Staying Warm


This is what my house looks like right now . . .



Lucky lucky lucky.  Hope you are staying warm . . . xoxo

Lucky us


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  1. Helen Cannon says:

    Your cake is beautiful! I love your blog snd read it every chance I get. My Mom was a New Englander too so I also love to see your pictures which remind me of her.

  2. Pamela Trinchese says:

    Oh my gosh… I just discovered your web site /blog. I am in love with everything little thing you do. It is just perfect!!! It can’t help but make you happy. 🙂 I have owned and cherish a cookbook of yours for a couple decades now. Love your art and recipes so very much. And when I read the blog about the lamb cake, it really took the cake…LOL. My mother would make a lamb cake every Easter when I was a child. I looked so forward to it. Helping decorate the platter with green food dyed coconut for grass….and of course a few jelly beans here and there. Once upon a time as a young adult I made one and took it to a friends house for Easter. It was adorable, but there was one problem. NOBODY wanted to cut it with a knife. It seems we all were thinking how cruel it was to slaughter the lamb sort to speak. We were all quite hysterical when the first cut made!
    Thank you for the inspiration and great ideas Susan Branch. I am going to make sure I don’t forget about lamb cakes and attempt to make come Spring!

  3. Elizabeth Zang says:

    I love to study the illustrations in your books! I hope one day I can draw and paint like you. Thanks for the Virtual Spring tour; I loved all the illustrations, quotes and photos. It would be really fun to make a lamb cake for Easter. The Garden Kitchen book by Betty Crocker is even more special with Tasha Tudor’s illustrations and your inscription. I Love your art; you are so very talented! Happy Spring!

  4. Barbara Seman says:

    Awwww Susan, my Grandmother had a heavy metal lamb mold. Wish I would have requested to have it. She made Easter Eggs at Easter time & Lamb candy in that mold. The best I can
    describe the candy is that is was somewhat like fondant candy. Candy had all sorts of fillings like
    ..pineapple, cherry , black walnut etc. Grandmother & Aunty would form the egg shapes, dip them in chocolate & decorate with icing flowers etc. Each grandkid had his/.her name scribble on their large egg. She made a candy lamb every year to give to the sisters at the convent. She used coconut for the lambs wool. Love you blog.
    Barbara in Long Beach, Ca.

  5. Ellon St. Croix says:

    That little lamb cake is darling!

  6. Teresa Harral says:

    Absolutely love your blogs, your web site, and your books! You are such a true friend that I frequently love to connect with. Last fall my husband and I visited your great state of Massachusetts and stayed at a cottage in Ashburnham. It was so beautiful to experience the fall season. We are from Texas and have few trees and this was such a wonderful experience. Your snow tour of your town was awesome! Felt like I was riding with you in your vehicle as you describe your wonderful island. Thank you so much for bringing such joy and New England fun to this Texas girl. Your lamb cake is beautiful! Cannot wait to try it!

  7. Carol on the farm in Iowa says:

    My hubby ordered A Fine Romance for me, for my birthday. I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I want to go to England and visit many of the wonderful places you did. Btw I love the lamb!
    Thank you, Carol

  8. Sandra says:

    Dear Susan, I feel I can smell the delicious cake through the screen, love the lamb with the coconut, looks like real! Thank you for sharing all your talents with us, you are an awesome artist!

  9. Darlene Messina says:

    Hi Susan,
    Reading your blog is the hi-light of my day. I am always anxious to check and see if there is something new waiting. You never disappoint.
    The lambie pie cake mold is adorable. Love Tasha Tudor and the illustrated garden book. Looking forward to finding out who the lucky winner is!

  10. Bernie B says:

    A lamb cake would thrill my 2 sweet grandchildren, ages 6 and 4! And your blog has made me long for spring! Our central Illinois weather has been brutal this winter! I need to see a robin and can’t wait to see the bright yellow of forsythia. Thank you for showing your spring touches for cupcakes and your darling lamb cake.

  11. Linda Verdugo says:

    Oh that sweet little lamb needs to come live with me! I love it!
    Thanks for the recipes…they all soubd fabulous!

  12. Carol Ann Britt says:

    Love the lamb!

  13. Susan McCarthy says:

    I love all things Susan Branch and have for years! Would love to be chosen in the drawing! Wish me luck!

  14. Caroline Roehrich says:

    I am new to your blog and I am enjoying it very much.

  15. Brenda Baker says:

    Spring is coming. What a treat it would be to bake a little lambie cake! Thank you for the joy you bring to our lives…rain (snow) or shine!

  16. Nancy says:

    I love reading your blog….it always puts a smile on my face when I see it in my inbox!! Thank you for taking the time to make all of our days better!!! The lamb cake is so cute! We have TWO new grandbabies due this year, that will make a total of nine!!! So I love to see fun ideas to do that will make me a special Grandma (they call me Nonny) to the grandkids. LOL I hope we, your followers, can put as many smiles on your face as you give us!!!!!! Have a great day!!!

  17. Debbie Wood says:

    You’re recipe for the lamb cake sounds absolutely delicious. I’ve only had the pound cake type, which is good, but a bit dry. I don’t have a mold but would love to have one. My friend makes me a cake every year and every year I wish I could make a cake to give to my parents. Maybe this will be the year. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Jeanie Miller says:

    I was checking out my Facebook today and I noticed your little note about your Lamb Cake Blog…so of course I had to pop over and read all about it…I enjoyed every bit of it…pictures and all…I just adore that darling little Lamb Cake…And I have never read the Kitchen Gardens…But, I must share with you…Years ago, I found your Christmas Memories…A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home and I fell in love with it…so I purchased one for each of our four married children and gave it to each of them for their Christmas present that year…They certainly made a lovely Christmas Gift for all of them…A wonderful place for us to keep and share our Christmas Memories!
    Thank you so much for you lovely Blog today with the darling Lemon Daisy Lamb Cake, and the Bunny Cake too…You are a jewel and I enjoyed your Blog so much today…Easter will be here before we know it and if by chance I might win the Lamb Cake Mold…I promise to make the Lemon Daisy Lamb Cake for our Family on Easter…Love, Hugs, & Prayers, Jeanie 🙂

  19. Robyn Leo says:

    LOVed your post and ideas. I so want to be gardening now! And then return to have a nice slice of lemon lamb cake! Thank you for the lovely post and fun pictures! PLEEEZE enter me into the drawing!
    Love you Susan!

  20. Susan Howard says:

    What a sweet lamb, my grandgirls would love to make this cake. They are 13 and 15 and there is a 1yr she can be the taste tester but I bet they all will be. May have to make more than one.

  21. Jamie Hopkins says:

    Baaaaaaa. Baaaaaaaaa

  22. Lisa Bruns says:

    Seeing this lamb mold brought tears to my eyes. Ever since I was a little girl (55 years ago) my mother would make me this cake. She would ice his entire face and use raisins cut small for the eyes and a small piece of a cherry for his mouth. 5 years she developed Alzheimer’s and the pan disappeared. I searched and searched for the pan after her death, but never did find it. Thank you so very much for sharing this post, it was great seeing an old friend.

    Please keep sharing for years to come!

  23. Mary Drew says:

    Your kitchen looks a lot like mine in my 1912 home. My mom made this lamb cake for my 10th birthday because I had sheep and showed in 4H. I would love to own the cake pan, as well as the recipe book. Thanks for the wonderful blog. Love it!

  24. Susan Brooks says:

    I just love this blog. The spring flowers were so needed. But the the winter scenes were magical. I would so love this mold, but the book is just icing on the cake! At any rate I now have read a very nice blog today.

  25. This is so sweet and would be delightful for family gathering, edible center piece!

  26. Mary Ann Nichelini says:

    Thank you for the recipe for the lambie cake. Can’t wait to make it with my new lambie cake pan! At least I hope to get a lambie cake pan and cookbook.
    Mary Ann

  27. Lori Eschweiler says:

    This post is just what I needed to shovel aside the winter blues and dream of Spring. You inspire me. I will start a new tradition for my granddaughter if I’m lucky enough to win the cute lamb cake pan!

  28. Jennifer says:

    I stumbled across your blog today for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love Tasha Tudor and even though I don’t think I would be brave enough to make a lamb cake, I have pleasant memories of my Great Aunt bringing us a lamb cake every Easter.

  29. Cindy Knighten says:

    I love your stuff and I love the lamb cake. Thank you for the contest.

  30. Rosemary Morse says:

    For every lamb cake ever baked, I never would have thought to put the toothpicks or skewers on the inside along with the batter. I will admit to having used quite a few after the cake was taken out of the mold. hahahahaha This sounds silly, but thank you Susan! LOL

    Spring………it’s coming! I can feel it! Right now it feels cold and in the 30’s in Chicago, but it’s on it’s way. Oh joy!! lol

  31. MaryAnn Chambers says:

    What a yummy way to wait for spring!

  32. Linda sherman says:

    Spring is so on my mind… I have a weeping cherry tree in my front yard and I know when Spring is in full bloom. I am coming to MV in April so I can enjoy MV in full bloom. I am planning on baking this lemon cake and frosting it with your recipe for Easter. I collect sheep for my sewing room. I love the lamb you decorated your cake after…

  33. Rosemarie Ortolivo says:

    do and bring your talent to us

  34. sylvia Faye says:

    From the sunshine coast of Vancouver we have had a very lovely but windy and sunny week. So spring lamp cake sounds good to me and soon our sweet earth will be ready for spring plants so both giveaways I pray will come my way.
    Loved the post and even could smell the cake. Thanks for the giveaway and the post.

  35. Jennifer H. says:

    This is something that is a happy memory of my childhood. My grandmother would make a lamb and a chicken each Easter. It was something I always looked forward to seeing at her house. She had the old cast iron type molds. This year the memory of those cakes and time with my family will be all the more treasured as this is the first Easter without my dad. He and I would reminisce about my grandma making them every year.

  36. Karen Powell says:

    My daughter and I really love how your lamb cake turned out. We cant wait to try the recipe. And hope to win the mold so we can make the little lamb. we love your website and look forward to seeing all your new post.

  37. Janet Halley says:

    Susan your beautiful snowy home and the thought of Spring is just what I needed today. I can’t tell you how you touch my heart. You bring out all the fond memories of my Grandmother and baking cakes together and my love for the sweet wooly Lamb. I believe that is why you are so loved by all. That you awaken what has always been inside of us.
    Your Lamb is just precious and I’ve not seen that cook book. So wish me luck!

  38. bobbie says:

    Hi Susan, I’m a fairly new ‘follower’ of yours… I love reading your blog! Living in Arizona makes me envious of the wonderful winter you’re having. I’ve tried baking cakes with molds in the past without a lot of luck… thank you for the great tips! The Kitchen Garden book sounds exciting… I always try to have a vegetable garden, but it’s difficult with the lack of rain, the gophers and the deer.

  39. Ronda says:

    Love. Love. Love your blog!
    Have a wonderful rest of winter!
    Yes. I said it. I feel if it has to be cold, there better be snow!
    It will just make spring that much more wonderfully amazing!

  40. Marge says:

    I love everything you write. So, Don’t worry about your posts EVER being too long. Hugs.

    • Annette McD says:

      I agree with you Marge, Susan’s posts are the best,beautiful, heartfelt posts on the web, they can NEVER be too long!

  41. Ronda says:

    Love. Love. Love your blog!
    I too am ready for spring, but I have to invite you to enjoy the rest of winter!
    Yes. I said that. I feel that if it has to be cold, there better be snow! Otherwise, what’s the point…
    It just makes spring that much more wonderfully amazing when she finally arrives!!

  42. Susan Gill says:

    I have an Easter egg hunt for all the neighborhood children on my block and whoever else seems to drop in. I miss all the fun of the days when my children were small. They would be all over that lamb cake!!!!! Where did you get the bunny mold for the small cake in one of the pictures?

  43. Peggy Springer says:

    I loved this blog! You make life more beautiful Susan. Thank you so much! ❤️

  44. kathleen Jerry says:

    Dear Susan,

    What a lovely post! I love reading each and every one. Not long ago I read “A Fine Romance” that was signed by you. I have it on my night stand and have shared it with a friend who was taking a trip to England. Your illustrations and your way with words just draw me in. Thank you for making me smile. You are a ray of sunshine.

  45. michelle peterson says:

    Love to read your blog!

  46. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for the recipe and instructions, always thought lamb cakes were darling but never knew how they were made. I love your book and it was great meeting you when you were in Indiana!

  47. Jennifer Waltzer says:

    Susan, your posts are always so inspiring! We have turned our front yard into raised vegetable and herb beds (which in Los Angeles produce year-round!) and there is so much we can’t keep up with it all. My girlfriend Chris has promised to teach me how to make jams,preserve the herbs, etc & she is a wonderful baker, so this adorable lamb cake mold and the book would be perfect to jump-start my education! Thanks so much for all you share with us.

  48. Elizabeth H. says:

    Tasha Tudor and lemon cake, what could be better? Love the book! Thank you for the opportunity to win fabulous gifts!

  49. kim says:

    Love Love Love

  50. Charissa stover says:

    Dear Susan,

    I am sitting here reading A Fine Romance that my husband surprised me with. And I just wanted to say thank you. You make me happy. I feel like you are my long lost sister because we have a lot of things in common like, our love for Beatrix, our love of cooking and nature , ( I could go on forever, so I won’t) and because you seem like a generally happy and good person. I, too , thought everyone thought and was much the same when was growing up. And as I grew up and figured out that wasn’t the case, I just wanted to note that it is fun when you do find a like minded individual . I know you bring so much joy to many people, but I just wanted you to know that you brought joy to me as well. So… Thank you for being you and making the world a bit better 🙂

  51. Janis says:

    I won’t overstay my welcome but suffice it to say that
    I have all your books, your calendars adorn my kitchen,
    And my workspace and A Fine Romance was magical.
    Thank you for bringing happiness and all things beautiful
    And right to my baker’s heart. I love the lamb cake!! Simply

  52. Denise A says:

    I have never seen a lamb cake mould. Would be great fun to make and have a slice with a cup of tea whilst reading the Kitchen Book.

  53. Sue says:

    One of my favorite memories is when a good friend and neighbor of our family brought me a lamb cake she baked for me…..just me…….when I was in grade school and home sick from school. She came over late in the day and surprised me with this most spectacular cake that she had decorated so beautifully. It was such a surprise and that memory has always been so special to me and a comforting memory I have carried around with me for all these years. When I just saw your lamb cake mold and cake, it made the memory of that day seem just like yesterday! (It was a very long time ago.) “Thanks for the memory.”

  54. Joni Lee says:

    I lived on a farm growing up and I love lambs! One Easter dad bought a little lamb for me and one for my sister! I named mine Pixie and she named hers Bubbles. My 2 year old granddaughter and I sing Baa Baa Black Sheep and she is so cute on the part that says “have you any wool?” She would squeal with delight if I had a lamb cake pan and made it for Easter! Thanks for bringing Spring alive even though it isn’t here yet!

  55. Jacqueline Celestine says:

    Thank you for such a delightful post! I enjoy reading your blog so much! I have several of your books and love them. Last summer we bought some acreage and built a house…..this is the spring I will finally be able to have a garden with a white picket fence like yours!!! Thank you for all your inspiration! The lamb cake and book would be a treasure!

  56. Cheryl Everman says:

    That’s interesting, I had been looking at lemon pie and lemon bar recipes this morning because something lemon sounded good and there was your blog post on lemon cake! Love the lamb mold, I have never used a cake mold, just the standard pans, so this is inspiring. Thanks for the beautiful spring pictures, just what I need in frozen eastern Iowa 🙂

  57. Barb says:

    We too are sitting surrounded by all that snow in nearby Connecticut! We do love the Vineyard too! Absolutely love the lamb cake mold and would love to make an Easter Lamb cake this year! Have all of your books, some signed and have many favorite recipes from them! Thank you for all you write and blog, so wonderful!

  58. Lynn Hopper says:

    The lamb cake looks delicious. I really enjoy your blog.

  59. Debbie McMurry says:

    Love the lamb cake! Your blog is so fun and inspiring too.

  60. BETH FRANCISCO says:

    My mother used to make a lamby cake like this! Gives me hope for an end to this long winter.

  61. Louise Graff says:

    Thank you. This has quite brightened my day.

  62. Jo Marie Hogle says:

    This is darling and the cake sure looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. Jo

  63. Ellen says:

    I love your cake! Thank you so much for the tip about adding the chopstick for stability! I made a bunny cake for my son’s first birthday and the head fell off at midnight the night before the party… I ended up serving bunny bottom cake : ( I am inspired to try again!

  64. Cynthia Parrella says:

    I have been a “kindred spirit” for years 🙂 but just recently found your blog. Thank you for sharing your life and talents with all of us. Happy Spring! Love the little lamby cake pan!!

  65. Sue says:

    Greetings from one Sue to another!

    You are my end-of-week treat…reading your blog puts my weekend in focus and gets it off to an extra-special start. The lamb cake was fabulous, and I’d love to win your mold and try my luck with making it. The book would be perfect, too because “spring has sprung” here in Houston, and I’m headed to the nursery after this post…can’t wait to dig in the dirt and see blooming things again! And — the little birdies need their feeders filled!

    My two tuxedos — Ollie and Jet-Boy — say hi to Jack and Girl-Kitty!

    Happy spring,

  66. Deb Joseph says:

    Oh my goodness your lamb cake is adorable!! My fingers are crossed. I would love to win the mold so I could make the cake for Easter and take it to my folks’ for dessert.

  67. I love your blog! I love your artwork! I love Tasha Tudor! And lamb cake brings back childhood memories…my friend’s mom baked one every Easter!

  68. Stephanie says:

    What a perfectly sweet lamb. I have great memories of my aunt making lamb cakes growing up 🙂

  69. Linda Lavie says:

    Love the lamb cake & everything else in your blog!!
    It can never be too long-enjoy reading every bit of it!!!

  70. Annette McD says:

    Love the Tabor quote. Let’s see, that would make Joe the Captain, you are the 1st Mate and Petey is the cute little deck hand.

  71. Sheila Hebert says:

    The lamb cake mould is just lovely and makes me yearn for warmer spring days here in Connecticut. 🙂

  72. melanie says:

    Love this cake your tips are great, cannot wait for spring and will make these lovely recipes. You are an inspiration to us all
    Melanie ( think spring )

  73. Carisa Iezza says:

    Thank you Susan for always taking my mind away from the unhappy headlines in the newspaper and on the TV. If I was ever President (which I assure you, I never, ever will be!), I would appoint you my Ambassador of Happiness & Cheer. Our world needs more sharing, caring, and kindness and I get that every time I read your lovely posts. I hope springtime arrives soon for you!
    Best, Carisa

    PS Love silly Jack watching you bake!

  74. Michelle Morda says:

    Thank you so much for your post. It triggered memories of my grandmother’s lamb cake she made us every year for Easter. We all looked forward to it every year. I had her recipe, but , did not get her mold when she passed. For some reason the cake never tasted the same without the lamb mold. Now I’ll have a reason to dig out the recipe again!

  75. Dee Huey says:

    AHHH, Love the spring pictures and the little lamb cake. I’m so longing for spring just like you said. I would love to try my hand at this delicious lamb cake, thank you so much for sharing with us. I haven’t read the kitchen Garden Book but would love to venture into that. All your books and blog is lovely, you are truly gifted and creative. I would love to be a recipient if this wonderful gift. thank you for the chance to win. Have a blessed day.

  76. Tory Gadomski says:

    I’m puppy sitting for my daughter and looking out the window at her place watching the snow fall, your soup looks absolutely fantastic and any cake made with lemons rocks. The snow on the trees here are starting to stick and look beautiful, the same way reading your blog makes me feel. Have a wonderful spring to come.

  77. Judy Johnson Parkman says:

    OH! you always make my day so special!! Everything about your blog is just so very, very special. The lamb mold stirs up all kinds of memories for me, too; plus I have never met a lambie I have not just fallen in love with. I would feel very blessed indeed if my name is chosen to receive such wonderful treats! Here in Western NY we have had a very hard winter with many days way below zero; our lowest actual reading was minus 22, but we had wind chills of minus 45!! Spring is going to be especially welcomed this year!! I just finished packing away my Valentine goodies and the last of my snowmen & winter dishes. Time for some ‘spots of Spring’ to brighten up my home & give us hope!

  78. Francine LaMarche says:

    Hi Susan,
    Just sat down after a long day of making Greeting Cards. So glad to see a new post from you! What a wonderful cake, wish I had a piece to go with my tea right now. As always you inspire me!!! xoxo

  79. Jessica Lothridge says:

    Snowflakes and kitties and lambikins… oh my! Thank you for taking time to post and share with all of us girlfriends. I am a New Englander and a scardy cat driving in snow so I don’t see a lot of my friends this time of year, which makes your “visits” all the more precious. I love to bake, but have never tried a cake mold… you have inspired me with your tutorial. p.s. All I wanted for Christmas was “A Fine Romance…” and I enjoyed every page. It’s a treasure.

  80. I so love your blog. Everything is so interesting and the pictures are beautiful. Thank you for the recipes also. The Lamb is so pretty.

  81. Sharon Lynch says:

    I love your blog. I would love to have that book. I have some of your books
    and have just finish reading A Fine Romance, Loved It.

  82. BARBARA says:

    I very much enjoy your recipes & their just like mother” approach; in other words, you take your subscribers by the hand for helpful, demonstrations.

    We adore your fabrics, (I am a fibre artiste) & am searching for your illustrations with the lovely artsy drawings of lovely birds, dried flowers, etc.

    My primary purpose in writing this evening is to tell all of you how very much pleasure I have gotten from you & your commenters. I am surviving cancer & am lying in bed, surrounded by treasured Tasha Tudor gardening books & am looking forward to new Peony plants from Peony Envy! Our front garden looks forlorn, in need of tending.

    I have reread your lemon cake recipe Sarah; I’ve always liked all the citrus, especially lime & lemon. I’d love to make the lemon cake in the lovey, dovey, lamb cake mould–later. Doesn’t it look so lovely? I can understand the diners not wanting to “butcher the dear heart!”

    Thank all of you for filling the hole that The Diagnosis leaves. A warm, sunny, Spring, filled with gladness for each.

    • sbranch says:

      Get well soon Barbara, love your positive spirit.♥ Sending prayers and a big wrapper of spring blossom to put around your shoulders.

  83. Karen Skjolsvik says:

    What a lovely and cheerful blog. Thanks for the glimpse into your kitchen. Love the cats!

  84. Joan Byrne says:

    The minute my daughter Kathy called me from theTown Hall in Sandwich and said you were coming, it was one of those moments in time I will never forget. You were even more wonderful than I could have ever imagines. You take me back into a wonderful time in life with eac email. I did have one of those beautiful cake pans years ago. It was Kathy’s favorite cake. Now I have 9 Great Grandchildren ages 5 -8 who would love to come over to great gramma Mimi and eat that precious cake for the first time. You are truly wonderful even if someone else gets the pan. Ha ha. A true Friend Joannie

  85. Rhiannon Hillis says:

    Love the lamb……it reminds me of all the spring lambs I saw last March when I visited my father’s village in Wales!

  86. Pamela Robinson says:

    I have purchased several of your recipe cards & papers when I built a recipe scrapbook for my youngest daughter. I enjoy reading your blog from time to time, especially in these winter months where snow is everywhere. Stay warm.

  87. Carol says:

    Loved reading your blog today. I, too, have been collecting lambs for lots of years. I had just finished putting up a display of them before reading this from you. I tried to attach a pic of my lambies but couldn’t figure out how to do it. I would love to have the lamb mold and make that cake for the Easter get together that I host for all of our family. It would be perfect. The garden book too. My hubby and I have spent the last few months clearing out our side yard in order to put in a big wood container for a vegetable garden. However, with the possibility of water rationing because of the drought here in California, I’m not sure we are going to finish it for this summer. But I continue to plan for it. Thank you Susan for your always wonderful words. My heart always smiles and my feet do the happy dance when I know that I get to read a new post from you.
    P.S. Love the snow falling around your house! Good job!

  88. Dorothy Stevens says:

    I love reading your blog. The lamb cake is so neat and looks so yummy. I love old cookbooks and the one you are giving away looks so delightful. I collect little books and have several of Tasha Tudors. Thanks for sharing all the spring pictures. Dorothy

  89. Susie Rodgers says:

    Hi Susan, I fell in love with you and all your talents when I bought my first Susan Branch cookbook because it had a cow on the back cover…I also love and collect “cow”stuff. Now both my girls, daughter-in-law and many family and friends love you, too. Just wanted to say thank you to you and Joe and we will continue to enjoy our Susan in so many wonderful ways. Ty :). Susie p.s. …and love your Musica!

    • sbranch says:

      My cats have those cow colorings, black and white Holstein coloring which I love — only they can get on the couch with me! 🙂

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