Too many things to talk about and only one blog!

Today, I have the same problem I have with every post, too many things to talk about and only one blog 🙂 !  I couldn’t decide if you’d rather have a delicious recipe for the Onion Pudding I made yesterday?  Or, maybe you’d like a retrospective of the Life of Jack and his beautiful step-sister, Girl Kitty Branch?  Perhaps you’d enjoy a peek between the illustrated pages of my English Diary?  Maybe we should do winter decorating? Or take a walk over to the old graveyard?

One thing I know for sure, I’m keeping our drawing open for the little birdie salt and peppers for another couple of days . . . want to make sure everyone’s had a chance to enter; just scroll to the bottom of the next post and leave a comment if you haven’t already.

The “what to talk about” question was solved for me, because we finally had snow over the weekend!  I can’t bring myself to talk about a recipe when all this beauty is sitting outside the window just waiting for the click of my camera!  Having been born and raised in California I don’t think I can ever stop thinking about a snow fall as a kind of miracle!

Our first snowstorm this season started innocently, a few flakes came drifting down, but soon, with an assist from a sharp breeze off the harbor, every rooftop, picket fence, tree limb, and porch roof was edged, then blanketed, in white.  A wall of gray mist blocked out the sky and hung over the shore obscuring the line between land and sea . . . pure white snowflakes poured down from every direction, swirling off the roof of the barn, a ticker-tape parade in celebration of nature. 

The views from inside the house were wonderful . . . this one is from the living room . . .

Looking out the kitchen window toward the barn . . . the feeders were filled with chickadees, wrens, nuthatches, and cardinals, tiny feathered things, hungry in the snow, keeping warm by doing lots of eating — much the same as yours truly.

 It’s a decorator’s dream, white on white with smidgens of black trim thrown in for graphic contrast!   Joe and I decided to go for a ride and check out the island; we brought back lots of photos, so now it’s your turn!  I can barely wait till you see the ferry docking!!  While Joe cleaned off the windshield and heated the van, I checked out the garden . . . ♦     ♦     ♦

We’re only growing snow flowers today!  But it’s still a “lovely garden.” 

 If you look closely at the tree, you’ll see a little bit of inspiration, my favorite bird house.  Before I moved to snow country I didn’t realize that snow gathers on twigs as tiny and narrow as a needle; the thinnest ledge on the picket fence is brimmed in snow. Everything gets outlined in snow.

Cozy in sweater layers, topped with fleece-lined jackets, thick socks and boots, leather gloves, wool hats and scarves, we head out to explore — if we fall down we probably won’t be able to get up, like the kid in the snowsuit in Christmas Story — Joe calls what we’re doing an “airing” as in, do you need an airing?  Yes, I do!!

But you need musica to do this, if Martha’s Vineyard had a voice, this is exactly what it would sound like . . . and never more beautiful than on a snow day.

Down our street, through the mist to Main Street . . .

♥     ♥     ♥

Some of you are probably starting to recognize the places in my photos — remember the lighthouse the other night under the full moon?  In this photo, you can barely tell where the mist ends and the water begins!

A beautiful long fence collects snow . . .

 I visited this tiny graveyard on my first trip to the island.  It was fall; the leaves were coming down; I had no choice but to fall in love.  That will be thirty years ago, March 6th of this year.  Like it was yesterday.

Beautiful houses are even more so in the snow.  I’m laughing, just thinking, so many of you can probably look out your windows and see these kinds of scenes in your own neighborhoods; you would probably rather have me show you last year’s garden in full bloom!

But I can’t help it, this is so beautiful to me.  Lines get blurred with the blowing snow and wind off the sound on our left.  Can you imagine being a whaling captain in the 1800’s in this weather?

Another cozy little house in the snow…

Joe had to get out and play with the windshield wipers.  We wandered around a bit more out there and then fishtailed and slid our way back into town . . .

Past the darling houses . . .

to the harbor . . . the shore line and this little green boat with the red life saver.  But then the real fun started, because the ferry came in . . . so we ran over to watch it dock  . . .


It’s always so exciting at the ferry, the boats coming and going, the loading of the people, trucks and cars, the hellos and goodbyes.  Once in a while the ferry stops running and we are all trapped.  That’s when it really gets fun!  But it takes a lot more than this “little” storm!

Joe dropped me off at the back driveway so I could walk up; I took this picture of the house next door to us — always so pretty in the snow!

Love Gladys Taber; she always says the right thing.  And then, Home Sweet Home . . . where we found this . . .

. . . for the first time, they shared the back of the sofa!  We made a fire

. . . and watched a wonderful old English movie with Wendy Hiller called, I Know Where I’m Going.

 I caramelized some onions and put a casserole in the oven — and continued to watch the storm . . .

 . . . the garden from our upstairs window

Life goes on, no matter the weather — I loved seeing these people trudging along with their umbrella.

After the sun went down, we had to celebrate by turning the Christmas lights back on the tree in our front yard.  We didn’t have snow at Christmas, but we knew we would someday, so we left lights on the tree just for this moment!  Yay.  Now we are complete!

 Hope you enjoyed our snow storm — I spoke to Kellee and Judy today so I know it’s raining in California.  Must really be winter!  Have a great day girlfriends!

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602 Responses to Too many things to talk about and only one blog!

  1. Bonnie says:

    I am a summer/sunshine girl at heart, but at times I have to admit that there are some things winter can do that summer cannot. But I don’t admit that very often 🙂

    Thanks for the post,


  2. Kathryn Manahan says:

    I look forward to your blogs and always feel good afterwards! You live in such a pretty place. Today it looks mighty cold back there. Yes, it’s raining in California but we do have snow some places. Big Bear looks like a snowy fairy village today in the LA Times photo. Thanks for being such a special person and having the values and priorities you have. And for being a Gladys Taber fan!

  3. Lorie Hartsig says:

    Love your snow pictures! We still do not have snow in Bethany Beach, DE after 2 winters with lotsa snow.
    And I do love those little green birds…..
    Puh-leeze draw my name!
    Lorie Hartsig

  4. Alice says:

    Susan, I loved the wonderful snow day adventure. It is just beautiful and just how I imagine a New England winter might be. I look forward to your blog and Willard. Thanks for a wonderful bright wintery spot in this Texas girl’s day!

  5. Lori March says:

    Once again you make me homesick for New England. Thanks for the lighthouse photos and making me feel better about not taking down my Christmas lights until last week. Now I wish I had left them up! Greetings from Colorado where it is snowing 🙂

  6. Nellie says:

    I’m so happy for you that you finally have your snow! I have really enjoyed looking at the pictures. Your outside tree looks very festive lit in the snow. It looks as though Miss Girl Kitty is “coming around.”:-) xoxo

  7. Sweet Mormor says:

    The pictures just simply take my breath away – you are so very lucky to live in such a beautiful area of our country! I can actually hear the “crunch” of the snow as one would walk on it! I love the seasons and would not wish to give up any of them! Bless you for giving me an “aaahhhh” moment! (Nothing quite as pretty as Christmas lights under a puff of snow!)

  8. sandi says:

    i loved all your photos, but my favorite is the last one with the christmas lights on the tree under the snow…my second favorite the graveyard…just beautiful…thanks!

  9. S. says:

    I like to have a small taste of snow during the winter, but we usually end up with the cold grey rain-while an hour away from my house there is snow. Weather can be such a tease! Today is almost 60 degrees so I won’t complain about the absence of the white stuff! Thanks for posting snow pics. Love seeing “my lighthouse” dressed in a winter outfit. And those kitties are too funny! Cheers!

  10. Debi says:

    What a treat to travel along the streets on Martha’s Vineyard with you in all the seasons of the year. I’ve never been able to visit the island but with your hostessing, I’m able to visit after all ! I just love these posts. It’s beautiful and through your eyes I am able to better see beauty around me here also. Thank you for all you do and to you and Joe too for sharing so much with us.
    Looking forward to your new book !
    Have a great day.

  11. Sue says:

    I love the house with the semi-circle archs on the porch, and your town is lovely, I’m falling in love with your cats too……….did I also mention earlier that I love this site!!!!
    Here in VA we have 62° and sun today, I hung towels on the outside line today!

  12. Robin Heim says:

    This has to be one of my favorite blog posts! I SO love the snow! As a circumstantial transplant to So Cal, I MISS the snow so much. The missing starts with the first hint of a breeze in the fall(ish) weather of late October. Thank you SO, SO much for sharing your snowy days {and nights}. I really, really, really get all warm and fuzzy over such things as this. ~ “snowseeker” Robin

  13. Bonnie Uliana says:

    Susan, thanks so much for all the beautiful pictures and inspiring homemaking tips and recipes. A special part of my day is taking a few minutes to check out your website.


  14. Karen R says:

    This California born and bred girl was amazed to see people in the snow with an UMBRELLA!? I thought you just let the beautiful, fluffy, white, sparkly stuff just sit on your nose and eyelashes like the song says. Your pictures are beautiful makes me want to comeover and have a cup of tea with you and watch the kitties play. Won’t be long now ’til you’re telling us tales of their antics together now that Girl Kitty realized that Jack is here to stay! Still wishing the little birdies fly all the way to California.

  15. Janet Rowland says:

    The snow is just beautiful and turning on the Christmas tree lights was just perfect. I didn’t think about the ferry still running. How cold that must be. Thanks for sharing (and extending the drawing!)

  16. Nancy from Michigan says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Martha’s Vineyard…a dream on my bucket list.. Your wonderful blog now makes my heart yearn for that day!
    Thank you for all you do.. You help me stop and “smell the roses” and find new appreciation for the world around me, in spite of all life’s chaos!

  17. cynthia mooney says:

    Thanks for posting photos of your Winter Wonderland! I love seeing the snow and it brings back memories of watching a winter storm, though we have slipped by without more than an inch of snow here in Oregon.

    • Karen Saunders says:

      They had 5 feet up at Timberline…. however, I think it used to snow more in Oregon. I live in G.P. and every year just around the holidays we would get at least a ‘smattering’ of snow…, not so much. Global warming??

  18. Teresa Hjeresen says:

    In Oregon, we have had snow, sun, rain, snow, sun, rain and even rainbows! Our sweet robins are so confused! Your snow pictures are enchanting! Thank you for sharing! Teresa

  19. Juanita says:

    Yes, we had rain….lots of it here in southern California….it was refreshing! But, by the end of the week we are going back up to the 80’s….winter can’t seem to figure itself out here this year. Your snow pictures are so lovely! I really love the coziness of the homes in the snow…

  20. Kathy Stephens says:

    Thanks for the pictures of snow… I am missing it here in Ohio this year too! (did I just say that?!) Would love to have your little birds visit me here.

  21. Countryfeather aka Donnalee says:

    Oh……I know just how you feel, and treasure all those wonderful snowy photos. The Christmas trees are still up, keeping me warm in spirt and lighting my path thru the dark winter days and nights.

  22. mika price says:

    I spent a few years in NY state as a little girl, and oh this brought me back! But the piece de resistance was coming home to the dual kitties on the couch back! Loved it!

  23. JoAnn E. says:

    Well Susan…I too am a native Californian and I just have to let you know (sigh….) I ….ESCAPE into another world… whenever I read your blog. The snow is magical; I could FEEL my blood pressure drop as I started reading and looking at the pictures. Thank you, thank you for writing, sharing pictures and your life on the island! P.S. Love the one of the “them” finally sharing the back of the sofa…(giggle.)

  24. Andrea says:

    I so enjoy your blog! It is my very FAVORITE! Your enchanting pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. Enjoy that magical peacefulness that snowfall brings…. 🙂
    p.s. Those darling birds would be so well loved and cared for here with me!

  25. Chris S. says:

    Burr…looks so cold yet so wonderful! Love that both your kitties are becoming fast friends – sort of. Love all your blogs – feel like I’m there! Fun to see the boats on the water too…can’t wait to come visit!


  26. Nancy from Oregon says:

    What a beautiful blog! A friend I work with has shared your joy in living with me and what an inspirational gift. I have never been to Martha’s Vineyard however through your incredible vision I feel as though I am there. Thank you so much for inviting us to enjoy the simplicity of the wonder nature has for us. Your new friend. 🙂

  27. Liz says:

    Your pictures are so pretty! I just love the Vineyard. Having recently moved to the coast of New Jersey from northern Jersey, I find that I actually miss the snow! I never thought I’d say that but a little snow is so much nicer than the cold rain that we get here. Love the kitties together, so cute!

  28. Pam says:

    Thank you, Susan, for your wonderful pictures of the island. We had snow this morning in Colorado and it was also very beautiful!!! I love watching your Mr. Jack and Ms. Girl Kitty moving toward reconciliation. I have 3 cats that I’ve had for some time and recently added a 19-pound blue Persian who is very arrogant and thinks he is head of household. For the first 3 weeks in my house, he lived under my bed. He now practically rules the house and feels perfectly at home. They are certainly entertaining!!! Happy Snow!!! Love your blog…

  29. Barbara Peterson says:


    I love your website and your blog – and your recipes. I have been making chicken broth for years, but used your recipe last weekend and I think it was the best batch ever. Well the whole pot of soup is gone so it must have passed the test. Thanks. Put my name in the drawing for the salt & pepper shakers.


  30. Martha K says:

    I love your first snow pictures! Thank you for bringing winter to my afternoon!

  31. JoAnne says:

    I love your snowy pictures! Being born and raised in sunny Florida, I’ve only seen snow once in my lifetime, but your pictures make me want to move further north. Love your blog!

  32. Jane alexander says:

    Susan, I’m so glad you saved your lights on your outside tree for a snow. I so missed snow this year for that very reason. Your photo was so, so pretty. Helped me feel complete also. We also had snow on Saturday. A wonderful day with the birds especially. also loved seeing your cats both on the back of the sofa for the 1st time.
    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. It is something very, very special.
    Jane Alexander

  33. Debbie S. says:

    What beautiful pictures, Susan! I think you live in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen – I am dying to take a trip there! Maybe someday……..

  34. Flo says:

    Loved JT then, still love him now; thanks for including the link in your blog. There are so many great musicians associated with the Vineyard; I love to listen to the local artists and bands whenever I’m there. Your photos are beautiful – I can just imagine the hush of the streets as the snow falls. It may be a snowy winter wonderland there now, but I know the summer can’t be too far off now that the Steamship Authority is accepting reservations for June, July and August! – Always an encouraging sign for me, just like receiving the catalogs with cruise-wear in them right after Christmas. So glad to see your kitties sitting as bookends on your sofa, even if they are studiously ignoring each other!

  35. Lindy says:

    We are not having our usual snowy winter in Michigan, your photo’s remind me of Petoskey and Harbor Springs in the winter. A very exciting event is when the monster crane arrives in Mackinac City and lifts the ferry boats from their winter cradles, swings them over the water and sets them down. I have only seen it once and will never forget it. Thanks for the snowy island tour. Send some this way please.

  36. Pamela says:

    Always enjoy your blogs, but I have a special place in my heart for snow. Don’t get much snow here in sonoma county. I’m so happy to see the two kitties warming up to each other on the back of the sofa. Thanks for all the recipes and letting us peak into your world. You are very inspirational and I send blessing to you and yours.

  37. Janie O says:

    I Loved the all the Wonderful pictures you shared with us from your airing out!! Snow makes everything look so magical♥!! I Love me some James Taylor too!! What a perfect lullaby for the tour! Joe is too cute in that picture : )
    I adore the sweet bird couple (they would look so cute posed in the snow!) You really do have an eye for lovely little treasures.
    Oh, and the icing on the cake was Jack and the girl…made me hum a little ♪♫•*.♥.*•♫♪ Sleep in Heavenly Peace ♥

  38. Nancy says:

    Thank you! What beautiful pictures ….. loved the docking of the ferry….and I am very proud of Girl Kitty Branch for sharing the back of the sofa. Lucy is on the back of mine right now and I don’t think she’d be willing to share! She’s an only. 😉

  39. Linda Pranckus says:

    Dear Susan,
    Loved your snow pictures! Much prettier than the snow we have here in Illinois. Also, love your birdie salt and pepper shakers. My husband and I went to some antique shops last Sunday to try to find similar bird salt and peppers, but of course, no luck. Thank you so much for your blog; I look forward to reading it every day.

  40. Jo R. says:

    I’m new to your blog thanks to the lovely Mary (my youngest daughter). Your pictures are so very enchanting! Thanks for sharing with us.

  41. Susan Simon says:

    So glad you finally got some snow! We had a bunch here last Friday, as I was trying to fly home from Arizona. It warmed up again and a lot of the 8+ inches vanished… but it was pretty once I finally got home.

    Loved the photo of Jack and Girl Kitty… hooray for them and for you!

    Take care, and thank you again for sharing so much. BTW, there is never too much for us to read… just maybe too much for you to type and share. Love seeing all the updates, the recipes, the pictures and a glimpse into your life on such a beautiful place.

  42. Diane says:

    Susan, I have written two times, but unfortunatelly, I think I didnt push the send button! lol. I hope I am not repeating myself too much…in case one of my posts did get through…. but first of all I wanted to make certain you heard how gorgeous I thought your Wedgwood pictures were! They took my breath away because they are so beautiful….and I truly mean that. Paintings and drawings always move me deeply and feed my soul. I have an older bro’ who is fantastic with music, and all kinds of artwork…and two younger brothers who are also musical, but I was “gifted” with appreciation by the buckets! lol. I hope you have more to share!!! As for today’s blog….how magical it becomes on your island! There is nothing so beautiful as when it snows….. and you have absolutely the picture- perfect town and homes to showcase it and turn it into something from another era. I love the old-fashioned look of the giant houses and when I see the pics with all of the snow, it makes me feel like I am looking into something from the Edwardian or Victorian age….which I adore! Thank you for posting, although please feel FREE to blog everything your heart desires…, pictures, paintings, videos, stories! Your “girlfriends” love it all…and the more, the merrier! 🙂 Have fun in the snow! 🙂

  43. Gert says:

    Oh my gosh..I just love all your pictures…as I’ve said before “just like being there” smile… Even though we get a lot of snow each year, I still just love it…and how it paints the landscape! Your Christmas tree was so beautiful!! We had clear lights outside so once in awhile we still light them…smile…just hate to give them up..especially when there is snow on the bushes! Lol Oh it is so good to see the kitties getting along!! Thank you for another wonderful blog!

    xoxo Gert

  44. Patty Craddock says:

    I love the snow pictures and enjoy living through your lens, I could just smell the onions caramelizing. Its cold in Las Vegas, with a few drops of rain and wind, but no snow. I too love the birds, they remind me of a pair in salmon pink my mom used to have but I have not seen for years.

  45. Marian McKeehan says:

    I loved the photos and description of your first snow. I also am a California native (Southern CA), and have never gotten over the beauty of snow. My husband is a Colorado native. While we’re driving in snow–and once the “blizzard of the century “of 1982–I’m marveling at how pretty everything is, while he has a few choice words to express the difficulty of the drive.
    I look forward to your blogs, they always lift up my day.

  46. Gail says:

    Love the birds, the green glaze is lovely.

  47. Beth Keser says:

    Beautiful pictures once again! Funny story…. I work in an office with 4 other women. I am the youngest at age 50. Needless to say, our computer skills are pretty basic. I was telling my coworkers about the wonderful milk cake recipe I tried. Instead of waiting for me to bring in the recipe the next day, one of the girls decided to go to your blog and print it out. Well…..hundreds of pages later, she found the recipe. Blogs were printing out from the beginning!! We had pages and pages of your blog all over our office! I think my coworkers are all fans now!! 😉

    • sbranch says:

      OH dear! LOL! That sounds like something I would do! Then frantically search for the STOP button! 🙂

  48. Trudy says:

    I live in Minnesota, and don’t much care for the cold. However, I love to watch a snow storm. Everything is so peaceful and beautiful. I do believe God made snow to slow us down and become introspective of our lives.
    I love your blog and your photography.

  49. Jamee Cichosz says:

    Susan, like you, I too love the snow! I have lived in the Chicago area my whole life and I never tire of snow. In fact, I look forward to it every year and feel sad when we have a winter when it doesn’t snow much! No matter how old I get, I am still enthralled by the beauty of a snow storm. When my friends complain about it and speak of retiring to a warmer climate, I can’t help but be perplexed as to how one could ever live someplace where you would not be able to experience this most wonderful, peaceful gift of mother nature! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures…the snow has melted here…I am jealous!

  50. maureen wheeler says:

    i love the birds and you too !

  51. Judy Berna says:

    Loved your snow pictures. I love snow but don’t like the cold anymore and we spend the winter in AZ. But it is so nice to see such wonderful pictures and enjoy the peace and quiet of a wonderful snow fall and see how it blankets our world with a beautiful clean blanket.
    Would also love to win your cute green birds as they are so cute and if I do win them they will have a special place to roost.

  52. Lesley says:

    Girl Kitty is so sweet to share the back of the couch with Jack, after all it was her couch first. The snow pictures are beautiful. The tree with all the snow and lights—I love that.

  53. Karen Bell says:

    I so enjoyed your snow pictures – they don’t even look real from here in Southern California. So cozy and so beautiful. I wish I could be there to see it!

    • sbranch says:

      When I was growing up in California, I would see pictures of New England in the fall on calendars (mostly in gas stations!) — I’m sure you’ve seen them, with all the leaves in full color? I always thought the photographer did something to the color — maybe put colored paper over the camera lens! It didn’t seem real! But it is!

  54. Polly says:

    I so look forward to reading your blog…your pictures are amazing as are your stories. Do you know that I sometimes read them over and over? I have only been to Martha’s Vineyard (loved it) once, but hope to visit again soon. Although I love the snow pictures, I have to say that my favorite picture is the sweet kitties on the couch….they look adorable. Thank you for including us and letting us see your wonderful town and beautiful home! Oh….and I do believe those little birds would love living in Pennsylvania!

  55. Isabel says:

    I first came across your work some years ago, too long ago to remember exactly what it was. Over the years I saw your drawings but never really checked things out. Last year I bought your calendar. Your writing, drawings, colors, everything you do and the way you put everything together for each month, makes me wish I could jump on to the calendar page. I am from the Northeast, not there now unfortunately, hoping to get back there some day. I miss it so much, but looking at your 2012 calendar, which I made sure I bought way back in October so as not to miss out on it, transports me to places that I wish I could be. Your house is beautiful and you are so lucky, but we are also. . . . .all the people who get to experience things through your eyes.

  56. Teresa Muscara says:

    I adore the white on white and the Quietness!
    Cozy inside and out!

  57. Sandy says:

    Love the pictures they are beautiful!!

  58. Linda Napier says:

    Thanks for showing the Island off snow covered. It is beautiful. It looked like Christmas time there even if it was late. Looks like the cats are starting to be friends too. Would love to be in the drawing and check back and see myself a “winner.” Enjoy the snow.

  59. Carol renshaw says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the snow! I long for some back here in Blue Springs, Mo. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your blog today and will just keep looking at your photos and hope to make some of my own.

  60. Linda Auwerda says:

    Beautiful winter photos of the island….it’s been snowing in Utah (finally!!) so peaceful and beautiful. Made your Bean Soup to for warmth and nourishment as the flakes came down.

  61. pat addison says:

    help it keeps losing or eating my post, been trying for the past 2 blogs and it keeps eating them!!!! 🙁

  62. Janet Vickers says:

    Thank you so much for spending time sharing your “bliss” with us. I have forwarded your blog to friends who I think would benefit from starting their day with a happy thought from you. You can’t imagine the response…everyone, my granddaughter included, have loved it and wanted to join up. You are such an inspiration and I’ve just started a collection (for said granddaughter) of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, et al. As she has loved being “connected”. Enter me for the salt and pepper shakers, please, they are so darling.

  63. shirley burt says:

    Aah, carmelized onions, a snowy day, and a glowing tree. What a perfect day. I will pretend I was there. Those little green birds would love to play with my little rabbit salt and peppers. Please send them to Texas and me.

  64. Julie Perkins says:

    It was 78 here today – 82 yesterday. It is so much fun to look at all your snow photos and wonder what it would be like!

  65. Julie Perkins says:

    Your photos make me want hot chocolate!

  66. Robin says:

    Thank you for your wonderful blog…it is always the highlight of my day!! 🙂

  67. sondra fox says:

    Susan, I write to you many times, hoping that you’ll enjoy what I have to say. I’m a PA transplant, living in LA for the past fifty three years. I love So. CA, but I do miss snow at times. My husband takes me to snow so that I won’t miss out on it each year. I snow skied until recently. My husband & grandchildren ski. When they ski, I enjoy my white surroundings & keep the soup hot for them when they come in from outside. As a teenager, I used to walk in the falling snow, at midnight, when all was perfectly quiet, except for the falling snow. Yes, as you no doubt know, falling snow really does have a sound. I’m so happy to know that your cats have adjusted to one another. Our dog (Wire Haired Terrior) Jack, also enjoys sitting on top of the back of the sofas. As you know, from observing your cats, animals (& children) will adjust if left alone. Forcing animals (& children) to adjust, just doesn’t work. Loved your snow pictures. Sondra

  68. Susan says:

    All of your posts are wonderful, but this one was truly special. It kept getting better and better. The snow was beautiful. The grand old houses were quaint and delightful. The ferry–I’ve never seen one in “real” life. What a treat. And coming back to your welcoming home w/ the kitties, home cooking, Christmas lights, a warm fire. . . . What can I say? I want to read this over and over.

    Thank you so much.

  69. Susan M says:

    I have been a Susan Branchite for over 15 years. This blog has enabled me to see that I am not alone in my desire to pop in and out of Susan Branch’s beautiful and charming yet still down-to-earth life. I remain grateful for Susan’s shared wisdom and childlike wonder at all things magical in the world, from snow-frosted, delicate birdhouse fences to perfect purring felines on the back of a fire-warmed sofa. Oh, and also cute-as-can-be birdie salt and pepper shakers too!

  70. sondra fox says:

    Oh, forgot to mention this Susan. I’ve been reading lots of blogs to you signed LOL. At Christmas, I signed our cards & gifts with LOL, from us. Our grandchildren informed me that LOL doesn’t mean Lots of Love, it means Laugh Out Loud! Just to bring your friends up to modern day lingo. We’ve had a big laugh out of me signing everything with Laugh Out Loud. Of course, one of my most wonderfully sensitive friends said to me (after hearing this story), we just know that if something is signed by you, Sondra, with LOL, it means Lots of Love. Wasn’t that kind? LOL, Sondra

    • Susan says:

      My 87-yo mother used to send me emails signed LOL. No name, just LOL. I finally asked her why she was doing this. She thought it stood for “Little Old Lady.” Then I LOL’d. We both still LOL over it.

  71. Linda P says:

    Those photos make me yearn for my childhood in Virginia. We were always trying to be the first ones out to make the angels or our dad would be the first to drive the road and clear for the neighbors – it really is beautiful there! How sweet to see the kitties on the back of the sofa. We lost our precious little boy doggie last August, and now have a visiting kitty. I think it’s a she, we are feeding, but she doesn’t allow us to pick her up – just pet occasionally. We’ve tried bribing her indoors, and if she does, it’s almost a panic, and zips out quickly. Did I miss the recipe? An onion pudding, is that like a corn pudding, a side dish? Sounds delish!!!

  72. Ann says:

    JT gets better with age…I think I appreciate him more at least. Yes, it’s been raining in N. Calif, much needed and welcomed.
    I envy your cats beginning to make peace…we have a feral cat who still has issues with our dog after four years!

  73. CAROL OLIVER says:


  74. Jean G says:

    Love the photos! I experienced that little “stormlet” also, and enjoyed it so much. I, too, leave the Christmas lights up until spring so that when it snows, I can turn them on and stare at them through the window from the safe haven of my warm house. Ever since I was a little girl I loved how the colored lights would peek out from under the snow, making the snow around each bulb glow in red, green, blue and orange. Magical! I grew up with snow and it still captivates me every time.

    I also love the photo of Jack and Girl Kitty on the sofa. Girl Kitty doesn’t look too thrilled, though! I love that expression, both in face and ears, like “Why me?”

    Enjoy those kitties! They are too cute.

    Jean G

  75. Cynthia Avalos says:

    I really do love those birdies!

  76. Joanne says:

    Such a beautiful post!!! The snow was beautiful, wasn’t it. Thank you for sharing your snowy day with Joe!!

  77. Susan Dvorak says:

    Thank you for the young James Taylor! He has been my favorite since I was a freshman in high school, back in the sixties! This was a perfect song for the post.
    Susan Dvorak

  78. LETICIA CHAVEZ says:

    wow, those pictures are amazing, just love the way it looks where you live, we don’t get snow where we live but i wish it would one day. thanks for sharing them just beautiful!

  79. Pigeon's Mom says:

    remembering that I must continue to make plans to live by the sea someday; wishing i had been the one to say that snow was “a ticker-tape parade in celebration of nature”!

    onion pudding sounds liek a perfect winter treat; I bake when it snows

  80. Amy Komack says:

    Such wonderful pictures. Thank you for taking them.

  81. shelley says:

    Just love your blog look forward to it everyday.
    i feel like a kindred spirit.

  82. Carol says:

    My best friend and I make an annual trip to the Vineyard each September. It is so wonderful to have you show us the winter version – with all the familiar sites – but with snow! We LOVE it there and share your Vineyard passions. Thank you so much for all you share with us each day! In CT, my friend “harbors” many animals in her back yard (e.g., birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, horses, bear, raccoon, deer). Your bird S&P shakers would be a wonderful gift to her (she wouldn’t have to feed them)! Looking forward to your next entry………

  83. melissa davis says:

    Just beautiful, Susan!! Thank you so much for sharing! I live in Alabama, so we rarely see snow..,and I love it so! I adore you and would LOVE to own the little birds…as I am avid bird lover! ♥

  84. Beth Moore says:

    It would be sooo tweet to win your precious salt and pepper shakers.

    Your blog is absolutely awesome! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, dreams, photos and tidbits of your life.

    In many ways, I think we are “birds of a feather.”

  85. Tamar Weaver says:

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂 love that. I did not recognize the room with the cats on the couch. Would love to see more of that! Curtains very pretty. Question. Is that still okay? If it is…… your house, on the windows, are some of them stained wood paynes and some of then painted wood paynes? I am having to decide between the two for our house, and cannot make up my mind yet. What do yall think, girlfriends? Any opinions welcome!! Awesome footage of the Ferry coming in.

    • sbranch says:

      The smallest room in this house is wood, all stained dark wood. It’s where the cats were and the TV is, we call it (because we are so very creative) the wood room. It’s what some people call a “snug” — we certainly do feel that way when we are in it. In the rest of the house, all the trim is painted white.

  86. Lori says:

    Thank you for the picture of the cemetery in the snow. My favorite! I WILL get there to see it for myself some day… 🙂

  87. Kristy says:

    My favorite is the one with the Christmas lights on the tree! A girl after my own heart! I almost cry every year when we have to take down the decorations! My other favorite is the cozy fire. It is just the perfect thing for a snowy day! I even sent my two college girls a DVD of a cozy fire in a fireplace so they can play it on their TV and have one in their rooms at school too!

  88. Barbra says:

    Ahhh, this little stop here tonight was a snowlover’s dream Susan — I wrapped my sweater around me a little tighter warmed by your cozy fire! I love how your tree stood as a sentinel on a beautiful, snowy eve!

    So lovely Susan; you captured “wonderland” in each photo—mmm. mmm. W.i.n.t.e.r.! :o)

    God Bless,

  89. Jan from Northern CA says:

    You lucky girl! Snow, wonderful snow! Someday I wish to visit that lovely island you live on and see personally all the sights you share so generously with us. A great girl trip I think. Thanks so much for your lovely blog. It’s one of the things that I tune in to each day, and each day it makes me smile. It also inspires me to cook and enjoy my dishes and nick nacks with new eyes. Again, thank you.

  90. DonnaRay Evans says:

    I’m reading this from my son’s home in Florida and am loving the snow photos. It’s truly weird to be this hot in Jan…..the only saving grace (besides being with our wonderful family) is the variety of water birds. Just can’t get over washing the dishes, looking out the window and there are big ole storks and great blue herons and many egrets. (Don’t tell the people here, but nothing beats a cardinal in the snow!) Glad you’re having so much fun! As always, DonnaRay

  91. Joanie B says:

    I love cosying up in winter. Here in So Cal it’s a brisk 45 degrees which for us is chilly, please. Homemade soup is my comfort food. Sunday it was homemade butternut squash soup, a little bit of the golden days of summer in the middle of winter. Yum! Thanks for sharing the joy of living! I do believe I see a tentative cat truce, one can never tell!

  92. Erin says:

    Such dear little birds! And I love the snow, too – we don’t get much here in the Willamette Valley, but I treasure it when we do!

  93. Susan Roubal says:

    Susan- It’s nice to be reminded of the simple pleasures of life- like snow, for example! I could feel your delight in the accumulating fluffy white snow. You would have loved the snowstorm we had yesterday! We got over a foot of snow; it coated the evergreen trees with an impossibly thick frosting, pulling their branches downward so they all looked like graceful firs. It was so incredibly beautiful. Keep on reminding us to enjoy every moment possible; its a choice we all can make. 🙂 The whistling birdies are so cute…they might look pretty next to my jade green pottery. Just saying. 😉 Thanks for doing what you do. Susan R.

  94. Kay Swanson says:

    Beautiful photos and I so appreciate how you notice even the smallest bit of beauty in the world around you. Thank you for taking me to a place I may never have the pleasure of visiting! Love the photo of your “babies”…what a special pair.

  95. Linda says:

    Your life seems just to good to be true..wowsers! First a beautiful snowfall, gorgeous old homes, great music, co-opeative husband, full bird feeder, 2 contented beautiful cats, a glorious fire, and a casserole in the oven………humm. Lucky you………

    • sbranch says:

      Some days are better than others! 🙂 He’s not always co-operative! And sometimes the bird feeders are empty! But I’m definitely lucky!

  96. Mary Ann says:

    Thank you for sharing your snow photos. When we lived in CT I always loved the snow…..for the first day. I was working then and hated to drive in it. It’s so much more fun to be able to sit inside a cozy house and watch the snow pile up and watch the branches get heavy. And watch the dear little nuthatches that GT loved. The harbingers of snow.

  97. Judy says:

    I loved the snow pictures, we really haven’t had much here a little north of St Louis.They were beautiful. I also liked the cats on the sofa.

  98. Amy says:

    Love the picture of your “book end” Kitties!

  99. Mary Jacquot says:

    Your sweet blog is a precious gift I can’t wait to open! Making a wish right now that two adorable, green, birdie salt shakers find their way through the snow to my sunny kitchen in California!

  100. Caren says:

    Love the darling bird salt and pepper shakers. They would look so nice in my kitchen.

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