Hello Lucky Girls . . . from your other lucky girlfriend!  MUSICA?  Something old and delicious?  OUI!  Let’s celebrate SEPTEMBER!


September calendar

Hi Girls!  It’s the month of the changing light (as you can see), and one big wonderful moon coming on the 27th. Are we lucky or what?

free advice

Mark your calendars for this moon.  Try to plan a picnic and go somewhere to watch it rise.  It’s going to be a big one!  A “Super Blood Moon Eclipse!”

The twins

Also, it’s the month of my sister Shelly’s birthday . . . this is the photo she found on her phone on the 15th.  Her twins made the hat for their dog Lucy. Aren’t they adorable? Imagine finding this on your phone!  My sister is one lucky woman! 



birthday party

dappled walls

And me?  I’m one very lucky woman too . . . because I have diamonds on my walls and I didn’t have to do a thing to get them!

sun splotched walls

Shimmering away . . . sparkling up my kitchen!


And this too!!!!  Not quite as sparkly, but just as exciting to me!  It came last week.  I showed our Girlfriends on Twitter, but thought I better put it here too, just in case you didn’t get to see it.  A “BOX” arrived!!! I grabbed the camera thinking . . .


Opening the box!

Because I just “knew” what was in it.
Opening The Fairy Tale Girl for the first time

The printer had promised me she was going to overnight a copy of THE FAIRY TALE GIRL to me the moment it was off the printing press.  And so she did! I went real slow.  Savoring the moment.  In a ripping and tearing sort of way.

unwrapping The Fairy Tale Girl

My first peek.  Thar she blows!  EEEEEK!

New Book is here!

Oh my, oh my.  Words fail me.  It’s the best and the scariest and the funnest feeling I have.  Pure butterflies in my stomach. My baby is born!  Ribbons and curls, oh what a girl . . . ooooh, she’s heavy!

fairy tale girl

I could never get used to this.Fairy1

An open book


I thumbed through it really fast, just to see.  The paper is perfect, just what I hoped it would susan branch fairybe.  The color? I could not ask for more.  The ribbon?  Oh yes, just where it should be.  “Printed in the USA” is prominently displayed. (Because, as you know, we’re worth it. )  Thank you R.R. Donnelly in Crawfordsville Indiana, for doing an excellent job for me and my Girlfriends!


The Fairy Tale Girl

Here’s a little peek inside . . . you should smell it!   And very soon, you will! !t won’t be long now!

The Fairy Tale Girl

Because today (Monday) it arrives by the truckload to our Studio in California and Sheri, Kellee and The Fairy Tale Girl New Book by Susan BranchAlfredo are all ready!  They’ll begin packing them up and sending them out to YOU!  They are so good and so fast, I believe they will have them ALL out to everyone by the end of this week, or very close.  The first books will go to the winners of the give-away we had a couple of months ago, and after that, it’s first-come first-serve.  I’m SO excited that it’s finally happening!




That’s my Summer Book, and that thought is as good now as it was then.  Those little girls are two of my sisters, I painted it from a photo of them figuring out their outfit for Halloween, wearing the same pair of pink pants and same jacket.  Mary is on the left and Shelly is on the right. They are very enthusiastic!


fun is good

Vineyard Haven Harbor

We’ve had a busy week!  We took a day and went off-Island to go shopping (and out to lunch to delicious BLEU in Mashpee on Cape Cod, so good, so FRENCH!  I had escargot!  Oui! I vill eet zee snails eef zay come in zee gahlic buttair!) . . . this is the way the harbor looked from the front of the boat as we were pulling out of Vineyard Haven.


And these are my favorite thing I bought while we were off . . . fuzzy new slippers.  Because we’re going to the far north next week, and we think it might be cold up there! We HOPE! Leaves are beginning to blow across our yard, so we think the time is just right.


sunset martha's vineyard

And here was the sky as we came back into the harbor later that evening. . . . Hello. Welcome home. Thank you very much.

art gallery

We also went to Lowely’s gallery opening to see her beautiful new art . . . it was a group show and several of the artists gave away cards with their art on them ~ I brought them home and made a little kitchen gallery of my own.

fall light

If you look at the card in the center window on the lower right side, you will see what a little splotch of sunlight, in just the right place, can do.


And Him.  Mr. Precious. Jack. These days he LIVES to go outside.  I’m out, taking pictures of the turkeys in our yard, and he’s inside and not happy about it.

Jack wants out

“Please Mommy!”  He rubs himself on the screen, “Please please please!  Please take me out!” He doesn’t get to go alone. I have to carry the little lord.

Jack in the window

“Grrrrr,” he says, trying to stare me into submission. Never fear, I do his biding, I carry him out so he can get his greens.  Lawn munching is his favorite thing.

second star

handwritten letter


And this one of MY favorite things.  Letters.  When we got home from our little trip off-Island, letterI found this letter waiting for me.  I knew you would love it.  Who doesn’t love a handwritten letter!? Anyone who thinks the world has changed too much for their liking should read this and know there are kindred spirits in every generation. Many, many more than we might ever suspect. Look how wise 15-year-old Emily Pulver is already!  My kinda girl! 

what a wonderful world

Bye Bye Girlfriends . . . watch your mail, XOXO gift

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511 Responses to LUCKY GIRLS

  1. Judy Lincicum says:

    Dearest Susan, well as you know, we don’t have dapples here in AZ but we are having rain right now, and that’s good! Soooo glad I got my order for your new book in early; I can now check my mail box each day with anticipation!!! When will we be able to pre-order your sequel? I keep watching for that!
    On my bucket list, I have a trip to New England to watch the leaves change and I would so love to visit your beautiful island while I’m watching leaves. I would also love to get up to Nova Scotia, too. Love your new slippers! I am retired and I wear my all day long in the winter, if I don’t go any where. My cats love fuzzy slippers to cuddle up on, while they are on my feet! You are so special in the eyes and lives of your girlfriends! I hope you know how much we all love you and enjoy incorporating your joy of life into our own lives. It makes my life all the more rich! Thanks for sharing it all with us!

    • sbranch says:

      Tall trees are what causes dapples — probably there aren’t lots of those in the desert? The wind blows the leaves, the sun goes through them, the shadows fall on the walls and don’t stop moving. The more wind, the wilder the dapples! I enjoy all of you equally dear Judy, it’s a lovely little club we have here! xoxo

      • Rhonda D. says:

        Even the sun coming in through mini blinds or lace curtains can make interesting patterns on the walls. I’ve taken photos of the patterns created by the sun shining through my mini blinds. We can always get our “dapples” somewhere. But it is nicer when they dance and sparkle.

  2. Wendy Louise says:

    Good Morning beautiful Fairy Tale Girl,
    What a lovely post to wake up to with the excitement of receiving my book any day now. Just in time to relax in my hammock under an Autumn sky and settle in with a cup of tea and READ ! Life doesn’t get better than this😊. Thank-you from my heart to yours. oxoxoxoxox
    Love, Wendy-Louise

  3. Robyn Brown says:

    So thrilling! I can hardly wait.

  4. Gert~Iowa says:

    Good morning Susan! I read this post yesterday and am so excited! Just to think a copy of your “baby” will soon be in my mailbox, that just gives me goosebumps! I can hardly wait!! Life as I know it is changing, so getting lost in your book will be a sweet reprieve! I too have a few diamonds on my walls. Funny, how we are blessed with these things and so often don’t even see them! Thank you for reminding us to slow down and be aware of our beautiful surroundings! Love, love, love Jack! He is so sweet! Glad you got away for a bit! We all love new adventures! Blessings to your day!

    • sbranch says:

      Hope all is well Gert . . . and that God is watching over you always. xoxo

      • Faith Rose says:

        Sooo true!! He is!😊

      • Gert~Iowa says:

        Thank you so much…

        Last night I was reading my granddaughter’s blog and she was talking about writing journals since she was very young! So I told her about your book, taken from your journals over the years. And since she loves to read, I offered to order your book for her. (She was excited!!) I went to order it this morning, and couldn’t remember my password. Then I had to take my husband to the doctor and life got crazy for the rest of the day. Tonight I went to order it again…and you’re sold out!! This is a great thing!! But a bummer for me (and my granddaughter!) But I’m sure you’ll have another printing!

  5. OH, I am so excited that your book is now in your hands. It looks so very beautiful! And I am one of the winners of the giveaway! I still cannot get over how lucky I am, though I think I will buy copies for my daughters, too. I gave them each a copy of A Fine Romance. I’m also so lucky as to have two wonderful daughters with whom I share many enthusiasms and joys. I live in a very dappled part of northeast Ohio, minutes from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Thank you for putting so much joy in the hearts of so many people!

  6. Penny says:

    I am waiting excitedly for the arrival of my special copy of Fairy Tale Girl. I still can’t believe I was one of the L U C K Y Girlfriends who won a copy! My little book has a long journey to get here, all the way to Scotland, but I promise it will receive a very warm and enthusiastic welcome! It will be unwrapped with the greatest care, and introduced to all the nicest books on my shelf. Nobody will rest a mug of tea on it, or sit on it by accident. It will be read slowly and savouringly (is that a word?) and loved and looked after always. I just can’t wait! X

  7. vicki says:

    So very excited the books will be on their way! What a perfect time of year…I can nest-in with a cup of tea on a splendid fall afternoon and lose myself in your wonderful musings! Can’t wait!

  8. Noelle Miller says:

    I am looking forward to ‘experiencing’ your new book! I say that instead of reading because your last book was a transportation, a trip and an adventure! Thanks for mentioning the Big Moon on the 27th this month….I did not know and that happens to be my husband and my 24th wedding Anniversary and the 29th anniversary of our 1st date….a picnic under that moon might be just the thing 🙂

    • Jan from Northern CA says:

      So it will be an “Aniversary Moon” as well as a Harvest Moon. What a memory. Congratulations on your 24th. Good for you both and Enjoy!
      Jan from Northern CA

  9. Rae Ann Roche says:

    Waiting with bated breath for Fairy Tale Girl to arrive here in northern Michigan where September has been sooooo beautiful…the water in Little Traverse Bay sparkles every day and we are enjoying every sparkle…October is supposedly going to bring “different” weather-I don’t know if I want to know what that means…while I’ve been waiting for your book to arrive, I read The Book of Speculation be Erika Swyler…it is her first book and I highly recommend it…waiting to savor every word and illustration of FTG…

  10. Lisa Nelson-Jones says:

    Congratulations on your baby girl!!! I can’t wait to meet her and love her forever!! I can’t believe I’ve loved her mommy going on 25 years and just today realized you had two sisters! I’ve always just thought you and Shelly were the only girls in the bunch!! How exciting!!

  11. Margot at the Beach says:

    I am so tired today, but sooo excited to see the new book! Still trying to get our schedule organized for Merideth.

  12. Bev Brewer says:

    If you google “Rita Hayworth Dances to The BeeGees Stayin’ Alive”, there’s a snippet of Gene Kelly dancing with her and she also dances with Fred Astaire. They are dancing to music from “their” era, but are totally in sync with the fabulous BeeGees!

  13. Lucille D. says:

    I love the Grinch’s dog with your nephews!

  14. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!! Can’t wait to get the book!

  15. Linda Metcalf says:

    Now that’s a letter to cherish! Sweet Jack…he’s so handsome. That trip up north will be colorful!

  16. Kathy Marx says:

    What more can one add?! But “ditto” – can’t wait ’til my book arrives!

  17. Ruth thomas says:

    Waiting patiently for the package, then opening slowly, and touching and opening and marveling how lucky I am to be one of your fans. And now I have a pen pal to share all that I love about you with because I got her from you! What a wonderful letter. I am surprised you do not have bags of letters. So excited😍

  18. Carol in Indy says:

    How funny that my copy of The Fairy Tale Girl was published in Crawfordsville, Indiana, about an hour away from me. It will travel all the way to California then be sent back to me here in Indianapolis. Ah, but SO worth the wait!! (If I had known where they were I would have staged a midnight raid on the publishing house. Probably a good thing I didn’t know:-)
    Can’t wait to get it! And my dear 94 year old friend, Madame Birdwhistle, is beside herself with anticipation! A perfect gift for Fall.

    • sbranch says:

      Looks like there are several of you near Crawfordsville, it could be a true heist!

    • Hope says:

      I live in Greencastle, just about an hour west of you. I saw where there were at least one other person somewhat near us. We should get together and have a “Susan Branch” day! I don’t have Facebook or anything like that, but maybe we can connect some other way!


  19. Minette says:

    Hi Susan!
    Happy Autumn!
    Just wanted you to know that just because I have not been posting comments over the last few months (a bit overwhelmed with son’s wedding, new job, younger son entering military, etc) does not mean I am not jumping up and down with excitement over the anticipation of your new book arriving soon! I am so looking forward to it! I can’t wait to receive my order and share with my new daughter-in law and my younger son’s fiancée! AND now also looking forward to your planned trip for next year as well! So many great things to come! Just so excited! I will be thinking of you tonight while watching “Mrs. Miniver” on TCM!

    • sbranch says:

      Happy to hear your little voice Minette! xoxo Joe said, “Mrs. Miniver is on at 8!” And I said, “MY Mrs. Miniver?” — so I guess it’s not quite mine after all! 🙂

  20. Margie says:

    Hello Fairy Tale Girl — Seeing your light dapples reminded me of my Best Bud of 34 plus years. She has ALWAYS had little crystals, (from old chandeliers) hanging in her windows, so when the light is right there are little spinning rainbows all over the walls and floors. So lovely. I am greatly anticipating the new book — will be checking my mailbox eagerly. I must say that reading that one page of your waking up on a night flight brought tears to my eyes. Been there too, and just wanted to give that young Fairy-Tale-Girl-To-Be a big hug. So glad I know (more or less) how the story ends.

    Happy Birthday to your sister — her twins are adorable! I have twin nephews about the same age — just full of spunk!

    Thank you for the lovely posting and enjoy your upcoming trip!

    Margie from the Central Coast

  21. Gail Rose says:

    Heaven, oh its just Heaven. I can hardly wait. I will go and sit and wait next week and drink my tea in the autumn sun. Thank you Susan for being our girlfriend. Tell Joe hi!

  22. Laura says:

    I can’t wait!! My birthday is this Sunday the 27th, I’m hoping to celebrate with a new book!!!!

  23. Pam Betz says:

    I would love to send you photos of the quilts I have made with your fabrics, but I don’t have an address. Is it possible that you could send me an address that could reach you. Thank you, Pam

  24. Faith Rose says:

    What a wonderful letter! I officially want to be friends with her, plus we are almost the same age ( I am 17)! Kindred spirits everywhere as you say! I am so excited to see your book in the mail! Two wonderful things put together, mail and your book! I am keeping my book reading list open right now and not reading anything in anticipation of your book. I don’t know if it makes it better or worse! I have also already picked out a book mark to accompany your lovely ribbon. This book mark isn’t just any old book mark, it is from a trip of mine to George Washingtons house in DC! This should tell you how extatic I am! Thank you for your enthusiasm , it’s infectious if you can’t tell😃!

  25. Julie says:

    I saw your picture of the white sailboats, sitting pretty-as-you-please on top of that deep blue, gorgeous – it made me miss Martha’s Vineyard so much! We were just there, for our first trip but certainly not our last. I took a close up picture of where the water meets the sand and teeny-tiny little individual multi-colored rocks appeared before my eyes; it is now my screen saver, SO beautiful. The stories each of those tiny little bits of rock could tell… Thank you for another wonderful post – simply can not wait to dive into the story of your life.

  26. Kathy in Indiana says:

    I can’t wait for my book to arrive. It will be a happy, great day! For a moment–I thought maybe the book was printed in my town. We have a RR Donnelly in my town–Angola! We are about 3 1/2 hours from Crawfordsville. As always, thanks for the uplifting blog post and fabulous pictures. Martha’s Vineyard is definitely my vacation goal for next year. Your friend’s rental would be the most perfect spot. 😊

  27. Esther, Gettysburg, PA says:

    Hello Susan and happy Autumn (by the time you get this email). Waiting for the blood moon in a few days. That is going to be some gorgeous moon. My birthday is in Sept. also, so I just loved seeing the birthday wishes and picture on the postcard to your sister. Thanks for sending. Also, loved your new slippers. My brother and sister in law live in Wolfeboro, NH and they wear warm and cozy slippers a lot! I’m visiting them soon in Oct. so I packed my slippers already! Congrats on your book. I will miss seeing you in Oct. on your book tour signing, but will pick up a book when I’m there. Enjoy all your travels. PS Jack is adorable………..and my cat loves the lawn grass too!
    You are pure delight, Susan, and put a smile on a lot of people’s faces. Thankyou!!

  28. deborah t. norling says:

    Just going to bed and what’s tonight’s perfect choice for night time reading?..Your..SUMMER book of course..because tomorrow is the first day of Fall…so of course tomorrow I can barely wait to open the AUTUMN book!

  29. carmel says:

    Happy birthday, Shelly!! What a dear, precious photo of the twins and family member, dog. Thanks for sharing it, Sue. The diamonds are so lovely. I can see it sparkling as if it was in my home. Since I get up very early in the morning (most teachers are up before the sun) I am blessed with the view of a dark sky with the diamonds of Venus (I think that’s the planet up there now) and Orion sparkling up the sky. At twilight last week, my watch made a bright moving light against a wall. My 14 month old god daughter discovered it first and found it wonderous as I moved it around for her. And of course, big congratulations on the delivery of your new book! It’s on my list for purchase as soon as my first of the school year paycheck plops into my bank account at the end of this month! Congratulations to Lowey too! Beautiful roses.

  30. Embarrassed says:

    Hi Susan,

    Apparently, an apology is needed. I found what I genuinely thought was a cute picture of a hedgehog getting a tummy rub and sent it to you on twitter. I see it didn’t post to your twitter page. Then the penny dropped, good grief, did this picture have rude lude overtones that I missed and I’ve now passed it on to Susan Branch? Please know, that is not what was intended. I thought it was simply a cute little hedgehog and never thought anything else. Oy vey!


  31. Sharan says:

    I’m SO excited that your new book is on its way! I saw your new blog post last night but waited to read it until this morning when I had a cup of coffee and free time to savor it. Fall is in the air here and it will feel so good to snuggle up with a new book. Time to slow down and savor the good things we have been blessed with. Thank you Susan!

  32. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Congratulations, Susan. It looks beautiful! I will watch for the book at the library. I would love to be able to buy it, but finances are very tight right now.

    Blessings to you!

  33. Jack says:

    While I see you have become quite fluent in French …. I have been working to improve my Spanish — IE: Ze rain in Spain falls mainly on Ze plain … Coming along nicely huh?

  34. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi Susan!!! So nice to see all is delightful and sunny these days on MV!! I can tell you are gearing up for your trip north ….cannot wait to see those leaf-peeping pictures! My ( Your ) Autumn book is out and well-loved…the weather is changing here too…cool nights but still warm in the day. Getting ready to venture out to Lexington, KY for the Missouri-KY football in Saturday. Going to take a drive along the Bourbon Trail and catch a distillery or two. Making bourbon balls today ( one cannot be in Kentuckys’ bourbon country without proper bourbon balls)…and your wonderful Autumn Spiced Cider, ( page 112 in the Autumn Book). This house is oozing the smells of autumn!! Oh how I loved that letter!!! Very very special. Thank you for sharing that sweet morsel. Gotta run.. so much to do with house guests arriving tomorrow and then everyine leaving for Kentucky…all this while staring at my mailbox…can’t wait!!!! xo love, Cindy

  35. Sarah says:

    Dear Sue,
    A lump in my throat, a heart swollen with pride, a bit misty eyed, and a smile on my face for you and the completion of a longtime dream set into motion by your great vision and commitment to excellence! Wow my friend! It must have been better than Christmas opening that box, ripping past the packaging, and finding “The Fairytale Girl” in glorious living color!
    Your best work yet; personal, funny, and deeply meaningful – just like you!
    CONGRATULATIONS! xox Sarah xox

  36. Cheryl says:

    Your book looks so lovely! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  37. pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

    good morning Susan, good morning Girlfriends. Happy First day of Fall everyone. this is my favorite season…. Fall and I love it. its already chilly in the mornings, 44 degrees and now its about 49-50 degrees. the squirrels are chowing down on their breakfast, the birds are all over the feeders, seed and suet, and the cats are amused by their favorite forms of entertainment…. Kitty TV!!!! have a lot of work to get done today, sweeping and cleaning so I just dropped in to say howdy and wish everyone a Happy Fall!!! Happy Fall everyone… hugs….. 🙂

    • Diane from Poulsbo says:

      Happy Fall to you too Pat! I cannot believe it is actually here, can you? It sounds like you will have had the perfect Autumn day where you live. I am over in WA state and we are having the same weather this week…isnt it glorious?! My kitty has viewings of squirrels and birds ….his fav pasttime too…just outside our back door. There is a tree and we have hung birdfeeders on the branches…and I love to sprinkle a little extra on the ground underneath. My husband took off work today, so we ended up going out to breakfast and then over to Home Depot….his fav. pasttime! lol. Have a wonderful evening and rest of the week girlfriend! xxxx Diane

      • Vicki says:

        I absolutely LOVE hearing the weather reports from the girlfriends in all the different areas of the country (and beyond)! It sort of connects us somehow even though I’m green with envy because I’m still in mega-hot days here in Southern California. It’s just nice to see what everybody else is doing at the same time and sometimes in states of the U.S. I’ve never visited (yet!). The descriptions are like mini travelogs! I was thinking of another reply you’d made, Susan, about all the letters you formerly would get prior to being online and how, on the one hand, it must have seemed like Letters to Santa (FUN!) with a big bag of mail delivered to your door; but, the thing about the blog is that ALL of us get to read your ‘letters’ and, again, I love the connectedness of it to where you’ve sorta created a cyber ‘family’ here. And I just get so much enjoyment from all the conversation!

      • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

        hello Diane, greetings from Oregon maybe I should holler howdy neighbor!!! another beautiful Fall day here, chilly morning, warm day and cooler evenings. our cats love watching the birds and squirrels, seems right now the big blue jay that gets on the suet feeder is the biggest attraction, he announces his presence with a lot of noise…. LOL!! it is hard to believe that Fall is here, but I am so glad it is, I got a little tired of triple digit heat this summer, so I am more than happy to see the summer go away and the Fall come in. have a wonderful weekend we plan to go enjoy the Oktober fest over in Jackson this weekend. don’t you just love this time of year???? hugs…. 🙂

        • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

          I love hearing about other states and what is going on locally there, just makes life more interesting. and I think it would be super if someday we all could meet somewhere, what a crowd and a meeting that would be. can you imagine the group hug???? well off to fix dinner, pot pies tonight and then tomorrow I had better get some German sausages and Brats from Taylors’ for dinner… have a good evening everyone, and a great weekend… Happy Fall!!! hugs… 🙂

  38. Leslie says:

    I am so anxiously awaiting the arrival of my book. I will be at the book signing in Meredith just like last time and can’t wait to see you again. I just hope I have my book before Oct. 3rd!! If not I will bring my 2016 calendar and some of your other books I have. I love all of your things you do and write. I also love this blog – it is so great to see Martha’s Vineyard and your lovely home. See you soon. Love

    • sbranch says:

      I’m sure you’ll have your book — we’re bringing a bunch of them with us too. SO happy to hear that you are going to be there Leslie!

      • Diane from Poulsbo says:

        Susan, I saw a box on my front porch when I drove up the driveway after running errands with the husband, and I said, ” Oh my gosh…it’s my new SB book!!!!!!” Unfortunately, it was a different box! lol. I cant wait to receive mine too! xxxxx

        • sbranch says:

          On it’s way!

          • Diane from Poulsbo says:

            I dont mind waiting as long as it takes for this new gem!! 😄 We are doing home improvements. My hubby loves to begin a new project and searches for them around the house. Lol .this weekend it is putting in a new wall heater in one of the bedrooms. I am always running around with him while he buys the supplies or installs the latest…. 😊have a wonderful weekend with Joe! Xxxxx

  39. Steph D says:

    That letter is just the BEST!

  40. Mary in Phoenix says:

    So, I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday loading up on all their amazing fall items … pumpkin granola, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin butter, harvest salsa, etc. etc. and noticed their unusual squat-shaped pumpkins are called Fairytale Pumpkins!!! OMG … couldn’t believe the sign … and wondered for a moment if they named them for you 🙂 ♥ xo ♥

  41. Judy says:

    I spent a long career as a public school teacher, then school librarian. Your post reminded me of how excited I would get when my library book orders came in. Opening the boxes, pulling them out, and the feel (I had to handle each one) and smell of those books!!… It was heavenly! I really miss it. Your post reminded me so much of my feelings for those books, as well as my anticipation over how the kids were going to like them. I know you can hardly wait for feedback from your loyal readers.

    • sbranch says:

      You loved the library the way I loved our public library — although you got much more of it than I did. But I remember that smell! Loved it — the smell of everything important in the world.

  42. Peggy Cooper, Pueblo, CO says:

    Just want to say Emily Pulver is a ROCK STAR! How wonderful, she will go far.

  43. Dear, dear Susan ~

    I’ve been to read your latest post a few times now, but I didn’t have time to leave a note to say how much I enjoyed all the lovely things you shared. I’m reading it all over again … with comments now:

    – Just love those diamonds all over your walls. What is it about that that makes life just plain worth living for.

    – Those slippers look perfect for cold weather toes. Cozy to the max. What does Jack think about them — does he roll on them?

    – Speaking of Jack, he is too adorable pressing his sweet cheek against the screen door. There’s no way any of us could ignore those eyes or that face.

    -I did find that little sun dabble on the wee painting in your kitchen window. Oh yes, magical. It reminds me of a painting on my bathroom wall. (I watch it as I soak in the tub.) It’s got sunshine coming through lattice work on a beautiful Spanish looking building overlooking a lush garden. When the sunshine really shines through the blinds at the window, streaming all over the painting, it’s like double magic … I can’t tell where the painting ends and real sunshine begins. It’s a moment that makes my insides burst with happiness. h

    -A real letter in the mailbox — that is one of my top Favourite things. Thanks for letting us read yours over your shoulder. A lovely young lady who sent it. I love to send out cards and notes to people, and love to wait and listen to the still, small voice for the right timing to send them. What fun and joy I get from imagining faces smiling when they see something other than bills in the mail. We mustn’t let that tradition go, for all the wonder of social media.

    – Waiting with eagerness for my books to arrive from the Studio. Oh joy, oh bliss. I just twittered you the little hope I have, in spite of my address being way up here in Canada, that the fairy tale magic sparkles might be in the wind to carry them here in a twinkle. Who knows, eh? One copy is for a birthday coming next week … it would be awesome to have it in hand (I was just going to tell her it’s on its way).

    There, ’nuff said for now. It’s all good.

    Sending loving thoughts and wishes for a beautiful evening to you,

  44. Linda of Shadow Hills says:

    Good Afternoon Susan : )
    I have planned and still plan to actually use a Mail Box to write you but meanwhile I am so thankful all us girlfriends can write to you so easily on your Blog : )
    So here we go . . . True Confession . . . Every month I turn the page of my Susan Branch wall calendar with excitement to see what fun artwork I will get to look at from my kitchen sink for the next 30 days (give or take) . When I turned to September of 2015 about 23 days ago my first thought was “Oh, I love this picture !” (In fact I love it so much that when you used it for your 2009 calendar, once that year was over I cut that page out and have used it here and there around my kitchen and dining room every fall as part of my decoration’s !) I must confess tho as much as I love your artwork for this month, the fact that I live in So Cal has had me wanting to turn back to your fun artwork from August the last 3 weeks . . . I love Summer and have such a hard time even thinking about having to let it go ! However, as we once again welcome the 1st day of Fall here in So Cal where the current temp is about 90 degrees I can happily look at the artwork on my calendar again because it has helped inspire me to put away the Red,White, & Blue deco and bring out all the fun fall deco I have collected for many many years . . . Thank You Susan : )
    I get to do some traveling with my hubby next month, driving thru a number of states on the East Coast as well as Minnesota and Wisconsin, I can’t wait to collect falling leaves from each state and bring them home and create a garland : ) I have a good friend that gets to head to Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow, I am thrilled for her even tho this time around it is without me. lol : ( But that is ok because I have another good friend that I get to drive to Arroyo Grande with this Friday for the Harvest Festival . . . We will miss seeing you there but we look forward to a fun girls day and shopping for our new 2016 Susan Branch calendars !!!

    Happy Fall Joe & Susan,
    Love from Linda in So Cal : )

    • sbranch says:

      I think because the Fairy Tale Girl finally arrived, the girls are having to cancel the Harvest Festival booth. They didn’t want to, but they really felt like everyone had waiting too long for the books, so they are staying at the studio and shipping! Sorry!

      • Linda of Shadow Hills says:

        Oh . . . So happy about your books arriving !

        But so sad about no S.B. booth at the Harvest Festival !

        QUESTION . . .
        I doubt it … but I will ask anyways … is their any way to shop at the Studio ???

        Thanks for the Heads Up . . . Linda C. : )

  45. Priscilla from SoCa living in SD says:

    Yeah! My order has shipped, my order has shipped!!!😍😍🌟🎶🎶📢

  46. Susan P. says:

    Susan and all of your wonderful staff at your store in Arroyo Grande.


    • sbranch says:

      LOL! How I love you girls!

      • Susan P. says:


        • sbranch says:

          So glad it’s in your hot little hands now Susan! Hope you like it!

          • Susan P. says:

            OMG YOUR BOOK IS A WINNER!!!!! I READ FROM PAGE 1 TO 30…I COULDN’T TAKE IT…I JUMPED AHEAD TO TO PAGE 118…AND I CRIED…. (my dilemma) Now I have a football game to go to… but.the 4th quarter is the most important quarter…Mark (my husband) will understand..haha
            Susan, you are an AUTHOR…..You grabbed me in on the first pages….I couldn’t stand it, I had to read ahead….(I have to go to the game) just one more page…one more…one more. You should be very proud of yourself…YOU DID IT!!! CONGRATULATIONS. I think many of us are going to be able to relate to your journey…the good times of laughter and childhood…to growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and to love …and loss…tears and through it all still believing in your Fairy Tale. I am so happy I already know how it ends…. you got Joe!!! But this is absolutely wonderful to read…and how you have put all together. Love you, Susan P
            P.S. I was wrong about the cover I thought it was going to be you and a friend or a brother.

          • sbranch says:

            Nice to have a little mystery . . . you are going to love it when we all get to Martha’s Vineyard! (But I need to keep my mouth shut about that!) Thank you Susan!!!

        • Debbie P ~ Weedsport, NY says:

          Oh, man! I can’t wait to get the book! You lucky, lucky girl, Susan!

  47. Suzanne C. says:

    Oh I rec’d word today that it has shipped I am so excited. I am only in Las Vegas so it should not be long now! Thanks Susan for all the sunshine you sprinkle all over my world. Love Suzy

  48. Deborah in Odessa, Tx says:

    My book is anxious to be in my home. I am too!!!

  49. Deborah in Odessa, Tx says:

    Haha..I should proof read better. I am anxious for that book to be in my home..I am already there.

  50. Linda g says:

    Congrats!!! It’s finally here! Yay for you. Now question. I think I pre ordered your book because I know I would do something like that but how can double check. I am giddy with excitement!

  51. chris consentino says:

    oh, dear Susan….thank you, oh!, thank you!! and…I think you know why. a wonderful “visit” from you. brightens ANY day!! speaking of “visit”….I just got home from a great big dose of NH-visiting!!!! wow. we were away 10 days. and….quite disproved the notion that you “can’t-go-home-again” !!!!! my fantasy….my dream….was to go to the supermarket in our old “home-town”, and find 1 person I knew. (we’ve only been “away” for 2 years, but….I just didn’t know!!). so, booooom!!!!! right at the entryway, where they keep the shopping carts…..there was someone I knew….and, did she ever remember me….I knew her from church…she was a “summer-person” from Massachusetts….always went to 4:00 pm Mass…I NEVER knew her name…..and, there she was….like I was her long-lost cousin. and….it gets better…..I “held-court” in the produce section for quite awhile…then, around every corner…..someone else to hug!!!! it lasted more than 2 hours!!!!! unbelievable!!!!! wonderful !!!!!! heart-warming!!!! I could go on. the whole time was like that…everywhere we went, folks just gathered and hugged and asked if we had “come-back”. sometimes, a fantasy….a dream just DOES come true!!!!! I WANTED to stay in Alton (NH) long enuf to meet you in Meredith…..not too far distant….but we were not able to do so. sad. infuriating, even. agh!!!! not sure of your travel route to Meredith, but if you happen to take rt. 28 north (you can take rt 93 north to exit 7….then, 101 east to 28 north…then rt 11 west to Meredith) and at the traffic circle jct 28 and 11.. in Alton….there is an Aubuchon hardware (a Massachusetts-based hardware chain) that is the building my husband and I built, and operated as a 5 & 10 / Ace hardware store for sev’l years. that, too had been a “dream-fulfilled” at the time. it would just be fun if you went past it. it’s one route to travel…..always magnificent to ride along Lake Winnipesaukee…as you know. rt. 11 west gives you many peeks at the lake, tho some “scenic-views” need tree-trimming. we also stayed with hubby’s brother & wife in rye, nh…..aaaah….the ocean……..I can NEVER get ENUF of that scent stuffed into my nose……aaaah……extremely wonderful !!!!!! we really have to find a little piece of oceanfront here in va…..we HAVE to. you know what I mean. ( how comforting….to KNOW that you KNOW what I mean). wonderful chatting “with” you. sorry I went on soooooo long. hubby says I “write novels”….but I prefer to say “novellae”…..hehe. do travel safely and joyfully!!!! stuff your nose with “lake-scent”…..that is wonderful as well. again, thanks!!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m happy you had such a wonderful time! I let the pathfinder make our trail as I would have us end up in Oz most likely! I have zero sense of direction! But I’m good at looking out the window, so I’ll watch for an Aubuchon!

      • chris consentino says:

        well, NOT just ANY Aubuchon…..the only one of interest is….pardon the non-humility….is THE one @ Traffic Circle…Junction Rts 11 & 28, Alton, NH. since we built the building….we do have “crowing-rights”, right?? we’ve been out of our store for 11 yrs now, but still admire what we did and how lovely our store building was. anyway….hope you do get to see it….wish we were going to see you!!!! sooooo close…yet, not able. sigh, again. life being quite exciting….so enjoying visit of the Pope!!!! wow. and…your book should be here sooon. and…’s nice & cooool. mmmm. I so enjoyed your dad’s messages, as always!! so glad he is doing well !!!!! ooops, gotta go to tv….Pope must be landing in ny!!!! wow.

  52. mary spring says:

    ..good morning ! I sort and pack I keep checking for updates on Fairy Tale Girl via your posts’ comments, facebook, and twitter pics !! I am hoping that ” snail mail” moves quickly!!..(I so need to have this in my hands when I board the plane)…thank you Susan for the updates ! say that we are all so very excited is quite the understatement..with love, as always… have a great day !!

  53. Jack says:

    Zee book , she eees vunderful….

    Translation :” the book is very good” 🙂

  54. Jack says:

    Just read your Tweet about your shoes — As you may know Arizona is great for growing
    Grapes — as such , I can equal your level of comfort right now sitting around with purple feet … It is grape stomping time here and being barefoot watching Tv in your underware is comfort to the nth degree.
    P S The house is half painted …. But still has the other half and the deck and trim to go
    Plus all that railing on the decks ….probably four more days to finish

  55. Jack says:

    As a escribar vu ees el topo nocho …. Keep up zee bueno trabaho. Señor Padre

  56. Tammy M says:

    I simply cannot wait!!!!! 🙂 Loving something to look forward to!!!!!

  57. Jean says:

    Yay!!! I just checked my email…..our book is on the way😄 I’m s-o-o-o-o excited I can hardly contain myself! I was hoping to read it during my recovery, but surgery was pushed to October, so now I can read it twice, a-a-a-nd also A Fine Romance, for the umpteenth time😛I should be all set. Spareribs with juice for dinner tonight…love your recipes! Thank you!

  58. Juli says:

    Dear Susan,

    I just received my copy of The Fairy Tale Girl!! It looks so beautiful! I can’t wait to start reading. This just made my day! Thank You Susan!!


    • sbranch says:

      You are the FIRST I’ve heard of that got it Juli! Congratulations!

      • Mary in Phoenix says:

        How Exciting!!! “First book Juli” must live in CA. Wish I still lived in CA 🙂 Thinking AZ will be next on the route. Too bad you can’t see when the girlfriends open their books like you do Willard 🙂 Just imagine all the reading that is going to be going on this weekend. Vunderful is right ♥ xo

  59. Debbie from White Bear Lake says:

    Just received my email letting me know my book is on the way!!! So excited!!!!

  60. Jack says:

    Wow , last night I dreamed they made a movie of , A Fairy Tale Girl — and I was the Wizard of Oz … was so real , this morning I tried to make coffee by just waving a spoon at the pot– no luck !

  61. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Shelly! Great “card” by your clever, darling boys – runs in the family! Birth of your book dear sweet Sue, congratulations! I can hardly wait to bury my nose in my copy, nothing like that aroma! And my eyes & heart can hardly wait for the reading!!! Ze excitement builds! xoxoxo

  62. Juli says:

    Dear Susan,

    I am enjoying your book so much….I just can’t put it down! I love all of the beautiful pictures of you when you were little. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful memories of your life with us. You are such a gifted writer, knowing exactly what your “girlfriends” love to hear. Cozy, warm and fuzzy with a lot of love.
    Thank you!

  63. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Are you on cloud nine? Knowing your book is being shipped to hundreds, how can you contain the excitement Susan???? So excited when I received the email announcing the SHIPMENT of Fairy Tale Girl, I almost popped!!!! Glad to know ahead of time, as I’ll make sure to keep the lawn sprinkler on low. Don’t want to not get the porch wet, just in case the postman comes early and delivers the book today!!!! Hmmmm, I have two more sets of curtains to iron and hang and a new shower curtain to sew today……………that will keep me busy as I anticipate the arrival of your book. Soooooooooooooooo very happy for you Susan!!!

  64. Vickie in Cleveland says:

    Oh, so excited! My book just arrived! Too bad I have to go to work later. Can’t wait to read it! Thank you, Susan for another beautiful book! 😁

  65. Charissa says:

    Happy Birthday, Shelly. What a testament to you to have such loving boys. I love Lucy:) Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Oh, Susan. I am so happy for you!!! How exciting!!!!! It looks perfect and I can’t wait to read it the minute I get it in my hot little hands. Just thrilled that you are happy. I know it will be a success because when you do something from your heart it is always a success no matter what:) but I know it will be a $uccess too. I am posting it again on pinterest;)

    So fun to the the Bleu website I loved you French accent. I would eat just about anything if it is in garlic butter;)

    Cutest slippers ever!!

    I loved your link to Lowely’s art She is an amazing artist. I was so in awe of her talent and it was fun to see all of her work. Your art gallery at home was such a nice idea. I bet BP figurines felt like they were in a museum. hee hee

    Jack has to be the most adorable cat on the face of this earth. You can see what he is thinking in every shot.

    Your letter from Emily made me cry. What a wise old sweetheart of 15!!! I think she summed up brilliantly what we all feel. We like “good, cozy and classic” which is why we like you and we hope you don’t think we are “some crazy fan”:)
    You are awesome, Emily!!! Now, I am a fan of yours too.

    xoxo, C

  66. Teresa says:

    So excited, I received my book here in CT today. Oh my, it is gorgeous. I just had to flip through it to see a few pages, but I am going to wait till tonight to start it when I can read gloriously uninterrupted. Thank you for writing this for all of us!!!

  67. I came home from Silver Linings Day at my granddaughter Sofia’s school, a day of grandparent appreciation which was pure joy, and had another moment of joy and delight when I opened the mailbox and saw a package from Susan Branch! Hurrah! What a day this is being! I opened it right away and looked at it with such happiness. I can’t wait to begin a slow careful reading where every word and picture is savored! I won this copy and there is a bookmark inside saying that and your signature, too. Thank you so, so very much, Susan Branch! It looks so beautiful!

  68. Tamah Taylor says:

    I checked my gmail account and was happy o see a message that your book is on the way! I am so impatient. I can’t wait to prop my feet up with a cup of tea and read it all the way through and then do it again!

  69. mary spring says:

    …seriously ?!??…my heart is literally racing !!..I just took a wee break to pop in to read comments and looked out the window to see the mailman just delivering my book !!!..oh, I haven’t even opened it up yet ( can you believe that ?!? )..I just wanted to say a heart felt thank you to you and all your angel helpers for all you do !!!..with love…oh, happiest of days…

    • sbranch says:

      Yay Mary, just what I hoped would happen!

      • mary spring says:

        ..awwww..susan, it’s beautiful !!..everything that i was hoping for and more !! still(er), my heart !! ( now, how am I supposed to get any of my work done !!.. lol..)

    • Debbie P ~ Weedsport, NY says:

      ok…I have to get off this blog!!! I can actually feel my heart rate accelerating with each mention that a girlfriend got her book! Be still, my heart….yours will be here soon 🙂 .

      • sbranch says:

        My heart rate is accelerating reading all these wonderful comments!!! Yes, Debbie, it can’t be too much longer now!

  70. Margie says:

    HURRAH!! Just got my email confirmation that your book has been shipped and is on the way!! Just can’t wait to start reading! Think I’ll pitch a tent at the Post Office and wait until it’s popped into my P.O. box! Also, jack is absolutely adorable in these, Pleeze-let-me-out-I-promise-not-to-run-away photos!

  71. Linda Prince - Bakersfield, Ca says:

    Just got home and your wonderful book was waiting for me. Can hardly wait to sit down and start reading it.

  72. Oh, Susan! It’s here!! 🙂 I was sitting on the porch and noticed our mail carrier was holding a package. Happy dance!! It’s perfectly wonderful ~ the lettering, the artwork, the paper, the colors, the ribbon,… The quotes and the song lyrics are so poignant! I’ve been reading a bit this afternoon. You and Diana have just moved to SLO Town. It’s such a wonderful story to read ~ but then I stop and think that it’s YOUR story!! Tears and laughter. (Hope the neighbors aren’t peeking!) Lots of connections that make me stop and think! There I was, sitting on the front porch of my little bungalow, book on my lap, white wicker furniture, crocks and pitchers filled with garden flowers, the flag blowing in the afternoon sunshine ~ just another Fairy Tale Girl counting her blessings!

    My first reading of A Fine Romance was quick, but I feel like I want to read The Fairy Tale Girl very slowly, thinking about where I was and what I was doing at each time in your life ~ comparing, contrasting, remembering… and savoring! Thank you, dear heart, for sharing your story with all of us! We couldn’t love you more!! ♡
    Happy hugs!
    Dawn (in Illinois)

  73. Jill Garofano says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!! I got my book The Fairytale Girl in the mail today and lucky me, I was home sick, so guess what I got to do??? I have already read 3/4 of the book and it is AWESOME!! a real page turner, I cant put it down!! I just started reading early afternoon and it is now 5 p.m. so in only about 3 hours I read more than half the book. Oh girlfriends, you are going to LOVE this book!! I am already dreading getting to the end and then having to wait for the second book. Susan, you are so wonderful!! Thank you for sharing your life with us. I had no idea what you went through in the early years, but I think it made you a better person for your one true love. I am 54, divorced and am still hoping (though it gets slimmer by the year) that my P.C is still out there!!!
    Love and hugs from the east coast (NY)

    • sbranch says:

      That’s amazing, you’re my first real sort of “review” and you are making little squealing noises come out of me! I hope you like it all the way through! Thank you Jill!

      • Jill Garofano says:

        IM DONE READING IT!! holy cow!! I read the whole thing in one day!! its wonderful! and oh my the Beatles story!! REALLY???? I think we could sit and talk for HOURS about your life! Thank you for being “real” and not all snotty and hoity toity, but keeping it real and down to earth. You absolutely amaze me!

        • sbranch says:

          Wow! Done! Amazing! I don’t think one of eight children ever gets to be very hoity toity! At least not from my neck of the woods. I’m SO SO SO glad you liked it!!! Thank you for writing to tell me Jill!!

          • Jill Garofano says:

            You are welcome!! you can never write enough books for us, so please don’t stop!! I think I might go re-read Fine Romance. I just got a friend interested in your work, she spent hours drooling over your website and blog. She loves anything England, so you have a new fan!!
            Thanks again!!

          • sbranch says:

            That’s so nice Jill! Tell her I said Hello! We can always use another Girlfriend around here!

  74. Elizabeth says:

    The email arrived yesterday…..the book, the very beautiful book arrived this afternoon in Maryland! Thank you to all of your wonderful staff in CA for getting the book out so promptly. Thank you so much for putting your heart into your writing….I just know it will be a wonderful book. PS Ready to pre-order the next volume as soon as it becomes available!

    • sbranch says:

      I thank my lovely staff also, they are the best. Kellee wrote me today to ask who I wanted to play me in the movie! 🙂

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        Who did you say? I’m sitting here contemplating who I would choose to play you… 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          Ha ha ha . . . still thinking!

          • mary spring says:

            … well, how about Zoey D(sp ?!?) !! two look like you are sisters…btw, because of your fantastic book, I stayed up way later than my normal early to bed !!..’just couldn’t put it down….without giving away any bit of it, for those who didn’t receive it yet, you are a fantastic writer !!..I do need to say that all the songs you had mentioned brought back a very special time for me..with love..and did I say thank you ?!?

          • sbranch says:

            That’s the one! I just talked to my girlfriend Jane (yes the one in the book), and she knows Zooey’s parents!!!! LOL, we were laughing so hard! It’s not going to happen, but all the way to when it doesn’t ~ we’re going to have fun with it!!! And did I say thank you to YOU Mary? Thank you!

          • Vicki says:

            Are you guys talking about the actress with the cute bangs, Zooey Deschanel?

            OF COURSE the book will be a movie. It’s clear. After reading the early comments? Sounds like a done deal to me! Susan Branch, the movie. Yes!!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Not a movie……a television series! And yes, Zoey D. would be a perfect Susan! Complete with musica, of course. Love Zoey and Joseph G.L singing “New Year’s Eve”. Thank you Susan for that introduction!
        PS Halfway though the book…….love it!

  75. Cora says:

    Yahoo, my copy is on its way! Only problem is that I leave to go to a rug hooking seminar on Sunday, so I won’t be able to get my hands on it until I get back home. What a nice welcome home treat it will be.

  76. Debbie P ~ Weedsport, NY says:

    I’m so happy for you, Susan! From the comments it seems you have done it once again! You are right….we are lucky, lucky girls to be on the receiving end of your generosity! You take such a risk when you open your heart and share your soul with us…thank you for going out on that limb and trusting us with so much!
    Gosh….I haven’t even got my copy yet but I just KNOW how great it is! Can hardly wait!!

    • sbranch says:

      I feel like we are all pretty much in the same boat. Change some faces and some outfits, but then it’s all very much like what we all go through trying to grow UP! xoxo

      • Debbie P ~ Weedsport, NY says:

        I think you’re right. Because we’re all human, we do have so much in common….much more in common than different. But it’s only in the sharing of our stories that we find this out. Your courage in sharing…your ability to see the splendor in everyday life….your humor…you have made a difference! Because you share so openly, others will in turn feel more comfortable to share the tales of their hearts. I know I’ve taken much inspiration from your words and ideas and have found it easier all the time to reach out and just BE with my friends and family, sharing and listening to one another. If each of us does that in our own little corners of the globe…well, hopefully, the dots will all connect one day 🙂

  77. Dear Susan,

    I got my confirmation e-mail today! I have company for the next several days…..would it be impolite for me to disappear for a few hours to read it as soon as it comes?! I made them your cranberry apple crisp tonight which they loved! Does that make it OK?


  78. jonnine ayling says:

    just received your book/memoir in the mail was so excited to get it after all this time on order will we be able to pre-order the next installment?

    I am eeking the book out tomyself – just read up to chapter one I want to savour it but also devour it

    I do enjoy your books Thank you so much for being a light in the darkness.

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you for saying such a nice thing. Yes, we’ll pre order, but closer to the time otherwise we’ll all be driven insane with the waiting! 🙂

  79. Pat Johnson says:

    Dear Dear Susan……… Guess what was delivered to my front door this morning? None other than your FABULOUS book and I jumped for joy and shouted around the house. I am sure the neighbors thought that I had truly lost it…………..NO…………I HAD FOUND IT…………..THE TREASURE OF A LIFETIME………….AUTHOR: SUSAN BRANCH – NONE OTHER!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for being so wonderful and bringing so much joy into all of our lives!!!! Pat in Paso Robles……

    • sbranch says:

      Pat! How great! You got it! Didn’t have far to travel but sometimes that doesn’t make much difference! 🙂 I’m so glad! xoxo

  80. Julie C says:

    Oh, Happy Day! My book is on it’s way! I don’t know if I can stand all this excitement. My book is on the way, and I get my porch screened in next week.(I have been waiting 18 years for this.) Oh Happy Day! Kisses to those “too cute” Kitties!

  81. Marjory Cush says:

    Woweee! Kudos to your Girlfriends in the Shop! I just got the email confirmation this morning that your book was on the way, and tonight when I got home THERE IT WAS WAITING FOR ME!! Guess I won’d need to camp out at the post office after all. I’m so looking forward to enjoying it. Thank you for sharing your diaries — it’s good to know that there are always rainbows, full moons and Happy Endings in Life!! Enjoy your upcoming trip and get some WELL-DESERVED R & R! Watch for the Lunar Eclipse this Sunday!

    Margie from the Central Coast

    • sbranch says:

      We are SO hoping we get to view it…Lowely and I were planning our menu for the moonlight picnic on the phone last night! We’ll see, I think were on the very edge of the clear sky area.

  82. Marianne in Hidden Meadows, SoCal says:

    IT’S HERE!!!!!

  83. Marianne in Hidden Meadows, SoCal says:

    IT’S HERE!!!!! I will DEVOUR it!!! Thanks, Susan!

  84. Jane Armour says:

    Joy,joy,joy,joy,joy,joy,JOY!!!!! My copy of the Fairy Tale Girl came today! What a wonderful treat!! Now, if I can just make myself read it S-L-O-W-L-Y and really savor it! That is what I did when I read A Fine Romance, and it spread out the joy over several sittings. I am going to do my best to stretch this one out as well, so that the excitement will last a while. (I hope)!

  85. Susanb says:

    Please be in my mailbox today.

  86. Hi Susan! I just got my e-mailed notice that my “Fairy Tale” book is on it’s way!!!! YAY! I cannot wait to get it and I will definitely let you know how much I love it (I KNOW that I will!!) when I receive it in the mail. HUGS!!!

  87. Rae Lange says:

    Dear Susan…..wahoo!just received my winnings and I must say, everything is above expectations! my husband globbed onto the Autumn book right away after I uttered the magic words “oh look at the neat recipes”. I must learn to keep my mouth shut, haha. I started reading The Fairy Tale Girl and cannot put it down! all you girlfriends out there must make this book a priority buy – it’s just filled with personality and wonderful photos!
    Susan, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for my win; I can truly say I have never won a better gift. The banner was hung up immediately so I can enjoy it in my kitchen every day. Have a happy and fun-filled Autumn – Hi to Joe and Jack.
    Huggggsss and XXXX’s – you are the BEST!!

  88. Jackie P says:

    My heart is pounding just READING about the books shipping. Haven’t gotten my email yet. CANT WAIT!!!!

  89. Wha-Hoo! Your book just arrived here in CT. I was so excited I would have hugged the mailman but he drove off before I could grab him! My smile is a mile wide…….you have no idea how I have looked forward to this moment! Thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to start reading…….just flipping through it tells me that it will be very hard to get any work done here today! Congratulations on yet another enjoyable book to savor! Enjoy your well deserved trip up North!

  90. Margie says:

    Wow, stayed up MUCH, MUCH later than my usual bedtime reading — so much fun!! I have lived here in San Luis Obispo Co. for 10 years and work just up the street from where your first job at the stereo shop used to be. My wonderful guy is a third generation SLO native and when I told him about Stereo West, he said, “Oh, yeah. That was THE place back then to get the REALLY cool Pioneer stereos with “turntables” and all the best “woofers” and “tweeters” (different from today’s tweets!) Who knows, maybe he was even a customer of yours way back then!

    Love your book and now CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL!!

    Margie from the Central Coast

  91. Debbie says:

    Yipee! I received my copy of The Fairy Tale Girl today!!! I’m going to spend this fine Fall afternoon on my patio, with a cup of tea and enjoy reading this new book!

  92. Judy Young says:

    I am wondering if I actually did pre-order this wonderful new book. Is there any way to double check? I am pretty sure that I did, but might have gotten distracted by something! Still hoping I will get a shipping notification on my email:) Can’t wait to read it.

  93. Pat W. says:

    Susan…timing is everthing..I had knee surgery 9/25 & my copy of your new book arrived today. Cannot think of a better way to recoup. I’m enjoying every word & watercolor. So excited….

  94. Tamah Taylor says:

    I just wrote you a note yesterday about my excitement to read your book and it came today! I had just pulled in my driveway and I watched my mailman deliver it separately from my regular mail! I knew it was your book because I am not expecting any other packages. Plan was to clean my house today but I am already on Chapter 5 and I had to stop to eat and run a few errands! Love it so far! I am so happy it has arrived! Thank you and your staff for all the hard work you do and getting this book out so quickly. I can’t wait until May 2016 for the next one. Happy, Happy! God Bless.

  95. Oh, Susan! Thank you for the privilege of knowing your story. We couldn’t love you more!! Wishing our favorite Fairy Tale Girl (and Guy!) a wonderful vacation!!
    Heartfelt hugs!
    Dawn (in Illinois)

  96. Peggy says:

    Got the book yesterday. I am halfway through it. Since I am around the same age as you, it brought back a lot of memories of the times and my own first failed marriage. I love this book! It is so true that what seems like devastating endings is just really new beginnings. Thank you for writing this wonderful book!

  97. Karen Haskett says:

    sO sad to report that I have yet to receive an email confirmation that my Book has shipped! I am beside myself … I hope there isn’t a mix up or something! I am trying to be calm but I live in Georgia and I am worried! I did email about it on Wednesday and hear I would receive an email confirmation… I preordered mine in May….anyone else still waiting to hear?

    • sbranch says:

      Lots of people are still waiting Karen, I’m so sorry, everyone at the Studio is racing to get them out, but there were several thousand and so it will take a couple more days before they are all gone. Fingers crossed yours will be there soon!

      • Karen Haskett says:

        Thank you so much – knowing I am not alone in waiting to hear that is has been shipped makes me feel a little better! 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          You are definitely not alone . . . so sorry though, but it really can’t be much longer.

          • Karen Haskett says:

            Susan, I received it yesterday! it was so worth the wait! The parts where you tell about your parents were particularly touching and brought me to tears – I so miss that era and my parents, who are gone now, because those times were so innocent & magical just the way you described in your book. I also Loved all the quotes and lyrics you wove through out the story as always so lovely! Thank you again!

          • sbranch says:

            Even though I’m still lucky enough to have my parents, I miss their friends and those days also. Thank you Karen, I’m happy you liked it. Still a little overwhelmed. xoxo

    • Judy Young says:

      Me too! If I don’t receive an email that it is being shipped by Tuesday, going to re-order!!!

  98. doris minear says:

    Dear Susan
    I received my book “The Fairy Tale Girl”
    I can’t believe we had such!!!! a similar life. Growing up in S F Vally, I did join the Air Force as a nurse and drug my best friend from Nursing School with me. Met my Prince Charming Pilot, who was 9 yrs older. Moved back to CA to play house,
    I wanted the life our mother’s had. House, making a wonderful life for my husband and family. Surprise that is what I wanted not him, so after 10 years of marriage he left me a note he didn’t want to be married any more! ( it should have said to me!) I was lost and cried for months, I felt your pain. I was wondering would there ever be a day that I didn’t cry. He went to Texas with his new girl friend 19 yrs younger that he was. I was always hoping he would want to come back. I too hated all those songs “Torn Between Two Lovers” and “the We Were” pure torture. What was left of me at 36yrs old divorced no family, what would my life be like? Well happy ever after does happen even if Prince Charming is a Jerk! I remarried and became a mother at 40yrs old, we have two wonderful successful sons and a beautiful 1 yr old grand daughter. So happily ever after does happen. loved the book read it in one day! I even bought one for a dear friend.

  99. Linda says:

    Yay, The Fairy Tale book came yesterday afternoon ! I told myself to read it slowly and savor it – not happening! I’m almost done! Susan, it’s a beautiful book. I was born in late 1949 and it brought back so many memories. There were so many neighborhood kids (baby boomers) to play with back then, life was never dull. I laughed out loud at your bomb shelter story! And got teary eyed when reading about your broken heart. I, too, went through heart break and divorce at 28 years of age, but have been married to a wonderful guy for 33 years now. Thank you for being brave and sharing your life with us. You’ve given us girlfriends a wonderful gift.

  100. Joan Lesmeister says:

    What excitement here as I very carefully slit my pkg open, & there it was….opened my beautiful book, the nose went in & I love the aroma, & the just right ribbon – Fair Tale Girl is here!!!!! I had to shut the book fast, before I could jump in…..dinner time, although, I think my husband should fix his own dinner! xoxoxo

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