Cold and Flu Season

Popping in to say hello and Rabbit-Rabbit! I have a brand new post all ready for you, with all kinds of excitement I can’t wait to share, but we’ve had an outbreak of the flu at the Studio and the finishing touches for the new post won’t be available until Kellee gets back on Monday! Don’t worry, she’s  already feeling better, it’s just your normal run-of-the-mill horrible flu, poor baby! 🤧 🤒

I hope you’re all getting thawed out from the last few days ⛄️ . . . and geared up for football this weekend, and feeling well yourselves! We’re healthy here, Jack’s telling me to take the weekend off (more time to shoot rubber bands!). But I’m still working on the 2020 Calendars so I’ll keep busy and give you a preview soon! XOXOXO See you! Love . . . me.💞

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  1. Pam B says:

    Just preordered my cups, love them!!!

  2. Hi Susan,
    I thought I posted earlier but do not see anything in all this big long list. Thanks for such cheery news to brighten our days even in the cold (and darker) months of the year. All you do is amazing and reading and seeing how you do it brightens my day when ever it comes. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more in the future.

    • Mary says:

      I love getting Willard because it has so many of your drawings. They make me smile. Your pictures and drawings of Jack reminded me of our black and white cat, Oreo. My daughter has a black and white cat, too. Your messages are very upbeat and we need them in this world today. Thank you Susan.

      • sbranch says:

        Thank you Mary!

        • Valerie Russell says:

          dear Susan,
          visiting MV in the 80’s with a broken heart – me too
          meeting the Beatles – me too
          falling in love with England – me too
          drawing and painting from the heart – me too
          having the most precious of Moms – me too
          and the list goes on and on. Truly, we are kindred spirits. Hugs to you special lady!!

  3. Karen Crandell says:

    Survived the polar vortex! I was delighted to see this blog available and have signed up to receive it in my email…thank you. Happy 2019!!

    • Joan says:

      You have a way a reaching into my soul and putting into words what I think and say in that private internal conversation that plays inside my head. Thank you for validating my personal, romantic fantasy life that drives my world . JT❤️

  4. Jeanne says:

    Aaaah… a breath of Susan via Willard! Or Vice versa? Such a lovely escape! Thank you! I missed you! And happy you have done the combo so I won
    ‘t miss a thang! 🙂

  5. Carolyn L Maves says:

    Thanks for your lovely, encouraging blog posts. A bright spot in a cold winter’s day.

  6. Pattie Smith says:

    Love all that you do!

  7. Lynn Toghill says:

    Oh, how I have missed you! We are originally from Ohio, much more MV like, and even once owned a tea room ( very Susan Branch like)…….but are now spending our 3rd winter in Cave Creek Az in our Airstream trailer home. I love the southwest and this beautiful desert & sunshine, but what a delight to see the cozy pictures from you that remind me days gone by. One of my dreams is to experience Martha’s Vineyard, from the campground there, in our Airstream someday soon.
    I somehow missed getting a calendar this year, but that won’t happen again. It keeps a little touch of you in here. Thank you for this email. xoxo

  8. Linda Buckley says:

    Thank you, Susan, for sharing your gifts, talents, life and love with all of us. Anne Shirley always had her eye open for “kindred spirits” and your blog seems to have attracted a bunch of us like moths to the light in the window. Again, thank you. 🙂

  9. Debbie says:

    Enjoyed your blog as I always do. Look forward to more! All my Christmas decorations are away until this year but my snowmen ⛄️ are all still hanging around since Winter is not over.
    Thank you so much for brightening up this rainy day 😘

  10. Barbara Peavler says:

    Thank you so much for the Willard! Cheery news on such a cold, icy day. I love your new cups and the little Love Stays platter.

  11. Carole Mazurek says:

    Your blogs are a very special treat, they seem to appear when I need them.

  12. Eileen Mullinax says:

    I love reading about you and you home on Martha’s Vinyard, one of my favorite places to spend time. So when I can not be there , your writing about takes me there for a while. Sure hope the movie works out. You have lived a story book life

  13. Diane Leonard says:

    Hi Susan: I am not able to “sign up.” I have been receiving your blogs via email, but trying to follow the directions to re-sign up just doesn’t seem to work. I don’t recognize any of the “reader” options, and they don’t recognize me. Guess I will just have to go back to the old way of looking on your website to see if there is a new post. Sorry.

  14. Becky Beyer says:

    Thank you so much for brightening up a cold, blustery, winter day in Ohio with your chatting and artwork!

  15. Julie says:

    Thank you. I’d kind of lost you for a while, I’m not sure why 🙁 . All signed now for the new blog plus Willard.

  16. Donna Cox says:

    It warms my day to see your post in my inbox. Thank you!

  17. Audrey Andrews says:

    Thanks for the new Willard! Always love feeling dreamy viewing all these photos. XO

  18. Merry says:

    I finally figured out how to get Willard and now Susan blog to come into my inbox. Oh how I dislike technology, but I need it! My Valentines are all sent out and my special man’s Birthday is Valentine’s Day! We will be celebrating in beautiful Cayucos…
    Thank you for your lovely, personal letter.
    God bless us all and may we be kind to one another.

  19. Betty Binder says:

    Hi Susan,
    Well now you’ve got me Tidying Up! It seems after the holidays its all such a let-down that I can’t seem to get my mo-jo going, and we have had soooo much rain in California you would think that alone would get me motivated. Anyway I’m starting to get TIDY!

    I have your Girlfriends Forever book siqned but would love to have another to give to my daughter, as she loves you too!

  20. Julie Buelteman says:

    I love the new cups and especially the quote from the dove cote! My sister’s birthdays are coming up and I will be placing some special orders💕💕💕 I’m so happy you continue to remind us what is special in life and celebrate it!

  21. Barbara H says:

    One year a long time ago when I was very young, my roommate and I opened up the den window and were shoving out the Christmas tree. I thought this was such a good idea. The tree got stuck and the landlord pulled into the driveway which was right outside our den window. We thought uh-oh but had such a nice landlord that he pulled while we pushed. 🙂

  22. Sheilah Palacios says:

    I love the illustrations all over the blog (and other stuff). The lift my spirits.

  23. carol lou says:

    Susan, I so enjoyed this latest Williard. Your writing and beautiful artwork is so inspiring and comforting to me. As I love writing, doing artwork, and photography, I see myself in all of your creativity and it gives me joy.
    thank you for sharing that creativity with us.

  24. Kimberly says:

    Yay for Willard and the blog RSS feed. thanks for this post!

  25. Carole in Michigan says:

    Susan, I’m one of your very first admirers from 20+or so years ago when we used snail mail to communicate. I always felt a connection to you, I guess because we think so much alike…I always made the hard copies of your bookmarks you graciously offered and probably still have many of them. I thought that was a very sweet thing for you to do!

    Earlier today I tried the new system of re-signing up for your blog and your Willard so I wouldn’t miss anything! Oh dear, the worst happened! I accidentally touched the wrong option and now I have unsubscribed FOREVER!!! Can Kelley please fix this? I wrote you earlier today about this but I don’t even know if the email went to the right place?? The new sign up system was rather daunting, and my attempts to sign up went nowhere. So I don’t know what my status is now.PLEASE HELP SO I DONT MISS ANYTHING ELSE.


    Carole in Michigan

    • sbranch says:

      All is well Carole, I sent your comment to our resident genius Kellee and she will get it all back on track for you! xoxo

  26. Valicia Linn says:

    Absolutely love every word you write. You make ever aspect of day to day happenings come to life so ;brilliantly. All the new mugs are delightful. Can’t make up my mind which ones are a ‘must have. I have so many of your books but there is always room for one more. THANK YOU

  27. Carole in Michigan says:

    This is my fifth attempt today to comment..I accidentally unsubscribed this morning and all attempts to resubscribe have failed..please have Kellee reinstate/resubscribe my 20+ year membership in your fun and wonderful blog ASAP so I don’t miss anything! Your blog and Willard are my most looked forward -to emails! Please please help.

    • sbranch says:

      I sent your request to Kellee, and I’m sure she’ll fix it for you Carole! No worries! We won’t let you get away! xoxo

  28. Carole in Michigan says:

    Please resubscribe. My email was deleted today and my subscription of 20+ years…Kellee please help so I don’t miss anything else. Thank you!

  29. Hi Susan! I have been a fan forever! I love your unique style and I love all the delicious recipes but I get inspiration from all the verses and quotations you share with us. Many thanks and much admiration going from my home to yours..

  30. Nancy Bodin says:

    This was my first blog of yours that I just very much enjoyed! I hope they come often. You’re a bright light in my cold dreary long days!
    Thank you,
    Nancy Bodin

  31. Dorothy VanBeek says:

    Hi there Susan!
    I feel as if we’re old friends. We share the same heart for things, old and new, family and friends, sunshine and a good storm, flowers and snow flakes and as a bonus, throw in a little mischief and a lot of laughter!
    Whether my name is drawn or not (and I would LOVE it if it was) I feel like I’ve already won. Whenever I’ve needed a pick up or a bright spot in my day I just pull up the your web site and there you are and just like an old friend we pick up right where we left off!
    Thank you for sharing your art and your heart.

  32. Ashley Williams says:

    Hi, Susan! I wrote you a super long letter in the mail in the mid 90’s…I was in college at the time..I told you all about my grandma who taught me how to watercolor and that I wanted to start painting rabbits and was asking you different questions on getting started! You wrote me back with the sweetest Kelly green VW card and said that my middle name must be joy! I have kept that note and still have it!! I have read all of your books (and adore them!!!!) and learned more of your process, painting by candlelight in your little cottage in the woods! It completely inspired me! Twenty years later, after getting married and starting a family, I am serious about getting my bunnies printed! I will write you formally and share some bunnies with you! They are dressed in different outfits and they will make you laugh! The problem? I canny figure out how to get a proper copy of them to print! I am using pencil and just learned about gouache, my new passion! My grandma taught me on Prangs and I never knew anything else! I was just wondering if you scanned your work and what kind of scanner you used and also if you used photoshop and/or illustrator? I am so close to finally getting going!! Oh, how you have inspired me since high school and there has never been a year that I didn’t hang both calendars of yours, little and big! They are the best!
    Thank you for telling your story!! You inspire us all to stay cozy and keep our home fires burning!! Much love to you! You are a kindred spirit, for sure and you would have adored my grandmother and she would have adored you and your Johnson Bros. dishes! They make me think of being at her house!! I am a jadeite girl forever!! 💕 Thanks in advance for any advice you could share to get me launched!! I am 43 and it is time!!!! 😂

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Ashley! How wonderful to hear from you! Don’t forget the part that you make everything up! When you think you should know something, remember what my mom said, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” I’m sure I do nothing the way other people do, because I made it all up. Forty-three is the perfect age to get started, you have all that living under your belt and in your heart to share! Quick answers, Yes we scan our work, just a little inexpensive scanner, they all do pretty much the same thing I think. Find out how big to scan things, you don’t want them so big that they steal all your memory, but you need them high res enough just in case you need to decorate a Fine Romance Van with your art someday! I don’t know exactly what that number is, but I’m sure you have sources. Print requires higher resolution than a blog. Kellee uses Photoshop to put together my Calendars and Books to print, but neither of us uses illustrator. I do it the old-fashioned way with paper layouts, because I’m old-fashioned, but you’re not, so try everything! Congratulations on finding your passion. Thank you for the kind words! And all my very best to you!

      • Ashley Williams says:

        You could not have made me any happier to reply with all of this!! My husband went to Auburn with me and remembers when I got your letter and we all read it on our rooftop spot where we would all hang out!! You are a dear and have always been an inspiration to me! Will you let me know the best place to write you? I have more things to tell you!
        Thanks again!! Cheers to “making it up”!!! 😉💕

  33. Marlene R. says:

    A cup of tea and reading this new blog entry…this day is turning out pretty good! 🤗

  34. Diana Wilfrid says:

    Love your art work Susan. I want to grow up to be you.

  35. Bethany Jones says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words of hope and love. Your blogs always bring a smile to my face. Thank you 💖

  36. Christine T. Carlsen says:

    Thank you for the lovely post! I also have been inspired by Marie Condo. Finished organizing both of my linen closets last week. She is so inspiring, just like you! I so loved your post at Christmas, showing your table with your lovely dishes and the candlesticks with Bobeche’s on them, that I am going to make some for my candles this week. I am having a dinner party on Saturday and will use them on my table. My birthday is on Valentines Day, so it will be decorated with with red and white flowers and lovely candle light. On another subject, I was wondering if you will ever reprint any of your mugs. I missed the Bluebird mug. I have been looking for a long time, for it to come available again. Thank you again for inspiring me! You are Wonderful!!

    • sbranch says:

      Have a wonderful Birthday Christine! The folks who make our cups require that I get quite a lot of them at one time. Which is why I offer presale, because then I know that pretty much everyone who wanted a cup got one. The large numbers I would have to do on a reorder are the problem since “everyone” already has one . . . you see my problem. They are seriously limited edition. That being said, I LOVE the bird cup, one of my favorites, and I love the England cup too, and Winter, and others, all of them actually, and maybe someday I’ll need to reprint a “best of” series!

  37. Carole Brotherton says:

    Sorry to say but your Website ate my comments just now
    Best writing I’ve ever done too. It I love you and you blogs anyway

  38. Natalie says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing Susan! Your blogs brighten my day as I’m sure they do for so many others too. Love your art, your story telling, your passion for England & Beatrix Potter, your appreciation for nature/animals and music/history, your love of family/friends and good food. It all comes shining through in everything you do. Thank you for sharing your life with us! I’m looking forward to the new book 🙂

  39. Dede says:

    Your blog has always been a ray of ☀️ bright sunshine in the bleak dismal rainy weather of my northwest wintertime. Your cookbooks are my old friends like a well worn quilt
    It’s so nice to see your recent post
    Also, thanks for inspiring me to finally take up water color painting classes

  40. Brenda Hannon says:

    Dear Susan, Your blog lifted me high this morning on this blustery cold day! I want to organize my house while biscuits bake! Thank you so much for your encouraging words and wonderful imagery.
    And I hope I win one of your beautiful new mugs – or Quote plaque or book!

  41. Shalee Sojka says:

    Susan, thank you for your newsletter, blog, Instagram posts, and beautiful books! Everything thing you do makes me happy! I just love you! 😊

  42. Yvonne says:

    It was raining when I woke up today – which I LOVE – then, when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, I spotted Willard in my inbox! Hi Willard, I’ve missed you!! Thanks for another wonderful edition. Happy Saturday 🙂
    PS: Please hurry and post the Jack doll and quilt kit – I can’t wait to order one!

  43. Renee McCauley says:

    Dear Susan,
    Love hearing from you! You make my day,

  44. Amanda Adkins says:

    I love your post so much! I cannot wait to order a new mug 🙂 they make my Anglophile heart sing!! Thank you for the constant inspiration ❤️

  45. Carol K says:

    What a great read and surprise to see this post. I have some old stickers of yours that I just can’t use! They are too pretty and along with my old calendar I have lots to look at.

  46. Peggy Lawson says:

    I just love your posts and all your artist talent. I would LOVE to win the cup. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  47. Tedi Kostka says:

    Greetings from California! It is cold and rainy here in San Diego! Thank you for your latest uplifting blog and for the information on the combined Willard/Blog.

  48. Jill says:

    Thanks for sending another Willard. Just love reading them. Also my hubby and I are planning a trip to England. So much fun to think about possibly going to the birthplace of Beatrix Potter, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, and etc.

  49. Jill says:

    I really love your books! It’s about time that I reread some

  50. Kristine Range says:

    I just love relaxing and reading your blog. I even put on your musica choice in the background while reading.

  51. Celia Arnade says:

    Thank you for the clear instructions on how to re sign up for the blog :).

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  52. Nancy Jensen says:

    Susan, your newsletters and blogs never disappoint! On the contrary, they bring sunshine to the dreariest of days. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration, and for instilling in each of us the belief that we, too, can create a special place in this world we share.

  53. Gigi Maloney says:

    You give me a happy inspiring start to my day reading your blog. Today I became inspired me to oil my wooden spoons I collect. I love and often forget to oil my chopping block bought at the Maine prison shop many summers ago and made by the inmates to earn money to be put in an account for them until they are released. I was happy to see Willard in my email this morning and have done the new sign up for the blog.

  54. Janice Easterling Bendetti says:

    Love, love, love your blog!

  55. Deborah Burket says:

    I have a question for you about traveling to England by boat/ship. With the big time difference between England and the US, how do you deal with that going over? Wondering if while on the ship they ease you into British time. Or are you just left to deal with the difference yourself once you arrive?
    Thanks for your time,

    • sbranch says:

      They ease you in, almost every day as you travel across the sea toward England, you set your clock forward an hour. So when you get there, you’re right on time!

  56. Jane Hahn says:

    I hope your movie gets made. Love your new corgi mug.

  57. CMB Bishop says:

    Love the new cups – and your blog, and your calendar on the wall in my kitchen, and your cookbooks next to my chair and…….

  58. Kay Bennett says:

    Dear Susan,
    I’ve already posted a comment earlier this week, before I went to your twitter feed today. I’ve been thinking of how to share my feelings with you regarding what I read earlier on your Tw. Feed and how it upset me. A while ago, we were in a political conversation on Twitter and decided at that time that we would agree to disagree. In a perfect world, we would all share the same ideas when it comes to our political beliefs and how we feel about our country. I should have taken my daughters advice and not visit your twitter feed. I was curious about some of the things you were posting that were much like your delightful blog. Unfortunately, I read what you posted regarding your political views. They were pretty strong and I was so disappointed to learn how you feel about what is happening now in the political arena. It is polar opposite to what I believe. I should have known not to read that part but there it was and I did. Tonight, as I write this, I am struggling a bit to not let what I read make any difference in my opinion of you. I will say, Susan, that I must believe that you and I can share our love for all that you post on your blog and your love for England, our homes, family, pets and girlfriends and put aside our political differences so they don’t get in the way of enjoying those things. At this point, I must do that and I will remain a friend and believe in you and your blog of sweet things. ❣️

    • sbranch says:

      I’m glad Kay, it’s the way it should be. Sometimes I think things get short-cutted with the written word, with no inflection of love in a voice, people can easily be misunderstood. It’s a very tough world out there right now. And I don’t believe it’s us that dividing us. I think we’re wonderful. xoxoxo

      • Kay Bennett says:

        I agree, Susan. Thank you for your reply. I feel much better this morning after giving it much thought and after reading your reply. Friends forever! Have a beautiful Sunday❣️

  59. Sandy Garvey says:

    Love your new cups and all of your Willard’s. I’m not sure if I’m signed up for the new Willard as the links didn’t look like your examples. I hope I’m on your list.

  60. Carol handorf says:

    Thank you for making my life brighter this cold, dreary day, Susan. Just finished Radiation for breast cancer and need a pickup! Your life is beautiful and cannot wait for new book and possible big screen thriller!!!

  61. Becca Green says:

    I spent a day binge watching Marie’s show! So inspiring. I really do believe that getting rid of things that don’t “spork joy” makes the things left so much more special.

  62. Betsy Kopec says:

    This was a bit of sunshine on a winter day. I do not uncluttered either because all my stuff is from someone I love-or I have it because I love it>. I went for more picture frames today for grandchildren’s pictures and my husband said where will you put them-and I said I will find a place. My Grandmother was so dear to me and she asked what I wanted when she died and I said I had you!

  63. Leslie Gammelgaard says:

    What a lovely blog! February is the doorway to spring… that’s why there’s Valentine’s day in it! This is the year of hearts for us…we celebrate 50 years of marriage (how can that be?) 50 years! Im not even that old! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your Sweetheart!

  64. Peeshy Holland says:

    Love winter especially in your neck of the woods. You make everything so cozy.
    I’m ready for tulips and daffodils now!

  65. Carol Rehme says:

    Thank you for spreading sunshine with this February post. Happy Valentine’s day to you and Joe!

  66. Alicia M Cardoza says:

    Hello Susan,
    thank-you for your heart-felt post. It warms my heart on a cold winter’s day and reminds me of so many childhood memories.

  67. Julie Lee says:

    Love reading Willard!! It’s my escape from all the daily stress of life.

  68. Kimberly Miller says:

    I’m new to your blog…what a fun way to start February! I live in Northern California and we are usually very spoiled with mild winter weather. However…this year we’ve seen more rain than usual, extremely cold temperatures and lots of unusual snow! So, what a treat to get your new Willard and Blog…a great excuse to sit by the fire with a cup of tea and enjoy some reading!

    Thank You ❤️

    PS. I’ve also recently discovered Maria Condo on Netflix…She’s so lovely! Inspired me to tackle my closets. So exciting 😍

  69. Kristia Wolf says:

    I enjoyed the Get Well cars you posted. It was timely for my sniffles!

  70. Dotty wellman says:

    Love all your “stuff!”

  71. Stefanie Price says:

    As always an absolute DELIGHT to read!!!…
    Your blog…aka Williard…always inspires one to get up and get BUSY…with LIFE!!!

    Thank you for being you…and for sharing you and IT ALL!!!

  72. Dianne Vanderwende says:

    I am soooo looking forward to spring. Two weeks of snow and wind here and more on the way. Reading your wonderful blogs help me forget about the weather!

  73. Mary Powell says:

    Dear Susan,
    THANK YOU!! What a joy to find Willard in my email last week, but waited to read to savor everything when I’m alone. .Your artwork, quotes, and heartwarming comments put a loving spark in my life. . I have read all your books and given a couple to friends! They are now kindred spirits!! I just ordered Girlfriends Forever book and the Heart of Home
    30th Anniv edition. Whatever you write warms my heart and soul…sign of kindred spirit I assume. Happy February!! (Also, loved your blog of your Christmas gathering with friends❤️)

  74. Joanna Aune says:

    I love love love getting this news. I am baking in hot Australia and it is snowing in my beautiful home city, Vancouver, BC, Canada! I am here helping family look after a newborn baby girl and their 3 yr. old high spirited boy! Lots of fun, busy and tiring but keeps this Nana young! Thank you for sharing your heart and life with me. ♥️ You made my day today 🌺

  75. Charlene says:

    Thank you for inspiring us as we read your posts! And I love the beauty and creativity you share with us each and every time 💕!

  76. It’s always a joy waking early mornings to read your blogs. They spark energy and inspiration and my day is off to a running start! Thank you for sharing your talents and your boundless zest for all that is good in life. Have a wonderful day!

  77. Ellen says:

    You have inspired me to tidy up! I like your approach to it. Very excited to hear about the movie project too. And just so happy that you keep creating and blogging to brighten our days!

  78. Alysia says:

    Once again love your new cups coming out- if I could only afford to buy one of each or even have the room to store them all- so adorable. Have yet to settle on which one to get cuz it is too hard to decide- then I do and you have (of course) sold out. Then you brilliantly design some more and the agonizing cycle starts all over again! So warm-hearted and talented too- you are a true inspiration!

  79. Rachel W. Robbins says:

    So glad to be getting your emails again!

  80. Liz Keller says:

    I love your “Sue”wooden spoon that your Dad made for you. Did he turn it on a lathe? My brother does a lot of wood turning and I would love him to make me a “Liz” one just like it. (So glad we have only three letters in our names!)

  81. Janet B. says:

    Oh Susan – your artwork, writings, quotes, & everything make my heart smile! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world to make it a brighter, cheerier place!

  82. Gloria Huffman says:

    Hi Susan, there are some of your followers who are interested in finding pen pals. In one of your newsletters a few years back you wrote on this. We would be very happy if you would do so again.

  83. Kathyann Raiano says:

    I would love yo win the beautiful Valentine gifts. Love reading Willard!

  84. Kalila Volkov says:

    How delightful to hear about your possible movie production, and that the Brits are carrying some of your lovely merchandise! I am so proud of you and your work — I feel a kinship with you since I live on the Central Coast like you used to. I tried visiting the store you used to have in AG but got there too late, boooo. I simply adore your sense of humor and your sweet jolliness, not to mention your darling artwork. It was heartwarming to read your memoirs—great stories there! Thank you for all that you are and do. And good move, relocating to the island and enjoying the seasons!!!!

  85. Marie Stesner says:

    Hi Susan,
    Been following you for years have every one of you books I am anxiously awaiting for your new book about England. Love reading Willard. You inspire me with the way you decorate cook and paint.

  86. Love your column, it really brightens my day. I have my sister-in-law Claudia to thank for telling me about it. I love to” put out” many of the same things you do. Especially like Beatrice Potter things and have collected a few. I like to put out Blue things in Jan. Blue willow dishes, blue glassware etc., Red of course for Feb. with Valentines, Green for March and of course lots of Elf planters etc., Yellow for April, many bunnies, Pink for May. Lots of Strawberry things for June, Red ,.white, blue for Julyyellow and green with Bees for August and so on. Many thanks for your colum to read. Linda

  87. pattie benfield says:

    best wished

  88. Karri Jindrak says:

    Crossing my fingers on the Isle Of Dreams movie. That would make my heart so happy!!!
    Happy Valentines Day! ❤️

  89. Mary Claire Cox says:

    Love your books, tweets, blog and Willard! 💗

  90. Kim Lucak says:

    Love reading Willard!!! How lovely, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, along with Christmas and Easter 🙂

  91. Margo says:

    When work and responsibilities start to weigh me down I make a cup of tea and pick a random post to “reboot” my brain. It always helps!

  92. Megan Fick says:

    I love all of your books and art work. And especially your quaint little island! I was blessed to visit it last June! So lovely!

  93. Asha says:

    Hi Susan! Love the new mugs! Would love to win. Hope Vanna picks me! ❤️ Ox

  94. Barbara Susan says:

    Thank you, Susan, for your inspirational posts. They fill me with lovely memories of happy days gone by and courage to seek out new adventures. Your art work just makes my old heart soar. ♥

  95. Tami Meyer says:

    Love this!!!

  96. Lisa Carter says:

    Hi Susan,

    Your artwork is so charming and cozy. I’d love to live in that world!

  97. Glenda McCarthy says:

    Always delighted to receive Susan Branch news! Love the mugs.

  98. Brenda Allen says:

    Happy Galentine’s Day! ❤️💕💜💚

  99. Kathy Landes says:

    I would love to receive any of the prizes that you are giving away as I love them all.
    I also signed up for your blog & so looking forward to receiving it in my email. Happy Valentine’s Day

  100. Karen Duenad says:

    Have I Told You Lately That I Love You was my wedding song! I will have to add this to my Susan Branch Mug collection

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