Yes, we made it home.  But I thought you might enjoy some New York MUSICA and a few big city scenes before we go back to small world reality.

going home

We caught the Island Home for our return trip on the MOST beautiful day.  I must say, the weather for our whole trip was brilliant!  Cool enough for a sweater, warm enough for basking.

leaving The City

Here we are tooling along, we’ve just turned out of the city onto the FDR Drive going north past the east river toward Connecticut.

going home

Lots of I-95, the Connecticut Turnpike is very very ugly, which I’ve always found hard to understand because Connecticut is so beautiful, how did they let this hideous road run right along next to the shore???  I don’t know! (venting time)  But since Joe was born and raised in Connecticut he has this other “secret” road to take us on instead.  It’s not a very big secret, and it’s not a very big road, it’s called the Merritt Parkway.

Merritt Parkway

It’s famous for the beautiful bridges and overpasses built beginning in the 1930’s. Each one is designed in a different architectural style, all designed by the same person, and all built by the WPA — which it would be nice if we had again!  This country got some of it’s prettiest roads and buildings because of the WPA.


 My favorite part about the bridges on the Merritt Parkway is that they are all too low for trucks. Wizardry in bridge building is what I call it. Hence, no trucks on this road!

Merritt Parkway

It’s so civilized, 37 miles of just-beautiful ~ it’s actually in the National Register of Historic Places!

Merritt Parkway

Like a street in Central Park.

Nature in NY

That’s not to say there is no “nature” in The City.  Just the opposite.  Besides the miracle that is Central Park where the city goes to drink in the trees and the sky and have picnics and play ball and run and walk, we had our own little miracle of nature ~ Joe took this picture of a dragonfly that landed just over our head where we were sitting at the time on the 16th floor of our hotel (the Affinia Shelburne, at Lexington and 37th, BTW). That is some wandering dragonfly.

16th floor

See the string of lights?  That’s where the dragon fly alighted.  This is the top floor of our hotel, where, on beautiful evenings like this one . . .

16th floor

They serve cocktails in this “room” with a view.


Joe loved it up here and so did I. Next time we want to bring our binoculars!

view from up top

From our stools we could feel the breeze (remember, we are still on an island) and look off in all directions, and down onto “roof gardens” such as this one.  These people must have worked late or were out of town, because no one in their right mind would have been indoors on an evening like this if they could have helped themselves.

Friday night party in NY

Just across from our rooftop was this interesting old building, with open roof and arched windows and green growing up inside the walls and lots of people inside celebrating TGIF.

the old and the new

Even though we’re on the 16th floor, we had to look up at these two.  It’s so wonderful to see the old architecture alongside the new.

night lights

Even more interesting when the sun goes down and the lights begin to come on.


And of course, right from our stools we could see the Empire State Building, all lit up.  Green this time.  The building lights up in all colors depending on the event being celebrated at the time.

Empire State building

 Green was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Police Athletic League, but they change it for the Fourth of July, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, for almost any celebration imaginable.

Les Halles

Saturday we had lunch in this wonderful French restaurant called  Les Halles (pronounced Lay Ahl).


Les Halles

The food was wonderful!!!  I had a Salad Niçoise and Joe had Steak au Poivre and both could not have been more delicious.  

We took the whole day off.


After lunch we hopped into a taxi and went to . . .

ABC Home

One of my favorite stores in New York called ABC Home ~  which is seven stories of gloriosity ~ everything you need to help you remember what a wondrous world this is. 

ABC Home

It’s like a museum because everything is so artsy and special and one-of-a-kindish, but better than a museum because if you see something you simply can-not live without, you don’t have to just cry inside, you can buy it!


They have beaded horses, elephants and lions, which I know everyone needs.  But that’s not the point, the point for me at ABC Home is looking and ooohing and aaaahing and taking pictures, and these fanciful colorful creatures are perfect for that!  I may not need them, but I still think they are wonderful and appreciate the creativity that made them.

abc homeEverything is artistically and carefully arranged. Someone really cares about the details in this store. This lamp is so fun, little pricks of light come out of it as you move around it.  The copper pots?  Yes, I know.

home cooking

abc home

They even make timers, whisks, and potato mashers look good.

abc home

There’s all kinds of beautiful bedding and towels, a whole floor of it, and lovely fluttery curtains too.

seven floors of heaven

And every so often, for no reason except to pleasure the eye of the beholder, eye candy like this.  They are real roses and smelled wonderful. The eye and the nose were pleasured to the nth.

pink border

abc home

Vintage dinnerware!  Silver candle sticks and serving pieces.  They have kept away from the dull, the humdrum and the mundane.

abc home

It’s anything but. They had antique and new drinking glasses in every color, some of them paper thin.  See the ceiling? The whole building is in an old warehouse.


They believe in art . . . these little salts! Everything is so different.

abc home

And if you need a wooden-handled pestle and mortar or a sparkly carafe, you have come to the right place.

abc home

Lots of furniture too, in all styles, sofas and chairs, everything . . . useful and original too, like this cart on wheels.

baby department

Yes, they have a baby department that is truly hard to get out of.

flower border SB

little girl dresses

I just wished I could squeeze into one of these little girl dresses!  I would take the one with the big red polka dots.

Make me a child again

dinosaur department

Of course, they have the dinosaur division.

flower border SB

our big purchase

I know you want to know what we bought.  The only thing I needed was to fill up with inspiration and beauty and there was plenty cameraof that.  I just so enjoyed looking at everything and taking pictures.  The jewelry was made by designers, it was delicate and just gorgeous ~ I could never have chosen just one thing.  But, this  is what I bought.  It’s for asparagus and pasta among other things and we needed it.  Did I tell you I am pretty practical (not very practical, but pretty practical)?  Unless I need it, or I can’t live without it, I try not to buy it.

Xavier's new clothes

But I needed this hipster charcoal onesie and could not go home without it ~ for our new baby boy (my great nephew) Xavier.  The pottery X has a hole in the back; it can be hung on the wall.  A cool hip New York baby outfit for my Central Coast of California Baby is on it’s way.


King Cole Room

We had drinks at King Cole Room, at the St. Regis Hotel, a place we accidentally discovered one lovely rainy night many years back when we could not find a cab.  We’ve always come back to see the amazing Maxfield Parrish Mural over the bar.

George Washington

We spent the morning at The Morgan Library and Museum.  Saw lots of paintings of romantic landscapes and other amazing and beautiful things ~ such as this.  This IS George Washington!  This life mask was molded right on his face in 1785 and the miracle is now we could stand in front of it and take a picture of it. That’s George Washington!  Can you believe it!?


The Morgan

One of the ceilings in Morgan Library.  Talk about filling your inspiration cup . . . there is nothing like beauty and history and . . .

The City

the music of the night.

Mas Musica? Cuz we’re goin’ home . . .

passing ships

And here we are on the boat, heading home . . . passing our sister ship . . . skirting Old Cape Cod . . .

the sea

land ho

The light was especially beautiful as we drew closer to the island and the sun was getting low.

into the harbor

Here we are arriving into the harbor.  You can tell the season has changed, the sailboats are coming back!  (They put them away during the winter and the harbor is empty. Sailboats with flags flying are a harbinger of the summer season.)

cats waiting


Yes, we had our people waiting for us.  As we are emptying the car, they watch.  They were adorable, wriggling around on the floor to be petted, which we did happily.  Elizabeth and Diana took such good care of them.  While unpacking, we turned around in time to see the moon coming up . . .

the moon

summer night

yard sale


The next morning, Sunday, real life, we walked along quiet shady streets over to Elizabeth’s new house because they were having a yard sale in her driveway.  From left, that’s Daisy, she’s the darling daughter of Mimi holding the whale, then Amy in the stripes, I’m behind Amy, then Diana, and up front, that’s Elizabeth.  Elizabeth’s new house is on the left.


We walked downtown to have breakfast at the Waterside Market . . . then we window-shopped up Main Street.  I heard Mimi say, “Hey isn’t that your house?”  And I looked in the window, and by gum, yes it is!  Someone had painted it and the painting was for sale in the window of this gallery!  Pretty good eh? We thought so!


So then we went back home.  And put the flag away until Independence Day, once again making ourselves incognito.

ready to play!

And played with Jack, watered the garden, did laundry, made tea, and sat down to write to you.

teacup  flowers

And here we are, ready to begin life again.  Only twelve days from today and we go back out to Connecticut to Gladys Taber’s House!  Can’t believe it!  And the next time I post, it will be the celebration for our three years of blogging, five years of Facebook with fun giveaways for my Girlfriends!

heart of the home Hope you enjoyed New York!  It’s always fun to have you along.  ‘Course I think of you with every click of the camera!  Rabbit-Rabbit Girlfriends.  Happy June! XOXO

June! Rabbit Rabbit!

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698 Responses to WE MADE IT HOME!

  1. Jill Brown says:

    I too am a collector of old quilts and dishes. I love the rainbow of colors in the quilts and enjoy looking for new ways to use them throughout my home! I am looking forward to getting inspiration from the Autumn book when it is published!

  2. Glory Meyer says:

    Your messages are always so welcome! And it is finally Spring! what could be better! Your foxgloves are in bloom! mine are barely budded out, but we are in Michigan and it has been a really late Spring. The iris are wonderful this year however.

  3. Ann Hunt says:

    Dear Susan,
    I almost never leave a comment but I love, love your blog and these past two made me sooooooooo homesick for NYC. I was born and raised there and now live in NC. I have all your books and I have made and still make several of your cakes and I love your decorating and have copied some of your beautiful ideas!

    I love, love, love you! You greatly inspire me.


  4. Dear Susan,
    You are a “Dear”….My favorite of all (oh so many) is your just sent June 6th posting! Your mix of watercolor and fabric and blog watercolor background and beautiful words are nothing short of pure “HAPPY” !!! and YES!!! if only the world could just …well “get it” Have a wonderful Summer!
    Warmly, Julie Ann

  5. Cynthia Zindel says:

    Dear Susan I so enjoy your stories and pictures of Marthas Vineyard as it is my favorite place ever! I feel like an ole soul every visit there it is so charming. Some of my fondest memories are in Vineyard Haven and all the wonderful little villages on the island. You capture my heart with your writing and pictures and I feel like I am back there Thank you for stirring my memories everyday with your blog. The Marthas Vineyard quilt is so beautiful what a sweet gift. Fondly Cynthia

  6. Nancy Giokaris says:

    So enjoyed hearing about your love of quilts. ( of course we kinda knew that from your beautiful artwork) The quilts reminded me of a quilt that I have in my home. When I was a girl, my mom made many of my dresses growing up. My mom would give the extra fabric from the dresses to a neighbor. She made quilts for her church and always appreciated scraps of fabric. Well this wonderful neighbor, Geneva, saved pieces of our fabric. When I arrived home from my honeymoon, some almost 41 years ago, she presented me with a quilt that she had made with all the left over fabric from my growing up years. Talk about blowing me away, I just love this made with love quilt. Geneva has passed away but her memory and love is always with me. Thanks again for sharing your quilts!!
    Best, Nancy G.

  7. Pat says:

    Susan Branch makes me HAPPY!

  8. Karen Legg says:

    Dear Susan, your blog always makes my inbox happy! Many decades of my life have been made prettier and happier by your art – thanks so much!
    If Vanna chooses my name for any of the recent give-aways (all so beautiful!) I promise to share as much as I can bear to!
    I count you among my oldest (unmet) friends –
    warmly, Karen

  9. Lynne Bulow says:

    Loved the pictures of all the quilts. I have just a couple heirloom quilts from my grandparents farm, but I treasure them. Now my daughter has taken up the art and I am amazed by the beauty of her quilts.

  10. Becky Pappenheim says:

    Dear Susan, I have been loving your “stuff” since you started way back when, have allof your books, postcards you sent out to me and my very favorite “the cat pillow”
    which everyone new to my home thinks is real, so cute! Recently lost both my mom and dad within a week of each other, and my neighbor decided to get rid of my cat, as he didnt like him, so sad its been a hard year but your blog and web page keep me going. Thankyou for all the smiles you have given me. Sincerely, becky p

  11. Sarah Dillbeck says:

    Loved ready your love story and your visit to England. Must go again and visit the interesting places you shared with us.
    Really want to thank you for visiting Pasadena so we could meet you face to face. Especially love seeing the twinkle in Joe’s eyes while you were reading about meeting him…Awe Love.
    Love the quilts and just organized the two little packs of pre-cut fabrics that I bought of yours several years ago. Hope to start making small quilts out of them before the end of the year. And thanks for the idea of using your calendars in scrap books. Now I know how to best use them.
    Thanks girfriend. How blessed we are to have girlfriends!!!

  12. Donna from Kennett Square says:

    I also love ABC Carpet and Home, and realize I need to visit NYC soon! I love the outdoor market at Union Square and Kate’s Paperie, which are both close by. Thank you for sharing your trip and giving me new places to explore.

  13. Marian says:

    Your photos and artwork always make me smile! There is something about ‘vintage’ that just makes us feel good. Congratulations on your anniversaries! Sure you won’t add Jack as a prize? Thank you for your wonderful blog.
    In stitches,

  14. kathy kegley says:

    i just love love love your work pleas pick me love you lots kathy

  15. Sabrina Paul says:

    Your Blog is always the highlight of my day…between the wonderful pictures(especially the Kitties) and the music links you always bring a smile to my face no matter how hard the workday. I shared your site with my Mum who is recently retired and she said she does breakfast and tea with you each morning. You really have touched all our lives thank you for being such a wonderful part of our day! Sabrina from Roswell GA

    • sbranch says:

      I love to think I’m having tea with so many of you, and I know I am! Hi to your Mum!

  16. Judy Cass says:

    I love your blog and remembered that sweet song about the rain barrel as well and wanted to relearn it for my grandbaby. When we clicked on the part where Jack kept making you laugh, she thought he was so cute. Now she asks “can we see that funny kitty again?” You are both a hit in my home!

  17. Susan Doane says:

    Love this blog and the positive insights. Also love NYC. Spent a long Easter weekend there right in the heart of the city, while the energy is uplifting , it is always great to return to my part of New England with the oceans, lakes and mountains…

  18. Ellen Wise says:

    Love your blog. Especially the pictures of your kitties, who seem to pop up out of a magical kitty land to be in your photos. I’m a great admirer of yours and have all of your cookbooks. I recently finished reading ” A Fine Romance,” and thought it was delightful. Thank you, Susan, for all that you do to brighten our days.

  19. Maureen Modl says:

    I get so excited every time I open my email and there’s a message from your blog! It’s like a gift and SO makes my day. Thank you Susan, you have no idea how many hearts are touched with your comments and stories and pictures.

  20. Your blog is always so uplifting, your give-aways make me excited that maybe I could be the one receiving such a wonderful gift, and I love seeing what is going on in your home & wherever you roam! Love your art, quilts, dishes and the trip to NYC!

  21. My grandmother passed away 40 years ago, but when I see your watercolors I think of her. She had a love of watercolors and flowers it always makes me happy see them here. She made 3 quilts that I can remember and they were missing when she passed which makes me sad to this day. I want to thank you for reminding me of her, she was loved dearly and missed as much. Thanks Robin

  22. Gogi says:

    “It’s very nice to go travelling, but it’s oh so nice to come home.”

  23. Sue says:

    I love, love your quilts! One quilt my Mom made and now a daughter has, is made from fabric scraps from clothes we made. So many memories that quilts have. Happiness is homemade!

  24. I look at your creative works and dream that I could do what you do! But it all inspires me.

  25. Kaye Powers says:

    Another fun blog entry….best read with music and tea! Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  26. Susan, I’ve followed you forever. Thanks for the tour. If I never get to actually go to these places, you’ve brought them to life for me!

  27. Carol Reynolds says:

    I just have to say how much I enjoy your website. I have bought your mini calendar for several years now and keep it on my desk at home. When I was raising our 2 boys, my friends and I were heavy into crafting and stitching. Now I’m a grandma of 2 precious granddaughters and am trying to work my way back into crafting (evidenced by the stacks of fabrics, patterns and stitchery books sitting on the floor next to me while I type this to you). You are quite an inspiration and I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy all that you have to share! Thank you!

  28. Ann Carroll Malone says:

    Hello Susan,
    I just love your blog! Thank you for letting us into your “world” and helping us appreciate whats in ours. Your an inspiration!

  29. Julie Furlo says:

    Love it Susan – your blog just exudes happiness!!!!!!!

  30. Lori D says:

    I just love you, Susan Branch! You bring such inspiration! I’ve been a fan since forever. All your books have found a place on my bookshelf and your yearly calendar is always on my wall. Thanks for sharing your inspiration so freely with us. Fabulous!

  31. Gayle Young says:

    Just sent a bunch of high school t-shirts to Ohio to have them made into a quilt that is “quilted” all the way through. I hope my son, who just graduated, will one day appreciate that the quilt will last a long time since its going to be more durable once its quilted this way. I have my grandmother’s handsewn quilt and a quilt made by hand for me when I was a teenager as well. Love Quilts!! (And all things Susan Branch!❤️) Gayle

  32. Eleanor says:

    I too am a lover of old quilts thanks to my grandmothers. And now I am making quilts for my grandchildren. Would LOVE to be chosen!! And I love your blog! It always brightens my day. Thanks for adding beauty to our world!

  33. Pat Coad says:

    I so much enjoy your blog and you! Thank you!

  34. Marian Mathewson says:

    Love, love, love your fabric!!!!!!

  35. Hi Susan, I just love your blog and all of your wonderful pictures; they are so inspiring. Your quilts and fabrics are beautiful! I can really see where you draw your inspiration for your calendars and books.

    This months blog brought me back to my honeymoon trip during the summer of 1981. We traveled from our home in Bucks County, PA to spend 3 days in New York City and 4 in Martha’s Vineyard. We also took pictures of all of the fantastic bridges that we encountered…amazing tributes to the architects and craftsmen who planned and constructed them.

  36. jane makuch says:

    Oh how I love your fabric!! One of my favorites is the one with the “Bees” 🙂

    I hope there will be a new line soon… maybe with Blend Fabrics? I mentioned to Anna Griffin Blend Fabrics needs to partner with you!

    • sbranch says:

      My fabrics are completely hand-painted (no computer) — can you do that with a Blend Fabric?

  37. .The quilts are so lovely and speak to a bygone time.They are visually beautiful, they tell a story in many cases, and they bring warmth from a chill.Quilts certainly appeal to many of our senses. Loved the trip to NYC,especially the pics of nature in the city.The ABC Store must be a daylong affair, so much to see!Coming home is always a good thing, I hope you enjoy your summer. Your works are true treasures and they fill a heart with joy! I’m so glad to have found you online and to see all that is new!

  38. Kathleen says:

    I’m a fabric-aholic. Worked in a fabric store one summer and broke even at the end – spent my paychecks in my head before I ever had them in hand! Love all the colors – so much scope for the imagination. Also, thank you for recommending Gladys Taber’s books. I found a bunch on ebay last month and have been slowly reading and enjoying them ever since they arrived.

  39. Kate Wyllie says:

    LOVED YOUR FABRIC LINES!!! Why haven’t you created a new line?? We all can’t have TOO much lovely Susan Branch designs in a quilt!!…..we can only have so many books and calendars….but, Fabric with your color palette is Wonderful!! Is there any chance in the future……..??

  40. Jean says:

    Susan, I loved the pictures of your vintage quilts. They remind me of the quilts my great grandmother made. I was always amazed, and still am, of all the beautiful handcrafted things she used to make. She not only quilted, but knit, embroidered, tatted, hooked rugs! All this and helped my great grandfather on the farm, cooked, baked, canned! I know I must have inherited some of her creative talents! Learning to quilt is on my bucket list, and I would love to win your beautiful fabrics to be able to create my own masterpiece (although all of your giveaways are wonderful and would be delightful to win!) Have a wonderful summer!

  41. linda M says:

    Entered—having tea with SB

  42. Love your blog!! I have enjoyed your work for years!

  43. Pam Barcalow says:

    Love your blog. Love my signed copy of “A Fine Romance” and love sharing life with you. The prizes sound pretty cool, too. 😉

  44. Julie Klum says:

    Susan is such a great friend to have we speak the same language whether actually together or not …

  45. Karen Powell says:

    I hope I win!!! Cant wait to get the many project ideas started for this giveaway. Your quilts are so pretty and it makes me want to start a collection of my own. This would be a great project for me and my 9 yr old daughter to start on together.

  46. Andrea Storz says:

    I have been quilting for about ten years. I hate that your fabrics are not longer available as I would love to make a quilt using them.

    I have most of your books if not all, but your Summer book is still my favorite and I have given it to many of my girlfriends as a birthday gift.

  47. Lynda Draudt says:

    Love your blog! Your pictures are inspiring & make me happy! Keep it up!!!

  48. Susan Beard says:

    Loving all the quilts and colors and that you put them EVERYWHERE! I love to do that too! Happy June and thank you for being a blessing to all of us!

  49. Mary Schuldt says:

    your art/fabric/style/Je ne c’est quoi; is all of my favorite loves!!


  50. leanna mckanna says:

    Jack, you are the cutest kitty ever. I just love your mom. She is so creative. I’ve been collecting her books and things for years. The heart of the home is still my favorite. I was just in awe when I found it. Note cards, bookmarks, tea pots, stickers, such fun. Hope you have a happy summer, and be nice to Girl. Love to you and your mom, Leanna

  51. Karen Ellis says:

    I would love to make some quilts with that fabric. I will be learning about quilting soon and my daughter would absolutely love that fabric in her room. The fabrics are beautiful.


  52. Lenore Dale says:

    I can’t seem to get enough of your quilts, colors, art & recipes. My kids think I’ve gone overboard and my husband can’t see why anyone would need so much fabric and so many quilts. I’m so happy to be retired with time for the things I love, one of which is following your wonderful blog.

  53. Jeanine Tourtellotte says:

    I have just discovered your Blog! It is a breath of fresh air! I love your designs and look forward to enjoying it from now on. I would love to win one of your drawings!

  54. Melissa Soto says:

    I absolutely love everything that you touch Susan. You have an amazing life. I wish I was half as talented as you are. I love to quilt and would be so grateful to win a prize. I could make a quilt for my new grandson!

  55. Deborah Wright says:

    I love your blog and do scrapbooking with the stickers . I to drink tea hot or cold. And LOVE
    Quilts. I have some real olds too.

  56. Billie Ross says:

    I love reading your posts because they inspire me and lift my spirit. Your give-aways are all lovely, but I am especially drawn to your fabric. We are having a “mommy to bee” shower for my niece in August and I am planning her baby girl’s quilt. Thank you for sharing your travels, finds and artwork with us. is a happy place and I enjoy for Facebook posts, too.

  57. Barbara L Seman says:

    Hi Susan,
    Enjoy your blogs. The kitties look like they are in a cage. I think they are just behind your screen door.
    Keep blogging!


  58. Linda says:

    Dear Susan – Any one of your giveaways would be a treasure! Your blog is such a source of inspiration that I have to force myself from checking it too frequently! It’s such a treat, every single post and every single image. I even enjoy the comments, which proves what you’ve long said: there are more people out there filled with goodness than there are with the bad. It’s a pleasure to tap into this positive energy and inspiration. So glad I found you online…..

  59. Love, love, love your blogs…I could hardly contain myself throughout this one…why would I even want to! lol Thank you for being you & putting so much of yourself out there. I first met you in Connecticut. Well, not in person, but was introduced to you through your first book. My husband’s aunt gave me her copy she just bought in Vermont, while on vacation. ( You sure got around even back then haha…) I fell in love & introduced you to my sister back in New York. It’s been many years of bliss for us both 🙂 <3 🙂 Thank you, thank you from all of us!

  60. Mary Franklin says:

    I have been a huge fan of yours for quite a while. The quilts are so beautiful and I love the fabric. Thank you for sharing your talent. Looking at your website makes me smile!

  61. Penny Stone says:

    Dear Susan,
    Your blog is inspiring, uplifting, peaceful, captivating, and most of all contagious! We share so many passions: quilts, painting, teapots, travel, etc. Reading your blog, and looking at the amazing pictures, inspires me to start projects that I have been postponing. You make me smile and encourage me. Thanks! Your talents are amazing!

  62. Colleen Grady says:

    I have loved your books, patterns, fabric, calendars, etc since being introduced by one of my girlfriends. Girlfriends Forever was the first book I bought at a book signing I
    in Bellevue, Washington. It was a great day and a great memory for my girlfriends and I. I am a quilter. Have a few of your patterns and kick myself for not getting any of I fabrics. Please consider this my entry for the giveaways. Thanks!

  63. cheryl salter says:

    I can never decide which of the photos you post I love the most. Mainly all of them and you are a godsend of a person.
    thanks for all you do to inspire me always

  64. Barbra Walker says:

    your blog is wonderful, thank you for sharing all your travel and talent!

  65. Ann Coon says:

    Oh how I want to go to ABC home when & if I get to NYC again. Sounds wonderful. Love, love the blog – always brightens my day. Thanks for sharing!!

  66. Kristi says:

    Love your blog! And your kitties!

  67. Ann in North Carolina says:

    Susan your artwork and fabrics make my eyes happy… that’s for all the inspiration!

  68. Mich Lueken says:

    Your blog absolutely makes my day !! I love your quilts, fabric, calendars and everything else you do. Every time I see something from Susan Branch it put’s a smile on my face and makes me feel like ‘home’. The best feeling in the world.

  69. dian oliver says:

    this is the best blog EVER. loved every bit of it. and I want to buy some of your fabrics. love the tea collection. is that the one that there is no more of? (i didn’t major in english in college!) would love to know where i might purchase some. love it so much!! thanks, dian

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, well said, I understood every word. … we have a few yards in our web store, and there are a few other web stores that have a bit of it too — you might try Googling “susan branch fabric” — I see it in etsy and ebay and several other places. Thank you so much Dian!!

  70. Jennifer Sunseri says:

    Susan, I am always inspired by your love of nature and all things pretty. I too am a lover of things from yesteryear and have pretty plates and embroidered linens displayed throughout my home. I love being in my veggie garden and teaching my children about God’s creation. Thank you for using your gifts to inspire and uplift us all.

  71. Wanda Larson says:

    Everything you create puts a smile on my face!

  72. Bette armstrong says:

    LOVE your posts and newsletters . Always uplifting and so inspirational . Makes me feel warm and cozy like we are having a one on one tea party .

  73. Caroline C. says:

    There is something so comforting about going home after a trip! Although, NYC is spectacular, home is always best. I am so excited about your pre-order.
    I have signed up for my Autumn books. I still would love to have Vanna draw my name for the give away! I can’t tell you how excited I am about you publishing the cookbooks again!!!!!

  74. Martha from Louisiana says:

    I have been a follower of your blog about two years and I love the happiness you share with all of us! I love the homey decorations of your home and I share your joy of quilts, dishes and kittens. Recently I have acquired a munchkin black and white kitten which I have named Lucy. Continue to inspire us with the simple pleasures of life. I would love to have you make a trip to the Deep South and visit Louisiana.

  75. Cheryl Powell says:

    The real me hides inside of SB designs. My book collection, my favorite room in my house, the tea cup I love most reflect the me people might see if I had any talent at all! Instead I enjoy what I see until I learn to do. Thank you for helping me enjoy the me I like most!

  76. I would be over the moon to win any of these prizes, but the fabric stack or the gorgeous quilt would be fantastic! I would be ecstatic!!!! I plan on buying your two books that are offered…. I can’t wait to get your Autumn book, I have so many of yours, from decades back on up to very recent ones, but not that one, and the English one I have wanted ever since you first started writing it. Looking at the first star I see tonight…. I wish I may I wish I might, to win the fabrics or quilt delight. <3

  77. Jan McCusker says:

    I love all your quilts& used to love visiting Heart of the Home in Arroyo Grande. I graduated from San Luis Obispo in 1968 with some friends of yours. Was at Cal Poly 1968-1973. I have your first book sitting as inspiration in me kitchen. Thanks for all your creations!

  78. Judy McCarrel says:

    I too love the look of old quilts and the fabrics that make them special. My great-grandmother, grandmother and aunts were quilters. They sold their quilts during the depression for $30.00 each. My aunt Sue made quilts until she was in her late 80s. She stitched and quilted by hand with tiny little stitches. Your fabrics have the look of the time tested patterns. It is great to have so many wonderful prints available.

  79. Pamela Zajicek says:

    I kept hearing this bird sing and looked out on the deck by our feeder to see if he was there. Our English Springer Spaniel kept looking around and the two of us were quite perplexed as we did not see the bird anywhere. Finally, it sang again and I realized it was coming from my computer, which meant it was coming from your blog…Lovely song. Now the dog can rest. I loved perusing through your blog site….love those old quilts and all the photos of kitty and designs and artwork. Can never get enough of that. I am enjoying “A Fine Romance” …almost done. Was thinking I would be done by now, but we went to Indy to watch some grandsons and got very little reading done then, plus picked up their “plague” so was all I could do to fall into bed after running them to baseball, school, etc. while Daddy and Mommy were in AZ to rest. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your beautiful art with all of us to enjoy. And your stories and designs. Our world is a happier place for you having filled your corner with such lovely things.

  80. Lisa Lindsay says:

    I love your uplifting posts and newsletters! The items you have posted to giveaway are all pretty and happy looking! I am always inspired by your posts, thank you for sharing your beautiful world.

  81. Angie Hoover says:

    Have been a fan since the beginning! May even have a few “skip and go naked” stories to tell!! Love your blog and the quilts!

  82. Luann Barbagallo says:

    I would be so grateful to win some fabric, actually anything would brighten my day. Thank you for a chance!

  83. Barbara C Lockyer says:

    I love everything you do….have followed your artwork since the first time I saw it. It is too cute~~also found some of your cookbooks and bought three so I could share them. That Hearts and Flowers quilt is right up my alley because one of my favorite things to collect is hearts and every new and unique flower I see calls my name. I particularly like the old fashioned ones and the romantic ones like roses, gardenias, hydrangeas and a hundred more! When I first saw the quilt, I named it Hearts and Flowers, the actual name it has!

  84. Cindy Ward says:

    Every time I read your blog, I feel like I belong somewhere. Thank you for sharing so much with so many. Thank you, too, for making the world kinder, sweeter, more colorful and reminding us of what is meaningful and good and right. It is a wonderful world.

  85. debra barrow says:

    You quilts remind me of my treasured possession – quilts hand pieced and quilted by my mom and grandmothers. They hold a special place in my home and heart and they were stiched with love.

  86. caye freels says:

    I always look forward to the first of every month to see the pictures and what you have to say. I especially love the old quilts (as well as new ones) I spent many happy hours using very small stitches helping my Grandmother piece her lovely quilts. and the old fashioned tea towels and pillowcases she and Mother sewed were always perfection on the inside as well as the outside. Recently did pillowcases for my grandchildrens wedding gifts..and they were difficult! But, they bring back such warm, fond memories! Thank you so much!

  87. Kathy Sundstrom says:

    It’s always so comforting when we receive notification that you are heading “home” here to New England. All feels right in on our world when you’re back! Welcome home!


    Hi Susan….I have loved, loved, loved all of your books, quilt fabrics, jewelry, scrapbooking items…well, just about everything for years! I read your books and calendars just to enjoy reading through them again and again….the paintings are lovely and your cute stories and funny tidbits make me wish I had the chance to sit down with you and a cup of lavender Earl Grey tea and chit chat the day away. Thank you for bringing all of us such delightful insights into your world…whether it’s a picture of your table setting, a funny video of your kitties, the springtime meanderings in Martha’s Vineyard, or a story of the glorious countryside of the English villages. You are the best!! I look forward to reading your blog and sharing in your positive bits of happiness of each and every day. Thanks again.

  89. Deborah Jurgensen says:

    I love quilts! Both my grandmothers quilted and I am learning to quilt also. Your fabric is so pretty! I would just be delighted to win!

  90. Peggy says:

    Hi Susan! I have loved all things Susan Branch for many years, my friend and I are always buying things of yours for each other. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents and Jack looks like such a nice kitty! Take care, Peggy

  91. Dot Freel says:

    I love your artwork and I’m a quilter so it would be so awesome to win anything Susan Branch. I’ve loved your stuff for many, many years!


    I have followed your books & products for years & they always bring such happiness! I treasure the ones I have and admire the rest :)) I would dearly love to win any of your drawings. Thank you for the joy!

  93. Diana Kuerth says:

    I recently discovered your blog. I love how it seems like an escape into the past. A world of Beauty and joy! I love the freshness and light in you fabrics! I hope you will continue bringing grace to this world through your vision and art!

  94. Nancy Rawson says:

    Just finished reading your A Fine Romance book and it has totally changed my perspective. My husband and I are on a short vacation at the Osthoff Resort in Wisconsin. I took the time while having dinner to make notes about the restaurant we were at – trying to put on Susan Branch glasses to see the flowers, smell and analyze the food, and describe the scene. Taking a picture in my mind for a time in the future when I want to go to a happy place. There were birds in the rafters listening to the stories, too. Thanks for reminding to see the blessings in my life. (I am not an artist like you….but I am a quilter…and have always said that I paint with my fabrics.)

  95. Susan Meyers says:

    Reading and viewing your blogs are so relaxing and rejuvenating. I love quilting and embroidery and all that they produce.

  96. G. Vaile says:

    I love the colors and “joy” in the things you do. I love your fabrics, calendars, dishes, books, handwriting, watercolors…etc. Definitely a fan!!

  97. Jeanne Bishop says:

    I always look forward to “Willard” and love pictures of Jack.

  98. Shannon in Krum says:

    These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  99. Jean Salcido says:

    I love the fabric! So timeless.

  100. Heather Carlson says:

    Greetings Susan, Happy spring to you my dear! God has sure blessed you with many great creative gifts & talents to share with the world! And we all can’t thank you enough my dear! I have so much in common with you. I love to collect old beautiful colorful dishes. My mother loved them too! And I love homemade quilts! I am learning how to quilt from a beautiful 94 year old women named Gleva who has quilted hundreds of quilts in her lifetime. She lives by herself in her farm home here in Minnesota and she still gardens and cans. She amazes me! We have lunch and tea together and she is teaching me the basics of quilting for now. Sometimes we spend more time talking than quilting.. She is a great story teller and a wonderful Christian lady at our church. I cherish my days with her. I also love to write obviously which is my passion. I am writing my first book which is a true love story about my husband and I, and our family. How we fell in love, lived eight amazing years in California in the San Francisco bay area, and then moved to Minnesota during the recession of 1991. And about my breast cancer journey to help other women of the world to over come cancer. One great day my book will be finished. But you inspire me so much and help me to keep going on my book. And I thank you so much Susan. I have three of your cookbooks, which I absolutely love along with an old wall calendar and a pocket calendar. I love to sit with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and just look through them. It’s like magical therapy for me. I am so excited for you new Autumn cookbook I just can’t wait! And I am so happy that you had a very happy journey to jolly old England. I am English, Irish, Scottish & Welsh. That is why my name is Heather which is the Scottish wild flower of Scotland. And that I am a wild flower for sure. All the best to you Susan ” Come Dance By The Light Of The Moon” Love, Heather Carlson In Minnesota

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