonsboro and we are waiting for snow as we do every year so that we can turn our CHristmas lights on outside too!!! They look so beautiful glowing under a white blanket !!!

    • Holly says:

      Cathy, do you live near Middletown? My husband and I spent our first three years of marriage just outside of Middletown. It was indeed a little bit of heaven and I would move back to Maryland in a snap if we could somehow work it out! 🙂

  8. Kirsten Wichert says:

    Love looking at your snow! It’s been rainy here in So. California, but it’s supposed to be almost 80 this weekend! I wish it would stay cold for awhile.
    Love seeing your two sweet kitties together! One day you’ll walk into a room and find them curled up together! I love seeing my two like that. Your kitties go so well together that they kinda look like salt and pepper shakers! Wouldn’t they make a cute pair?

  9. Missy Moore says:

    Loved, loved, loved the snow photos! It’s one of the main reasons I miss living up north. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Linda Trokey says:

    Your pictures and post brought me such a sense of peace as I could almost “hear” the snow falling. The homes on your island are all homes I would choose as my own if I could. Black and white is one of my favorite color combinations and your pictures surely did justice to that. We’ve had but a trace of snow here in the Midwest and none is forecast for the near future and although I’m not a fan of cold, the snow always brings “quiet” to my world. So I will come home from work today, drink tea from my Susan Branch teacup while steak soup bubbles on the stove and peruse my Susan Branch cookbooks for tomorrow’s recipe. You’re such a treasure in my life and I thank you.


  11. Lori says:

    We are walkin’ in a winter wonderland too! Thanks for the photo tour – always love those.

  12. Barbara Whitebread says:

    Thank you Susan, our own personal trip to neighborhoods in Martha’s Vinyard, how could we not love it!! Jack and Girl Kitty looked so serene and cozy….like all is right in this world! 🙂

  13. Christina says:

    Such sweet little birds looking forward to spring.

  14. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sue and happy snow day. We got the snow too and it was a lovely one. Soft flakes falling very light and fluffy. I stayed in all day and did some Valentine decorating and actually took the rest of my Christmas decorations down. My house is of the country style with a big front porch w/Victorian trim. Out in the front yard we have an antique sleigh and on it I hung old skates and and old snow shoes, they just looked so neat all snowy and white. I was so happy to get the snow on the weekend so I could really enjoy it. My birds were feeding like crazy, the cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees, they are so fun to watch. Really enjoyed snow on Marthas Vineyard, it was very beautiful, thankyou for the pictures. Your house looked so cozy an warm, and little kitties all relaxed!

  15. Joanne Goddard says:

    Hi Susan, Thank you for the island tour. My husband and i took our kids and grandkids on vacation there in 2005. It was a wonderful trip and we loved it there. So when you take us on your tour i feel like i’m there again on a mini vacation. Thank You:)

  16. Lynn says:

    I always wondered what the Vineyard looks like in winter and you satisfied my curiosity. I can imagine there is great excitement when it snows and espeically more than an inch or two. And I love Jack and Girl Kitty on the couch – looks like they are slowly adjusting. How could they not on a nice snowy day and then a lovely warm fire. There is something about the ferries coming and going – always gives me a lump in my throat. Our snow is just about melted in CT – 50 today but 20’s this evening. I actually looked forward to that bit of winter and it did happen on a weekend which made travel much better. Thanks for the tour!

  17. Kim says:

    Oh yes, I enjoyed it immensely. I think colored Christmas lights covered in snow is one of the most beautiful sights. How smart of you to leave yours up and thanks for sharing them with us.
    Growing up in Michigan I’ve seen plenty of snow, but this is the first time I’ve seen snow being shovelled off of a ferry. Love it.
    Enjoy your cozy day!

  18. Just Cats says:

    Although I’ve had enough of snow living in Ontario, Canada I still loved seeing this post. Beautiful! I would love to visit someday.
    Pretty picture of your two cats who I adore just from your posts. Please post more on your beautiful china and kitchen cupboard. I love it. Deb

  19. Aggie says:

    We had a similar snowfall over the weekend – the first big one of the season is always the best. Nice to see ♥ Girl & Jack♥ inching ever closer – so adorable!

  20. Penny Hoopes says:

    Love the snow pix. They are beautiful. Here in Missouri, we haven’t had much this winter…yet! We’re at the lake of the Ozarks where it’s beautiful all year.

  21. Susan Rolfsen says:

    stuck at work all, missed the rain. But would be so sad if i had missed your snow storm thank you so very much for sharing. The salt and pepper shakers are so very cute

  22. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Heaven, I’m in Heaven! Beautiful pics & words my dear! ♥,♥,♥ our tour of M.V. How wonderful to celebrate 30 years on your island! MMMMmmm, the onions & the fire & the cozyness! Thank you! I can now start my day! Blessings to all! xoxoxoxo

  23. Kathy says:

    Beautiful pictures of the first snow! Just absolutely love the kitty pictures!

  24. Georgette says:

    I heard we were expecting snow this past Friday night so I went grocery shopping on my way home from work for items for a Birthday Tea I was hosting on Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning I was able to stay in bed a little later than usual and enjoy watching the snow fall. The tea was a success (served in Limoge china which my husband purchased for me).
    I have been a fan of yours since your first book. I love your blog. Thank you for all you do.

  25. HOW BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for the tour of your lovely town. I have to admit this is the snow that I am waiting for and we haven’t had in the part of IN that we live in. I love the fresh white pure snow when it is still pristine and perfect, before the plows come and the salt turns it into the dirty gray color. I’m happy that you finally got your beautiful snow and went out and enjoyed the beauty it brought to your town. I also think that Girl was sending you a message by saying “OK, I accept that Jr. is here to stay and part of the family” and she will only get better and better from now on which will make your life easier and more fun!! I have a pic of our two kitties bottom to bottom sharing a picture window which was not the norm with them. I know now that they are “bonding” it will make you feel better when you have to leave for trips/vacations!! Enjoy your snow and trip to NYC coming up and thanks for taking us along on the trip.

  26. Patricia Wehner says:

    LOVE the snow pictures! Snow is so magical – everything is hushed, and clean, and smells like a vanilla slushy. Also LOVE the little bird salt and peppers – matches my SB teapot and cream and sugar, but I bet you knew that they would match when you bought them 🙂 The pictures of Jack and GK are always so precious – furry children are little gifts from God. Have a wonderful day in the snow, and have some snow ice cream for me! (You know – snow, with a little vanilla or almond extract?). YUM! Hugs to the kitties! Patricia

  27. Priscilla says:

    Thank you soooo very much for the tour. I have been fascinated with Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard for 30 years and your photos may be the only way I will ever see the Vineyard!

  28. JudyCinNC says:

    This would be scenes from my best memories ever book – I love the quietness of the snow. It feels like the house is covered in a beautiful white quilt with all the little puffy bushes giving quilted definition and texture. Then along comes a cardinal red Cardinal to add that pop of color. The bushes all lit up made me sooooo homesick for snow – the sparkle and glisten of the lights at night are so magical. Thank you Susan for that warm, fuzzy feeling today. All mine.

  29. maybaby says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tour! I love how you find pleasure in every thing, and I dream of landing on that ferry some day for a little time on your island. We got some lovely snow in Minnesota too (finally!) and I lit candles in the fireplace and made a yummy pasta dish for when my guys returned from the ski slope. Cozy!

  30. Susan in the country says:

    I love that you left your Christmas lights on a tree waiting for snow to come!! I wish I had done that because we really got hit last week and it’s beautiful. Your little green birds are as cute as can be. I never told you but I had never heard of banana pedestals and then I saw one in an antique shop and had to have it…just couldn’t turn it down. Too cute on my kitchen island filled with bananas! Love the things you tell us about.

  31. Mary-Agnes says:

    We got only enough snow here on Long Island to make it look pretty and I didn’t have to commute, so it was a nice day to sit and paint at my kitchen table and look out the window into the backyard. I felt sorry for the snow plows that came up and down our street several times; there wasn’t really enough for them to do. Last winter when we had so much snow I would gauge it by the birdbath in my yard, which has three cats as a base with two birds sitting on the bowl at the top. Twice last year the cats were nearly covered! This year only a slight dusting at the base. But I guess I should be careful for what I wish for; there’s still February to come!

  32. Brenda says:

    It has snowed, rained with thunder, then the cold wind has been blowing through turning everything to ice. It certainly is winter. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. And the kit cats so sweet.

  33. Sharon Byars says:

    Delightful photos of your snow!! I love looking at them as long as I do not have to put my foot in snow. Sun is shining here in SLO county this am. Time to go for a walk on the beach. wonderful that our country has so much diversity just like the people who live here. Thanks so much for all the beauty!

  34. your post and photos reminded me of beloved Snow Days in Princeton–kids playing all day in their pjs, Golden Retriever rolling in wet snow until she looked like a big white ball and sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire with lots of mashmallows….thank you!

  35. Karen says:

    We are in NC, so no snow yet. I love, love getting snow so we are keeping ourselves hopeful to see some this year. Your scenes are beautiful, but by far my favorite is the Christmas lights on the tree outside. So beautiful! Keep warm!

  36. Beth says:

    OH you brought me back home for just a little bit….I grew up in Plymouth but now live in Northern Virginia and I so miss the foggy snowy seascapes and fog horns! I also had to laugh at Girl Kitty and Jack, bum to bum with their ears just slightly back “I’m here but I’m not liking YOU being here!” LOL!

  37. Grace says:

    Oh, how lovely. We have had just filthy weather here in the South and I am green with envy.

    I have to admit the picture of the snowy Christmas tree made me tear up a bit. Why does Christmas make me so sensitive, do you think?

  38. Regina Brown says:

    The sun is shining in central Il. We did have freezing ran last Thurs. But no snow would rather have the snow. I wish they would make your dishes. I love them. Love the cake plate!!!!

  39. Angie says:

    Thanks so much for sharing with us!! We are not having Winter here in Southern Indina this year, much to my disappointment. So I am really enjoying YOUR Winter. I’ve been waiting with my decorations as well, but, I think the little snowmwen are all going back in the boxes this weekend. So sad, I LOVE the snow, and always console myself when Winter ends by remembering that it wil come back. I guess not always, but I don’t ever remember a Winter without snow, here. Not in my 50 years. Anyway, thanks again for sharing, as you do so well. It sounds like a perfect day to me!! All I could think of is “She’s Living the Dream!”

  40. Leslie Gammelgaard says:

    We had an uncommon NW big snow last week, 20 inches up on our hill. It’s quiet splendor resulted in madness as trees and branches came crashing down all throughout the neighborhood from the weight of the snow and ice. My husband took the “rescue tractor” (as my granddaughter calls it) out to clear the road so people could come and go. Many people around the Puget Sound, now almost a week later, are still without power and wondering when the “blessing” will end. As the rains came, the Snowpeople who sat on my deck chairs, silently observing the beauty and braving the chaos, slowly melted away adding their “souls” to the ground for the sure bounty of Spring…just around the corner!

  41. Priscilla from Naples, Florida says:

    Having lived in a sunny climate year round for the past 13 years, I do miss the snowy season … and I so appreciate your beautiful snow pictures … especially the one of the outdoor tree decorated with lights by you and snow by Mother Nature. And, your writing transports me to your side so I can live it with you. Thank you!

  42. Debbie R says:

    You are such an inspiration and a kindred spirit. When you quote Gladys Taber or reference movies like “The Bishop’s Wife”, I always feel so much better about things. Sometimes, it takes effort to look past our present troubles, and channel our inner creative spirit. And by the way, loved the ferry video, but almost got seasick!

  43. carol shapiro says:

    Just lovely….all the snow on the island….great pix!!! I’ve only visited once in the winter but I remember distinctly just how beautiful and silent it seemed & the snow on the ground… wondrous….I was in Charleston SC area this past week,…it was around 70 & sunny on Saturday afternoon after an overcast misty morning …returned home yesterday to CT and there it was (could see it from the plane) SNOW on the ground, lovely to see since we’ve hardly had snow this year….except for a “rogue” snowstorm in October that crippled parts of CT…

  44. Nina says:

    O Susan I love your snowy pictures! I love that you think of the rest of us girlfriends when you go on your walks! It really is the next best thing to being there!! It is raining here in the middle of England but it feels very cold! I think our country would completely come to a standstill if we had the kind of snowstorms you have sometimes! We are not prepared for it at all! lol
    By the way loved that you kept your christmas lights up on your tree…beautiful! Today I brought some red “heart” shape lights for valentines day from the pound shop (our equivalent of your dollar stores!) You have inspired me to decorate for something all year round! Oooo and just wanted to say March the 6th is the day my son was born! A great date I think! xxxx

  45. pat addison says:

    good morning susan, hello everyone, good morning. its raining here, we had snow over a week ago, but its all gone for now, i love the snow and i love looking at those gorgeous pictures. i’m like you i have to get out and see what is going on and what everything looks like, then settle down inside and have a hearty meal cooking away on the stove. looks like jack and girl kitty are getting along just fine, my furrybabies send along greeting to jack to girl and ask them isn’t it nice when your humans finally light the fire and get the place all toasty and warm for you. mine love their woodburning stove, and their big warm basket beside it. another place is out in the kitchen when “mommy” is cooking, tabby always hopes i will slice off a small bit of cheese for him to nibble and midnight and tabitha are getting to be the same way, gotta love them. i found an interesting site you might like, they sell classic old stoves that are modernized a bit for cooking purposes but they look so old fashioned and they can be either electric, gas or dual purpose and woodburning. go and click on stoves and then click on classics you will love what you see. off to go fill the feed barrels for the chickens and then get their food containers filled up again. have a great day today everyone. hugs……. 🙂

  46. Angie(Tink!) says:

    ♫♥♫♥ Hello Sweet Sue…all The Snow…You Lucky Girl…First I Must Thank~You…for Every Winter~Wonderland Photo…(Huge Smile on My Face Today) The Snow Makes Your Island Even More Enchanted! The Ferry Video in The Snow…Fabulous! & omggggggggggggggg Your Tree with The Christmas Lights waiting for The Snow…so Now Tis a Winter~Tree…Twinkling with all The Magic of Twinkling Lights & Glistening~Snow! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….& Girl~Kitty & Jack awaiting Mommy & Daddy…Home again Home again Jiggity~Jig! (Meow!) I can Hear them Both Purrrrrrrrrrring with Contentment….I need “An Airing”… :-)♫ “Snow…Snow..Snow…”♫….warm Hugzzzzzzzz & always Love…& I’m Dreaming of Those Birdie Salt & Pepper Shakers…& Snow Angels….xoxo Poof! ♫♥

  47. Ruthie P says:

    I wish I could put words in a few sentences and have just ONE come out as beautifully as yours.I think you are adding years to our lives!!! When visiting your blog I can feel my shoulders relax and the stress leave my body.I love the “snow flowers”in your garden,felt like I was right next to the ferry as it docked,could even smell the freshness of the air.Coming home to Girl Kitty and Jack together on the back of the sofa,with a fire in the fireplace….perfection…I say this all the time and it doesn’t seem adequate,but..thank you,thank you,thank you!!!! xoxo..Ruthie

    • sbranch says:

      That was SO nice Ruthie — Joe was reading over my shoulder and he said, a man of few words, “wow.” 🙂

  48. erica evers says:

    Hello from a community east of Vancouver, BC. Canada! I am loving your blog!

    Okay now Susan, this latest post has made me want to FALL IN LOVE WITH SNOW! Maybe I need a camera. Correction. Maybe I need to TAKE my camera outside and look for the beauty in it all. Yes, that is what I must do!
    What I’d really like to see is you making a SNOW angel! That used to be so fun, didn’t it? I’ll make one too, next time the snow falls. Oh, and I’ll take my camera to record the memory. I’ll probably laugh myself silly but I just KNOW it will be FUN! 🙂

    Thank youfor having the eyes and heart to see the beauty around us, and sharing it with us. It’s contagious! XO

  49. Naomi Huddleston says:

    What darling birdie salt and pepper shakers and such a lovely shade of green! I am in the hospital waiting room waiting for my husband to complete his tests. Your website, Susan, is so soothing and calming to my soul. Sometimes life can seem so busy, but when I log into your site, I sense calmness, enjoy beauty and beautiful music, and laugh! Your site is a blessing to my life. Thank you Susan!

  50. Ruthie P says:

    Ok,tried to change fairy to ferry,now I have comments all over the place..see what I mean,can’t spell,let alone put words together,lol I am sorry

  51. Catherine says:

    Thanks for sharing such perfect beauty with us! We still haven’t had any snow yet and I truly ador snow!

  52. Debbie Juillerat says:

    Hi, Susan! Your snow photos are so gorgeous. I live in the midwest, and so far we’ve been spared from any bad weather. Love the kitty updates; they’re so stinkin’ cute! I love the bird s&p’s; hope it’s not too late to enter your drawing!
    Deb, qoq_1athotmaildotcom

  53. Betsy says:

    What a beautiful post! Thank You! My husband and I are coming to visit your lovely island this coming summer. I am so excited, having never been there, I just can’t wait!

  54. Carol Mikolay says:

    I Love winter snow. It’s like absolution from Mother Nature.

  55. Lady Jayne says:

    What a wonderful way to spend some time this morning, slowly reading through and absorbing your delightful way with words and the enchanting pictures…..thank you so much. I’ve been a fan for years, but am new to this blog. It makes my day.

  56. Joan Lesmeister says:

    I just had to pop back in, with my tea to your lovely blog. I needed an “airing”! Loved the ride through the Vineyard, thank you! And, your beautiful home, the den (?) & the cozy kitties & fire – now I feel better and can continue on………..xo

  57. zinnia patch says:

    Hi Susan….I don’t think i have ever read a post of yours that i didn’t just lean back in my chair and take a deep breath…… they are always so uplifting and seem to be just what i need. Thank you so much for the tour…..that was so beautiful… you can never have too many videos of the harbor and boats for me….love it!!! It was all so beautiful, but what made me sigh (ahhhhh) today was when you showed the Christmas lights….only you would think to leave up the lights for the snow!!!!
    Oh susan you guys know how to live and i just love that you share it with us. Thank you for being there!!!!

  58. Diana says:

    Such a gorgeous post-I would love a snowfall like that today! And my favorite music too, you can’t get any better than James Taylor! Enjoy curling up by the fire….

  59. kathy richard says:

    I LOVE your perspective, Susan! I am north of Boston, and we tend to look upon snow as something to bear, to navigate and to tolerate til Spring. You have a beautiful way of looking at the world, and my days are made by your positive outlook and your charming life. LOVE you!! Have been buying your books since I was a new mom…(oldest is now 24 and married!) and you helped make my little house a home for my three sons and hubby. THANK YOU!!! Kathy Richard

  60. Judy says:

    I grew up in Indiana with tons of snow some winters (lake affect). I now live in California and I never appreciated the snow until I go back to visit at Christmas. I want there to be snow because it is beautiful (much better than rain) and makes everything look different than when it is just raining. I love looking at your pictures that you take of different homes, fences, and streets. I think to myself, I could have done that but I never did. You thought of it as beauty and when I lived in it, I thought of it as messy. I regret it now.

    • sbranch says:

      Reminded of Oprah’s quote: “We did then what we knew how to do, now that we know better, we do better.” ♥

    • Brenda says:

      Hi Judy, I grew up in Indiana also, what part are you from? I think Indiana has just the right amount of snow. I have lived in Michigan for about 30 years and we tend to get to much and it stays to long for me. I like the early springs that come in Indiana where all my family still lives.

  61. Stephanie says:

    Love the photos and would love the bird s&p shakers.

  62. Jill says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your snowy wonderland. When I read your blog it brightens my day! 🙂

  63. Marcy In GA says:

    Thank you for sharing pictures of gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard! I LOVE New England. Used to live outside Portsmuth,NH. Miss all of New England, except carrying wood for the woodstove all Winter. We finally have a sunny day here, so able to get outside and groom my 2 little Westies. Enjoy the snow for me and eat lots of chowder this Winter. Yummy good!

  64. Becky says:

    I collect salt and pepper shakers. These little birds would be center attractions! Your blog makes this Oklahoma girl’s day!

  65. Joy says:

    Oh I loved your photos of the snow, kitties, fire. Also so nice to stay in a cozy warm good smelling home. I have collected birds of all kinds for years and would love those green bird salt and peppers on my table! Your blogs are so special and brighten the day.

  66. Love the idea of growing snow flowers! Your pictures are sooo beautiful …the snow at the Jersey Shore came and went so quickly that we were left with icky gray slush. Now I am looking forward to one nice snow storm that stays a few days.

  67. Kim says:

    Thanks for always helping me to slow down, breathe, and take a moment to enjoy the most simple and beautiful things in life 🙂

  68. Kim says:

    Thanks for helping me to slow down, breathe and take a moment to enjoy the most simple and beautiful things in life 🙂
    and with a musical accompaniment too!

  69. Nancy Brown says:

    As a recent retiree I have been waiting for a lovely, softly falling snowfall. I know then that I’ll have “permission” to sit, enjoy the snow and the quiet. Your photos will stay with me long after the snow has melted. Thank you for a gift that keeps on giving.

  70. Kathleen Smith says:

    Such beautiful, peaceful pictures–they take me back to my childhood in Maine where we lived for 5 yrs. And then to come home to your beautiful kitties all warm and cozy–what a blessing! Warm thanks for sharing….

  71. Jill says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures! While looking at this, my sweet Sophie, almost 3, climbed up on my lap and drank in the snowy details. It is a sunny day here in California, so this post turned into a teachable moment and a shared glory in the splendors of winter. 🙂

  72. Sarah says:

    “a ticker-tape parade in celebration of nature. ♥” What an exquisite way to describe snow. 🙂 We got a little bit here in Virginia over the weekend, then it got a top coat of ice that did not melt until yesterday. Yesterday morning, there was a little squirrel right outside our breakfast room sucking on a little piece of ice. And by afternoon there were THOUSANDS of birds in our yard and the surrounding fields, squawking and feeding. Poor things must have been starving all weekend because they couldn’t get to the worms beneath all that ice. It served as a reminder to me to put out extra food for them next time, and to keep breaking the ice in the bird bath so that poor little squirrel has something to drink! 🙂

  73. Nicki Anderson says:

    We are due to get some of California’s rain starting tonight. I love the rain so this is no problem for me. We only get snow about once a year here. This winter has been unseasonably warm though so I doubt we will get any. I have enjoyed yours so very much though. Thanks for sharing !

  74. Lynn B says:

    Back when I was spending all those summers on East Chop, James Taylor was a regular guy around town. He parked his car at the A&P (unlocked) …played impromptu concerts in fields out in Chilmark, no admission, just word of mouth…. those were great days. James Taylor’s voice is the perfect voice of Martha’s Vineyard. Love the blog, and especially watching Girl Kitty and Jack’s relationship evolve! Thanks Susan.

  75. Susan Cohen says:

    I LOVE winter, snow, snuggling, hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace. Winter is my heaven on earth. Your winter posts are the BEST!

  76. veronica says:

    Snow days are play days for the soul.Susan you truly have my heart today,more than ever. This is my most favorite thing in this whole wide world;next to my family.
    My longing has been filled;for ever how long it might last. Here in Virginia its cold in the 30’s and back up to the 50’s. It is some what, disconcerting? I’m a mountain girl,and the craving lays deep;way deep.Home I recon ,is in the heart. Thank you for giving me home.From my heart to your.
    P.S. The kitties? Living the life of Riley!!!! Cute!!!

  77. Kathy Means says:

    Dear Susan,
    Sometimes I complain about cellphones ringing while the house phone rings and technology that brings us so much bad news from around the world. Then, I think about how eagerly I click onto your blog each morning for a much-needed dose of beauty and warmth and I calm down a bit. You spend a lot of time on your blog and I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your lovely outlook on life. I find myself thinking about the quotations, thoughts, and photos throughout my day. I am so pleased that you have such a lovely home in a beautiful part of the world, someone to share it with, and your health to enable you to make your little dreams come true. God has blessed you with a joyful heart—-a rare gift. It’s a gift to us that you share it.
    P.S I too, am green with envy at the snow outside your door.

  78. Pat says:

    I love reading your blogs as I always feel that I am there along with you. Thanks for taking me on your “outing” of the day. I will forward this onto a friend who grew up in Martha’s Vineyard.

  79. Kathy says:

    I never tire of looking at your pictures of your home, your hometown there and where ever you take us on your walks and drives. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life in New England area with all of us!
    Kathy in NY

  80. Nancy Szewczak says:

    Thanks for the peaceful walk around the snowy island! I’ve always lived in the snowy Northeast, and I LOVE the snow (don’t tell my husband, he has to shovel it)!

  81. Ruth Mamo says:

    Susan, I can’t tell you how much I adore your blog. A woman at work told me about it and said she thought I might like it. She told me about it about two months ago. Since then, I have signed up for Willard, bought two of your calendars (one for me and one for my daughter), made your Corn Chowder and White Bean Soup. You have helped me so much. I, too, “had” a husband named Joe. He was my everything. We were together for 32 years. We loved heading to New England, Maine and the Caribbean. We always stayed in B&B’s and at local resorts in remote spots of the Caribbean because we appreciated the beauty of the people and the roads less traveled. He died three years ago and I’ve been on a hard journey “moving forward.” Even my house, which I so loved to make beautiful for us, for our daughter and our three little grandchildren has felt heavy. But, there is a but, I am feeling better and the clock isn’t ticking quite so slowly anymore. Since reading your blog, I’ve been happier at home and noticing the beauty that’s all around me again. I’ve been dabbling in my photography more and more and dabbling in art again. My girlfriends have been vital to healing my broken heart. I don’t know what I would do without them. We have the “best” relationship” because a very long time ago, we said that we would love each other unconditionally. No exceptions. We can always just be who we are and say what we need to say and we will always see the love between us. That’s what you provide for, obviously, so many people. So, thanks for being another beacon of light. Here’s one of my favorite quotes I’d like to give to you that I like to share with my friends. “We are each of us angels with only one wing. We can only fly by embracing one another.” How true is that? (I forget who said it, I think it may be anonymous.) But maybe not. I’ll look it up when I have a chance. Peace, light and love, Ruthy

  82. Mia Sophia says:

    Your picturesque photos are the next best thing to being there. Beauty and peace covered in a blanket of fresh snow…just stunning! Enjoy your lovely winter wonderland, both from inside and out. I live in California and have never seen snow from my window so I do enjoy seeing yours…Thank you for sharing!

  83. Libby Pasztor says:

    Loved all your pictures of the snow. I’ve lived all my life in the Chicago area, so I’ve seen plenty of snowy scenes, but I never get tired of them—just one of the beautiful gifts from Nature. As for watching the ferry come in: my Grammy used to love to do that, up at the State Dock in Mackinaw City, before the Mackinac Bridge was built. There are still smaller ferries that go over to Mackinac Island, but there used to be huge car ferries that would cross the Straits to the Upper Peninsula and back. She always called it going to watch “the poor people”—I guess because they all looked tired and maybe a bit bedraggled after a day’s outing—but she loved it all the same. 🙂 Cherished memories. . . . Thanks, as always, for sharing your lovely thoughts and pictures with us!

  84. Theresa says:

    What the children would give for this weather! It’s Spring already in the South; I have daffodils coming up in the backyard. I did miss the snow and am unsure whether we’ll have any before the end of Feb., so thank you very much for allowing those of us who won’t have snow to enjoy it vicariously through you. 🙂

  85. Kathy Miller says:

    I never grow tired of seeing your pictures Susan…. The Vineyard is a magical place, even more so with snow! I visited there once when my Cousin and her family were stationed at Cape Cod for the Coast Guard… we came over to the vineyard and strolled around for the day, even stood in awe looking at your house feeling just like a Movie Star lived there…. and she does! You are a shining star for many 🙂

  86. Angela says:

    We have not had a beautiful snow yet, and so it is wonderful to share yours. Your house is just beautiful in the snow (and without!) – it would be tempting to just stand outside and twirl while enjoying the view.

  87. jeanette says:

    How wonderful that you left the tree with the Christmas lights…for just such a moment as this! We haven’t had a snow like this yet in Oklahoma this year so I so enjoyed your blog today! Lovely photos!

  88. Theresa Thayer says:

    As a California girl, snow is very magical to me too, so thank you, thank you for sharing with those of us who rarely see it!

  89. Carol says:

    I am in Arizona and so the pictures you show are a bit foreign. I do, however, really enjoy seeing them. I then go throw open my kitchen door and relish the sunshine! 🙂 Thanks for the brief excursion. Oh, and also, I wouldn’t mind if those little birdie salt and peppers came to my house.

  90. wendy says:

    Love all the snowy pictures but am glad I am in Cali. The little birdie salt and pepper shakers remind me of my aunt’s pie bird collection. Would love to have them to display in my cabinet!!!

  91. Jane Cummiskey says:

    We’ve had hurricane and severe thunderstorm warnings while you had your beautiful snowstorm! Pennsylvania born and raised, this transplant to south western Tennessee really misses a good snowstorm! Thanks for sharing yours, the pictures were just what I needed today. Enjoy the beauty while it lasts! When I need a snow fix I will come back to this section of the blog! Our weather today is a spectacularly bright and sunny.

    I just love the birdie salt and pepper shakers. You have a knack for finding the neatest of treasures. Even my husband was impressed with them, and that is saying something!!

  92. Claudia says:

    THANK YOU for the trip to “real” winter. A northern California girl here, and for the past few winters we have had several days just like yours to marvel in the wonder of how the world looks different in a beautiful blanket of WHITE! This year, we are just beginning to have any weather at all, just a rainstorm or two under our belts.
    You made my day, Susan!

  93. Pat says:

    The snow looks so beautiful there, Susan. my husband and I visited Martha’s Vineyard one autumn, long ago and we were so enchanted. My husband and I took our car on the ferry so we were able to drive around the entire island. We stayed in Oak Bluffs, and I was so excited to see the gingerbread trim camp houses and we ate a delicious breakfast at Linda Jean’s Restaurant. We drove to Edgarstown the next day– which is where I believe you live– and thought that looked like the most beautiful New England whaling town. A storm was approaching and the sea water actually smelled like cod fish to us…not in a bad way..just very salty and briny! We stopped at the Black Dog for chowder and the water came up very close to the back of the restaurant that day because of the storm. It was so nice and cozy inside — we didn’t want to I also visited The Bunch of Grapes Bookstore and bought your “Autumn” cookbook which is how I was introduced to your writings. When the weather was nicer the next day we drove to Chilliwack and Gay Head to see the lighthouse and cliffs. It was a longer drive than we expected and we got there almost right before sunset, which was so beautiful! We often said we want to go back one day ..I’m not sure why we haven’t. I guess like John Lennon said “Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans.” In any event it is so nice to see Martha’s Vineyard again through your beautiful photos and happy videos. You and Joe really know how to enjoy life!


  94. Georgie says:


    Such beautiful pictures accompanied by your written words make all of us feel as though we are in the backseat of your car, bundled up in a blanket riding along with you and Joe, laughing and oo-ing with all the beautiful snow swirling around. I love the little green tug boat with the red life savor. It reminds me somehow of the Little Engine that Could 🙂 Then, in from the snow, seeing your picture of onions bubbling in butter in a pan that’s cooked many merry meals… YUM!!!

    I LOVE the ballisters and “fence” along the roofline of your second floor! Is it a little landing up there? It’s just cheery all decked out in the snow.

    Thanks for sharing! We had our first snow too… I felt like a kid again. It was just WONDERFUL. I was singing the Marshmallow World all morning long as I baked your sweet hot milk cake! YUM!!!

  95. Dale Worness says:

    You really are a SNOW ANGEL for sharing your wonderful photos with us! I spent my first 25 years in MA and NY and I thought there was nothing better in the world than a snow day off from school! It was soooo exciting to hear it announced over the radio that my school was closed. Couldn’t wait to bundle up and go outside and play in the snow, but when I was old enough to shovel our sidewalk and driveway, it wasn’t quite as much fun! Now that I live in FL it would be a treat to shovel snow! There is something so hypnotizing about watching snow fall. I got to walk in snow in IL about 4 years ago and it was so peaceful. I’m glad the kitties are getting along better. They look like bookends! Maybe you can put some books between them and take a picture! Enjoy your fireplace!

  96. Karrie says:

    Thank you for the tour, enjoyed it immensely 🙂 Next time I’m visiting my BFF in NY I think we need to take a visit to your Island !

  97. Kathy S. Diamond says:

    Dear Susan, Thank you so much for the wonderful snowy pics! We live in suburban Atlanta, GA, and have yet to see the beautiful, white, fluffy stuff!(We got a healthy dose last year–even had a full week of “snow days” off from school). So, it’s absence this year so far is heartily felt! There is, however, still hope!!! It will probably come the end of next month when my son starts his college baseball season at Belmont University—so we can all snuggle and cuddle together freezing and shivering and turning blue outside in the weather! There, I feel better now, not quite so jealous of your beautiful wintery scenery! Have a wonderful time cozying in! And, Thanks again, X0X0X0, Kathy D.

  98. deezie says:

    Hi Susan
    Yippee we got snow too!!! Oh I love the snow. There is something about when it is snowing. Seems everything stops and its magic. I love it. We are in Ct so not too far from you. I loved the snow pictures, so pretty. Oh my the kitties look so adorable sitting near each other on the couch. Very cute Susan.
    Enjoy this beautiful day today. I think the rain washed out most of the snow but there is still alittle left to enjoy

  99. Penny Kweder says:

    twee twee……..meee. meee those birdies are singing just for me.
    they want to sit on my breakfast table so badly……..
    xxx, penny

  100. Joann says:

    We got 15 flakes this morning….so sad that Colorado is so dry and brown. Yesterday, however, I learned that a former student of mine died in a snowmobile accident near Steamboat Springs….so I’m a little melancholy today.

    I’m counting my blessings, like I do every day, but a little LOUDER today…

    Enjoy your gorgeous snow dear friend…


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