It’s May, it’s May, that Lusty Month of May!  Hi Girls.  I promised, if you asked, I would give you the recipe for Blueberry Angel Cake sooner rather than later, and you asked!  So, here it is!  Happy May Day!  You deserve it, you’ve been sooooo good. I have much love for you! Your comments are amazing! xoxo

Easy, wonderful cake . . . ENJOY!

In honor of May Day, I’m going to let our Giveaway (scroll down to the post just following this one if you missed it) continue a few more days, to make sure everyone has a chance to sign up.  If you already did, you don’t have to leave another comment because you are already entered, but you can if you want because Vanna is not only beautiful but smart . . . she knows to choose from only one of each comment, which means you can talk all you want.  And I thought I’d sweeten the pot just a wee bit to celebrate May!  Someone is going to win BOTH my SUMMER and GIRLFRIEND’S Books, and in addition, we’ll draw one more name, for this:

It’s my brand new (I forgot to tell you!) COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS, BOOK OF DAYS.  Kellee called me yesterday to remind me that “the Blessings Book” came in during my months in the FINE ROMANCE tunnel and I just forgot to mention it.  (Now that’s a tunnel!)

I designed this book and sent it in last year, just before we sailed away to England — another lifetime ago!

I based it on my old DAYS BOOK (which is out of print now) — so it can be used as a Journal, a Birthday Book, or a Dream Book, but since we are such Blessing Counters around here , I thought it would be a wonderful place to jot down the best things of each day, what we learned, and words of wisdom, so those memories last forever, and can even be passed down to people we love.  If you’re not already entered for the other two books, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and we’ll draw for both prizes at the same time.

It’s the little things that make up a lifetime — we’ll take care of the minutes and the years will take care of themselves. 

Here’s a minute: Our tulips are in bloom!  Blessing. Check!

Not all of us are experiencing bowers of flowers right now — and washing in snow, fair maid or not, is not quite the same as “washing in dew!”  There are still snowstorms out there!  So, this is for you, all of you really, if you run to your door, you might (If I had my way) find one of these hanging on your door knob, from me to you with love, a bouquet in a wallpaper cone (from our dining room wallpaper). Such a sweet tradition, leaving garden flowers on friend’s doors.  The red flower is from our quince bush, which is obviously celebrating FLORA, the Goddess of Flowers, which has nothing whatever to do with Frosty, the god of snow! Go away Frosty!

 This is what we want now!

May, Flowers, CAKE, and books, who could ask for anything more?  The tiny frosting on the cake would be if you haven’t seen the movie featuring this Musica (playing right now if you clicked on it at the top of this post), you might want to put it on your list.  FRIENDLY PERSUASION  is a wonderful sweet old movie; it will make you cry, and you know how we love that.  XOXOX

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1,066 Responses to BLUEBERRY ANGEL CAKE

  1. Susan, I have been thinking about this cake ever since you posted about it the other day. I think I even dreamed about making it. I’m not sure why- it might be the blueberries in it 😉 Either way, it looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it.
    I just wanted to tell Sandy that I am praying for her husband as well. 54 years together is a long time, and something to be admired 🙂 Sandy, I wish you both well!


    • sbranch says:

      What I love is the thought of the slight fragrance of baking Angel Food cake floating over the country! 🙂

  2. Karen C from NC says:

    Thank you for the recipe! Angel Dream Cake ! Yummy! Your tulips & dafadiols are so bright & sunny! Makes me smile. Another book to win, you are just too good to us girlfriends. Tell Vanna her job will be 2x’s as hard. Take care. Hugs Karen C

  3. Barb Mc says:

    Have one of the books wood love the other.

  4. Mary peterson says:

    Susan: Thamks for the wonderful tulip pictures. I have about a half-dozen pink ones that I am very proud of as it has taken years for me to actually have success with them. On Valentine’s Day I bought myself red ones, and at Easter I bought yellow ones. I am anxious to plant the bulbs this year, hoping I will be surprised with 3 different colors in the Spring!

  5. barbara h. says:

    Making your Angel Dreamcake on Sunday for my son. He’s going to l♥ve it! Always look forward to your updates. Thanks, Susan!

  6. Lee Ann G. says:

    Happy May Day and Happy 37th Wedding Anniversary to me and my hubby today. We got married on May Day so we would never forget! ha ha

    Susan, your blog is such a happy, fun and welcoming place to visit. I always leave smiling and with my imagination soaring again. …and I’m hoping, like everyone else, to win your giveaway here. Would love any of your beautiful books! Oh and thank you for this delicious sounding recipe! YUM!!

    ♥ Lee Ann

  7. Love the new book! I have the old days book. I love it. It holds all the birthdays I need to remember. I will never resort to putting dates in my iphone. I love the books!!

  8. Sylvia Faye says:

    What is so special about your blog is the simplicity and happiness with which you present it to us
    We do so appreciate you>
    Sandy I would like you to know that I will remember you and your husband in prayer> Happy and loving FIFTY FOURTH wedding anniversary> My dear one and I are six and a half years ahead of you> “Grow old with me the best is yet to be” has been the motto of our life and I feel sure it is with you as well>
    Susan thank you and bless you once more for gracing our day with your extra spell of “stardust”>

    • sondra fox says:

      Congratulations on your very successful marriage as well Sylvia. My husband & I met between our Jr. & Sr. years of High School. I’ve always told him that God made him for me. He’s so wonderful, that he’s made marriage easy. Thanks Sylvia for your kind words. (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

  9. Susan in Tennessee says:

    I love your books:)

  10. Julia Waterbury says:

    Flowers are blooming everywhere here in Oregon… dogwood, wisteria, camellia, lily of the valley, and fuchsia in my yard… love spring!!!

  11. Happy May Day! (It’s still technically May Day here.) It was a spectacular, sunny day today here in the great NW! Not a rain cloud in sight. 🙂 I opened up my windows and let in the yummy lilac smells from the lilacs outside my window. MMMmmmm!! That is my May Day blessing! I need your Days book to write that down in! In the meantime, I’ve been writing down blessings on little slips of paper since New Year’s Day and keeping them in a mason jar. On New Year’s Eve, I’ll read them all. I can’t remember where I got that idea…Pintrest, Facebook, or here? It’s a good one!

  12. Daralyn says:

    Wow! A breath of fresh spring air. Just what I needed this evening.
    Life is a little tricky at home just now, my father is not well and it is
    no fun to watch him as he struggles and my mom as she worries. So
    nice to come receive a bit of inspiration…. Thank you for being here!

  13. Tina Dillon says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’d love to be considered for your giveaway even though I am miles away in Australia. I love your blog and have followed your adventures through the English countryside. I am originally from the UK and moved to Australia 13 years ago and really miss it. So please tell me how I can buy a copy of your Days from the Heart of the Home, which is so beautiful and also the forthcoming Fine Romance book of your travels to England, which sounds AMAZING. X TinaD

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Tina! One of our last winners was from New Zealand, so anything can happen. As for ordering, if you go to my web store, scroll to the bottom of any page, you’ll find a contact for the studio where either Kellee or Sheri can help you with your order. The only fly in the ointment is of course the regular fly in the ointment, the cost of shipping! But we can send things to you, no problem! I hope you enjoy my love affair with your home country because that’s really what it has become.♥ Thanks for writing!

  14. Dorothy Ann says:

    * Dear Susan *

    Even though I sent you an e-mail a day or so ago, regarding your previous “Lighthearted” post, with your new and exciting giveaway, I hoped you would give us that glorious new recipe for the Blueberry Angel Food Cake.
    So, here I am again to say…thank you!

    Thank you for the recipe or as you highlighted it: “Angel Dream Cake”.
    Oh! I can’t wait to prepare it. Your signature artwork designs (love those stars) is soooooo lovely. Even the written recipe is a delight, with that cute sifting cup and pink spatula!

    This might sound silly or even a little bit overly-dramatic, but being born in July and under the sign of “Leo”, I’m usually extremely dramatic anyways.
    But…sometimes when I view your artwork, in your books, cards, stickers, or on your Blog, I tend to get teary-eyed and cry at the sweetness, simplicity and serendipity of your art. It’s so beautiful.

    I have your wall calendar right above my desk and today as I turned to “May”,
    I did cry, as I saw this new month’s designs, quotes, recipes and hints, all according to Susan Branch.

    Have a wonderful week.
    * Luv from Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

  15. Pat W. says:

    Happy May Day…to all. Here in Western PA we are experiencing lovely spring weather with birds singing (they are soooo happy), spring bulbs blooming & trees starting to become various shades of green. We are enjoying these lovely days after a long winter & counting our blessings. Thank you Susan for all of your beautiful photos … and uplifting words & poems.

  16. Leslie Gammelgaard says:

    My May Basket was filled to overflowing with the sweetest blessing ever found in a May Basket! My daughter used to leave a little basket filled with garden flowers on her Grama’s door step, ring the doorbell and run and hide! When my mom would open the door she would run to find her and give Kari a big May Day kiss! It was their special tradition, filled with excitement and giggles. This May Day, my daughter filled my May basket with a beautiful 7lb 13oz baby boy! Wouldn’t my mom have been pleased with this special Heaven sent gift!!!

  17. Mary says:

    I want to thank you for all the lovely post you do. You sure brighten my day and I can hardly wait to see a new post.
    I am going to try the cake as it looks so wonderful. Love your kitties – and they sure love you.
    I’m a new follower and I do look forward to all your posts. Have your cards and grandmother book – love them

  18. Tzella says:

    Happy May to all of you!Thank you for helping us to keep our spirit up!Greetings from Greece!!!

  19. Carole S. says:

    What a delight to open my email and find a missive from you. You remind me to be grateful for the little things.

  20. Janie Osborne near Cumberland Gap, Tennessee says:

    Ohhhh Sweet Sue! You sure do take the cake…and bake THE Cake! Yummmm! This Spring has been Glorious and Thank you for sharing your Lovely and Beautiful pictures! The books you are offering are some of my most favorite. Your beauty and talent brighten my heart. Sending you a Big Hug from the TN mountains!!! xoxo

  21. ann says:

    i love getting up early, having a cup of coffee and reading your blog posts. it’s warm here this morning but by tomorrow it will be freezing. such a strange spring…. thanks for these giveaways, it’s fun imagining i may win ☺

  22. Sue in Maine says:

    Good Morning Susan! Haven’t been in touch with you for awhile. April has been a fabulous for my family. My oldest son got married to his high school sweetheart, my wonderful husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and spring has finally come to Maine! Can’t wait to receive my copy of A Fine Romance! Have a great week!

  23. Alicia says:

    I had to come back & say thank you for the blueberry angel dream cake. I can’t wait to make it! And a thank you also for always making a day little brighter when I read your blog.

  24. Mary Lou says:

    Oh, my….the cake looks sooo tempting. But, I’ll have to put off making it because I’m getting ready for my first trip to Marthas Vineyard on Sunday…just can’t wait.

  25. Linda A. Fleming says:

    I needed a lift this morning and immediately thought of you and hoping you would be there on my computer, and there you were for me and all of the rest of you fans. thank you for everything little thing.

  26. Sharon Haschalk says:

    I want to thank you Sue for all the wonderful pictures, recipes and beautiful words you give us. Whenever I open up your blog, it’s like getting wrapped in a warm blanket, and a big hug from your best girlfriends . And now I find out that you have also done another book, Days From the Heart of the Home. What can I say – you are just amazing! I do so much appreciate and love everything you do for us! Hugs from Sharon in Maine. xxoo

  27. Kristie says:

    Thank you so very much!! Angelfood, blueberries AND lemon all in one cake!! I couldn’t wait until you posted the recipe!!! I will be making it soon…very soon!!!

  28. Jean Sheard says:

    Yumm! Can’t wait to present this scrumptous dessert to my guests. Angel food cake with blueberries – what a combination!
    I love your blog and am inspired to pick up my paint brushes and get to those projects that I had started at least a year ago. Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Gabi says:

    Susan–it’s a great day when I see your blog in my inbox! Sets the tone for the entire day as I muse about the things you write. You are so full of love, thoughtfulness, and cheer that all of us girlfriends are blessed to have you as a friend! I wish that you lived next door so that we could have tea, conversation and cake (never forget the cake!) or exchange gardening tips across our backyards. Thanks so much for your uplifting words, art and inspiration!

  30. Laira Benthien says:

    Yum! Beautiful!

  31. Gail in N.H. says:

    Thank you for the recipe! I will be making it this weekend for Greek Easter!!! Looks so good and rich in antioxidants LOL!

  32. Karen chamberlain says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Blessings to you! I copied your scrumptious cake recipe at work…and shared with coworkers
    and will share the finished product with an elderly neighbor :-). Thank you from all of us 🙂

    Kareem chamberlain

  33. Julia says:

    My comment to Sandy whose husband is sick went to the wrong place,
    don’t know if you can do anything about it or not. I’m sending words
    of encouragement and it went to the one about sifting flour! I told
    you I am a flake. Sorry.

    • sbranch says:

      I wish I could Julia, but they don’t give me that kind of control on this blog. You are not a flake, this is confusing, for me too! xoxo Your heart is in exactly the right place!

      • sondra fox says:

        Julia & Susan, Not to worry dears, I read every word of the message you sent. I appreciate your dear hearts. May love & happiness follow you always. (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

  34. peg says:

    Sue….Your cake looks divine!!! Love angel food cake. YUM!!! I am wondering if I could substitute raspberries in the cake??? I’m not a big blueberry fan….weird, I know….just never had them growing up. Not keen on strawberries, either.

    What a great give-away!!! Girlfriends AND Summer AND the journal?!!!!! W0oooOo Ho0OO0o0! What a prize!!! Vanna, darling, could you just pick me? Ha Ha…..actually, that wouldn’t be fair……there are so many FOSB who really need to win!!!! Luck to all!!!! xo peg

  35. Shari Harniss says:

    Would love to win one of your beautiful books!

  36. mary says:

    Hi Susan! Thank you for the recipe and the opportunity to win your beautiful books! Happy Spring!! MARY NJ

  37. Shannon Stark says:

    Susan Branch, you are one of my favorite artist/authors! And now you have combined your talent with my favorite past time…counting blessings! I am in heaven!

  38. Linda Bailey says:

    On May Day 1956, when I was in the first grade in East Brookfield, Mass., our school celebrated May Day. Everyone had to wear a white shirt and the girls wore pastel skirts, the boys probably just plain slacks. We made May Baskets out of wallpaper and danced around the Maypole. My grandmother who lived in Hingham, Mass., always “hid” our May Baskets in her window boxes. They were filled with flowers and pretty candy. When my daughter was little, we always had a May Day party though no one we invited had ever heard of it. We enlightened them! Small May Pole on the table and pretty baskets with old-fashioned candy and some paper forget-me-nots, very Tasha Tudor! All through her college years and career days, my daughter and I always sent each other May Baskets from the florist when we lived far away from each other. We always specified the baskets had to have a handle and the flowers as close to garden types as possible. Now my daughter is 41 and has a two year old daughter. We are looking forward to teaching her all about May Day.

    • sbranch says:

      What a wonderful memory for you and your daughter, and new ones to come with your grandaughter!

  39. Dina says:

    Susan, thank you for the beautiful cake recipe – I can’t wait to bake one. I love it when you share recipes as I love to bake. Which is not too good for ones weight when you ALWAYS have to taste whatever your bake to be sure it’s good enough for others!

    God Bless!

  40. Karen E. Connor says:

    Such wonderful pictures and words to celebrate this glorious month of May. Reading your blog always gives me a lift to my heart. Thank you for that!! I love all your books and I didn’t know that you had the “Days” book available. I would love to win that! Every day with Susan Branch is a blessing to all. Much appreciation for your spreading of joy to us all. Hugs and Kisses to you all XOXOXOX.

  41. Susan Stout says:

    Thank you for your springtime pictures! We had a big spring storm yesterday and today it is beautiful with blue skies, sunshine and SNOW! The good news is my clematis survived another winter and is starting to bud! Maybe I should bake your blueberry cake to celebrate! Have a happy day!

  42. Diane says:

    Always need a good blueberry recipe, my mom in law has an orchard. Thanks for the recipe and for your wonderful blog 🙂 diane

  43. Maria in NY says:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway. Love your blog and read it faithfully. My sister and I are anxiously waiting for your new book–I’m hoping she’ll give it to me for a birthday present..;) Yesterday was my 25th wedding anniversary and your Heart of the Home makes me think back to when we were first married and I used it so much–I made lots of spinach balls!
    Thanks for adding so much pleasure to my daily life.

  44. Sharon of Morro Bay, CA says:

    Thank you soooo much for the cake recipe! Your blog just makes my morning HAPPY! The flower photos are incredible. We do not have much dirt here to plant things as small lots close to ocean. A tiny patch really but I cram in as much as humanly possible.
    WISH I had your book right this minute as flying to London on the 11th!! Our first time to visit England. Only have 5 nights there as going on to other areas but just reading about it, I am wanting to plan a longer trip…someday. Looking forward to reading it cover to cover for next time!

    • sbranch says:

      It is only 30 miles from London to Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, built around 1500. I loved it there. Lots to see, gorgeous garden, out in the countryside, beautiful, historical, you would love it if you have time. There’s probably even a bus from London. Have a fabulous time Sharon!

      • Sharon of Morro Bay, CA says:

        Oh, thanks!! There are so many decisions. Want to go outside the city for a countryside tour. This sounds wonderful. Would like to see Bath also and of course the Cottswolds. Not enough time in one place. will check to see if we can get a bus to Hever Castle.

        • sbranch says:

          Hever would give you a big enough taste and understanding of the possibilities to get you back for another longer more country-oriented visit. You’ll get to see it as it is. Gorgeous. Leave time for a long walk around the property. A picnic under one of the HUGE trees is also something you could do. Rather than run run run the whole time. Food is available on the premises. Be sure to tell us how your trip went when you get back!

          • Carrie says:


            On the days you spend in London, may I offer just a few of my faves?

            Denis Sever’s House, 18 Folgate

            Kew Gardens: due to the late arrival of spring, this place will have more jewels than the Tower of London – bluebells, treetop walkway where you are walking high amidst the trees, MASSIVE water lilies inside the Waterlily House, there’s likely all kinds of gorgeous flowers in bloom now that would have normally bloomed earlier – all the bulb flowers for example. You just hop the District line towards Richmond (green line) and get off at Kew Bridge station, walk a wee bit voila, Bob’s your Uncle. Easy peasy.

            If you are a music lover:
            Choral evensong at St. Pauls Cathedral sitting under the dome is like being transported to heaven and is free. Climb to the Golden Gallery for a birdseye view of London. Walk across the “wobbly” bridge/millenium footbridge towards the Tate Modern – this bridge/view of St. P’s is in a lot of movies.
            **this is also one of the most stunning architectural wonders you can imagine and was a must on my first trip**

            Free lunchtime concerts at St. Martin in the Fields; world class artists perform here as it is considered extraordinary as a musician/soloist to say you played/sang at St. Martin in the Fields (equivalent if not better than saying you played Carnegie).
            The baroque concerts by candlelight have made me weep. Sitting up in the galleries provides a unique vantage point for both eyes/ears. Handel also played here. Lunch in the crypt is fun with good food at decent prices and the architecture surrounding you is magical. I love sitting there and taking in the atmosphere. Doing your own brass rubbing of Elizabeth I is good fun too. It is a true working church with an active ministry, following in the footsteps of its namesake.

            One of my favorite museums, just across from St. Martin in the Fields is the National Portrait Gallery. Iconic personalities from all domains (Royalty, pop culture, poiticians, artists, etc.)hang there, so to speak. The cafe is not to be missed as the view is breathtaking, and you can get away fairly cheap with a cuppa and scone.

            Great view/photo op: stand on the highest steps at the front of the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square, right around the corner f/the Nat’l Portrait Gallery, and look straight down to Big Ben – gorgeous view. People watch at Trafalgar Square.

            While it’s a bit dear costwise, a twirl in the London Eye on the South Bank is great on a clear day.

            Touring the Houses of parliament is great fun if you’ve ever watched them carry on during question time. Don’t think overseas visitors can attend question time but may tour the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Architecture/art/history is glorious. Don’t forget to rub Churchill’s shoe for good luck.

            Markets are fun: Portobello road, Spitalfields to name a few.

            And riding a double decker red bus where you can hop on/off is great for first time visits to London. You can get a bit more familiar with the lay out of the city while catching a lot of sights you might not otherwise see if you tried doing it yourself. It also helps to give you and idea of what strikes your fancy for a return visit. It’s a good first day activity while yet recovering f/jet lag but want to be out in London.

            You simply can’t miss in this city. Spending some time sitting back and watching these lovely people and how they navigate their magical kingdom, which, may only be across the ocean on a map but seems a world away.

            This is only the tip of the iceberg. You can’t go wrong whatever you choose. Have a smashing good time and hope you’ll write about your trip!

            God Save the Queen!

          • sbranch says:

            How great, thank you Carrie! Probably goes without saying but don’t miss Westminster Abbey either! And think of it as being all handmade! Amazing. The art of it.

          • Dawn (Elmhurst, IL) says:

            Thanks, Susan and Carrie!
            I’m taking notes… It all sounds so wonderful! Although I have made fourteen truly amazing trips to Europe, I haven’t been to England… yet! It’s time to start planning another adventure…

  45. Michelle says:

    Thank you for your wonderful, beautiful emails. I love the idea of leaving fresh flowers on the doors of my friends!

  46. Theresa says:

    Ya! So excited to see the new “days” book!!! I LOVE my old one and have written several years worth in it…I love to read through it… I bought a folk art one but… It just wasn’t the same. Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful day! Blessings from the pasture!

  47. Cathy from Golden, CO says:

    Just had a thought – in time . . . our young-in’s will be looking for Susan Branch books – just like we look for Gladys Taber’s. My girls won’t have far to look – will only have to decide how to divide and conquer! We love Susan Branch books and calendars! BTW – thank you for the recipe!

  48. Wendy says:

    I have several of your other books and would love to win! The recipe looks so yummy, I am going to make this one today. Thank you for being so generous!

  49. Irene Talaasen says:

    Hi Sweet Susan,
    Oh, the flowers!!!!! especially the tulips and daffodils 🙂 We had six inches of snow yesterday here in Colorado! Would love one of those books……yours are the best!
    Thank you! and blessings for your day there!!

  50. Nancy McKay says:

    What a beautiful and delicious looking cake. My husband’s birthday is Saturday and this looks like it would be perfect to serve for that occasion! Thank you for posting the recipe and also for allowing all of us to enter the best lottery in the world ~ a chance to win one of your fabulous books. I think I need the “blessings” book most to help me find the best in each day. However, it would be a blessing to receive any of your beautiful creations. Happy Day, Susan 🙂

  51. Barb McD. :-) :-) says:

    Hmmm…I am wondering how the Blueberry cake will turn out if I make mini cakes or cupcakes? Maybe you and Vanna could drop in (AZ) and have a cup of tea along with a ‘mini cake’? lol……You’re always welcome 😉 Sunshine and hugs to you and yours…

    • sbranch says:

      I would try it, not sure because I’ve never done it, but how bad could it be? Maybe make one, and if it doesn’t work, do it the regular way.

  52. Bets Kirby says:

    Am counting my blessings this morning, even tho snow is predicted in MO (maybe enough positive thoughts will bring the sun back instead – I know it’s always shining up there above the clouds). May Day – the lovely old tradition of making little paper baskets full of blossoms, instead of marching in the streets. A fond memory is of my first grade teacher chasing us around the playground to catch us and hug us for her May basket. I’d put that memory in the blessing book for sure.

  53. Theresa Mickelson says:


    I must say you have saved me this winter season as it continues to linger and is ever so reluctant to give up its grip. Your light lyrics and upbeat colors keep my spirit in a positive place. Thank you for the recipes and the new display of books. You are definitely a blessing to many a person. May sweet smiles and laughter be yours.

    Sincerely, A Grateful Woman

  54. Cindy in CA. says:

    Oh how I love turning on my computer and starting my day with you! I can’t wait to make the Blueberry Angel Cake for my Little Angel who is coming home from college in just 12 more days! She’s such a blueberry girl 🙂

    Happy May Day Everyone ~*

  55. Mindy says:

    I love the new book! Can’t wait to fill it out and pass it on to my daughter some day.

  56. judi says:

    Wow, is Mother nature active this morning (Thurs., May 02). I just skyped with my Sister who lives near Lake Pepin on the MN/WI border 50 miles SE of Mpls. She is up on a bluff and her yard is a “beautiful” winter wonderland. She put a yard stick into the snow on their gas grill and it measures . . . 17″, amazing. It is soooo beautiful – but of course, here I am in FL and it has been raining on and off since yesterday afternoon and it shows 3″ in our rain gauge. Mother natures’ spring is always interesting:)

  57. Heidi says:

    Love your blog, and your sunny posts. Daffodils are my favorite flower, and in Texas, they always bloom right around my birthday (March). I’ve always imagined that they were just for me 🙂

  58. Friendly Persuasion was my dad’s absolute favorite movie of all time! He has long since passed away, but I like to think back and remember watching this movie with him, reciting some of the lines word for word, and crying at the end! Thanks for the memory, Susan. And for the chance to win your new book, too. I have your old “Book of Days,” and loved using it as a journal!!

  59. Susan Joy says:

    I’m not the type of person who wins anything but I’m giving it a try anyway. I would love to win the Days book. It’s beautiful! I already have the other 2 books (actually two of each for my girls someday) so I would feel guilty winning those. : ) The cake looks delicious! I made your chicken with jack cheese last week and my family loved it! Thank you!

  60. laurie says:

    a new book, that cake and those blossoms, sounds like a perfect day to me!

  61. Pat Stansel says:

    Do you have ESP along with your many talents? Yesterday on the Today Show they
    had Pat Boone—hadn’t seen him in years. Then you had him on you musica, it took
    me back to my early teens hearing Friendly Persuasion. Such sweet musica!

  62. I can’t wait to make this cake for afternoon tea! Thank you! We had 12 inches of snow here for May Day and no flowers:(. I want Spring!! I loved my last days book so much I used it for two years in a row. I just put the year in the spaces on the second year. I still have it and look back on it. I am looking forward to this new one!

  63. Terri (in Richmond, VA) says:

    Susan, thank you so much for the cake recipe! What a wonderful, light, springtime treat! I will definitely watch Friendly Persuasion. I adore Gary Cooper, but I think Dorothy McGuire is one of the best actresses ever, so I try to catch all of her movies. Every year before Halloween, I always watch The Spiral Staircase.

  64. Patricia says:

    When May is mentioned what jumps into my mind is Richard Harris singing “The Lusty Month of May” – makes me smile. Loved Camelot (the movie).

  65. Cindy A. says:

    This cake recipe sounds yummy. My daughter just finished spring semester and is baking chocolate chip cookies as I type. While waiting for the cookies to bake, she’s playing her harp which I haven’t heard much of all semester. I think I’m in heaven! That is why I didn’t listen to your musica while reading, but I’ll go back and pick it up because I hate to miss a thing.

  66. Suzanne De Voe says:

    Thanks for your beautiful thoughts, great recipes and great art. I always have something to look forward to cheer up my day.

  67. Anne Wood says:

    Thank you for the yummy recipe. Angel food cake, blueberries and lemon glaze.
    OH MY!!!

  68. Vera Black says:

    Hi Susan, would love to win the New Days book as I can write things in it that will become wonderful memories!

  69. Cora Maldonado says:

    Second try on trying to post a comment. I have loved you work for several years . It is so joyful. Also, I am delighted with your blog.
    Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.

  70. Genie in N.C. says:

    A few years ago I, too, made a May Day cone of wallpaper. Some of the ladies at the retirement village where my mom lived joined me in the project and we all got “crafty” for the afternoon. We lined our cones with pretty paper doilies, making sure that some of the “lace” stuck out around the edges of the cone. We filled them with silk Spring blooms, affixed a pretty ribbon and hung them on the doors of friends. What fun! Thanks for the smiles ~

  71. Mika says:

    Dear Susan
    Your beautiful cake and flowers raised my low mood today. It came just in time! Thank you so much for the caring and the sharing-it’s truly a personal feeling that is communicated!

  72. Barbara says:

    I always loved the tradition of May Day baskets and remember, making and delivering them to our neighbors houses as a kid. This past week-end my 2 1/2 yr old grandson was visiting and I decided to make a few baskets for my sister and sister-in-law & neices who live in the same city as I do. I used heavy duty flowered paper for the cones and when I went outside to pick some flowers, my gradson wanted to join me and he had so much fun with the flower picking. I decided to take him with me when I did the deliveries but I couldn’t “run” away with a 2 1/2 year old, so we stayed and had a great chat with each of the recipients. What a fantastic day. Everyone with small children/grandchildren should really try to bring back this lovely tradition of making May Day Baskets.

  73. Ellen says:

    What a lovely post – cake and flowers. I will have to try that recipe as I have been wanting something sweet, but also trying to eat healthier and lose some weight. I was somehow reminded the other day of the May Day tradition of leaving a posy of flowers on someone’s door. I hadn’t thought about it in years. I left one on a friend’s porch (although I actually left a small potted plant) and was inspired to paint a small greeting card of a bunch of pink tulips that were sitting on my kitchen table. I will credit you with that inspiration as every time I see your artwork, I wish I could make some of my own – and this time I decided to try.

  74. Aggie says:

    That cake looks so yummy and pretty! Wish I was eating some right now…

  75. Susan Raney says:

    Susan, I want to thank you for the inspiration you’ve given me over the years. We’re the same age & I enjoy your sharing of energy, enthusiasm & life’s simple joys. You’ve inspired me to move to Sarasota (I dream of walking my border collie along the beach with him chasing the waves) and start a small catering business: “Creative Cravings: Catering to Your Taste”.

  76. Deenna says:


    I just wanted you to know WHAT AN INSPIRATION you are to my heart and life. I have your books, love your talent of painting and that you share the most beautiful pictures and thoughts that always speak to me!! I love that you take the simple most beautiful gifts of life such as nature, hospitality and love for other and share it for all of us to grab it and enjoy it!!!

    I love all things girly and crafty. You help me to discover, embrace and share it with those I love, thank you!! Thank you!

    With Happy Heart,

    • sbranch says:

      That’s so nice to hear Deenna — we have lots of kindred spirits here that love the same things! xo

  77. Doreen Strain (from Florida) says:

    Happy May to you Susan and to all the girlfriends! Thank you so much for the recipe Sue, appreciate it. FOSB 4~Ever! ~ Doreen ~

  78. Cathy McC. says:

    Oh Susan, I don’t have to watch the movie to get teary — just hearing Pat Boone sing the song brings such melancholy my way. I think my mom must have loved that song and hummed it to me, bless her heart.
    You know, every time I think I’ve read the best blog ever, you come out with another winner. Those flowers are fabulous; your yard must be breathtaking. What a cool idea to make a “paper vase” with your wallpaper! Ringing the doorbell on MayDay has been a long tradition in our household, but I put a new twist on it yesterday. No flowers for my hubby, but I did put an ice cream bar in a fabric bag and hung it on the doorknob, rang the bell furiously, then ran and hid. I thought it might melt waiting for my hubby to realize that I was not going to go answer the door, that it was up to him! We chuckled as he finally made the discovery! Thank you for the great angel food cake recipe — I’m going to indeed try it with raspberries. And say, our rhubarb is about ready — do you have any treasured recipes with that? My dad used to make rhubarb wine. Golly, he about made wine out of anything!
    I absolutely love your new book of days. My daughters keep a book of daily events with their babies, listing 5 key events of the day — I now know what will be their next volume! Blessings and thanks — Ethel

    • sbranch says:

      Mmmm, I like to mix rhubarb with the apples for a crisp … so good hot with vanilla ice cream, but I’m being good right now and not eating anything like that! Thank you so much Ethel … love your ice cream bar idea, I’m sure he did too!

      • Cathy McC. says:

        For sure have to try the rhubarb/apple crisp — I mix rhubarb with strawberries for pie, so this will be a new taste treat for us. Of course, we’ll add the ice cream, even though I know we shouldn’t! Thanks for the tip!

  79. Jennie says:

    Hi Susan-

    I really love the quote by Thomas Moore you started this post with . . . it sums up exactly how I feel about life at home. 🙂

    I think your blessings book is a wonderful idea . . . I adore your ‘days’ book and have several copies from yesteryear packed away for memory jogging later in life. Not that it really takes that much ‘later’ for me to forget what life was like ‘back then’- even a year ago makes my brain work much to hard to remember things without those lovely photos and words to bring it all back.

    Enjoy those tulips! They are such wonderful, cheery things and I with spring being so much earlier here (Wa state) I miss mine already!

  80. Stevi says:

    Heading to Block Island from Florida in a few days…I’ll wave to you when I see your light on early in the morning!

  81. Leslie McCoy says:

    Oh Miss Susan! I would love a chance to win any of your books! Your cake looks absolutely scrumptious! Wish I had some blueberry bushes of my own!

    • sbranch says:

      Not sure where you are, but usually they’re fairly easy to grow. There are so many varieties, seems like something for everyone. If worse comes to worse, soil wise, you can even grow them in a wine barrel.

  82. Carole says:

    hello, happy may! i fell this wk and broke my shoulder. it looks to be a long slow recovry. hope you pick me. i need those sweet inspirational books. cant type much. thank you, carole bailey

    • Joan Lesmeister says:

      Ouch! So sorry about your break! At least you can check in with this blog with one hand, to help you feel better!

  83. Tanya says:

    Oh, my! The cake looks positively divine! I will have to give it a try but being diabetic, may have to go light on the glaze. Thanks for sharing your daffodils ~ reminds me of your April 2013 calendar page and the Wordsworth quote. I would love to win the books, SB things just make me… happy! Ok, I confess, just looking at your writing makes me plum giddy! ; ) Wishing you many blessings ~ today and always!

  84. The blueberry cake looks scrumptious! And thanks so much for the chance to win your books. I love the spring pics you’ve been posting…..thanks for sharing!

  85. Nola Wilson says:

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. Each time I read a new entry I feel like I have hit the jackpot! I love the pictures of the daffodils and the tulips. The cake sounds wonderful!

  86. S. Hacker says:

    Your Wonderful Website brings Pure Joy every time I click to see what you have posted for the day! Today–brought the Wonderful Highly Anticipated Angel Dream Cake–Lemon & Blueberries Recipe!! I have some of your Books & Calendars and I just love them! So I am definitely signing up to win some more!!! But truly your words, pictures, and photos Inspire & Spread Love To All.
    Thank you Susan for all you do for so many of us!
    Sending Bushels of Love Your Way!

  87. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I will be baking it for my wonderful husband’s birthday, on May 8th. Also, the new Days book is so exciting! I have been buying the used/old ones online and using those to journal in. Thank you, thank you 🙂

  88. Sherry Palla says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Gotta get an angelfood cake pan! Don’t know why I never ever got one? And the May basket cheered my heart today, as we have 8″ of WHITE stuff, and it isn’t apple tree blossoms…wish, wish. We really have to have a sense of humor living here in MN! With more snow on the way tonight! Well…Tues. will be 70’s they say! The radio called this “Spring Moisture Fest” instead of the usual winter storm warning! Ha!!!!!!!!! Love & Happy MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Ruth Holmes says:

    Hi Susan, Is there anything I don’t love about you????? NO NON NO I would LOVE to win one of your books, I don’t have a single one. My 7 almost 8 granddaughter is practising the art of gratitude, you can never start to young.So I would the blessings book. And the one very annoying thing about ordering your stuff, is the shipping costs!!! as much as the book!! But its worth it.
    Love and much more from Ruth in Canada on Vancouver Island

    • sbranch says:

      I know. We hate shipping too. We’re so little, if we were huge then we could do FREE SHIPPING. But then, we would be huge, and that has its problems too. SO sorry about the shipping!!! Especially to other countries. It’s a nightmare!

  90. April says:

    I would dearly love the Day Book or any other one. The peak within the pages is charming.
    Did you get my order? I didn’t receive a confirmation. Thank you for checking.

  91. glenna j partin says:

    Dear Susan,
    I really love your books and blog. I have bought several, including your new one, AFine Romance. I do have a question for you. I would like to purchase a beskep from you, but i want the shorter one you used to have on your webstore. Can you tell me if you happen to have just one available to purchase? Also send me the shipping and taxes included at the above e-mail . Also put me in VANNA’S drawing.Waiting to hear from you. Your girlfriend,glenna

    • sbranch says:

      They quit making that one! I can’t imagine what they were thinking, but that’s the situation. So sorry Glenna, we don’t have any of them left. The new ones look good too, when you see them in the garden. But I also miss the shorter ones.

  92. Kathie Ferko says:


    Happy May to everyone…April went soooooo fast! I too, will celebrate Orthodox Easter this weekend with my family. Can’t wait to try that lovely blueberry cake…but I am obligated to do your carrot cupcakes and cheesecake. Once You make it they always want it! Will try the blueberry cake for a tea with girlfriends, sometime soon! All the spring floweres are beautiful…love all the pastel colors and fragrances. Enjoy the sun!

    Kathie from Limerick, Pa

  93. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    Hi dear Susan! I love the cake too and I love the springtime flowers too and then I go a little off track….. because, I love love knowing what you do now….once you finally get to the pond! That video 🙂 …..LoveLoveLove you and your musica! Hope your May day was happy! Our tradition is also full of cups and cones filled with flowers or sticks with curling ribbon – when we still had too much winter left and homemade mud puddle cookies. In my neighborhood we rang the doorbell and ran away….in Bret’s neighborhood they rang the doorbell and then chased each other till they got kissed or something……boys! This week has been much more, “mayday…..mayday…can you read me…mayday?” than May Day. But, we have so many many good things in life… friends and “Friendly Persuasion” and friends who friendly persuade! Oh, how you can always make me smile inside and out! Everytime you walk to the pond with Joe at your side ….I will see you swimming…..I mean dancing….or is it swim dancing? I just love you! And…I know it’s not really really you….but it could be fairy girl. Sending smiles and good thoughts your way …xoxox Dawn

  94. Susan M says:

    Hi Susan
    Your gorgeous pictures make me feel hopeful for Spring. I think we are still about a couple of weeks behind. The snow is disappearing quickly now, so soon…
    The cake looks so good-like some of the other girls I have only used a mix for angelfood cake but I don’t see why it would not work.
    Thanks for everything
    Susan M

  95. judi says:

    Queen Mary 2 due to arrive in the New York harbor at 6:30 a.m tomorrow, Friday! As I recall Dear Sue, when I (WE) left with you a year ago – it left almost an hour late . . . and when you (WE) came back, it was an hour early:) So girlfriends if you want to see it come in start checking at least by 6:00 a.m. – (quite spectacular) NYharborwebcam tomorrow morning 🙂 Sun out here now – still snowing on MN/WI border – UFF DA!

  96. Jamie says:

    So fun to “check in” and find a new post! Happy belated May Day and thanks for all your inspirations!

  97. Carolyn says:

    Blessings to you in abundant amounts for inspiring and uplifting our hearts and giving us all such positive words to read, fun ideas to use as craft projects, and always shining a big ray of sunshine into our lives-

  98. Donna Valentine says:

    This cake would be great with mountain huckleberries too! Thank you for sharing! The “Blessings” book looks very wonderful…I love ALL your books…thank you for the inspiration! Have a GREAT day! Donna from Montana

  99. Annette says:

    Was having a sad day and your blog was just the pick me up I needed! Thanks susan!

  100. Judy J. from W.Warwick, RI says:

    Dear Susan,
    I’m counting my blessings that there are wonderful giving and sharing people like you in the world.

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