Everyone is a Winner Today ♥

One last look at the tea cups, now, while everyone is still the winner!  Here’s the celebratory good old MUSICA for this post girlfriends!

♥         ♥         ♥

These two pink and white Rose Chintz cups and saucers, the special ones with the magic party dust, the ones that say “Made in England” on the bottoms, are about to be packed up and sent off to one of you!  I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your comments the last three days; I’m the one that feels like the winner! I love all your wonderful stories, but especially I’ve been having fun hearing where everyone is from!  Suddenly this small world got even smaller!  Thank you!  Keep doing that! 

So here we go girls, the time has come; our adorable Vanna Game Girl is dipping deep into the vat filled with your names, swirling the tiny bits of paper around; I see names coming to the top, turning and turning, and now, here it comes, she’s got one!  And the name is:


Krista wrote this as her comment:  “I am so technophobic that I don’t really know how to leave a comment, but please, oh please, I want to get my name in for the rose chintz tea cups. I have a really, really good reason. I’ve been wanting to tell you about the Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace (if you don’t already know them) and here’s my chance. Betsy and Tacy were actually real little girls who grew up and got married in the series of books. Tacy’s wedding china was rose chintz. And we have a Betsy-Tacy Convention in July of this year and I want to put these in the silent auction to raise money for the houses. So, I hope I’ve gotten this comment in the right place. Thank you again for adding so much to my life.”
Congratulations Krista!  I love that we got a “technophobic” winner.  It’s proof there is hope for all of us who just give it a try! It looks like you will have the perfect addition to your silent auction!
 I added links so everyone can go see what the charming Betsy-Tacy books, and their author Maud Hart Lovelace are all about.  The Betsy-Tacy Convention is taking place in Mankato, Minnesota . . . in case anyone would like to go meet Krista and bid on those teacups!  I’ll include a little card with the teacups to congratulate Krista’s highest bidder.  I hope it does well for her!  Interesting to know that if these teacups could talk, they would have quite a story of their travels; and they aren’t done yet!  Thank all of you for entering . . . and now, for the consolation prize for Everyone Else, I give you my darling trump card and ace in the hole: Jacques.

LIFE OF JACK: a retrospective

I think I have to tell the story from the beginning.  We have so many new readers since we got Jack!  Jack is the kitten we got last fall.  This isn’t him, this is our other cat, Girl Kitty who was part of the inspiration and reason I thought it would be a good idea to get a new kitten. I had put my name in at our local shelter for a tuxedo kitty (I love how they look with the furniture); they didn’t have any at the time, but said they would call me when one came in for adoption.  I figured three maybe four months at the earliest.

I’ve always had at least two cats, sometimes three, and now we only had one. I thought a new kitten might be a BFF to Girl Kitty, who is ten and has gotten very lazy; she rarely plays, she just lays on the bed all day, coming downstairs just to make an appearance every so often; I hoped it might help her get up and get moving. But when the shelter called only a week later and said they’d gotten in a ten-week-old male kitten and were holding it for me, I was worried!  This was so sudden!  I hadn’t yet asked myself the hard questions!  Are we sure we want another cat?  Will Girl Kitty like it if I bring a kitten in?  I wasn’t sure I knew how to integrate two cats; I’d never done it before; I always got my kitties in pairs!  I found out when I went to Google that introducing a new kitten to an older kitty wasn’t as simple as it looked.  But I’d asked them to hold it for me, the least I could do is go look.  Right?  I had to at least go look.  Joe put the cat carrier in the car “just in case.”

On the way over, we talked about what we might name this kitty, if by any chance we decided to take him home.  I’ve had two sets of Girl Kitties and Man Kitties.  I’ve never been any good at naming cats! I think of good names, I think of ten thousand good names; I just can’t pick ONE.  So they end up being named what they are.  Girl. Cat. Man. Cat. I was tired of my boring name choices; someone else needed to choose!  I told Joe I didn’t want to name him Man Cat.  He said, “Why don’t we call him Jack?”  “Jack,” I thought, “Jackie, Jack Hammer, Jackie-Boy, Jackster, Jack O Lantern,” yes, this could work.  I would have taken any name Joe suggested as long as it wasn’t Man Kitty, but my dad’s name is Jack, so why not name him after my dad?  So that was the whole conversation about his name; we pulled into the driveway, parked out front and went through the glass doors of the shelter. We left the carrier in the car, because really, we weren’t sure we even wanted a kitten!

Less than a half hour later, we were on our way home with a kitten!  When they showed him to us, all tiny and cute, we were a little bit shocked to see that he had a mustache!  It took a minute to get used to it; it looked kind of like a splatted spider tattooed on his face at first, it took maybe four days after we got him home for me to actually like it; but the personality that goes with it is so sweet, that now I LOVE it. The thing was, when they handed him to me, all cuddley and soft, he moved his head and I could see the collar they’d put on him there at the shelter — and it said “JACK” on it!!!

“Honey, look!” I said.

“I’ll go get the carrier,” he replied.

What choice did we have but to bring this odd, wonderful, pre-named, meant-to-be, kitty home with us?  None.  He was destined to be ours.  Here he is, his first week at home.


We gave him the Peter Rabbit room for his very own, so we could keep him separated from Girl for a few weeks.  We removed the quilt on the bed, the embroidered pillows, the bundle of lavender, and the Laura Ashley hat; hid the old Beatrix Potter books, kitty-proofed the room, because, there’s no doubt about it, a kitty is a baby!  You do just the same things to raise a good kitty as you would do to raise a happy baby: give them lots of attention, cuddle, kisses and love, eye-contact, play with them day and night to engage active little minds, and forgive them (actually try not to even care, easy come, easy go), every single time they chew any of your beloved things to shreds.

His mustache was so interesting; everyone thought we should call him Jacques; he looked like a French movie star.  My personal favorite came in from one of our younger readers, who ignored the mustache and just called him Jack Kitteh.

And then we started thinking, perhaps he was a decendent of Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s debonaire detective.  Part cat, part man.

Then Kellee and Sheri from the my Studio in California sent me this photo Judy took of them!

They went to breakfast one day before work and took Jack-stashes with them.



Then I found this little kitty pillow I’d had for years . . .




And changed it to this . . . with my little black marker!






What is wrong with you people?  Never seen a mustache before?

He wonders why we would be calling him the maniac!  He saw this silly eraser Joe left for me on my desk.  He wants to know if we are mocking him in some way.  Oh noooo, Jack, we have fallen in love, you are our mascot.

And such a big help around the house!  Folding sheets was never this fun before!





And such a smart boy, my little cat.


Besides fetching . . . which he taught me to do . . .

He collects his toys all in one place.

The other day I came in to find Jack’s favorite toy in Girl Kitty’s food bowl!  A small token of his great affection?  Asking her on a play date?  He drops it in my watercolor paint water too; which I really love.  He takes it upstairs to Joe early in the morning, while he’s still in bed, and deposits it near his chin.  He’s under my desk, playing in the trash can right now.  The person getting the exercise is not Girl Kitty, it’s me.  He is my shadow.  Wherever I go, he goes.

I make tea, he makes tea.  He likes a bird cup.

This is my all time favorite photo of Jack.  I love Jack’s loony eyes!  On Mondy, I’m going to ask Kellee to make computer wallpaper out of this one so you can download it from the “free stuff” in our web store!

That Jack would turn out to be a “buddy” for Girl Kitty was faulty thinking; she would like to make him disappear, but he’s much too fast for her, and he can get into tiny spaces she can’t.  She does move a little more, in order to get away from him, or, on the other hand, when she decides to go after him; every little bit helps.  But to get a cat for another cat?  I found out that really should not be the reason to get a kitten!  The main reason is just good old fashioned el oh vee ee.  Love.  Or, eff U en.  Or, el A U gee ach (ing).  Those are the reasons. 

At almost six months old, Jack is part of the family.  Girl puts up with him, I even woke up and found him sleeping in our bed one morning, which is a first, and still the only.  She usually runs him right out of there.  As well she should.  Her house first!  So it’s all working out, in it’s own way.  Let me see, is there one more photo of Jack to finish this off . . . Let me look at the ten and a half million I have taken so far . . .

Here’s Jack, watching our most recent snow fall.  He is my best new decoration for our front window!

To close, if, after all of this, you find yourself craving a MUSTACHE of your own, check out your local shelter, or click right there, you can print this one out: make straws out of it like Kellee’s; tape it on your finger and hold it under your nose for interesting dinner-time conversation; or perhaps your cat would like to wear one for solidarity, one for all, all for one, cat style —  just know, we are thinking of you!

Academy Awards tonight girlfriends, oh boy!  Dresses!  Have a good one!


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404 Responses to Everyone is a Winner Today ♥

  1. Good Morning Susan (and Jack and Girl Kitty and Joe and girlfriends)!!
    Congratulations to Krista! I ADORED the Betsy-Tacy books while I was growing up, and longed to live in small town America! 🙂
    I love the story of Jack, and can’t get enough of that cute little mustache!! He is already perfectly attired for tonight’s Academy Awards. Can’t wait for the red carpet. It’s my favorite part!!!

  2. Lisa G. says:

    I’ve been thinking I should link you a photo of Poirot, but you beat me to it!! Oh, that mustache! The picture of the two of them on the dining room table is my favorite; very cute. Your Girl kitty so reminds me of my Dolly – a dignified lady. (who doesn’t want a silly male cat following her around all the time, like our Henry – but Henry isn’t anything so amusing as your Jack).

    Enjoy your kitties!

  3. PatsyAnne says:

    Love your Jackillow (your Jack pillow) – and I noticed one thing, not only does he have his distinguished moustach but he has a goatee! And remember the distinguished detective was a fun loving little one once, as Jack is now. Love him bunches – watching your videos make me laugh out loud.

    Have a wonderful windy and cold day.

    A query – do you know Cynthia Riggs?

  4. Connie M D says:

    Susan My Love,
    U R the very “BESTEST”!!

  5. Susan R says:

    Good Morning Susan, Awhile ago i too had a tuxedo kitty and his name was Mr. Spats. My house is cat less at this time, lost my orange tabby girls at 13 and 16 years and just not ready for new ones yet, when i need a fix i head over to my sister’s house and maul her 3, Jack really is a doll.

  6. Bernie says:

    I’m much more of a dog person, but I had the sweetest little kitty one time we named Hobie, as in Hobie Cat, after our sail boat, of the same type. Love your pictures EXCEPT the ones on the kitchen counter, and dining room table. ICK. make that double ICK. I would get another kitty, but how do you train them (can you?) NOT to get on kitchen counters and tables meant for eating? I’m really not a persnickety person, but that just grosses me out.

    • sbranch says:

      It grosses lots of people out, but if you sleep with them and kiss them, and you wipe off your table and have a kitty tablecloth just for them, I think it’s sort of all in the family!

      • Karen Saunders says:

        germs are good for your immune system….life is short anyway.

        • sbranch says:

          Probably why we’re so healthy!

          • Nancy says:

            You may be healthy, but I have to say I wouldn’t eat from your kitchen. Your cat is adorable but in no way belongs on the kitchen counters. That’s just unsanitary. Cute and clean don’t go hand-in-hand.

          • Elizabeth says:

            Anyone with cats knows that, even if they won’t jump on tables and counters in front of you because they are ‘trained’ , (ie they know you hate it), they will do it the minute you leave the house anyway! The best you can do is not think about the shenanigans you don’t see. So, Nancy, you might as well decide not to eat in any place that has a cat. And, the Lord only knows what the dogs are up too!

          • sbranch says:

            Lord knows! LOL!

      • Kristin in San Diego says:

        We have two small dogs (under 20 lbs) who although they do not go on the counters (they would if they could!), they sleep in our beds, sit on every piece of furniture in the house and give us many kisses! If you really think about it it is a little icky but they are part of our family…our babies…we love them dearly! Sometimes people are icky too and we deal with them all the time! Susan, I love all the kitty photos and posts…just shows us how sweet and loving you are! I would eat at your table anytime.

        • sbranch says:

          So far everyone has made it out alive! 🙂

          • Linda P says:

            Don’t you just love the photos of “What cats do while you’re away” from the internet – haven’t seen them in a while, but the one with the chewing or licking the toothbrush just cracks me up!!! I love it! My daughter has cats and yes they jump up and get the girls toothbrushes!! LOL!

          • sbranch says:

            Mine too, now my toothbrush is put away!!

    • Robin in New Jersey says:

      Just keep the antibacterial spray close by and wash the counter and table after the cat has been on there. I think it’s ick too, but our cat does it all the time. We tried to keep him off, no luck. When he does do it, we shoo him off.

      Lovely post, Susan!

      • Tammy in Colorado says:

        As a dog-owner, I’ve always thought that cats were much cleaner than dogs, especially inside cats! So I don’t see the harm in letting them get on the counters and table. And I always enjoy the pictures of Girl and Jack on the table, on the counter, on the refrigerator, in the sheets… I think it’s quite wonderful! I agree with Susan, if you kiss your cats and let them sleep with you, then it doesn’t hurt to let them be on the counters and tables. After all, how else can Jack help make tea? =)

  7. Tiina says:

    I have to tell you what my husband did, you’ll never believe it! I showed him the post of the amazing breakfast you made and all the food and decorations. I had said ” wouldn’t that be nice to have a breakfast like that) He secretly loves your stove but would never admit it) N e wayz Well he decided to surprise me with my own SB breakfast. He made blueberry corncakes, eggs, huge slices of bacon, vermont syrup, watermelon balls, grapefruit, fresh squeezed oj, coffee and tea. Plus he decorated with table clothes, linen napkins, flowers, and my daughter my placecards. It was truly amazing and all inspired from you. It was simply for no reason at all but just because he loves me. He knows I check your blog daily and I’m always sharing your photos and saying susan this and susan that, well he was actually listening! I just wanted you to know that you touch peoples lives every day just by doing the things you do! Thanks so much!

    • sbranch says:

      I LOVE YOUR HUSBAND. What a doll, what a liver of life! I’m so happy you have him, so happy he has YOU! Thanks for telling me, you put a big smile on my face!

      • Tamar Weaver says:

        so funny, i read this whole thing to my hub and said “see, her husband LOVES her, you won’t even learn how to make me a cup of coffee!” We were laughing and he said “well, I never would have knwn about Susan’s breakfast because you wont let me see the computer when you are into your blog.”

      • Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

        that part made me laugh!! Liver of life! you CAN take that 2 ways you know! Liver of life – as in living life fully…or in the body part, one’s liver ! ha ha ha
        and yes, what a wonderful husband – I think we all think of Susan as a mutual friend, don’t we??

  8. RoeH says:

    I really like your blog. I’ve been following you for a few weeks. I just had to post on Jack. What an adorable cat. When I got Hank 3 years ago, he did the same thing. Taught me to play ball. He doesn’t do it now as much as he did when he was younger but he’s still fun. Sometimes if you throw a ball back to him he bats it back (or anywhere) with his right paw. Loved the videos. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Jack can do that too, bat it at me rather than bring it. I always wonder if it’s an accident when he does that!

  9. sharon says:

    I am not a cat person though I’ve had a few over the years—-but—-I am in love with Jack! Too cute!! Love your blog.

  10. Becky Pingrey says:

    So sweet, especially the pic of the two of them on the table. It’s like they are yin and yang. Where girl kitty is black Jack is white with the exception of the top of their heads.

    • sbranch says:

      I was noticing that too, they look good together. Now if only they would BE together more often! 🙂

      • Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

        So no more sitting on the back of the couch like you found them a couple months ago??

        • sbranch says:

          Only that one time. One time in the bed together, a couple of times on the dining room table, almost every day she ignores him in the kitchen.

        • Joann says:

          Hi Kerry from San Pedro—I lived there almost 5 years!!! Kids went to Point Fermin and White Point Schools!!!! Nice to meet you!!!

          • Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

            Hi Joann –
            Those schools are very near us although South Shores elementary just down the hill!

        • Victoria Miller says:

          Hey, Kerry, I too live in San Pedro, CA. I work in the book sale room at the library on Tuesdays from 3 – 5, should you ever wish to stop in and say ‘Hi.’ It would be fun to meet a ‘girlfriend’.

  11. Karen Saunders says:

    Susan, you are sooo funny!! I love your sense of humor, and my favorite things in your blog are your paintings, cats and china…..so you know I LOVED this blog today. I have had a lot of animals and I can tell Jack is one-in-a-million. One of those special pets that have a really ‘special’ personality. And normally I would say if an owner spends a lot of time with them they develope a better personality but it looks like Jack was born with his little ‘special’ character. I wonder if when he goes outside you should put a little collar on that has his name, address & phone #. and maybe a bell for the birdies! He is just so cute Susan.

  12. Beth Keser says:

    I have the same kitty pillow as you on my desk! I bought it when my cat Ricky died in Dec because it looks just like him. Ricky sat on my desk every time I sat there and tried to get work done. Now I just look at the pillow and I feel like my shadow is still there with me 🙂 Love reading the “Jack Story” – so glad you got him and share him with us. Have a wonderful sunday.

  13. Nancy Jo says:

    Enjoyed the review. I mean who doesn’t love the kitties?. I did come away with a good piece of advise from you, the next time I get a kitty it has to match my furniture. Something I didn’t know.
    Nancy Jo

  14. Susan says:

    Jack the Cat! Whatta ham. I have an outdoor cat (several of them) and one we call “Heart”. At first we named him “Cow” cause of his bk & wh markings. Then we discovered a heart spot on his left flank. Now Heart wanders and our neighbor down the road loves him too. Mr. M, I’ll call our neighbor who lives 2 houses down the road, loves to leave his porch door open so “Patches” (as Mr M. calls Heart) can come inside to a pillow on his enclosed porch at night. Mr. M feeds him, takes him into his house, checks him out daily. Mr. M has taken to calling us to see if Heart/Patches is down at our house for the day and/or night. It’s all very complicated/cozy for Heart/Patches, who really likes to wander through the snowy fields and woods to catch something. Heart is a very good hunter and keeps our outer building clear of tiny critters, as I call them. It’s nice to share a cat with a neighbor. 🙂

  15. Nancy Jo says:

    ps, I ordered some of the Betsy Books.
    Nancy Jo

  16. Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

    Congratulations Krista! I haven’t thought about the “Betsy” books in forever! Loved them when I was growing up! The cups are united with the perfect person!
    Thank you Susan for the Jack and Girl Kitty retrospective! Always a treat!
    Am excited for the Academy Awards – but tired of all the coverage the preps have been getting for weeks on the LA ABC station!! We get to watch at the same time the rest of the country watches – usually all the awards and other shows are tape delayed for our prime time! As a result, we get to bed at a reasonable time! Cheers to all!

  17. LindaSonia says:

    Your posts are just the best thing ever!!! Love what you write about and how you write about it. You are most entertaining and I thank you so much for bringing so much joy to us. I absolutely love your kitty kats – both of them. I have two tabbys, but your posts about Jack make me want a tuxedo cat too! Give him (and Girl Kitty too) a scritchy scratch from me.

  18. Melina says:

    It’s fitting my first comment should be about Jack! I love kitties, all of them, but tuxedos are my favorite. I once had a little petite girl tuxedo named Fiona and would really love to have another…except for the fact I have an otherwise wonderful English Bulldog who eats cats for dinner. Not literally, but his instincts are to fight cats instead of bulls. Once he has gone, something I hate to contemplate, I will go straight to the shelter and find my tux.
    Love your website, BTW!

  19. Priscilla says:

    Congratulations to Krista! How nice the cups and saucers will be used for a good cause.
    Love your kitties, they are both adorable. It is always a pleasure to see photos of them. I like the one of them together on the dining room table. Looking forward to the Awards tonight! Being a movie lover, I have been watching the televised Academy Awards since the early 1960’s. I always made this a special pizza night with ginger ale in champagne flutes when the kids were living at home. Ah yes, Life certainly is Grand.
    Priscilla in SD from CA.

      • Linda Pintarell says:

        Linda in San Diego will also be watching the Academy Awards – love movies! Never owned a cat; always dogs. However, many years ago my roommate in Lake Tahoe had two cats. Momma Cat was pure white…Pisant (kinda say it with a french accent…english would be…pardon me…piss-ant);Momma had a litter of various colors and she chose to keep the pure black one…and named him Satan. They were so much fun; lots of stories to be told with our dogs. HAPPY DAY EVERYONE!

  20. Jeanette says:

    Another wonderful post, Susan! Amen to our furry kids – whether feline or canine (as are mine – all adopted/rescued) they are THE best. Jack is a keeper and a sweetie – what a face! He cracks me up with his antics all they way here in Central IL! Hope your Sunday is splendidly stupendous (must be in alliteration mode).
    Congrats to Krista too!
    Much love and furry, soft hugs to you! xoxo, Jeanette

  21. Susan says:

    We went out in the blizzard yesterday with 9 other friends. Drove 2 & 1/2 hrs to see Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous. We got there in time to see the auction where pieces were sold from $40 to $3000. The Chainsaw Rendezvous is on facebook for a great look at the talent. Carvers had about a week to carve a piece and donate it to the auction held yesterday. Our area got about 6″+ of snow so it took us a bit longer to drive there. At least it wasn’t 18 degrees like last year! Just about 30 with strong winds. I had to go buy a pair of socks to save my toes! Lotsa fun but today it was good to be warm, dry and re-enter the world of Susan Branch with a great cuppa.

  22. Pat Mofjeld says:

    I tried to send a reply but it didn’t go through so will try again, so if it shows up twice, bleep one off?! 🙂 I loved the Betsy-Tacy books when I was in, say, 4th grade? Your post makes me want to re-read them! I think Vanna chose the PERFECT place for the cups and saucers to go to…I love the videos of Jack and reading about he and Girl Kitty, even if we have the schnauzers. The “artistic license” you took with the kitty pillow was GREAT! Love that mustache the way I love our schnauzer’s bears and eyebrows. I used to wonder about germs with kitty’s sitting on tables and countertops–until a friend made a comment to me about our dog’s beards being “germy”! I was shocked! I mean, when you have a pet and you love them, cuddle them, they sleep in your lap and on your bed, and are a member of your family, who worries about germs?! My comment back to her was that “people have germs, too, and maybe MORE!” LOL 🙂 You just don’t worry about things like that… 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      I don’t mind people who worry about it — I always pull down my sleeve before I open doors on fast food places when we are traveling on Interstates! So, have my “ick” levels too. I’m glad I don’t feel that way about the cat, it would cause a war to go on inside me!!

      • Karen Saunders says:

        Besides Susan…..since none of us will probably ever be invited to sit down at your table…it’s rather a moot point for people to criticize you in your own house. Kinda hit and run wouldn’t you say?…..and you’re so nice not to criticize us….just sayin’..

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        Well, I don’t handle bathroom door handles if I can help it…(my mother taught me that!) LOL! 🙂

  23. Congrats to Krista. What a lovely thing to do with them. Love Love Love Jack. I love his mustash. It gives him character. 🙂 We also got a young cat to give the older one we had company. They never did get along all that well but the younger one LOVED our dog we got as a puppy after her. They get along so well. Go figure. We are now down to one cat again but thats ok. One dog and one cat makes a full house. 🙂 LOVE your post today. Can’t get enough of Jack.

  24. {oc cottage} says:

    oh, i am so happy she won the tcups! what a great
    cause! and now i have to hunt for those books!
    such an elegant pattern RC is…but my sisters & i
    enjoy the more riotous colors and patterns of the
    Royal Winton variety of chintz…which, obviously,
    is not everyone’s cup of tea…so to speak. and i
    guess that means we must not be very elegant! ;}
    jack is just precious from head to toe! there
    is juuuuuust something about a mustachioed kitty!
    my sister’s Arbusto, had a fine grey one…
    unfortunately a coyote thought it made him a
    tempting treat! sniff! sniff! my boy, Dutch, has
    one too…but it’s color makes it look more like he
    has gravy on his face, than a mustache! ;}
    that little guy was meant to be loved by you!!!

    m ^..^

    • sbranch says:

      Hard to find Royal Winton these days!

    • Joann says:

      Hi OC Cottage—I follow your blog and LOVE it and I’ve been IN LOVE with Royal Winton for sometime!! I’m trying to complete a set of Evesham but can’t find it anywhere…..it’s a long story that goes back to my childhood….but hello!!!

      • sbranch says:

        I hardly ever see any Royal Winton when I’m shopping! I have a girlfriend who I think may have cornered the market; she has a hutch full of it!

  25. FishMama says:

    I grew up with the Betsy books! She inspired me to be a writer, even. I was so glad when they brought them back to print so that my girls can more easily enjoy them. My aunt collected vintage copies for me, but they are falling apart.

  26. Lori Hemmis says:

    I have a yellow tabby cat named “Henry” ( named after my grandpa) who is sleeping on the couch and I said to myself he matches the furniture:) Just cut out my mustache, going to put it on a straw:) I own an RV Park always looking to give the campers something to laugh about:) You said you wanted to know where we were from I am originally from West Palm Beach, Florida. Have a great day. xo

  27. Julie says:

    Love the photo of the two kids, posing on the dining room table,
    waiting to be served—To the Manor Born !

    “Girl Kitty” always looks so Grace Kelly regal—even in the mirror !

    Little boy “Jack” could care less—reminds me of the “Artful Dodger”.
    Such a sweet, little, juvenile delinquent kitty.
    You need to photograph him, wearing Joe’s beret,
    next to your palette & paintbrushes-
    i’m sure, he’s good for a few masterpieces of his own…just like Mama !

  28. Pat Beckman says:

    Susan so enjoyed your story this morning..you are truly amazing.I have been a fan forever. Can’t remember when I first bought your first book.this blog has me sooooo hooked.
    One short thing about cats on the table, people should get a life I think.we have had 2 totally different cats one was every where and that’s how I thought they behaved until we got Pansy.
    (had to have a flower name after the last one was peanut butter) she has never jumped up on the table or the counter in the kitchen, when we got new leather sofas a few years ago we taught her she wasn’t allowed on them by using a squirt bottle and telling her no. She never gets on them unless she gets on our laps while we’re sitting.( maybe a little sneak once in awhile) thanks so much
    Pat Beckman

    • sbranch says:

      Girl never gets on the kitchen counters, she never has . . . but the bird feeders are outside the windows there, and the thinking thing inside Jack is completely undeveloped at this time!

  29. Kelly J. says:

    Happy Sunday, Susan! I’m rooting for The Help tonight at the “big show!” Can’t wait for the red carpet shows to start! Kelly in Eastern PA….gorgeous sunshine & blue skies today 🙂

  30. Christine says:

    Love the kitty story again. I have been following it along the way but, put together, charming!
    Covina, ca

  31. Rae Ann says:

    Congratulations to Krista…I never read the Betsy books~Boxcar children and Nancy Drew were my favorites, but I may have to check out the Betsy books…here in western Minnesota we are at the beginning of a week of blizzardy snow days…glad we got “provisions” in yesterday and I have a stack of books waiting for me…it looks beautiful from inside…and that is where I’m going to stay ;-)…

  32. Sara says:

    Holiday, FL … hopefully soon to be Georgia 🙂

    Congrats to Krista!

    Love those kitty pics!

  33. Carla says:

    Loooove the Jackie Boy stories~ he’s a good boy, what a love Susan! I can tell you are one proud kitty-mommy 🙂

  34. Susan Havey says:

    Susan, thanks for another post to make us all smile. I think you should compile the Jack movies and your writing into a children’s book which could be so entertaining on an IPad and IPhone for kids. And I’m sure you’d pick the correct music to play in the background (perhaps something from the Fred Astaire movie “Top Hat and Tails”. What an entertaining creature! Just think of all the poor sick kids who would feel better watching Jack’s antics.
    Congrats to Krista and I’m off to search for the Betsy-Tacy books as I have a daughter named Betsy and never knew about those books.

    Suzi in Spokane

  35. Tina says:

    You really spoke to me today. First the Betsy-Tacy books – my all-time favorites as a child, and a few years ago I bought an entire set for myself to re-read as a middle aged woman. I still love them so much. I won’t even try and fool myself that they’re for my grandkids (I also bought myself a set of the Little House books).

    As for Jack and Girl – I have three cats, and although they might not be buddies at times, it is stimulating for them to have others of their kind around. I always feel so sorry for single pets. Girl may not “like” little Jack, but he’ll keep her on her toes. Jack is the cutest little guy and smart, too. Tuxedos seem to exude personality.

  36. You should have named your post “Fate”. Between Krista winning that particular pattern of cups for her auction and your naming Jack before you saw his collar! It’s like when I got my dog, Gabriel, in 2008. Forty years before my husband and I, before we were married, thought up the name Gabriel for our first born son, but when he came 12 years later we worried he’d be called Gabby by classmates and named him something else instead. So I decided on the name for our empty-nester puppy. When I called about the 4-month-old puppy in the newspaper ad and asked when he was born, wouldn’t you know it was my first-born’s birthday!

    I love Jack’s “under-carriage”. His markings are as unique as his personality!

  37. Georgie says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to reach arcoss the internet and say Happy Weekend to Girlfriends all over the country… and beyond! Susan, your posts help us do that!!! Today is a “Make some Chicken Stock Day”! This is the first time for me and I’m loving the domesticity feeling 🙂 Our huge two handled pot is happily simmering away on the stove and is filled with rich golden goodness. Joe has come in and out of the kitchen all morning saying how wonderful the house smells! Seeing your step-by-step photos make me feel as though everyone is right there cooking together… The only thing that’s missing is Jack (smile)!

    Congratulations Krista! What a wonderful thing for you to do with your teacups… use them for something beyond your grasp! That’s so beautiful.

    Thanks again for reaching into our day Susan!
    Georgie (from Yardville, NJ)

  38. Terri from Swansboro, NC says:

    I was feeling a little lonesome today and this post just did my heart so MUCH good! Who needs expensive therapy? We have you and the kids and so much love about life. I love the part in your story where you show Joe Jack’s name tag and he says he will go get the crate! It just brought tears to my eyes to read it. And I have followed this from the beginning and that part always chokes me up! Why? My husband would have done the exact same thing. I miss him. He will be here some time in June. Can’t wait to see him! But for now, I have you, Joe and the kids! Love to you all…

  39. Jenny says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s normal (and appropriate) to have kitties lounging on the dining room table! That picture is sooo cute. And I love that you can see Girl Kitties reflection in the mirror. Kitty kisses and purrs to Jack and Girl Kitty from my 3 kitties in Destin, FL.

  40. Joan says:

    OH! that was one of the BESTEST blogs ever! Meow———Can’t wait for the “wallpaper” – what a clever idea for all of us cat lovers.

  41. Katy Noelle says:

    What WONDERFUL stories! Both your’s and Krista’s! I just want to join the chorus and tell you so. and it must be said (it absolutely must) that Jack is both dapper and handsome… and, yes,….will you look at that? The spitting image of Hercule Poirot! Brilliant! =]

  42. Joan in Texas says:

    Always love seeing what your kitties are up too. So cute!
    My mom had a big beautiful tuxedo cat 40 or so years ago. They named him Clark after Clark Gable because he had a slightly off-kitler black mustache. The explanation was that “Clark” had been out drinking and got a little tipsy and his mustache was “falling off”. So whenever I see Jack – it always reminds me of good old Clark. Girl Kitty is sitting so pretty. Love her pink bubble gum nose.

  43. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Yay! Congratulations Krista! Perfect winner drawn by Vanna! I’m going to look for Betsy-Tacy books, my granddaughters probably need them. Loved the kitties update. My niece sent a picture of the pile of kitty toys her 2 had hidden under the stove (had to take the front panel off to get to them) & I quit counting at 34!!!!!! They knew the toys were somewhere! Maybe some of those are Jacks? Thanks for the the blog! xo to all!

  44. Marie (Williamsburg, Virginia) says:

    Susan~you never fail to delight us! Jack is a character! And Girl Kitty such a lady for allowing Jack to be. Too darn cute! Thanks for the always-right Musica and the links.

    Congrats’ Krista! How generous of you to donate your win to such a good cause. Wishing you a happy event.

    Enjoy the Oscar’s Girlfiends!

    Marie xo

  45. Country Gal says:

    Love your blog . I have been following for almost a year now ! You bring so much to so many people here and I want to thank you for who you are and all you do !

  46. lisa says:

    My 5 year old son and I just adore Jack. He’s always asking if there’s new video of Jack to watch. Love that mustache! I’d print that mustache for my cat, Midnight, but as she is all black (even her nose) I don’t we’d see it! Congratulations to Krista!
    Lisa from Flower Mound, TX

  47. Cindy Tuning says:

    Congratulations Krista!! I just don’t know how you’ll part with them. But, they’ll definately have a big draw at your auction. My Lucy is also a Tuxedo kitty. She sleeps on my bed every night curled up next to my little dog Blake at the foot of the bed.It took her about a year before she would do that as she was used to sleeping under porches, shrubs, parked cars or anywhere else she felt safe before she found us.Well, the sun is shining here in WNY on the shores of Lake Erie. In fact we walked the beach this morning looking for glass.Only 27 degrees and windy but….I found a perfect heart shape aqua piece.It’s all good!

  48. Suzanne says:

    Hi Susan, Omg, I never laughed so hard, that little mustache has become quite the center of attention! The pillow cracked me up, and the girls with their straw mustaches, so funny! That little guy looks like he has brought much fun and love into your home, I think even girl kitty thinks so! I really loved the pic with his googley eyes watching the bug, I just couldn’t stop laughing.
    Congratulations Krista, good luck on the auction!
    Thanks Susan for a very funny blog today, I just love the on going antics of Jack and Girl. Have a beautiful day, (I off for a walk now). East Longmeadow, Ma.

  49. Carol from Connecticut says:

    Thank you for your generosity of time. I look forward to every single blog post that you compose. It’s such a treat watching Jack grow up. We have a 14 yr. old boy tuxedo cat named “Freshie”. I discovered by sheer accident that he loves bubbles! He sits at the glass slider door every morning and cries until I take him outside on the deck and blow bubbles! He chases them, jumps for them, eats them, beats them up with his paw, and cries and looks at me when they disappear! Because the air is cold the bubbles last longer. He ends up covered with them! We laugh and laugh and laugh. I bet Jack would try to fetch a bubble just for you! Would you blow bubbles for him, take a video, and share it with us? Pretty please? meow…frrrrt…purrrrr

  50. April Anderson says:

    Aren’t cats great! Each has its own unique personality. I always enjoy your pics of Girl kitty and Jack. 🙂

  51. Patricia says:

    What a wonderful post! So much to comment on. First congrats to Krista- it’s very generous of her to auction off her winnings! I loved the Betsy-Tacy books as a child and in fact think I better dig them out to introduce Alice to them. We are visiting my father in law in England in June so I really will be on the search for some pretty china at the car boot sales and antiques places. The north of England is loaded with them and I am determined to find pretty china like that. It makes me happy just looking at photos I can’t imagine actually owning and using such lovely dishes and cups. I’d have a silly grin with every cup of tea and plate of chicken. 🙂 Alice would love a Jack more than anything….she is currently saving all her spending money for a “real pet”. I hate disappointing her but we plan to move back to England in about 5 years and we worry about stranding a pet in quarantine. So we both happily live vicariously through you with your lovely photos, videos, and posts about your kitties. Anyway thank you for a great post- it was fun to read! Happy Sunday!
    Patricia and Alice in upstate NY xx

  52. Joann says:

    Congratulations to Krista!!! I LOVE the story!!! xoxo

  53. Mia Sophia says:

    Love the blog! Was just sitting here hoping to hear from you today. Enjoy the Oscars tonight. Jack will be voting for The Artist…black and white movie and best actor nominee donning a mustache! Both movie and Jack are irresistable. Girl Kitty is a beauty too! Happy day to you and yours…love you!

  54. peg says:

    Jack’s got it made in the shade, girlfriend!!! Too cute! Our 90 pound Pete thought he was a lap dog….made us laugh everytime he tried to get on Charlie’s lap! We, too, have a kabillion photos of our pups……lots of memories!!! Happy Sunday, Sue! ♥

  55. M J Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing about Jack. I love the little videos you post … he is adorable! But I have to ask … how do you handle your cats’ claws? Mine has wrecked my furniture, rugs, comforter, etc. And he has a cat scratching post that he uses but he still claws everything!! Uhhggghhh!!!!! If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!
    MJ Smith

    • sbranch says:

      I don’t do very good at that either I’m afraid. We have a post, they are pretty good at using it. In the summers they use the trees, but every so often we find them at a certain chair they seem to gravitate to. Just part of the territory. The post when they are young, and making it into a toy, that’s my only tip.

      • Carol from Connecticut says:

        To deter your kitties (or dogs) from furniture or anywhere you can spray ‘Bitter Apple’ on the area you’d like avoided. It’s available in pet stores. Ask for it. Cats are repulsed by the smell of citrus. Leave orange, lemon, lime, or grapefruit peels where you prefer kitty not scratch or sit or lounge. Double-sided tape is not liked by a cat’s paws. It’s impossible to shake off. I’ve placed it on side seams and backs of chairs. One time stuck is enough to make kitty frown and stay away. They don’t like to scratch through plastic bags. If you’re desperate and you’ve got a tough customer, try attaching plastic store bags with double-sided tape to your furniture! What a project! Should work. Meow….frrrrt…purrrrr…fsah!

    • Joan says:

      re: cat claws – if you go to a pet supply store you can buy “claw caps” – you glue them on the front cat claws – they usually last several weeks before having to be replaced. They generally come off one at a time, so you don’t have to replace them all at once except for the first time. You can get colors too, so if you have a female cat they look like their nails are polished.

  56. Theresa says:

    …..oh my goodness…

  57. Deborah Winter says:

    Hi Susan!

    Just wondered if you would ever consider adding a “Notify me when someone replies to this comment” button? I noticed that you had close to 2,000 replies to one of your blogs and to go through to check to see if you responded is nearly impossible! Just a suggestion. Very much enjoy Jack the Cat stories; keep them coming!

    • sbranch says:

      My blog needs a little general update; I will include that on my list of “hoped fors!”

    • dottie says:

      I am already wishing for the archived by year and month list of posts over at the lower right which most blogs have — I love it when I find a blog I enjoy and then I can click on the year it started and see three post in Jan, two in Feb, etc and wowrk my way back to where I came in. Here on yours it would make it easy to find a previous post which had some info should I lose track of it. Looking forward to your polishing whenver it may happen — meanwhile just enjoy the warmth and the reminders which abound to emjoy the details, the moments in our lives as they should be enjoyed.

  58. Kathy Phenix says:

    Loved the blog today! But then I’m a cat person (love dogs, too). It doesn’t bother me at all to see cats on counters or tables. They are probably a lot cleaner than most kids! We are all too germaphobic! Our immune systems welcome a few germs every once in a while. RELAX!
    Speaking of animals matching your furniture. I’ve owned Siamese cats for the last 40 years and therefore I tend to like blues and browns. I call them my “Siamese colors” ie the blue eyes and the dark brown paws, faces and tails. When first born Siamese are pure white and then slowly they get “smudges” of color on their paws and face. It’s so fun to watch them develop into full grown beauties. I was privileged to raise 3 litters that my beauty “Holly” had back in the 70’s. What fun!! All the litters had the same “father”, “Romeo”. Holly was crazy about him. She had rejected the first “stud” I introduced her to. Fond memories. Love to “Jack” and “Girl Kitty”.

  59. Joanie Bedwell says:

    About kitties, tables. and counters…..My mom, who died 3 years ago, always taught me–kindness, always be kind. I really don’t understand why people feel the need to make negative comments on things that really don’t matter in the scheme of things. I’d rather have kitty counters than live without knowing the love of pets.

    • sbranch says:

      We’re so lucky here, we have so many kind hearts around us!! I get it about the kitty feet, I have a very best friend in the world who I adore, who wouldn’t think of allowing any furry animals to share her bed. It’s her nature, she can’t help it. I still love her!

  60. Victoria Miller says:

    Love your posts about Girl Kitty and Jack. I see these and think how wonderful to have kitties, and then immediately in my mind appears a picture of a cat standing on my chest at 5 a.m. waking me up to feed it. Also, having been through it with a husband, kids, cats, dogs, snakes, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, turtles…well, you get the drift…now that everyone is very adult and I have been on my own for years, the rule in my home is unless you are willing and capable of bringing me tea and coffee, you cannot live here. So far, I’m the only one who qualifies. But it’s OK, because I have too many interests and not enough time, and lots of family and friends. It’s too true, “…ain’t life grand!” Thanks for sharing the Tales of Girl Kitty and Jack. I can enjoy kitties without one standing on my chest yowling to be fed at absurd hours of the morning. I think that was the last cat I had…

  61. Jack says:

    Just a short reference to kitties on the table…..they are completely indoctrinated with only the”Branch Household” set of infectious germs — immunity is already established !….not like the handles on the shopping carts in the local grocery , or the door handle to the drug store frequented by contagious people seeking drug relief for viral infections , or the magazines and chair handles in doctors waiting rooms — we even sometimes lick our fingers to help turn pages on those magazines …….if you were to go to the trouble to analyze it you could no doubt find more bacteria on the wash rag in the kitchen sink than on your cats…….rest easy , bubonic plague’s not a problem……

    • sbranch says:

      This is where I got it, right Dad? I agree with every brilliant word. What’s a little kitty lips?

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        I agree, Jack. Bubonic plague was carried by rats, not kitties. What’s little schnauzer lips??? 🙂 And on the subject of shopping carts: Recently while in Target, after grabbing a shopping cart from the stack, I realized that I was smelling perfume–very strongly–and I don’t use perfume because of my husband’s and my own allergies. Ugh–someone must have bathed in perfume before they came shopping and my own hands picked up the strong scent from the handle on the cart!!! Now, THAT hit MY “ick level”!!!! Makes me want to wear gloves when shopping–okay in Minnesota now in the winter but I won’t be able to do it obviously this summer! LOL! 🙂

    • Tamar Weaver says:

      Hey Susan’s Dad!! 🙂

  62. Terri says:

    Hello from Orangevale, CA,
    Thank you for the info on the recipiant of the tea cups. I did live in MN for 2 years, and WI for 30 and had never heard of the Betsy-Tacy books. I did love the read about your Peter Rabbit room… I have been big for Beatrix Potter for decades. Love the pictures from the old books… not the digital. Love your guest room story and tour. The Jack story is not a runner up story, but an entertaining first prize, in my book. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  63. Linda Trokey says:

    So great to hear that someone else grew up loving Betsy and Tacy. I still have a couple of my books and I made myself a “writing” spot like that in the books so I’d feel like a writer. What fun to relive those wonderful adventures with Betsy and Tacy and your adventures with Jack, who sounds like so much fun!

    Linda T

  64. jeanette from Oklahoma says:

    Your teacup could not have found a more worthy home–temporary as it is! What a wonderful higher purpose she will serve! I am vacationing and now truly missing my “Sammie Cat”, after watching Jack. I first started reading your blog a few days before you got him–isn’t it awesome to know how it was truly meant to be that he entered you life!

  65. Linda P says:

    Loved reading the story of Jack again, so lovingly acknowledged that he belonged. The Lord knows our needs before we ask them. I love the photo of the two of them on the table. Reminds me of my Grandma, who would cut up cantaloupe for her cats, so they could eat beside her…….. yes, they did like cantaloupe and sat on her table with her!!
    We don’t have any pets at the moment, loosing our Sunny Boy (maltese) in Aug. but we are feeding strays – afterall, we feed the birds too! They aren’t ours, but can’t stand the thought that perhaps they are hungry too.
    I’m almost thrilled I didn’t win the beautiful chintz cups – almost!! Congratulations to Krista and do hope they bring a smile to the one who receives them. It is certainly generous to donate them!!
    A beautiful Sunday to you! xo

  66. Bonnie L says:

    Congratulations to Krista! What a wonderful thing to do! I hope you raise bunches of money. Now I am going to the bookstore website and look up the author Maud Hart Lovelace 🙂 Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon!

  67. Jack says:

    Reply, part two: Growing up as you did, with the 4 brothers you had, you have already developed immunity to most known infections. If you recall we had snakes, gila monsters, various spiders, lizards, mice, rats, Tarantulas, and a few unknown species, with free run of the house, at least till we found out. I remember Brad’s snake was free for one month ’till we caught him crossing the Dining Room floor while cooking dinner one evening. Your Mom actually jumped out of her shoes — her mouth was going but no sound was coming out. I thought she was having a spell ….

    • sbranch says:

      I think I blocked this all out! How could I live in a house with a loose snake in it? I think I hear mom’s voice saying, “Shhhh, Jack, don’t let Sue know!”

      • Laura says:

        You forgot to mention frogs, toads, crawfish and bats…I grew up with all brothers, too :/

        • sbranch says:

          You are so right. Fried baloney sandwiches.

          • Laura says:

            Baseball cards, erector sets, jumping off the garage roof, bb guns, trips to the emergency room, building go carts in the garage, model airplanes, drinking milk straight out of the carton, football, kick the can, basketball on the driveway after dinner…brothers…I love them!

          • sbranch says:

            I can’t believe yours jumped off the garage roof too? Two of mine were wearing homemade very heavy canvas “parachutes” — one of them broke his arm. During that period my mom had one boy with two broken arms, and another with one. They kept life interesting. I was so boring, with the half slip on my head playing bride.

  68. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Oh Jack, he is such a cutie…..I just love seeing what he is up to!!! He is truly keeping you young, Susan!!! When I was a teenager, I cleaned house for an elderly Polish lady who had two dogs and one cat. The cat amused me all of the time! Either he was trying to hitch a ride on the vaccuum cleaner, rolling around the bedlinens, as I made up the beds, or his favorite act of jumping (flying) from the refrigerator down to the kitchen counter as I washed the dishes, I could always count on her cat to keep me entertained!!! Jack is your little blessing!!! Congratulations to Krista!!!! (I never heard of these special books, but will try to look them up at our main library in Dearborn, Michigan where I live.)

    look them up at our main library in Dearborn, Michigan.)

    • Carilyn Wolski says:

      Oops, I think part of my last line was repeated when I corrected a misspelled word 🙁 Sometimes I think my computer has a mind of it’s own…..so sorry for the error!

  69. Dale Worness says:

    Thanks for the pictures of Jack and Girl Kitty together. How about one of Jack with his look-alike pillow, or doesn’t he stay still long enough? You did such a terrific job drawing the mustache on it. Jack sure looks like the guy who played Hercule Poirot! That’s who I thought of the first time I saw Jack’s picture!
    I don’t remember the Betsy-Tacy books, only the ones about Betsy and her little sister Star. Did you ever read the Judy Bolton series by Margaret Sutton? Kind of like Nancy Drew but Judy was a lot more spunky. I had the whole set when I was young, and now I’m gradually re-collecting them after 40+ years! Sure could’ve saved a lot of $ if I had kept them! Oh, well! It’s fun tracking them down.
    Congrats to Krista 🙂
    From Dale in St Petersburg, FL

    • sbranch says:

      Oh yes, there’s no posing a cat. Staaaay. staaay. No. It would have to be a lucky break as are all my photos of him!!

  70. Mary Ann - Central Highlands of Mexico says:

    Just love those kitties! And I’m happy to see they are allowed on the table and counters. As is mine. All my kitties over the years had free range in the house. Everything (except wood) is spritzed with white vinegar, but I truly don’t feel my cat is dirty and will make me ill. Nor does her fur end up in the food. My dog (mini-poodle) has free-range, too, except he can’t jump up to reach the counter and table. Instead, we do pull up a chair for him when we eat. We hand-feed him at times. Spoiled? Nah. We just love them all!

  71. Susan, your mustachio-ed little fella is growing up too, too fast! He is getting so big! We lost our kitty, MacKenzie a year and half ago to cancer (he was only 8) and I haven’t been able to think about getting another one…..until your Jack came along. So now, I’m thinking maybe it’s time to bring some feline fun and hilarity into our home again. We have two senior dogs, one who likes cats, and one who doesn’t. Wonder how it would work? Thanks a bunch for the fun photos and videos.

  72. Becky says:

    I love Betsy-Tacy books!!! How I would love to be at the convention this summer, but alas it is too far from southeastern Oklahoma!!! So glad the cups and saucers found another good home!

  73. Ann Y. (Adamstown, PA) says:

    Congratulations to Krista ! And once again, now nice of you to give the cups away. I love that they have had a life and their story goes on….OMG, I have not thought about Betsy and Tacey in years. I loved those books, especially Betsy and Tacey Go Downtown ….I think if fueled my love of libraries. Betsy is allowed to go downtown to the BIG library, and she reads and reads, and her parents give her money to eat lunch, and she goes to the little store and gets a sandwich, then goes back to the library and reads and reads. I remember that her mother makes her a special place in an old trunk for her keep her writing and to keep her things. That’s it….have to get a copy and re-read it. So even though Krista won the cups, I won, too. I will have a trip back in time. Thank you for you blog and all the creativity it brings. Lazy day here….tea, newspaper, a good book, a loving husband to make more tea and bring it to my chair because “I can’t stop reading this…!” Bliss !

  74. Wendy says:

    Jack. I just adore that sweet baby boy. Loved that this whole blog entry was dedicated to him (well, and the teacups)! He was most certainly meant to be yours. Y’know, for three years after our [human] baby was born we didn’t have a kitty to grace our home. We were kitty-free. Though I did not miss the fur or the litter, there was an emptiness around here that was undeniable. For the last two years we have enjoyed our Maine coon boy and girl SO much! The boy is so huge that his whole self doesn’t fit on my lap – bit we manage. He puts his head on my lap and drapes the rest of his big kitty bod on the couch. He is the BEST snuggler EVER!

    And guess what? I used to be a pet sitter and I’m just about to start up again! Yay!! Days filled with doggy hugs and kitty kisses!!

  75. Tamar Weaver says:

    Hey Susan,

    Gotta say, the bold cat germ remarks shock me and crack me up. You are so gracious about it all. Bottom line….your cats + your house = your buisness. Who cares? It’s not like you are showing up on our doorsteps with your cats in tow and setting them down on our countertops. Now, is it? Geeez.

    Anyway….I ordered the thinkin like Leanardo book and the Girlfriends book and I am really excited for them to get here. I started a basic meditation and streaching routine and I am really enjoying it. I did a small “mind map” and it was pretty enlightening. There were only like 5 things on it. I thought “Susan ‘s had a bunch of stuff on it” Then I thought “well, Susan has a desire to do more, and I have a desire to have less to do, so that makes sense!” 🙂 Maybe I did it right. The blog with all that stuff on it was a great one. Thanks for sharing.

    Since you want to know where we are from, I spent about the first 20 years of my life on the west coast in California and Washington State, and the last 17 in rural North Carolina whre my Mother is from, southeast of Raleigh. Talk about culture shock. I’m bi-coastal. My accent fits in no-where!

    Have a great weekend.

    Love, Tamar

  76. Debbie P Weedsport, NY (near Syracuse) says:

    Hi, Susan and girlfriends~
    What a happy post today! Well, every post is happy…what am I saying?
    Congratulations, Krista! It was meant to be….so lucky! I just love when we can take something we’ve been given and “pay it forward”, don’t you?
    These beautiful teacups and saucers inspired me to go up to the attic (this was before your comments, Susan, about basements and attics…otherwise, I might have put it off awhile longer as I’m not a big fan of spider webs, myself) and retrieve the 2 boxes that my grandmother gave me many, many years ago. I knew the boxes held her set of china but for some reason, I never thought it would “fit in” with my stuff. I almost unpacked the boxes several months ago, feeling inspired when I first discovered your blog and telling you that I currently live in the home that my grandparents lived in. It’s almost as if once the thought was planted in my head, those dishes kept calling my name. So, last week, I got them out, each piece wrapped lovingly in newspaper. Through my tears, I gently washed and dried them and my heart smiled with each memory of the Easter dinners at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Grandma always made a wonderful ham dinner, including a delicious raisin sauce, that gelatin salad with the cabbage and carrots in it and homemade pies for dessert. I could almost hear the laughter and the fun as we gathered around her table.
    The dishes are now displayed in my china cabinet (also given to me from Grandma). The marking on the back says Heritage -made in the USA-golden scroll pattern – 22 kt. gold scroll. They have a lovely bouquet of spring flowers in the center and the gold scroll around the edges. They aren’t perfect but they are so pretty and I can’t believe I waited all these years to get them out!
    Well, the timer just went off…gotta go…the family’s coming over for dinner to celebrate our youngest son’s 20th birthday….we WILL be using the most beautiful dishes in the world and my kids will hear more stories today about my childhood and my grandparents.
    Hope everyone is having a wonderful day….the sun is warm and bright here today with the hope of Spring in the air after a very blustery, snowy couple of days.
    xoxo Debbie

    • sbranch says:

      I’m excited about your dishes! I’m sure you wouldn’t think about it, but I found out the hard way that anything with gold on it shouldn’t go in a dishwasher! So happy for you! The dishes that belong with the house!

      • Debbie P Weedsport, NY (near Syracuse) says:

        Oooh…..thank you! It’s so easy to load the dishwasher after having company for dinner…but luckily I didn’t. Sorry for your misfortune but grateful for the info….I would have been heart-broken.

    • Georgie says:

      Oh Debbie! What a wonderful post! I got all misty-eyed while reading it. I purchased my grandparents home too complete with her old pine hutch. When I was in my 20’s she gave me a set of Stangl Fruit Pattern (made in Trenton, NJ). I didn’t think they were particularly attractive at the time. Now I wouldn’t trade them for the world. We’ve taken over the traditional Christmas dinner. Every year I have my happy memories cry looking back over the wonderful childhood memories this house celebrated filled with loved ones. I can only hope my husband (Joe) and I can provide more happy memories to others as they visit. We have dishes coming out of our ears from my great grandmothers. Everytime I set them out I am reminded of love passed down through the years.

      I’m so happy you are using your special dishes!!! Happy Birthday to your son!!!

      Georgie (Yardville, NJ)

      • Debbie P Weedsport, NY (near Syracuse) says:

        Hi, Georgie~
        I KNEW there was another one of us that had her Grandmother’s home….so glad to “meet” you! Isn’t it interesting how things change as we get older? I know I didn’t appreciate all the simple beauty and the extraordinary details of my life when I was younger. Maybe it was because I was busy raising my family….getting ahead in the world…always wanting the next, newest thing…I’m not sure.
        But with age, comes wisdom….and more time to reflect….and ofcourse, we experience more loss as time goes on…
        If I only knew THEN what I know NOW, right?! Gratitude, Appreciation and the Joy of Sharing what we’ve been given….we’ve been blessed, haven’t we?
        Hope you have a wonderful day, Georgie!

      • Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

        I also collect Stangl dishes – fruit pattern 🙂 and that’s what my mother had when we were kids, had to replace enough to serve lunch to girlfriends 🙂

  77. Laurie Walt-Illinois says:

    The kitties are so cute! pets are such great companions aren’t they? I have my own companion-a Great Dane named Sadie. Pure LOVE!!!!!! We do all things together, but her favorite thing to do is garden. Which is good because I am a Master Gardener! Pure Kismit!

  78. Chris Wells says:

    Congratulations to Krista! There isn’t a girlfriend who isn’t happy for you! Those beautiful cups & saucers are going where they belong. And as Susan said…their journey is not over.
    My BEST cat ever was a black & white male cat named Scamper. I was honored to share his life for 15 years. I have always wanted another black & white. Right now, I have Katherine Rose, an all black cat, a rescue. I have mostly rescues in my life and you just can’t be choosey about color. God gave them to me for a reason. My cats have never been on my kitchen counters or my table, I guess they just know I don’t want them up there. EXCEPT for Scamper, whose feet I could hear HIT the floor as I entered the room, such a smart cat…so I can say “I NEVER saw Scamp on my counters or table!” LOL

  79. Jacquie Sewell says:

    I’m so glad the teacups are going to support the Betsy Tacy houses! I LOVE Betsy and Tacy and their books (and of course the author Maud H. Lovelace). I hope many of your readers are inspired to check out Betsy-Tacy (the first book in the series) from their local library and get caught up in their wonderful life-long friendship.

    • Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

      speaking of wonderful life-long friendships….Jacquie and I have been girlfriends since we were 4 years old!! and now we’ve celebrated our 57th birthdays (although she is a month older than moi)
      xoxoxo to you Jacquie! from your dear friend Barbie

  80. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    Congratulations, Krista! And thank you, Susan, for our consolation prize. Jack is precious. We had a tuxedo cat years ago named Kitty (he was a boy) and we had a beautiful, tiny little grey and white girl named Mama Kitty. Mama lived a long, happy life and brought a lot of joy to ours–she was 21 years old when she left us.

    I found this website a few days ago, and I am enjoying it so very much! I dearly love books by Gladys Taber and just added Harvest of Yesterdays to my collection. Have you read it? It is a reminiscence of her life from childhood through 1976. I, too, have a shelf dedicated to my Gladys books. I attended the FOGT reunion in Southbury Connecticut summer before last (something very high on my “bucket list”) and got to visit Stillmeadow and meet Gladys’ daughter Connie and her granddaughters Anne and Alice, as well as her then 2 year old great granddaughter Kate. I treasure a photo my sister-in-law took of me during our visit to Stillmeadow in front of that dear white house. I framed it and it sits on the shelf with her books and a little glass unicorn. The March issue of the FOGT newsletter will probably arrive this week–I also did a little shopping (honey, mug, and shelf liner) on your site, so I will be most anxious for the mail to arrive for the next few days!

    Thanks again for this site, Susan, It is wonderful, and since I’ve found it it has become a beautiful part of my day!

  81. Gert~Iowa says:

    Oh Susan, congratulations to your winner! What a wonderful idea she has and hope it brings lots of funds to her fundraiser!! I absolutely love Jack…and Girl Kitty, we have a dog whom “we” lve dearly…but I would really enjoy having a cat! smile…Tom….not so much! I’ve heard all the complaints too about them being up on the counters etc…but I never gave it a second thought when I had mine…just loved her too much! You are lucky that you AND Joe love cats!

    Blessings my friend…

  82. Heidi Rose (Issaquah, WA) says:

    Congratulations, Krista!! So glad you won! 🙂 I’ve never heard of the Betsy-Tacy books before but they sound like they are right up my alley. ♥ How on earth did I miss them!?! They are next on my reading list! I love hearing all about Jack. What a lovable, mischievous little guy! I’m a kitty person as well as a dog person with one of each. I think it’s a lot easier to mix a Golden Retriever with a kitten than an older cat with a kitten. We tried that years ago, and our older girl kitty, Molly decided she’d had enough of that kitten business and moved in with our next-door neighbor! Talk about rejection! I’m glad to see that Girl Kitty has stayed put and gotten used to Jack. Maybe now you need to get a puppy! 🙂

  83. Pam T. says:

    What a wonderful blog post today! (well…that’s a silly thing to say…because they ALL are!) I LOVE that the cups are going to a wonderful cause. Although I am not familiar with the books, knowing that the tea cups will somehow help preserve a priceless treasure of our collective pasts is just joyful. Plus now I must check out those books! Then all the adorable pictures of your Clown-in-Residence, Mr. Jack. I have told my boys (one of whom is named Jack by the way or “Jack-a-doodle-doo” on particular mornings, but don’t ever tell him I told you!) 🙂 the next cat we adopt must be a “Tuxedo cat”. A friend of ours has one and you have two and they are all completely entertaining and adorable. We have two precious kitties we love to pieces, so although we will someday adopt a Tuxedo cat, we do hope that will be quite some time from now, I must admit. Until then, please keep the Jack-antics videos coming. We LOVE them. 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS again to Krista!

    • sbranch says:

      I’ll have to use that Jack-a-doodle-doo! 🙂

    • Pam T. says:

      I almost forgot to tell you…a friend of mine will be at the Awards tonight. Watch for her on the red carpet!! She will be the adorable blonde in the blue dress, wearing MY wrap and earrings! So…my wrap and earrings will be going to the Awards!! LOL! How bout that? The academy uses “seat fillers” for when a star has to go get their award, and my friend Kandi will be one of them, so I’m very excited to watch this year to see if I catch a glimpse of her. Isn’t that just SOO exciting!! 🙂 I’ll make sure she tells me all about it and then I can tell you!

  84. Julie Cavrich says:

    Congrats to Krista! I never get enough of Jack or Girl. Loved the photo of them on the table. Now to get ready to watch the Red Carpet! Happy Ocsar watching! Kisses to the Kitties!

  85. Dinarsoar says:

    From the hills of TN: I love your kitties and I love Jack’s story. I tear up each time I read how he came to be yours and how his name was Jack. It was a sign from above. One day he will settle down, but his clown antics are good for the soul. And girl Kitty–such a sweet critter, I can tell just by looking at her–her sweetness comes across the screen.

  86. Sheila Brazzell says:

    Congrats Krista! How sweet of you to pass your cups along for a good cause. I hope you are reading all the comments.
    What a fun blog today. Jack, Jack and more Jack. I can never get enough of him. Love to see Girl Kitty too. Thanks from the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

    • Debbie P Weedsport, NY (near Syracuse) says:

      Hi, Sheila~
      My daughter lives in Summerville. We’ve been to visit a few times and LOVE Charleston and Folly Beach….beautiful area and such lovely, friendly people!

  87. Marie (Long Beach, CA) says:

    First, congratulations Krista! It’s wonderful of you to donate the cups and saucers to a silent auction to raise money for the Betsy-Tacy houses. And Susan you are so thoughtful to include a little card with the teacups to congratulate Krista’s highest bidder. It would be so great Krista, if you’d put them on eBay and then we could all bid on those two beautiful pink and white Rose Chintz cups and saucers! As always, I enjoyed all you shared with us today Susan! And the way you made that kitty pillow look exactly like Jack is fantastic! Life is good. ♥

  88. JudyCinNC says:

    I believe the teacups found their own winner – how perfect and appropriate. “Good job Ms. Vanna – since you took over.” Jack/Jacque is still so cute and his antics are hilarious. We will be setting out dinner on the lap trays tonight .. getting ready for the red carpet and the hoopla. Great blog full of wonderful pictures – Judy C

  89. Karen V (Avon, CT) says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for the Jack and Girl Kitty recap, I can’t help but crack up when I watch your videos of him, especially fetching! So cute and funny! We also had older kitties at our house, and we thought a kitten would be fun and “re-energize” us and these older kitties, but when we got our little tiger kitten, Jif, he did get them moving, but mostly because they were running away from him! He always wanted to play but they didn’t feel the same, they just wanted peace and quiet! Well, they are all friends now, but it was a bit crazy for a while there.
    Thanks to you and Krista for introducing the BetsyTacy books to me, I just love Lois Lenski’s illustrations, so I’m sure that I will love these books. They look charming and old fashioned.
    Have a great week!

  90. Rosinda says:

    Congratulations to the blog giveaway winner – Krista! I can imagine how thrilled she is, or will be, once she sees she won!
    Susan, you’re right, we’re all winners today and everyday. You give us the gift of friendship, inspiration and love through your blog, tweets, recipes and books! Thank you!
    I am officially on the hunt for Johnson Brothers rose chintz pieces. I think they’re beautiful and they remind me of sweet and beautiful YOU! xoxo

  91. Congrats to Krista. Definitely fate! 🙂
    Great post Susan! Thank you!
    I’ve just read Life of Jack out loud to my husband coz I’ve actually managed to get him ‘hooked’ on that gorgeous kitty! 😀 Would you believe it!! He’s not a crafty or bloggy person and I’m sure I quite bore him with all my crafty/bloggy talk etc, so I’m quite pleased that he seems to have taken an interest at all! Come to think of it, maybe I’ve just brainwashed him instead, coz I read your blog faithfully, and insist on reading all the good, funny and Jack bits out loud. He doesn’t have a choice really. Then when I asked him this morning if he wanted to hear all about Jack’s life, the answer was ‘yes’ instantly! 😀 Got him, and I’m reeling him in hook line and sinker! I didn’t even have to say it was Martha’s Vineyard (coz that’s how he knows which blog it is I’m talking about!), just mentioned Jack. He now insists I tell you that “Jack has settled in very nicely hasn’t he, and is enjoying his life as the Branch Manager”…….get it? Sorry it was his idea. He fancies himself as a comedian I think. Gotta luv him though. 🙂 x

  92. Karen P. -Wisconsin says:

    Sweet blog..darling kitties….tons of fun!!!! Have a fun Oscars night!

  93. anne weadon says:

    Hi Susan,

    Loved your essay on the kitties. Do you know the Robert Louis Stevenson poem “My Shadow”? Jack made me think of it. We had a black and white kitty named Daisy Sue, whom we styled “a cow-like cat.” Funny thing is, you sometimes see whole fields full of catlike cows (black and white spotted).

    • sbranch says:

      I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
      And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
      He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head;
      And I see him jump before me, when I jump into my bed.

      Perfect, that’s Jack, my little shadow.

  94. Cathy in Golden, CO says:

    Blessings to Krista – I’m so happy for you! It’s meant to be! I’ve never read or even heard of the Betsy-Tacy books but I’m sure going to try and get them! I grew up on the Bobsey Twins. I love kitties Susan and have had several of them over the years. My dad’s cousin who is in her mid-80’s said when she was a little girl growing up in Iowa, she visited my grandmother one afternoon and was helping her in the kitchen. She went to fetch a pot from under the sink (it had a curtain drawn across instead of a cupboard door) and when she pulled that curtain back there was a little kitten curled up in the pot! She never forgot that! Guess my grammy didn’t mind germs either!! hahaha She was never without a cat or dog. She just loved nature, animals, flowers, cooking, baking, etc. She would have loved you and this website! Looking forward to the red carpet – SOON! Enjoy everybody!

  95. Marisa Leigh - Seattle, WA says:

    Oooh – this is totally off topic – BUT I am in love with that little bird teacup with built in strainer!!!! I was going to buy one from shopruche.com but waited too long and now it is sold out 🙁 I was hoping you could tell me where you got yours??? I imagine Ruche isn’t the only store selling it but they didn’t give any manufacturer information on their page.

    Ok – thank you so much!!!

    And I would totally be remiss if I left this comment without telling you how much I adore your little Jack. I mean . . . a cat . . . with a mustache?? Come on! That is totally awesome. It actually reminds me of another kitty. My aunt and uncle live in Bavaria (totally lucky) and their German neighbors have a cat called Frau Meier. In any case my aunt refers to Frau Meier as “the cat with the human nose!” It has always tickled me to no end and both times I’ve been to visit I’ve been on the lookout but only caught a far off glimpse. I have seen a picture though and sure enough – her markings give her the appearance of having a human nose – too funny! And I am not making this up – but the last time we were at their house another little kitty showed up in their backyard and he looked exactly like he had a mustache!!! He was super friendly and my aunt and uncle were hoping he’d come back so we decided to call him Herr Bart – bart meaning mustach in German! Unlike your Jack though, this kitty was kind of a tawny color with a white mustache. Ok – now I have truly gone on long enough!!!

    • Marisa Leigh - Seattle, WA says:

      Oh – and I forgot to ask. Is it ok to Pin photos from your blog to Pinterest?

      • sbranch says:

        Worrying about that these days … Some people come to the blog and take every pic and piece of art off it and pin it . . . sort of feels like coming into my house and getting the sofas and chairs and off they go! I’d love advice from Pinterest people out there!

        • Barbara (WA) says:

          Susan, I am new to Pinterest but notice many magazines, artists, businesses have their own boards. Maybe that controls what is pinned? And members can enjoy the images, repin with full credit to the original boards. Just an idea.

          • sbranch says:

            Thanks Barbara, I really do think Pinterest is trying to figure something out. Repining works great; the credit seems to go with the art (if it’s there in the first pin). It’s when people take it off of Pinterest (and many people have no idea that they are doing anything wrong, they are innocent!) — you could never “police” it — the value of what you do would be lost. I thought about doing a page myself, but since my art is already on so many other pages, it seemed like …. why? It’s all going to work itself out, I’m sure, it’s just new and people are trying to figure out. Most artists I know are so generous, art is truly a giving thing . . . as anyone who creates anything knows, they want to share, but they don’t want everything they worked for all their lives to be taken away from them. That’s the fear.

        • Hi Susan,
          The intent of Pinterest, is that anything that is pinned, is linked directly to the source of the pin. So, in a perfect world, every pin from your blog should link people directly to your blog. There are always a few bad apples who upload images to their computer and then put them on Pinterest with no direct link. I have heard that Pinterest is trying to stop that and only allow pins with a direct source. Hope this makes sense. It is a great marketing tool and should bring lots of new readers to your blog. xoxo Debbie

          • sbranch says:

            Yes, that’s what I was thinking — a good way to share . . .when I first checked out Pinterest, I thought everything had a link — which would have been great for the connection to the world, but then, just to see what happened, I dragged a piece of the art onto an email; it came just fine, and with no link. I could then, if I wanted, import it into my photos file, and use it on my blog, or any other way I wanted (if I lived in a country where there are no copyright protections, I could make a book out of it!). That’s what worries me. There are many pages on pinterest with nothing on them but my art and photos; as fast as I put it up on the blog, it’s whisked away — and for all practical purposes, it’s totally unprotected. I’ve really held back from watermarking my photos and art, it looks so ugly, I don’t want to do it! But it may end up being the only choice if I want to protect my art. It says on my blog, please don’t use without asking, but for many, it seems to make no difference. I LOVE sharing on my blog, but it’s hard to see it go out in droves without me!

        • Karen P - Wisconsin says:

          Seems like a person shouldn’t be able to do that….only you! I guess I’d feel a bit “violated”…..hopefully they totally give YOU the credit and tag them as your artwork!!! I think I’d spot your artwork anywhere…did you ever do any little votive cups? I have seen several time votive cup holders at thrift stores (but they’re not identified/signed as yours) and wasn’t sure if it was yours or not so I didn’t buy it.

          • sbranch says:

            I did do some quite a while ago … one of them had raised green dots on it . . . maybe there was something with a pink and white stripe? I forget!

          • Karen P - Wisconsin says:

            But you would have your name or at least SB on them, wouldn’t you? Or maybe not back then?

          • sbranch says:

            They were tiny, I don’t have any of them here so I’m really not sure! Yes, normally my name is on everything, but every once in a while things slip by, so I’m just not sure.

        • Marisa Leigh - Seattle, WA says:

          Thank you for your reply. I’m glad I asked – I won’t post anything on Pinterest unless you decide you are ok with it!

          • sbranch says:

            You’re a doll Marisa; I don’t really know what will happen with this, but if Pinterest comes up with some sort of protective way of taking care of this, I’ll be sure to let you know!

    • sbranch says:

      Guess what? As to your original question . . . I loved that little bird cup so much, we ordered them for our store! Did you notice that besides the little mesh basket, they have a lid? Too cute. They’ll be in soon, watch the web store. Ask your aunt to look at Jack and see what she thinks!

      • Cathy in Golden, CO says:

        I just ordered and received 2 of those little bird cups. They are ADORABLE – hope you have lots of them in stock because they are going to be a huge seller!!! I plan on ordering more! The quality is exceptional. Even my husband loved them 🙂

      • Marisa Leigh - Seattle, WA says:

        Excellent news! I’ve been ogling that teacup for the longest time and just didn’t act quick enough on that other website – looks like you have come to my rescue. And yes – I sure did notice darling lid with birdie on top – SO sweet! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for its appearance in your web store.

        • Barbara (WA) says:

          Goodness, I just got back to read this about Pinterest and your experiment, Sue, indeed shows the problems – yikes! Maybe the watermark will have to be done? Your readers would understand. Yes, the balance between sharing art with all and having that work stolen continues. Hope you find a great solution soon!

  96. Priscilla says:

    Meant to tell you on my earlier comment that years ago we had a tuxedo cat we named Oreo. Oreo used to go to the neighbor’s house four houses down the street, through their doggy door, upstairs to the guest room and take a nap on the guest bed. I know this because the neighbors told me that this was happening. See how smart he was? He knew to use the guest bedroom and not the master bedroom! LOL. I have alot of stories about Oreo like this. He definitely thought he owned the neighborhood. Getting ready to watch the Awards now.

    Priscilla in SD from CA.

  97. Jane alexander says:

    Jane from Pennington New Jersey,
    Susan…my favorite photo is the one with Jack and Girl on the table…AND Girl’s reflexion is in the mirror. Adorable.
    Love you, and yours,

  98. Carol from Connecticut says:

    This is COMPLETELY out of context (please forgive) but I thought all
    animal-loving girlfriends would enjoy watching a ‘live cam’ from Orange County, California of a hummingbird’s nest. The babies started out as teenie weenies a few weeks ago. Now they’re bursting out of the nest. Watch for the babies sticking out their tongues!! while waiting for Mom’s return. Keep in mind how tiny they really are.

    • sbranch says:

      This is amazing… I watched last year’s . . . what is it, Litter? Crop? Scary though, because of all the predators, a lizard climbed right up the branch and into the camera view and I have to tell you, I screamed! I won’t tell you what happened next!

      • Joan says:

        they are called “clutches”. Yes, I saw what you saw last year – OH MY!

        • sbranch says:

          Wasn’t that a shock! I almost had to quit watching. I was there for that hideous crow incident too, it’s amazing, with all that, that there are any hummingbirds at all! I like that the owner of the house was “allowing it all to be natural” — but if it was my house, I would go on a lizard hunt.

  99. Congratulations to Krista! I think that’s wonderful what she’s doing with them.

    I miss our black and white fluffy cat, Gables… I would love to find one like her again. She’s all black with a white chest and looked so proud lol

    I’m also hoping that one of these blogs will be of your home 🙂 I’d love to see every nick and corner 🙂 You decorate the way I do.. nice and old fashioned… cozy 🙂

    Loving the flowered chair Jack was sitting behind ! beautiful

    Denise of Ingleside, PEI

  100. Kathy says:

    Susan, I love every blog post you do and I especially love the kitty posts! I have always had cats in my life but currently do not, so I love getting my kitty fix here! It makes me so much more eager and excited to have kitties in my life again….soon! Can’t wait to have those invisible paw prints everywhere!!!!
    In appreciate and love for everything you do!!!!! xoxo Kathy
    Almost Oscar time…….MY Superbowl Sunday event!

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