It’s May, it’s May, that Lusty Month of May!  Hi Girls.  I promised, if you asked, I would give you the recipe for Blueberry Angel Cake sooner rather than later, and you asked!  So, here it is!  Happy May Day!  You deserve it, you’ve been sooooo good. I have much love for you! Your comments are amazing! xoxo

Easy, wonderful cake . . . ENJOY!

In honor of May Day, I’m going to let our Giveaway (scroll down to the post just following this one if you missed it) continue a few more days, to make sure everyone has a chance to sign up.  If you already did, you don’t have to leave another comment because you are already entered, but you can if you want because Vanna is not only beautiful but smart . . . she knows to choose from only one of each comment, which means you can talk all you want.  And I thought I’d sweeten the pot just a wee bit to celebrate May!  Someone is going to win BOTH my SUMMER and GIRLFRIEND’S Books, and in addition, we’ll draw one more name, for this:

It’s my brand new (I forgot to tell you!) COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS, BOOK OF DAYS.  Kellee called me yesterday to remind me that “the Blessings Book” came in during my months in the FINE ROMANCE tunnel and I just forgot to mention it.  (Now that’s a tunnel!)

I designed this book and sent it in last year, just before we sailed away to England — another lifetime ago!

I based it on my old DAYS BOOK (which is out of print now) — so it can be used as a Journal, a Birthday Book, or a Dream Book, but since we are such Blessing Counters around here , I thought it would be a wonderful place to jot down the best things of each day, what we learned, and words of wisdom, so those memories last forever, and can even be passed down to people we love.  If you’re not already entered for the other two books, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and we’ll draw for both prizes at the same time.

It’s the little things that make up a lifetime — we’ll take care of the minutes and the years will take care of themselves. 

Here’s a minute: Our tulips are in bloom!  Blessing. Check!

Not all of us are experiencing bowers of flowers right now — and washing in snow, fair maid or not, is not quite the same as “washing in dew!”  There are still snowstorms out there!  So, this is for you, all of you really, if you run to your door, you might (If I had my way) find one of these hanging on your door knob, from me to you with love, a bouquet in a wallpaper cone (from our dining room wallpaper). Such a sweet tradition, leaving garden flowers on friend’s doors.  The red flower is from our quince bush, which is obviously celebrating FLORA, the Goddess of Flowers, which has nothing whatever to do with Frosty, the god of snow! Go away Frosty!

 This is what we want now!

May, Flowers, CAKE, and books, who could ask for anything more?  The tiny frosting on the cake would be if you haven’t seen the movie featuring this Musica (playing right now if you clicked on it at the top of this post), you might want to put it on your list.  FRIENDLY PERSUASION  is a wonderful sweet old movie; it will make you cry, and you know how we love that.  XOXOX

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1,066 Responses to BLUEBERRY ANGEL CAKE

  1. Marion Powell says:

    Delightful spring! Beautiful pictures! Thank you!!

  2. Jo says:

    Would so like to receive your lovely book of days. How wonderful to have an especially beautiful place to note the graces we have showered upon us every day.

  3. Susie (NY) says:

    Yummo, blueberry anything tickles my tastebuds! Thanks Susan!

  4. Nancy says:

    When I was little, my mom made a version of your blueberry cake for our birthday cakes, only instead of blueberries, she used the little candy sprinkles and make it a “Happy Birthday” cake. It was a tradition for many years..yours sounds much yummier though with the lemon sugar drizzle on top too! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

    • sbranch says:

      Both would be good too!

      • Jack says:

        Your mom’s birthday cakes with the colored sprinkles , jelly bens and sterilized pennies ,nickels and dimes scattered around ………

        • sbranch says:

          I note you mentioned they were “sterilized” — probably because of Pat? 🙂 Wonderful cakes Dad, she was queen of birthdays!

          • judi says:

            Queen Mary 2 just leaving NY harbor:)

          • sbranch says:

            Ohhhhh, without us. How terrible of it! Lucky people on board. What a beautiful day for a sail!

          • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

            Probably is right–just imagine where the fingers that handled those pennies before your mother found them were at one time or the other…Ewwwwwww….. 🙂 LOL!

  5. SandiInAZ says:

    Angel Dream Cake…Yum! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful blog!

  6. Teresa G., Lafayette, CA. says:

    I haven’t seen (or heard of) “Friendly Persuasion!” I may have to bake that fabulous looking cake and get the movie on Net Flix. My idea of a perfect evening! Looking forward to seeing who wins your generous give away! Thank you!

  7. Tamara Davis says:

    Thank you Susan again for bringing such cheer! I always feel good after hearing from you! Happy May Day!

  8. Judy from CA says:

    I always look forward to reading your blog. It never fails to brighten my day!

  9. Tami from CA says:

    I just love the “attitude of gratitude” you always seem to have!:) I was having a not-so-great and not-so-grateful day, & your post today helped me make a valiant effort to change my perspective! 🙂 Thanks for that & scattering sunshine! XO

  10. Angie V says:

    Hi Susan, I have been using your Book of Days for years as my diary. I am so excited that you have made a new one, because I am using my last one this year and then I run out of books. So excited I can keep using this as my diary. My first grandbaby was born on March 16, 2013, Zoë. I will have so many exciting firsts to write about her in my book. If I don’t win a book, I will be purchasing one just as soon as you have more on your website. !!!

  11. Pam says:

    Hi Susan!

    It is spring in Michigan. The colors are popping up everywhere. It sure lifts my spirits. I love to read your blogs!

  12. Sheri Forrester says:

    I am new to the blog today, but not to your wonderful goodies! I am having a baby shower in a few weeks and this just might have to be on the dessert menu! I love the books and would love to win them! I was just thinking it’s time to get out and plant some new flowers! Your pictures are so fun to look at! thanks! Sheri

  13. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    OoH Susan! I always go pretend shopping on your site and I saw the 2014 Calendar and your flowers are gorgeous! Your calendars are not pretend at my home and I must order one for myself and maybe one for Pat Mofjeld……since she did, save the day, and found me a 2013 calendar! It really looks lovely and I will peek at every month the minute I get it! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Kellee snuck those up for pre-order as a surprise for everyone — she’s been reading the comments!

  14. Andrea Porter says:

    Can’t wait to make the Blueberry Angel Cake! Thank you so much for the recipe! Kind regards – Andrea, Boyertown, PA

  15. Edith McAdoo says:

    So glad Susan Turnley (Friends of Gladys Taber)told me about your blog. Love it all!!

  16. Terri (in Richmond, VA) says:

    Susan, I am writing again to let you know that your cake recipe has solved a problem for me! I am having a Downton Abbey inspired garden tea party at the end of June as my daughter’s bridal shower. I have everything planned out except what kind of I know!

  17. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for sharing your recipe! The cake looks absolutely delicious! Hope your diet and exercise plans are going well – you are an inspiration!

    • sbranch says:

      Almost four pounds so far. Or, as I like to think of it, 16 sticks of butter.

      • Judy Young says:

        Congratulations on the 4 pounds! I have a stupid question. The blueberry cake, did you mean a bundt-type cake pan or one of the regular angel food cake pans with the funnel you invert on a coke bottle or something???

  18. wendy Rowland says:

    Enjoy your blog… It is so sweet and fun! Will make your cake soon:-)

  19. Kattywhiskers says:

    Thank you Susan for the beautiful flowers….they’re eye candy! Also, love the white banner you’ve draped over your window, looks really awesome, did you make it? Wishing you, Joe, Jack & Girl a Merry May & Happy Spring!

    • sbranch says:

      I found that on Etsy!

      • Kattywhiskers says:

        Sending you a BIG thanks Susan for sharing the Etsy site! Wowee, so many beautiful treasures & fun ideas! Still like the idea you had about making a banner out of a sheet. Hope you have a blessed day!

  20. Julie (Omaha) says:

    Life has been crazy busy … as usual.
    Saving your posts for a time when I can relish every pic, ponder every prose, and appreciate the musica! Like manna from Heaven. Thank you.

  21. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Thank you for the recipe, & the beautiful new “Days” book giveaway! The floral pictures are gorgeous, I’m going to have to plant tulips in the fall! You have been inspiring me this week, I’ve actually worked outside 3 days in a row, feels so good (except for the muscle aches!) to get the gardens spruced up! It’s hot here, I’ll send some on to you folks still having cold weather! xo

  22. Lori from Maine says:

    I still have some of last summer’s blueberries in the freezer…I guess I’ll be making a blueberry cake very soon!! Spring is here – the birds are singing their little hearts out, the grass is green and the trees are just starting to get serious about leafing out again. Sigh…it was a long winter 🙂 . Would love to win the books, I have both of them, but they’d go winging off to Cougar Mtn. (Hi Dorothy Ann!).

    • Dorothy Ann says:

      * Hi to you Lori from Maine *

      I received your most wonderful e-mail and will reply to it this weekend.
      I know, I know, we have alot to catch up with each other…and we will.

      In the meantime, you are as sweet as Susan’s Blueberry Angel Cake…to write in your new post to Susan, that you would be giving me the giveaway books, if you won them. Now, how did you know I didn’t have either of those books? Actually, I was planning to send you the “Girlfriends Forever” one and add “The Summer Book” to my SB collection!. Aren’t we simply awesome!

      Look for my e-mail soon.
      * Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

  23. Kathleen Matthews says:

    Wow! How in the heck are you able to respond to so many of these comments? I’m impressed! Perhaps you are massively efficient as you are still in “get it done” mode, post-book writing? (I think I need to do a better job of tackling my in-box!) 😮

    Thank you for sharing your insights, enthusiasm, and the joys of Spring!

    • sbranch says:

      It is SO hard NOT to respond to every single one!!! I just hope people understand! Because each is unique, wonderful, interesting, touching, funny and sweet as pie and I love them! Thank you Kathleen!

  24. Carrie says:

    Bodacious bunting in your kitchen window! Love!!

    Did you see the new exhibit at Sissinghurst? The incredible skirt of Vita’s wedding dress, part of her trousseau and other treasures are on display…it’s calling your name, you Anglophile you! (I saw somewhere you referenced yourself as one and that you recently joined the club; well, it’s a crackin’ club that I’ve been a member of since early ’81).

    This will make you wince, grab a twinkie (yikes, you’re Susan Branch, doyenne of of the kitchen and for that matter, the universe and most assuredly sans a twinkie) so an apple or rice cake may do…last year I was at Sissinghurst, arrived late as there were other things on the docket for the day. Can you imagine I was literally at the threshold and didn’t cross because I was just too knackered and cream crackered? Another time.

    I can’t help but wonder if you are considering a return to the mothership/God’s Country/Utopia as it were? Given any more thought to having a Girlfriends Cruise via Cunard on the Queen Mary? My cousin emailed you a while back about that and I still think that would be a “right knees up” as they say.


    • sbranch says:

      We are thinking about going back, hopefully sooner rather than later! You didn’t cross the threshold? Well, good. Now you have to go back! Happy day Carrie!

  25. judi says:

    Sue, the Queen Mary 2 looks like she will be in the harbor by 4:30 a.m this morning!

  26. Mary S. says:

    THANK YOU for the cake recipe!! It looks heavenly!!
    “It’s my brand new (I forgot to tell you!) COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS, BOOK OF DAYS. Kellee called me yesterday to remind me that “the Blessings Book” came in during my months in the FINE ROMANCE tunnel and I just forgot to mention it. (Now that’s a tunnel!) ”
    “…Frosty, the god of snow! Go away Frosty!” ROTFL!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I had to quote you twice so you would know how much you made me laugh!!
    I am so happy you have a new BOOK OF DAYS!! Years and years ago my dear friend gave me a copy of your older one which I promptly filled up. Then for several years after that, I would get it out each month just to read your parts of it. Then I started forgetting to do that. So I will be happy to have a new one! 😀

    Love from Mary S. in Fresno, CA

  27. Mary S. says:

    P.S. I LOVE “Friendly Persuasion”!!!!

    Mary S. in Fresno, CA

  28. roopa says:

    Hi Susan!
    Thanks fr brightening up my days with your blogs…. have placed order fr your new book n wud love to have the other books too!!!!
    Have been reading all your posts since I discovered your Blog……. its PURE Unadultrated HAPPINESS!!!!! THANNK YOU!
    (writin in frm India!)

  29. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    Oh my stars! I just had a dream last night that Gilligan’s Island was for sale and Susan bought it! And….if she considered us one of the “normal” ones….. we could live there with her!!! The next thing I knew…I was shopping at Kohls for some cute dish towels ….to pack in my suitcase! Imagine that… me….normal! :). And Deborah, if you are laughing at me… were going to pack frozen Edy’s coconut fruit pops!

    • sbranch says:

      LOL Dawn, nice dreaming. Thank goodness, we would not want our island to be without cute dishtowels!

    • Laughing?? girl I am right there with you and haven’t tried the coconut fruit bars YET…the Pineapple are just divine….funny you should mention Gilligan’s Island…Jim and I went to the Bahamas on a cruise for our Honeymoon and guess where we went on our “out day”…the Island where they filmed Gilligan!!! It was just lovely and I almost had Jim fall off of a cliff to get the perfect pic….I kept saying back up a little further, more…more…and all of a sudden he was gone from my view…then here he came up from the ocean smiling luckily…..he knew from that time on what an adventure he was in for with me!!!! :O Let me know what I can bring other than the fruit bars!!! YAY….another trip and this year I may need a little more room because I won’t be able to be “cramped” in like last year….just sayin. 😉

      • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

        Well, if we all lose some weight, we won’t be cramped in at all, there will be more room!!! 🙂

  30. judy from connecticut says:

    Good Morning ,
    I was just looking through my Girlfriends book and realized it would be the perfect gift for my best friend who turns 60 this summer ! Where does the time go ? We met in ballet class when we were seven, got to really know each other in junior high and became best friends forever in high school. We were and are inseparable !!

    I have been away in oregon for a couple of weeks, visiting a dear friend who just turned 99, so I haven’t had “blog time”

    We are so thankful for all of your hard work on A Fine Romance, the last thing you probably want to think about is writing another book, however, this has been on my mind- you have SO many wonderful pictures of Jack, I think it would be wonderful to write a book about him. Imagine if he were the poster boy to get people to go to shelters and adopt. He could save so many kitty lives !!!! If people would spay and neuter, not bring more kitties into the world, and not go to breeders, there would be so many more homes for kitties who need them . What a wonderful legacy that would be for Jack. He is so special, he could really make a big difference in the world !!!!!

    Enjoy this beautiful day !!!
    xo Judy

    • sbranch says:

      Such a wonderful idea! I think about that every time I post about the kitties. If people just knew what a joy a pet can be, there would be not one left!

  31. Cheryl says:

    Thank you, dear Susan, for all you do and all you are…..and for sharing that all with us. Happy May and blessings to you, Joe and all the Girlfriends!

  32. Jackie P says:

    Have been so busy working I wasn’t able to check out the blog. To my surprise, TWO blogs had been posted since my last visit. That is a first for me. Our daffodils are finally in bloom in Southern NH, everything else turning green and waiting . . . Happy May Day to you.

  33. mary spring says:

    …here it is, May 3rd, and we had a snowball “fight” this morning…the day before yesterday was 81 degrees…is Mother Nature awake ?!?… we( the four year old boy and I ) covered up our small tomato starts and pepper plants last night with the crazy forcast…so far they look alright considering…’love your springtime flower photos…it is springtime, isn’t it ?!?!

  34. Carrie B says:

    Beautiful views of spring Susan, nothing even close like that happening herein north central Iowa, 10 inches of heavy snow yesterday, the trees are sad and broken, robins are trying to make the best of it. Thanks for the cake recipe…think I will make it today in protest to Mother Nature, it is snowing again!

  35. Veronica Fuentes says:

    Dear Susan:
    Thanks for sharing with us the pass of seasons, it is so great to see how you move on from snowy days to see your garden flowers bloom. I live in Santiago, Chile so we’re now entering cozy and lovely autumn wich is my favorite season so far.
    I’m going to bake that angel cake of yours, it looks just delicious!!!

  36. Susan Roubal says:

    Your cake recipe looks wonderful! It would be an ideal way to use our wild blueberries (that is, if the deer leave us any!). I’ll be saving this recipe! Love your “sticks of butter” metaphor for losing weight, but for those of us who have only gained lbs……well, lets just put it this way, I am wearing a couple of ammo belts of butter sticks! Oh my!

  37. Audrianne says:

    Their blooming! It looks like the tulips will be ready for our festival afterall. Last night the streets were filled with Dutch dancers from our local high schools – over 700 in cuthentic Dutch costumes from all of the provinces of the Netherlands. It is a girl’s rite of passage for high school to perform.

    Out to get the ingredients for your cake – patio party tonight. Cheers!

  38. Cindy Sollows says:

    Love your books, would love to be the lucky person selected to win! I have your Days book bought several years ago and wouldn’t part with it for anything, so happy to hear you’ve published a new one! Thanks!

    Have a great day!

  39. "Auntie" says:

    Oh dear me, yes. I want to cry, just hearing “Friendly Persuasion.” 🙂

    Does this comment, make a request, to be entered, for the book drawings? 🙂

    I think so.


  40. Tawni urrutia says:

    Good morning Sweet Susan! I say “YIPPEE!” when I see a new post from you. I’ve been revisiting your England posts…so charming and delightful! I love the cake recipe, I’ve never made an angel food cake. I had great aunt that made them when we were kids, we were fastinated seeing a cake pan upside-down on a coke bottle! Have a lovely week-end with your darling husband and fur babies!
    Tawni Urrutia in Lodi, Ca

    • sbranch says:

      Isn’t it funny how we all remember that bottle? It just hits little kids as fantastical! One more good reason to make this cake!

  41. Dinahsoar says:

    Ahhh…the musica takes me back…love Pat Boone. FYI–The movie you mentioned is on online, full length and can be watched for free!!

    I forgot that May 1 was May Day. I was reading a French blog and discovered their May Day tradition is to place a paper fish on the back of someone without him/her knowing it. Doesn’t that sound like great fun?!! While our tradition of ringing the door bell and leaving a treat anonymously is wonderful, sneaking some paper fish onto others would be a fine addition and great sneaky fun.

    My mom used to make homemade angel food cakes eons ago. I clearly remember how she turned the pan upside down and hung it over a glass soda bottle while it cooled. Do you do that? Your blueberry cake looks delicious and I love paring blueberries with lemon. A hint of clove is a wonderful addition to that combo.

    Extending the drawing –and adding to it– is awesome and sooooo generous. Thank you SB! We love you too….from the hills of TN.

    • Julia says:

      Dina, how do you get the free movies? Tried a little bit but I’m
      afraid I’ll get into something I shouldn’t be in! Would love to see
      F.P. again. Thanks!

      • sbranch says:

        Just in case Dinahsoar doesn’t find her way back through all these comments … click here FRIENDLY PERSUASION and the movie will come up for you.♥ When you look for something like this, put in Google: youtube (this word first) — then add the name of what you want, such as Friendly Persuasion. And don’t worry, you won’t get into anything strange, I promise.

  42. Dorothy D. says:

    Hello Susan!!
    I absolutely loveee reading your blog!! You have the most beautiful pictures & recipes! I really, really hope to win this giveaway!! My mother & I both love your books & neither of us owns the two books you show above!! They’re so hard to find! Happy May & thanks for sharing your wonderful stories!!

  43. Robin says:

    God bless those still enduring winter; Especially if it’s at the expense of the wonderfully long Spring we are having here in coastal Carolina!Our wisteria & azaleas are still celebrating. And all four birdhouses have already presented their 1st broods.
    Anyway, love the Blessings book! It would b a great place to “Take the Joy Dare”

  44. Susan says:

    Have the older books but would love to have signed copies and then share my others with girlfriends. And especially love the new Blessings book as my other is used up.

  45. Peggy Harris says:

    I would love to win the books. The cake looks so good – I am going to try it.

  46. barbara says:

    Thanks for the delicious cake recipe.
    Reminds me of spring and new life.

  47. Kathy H says:

    I have your first book of days and have not written in it because I just want to enjoy your work without my scribbling in the way. Perhaps I’ll use this new one! And thank you for the cake recipe. Can’t wait for an opportunity to make this. Must make sure it’s a time to share for I could eat the entire cake myself.

  48. Betsy says:

    Thank you Susan for the beautiful pictures of flowers. I live in an area that is overrun with deer. I have some daffodils but not much else in the way of flowers. The deer ate just about all my azalea bushes and ink berry too, which the garden center near me said deer hate. Of course, if hungry the deer will eat everything. Our property is too big to fence……it’s funny, our house is small but we have some land. My husband makes most of our furniture and loves having the ground for his shop. He knows I love flowers so every Friday night he stops on the way home to purchase me some. I am so lucky but I do miss the beauty of finding a lovely rose in my backyard. Have a great weekend. xo

    • sbranch says:

      Does your area suffer from lime disease like we have here on the island? I would imagine, with all the deer. How sweet your husband is. Maybe he could make an enclosed space for a little garden?

      • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

        Lyme disease is rampant here, too. The deer LOVE hostas and almost anything else you want to grow. Last year they ate my Johnny-Jump-Ups that were planted in a wooden whiskey barrel by the garage door–right down to the soil! They also carefully chomped each blossom off the daylilies in the barrel. I keep reminding myself that we are in their original habitat and they probably think we are supplying gourmet tidbits for them…

  49. CarolK (NJ) says:

    Please, please keep those cheery blogs coming. I need them sooo badly right now. I caught your cold via osmosis or something and have it baaaaad. Been sucking on spoonfuls of honey and hot tea and slathering Vicks all over my face. Doesn’t make for a pretty sight. Waaaaaa. I’ve got to throw my deck chair outside and sit and soak up some vitamin D while the sun is still shining. Do you realize what an addiction your blogs have become?!? And we LOVE it!!!
    I’d hug you but I don’t want you to catch my coldt…….

  50. maggie ann says:

    Susan, thanks for being such a sharing person. I love your blog….it is a treat and spreads sunshine like jam on hot toast. Love all you share!

  51. Christine Daulton says:

    I just found out my Navy son will be home for Mother’s Day. This will be the perfect dessert since we’ll be celebrating my birthday as well. He loves to cook, so we can make it together though there will have to be a fruit substitution since I am the only one who likes blueberries (I tried to raise my kids right, but clearly I have failed here!)

  52. Lynnette Smith says:

    The Angel Dream Cake is a must try. LOVE all the flower pictures. Here in CA we are now experiencing a hot spell and fires so our pretty flowers barely bloomed this year. Thanks for all of your sharing.

  53. Debbie P ~ Weedsport, NY says:

    Hi, Susan and girlfriends ~
    I was just writing the recipe for the blueberry cake down and going through my recipe box when I came across this recipe, given to me by my neighbor. It’s especially for Ethel as she was inquiring about ideas to use her rhubarb…Hi, Ethel!
    Rhubarb Jell-O Bars
    3 1/2 c chopped rhubarb
    1 1/2 c sugar
    2 Tbls cornstarch
    1/4 c water
    1 tsp. vanilla
    2 Tbls dry Jell-O (strawberry, raspberry or cherry)

    In a saucepan over med. heat, combine rhubarb, sugar, cornstarch and water. Cook until thick. Remove from heat and add vanilla and dry Jell-O. Stir until Jell-O is dissolved. Set aside to cool.
    Mix together 1 1/2 c oatmeal, 1 c br sugar, 1 1/2 c flour, 1 tsp baking soda and 1 c softened butter or margarine until mixture is crumbly. Press 3/4 of the crumbly mixture into a greased 13 x 9 pan. Spread rhubarb mixture evenly over crumbly mixture. Top with remaining crumbly mixture. Press down slightly. Bake @ 350 for about 30-35 min.
    Now I’ve got to get out there and see how MY rhubarb’s doing…enjoy!

    • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

      Thank you Debbie! I love rhubarb! My husband’s old Navy buddy was looking for land in TN. He said he stopped at a farm and they fed him fresh chicken, and then… he discovered something new~strawberry rhubarb pie!!! My husband and I laughed, because we have been eating that since our childhoods.

  54. Dear Susan,

    I would love to win your books that you offer in your giveaway! I have pre-ordered your “A Fine Romance” and look forward to its arrival! Also received the heart muffin pan and will be making some heart muffins, soon! Your Angel Dream Cake looks delicious! Hope you had a splendid May Day! I love the song from “Friendly Persuasion”. Both of my Mum’s parents were from Quaker ancestry. Your wallpaper May basket with the lovely flowers looks so festive! Making cone shaped May baskets out of wallpaper has been a tradition in our family, so much fun! We took our Izannah Walker dolls for a carriage ride amongst the daffodils along the creek!


  55. Cyndee Randall says:

    Spring is settling in up here in Maine. A week of GORGEOUS weather. I sometimes wondered if we were in Narnia: always winter but never Christmas. But here is spring! Thank you for sharing all you are busy and about. I am wondering if the cake would work with raspberries. I have a girly baby shower coming up. This seems so light and luscious. Blessings on your SpRiNgY days.

  56. barbara miller says:

    cue background music: mission impossible
    cue scene: ms.phelps with tape recorder with stack of pictures
    “your assignment this time is to win a book of days from susan branch. it is a cute book that will fit our needs. remember the government will not acknowledge you if you fail! this tape will self destruct in ten seconds”
    loud sizzling sound and smoke rises from recorder.

    let it be me.

  57. Karen Fouts says:

    Love your blog – a bright spot when spring showers keep it from being bright outside. Would love to win your books & am printing out the blueberry cake to make for a friend. Happy, Happy May! Reminds me of my little girls leaving May baskets on their friends’ porches & running away!

  58. Sandra H. says:

    I’ve never seen the Book of Days and it looks gorgeous, I’ve got my fingers crossed 🙂 I love all the photos of the daffodils on the blog–sunshiney and happy–my favorite flower. The photos cheered my heart.

  59. Penny says:

    What a lovely blog to read on such a cold and dreary day. Thanks so much for the glorious pictures!

  60. Judy Wooley says:

    I am so excited about these new books. I love all the books that you have out Thanks

  61. Melinda May Allaston says:

    Good afternoon Susan,

    How cool it would be to win one of your books seeing as my birthday was on May 1st…same date as my Grandma…hence where comes my middle name May and her name as well 🙂

    Thank-you for the lovely cake recipe, I will be trying it out over the week-end!

    Have a splendid afternoon and a nice, relaxing week-end 🙂

    Melinda May

  62. Tina Christopher says:

    Thank you for the wonderful recipe!! Happy May to you!,

  63. Tracy P., Memphis TN says:

    We get a taste of spring then winter returns. I’ll be glad when spring decides to stay. What a great idea to jot down something about each day. Hope I win!

  64. Dawn (Elmhurst, IL) says:

    Hi Susan!
    I can’t tell you how often I read all of the quotes in the original “Days” book. Such amazing words!! I often use them as I write letters or make handmade cards. I’m so delighted to know that we now have a Counting Our Blessings “Days” book, too. I’ve never baked an angel food cake. Can’t wait to try your recipe soon!
    Happy Spring Weekend!!

  65. erica says:

    Greetings Susan!

    When I was a very little girl, perhaps 5 years old, (which is many moons ago) I spied a pretty flower which was pink and looked like a heart. I gently pulled a flower off and ran into the house to ask my Mummy what kind of flower this was. A bleeding heart she said. I wanted to know why it was bleeding. Moments later I was back on my tummy, in the long weedy grass, with face and fingers in the bleeding hearts. Outlining the hearts with my fingers. Sheltering me was the flowering quince. I love that particular memory and I was reminded of it again, when I saw the flowering quince in your lovely bouquet!

    The last words my dad spoke to me this past year…. was related to ‘counting your blessings.’ My Dad was not a ‘religious’ man, but inherently knew that life is full of good things if we choose to look for them. Being in business, until the end (he was 82 and still worked everyday) he was inspired by nature and found his blessings within the mountains, trees, life….and the gentleness to the heart it offered. He was a “look on the bright side” kind of a man. I had my heart strings tugged when you revealed your new DAYS FROM THE HEART OF THE HOME with a banner above which read “Counting our Blessings.” Beautiful! I am in need of THAT book!! I’m almost embarrassed to say, that I tend to get like Eeyore too much. Blue.

    Hope this finds you all well!

    Much love,

    • sbranch says:

      Your dad sounds very special, love your description of him. And when you see the Blessings book, you’ll see it is dedicated to my dad.

  66. Susan, I have a question about egg whites in a jar. This question is prompted by the fact that I turned the calendar page of my SB calendar to May and read your breakfast suggestions which are stellar! I can’t wait to make the baked apples for breakfast – genius! And I love muesli, thanks for reminding me! But I am unsure what exactly you mean about “egg whites in a jar”. Do you mean egg beaters or an approximation of such? Or do you put egg whites in jar that then last forever in your fridge? I have a few hens and am always trying to learn how to preserve eggs… Thanks for hanging over my kitchen sink all year in the form of a calendar and cheering me up every time I do dishes. Every time! & I do a LOT of dishes. Just sayin’.

    • sbranch says:

      I wrote that before egg beaters were available everywhere — I used to just do it myself. But yes, just as eggs keep a long time (I didn’t literally mean forever), whites do too. I would’t really call it preserving. But if you are watching cholesterol in your diet, or cutting down on calories, the whites are pretty darn helpful.

  67. Kate says:

    Absolutely love Friendly Persuasion. Jessamyn West, who wrote the book, is from my state of Indiana. This story takes place in southern Indiana.

  68. Jill says:

    Love this entry — yummy blueberry cake, beautiful tulips and daffodils and MAY BASKETS!!!!! I remember May baskets! I grew up in a small town and when we were kids we used to leave May baskets on our friends’ door knobs. We usually made them out of empty margarine tubs with pipe cleaner handles. Then we would use leftover Easter grass in them, put violets and lilies of the valley or dandelions in them, and then put leftover Easter candy in them! You felt really privileged if you got a May basket — and if you got more than one, you were special! Happy May!

  69. Mah Quilter says:

    Spring has hit AZ but not a flower in site yet. Love seeing yours and blueberries are my favorite. Wishing you and Joe a great weekend.

  70. carol pfeiffer says:


  71. I’m glad you posted on twitter about the contest. I would have missed it. Thanks so much, Susan. I definitely will be making this cake.

    Your post brings me such happiness and I talked with Rosinda on the phone today which helped me to lose some sadness over the past month.

    Happy to find the old me again

  72. Christine says:

    So different throughout our country! We are certainly having spring in So Cal and the gardens are beautiful! Heading to Denver in a week and we read about snow! What a wonderfully diverse country.

  73. Elizabeth from Odessa, Tx says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Will make it this weekend. Love your blogs!

  74. Chrissy Miles says:

    Thank you so much for the cake recipe!!! I have some frozen blueberries from last year that I need to use and this is perfect. It will have to wait a few days. I just made a chocolate, pecan, bourbon pie for the Kentucky Derby. We’ll have it for dessert after our Hot Browns! YUM! We’ll also have our non-acoholic Mint Juleps, iced tea brewed with Sleepytime herb tea to give it a mint flavor. I’m so happy spring is finally here, at least for us anyway. I love the new days book. it would be nice to use as a gratitude journal. Happy Saturday!

    • sbranch says:

      We are Kentucky Derby people here too. I have a girlfriend who’s been doing it since she was a girl. She comes over and Joe makes us amazing Mint Juleps (perfection when made with simple syrup). It’s all too short though, the race is over before we can drink the drink!

  75. Kathy H says:

    I’ll be making this cake, but first I have to find coke bottle to cool it on – I don’t think my angel food cake pan has the little feet anymore.

  76. Deanna says:

    I’m so excited about the new book. (and I hope I win it 😛 )

  77. donna hansen says:

    love everything about you and your site…you are one amazing woman with so much talent!

  78. Kristina Hunt says:

    I am such a big fan! I have many of your books and even 4 of the old Days books. I would so adore a chance to win the new one! Such a lovely spot to visit on the web!

  79. Sherry Winchester says:

    Can’t wait to make that cake! Looks absolutely divine! Swoon…….And the Days from the Heart of the Home looks wonderful! A new “Susan” to read!!!! Please enter me in the drawing…and thank you ever so much!

  80. Page Wilhelm says:

    I so miss your stickers, I am hoarding the last ones I purchased as I cannot get them again! I love your books and your art and verses, I am an old lady but I love the recipes and recipe books the most! I have every one of the ones that have been at Michael’s, etc!! I am writing my own recipes in your books and leaving them for my children and grandchildren, I would dearly love these books also! Thank you for being my sticker friend! Page Wilhelm

  81. Sheryl Baker says:

    The blueberry angel food cake looks sinfully delicious! Thank you so much for sharing it. And on an unrelated note, I would LOVE to win your books. I promise to give them a very good home.

  82. Kathy Lorenzini says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the yummy recipe!! 🙂

  83. Mary from NJ says:

    Hi Susan,
    Oh, please pick me! I would love to win these books! 😀

  84. Tammy W says:

    Oh goodness! The Counting Our Blessings Book of Days is just perfect for my gratitude project! I have been finding something to be grateful for every day and it’s really made a difference! Now that blueberry angel cake looks like it would make a difference, too!

  85. Pat G. from NH says:

    Susan, your blog always brightens my day! I have pre-ordered your new book about your trip to England and look forward to receiving it!
    Thanks for sharing your artistic gift with the world!

  86. Oooohhh, I’d love to win these books AND share them with my SB pen pals!!! Thanks for the chance to win! Hugs, Donna W.

  87. Nancy in Wyoming says:

    Oh Susan, this is a delightful post. We are waiting for spring in Wyoming, we had a foot of snow this week!

  88. shielaf says:

    Thank you for always creating. Just creating. oh, and imagining, and dreaming. Your talent is an inspiration.

  89. Kay Mc says:

    Your books would be so fun to win & would make for a delightful summer afternoon of reading if we ever get summer here in Nebraska.

  90. Bobbi says:

    As I work on my own creative projects, would love to be blessed by yours. Thank you for the lovely books you create, and all the surrounding pieces – blog, newsletter, etc. All the very best to you ~ with gratitude. xoxo

  91. Linda G says:

    Love your books and you blog!

  92. Dawn says:

    We can all use a little more spring with all the snow we’ve received lately.
    Your books are my favorite thing to look thru when I’m enjoying my morning tea! Thanks for all of them!

  93. Debb Sather says:

    Oh, dear Susan, how I loved your previous “book of days” . I used it for a number of years, Besides each daily entry I wrote the year. So I got three years use out of it, as each day had 3 different years entries. It was fun to compare the weather from year to year and, my mood 🙂 I NEED a Summer book, we had 12 inches of snow here in Southern Minnesnowta yesterday, May 2nd!!! Unheard of! The radio station started playing Christmas music again today, I actually had to think “what month is this?” Best to find the humor in it, as everything goes better with humor.. Thank you for all the smiles you bring to my household.
    Warmly, Debb S.

  94. Roseanne Hall says:

    Hi Susan,
    Happy spring! I love,love,love all your books! Would love to win!
    Thank you for all your sunshine you give to us!

  95. Paulette Reeder says:

    Thank you for the wonderful reminders of spring. I have some of your books and would love to be in the drawing for more.
    I look forward to my next shopping trip for blueberries. The cake looks yummy.
    I’m afraid that spring may already be over here in San Jose, CA because of the recent hot weather our foothills are drying up and so many of the flowers have burst and are now going to seed.
    Please keep up the pictures and posts, especially the ones with the kitties and birds.
    Love all you do,

  96. Sarah Anschutz says:

    Would love to ‘win’ one, two or all three of your books (greedy of me) just to bring a little Spring into my space. The ice storm in April left us with a huge yard clean-up but we got it done. It’s still terribly cool here – we had snow on May Day! Who’s ever heard of such a thing?
    Your cake looks delicious – can’t wait to try it!
    Love your blog and by the way, your England trip inspired me to go sooner rather than later!

  97. What a wonderful looking book! I have not seen your book of days before – it looks charming! My tulips are blooming too – thank goodness, it was such a long time coming! And so far, so good with the deer leaving them alone. Must be the 2 big dogs barking their heads off that scare them away. (Hope I didn’t just jinx myself.) :0)

  98. Jennifer Essad says:

    your whimsical way of all things beautiful makes me smile, I have been collecting your books for a while now, thank goodness I now know how to use Facebook or I wouldn’t be able to see and read all things wonderful in your blog. I am so appreciative of these contests, if I won I would be able to share w/my mom and daughter! Have a wonderful Spring season.

  99. Sandy from Ca. says:

    Oh what a delightful way to start out the month of May! I can’t wait to make the cake yummy….I would love to win the books too LOL. I am sorry to say that my Aunt how introduced me to you passed away (: sad to loose anyone especially my Aunt but I know she is still watching all of us “Girlfriends” from Heaven…God Bless you LuLu <3 Sandy

    • Sandy from Ca. says:

      Sorry who introduced me to you Susan <3

    • sbranch says:

      So sorry that Lulu is gone ;-( Yes, she’s watching over us. You must have had a very special relationship. So lucky.

  100. Debby says:

    Oh how happy I would be to have a book from Susan Branch! I just love her and her artwork!

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