Tomorrow is a big day, the day Blog Daddy turns 92 years young and this is his Birthday Card!  Happy Birthday Dad! Here’s some MUSICA just for you.

Birthday wishes


And here he was at the very beginning. John Patrick Stewart Jr.  Cutest little baby in the world.  I love his outfit! Such a sturdy little sitter!



See those itchy fingers? He can’t wait to get out of that contraption and into the garage where all the good stuff is kept!  I can just imagine how blue those eyes were.



These photos are from a page in my dad’s baby book, and that’s his dad’s handwriting at the top where it says, “Our darling baby.” 

birthday party

Dad, home from Iwo Jima

That’s Blog Daddy in Hawaii during the war . . . bottom row, second in from right side.  Looking like Frank Sinatra.  It’s still two years before he meets my mom. And I don’t get introduced to him until a couple of years after that.  



Fireworks for you dad!

Dad's Birthday

Here he is with the first four of his eight children in the backyard of “Smallville” on his 32nd birthday.


I hope you have a wonderful day, Dad, wishing you the very best Birthday . . . and here’s one last little thing, something I know you’ll want to sing along with . . . MUSICA

Love you dearly Dad!  Wish I was with you . . . but see you soon! XOXO

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  1. Christy says:

    Happy birthday, Mr. Stewart!!

    I absolutely marvel at the legacy your family has left…so many wonderful photographs and baby books and other memorabilia. We are so fortunate to have you, Susan, to share you legacy with us and to bring a little sunshine and happiness into our hectic days. Thank you!

  2. Megan Hyatt says:

    Happy Birthday, enjoy!

  3. Di Word says:

    Happy Birthday, Blog Daddy from The Lady in the Pink House and her corgi in Waco, Texas

    • Jack says:

      Cross over the Brazos at Waco

      • Jack says:

        We had a house when Sue was little that was a deep dark geranium color …. We put a 15 foot high Indian totem pole in back with wooden wings It was the main pole for the patio cover roof , that fanned out like a half of an umbrella over the brick BBQ . Was so great for parties!

  4. Vicki says:

    Oh, Blog Daddy, have a simply wonderful day on your birthday! My dad was born in 1923 and my mom a few months later in 1924. Dad was stationed at Schofield Barracks on Oahu in 1943 (Army) and got a pretty good tan at Waikiki Beach! Thank you for your service, all those years ago. You guys were too young to be having to worry over battle. I sure enjoy your comments here on the blog; you have a great sense of humor. You seem to be a man who’s had a lot of good love in your life, reflected in your smile and words!

    • Vicki says:

      PS: When my dad was working in Santa Monica, oh about the age of 29 or 30, he was frequently mistaken for William Holden. You Greatest Generation guys were the lookers!

      • Linda says:

        I agree–there was no handsomer man than my Father! How come guys are as handsome as they used to be….not as “manly”?

  5. Isabel says:

    Happy Birthday to Blog Daddy and hope you have many more. Susan is SO lucky to have you around to remember all the good old days growing up. From the pictures and stories, it looks like all your children had a wonderful childhood. And Susan, thank you again, for all that you do with your writing, encouragement and beautiful thoughts. I know all the “girlfriends” agree with me.

  6. Mia Sophia says:

    Happy Cake Day to the Birthday Boy
    John Patrick Stewart, Jr.

    Birthday cake and party favors
    Ice cream in your favorite flavors
    Lots and lots of fun each minute
    Hope that’s what your day has in it!

    Thank you for giving us the gift of Susan and your dedicated service to our country. I miss my daddy every day since he passed in 2005, at the age of 89. Don’t count the years…count the stars in the sky and your friends who stop by…Bless your heart! Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy 92nd birthday Blog Daddy! May all your birthday wishes come true. Loved seeing pics of you as a wee little one. Oh so adorable!

  8. Sylvia in Seattle says:

    Great to see this post and read the comments. Blog Daddy was a darling baby and a HUNK in his Uniform! My son’s birthday is the same day – a WWII buff who learned to fly and tells me lots of stuff that I love to hear about. I’ll be 81 Aug 7, so lots of celebrating going on. In my mail today was a gift from a friend of one of your books Susan — My Story. A Keepsake Book. I’ve vowed to fill it with goodies and pictures for my kids. You are such an inspiration. Thank you Jack! Thank you Susan! Very fun to have you for blog buddies.

    • sbranch says:

      Happy Birthday Sylvia . . . that book will be a treasure, but I know you know that. xoxo

    • Kathy Phenix says:

      Sylvia, we share a birthdate. I’ll be 70 on Aug 7th. Born the day after the first atom bomb attack. I don’t quite feel atomic anymore. Have a great day.

      • sbranch says:

        Happy Birthday to you too Kathy!

      • Sylvia in Seattle says:

        Happy B-day to you too Kathy. I’d forgotten about the proximity of birthday to the atom bomb drop 🙁 Where are you located?

        • Kathy Phenix says:

          Melbourne, FL. But I was born and raised in Connecticut. I did get to visit Hiroshima in the early 70’s and it was very impressive. I hate that we killed so many people but I believe it was the right thing to do to spare our military and end a horrible war.

  9. Gina P. from NY says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy!

    Susan, you are so lucky to still have your Daddy in your life! I miss mine so much everyday. My dad was a WWII Veteran also, Army Infantry, served in the South Pacific. Weren’t they so handsome in their uniforms? I wish your dad many more healthy and happy years ahead…

    Hope you are in the home stretch with the books Susan! It’s so nice to hear from you more often, we missed you!

  10. Carol Maurer~~~~ Kennewick, Wa says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on your special day, Blog Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cindy Tuning says:

    Wishing you the very best for your birthday Mr. Jack! What an adorable child you were. We were in Cottonwood and Sedona two weeks ago on our way to visit my daughter who is also in the Navy stationed in Hawaii. Thank you for your service sir and hope you enjoy your special day even if it’s just sitting on the porch to warm up in that beautiful part of the country.

  12. Liz says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy!! Have a wonderful day!

  13. Daricia says:

    Happy birthday to Blog Daddy! Love those precious photos. Thank you for sharing your dad and the rest of your family with us, Susan. Reading your posts never fails to make my day. ~*~

  14. Christie says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy! Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays!! And thank you for your service to our country. My Daddy is a WWII veteran as well, a Marine who served in the S. Pacific. Yours is a very special and honorable generation. Thank you!

  15. mari1017 says:

    Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday, Blog Daddy!!! I never would have guessed you were even close to 92 =:-O My mom turned 88 last week, so I know just how thankful Susan and your family and friends are that you are here to celebrate. Great pictures, great memories, great comments!!! And last but not least, thank you for your service! Birthday hugs -enjoy!!!

  16. ♫♬ Happy, Happy Birthday, Blog Daddy! ♬♫
    Ice cream cake sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your special day. It will be such fun to have a birthday party with your son and grandchildren! Thank you so much for your brave service to our country! We all love the great stories, helpful tips, and words of wisdom that you share with us! Hope you will receive one of the very first copies of ‘The Fairy Tale Girl’ very soon. That would be an extra-special gift for an extra-special dad! ♡
    Big birthday hugs!
    Dawn (in Illinois)

  17. Mary S. says:

    Happy Birthday to Blog Daddy! How handsome you are, and what a beautiful baby you were! Love from Mary S. in Fresno, CA

  18. How precious! I especially love the birthday cake photo, with the cake resting on your brother’s head 😀

  19. What great old photos! Don’t you just love them? My dad passed away last October and we went through a lot of old photos to show at his memorial service. They made us laugh and cry but it was great to have them all.

  20. Jo says:

    Happy Birthday, Jack, and may your “New Year” be a good one.
    And, thanks for your great daughter.

  21. Audrey by the sea. says:

    LOOK at your beautiful baby clothes, these pictures are fabulous.
    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy, I always love to see your name in Susan’s comments section.

  22. Jacquelyn (Jackie) -Bainbridge Island, WA says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Blog Daddy. Many happy returns. My own daddy was a Pearl Harbor survivor stationed on the battleship, USS Utah. Loved your pic. From Hawaii. Thank you for your service.

  23. matty says:

    Happy birthday blog Daddy!

  24. Marilyn says:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad. He does look like Frank too.

  25. Susan, what a wonderful birthday present for your dad! My dad will be 92 in October and also a WW11 vet – must have been a great year!! Happy Birthday to you Blog Daddy!

  26. Helen says:

    Aw! Happy Birthday Blog Daddy!

  27. Helen says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy!

  28. carmel says:

    Birthday joy and blessings to you, Jack! It’s been an honor to know you through Sue’s blog. I look forward to your comments. They’re full of good humor, wisdom and depth of heart. Enjoy the celebration of your life all month long and beyond!

  29. Happy Birthday Mr Stewart!
    May your birthday be the happiest of days! Wishing you a brand new year of happiness and good health. Enjoy your special day.

  30. Eileen F says:

    Happy birthday to J P S Jr.! Thinking earlier this morning morning that my dad would have been 98 next month. Perhaps they even ran into each other somewhere in the Valley of the Sun. My dad was born there. You are lucky to still have him around. Enjoy each of these precious years you still have with him.

  31. Maria Penner says:

    Hi Susan…..Blog Daddy is so very special….how fortunate to have such a great influence on your character….from your Mom too…I’m sure…..
    Guess that big honker candle I lit for him last year really worked to keep him going……I will go tomorrow and light another one in honor of his 92nd. birthday and another year of love, a family who thinks the world of him and good health! Love and hugs
    from Pacific Grove, Maria

  32. Kay - North Central Texas says:

    Happy birthday Blog Daddy! Loved seeing your pictures.

  33. Cora says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Dad,
    How fortunate your family is to be able to celebrate their dad’s 92nd birthday!
    Cora from Texas

  34. Sharon in So. Calif. says:

    Happiest of Birthday Wishes to you Blog Daddy!! Loved your baby pictures, what a cutie! And now so handsome…. just want to say I love your wit and wisdom when you write in the blog, it gives me much joy as you remind me of my Dad who has sadly passed. Thank you for your service also, my son was also a navy man and served 4 years in Sicily. Have a wonderful day, we (all the girlfriends) love you!!

  35. Gert~Iowa says:

    Happy Birthday you “hunka-hunka” handsome Blog Daddy!! Love your photos…you were the cutest baby as ever…! Hope you’re having an amazing birthday!

  36. Susan on Bainbridge Island, Washington state says:

    Jack, wishing you the happiest of birthdays….You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family…and you are such a super dad for Sue and she is a fabulous daughter for you….Two very fortunate people…..anyway, celebrate, have fun and do a hearty blow-out on all those candles….one for each year of wonderful memories…..happiest to you from my island to you…. xoxo.another Susan…

  37. Cheryl says:

    Happy Birthday to Blog Daddy! Celebrate and have a great time!

  38. Barbara Mentzer says:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad! Please give him a hug for me. My Dad, a member of The Fighting 69th Infantry Division (Army) was a medic in WWII. That’s how he met my Mother. He was stationed in Hattiesburg, Mississippi when he met his southern belle. They were married for sixty years. What a great couple! Hope you have a beautiful day with your family sir.

  39. Deb says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy!!!! You sound like an amazing Dad!!!! ♥

  40. Linda says:

    Happy Birthday greetings from Idaho!! So glad you gave life to our treasured friend Susan!!! Hope you have the best of days!!

  41. Siobhan in Santa Monica says:

    Oh, Happy Birthday, Blog Daddy, from your old stomping grounds, Santa Monica! 92 is a fine age! (My dear mother-in-law turned 91 today). I so admire you long livers! That comment from your own daddy about his darling baby just brings tears to my eyes. The love just came down the line to Susan, and you know how much we adore her. Eat cake and be well! We send you love and thank you so much for our darling Susan! xo

  42. Happy Birthday to Blog Daddy! What a cute baby he was! Hope he had a fabulous day! I bet he has lots of interesting stories to tell! I had to laugh at the story he shared about the plastic container! I’ve swatted a few lint balls in my life thinking they were spiders!

  43. Jenni says:

    I love black and white family photos, they are a real treasure to the family involved.

  44. Jenni says:

    Yes, Vicky – that was the generation when all young American men looked like a candidates for movie star fame! No wonder so many British women loved having the US troops stationed here in the war.

  45. Penny says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy! Having you around makes this wonderful blog feel even more like family and home. My own darling dad died 11 years ago, I still miss him every day. Thank you for being a Blog Daddy to all us Girlfriends. Have a wonderful day X

  46. Margot at the Beach says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Stewart!!!
    Lots of birthdays this week around here. What a hot month to have had a baby, but we take the cuties when we can get them.
    My dad was hanging around Hawaii then too. He went into the Navy in 1938. He was a Bosun on the Platte.

  47. Georgie Bonsanto says:


    Sending Big Hugs and Kisses from NJ to you!
    92 years of JOY… Cause to CELEBRATE!
    I know you know just how precious your Sweet Sue is to all of us.
    Today’s the Day we can tell you that YOU’RE PRECIOUS TOO!!!

    We love it when you Pop In on the Blog. You make us smile. Your love for Sue reaches out to us too. You’ve filled her up to overflowing and she shares all of the extra with us 🙂

    Soon your Fairy Tale Girl will give birth to another book! I’m sure you feel like you’re in the delivery room all over again.

    Lots of Love,
    From NJ

  48. Susan butler says:

    “Our darling baby” so true of our love for babies! Happy birthday to your dad!

  49. Ruth Thomas says:

    Happiest of birthdays,Blog Daddy! 92 years – fantastic. Hope it is full of love and surprises. Thanks, Susan, for sharing him with us.

  50. Rachel says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a marvelous, magical day!!!

  51. lin rader says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy! Birthdays are so special because there is only one YOU! That day belongs just to you and no one else. God created YOU on that one special day. He never before nor never again will create another Blog Daddy, YOU! Isn’t it a wonderful blessing to be YOU? BTW my uncle, brother and husband were all Navy guys….Anchors Aweigh and wishes for a calm sea to you and your family! Love from the Raders in Michigan. xoxo

    P.S. You can tell Susan comes from good Navy stock! She has been “ahoying” for some time now and is ready for a well-deserved “cruise” of “R&R”, rest and relaxation.

    • Jack says:

      Dr.Seuss say’s , “Today you ‘re alive , that’s truer than true , and there’s nobody else, that’s youer than you !

  52. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Blog Daddy!! I loved seeing the great photos of you growing up that Susan has shared. Enjoy this special day with your family and friends!

    Sending you birthday hugs from me in sunny Florida!!

  53. Tricia Neron says:

    Happy Birthday blog Daddy, hope you have a wonderful day full of special birthday surprises.

  54. Kathleen from Philly says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Stewart! Hope you have a delightful day & a wonderful year! And a big thank you for the gift of your daughter, Susan. And thank you, Susan, for a post in August! The calendar has turned another page and that must mean we will be getting a new book in the mail soon. YAY!!! I know I am not alone in my joy!

  55. Vickie Getty (Little Rock, AR) says:

    Happy Birthday to Blog Daddy! I especially love the picture Susan put of your hands on her calendar one year. Those hands remind me of my Daddy’s hands – strong yet gentle, loving yet firm. Have a wonderful day today and a year ahead of happy healthy days.

  56. *•-:¦:-•:* Birthday *:•-:¦:-•* Blessings *:•-:¦:-•* Blog Daddy! *:•-:¦:-•*

    Thank you for giving us Sweet Sue!
    Happy hugs from, “OH” Bunny ;>}

  57. Ro'se from her 'cottage' in NJ says:

    Bet you never thought you would get so many Best Wishes from so many “daughters, sisters, Aunts and cousins”! We are so lucky to have you in our lives as a ‘Blog Daddy’. Thank you Susan for sharing him with us.

  58. Janet O'Connor says:

    These pictures and memories are so wonderful, Susan! Thank you for sharing them with us. My own father was in the war in the Pacific as a Navy cook on the Minneapolis. My parents met shortly after when he was home on leave. It’s funny how the memories come tumbling out just from a little nudge.
    Happy Birthday to our “Blog Daddy”! <3

  59. Asha says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Blog Daddy, Happy Birthday to you! And many more! Blessings on this 92nd birthday! 🙂

  60. Happy Birthday, Blog Daddy!
    Thank you for sharing your funny stories and sound advice with all of us. One bit of advice in particular, that resonated for me, was when you reminded us that we are in charge of our own mind and can choose the kind of thoughts we think. I remind myself of that and do my best to practice it, because I admit, I am the kind of girl whose thoughts can run away with me and go places I don’t like. It continues to be a very helpful reminder.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday and your next spin around the sun is the best one yet!

  61. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday “bBog Daddy! Have a wonderful blessed day!

    Love the photos! Such handsome men!

  62. Susan Boucher says:

    Today is my Birthday too! Happy Birthday to you as well (Susan’s Father). Sending smiles from miles away! Hope you have a beautiful day!

  63. Linda Metcalf says:

    How wonderful to have these photos all these years later! A very happy birthday to dad!

  64. Bev Brewer says:

    Keep celebrating your life today and always! I enjoyed the military photo taken in Hawaii and seeing all you patriotic young men serving our country. A couple of generations later, my husband served on a Navy submarine and was so proud to do so. I was beyond lucky to have been able to take a tour of his submarine when it was in port. Every square inch of that sub had dials, knobs, electronic gadgets, sonar displays and blinking lights—I was amazed! My husband’s sleeping quarters was a “hot bunk” where the same bed was used by three men at eight hour intervals and they just rotated their sleeping times and the bunk was positioned alongside a torpedo being stored there! Thank you, Blog Daddy, and all the military veterans (and those currently serving), for your dedication and sacrifice to our country! Happy Birthday to YOU!

  65. Sheryl Pierson says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy!!!! Susan is a very blessed woman to still have you in her life. My daddy was my dearest friend, and has been gone for many years. I miss him everyday. Susan, thank you for sharing the pictures of your daddy!! PS, and BTW, my daddy loved to sing “Pretty Baby” to me as often as possible. May your 92nd birthday be filled, and over-flowing with love, laughter, and fun!! Here’s too many more!!!

  66. Rosanne Murphy (Oregon) says:

    This all seems so familiar and nostalgic to me. I am the same age as you, Susan, grew up in CA, and my Dad was a WWII Navy guy. My Mom kept a bundle of wartime letters in her cedar chest that were filled with their young dreams, and my Dad had his Navy stories. My favorite was that in 1945, when his ship was in a San Francisco port, my Mom traveled up from Whittier, he had a weekend pass, and they got married. It must have been hard to say goodbye, because when my Dad hurried back to his ship it had already sailed, and he had to get a water taxi to rush him out to it. The Captain must have had a soft spot for young love, because Daddy’s punishment was being confined to the ship for awhile. Since they were going to be at sea, Daddy figured he got off easy. Happy Birthday, Mr Jack Stewart! I love reading your comments here, filled with humor and good sense. I can always see that twinkle in your eye!

  67. Kimberly says:

    Happy birthday to your dear pa-pa, Susan! What a great post about him!

    P.S. I pre-ordered your new book! Yay! Can’t wait to see all of your hard work realized, dear lady!

  68. Ginnie says:

    Happy Birthday, Susan’s Daddy!

    Hope it’s a great one.

    And we sure love your daughter. You did a good job with her!

    (My dad was in the Navy in WWII, too – he’s 94.)

  69. Mary McCumber says:

    My son’s name is Jon Patrick!!!, he turns 40!, this birthday month of August also! Happy Birthday Mr. John Patrick Stewart!! Susan’s so right, you looked like Frank Sinatra!!♡

  70. Jennie Lou says:

    Dear Mr. Stewart, I am wishing you a very happy birthday from the Pacific Northwest. You might have a map to put a pin in every place that is sending you best wishes and warm thoughts this day of days. If so, put a cheery pin in the tiny town of Milton, Washington and imagine one more proud daughter of The greatest Generation, an Army Brat whose Daddy always said “Cleanliness is next to Schofield Barracks!” is sending fondest regards and a big salute for all you did, all you do, and who you are. Salute!

  71. Jean says:

    A very Happy Birthday wish to Blog Daddy!!! May the coming year bring you health and happiness!!!

  72. Barb from Ohio says:

    A Big Happy Birthday to you, Blog Daddy! Hope you are having a great day and eating some birthday cake. I love the pictures, you were a cute baby and are a handsome man. Have a great day!

  73. Mama Bear says:

    I envy you…you’ve gotten to have him in your life so much longer than I had my Daddy…time together is precious. Thanks for sharing his Birthday with us.
    Mama Bear

  74. Debbie Murray says:

    What a sweet birthday tribute to your Dad!
    I love to see those pictures of the sailors during the war. Those men were very brave to help keep our country free.
    Thank you so much for serving our country.
    My own sweet Dad was in the Air Force and my hubby was in the Navy.
    Kind of partical to those guys in dress blues and dress whites!
    Hope you a great birthday!

  75. Sylvia in Seattle says:

    I seem to remember another August B-day that’s quite important . . . You know, that guy in the Beret – Hmmmmm?

  76. KarenP (Wisconsin) says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Blog Daddy! You were such an adorable baby….such a handsome young sailor (I’m sure that you turned all the girls’ heads!)….and just as handsome and dapper now! You bring such joy to Susan’s blog! Hope your day is as special as you are! xo…Karen

  77. Sheryl from Magalia CA says:

    Dear Blog Daddy,
    Happy Belated Birthday. You were one gorgeous little baby boy. So sweet that your Dad wrote next to your photos. It seems like everyone in your family is wild about the details in life. Love it all.

  78. jackie bienemann says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy! Thank you for your service, my Dad was in the Navy during WWII. I loved the baby pictures, so so cute!

  79. Marie (Long Beach, California) says:

    Wishing you the wonderful birthday you deserve with plenty of time to relax and enjoy doing whatever makes you happiest. May all your wishes come true Blog Daddy! Happy Birthday!

  80. Happy Birthday Blog Daddy! Wishing you many more years of joy, health and happiness. xxooxx

  81. Melody says:

    Happy birthday to your dear Daddy!

  82. Kathy R from Iowa says:

    Fantastic photos. Thanks

  83. Mary Whiting says:

    God Bless You on this birthday. Know you are so loved my your sweet daughter.
    Many more to come…..


  84. Maxine Buckman says:

    thanks for sharing your family with us, susan. Much appreciated by me – am in wheelchair always and great to have a friend that can break boredom of once a very active person. Do have a home health aide from Uganda 4days a week and another aide (both wonderful) from Ghana 3 days a week who cheer me up and a blessed husband who provides much care.

    An idea just discovered Adult coloring books that Barnes and Noble carry. Helps with dementia. Maybe you could do something along that line?? Just a thought. Perhaps floral designs, fashions ??.

    From Maxine in Stow

  85. Maxine Buckman says:

    thanks for sharing your family with us, susan. Much appreciated by me – am in wheelchair always and great to have a friend that can break boredom of once a very active person. Do have a home health aide from Uganda 4days a week and another aide (both wonderful) from Ghana 3 days a week who cheer me up and a blessed husband who provides much care.

    An idea just discovered Adult coloring books that Barnes and Noble carry. Helps with dementia.and other ailments Maybe you could do something along that line?? Just a thought. Perhaps floral designs, fashions ??.

    From Maxine in Stow

  86. Merci says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG DADDY! You are so very special and so very blessed!
    Continued love, joy and happiness!

  87. Rhonda D. says:

    Happy birthday Blog Daddy! Congratulations….92 years young. Hope you have a wonderful birthday doing things you love to do with family and friends.

  88. Julie C says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy! Many blessings. My Dad served in the Army in WWII and fought at Okinawa. This brought back many fond memories for me.

  89. Barbara H says:

    So sweet. It made me teary-eyed. You are such a wonderful daughter.

    Happy birthday to your Dad!

  90. Charlene says:

    Happy Birthday, Blog Daddy! I hope it has been a wonderful one! My Daddy served in World War II, also, but he was in the Army. Oh, the stories he could tell! I bet you can, too. I wish you many more birthdays to come.

  91. Laura Anne says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Stewart!!! 92 years young 🙂

  92. chris consentino says:

    oh, my goodness!!!!! what a WONDERFUL tribute to your dear, dear dad, Susan!!!! we had a “blankie” like the one on his little baby-lap in our home. it was pink & blue and was soooo soft and cozy. it was a treat to see that. and….when we got to the “tennesee waltz”….well, I used to run around the house as a little girl, singing that…much encouraged by my dear dad, tho I truly have NO WAY of ever having “carried” a tune…it was just pure love that came in the encouragement. soooo, yes, I cried when I heard that. my dad passed just a few days before reaching 92…I miss him terribly. he, too, was extremely handsome in army-uniform. wow. weren’t folks just really stylish & gorgeous back-in-the-day?? my mom was a beauty, with what my dad called “great legs”!! until she passed at age 85. they’re dancing “up there”…. thank you, Susan & Blog-Daddy!!!! …for being you!!!! hope your birthday was GREAT, and we wish you MANY HAPPY, HEALTHY returns of the day!!!!! blessings to all.

  93. Susan (in VA) says:

    Happy birthday, Blog Daddy Jack! I love reading your comments here and hope you’ll be contributing to the discussions for many more years. And I have to say that I think you must still be as much of a handful as you appear to be in your photos (particularly the Navy one). All the best, from another Susan (in Virginia).

  94. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Jack! Hey sailor, it’s swell to be 92!!!!!! Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with happy days all year long!!! (My father is a 91 year old sailor, and still talks about his Navy days….lots of stories……and he tells them as though it was only yesterday!!! God Bless You!!!!! (Thank you for serving our country! Thank you for your spectacular daughter, Susan!!!)

  95. Lisa Jorgensen says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Stewart!!
    Have a wonderful day.
    My Dad was in WWII in the Coast Guard. I miss him so much. Susan is so fortunate to have a great Dad.

  96. Wendy Louise says:

    Happy Birthday to you ! Happy Birthday to you ! Happy Birthday Dear Blog Daddy, Happy Birthday to you ! You are very Special !!!!! This is my fourth attempt with a birthday wish my darn computer wouldn’t let them go through. It said” your comment could not be sent please try again later”. So all my notes were different but all meant the same heart filled wishes to a blog Daddy Legend ! We love you here! Wendy-Louise Oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • sbranch says:

      Oh that is the kind of thing that drives me insane! But look, here we go finally Wendy Louise!

  97. Mamey says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG DADDY!! Thanks for sharing all the treasured pictures for your Dad….they are a gem!! I thought the same thing before I even read your comments about how sweet that was whoever wrote “Our Darling Baby”. I assumed it was his Mom, but I LOVE that it was his Dad…..Have a great Susan!!

  98. Vivian says:

    Happy Birthday, Blog Daddy! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  99. Pom Pom says:

    I MISS YOU! I am so excited about the book! SO excited. One of my friends and I are going to have once-a-month art dates. We’re going to create and drink tea and appreciate beauty. You are an inspiration in this regard! Go, Susan!

  100. Diane from Poulsbo says:

    Happy Birthday Blog Daddy Jack! There is a lot to be seen in a person’s eyes……as a baby you certainly looked a bit too energetic for your age of 5 months! No wonder you were swaddled from head to toe in the cutest baby outfit ever! Your parents had to so that you didnt get away and start building and fixing things…and tormenting them with your lively humor! Here is wishing you the Very Happiest Birthday of your life. You have helped make this blog of Susan’s even more special because of your comments……sending you hugs and joy and fun !

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