It’s May, it’s May, that Lusty Month of May!  Hi Girls.  I promised, if you asked, I would give you the recipe for Blueberry Angel Cake sooner rather than later, and you asked!  So, here it is!  Happy May Day!  You deserve it, you’ve been sooooo good. I have much love for you! Your comments are amazing! xoxo

Easy, wonderful cake . . . ENJOY!

In honor of May Day, I’m going to let our Giveaway (scroll down to the post just following this one if you missed it) continue a few more days, to make sure everyone has a chance to sign up.  If you already did, you don’t have to leave another comment because you are already entered, but you can if you want because Vanna is not only beautiful but smart . . . she knows to choose from only one of each comment, which means you can talk all you want.  And I thought I’d sweeten the pot just a wee bit to celebrate May!  Someone is going to win BOTH my SUMMER and GIRLFRIEND’S Books, and in addition, we’ll draw one more name, for this:

It’s my brand new (I forgot to tell you!) COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS, BOOK OF DAYS.  Kellee called me yesterday to remind me that “the Blessings Book” came in during my months in the FINE ROMANCE tunnel and I just forgot to mention it.  (Now that’s a tunnel!)

I designed this book and sent it in last year, just before we sailed away to England — another lifetime ago!

I based it on my old DAYS BOOK (which is out of print now) — so it can be used as a Journal, a Birthday Book, or a Dream Book, but since we are such Blessing Counters around here , I thought it would be a wonderful place to jot down the best things of each day, what we learned, and words of wisdom, so those memories last forever, and can even be passed down to people we love.  If you’re not already entered for the other two books, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and we’ll draw for both prizes at the same time.

It’s the little things that make up a lifetime — we’ll take care of the minutes and the years will take care of themselves. 

Here’s a minute: Our tulips are in bloom!  Blessing. Check!

Not all of us are experiencing bowers of flowers right now — and washing in snow, fair maid or not, is not quite the same as “washing in dew!”  There are still snowstorms out there!  So, this is for you, all of you really, if you run to your door, you might (If I had my way) find one of these hanging on your door knob, from me to you with love, a bouquet in a wallpaper cone (from our dining room wallpaper). Such a sweet tradition, leaving garden flowers on friend’s doors.  The red flower is from our quince bush, which is obviously celebrating FLORA, the Goddess of Flowers, which has nothing whatever to do with Frosty, the god of snow! Go away Frosty!

 This is what we want now!

May, Flowers, CAKE, and books, who could ask for anything more?  The tiny frosting on the cake would be if you haven’t seen the movie featuring this Musica (playing right now if you clicked on it at the top of this post), you might want to put it on your list.  FRIENDLY PERSUASION  is a wonderful sweet old movie; it will make you cry, and you know how we love that.  XOXOX

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1,066 Responses to BLUEBERRY ANGEL CAKE

  1. Connie B says:


  2. Meg says:

    Your new book of days looks lovely. And thank you for your inspirational blog. I’ve become a collector of pretty crocheted potholders because of you!

    • sbranch says:

      How fun! I just love the colors!

      • Jan from Northern CA says:

        Me too. I use the potholders for everything! Under tea pots, neat bowls on counter, under the butter dish. Just lovely and you can change the colors with the seasons or the colors of the dishes. They are just so creative and colorful. Thanks! 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          If you’ve got a small window, you can make a pretend clothesline like bunting and hang the little pants and dresses potholders on them from mini clothespins. They also make a cute valance!

  3. Katalin says:

    Hello, dear Susan,
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of your flowers…they are so beautiful to look at! I also thank you for making available your early additions of your Willard newsletters…I’ve read it in its entirety and appreciate the special touches such as the extra thick, fancy paper its printed on, as well as the SB ribbon tied around the spine…its special and I thank you for it! Please include me in your drawing…I would especially appreciate the Days Book! Thank you and may GOD bless you and Joe 🙂 Katalin

  4. Kari Whitmer says:

    This household loves all things blueberry. Can’t wait to try!

  5. annie says:

    It’s so wonderful reading your posts and seeing your pictures of Spring! Here in Minnesota, it’s snowing today and I’m curled up on the sofa, reading your lovely blog, and dreaming of warm sunshine.

  6. Elaine in Toronto says:

    I made the cake today and we just had a piece for dessert. I used a mix (my bad) and my blueberries were plump and they did sink to the bottom but…bonus it looked like a blueberry upside down cake and so pretty. Served it with whipped cream and blueberry sauce and it was delicious. Would make it again for guests. Susan, thanks for romancing the ordinary as Sarah van Breathnach would say.

  7. Spring and May seem doubly sweet this year I guess because Spring was so late in arriving
    I had some guests from Scotland at the beginning of April and there was not a blossom in sight. The magnolias here usually bloom around the first but not this year. We have since been overwhelmed with flowers but alas my guesthaving seen a one!
    e returned to Bonnie Scotland

  8. Jane Jones says:

    Your name brings warm feelings to my heart. I too grew up in a large family. And I swear some of your photos in your books are exactly like mine! It’s like we are truly related!
    Whenever I am feeling down, I know I can wrap myself up in a little piece of heaven >>>>>>your books=my bliss!

  9. Melinda May Allaston says:

    Good Evening Susan,

    It would be very cool to win your fabulous books seeing as my birthday was on May 1st 🙂 The same day as my Grandma in fact hence the name May that we both carry!

    Thank-you for your wonderful cake recipe, I will be trying it out over the week-end!

    Enjoy your evening!

    Melinda May

  10. Amy Seilaff says:

    Your books are absolutely wonderful. I just love them to bits 🙂

  11. Gert~Iowa says:

    Susan…Here I am I mentioned on your last post, being here at the Rehab Center has really messed up my Susan time! I cannot wait to return home tomorrow!
    Soon I’ll be commenting like crazy once again! smile… This date book looks like something I would love and use constantly!!


    • sbranch says:

      Tomorrow Gert! Hip Hip Hooray, that means TODAY! GOOD FOR YOU!

      • judi says:

        All the best in your recovery!

      • Gert~Iowa says:

        This is a hip-hip horray day for me, that’s for sure! Can’t wait!

        • Dawn (Elmhurst, IL) says:

          Welcome home, Gert! Take things very slowly as you continue to get stronger and stronger. I know that you will feel Springtime in your heart and enjoy every blossom you see!

          • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

            Thanks for the update, Gert, as I’ve had you on my mind and in my prayers and have been wondering how things are going. Need to check out your blog…soon you’ll be home and Rehab will seem like a dream you had! Your husband and Rusty will be glad to have you home, too! 🙂

  12. Lois Pearsey says:

    Oh what sweet books. The girlsfriends book would make such a fun gift to give my friend of 30 years. thanks for the givewaway.
    blessings to you.

  13. grace thorne says:

    a new book of days, how wonderful! the old one was simply divine but i can’t wait to see this one!

  14. Angie B in Oregon says:

    Feeling a little more like Spring than summer here! Expecting temps in the 80’s this weekend! A lot gardening will be a happening! 🙂 Thank you for the recipe! Can’t wait to try it!!

  15. Jan says:

    It would make me so happy to win the books. Your pictures are lovely and a reminder that we should look to nature for pure happiness.

  16. Susan McAllister says:

    LOVE all of your books!! I cook with them for almost every Holiday and special occasions!!! I would so love to win your books.

  17. jaimee langston says:

    OH Susan, I just love to read all you write. The cake looks Delicious, I would need help with all that sifting though! If I would be lucky enough for Vanna to select me for the books, I would be willing to donate back for a second drawing of the Girlfriends Forever book and The Summer book, My sister bought me those for a gift. So please pick me and Make 2 people Happy Happy Happy!

  18. Oh Susan, I just knew you would send us this recipe sooner rather than later, yum! And of course blueberries are so GOOD for us! I love love love angel food cake, it’s hard to get mine frosted cause I start eating and dunking it in milk! I will try real hard with this one to at least get it glazed, I love lemon! Thank you dear Susan!
    I wrote a comment on your last post on tunnel vision but my computer decided it was going to be cantankerous and not sent it! I am so glad you are out of the tunnel, last page finished, but what wonderful visions in your beautiful tunnel vision world!
    Your flowers are quadrupolly over the top beautiful! And of course Jack and miss kitty are the tippy tops! That vase is wonderful also though!
    Your books and date book are super, If I won I would have to have the cookbooks signed to my granddaughter Kaitlynn (4), cause she is so much fun to bake with! I am in heaven living up the drive-way from her and family! Truly blessed!
    Hugs and happy May to all!

  19. Linda R. says:

    The flower photos are wonderful! We still have snow but I noticed in the backyard today that some hyacinths are beginning to bloom. Hooray! Your website is always a breath of fresh air. Thank you for taking the time.

  20. diane parrilli says:

    i would love to win those books for my grandaughter Lizzie.

  21. Carol Heach says:

    Love the post-as always, brings happy thoughts:)

  22. Collette says:

    Can’t wait to try this cake. I was remembering the coke bottle with the pan upside down also. Fun memories!

  23. Lynn says:

    Such a happy blog. Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  24. Patty P says:

    Happy month of May to you Susan Branch! Your cake looks delicious, can’t wait to bake one soon! I Love your blog, YOU INSPIRE ME!!!!

  25. Elaine Schwenker says:

    Cake recipe looks soooo good! Thank you! I would love to win your books!

  26. Lori H from WA State says:

    MMMMmmmm, that cake looks delicious!
    And your art work, as always, is a delight.
    Happy, happy Spring!

  27. Terry C says:

    I love seeing a new post from you. It’s like a getting a letter in the mail from a friend. You make your postings so personal like you’ve known us for years. I love how you write and make me feel like a lifelong friend. Girlfriends are the best, thanks Susan 🙂

  28. salve says:

    Susan, you never stop to amaze us and make us want for some more – your Counting for Blessings book I know will be just as beautiful and wonderful! I bought a lot of your Days Book! Luv ya, salve

  29. Connie Martin says:

    Cake AND another book, I must be dreaming. I can’t eat cake until I get back from vacation in two weeks! 🙂 I will wave to your California home as I pass by on the Amtrak train.

    Love from Columbus, OH

    • sbranch says:

      You will meander right through my old San Luis Obispo stomping grounds too! Have fun!

  30. Sarah C. says:

    What a fantastic spring giveaway!! Your books are my absolute favorite. 🙂

  31. kbo says:

    mmm After my Birthday cake is eaten up, this Blueberry cake will be under the glass dome. I remember during my childhood making May day flower cones and putting them on the doorknobs of my all time favorite school teacher, Grandmother, Aunt and a BIG one on my home for my Mother ♥ Ringing & Running!

  32. queenmum says:

    I am loving the springtime pix; thanks so much for sharing. We did not ever think that it would get to southwestern New York this year, but it has.
    I would LOVE to add the book of days to my collection. I bought one of the old ones for a friend, thinking I would be able to get one for myself, but no such luck. Having the new one would be delightful!

  33. Sue McG says:

    What a delicious looking cake, I need to make one of these!!
    As for the books, I would LOVE to win those, they are beautiful!
    Happy spring to you 🙂

  34. Linda says:

    Oh I hope I win! It’s my 40th Bday Monday, I’m having a baby this month, and celebrating my 13th year of being a mom! Thanks and God Bless!

  35. Susan this is just an amazing giveaway! Daffodils are my favorite flower and your giveaway is just so very special. Thank you for giving me the chance to win.

  36. Diedra Truman says:

    I’ve used the Days book for gratitude and blessings book for years! Can’t wait to get the new book!

  37. Cara Mia Ender says:

    I love the idea of leaving a little bouquet of flowers from the garden hanging on a special friend’s door! (and such a cute wallpaper cone!) I’m excited to start doing that for my teacher friends’ classroom doors at work. What a wonderful way to make someone feel happy and special and loved!

  38. Arlinda says:

    Yummy cake. We, my daughters and I, made it for dinner on Wednesday and it didn’t last past the second day. Yes, we had it for breakfast too. My parents are coming home next week. I’m going to surprise them with this delicious cake. Thank you Susan .

    • sbranch says:

      You’re so welcome — so nice to know it’s a family affair!

      • Arlinda says:

        Yes it is!

        We enjoy seeing a new recipe on your blog. We have fun preparing it and surprising Daddy when he comes home from work or working in the garden.

        BTW Everyday is a day closer to A Fine Romance!!


        • sbranch says:

          We’re writing postcards to send to bookstores now, and finishing up the on-line appendix to the book with the links. Keeps me busy while I “wait.”

  39. Traci S. says:

    What a wonderful idea to use your book of days as a gratitude journal! Your artwork alone is enough to spark gratitude in one’s day! Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us through your artwork, books and this blog. Blessing to you.

  40. Angie(Tink!) says:

    .¸.*✻✿✿¸.*✻ Happy May! Happy Kentucky~Derby & Happy Cinco De Mayo Sweet Sue! I Love all Your Art~Work in This Blog! & All Your Beautiful Flowers…They are Singing! 😉 Everything Yummy Everything Spring! Time to Twirl into The Weekend with a Margarita & a Few Tacos ( & a Mint Julep & My Pretty Hat!) 😉 Wishing All a Truly Scrumptious Weekend! It’s really May! Yay! Amazing! Love & Hugzzz to You & Joe & The Kitties! xoxo Poof! .¸.*✻✿✿¸.*✻ 🙂

    • mary spring says:

      everytime I read your comments, Tink, I always feel like getting up to dance and celebrate what we have …that’s called Gratitude…time to twirl”’and thank you for your enthusiasm !!.and dear Susan, hasn’t it been a year already since we voyaged to England ?!? to go back and reread your England posts this weekend… (can’t wait for THE BOOK ) !!!…with love and take care…

      • sbranch says:

        One year ago! The ship that sailed last night from the NY Harbor, was ours! And AngieTink makes me feel the same as you. She’s a doll!

  41. Donna Ray from Hamlin, NY says:

    Ohhh, Spring, Flowers, Girlfriends, Cake……yes siree, I’m sure counting my blessings! I love Vanna, but I’m not putting all my eggs in her basket. I’m going to order a copy of your new book. No better way to fill pages that with gratitude and delight in what life has given us. Thanks, Susan, for always reminding us of what is good. As always, DonnaRay

  42. Sherry M. says:

    Blueberry cake; beautiful spring flowers; conversations about cats,books & food; giveaways; musica;—No wonder I love this site! How could anyone not?

  43. julie borg says:

    Made the Angel Dream Cake today. My hubby is in heaven! Thanks again Susan!

  44. julie borg says:

    Made the Angel Dream Cake today. My hubby is in heaven! Used my special heart shaped tube pan and it came out beautiful! Thanks again Susan!

  45. Linda Graden says:

    Your pictures are so beautiful! They look like they are high-def! Thank you for the cake recipe. Who could pass that recipe up after seeing the picture of it!

  46. Cindy Tuning says:

    Seriously! I made cones from leftover wallpaper and left them on my 2 neighbors and my aunts doorknobs the night before May Day! Filled with flowers and a few embelishments I had on hand with ribbons. They were thrilled with them and so was I when I came to the Blog tonight and see what else but wallpaper cones! Happy May!!

  47. Pam from Cicero says:

    I found the new Days book at Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago, and they are lovely! I enjoy just paging through the book and each time I look at it I see something new. I am using it to record something interesting, happy, memorable for each day. I hope they have some left because I’ve decided I’d like another for myself and they would make great gifts, too.

    • sbranch says:

      How great, I wasn’t sure it had gotten to Barnes and Noble yet. Nice to hear Pam!

  48. Elizabeth in Montana says:

    Please enter me! I already have the Summer book but I’ll share it with someone if I win!! 🙂

  49. JOANN IRVING in Goleta,CA says:

    So glad we can journal again with you. I’ve been making my own scrapbook style with art you send to us. You have really been busy creating and thanks for all you share with us to brighten our days no matter what our ages!

  50. Laura Croyle says:

    Your Angel Dream Cake looks Dreamy!! So do your flower pics! Don’t you just L-o-v-e Spring!! Makes me want to sing!! We are having absolutely Wonderful, sunshiny days this week! Getting out in the garden and getting sore! LOL! Would love to win your new Book of Days. I found the old one last year at a Christmas bazaar (of all places!) but don’t want to write in it to “mess it up”! (Silly, I know, that’s what it’s for!) Maybe I could bring myself to write in the new one, knowing I could get another one! Tee-hee! 🙂
    Hugs and Blessings!

  51. Karen says:

    Thank you for the blueberry cake recipe. I am going to bake it and take it to our neighbor whose husband passed away suddenly this week. Straight from the heart of the home…..

  52. Rita Bomberry says:

    Susan, I have loved your artwork for many years and it has inspired me to be a better artist myself. I can wake up in the most depressing mood and know that I just have to sit and ‘visit’ with my friend Susan for a while and see what she is up to and I am renewed and refreshed! Would LOVE, LOVE,LOVE to win these books. Thanks so much for sharing so much of yourself with us.
    P.S. What happened to the Traveling Journals??? So would like to see them on here.

  53. Patricia Doughty says:

    Hi Susan,
    I enjoy reading your blog! I am really looking forward to reading your new book!!!
    I think daffodils are my favorite flower! Truly speak of spring!
    Yum! I must make the cake!
    Take care!

  54. Peggy says:

    I am going to make that cake today , it’s another sunny beautiful day in England. I want to grill out and have this cake for dessert.
    I really want to get the “days”bookso I can jot down things that happen each day. I have mentioned before I have six kids,well every time they say the funniest things or do the cutest thing I think,gosh I should right that down! If I don’t win it I surely willbuy it!
    We are moving to spokane Washington in July,excited because its a beautiful state and close to my family in California, I will miss England though. We are going to see the city of bath on Saturday and today I am planning to get out and take more picture of the pretty country.
    Have a great weekend!

    • sbranch says:

      Moving you and six children across the world! That will be something to keep in a diary!

  55. Dorothy Ann says:

    * Special Note to…*Rhonda and Sondra Fox (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats) *

    Hello from me to you.

    I saw your posts on Susan’s Blog and I just had to write to you both and tell you that I, too, join in with all of our Girlfriends and send you my thoughts and prayers for you and your families.

    As you both face challenging times ahead, I can see, by the way you write and what you write on your posts, that you are facing them with incredible courage, steadfast faith and amazing grace.

    We are all here for you…

    Girlfriends are like stars…you don’t always see them…
    but you know they are always there.

    Take care.
    * Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

  56. Trish Cusack says:

    Oh my…. Looking at your tulips causes me to experience “garden envy”. (Insert your own “green with envy” joke here!) Currently, I’m trying to convince my hibiscus plant not to die. Perhaps, I should show it photos of your garden to shame it. Well… it’s a thought. ~wink~

  57. Belinda says:

    I’ve loved your work for years and was an original subscriber back when you sent your newsletters & goodies via snail mail. I hope you are doing well and I would love to win a copy of your new Days book as it is one of those I was never able to purchase. Hope you have a blessed day. 🙂

  58. Terri says:

    Yum! Blueberry cake, tulips and daffodils ~ what a wonderful way to start out the very merry month of May. Thank you! And thanks for the opportunity too. I love your idea of a gratitude book. It looks lovely. Happy May to you and all the girlfriends!

  59. Rachel Alan says:

    Well it appears I am quite late to this party. I just discovered your books at a library (not my library, unfortunately) and fell in love with the Summer and Christmas books. I am so happy to have discovered your website too! Your work is so beautiful. I am looking forward to receiving the books I ordered. Happy May!

  60. dottie in the OC says:

    Am I too late? I know I’ve not been online anywhere much lately so I’m now going to catch up around here. Hoping all is well with everyone and if not will soon be so. Finally had a couple of nice warm days here and then I heard there is a fire somewhere — in MAY? Gack.

  61. Candy says:

    I was looking for something to make for our church’s homecoming potluck tomorrow and the blueberry angel cake looks perfect!

  62. Joslyn says:

    Your new Day book looks simply beautiful….All your books and calendars are simply beautiful.I enjoy seeing my calendar each and every day.I’d love love love to win your books in the drawing 🙂

  63. Minette says:

    Hi Susan!
    What a lovely celebration of Spring! I want to burst into singing “It’s May, It’s May,” from Camelot! Your post just made me so very happy! One thing that I do know to be true now that I am reaching those “golden years,” is that it is indeed the little things that bring the most joy, comfort, and peace of mind. Rain on the rooof, the smell of cinnamon coffecake coming out of the oven, the glimpse of a red cardinal among bare branches of tree in Winter, the varied shades of green all around in early Spring–things like that just evoke so much pleasure for me when they occur. We are celebrating here as my oldest son proposed to his girlfriend last weekend and we are so thrilled for them both! I will now have daughter with whom to share your wonderful books of inspired living, recipes, and art! Just can’t wait for the publication of your new books!

    • sbranch says:

      Congratulations Minette! A happy time for you! And thank you for all the kind words. xoxo

  64. Rachel in PA says:

    I’ve really been enjoying all of your spring posts…this is my favorite time of year! Can’t wait to try the blueberry angel cake…can fresh blueberries be substituted for the frozen? I also am very excited about the new book of days. I’ve been using the old ones as my journal for 5 years and I was sad thinking that I wouldn’t be able to find them anymore!
    Thanks for all of the joy and inspiration you give to all of us!

  65. Kate says:

    I’m going to make the blueberry cake for my brother’s birthday. Thanks for sharing it!

  66. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Your books are lovely, Susan.

    That cake looks delicious!

  67. Sharan says:

    It finally feels like spring and I’m planning to work outside in my garden as much as I can this weekend! Just bought the wonderful book Sunflower Houses by Sharon Lovejoy (I think you mentioned it in a post once) and I am so inspired. Can’t wait to go dig in the dirt! 🙂

  68. Sherry K says:

    May is one of my favorite months in Oklahoma. It’s not too hot, nor too cold, but just right! My dogwood tree has just about lost its blooms, and I have my flowerbeds ready for planting. Just waiting for the night temps to warm up a bit before I submit tender plants to the ground. The azaleas are bursting with color everywhere. Love the springtime! I am so looking forward to A Fine Romance! Can’t wait till September, but will…It’ll give me something to look forward to all summer. Love the blueberry lemon cake recipe. Sounds so good.
    Thanks again for sharing with us girlfriends. Hello and love to you and Joe and the kitties. xoxoxo Sherry

  69. Valerie Teeling says:

    You books are lovely to read and display!

  70. Beth says:

    Such a happy bright spot is your blog, Susan! Thank you for sharing your pictures, your recipes and yourself. I’m so grateful and to Gert in Iowa — happy homecoming!!! Enjoy your very own bed, your sweet comforts of home and being out of the rehab place. Woo Hoo!!! ~Beth in CA

  71. barbara malvik says:

    Thanks for the reminder to count blessings-there really are so many! My friend keeps a “gratitude journal”–something to use your new Book of Days for.

    I’m already entered for your drawing and am remaining Hopeful.

  72. Debbie says:

    Your books look sooo springy! I would love to sit with a cup of tea and immerse myself!

  73. Carole says:

    Thank you for your photos of spring flowers. I really needed a taste of spring here in Iowa. Snowed here on May Day! Not good weather for delivering little May Day baskets to friends doorsteps. Trying to keep the faith that spring is just around the corner.

  74. Lindsi D says:

    LOVE the recipes as always, I’ve been patiently waiting for this one to get posted. I will be making it for my Mom on mother’s day!! Happy Spring!!

  75. Mary in Phoenix says:

    “May the Fourth” be with you today 🙂

  76. Denni from MN says:

    Blueberries and cake, what a delicious combination- Your recipe, Susan, is a
    perfect way to treat us with the hope of winning your books! We’re all “Lucky Ladies” either way!! We love your “Style”!! Thanks for all the fun you bring us!!

  77. Hazel Haverhals says:

    Love the blog and pictures!!Love the Willards to 2003!!Is there a link to 2003 to 20012?Thanks a bunch!!

    • sbranch says:

      No there isn’t, hmmm, a link for all the ones we’ve send as emails, is that what you mean? We should do that!

  78. Barbara C. says:

    I have the “old” version and I still love to go back to look at what I write as well as all of your beautiful illustrations! Thanks for the cake recipe – going to try it for Mother’s Day!
    Barb C

  79. Babette says:

    I love your books. The cake looks so yummy. I can’t wait to try it. Thank you. 🙂

  80. Janis says:

    Love Love Love this cake. Lovely combination of flavors and oh so good : )
    I’m happy to report that your Welcome Watering can banner is proudly waving from it’s pole atop my house. So pretty. Just love it : ) And you : )

  81. Kathleen from Philly says:

    Oh how lovely a Book of Days would be right now! I recently retired and now my free as a bird days tend to run together and get “lost”. A diary would be helpful! And a SB diary is the best kind of diary, pretty to look at with all sorts of wisdom. Hope I win! Happy Spring!

  82. Pat Santner says:

    Love love love your days book! And that cake looks scrumptious! I just cut strips out to make your Vineyard Seasons quilt. I’m doing a nautical theme for my husband for father’s day, for his sailboat! I’m so excited to see how it comes out. Thank you so much for the pattern!

  83. LAB says:

    Some say too cutesy…I say that you are just Perfect!

  84. Thank you for the recipe; there are blueberries in the freezer so I think I’ll try this cake tomorrow. Happy Derby Day, hope your horse won!

  85. Melissa says:

    I’d love to have anything signed from you Dear Susan.
    I love all of your work. Thanks for the spring inspiration
    From Martha’s Vineyard- its breathtaking.
    Beautiful Spring to you.

  86. Kirsten Wichert says:

    I don’t have the time to read all the comments tonight. But I did enjoy your last two blogs. The book of days looks wonderful. I especially love the Blessings part. I’m still moving….packing…..moving….packing….there’s really no end to moving your whole life, even if it’s not very far! I hope it won’t be too long before I’m settled in and then I can bake that beautiful cake! Yummmmmmm. Thank you kindly for waiting for my comment for the raffle. I guess I made it in time! Yea! In a couple days I will have a new email and I will notify you because I just can’t miss a single entry!!

  87. tasha railton says:

    Hi all! The first way I learned the loveliness of Susan Branch was from picking up the Girlfriends forever book at one of my girlfriends homes one summer. I remember I took it with me everywhere I went in her house until my stay there was over. I would love having a copy for myself!
    Love and hugs!

  88. Your new book of days looks delightful! Would indeed make a great Birthday Book! :))) Spring is lovely, but I’m waiting patiently for Autumn now… when at long last A Fine Romance will turn up on my doorstep! :))))

  89. Emily Gayhart says:

    So glad there will be a new book of Days!!
    Here in the Upper South, where spring is in full swing, it’s hard to imagine that this week parts of the US were covered in a deep, deep blanket of snow! (Thanks for sharing your glimpse of spring.)

  90. Pattie Lobner says:

    Dear Susan,
    Lately my days have been so busy I havn’t even had time to read your blog. I just did and let out a big sigh…..thank you for the big dose of sunshine. YOU are a blessing.

  91. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~ Good Sunday Morning!~Happy Cinco de Mayo!~
    ~Happy Birthday Month!~ours really is Birthday Month for our family ~ We have birthdays May 5, new grand baby due May7, May 8, Mother’s Day May 12, May13, May 15, May 19, May 20, May 26 and May 27~ that’s not even including all the friends!
    Something must have been in the air…….in August????

    • sbranch says:

      OMG — now that is a BUSY month. I hope you’re ready, or perhaps going on a cruise!

      • Lynn McMahon says:

        I’m ready! Waiting for baby hopefully today! BUT…….tomorrow is my hubby’s birthday…..and don’t tell him because he doesn’t know baby is a boy! They plan on giving him my hubby’s first name as his middle one.
        My son was born on his grandpa’s birthday~ hubby’s dad~ and he has his grandpa’s first name as his middle one~ fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow! ~Really just praying for safe delivery and healthy baby, Mom and Dad~

        • sbranch says:

          How exciting! Can’t wait until you report how it went! Please watch your husbands face for us!

        • Janet [in Rochester] says:

          Oh that is SO exciting Lynn! Another generation sharing a grandpa’s birthday! Crossing fingers, toes and let’s see… what else? I know – EYES! Hope-hope-hope!!! Blessings and best of luck with everything! :>)

  92. Jan says:

    We too ~ in Ohio ~ are enjoying doses of sunshine and seeing the newness of what the earth has to offer. My favorite time of year! Enter me into your giveaway, please…

  93. mary spring says:

    …2,862 comments !!!!…Susan, is this a record or what ?!?…so exciting !!!…it must feel so good to have sooooo many girlfriends !!

  94. Faith rose says:

    I’ve already commented but I just have to say Susan that I looove your Days journal!I have the first one and I love the idea of having a little spot to put down what you are thankful for!I always can’t wait to see the art and quotes on the next page! It is such a smart idea ! Thank you for adding the second one in you give away !It makes it all the more exciting!

  95. Colleen says:

    What a breath of spring you are Susan! Thank you for reminding me to make every day special and embrace the joy of new beginnings.

  96. Carol Wakefield says:

    Oh, and I have my fingers and toes crossed that my name is drawn for the Count your blessings book of days!! It is out of stock on your website so we may be doing battle over who gets this copy:-) I hope its me I hope its me I hope its me ………..

  97. nanette from alabama says:

    I really miss being able to go back and read all the old blogs and look at your photos for inspiration. I may have missed a discussion of this but I want to throw out the suggestion that you publish each year’s blogs in “annuals.” I want to own every single one of them! I am especially wanting to see a photo of your pots and pans hanging between your cabinets, in front of your kitchen windows. Would it be possible to include a photo of some of your kitchen things soon? It helps us feel like we’re lucky neighbors and sitting down in your kitchen for a nice cup of tea and a slice of that blueberry cake! ha. In our dreams, anyway!

    • sbranch says:

      I think about that, but how do we do it? That’s my problem! All those photos, fitting them into a book, might be bigger than the old dictionaries! Here are my pots and pans … is this what you wanted? Love having them over the sink — the sieve’s can drip dry, they’re handy, and they take up no valuable cupboard space. I’ll put the kettle on!

  98. JoEllen Bendall says:

    Welcome back from tunnel-land! We’ve been waiting, darling! (Flowers have been, too!) See? We’re alllll celebrating YOU! xoxo

  99. Judyth says:

    I would love to have the Summer book. I have the Autumn book, and it sits on my coffee table during the autumn season. What a great conversation starter!

  100. Lynn Cooper says:

    I thought I was the only one that saved all of the wallpaper from my house. Guess I was wrong. Love your dining room paper, and the cone with the flowers has now given me an idea as to what to do with my wallpaper that I have been saving.

    Off to the Brimfield Fair next week – do you ever go? It starts on May 14th – you would love it.

    • sbranch says:

      Oh yes, we have been to Brimfield many times! So much fun! May 14th eh? I’ll tell Joe.

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