The Foghorn is Blowing . . .

A foghorn blew here all night long, I can hear it right now . . . a rather forlorn sound that I fell in love with the first time I came to Martha’s Vineyard . . . I think it’s the reason I woke up singing my Grandma’s favorite song . . . (this one is fun to watch) . . . now I will sing it all day!  Just a little salute to Andy Williams who died two days ago.  His voice brings back memories of our living room when I was a little girl, squashed in the nubbly green chair with my book.  When he sings, I can smell bacon and pancakes and hot maple syrup my mom is making for dinner, and hear my little sister’s feet kicking in the high chair.

These are the wild asters that grow along the dirt road where Joe and I walk every day. Behind them, a leaf we found on the ground … gracing the little shelf above my kitchen sink.  Jack (kitty, not Dad) thinks they are delicious.

Sending love, thinking of you  . . . don’t worry, I will do my work today, but those leaves that are calling? I’ll be going out to see them!   XOXO

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  1. Cindy Tuning says:

    I’ve been thinking about the Country Living blog contest the past couple days and that usually means something’s up. Maybe you should hear soon. It’s just not possible that anyone could have a better blog than this. Just not possible.

    • sbranch says:

      They already announced the winners Cindy! I think I might have been disqualified because of my books, which makes sense — my books would very likely be considered national “publications.” Too bad. Love all of you for trying though!!

  2. Susan (in VA) says:

    The title of your post made me laugh because I immediately thought of that old Carol Burnett skit with the foghorn.

  3. Kari says:

    Enjoy the colors and the air and the water! We have Canada Geese flying over the river and cornfields! It is a beautiful end of September…88 degrees today in Southern Oregon. The kids at school ran the track in all the fall colors! Thanks for sharing all of the goodness of the season! ~ Kari

  4. Karen Saunders says:

    It made me really sad when I found out about Andy Williams. I had the pleasure of meeting him once. My best friend was very good friends with him and we were invited to watch Super Bowl with him and his wife. I was so surprised at how short he was….I am short and he wasn’t much taller than I was, but I have to say I had never met anyone as nice and kind as him. I was so over-whelmed I could not speak, (literally). I too spent many nights with my family watching him and I always loved his Christmas specials. What a lovely man.

  5. Linda N. says:

    When I hear Andy Williams’ voice, I, too, am instantly transported in my mind, back to my childhood home living room, sitting on the floor in front of the black and white t.v., watching The Andy Williams show with my family. Such cozy, comforting memories. Thanks! Fun to see the Osmonds, also.

  6. Dorothy Ann says:

    * Good Morning Susan * 11: Pacific Northwest Time
    Temperature: 62 degrees.

    “The Foghorn is Blowing” So forlorn…so filled with meloncholy, yet…it’s a sound you can fall in love with.

    That was a sweet music video remembrance for Andy Williams, singing your grandma’ favorite song. I, too, have so many memories of him singing all those wonderful songs in that beautiful voice and style that was uniquely his.

    “Moon River…wider than a mile…off to see the world…there’s such alot of world to see…we’re after the same rainbow’s end, waiting ’round the bend…my Huckleberry Friend, Moon River, and me.”

    To you dear Susan, to all the dear Girlfriends out there…my Huckleberry Friends, I thank you all for your friendship, your joy of sharing in these Posts and most of all for being my “rainbow connection”.

    * Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

    • Dorothy Ann says:

      * Hi Susan *

      Oh my…looks like the “spell-gremlin” on my keypad has done it again!.
      Where’s my “spell-check” when I need it?

      Sorry…I was typing too fast…
      “meloncholy” should have been written, “melancholy”.
      “grandma” favorite song should be, “grandma’s” favorite song…but “alot” is not an error. I know it’s two words, but I just love writing it as “alot”.

      Someday, when I’m rich and famous, all my writing errors will be available on e-bay!

      * Hugs from Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

      • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

        Hi Dorothy Ann, I never pay any attention to spelling errors; I give everyone the benefit of the doubt that they know better and hope everyone else does the same for me. I used to use alot, a lot too until I got tired of the spell checker calling me out. But it should be spelled alot just because it conveys so much more je ne sais quoi so I’m with you and think poetic license should be granted!

        • sbranch says:

          Good on you Kathy! I am a strong corrupter of the language myself, not to be taught in schools mind you, but to be used in the spirit of creativity!

  7. Barb says:

    Goodmorning Sue, 🙂

    I too shed a tear of the passing of Andy Williams. Like others have said before we too in our family growing up were gathered around in the living room to watch all of his specials. Moon River is one of my all time favorites. My older sister sang that song as a Solo in grammar school and what a great job she did. Your vase of wild asters is so striking with the leaves. A little of something goes a long way. The leaves out this way in Western MA are really starting to show everywhere. I take time to sit on our back deck and breathe in all of mother natures beauty has to offerr and have been visiting different farm stands with there abundance of fall vegetables, fall mums, pumpkins, cider. I love to cook and just made a pork roast the other day with a ginger/garlic rub along with many fall vegetables and roasted them. Last night I marinated some chicken legs and served it with Butternut Squash. I love Butternut Squash. Sue, I hope you and Joe enjoy your Fall Adventure Ride and I cannot wait to see where you go and all your pictures. Have a wonderful time! 🙂 Hugs&Smiles..Barb, Ludlow, MA

  8. Ruth Thomas says:

    How I remember the foghorns – we lived two blocks from Narragansett Bay and we would wake up when we heard them. My mother was a “singer” also and we grew up watching Andy Williams, Perry Como, Eddie Fisher, and Mitch Miller and many others and she would sing to us so we learned the words to all of those songs. We have lost a treasure but thank goodness for recordings and films that we can still enjoy. Have a great day Susan and everyone!

  9. Jamie from Virginia says:

    Isn’t fog simply romantic? When I first saw Casablanca many years ago, I fell in love with fog (an old movies). To me foghorns are so comforting, just like trains running along their tracks. Both seem very romantic. We wait for our handsome man to come out of the mist of the fog and trains excite us with promises of beautiful adventure and times gone by.

    I haven’t made it to MV yet (on the list!) but I have spent time on “the other island”, Nantucket (lol). No wonder they call the island “Grey Lady”, it felt like nighttime at 8am due to such thick fog. Is MV fog that heavy? I did keep waiting for Humphrey Bogart to walk out of the heavy fog….but I think I would have preferred Cary Grant 😉

    Everyone’s memories about Andy & Andy touched my heart. I grew up watching both, of course I was convinced I would marry someone just like Andy Griffith. It is funny to me to hear everyone talk about their grandmothers love of Andy Williams. My Mother was “older” (45) when I was born so for me it is my memories of my Mother watching, swooning and singing Andy William’s songs. She has always especially loved his Christmas Show special every year. She is now almost 91 years old and STILL SINGS his songs all the time. And she sounds pretty good! I feel very blessed that my mother instilled in me a love for such wonderful music as Andy Williams and his many talented friends of the same period.

    Gert from Iowa mentioned reading Gladys Taber. I have to say to you Susan, THANK YOU! I was a few years behind “Butternut Road” so I had not heard of Gladys’ writing until I happened upon a quote in one of your books by her and wondered who she was. I immediately fell into a rabbit hole with her books! She writes in such a delightful manner, I love her books. I have collected them from antique and used book shops ever since.

    It has warmed up just a little here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, as it always does at this time of year. We get a little tease of Fall the first of September then another warm spell about 80* before Fall really sets in. I have noticed a few trees starting to turn color but mostly just the grasses are finally dying down.

    …..and every morning now there is a beautiful misty fog that rolls over the mountain ridge giving us a dreamy sunrise of pink, lilac and yellow…


    • sbranch says:

      You are a beautiful letter writer Jamie, thank you!

    • Jamie, I live in Maryland and always enjoy driving Skyline Drive or the Blue Ridge Parkway this time of year. Are you near either of these? How far down do you live? Could you let us know when the leaves are at their peak down that way?

      • Jamie from Virginia says:

        Hi Cathy, yes I live near the northern end of Skyline Drive. The Blue Ridge Parkway starts a couple of hours south of me and goes through Western North Carolina. I hope to travel the entire length of the Parkway one day. As for Skyline Drive, leaves have not started turning here yet except for the odd tree here and there. Mid-October is usually when things start to turn on the Drive I think. Funny, it’s been a VERY LONG TIME since I have been up there! It amuses me that we can live so close to “attractions” and never visit them while others drive miles and miles to see them.

  10. Gail from Hingham, Mass. says:

    Good Morning Dear Friends,
    Blessings to Andy Williams for using his God given talent to add beauty to the world. That is just what you are doing, Susan, and blessings to you too:) I just love your Grandma’s favorite song. The utube video is so sweet and innocent, reminding me of simpler times. I remember my Nana used to sing to me and she taught me an adorable old song called “Playmates”. Have you ever heard of it? The subject is two little girls calling each other to go out and play with their dolls. Have a wonderful autumn weekend, everyone. xo

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Gail, scroll to the very bottom of this post, click on the video, I sang Playmate for my mom! Happy weekend!

      • Gail from Hingham, Mass. says:

        Susan, Thank you, thank you!! This is the very song and I LOVED hearing you sing it to your beautiful Mom. You are so right when you say that it’s the” little things” in life, like this simple song, that can brighten our days and make them exra special. xoxo

        • sbranch says:

          I’ve put the words to that song in calendars, but never before had a way to send the tune! The computer is a great thing! That’s a song worth saving!

      • Delightful! I enjoyed listening to you sing again. You have a lovely voice. Thanks for the link! 🙂

  11. Vicki in Cincy says:

    Hi Susan, Especially sorry to hear about Andy Williams. His songs made my Christmas when we were little and I carried forward with my children. It isn’t Christmas to me without hearing those songs! He is now singing in Heaven.

    Today begins the wedding celebration (rehearsal and dinner) for my son, Matt and my new daughter to be, Britney! I am so thankful that my son is so happy and in love! Britney is such a sweetie. Joy is the theme for this weekend! Love you girlfriend!

  12. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    OK, you knew sooner or later one of us would do this…. girls,go to, click on the “foghorn” link on the left side of the page, and you can listen to 10 different foghorn sounds 🙂 These are in California, but maybe one is similar to MV’s?

    • sbranch says:

      I did the same thing, looking for the right sound … couldn’t find it (didn’t look all that far) but figured I will just have to make a video the next time I hear it during the day!

  13. Juliana - Jackson, NJ says:

    There is something about the sound of Andy Williams voice that calms me and immediately brings me back to my childhood. Perhaps it’s the way his singing sounded so effortless and smooth. There are so few of these singers left, and interesting that they all were able to perform all there lives and still sound so great! Donnie Osmond and also his brother Alan both wrote beautiful tributes to him on their websites. I love that we all have the same memories of watching his shows surrounded by our families, not sure if there is much left that would inspire that today. 🙁 Last year I bought a dvd of his Christmas shows and also The King Family! Can’t wait to get together with my siblings at Christmas and watch these all over again! Looking forward to your autumn excursion – leaves are still green here. Thanks for always taking us along! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      I have sort of made up my mind that life is how you make it . . . and not to spend my old (er) 🙂 age thinking that things were so much better at other times … look at all we have girlfriends!!! It’s pretty amazing. There have always been creatures. We just have to pay them no attention, and look for the good. xoxo

  14. Good Morning Ladies, I woke up this morning to Jim telling me the schools were on a 2 hr. delay (Fog)…small world. I too remember hearing the whistles of trains when we visited my Gram in Birmingham, AL. the best was laying in bed before sleeping and hearing them in the distance. Memories are a magical gift we each possess and as long as we remember someone they will always be alive. All the greats….Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis….all gone but never forgotten. All the great ladies too!! Can you imagine that choir in heaven!!! We are going to a Fall Festival in Hope, IN on Saturday “Heritage Days” and I know it will be crowded but it will be fun just to meander and look at all the crafts and enjoy the scenery. Maybe a caramel apple or elephant ear?? yum Hope everyone has a Wonderful Fall Weekend!!!

  15. Michelle says:

    Autumn is so distracting don’t you think? So many lovely things…

  16. Holly Meissner says:

    Andy Williams will always have a special place for me in my heart. The last time I saw him perform I went with my son, daughter in love, and her parents. We later found out my daughter in love was carrying our first grand child! 🙂

  17. Cindy from Georgia says:

    We will miss Andy Williams… I would love to see a return to the variety type shows. Thankfully, we can watch the old shows and giggle at the hairstyles and clothes while enjoying the singing. BTW – love your kitchen!

  18. sondra fox says:

    Hi Girlfriends! I’ve just spent some time (with my first cup of coffee) reading all of the messages from all of you. Such fun hearing about those from all over our great country. What a great tribute to Andy Williams who always made our family (who adored him) feel like a part of his family. We had the pleasure of seeing him on a Branson, Missouri stage, in his own special theatre, about five years ago. What a treat. Nothing can replace Andy, although there are some young singers rising to the top of stardom who sing the beautiful music that Andy sang. Some of you are familiar with Harry Connick Jr., and Michael Buble, who enjoy singing beautiful songs from the 30’s through the 50’s, with lovely lyrics.

    WOW, amazes me how memories bring our senses alive when we hear or see something we enjoyed from our past. We hear a foghorn, & we imagine ourselves right back into a moment that was years ago.

    One of my fondest memories is of myself snuggled down under comforters, in a bed at my in-laws cottage on the shores of Lake Erie, listening to the foghorn. We had the pleasure of visiting relatives in Ashtabula, OH, this past summer. We made many new memories to cherish, such as viewing Lake Erie at the calmest we’ve ever seen it. And, oh, the beautiful sunsets.

    And, Susan, as I read about your memories, I often wish that all children could have such a wonderful childhood as yours was.

    This is my 74th Birthday. Reading your blog, first thing this morning (around 5 A.M.) was one of my special presents. Thank you all, Sandy Fox

  19. Sue Rideout says:

    Susan did you know that Beatrix Potter’s 161 year old recipe book is on sale in London today! I found a picture of it online along with her Gingerbread recipe at I’m going to make it this autumn!

    • sbranch says:

      It was on Thursday I think, and it went for less than $1500!!! I was too late! We found the website that told about it, but they said no one was “sure” that the recipes were hers . . . although the handwriting looked like hers to me! I think if they would have known for sure, it would have gone to Christi’s and had a much bigger deal made of it. My heart just flipped when I saw your comment! Thank you for letting me know! Just seeing the book was fun . . . I wish they would have shown the cover.

      • Sue Rideout says:

        I too am a big fan of hers. I collected the stuffed animals of her characters along with her books. Have you read The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter by Susan Wittig Albert? They are wonderful!

        • sbranch says:

          I’ve only read one so far . . . and then I got hooked on Kate Morton, but I will read another of the Cottage Tales one of these days, very cute the way the animals talk!

    • How exciting! I couldn’t find it at that link, but I did find this:

      • sbranch says:

        We looked at that one, great to see the book . . . then Joe found another site that told how much it sold for … I don’t know where he was when he found it.

  20. Linda Thomson says:


  21. Anne says:

    Awwwww….I loved Andy Williams! Was so sad to hear when he died. It reminds me of my childhood too. Just loved his Christmas specials. That clip is adorable – must be Marie sitting in his lap….too cute 🙂

  22. Jackie P says:

    Love the sound of a fog horn! It invokes visions of misty, damp pea-soup fog outdoors, and warm cups of tea next to a cozy fireplace indoors.
    I checked out the link to Andy Williams singing with the Osmond brothers and then explored a bit further and watched a clip from an Osmond family’s Christmas special. Really fun to see them all (so young!) and listen to the wonderful sounds of holiday carols. It will be here before we know it! Yikes! Leaves here in NH are turning overnight! Lots of red, yellow and orange. Also LOTS of cold, driving rain today.

    • sbranch says:

      Pouring here, foghorn going, but you can barely hear it over the thunder!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        Rain (& some of you back east are getting a little too much, so sorry) & thunder, wow! 95 here in CA yesterday, but, last night we could hear thunder way off in the distance! I guess it was at MV? 🙂 Have a good weekend all! xo

  23. Mary Beebe says:

    It will be winter before it starts looking like fall here in cajun country. I get to see the seasons pass as they are “supposed” to thanks to you. Have a great autumn season!

    Mary from Louisiana

  24. Lisa Roskam says:

    Can I just say how your posts just “make my day”. I’m naturally a happy person but your posts make me even happier. I can hear the foghorn as you describe it (I lived in Morro Bay for three years!!!). I loved your trip to England and how you took us all along. You brighten my already bright days and I so look forward to your posts! Thank you!!!

  25. Bonnie L says:

    Aw…I am not over Nora Ephron’s passing….so when I heard of Andy Williams’ passing I just cannot think of that just yet. We are in Portsmouth, NH and I am so thankful to be here at this time of year this year! Did not think that the leaves would be ‘pretty’ because of the lack of rain but they are surprising us! And it has begun to rain…..they are still ‘pretty’….so lovely we think we can actually see them turning colors! I wish I had time to visit MV but it will have to wait until another time….so will add it to my ‘bucket’ (flower) list! We are having so much fun at the Navy submarine crew reunion 🙂 Thank you girlfriends for being here with me….and thank you Susan….just received the ‘Autumn’ book in the mail today so have it to look forward to reading while here………and beyond!

  26. Sharrieboberry says:

    My garden calls to me every day!

    I remember Andy Williams’ variety show. I was rather young, but wasn’t there a running gag about a bear?

  27. Julie(Omaha) says:

    Hi Susan,
    You might not remember me but I’m the mom who left her son at college about a month ago and it was a struggle. You were very kind and supportive (as always 🙂 )
    I just wanted to let you know I’m out here again in Pittsburgh visiting him and things are much better!! What a relief.
    If I could pop on up to Martha’s Vineyard and thank you in person I would. I’d also admire your comfy kitchen, pat the cats and thank Joe for sharing you with us girls.
    Thanks again!
    Ps the trees are starting to change, just lovely!

    • sbranch says:

      So happy to hear that Julie!

    • Chris Wells from West Texas says:

      Dear Julie, I missed your original post about your son. But I fully understand. I had one child, a son, and when he turned 18 and I knew he was leaving home for college I was devastated. But in a few months he turns 40, I have a fantastic daughter-in-love (saw that phrase in one of the girlfriend’s posts and love it) and 2 great grandchildren. We do not live in the same state and that’s hard, but had I known what a great family I would have one day, I would not have been so sad.
      There is so much more to come and love is not deminished by separation. That’s the magic of love! Hang it there! Chris

  28. Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

    Hi Susan,

    I AM sorry that you didn’t win the Country Living Blog Contest. But you are indeed correct. Yes, we LOVE us to bits! And you are just too adorable for words, Susan, and I don’t know what I did without you and Joe and your Dad and all you Girlfriends to brighten up my days before I found this blog!!! Thank you so much for taking us all under your wings, Susan, where it is very safe and peaceful and where we know we are loved.

    And speaking of Daddy Jack, I hope you are well and keeping cool in Arizona.

    I hope you and Joe have a lovely getaway, Susan.



    • sbranch says:

      Thanks Kathy!

      • jack says:

        And thank you from Jack , Kathy , I am doing just fine for a kid of 89 — just got a new 1999 Ford 150 truck to play with
        and am cleaning up my old truck 1997 Ranger to sell — if I can make the right deal this 150 will only cost about $2000 ,
        out of pocket — it has a unique feature in that it runs on either Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or regular gasoline —
        cng is so much less costly to operate ….and the 150 is just like new ….maintained by the City of Phoenix all the past years

  29. Evelyn says:

    So sad about Andy Williams death. He was a favorite in our house when I was growing up. My high school boyfriend resembled him a lot. My husband and I saw him perform on our 10th wedding anniversary and he was phenomenal. Huge, powerful voice and he was a very small person. I don’t think he was even 5’5″. Very talented singer and seemed like such a nice, decent person.
    I don’t think Marie Osmond could’ve been any cuter in that video. Her crush on him was just so adorable. Heart melting.
    I hope beautiful music comes back someday. I sure miss it.
    Your kitchen update looks great, btw.
    Well, enjoy your Saturday. Fall is coming on fast here in the Philadelphia area. Leaves are already changing. Looking forward to some Indian summer weather though.

  30. PAULA says:


  31. Celtic Heart says:

    I miss the expectant boom boom of the foghorns from our many local lighthouses. I do not know what they use today, but it isn’t audible to the human ear for sure. I will never forget being out at sea one day and seeing a mirage of the South Bishop lighthouse . . how dangerously misleading that could be.

    • Celtic Heart says:

      I can see that the deceased meant much to many of you. I must look him up. I guess I will find vid clips on Youtube? So sad when a famous person who has obviously touched the lives of so many of you passes.

  32. Jan from Northern CA says:

    Oh how I miss those T.V. programs! Andy Williams, Red Skelton and so many other wonderful programs. I’m so happy I grew up in that era where we were able to see all that talent. Don’t have much to say about the selection they give us now. I will miss Andy Williams as well. What a voice. My Mom had his records and would play them…..I think many mom’s were members of the “Record of the Month” …..can’t remember the company….darn. I see lots of those same records at “thrift stores” and yard sales lately. I already have hers, so hope that they find homes. Ray Contiff, Bert Bacharach(sp) and others.
    Well, your kitchen has been an inspiration to us all. I love to paint…..the finished project is always so clean and new. You both worked so hard and did such a great job. Thank you for sharing.
    Oh, and wouldn’t some fog be nice about now…’s been almost 100 here for too long…..
    Jan from Northern CA

  33. First of all, I will be making the corn chowder for Monday night football tonight!! secondly, my dream is to own a farm stand like that. I probably think of it daily. I love this and my grandmother and I love you susan!!! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      I thought Joe and I would end up spending the rest of our lives there, playing checkers at a table just outside the door! That’s what I thought! Say hello to your grandmother Madison!

  34. Lovely cool mornings and nights here in Austin finally and instead of a fog horn–our favorite owl has returned to his nightly perch top of family room fireplace! This guy has been singing to us for a few years, and his question “who? who?” echoes down the chimney and throughout our den and kitchen. Last year he had a friend joining in (a girl I think), but so far, she hasn’t returned. Not as cool as a fog horn, but we’d have to get fog for that……hmmm is it who? or wooo?

  35. sondra fox says:

    You have such a beautiful mind Susan! Your happy thoughts come through in everything you do. I wish I could tell you that the leaves in our area are turning color, with fall in the air. Not so right now. We’ve had an extremely hot spell in Southern CA. Some say that CA doesn’t have seasons. I beg to differ with those that say this. We’re PA transplants, but have lived in CA for fifty three years. When you’ve lived in CA for a year or two, you begin to see all the different seasons. In another month or so, we’ll see Oaks with beautiful fall colors. Mother Nature is a bit slower displaying her seasons here in CA. I loved PA winters, flying down a hill on your stomach on top of a sled, ice skating on outdoor ponds, warming up beside an outside fire, walking late at night with snowflakes falling all about, & the quietness that surrounds you when there’s snow all around. My husband takes me to snow each winter, up in the mountains where we ski. We do experience seasons, but we have to be patient. I loved your country market Susan. We have a farmer nearby who has an outdoor market. We call him Farmer John. He grows the most wonderful tomatoes. We got home from our two month cross country trip, just in time to enjoy Farmer John’s tomatoes. He’ll have them at his market until after Thanksgiving. Thanks girlfriends for the Happy Birthday greetings. Sandy Fox

    • sbranch says:

      Lucky you for those tomatoes!!! I hope we find bunches of them at farm stands as we travel around this week!

  36. hmbalison says:

    Hi Susan,
    It’s a gorgeous fall morning here in Half Moon Bay, CA. Can you see me waving to you from the beach under pretty blue skies?

    I was wondering if you and Joe will be out in California this year. I loved seeing photos of your store. I always meant to come visit but didn’t make it in time. How wonderful your friend painted the fruit stand so you can remember what it all looked like. I’ve always appreciated your attitude when you decided to close the store–it was time to do something else but wasn’t it grand while it lasted? I’m not usually such an optimistic person, but you’ve taught me to look on the sunny side of life.


  37. Cynthia Avalos says:

    Susan, I am watching the BBC series, Lark Rise to Candleford for the second time! I love it so much, and I was wondering if you’ve seen it?

  38. Phyllis E Looman says:

    Thank you for the mini-vacation I’ve had with you this afternoon. Drinking tea from a pretty china cup and finding such wonderful doll houses was perfect! Thank you, thank you for sharing.

  39. Jan Hammond says:

    Autumn in New England with Susan Branch—I’m reliving a trip to New England in the fall of 2009 but seen through Susan Branch’s eyes. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I have several of your books and use your cards and stickers. You inspire us all. Thank you for sharing your talents and your wonderful life with us.


  40. Lori Ragalis says:

    I always love to see your travel and interesting pictures you post. It is always so much fun. Thankyou Lori (CT)

  41. Cindy Ward says:

    Dear Susan … Thank you so much for sharing your days with all of us. I feel lost so much of the time, but being able to start my day by reading your blog and looking at all the wonderful pictures, especially of Jack and Girl Kitty, make everything better. You are the most special person ever, and I am so grateful to you.

    Cindy Ward

  42. Lori from Florida says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am so glad you had such a nice trip. We just got back last night from visiting my hubby’s family in Maine. We had a wonderful time! We went and saw the Castle in the Sky in Moultonborough, N.H. If you haven’t seen it you should! Then we went on a hayride and apple picking. We went to the beach, Stonewall Kitchen, and got to see a Patriots game. My sister-in-law made us a lobster feast! I got a lot of Christmas presents! Also, we brought back beautiful fall leaves, bittersweet, and seashells. I am going to decorate today. We had a wonderful time!!! Glad to be home with our dogs and cat!!! I have Bible study tonight and will be sharing all my treasures with my girlfriends!

  43. Jamie says:

    Your new towels are the perfect accent for the stove. Loved your info on older measuring cups; my husband had an accident with one lately…

  44. Victoria from West Hill says:

    What a beautiful time of the year.! We just celebrated our Thanksgiving here in Canada with incredible Fall colours. A simply dressed tree or bush can get so fancy in October. Our family feasted on the bounty of the land with 14 different types of vegetables, most of which were roasted, and a “side order” of roast chicken. Pumpkin cheesecake with a chocolate crust, pecans and salted caramel sauce drizzled on top required a long walk the next day! Best of all was sharing this with a sister and her daughter in town for the weekend.

  45. Dottie Alvarez says:

    Entering for prize!

  46. Candace Feathers says:

    It is always the small things that bring us consistant joy. Thanks for continually reminding me to stay “in the moment” and really experience the beauty all around me.

  47. Kathie from CA says:

    I have been a fan of yours for many years. I would love love to have a signed copy of your book.
    My family surprised me with a birthday party in the garden several years ago. My sweet daughter in law had everyone sign a white birdhouse and I later embelished it with lots of your stickers. It is a special treasure to me.

  48. Jan Jasper says:

    Kindness picks others up when troubles weigh them down.

  49. Denise O'Neil says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. I never get tired of looking at charming houses. It makes me want to jump in the car and go for a road trip. I went to Marthas Vinyard a couple of years ago and fell in love with the charming island. My house is white with black shutters and reminds me of a home in Edgar town.
    Happy Autumn!
    Denise Astoria, OR

  50. Denise O'Neil says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. I never get tired of looking at charming houses. It makes me want to jump in the car and go for a road trip. I went to Marthas Vinyard a couple of years ago and fell in love with the charming island. My house is white with black shutters and reminds me of a home in Edgar town.
    Happy Autumn!
    Astoria, OR

  51. Debbie from Missouri says:

    I just found your blog about a month ago, and each morning before starting work I have to read it. It relaxes me for the hectic day ahead of me. I love everything about your blog, and really enjoyed reading about your trip. Love your black and white kitties. A black and white kitty adopted me last Christmas. I named her Snowball. Looking forward to hearing more about your life. I’m definitely a new fan.

  52. Nancy Snyder says:

    I want to win…..I want to win…..especially the book

  53. Judith Ruan says:

    I am new to your blog but have been collecting your books and love them…to find the blog was a real treat..and giveaways too!

  54. Sue Muehlman says:

    Yes it made me teary to learn of Andy Williams passing, his songs and memories are so prevalent in my mind. His voice was so soothing and relaxing. I recall as a child listening to his Christmas albums and excitedly counting down the days to the BIG DAY! His music and TV shows were a big part of my childhood in the early 70’s. He will be truly missed for being one of the “great ones.”

  55. Cindy Mattingly says:

    Your blog is the only one I read. I even forward it to my friends. You have been given a wonderful talent. You are very inspiring. Fall has also Fallen here in Indiana. My most favorite season. I really enjoy all your pics. We also have cats who lay in the darnedest places! Thanks again for sharing your talents.
    —Cindy Mattingly—

  56. Sharon Fritz says:

    I love, love, love your pictures of New England. I also would love a house like that and we take a trip to Connecticut or Rhode Island once a year. It is such a step back in time that I absolutely love.
    Thank you for sharing all your picutres.

  57. Sisty says:

    I’m housebound — your blog makes my day!

  58. Loretta Silva says:

    Hi, Susan…OMG…I loved your pics of the beautiful old houses you saw! Someday, I will visit the East Coast and Martha’s Vineyard! Oh, I loved the tea towels you found…..I embroider towels and sell them at my holiday boutiques! You find some very nice things!!! I have a few of your books, but not this one! I can’t wait to see if I’m the winner! Happy Fall! Loretta/Calif.

  59. Sandi says:

    Hi Susan,
    I get a little thrill when your new blog posts show up in my mailbox. I so enjoyed
    the latest. Love the houses, the autumn colors, none of those here in Phoenix. Thanks so much. 🙂

  60. Cindy says:

    I have your first cookbook and love looking at it from time to time. I don’t really need another one, sooo IF I am the lucky winner I will give it to my daughter. She just got married this summer and is becoming an amazing cook. I also love reading about your trips, it makes me feel as though I was along for the ride!

  61. Tiah Foster says:

    Dear Susan,

    So glad you found so many nice ‘finds.’ That measuring cup is a TREASURE.

    The pictures remind me of my brief time living in VT. I saw two beautiful Falls and had a lovely older home. Thanks for bringing that memory back.

    Please enter me in your drawing.

    Thank you,

  62. Sharon says:

    Hi Susan,
    I love your lovely pictures of New England, it brings back all my memories of vacationing in CT and Rhode Island.
    I really enjoy looking at all the old historical homes and of course looking for antiquest.

    Please enter me into your drawings for the treasures that you found.
    Thank you,

  63. Melissa D. says:

    I’m really enjoying the fall blogs! Thank you for sharing! I love fall.

  64. Raenell Cannady says:

    Ohhh Susan, how much fun would that doll house have been to decorate with your talents? ….adorable. I can see how you wanted it so bad, but agree it would have been great fun to have had growing up and making it perfectly cozy over the years. I have to admit I could close my eyes and see it all done by YOU….amazing! LOL
    Please continue on with your trip, enjoying every minute of it….and the houses you have shown; I too want one of each! Have a great week…ox Raenell

  65. Rhoda says:

    Miss Susan, it’s such fun to take a road trip with you, but then all the trips you take, all the places you go, all the things you do make such fun reading about. And oh my, I love the music links too! Bet you don’t know how much your little blog means to so many of us…! Thanks so much Susan, for all you do!

  66. Connie Turner says:

    Loved the tour of CT and MA and the beautiful fall colors. I am hoping to drive around in the Berkshires this weekend. The doll house! How wonderful. I have two in my attic and one in the American Girl room. My granddaughters love to play there. (The houses were my three daughters) I wish I had mine – it was made of cardboard and all papered in Victorian type prints. I think it must have belonged to my Aunt.
    I would love to be in the drawing. I look forward to your blogs daily! Connie

  67. Janis says:

    I’m just so happy to visit your blog daily to read a new entry, or re-read a previous one. I love old homes, I love New England and I just love the selfless you who shares her life, and talents, and kitties (I have 4 and my boy looks so much like Jack!) and paintings and findings and traveling spirit with all of us. God Bless You Susan Branch. You put the color into our world : )

  68. Carol Cooley says:

    Your pictures of Fall are so inspiring, especially since we are still in the 90’s here in LA! But the promise of a new season can be felt when reading about your trips! I love the new ornament and think, wouldn’t it be nice to hang on my tree this year! Keep up the good work… You inspire!

  69. Danella Farrell says:

    What a treat when I check and find your email in my inbox. It’s like a mini vacation every time I read your delightful message. The pictures are always lovely and though we’ve never met, you have become a friend indeed. Always a pleasure to visit with you.

  70. Lisa Gabel says:

    Gosh. You and I. We’ve been through my best of times and my worst of times. I’ve known you since I was first married. Your first book was a wedding present. That was long, long ago. Your pages have sustained me. I thank you and am very grateful for that. I’ve read your books like novels, cover to cover. Many times, over and over. They have sustained me. I think I have all of them. Thank you. Lisa.

  71. Jean Kemp says:

    Tis 3 o’clock in the morning ….. ( remember hearing that old song ?) I’ve heard of it. Would rather be sleeping under that cozy quilt ‘in the bedroom’. I’m on the sofa .. off to places in New England and smiling at the sites … wishing I was on our way in the early morning to See the Same!

    We live in the most beautiful country ..we do. There is so much to appreciate (love) about the change of seasons. Color. Textures. SMELLS … just comforts the soul.

    I have an identical twin sis .. she lives in FL ..tonite she’s in the hospital. Just began chemo for newly diagnosed breast cancer. In the morning I will direct her to your new post ‘OCTOBER’ … we so much appreciate your gifts/ talents dear Susan. We embroider and she can sew (not me). She is an excellent photog. Three years ago she came up here (NC) and we did our first road trip. The kind where you TURN AROUND for that ‘shot’ of the tilted chimeny and the smoke curling up up up … the reflection on a stream and a skinny bridge.
    Did we have fun. And, we drove through a city named: TIGHTSQUEEZE!

    We grew up with a sewing mother … could she decorate. GINGHAM should be my middle name. So – you have given me a delightful ‘escape’ from thoughts tonite (or early morning). THANK YOU DEAR SUSAN. I would pass along a giftie to Jan .. my twin. She will WIN this fight …no matter what it tries to do. The is MUCH TO embrace in an day out. Bless you .. and ( HI JACK)
    (( Big Eddie..the orange nearly 20 boy says hi )) *showed up on our door the day after we had to put our 19 yr old cat to sleep … and he’s our boy now
    Love, Jean in Raleigh, NC

  72. Sally says:

    I loved the blog. I actually love them all. I especially enjoyed seeing the old doll houses. I’ve never been to New England but the colors and so rich and the countryside is lovely. I think I might like to visit. Thanks for putting a sparkle in my days.

  73. Caren says:

    Love, love, love reading your blog and seeing all the things you do, make and places you go. Feels just like we are with you. I would love to win the lovely glass measuring cup. I would love to bake with my grandkids using this measuring cup from the years past. So much fun. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  74. Freya Sponseller says:

    I always enjoy your blogs. Was not feeling up to decorating for fall this past week until I saw your recent blogs. NOW the house is decorated for the beautiful fall that I love. Thanks for the “push”!
    Sincerely, Freya

  75. Debbie says:

    I would so like to find some of your books at a book/estate/yard/anything sale.
    I have a few but would love more however so many are out of print.

  76. Michele Salazar says:

    I look forward to receiving your beautiful photos and paintings everyday. I look at the pics of your home and think “I want to go there!”
    I’m rehabbing an old doll house I found in someone’s trash can on trash day!
    Little by little I’ve located the Petite Princess furniture pieces I had when I was little. Unfortuantely those were all eaten by our Poodle, Baron!!

    I would love to see a short movie of you actually painting something. I would be entranced and bet everyone else would be too!!

    I have all your books, calendars and recipe holders and don’t plan on parting with any of them.


    • sbranch says:

      There is something very funny about a poodle eating Petite Princess furniture!!! 🙂 So wrong and yet so right! I just have to corral Joe to video me painting!

  77. Deb Antram says:

    I would treasure a signed book and the retro measuring cup. Looked like a beautiful day for playing. Thanks for sharing the wonderful houses in the neighborhood.

  78. Trish Corbett says:

    I came, I saw, I loved the Island you call home, I so wanted to knock and be invited in for tea (even though I do not drink tea – but wish I did). Also just returned from a day to New Hampshire to take in the amazing colors of FALL! I met you last fall in CA, and it was a small thrill that I found myself on the East coast this year for a visit with my son @ BU, then a few days on the VINEYARD!

  79. Elaine Erhart from Missouri says:

    We did a short fall tour in Maine one year, but your trip was spectacular. It was great you took us along now. Can I stowaway in your trunk on your next trip? Love everywhere you go and everything you write. Looking at your photos almost brings it home to us. Thanks for sharing.

  80. Mary Daly says:

    I love all your trips that you are taking us on. I feel I am right there with you & Joe. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  81. Cindy Huk says:

    After far too long, I bought a very special desk blotter for my workplace. When my package arrived, coworkers were jealous and now can’t wait for January. A piece of plexiglass will keep it clean throughout the year for me – no spilled coffee to block out March!
    Your books were a part of my life for so many years. A life change forced me to downsize, and they went to a dear friend who has since passed, but she received them with much love and now they belong to her daughter.
    Thank you for the warmth you have shared with all of us for so long.
    Cindy Lu

  82. Janyce Beyer says:

    Oh, Susan! I just love going on field trips with you!! I have always wanted to go to Connetticut and see the fall leaves. Here in Texas, our fall is so short that I don’t get to take as many pictures as I would like!! You have wonderful pictures. You sure are good with your camera!! Thank you so much for sharing and letting us go with you on virtual field trips!! I would be so honored to receive the measuring cup and book!! I have loved your books since my first one and I still pour over it every Christmas to add a new tradition!! Say hello to the kitties for me!! They are so adorable!

  83. Collette Terrell says:

    Thank you for the mini vacations we get to have every time we look at your beautiful posts!! Some make me gasp with joy! Thank you for sharing the doll house photos, and of course, LOVE being able to actually win some of your gorgeous, precious “finds”.

  84. I thought I posted a comment yesterday, but I don’t see it here. Anyway, just want you to know that I so appreciate having you share so much with all of us. I feel a kindred spirit here. We’re about the same age and I love my 4 cats, old houses and vintage things, fall and its brilliant colors, most of your favorite movies and Gladys Taber. My doll house as a young girl was made of metal with a working doorbell and lights!

  85. Toni Carey says:

    Susan, I totally enjoyed viewing your pictures of the fall weather. I imagined myself there right along beside of You. Maybe One Day !! That would be GRAND ! Anyways, Hope you are having a Greta Afternoon and Keep the Pictures coming ! Yours Truly, Toni

    PS Love your Kitty. My daughter is getting into the mustache thingy and when she saw him, That was the first thing she moticed. LOL (KIDS)

  86. Denise says:

    Your lovely artistic view of life is such a gift to my heart. Thank you for sharing the Autumn Arts.

  87. Paula Gulley says:

    Love the pictures of the trip and the beautiful houses (dollhouse included!). It’s always a pleasure to see your blog in my inbox. Thank you, Paula G

  88. Toni Carey says:

    Susan, I totally enjoyed viewing your pictures of the fall weather. I imagined myself there right along beside of You. Maybe One Day !! That would be GRAND ! Anyways, Hope you are having a Greta Afternoon and Keep the Pictures coming ! Yours Truly, Toni

    PS Love your Kitty. My daughter is getting into the mustache thingy and when she saw him, That was the first thing she noticed. LOL (KIDS)

  89. Pamela C Betz says:

    Susan–you just make my day when I see you have a new post on your blog.

  90. Merci says:

    Oh, Susan, how wonderful to share your adventures with you! I just love Autumn and your journey through New England was inspiring! Again, living in Payson, AZ, (5,000 ft elevation) we are blessed to get some of that beautiful fall weather. I am so happy I found your blog, you so cheer me up!

  91. Daralyn Ruchalski says:

    I found your blog about a year ago and have fallen in love.

    I am a long time hoarder of your scrapbooking supplies. the colors and patterns so inspiring.

    I even had to expell myself from ebay because of a sticker set of yours. I got so caught up in the competition that I paid three times the list price on a set that was still available in stores. I was not going to let that “other bidder” who could not possibly appreciate you as much as I do, win that bid…. 10 yrs later, I still own those stickers as a reminder ;-}

    Your trips are inspiring! I am headed to the Jane Austen festival in September 2013 and can’t wait to visit some of the places from your blog. Thank you for sharing them <3

  92. Gail Hurley says:

    Hi Susan, I live in Massachusetts too! I would love to have you and Joe stop by and visit during one of your journeys. Love the blog too!! Now I have to run over and get one of those adorable dated ornaments before they disappear!
    Happy Autumn 🙂

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