Wearing Green?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  If you’re not wearing green, run, get something, save yourself. I found out in grammar school that a pocketful of green grass was better than nothing!

Hi girls, this one’s long, get tea, get comfy!  Well, yesterday, I was thwarted.  Came to the computer early to update the blog and show you what we were up to on Thursday and found out “the server is down.”  Grrr.  #$@%*$# I do not like to be thwarted by my machines!  And it stayed down until noon!  By that time, all the magical morning juice (the stuff that’s manufactured while I sleep) had burnt off me; I was no longer the creative blogger I so wish to be, so I cleaned the studio instead.  Which makes me very happy this morning, because here I am, all juiced up from dreamland, in a clean studio, with a full cup of tea, a kitty on my lap, ready to go.

So what I have for you today is a bit of a travel log.  We went off island and because this is New England, because there is so much history here, whenever we have errands to do, we try to do them in a cute little town so we can eat in cute little restaurants, and see wonderful old houses.  We needed to go to an  Apple Store (to put more memory into my computer!).  Luckily Apple has lots of stores, so we picked the one in beautiful, downtown, Hingham, Massachusetts.   So here we go… arm chair travel!

Guess what year Hingham was incorporated and recorded as the twelfth town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?  Yes! 1635!  The first courageous settlers of this town came across the cold gray sea in a wooden boat from Hingham, England.  I guess to make themselves feel more “at home” they named their new settlement after the town they’d come from, which is pretty much what all the settlers did.  That’s why it’s called “New” England.  That’s why there’s a Plymouth, a Boston, a Woodstock, a Tisbury, an Andover, and so many other towns, both here and in England.  But this isn’t a history lesson, this is a house tour.  Because, one of the things this town is famous for is that Eleanor Roosevelt said it had “the most beautiful Main Street in America.”

I thought you’d like to see some of it because so many of the original houses are still there!  And although Eleanor Roosevelt and Hingham don’t have much more in common than perhaps belonging to a mutual admiration society, I thought I would take advantage of the situation and pepper some of the wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt amongst the photos; she is one of my heroes, her words resonate in my heart.  The world was and is better off because she was in it; I like her to be remembered.  So here we go, not in any particular order . . . here’s Hingham!

All of these wonderful old houses are either right on Main Street or just off; we walked up the street taking pictures as we went.  I would have liked hearing this music come from the windows of this house when the song was brand new!

Remember, Spring has not yet sprung here in New England; the bushes and trees are leafless and gray.  You have to look very close to see the buds; you have to imagine the green that is still to come.  But this robin’s egg blue house is very cheerful anyway.

Here’s the only fixer-upper I saw; anyone in the mood for a project?  It’s a beautiful old crumbling early American house.  The bathtub is right there, waiting to be reinstalled.  Most likely will need the floor to go under it too!  Some new glass panes, a little paint, and voila!  That was easy!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.       ♥ Eleanor Roosevelt

Huge old trees line the neighborhood streets.  It must be stunning in the summer and fall.  I would like to take a nap under a tree like these.

This house was built in 1692!  That’s old!  Many of the houses had plaques with historical information on them.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.    Eleanor Roosevelt

This is that same 1692 house, of the “First Period” style of architecture . . . you can see that over the years, they kept adding on, and one day, they no longer had to walk through the snow to get to the barn!

Here’s a close up of the front door with a heart wreath.  I already like the people who live here!

How can you not fall in love with a whole antique village filled with stately homes, ancient trees, gambrel roofs, picket fences, shutters, old fireplaces; they speak of our whole history!  There’s definitely been knitting going on in this house!  And if you look real close  . . .

The lawn is full of springtime blossoms.

This is the Old Ship Church, built in 1630 — I’ll let the sign tell you the rest . . .

It is written that Abigail Adams took a sleigh ride over to Hingham from her home in nearby Quincy.  Can’t you just picture it:  A horse-drawn sled, bells ringing through the snow, horse’s breath visible in the cold air, furs layered on to keep the people warm?

It takes as much energy to plan as it does to wish. ♥ Eleanor Roosevelt

Here’s another wonderful old house and barn, but what is that in the upstairs window?

I think it’s a person.

A baby! A baby, peering out and he waved to me!  How many babies have done that over the last 300+ years since this house was born?  Waved, to daddy, back from the Revolutionary War, to people on horseback, to people in Model T’s?  Now, to us!

Faith and Begorrah, more MUSICA?

 So then we’d walked far enough; we were hungry so we took a vote and decided we would pop in, to what else, an Irish Pub, for lunch!

Too often the great decisions are originated and given form in bodies made up wholly of men, or so completely dominated by them that whatever of special value women have to offer is shunted aside without expression.  Eleanor Roosevelt

We had delicious Shepherd’s Pie with mashed potatoes and gravy, hot and steamy and fragrant and toasted Soda Bread and we listened to the Irish music that was playing there and decided, when we got done, we’d go to the old burying ground.  I hope you still feel like traveling, because there’s more!

So we started out, stopping at this beautiful green Georgian style house for a photo … could I really drive by without showing you this one?

Continued up the street and saw this beauty with the double gambrel roof . . .

To the gate of the old burying ground; New England churchyards are so beautiful, so full of history, they are wonderful to walk through, they set the imagination on fire.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you look fear in the face.  You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror; I can take the next thing that comes along.’  Eleanor Roosevelt

This graveyard was filled with old trees; keeping watch as they have for centuries.  Double graves of moms with babies are so sad.  The elements had blown some of the markers clean of any engraving at all.

The history of our country is right here.  Gone but never forgotten.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ♥ Eleanor Roosevelt

 Twigs and yellow grass crackled under our feet; it was too dreary a day for a graveyard, gray and chilly; but it was filled with austere beauty and memory and truly, love.

These headstones look like they are leaning back in their chairs about to put their feet up.

 As for accomplishments, I just did what I had to do as things came along.             Eleanor Roosevelt

Time out for coffee . . . off to the local bakery to get a brewed awakening!

How cute!  Giant bakery-made cupcakes with cream on the inside that look just like Hostess Cupcakes!

Trays full of delights, but we were good, still full of mashed potatoes and didn’t even get one of these checkerboard cookies!

We’re beginning to head out of town, but my camera won’t stop clicking — this large Georgian-style house caught my attention, but it’s the beautiful old gate that became the subject.

With my imagination, I remove the car in front of this Federal-style house (that I would like to move into in my next life); insert horses and wagon; let chickens run loose in the yard.

I think there may be more American flags per capita in this town than in any I have ever seen.  Look at those porches.  Make some lemonade, put a pillow in one of those rocking chairs, and call me when the sun comes out! 

Friendship with ones self is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.  ♥ Eleanor Roosevelt

So many beautiful old churches with bells and weather vanes.  They take such good care of everything.  It must be a monumental job to keep this painted and beautiful.


Right about here Joe mentioned that if we go any further I will probably use up all the new memory I just had inserted into my computer!!!  Time to go home . . .

About 1 ½ hours later, we’re back on the boat and heading across the sound for home; we have kitties waiting!  I go to the snack bar for tea and when I come back . . .

Sitting on our table, was this!  And Joe, with a catbird expression on his face.  A little worse for wear, having been tucked into a shopping bag, but still recognizable from the bakery; Joe got us a Hostess Cupcake when I wasn’t looking.  Starvation is not imminent. Dinner is served!  A haunch of cupcake.  You’d think, after all these years, I would know Joe always has something up his sleeve!

Just delicious!

A woman is like a tea bag; you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.    Eleanor Roosevelt

And that, my darlings is all.  I hope you enjoyed your trip!


What shall we talk about now?

Oh!  OK! I guess you have been the most patient people in the world, waiting for me to go to Apple, waiting for the server, and then this story that would never end —  and you would like to know who the winner is of our last giveaway?  Am I right?

OK, here we go, in honor of all of us who Love Cursive, the winner will receive signed copies of our new Home Cooking Recipe Keeper, my new book, Grandma Tell Me Your Story, and a set of notecards called ‘How to Be Happy.’  It will be going off to one lucky winner via snail mail just as soon as I hear back from the email I sent her.  Who? You ask?  Her:


On behalf of all the girlfriends, I want to say it couldn’t have happened to a sweeter more deserving person!  Right girls?  Congratulations Kristina!

Byeeeee Girlfriends.  Thank you all for sticking with me through thick and thin; your comments are just wonderful — you make me cry!  Just better and more interesting every day.  Thanks for entering into these drawings; they’re always fun because of YOU!!  Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  Willard starts going out on Tuesday, watch for it in your email box.  Sign your moms and best friends up for it if they aren’t already! XOXO!

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434 Responses to Wearing Green?

  1. Congratulations!! What a great prize 🙂

    that cupcake looks scrumptious!! 😉

    Loved the tour and all the houses, thanks so much for sharing with us,
    Denise of Ingleside, PEI

  2. Kathy Thurman says:

    Thanks for the beautiful mini-vacation………. Your trips and descriptions are like therapy to me…. So relaxing! I feel I am right there with you 🙂

  3. Thank you for the most perfect tour of Hingham! Loved it!

  4. Julia Johns says:

    What a wonderful day you had! I will definitely make a stop there on my next visit to Massachusetts!! Love, love, love reading your blog! Always brightens my day!

  5. Susie kunze says:

    Loved the post! What a beautiful town! I want to visit New England! I loved all the old homes. My house is old, my grandparents lived here when my father was a boy in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. We are in an early full blown spring here, with the dogwoods about to bloom.
    Thanks for the tour.


  6. Patricia says:

    It’s worth the drive there just for that cupcake! Yum. Joe’s my kinda guy. Eleanor Roosevelt is my hero as well and a visit to Val-kill is always on my summer to- do list. I’ve been many times and always enjoy it. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all and congrats to Kristina!

  7. Ellen Beeton says:

    Thanks so much for the mini vacation. I loved every minute of it. I’m hoping that we can go on the same vacation during the summer time????? Please???? I’d love to see it then.

  8. Hi Susan, I am so glad Joe got that cupcake!! I couldnt imagine not tasting something good from that bakery!! Having grown up in Alexandria VA, George Washington’s birthplace, I am very fond of colonial towns. The tour you gave us today of this most historic town really thrilled me. I love seeing all those old homes. Imagine what it was like to heat those places back in the 18th century. Oh, for a chance to walk around inside, too, to take a peek at how the owner’s have decorated. Looking forward to another day trip somewhere very colonial. Thanks Susan!

    • Linda from Lancaster, Co PA says:

      Robin, my husband and I went to Alexandria and Mt. Vernon several summers ago. We loved Alexandria–it reminded us a lot of the city of Lancaster (PA) close to where we live. We ate in the tavern that Washington (or Jefferson?) ate in. Oh, my, I just soaked in the history! As far as Washington’s home (he’s my hero), words can not describe how excited I was.

  9. Oh My Gosh, I think this may be one of my favorite posts ever! Well, they are all my favorites, but this is one of my favorites of the favorites. I love history and old houses and historical towns speak to me too. I always have to visit an old graveyard when I have the opportunity. So thank you Susan for bringing us along on your travels! I feel like I get out so much more since I discovered your blog! xxxxxooo – Happy St. Pat’s Day to everyone! -Lynndee

  10. Mary says:

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day Susan! What a great tour! I have some great friends from Hingham! It’s a beautiful town. I really enjoyed the trip & the giant hostess cupcake! LOL!!! Got to run the corned beef & cabbage dinner is ready!


  11. Martha Ellen says:

    I could hardly wait to get to my computer tonight to check your blog! We’ve been in Richmond at our grandson’s birthday party. It was fun celebrating with nine year olds. So sweet and full of energy!!! We just finished having breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs and bacon on a flour tortilla and fruit. I was just too tired to do more than that for dinner.
    Love all the beautiful old homes of Hingham—So lovely–truly witnesses to all our history! When we visit New England we are amazed at the homes that added on right up to the barn! Thanks for all you share with us Susan–it means so much! xoxo ♥

  12. Laurie Walt-Illinois says:

    Congrats Kristina! Thank you for the wonderful tour,you are so thoughtful! Thanks to Joe for sharing you with all of us! I feel so inspired when I read your blogs-thank you!

  13. carmel says:

    Oh my! A double oh my! Eleanor Roosevelt is a true hero. We just finished reading a picture book biography (I team with another teacher part of the day) for read aloud. We love to include her and have our students be inspired by her humanity. I moved from California to the east (it started with a grad school fellowship award) because I love the history, the communities and the old everything. Your tour was wondrous! I can’t wait to visit. If you or any of the girlfriends are in Quincy, MA., do stop by and visit the John and John Quincy Adams home. Last summer the Park Ranger who gave us the tour was excellent. I looked at the large chair that John Adams always sat in and thanked him for all the sacrifices made (Abigail too) to give this country the best start they could come up with. Abigail’s rose bush is still living in the garden and I have the picture to prove it (the Ranger told me so!) 🙂 I agree with one of your girlfriend bloggers (sorry, forgot name) that Joe is a dear and so are you for brightening my day (the last 2 weeks have been difficult).

  14. Jenni says:

    This was really such a treat after a long day. I was especially happy to show the sweet cemetery to my little girl and talk about it with her. Today on the way home from her piano recital, we passed an old cemetery with beautiful headstones and when I told her to look, she said, “Ooh, those are just so scary. I don’t want to look.” I couldn’t quite explain to her why they might be sad, but that they could be lovely and memory-evoking. I had her sit in my lap and showed her this one with your words and she said, “Maybe you’re right Mama, because really it’s just a sweet way to remember someone you love, since their spirit is already in heaven.” So precious!!! Now I’m going to show her the 4th of July “village” I’ve been dying to visit since you posted about the sing-a-long. Love. all. of. it.

  15. Wendy says:

    Ohhhh Susan, you make me want to go out east soooooo bad. It looks so amazing!! Really rich in history and so interesting, too. I want to go in the fall!
    Thanks for taking us on your trip. 🙂
    I bet your sweet fuzzbutts were happy when you guys got home! Give the, hugs and ear scratches from their kitty-loving friend in Chicago!

  16. Patricia Triska says:

    Thanks so much for the guided tour. I have seen more and learned more history through you than when I was on my own trip through the towns on the east coast. I just love the wisdom of Eleanor!!!

    Congrats to the winner.

  17. Pamela Jewett says:

    Oh Susan, how I love taking trips with you. I hope to visit New England soon. Especially some of the wonderful villages and sights that you put in your blog. And yes, isn’t Eleanor Roosevelt someone to inspire a person. She was incredible.
    Congratulation to Kristina. I know she will enjoy her winnings.
    Happy St. Patricks day to all.
    xoxo Pam

  18. What a fun trip! And it fit right into my budget.

    Those houses are really remarkable, and really huge. They might even be big enough for my family! I’ve always wondered whether big houses (in their original day) like that were where “everyday” people lived, or just the wealthy. They look like fabulous places for children to grow up in, probably filled with all kinds of little nooks and crannies and hiding places.

    Thanks for taking us along!


    • sbranch says:

      I don’t know. Very good question. I noticed how huge they were, probably three generations lived in each one, at least for a little while. We have to explore the side streets next time and see whether or not it’s all big houses like these.

    • Sandy Richmond says:

      Hi Jake,
      I grew up in MN, but haved lived in New England now for a long time. I think the huge homes were owned by the wealthier families. That is the case in my town. It seems every New England town has the big homes centered in the downtown/Main Street areas. Then further away are smaller single family homes. Then there always seem to be these multi family homes that are unique to New England (I think) They are three stories high, and house 3 or 6 families, depending on the size of the building. I think that is where the “regular” people lived. You do see alot of those homes too, where they just kept adding on as they needed room.. It’s funny too, you can tell so many of New England communities weren’t planned, they just grew. There are so many winding roads. It will be fun as Susan explores more towns and side roads for us! New England is a great place to live and a great place to visit!

  19. Karen V (Connecticut) says:

    Hello Susan,
    Thanks for the great post, so many things to comment on! I am so lucky to also live in New England, so I’m making a little list of all these wonderful little towns that you have shown us, some are right in my backyard, so no excuses for not visiting!
    Also, I’m such a big Eleanor Roosevelt fan! When I was in seventh grade, I did what we called in those days a “research paper” on her, and I’ve loved her ever since! I remember how long it took me to type up that paper on the manual typewriter (dating myself here), but I was just fascinated by her. Loved the “teabag” quote, so wise and clever…
    Well, congrats to Kristina, lucky duck, and Happy St. Paddy’s to all!
    P.S.- I told your dad’s Paddy O’Furniture joke to my students and it was a big hit!

  20. Victoria Miller says:

    Thanks so much for the tour of Hingham, Massachusetts. It’s a state that’s near and dear to my heart, since my family was from there, only Amesbury, which is much farther north, and didn’t appear until 1654. (I don’t know when my family appeared.) Alas, my father was in the Coast Guard, so although my four brothers and sisters grew up, at least for the first half of their lives, in Mass, I was born and grew up near Cleveland, Ohio, where my dad was stationed then. We went back to visit every summer when I was growing up, and how I loved it. Later, my mother moved back, and lived near Gunpowder Hill, so named because there was a big barn there gunpowder had been stored during the Revolutionary War. My parents and grandparents are at rest back in Amesbury. We used to drive around a lot when we went in the summers, but I don’t recall visiting Hingham. What a beautiful place to spend a day. And that cupcake — what a wonderful way to cap it. Your blogs are like a visit a nice, warm, cozy, friendly, beautiful home, and you bring out the photo album. Or the recipe book. Or the kitty videos. A joyous place to visit.

  21. Rosemary says:

    I so enjoyed the trip to Hingham, MA! I have never been there so it was most enjoyable. I am amazed at the beautiful condition the homes are in. The paint alone! And heating these enormous homes would be something again. It is very nice to see how well maintained they are. I admire Eleanor Roosevelt, also. She was so ahead of her time and had the courage of her convictions, when her life was probably not so easy…emotionally.
    How fortunate we are to have your commentary on the pictures you show us. I do like your perspective on the simplest things. Thank you!

  22. Liz says:

    Loved this!

  23. Sally says:

    Thanks so much for taking us along on another adventure. I’m thankful that you don’t mind taking your camera along and that you are so willing to share your trip with us. What a day! What a trip! Beautiful!

  24. LindaH says:

    Happy St Patrick’s Day!

    Wouldn’t it be neat if someone who lived in one of those houses you showed us today was a follower of your blog and wrote in to tell us what the inside of their house was like? We can hope!

  25. Pam G. Canandaigua, N.Y. (fingerlakes) says:

    I love all your Eleanor quotes-she really was an INcomparable woman with much wisdom. I hope you don’t run out of memory (the pc kind) anytime soon because I really felt your tour of Hingham Mass.- the next best thing to being there! I love NE but haven’t been there in years, time flies……. Don’t you feel that there is so much to see in NE you could never, ever, see all of it?????? Your Joe sounds like a real peach (or should I say cupcake?)….he might not like that, but then again he might just laugh. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

  26. Christine from Lafayette, CO says:

    What a beautiful tour! Just a suggestion: Next time you’re out and about, just knock on one of those doors and tell them who you and that all the girlfriends NEED to see the inside of those beautiful HUGE homes!! I’m sure they’ll oblige – who knows, I bet they’re Susan Branch fans too!!! As usual, you captured so much beauty!! Love those old rambling houses, huge yards and old shady trees! Eleanor Roosevelt is my favorite First Lady. Its hard to believe she was painfully shy! Thanks Susan for the tour… I’m tired just reading through it! Time for my tea and Irish Soda bread!! xoxoxo You’re the Best!!!

  27. Christine from Lafayette, CO says:

    PS !!! So Happy for you Kristina! Bet you’ll always remember how Lucky you were this St Patrick’s Day!!

  28. Wanda in Haughton, Louisiana says:

    Thanks for the blog trip to Hingham, it has really stirred our interest in adding it to our adventures this summer. Your photos are helping us decide which towns to see in May. Hoping to make a quick visit to the Vineyard too. There’s nothing that makes us appreciate our country more than a trip to New England. So many lovely, quaint towns to see and amazing photos to take. Can’t wait! Thanks for adding beauty to my day! And about that cupcake – my husband is always doing things like that too. Lucky us! Happy St. Patty’s day to you!

  29. Marilyn (in Ohio) says:

    This tour of Higham, with you, has been just the best!!! I love, love, love seeing anything historical, it’s my favorite kind of reading material – I sometimes think I was born in the wrong century! Of course I realize that had I been born in another time, I no doubt would have been dead by now – I like modern conveniences, like central heating & AC, my computer, indoor plumbing, running water, grocery stores, etc. I think our ancestors were made of sterner stuff than I am.:):)
    Congratulations to Kristina!

  30. Margot says:

    I wear orange, sorry. Had delicious corned beef and cabbage from a good Irish friend. Why oh why did you have to show pictures of delicious bakery???

  31. Ruthie P says:

    Okay,about computers…about the end of Feb.I could not access your blog,not no way, not no how.I could get on every blog known to man,but not my very,very favorite one in the whole wide world.It was very odd.I thought something happened to your blog,so I called the web store…no problem with the site.Called my brother- in -law a few miles up the road,”no,no problem here I can get on it.Is there a little bird chirping going across the screen?”Yes,that’s the one.Called my son in another state,no problem there,he could get on it.Called the cable Co.talked to the service dept.”Never heard of any thing like it,lets check it out.Is there a bird going across the screen,chirping?”Yes.”Oh that is CUTE!!! ” I hear the little bird from every computer but mine,heart breaking with every chirp.This is already way too long…long story short(too late)had to get a new router.Would not have gone through any of that for any other blog…the truth.This really went on for a while.Aah,it’s good to be back to my happy place.Loved the tour,Eleanor Roosevelt was way ahead of her time,way ahead.Imagine if she would have been born a little later!!!
    XOXO..Ruthie PS. My son now knows how to make banana fritters 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Welcome back Ruthie, I’m SO glad you’re here! Thank you for not giving up! Now you have lots to catch up on!

  32. Country Gal says:

    Oh thank you for taking us on this tour and lovely photos of such a wonderful town ! I have always wanted to tour New England and now I want to even more . My back ground and up bringing is British and I can see the resemblance between the two and all the info you have provided was awesome . I love the towns , villages and country side of England and now I have fallen in love with New England ! Have a wonderful day and thanks again !

    • sbranch says:

      Another wonderful thing about New England is that the states are small, making it easy to go slow and still see so much.

  33. Rae Ann says:

    LOVELOVELOVED the tour of Hingham…if I were as computer savvy as you are Susan, I would put a tour of Bayfield Wisconsin on your blog…Dave and I stopped there for breakfast this morning on our way back to MN from our week in Michigan…Bayfield has boats that will take you out to Madeline Island…one of the Apostle Islands…Madeline Island is the only one of the Apostle Islands with human inhabitants…the boats were not running because Lake Superior still has a bit of ice in it…visited the bookstore and one other cute shop for some Easter goodies for our grand grandchildren…most of the other shops were buttoned up tight…closed for the winter…there was a cute little building where tickets were sold for the Chautauqua in the summer…a very interesting town…one question, Susan~how did you know there was knitting going on inside the darling house with the spring blooms in the lawn???…Thanks for sharing another travelogue…xoxo…

    • Rae Ann says:

      P.S….Hubby and I both were wearing green today…Dave in his Michigan State University sweatshirt…YEA~they won their basketball game last night…and me in my green sweater…no need for jackets today even though it is still March in the north…it was in the 70*’s…

    • sbranch says:

      It just seemed like there should be, by the homey look of the house!

  34. Carol renshaw says:

    I can’t wait to get to your blog everyday. It is like having a piece of the best chocolate. Today was two+ pieces. What a incredible treat are those photos– seeing all the beautiful homes I may never get to see any other way.

  35. cindy says:

    Thank you for such a great tour! All my favorites, old houses, lots of history, old churches, and graveyards with history. I was reading it to my husband and kept saying “Look at this house, we have to go!” After the fourth or fifth house we decided it has to be in our future!

  36. Your walking tour of that great, old city just made my day! I felt as f I had gone right along. Those houses! That old cemetery! I just loved it. I am excited because the second Willard I ever received will be coming soon! How fun. Now I am focusing on springtime, too. I live in an old farm home in Missouri with my mother. I am a school teacher, and I moved in for a time after my father passed away. My son was going to take turns, but he is young, and that was five years ago! The thing I am missing most is my cat. Mom will not budge and have a cat…. So I love the videos and nres and photos of yours… Your charm is contagious. I always feel more creative and festive and joyful after reading your posts. Enjoy your week.

  37. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day Susan! Thank you for the mini vacation….I love all of the old homes and the cemetery photos were so interesting! (Did you see any ghosts? I just had to ask!!!) Eleanor Roosevelt was such a fascinating women! I read her autobiography this past summer and her life was so inspiring! She truly was a strong woman, and so interested in other human beings, always learning and giving of herself. Congratulations to Kristina…what a lucky lady!!!! (P.S. Susan, I showed the trailer of The Quiet Man movie to my son (a big John Wayne fan) and he said that he watched it last St. Patrick’s Day, because it was his college roomate’s all-time favorite movie!

    roommate’s all time favorite movie……..so, my son hurried up and e-mailed the. trailer to his old roommate in the Upper Penninsula, Michigan.

    • Carilyn Wolski says:

      Oops…..my writing is jumpled, once again…..I don’t know why this occurs, when I write a longer comment????? So sorry:(

      • sbranch says:

        I don’t know either, the mysteries of this blog could make a good, but a little boring, detective novel!

    • Susan Roubal says:

      Carolyn- As I browsed through the comments, my eye was caught by the mention of the Upper Peninsula! There are Susan Branch fans everywhere, even way up here in the U.P! I know because I am one! I live in Marquette and am an (old) alum from NMU, and an ardent hockey fan. Where did your son go to school up here? MTU, NMU, LSSU, Finlandia? Considering how rural we are up here, that’s a lot of schools, isn’t it?

      We were away for over 25 yrs and couldn’t get back here fast enough. Its a beautiful place to live. Susan R.

  38. Jennifer Cooper says:

    Your Joe is a sweetie. What a great guy.

  39. Edie says:

    Thank you, thank you for sharing your travels with us. It is amazing to imagine who lived in those old beautiful homes and what their lives must have been like. I love history and it is so much fun seeing it up close and personal. You are so good to us and are so nice to include us in your life. Edie O from Oregon

  40. Dinahsoar says:

    Oh Susan–how did you know–that I’d LOVE this day trip. It was *WONDERFUL*. You made it so perfect, allowing me to amble, and wander and daydream. I never tire of New England and it’s history…and the fabulous old houses..relics themselves. It is like no place else in the U.S. There is just something about it I cannot explain. Hopefully we will visit another wonderful old New England town in the future. Thank you for taking me–us–along! If only we could have shared the Shepherds pie and that fantastic looking cupcake. Joe is a keeper…From the hills of TN.

  41. April Anderson says:

    So happy for you, Kristina! 🙂

  42. Karen says:

    Dearest Susan,
    Thank you for another wonderful trip….oh, how I love going on trips with you! That cupcake was almost more than I could bear. I will be baking some of my own very soon!
    Hope you and Joe are having a beautiful weekend.
    Congratulations to Kristina for winning the treasures! From one Texas girl to another Texas girl…..ENJOY!!

  43. Pam T. says:

    Congratulations Kristina! A memorable St. Patrick’s day for you this year! The “trip” to Hingham with you was lovely. It has been raining all day here in southern California, so the virtual sight-seeing was a treat! Today is my husband’s birthday as well, so we did venture out for some lunch…at a restaurant with a huge, crackling fireplace…also lovely…but it was not sight seeing weather. I showed him the tour and we agree that another trip to Massachusetts is in order “someday”.

  44. Barbara from SoCal says:

    Oh, I just love Mass. Years ago my husband worked for a company and he traveled a lot. I quit my job so I could go with him. One of the many places I saw was Mass. and because I LOVE candles so much, we visited the Yankee Candle Factory. Fun!!! We drove all over and I fell in love with homes just like the ones you snapped pictures of. We got hungry and saw a little restaurant that looked like a house so parked the car and went in. I had one of the best lunches and have never forgotten it. Chicken salad sandwich *yum* and apple pie for dessert. Thanks for the fantastic tour and pictures. I loved every minute of it. Brought back some super memories 🙂

  45. Pat Conway says:

    I love exploring towns, too, Susan. They are full of charm and history. What I need though is a Joe who actually likes to do this, likes to dine out, loves to get coffee, and surprises you in the nicest way! Your husband is so nice and you make such a good pair.

  46. Enikö says:

    Kudos to Joe for smuggling the cupcake! Curious what the cream was like inside. Great post…what a fun way to celebrate St. Paddy’s! xo

  47. Nancy B says:

    I must run to the dictionary to find out what “haunch” means…:) Loved the tour. I may yet get to see New England as my daughter has recently been accepted to a Masters program at Harvard. Yippee! Congrats to Kristina. Lucky girl.

    • sbranch says:

      It’s like a huge chunk of meat, almost a whole animal, that you might have seen at Henry the 8th’s celebration table. Giant chunk of meat.

  48. Marie says:

    Lucky Kristina! I did so love taking this trip through Hingham with you. What a lovely town. Although I am Canadian and we do have our charms up in Canada, I do so love and have always loved to travel through New England. My mother had an Aunt and oodles of cousins that lived and still live there (the cousins, 2nd cousins, etc.) I have many fond memories of visiting them in the summer time, of sleeping up in the attic at my Great Aunt Melva’s house in Saugus Mass., of all the flags, the restaurants, shops etc. but mostly the old clapboard houses and the sense of history that I felt on these summer sojournes. Thanks for taking me back in my mind to those days and happy memories. xxoo

  49. judi says:

    Oh what delight when I saw the word Hingham! A dear friend of ours moved back to the Boston area 5 years ago and bought in Hingham. I googled it on google earth as I love to see just where the towns are that my friends live in. I just “saw” it mapwise. What a lovely town in pictures, thank you. Our friend quite chortled as being a MN I pronounce it Hing HAM. Everytime I write to him when i write the town, my inner voice is saying Hing ham! Congrats to your winner – lucky duck!

    • sbranch says:

      Hing Ham. 🙂 This is the big one: Worcester is pronounced “wooster” — and if you have a New England accent, then it’s “Woosta.”

      • Pam says:

        There are some good pronunciations in and around Leicester (Lester) such as Belvoir (Beaver), Groby (Grooby), Warwick (Warrick).

  50. Annie from Sydney Australia says:

    Oh Susan you’ve done it again! You’ve made me …’come over all unnecessary!’ I’m feeling all nostalgic for home after viewing all the weatherboard (wooden? not sure of the USA name) houses. I grew up in an Australian state called Tasmania. It’s an island state, about one hour by plane or eight hours by ferry, south of the main continent of Australia, and I always lived in weatherboard houses and have loved them forever. ♥ I snap away with my camera every time I go home to visit and wish I could attach some pics in this comment. The houses are quite different from the ones on your post – more like gingerbread houses – but just as beautiful. Thanks Susan. I needed this post after accidently deleting all photos on my cell phone today. I just knew the day would get better.

    PS: I’m so pleased you have Joe who gives you the love you deserve…not many people get the love they deserve, so you are blessed.

  51. Nina says:

    Conrats to Kristina! And thank you so much for the tour Susan! Today is Mothers day in England and I’m sat at the computer with my “Emma” mug (filled with DD coffee) its my favorite. So what a great way to start Mothers day by reading your blog and when you said it was going to be a long one I almost squealed out loud! lol Loved our virtual visit by the way! And guess what we just had a little bit of a snowfall! Didn’t come to much but was so pretty coming down as we were eating our breakfast it was almost like it was sent just for us Mums! Well I am spending the rest of the day with my daughter (because my hubby and son are away racing) and we are going to Chapel this afternoon for a special Mothers day service (my daughters in it) so looking forward to that. Hope all the girlfriends have a nice day today whether they are celebrating Mothers day or not! ooo and forgot to say I ordered your Mum tell me your story book from b & n and its been delivered got to collect it from the post office tomorrow, can’t wait! (I did try to order from your “store” but no one answered my email maybe I should try calling next time. ) xxxx

  52. Linda P says:

    Oh, I think I loved the end the best!!! That Joe is a honey bunch!!
    Congrats to Kristina – yay for cursive and her!!
    That was a sure a fun trip – reminds me of seeing all the historic homes in Alexandria, VA, where I grew up. Beautiful, beautiful homes with history and stories to tell just standing there. I think I’ll pass on the fixer upper tho – maybe the next one!! Thanks for a great read! xo

  53. Pam says:

    Gorgeous photos Susan. I’m putting this on the list of places to visit if we ever make it over to America. Joe is a real sweetie surprising you with that delicious looking cupcake. Anyway, must scoot, as your previous poster said it is Mother’s Day here and having had a really lazy morning I must get ready, daughter is coming round for late lunch which David is busy preparing as I type.
    Have a good day.

  54. Robin in SC says:

    Once again, may I say I love love love your blog!!! Thank you for sharing Hingham with us.

  55. Debby Holman says:

    Thank you, thank you for the pictures and tour. These are the kind of houses I grew up dreaming about wanting to have some day. I loved it.

  56. Deborah Mooney says:

    Dear Susan~
    Loved the tour of Hingham! My friends take exotic vacations around the world… My favorite trips are those just driving through New England, doing what you did, and dining at old inns. Will have to put Hingham on our list! (Have also added Essex, Connecticut, thanks to you…)
    Thank you, thank you!

  57. Deborah Mooney says:

    By the way, I have a video somewhere, step by step instructions of how to make those checkerboard cookies… must find it!

  58. Sandy Richmond says:

    Congrats Kristina! So happy for you!

  59. Anne says:

    Hi Susan: Love the tour! If I lived in Hingham I would own a shop that sold only gingham. That way I could tell people I sell gingham in Hingham….teehee – just a little Sunday morning humor (I know….very little). I can’t get over that baby in the window! How sweet! When I look at those houses I can’t help but think they don’t build’em like they used too. They are spectacular – wonder who’ll be living in our house in 400 years! Thanks again for taking us along – very enjoyable!

  60. Kathy Kip says:

    Good morning, Susan! I loved your tour through Hingham. When we were first married, we lived in East Weymouth which borders Hingham. My husband bought me a 3 speed Schwin bike (which I thought was terrific back then!) and I used to bike to Hingham and daydream about the homes and all the history that happened in them. Today we live in Shelburne Falls along the Mohawk Trail and I walk the Main Street of Old Deerfield for a historical feeling. Come visit anytime!!

  61. Kim DeMichele says:

    Dear Susan, I grew up right near Hingham and never visited that lovely town! Now that i have seen it through your eyes, i just may go there when i travel “home” next month. Thanks for your inspiring travel log!!! I must buy one of those cupcakes for sure!!! Fondly, Kim D. from Dublin, OH

  62. Cynthia Krynock says:

    Thanks so much for the trip, as I so needed to “get out of town” for a wee bit for a change of scenery! I too, love old houses…when we were in Concord, Mass years ago while skipping out on our 25th high school reunion (we are just going to be celebrating our 40th this summer!), I did the same thing….took lots of house photos with my fab 35mm camera….though born and raised in Chicago, I always felt an affinity with New England…..I like to think that all the families that are now in those ‘ancient’ houses that you showed us, also think of those who went before them….to me, houses are alive with history….

    Happily happy from the lovely trip….


  63. Priscilla says:

    Congratulations to Kristina!
    Thank you Susan for the wonderful tour of Hingham, Massachusetts!
    Thank you Joe for buying that cupcake!

    Priscilla in SD from So. CA.

  64. Another very interesting old cemetery is Sleep Hollow Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, New York where Washington Irving is buried: http://www.sleepyhollowcemetery.org/

    His nearby home, Sunnyside, is another wonderful place to visit: http://www.hudsonvalley.org/historic-sites/washington-irvings-sunnyside

    Thank you for the tour of Hingham!

  65. Kit says:

    That was a perfect tour on a cold and cloudy Montana Sunday. Love old houses! You do a great job filming too, giving us all the great details. My tea is almost gone and I do really need to get up and about. But it has been wonderful visiting with you today. Have a lovely week! Kit

  66. Kathleen Willliams says:

    My Sunday morning treat traveling with you and Joe … such fun! I love old towns and beautiful old homes, porches with rockers and all those american flags. It’s just my kind of day trip. Thank you Susan for taking us all along. And your Joe stashing a cupcake for a late surprise … what a sweetie! Lucky Kristina your mail box will soon be smiling…enjoy! And even though we are having a (beautiful) rainly weekend here in San Diego reading your blog always brings sunshine to my life. Thank you Susan.

  67. Jenny L. says:

    Great pics. I love Eleanor Roosevelt. I read everything I can find about her.

    This is off subject to your post, but check out this youtube video of this cat playing fetch like Jack. The look on his face with his tongue hanging out like a dog when he brings it back is priceless.


  68. Chris Wells says:

    Dear Susan. How can I say Thank You enough for the travel log and the virtual trip AWAY. Like another girlfriend mentioned, it’s been a horrendous week. I started to tell you and the girlfriends about it and then deleted it. Just Thank You. Thank you for what you do. Thanks for sharing “you” with us. Taking the time from your own life to post wonderful blogs that whisk us away or get us dreamily thinking of Spring and trips to places we have not been. You are a dear and I hope Joe knows how REALLY lucky (and smart) he is to have found you and captured your heart! Congratulations to Kristina from Texas!!!!!!!!! Enjoy. Another girlfriend (FOSB) Chris from W TX

  69. Bev says:

    Dear Susan, thank you so much for taking us with you and Joe. My DH and I enjoyed the music and the tour! Love the thought of al who have gone before us living in those houses and especially seeing the little one lookjing out the window. Looking out our window at snow, from Siskiyou County, Northern CA

  70. Just stopping by to wish you Susan and everyone else a Happy Mothering Sunday (as we call today in the UK) Mothering Sunday is a Christian tradition on the fourth Sunday in Lent. To the best of my knowledge, the origins are that young girls in service, away from their Mother Church were given this day off so that they may return home and worship on this one day in the Mother Church, hence Mothering Sunday. In recent years, however, the secularisation of this day has given rise to it becoming a recognition of motherhood and the original significance is gradually becoming lost, which I find sad. The tradition of giving flowers arose when these young girls might pick a posy of spring flowers to give to their own mothers when they arrived home.
    I also wanted to say, because I totally flew in and out yesterday, what a wonderful blog this one is. I have read it several times already . . I love all the houses, and I know you said about there not being any greenery on the bushes, but I like that. I love the shape and form created by bare branches, it lets us see more of the buildings to begin with and I really love them to bits! I also like the cemetary . . call me weird, but I find a certain comfort in old cemetaries, and when you see some of the dates and the high rate of infant mortality it makes me give thanks for the advances that mean so many (but not all) children have a better chance today.
    Delicious looking cakes, love that checkerboard cookie one, and so pleased Joe had the foresight to sneak one home for you!
    Happy Mothering Sunday!

  71. Sharie says:

    Old houses tell such wonderful stories. I’m still fascinated with the little person in the window. So sweet.
    You’ve inspired me to make some cupcakes today. That little surprise from Joe was so nice.
    Looks like the rain is on it’s way out of here and the sun is shining – – – but still very windy in SLO, California.
    Thanks for the pictures. I love your blog!!

  72. Jody (Hildebrandt) McKay says:

    What a treat! Thank you for such a wonderful tour of Hingham – It was like going back home for a visit – I grew up in the house at 345/347 Main Street and was married in Old Ship Church!

    Re the 345/347 Main Street house (Ripley Homestead built 1692), the front or first part of the house was actually built in 1638 and my family does have the documentation for that claim. I’m sure my dad will be all over it 🙂

    Thanks again ~

  73. Gail from Hingham, Mass. says:

    Dear Susan,
    Imagine my utter surprise to open your blog and see your beautiful photos of my hometown. I am so glad you decided to tour Hingham!
    It’s been a wonderful place to live and raise a family. As we go about our modern lives, it’s especially nice to experience the colonial buildings and imagine all of the history that has taken place here. Do you remember seeing Derby Academy located on Main Street in the center of town? It was the first coed school in America founded in the 1700’s by Madame Sarah Derby. If you are ever passing through at Christmastime the old houses on Main Street have white candles in all of the windows – quite lovely to see. Come back again soon!

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Gail! I can only imagine how much I missed! What a beautiful place you have there!

      • mari1017 says:

        Gail – you are so blessed to live there! what a wonderful town 🙂 As I wrote below, I needed to move to Virginia, but my heart is still right there on the South Shore ♥ Christmas there is truly special with the white lights, the shops, the water and the special Christmas in the Square every year 🙂 Enjoy the coming of Spring!

        • Gail from Hingham, Mass. says:

          Mari, Thanks for writing. Yes, we are looking forward to spring here. We do love Hingham and still live in our big colonial home. Even though our children are all grown we can’t seem to make the move to a condo like so many of our friends are doing. Next time you are up maybe we can have tea together:) Come for the 4th of July – the parade and festivities are always so much fun here. The town paints a red, white and blue stripe down Main Street!!

  74. Karen Saunders says:

    I like the baby in the window…I can’t help but wonder….how many of the houses they build today do you think will still be standing in 150 years……??

  75. Andi M says:

    Great photos, this blog post is one that I want to share with my husband. If you get tired of painting and cooking, I believe photography would suit you.

  76. Diane says:

    Thank you, Susan. for the wonderful tour of Hingham- it is indeed a beautiful town!
    Hope everyone enjoyed their St. Paddy’s Day.
    Congratulations Kristina!

  77. Gail Buss says:

    Susan, I loved this tour and if I lived there, my favorite house would be the yellow one (just love yellow). They were all lovely though. And I enjoyed seeing the Irish Pub you ate in. Yes, Shephard’s Pie…….one of our favorites. The best I ever had was at O’Rourkes in Gettysburg, PA! I believe they put some thyme in it and it’s so delicious! That yummy cupcake looked so wonderful and to have it with your tea on the journey across was so special. Also enjoyed the Eleanor Roosevelt sayings throughout the blog. Our St. Patrick’s dinner party was great and I forgot to take pictures. Next time though! Have a fun day! Hugs, Gail & Joe Buss, Bev. Hills, Fl

  78. mari1017 says:

    Susan – as soon as I opened your post this morning (on my phone) I started repeating OMG, OMG, OMG – OMGosh – Hingham!!! That’s right where I lived before Virginia – it was like St Patrick’s Day and going back and every good thing wrapped up into one morning !!! ♥♥♥ See the clock says Hingham and Hull Society? I lived right on the border of the two towns by the ocean! I felt like I was driving to work! Brewed Awakenings for coffee each morning and Sundays!! The Snug! The Old Ship Church!!! The original Bowl and Board was there. Sitting on the sidewalk every 4th of July for the parade – one of the biggest in the area – and their Christmas in the Square – ♥♥♥ wish I was there to show you around more lol 🙂 They also used to have a Laura Ashley store on the corner past Brewed Awakenings. My favorite store – and I didn’t have to go to Boston.
    Sorry for long post – Hingham is one of the most beautiful old New England towns, and I think it was just a marvelous idea that you showed everyone around. OMG – the Snug on St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks from my heart to yours – what a wonderful surprise to read!!!! took me back home with tears in my eyes…I love Virginia now, but there’s nothing like New England. Thank you, thank you, thank you ♥♥♥

    • sbranch says:

      How fun!! Well, welcome home!! ♥

      • mari1017 says:

        ♥ right back to you! and, p.s., for those who might like clothes from Talbot’s, the original store with the red door is right there in Hingham Square.

  79. jane townsend says:

    When I visit family in New England I fall in love with the pretty colours of your clap board houses. When my sister in law visits us she is home sick for the English thatched cottages /stately homes etc! I loved your photo tour as I havn’t been over for 3 long years.

  80. Linda from Lancaster, Co PA says:

    two comments: I’m a teacher and although I teach first grade, I am still very fussy about my student’s penmanship. And they CAN’T WAIT to learn cursive in second grade! Next, I love to visit old towns, see the interesting architecture and find unique little shops and eateries. Thanks for the tour! Oh, oops–a third comment: I can’t believe it but we’ve been having a warm spell and our daffodils have been blooming (at least 3 weeks ahead of time!). So I can have lots of “daff” arrangements inside. Good for the soul.

  81. Joanne from Colorado says:

    Oh thank you for the tour! Such a beautiful town. I think I’m actually afraid to visit your little villages. I know I would never want to leave. My home is filled with antiques, early American stencils, colonial colors, etc….I love the history and decor of early America

  82. Marcia in Brazil says:

    Susan, thank you for sharing pictures of your lovely trip off-island! I have never been to New England, and Hingham is now on my list of places to visit. (How do you pronounce Hingham? Is it like Mr. Bingham from Pride and Prejudice?) The list is getting longer each day…

    Eleanor Roosevelt is such an inspiration to all women. Thanks for helping us remember her.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Hugs from your friend in Brazil,

  83. Gayle says:

    Love the Eleanor Roosevelt quotes! What a wonderful armchair tour! thanks, as always!

  84. Barbara S says:

    I’m so happy for Kristina to win such a wonderful prize!! Yay!! Thank you, Susan, for the wonderful tour and all of the quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt. Maybe someday I’ll get to visit your lovely vineyard. Blessings from Barbara in Cumming, GA.

  85. Alyssa says:

    What a great post! I, sometimes, too often, take my little New England town for granted, but we really live in such a historically rich place…Ahhh, New England…. Thanks for the WAKE UP! 😉 Joe is great by the way and what willpower! I would’ve eaten the whole thing! Alyssa of Boston Bee!

  86. Hi Susan!
    I’m glad your computer is doing well with more memory! Now you will be able to treat us with more wonderful blog posts! Congrats to your give away winner!

    I am in Denver today, celebrating my youngest grandson’s first birthday –his party was yesterday, which thrilled this half Irish Nonna very much 🙂 All his little friends were wearing a touch of green for St. Patrick’s Day! Denver has a large St. Paddy’s day parade every year –one of the most fun ones I’ve seen as it has a Western theme to it which make sit very unique. Because of the party we didn’t go, but I heard the parade in NYC was the best attended one ever! We’ve been having lovely weather in NY so that, and that fact the holiday was on a weekend, brought out many happy revelers.

    I LOVED this post — my blog is mainly posts such as these where I show the places I visit, both in NYC and in my many trips. I love researching all I’ve seen and writing a blog post about them as it is a win-win situation. I learn more about what I’ve seen, and so do my readers. New England is so full of glorious history, which I love. It was interesting to learn more about the beautiful and historic town of Hingham, Mass. The fact this Old Slip Church has had worshippers since 1631 is amazing! I also admire Mrs. Roosevelt very much and enjoyed the qoutes by her that you included in this post.

    Your lunch sounded perfect for the holiday, and I love that Joe surprised you with one of those scrumptious cupcakes on your ferry ride home …I’m sure I’d be thinking about those cupcakes if I saw them and then passed them up..lol!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



  87. Marie (Williamsburg, Virginia) says:

    Susan dear~I feel your angst with computer woes, thus my absence for awhile. I’ve missed you all, but I’ve been playing catch-up this afternoon. I knew good “posts” were waiting for me, and I wasn’t disappointed. You’re a “breath of fresh air” Susan…and pollen-free!

    Congrats’ Kristina!

    Marie xo

  88. Gert~Iowa says:

    First my congratulations go out to Kristina…what a lucky lady she is! Second…I absolutely LOVED the tour of Hingham! You are so amazing….I too just love Eleanor Roosevelt & enjoy watching movies about her! And ‘yes’ this world is blessed to have had her in it! Just as we are blessed to have you in it….smile.. Loved the trip through the town, restaurant, & cemetery! Always ‘dream’ of going to the east coast and now..thanks to you I am able to go there!! smile… I am so excited about Willard coming to my inbox next week! I share them with lots of my friends & family….

    Oh that Joe…how blessed you are!! sweet..sweet…sweet!!

    Hope you are enjoying your SONday!

  89. Carol from Connecticut says:

    Dear Susan,
    How great of you to share some MA south shore history with your readers. One quality I share with you is looking at something historical and thinking about how that place or thing changed hands. So many historical places or things are terrific story starters. I love the town of Sandwich on the Cape and all its history.
    I have a special request for my birthday coming up on the 24th. The art you create is so enduring and who knows how many of us have loved your creativity ever since the first book. Would you please consider a post that illustrates how a figment of your imagination develops into a watercolor piece. Could someone take close-up pictures over your shoulder while you sit at your art table? Would you show us how an idea begins on paper and then develops step by step from a sketch to a watercolor (similar to how you demonstrate your step by step/pic by pic cooking)? I’ve never seen anyone use a brush with 3 hairs ! I’ve been thinking about this request for a long time (every time I see your cooking pictures) and finally got up the courage to ask. I hope you’ll think about showing us how you think! What a birthday gift! Tra-la …
    P.S. Did you ever tease Jack & Girl Kitty with bubbles o O oo 0 o oooO !

    • sbranch says:

      Haven’t yet gotten to the toy store for the bubbles, thinking it might be better to do outside! I will try to do your request, I like the idea, but it’s really clear to me how I cook, step by step; how I do the art is something I’m not sure how I do. I will start to think about it and see what I come up with!

  90. Congrats Kristina…enjoy your gifts from Susan. Susan, thank you for the tour of the beautiful homes (I’m with you on the one to live in just lovely)….now, I know I’m a Mom; but, was that window open where the baby could crawl out and fall??? Oh my I sure hope there was glass but it looked opened to me…..I have my Dr. appts. tomorrow so maybe I can get something done and start feeling better (fingers crossed)….my sweet Jim just brought me a tiny container of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia which will last me because not a real icecream girl; but, will enjoy just the same. P.S. the tiny pieces of chocolate are quite enjoyable…have a good week!!!!

  91. Tracy says:

    I loved the tour. Thank you so much for taking the wonderful photos…..such a beautiful place. And loved the Eleanor Roosevelt quotes.

  92. shelley says:

    How wonderful your tour was. It was so great to see this new place then read the comments of the people who lived there. What a small world this is. Thank you for the tour. The cupcake looked yummy! xoxo

  93. Joanne says:

    Hello Susan,
    What a lovely surprise I had when I read your blog about Hingham!! I live just a few towns away in Braintree, MA. Hingham is one of the most beautiful towns. I love to drive all around town and look at all the big, beautiful houses. You should see it at Christmas time. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures. I will have to check out that bakery, those cupcakes look amazing!!!

    P.S. So happy I just found your receipe keeper book last night!! It’s beautiful.
    Have a wonderful day!

  94. Carol from Connecticut says:

    Dear Susan & girlfriends,
    I found it! (after a long search-whew) I have this picture card of Eleanor Roosevelt above my desk. I love the card and her. Makes me smile and laugh every time. You go, Eleanor! Take a look and smile. Tra la….

  95. Sharon says:

    Once again Joe gets the “Good Husband Award”. What a great end to a wonderful day trip. 🙂

  96. Sonia says:

    Congratulations to Kristina!! What a wonderful prize package!! Love all the quotes you shared and the beautiful pictures of those historical homes!
    Wonderful visit!
    Miss Bloomers

  97. doris minear says:

    Dear Susan
    I just loved the tour of the old houses. It took me back to the times when my husband and I visited Boston, as we both have spent most of our lives in S.Cal. We love the history of New England, so much so that 29 years ago this April 22, we were married in the Old North Church. Since it was a second marriage for both of us we wanted it special for us. I would love to live there, but he doesn’t like the cold weather. Keep the pictures and history lessons coming it is such a treat

  98. Robin says:

    Awesome trip to Hingham – – I LOVED it!
    Thank you so much.

    Roswell, New Mexico

  99. Connie B says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your Hingham pictures with everyone. Hingham was my home town before moving to Marshfield at the age of 9 yrs.We lived on “Crow Point” which was along the bay. Richard Scarey was my neighbor and I couldn’t understand why he spent so much time indoors. My children have grown up with his books so he must have been hard at work. My church was the Old Ship Church and is so beautiful and unique inside. Every 4th of July there was a huge costume parade that went from Main St to the old cemetary. I can remember reading all that history from the old grave stones and wondering about the different people and their families. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of so many of the antique homes where my love for those old homes came from. I do have a book-History of a South Shore Town, pub 1948- which is the history of Hingham and gives the history of many of those homes in your pictures.Thanks again for the memories as I sit here in Minnesota feeling very homesick.

    • sbranch says:

      awww, I’m glad we could do the virtual tour!

      • PamR says:

        What beautiful photos! My mom (Connie, above), always shared stories of New England with us as we grew up in Minnesota. It’s so nice to see what Hingham was/is like. Thank you so much for bringing people all over the world to this little picturesque town and sharing your day there with us all.

  100. Mary S. says:

    Oh, I absolutely LOVED your little trip that you let us enjoy with you!! Thank you! My favorite thing to do when we visit a new town is to drive around and look at the old houses, so this was really a treat! Plus, being so very old – we have never been to New England – made these pics even better!! I love to stare at old houses (kind of “zone out”) and pretend I see ladies in long skirts going up the steps and into the house, etc.
    Also, thank you for the great, inspirational quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt! My son is going thru a difficult time, so I posted some of them on his FaceBook page.

    Love and blessings,
    Mary S. from Fresno, CA

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