Home on Martha’s Vineyard and New England Houses

We are HOME and happy to be here with darling kitties! I hope you will love this charming MUSICA . . . 

Perfect music for nesting . . . which is what I did yesterday, our first day home; I waltzed around to this song putting everything back in order; kissing the kitties, hanging laundry, eating farm-stand Honey Crisp apples, putting the pumpkins we bought on the porch, hanging the wreath on the door. I dressed my stove in the two vintage dishtowels I found on the trip . . . cute eh?  Look at those embroidered, appliqued apples!  How come that was even THERE?  Why hadn’t someone snapped it up before me?  Lucky!!

I was all over the place trying to figure out how to do this post . . . I have too many different subjects/things from the trip to show you!  But since I started with antiques, I thought I would continue that way . . . especially because we careened into every antique-store driveway we saw and found some really fun things.

“Was it open?” were the most-often spoken words on our trip.

This cute little barn was filled with wonderful old stuff.

But this one had the best prices!  I found a 4′ x 6′ black, flowered, hooked rug here, for $49!  For my pantry.  Oh yes!

Some things struck me as perfect for Christmas presents . . . like this large embroidered towel with the title “Mother’s Little Helper” on the back.  For some reason I’m weakest for embroidery, potholders, tablecloths, napkins, dishtowels, fabrics, needlepoints; the soft stuff.

And I found another vintage measuring cup! These are not easy to find!  The shapes are softer than the modern ones,  and they aren’t printed on, they’re embossed!

But this was the big one, and I do mean big.  I walked into a wonderful store called Rustology in Stafford Springs, CT and just fell in love with this old doll house.  It was almost four feet tall, and about six feet wide . . . and three feet deep.

The front of the house is on wheels and you can roll it away to reveal the wonderful rooms inside.

Wouldn’t Jack just LOVE this?  The owner of the antique store said he found it in the attic of a Massachusetts house during an estate sale.  It was originally built as an exact replica of the real house — It must have had a room of it’s own to live in, it’s so big.

What this must have looked like when it was furnished, I can’t imagine!  That flowered piece on the floor is an actual carpet, a tiny petit point; and you can see the old wall paper.  And the doors!  And the doorknobs!

If this was my house, I would make everything for it.  I would paint little paintings, and mold little clay, and stencil the walls.  It would be so much fun finding the perfect pots and pans, making tiny pillows, looking for little dishes.  Decorating it for the holidays!!!  Joe could make beds, I could make sheets.  Our real house could fall apart, but the doll house would be perfect at all times!

It definitely needs help, but it has great bones … and all the wonderful details; trim around doors and baseboards.

The shutters are perfect, and there’s glass in the windows, and through this window you can see two other doors with doorknobs.

The front door . . . Imagine it with tiny lights on it!  The owners of the antique store love the doll house as much as me; they were showing it with so much pride.  I don’t think they are in any hurry to sell it; they’d only had it for two weeks . . .  they were asking $6,500 for it.

 Anyway, I had a lot of fun in there pretending what I would do with it if it were mine.  I considered which room in my house I might put it in, and came to the conclusion that it was too big for any of them.  I also would have wanted it when I was twenty, so I could have done it the same way I did my charm bracelet, making and gathering one piece at a time, from everywhere, so each piece could have a story to go with it.  Magical magical house.  Lucky someone who will end up with it!  But this house requires commitment,  if you move, you have to pack it and take it with you which would he a true heck of a packing job!  Maybe the smart thing would be to get it, give it to a historical society with the caveat that during your own lifetime, no body touches it but YOU.

This house was in the same store . . . . MUCH less expensive — $250 . . . and pretty darn cute, although it needs a lot of work.  It opens like a little closet … how smart, hardly takes up any space at all; I really liked the original shape of this.

And it has lots of charming details too. . .

Inside, you can still see vestiges of the glory that it once was . . . but someone would have to start from the beginning to put it right again.

Sooo, while I’m at it, I thought I’d show you some of the pictures I took of REAL houses as we drove hill and dale around Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Because truly, one of the inspirations that motivated me into moving to New England was the charming houses I saw in books and movies.  I wanted an old house sooooo badly; my life just wasn’t going to be complete until I got one.

Just look at these and you will see why. I would be perfectly ecstatic to have any of them!  Look at that glassed in porch.  Perfect for a tea party!

Obviously these people have another way to get into this very old house besides the front door!  Look at those pumpkins!!!  Wonderful, huh?

Of course, I am a fool for picket fences with colored leaves falling around them.

Sunny cottage, little arched porch, dentil-work up top, and tiny windows.

Very old house, leaves swirling through the air.

Love this soft yellow house in Historic Deerfield, Massachusetts — if you ever get a chance to drive through here, you should do it…. the prettiest houses ever, so full of history, most of the houses are very old, pre-Revolutionary war!

The great thing about these houses is that no two are exactly alike and all so amazingly romantic … I always wonder what kind of thinking was going on that they added so much gingerbread; the wide porches, bay windows, columns, and balconies?  And inside, with all the built-in little nooks and crannies!  Some of the bigger houses have a cozy fireplace in every room!  I think I would have liked those people!

So on we drove, past houses and barns, farm stands, graveyards, and antique stores . . .

The sunsets would light the mountains on fire with color . . .

In one little town, we saw they were having a Book Sale . . . So of course we stopped to see what treasures we could unearth . . .

OH BOY, look what I found!! My first book, Heart of the Home!  Rescue secured!  Book no longer lurking pitifully in cardboard box!  I brought my baby back home.  Pobrecito!

And then, while nesting all day yesterday; I put some Martha’s Vineyard sand in my new measuring cup; then I added a pear-shaped candle I found on the trip, and a couple of shells and some sea glass.  I thought, how perfect for the kitchen table!

And then I set it on top of my book, and it all looked so cute together, I thought,

I already have one of these books, and I already have one of these candle holders; I should make this a give-away for the girls, because they stick by me through thick and thin.  And so that’s what it is!

And then, guess what?  My brand new Collector’s Edition Ornament was waiting for me when I went to get the mail!  Isn’t it cute?  This is the 5th year in a row for our dated collectible ornament (no, in case you’re wondering, we don’t have any left from the other years; we only get a few in of each design, and because they are dated, when they’re gone, they’re gone!) . . . . so, I thought, oh yes, I better throw this in with the book and the candle, right?  They look so good together. 

I added a leaf I brought home from the trip . . . . and I’ll sign the book when I know the name of the winner and where its new home will be.  Just leave a comment, and you will be entered in our drawing for all these goodies!  And BTW, if my blog is being emailed to you, you have to come directly to my website (click here: www. to enter for the drawing . . . just scroll to the bottom of this post where you see the tiny word “comments.”  Click there, and leave a comment and that will automatically enter you!

OK Girls, bye-bye for now … I have more to show you, but realized this would be the longest post EVER if I tried to do the whole trip all at once.  So, there’s more to come!  XOXO Love, me

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1,947 Responses to Home on Martha’s Vineyard and New England Houses

  1. Sally says:

    LOVE the 2012 ornament! Happy Fall, Susan!

  2. Texas Leigh says:

    I loved taking your New England trip “with” you. Thanks for sharing photos of things I love to look at…including kitties, dollhouses, and gracious homes. Hooray for fall. We’ll be enjoying our colorful leaves in December here in Houston. Come on down.

  3. Joan Ross says:

    Hi, Susan. Your newsletters that come to my e-mail inbox just MAKE MY DAYS!! I just LOVE the idea of the pear candle nested in sand in the vintage measuring cup! Your new 2012 ornament is simply gorgeous, and I’d be so thrilled to win your first book and have your signature!! I’m hoping this may be my lucky day!
    Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  4. Fran says:

    When I was in college (a long time ago!), I took a trip with friends to see the fall colors in New England. I have a treasured picture from that trip very like the lake you posted – with the trees and sky reflected in the water – so you don’t know at first which way is up. I was amazed by the beauty then and loved “revisiting” the New England autumn with you on your trip! Fran

  5. Lizbee says:

    How glorious. Thank you for including me in your journeys, Susan!

  6. I keep thinking I’ve posted a comment, but I never can see it when I go back in!

  7. Karen Johnston says:

    Susan, Reading your blog is the highlight of my week. I feel like I took a trip through New England and I never left Washington. Have fun at the wedding and I look forward to pictures and maybe a link to the song you 3 sing? Karen

  8. Kim Harvey says:

    Susan, I love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your beautiful home and travels. I would love to win these items! Thanks so much.

  9. Nancy in Wyoming says:

    Susan – thanks for the trips you and Joe take us on! Those dollhouses were amazing works of art – such detail and craftsmanship. I like thinking of the little girls who were so proud to have their own house to keep. Sweet!

    I am also a softie for vintage linens and glassware – that measuring cup is delightful!

  10. Beth from Virginia says:

    Dearest Susan – I was having such a bad morning at work and suddenly thought….I need a Susan-Break! And there you were with lots of pictures of New England where I grew up (and MISS so!) AND a give-away! What could be better? Thanks for always lifting my spirits and putting my priorities back in order! You are the best!

  11. Carleen Trites says:

    What a wonderful trip you have taken us on!! It all brought back wonderful memories of a similar trip I took several years ago. Now I want a re-do. Your give away would be wonderful to share with my sister, too.

  12. Dee says:

    What a lovely, generous give away! Count me in!

  13. Barbara Watkins says:

    Oh what a wonderful gift! Thank you, and draw my name please.

  14. Cynthia Della Penna says:


    Loved the tour through town, and the beautiful New England houses. I have been looking for your seasonal stickers, and cannot locate them anywhere. Are they still available, and where might I find them? I am new to your blog, but have been enjoying exploring your website! Thank you

    West Coast Dame

  15. Christina ♥ says:

    Thank you Susan for the “trip through New England”. I spent 3 years living in Cambridge, MA and still miss it. When I look at your photos I feel as if I’m back there once again. Happy Fall!

    ~ Christina ♥ (from Los Angeles)

  16. Kathryn says:

    Hi, Susan! Love, love, love the new paint color in your kitchen. It’s perfect! Makes me happy when I see it. And thanks for the tour of New England…really beautiful!

  17. Paula Jones Denton says:

    Hi Susan,
    It’s comforting to know that others are sensible and leave treasures behind…It’s not easy ’tis true !
    I hope to downsize in the next couple years from a 12 room, old farmhouse with no basement to speak of, to a cozy (you know what that means…little bitty) less than half the size house with a nice basement (yay!!) and a pretty, with much potential, yard. *sigh* I will be closer to civilization and paying less for gas !!
    Many blessings to Jaime and her hubby -to-be. Good Luck with the song…no giggles now !!
    May you have a blast with the girlfriends.
    Phew. The kitties need a break.

    • sbranch says:

      SO inexpensive to paint and wallpaper a small place! 🙂

      • Paula Jones Denton says:

        Very sensible point made !! Thanks, SB ! I intend to squeeze all my antique furniture I intend to keep in that small space and store the rest in the basement for “shopping and recycling” later ! Such fun !

  18. Martha Hughes says:

    Howdy Susan !

    Just found your website from a pin on Pinterest ! Just love all of your photos of the North East !
    One day I would love to venture north to the East Coast and view all of the treasures … probably get whiplash while driving attempting to see everything !
    We may not have all of the old houses and stunning foilage but we do have longhorns , cacti and mesquites and lots of friendly people !

    I know I’ll be visiting your bog frequently … have a great weekend !

    Martha Hughes

  19. Sherry says:

    Hi Susan I loved the pictures of the old houses, just beautiful. I have never seen a measuring cup like the one you found what a treasure! Thank you for making my day brighter and giving me ideas for fall decorations, you are amazing. Sherry in longview washington

  20. Seanna Holtz says:

    Love the dollhouse–have always wanted to do one but think that’s going to be
    a project for the next life. There was a store in town that once upon a time
    displayed an antique bureau with the drawers removed and the interior divided
    into rooms; it made a charming dollhouse. I have always enjoyed looking at
    pictures of Tasha Tudor’s dollhouse, too. And Queen Mary’s. And……. and…
    I have almost worn out my copy of Heart of the Home so know that if I get
    lucky, your treasure will have a happy home. s

  21. Audrey says:

    I am have been salivating over your New England photos! Truly. They are so idealic. Would love to make my own little vignette if your book made it here…..

  22. Ronda says:

    WooHoo! This the season! Autumn that is! Thank you soo much for allowing me to live vicariously through you! Have fun at the wedding. With 21 years and counting, of marital bliss, the best advice I would give any newlywed, COMMUNICATE! Have a great weekend!

  23. Ronda says:

    ‘Tis the season! O_o

  24. Julie Ball says:

    Hello Susan,
    I am originally from New England myself. From a long, loooonnnnngggg line of New England inhabitants! I love seeing your photos of your trip around my old stomping grounds! I love seeing the old farm houses and cottages. New England has some beautiful architecture, don’t you think? Keep posting those wonderful memories! Keep warm and snuggle up to the kitties.

  25. Susan Fracker says:

    Susan, your song for the wedding will be wonderful! I remember that song well! Fall is here in Michigan and the trees are really turning – beautiful with the sun shining today. I’d love to win the book and goodies – and my next best thing is buying your books online for me and to share. Haven’t got this book though so here’s hoping!!

  26. kimj says:

    I love autumn as much as YOU!

  27. Holly Simpson says:

    I love all your books but started collecting late so this is one I do not have yet. It would be a lovely addition to my kitchen cookbook collection. Fall arrived here in Colorado a couple of weeks ago and I’ve gotten the house transformed from summer decor to fall. All the warm snuggly lap quilts are out, the candles, old books and leaf garland. The only thing I’m missing terrible is a clothesline. I’ve always had one save for the last ten years. I think I’ve gotten the bug into my husband enough that one will be forthcoming by spring. Sheets, towels and blankets smell so wonderful after they’ve been hanging in the fresh, crisp fall air! What better thing to do after a long day than to snuggle under freshly aired sheets with lots of snuggly blankets piled high on the bed to protect you from the cool night air! Love reading about your trips. My husband and I are taking a trip next fall to New York and all points north so keep the blogs coming as I’m making a list of all the wonderful places you’re telling us about. Happy fall Susan!

  28. Paulette says:

    I have had “Heart of the Home” forever (we discovered it here in the library when it came out and we all bought copies). But I know a young lady or two that could use a copy (this is bad, then I would have to decide who gets it….hmmm).

  29. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Hello Sweet Sue…I’ve Just Read & Re~Read This Wonderful Blog! & I watched Your “Drive Through New England” Video 5 Times! Thank~You! (Thank~Boo!) 😉 It Allows Me To Be “Up~North” in All Your Autumn~Glory! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I Love All The Doll~Houses! I Love How You’ve Been “Nesting”…..I Love All Your Fall! Hugzzz & “Fairylicious~Kisses” Everyday! Yay! xoxo Poof! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Glad you liked it Angie, you are such a doll, it means a lot to me to see you here and on Twitter!

      • Angie(Tink!) says:

        ♥ 🙂 ♥ Thank~Boo Sweet Sue! I L♥ve Your Wonderful Blog & I L♥ve All Your Tweets in Twitterville! Hugzzz & L♥ve & Always Lots of Pixie~Dust! 😉 xoxo Poof! ♥♥♥

  30. Kathleen Kelly says:

    I love all your books Susan! I read your blog several times a week!

  31. Meg says:

    Love all the photos of old New England homes. Fall truly is the most beautiful time of year.

  32. Lorrie says:

    Such gorgeous country. Thanks for taking us along on the drive. We’ve had a long, sunny autumn that ended abruptly with clouds and rain this week. We do need the moisture, but I hope the sun returns in patches, at least.

    Sweet giveaway. I hope your wedding song goes well. You can call yourself the Wedding Singer. A new career perhaps – hope not – I like your books and artwork too much.

  33. Joan says:

    Usually my husband doesn’t look at any of the blogs I read, but he loved seeing your rambles through New England. He’s from Maine, transplanted to Texas, and misses home.

  34. Marie (Williamsburg, Virginia) says:

    Dearest Susan~thanks for the Autumn getaway! Yes, I love old houses as well; and my deep attraction came from the same sources…old books and b&w movies. Does it get any better?

    So looking forward to the “Diary.” Have I missed something about your latest book? Shall I plan on putting it on my Christmas wish list?

    I’m reveling in my cozy abode with “Autumn” 🙂 amongst my autumnal decor.

    Happy Wedding Weekend and Girlfriends, enjoy your weekend, too!

    Marie xo

    • sbranch says:

      I thought I might have it done in time for Christmas, but it’s not happening! I’m working as fast as I can, but there’s more to do than I thought, loving every moment…I hope you will too!

  35. Deb W. says:

    Love your pictures of Jack!

  36. Jonna Green says:

    Hi Susan,

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Enjoy your work and your blog so much!

  37. Susie Kunze says:

    Thank you for the virtual New England tour! I love fall! Your kitchen looks great!

  38. Another Susan says:

    Hi Susan,
    First time commenting here, but I’ve been a long time fan (maybe 25 years worth of fandom!). Thanks for sharing the beauty of the New England fall through your pix. Seeing them makes me want to return for an autumn visit. Maybe next year!

  39. Colleen says:

    Ahhhh….so nice and relaxing to visit your blog. I have never seen the trees change color in real life! How incredibly awesome! Some day…. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Mona says:

    I just love that measuring cup. The whole giveaway is great! Thanks so much for your blog and cheering up my mornings. I look forward to each new post.
    Have a great day today. ~_~

  41. madelyn says:

    oh my!! i was being such a good girl and entering only once…then you said to go for it!! yip, eee! life is good by golly!

  42. Marcia in Brazil says:

    The leaves don’t change colors here in Brazil (our fall is normally mild), so I love looking at the changing colors of the trees in New England. I imagine it was hard to leave that gorgeous doll house at the antique store. It reminded me of the doll house I kept in my closet until I was 14. I would close the closet doors when we had company, so no one would find out I still loved my Barbies. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Susan! Congratulations on your wedding, Jaime! I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  43. Janet OC says:

    Hi Susan, Your give away sounds so wonderful, I just had to put my name in. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky this time. You must have had a blast visiting all of those beautiful New England towns. You certainly found some beautiful treasures along the way. Thank you for sharing everything.
    Janet xoxoxo

  44. All those pictures sure make me miss New England. And we have a huge dollhouse that we moved from Boston to Park City Utah. It survived fine as well as all the precious furnishings and decorations. We have them for every season. There is a wonderful miniature store in Amherst NH. Anyway I love how you mentioned that a dollhouse could be like a charm bracelet collecting memories as you go. That is EXACTLY what I am doing for my daughter!

  45. Amy says:

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the dollhouse because I’ve never seen anything like it. Hope you enjoyed your trip!

  46. Lisa says:

    Well, I so look forward to your posts! Just took your lovely Autumn book back to the library, check it out every year this time, never tire of it. 😉 Thanks so much for all your lovely thoughts toward us, your girlfriends. Would love your book and other goodies your sharing, bless your heart! From New Park, Pa

  47. Kathy Fletcher says:

    Please enter me in the drawing……thank you.

  48. Idelsy says:

    Oh – I would love that book!!!

  49. Cathy R says:

    Happy fall Susan ~ been gone for a week and just now seeing the super give away! You are so wonderfully generous! Thanks very much! Joy to you in your beautiful world! Cathy in Idaho!

  50. Donna says:

    Vicarious adventures with Susan! Enjoyed every day of England; New England is a spectacular trip too.

  51. Tootles says:

    Oh joy ! New England looks so much Minnesota in the fall. My favorite time of year !!!
    I am forever on the lookout for your books~ scouring shops and such. I bet you were delighted !
    You are so thoughtful and generous!

  52. Jen says:

    This has to be the most glorious fall we have seen in Michigan in some time! The trees are just ablaze with color and the smell….so sweet. It is so nice to know there are others that enjoy this time of year as much as I do. I feel like a little girl again, laying in the cool grass, looking up at the blue sky through the bright yellow and red leaves. Happy Autumn!!!

  53. Maureen says:

    SB, Your blog always puts in the holiday mood! I plan to “Autumn Up” my house this weekend because YOU inspired me to do so…… Thanks!!! Happy Autumn to you! I KNOW my FAM will love the chops!

  54. Linda Larson says:

    What wonderful pictures, I almost felt like I was there with you…the pretty houses gorgeous countryside…magical…just wonderful.

  55. Lynne from Mount Hermon, CA says:

    Fall is such a sensory season… Loved seeing all the colors of Fall!

  56. Susan Moore says:

    Hi, Susan
    Great name we have, isn’t it? I so enjoy your books and your blog. I live in Texas, so we don’t have the beautiful seasons that you have. Your pictures and writings take me on a journey….I feel like I could climb right into the pictures and be a part of them. Thank you for making my day….often.

  57. Lynn B says:

    Thank you for taking us on another trip!!

  58. Susan Moore says:

    Hi Susan. LOVE the name! I so enjoy your books and blog. Reading them take me back in time or transport me to beautiful places. You always provide a welcome break from everyday life. Thank you so much!

  59. Marsha Robins from Birmingham, Alabama says:

    I loved “traveling” with you — thanks for sharing all the beautiful foliage, homes, and shopping trips. The 2012 ornament is precious. Would love to win it, along with all the other goodies you put together for the giveaway.

  60. Lisa Muncy says:

    Hi Susan!
    It is my dream one day for me and my husband to vacation in New England, have always wanted to visit there. Now I know that whenever that trip is planned, it’s going to be in Autumn! Love where you live, your home, and all the wonderful pictures and trips you post! What a wonderful give-away you’re offering, maybe I will be the lucky winner this time! Also, I LOVE that dollhouse, too. Dollhouse miniatures is a hobby of mine. Right now I’m working on a large witch’s home, the scale is 1″ to 12″. The dollhouse you showed us looks like a larger scale, maybe 1″ to 6″. Whatever scale, each dollhouse is a wonderful work of art. If you like them, google this: pictures of dollhouse miniature rooms. You’ll see lots of inspiration! Here’s a great idea: your lovely home would make an absolutely beautiful dollhouse re-created in 1:12 scale!!!
    Lisa Frye Muncy

  61. Judy says:

    Would love to see pictures of the wedding! Happy Fall.

  62. Nancy West says:

    I am presently on a riverboat cruise in Oregon on the Snake and Columbia Rivers. The cruise line also offers cruises in Maine and the New England Islands. I hope to visit Martha’s Vineyard in late September next year mostly because of your books and pictures. I simply cannot wait!

  63. karen gance says:

    I love your blogs this one was really was special to me . I love fall and Doll Houses . When my father retired 25 years ago he made doll houses for both my daughters . It was a special time in life for all of them they helped him and decorated each with their own taste . My father passed away a year ago in September and he loved fall bought us all mums for the big house and the little doll houses. Thanks for the lettings us all remember our fond memories through your blogs!

  64. Patty Page says:

    I would love to visit New England in the fall! I was afraid Missouri would not be pretty this year because of the dry summer, but right now everything is looking beautiful!

  65. Jamie says:

    Susan…thank you for showing me the world through your eyes. It fills me with inspiration!

  66. Lynne T. says:

    I just love your blog. Everything is so, so cute.

  67. tina says:

    Oooooh Vanna, please choose me…………..xoxoxoxo

  68. Jennifer W says:

    I was so hoping you were going to buy the doll house and restore it! It would have been such a fun process to follow along with. What beautiful photos of the homes, I would love to take a trip to just see the leaves!

    Have a great weekend, give Jack a kiss on the nose from one of his fans 🙂

  69. Pam Monroe says:

    Love it all! Happy Fall! Thanks so much for sharing!

  70. Jacqueline Van Horn says:

    Hello dear!
    So happy to be along for the ride on all your trips! Love, love, love all the antique shops and beautiful colours. I’m on the west coast of Canada and we have only started to get our Fall colours.
    BTW…I have been sooo patient…I really do think it’s my time to win one of your cute draws!!!!!! Vanna, Please choose me!
    Jacqueline Van Horn,
    Pitt Meadows, BC CANADA

  71. Mary Ann in Mexico says:

    Well, apparently I missed this blog. It’s been hectic around here and somehow I overlooked it. But what joy I had upon reading it! Beautiful photos of New England and your spiffy home. Autumn is so beautiful in New England and I miss it every year. I have a question: By any chance did you drive through the Watertown, Woodbury, CT area on Rt. 6? Some of those homes looked mighty familiar!

    • sbranch says:

      It was near us, but Joe says we didn’t get there … close though, definitely that neck of the woods!

  72. Beth K. says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I just love your kind of home: Cozy, Comforting, Pretty and I can imagine full of wonderful scents! Here in Indiana the leaves have started turning colors. I love sunny fall days!

  73. From your photos, I like I would enjoy living in New England (if I lived south of the Canadian border, that is). The homes you’ve shown are so beautiful and I imagine more than one of them must have a good window seat suitable for curling up on any chilly day, with a good book and a cup of tea. Have a lovely weekend, Susan.

  74. Paulette says:

    Hi Susan! I usually don’t leave you any comments…I’m one of those quiet visitors, but I’ve always loved your charming artwork (from the Country Living print days), and I’ve been enjoying your lovely blog for some time now. I always leave here with a happy heart…and a smile! Thank you for that! xo

  75. Gail Josey says:

    Love your books! I have your Autumn book and your Summer one, too. Your recipes turn out so nice. I even forgot to put in the CORN in your Corn Chowder recipe, but everyone thought it was so good anyway! (You can’t leave out such an important ingredient in other people’s recipes and have it taste so good!)

    Happy Autumn to you!

  76. Debi says:

    Thanks for sharing autumn in New England ! Your California friends will love all the little touches from both Mother Nature and you. I’d love to win the book and little “treats”. I keep taking it out of the library 🙂 Have a wonderful time at the wedding.

  77. Balisha says:

    I just love your stove. It looks perfect with those towels and all your pots and things. I’m wondering…does it have two ovens?

  78. Ginger says:

    Your posts bring me happiness. Thank you for a cheerful day.

  79. Lissa says:

    Love your blog and all your pic tures. What a wonderful giveaway

  80. Kristin says:

    I love all things autumn! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful fall photos, videos, and recipes. I am going to go home from work and have a cup of hot cider!

  81. Kay L. in Colorado says:

    I would love to win these.

  82. Brooke N says:

    Would love these wonderful things!

  83. Patty Healy says:

    Love taking trips with you. I love New England in the fall. I’ve had a chance to visit once but it was peak season and spectacular. Regarding the doll house photos, when you’re traveling thru Chicago by train, stop and visit the Museum of Science and Industry. They have an exhibit called “Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle”. You can go online to see photo’s and a description but you have to see it in person to really appreciate this doll house. You can spend hours looking at everything. Amazing!

  84. JoanneV says:

    Susan, I love your new kitchen with the light glowing on the table.I am going to try that when my remodel is finished. Also loved the photos of New England in Fall. Glorious!!!!

  85. Patricia Irizarry says:

    That is one of the things I miss about living in NY, fall is a beautiful time of year. We do not get as much of the vibrant colors here in SC that is unless you make a trip to the mts. So pictures of fall in New England will do for now.
    Thank You so much for the pictures! They bring back Happy memories!

  86. Cynthia says:

    What a beautiful Fall trip. The leaves and houses (big and small) were a delight. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  87. Jenni Maniscalco says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for all the great pictures of the older houses! Gorgeous!

  88. Hala says:

    What a lovely post..again. The houses look amazing. The dolls house, too. I bought myself a dolls house on Christmas Eve 2 years ago. It was far too big….but it was Christmas Eve! My girls love playing with it. All best wishes, Hala x
    Not sure if I am allowed to be picked by Vanna as I am in the Uk!

  89. Anne Rowe says:

    Fall greetings, Susan!
    Every time friends and classmates who have moved South ask me why WE don’t., I have to mention my favorite seasons are Fall and Winter…have never been a summer heat person…and absolutely LOVE this time of year! Here in NH, we are thickly into apple picking, canning the last of the tomatoes into my grandmother’s Chili Sauce, pulling out the winter quilts (do others realize there ARE two kinds?) and gathering the summer clothes into storage boxes to be packed away once more! The dollhouse you showed in the last blog, I thought you HAD bought it, and I quickly showed it to my DH with the words…”See? Someone else has a big dollhouse!” You see… he used to work as a hobby in a woodshop, whose proprietor made dollhouses to his wife’s precise meas., she finishing them off for commissioned clients. She found he had erred in the dimensions for one of her clients and he was set to tear it apart and throw it away….horrors! So DH called and asked if I wanted it, and I immediately said “YES!” It is a NE Colonial, 2 1/2 stories…3’highx2’deepx4’wide. All wired for electric…I must put in windows, doors, flooring, wall finishes , lighting etc.. I have been putting away furnishings for a doll house for years, and now have one! It even has a table with drawers under two sides( for working parts) that it sits on! A dream come true! Love all the pictures and your “new” kitchen…it is living vicariously through you and your home that keeps me going some days…you are a blessing! Anne

  90. Margo says:

    I miss New England….. we were there on our honeymoon 34 years ago on the 14th of October!! I so enjoy living through it all on your blog!! 🙂 We keep saying we need to go back in the fall…. maybe for our 35th?
    What a wonderful rescue you made of your book!!!

  91. Marilyn says:

    Here I am #1606, late to the game, but I just know I will be the winner. What a lovely trip. My husband had a similar trip some years ago and just love these beautiful houses you photographed.

  92. Colleen says:

    Love..Love..Love..your blog, Susan. I have been receiving it for the past two months and it is the highlight of my day. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures and stories about your home and travels. I just can’t get enough. We must be soul mates in the sisterhood of vintage lifestyles!

  93. Terri says:

    Glorious fall you are having. Thanks for the chance to get your first book!

  94. zooperson says:

    Love, love, love that vintage measuring cup that can double as a candle holder. What fun to win that prize! Thanks for taking us along on the trip.

  95. Alice says:

    Beautiful pics and I’d so love for that measuring cup to come live here with me!

  96. Carol Moore says:

    How exciting a new book and an autumn leaf! Our mountains are like a patchwork quilt alive with color. Enjoy your blog and your books. They line the shelf in the kitchen where I frequently use your receipes.

  97. Yvonne from NC says:

    Oh how I would love to win this drawing! I’m trying to collect all of your beautiful books and I would consider myself one lucky girl to have your first book signed by you!!! Susan, I’m loving all of your Autumn posts. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  98. cstone in the Hill Country of Texas says:

    I love your pictures of the beckoning of fall. They give me something to look forward to. We have recently had rain here, so our fall is starting off really healthy and green, a nice change from our drought. Happy Fall!

  99. Pam Rudzki says:

    My mother loved collecting antiques. My sister & I got a little of that from her. We both have several antiques, either passed down or collected on our own. I love the measuring cup. They just don’t make them like that anymore. I am loving your trip through New England.

  100. NANCY BYERS says:

    Almost a Bell, Book and Candle giveaway.. A favorite movie..and book.

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