Good Morning Everyone! Just a quickie from me and Casper (the very friendly ghost)👻, waving from our upstairs bedroom window…this is a very short update, but I still have a song for you! A very sweet one, my Grandma’s favorite, and mine too, the video is as nice as the MUSICA!🎵 I’ve posted this song before, but since I can’t get enough, I don’t mind doing it again…👏I will be back next week along with Vanna to pull the winning names for our giveaway for the handmade quilt and the vintage storybook (see the next post if you missed it). You can still sign up, just leave a comment on either of these two posts and you’ll be entered! I know you’re waiting but I’m working on a slide show for my two ZOOM Events this Sunday and next, and I’m not done yet! I’ll be coming to you from my kitchen table! (I never know if there will be an appearance from a special guest star! They are both so UNpredictable!) I hope you’re able to join us, but if not . . . there will be MORE! Click on the link above for details on how to join the party ♥️. I know they’re asking that everyone buy a book, which is NOT my idea, although I totally understand why they have to do it, this world being what it is … but if you need a Christmas gift, you might think about it because the slide show is going to be all about this old house and some of our holiday traditions and I know it’s your cup of tea.💞 Unfortunately, this won’t work for our girlfriends from other countries, shipping costs being what they are. I’m so sorry, I’m only a guest of the bookstores, I have to do things the way they want to! I have never set up a Zoom talk of my own, one of these days I will need to learn how!!! What do you think? Good winter project!!Okay, must get back to it! Thank you for your patience . . . See you soon. Oh and PS, Kellee and I have been working on another little surprise. So nice to have things to look forward to! Always good news around here! Until then, thank you for all your luv-lee comments! Enjoy your days and do this ⬇️!🎃

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  1. Lynn Marie says:

    Love the picture of Jack with the spider! I have high hopes for Vana’s pick out of the fishbowl! ☺

  2. Margaret Hill says:

    Looking for a journal/planner for 2021. Want to believe and be grateful that 2020 has passed.

  3. Martha Burnham says:

    I have your Christmas book. Looking forward to reading it, closer to the holiday. Missed your talk last Sunday.

  4. Sara Hayden says:

    The best three things in life: eating a homegrown tomato when it’s warm from the afternoon sun, snuggling beneath a handmade quilt during a rainstorm and, of course, chocolate anytime. 🙂

  5. Carolyn Aubin says:

    I love to get your cheerful newsletters in my email! Thank you for the joy you spread!

  6. MERRY DEMSKE says:

    Your words sung by Lancelot in Camelot, I can still hear them in my ears! What a lovely re-use of the lyrics.

  7. Susan Sparling says:

    Great cozy surprise of your new blog today — thank you. I’ve savored the first half of your little Christmas book and am saving the last half for a quiet night soon.

  8. pat watson says:

    Your life is magical…….thanks for sharing.

  9. ~Del gato kinda gordo y descarado~ says:

    Just for your next trip, start planning~
    click on the white round circle for info…


  10. Kate Pitner says:

    I just signed up to have ‘tea’ with you on Sunday and I am SO EXCITED! I look forward to seeing your presentation of your new book. xo

  11. Kaila St. Louis says:

    Hi Susan!
    I am late in this reply, so perhaps you will not see it! I like to “save” your blogs until I have a quiet time to enjoy them. Fall has always been my absolute favorite season. Yesterday when my husband and I raked big piles of leaves, we couldn’t resist jumping into them, reliving wonderful smells and memories from childhood! And I wanted to say special thanks for the Musica. Lida Rose is one of my very favorites too!! My father-in-law sang in a Barbershop Quartet and that was a great connection to him

    Like you, we are creating our own holiday fun this year. We will both dress in costume for Halloween even without trick-or-treaters. I am always Old Black Witch and Larry will be my consort all in black. I am making Ghost Sandwiches for dinner (cheeseburgers with faces cut out of the cheese).

    Always such a comfort to receive a Susan Branch Blog. Thank you!!

  12. Laura Domsic says:

    Love receiving your emails, musica, and beautiful, positive emails! Thank you

  13. Katt says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have a warm kitty to snuggle? Just looking at my Morticia enjoying a sunspot makes my heart sing! Such simple pleasures….Thank You for helping make everyone slow down a little to remember them…..

  14. Patti Solomon says:

    Hi Susan and Joe
    Love the blog, it makes me think of my childhood and everything I tried to do for my children. When my Grandmother was alive if we wanted something of hers she would say put your name on it so when she died we would get what we each wanted, my mom did the same and we also split her things up as everyone thought of her with these certain things. Now I’m finding myself saying put your name on it lol! The cake looks yummy ours was applesauce cake which is like a spicy bread really but it was my grandmothers recipe and maybe her mother’s and I also have it written on a card with her writing. Such nice memories. Thanks for sharing yours I love reading them! Happy Fall

  15. Ruth Ann Fortner says:

    +Please enter my name in the drawing. I collect vintage storybooks . . . legacy of 49 years of teaching English!!!

  16. Laura Kaiser says:

    Susan, I love your blog and merchandise and most of all, Jack…I look forward to seeing him in your blogs. He is adorable! Love the way he is looking at the spider in this blog. Thanks for bringing us so much joy! Laura

  17. Sharon H says:

    I love Casper in the window – adorable for a ghost! I would love to win the contest. I always enjoy your blogs!

  18. Marie Merryman says:

    Love Love Love the ghost with jackolantern in the window.

  19. karen seward says:

    Is it too late to get in the drawing???

    • sbranch says:

      Yes Karen, I’m so sorry ~ if you read the newest post, you’ll see we chose a winner! But never fear, there will be others!💞

  20. Sharon Haschalk says:

    I made a comment the other day Susan, but I don’t think it got posted, so I’m trying again. I love the ghost in the window and the look on Jack’s face trying to figure out what that spider is. It’s so funny!! I always look forward to getting a notice in my email that you have a new post. Thanks for giving us a few minutes of escape from these difficult times we’re all facing.

  21. Chasity Clary says:

    Love all the beautiful quilts and handmade dish towels!

  22. Paula Cutchey says:

    My daughter collects Shirley Temple dolls and they are still getting us through life long after The world war! So glad you think so too!!

  23. Rhet says:

    Hi I love your fall decorations!

  24. Jan Simmons says:

    It is always wonderful to see your email in my inbox. I try and save it until I can savor reading it when I am not rushed so I can enjoy the pictures, art work, musica and stories.

  25. Lauretta Perry says:

    Love seeing pictures of Jack and your home! I lost my Nemo(grandson named him) a year ago and still miss him terribly. Happy Halloween and Blue Moon!

  26. Teresa Hewson says:

    Catch a leaf in mid air, make a wish, kiss it and toss it into the wind. ~ LOVE this!

  27. Ann H (Southern California) says:

    Enjoy your blog and website – it makes me happy! Love Miracle on 34th Street,
    it was my beloved father’s favorite movie. Thank you and take care.

  28. Anne C Lovell says:

    I’m sure your zooms will be great!! cute Jack with the spider!

  29. Linda says:

    Susan , I keep re-reading this blog,,and it keeps on giving. Especially now, trying to get thru this election…………I just love every bit of your “letter” to us. Thanks a million..

    Linda from Gainesville, alachua county!

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