Almost Turkey time!  MUSICA ~ you have to watch the little dance that goes with this one! So sweet! Then play it again and come read . . . xoxo

Hello Everyone

Free range turkeyTurkey dinner anyone? Yummy! Our “free range” turkeys are very calm, considering the date and all, milling around our backyard.  All white turkeysThat’s because they know they’re safe, culinarily unattractive with nothing to worry about. Not like these crazy babies that came running to see us a couple of years back when we pulled over to take pictures of them.


Maybe you remember them? So cute! Our wild Island turkeys are not grain fed like these cuties (except of course at our house, where they get bird food), they are mosquito and fly fed, and look pretty much inedible to me. Whenever I see these guys up there  I always think maybe we will have salmon for Thanksgiving! You can’t imagine how sweet they were, and curious about us.


I just finished writing a brand new Willard (this photo is from the last one) . . . I have so many fun surprises for you! A  preview of how the new book is coming along and MUCH more! It should start going out next Tuesday, so watch your mail box ~ it usually takes about four days for them all to go. Hope you love it!

best gifts

drying sheets on the line

We have been sleeping so well. And this is why ~ the sheets! They are so cozy and crisp because we’ve gotten into the habit of drying them on the line.’Course that home-sweet-homewill stop when it starts freezing out there, but it’s been HEAVEN, a noticeable difference, they way they feel and smell, even inspires conversation between Joe and I when we’re on our walk, saying how delicious they are. If you can do it, if it’s not already snowing on you, and there are no rules against clothes drying on your line, try it!

little birds little things


And while I was out there I had to take a picture of the ground. So pretty under the maple tree ~ SO gorgeous despite dastardly worm-bites from killer worms we’ve managed to attract here on the Island. But we are going to get rough with them this year and put some oil on our tree trunks where they lay their eggs to keep them from ever hatching. Still pretty, if a bit gnawed.


Kitty in the window

leaf border

I gathered the sheets and took them in, and this was waiting in the window at the back kitchen door.So lucky! ♥♥

a picture

cozy fire

I had to get the sheets in before it started raining . . . rainy daywhich it did, all day yesterday. It was perfect Willard-writing weather, tires slapping the street outside my window, raindrops pattering on the glass, while I thought about what would be the perfect new Giveaway to celebrate this Willard (a surprise!) ~ it was a delightful rainstorm which inspired us to light the first fire of the season last night.


leaf border

Thanksgiving table

We’re having people to dinner tonight (which is why this is going to be a short post ~ I have to go cook!) I’ve been looking at some of my dinner-party table settings . . . and starting to think about Thanksgiving, which always makes me think about my grandma.

Thanksgiving with Grandmagrandmathanksgiving

My grandma taught me how to set the table when I was little.


Forks on the left, knife and spoons on the right . . . Handy information I’ve used all my life.

my recipe box

Think I’ll go check my recipe box and see what good old recipes inspire me today. It’s raining again, a perfect day for

homecookingOff I go dear ones, out to brave the drizzle and cut the last of the marigolds for the kitchen window . . . what are you up to this weekend? I will be painting! And getting Vanna in shape for the big drawing next week. Yay! Love you, XOXO

flower border

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776 Responses to ALMOST TURKEY TIME

  1. Hi Sue!

    A nice crisp and breezy post. Seeing your sheets on the line, I suddenly thought “Oh my, what did Gran do with the wash when it was Winter?” I guess a drying rack in the house near the coal or wood burning stove? She must have been so glad for Spring to come. 🙂

    Stay warm and well and working. But take lots of time for dreaming and tea drinking and kit and Joe cuddling. Love to you all!

  2. sondra fox says:

    Hi GF’s! I grew up in PA, in the 30’s & 40’s, way before driers. In those days, we always hung our sheets outside, except on rainy, or freezing days, my Gram would hang the sheets in the basement. I still hang my sheets outside. When our Grand Boys were small, & staying at our house, I’d tuck them into bed, telling them they were going to sleep on “sunshine sheets.” Some of the things we did way back then, are still good to do today, especially “sunshine sheets.”

    Another thing my Gram used the basement for, was to keep our Thanksgiving turkey down there until she butchered the poor thing. I’ve always been an animal lover. I’d become attached to the poor turkey. When I saw it on our dinner table, there was no way I was going to eat it. (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

  3. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi susan…. I thought of you today as we traveled the beautiful back roads of Missouri on our way back home from Kansas City. We stopped at the tiny town of Arrow Rock ( pop. 52) and discovered one of Missouri’s lesser-known gems. Located close to the Missouri River, the town was settled in 1835 and saw prosperous years as it is located on both the Santa Fe and Lewis and Clark Trails. It has gone through the usual hard times but it survives today and has several unique shops, antiques stores, Bed and Breakfast Inns and a very popular community theatre!! We dined at the J Huston Tavern and when I saw the place, I just knew this would be your cup of tea. Much of the tavern has been preserved with the help of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Missouri Parks Department. It is the longest continually running restaurant west of the Mississippi and on Sunday’s they serve a delicious home-cooked fried chicken dinner. Served family style, it was like we had gone to a good friends house for dinner!!! It so happens that my all-time favorite meal is old fashioned fried chicken ( like grandma used to make), mashed potatoes, pan gravy, green beans with bacon that have been cooked low and slow, corn and biscuits. What luck!! Today ‘s menu was just that and when we pulled apart our biscuits, the steam just rolled out beckoning that butter. Oh my Lord… what a treat!!! Everything was from scratch and scrumptious!!!! My husband and I swapped stories about our grandmas and their fried chicken, both of us certain that our own grandma made the best fried chicken ever!!! Seeing this post when we got home was just the icing on the cobbler ….. perfect timing as usual!!! I am certain that our new favorite restaurant is full of memories and the spirit of all of the grandmas that both lived and worked in this establishment!! ” a house needs a grandma in it”…. no truer words spoken…I loved your short and sweet post today and can’t wait to see my friend Willard. Feeling comforted after reading it and our Girlfriends comments; especially in this chaotic world we are living in right now… Pray for peace and those affected in Paris…..with love, cindy

  4. Nicoline says:

    Hi again Susan!
    I saw the pictures (on your twitter) of the CHINESE version of a Fine Romance!
    Doesn’t it look wonderful!
    Question; Where can I order a copy? and will you sign it? (in Chinese…haha)
    Love from Holland

    • sbranch says:

      Watch the blog tomorrow, Nicoline, I’ll show some pages from the Chinese version. It cost an arm and a leg to ship them. Not sure anyone will want to pay price, but I got 20 copies just in case. Kellee will put them on the Blog today sometime. I’ll give one away on the Blog! I saw my name in Chinese and I fear the attempt would do me in!

  5. Diane from Poulsbo says:

    Susan, I love your house so much….the pics are beautiful! I cannot decide if I love the front the most, or the back! I think it is wonderful that your home has so much history ….and so many free range turkeys who feel quite comfortable in your yard! I can only imagine that Jack and GK love to watch those extra large birds! lol. I also adore seeing your table settings…they are lovely. We grew up with a long table set with elegant things , and it was something I always appreciated , even a little girl. You have the talent to make everything beautiful AND comfortable , which is exactly what I love the most. I know it is difficult watching the news these days and we mourn with France, but it is wonderful to see such a cheery blog . Thank you! xxxxxx

    • sbranch says:

      I think the kitties think that the turkeys are human beings. The are oddly not interested in them! We do mourn for France, for our beautiful world. Mourning for a while, and then next, comes the doing. And this time, I hope we think first. We could be very tricky if we tried.

  6. JoLynnH says:

    Ah, Monday! It was a delightful weekend in our home here in SE PA. Chilly and very windy Saturday but milder Sunday. Much of the time spent at home, mulling about moving furniture, waiting for baby to wake from nap, watching Annie (Carol Burnette version) with our six year old daughter (who said she didn’t like it but somehow remained snuggled under the covers with me on the couch to the end ;p) Saturday evening hubby and I snuck out for a long overdue date (an italian byo we have grown to love a couple of towns over). My husband’s birthday is tomorrow (the 17th) and I gifted him a day out with pals golfing. So, it was me and the two kiddies (6 year old daughter and 2 year old son) for the majority but we all gathered again in the evening for birthday celebrations (our niece and my hubby) at brother in-laws before lights out for bed at home. Lovely, quiet, homey weekend. It’s a simple life and I love it that way!

    Looking forward to reading Willard soon and wishing you and your family a wonderfully thankful Thanksgiving!

  7. Carol Maurer~~~~ Kennewick, Wa says:

    Hi Susan…..

    I may be behind the times and you may have already mentioned this, but I’m wondering just the same….. you 2nd part book that is coming out this week, I believe you said… do we pay for that one as well, or is it part of the Fairy Tale Girl book? Should we have ordered that one as well?

    Carol M

  8. Carol Maurer~~~~ Kennewick, Wa says:

    Haha… never mind Susan…. I just clicked onto your book and was given all the information that I need. DUH! I think I’ve been to busy lately.

    Thanks again and for your patience.

    Carol M

  9. Alex says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am so thankful to be able to visit your website where love just flows from the screen into my heart when I feel sad about the world and the terrible things that we do to one another. My heart truly goes out to all the ones affected by the current events in Paris and in other parts of the world. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. = )

    My husband Ryan and I just bought our first house!!! ( I emailed you a few months back with our wedding photo and a photo of our sweet kitties) Your home decorating has really inspired me and I can’t wait to get our home all cozy and full of love. I was wondering if you could please tell me what wallpaper you have in your dining room. It is just lovely and I am looking for something similar. That fire looks so nice. Our new home has a fireplace and I just can’t wait to use it! Thanks for being you, Sue.

    Warmly your S.C. pal,
    Alex <3

    • sbranch says:

      The wallpaper is very old and I can’t tell you where I got it, I’m sorry. I’m sure they wouldn’t have it anymore anyway, but just look, you’ll find something like it. Congratulations on the HOUSE!!!! How wonderful!

  10. Joan says:

    YIKES – hope not too late to get in on the “giveaway” drawing!!! 🙂

  11. paula ann fetherston says:

    Been hanging out sheets and other clothes/linens most of my life – from childhood. There’s nothing like lying down on sheets and pillowcases fresh from the line!
    We have a free range turkey for TG this year. I will brine it beginning next Tuesday (we have dinner on Friday so kids can do TG with in-laws on Thursday).
    I love the quiet of Thursday when I can spend it cooking.
    I would love to be able to download my w.c. that was turned down for the local juried art show so you can tell me what you think. -Paula

  12. patti says:

    All I can say Miss Susan, is that I have missed you and I am going to start reading again. My hope for me and my family. I am going to have the best holiday say I can have for me and mine. So true about the grandmama thing but alas this grandmama is not needed. So sad ;( But I am going to have a wonderful holiday season with those that love me and I/we just adopted a beautiful little kitty. Mr. Whisper’s is his name and he was only 11 weeks old and he needs me. He found us and we are so grateful to have him in our home. Blessings, Miss Susan <3

  13. Kimberly Godwin says:

    Love your blog, books, and cheerful outlook!
    Recipes are fab, and I enjoy the New England photography.
    Living in South Carolina, but raised in Connecticut.
    You touch a bunch of heart strings! Thank you!!!

  14. Cary says:

    You’re always my inspiration! Thank you, thank you.

  15. Jean Dean says:

    Congratulations on your new book and the Chinese version. How cool!

  16. Beth McCulloch says:

    Hi Susan!

    I love reading Willard! I am looking forward to meeting you on your book tour! Will you be in the Chicago area? I see a dot on the map around there??? I too, love Beatrix Potter….since I was able to read. Every Easter, the bunny would leave me a new BP book, well new to me! During the 1980’s my awesomely adorable grandmother, Louise, started me on my way to collecting the RD figurines. My niece, Hailey, and I will be in England during the month of July (2016). I can’t wait! -Beth

  17. Nancy Kelly says:

    Oh, Susan, you make my whole world SMILE when I devour all your beautiful writing, pictures, ideas, thoughts, adventures – you share your whole being with us. And we are truly blessed and thankful!! I love the surprise of having a WILLARD in my emailbox, and read it over and over, and save it forever. Thank you for all the happiness you bring to the world (and thank you to Joe too. I also have a wonderful Joe in my life!!) Take good care!

  18. as always Susan, you put on paper what’s in my mind and heart. The warmth, nestled in coziness, love of the simple things, honesty and love for each other and the hurting world. Let us rejoice in thanksgiving and keep it in our hearts!

  19. Judy Mapston says:

    The British cooking show is going to be on regular TV I saw.. I think ABC or CBS?

  20. Elin McCall says:

    Thanks so much for all the inspiration. I was feeling a little sad because we are now empty nesters. But one of the kiddos will be home for Thanksgiving and both for Christmas so we have a lot of family time to look forward to this season. Thanks for all the cheery thoughts and ideas for the fall and Christmas season!

  21. JoAnn from SoCal says:

    Thank you, Sue, for a few minutes of delight amid a difficult period in my life.

  22. Nonnyluv aka Carol Webster says:

    Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with ME…Luv your Willards and all you do to bring joy and your happy genes to everyone.

  23. Nonnyluv says:


  24. Sandy Engel says:

    Dear Susan😊, I have just finished Willard and I am so excited for you on the most recent surprises……HOLLYWOOD POSSIBILITY and your book published in Japan!!!!!!!! And of course preorder of your next book!!!!! I have been a devoted fan since you painted a page for Country Living Magazine…….how wonderful to watch and be a part of your continuously blossoming career!!!!!! I so look forward to your travel plans and also your drawing for your books……..Happiest Thanksgiving Wishes to you and all❤️

  25. Marisa Montalbano says:

    Love your giveaways ….hope I’m lucky this time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. Suzanne Kolhagen says:

    Dear Susan~ I would love to win the gingerbread tea to try! Thank you for your new posts, Willard, musica, kitty photos and seasonal cheer 🙂
    Your Key West friend….Suzanne

  27. Arlene says:

    I didn’t want The Fairy Tale Girl to end…….just like Downton Abbey.

  28. Linda wilson says:

    love my new calendar you signed at “Titcombs”

  29. Dianne Van Der Wende says:

    Oh, thank you for the Willard on this cold blustery day. Made the sunshine in my sewing room.

  30. Dianne says:

    So cozy and inviting. I wish I could pull up a chair and have a cup of tea!

  31. Jan Hammond says:

    Susan, you give us so much beauty, inspiration and joy! I read everything you write so eagerly. I can hardly wait to get your next book! I will be pre-ordering it. Congratulations on your book being printed in Chinese!!! And I hope that one day, not too far down the road, I’ll be watching your life’s story on television…or at the theater. Way to go!!! You sure add a lot to my life in Colorado Springs!

  32. Caitie says:

    Looking forward to Thanksgiving….. Reading your blog reminds me to put on the special sweet touches to make everything that extra special….. Xox

  33. Candy says:

    Hi Susan! Wishing you a joyous Thanksgiving!! Each of your books is a treasure unto itself…..❤️❤️❤️

  34. Bonnie Village Shaiken says:

    There have been Susans in my life always~
    Susan, Sue .Suzie ,Susie, Sushannah,Suz,Suzan,Sus and the names go on
    and on~ Lucky me! All have made my life happier!

    Bonnie (to you Dotty Bonnie)

  35. Barbara says:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that you will make it Politics and Prose in DC for your spring tour. I will let the store know too that a visit from you would be exceptional.

  36. Debbie Rice says:

    Love reading your posts!!! they make me happy. I would love to win your books, love building my library for my granddaughter😊
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Debbie R.

  37. Betty says:

    I really enjoy reading all that you send us. Just makes me FEEL GOOD !! Thanks for your talent, your energy, and your time.

  38. Lesley mc c says:

    You site is a delight. Your a gifted artist that shares your joy of living.
    Thank you . L.

  39. Carol d says:

    Oh how JOY doubled!!
    Some day my sailor and I wish to follow your path ,
    explore how lovely England is and experience the
    Pretty places also. Thanks for the chance at your

  40. Christy Palmer says:

    You mentioned in your Willard that Joe is turning 64. My husband and I turned 64 this summer and threw ourselves a “When I’m 64” Beatles party, complete with Beatles decor, Beatles music, cupcakes with Beatles faces, and food with Beatles-inspired names (“Let it Brie” for example). I’d be happy to share pictures if you want to try this for your sweet Joe, it was so much fun!

  41. Sharon Avinger says:

    Susan – There is going to be a four part Great British Holiday Baking Show starting November 30 at 10 PM on ABC network. There will be three more after that, ending on Monday night December 21. Mary Merry will be one of the judges. The other judge will be someone who won the James Beard award. Can’t wait!!

  42. Suzanne Nast says:

    I love your home. Have to call my sister so we can talk about the giveaway.

    Thanks. Suzanne


    Loved the recipe and photos for the salmon. I love fish and that was really tasty looking. Must give it a try.

    Your home is lovely and reflects your personality quite well.

    Have a splendid holiday season. Forwarded your Willard to a cousin in WA. She would like your style too.

    Thanks for the update,

  44. Val says:

    Giveaway? Yes please. Love reading your Willards, Susan and marvelling at your watercolors. You remind me there is magic in the world.

  45. Anita Martin says:

    I love your way of living…the way you look at things! I love Beatrix Potter too.
    You are the best virtual girlfriend that a gal can have. Thanks for being there! ❤️

  46. Connie Martin says:

    Hi Susan! I am so glad that you are coming to (maybe) Cincinnati, OH. No distance is too far 🙂 And, I am so glad you are taking us to Scotland. Always wanted to go there. I love the new charms. Oh, and I love the bookmarks. I will be printing those out too. Thanks for the give-away. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I can just taste your Grandmother’s stuffing. YUM.
    Connie in Ohio

  47. Clair says:

    Hello. Love your “newsy” newsletters!!

  48. Anne says:

    I have been a fan for many years..meeting you once on the Vineyard when my daughter was student teaching there.
    your books and drawings are magnificent..shared with a cup of tea and a cookie!
    thank you for sharing the real treasures in this world!
    blessings to you, Anne

  49. Marcia says:

    Thank you for all the cheeriness you add to our lives! I love your perspective and the beauty you see everywhere!

  50. Judy Juda says:

    I admire everything you draw and write! I’m a cardmaker and have used your likeness from your stamp set for years on the back of all my cards. Always get comments because it looks so much like me! Thank you for the wonder-FUL newsletter. I enjoyed reading it sooo much! I live in Texas on Gulf Coast next to Louisiana and would relish the daily walks you write of! Sign me up, please, for the giveaway! Woo-Hoo!

  51. Carol says:

    The photo of your sheets hanging on the line almost made me sigh out loud! I miss many things about my childhood, but I think laundry on the clothesline is one of the things I miss the most. The sun-kissed fragrance of sheets, pillowcases, blankets, etc cannot be matched by any bottled fabric softener!
    My mother would even put our bed pillows out in the sun every year. What a delight to sleep on pillows and other bedding dried in the sun. Sigh!

  52. Nancy, Valley Forge, PA says:

    Ah, moment of panic because I got the “Blog” before the “Willard” and thought I had been left out….oh noooo! Thanks for the lovely newsy posts! I love Thanksgiving time of year, and your blogs!

  53. Melanie Chamness says:

    Your site always uplifts me when I need a little extra TLC. Thanks so much for the effort you put into sharing your delightful environment – not humid Houston. Congrads on the book in Chinese. Thanks, Mel

  54. Helen Farrell says:


  55. Jane Walker says:

    Looking forward to your new book. All your books make me laugh and cry at the same time. In 1969 I got engaged on Martha’s Vineyard and have never been able to return again so your intimate writing and pictures carry extra special meaning to me. You are a gift to so many. Thank you from this “girlfriend”

  56. Deb Nolan says:

    Susan, I am a frequent visitor to MV and love reading Willard and the blog – they give me a little taste of the Vineyard when I’m missing it! I have a question: where do you get the beveled glass that you have your chickadee gift tag in?

  57. Colleen Schneider says:

    Love the new book and CANNOT wait for the next one. I always say you are like the Martha Stewart for the rest of us….someone we can relate to, want to be girlfriends with and who enjoys all the things that makes life so special. Getting Willard in my email today was like a present! Thank you for making life a little happier! 🙂

  58. Cathy Mapes says:

    Thank you for soooo much ! Simply love all your gifts you choose to share with us. Bless you.

  59. Heather Hanna says:

    Hi Susan.
    You have this incredible knack of making everyone feel that they know you and that you know US! You (well your books anyway) have spent so long in my home that I feel that you are part of the family. Of course, Louisa may Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Charlotte Bronte and Charles Dickins all live here too, so you are in good company!
    Just wanted to tell you that you have made me a very happy bunny. You see, I live in Berkshire (not very far from Windsor castle) in England and next year I turn 50! I have decided that I will spend the next calendar year doing 50 incredible things with 50 incredible people! And now, one of my things can be a picnic with you! (SO EXCITED!!!!!!)
    Thank you for the invitation. Thank you for letting me into your life and for all the beautiful art, recipes and stories.
    Love to you and Joe and the pussy-cats!

  60. Jane Grayson says:

    I’ve missed you and Willard sooo much! I’m very grateful for the archives so that I can go back and re-read the blog posts from this time last year and the year before..! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving while I practice my arf and arfy!

    Love Jane xx

  61. Conny Leibenzeder says:

    Hello Susan,
    how much I enjoyed reading your newest posts!👍
    I am german ,live near the Black Forest Germany, and used to live in USA for 6 years during the 80 ies. From that time I still enjoy your first x- mas book and summer book .
    Your home looks so cosy every time and reading your blog makes me always feel close to
    US and the way of living there ,which I adore. I thank you for all the creative ideas and inspirations. I am a passionat quilter ,decorater and love to cook your recipes.
    Would love to participate in the ” giveaway” drawing.
    I will always follow you blogs and can’t wait for the next one, THANK YOU!!!
    ( excuse my mistakes in english)


  62. Susan F. says:

    Love love love your blog! It’s the definition of “cozy”:) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  63. Arlene Koktavy says:

    I am thankful for all the good inspiration I get from reading everything you write. Arlene

  64. Arlene Koktavy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for your writing and art it is inspiring. Arlene

  65. Eileen Herbert says:

    Can’t wait to see you in England in September!


  66. Sue Cooper in Indiana says:

    Your Willard Newsletter always brightens my darfay. 😘

  67. Elayne says:

    Thank you for being You, and sharing your many talents, ideas & thoughts, your family, home and your life. I so enjoy your books, your artistries and stuff you love, you are such an inspiration. I wanted to thank my good friend Joni, she’s the one that shared you with me. Where would we be without girlfriends!
    Wishing you many blessings and may you have a very Thankful, Thanksgiving.

  68. Celine Bowman says:

    Susan, I love your books but especially the last two!! I recommended A Fine Romance to many of my friends and they also enjoyed it. I am waiting for part two of your “love story”. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new copy in the Spring.

  69. Mary says:

    Just love the art and folksy talk, just like we’ve been friends forever! Have a beautiful day! 🍁🍂🍁🍂

  70. Marianne M says:


    I have enjoyed your books for years and have given them as gifts so others may enjoy them as well(especially the Girlfriends book). The softness of the illustrations and words are wonderful. I look forward to your future works. Thank you for sharing.

  71. diana b says:

    Good morning Susan and family, I just read my Willard! I have just recently semi-retired (looking for my part time heart job) and it feels so nice to relax…congratulations on all your accomplishments, your books, your family, your travels…and for being so kind in sharing with us…you are loved by many…I haven’t read Fairytale Girl yet…but plan to order it as soon as I get extra money! Be well, db

  72. Carolyn says:

    We recently lost my Dad and lost Mom a few tears back so know just what you mean. There will always be a hole in our holidays without them but we make mom’s cranberry relish in her memory and feel their presence as we start new traditions and our family grows.

  73. Bev Whitworth says:

    Hi Susan: I really enjoy reading your emails. But, sometimes my email account does not function properly and I miss them. Is there a way that they can be put on your website after they are sent out? That way, if I miss any, I can find them on your site.

    Thanks so much.

  74. Carol Jordan says:

    A dreary day just got brighter! Thank you for all your inspiration.

  75. Rhonda Cooper says:

    Huge, Amazing, truly divine news! TV, tours, sailing to the land of my ancestors! It is all beyond wonderful. Can’t wait to hear more. You are to the he poster girl for the rewards of hard work. So delighted for you.
    Sure wish you could come to Clinton Book Shop in Clinton NJ. Great independent shop always hosting authors. Lovely little town, very pretty not unlike a mini Vineyard Haven and having lived in one and visited the other, that’s a promise. Fingers crossed.
    Kind regards,

  76. Sharon Sammarco says:

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving to all of you fabulous Girlfriends! Congratulations Sue on your beautiful book written so perfectly in Chinese! Who would of “thunk” it?
    Reading and just looking at your books, blog, etc. always make me happy!
    Remember Girlfriends…..”Gobble till ya Wobble”!

  77. Ann Woleben says:


    Willard has arrived! Decaf coffee and Moravian cookies while I read – yum! There is an American version of the British cooking show. I believe it has already begun.

    Love, Love, Love your Chinese edition! Must tell my friend in Shanghai!

  78. Margie Orr says:

    You are welcome to stay at our home in southeast Maryland on your book tour for Isle of Dreams in April. I noticed you will be in DC which is about 36 miles from our house. So excited for you! Thanks you for your bright spot in my life……so glad you have found happiness with Joe….I am also a Leo and have a wonderful husband! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  79. Sandra Horn says:

    You never disappoint! Love everything Susan Branch! Such a blessing!

  80. Alicia says:

    I absolutely love your blog posts and Willard. So much fun and so much beauty!!

  81. Sandra Horn says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention my girlfriends and I spoke Ofa … as our secret language. Love your reminders that transports me back in time to revisit dormant/spontaneously recovered precious memories. Ah Good times:)
    Thank you!

  82. Patricia Swarm says:

    Hi there Susan,
    Love your “Branching out” map! Happy Thanksgiving and continue to count the blessings!

  83. Julie says:

    Susan, do you remember where those kitchen chair cushions are from? So cute!

  84. Mary Ellen says:

    Hi Susan!
    I just finished reading The Fairy Tale Girl and also received my Autumn cookbook. I absolutely love them. My Susan Branch collection is growing and growing! I hope to be able to get to one of your book signings over the next year. Thank you for everything you do! ~ Mary

  85. Hi! I received your newsletter and saw you were planning a tour in the Spring. Though our area wasn’t marked on the map, we are located between New York and Philadelphia, so we may be on your travel path. Moravian Book Shop is the oldest continuously running book shop in the United States, located in Bethlehem, PA, a beautiful historic city. We’d love to have you visit!
    Keep up all your wonderful work and have a happy holiday season!

  86. Kathy Phenix says:

    First a Willard and then the blog. It’s a bumper day in Girlfriend World. So thrilled to read about your next book. Can’t wait.
    I am trying to type this over and around my cat, Chuck. I use a laptop on a lap desk and my “lap cat” always wants to join me in the midst of typing. He arrived just in time to see Jack waiting at the kitchen door. Talk about a sixth sense.
    Well my arm is cramping trying not to “disturb” the kitty. So bye for now. Happy Thanksgiving.

  87. Glenda says:


    Right now I am happy and sad.

    First, Congratulations on your new books, your possible movies, and possibilities for many more adventures. etc. It is all so very exciting and I am so happy for you! You are truly blessed.

    Sad though because I wanted to get a signed copy of The Fine Romance and now The Fairy Tale Girl but do not use Mastercard and don’t know about Pay Pal or how to use it. Any suggestions? I did buy The Fine Romance through Amazon though. I have followed you back since the days when you sent Willards in the mail. Always such a joy for me. 🙂 Love the little goodies too. I also have all of your books, several of some, and gifted many of them too, and have recruited many to your blog. I buy your calendars, your cards, scrapbooking, stickers, etc. I met you in Utah and you are as wonderful as I knew you would be!. 🙂 You are my “hero” and have so captured so many of the things that bring me pleasure in life from “Girlfriends”, family, seasons, traveling, dishes, and even to those simply things like clothes hanging on the line….Just love you! 🙂

  88. Florence Stamos says:

    Thank you Susan for your delightful writing and inspiration!

  89. Glenda says:


    One more thing…I don’t use Facebook but will past it on to my friends, who do. I am so excited that you may be coming to Denver to The Tattered Cover bookstore and I will get to see you again! 🙂

    Have a great “feel good” day and enjoy!:)

  90. Katie Dusak says:

    Dear Susan: I have been a fan for years. I love your work; have all your books. Your artwork always makes me happy! Thank you!!

  91. Nancy Nottke says:

    When enjoying your post it brought to mind our hanging out of clothes when I was little. We lived near the train yards in our town. When a steam engine would be heard chugging along, we went running out to take things, especially the sheets, in so the soot would not get on the clothes!! Seeing clothes hanging out always takes me back to those days of steam engines and soot everywhere.

  92. TamraC. says:

    SO happy to have received your newsy Willard AND blog post – a red letter day! Wheee! Terribly excited to read all about your adventures on Martha’s Vineyard – just out of curiousity – because when will I ever get to go? – have you ever run into James Taylor, or say, Carly Simon while shopping in Walmart? (Actually, I’d bet the Vineyard doesn’t have a Walmart…or a Piggly Wiggly for that matter hee hee, so let’s rephrase – in the artisanal bakery or organic nursery? 🙂 When you said recently you and Joe remained sitting for lunch at the Country Club when the President walked close by (because you had seen him last visit in), I wondered how often you do brush shoulders with celebrities on the island? I think we forget sometimes that you are one of them because you are so warm and accessible – our very own super star girlfriend!

  93. Gail M. says:

    Hi, Susan! Greetings from a finally somewhat chilly So. California! Fall is HERE! Yippee! I loved your blog post, and huge congrats on A Fine Romance in Chinese! I was greeted with your Willard in my inbox this morning, and I loved that, too! Enjoy every minute of what’s left of fall, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  94. Judy B says:

    Your books are on my Christmas “wish list” this year. Your writing brighten’s up my day and exudes such happiness! Thank you!

  95. Shari Barden says:

    Hi Susan-
    Hello from Iowa! I am a long time reader, first time commentor! (Spell check does NOT like that word!) I so appreciate your whimsy and optimism! Thanks for spreading smiles!

  96. Pam Nichols says:

    So much wonderful news. Blog + Willard = Bliss.
    I am excited for your Scotland travels. My husband and I love it there, and you will, too.
    Thanks for everything!
    Pam in Michigan

  97. Marti Downs says:

    I have put Fairy Tale Girl on my Christmas want list! I am sitting down for a few minutes on a rainy day in Tennessee enjoying your blog. Thank you so much. How I love all your watercolors and I have slowly been buying all your books which will be accompanied by Gladys Tabor books! Love the newsletters. Happy Thanksgiving! Marti

  98. Susan Edsall says:

    When I see I have a new message from you, I first go in and make me a big cup of tea and grab a muffin and sit down, relax and enjoy your many words of wisdom. It’s my sanctuary from the hustle of the world. Thank you!!

  99. Sheila Pepe says:

    I love the new flags with cardinals and so enjoying the fall pictures and fairy tale book. Thank you

  100. Peggy Blanchette says:

    Hi Susan,
    I met you this fall (2015) while you were having lunch at Barkeaters in Shelburne, Vermont. You and Joe were on a book tour. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see your van pull into the parking lot at the restaurant. I usually don’t make a pest of myself, but I am such a HUGE fan that I just had to say hello. I hope you can one day do a book signing at The Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne. I will surely be there!

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