Happy Sunday from Blizzardsville!

Gorgeous this morning

Here we are at dawn this morning in the kitchen watching the Snow Moon set and the light come up on the house next door.  The weather has been wild the last couple of days.

pinkThe winds were so treacherous last Thursday, the day we were supposed to go off-island, that the boat stopped running and we had to cancel the trip until the next day.  So on Friday, come what may, we had to go —  I put on my seasickness wrist bands and off we went across the water to the mainland because I had a date to be interviewed by Madeline Meile Holt for the Cape Cod Writers Center . . .

me at Books and the World

. . . for their TV show called Books and the World.  So here I am, and Joe’s in the background taking pictures . . .

me and lamb

We brought along our pet lamb but forgot to mention it during the interview.  I wonder what viewers will be thinking about him!  I was on this show years ago, when my first book came out, so it was fun to come back.  They said they’d send me a link to the show in a few days and if they do I’ll be sure to put it up.

The next day, which was Saturday, there were Winter Storm Warnings for central MA, and Blizzard Warnings for the coast and islands.  That was the day we needed to be at Costco.  So up we went, north, just south of Boston to the Costco in Avon, MA.  We arrived amid a flurry of customers rushing to get stocked up before the storm came in.  It was fun.   There was a holiday aspect in the air; Costco would be closing early so their employees could get home safely.  People were all bundled in snow clothes, hats and scarves, some of our Girlfriends braved the storm and came to see me, Twitter friends too, and I signed books for lots of nice Costco employees.  I met some darling children — and while I did that, Joe shopped for us and our neighbors Lowely and John, he filled his basket and packed up the van . . . then we ran for the boat, Joe was sure we could make it before Blizzard conditions took over.

on the way home

I wasn’t so sure, but here we are, homeward bound.  The whole time my chicken gene is telling Joe’s wild wolf gene that this was not a good idea.  Pure icy slush on the road, it was already a deluge and the Blizzard warning had not even gone into effect. But wolfman was not listening.  He was putting on some MUSICA … snow patters the windows like hail . . . wind blows . . . you can’t tell where road ends and sky begins.  Chicken gene has me thinking too much.

on the way to the Cape

I was forced to explain to Joe that there are two of us in the car. One is a victim and one is a wolf.  Snow is slanting into the windshield.  I take my mind off of imminent slide into cranberry bog by taking pictures.  Can you imagine how cold that water is right now.  OMG.

through Falmouth

But Joe was sure, he promised me it would be all his fault if something happened (which of course just made everything OK) and persevered through car-rocking wind blasts, eating Costco guacamole (yum) and Costco “pop chips” brown rice, quinoa, multi-grain chips (also yum), over the Bourne Bridge (arched high over the frozen Cape Cod Canal), down Rt. 28 careening past cars who were going five miles an hour, finally arriving here, in Falmouth, we made the turn to Woods Hole. My chicken mouth quit peeping because “we” seemed to be committed.  (Dad, I tried to tell him you wouldn’t like it!  He howled ow! ow! owwwww!)

through Falmouth

dollface wolfmanAs Joe sings “theres a song that they sing as they take to the highway …” I kept reminding myself that he was born here.  He speaks the language of winter.  He has Joe B.never gotten in an accident.  He can fix anything.  (What has that got to do with it?  I don’t know.)  And then, there’s the sign to the island blurring past, we are getting closer.  But we still don’t know if the boat will be running or not.  It’s blowing snow, visibility isn’t very good, if the boat does go, will the Captain be able to see the island or will we drive right past, lost in the blizzard, on our way to France?  Is he a wolf or does he have some intelligent chicken blood in him?

almost there

Woods Hole, we’re here … and that’s the ocean out there.  Visibility is wonderful.  Perfect weather for boating.  Is the boat even here?  Can we get on when our reservation isn’t until 7:30 and we’ve managed to arrive at 3:45?????  These are the questions.

Yay the boat is here

But yes, there it was, big mouth wide open, almost done loading but there was room for us.  No turning back now.  Thoughts of kitties are what I’m using for propellant because good sense would never allow this.  Wolf packs run the ferry boats.

on board

On we went, wristbands in place. Straight to the bar.


We made it, you know that because here I am.  A happy ending.  My hunny bunny got me home safe and sound just as he promised.  Wolves rule.  If chickens ran the world we might never get home.  I am sense and he is sensibility.  We are so brave.  Jack jumped up and rubbed against me a hundred times.  Girl rolled over for her tummy rub.  We unpacked the van and slept all through the storm and look how gorgeous it is today.


Snowflowers are on every tree, like spring cherry trees in bloom.

lamb cake

Joe’s outside filling the bird feeders . . . And I’m doing this.  Making a lamb cake to take to a dinner party tonight . . . the 1933 version of State Fair is on TV, I’ve never seen it — but it makes good background noise for stove heating and cake baking.

lamb cake

First I grease the pans . . . I’ll save the rest of the story until next time.  Have a wonderful day Girlfriends. 


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  1. mary spring says:

    … guys warm my heart to no end !!…and I absolutely LOVE that James Taylor song.. !!…isn’t it a beautiful day ?!?… Life is Good !!!

  2. Susan, I must be somewhat like you….I am not good in snow storms , or blinding rains, and I get all icky in fog. I like to see where I am going !! The ferry to the Vineyard is so amazing to me. So big ! Glad you made it to your show and make home again. We had snow on Friday and last night…tomorrow will be a mix of everything. Yuck ! Take care of your wolfman and yourself. xoxox, Susie

  3. Gin in New Hampshire says:

    Well, at least you had a car full of Costco snacks in case of emergency.

  4. Lynne Weliver says:

    My hubby and I laughed until tears filled our eyes as we reminisced about not one, but two similar trips we have made in the past month – the first for a promised birthday visit to our son who lives in Maine, and the second (a week later) to approve a proposed wedding venue in New Hampshire for our other son who will be married in October. Lane markers and road signs on Route 495 in Massachusetts and Route 95 in Maine were obliterated and we couldn’t see the tail lights of the vehicles in front of us until we were riding their bumpers. Your description of Wolfman and Chicken fits us to a T. . . . peep,peep.

  5. Pat Stansel says:

    It tickled me how loving Jack was when you got back! He probably thought that you
    were going to be gone for three months again, so he better show you how much he loves you

  6. Mary in Phoenix says:

    I knew you were safe when you said, “He was born here”. What a smart, hearty gent you have there Miss Susan. You can tell by the look in Joe’s eyes he adores you and would never let anything happen to his girl <3. What an adventure … a story for the ages … or the next book 🙂

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Glad you arrived home safely. Scary trip for those of us who prefer driving in sunshine. Something haunting about seeing the woman holding onto a young child and a suitcase walking into the wide mouth of the ferry. Hopefully someone wonderful with a warm car was waiting for them on the other side.

  8. Sandra Mailey says:

    I’m so very glad you made it back home safe and sound! You have done your share of winter weather driving this winter – that’s for sure!

    Enjoy the dinner party and the company of friends tonight. The lamb cake is sure to be a big hit. I remember the lamb shaped cake pans from years ago. I haven’t seen one in ages. so cute!

  9. Sharon in So. Calif. says:

    Dear Susan, So glad you and your “wolfman” made it home safe and sound! What an adventure, tell Joe that he is very brave. Your picture out of your window this morning is just beautiful. Can’t wait for you to get the link for the show, that will be fun for us to watch. Glad you had a good time overall at Costco, I dread going to ours on a Saturday (so busy)! That was so funny for me to see your lamb cake mold as just last week I posted that very one to my “wish list” on Amazon. Thought it would be cute for Easter. One of the girlfriends mentioned Peter Rabbit stuff on Pottery Barn kids, OH YES, cute cute cute, I think you will love it too. Can’t wait to see your lamb cake! Oh, and happy belated Valentine’s to you and Joe, I did not get to post this earlier. Happy Sunday to you, Downton tonight,yeep-ee xo

  10. Carol C says:

    That was a wild ride all right but sooo beautiful! Glad you had time to snap the picture of that house—love it, so homey looking. We had a great snow last Thurs. into Fri. but it was all melted away by afternoon. That’s no fun. I want to be snowed in at least 3 days. The family next door built a 6ft. snowman and made a fabulous snow fort-all gone within 3 hrs. Hope you get days by the fire drinking tea, reading and doing needlework, and still have the power on. BTW I love your tea blend! Make a pot every afternoon–snow or shine.

  11. DebbieW says:

    I had to read this post to my husband as your snow trip sounds just like my husband and me. 🙂 Glad you are home safe and sound.

  12. deezie says:

    Hi Susan
    Wow what a time you had! I am not good driving on highways to begin with, if there were a snow storm I would surely be a chicken. So happy you are home safe and baking is the best in snow storms isn’t it. Have fun at your party
    so glad Joe is always ready to fill those bird feeders 🙂

  13. Bernie says:

    I’m a chicken, like you. Although I would drive in a hurricane, before getting on a ferry with a threat of any choppy weather….. No, I dont think you are a chicken, I think you both are NUTS!

  14. Debra V ~ Southern California says:

    What an adventure for sure. Glad you are safe and warm. I think men do have that extra gene for bravery and we have that extra gene that makes us fearful. God must have given us these so we’d survive. You did! Loved to see your “Snow Flowered” Trees and Kitty looking out window, so beautiful next to your cheery yellow tulips. Look forward to seeing the link for the TV apearance you made on the Cap Cod Writers Center. And maybe a photo of that lovely Lamb Cake you’re making for the dinner party. Yum! Stay warm.

  15. Paula Cutchey says:

    Well Chicken Little from Texas says “Joe is the hero of the day!”

  16. KarenP (Wisconsin) says:

    “Snow flowers!” Too cute and such a perfect description! I love that first view of the beauty after a snowfall before the gentle breeze blows the snow off the branches and everything is still a winter fairyland! I’m so glad I live where there is snow (to slightly paraphrase Anne of Green Gables!)! So glad you made it home safely….not much scarier experience that having to drive in an icy snowstorm!! I don’t worry about us driving but rather the “other guy” who’s not as safe a driver!! Lots of cars in the ditch today on our way to church!! Have a nice Sunday! xo

    • Pat Mofjeld of St. Paul, MN says:

      I’m the same way–not afraid of our own driving but the “other guy”. Our concern or thought was always our own driving but we feel good about that. We both are careful and drive according to the road conditions. But about 20 years ago the “other guy” meeting us went out of control and hit us head-on. Totalled our Buick and about totalled us. We were lucky–we had a big car. Our injuries were seatbelt-related. We decided that evening that NOTHING is worth driving on bad roads. Once you’ve been hit, you lose that innocence or trust in the “other guy”. We get teased sometimes about being “chickens” or being too careful but it doesn’t matter. We both remember how long it took the terrible bruises and aches to go away. And we were so lucky that is all it was. It is such a lesson in physics–two bodies (the cars) in motion and when they hit, the energy has to go somewhere. We’re in the midst of a big snowstorm tonight and it is very nice to be in and cozy. Pork roast with root vegetables going in the oven tomorrow and a cherry pie planned. I’m in “storm mode”! 🙂

  17. Monique says:

    It looks like here.. all white and so pretty..
    Not snowing as I type..but all is calm..all is white~
    My husband has white knuckled it many times coming home on our roads~
    So nice to be home..
    Love the lamb:)

  18. Gloria L. Nugent says:

    Nice that you acknowledged “daddio” in your description of the scary situation. I am sure he was just as concerned as the kitties! I have been the most scared this winter & cannot wait til spring. Looking forward to the finished lamb cake photo. Glad you are all safe & sound. Thanks for the account so we don’t wait & wonder.

  19. Nancy Dunn says:

    Loved reading your blizzard story as I gaze out at the snow-covered cliffs of Aquinnah across the Sound from little Cuttyhunk Island. I remember driving down Route 6 on the Cape back in my twenties and not being able to see or find the exits off of the highway to get home! I’m thinking I still must be a good deal of “wolf” as my dog Toby and I spent 2 hours hiking the island out in that blizzard yesterday taking snowy photographs! 🙂 The “chicken” part of me is heading off-island for a little defrosting on a cruise to the Bahamas…glad you made it safely back to MV Susan!

  20. Barbara F. says:

    You are brave, girlfriend, I cannot even get to my car in the parking lot! Glad you are back home safe and sound. Joe is the best! I have tried many times to make the bunny and lamb cakes, to no avail. They never want to release from the pan. xo

    • sbranch says:

      The trick is this. Your pan should be cold (not necessarily from the fridge, just cool or cold or whatever, just not hot). You melt crisco, then paint every crevice of the pan with a brush filled with melted fat. Then you flour it. The lamb will slip right out.

  21. Elaine in Toronto says:

    Happy you are both safe and sound. Mother Nature is certainly in charge of the weather, isn’t she? My dear friend surprised me yesterday with your beautiful tea tin and organic tea with wildflowers. It smells wonderful and I haven’t even opened it yet. Can’t wait to try it but must find my tea strainer, first. Enjoy your dinner party. Will you be home in time for Downton Abbey tonight?

  22. KarenV says:

    Wow, that was a harrowing trip! So glad you made it home safe! “Straight to the bar”, that made me laugh! I’m a chicken too, although my husband is not quite a wolf, I often find myself pushing down on an invisible brake pedal on my side of the car! Hey, whatever it takes to get home to those kitties, I would endure the same thing. Can’t wait to hear about the lamb cake, just missed State Fair, but I’m watching Picnic, another classic that I’ve never seen. Happy President’s Day!

  23. Sheryl Baker says:

    So glad you and Wolfman Jack or Joe made it back safely. Susan, I am so chicken that I’m still in the shell! I am so glad that the world needs both kinds of us human beans.

  24. Kathi Horton says:

    Susan, I have finally stopped laughing!!!! You had me rolling with the”chicken gene and the wolf gene”!!!!!!! These are so true!!!!!! I can remember sitting in the car being driven by whatever male and thinking he knew something I didn’t about driving in the cold, blizzardy weather. I just wanted a warm quilt and a cup of cocoa. Thanks for entertaining me as I have just come in from raking my roof for the upteenth time. I love the beauty of it but with the raking, this snow has got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. So loved Shirley Temple. How did that precious little girl ever remember all those lines and dance steps too??

  25. vicki says:

    The snow-gods have been extra generous here in NJ, too! Everyone complains but I STILL LOVE IT! There is a beauty to winter snows (and ice) that can’t be compared to anything else in the world! I’ve nested in all cozy and warm, brought in extra wood for the fireplace and now will soak up all of winter’s charm. Every season excites me in its turn…don’t you agree? Hugs, and stay warm!

    • sbranch says:

      Agree. We just got back from a ride to take pictures and look around. It’s like something from a movie. Or a 1940’s Christmas card.

  26. What a grand adventure with such a happy ending! We’ve had 2 feet of snow, followed by rain which turned into 3 inches of ice, followed by 3 inches of snow. I’ve just about killed myself, tending to the sheep, ‘pacas and horses; dear Lord, Please Hurry Spring!

  27. Deb from Dixie says:

    Oh my gosh I’m howling with laughter… you made your white knuckle journey so funny! All your references to Joe being the Wolf ….hilarious! But I’m thinking that Jack ( Blog Daddy) is just going to be beside himself when he looks at the photos you took of your journey home. Especially after all of his warnings to you too be safe. Yikes!
    Just chalk it up to another one of “Susan and Joe’s most excellent adventures!”
    Glad you’re home all warm and safe… And snuggly with the kitties!
    Thanks for giving us the update today… Ever since I heard about the storm warnings yesterday I’ve been sending you good mojo for a safe trip home.… So very happy you didn’t wind up in the cranberry bog … Wouldn’t that be some idea for a Ocean Spray commercial?
    Two happy travelers sliding off the road during a blizzard into a cranberry bog…. LOL !

    • sbranch says:

      In the middle of it I said to Joe, “My dad is not going to like this.” It gave the wolf pause for a half second.

      • judi says:

        I’ll bet your Dad has a few harrowing? driving stories:)

        • sbranch says:

          He is what turned me into a chicken. He talks when he drives and looks you right in the eyes while he does it. He drives with his wrists. I rest my case. Hi Dad. xoxo

          • judi says:

            I THOUGHT MY HUSBAND WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO drove with his wrists. He has chewed up the top of the steering wheel from his watch rubbing against it- luckily they sell new covers to put over it. UFF DA:)

  28. Margot in Virginia Beach says:

    You two are troopers! I have to head to WI on Sat. or Sun. and I hope the worst storms are over with!! We have to go through the mountains in WV. Scared. That State Fair movie is a good one!
    Keep warm!!!

    • Pat Mofjeld of St. Paul, MN says:

      Margot, watch the weather reports. Heard once a storm is headed our way for next weekend…

      • Lynn McMahon says:

        Are you kidding me Pat?~ Snow is now becoming a four letter word of the naughty kind!!~ Be careful Margot!

  29. shirley burt says:

    So happy that Wolfman and Chicken Little are home safe and sound, greeted properly by very important members of the family. Loved the tale of two travelers and so pleased you had snacks and a very talented husband born to drive in a blizzard. How wonderful. Did you put a Union flag on your lamb cake?
    Love and bunny hugs,
    Shirley-Texans cannot drive in Blizzards, we cannot drive when there is an inch of snow. We need Joe to give us lessons.

    • sbranch says:

      Better he just drives you!

      • shirley burt says:

        Yes !!!!, you are so sweet to offer his services. Just for that, you come too and we will have a tea party and sleepover. But he could make a whole lot of money off all these Texas drivers.
        Love and bunny hugs to all of you.
        How did the lamb cake turn out?

  30. Liz says:

    Glad you got home safe and sound…..I am a chicken like you and married to a wolf man! You had a very exciting trip! I am from Maine and married to a Nebraskan (and live in Lincoln, NE) – a Mainiac married to a Corn Husker….. We were in York, Nebraska (makes me think of York, ME and England) yesterday shopping at a little antique shop we like to go to. I was looking at the books and a little red hardback book made me take a second look. It was Gladys Taber’s Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge. I couldn’t believe it. It was a library book that had been in the Kearney, NE library. When I purchased it, the woman at the counter said – “We here in Nebraska, don’t know much about the East – it is like it is a different country.” I had to smile.

  31. Susan Hammersley Simon (in Illinois) says:

    So glad to see that you made it safely home. I am another chicken kindred spirit… so I know how you feel. We have gone through some wild weather (lake effect snow) coming home from Michigan through Indiana many times. Those wild winds and white-out conditions are NO fun. But, as others have said, Joe would never do anything that would endanger you… a wolf he may be, but there is also the “hunny-bunny” side to him that I am sure wins out over the wolf every time.

    We’ve had some white knuckled times of our own these past two weeks… my DH had major open heart surgery on Feb. 4th. Longest 8 hours of my life thus far… but thanks be to God and the surgical staff at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, he made it through, and despite some post surgical complications, is now home and recuperating. Lots of white knuckles and prayers the day of the surgery.

    It is good to come here and see all the comforting posts and read of your adventures, and think back to the book signing last fall in Naperville. That was such a fun evening!

    Hopefully you and all the rest of us will soon be seeing signs of spring… after we get our 4-6 inches of white stuff tomorrow, that is. I did see a VERY fat robin on our deck the other day… amazing that it either came back so early or never left. Fingers crossed that our winter will soon be waning! SO ready for spring.

    Enjoy your snowboundedness (made up word, I know, but it fits) and give Girl Kitty a big tummy rub, throw the ball a few times for Jack, and give Joe an extra special dinner tonight to celebrate your arrival home through the storm. Take care, Susan… it’s good to be able to come back here now that hopefully the worst of the last two weeks is behind us. Hugs to you.

    • sbranch says:

      Snowbondage. 🙂

    • Dawn (Elmhurst, IL) says:

      Susan S., my thoughts are with you! Wishing your husband a speedy and complete recovery. Take extra good care of yourself, too. It’s so nice to think about our evening at Anderson’s Book Shop. Remember how hot it was that day!! Big hugs! ♡♡ Dawn

  32. Martha Ellen of VA says:

    From one chicken chic to another, so happy that the wolf took great care of you! I’m married to a wolf and that ride through that storm would have had me crying. Just call me the snow blizzard chicken. Can’t wait to see your lovely lambie pie cake! xoxo ♥

  33. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~ Good Afternoon ~ thankfully you made it home safe! ~ hunkered down here in Wisconsin for yet another winter storm~ is there no end to this Winter?!~ praying the weather people are right~ 40 by Thursday!!~ Good weather for Downton watching tonight….. with a glass of Port!

  34. Patsy in Nixa, MO says:

    Susan is so brave. She sticks with her Wolf Man. Patsy is not brave. Patsy is divorced.

  35. Jeannine from SC says:

    Oh, ye of little faith! You’ve got a true blessing in that Joe of yours! So glad you’re home.

  36. Elizabeth says:

    What an exciting story to read on my BIRTHDAY! And I must share that there are words and moments in this post that made me stare in surprise and sweet happiness because they touched parts of my life that you can not know, and yet you are saying them right to me! First, about the snowstorm: I was born in Chicago, 54 years ago during a snowstorm and mama had told me about dad driving through the blowing snow on the glare icy roads to get to the hospital…and we (!) made it, as you did get to the ferry! Dad was a wolf driver, like Joe!

    Then you mention the cranberry bogs at the side of the road that you worried about falling into: My dear mama (who passed away last May) and I used to kid with each other when I would go to her house for lunch that her ‘restaurant’ should be named Cranberry Bogs! I think we named it that because
    we both loved cranberry juice, which she served with the meal, and the name sounded so funny and we really didn’t know that a ‘bog’ was–haha!. We also laughed that it might not do much business since I was the only patron, but we thought it might catch on someday because she could put together a wonderful luncheon meal….she would make a sign for me and hang it on the front door: “Welcome to Cranberry Bog, come right in and make yourself at home!” Oh, and this was no where near any kind of bog type land at all, we lived in Tucson, Arizona!!”

    Then, wonder of wonderful wonders, you are going to make a lamb cake…the SAME type of cake that my dear, dear grandma made for me on my birthdays! I still have the mold, two separate pieces, and it is made of cast iron!! Grandma was an excellent baker, she covered the cake with white icing that she whipped by hand from egg whites and then showered it with coconut. She sometimes had trouble with the ears staying on and I remember her using toothpicks to keep them on! Then, two raisons for eyes, one for the nose, and candles grouped on the back, because I was usually less than 6 years old. This all happened while we lived in Chicago. Grandma was my best friend and lived to be 91, and we laughed together so much!

    Goodness, Susan, that felt so nice to remember these super happy memories, with these dear people who have gone on…

    Isn’t it amazing how kindred spirits like yourself, can write a post that touches me so deeply. Thank you, girlfriend.

    love you, keep warm, Spring is around the corner!!

    Elizabeth (now in Mississippi)

  37. Sylvia in Seattle says:

    Oh boy, glad that’s over with and you are safely home. The description and pictures took me back a couple decades. I used to commute by ferry from Whidbey Island then by freeway to work in Seattle. On rare snow storm occasions after work I got off the highway to sleep in town where my wonderful sister-in-law made me a cozy bed on their couch. (Thank you Grace) I worked nights so would sleep and then and set out for the boat in the light of day to get home to my kids in our cabin in the woods on a small lake. Sounds romantic . . . But — really, I needed a guy like Joe . . .
    I’m listening to The Outlander on CD’s while I quilt, happily retired from all that stress and strain. All the recommendations in the comments here convinced me to order it and I’m so glad I did. The reader is terrific. Today all our precipitation is RAIN! Surprise :-). Love all those snow pictures. AND the beautiful yellow tulips are so lovely next to Jack :-). Isn’t it wonderful we can get tulips all year round?

  38. Pat Potash says:

    Oh MY GOSH!!! Reading that description of your car ride, I felt like I was sitting in that car – heart racing – absolutely petrified and sure that an accident was going to happen! My husband and I will be married 49 yrs. this April and I can’t tell you how many thousands of those car rides I’ve had in both good and bad weather – not to mention the major discussions that ensue. I thought of showing him your blog (which I often do), but on second thought, he will probably start calling me “chicken” and take pride in his “wolf gene” and your Joe, will become his idol! Take heart Susan. So happy that all ended well.

    • sbranch says:

      It’s always good for the wolves to know that we chickens are not a rarity but actually rather normal. Joe only shows his chicken blood when I am driving. 🙂

      • Pat Mofjeld of St. Paul, MN says:

        I had to laugh at your comment. Recently while I was driving with Norm riding (which doesn’t happen real often) and I was going to change lanes, Norm said something like, “There is a car in that lane”. I told him I appreciated him trying to help but I was doing just fine and didn’t need his “help”. He indignantly said, “Well, you make comments when I’m driving” and I replied, “Well, yes, that is because you need my help but I don’t need yours!” We both had a good laugh…

        • Chris Wells Knickerbocker, W TX says:

          Ha ha. We can ALL relate to that one, Pat!

        • My husband used to get irritated with my “helpful” comments about cars coming at us, for instance, when he was pulling out of a space. So I decided that I would do the driving and show him. Sure enough, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut either! I kindly pointed out to him that he was doing the same thing I would do, but added that I didn’t mind because maybe there might be a time I wouldn’t see the car coming. Now when he does the driving he is much more understanding when I “tell him how to drive”…..but he still hasn’t gotten used to my screams.

          • sbranch says:

            I always say, do you want to be the driver or the complainer today. Because if I drive, he’s the complainer (ie chicken) and if he drives, I get to be the chicken. Everyone does their part. 🙂

          • (Susan, there wasn’t room to reply to your comment below, so I’m putting it here. ) I love the “complainer” option!! I will have to try that next time. I got him out of a speeding ticket once because the officer saw I looked like I was ready to deliver our 3rd child (I think I was just 7 months along, though).

          • sbranch says:

            Good one! 🙂

  39. Ann says:

    I am also a chicken married to a wolf (34 years today!). Chickens should not marry other chickens.

  40. Kathleen says:

    Loved the visual you painted… held my breath to the end and then had to put on a sweater after reading this, I was cold for you! Yea Joe for getting you there SAFELY.
    But holy cow…. what a ride!

  41. Nellie says:

    Dear Susan,

    What a HUGE relief to read this post today! Of course, I knew you had that seasoned New Englander along with you, so that eased concern just a bit. I am just a bit amazed at how life continues to carry on in locations with such snow! Here, where we are not accustomed to much snow, things just sort of come to a screeching halt due to safety concerns.

    Those Costco snacks, of course, were a definite plus in the van! I fear my own nervousness would have led me to scarf them all down, however.:-) I, too, have a strong chicken gene!:-)

    We were surprised ourselves by about two inches of snow this morning! It has quickly disappeared, though, as we have abundant sunshine today, and temps for the coming week are quite springlike.

    It sounds like the perfect time to bake a lamb cake! With an April birthday child here, there were some times that the lamb appeared for a birthday cake! So adorable!

    I send along wishes for happy times with those you love!

    xo Nellie

  42. Sandra Muncy says:

    Susan, I was just thinking out you. I watched the weather channel most of Saturday evening (weather junkie). I said to myself how is Susan,Joe and kitty’s weathering the storm. Glad you all made it home safely.

  43. Mary Lou Cummings says:

    Thought of you all weekend! So glad you and Joe are home-safe and sound.

  44. chris consentino says:

    wow!!! from a true chicken-incarnate….all I can say is…wow!!!! I remember a similar-feeling trip my hubby and I lived thru…barely…in upstate ny, leaving the town of Croghan…to get back home to new Hampshire….an ICE storm was in full throes….we slid….sideways across the interstate….wow!!! talk about one’s life sliding.(pun-intended!) in front of one. eeeeeeeek. looks like you had much the same action and re-action as I did during that long-ago, never forgotten adventure. only problem… snacks in car. love how relieved your dad must feel now that you’re safely home. wonder how that mama and toddler felt during the ferry-crossing. I was quite taken by that image as well. take care..keeeeep cozy & warm….and, thanks!

    • sbranch says:

      Sliding is so so scary! Not a thing you can do about it but wait patiently for the never-ending moment to end.

      • Elaine in Toronto says:

        That happened to us many years ago. It was the day after Christmas and we were going home after visiting my parents who lived in the country. It was a beautiful, sunny day cold and crisp. We hit a piece of black ice, spun out of control and landed in the ditch on the opposite side of the road. Fortunately no cars were coming the other way. It seemed like slow motion and we landed softly, the deep snow cushioning our “fall”. We struggled out of the car and made our way to a house (this was before cell phones). They graciously called a tow truck for us but their first question was “do you have cash?”. Yes we did – $50 to tow us but worth every penny. We were able to continue our drive home and very happy to get there.

        • sbranch says:

          Scariest thing. Minding your own business and suddenly you have no control of the car. That’s quite a ride. I’ve never left the road, but I’ve sure wandered around on it! All I know to do is DON’T TOUCH THE BRAKE — I’ve been told so much, my knee almost comes up to my neck when it happens.

          • Rhonda D. says:

            This winter driving is so scary. I had an “incident” one night that I will never forget. I hit black ice while driving in the inside lane of traffic. It spun me into the traffic lanes that were going in the opposite direction (no “medium”). I went out of control, round and round but staying only in those same two lanes. I remember looking helplessly at the faces of the drivers in the lanes that I had been in, and not one of them even noticed me or even looked in my direction. I finally hit a dry patch of road and the car stalled and lurched. I quickly checked my rear view mirror, and thankfully all this had happened while the traffic that could have been in these other lanes was stopped for a red light. You talk about perfect timing. It still seems like it happened yesterday. But as they say “once bitten, twice shy”…so I’m with you on this one Susan…being a chicken is not such a bad thing. I only drive in the winter now if necessary or if the roads are clear. Glad you’re home safe and sound. You’re in good hands with Joe, the “wolf.” Winter driving is sort of like a birthright for those of us who are born here. But I would still feel better if you just stayed home for the rest of the winter. I had to ride out this last storm in Halifax on the top floor (17 stories) of a condo, visiting my daughter. The wind, omg, the wind. What a weird experience..I think I still have vertigo. Glad to be home, back on the ground, and just in time for more snow all week. Enjoying your sneak peak at spring. Is this winter ever going to end? The cabin fever I had is now mansion fever.

          • sbranch says:

            LOL, a fever is a fever! I’m having spring today on my blog, so come get close to the screen so you see nothing else!

  45. Janet in Rochester says:

    OMG Sue, all this time I totally thought you were completely socked in on the Island by the weather. Never dreamed you went off. Besides with the forecasts we’ve had lately, I thought the ferry would be shut down for sure. But I must say, this might be your funniest post ever. Have you ever considered writing a humor book too? You could do it, my friend. When I read “… if the boat does go, will the Captain be able to see the island or will we drive right past, lost in the blizzard, on our way to France?” I laughed out loud and there’s no one but me here right now. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. Hope you had fun at your dinner party [know you did, really]. PS – there’s a bar on the ferry??? That is the best! ❄️❄️❄️

  46. Diane C says:

    I’m so happy you arrived back safely. I thought of you and Joe when I saw the weather warnings. It’s been one eventful winter for most of the country and I think we’re all ready for Spring. I’m a chicken like you, married to a wolf also.

  47. Nina From England says:

    Wow Susan that snow looks beautiful & brutal at the same time! My BF Gaynor has been sending me little Susan type video’s of the snow storms. She amazes me how she takes it with a pinch of salt now which is good for a girl who lived most of her life in England where snow doesn’t come often enough and when it does its so exciting!
    Our country is being battered by floods at the minute, we have been very fortunate but a lot of people have suffered greatly. My thoughts & prayers are with all the people who have been less fortunate.. Did you see the pictures of the two princes helping out with the sandbags? Apparently they told the cameramen to put the cameras down and muck in and they worked for ten hours! Their Mother would have been so proud of them.

    Well I’m glad you are back home safe & sound, keep warm! xxxx

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve been hearing about that Nina, I’m so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are also with everyone there. I didn’t see the photos, but you are so right, their mum would have expected nothing less from her two boys.

      • Chris - Ninas - Sister says:

        Hi Susan
        I am with you as a chicken and Nina will tell you I dont like driving in snow, either when its falling or if its happened overnight. I must say it looks lovely when its fresh and new.
        Here in England we are all so fed up with the rain although we are not affected by the floods, it is really sad to see on the news the ones who are.
        Glad you got back safe and sound and hope the spring comes soon for us all.

        • sbranch says:

          OH, how nice, Nina’s Sister! Yay. I’m tired of your rain too, Chris — not fair! Spring will be excellent this year, lots of little fuzzy ducklings running around. #praying.

      • Gaynor O'Connor says:

        Hi Nina and Susan,

        Seeing Harry and William made me proud to be British! Snow is beautiful here in Connecticut – latest video is me struggling to walk to my neighbors to watch season 2 of Downton Abbey – it was worth every second! I love Mr. Bates!


        • sbranch says:

          It was worth every second! They are doing an amazing job with this show. When I think back remembering the sets for Upstairs Downstairs and compare them, it’s night and day — Downton Abbey is so wonderfully detailed — as beautifully done as the movie A Room with a View! It made me send another contribution to PBS yesterday. I want this forever!!

  48. Anne says:

    Oh my – glad you guys are home safe and sound! I’m a total chicken too! I’ve been told by my Wolf that in pressure, anxious situations to just try and be the Wolf (yes, he actually said that:)) So I try and sometimes it works but not while driving in a snowstorm! It’s all snowy and pretty here as well. I watched “State Fair” this morning and it was wonderful. You will love it! Janet Gaynor is adorable and Lew Ayres was so handsome! Can’t wait to see the finished cake! xoxox

  49. Kim says:

    Well, this chicken thinks if we were in charge we would all stay home. With our pets and our knitting.
    It is a good thing we have our wolves and that they have us chickens.

  50. Heidi Rose (Issaquah, WA) says:

    Whew!!! So glad you made it back safe and sound! I’m a fellow chicken married to a wolf. He’s always amused with me when he passes the slow cars on those endless stretches of road…and a car quickly coming in the other direction! He floors it, I cover my eyes and scream, waiting for the impact. Somehow, it’s better not watching one’s doom approach…Yikes! I love my chicken life. There’s no place like home! 🙂

  51. Bev says:

    Oh!!! Susan…how I can relate to this blog….I too am married to a wolf man with courage oozing from every pore and I am the chicken mouth….so happy you made it home to hearth and kitties waiting for you!!!

  52. Heartsdesire says:

    OMG, what a trip. My heart was in my mouth just reading about it. That ferry ride would have just put me over the edge. You are so brave, Susan, but when it comes to kitties, I think I would have taken the ride as well. Enjoy your bright sunny day today, and your lamb cake, which I think will be wonderful.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m definitely not brave, I just can’t bear to be left behind! 🙂

      • Jack says:

        We don’t look for “bravery” as an attribute we just think common sense should prevail …to think you expose yourself to those dangers involving Bogs and being lost at sea ……and by the same token you won’t ride with me driving to Safeway on a Cosy Sunday morning !

  53. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    I think many, many of us have been born with the chicken gene, while our other halves possess mostly wolf. I agree with Ann…chickens should not marry other chickens! Sense and sensibility, indeed. Whatta guy, whatta guy, sweet Joe 🙂
    Hubby and I are headed to WV tomorrow morning between snow storms to visit with my Mom for a few days. We’ll be making your split pea and ham soup while we’re there, and corn pudding, of course. My goodness, is that stuff addicting!! I’ll be internet-less till we get back. Have a wonderful week…hugs!

  54. Arlene Y. says:

    Hi from the other side of North America….. Also on an island… among the Gulf Islands… off the Southern British Columbia coast. ( Canada ). We are having a mild winter in this locale. Only two short lived dustings of snow.. thus far.. but a fair bit of cooler temps. and rain.. over here. I just love reading your highly descriptive and witty recounts, stories etc. Your home style / Artwork and recipes… also reflective of cozy perfection. I wish you safe , well and continued happiness !

  55. Lorraine says:

    Yikes! So glad you made it. You and Joe are very brave (yes, I know you said you were a chicken, but you went – and to me, that was very brave). We did not get a blizzard, but more snow last night and more tomorrow. Heavy sigh…. I truly love winter, but am looking forward to spring.

    Did you see the previews for Downton Abbey? Way to go, Mr. Mosley and Baxter… But that evil, evil Thomas. What are we going to do with him? If I could reach through the TV, I’d yank a knot in his tail (as my grandmother use to say). So glad you’re home, safe and cozy, and will be able to enjoy Downton in your own home. We’re set for a good night here. Enjoy…

  56. Well, bless your heart — you made it home! As I scrolled through your photos, I smiled when I saw the Martha’s Vineyard sign. Doesn’t it feel good to be there? Wild weather here in NC as well — snow and ice and traffic gridlock in Raleigh, snow and ice and not even a power glitch out here on the farm. It’s going to be near 70 by Thursday! Hooray! Have a restfully blessed day!

  57. Mary Pat says:

    Oh, gosh! It’s so good to know that I am not the ONLY Chicken in Massachusetts! Your trip sounded harrowing, and I’m very happy you and your Wolf got home safe and sound! I’ll be anxious to see the video clip from your interview! And I feel sure that everyone will figure out the darling lamb. I shared your book with my cousin….her husband cannot fly, but they want to go to England. So I said to her, ” You MUST read Susan’s book!”. She had never heard of you, and was amazed at the book’s beauty! Another convert! Stay warm and dry!

  58. Janet in Rochester says:

    PS – Hey, what I really want to know is – how were the Costco eclairs???

    • sbranch says:

      We didn’t get them…next time. I would have eaten them all on the way home!

      • Janet in Rochester says:

        Bummer! Though from the reviews they got from the Girlfriends, and in light of your harrowing race to the ferry, I think I would have scarfed them all too. PS – little-known fact: chocolate makes you brave.

        • sbranch says:

          I got lots of other things, so we need to spread it out a bit. Ya know?

          • judi says:

            Friends – you can get cream puffs AND eclairs at WalMart and other stores too. They are in the freezers section. I bring them for game night straight from the freezer and by break time – hour or so – they are thawed just right! yummo

  59. Carol from PA says:

    Susan, what a story teller you are! Thanks for the laughs as this chicken has been housebound for four days and needs to get out…snow or no snow! Honestly, I could not stop laughing as you spun the tale of wolf vs. chicken. Easy to do knowing that you are both safe and happy back home. I am so glad I found this blog! Forever grateful that I found you over twenty five years ago through “Heart of the Home”. Fell in ❤️ with you then!

  60. stephanie says:

    What an adventure! I love winter and I love snow, but when you need to be somewhere at a specific time – it can be a problem. Joe has that New England attitude that can handle anything – I wasn’t worried!

    There is something extra cozy about being out in the storm, getting home in time and having stocked groceries that makes the storm extra fun! You feel like you triumphed over it or something.

    Last night I DVR’d “State Fair” on TCM. I thought it was the Jean Craine version (which in my opinion is the best) – I had no idea there was a 1933 version – it must not be a musical, right?

    Congratulations on your interview and book signing. So happy for your success.

    • sbranch says:

      No it’s not, very different. I have to say I love the Jean Crain one the very most.

      • Rev. Judith Johnson-Siebold, Ph.D. says:

        All us chickens can relate! You were actually very brave. Those who are fearless have no need of bravery.

        • sbranch says:

          This is true. A quote I love from Eddie Rickenbacker, “Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do, there is no courage unless you’re afraid.” He ought to know! Makes chickens feel much better.

      • Ann Y in PA says:

        Love that version, too ! But any old movie is good company while you are enjoying the kitchen on a work day….

  61. Lee Rose says:

    I hope the Fine Romance van gets a nice, sudsy bath when it warms up. I always thank my car when I get home from scary driving, they do a lot of work too.

  62. Lydia says:

    I am glad you made it home safely. I enjoyed your story, that I had to send it on to friends and my “wolf” Mike.
    Chicken in Washington state

  63. Pat Johnson from Paso Robles, CA says:

    I had visions of Toads Wild Ride and was holding my breath. I am also a chicken when it comes to driving in difficult weather. Was so happy to see the boat and knew you were going home – safe and sound. Sorry, Joe, it wasn’t that I doubted you – the Wolf man always comes through ( Joe, do you remember Wolfman Jack on the radio?? My hero! I was in Hurrican, Utah the night he died and my sister and I sat in the car and sang every song they played on his station) And how I loved the pic of the snow when you woke up the next morning. You have just been full of adventures!! How fun…… Maybe you should relax for a little while now…..just saying!! Hugs…..XXXXOOOO

  64. mary says:

    what I want to know is do those wrist bands for motion sickness really work?

  65. miriam says:

    OMG…I thought surely you would have cancelled your trip!!!! That is like a nightmare to me! We were at the front end of the storm that you were in before Thanksgiving on your way from CA….we were on our way to Austin and we had a dickens of a time trying to keep the sleet and ice from forming on our windshield….could hardly see a thing…..thought sure this was IT!!!!!! You and Joe sound just like us except that I am getting more chicken with each year!!! SO thankful that you made it home safe!! Thanks a million for all your wonderful posts……haven’t commented much in the last few months but haven’t missed reading and enjoying a one! Did you ever find the Costco cream puffs? 😉

    • sbranch says:

      I got the ginger cookies instead…am trying hard not to eat handfuls of cream puffs!

      • You can use those cream puffs to make an amazing “cheater-style” croquembouche! So fast! And all you have to do is assemble it and keep quiet while the ooo’s and aaah’s come rolling in! ;0P

  66. Lacy says:

    From one Chicken Blood to another – I was biting my tongue reading and looking at the photo’s wondering in my mind, on the edge of my seat – Will they make it? Will they end up in a snow bank eating all the Cost Co groceries to stay alive.
    Boy, that was one very wild ride.
    Thank you Joe for being a Wolf – you are my hero today!

  67. Jeanette says:

    I’ve been thinking of you both these past few days…glad you are home safe & sound!! In spite of the wild weather that seems to be grasping at us all almost every day lately. We have yet another Winter Weather Advisory for tomorrow!?! Yikes-a-roonie!!
    I usually take the country roads as much as possible since I can go at my own pace without the semis whizzing past…as much as I relish each season for the joys and beauties it brings, I’m ready for a respite from harrowing commutes!!
    Waiting for the next installment as your lamb cake looks darling!
    Warm, fleecy hugs and oodles of love,

  68. Lisa G. says:

    Snow flowers! I never thought of that. It’s gorgeous, and I was thinking of you out that way – we got maybe two inches. A man who’s never been in an accident, and from New England – I suppose he can get you through anything. 🙂 Glad you made it.
    My mother had a lamb mold just like that one. The recipe calls for cake mix, but for homemade I’m never sure how much batter to put it – so I never use it. 🙁

    • sbranch says:

      Just fill the face half full, tie on the top (the back of it) with kitchen string. It’s a little over 3 cups of batter, and any left over is cupcakes!

      • Lisa G. says:

        Thank you, Susan! And thanks for the detailed recipe in today’s (2/19) post. For the nose, my mother and I used to cut an end off a pink jellybean. And a red sliver of jellybean for a little mouth. Now I can look forward to making one this Easter! Thank you again.

  69. Beth T. says:

    We, too, were watching “State Fair”. Isn’t Janet Gaynor darling? The shared happiness of watching her smile made me think of Julia Roberts when she throws back her head and laughs–who doesn’t feel some of the bliss?

    Your story of racing to the ferry will be shared among my dearest girlfriends, some of whom are very well-aquainted with ferry life. How is it that chickens always seem to pair up with wolves? Just like the “always cold” person inevitably finds an “always hot” partner…

  70. Ginger says:

    When on a ferry in a storm, it feels like the boat will shake apart and sink to the bottom of the sea. I avoid going off island during stormy weather. Come to think of it, I avoid going off island period. Civilization is so fast and uncivilized; don’t you think!

    If once you have slept on an island
    You’ll never be quite the same;
    You may look as you looked the day before
    And go by the same old name,
    You may bustle about in street and shop
    You may sit at home and sew,
    But you’ll see blue water and wheeling gulls
    Wherever your feet may go.
    You may chat with the neighbors of this and that
    And close to your fire keep,
    But you’ll hear ship whistle and lighthouse bell
    And tides beat through your sleep.
    Oh! you won’t know why and you can’t say how
    Such a change upon you came,
    But once you have slept on an island,
    You’ll never be quite the same.
    Rachel Lyman Field

  71. Claudia says:

    I totally “get” you, Susan. I’ve been married to a “wolf” for 40 years. Just remembering the other day the time he took our then 5 month old baby girl on the chairlift to ski down with her at Tahoe. I pleaded, I scolded, and finally not changing his mind I resigned myself and thought SURELY THE SKI LIFT OPERATORS WONT LET THIS MAN TAKE A BABY ON THE SKI LIFT! Little did I realize, the lift operator was also a wolf! She’s 20 years old now, and we all lived– though I wanted to kill him at the time!

  72. Marie (Long Beach, California) says:

    Oh my gosh the weather, the winds, the roads, the boat ride, just plain crazy! 😮 Like you, I’m a chicken when it comes to doing anything in severe weather conditions, no thank you. Although I must admit it made for a very terrific story. 😉 Glad your interview and book signing were fun. So happy to know you’re back home, all warm and cozy! ♥

  73. Michele says:

    You braved it home! Glad you made it back safe. It’s nice to wake up at home. Especially after a storm! Great to meet you yesterday! …it occurred to me after I had been home for a while that I forgot to introduce my sister Tracy and Thom to you! They braved the snow with me to shop at IKEA then go to the signing! I love my support system 😉 A great day indeed.
    Looking forward to the next one!

    • sbranch says:

      Was so nice to see you Michele! I always think of six things I should have said after I go somewhere. Tell them I said hello!

  74. Wendy (Redsoxgal5) says:

    Hi Susan,in from work, nap taken, catching up! Happy to see a post up about your trip home. Bob and I wondered last night if you did indeed make it back to MV. Storm was a ‘bit’ nasty around here for awhile! Loved meeting you yesterday, I have always loved your books, admired your talent, I paint too, always love watercolors. Have enjoyed the Williard’s from the start, read your blog, I’m in the Facebook group FOSB, so this was so exciting!! When we left you had quite a crowd. Costco was packed, we laughed when we left… I never even thought that it was a Saturday, a blizzard was coming, last place to go would be shopping! For me it was Susan Branch will be there! So very worth it!! I loved talking to you…you are as sweet, warm and friendly as you are talented!! Stay warm, I see more snow is coming!!

  75. Betty says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’m a new follower of your blog. I was just introduced to you when I started to read your new book, “A Fine Romance” I love your wonderful watercolors and your adventures in England. I love England, too. My grandmother(11) and grandfather(17) both came to America in 1914 on different ships and met in California, married and had my mother in 1921. Your humor is amazing…I love how you write and I will be looking for more fun stories from Blizzardsville soon. I love to garden and I’m excited to see your Springsville.♥
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  76. Jane F. says:

    Laughing~~ smiling~~ Love it!! Love it!! Have to admit I’m a wolf!!! It’s in the blood. Go Joe!! Nothing as exciting as a good ‘ole New England blizzard – especially outside!! I remember driving to work on Rt. 128 (you know that one!!) when we’d have to stop dead (not literally!) — get out and scrape the windshield before we could keep going — snow coming so fast!! Loved it!! Miss it!! Thanks for the great adventure!! Woohoo!! Wolves rule!! 🙂

  77. Peggy Cooper says:

    I grew up in NYC and have lived in Colorado over 40 years, so I should be used to driving in the snow, but I’m a chicken too! Best thing about being retired is not having to drive in it if I don’t want to. Glad you made it home safely. I bet the fireplace seemed especially cozy after that trip.

  78. Ann Y in PA says:

    Dear Susan…was thinking of you when I saw the Weather Channel and they said the storm ( whatever the name was, when did they start naming snow storms ???) was going to crash into Cape Cod and area. Was thinking safe thoughts for you as you posted you would be out and about….so glad you got home safe with your wonderful wolf! Weathering the snow the same way here…hoping that we will not have to shovel….again. Been off of school since Thursday and just got a call there may not be school on Tuesday due to another storm on the way. Don’t know the name of this one, but since they seem to be Latin, whatever the Latin word for ENOUGH is should do. But, if it comes….seasons do…I will make more soup, cookies for the neighbor kids and to take to school….whenever. The bliss of this is I have watched more movies ( oooh, The Very Long Engagement, never saw it, very good – and never did see that version of State Fair either) and read 3 books in a row ! Love it! Stay safe and warm !

  79. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi susan!! I have been thinking about you all and that trip off island with some worriment…I have a gigantic chicken gene and my husband could be the big bad wolf, but like you, we survived all perilous journeys ( among other crazy life explorations and circumstances!!) with little or no worse for the wear..thank God!! My Boston son has kept us updated on the weather and it all sounds wild, so I was relieved to see this blog update. Glad you are home safe and headed out for some fun. It is still biting cold in St. Louis, but the forecast is calling for a warm up…loved your photos of the neighborhood..just looks beautiful..even cozy if that’s possible. Headed for an early dinner at new restaurant and home in time for Downton…. yay!! stay warm and safe…love, cindy

  80. Esther says:

    There are just no words to describe that feeling when you pull into your driveway knowing you have safely beat the storm and you can now hunker down. Oh the delicious coziness and relief of it. Hot shower, hot soup, good book, fluffy down comforter, peace. Life is good.

  81. Holly says:

    OMG!! That ferry ride would have scared me to death! I used to ride the ferry all around Puget Sound and to BC, but I never saw weather like that! Once in a much earlier life, I rode across the Nile River on something they called a ferry, but it looked more like a giant raft. Also on the ferry were a herd of goats, all tied together, a bunch of water buffalo, a lot of people on foot, our Jeep, my husband, our driver and our two kids. It was a frightful experience to say the least. I remember assigning a child to my husband, and telling him if we sink, to save my baby! The things we do in our youth….

    I also have one of those wolf guys. He isn’t a MA wolf, but he’s a Montana Indian wolf (right off the reservation) and there isn’t anything this man can’t do (except the liter box and laundry)! 🙂 The things we do for love!

    I’m rambling now…. but glad you made it safe & sound. Everyone have faith ~~ Spring will come!

  82. Sharon Kenan says:

    Your stories have excited me to visit Martha’s Vineyard so I added the location to my weather app on my cell phone, because MV is now on our bucket list. So when I read you were going by boat to Costco on the mainland for a book signing event, I looked at the weather for MV and it said “BLIZZARD”. Yikes I thought, poor Susan and Joe. But alas he got you home safe and sound. Good job Joe! I think I must have one small wolf gene and maybe half a chicken gene in me because I am rather fearless. I am born and raised in SoCal and now live in Fresno, but I did spend some of the other married life living in snow country.

  83. I am ‘howling’ from your adventure. I, too, have the chicken gene running thru my DNA and my ‘Joe’ is part of the German wolf pack. Can you imagine? Thanks for sharing your blizzard blessings. Reminds me of exactly why I move to SoCal from NJ. 🙂

  84. Cyndi in NC says:

    I also live with a wolf! I can also say that if he says he’s going to get us home ok I go with it. I try to busy myself with whatever I can find in the car. Eating is number 1 on the list and my phone is number 2. I can look up all those things that make you go hmmmm… 39 plus years of driving across country or just to the next town and we’re still on the road!! Stay snug and hug your kitties for me. *S*

  85. Donna Klein says:

    Susan, I love all your posts, but really laughed reading this one! I got a big deja vu, as I have been both the chicken and the wolf commuting in snow storms most my life in Minneapolis. I love seeing all your beautiful snowy pictures, knowing that I’ll be enjoying Downton Abby tonight in the snowless 80 degree temps of Las Vegas. Cheers 🙂

  86. Tisa @ Seattle Retro says:

    “Goodnight moonlight lady….rockabye sweet baby James….” sigh, such fond memories of that album, thanks for the trip down memory lane,Joe (as I imagine you careening down the icy highway)! Glad you got home safely–we take ferries here across Puget Sound & don’t look forward to that when it’s snowing (rarely) or very windy & rainy (always)–have you ever tried to use the restroom when the weather’s choppy? yikes!) Oh, so I emailed my local Costco Central and put in my two cents worth about all the girlfriends here wanting to buy A Fine Romance at our local Costco store. (I also want to buy Glory Albin’s new book Glorious Layered Desserts, so requested that too–have you seen her baking blog? OMG! Pink Ombre Swirl cake, the prettiest I’ve ever seen, I don’t even CARE how it tastes–which I ‘m sure is FAB–if you want to see it, look at my Chic Eats & Treats board on Pinterest). Imagine you are eating your way thru winter…kettle on the stove…fire roaring away….kitties on your lap….calendars D*O*N*E*….missing Cali just a little right now (like me). Sending ‘air blankies’ to you both 🙂

  87. barbara miller says:

    loved your story, Susan. way to go, Joe. I think I ‘ll write books on island living. it just strikes a cord with me. thanks.

  88. Shanna says:

    So glad you are home safe and possibly sane. And I love your Dad’s comments–still correcting grammar it seems, as any good parent would.

  89. Carol Maurer~~~~ Kennewick, Wa says:

    Hi Susan ~~~ You had me on the edge of my seat all the while reading your post!! loved the pictures ~~~ I’m with you…. I’ld be the chicken while Frank would be the wolf. A very cautious one I might add.

    I often think of how you and Joe are faring with all these storms coming your way. I read a bit ago that another storm is coming. Seems to me that there is only so much liking winter, lol. I’m sure that you are getting anxious for spring to arrive just like all the rest of the girlfriends. Your house and yard look magnificent though…. all that deep, white snow!

    Glad that you got to go to Costco for the book signing and also for your interview. That was it, right? Now, you can relax to think of other stuff. No more book signing?

    Stay safe and cozy!

    Carol M

  90. Elaine says:

    Hooray ! You made home safely few I was beginning to get worried there for bit !
    Wonderful post and photos . Congrats on the TV interview you are supper star oh the song from ABBA just popped into my head Supper Trouper lol ! Thanks for taking us along with all your adventures it has been awesome ! Have a great week !

  91. Jackie P says:

    Another adventure. True love conquers all — even when the pairing is a chicken and a wolf! (I’m of the chicken kind.) I read through your blog with the same speed as the van slushing it’s way down the highway, hoping you would arrive in Woods Hole safely and in time before the boats quit running. Glad you are home safe and cozy. Yesterday’s storm was a doozy!
    P.S. Caught a glimpse of the pink and white potholder, made just for you! ♥☺

  92. Janeen says:

    Thank you for taking me along with you, although I still wish I had a Joe.
    It’s Sunday afternoon, time for a pot of tea and leftover strawberries from Valentine’s Day. I’m reading Welcome Home by Melissa Placzek and thinking of you. She draws, writes, watercolors and quotes Gladys Taber! Have a wonderful day!

  93. Lori Edmonds says:

    So glad you & Joe made it home safely. Our blizzard day ~ days ~ (Southwestern VA) were Wednesday and Thursday…way too much snow, although, in the mountains of Virginia we are used to snow, just not an entire winter’s worth in one storm!! Your pictures are lovely : )

  94. judi says:

    LOVED the snow driving pictures. I have driven in those conditions many a time being from MN. Ice – no way – stay home. I’m the wolf, ha, and hubby the chicken ….a lot of the time. Then, when I’m cautious – he turns into the wolf. We are still alive after 52 years together!!

  95. Autumn says:

    What a darling lambie cake tin! It is very snowy here in Pennsylvania, too… but now I may just bake myself a cake. 🙂

  96. Nancy B says:

    Hi, Susan. What an adventure! So glad all is well and you didn’t land in any “mediums”. LOL Your dad is something else! I just have to share a memory this post evoked….when my husband and I were engaged, 56 years ago, we had a routine that whenever we saw a car with 88 on the license plate or one with only one headlight, we would say, “Honey Bunny”, and steal a kiss. And when we were away from one another we saved them up, and redeemed the kisses when we met up again. Such fun! 🙂 (and they say texting and driving is dangerous!!) So, tell your honey bunny I said, “Hi!”. Downton tonight………….YAY!

    Stay warm.
    Nancy (from Bakersfield)

  97. Pat C. says:

    Glad you and Joe made it home safely, Susan. I felt like I was on your ride, thanks to your photos. I had a lamb and a bunny cake pan from my Mom that looked so much like yours. Are they made by Wilton? I remember the cake always seemed to leave remnants in the pan.
    Thank you for your remembrance of Shirley Temple. She was the cutest child star and such a classy lady. And what a beautiful smile!
    Stay warm…until we get more snow on Tuesday. That’s what they’re predicting!

  98. San says:

    You are a very brave lady. And Joe is even braver for driving so safely in such bad weather. Kudos to you both. Personally I prefer to stay home, as I’ve typed too many ER reports. And I had a dear friend who lost a 42yo daughter who hydroplaned into the opposite lane. But we’re very glad you’re both home safe and sound, sharing such beautiful pictures of the snow.

    • sbranch says:

      See that’s my fear. It isn’t him, he’s a wonderful driver, but no matter how good you are, there are things outside our control.

  99. Gina P. from NY says:

    Susan – so glad you both made it home safe and sound. The island looks enchanting with all the snow… There is something beautiful about winter, and we’ve enjoyed quite a bit of that beauty so far! It always amazes me how “quiet” it is outside when the snow is coming down. Kind of like being enveloped in a white blanket. You know what I love? That last scene in the movie “A Christmas Story” when mom has put Ralphie and Randy to bed and comes downstairs. It is snowing out, the tree is lit – mom and dad sit down in front of the fire in the dark living room and look out at the snow coming down. Then there’s that picture of the house outside as the credits roll, the snow is coming down, and it is so beautiful. Definitely like a 40’s movie, right?

    • sbranch says:

      I was just telling Joe how the island is like a 1940’s Christmas card in the snow, with all the old houses, just so beautiful. We walked through the snow to our friend’s house for dinner last night and took pictures of almost every house on the street. Couldn’t help it, they look so pretty and everything is so white!

  100. Chris Wells Knickerbocker, W TX says:

    I keep hearing the music to Gilligan’s Island!….a 3 hour tour…..sailing past Martha’s Vinyard headed to France!
    Joe, our hero! He is amazing! Now you are home, safe and sound! Kissing kitties!

    So I won’t tell you after an ice storm on Tuesday, when I could not make it to work……it is now 80 something degrees and I mowed the yard ( mulched leaves) and Jim and I are sitting on the porch! Craziest weather ever!
    Thank you, and so pleased for the update, so we know you are safe and sound!
    Enjoy your snow….as my friend Linda from Lancaster told me, the old adage, the deeper the snow, the brighter the bloom! I think that’s it?! What a wonderful spring it will be!

    • sbranch says:

      It will feel wonderful no matter what. The first time we open all the doors in the house to let in the fresh air is always my favorite.

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