Thanksgiving Love


Thanksgiving table

Blessing blessings

We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving tonight on board the Queen Mary 2, out here in the wild North Sea, feeling very grateful! It’s been really hard to get anything up here on the blog, but for some reason, Twitter seems to be okay! I’m sure you’re too busy today to care . . . but I wanted to send Thanksgiving blessings to one and all.  SO excited, we arrive in New York …

 New York Harbor

On Saturday . . . then it’s home sweet home.  Wishing you all a wonderful Turkey Day!  Thank you for being you. 💖

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1,001 Responses to Thanksgiving Love

  1. Amy Swanson Haan says:

    I am glad you are back safely and Jack rolled over in honor of your return. I loved the preview of the March calendar page and can’t wait to look at it for 31 days!

  2. Melissa Davis says:

    Thank you for bringing love , warmth and memories to my home .
    Love to all

  3. Ferol Snead says:

    Saturday morning, jammies, Christmas tree lights, peppermint mocha coffee creamer, two kitties laying on tree skirt, message from Susan Branch – December! Serenity at it’s best.

  4. Laura says:

    Thank you for the Edwin Markham quotation about circles….

  5. Tracy says:

    I love hearing about your wonderful adventures. You make home for all of us with your heart-warming illustrations, photos, and uplifting attitude. Many thanks!

  6. Susan says:

    Your lovely drawings and quotes that bring reflection are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us all!

  7. Cheryl Wright says:

    Welcome home Susan and Joe. Looking forward to hearing and seeing your adventures abroad.

  8. Donna Wray says:

    Susan, I love your books and enjoyed meeting you and Joe in Pasadena at Vroman’s this summer. I bought your Martha’s Vineyard book and lent it to my friend u
    nder going chemo. She is doing well now and your book cheered her along the way. Thank you! Donna

  9. Theresa Anderson says:

    The perfect Saturday morning treat, a cup of tea and the December Willard!
    Thank you for sharing your travels and the lovely pictures and quotes. This is my big treat and time to relax and unwind before the month gets really hectic.
    Thank you

  10. Diana Thielman says:

    Would love to win!

  11. Marie Morrissey says:

    Your stories are wonderful and your drawings and sayings make them even more enjoyable. It’s such a joy to read and experience your thoughts and ideas in today’s world. We all need to take the time to see the beauty that surrounds us each and every day. Thank you!

  12. Welcome home! Love the new Willard and can’t wait to try the cranberry tea cake recipe…sounds yummy! Merry Christmas to you, Joe, Jack and all….
    Nancye T.
    Wells, Maine

  13. Robin Manjarrez says:


  14. Beth lahore says:

    Saturday morning in our little cabin up in the woods of the Pacific Northwest (in the foothills of the Cascades) the heavy rain is the only sound other than our crackling fire. I’m nestled on the couch in my soft fuzzy robe and quilt with a steaming cuppa and my favorite blog (yours of course!) My heart is singing!

  15. Lynn Beck says:

    So glad to hear that you & Joe had a wonderful trip & returned safely. I feel so positive after reading your Blog! Happy Holidays! 🙂

  16. Pat Triska says:

    I am glad that you have returned. I missed reading your blog and hearing about your adventures. Welcome back. Merry Christmas.

  17. Susan Karasievich says:

    Oh, for Joy!

  18. Linda Breve says:

    I so love reading your posts. Everything so beautiful and simple.

  19. Rosalind Homiller says:

    Wonderful. I wish I could go to England. I was a David Winter Cottage collector for 20 years and see my cottages in English movies. My Cornish Tin Mine in Poldark is a fine example. Your visit to the Working Sheepdogs was my favorite post. Through your visits, I get to see many parts of Great Britain without having to leave my recliner.

  20. Donna Lee says:

    I think I received “Heart of the Home” at least 25 years ago, as a Christmas gift from a dear friend. I have never tired of your books, talent, writings, painting, or your lovely heart.

  21. Sandra Ralston says:

    Everything you write brings the word “warmth” to mind. How lucky we are to live in this world and spread warmth to others. Thank you.

  22. Carol Costello says:

    So glad that you are back Susan. You were missed!

  23. jeanne kern says:

    Perfect, as always. Thank you.

  24. Shade McVay says:

    I love your watercolor illustrations and jubilant posts and reading and rereading your gorgeous books. Every time I read one I want to rush to my studio and do a watercolor of my own. Thank you for the inspiration.

  25. Desireé Ruhland says:

    …time spent meandering in your blog & emails are happy, content moments…

  26. Becky Z says:

    Would absolutely love to win this for my mother!

  27. Sheri says:

    Merry Christmas!!! : )

  28. Mary Dias says:

    What a beautiful surprise your email is!!! Everything you do is lovely.

  29. Kathy Sheehan says:

    Love your Blog!
    Have a joyful and peaceful Christmas!

  30. Angela White says:


  31. Joan says:

    Thanks so much for all your beautiful artwork and inspiring ideas. Very heartwarming and much much appreciated.

  32. Susan Elliott says:

    Thankyou for how inspiring you are !!
    I’ve been with you for 30 years plus.,
    Merry Christmas !! Happy upcoming

  33. Kathy Nelson says:

    Getting caught up and reading both ‘Thanksgiving Love’ and the new Willard! Thank you for sharing such beautiful art, inspiring quotes, and fun stories. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  34. Karen Werth says:

    Dear Susan, This is the first time I have posted a comment. I am 73 yrs so I guess you are never too old to start something new. I would like to thank you from my heart for bringing peace and calming thoughts to all who read your books, blog, Willard letters and twitter posts. I feel I have found a kindred spirit. In a world that is crazy busy you should know that your writings make a huge difference in so many lives, they slow us down, give us pause to think, refresh our souls and put smiles on our faces. Thank you. May you and those you hold dear have a Blessed Christmas. Karen

  35. Deb Maniar says:

    I read “that” book and now I ask myself all the time – “does this bring me joy?”.
    Good news! Anything “Susan Branch” – books, pictures, blogs…. brings me joy – thanks so much!!

  36. Barbara Patronaggio says:

    Glad you are back and had such a great time. I think you should make a new Christmas book. There are so many great things you could put in there. The first one was great and the second one could be even better! I would look forward to that. Have a very Merry Christmas with all good things to come in the New Year!

  37. Judit Jozsa says:

    Dear Susan,

    Your Willard letters always bring a smile to my face and peace to my soul. Your latest one was a perfect read this evening after a long walk in town, where streets are beatifully decorated for Christmas. Thank you for your wonderful vibes.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas.

    Judit from Hungary

  38. Maggie Amis says:

    Your blogs and Willards are like hug…

    Thank You…

  39. Joan of Cape Cod says:

    Dear Susan, your words and artwork are delightful as always. You encourage me to find the joy in all kinds of simple pleasures. I spent a satisfyingly loooong time today Christmas shopping at a favorite local independent bookstore. Next weekend I have tickets for the Christmas Cookie Stroll in a nearby village. (Touring houses decorated for the holidays whilst collecting homemade cookies in a little fabric bag…what could be better?)
    I hope your days are filled with peace, comfort, and joy.
    Oh, and after years of failure trying to make pie crust I used your grandma’s recipe…success!!! It was delicious!!! Thank you. I need never fear the process again.😀

  40. Alison Vollmer says:

    Loved hearing about all of your wonderful adventures!

  41. Diana Beck says:

    Susan, your art, blogs, home-keeping and your warm style are wonderful! You are one of my top favorite contemporary artists and bloggers! Thank you for doing what you do! You bring me great joy from the work you do and share!

  42. Doree Weber says:

    Love, Love your books and all the other great stuff also!

  43. Doree Weber says:

    Love, Love all your books and all the other stuff as well!

  44. Noreen Krebs says:

    What lovely thoughts that we need so much!! Thank you and God Bless you! You always remind me to enjoy all the little beautiful things in life and to surround myself with them and the very special people in my life.

  45. Gardengoddess42 says:

    Welcome home!
    Just received the Willard.
    Thank you!

  46. Jeanne Bishop says:

    There is such comfort and joy in reading your blog and “Willards”. And thanks for always sharing your Jack pictures and stories!

  47. Lisa says:

    Welcome home and thank you for sharing such a fabulous trip. Can’t wait to see and read more about your adventures. You have SUCH a way of reeling us in!

  48. Megan Collard says:

    Susan….you have a wonderful way of allowing all to remember warm, cozy memories. Love your books and recipes and especially your beautiful artwork. Please continue to create more for all to enjoy! Happy Holidays. Megan

  49. Margaret Davies says:

    Welcome home Susan! Originally from Scotland now living in Vancouver, Canada, I loved reading about your trip to the UK and at times wished I had never emigrated! 😪 Just wanted to clarify one little thing it’s Tatties and Neeps, so delicious on a dreich November day. Have a wonderful Christmas with all you hold dear.

  50. Rebecca Kelly says:

    Voila’ !!!

  51. Pat O'D says:

    Delightful cozy read! Thank you for the wise words about circles of love.

  52. Linda Panikowski says:

    Oh, that little bird in the gilded cage is just darling! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season, Susan 🙂

  53. Paula Dee says:


    Greetings, so glad you are home safely!! I am smitten with everything you do!

    What charming give away gifts!! Exciting !! 🙂

    Most Sincerely,

  54. Cathy Mapes says:

    Wishing you a huge welcome home, and the coziness Christmas ever ❤️

  55. Diane Roum. says:

    Wish you a great holiday season and may all your dreams come true.❤️

  56. Susan says:

    That is, welcome home!!

  57. Diana Wood says:

    Oh Susan, thank you for this blog, love every word of it. Please, please write another book, I’m wearing the ones I have out from re-reading every delicious word… oh did you know Gregory (adorable) Peck was an aries, of course you did, I’m one too like you (14) we are twins. Great big Love and hygges !!! Welcome home. Xxooo

  58. Helen Henderson says:

    I loved your Willard. Please, please, please do turn your latest journey into another book. A Fine Romance has quickly become one of my favourite holiday reads, and I would love to read in detail about your 2016 trip. The glimpses I saw on Twitter were just not enough and even more detailed blogs cannot be picked up and put down again like a good old fashioned book.

  59. Diana says:

    Love your books, your attitude and your courage! When life handed you lemons you made lemonade ! You rock!

  60. Pat Mach says:

    Christmas Blessings! Welcome home! Already inspired for the season by scrolling down your post, lovely pictures and reading Willard. Can’t wait to make the Cranberry Cake! Your site definitely is my “happy place.” I recently found a set of Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz, per your inspiration. LOVE it in my new, used, china cabinet! So loving getting all of my pretty things in one place and using them more than ever before! Thank you for loving all of my favorite things and writing and drawing and painting them all….. So sorry about your dad. I lost my mom on Labor Day! Hard but fun to remember the fun things, the stories and the memories. Have a Wonderful and Merry Christmas!

    • sbranch says:

      Hooray for Rose Chintz, such happy dishes! I’m sorry to hear about your mom, but love that you’re remembering and enjoying her still. Merry Christmas! xoxo

  61. Jane Steinicke says:

    Merry Christmas Susan and Joe. I look forward to your next book.

  62. Jessimer says:

    Susan, you mentioned that Beatrix Potter inspired you to be a better you…well, Susan, you make me want to be a better me!

    I always find infinite inspiration from your creativity and imagination.

    Feeling blessed to know you!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh! That is perfect, then spirit of Beatrix Potter goes on… from me to you, and from you to those around you. Thank you Jessimer! xoxo

  63. So happy you and your special fella are back stateside. Enjoy the holiday preparations, soaking in each golden moment. No multitasking allowed here! Be in the moment, every moment as you’ve so often shown us.
    God bless.

  64. Donna G says:

    Welcome home, so glad to get your new Willard. Love the picture of Jack, stretched out next to the tub! He looks like it’s relaxed him, as well!

  65. Carol K says:


    I love all the news on your trip to England, loved the first book and hope there will be another.

  66. Patti says:

    I just wanted you to know that I just love all of your books and everything

  67. Janet Railton says:

    I love Martha’s Vineyard and I have loved Heart of the Home since it first came out 30 years ago. I cannot wait for the new book!

  68. Janet Railton says:

    I have loved the Heart of the Home for 30 years since it first appeared. Here is to many more books!

  69. Mary Ellen says:

    Susan, love reading about all your adventures while traveling. I would love to visit all the small villages you write about in England and Scotland.
    My mother collected tea pots and my husband and I always tried to bring one back to her when we traveled. We have a few from her collection now that she has passed. It gave me a start of my own collection and we now try to find a tea pot to bring home from our vacations. Love the tea pot you found in the antique store – beautiful.

  70. Paula says:

    Dear Susan- I just finished the December Willard and your blog. There are so many wonderful things in each, I have to re-read them just to absorb everything! As a fellow Anglophile, I have to beg you to please write another book based on this recent trip. I got A Fine Romance from the Library and renewed it several times, hating to give it up. It’s now on my Christmas wish list. You captured a very real atmosphere – I felt as if I was with you through all your travels. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas! Paula in NJ

  71. Mary May says:

    Your blog and latest Willard inspired me to “cozy up” our home for the Holidays. Pulled out some old Christmas craft projects the kids made 25 years ago, family photos, old cookie tins, gifts from friends and family who have passed, and of course, lots of candles. We were supposed to go out and catch a new movie tonight, but my hubby wants to stay in because it’s so “homespun” here. I’ll take it!

  72. Wendy says:

    Enjoy this special time of year with friends and family.

  73. Pat Stigall says:

    Love to read all of your posts. I have traveled to Great Britain twice and your posts always make me want to go back and enjoy the country and the people again.
    Thank you for your generosity of the heart.

  74. Victoria Williams says:

    I keep calm and read your blog.

  75. Nadene Trofholz says:

    I am turning 70 next week and couldn’t have said it better than Karen before me. I love everything you write, that you paint, that you share but especially your kind and loving spirit. Everything you do is so special and I have loved all of your books, calendars, just everything, could go on and on. A happy holiday season to you and yours and a very Merry Christmas! Thank you.

  76. Phyllis says:

    Susan Yet again another wonderful Willard. I always print it out so that I can cuddle under my down quilt and before I sleep I read my “Dessert” Willard. Bless you for the sanity, the Good Will and Hope. I want to live in your vision of the world. If enough of us believe in this we can make it happen. Thank you also for your courage to speak up and say what a lot of us are thinking and feeling. So glad you are YOU! lv Phyllis

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Phyllis! It hurts to see us so divided, especially when we have so much in common. Makes me mad at the people doing it. So glad to have you here. xoxo

  77. Fae Rogers says:

    I’ve missed your writings! So glad you had a wonderful trip back to England.

  78. Ann I says:

    Thankful you are safely home!

  79. jaynie owen says:

    I may be a fan that is “new’ but I know I’ll be forever a fan who is “true”. I sincerely enjoy reading and learning about your adventures in life. Your perspective on life is so positive and lovely. It makes more world a happier place. Thank you 🙂

  80. Susan Evans says:

    So happy your home. Merry Christmas!!!

  81. Joanne Yeager says:

    love those Christmas houses! So glad you are home!

  82. Jan Merrill says:

    Joyful…that is how I feel when I see your artwork and read your words. Thank you!

  83. Tina Gregg says:

    I’m so excited my friend told me about this blog!

  84. Jane Fulford says:

    I found you this past summer by accident and fell in love with your Willard blog. I bought your book and ordered several others from the library. I was so happy when “Willard” popped up on my email today!
    I want to start using the word “Hygge” but I am not sure of how to pronounce it. Have a very Merry Christmas.

    • sbranch says:

      The pronunciation is HYU-gah … but there are lots of ways to say it, like Home, or cozy or It’s the little things in life. xoxo

  85. Susan says:

    Love your work and your pictures. Thanks for making us all feel like friends!

  86. Linda says:

    Welcome home, once again. Memories are beautiful! They can never be taken from you.

  87. Jessica in Australia says:

    Thank you Susan for a year of pleasurable reading. Best of Christmas wishes to you & Joe from an Australian reader & admirer.
    xo Jessica

  88. Nancy T says:

    Dear Susan,
    This is the first time I have ever posted a comment too! Welcome home from jolly ole England–safe and sound, and most certainly all cozy and warm!! I just want to thank you for all of the joy and kindness and inspiration you have always shared so generously–from your heart to ours! Especially so with your honesty and thoughtfulness(and courage!) after the election. Because of your heartfelt blog, I could finally get out of bed and see the sun shining again! You are a gift…always have been and always will be. My happy place!!! xoxo

  89. DeLores Johnson says:


  90. KATHRYN RALEY says:

    welcome home

  91. Welcome home … I want to go along with you all to England next time you head that way. I just love everything about England by accident … I always pick out English bone china, I have always loved drinking hot tea, and like Beatrix Potter…I love bunnies and have collected them for years. Fun, Fun, Fun.

  92. Kristi Grant says:

    Susan – I feel like you and I should be very best friends!!! I have loved everything you have done – am so anxious for your next book. glad that you are home safe and sound.

  93. Cathy Dunn says:

    Thank you so much!

  94. Kim Kronenberger says:

    You and Joe know how to live each day to its fullest and are generous in sharing your adventures with us. Keep on going!

  95. Donna Gamble says:

    I love everything “Susan Branch”! I have that very same big mixing bowl that belonged
    to my Grandmother. Love it! Enjoy reading Willard and all the blogs. I am now enjoying the new calendars and my tea canister. Love ya Susan.

  96. Tamara Otterstein says:


  97. Kathy Winslow says:

    Wonderful blog! Happy Thanksgiving.

  98. could go bak says:

    Welcome Home ! So glad you and Joe enjoyed the trip. You always bring such a sense of peace to all of us in this crazy, mad world ! Everything you write about takes me back to my childhood , such happy, innocent times . How I wish I could go back. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us, we love you <3

  99. Tricia says:

    Merry Christmas to you Susan, Joe, your kitties, and your entire family, group of friends, and your loyal employees🎄!
    Hope Santa is good to you🎅!!!

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