In honor of Mary Tyler Moore (who could turn the world on with her smile), today is the perfect day (since she loved them, and all animals so much) to do DOGS of the English Countryside. MUSICA  And do not think I am insane, remember I am only the reporter. I didn’t think of this all by myself, and don’t forget this isn’t just one day, it took two and half months to take all these photos. I actually didn’t take pictures of every dog we saw, but I tried.

fullsizeoutput_1393British people are famous for their love of dogs. It starts right at the top, and is met with a mighty roar by everyone else in the Queendom. Dogs are everywhere.animals

Queen Elizabeth

The media has lots of fun with the Queen’s well-known adoration of Pembroke Welsh Fairy1Corgis, which have followed her around for her whole life. My favorite part of the wonderful movie The Queen was seeing those dogs with Helen Mirren, they just made every scene they were in. And it was all real, as you can see HERE.  According to Welsh folklore, Corgis were the “enchanted dog of the Fay,” and the perfect mount for tiny fairy warriors.

Queen Elizabeth

It all began when Elizabeth was a child . . . the look on both of their faces says it all…dog

dogI thought I might show a few of the British dogs we encountered on our walks. Of course, there were Corgis like this adorable one at Stourhead. If I had a dog, this sturdy little fellow is the one I would want!! They are always smiling. And when they want to play, they bounce on their front feet.


Dogs provide the perfect opportunity to talk to strangers when you’re traveling. And as you know, dog owners are the best people (right up there with cat owners)! Here we are on a walk, hooking up for a meeting of the minds. Two dog owners and us and plenty to talk about.


This dog was reaching up for a head pat and a smile.


And then expressed joy of gorgeous fall day in the leaves and the wind . . .


She wouldn’t stop. She was in heaven.get-attachment.aspx


We definitely had nature’s address, so here we go … here’s my dog gallery:  This cutie was prancing along just fine, but was suddenly put off by the camera and the strange person behind it . . . he came to a stop, and was just about to step back . . .

dog at blenheim castle

This big boy was wearing his plaid best while walking the grounds of the Palace where Winston Churchill was born. His lovely owner shared him with us.


This one thought it knew me. Just for a moment.


Here come the twins. Yes, I am on my haunches ready and willing to be licked to death.


Swans are another thing you see lots of. Most people know to walk around them, even when they look sociable, it’s a ploy. But that little dog wants them so bad.


This is that same walk past the swans, along the canal in Aylesbury ~ you can see the little dog from the last photo in the back.  As we visited with the person who owns these dogs, she told us the black one carries his toy because it keeps him from barking. Brilliant!


It was a beautiful, misty, fall day in the neighborhood.


Then there was this one. In a store . . . she let me take her photo, one ear up, and one down, but soon it was clear she’d had enough,


She opened the door . . .


and left.

Dog George and Dragon Pub, chacombe

Because they are a civilized country and very people-oriented, dogs are welcome, along with their bones, bowls and chew toys, in almost every pub and tea shop, and most hotels.


So, if you don’t mind the separation every night, you CAN bring your dog with you on the Queen Mary 2.  THAT’S how civilized this country is! Not so sure I see happiness in everyone’s faces, but still, dogs and cats can come along, they just aren’t allowed to sleep in your room and have to stay in this kennel where the owners can go visit. This would turn me into a smuggler. Look at that bulldog’s face. It says it all.


And will be welcome wherever you go. You’ll note the water bowl with the heart in it. MAS MUSICA!

pub dog

All three wearing plaid, in a pub, and with all different owners . . .


This one is at the table next to us at an outdoor tea room . . . extremely interested in …


. . . this guy, just across from us.


This one, and the one up ahead, are right at home at the beautiful Devonshire Hotel. And why not, look at the wallpaper. (Excuse me for a moment, Jack is insisting I come into the bathroom and watch him drink water from the faucet.)

words cat critters love life is good

dog lucas paul

Speaking of love, this is Alice. She is the lucky puppy who belongs to Rachel and Paul, our wonderful English friends.


Here’s Alice among the flowers. She is beloved and they take her everywhere. She knows her way around the train too.


This is Alice’s collar.


And here are some of the decorative Alice collection, antique and otherwise, that reside on Ray and Paul’s kitchen shelf.


Rachel is a dog lover from way back. This photo is in her childhood bedroom.


So you can imagine how Joe and I felt at this antique store when we saw all of these wonderful old toy dogs . . .


We were almost drooling over them through the glass cupboard doors, especially loving the one on wheels . . . thinking what a good gift one of them would make and how cute it would look in their living room.


Trying to decide . . . very exciting, so many choices. “Maybe I could make cookies,” I was telling Joe, “and give them to Ray and Paul in this darling box.” Good idea!


And then I started asking for prices. And was horrified to discover they are NOT FOR SALE. None of them. They were just put there to torture us!  The store owner’s private collection. Really! And I’m sorry to say that begging didn’t help a bit.

dog gift for ray and paul

Later on in the trip, we found this little iron door-knocker in another antique store, probably the only one of these dog things in England that other lady didn’t own. So we snapped it right up. Not big, furry, or on wheels, no straw hat, but still, old and kinda cute.fullsizeoutput_3738

There were dogs on every walk . . .


We didn’t even have to get out of the car to take pictures of them.  This is at Loch Ness in Scotland. Look at the man wearing a kilt, talking to that white-haired person over the garden wall . . . Ahh Scotland . . .


Doggies on display at stoplights . . .


. . . and when we come out the front door of the house we were staying in, this car was parked across the street. Look at the little pillow hanging on the window.


Don’t you think this pup would look perfect with Jack? They would make a beautiful pair. He seems very fit to me, and dressed tastefully, like the boots and pants of his owner.

dog caledonian canal

Photographing dogs means you get a good excuse to do the shoe-cam . . . these two look so alike, something about the eyes.


Look at that eyeball. Isn’t he darling. What kind is he? I don’t know. Morning Science. I would like hair that color. Or those colors.


Cool dogs in Bath.


Farm dogs . . . in a car pulling a trailer filled with hay.

dog Joe and Mike

 Here’s Joe and a man we met on our walk named Mike. That’s our walking path off on the left (don’t you just want to follow it and see where it goes?), he was coming down as we were going up. He has a dog, so of course we got to talking ~ he was so nice and so funny. He had that cute English accent and all . . . . . .and after a while, among other things, he shared with us that he was a recent widower, he’d lost his wife Hazel, just six months before. We could easily see how much he was missing her. But his memories seemed to be all joy. 💝


There is his beautiful dog, and I mean this dog was beautiful, standing near the fairy circle Mike had built for his wife . . .


We’d seen this mysterious circle (at least to us, imaging all sorts of ancient Mists of Avalon Druid-y things) before we ran into Mike and started asking him about it, what it was, how long it had been there . . . he told us he was the one who’d actually made it (not a Druid after all) because his wife asked him to, from tree stumps that he buried . . . she wanted a magical place outdoors where the local children could have birthday parties. Isn’t this the best remembrance?  Shows how really easy it is to go on living forever.❤️

met Peter with dog Rex on walk

Same walk, different dog, in the English Countryside, which among other things, defines the meaning of the word “green.”

dog "largest in terrier breed"

This one liked to model for us. He was excellent at it.


Very playful sweetheart of a dog. So see? It’s not all just trees and things . . . dogs and their masters are part of the discovery too.

endorse dog

Remember? I showed this one on the blog the other day. We’re in Birnam Wood, where we went to see an ancient tree, alive in Shakespeare’s time ~ I’m down low to take this photo, and he just kept coming. . .


Getting cuter and cuter, he almost knocked me over! But it was worth it.

TV BBC 1 watching "one man and his dog"

Dogs on TV too . . . I was just going through the channels and happened upon this show and it was the BEST!  Could have watched it every night . . . it was called One Man and His Dog. You can see an episode HERE ~ you’ll love it too. Who knew? It’s a whole other world.

dog on tv shepherd contest

This was the winning dog in the episode I watched. Dogs have so much heart.


Seeing that show on TV was what got us wanting to see the dogs and sheep in person . . . so when we got to Scotland we found Neil Ross, a shepherd and spent the afternoon enjoying his wonderful display of working dogs . . .


I wrote an earlier post about them. So beautiful. And amazing, what they can do.

dogThey had puppies at the farm too . . .


We spent part of our time in Scotland with our friends Elizabeth and Mike . . . and all of us fell in love with the dogs.


Elizabeth has two dogs at home in California, one looks just like this one, this cairn terrier we met on an abandoned WWII landing strip (as we learned from his mistress) we found while walking the perimeters of Stourhead. See? Meet a dog, and you get all kinds of interesting information and history.


Pretty and clean ~ obviously not walking through the English countryside. A town dog.


Another Scottish dog.


The look of love.animals


And this little one is called Jack, and belongs to Carrie (our friend from Twitter @holywellbnb), and has a wonderful life chasing birds in Oxford. Soon, on an upcoming post, we’ll go visit the whole family and see inside Carrie’s really old, beyond normal, darling, cottage.


And then there was this beauty. Perfect for a winter in the northlands.


This is an English doghouse. Because charm is their middle name.fullsizeoutput_11032

Not every picture I took had a dog in it… some, like this one, had to stand on its own. And does a pretty good job of it. Loveliness-wise. Can you just feel yourself on that path. Look at that “architecture!” Who does that?ruralenglandistoobeautiful


Ahhhh, deep breath, the English Countryside . . .

april 2014 sweetnessWell, I suppose it’s back to real life for me . . .


Hope you enjoyed that ~ I’ll be back soon with more . . . maybe some amazing pub food, or maybe some Scottish plaid. Something quirky, no doubt.  I hope the sample mug shows up this week, if it does, and it’s good-to-go, we’ll have a Giveaway in the next post.💖 And, remember, if things get rough while I’m away, follow the old Mark Twain rule of thumb and it will all seem better . . .EatABullfrog OR, watch this . . .

Or, this . . . (you can go on all day with these!)

Or, if you have a special dog in your life, you can make these:dogbonesflowers


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392 Responses to DOGS of the ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE

  1. Vicki says:

    In my next life, I want to come back as a Brit! My kind of people!

    Thank you for the soothing balm of darling, dearest DOGS over my cloud of sadness in the loss of our wonderful Mary Tyler Moore. We of a ‘certain age’ cannot forget her characters of Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke show or of course as Mary Richards on the Mary Tyler Moore show. As girl-teens going into our young adulthood during the span of that TV series in the 1970s, the Mary character was a role model of ‘can do’ and making it on your own (with a smile).

    • sbranch says:

      I know, she was something! Even though she was older, she was us!

      • Vicki says:

        Excited! I just bought my Apple Farm ticket for March 18! The weather, as much as they can forecast, says it’s probably going to be a blend of sunshine/clouds with rain not happening, if at all, til Monday after your event.

        How long will your West Coast visit be this time? Train, or driving? Weeks or months? I’m sure you’re not going to want to miss another beautiful Spring on MV! (Jack is probably getting tired of this!)

        From Vicki in SoCalif (Yay-whoohoo! Definitely excited for March!)

        • sbranch says:

          Yay! I’m excited too. You have to TELL me who you are, Vicki from the blog, okay? So I can put names and faces together. We’ll be out there for a little over a month, most of the time with my mom. Going by train, we’re very excited for that. See you there!

  2. Ginette Wheeler says:

    Just finished reading a bunch of heavy political stuff and was heading over to Twitter to check my account which I always do by going through your blog (for some reason I’ve just always done it that way…) when low and below a NEW POST!! I really, really needed it, seriously, lately I feel like this world has been turn on it’s head! And there you where with all these wonderful sweet darling doggies and the beautiful English country and I’ve decided enough of the worlds current statis, I’m taking my bone bitter outside and enjoy the rest of our day!! Thanks Susan for keeping my priorities in check!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s tough to read, but I congratulate you for doing it. We need to know. xoxo And then . . . balance!

  3. Donna H. says:

    This was a fun post. Enjoyed seeing all of the dogs plus the pictures without dogs. You are quite the photographer. Thank you Susan…

  4. shanna says:

    Just loved the Dog Post! Even though I’ve been drawing dogs all day, there’s always room for more. I also loved seeing more of Alice and Rachel, as I am a sucker for wirehaired fox terriers! Since the seventies, they’re the only dog for me…we’re currently loving our third one, just as much as we loved the other two. The antique toys, too! How fantastic would it be if dogs were as welcome in businesses here as they are in England? Susan, you made my day, thanks.
    p.s. RIP MTM.

  5. I had to refresh my browser while doing some work this afternoon, and what do you know? The first thing I saw when it opened up again was a new post- with pictures of corgis right at the top?!?!?! It doesn’t get more magical than that. No, it just doesn’t.

    If I could share pictures, you would see one of my little corgis was at my feet as I read this post. I had to look down and love on her while reading all of this goodness. My two corgis are affectionately referred to as “the little Girlfriends” in honor of you! I yelped out loud when I read about Peggy in “Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams.”

    Thank you for sharing such an uplifting post with beauty and happiness in it on such a winter’s day. Much love from all of your girlfriend fan club here at my house. <3

  6. Caroline says:

    How wonderful! Your post brightened up my afternoon tea! Dogs (and cats!) are just miraculous. The other day, our daughter was sad and, standing back to the fire, poured her heart out to me; Our dog Mabel, who is a black lab, came over, laid down by her feet and took her paw and placed it so tenderly and lovingly on my daughter’s foot. Mabel stayed there through the whole conversation. I thought my heart would burst. Have you seen the movie Babe?!!! You would love it! Charming! Someday my girlfriend, who is also one of your blog girlfriends:) and I will take our darling husbands and walk those gorgeous, breathtaking public foot paths because of your inspiration! Thank you

    • sbranch says:

      You’re going to love it Caroline. And the husbands will too, Joe could tell you that! Sweet Mabel, they are so smart and connected. Yes, Babe! Darling. xoxoxo

  7. kedra sugg says:

    As always thank you – for the “news” – that I consider so much more important than what I’m seeing on TV lately.

  8. Melissa in Mobile, Alabama says:

    My dogs left me over the past few years, of old age; they had happy lives and I have kitties to console me, but I find myself searching out dogs to pet when I take my walks. Thank you for the vicarious doggy vacation! And the story about the fairy ring – oh Susan. This is exactly what I (and I suspect many others) needed to read today. The love! Made me cry in the very best way. Thank you!

  9. FayE in CA! says:

    Woof, woof, woof…bark! Sloppy, wet kisses! Happiness all around! No growls from these dolls. 🐶

    Thanks for thinking of us and putting smiles on our faces💗💗💗

  10. Oh, it would have been great to have met you whilst you were in the UK. perhaps next time….(lv from William the lurcher) *please note a Lurcher is a sighthound here in the UK.

    • sbranch says:

      Oh. Whew! Thought you said lurker. You are beautiful William, very nice to meet you! Yes, next time. Looks like you hang out at the beach. Which one?

      • Hi Susan, We live in Woolacombe, North Devon. The beach is where I take my main walks, it’s 3 miles long and first thing in the morning there is nobody but me and dad down there. (We leave mum home to prepare breakfast, lol)……lv. William.

        • sbranch says:

          Well, I can tell by your big smile that you live a happy life, living in a wonderful place with your good parents, so have a romp for me today! Thank you for writing. You are my very first Lurcher. Tell everyone I said hello. xoxo

  11. Hilary M. says:

    This is the best post ever! Love the dogs. Thanks for posting. It made a rainy day much better!

  12. Pom Pom says:

    Aw! Such cuties!
    I loved our Golden Retriever. She was one in a million. I really am more of a cat person though.
    You must have taken thousands of pictures!

    • sbranch says:

      No doubt about it. I had to get an extra hard drive for them! Now that little box is one of my most precious belongings!

  13. Nancy J says:

    That was so much fun. When we were at Moreton in the Marsh or Moreton on the Hill, one of those in the Cotswolds, at 5 sharp the shops closed and all the locals came out to walk their dogs. Because us tourist would be leaving. I had to force myself not to stare at the Tweed jackets, leather walking boots and the beautiful dogs. I wanted a Tweed jacket and soft leather boots and a dog to walk.

  14. Great post…love the bullfrog quote, 😊made me smile. Always enjoyou your posts, Susan!

  15. Regina Carretta says:

    Susan! Oh my! The loveliest post! Thank you…as a dog lover, I have rescued senior golden retriever for many years….loving their sweet spirits and souls…how I look forward to visiting the dogs of London this April…..and I was fortunate to see Helen Mirren, on Broadway “The Queen”, a few years ago….there were two adorable (and smart, and on cue) corgi’s in the stage play as well….
    Thank you one thousand times over for this totally joyful post…

  16. Becky Maxwell from Central Coast of CA. says:

    Thanks for your post. It capped off a good day having lunch with an old girlfriend and walking my dogs around our lake. I am always a sucker for anything 4 legs and tail, whether they bark, meow, roar, moo or baa. Your post are like mini vacations.

  17. Barb Urbank(from Ohio) says:

    I love this post of all the dogs from England and Scotland, so uplifting and cheerful! Makes you think they don’t have any cats, but of course I’m sure they do, they’re just not outside being walked like the doggies. Thanks for putting this up, lots of fun!♥♥♥

    • sbranch says:

      No, cats don’t do leashes as well as dogs! Although I’ve seen few who do, but my Jack wouldn’t put up with it for 5 minutes!

  18. Yvonne Sullivan says:

    Thank yu susan so much.I miss my Siberian Husky Nikki everyday.She went to doggy heaven afew months ago Luv yvonne

  19. Ann Woleben says:

    Adore this post and wondering what Jack thinks of you posting all of these dog photos. We have therapy dogs at our school on Fridays, and the young children read to them. My heart is full as I watch the interaction between the children and the dogs – love at its best! Looking forward to the next post as this is the closest I will ever be to England.

  20. Yvonne Sulliva says:

    Thank yu susan that was so much fun I miss my Siberian Husky Nikki every day she went to doggy heaven a few months ago.🐶💕

  21. Christine from CA says:

    Thanks for the charming post and all of the darling dogs! Loved visiting with you through the dogs!

  22. Martha says:

    Susan, I used your recipe for doggie treats and gave them as Christmas presents to all my “grand-dogs.” I received rave reviews from them all! Love this post so much. Rachel’s sweet Alice reminds me of the wire-haired terrier I had as a girl. She was so precious to me.
    So are you!

  23. Amie says:

    Where and what would we be without our pups? They love, accept, understand, inspire, protect us. We are better because of them in our life.
    Thank you for sharing your “dogs of England” with us. Just beautiful and refreshing.

    My dog Maggie (and her sister the cat, Muffy) has my heart.

  24. Carolyn says:

    Loved this post, and needed it while my own sweet pup is sick. Thanks, as always, for this ray of sunshine.

  25. Judy says:

    Hmmm, Susan do you think that nice-looking man named Mike who recently lost his wife would be interested in corresponding with a middle aged lady who lost her husband?

    • sbranch says:

      I felt a little bad because he was SO darling, much better than in his photo, and so full of heart, I was hooking him up in my mind with my single girlfriends while we were still there talking to him. I didn’t get his address however, which was probably not too smart, because I bet he would love a letter from a proper stranger. xoxo

      • Margot in Sister Bay says:

        If the village is small, someone at the Post might know who he is. Put a letter to Mike inside of one to the Postmaster. Dreams can come true!

  26. Sharon in San Marcos, CA says:

    Aaack – these dogs are all too cute. And thanks for the nudge (to this cat lover, at least) that this is a great way to meet the locals while traveling. Most people do love to have their dogs noticed and admired – a great conversation starter. Those beautiful swans – love them! And what amazing walks you took – wow!
    You’re really zooming along on your mugs! Good luck with them.
    Thanks for a really joyous post!

  27. Chris H says:

    I love all your posts about the UK but I have to laugh when you comment about the cute British accent. On my first visit to England from Australia, one day I commented on the accent and the lovely couple I was staying with quickly informed me that I was the one with the accent. So true!!! I forgot that in that place I was the foreigner speaking in a different /funny way! 😀
    The same thing happens in America…. friends want me to speak slang…..I’m so used to speaking the way I do that I no longer know if what I’m saying is considered slang or not. I just tell friends to let me talk and interrupt when they hear something that I say that bemuses them or is completely incomprehensible.

    • sbranch says:

      It’s like that scene in Love Actually where the guy from England goes to a bar in Wisconsin (I think it was Wisconsin) and sits with 3 super models and they say words and he has to repeat them back! I love that movie. Yes, we were the ones with the accent when we were there…but it doesn’t sound that way to us!

  28. Debby says:

    Carfon-grarfat-Arfu-larfa-tarfions arfon yarfour scrarfipt!👏👏👏👏😬😬😬

  29. Lynn Hamilton says:

    dear Susan,

    As always, a delightful post and I loved the photos of everything; I agree with an earlier comment: your photographs are so good~I have watched A Place To Call Home since it’s beginning; decided to purchase it and Episode 4 will be available in February; have already ordered it. Thank you for sharing yourself with us ‘out here.’ Your posts are always uplifting and fun~

  30. Rhonda D. says:

    Wonderful post Susan. As Ginette above said, “thank you for keeping my priorities in check.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live on this side of the ocean as they do in the UK. You know, when I was growing up, I felt like I didn’t quite ‘fit in’ sometimes. But the older I get, I now realize it was my Scottish roots. Everyone in my household was from Scotland except my Mom. So I had a different value system than my friends. I’ve always been a people oriented person (to the extreme) and now I know why. What I grew up thinking was something ‘off’ about me turned out to be something quite lovely. Now I’m proud of my Scottish roots. So I’m really enjoying your posts about your trip to the UK. Would love to see you do a post on plaid. It is my new favorite color. I made plaid skirts in Stewart tartan for my granddaughters for Christmas, and my girlfriend made red and black Scottie dog sweaters to match them. Oh so beautiful. I forgot to tell you that I have a new puppy. She is a Pomeranian, white with carmel and rust streaks. She’s a year old now and what a joy. So much fun. We just spent 48 hours without power due to an ice storm. No phone, no cable, no internet, no tv…very isolating, eerie feeling. Glad to be back in the real world with a new blog post to enjoy after a nice hot bath. Thank you for making my day!

    • sbranch says:

      How cute, the tartan skirts and Scottie dog sweaters!! Darling! I love it when our power goes out, at least for the first few hours and then I’m ready for the game to be over and real life to come back! 48 hours is long! Welcome back to the 21st century, but hold on, it’s a wild ride! xoxo

      • Rhonda D. says:

        Susan, the skirts and sweaters were absolutely gorgeous. The skirts were dress Stewart and the sweaters were red with black Scottie dogs that had white eyes. I matched the red yarn to the red in the tartan. My daughter dressed the girls in black tights and black tops. The outfits were stunning. The photos didn’t even capture the richness of the outfits. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, but maybe I’ll see if one of my girlfriends will post a photo for me so you can see them.

  31. Lisa Jorgensen says:

    How nice to see all those cute dogs in England and Scotland. They are lucky puppies to live there!!
    After having our seven month old Pomeranian puppy pass away after spay surgery last August, my heart still hurts a lot. While I think it will be awhile before I can love another puppy or dog, it was comforting to see all those cute faces. I fortunately still have my 13 year old Ragdoll kitty to love.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, that’s good. I’m so sorry though, 7 months, just awful, Lisa. That’s very rough. Sending love xoxoxo

  32. Love them all. Have to be most honest the lovely Pyrenees was a favorite and so were the Border Collies but then here at Walnetto Farm those two breeds have been hard at work for the last 29 of 31 years. What a wonderful time had by all well done!

  33. Judith says:

    Oh my goodness, the corgi’s little happy dance!!! Made me do a happy dance! Cute doggies everywhere, friendly people, amazing history, fabulous old villages…no wonder we love the British! Spirit’s are lifted…job well done. Now I’m off to watch that corgi again….:)

    • sbranch says:

      You should have seen me choosing those youtube videos. That part took longer than the whole post … there are so many! Puppies and more puppies, corgis in the snow, in pools, going down slides, play-fighting, anything you can think of. I loved the bouncing ones! What little personalities they have.

  34. I meant to say the last time I will be first in line to buy a mug designed by you. I was so sad to see that MTM had passed away yesterday. She was an icon of my youth and I wanted to be just like her, have her apartment, clothes, etc. She was inspiring to so many young girls in the late 60’s 70’s. We are definitely a nation of dog lovers here in the UK, and you will find more often than not a person’s dog is an extension of their personalities. We love our English Cocker Mitzie. She is our baby. We had a Border Collie before her, named Jess. She was lovely too. I think I will always have a dog. We had a Beagle named Penny when I was a girl, which was originally meant for my brother but who soon became mine. She slept with me every night much to my mother’s horror! These dogs you have shown here today are all lovely. Thank you so much! They started my day off just right. xo

    • sbranch says:

      Some of the castles we visited in England had amazing, and I mean AMAZING, pet cemeteries! Little ancient stones with engraved names and poems on them. I think the biggest one we saw was at Longleat. You can see it HERE

  35. Savannah says:

    I give those dog treats every Christmas to dogs of family and friends, always a big hit! And I give very nice used versions of your Christmas book ( to friends who would understand getting a used, out of print book). People love it! I think the Christmas book is the best one you ever made! It was my first SB book, from my mom at age 14. And 20 plus years later, I’m still a fan. You certainly have a “cult” following.:)

    Do you think you’ll ever consider getting Jack a brother or sister? Not now, too soon, but maybe way in the future.

    • sbranch says:

      I would do it tomorrow, but I don’t think Jack wants a brother or sister. I got Jack for Girl Kitty, and she never warmed up to him, and now I’m afraid the same thing would have happened. I SHOULD have gotten two kittens when I got Jack. They would have played together and left poor Girl alone, and now that she is gone, I would have had two cats instead of only one. I wasn’t thinking!!! Before Jack, all my kitties had come in sets. I never got just one before, so there we go, live and learn. So happy you still enjoy the Christmas Book after all these years! xoxo

  36. Deb in Wales says:

    Good Morning Susan, Joe, and Jack Kitty
    Special Good Morning to Master Jack and Miss Alice!

    “Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the in the midday sun!”

    I miss having a dog, but would not be able to take care of it now, not as I should with daily walks, but that is what being a responsible owner is all about, and I know that I could not be responsible right now. I loved all my dogs, and until recently I have never been without a dog {also a fair few cats, hamsters, Guinea pigs, and goldfish!}

    My first dog was a lurcher called Bonzo ~ great traditional doggie name is Bonzo. Then, a succession of English Springers and one Rough Collie, ending up with Gwen, another ESS who came to Wales all the way from sunny northern California!

    Aren’t corgis just amazing little things? I can’t imagine anything so tiny being brave enough to bring in the cattle, but that is what they are traditionally used for in these parts, for they are working farm dogs. Sadly, they are falling from fashion and I read somewhere that they breed is being primarily kept alive by their increasing popularity in America. Indeed, I have many friends there who are Hu~moms to corgis, and I am Aunt Deb to the sweet little Igraine Corgi.
    You know I live in Pembrokeshire, home of the Pembrokeshire breed? There is also the Cardigan breed, and in Pembrokeshire we are also home to the Sealyham Terrier. Sealyham is about a 25 minute drive from my cottage!

    I especially love the picture of the little brown chappie bouncing up and down with such exuberance, although it is very hard not to pick them all!

    ~~~Waving~~~from Across the Pond in {very} Wild, Wet, Wuthering, Windy Wonderful West Wales ~~~Deb in Wales xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      Did you see that a Lurcher left a comment on this post? Yes he did!

      • Deb in Wales says:

        Yes, I did! Ours was a sizeable dog, an Irish Water Spaniel and Greyhound cross. Daddy was a Gamekeeper, so she was trained to retrieve. There are so many lurcher cross variations, but mostly one breed with a Greyhound I think.

    • Jane Franks says:

      Such interesting info, Deb! Love that phrase . . . “Mad dogs and Englishmen” . . ., etc.! My Dad used to quote that around the house! I don’t really know why!! He had many English quotes to make us laugh and keep us guessing!! Thanks for the memory!! xoxo

  37. Such a lovely post. Dogs add, as do cats, so much to our lives.
    Thank God for our animals. We have two dogs and they are always making an event.
    I love that the gentleman made a fairy circle for his wife. He is one special guy. It will keep the magic alive for sure.
    Thank you Susan…

  38. Linda Metcalf says:

    We went to Neil Ross’ s farm in 2001 and again in 2011, loved watching those dogs work. Being a dog lover I enjoy all the photos of much loved furbabies!

    • sbranch says:

      Just an amazing afternoon with him, right? The sky, the green field, the cold rocks we sat on, the dogs, the sheep, and the man. Lovely connection.

  39. Nanci says:

    This was a wonderful way to begin my day. I miss the British and the English countryside. Please do a post of British cats…I’m sure you took pics of them, right?i have the most adorable photo of a ginger cat sleeping on a stone wall next to an old church in the Lake District. He let me pet him and I wanted to bring him home with me. Have an amazing day!

    • sbranch says:

      We barely saw any cats. I think they were all indoors. We saw one in the window of a canal boat, and there was one that lived around the churchyard near Rachel’s, but none on leashes walking in the countryside!

  40. Kathleen in Michigan says:

    Love your post about all the dogs in England. Favorite was the dog who carried his toy (to keep from barking..LOL). We have had our Lucy (a labradoodle) for just about 2 years, and my husband walks her daily & has met all the neighborhood dogs and their owners. She adds so much to our life.

    • sbranch says:

      A few dogs we saw had little cages around their mouths to keep them from barking, but this was so cute and smart, and the dog was in heaven. Love to you and Lucy!

  41. Laura says:

    Oh Susan, thank you so much!!! We LOVE dogs, all dogs any dogs💗💗💗. However, must agree with you that CORGIS are the best, cutest, smartest, sweetest, most wonderful and magical dogs of all. We have loved and been loved by two, Amelia and Ella. Our beautiful Ella just passed away in October and we are missing her spirit in our home. Dogs bring so much love and joy to a family. Hopefully one day we will welcome another baby corgi into our family and the magic will begin all over again. Thank you for all you do and for spreading the love and smiles. We need them and you💗💗💗. xoxoxoxo

    • sbranch says:

      So sorry for your loss. “Missing her spirit” are the perfect words. They are adorable dogs. Carleton, who I wrote about in my Isle of Dreams book, has one, so I get to visit!

  42. Joan Lesmeister says:

    We were so taken with the wonderful doggy behavior in England & Scotland! Must be the wonderful owners! I love sitting here with my coffee in the very early mornings, & smiling, & tearing up, & feeling thankful….the best way to start a day! Beautiful blog my dear! Thank you! xoxo

  43. Treese says:

    I could never understand a person who couldn’t love a dog (or any animal) or be cruel to them. Dogs are magical creatures who understand their owners (mom and dad) right down to their very soul. My religion (thank goodness) believes all living creatures ascend to heaven (we are strict vegetarians). So, even though it breaks my heart so very badly when one of my babies leaves me. What gives me hope is I know I will see them again on the other side.
    Now Susan! As an owner of several Bloodhounds (I’ve always had them even as a child) there isn’t a single picture of one in your post! What the heck? Tell me you saw at least one Bloodhound! The Brits love their hounds. Bloodhounds are such sweet, loveable and kind creatures. I’ve never even heard of a Bloodhound biting. The moto for a Bloodhound is “Track never attack”. They can “track out” a hundred year old scent! A prefect search and rescue dog (not so good for the prisoners they locate-LOL!) They are unique in how God created them. Their big long ears fly forward when they are running then fly back pulling the scent to their big sensitive noses.
    England has a huge Bloodhound organization. I know several Pubs in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne that have these Gentle creatures basking in them. They can be a bit lazy at times and LOVE to cozy up in front of the fireplace in the winter and out on the porch under the sun in the summer. I can’t imagine life without a dog as a companion. I also have a little dog someone (evil) threw out of their car like trash near my ranch. I’ve had Tootie several years now. She would give her life for me-I’m not sure what breed she might be a mixture of several I suppose. But, how clever she is out smarting my hound babies. They are all pure joy and bring laughter and happiness into my life every day.
    Treese/Colorado Cowgirl

    • sbranch says:

      Love all your doggie talk. I’m sure I saw a bloodhound! Wonderful dogs! But sometimes the pictures I took were so blurred I couldn’t use them, or I just didn’t have the camera at the ready! There were many missing breeds, but I believe I saw them all!

  44. Terri Major says:

    Hi Susan,
    I just can’t get enough of your dog photos. Admittedly, dog and cat photos and videos are my main reason for being on facebook. They make me smile and laugh, two requirements for each and every day I live. Thank you for already fullfilling these today! The loss of Mary Tyler Moore is hitting me a little harder than I expected. She was a role model for me (I was born in 1956). Seems we have lost quite a few amazing musicians and actors that I grew up with in this past year. Kind of shakes up my inner core. I also got to see the dogs working the sheep in Ireland a few years ago. One of my favorite parts of the trip. Thanks for another great post. Two questions, did you ever want to get a dog and how long does it take for you to create a post? I truly appreciate the time you spend on them. It makes my day and obviously many many people agree with me. Thanks again, you rock my world.

    • sbranch says:

      You are very smart . . . Youtube provides great laughter opportunities ~ if we need a little giggle, it’s all there. Babies, puppies, kitties, garden walks, old videos, “how-to” paint, or scrapbook, or whatever, river rafting, hot air balloon travel, and lots of lovely documentaries. I have had dogs in my life, but then I got my first kitty, and I was hooked. Could have a dog too, but we go too much. I already feel guilty enough leaving Jack. As for the time it takes to create a post, maybe from around 4 in the morning until 2 or 3 pm, sometimes longer. It’s rarely less, only when I do a shorter post, which isn’t very often. Like my Dad says, if you’re going to do it, do it right. So I try. But I love the connection it’s made between us, something I’ve felt from my first book.❤️

  45. SallyD says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Susan, for your wonderful breath-of-fresh-air blog posts! Taking the fairy/dog/green grass/pleasant land air with me into the day…. Bless you!

  46. Nicoline Bostens says:

    Dear Susan,
    Oh how lovely, to see these cute dogs:) Thank you for sharing the lovely moments you had. I am reminded of the lovely Angus we met (with his owners) in the Lake District last April, such a doll! And in Keswick we met Apple, the black and white dog, who helped out at her owners stall at the market!
    Where would we be without our lovely pets!
    I noticed that you got a comment from Lurcher, and he has his own Blog!!
    From across the pond, wishing you and Joe and Jack a happy weekend, and a Happy Chinese New Year!!

  47. Candy Atwood says:

    Ahhhh, that was wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  48. CJ Love says:

    LOVE them all!!

  49. Nora Egan says:

    Wonderful, woofy post, thank you soooooo much. Oh, and that dog with the beautiful eye — it’s an English Cocker; different from the American Cocker, which has a shorter muzzle. I think the English is the most beautiful. Wish you could’ve brought back a very English willow laundry basket full of all pups from all your visit! Thank you again for a wonderful trip, Susan and Joe.

    • sbranch says:

      I agree, a beautiful dog! We did bring back the basket! LOL! But getting the dogs in there wasn’t quite as easy!

  50. Kris says:

    I love, love, triple loved this post! I had to laugh at the pub dog. We live on a farm 1 1/2 miles from a tiny village of 30 people in Nebraska. The only business is a highly successful bar that serves the best food. Dogs are welcome there and the owners’ little dog is a frequent visitor. Our Labrador will sometimes run to town and can always be found at the bar…they give us a call and put out a bowl of water for him. I will begin to worry when he gets his own barstool! Love your postcards from England!

  51. Linda C. says:

    Fun Post !
    Thank You Susan : )

    As it is said . . .
    Man’s Best Friend spelled backwards … IS Man’s Best Friend !

    Happy Friday . . .
    Linda C. of So Cal

  52. Patricia Edde says:

    What an array of beautiful dogs, the owners who love them and the country that values them. Thank you for sharing this side of Great Britain with us.
    It’s a beautiful day here in Decorah, Iowa. Finally the sun is shining and as I was reading your blog and watching the delightful videos, I had my sweet Sam, a 16 year old chihuahua I got from Pet Adoption in Southern California, lying on the table between me and the computer, his head on my arm, snoring away. This was a blessed respite and change from “life as we know it” at this moment in time. Animals are the “best people I know” and if we could only observe and learn from them, the world would truly be heaven on earth.
    I’m looking forward to more sharings from your trip and Sam is too. For a 16 year old dog, any chance to sleep close to his “well trained” human is always a very a good thing – or to quote Ina Garten he would say “how bad can that be”.

    • sbranch says:

      I think if we always said, “What is best for the animals?” and did that, we’d have a much better world! Why not, they are God’s gift to us, and I know He would love it if we took better care of them and their needs, which actually, are our needs too. Decorah, I know your home because I used to watch the famous Eagle nest and the hatching babies on line. Watched your seasons change!

    • Chris Wells. Knickerbocker, W TX says:

      Hi Patricia!
      We turned on our big screen TV at work 2 days ago and started watching the Decorah Eagles once again. We have been watching for about 5 years now and our customers are hooked. During the off season when the nest is empty they are still asking about the eagles! What a wonderful thing! Bob Anderson leaves quite a legacy!
      And the last two days it has looked REALLY cold!
      Stay warm,

  53. AngieTink says:

    The Last Weekend In January Mind~Boggling Isn’t It Sweet Sue? 1st #RIP Mary~Tyler~Moore…. Looks Like She Made It After All…..Now A Smiling~Angel In Heaven #Amen… 2nd Today Is Our Georgie’s Birthday Yay! #HappyBirthdayGeorgie!!! #WeLOVEYou! 🙂 3rd Thank~You Sweet Sue For This Adorable #Doggie~Blog 🙂 Tis Filled With So Much Joy & Happiness & I Love That #Doggie~Knocker So Cute! 🙂 & Now We Await Your Updates About #THESCRIPT OMG!!! 😉 #TwitterNews 🙂 My Wings Are Crossed 😉 Sending #LOVE & #WarmHugzzz & It’s Gonna Be a Cold~Weekend Even Here In Florida Yay! We Shall Be #Fireside #CozyAndWarm xoxo #Woof & A #Poof 🙂 😉

    • sbranch says:

      Happy birthday dear Georgie! Thank you Angie! Love that girl! I’m “sitting with” the script, it’s very overwhelming to read something like that. Kind of an out of body experience. Joe, who’s slightly more distant from the story, loved it! So that’s a good sign. I want to read it again today, and then one more time, so I can get a real picture of it. I’ll let you know!

  54. Laurie Walt says:

    Well you’re going to California to visit your Mom and I am going to Florida to visit my son! Safe and happy travels😀 I will see the ocean for the first time and Ben is taking me to Disney! A country that loves dogs so much has to be wonderful. Animal lovers are good people! Beautiful blog post Susan, made me feel like I was there with you. Have a great trip and enjoy the warmth! Love.

    • sbranch says:

      YOU are seeing ocean for the first time. Wow. That is so wonderful. I am absolutely thrilled for you. Take your shoes off, put in a toe, at least, because it’s a whole other world. I sort of wish there were some things that were saved until I was old enough to really understand. Like an orange, a cold orange from the fridge. I’ve always wished I did that for the first time when I was grown up, because you peel that thick skin (not knowing what is to come), and the juice spurts and sparkles, and the orangy smell comes up to your nose, inside there’s that totally amazing flavor that makes your taste buds so very happy! Love to experience firsts, even at my age, and love that I can always find them! Have fun Laurie, it’s such a treat. xoxo

  55. Donna Hardin says:

    What a fun post! Although, I felt for you when you didn’t get to purchase that cookie tin…that would have been purrfect! (Punn intended for you cat lover!). Thanks for sharing.

    • sbranch says:

      I tried! We even came back to beg to the owner in person! LOL, that’s okay, I really did enjoy looking at it!

  56. Sue Diaz says:

    I agree best post ever!! England is on my bucket list and dogs are my life! ❤️🐶

  57. Sarah says:

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”–Will Rogers

    I simply cannot function without a dog in my life. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I currently have a tiny chihuahua, and she has a fairy saddle like corgis do. She also has fair coloring on the back and sides of her neck, where the fairies hold on. I imagine the tiniest of fairies finding her to be just their size. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Me too, agree totally with Will Rogers. Gotta go where the dear ones are. Adorable Sarah, your chihuahua sounds darling.

  58. Hi Sue,
    Oh our beloved Mary Tyler Moore! She lived a good life and showed us the way. Who didn’t want the big letter in their apartment, M for Mary & me and an S for you? We did make it after-all.
    I especially loved the big dogs, Newfie & Pyr, as we have had those and adored them. I must say, I am a kitty gal though.
    I am re-reading Fairytale Girl, so I am up on all things SLO town, for when I come to see you again with my bestie sister/friend, Linda! Hope the weather will be sunny, the entire time you are in Cali.

    • sbranch says:

      You will love SLO. It hasn’t changed too much. Downtown is even better than it used to be, and the Mission has been so well cared for. And let’s not forget the creek, and the flowers. Pretty darn wonderful. See you there, M! Love, S

  59. Sheila Weakley says:

    Awwwwwwww! Love all the dogs! We’ve had border collies and regular collies, border collies are just way too smart and energetic! You definitely have to work them, or they get a bit crazy, lol. And when I saw your friend Rachel’s “Alice” collection, I thought of my little Steiff fox terrier I called “Archie”! Can’t remember why I chose that name, but don’t you think Alice could fall in love with an Archie?? <3 Then I saw him (or one very much like him, probably older) in your first picture of the shop owners collection, right in the middle! Looks a lot like mine. And I just recently took a picture of your dalmatian puppy drawing from one of my calendars (the one beside the recipe above) to send my daughter a little pick-me-up, she's always loved Dalmatians, Disney crazy! Thank you so much for brightening my day, again!

    • sbranch says:

      I love Dalmations too and many years ago I was thinking I should get one, but it was for the wrongest possible reason: because his spots would look so cute with the furniture and all my decorations!!! But I found out they are rambunctious and probably need to be owned by lots of children in order to work off their energy! You have to match the pet to your own lifestyle, or it just doesn’t work. So I just painted myself one, and that was second best, by a very long shot!

  60. Janice says:

    Dear Susan:
    You have such magical talent for putting into words and pictures so many of the people (and their dogs!), places and things that we all love so dearly! It’s as though you’ve taken all of my muddled thoughts and dreams and organized them into a neat and tidy blog, complete with fanciful artwork, lovely photos and sweet music. Thank you for sharing your always uplifting and inspiring thoughts with us!

    • sbranch says:

      Well, you’re sweet to say that, Janice. I just always ask myself, what can I show them, what would they like to see. And of course! Dogs!😁 Happy to have you here. xoxo

  61. Chris Wells. Knickerbocker, W TX says:

    Don’t you just love all those faces, especially those with all that wirery hair! But my heart belongs to “that look of love” Golden Retriever. If only we could but be so civilized as Merry Ole England and take our dogs with us everywhere we go! Do you think there is any chance the Queen would take us back?😳

  62. Sharon Maier says:

    So enjoyed watching the man and his dog show…made me smile! With all the political poison going on, your message is such a welcome diversion. I’m personally very fond of the British Shorthair breed of cat, and I know the British love their cats, so they’re around, but probably don’t venture out among the doggies. This was your BEST EVER — can’t believe the number of great shots you gathered…such a beautiful group. Maybe it’s best that I haven’t been to England…from what you show me, I would never come home. Love and hugs to Jack…
    Sharon in Houston

    • sbranch says:

      I have no doubt there were many kitties lurking behind those brick walls and lace curtains. Good thing I love my home so much, or I’d be right there with you.

  63. Barb Murphy says:

    What a treat! My husband, Jim, and I have been dog lovers since we were kids. We are the proud owners of Cosmo, a Rat terrier mix, and Zelda, a white lab. I do wish we had trails to walk across the countryside, but living in Iowa has given us almost 5 acres to play and walk on. It’s entirely fenced in so the dogs have free rein to chase rabbits and squirrels and dig to their hearts delight. God bless our animals.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, Iowa seems like a wonderful place for that . . . we’ve been there several times, and loved the wide open spaces! Five acres of freedom, how perfect!

  64. Colleen Baptista says:

    Love to read your posts and imagine I am there.
    Thank you.

  65. Susann Shinkle says:

    Absolutely loved your dog photos. I’d like to recommend a great book published 10 years ago called “Shaggy Muses”. It’s about dogs who inspired famous women writers, such as Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edith Warton, and Emily Bronte. It’s by Maureen Adams. I find it always a joy to go back to read again.

  66. Marti says:

    Your next book should be a “dog” book, or maybe a “dogs and cats” book! You could design some cute dog bowls and people mugs to go with the book.

  67. Nancy says:

    It’s a Spaniel…….Ms Lucy (calico), Shiloh (Spaniel) and I loved both posts…..reread all about Jack and got to see the elegant Girl Kitty again and learned lots about dogs over the pond!🐶🐱❤️

  68. Kathy Hughes says:

    I’m still smiling! Beautiful, fun post! Gorgeous pictures!
    Thanks for all the preciousness. 🙂

  69. Mia Sophia says:

    Thank you, Susan for posting all the sweet doggie pictures!
    It brightened all of our day! I have had a dog ever since I was 16…a beautiful German Shepherd, 3 Mini Schnauzers and now a Teacup Black Schnauzer that weighs 5 pounds! Sophie Belle is so cute and 9 years old! How time flies!
    We also took in a stray cat last year that was abandoned by a family that moved away. She came to us on a stormy night…pregnant…and we helped her and her kitten. I bonded with the mama Maine Coon Tabby and she is friends with Sophie as well. I learned I am no longer allergic to kitties so we are one big happy family! We found a loving home for her delightful kitten so a good outcome for all. I have always loved animals, especially dogs and horses but now I am madly in of with cats too! Who knew?!?
    Thank you for sharing and being the safe haven of kindness!

    • sbranch says:

      That happened to me too . . . I was allergic to cats when I was around 5 … I got “hives” (whatever they are). But thank goodness, I grew out of it! Lucky kitty who found you. Meant to be. xoxo

  70. Jane Franks says:

    This is wonderful, Susan. I haven’t read all the comments, so I may be repeating something someone else said, and you probably are well aware of this. Ann, my BFF here, who made dozens of trips to England in earlier days and who is a massive dog lover (they have 3, all pedigrees), explained to me that the English take their dogs VERY seriously, and they have an entirely different system of breeding from the AKC, and will not allow AKC breeds to “infiltrate” their dog lines (partly because of the massive and, in our opinion, awful pit bill mania over here). English dogs all look very intelligent and well-bred, like their owners, and well disciplined, too. Yet another reason to absolutely love the English people — so intelligent and full of common sense!! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m popping in occasionally; quite busy with Gene’s wound care at present (from his fall). Thank you for prayers and good thoughts for quick healing — soon!! — before the medical people impose drastic measures. We have chosen the Manuka honey route beginning today! I found some at Whole Foods! Yay!! 🙂 xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      YOU are the one who does the best care for your darling, Jane. He is a lucky man. And I know you feel the same about yourself. Love the info about the dogs, I did not know that.

      • Jane Franks says:

        Thank you, Susan. My friends are so encouraging. It does help and I do love my darling Gene. Everyone does that meets him. He is so grateful it makes it easy!! 🙂 I couldn’t bear anyone else “medical” doing it for him! I’m pretty good at following instructions. So far, so good!! And thank you for what you said about the dogs. Afterwards, I hoped people didn’t think I meant American dogs aren’t wonderful. They are! We all love our dogs. You should hear Gene’s stories about his boyhood dog! I think he could walk on water!! 🙂 He (Gene’s dog) actually was a life saver. He needed him after being orphaned; it’s a long, difficult, but wonderful story; “Pooge” helped Gene grow up normal!

  71. Lynn says:

    Susan – When we visited England last Fall, we went to Canterbury and the little village of Elham. The proprietor of our inn has a lovely chocolate Labrador retriever named Molly. She runs the place! The first night, they had no chef, so we ambled across the street to the pub for dinner. In came Molly with her owners. She had to be on a leash, but since they do not have one…they used the power cable from their printer! Molly was a bit offended at being seen on a leash, but she eventually took it all in stride. You are right, dogs were everywhere and we loved it!

    • sbranch says:

      Not every place requires a leash, I understand how Molly must have felt, as mannerly as she obviously was. I saw a sign on the wall in one pub that said “The chairs are for the people, not the dogs!” Just a little reminder!

  72. SHARON says:

    I loved all the doggie pictures Sue, thanks, it brightened my day for sure. I’m amazed that people can actually bring their dogs into the pubs in England, it’s wonderful. If only we on this side of the water could take a little nudge from the English. I drove from Virginia to Florida with my 4-1/2 pound Maltese, Savannah, and each time I stopped for gas I was terrified to leave her in the car, more worried about someone stealing her, rather than my car. My first bathroom stop was at one of the rest stops at the border of North Carolina. Savannah was in her crate and I tried to take the crate in with me to the ladies room, but was promptly stopped by an attendant who wouldn’t let me bring her in. And like I said, she was in her little crate. So, I really tried to stretch out the times I would stop for gas because I was so worried about someone breaking my window and stealing her (even though she was in her crate). My last gas stop was in Georgia just before I reached Florida and I tried to take her crate in with me to pay for the gas in cash but they wouldn’t let me in with her, either. So I say Yayyyyyyyy to the brits for loving their doggies so much!!!

  73. Sandra says:

    Oh gosh…not sure my heart could take all the men in kilts…beating, beating, beating…lovely! My condolences to Mike and I wish him well. The little fairy ring he made for his wife is simply too fey…love it!

  74. Nan says:

    Oh thank you for this post! I wanted to read it out loud to my Rosie Ann Marie…my little dog who is half Shihtzu and half Poodle, but then I thought how crazy that was – so I just told her about it instead! She loved it, too!

  75. It’s quite a different way to view a country, by noticing its dogs. I love themes when I travel but hadn’t thought of this one. Thanks for the idea.

    We used to have a lovely little 3/4 Yorkshire Terrier, 1/4 Cairn as our family pet/member for many years but she got too old to go on. I still miss the wee thing.

  76. Gale Harris says:

    Wonderful post! How appropriate to equate “civilized” with accommodating our animal friends.

  77. Sharrie says:

    Aw! Love all of the your doggie pictures. Just wonderful. We have have three dogs. One is a corgi, one is a corgi-mix, and the third one is a shih-tzu mix. I may not have spelled that last one correctly because, frankly, we don’t know what kind of mix she is. Buttercup, Brady, and Delilah. A motley crew.

    Your sheep dog pics made me think of this video: I don’t know if this link will link up, but it’s funny to check out. Sheepdog humor.

  78. Gail says:

    I’ve a sneaky feeling you might turn into a dog person. It happened to me late in life…when I married my husband 10 years ago. He had two dogs. I had a cat. Susan, dogs will steal your heart, and the love they give is unconditional.

    Thanks for sharing these. I really enjoyed them….especially the Sparky video. Reminds me of our doxie who plays a game with her treats. She throws them into the air several times, hops and dances around them…and then eats them. Dogs (and cats) find joy in the little things. <3

    • sbranch says:

      I was a dog person when I was younger, I come from a dog family. But training with a cat is about a billion times easier than with a dog, which has its charms. My sister has three doxies, all adorable.

  79. Sally Roth says:

    A happy post, dogs are so cheerful! I was fortunate enough to walk MTM’s dogs in NYC for a while. She was a lovely soul.
    Thank you Susan.

  80. Diane DiVittorio says:

    Loved this post!! Each and every dog was a sweetheart. I encourage all to bake up Susan’s doggy treats – I have been baking her recipe for years. Every dog I have given them to loves them. My Golden Retriever, Cosmo, would sit at my feet as I mixed them and guarded the oven as they baked. He was a most enthusiastic fan.

  81. Francine Pedro says:

    Lovely “dog” days…wish I was there !

  82. Marilyn says:

    Hi Susan,
    I just returned from my daily walk with my Pembroke Welch Corgi, Frankie. What a fun surprise to see your email about the English dogs, loved it. When I was in the Lake District I also noticed all of the dogs, everyone had a dog with them, so I thought that maybe that was the thing to do in the Lake District. It turns out that it’s an English thing to have a dog. How fun and thanks for sharing and puting a smile on my face today. Just smile and be happy!

  83. Brenda says:

    This post is so special, Susan. We are presently in NYC and I’ve been tempted to photo every sweet dog we see. My favorite is of four walkers with 23 dogs!

  84. Ghodgson says:

    The dog you asked about the breed is a red English Cocker. They are typically red with beautiful blond highlights. The dog photographed is in need of a haircut😘
    Such wonderful dogs! We’ve been blessed with 13 years with our English Cocker.
    Great family members! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  85. Karen England says:

    Susan, with regard to the dog treats (I haven’t read all the comments so if someone else more qualified than me [and practically everyone’s more qualified than me] has weighed in on this topic I’ll be very interested in what they say!) I was told by a vet that dogs can’t have onions and garlic but I always thought it was only fresh so I just googled it and apparently it’s fresh or cooked and even powdered; all of them are poisonous. Small amounts over time can even build up in a dog’s or a cat’s system with detrimental effects. I’m not a vet, a scientist, or animal nutritionist or anybody, so don’t go by me, but it’s something to consider with regard to the inclusion of powdered onion and garlic in your recipe for dogs. That said, I love this post and it reminds me that I have you to thank for my rediscovering British Country Living magazine! My favorite issue of all time (so far) is Dec. 2015 in no small part because of the article on pgs. 66-70 ‘Pets in the Pews’. About Truro Cathedral in Cornwall and their yearly Children and Pets Carol Service where all kinds of pets, not just but mostly dogs and their people gather together to worship at Christmas. I want to go, it looks so wonderful. It’s on my bucket list.

    • sbranch says:

      Another lovely quirky English sort of thing! My new British Country Living just arrived! I actually forgot about the garlic and onions thing, I’ve made this for dogs so many times (before I ever heard about this) and they’ve always loved it and nothing has ever happened, but it’s a good thing to remind everyone . . . thank you!!

      • Karen England says:

        No! Thank you! A thousand times thank you! & I’m going to make some for my rough coated, Lassie doppelgänger collies, named Dover and Devon. I got a dog bone shaped cookie cutter and everything! Have a great great day!

  86. Dixie Johnson says:

    If you like dogs—come to our home! We have 3 Goldens (all from MAGRR–Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue ) & we had to stop fostering since my husband adopted them all! Our group sends many Goldens to New England & NY & ÑJ. We also are keeping 2 small Sheebas for our son. Never a dull moment! Loved this”doggy post”! Thank you, Susan

  87. Fran Silver says:

    Just wonderful! Thankfully, you added so much joy to my day – and many others. Two of my very favorite things – Susan Branch and dogs.

  88. Lorna says:

    Sometimes when you are feeling a bit blue, laughter comes for out of nowhere – and those doggy shots and then the videos uplifted the spirits and forced the mirth right out of my mouth. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely critters.

  89. linny says:


  90. Karen Saunders says:

    Seeing Alice made me so homesick for my dearest Hanna…She was so special and the delight of her life were children……just like my mom….I always wondered if there wasn’t a bit of my mom’s spirit in her!!!😊💜💜💜

  91. Nancy Brown says:

    I love this blog and hope you will transform your latest trip into another book or you could just publish the blog and I would be happy. I love dogs and Great Britain. Nancy Brown

  92. Gayle Hall says:

    How could anyone ever make a decision as to what kind of dog to love? One needs a huge amount of land, and it still would not work for me, as whatever I did in my day I would want them all with me. And let’s face it just how much room does someone have inside to accomidate all the fur. And how much time to just smooch and cuddle 😊? Thanks once again Susan for the lovely Doggie walk. Am looking forward to hearing about the Cups. Love Gayle Hall

  93. Margot in Sister Bay says:

    My sons really like the Corgis. So did Tashs Tudor. I like border collies. My huband’s parents had one and it used to herd his sistets 5 kids around. Lol…Do you suppose the three dogs with plaid scarves in the pub belong to some secret doggy club???

    • sbranch says:

      I think, because it’s a little local pub, that those three dogs (and their masters) must meet there often!

  94. Ann C. says:

    Cooper, my Pembroke Corgi, looks just like the one you painted for the book mark print-out a couple of years ago. Something about those little pointy ears peaking up to mark my spot brings me joy. Thanks for that 🙂 xo

  95. Margot in Sister Bay says:

    Barbara Hale and Mike Conners have passed away now too. 😢

  96. Sonya Hewes says:

    What a beautiful post, Susan! I had a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Maggie and she passed away a little over a year ago. I miss her so much, she had THE best loving personality. I hope to one day get another Corgi.
    It also makes me want to see the “A Dog’s Purpose” that just came out today. Thank you for the warm and fuzzy!

  97. Amy Lee from Salem says:

    Hi Susan, I loved your “doggie” blog but was really excited to see the little Cairn terrier you met at Stourhead because it looked so much like my Willow. Cairns are really wonderful dogs and you just don’t see very many of them anywhere. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  98. Maria Shiyou says:

    A friend of mine, Ronda Rich, is married to John Tinker (Tink), who is Mary’s step-son. Tink’ father, Grant Tinker died in November. They are heart-broken. They live in Georgia but they visited Mary in Connecticut often. They did make it there to be with her in her final hours. She was a great lady. She will be missed but those of us that grew up watching her will remember her sweetly.
    The dog photos are wonderful!

  99. Carolyn,W

    What a lovely trip you had Susan! I have been to England myself, and I would
    like to go back some time to visit the Cotswolds. However, having just
    had a Christmas cruise and New Years cruise on the Queen Mary 2,
    I have to
    save up my pennies! I know you mentioned you had been on this liner also.
    Isn’t she a beauty!

    lots of xoxo
    Carolyn, W.

    • sbranch says:

      She certainly is. We just came home in late November, from England on the Queen Mary 2. I love it more each time I go. That’s a pretty wonderful way to celebrate New Years!

  100. Jeannie Ramirez says:

    Hi Susan, loved your posts on dogs, as I am a dog lover. Don’t have any at the moment, but I have taken in 6 abandoned cats. They along with the one cat I already had keep my husband and I busy and entertained,but I do miss my dog.BTW the one picture,where you didn’t know the breed of the dog, is an English Cocker Spaniel. Thank you for your post, it brought real joy to me

    • sbranch says:

      I was thinking it might be that, but I’m so terrible with my dog breeds, I didn’t dare guess it! He’s such a cutie! Thank you Jeannie!

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