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reasons to go on living

It’s a very good day for counting our blessings out loud . . . Despite the evil we know exists, it is still an amazingly beautiful and wonderful world filled with good-hearted, thoughtful, giving, kind people everywhere. Pray, Love, Remember. 


I really can’t bear to see the replay of the Twin Towers falling.  I don’t need to see it again to remember, my memory is painfully clear.  So this is one of the days I am my own chaperone, do what is best for me, and turn off the TV.  I honor this day they way I want, working in the garden, cooking something wonderful, hugging my kitties. The Toy Wife is on TCM right now. It is wonderful background noise for blog writing and the dresses are GORGEOUS.


We are home from our little jaunt off to Rhode Island ~ the washing machine is going strong, the day is beautiful, the laundry’s all going on the line to dry. We had a lovely time with PBS,(You can see a couple of pictures if you scroll down HERE) but there is no place like home.


I think you can see why . . . I mean LOOK at those eyes! Jack is so soft and mooshy, and as squirmy as he looks . . .


Home is where someone expresses her joy at our presence in no uncertain terms by wiggling all over the table cloth in the dining room.


It’s where leafy late-afternoon shadows dance down the walls . . .


And the sun set so beautifully behind the house next door.


Back to my own little world this morning, doing my favorite thing, writing away on the new book . . . it’s good to take a break, it makes you that much more excited to start again!


This afternoon, out come the fall decorations . . . we can feel a little nip in the air here, I’m wearing a sweater this morning, although the windows are all still open.  We’re going out for our walk the moment I press the “Publish” button on this post.



Not quite ready for this yet, but it’s coming!  Our next stop to sign books is Best of British, up in charming Newburyport, MA on Sunday, September 28th, at noon o’clock ~ it ought to be beautiful! Joe and I are going for a short leaf-peeping trip and stopping at this small store that imports lots of things from the British Isles to sign books.  It’s free, open to the public and we’d love to see you.  In case you need a weekend getaway. You can read about this and other events HERE.


Blessings Girlfriends . . . XOXO

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282 Responses to SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH . . .

  1. Cindy Tuning says:

    Have a beautiful day Susan and thank you for a simply beautiful post. I wrote a comment about Scotland a while ago but think it got lost in moderatingville. Watching The Toy Wife also!

  2. mari1017 says:

    Oh Susan – words alone cannot thank you enough for such a tender post. For remembering, for the beauty of the earth & sky & home & all it means to us. My heart is now filled with joy, even on this heartbreaking day that I will never forget.
    Hug your kitties & Joe & loved ones close…thanks for this very tender reminder to now get busy living – thankfully. God is good…all the time.

  3. Rebecca W says:

    Good Morning, Good Morning from Denver, I loved your picture of Jack waiting in the window, just poising for his picture to be taken. Snow is anticipated overnight, so we too will be gardening this afternoon, covering up the tomatoes and picking more apples off the trees. Poor things are not going a chance to change color this year before the snow falls!. I loved your poem about the small house and makes me thankful for what we have. Have a wonderful book signing later this month.

    • sbranch says:

      Where are you Rebecca?

      • Rebecca W says:

        Good Afternoon, I live in Aurora, CO and if you are looking for Scotland recommendation, I lived in-family with the McMillans in their castle – Finlaystone (nearest large city would be Glasgow). The castle is on the Clyde River. Here is the web address for your research. We met at the signing in Kansas City.

      • Nancy B says:

        She’s from Denver. I saw pictures of snow on the news from Wyoming. It will be triple digits here in Bakersfield for the next few days. Ugh. I’m so tired of the heat!

        • sbranch says:

          Wow. Seems very early for snow! Triple digits, yikes!

          • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

            it’s hot here to, upper 90’s most of this week, and looking at possible triple digits this weekend… who do we holler at to turn down the heat….. way down!!!

  4. Terry says:

    I’m Australian, but I feel your pain on this day, but I also feel the comfort you bring Susan..the shadows on the door, that intense look on your pet’s face, the reminder to treasure our loved one’s and our homes…all things good!x

  5. Wendy Louise says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyy Goodness !!!!!!!!!!!!!:). This is just what I needed on a day of quiet solitude. I too am filling my soul with the beauty that surrounds us. Keeping busy with keeping my nest feathered. You just know the right things to say to all of us and I am so grateful. You know, Love flows from a Grateful Heart. I know you and Joe had a magical walk this morning and filled your souls with the peaceful beauty around you, Lord knows you are surrounded by it on that wonderful Island ! Thank you Susan for your wonderful grace and inspiration. OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Wendy Louise 🙂

  6. Wendy Louise says:

    P.S. I just love the color of your studio ! It’s such a Happy color, for a Happy Girl ! 🙂

  7. Wendy Louise says:

    P.S.S. See you on the 28th. How about dinner at our house ? 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      You sweetheart! But we’re going to be on a leaf peeping trip and on our way north after the signing, meandering. xoxo

      • Wendy Louise says:

        OK, I understand completely,just thought I would try ! You two would be the bestest dinner guests in the whole, wide, World ! You’re gonna love Newburyport, High Street is amazing with all the Old Sea Captain homes. And you have to drive up Route1A through New Hampshire which is just a short drive along the ocean and go through to Route 1B New Castle to Portsmouth. New Castle is so old New England with so many old homes along the Piscataqua River. Oh Boy I could go on and on, I’m sure you have everything planned. Can’t wait to see you and wish you well ! xoxoxo

        • sbranch says:

          Thank you for all the lovely ideas, I printed it out to show Joe, the pathfinder!

        • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

          That’s my old stomping ground (10-15 years ago). I just found a book about the New England Seacoast from Gloucester to Kennebunkport. It lists all the historic sites along the way, including the history of the areas. I must go back someday and see what I didn’t see before. I ran the Great Island Race in 2001 in New Castle.

          • Chris Wells In Knickerbocker, W TX says:

            Just looked up that race! It’s in October and the pictures from the previous years were just beautiful. The trees turning color…oh my. I miss running so much, but a compressed disc in my back says no more. But I ran for 28 years, so I guess that should be enough! But I saw in one of the pictures a 65 and over club of runners! Good for them!

  8. Michele Perkins, So. Woodstock, Vermont says:

    Fall Greetings Susan!

    Isn’t Fall a fabulous time of year?! It is my favorite season, too. I was just reading your last post, went to get a cup of your Spring tea in one of my Emma Bridgewater mugs, and suddenly found today’s note! How perfect on such a sad day. We should all count our blessings and pray for peace.
    Summers are so fleeting here in New England and there are never enough hours in the day to do everything you’d like to do before Fall arrives. Your past posts have been so enjoyable and your upcoming trip to Scotland sounds divine! (Just purchased a new Vera Bradley bag for traveling, so am all set to hop on board with you and Joe and Petey!)
    All your photos have been so beautiful and cheerful. The one of your work room has been an inspiration as I have recently redone my tiny craft space and am in the throes of rearranging everything including one shelf that features several of your books including, of course, AFR!
    It is a cloudy and windy day here and perfect for decorating our house with all sorts of Fall favorites including your “Autumn” book. Don’t you just love it when the sky is a bright blue and the nights are crisp – a perfect time of year to be thinking of whipping up some wonderful comfort food for dinner!
    Many thanks, as usual, Susan for all your lovely posts. You are the Best!!
    Enjoy the Fall Season,

  9. Robyn Brown says:

    Your posts with the accompanying MUSICA are balm to the weary soul. I love “visiting” you and Joe and the kitties in your little corner of Paradise. It just makes me sit back and appreciate the small things, the best things of life. Thank you.

  10. Sarah Maldonado says:

    On this day especially, we remember our blessings and the simple, yet important things in our lives….family, home, nature, our fur babies. Thank you for reminding us in your post. Our thoughts and prayers remain with those who lost so much on that day and since in the fields of battle.
    I’ve always loved that poem by Florence Bone ever since the first time I saw it in one of your books. It, too, reminds us of our blessings and brings me peace to read it.

  11. Yes, we are blessed. The sweetness of your post today, Susan, is so significant. Thank you!

  12. Pat Stansel says:

    A very uplifting blog on this horrific Anniversary ! Thank you !! Counting your blessings really does make you realize the good things in life .

  13. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~ What a beautiful short and sweet post!~ We truly have so many blessings to be thankful for don’t we?~ A good day to take the simplest of things ~ like washing machines running~ mine too~ and count it as a blessing not a chore!~

  14. Denise S says:

    A very inspiring post. Good timing. Here in Minnesota it looks like summer with the lush green of an unusual evenly wet summer but the temperature is 48 right now so the windows are not open! It is for me also a day to keep away from the TV. The hammering of video images of the Sept 11 and other events can really be soul sucking. It is a very sound practice to take time to reorder your thinking and put life into perspective. Thanks for providing the written and visual images to inspire us to do so each in our own way! P E A C E

  15. Connie B says:

    A good reminder to, “Get busy living or get busy dying” (from the Shawshank Redemption) I have a couple of thank-you notes to write and thought I would print from your “free stuff” stationery…but alas, there were no autumnul papers available yet. Maybe I’ll wait to write them until they are posted. It’s going to be 88 here today in FL, but a girl can dream of autumn can’t she?

    Blessings, Connie B

  16. Sylvia in Seattle says:

    Such beautiful and soothing images in today’s blog post :-). Thank you Susan.

  17. Ann says:

    Well said, Susan. It is a beautiful day here in MD, just like it was 13 years ago. Life has changed so much for me since that day but I am blessed to have a beautiful home and two adorable collie dogs instead of adorable kitties. Time to take out my well worn copy of “Autumn”!

  18. Anne in Maine says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful post Susan. We always need to remember that horrible day but I too, will remember it in my own way. It’s another day to give thanks to our Fire, Police and the military all who sacrifice so much so that we can enjoy the lives we live. One of my sons is a firefighter and the other was in the Air Force, enlisting after that awful day. Love that poem about the small house! I just noticed the color of your office. It’s the same as the color in my office. I get many compliments on the color. It’s a happy color. Enjoy your day. I’m going to do my fall decorating this weekend. It’s my favorite time of year!

  19. Laurie Walt says:

    Feeling blessed and full of gratitude!

    • suzanne fischer says:

      Dear Susan: I was watching “Toy Wife” too and avoiding the news. I was knitting and admiring the lovely dresses. I have a new (to me) rescue dog, a pembroke corgi and she is a gem. She is a tricolor, born on St. Patrick’s Day and her gaelic name is Keva. I love the little dog waiting at the door in your blog today. You DO find the special things in life and counting blessings is one of them.

  20. Good Afternoon ~ nearly evening ~ from The Shire, where I’m wondering and pondering all things Autumn ~~~

    Spent this afternoon stalking seed heads up and down the drive and stomping {as best a stomp as can be managed with a bad back} through the crisply, crunchy fallen leaves ~~~

    Just meandered off to the Best of British link which took me to their Facebook page where, bless their hearts, they sell the iconic Jammie Dodgers! Scrolling down to lots of Easter Eggs too ~~~ are we allowed to say “Marmite”? I’ll bet you have a brilliant time in that shop that weekend.

    I now have a lovely photograph of you and my friend {she knows who she is}, at one of last year’s events, sitting on my mantel. She wanted to cheer me up as I’m feeling so down with my back, and also send me something really extra special as I missed out on the book signing tour last year. Isn’t that really amazingly thoughtful and sweet? She really is a lovely person. I’m so chuffed to have you both on my mantel! 🙂

    ~~~waving~~~ from Across The Pond ~~~ Deb in Wales xoxo

  21. Chick Voice says:

    Thanks Susan. This is just what I needed today. It’s gloomy and chilly in Denver today. Your post brought some warmth.

  22. peg says:

    Such a lovely post, Susan!!! It is a day for quiet and immersing oneself into a project. We, too, are looking to pull out our autumn treasures this weekend. No nip in the air here…but, the good news is that the humidity has lifted! I savor every moment of this season. I’m ready to bake Ginger Crisps & make a large pot of beef stew. Most of all, I’m ready for flannel shirt weather. Today, I’m wrapping up the Autumn books for the Ladies Who Lunch Society….another birthday & luncheon to look forward to! Wishing you crisp, cool afternoons with pretty skies and wood smoke in the air. ♥ xo peg

  23. sondra fox says:

    Susan, dear Susan…….you are such a blessing to all of us. Your “Reasons for Living” painting of the house, is one I’d love to be able to copy for a wall hanging. Just beautiful. So thoughtful & creative. I think one of the reasons for living should be YOU, & your blog. I’m about to go out into the world to places unknown to me, just on a two week trip, but I’m missing my wonderful peaceful home already. I wish I could tell all the families who have endured the pain of 9/11, & are living their lives without the loved ones they’ve lost, that I’m praying for them today, & always. A huge, big “thank you” to all the service people, all around the world, in their attempt to keep us all safe from harm. Peace, wonderful peace, to all of us. (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

  24. Barbara from MA says:

    This morning I was driving on the Mass Turnpike and when the radio announced the moment of silence for the 911 fallen heroes, several cars pulled over in the breakdown lane and starting waving American flags. It was sooo moving. We will never forget….

  25. Diana from Ancaster says:

    yes, Susan…….
    today we pause and remember and to “Love our Neighbour as Yourself”

    thank you for this post.

  26. Hi Susan,
    Ahhh… the riches of your heart are a comfort to the soul! 🙂

    “May you always have walls for the winds,
    a roof for the rain,
    tea beside the fire,
    laughter to cheer you,
    those you love near you,
    and all your heart might desire.”
    ~Irish Blessing

    Love & peace,
    Bunny <

  27. Carol Maurer~~~~ Kennewick, Wa says:

    Blessings to you too, Susan~~~ I just got back from my morning walk. I was wearing my jeans and a long sleeved top but had to go back inside to retrieve a light sweater. My hands ended up being soooo cold and the whole time I was wishing that I had some kleenix. I was really getting tired of sniffing, haha. Next time I’ll know. I really should have known as it was down in the 30s last night, but, hey, it’s almost 10:30. Usually too hot to go for a walk. The trees are starting to turn their leaves a beautiful fall color! I love my walks!

    Jack really looked as though he wanted to go outside. Those BIG ROUND eyes of his are so adoreable!

    A couple days ago, we ventured to a small town where the Oregon Trail had gone through. I’ve been wanting to do this for a year now. Everytime we would pass by the sign that reads “Oregon Trail site”. We did find the actual trail and took a few pictures. If you saw it without any signs to let you know, you wouldn’t have realized that it was the trail. No ruts were to be had, but the layout was right with no vegatation growing on it. I am always amazed that 150-200 years later, you can see the trail with deep ruts in most places. And to know that where we were the landscape hadn’t changed much in all that time. We do plan on touring the trail sites again beginning in Oregon at it’s end to at least Wyoming. BUT, this time we will go in late May when the weather is warmer. Last time many years ago, we went in April and froze you know what off!

    Take care Susan and all girlfriends!

    Carol M

  28. Marianne in Mo. says:

    A great post today. I too don’t need to see the towers fall again, it’s imprinted on my brain forever. I tear up at the thought of that day, guess I always will. By I am thankful each day for my family – daughters, son-in-laws, three grandsons and a precious granddaughter, as well as the rest of our tribe. Thankful to wake each day, no matter the weather, grateful for our home and neighbors, who truly look out for each other. Most thankful that you chose to awaken our blessings on this day! That’s why we love you!

  29. Debbie says:

    Thank you for a lovely & thoughtful post. Like you, I just can’t bear to look at those images and re-live that horror. At the time, I lived in a small town in the Catskills and we were hard hit that day. A few days later, I was down there as a part of a team doing crisis intervention for the Red Cross. On this day, I prefer to focus on blessings and all that is good in this wonderful world. I’ve been enjoying your Autumn book very much!

  30. Ellen Eastman says:

    Thanks, Susan. Be thankful – every night thank the One you pray to for all the blessings of the day no matter how small.

  31. Teresa says:

    Susan, Thank you for your post this morning! I love this time of year also! Yes, sad memories, yet lots more happy ones! I have been purposely naming simple things I am grateful for! And yes, every day is a miracle, a gift! I am so excited to put out all my fall decorations! I already put out my fall flag! I wish you could see my beautiful maple tree! The ends of the branches are beginning to turn! It just makes my heart so happy to watch it slowly put on a beautiful new dress!
    Happiness to you! Teresa

  32. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    Love, love your inspiration house at the beginning of this blog. Hugs and blessings to you, Joe, Daddy Jack, Jeannie, Mom, and all the girlfriends. I am grateful for you all. I didn’t “know” you 13 years ago, Susan, but I wish I had. I truey believe that you are a gentle healer of tired, discouraged, ragged souls. How fortunate that we have all found one another.

  33. Robyn Genau says:

    Dear Susan,
    I agree about not watching the towers fall on television. Spent the day remembering. Got busy and canned the last of my tomatoes before the frost takes them. I can’t stand for even one to go to waste.

  34. Julie says:

    Thank you for the comforting cheer with beautiful poetry. I’m inspired me to seek joy and gratitude now for the rest of the day.

    By the way, I started reading Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge, my first taste of Gladys Taber’s writing, which you introduced me to. Thank you. It’s a slow read, but that’s not always a negative thing, I’m discovering. :^)

    I bought the book on Ebay, and the original author’s name and address was on the inside cover. The seller found the book at a recent estate sale. I was able to look up lots of info online on the gentleman who once owned it. I saw his kindly face and even got to see pictures inside and out of the little house he lived in when he had the book in the 50’s. Lots of little details about his life unfolded and I rather think of him as a friend, now. I even pray for his wife and family who lost their dear one this year. It was very sweet, the whole learning about him…..

  35. Julie says:

    I meant to say the original owner of the book, not the author!…Goodness sakes! lol.

  36. Penny Harrison from Oceanside, CA says:

    Thank you for your blog today – a bittersweet day of remembrance – family, furry family, and home – the greatest of blessings!

  37. Debbie P. ~ Weedsport, NY says:

    I have just a few minutes before my little cherubs wake from their nap…just enough time to tell you THANK YOU for the sweetness you bring to our troubled world. I, too, have to be my own chaperone as well as chaperone for the children I care for and I have honored this day by playing, giggling, hugging and telling them how much I love them. Children are perfect role models for living in the moment and at this moment, I feel blessed and ever so grateful for my home, my family, my work, my gardens, my friends and for a peaceful heart.
    Pray, Love, Remember. Perfect words for today. God Bless you, Susan.
    PS: Your studio is so full of LIFE and CREATIVITY! Love the photo!

  38. Lori C. says:

    Loved the “shots” of you on PBS – you’re practically a Movie Star!!!!

  39. Vickie Getty (Little Rock, AR) says:

    I think none of us will ever forget that day 13 years ago. Skies of blue and the crisp autumn air, and then the world stopped. Thank you for your comforting words, beautiful pictures, and for all the hard work you do on your beautiful blog. If nothing else would have cheered me today, the pics of Jack and Girl Kitty sure did!

  40. Ritchie Saunders says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post to keep us all focused on the real world.
    Today is one of my Grand Daughter’s 23rd birthday and my youngest grandson’s 2nd! Isn’t that fun that as cousins they share a birthday? When 9-11 happened she was the editor of her school newspaper and wrote an editorial regarding how it felt to have her birthday that day. It was very inspiring and I always read it on 9-11, especially since she was only 10. She’s now a graduate of American University and working in DC for a non-profit organization that helps women and children being brought here illegally. So proud of her! Feeling very blessed to have 7 wonderful grandchildren and beat the big “C” last year – 56th anniversary on Saturday. At 78 what more could we ask for! You set an example for all of us!
    XOXO Ritchie Saunders Pacific Palisades CA

  41. Christina Breid, Bucks County, Pa says:

    Thank you for a beautiful post on this horrific anniversary. We all honor those that died in our own special way. I am going to visit our little neighbor, William, who was born on Sept. 11th for his birthday and that’s how I choose to remember this day.
    Pray. Love. Remember this truly says it all.

  42. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Congratulations on your PBS appearance….you look so nice in your outfit!!!! Your post is so perfect for the crisp September weather today! Please, please, please tell me the name of the color on your workroom walls. I love that shade of paint. It makes me smile, and I’m a lover of all that is peach, though that is a rich apricot color and would look lovely in our cozy bungalow. Your white trim and curtains makes it pop, and looks beautiful!!! Thank you for the uplifting post!!! (Can’t wait to show Jack’s most recent photo to my son Steven. He finally graduated from college this summer, and now is in his third week of working a 40 hour week as an Ophthalmic Technician, the real world is now upon him! He’s so blessed to have found employment so soon after completing his studies.) Have a fantastic Friday and super weekend Susan!!!!!!

    • sbranch says:

      Carilyn, I’m so sorry, I knew someone would ask and I neglected to write down the name of that paint color! At least I haven’t been able to find it yet. If I do, I’ll be sure to post it. Normally I try to hold on to such things, so I’m wondering where it could be! Happy Friday to you too!

  43. Carrie in Medina says:

    Wonderful, wonderful post! Thank you so very much for pointing out the positives, the delightful things we are still surrounded by! Lovely things to dream about; lovely things to look forward to. Thank you!

  44. Lovely and wonderful thoughts, as always! I choose to focus on good today, not sadness. I don’t need 50 pics of the towers on my FB feed to help me remember. How could I ever forget? So I will be doing laundry too, and I hope to get outside – it’s a high of 77 here today in Tennessee. That’s miraculous! 🙂

  45. Mary from Ipswich MA says:

    A good reminder to have gratitude for the simple things in life on a day that brings such sad memories. There is a lot of good in the world and we have to keep sharing the good. I always love the pics of Jack and Girl. Glad to know I’m not the only one who has a kitty that loves the tablecloth on my dining room table.
    I live a couple miles from Newburyport and am really looking forward to your visit. I did a happy dance to end all happy dances when I heard you were coming.
    Blessings everyone!

  46. Rosanna says:

    Thank you for the simplicity of your thoughts – and for the wonderful photos – of things that we need to notice – like the shadows of leaves on the door, etc.
    Coming to your blog is in some ways like meditation – only the good thoughts are allowed in – that is the way life should be.
    Thank you.

  47. Beautiful post. I might try to print that wonderful ‘prayer for a little home’ piece … so perfect!

  48. Rosanna says:

    And how I wish my PBS station had YOU as one of their helpers during fund raising! I’d donate twice just to get your ‘stuff’! 🙂 Well, and not to mention that you are far more interesting than some of these other people they ‘enlist’ for the cause – and those people manning the phone bank for you – they looked absolutely HAPPY – which is something that I don’t notice on other PBS fund raisers………..of course those others have someone droning on about finance or eating a weird diet – so that might be the reason for the sour faces, 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      It’s a tough job! I think they should get comedians to do it — I’m sure they’d volunteer just for the exposure. Or a craft person, who showed people how to do things. Our people manning the phone were really adorable I have to say. Fun between breaks.

      • Rosanna says:

        Oh I don’t doubt that it is a tough job – not something I’d volunteer for! As for the phone bank people being so adorable as you say – I’m sure they were just picking up on the ‘vibes’ they got from you!
        It really is all about who you ‘associate’ with – if you want to be happy – be with happy people. If you want to be depressing – so somewhere away from me – I don’t want to know about it! 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          LOL Rosanna!

          • Pat Mofjeld of Minnesota says:

            Well, it is a good thing the world is full of a lot of different people, is all I can say. I have a friend who is in the middle of making some tough decisions about her elderly ill father and I am happy to be her “listening board” as I know she needs to talk it out. I have another friend who is dealing with a malignant brain tumor and her life is not exactly “rosey” right now and I try to be supportive of her, too, as I know she needs to vent and talk about her situation. How empty my life would be if I turned away from them because they are both at a low place in their lives right now–and I feel blessed to be able to help in the little way I can by listening to them. So, those of you who want to only surround yourself with cheery happy people can do it but I will always be there for friends whether their lives are “uppers” or “downers” at the time…

          • sbranch says:

            Oh Pat, I don’t think that’s what anyone means. In fact I know our Girlfriends are there for the ones they love. But there are lots of perfectly healthy negative influences in the world, I think that’s what we’re talking about.

          • Chris Wells In Knickerbocker, W TX says:

            I have wondered about Sandy so many times. I keep her in my prayers. Please let her know we miss her on this blog and that we keep her in our hearts! Always.

          • Pat Mofjeld of Minnesota says:

            Chris, Sandy just told me the other day that she was thinking of writing in an update. I’ll tell her you asked–that was nice of you to comment and to be thinking about her and praying for her… prayers DO help… 🙂

  49. Linda Pintarell says:

    Beautifully said, Susan. Thank you. It’s still warm and balmy in Southern Califonria…no sign of fall as yet. No rain whatsoever. Something we need very desparately. Sending love, hugs and prayers to everyone for a day filled with happiness and joy.

  50. Trudy says:

    Although I’m not living in America,this day has changed my life 13 years ago.
    My husband,his sister and I were on holiday in Northumberland/England when we heard this terrible news. That day we visit a doctor because my husband wasn’t very well.We got the bad news about his illness and a few weeks later that it was terribly wrong.
    Like your drawing of the house with the words and lovely how Jack is looking in the window.
    Thanks for this post.
    Trudy from Holland

    • sbranch says:

      I love that it was wrong. It must have been a difficult few weeks.

      • Trudy says:

        Sorry Susan??
        I think your comment isn’t quit right?–I love that it was wrong-you said.Or is my English not good enough to understand what you are saying?

        Had askes your book-A fine romance for my birthday soon.

        a sunny weekend

        • sbranch says:

          I was just happy to hear the bad diagnosis turned out wrong . . . I hope that’s what you meant! xoxo

          • Trudy says:

            Oh,so.It isn’t important any more-my husband died 11 months later- the news was wrong in the way is was bad news.-his type of leucemia was untreateble.
            But please-don’t bother about this misunderstanding!!! I can laugh about this,so please do too!!!
            This weekend it’s my birthday and I hope to receive your book A fine Romance as a gift from my family.
            Enjoy life and count your blessings!

          • sbranch says:

            Oh my dear, I’m so sorry! That was a very bad misunderstanding! I’m really sorry, but I DO wish you a very happy Birthday! Hopefully you are really having a birthday! 🙂 Counting my blessings dear Trudy!

  51. You never disappoint, Susan, you never do. If there were an election for Fabulous Woman of the Year, you’d have my vote. I get lost in your photos of your beautiful home – the decor is stunning and so British feeling. Love love love…

  52. Susan,
    I have thought you were retired until a fellow blogger shared her meeting with you and GIRLFRIENDS last year for a book signing and lunch.
    I’m so happy to have found your blog, a little dose of happiness each time you publish.

  53. Ann Jane Koerber says:

    Before commenting on your very welcome blog, I had to make a cup of tea, take a deep breath and, yes, count my blessings! I’m truly blessed to have a wonderful husband, daughter, son, their spouses, and three beautiful, perfect grandchildren. I feel doubly blessed to have my wonderful friends and you, Susan Branch…….because your blogs make me feel good, make me smile, make me realize just how simple and good life is……thank you, thank you! OMG, I love the pictures of Jack and Girl Kitty………..they are just soooooo cute! xoxo

  54. Nancy says:

    A wonderful surprise on this gloomy day….love, love Jack in the window and Girl Kitty on the dining room table.

  55. Nancy says:

    A wonderful surprise on this gloomy day….love, love Jack in the window and Girl Kitty on the dining room table.

  56. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Joining the others in thanking you for this simple and beautiful post today!

  57. SusanA says:

    Hi, Susan. I LOVED the photo of your office! I wish I could enlarge it to life-size so I could touch each item and ooh and ahh over every one. What a lovely place to create!

  58. Lynnie says:

    love love love your studio – I would never leave it! And the color on the walls!! Yummmm! Thanks for sharing it – I needed something lovely today, and your post provided it. My tuxedo cat, Tux, says hello to Jack and Girl!

  59. Thank you for the heartfelt post today, Susan. It was much needed and very appreciated. We have so very many blessings for which I am grateful. Thank you for reminding us of the important things in life. God bless you!

  60. Ruthie P says:

    Just knowing you,Joe and those precious,precious kitties are in this world makes things so right. You are such a comfort.Thank you Susan.XOXO Ruthie

  61. Vickie in Olympia says:

    There will always be evil in the world. It is up to each one of us to make sure that love and happiness are shared to overwhelm it. You do an outstanding job at both.
    Thank you for the picture of your work space. I could be creative there too! Are the walls a melon-ish color? I read once that pink inspires creativity. Do I have the guts to paint my room pink? Not yet, soon, but not yet. 🙂

  62. Jane Franks says:

    I’m with you! Getting ready for our art show in October, enjoying cooler weather, and then your lovely blog. Virtually hugging the kitties! Counting our blessings and praying for others. Good success on the book! Looking forward to it!

  63. Denise W. Jose says:

    Once again a wonderful blog. Thank you for all the fall inspiration on this dreary day in Central NY. Definitely better than the news programs today. Do not need the reminders of sad days.
    I was driving down to Long Island to see my Dad that Sept 11 and got almost to NY city before heard the news and had to turn back to home after driving 5 Hrs.

  64. Pamela C Betz says:

    Oh Susan– I showed your work room to my husband. It looks just like mine, only a sewing machine is center stage. I always tell him I get more done because I don’t put it all away. Even if I just have a few minutes I can go right back to where I left off. Life is good!

  65. pat addison ( cave junction,OR) says:

    good afternoon Susan and girlfriends. what a wonderful way to celebrate this sad day, not with tears or sad memories but by counting our blessings and appreciating what we have now, our homes, and families and good friends and neighbors. or as the old groaner would have said, ” when I lay my head down to go to sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep.” from White Christmas. like you I don’t need to see the towers fall, I remember all too well that day. I was in San Diego, a newlywed Navy wife and I watched my husband scramble out the front door and to the base and I didn’t know if he would come home or not that night and I knew it meant deployments, long ones for the guys. it was so eerie to be in a city where it was bustling 24/7 and to have everything come to stop, not a person or car out anywhere, neighbors holed up in their homes watching the news as it happened and military jets and choppers patrolling the skies, no civilian aircraft anywhere just military. it was eerie and frightening. I remember, and I remember grabbing our flag and going out to the front porch and putting it up, I did not care what anyone thought, but I was showing my colors and I was praying that my husband would come home that night. well it was a long day like it was for everyone and yes my hubby came home, but he was so hurt and so angry, it was understandable, but it was so frightening. today our flag flies, hubby is out of the navy and I must have spent half the day already chasing turkeys back into the yard and keeping them away from my clothesline, not to mention chasing a wayward goose back into the pen, how she got out I haven’t a clue. its a warm day here, chilly morning but its warmer now, so I have iced tea in the fridge and I am trying to round up the cats for their flea treatments… I’d say that’s a pretty busy day so far. the younger turkeys think they can go anywhere and do anything and I won’t catch them… I have had practice from the first 2 turkeys, and lots of training chasing ducks and chickens back into the pen… I think I can handle 3 youngsters any day. 😉 well it’s time to get back to the chores, time to fold the laundry and put it all away and get busy on fixing dinner… pot pies tonight I have too many leftovers in that fridge. can’t think of a better way to get rid of some of them. and yes I am counting my blessings, and hoping that things will go smoothly the rest of the day… I think I got my workout in for the day… LOL!!!! have a great day everyone, God Bless the USA!!!! 🙂

  66. Judy H in FL says:

    Susan, you are right. I don’t need to see those images replayed on TV because they are imbedded in my brain. The horror stayed with me a long time and with time it has lessened but I will never, never forget. I agree with Robyn …your messages are “balm for the weary soul” and like Connie B this Florida girl is anxiously waiting for cooler weather to come too. I peek out the door each morning and say “Are you here yet?”
    Love and peace to all of you.

  67. Ella says:

    You, dear Susan, have a beautiful soul……

    • sbranch says:

      That’s a lovely thing to say, thank you Ella. Some of my days are better than others! 🙂

      • Rhonda D. says:

        You give me something to dream about, to inspire me, to keep me sane when my days aren’t so good, to keep me reaching for the stars, to remind me that life is worth living and there is more good than bad, to keep my heart in the right place, to stretch me, to keep my creative juices flowing, to help me never give up. You have made such a difference in my life. I am so looking forward to your new book coming out. It will be a jewel to hold in my hands. God bless you Susan Branch, your country and all who live there. xo

  68. Cindy C. says:

    Mine three 🙂 I also am washing clothes this sunny afternoon in San Diego. It has been a stressful week and I just wanted to share the joy my heart has filled with, seeing a new post up. I actually think it skipped a beat 😀 You have no idea the inspiration, whimsy, and much needed respite that my mind and spirit need right now and reading your blog always saves the day for me…

    Your photos are lovely and your musical choices always fill my breezy room. Thank you for bringing beautiful New England over to me year round here. I feel like I reside in two of my most favorite places at once when I connect with you. You are absolutely the best girlfriend I’ve ever had <3 Sincerely, Cindy C.

  69. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Golly, thanks, we needed this!! xo ♥ xo

  70. nanette from alabama says:

    Thank you for the comfort you shared with us today. I wouldn’t turn on my tv today or listen to any news. My heart was with all of the families who lost loved ones and I spent a quiet day hanging out my own clothes on the line, petting my little doggie for additional comfort, making soup, slicing oranges……..making home feel safer and softer……….and saying prayers for all of those most affected by the events on Sept 11 that rocked our world………..Thank you, Susan, for your sweetness and goodness……’s SO easy to see why all the girlfriends love you!

  71. Mary Hobart says:

    Hi Susan,
    Totally off the subject of your lovely blog, but have you ever read “Caleb’s Crossing” by Geraldine Brooks? Really think you would enjoy it-just started reading it myself. Inspired by a true story and set in Martha’s Vineyard in 1660. Also, Ms. Brooks lives on the Vineyard.

  72. AngieTink says:

    ♥ ♥ ♥ Hello Sweet Sue…This Blog~Post Is Like Getting A Huge Warm Hug From You To All Of Us…..Ahhhhhhhhhh (Hugggggggging Back) 🙂 Thank~You….On This Day…..Remembering….Keeping All The Families & Heroes In Our Prayers…..& Always Counting Our Blessings….God Bless Us Everyone! xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂 Amen!

  73. Maureen W says:

    Thanks for that lovely post . I feel better having read it ! Bless you .

  74. Gina P. from NY says:

    As always, you are so thoughtful and sensitive to what goes on in the world around us. If we can manage to bring beauty, love, and compassion into our every day lives, despite some of the unpleasant events that go on in the world, we are better for it. Thank you for brightening our days with your inspiration. 9/11 affected all of us. Being a New Yorker, it particularly hit home for me. Today at school, after the pledge was said, our Principal got on the PA system and made such an eloquent speech about how proud we should be to be Americans – how we should look out for each other – how we should care for our neighbors and do good for others – how on a day like today, we should be grateful for the freedoms we share as Americans. It was a lovely way to start the day. PEACE and LOVE to you Susan…

  75. Gail Buss says:

    Hi Susan, Guess I have a bit of a different take today 9/11………..we must never ever forget the horrible injustices that were done that day but also on 9/11 at Benghazi which was not that very long ago………2 years! The people who do these things are very very EVIL. Yes, we are tired of watching it on the anniversary but we do tend to forget a little the shock and horrific scenes of that day. When we see it all over again………..its like time has not passed and we must pray for the EVIL to stop for once and for all. It’s at times like this that I wish I was President of these United States of America (although most times I have no desire to be that). I would take care of it all for once and for all! I would be a very strong President and I would stand tall and get justice for all those who lost their lives on that day 13 years ago (and for their families) and also for the Benghazi victims. Let us not forget the Boston victims as well. I’m originally from NYC and cannot ever forget what they did to our neighbors, friends and fellow Americans. It could have been me or my family in those buildings. Innocent people who never hurt anyone. It’s a very special day to me and when I watch it all happening again I have a very firm resolve and I pray that we will see the day when justice will be served. May God Bless America……….land that I love with my heart and soul. Gail

  76. Chris Wells In Knickerbocker, W TX says:

    What a beautiful and touching post. Whenever I hear you say that most people in the world are good, I am reminded of the Anne Frank quote, “in spite of everything I really believe that people are good at heart.” And they are! We just hear more about the evil. So with that thought, my son sent me an article about the last living rescue dog from 9/11. A Golden Retriever named Bretagne, 15 years old, and her owner/ handler Denise Corliss. I think they were on NBC, the Today Show. It was a very touching and sweet story. I am sure you can google it. It was a beautiful day here with much anticipation of rain and cooler temps. Come on Fall….I am so ready. The prayer for a little home is one of my favorites! And I must ask, in the “inspiration to go on living”….at the very end…..doggies at the door….it must be Iris!
    Thanks again Susan for being you and for caring about all of us,

  77. Donna H says:

    Susan, you have the sweetest friends! I had a bit of a cry reading all the comments.
    Thank you everyone!

  78. Jeannette from the CA coast says:

    My youngest granddaughter was over after school today. She turned 13 a month ago. Something came on TV about a remembrance activity at our local fire station. Then, the newscaster said…”thirteen years ago today…” and it dawned on me that Paris was only a month old when 9/11 happened! I asked her if they talked about it in school today…yes, they had.Our remembrance of that awful day must be shared with those who didn’t see or feel what we did. I loved your post today and I spent the day without watching it again too. Prayers for the families who lost loved ones and to our courageous first responders!

  79. mary spring says:

    …good morning, BFF(‘s).. what a thoughtfully, heartfelt post… yes, yesterday was a tragic that would freeze one’s steps..but my reason for living is for being with my family and friends tho and to love my freedom…’had to tell you that my daughters brought me to your island yesterday…because of you, it felt like home… we got on the ferry at woods hole, saw the church steeple as we approached vineyard haven, and stopped at all the places you had mentioned before.. and told them of the book you are writing now.. my daughters said “let’s stop for tea !!..she sounds like your BFF !!…I told them that you have a lot of Bffs and smiled !!…thanks Susan for all that you do !!.. with love, as always

    • sbranch says:

      How great, you got to see the island. I love that Mary! It was a beautiful day wasn’t it. It is again this morning, clear, bright and just a little chill in the air. Tell your daughters I said Hello! xoxo Have fun!

  80. Ginette Wheeler says:

    Dear Susan…Thank you! Thank you for reminding me of all the good and wonderful things in life! In the last couple of years I’ve been turning to stone; cold, mean, angry, bitter. I’ve been literally cursing everyday, waking each morning cursing my lot in life, complaining about every little thing! I never use to be like that REALLY, I use to be a lot like you. I love the quote, “surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious”. I knew I was heading down a dark path but I lacked the motivation to change, I actually convinced myself that I was finally growing up and facing the world as it truly was, that I needed to stop looking at life through rose colored glasses, stop making my silly little crafts, painting pictures that had no use but to waste paper and time, face the fact that I was the only person I knew who went over broad at every holiday. No one around me is like me or shares my naive simple little joys, my friends and family roll their eyes at my enthusiasm and often make comments that I’m a silly amusing fool. HA! a few days ago I discovered your blog and realized I just needed better people in my life! I’ve read every post, obsessing, hungry to embrace the pure joy, the love – it really is like getting a hug from each entry. You call us “girlfriends” and I’m tearful thinking I could have a friend as sweet as you, that someone like you could be in my life! And all these wonderful women (and men. I was tickled to realize I share your Dad’s birthday!) who join in and leave such thoughtful and loving comments, they’re the icing on the cake. What a wonderful community to come to, thank you for letting me – your positive outlook is washing over me and giving me so much to look forward to, what a blessing you truly are.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m so happy you’re here! The world needs you! Be sure you are feeding yourself from the well of sweetness! I’m sure, despite what you see, the people around you bathe in your light. Never change. Go. Be. Love. that’s for you xoxo.

  81. Connie Rose Woehler says:

    What a beautiful post! Love, love, love “Counting Our Blessings” and love seeing your office! I have all of your books spread on various bookshelves throughout my house and it makes everything so homey and so sweet! Am rereading “Autumn” and with the changing sky’s here in southern Indiana yesterday, it’s the perfect book! Your little book “Halloween” is replacing the little book “Gardens” on my kitchen windowsill. Love those little books too! I have 13 of them. Don’t know how many were published but I’ve tried to collect them all. Thanks again for the post and for the music and for all the inspiration you send our way!

    • sbranch says:

      You must be close to having them all . . . I’m not even sure how many we did, but that’s amazing. They are so hard to find! Thanks for being here Connie!

    • Tawni urrutia says:

      Oh Connie Rose…I’m so jealous I think I’m blushing green! For years I’ve searched everywhere for Susan’s little Halloween book, no luck(yet)! Enjoy your day!
      Tawni Urrutia

  82. Kimberly A. .....Simsbury CT. says:

    Thank you for being such a lovely writer! My Daughter is now reading a Fine Romance and is in LOVE with! I can not wait to read it again! Hope you have a wonderful day! <3

  83. Lynnie says:

    I just had to look at the pictures again this morning and saw Jack’s eyes were dilated – and lo and behold, there is a squirrel in the bush in front of him!!! Clever Jack!

  84. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Had to wipe away tears before I could see this screen, after rereading your beautiful blog (I too love the colors in your studio – happy colors!) & all the comments! Love starting my mornings sitting here with my coffee & visiting with you all! Heartfelt thank you! God Bless You Everyone! xoxo P.S. 99 deg. here but maybe putting out the fall décor will cool it down?!!

  85. Carol on the farm in Iowa says:

    I was watching Toy Wife on TCM the same time you were! Did you sense me there? LOL!

  86. patti says:

    Hi Susan, It’s been awhile. We had a really rough summer. A lot of painful losses and I just couldn’t read your blog, but for some reason today I could. I just wanted to share with you what I did yesterday. For some silly reason this past spring I applied to a culinary arts college in Chicago. Well that started the ball rolling, long story short I was accepted and I’m starting culinary arts on October 1st. OMG so yesterday my wonderful husband took me downtown to get my uniforms that have my name embroidered on them “Patricia Frain”. So now I guess I am going to learn how to get paid for what I have been doing for 35 years for free, cooking 🙂 I am so excited, I start to cry every time I walk into that beautiful school and see those beautiful kitchens with those massive stoves and ovens. It has been my dream for so long, but I have been raising kids (4) and their college educations came first. Well my amazing husband said to me, “Patti, if not now, when???” So he’s right and he is sending me to the best. He said if the kids got the best so do you. I came up with every excuse you could think of for why not and he shot it down with, (and he keeps saying it) “If not now, when???” So he is going to drive me down there everyday and pick me up. That was excuse #3 or #4, “How will I get there??” He is just the best man I have ever had the blessing to know and love. We just celebrated our 35 wedding anniversary. My kids are so happy for me. I can hardly wait, I just hope I don’t cut off my hand. Those knives they gave me look soooo sharp. Well I just had to share my good new with you. Thank you, Miss Susan for being there when I needed you to get some inspiration. Oh I’m Italian too, so my little grandmama is probably smiling down at me.

    • sbranch says:

      HOW EXCITING, PATTI!!! That is truly thrilling news, good for you! I love your wonderful husband! You are setting a great example for everyone around you — no wonder your kids are so proud. You are going to be great ~ it will wake up all your senses and be scary and exciting and fulfilling all at the same time. Let us know how it goes!

      • patti says:

        I will be sure to share all of the exciting details. Today I went downtown to get my chef pants. I just keep trying them on and going to the school’s website, I’m so excited I can’t even tell you. I also have passion for writing and so now I think I know what I’m going to do. I’ll write a cookbook. But maybe I’ll just start school for now. It’s so good to have this in my life <3

      • Wendy Louise says:

        I wanna know Patti how it goes too ! That is so wonderful, I am so happy for you. Thanks for the wonderful example you bestow on all of us ! oxox Wendy-Louise

      • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

        Congratulations you lucky lady… oh I am so “pea green with envy” I would give my lucky silver dollar to be in your shoes about now. good luck with culinary school, and come around and share some recipes, tips and techniques with all of us. congratulations.

    • Debbie P. ~ Weedsport, NY says:

      I love stories like yours, Patti! A couple of weeks ago, a few of my girlfriends and I got together for a “porch” night. Some of us are contemplating retirement soon from our long-time careers and wondering what we will find to do. We came to the conclusion that the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!
      So happy for you!

  87. Barbara Mentzer says:

    Love the inspiration house! A wonderful idea! Your musica is always appreciated. Those songs from my parents era. My Mom and Dad met before Dad left for WWII. They wrote letters while he served in Europe with the 69th Infantry Division. He was a medical technician. They married when he returned and were together one month shy of 60 years when Mom passed away. I have all the letters that he saved from Mom and his family.

  88. Thank you for a lovely post. Seeing Jack and Girl Kitty always makes my day.

  89. Kathie says:

    Thank you for that post. We needed that. We’re waiting for frost, now, after such a LONG HOT SUMMER (be still my heart – Paul Newman and JoAnn Woodward). Everything is blooming its little heart out, if it’s in bloom; or growing as fast and big as it can, if it’s fruit or veggie. Soon to be harvested in time for the leaves to turn; all gathered into the cellar and the porch to dry, harden……ripen some more. All ready for warm, steamy suppers by a wood fire while, outside, the dark season turns and turns toward…… Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving………Christmas! And after that, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, etc., etc., etc. And when there’s a lull in “Looking Forwards”, make one up……. Yup, life is looking forward, if we can, as often as we can….to the next best thing in the road. In between, the ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living), i.e., fresh line dry sheets, homemade jam, a good movie….keep our hearts in shape, to love each moment we can, and each person we can, on the way. Keep safe and warm, Susan and Joe, while the world spins out its colors…..

  90. Margot in Virginia Beach says:

    Autumn is in the air up North, but not here. We are hot or rainy. Arnie and I are still looking for our little house to retire to.
    I wish I could get up to Newburyport, but I have to go to a church 25th anniversary dinner in Wmsburg.
    God Bless America!!!

  91. Pam says:

    Oh Susan,
    What a beautiful blog post. You are always such an inspiration.
    Have a happy weekend!!

  92. Marian Yeckinevich says:

    Thank you Susan for taking the time to connect with all of us on the anniversary of that horrific day. You touch so many lives and hearts and make the world a better and happier place for all of us. Thank you to all the women who commented and shared their thoughts and love with all ofus. It is wonderful to be a part of such beautiful part of this world. I love reading about the lives of such lovely women and can only imagine what it would be like to know them in real life.
    In spite of everything “life is good”.

  93. Stephen says:

    Is your drawing of A PRAYER FOR A LITTLE HOUSE in one of your books or available in a print? Just love it (as I do all your drawings).
    Many thanks and have a fabulous Friday!

  94. Ruth Thomas says:

    Susan, you are so right. Images of that day will never be forgotten by those of us old enough to have seen the horrible images on television that day and the ones that followed. It is a time to hug our loved ones closer, make sure we have told everyone we love what they mean to us, and to enjoy our homes and the blessings of living in the good old United States. It is cooler here in Indiana now as well so I’m ready with the autumn decor. Thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts with us today. Just the thought of another book from you warms my heart. We all love you so much!

  95. Mary A. Brown says:

    I see Jack is working hard being adorable but Girl Kitty is really working herself to the bone! My Siamese, Kimberly, works hard like Girl holding down our tablecloth! Such an important job in case we lose gravity…. I spent 9/11 telling my freshmen students what it was like to live through it. They were infants! No cool down here in the great central valley of California. We are in the middle of September Sizzle…

  96. Vita Avanesian says:

    I can’t wait for the book signing in Santa Barbra! I was just in Ventura, Ca and saw cute little British shop on Main street, Love those British!!

  97. Janet Hundley - Grafton, WI says:

    Thanks Susan…

  98. Fan in California says:

    Thanks for sharing your very lovely — and relevant thoughts. And especially loved the photo of the sunset glowing through the windows of the neighbors (?) house . . . and Jack (with that ear!!) of course!!! Thanks again!!

  99. I don’t think there was a loving heart in the world that did not break on 9/11. The whole world changed on that day for everyone. It would never be same again. No longer are we innocent in quite the same way. I cannot bear to watch the films of it either as my heart breaks again each time at the horror and devastation of it all. My heart does swell though when I think of the strength and determination of the American people, their ability to rise above that which sought to knock them down. I really admire your American sense of patriotism and it is never more vibrant than when you are pushed to the wall.

    As a child I loved to travel to visit my American cousins, especially around the 4th of July. We never saw our Canadian flag being hung outside homes. I loved that most American homes had at least one in the garden. You don’t see many Union Jacks flying here either. I do so love the Union Jack. That is why I love watching the last night of the Proms, when everyone is waving a Union Jack and singing the old songs that stir us like Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory!

    I love all that you share with us about your lovely life Susan. It cheers my heart. Your work has been a part of all that’s delicious in my life for many, many years and your blog has been a delicious part of it since you first started it and I discovered it! Thanks so much for all that you share, the good, the bad and . . . the cats! Love the cats! (Cat is an ugly word here because of our crazy English cocker that goes ballistic at just the mention of the word, lol)

    Bring on the autumn! My favourite season of the year. Love it. Oh, I bought a copy of “A Fine Romance” for my beloved sister for Christmas. It does not have your lovely signature in it like mine does, but I so wanted to share this book that I love most of all, with my sister whom I love with all of my heart. I am sure it will bring her as much joy as it has done me and your other fans! xxoo

  100. Sue says:

    Hi Susan,

    Once again, you’ve gotten my Saturday off to a perfect start (although it’s tough to make myself wait until then to check your blog). Although — as always — I loved it all, the part that was particulary fun was your comment that you were doing laundry as you wrote it. One of my closest friends and I always seem to write our letters to each other while we’re doing laundry…so much so that we never declare a letter “official” unless there’s laundry in the works. LOL. I guess that makes your blog post “official” today. Only true girlfriends know this subtle little nuance, right?

    AND — you’ve created another convert. I’ve just acquired and read my first two Gladys Tabor books and loved them. Thanks for leading me to another joyful reading adventure. I’ll definitely be reading more of her works.

    BTW — enjoy fall. For several days the Houston weather folks have been talking about the “cold front” headed our way. It’s only 70 right now, with a high predicted in the upper 80s. To a Houston weather prognosticator, that qualifies! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Right now I am wearing two sweaters and a shawl! It’s chilly here on the island! Almost time to light a fire! This is official too — more laundry going!

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