The Moon, Redux

Because I just did a long post about the moon for New Year’s Eve, today’s post was supposed to be all about tea time and dishes and cups and teapots, to go with my Willard newsletter that starts going out today.   But, Sunday night, we walked into town to have dinner and even though it wasn’t the “official” full moon yet, the island was SO beautiful, the harbor was SO alive — I couldn’t help but show you!  We went home and checked the exact time the first full moon of 2012 would rise.  And last night, we were ready. We were moonchasers!  Reminded once again, it’s true, the best things in life are free!

Sunday night is what got us started; here we are, just three blocks from home, on the town dock at Owen Park. The thing about living on Martha’s Vineyard, is that you don’t just get the moon, you get island ambience! Shore lapping, rippling water, flags flying, people going in and out of the golden light at the Steamship Building, the salty smell of the sea.  A feast of beauty for the senses.

This bit of horn-blowing ambience is docked in front of the building in the first photo — when we got there, the ferry was loading up, getting ready for the forty-five minute trip across the sound to the mainland. The water rippled perfectly to catch the dazzling reflection from the boat windows . . . I can’t even believe we were standing right there, catching such a beautiful sight!

Water like glass for the sailboat masts too . . . this is supposed to be winter, but so far, it’s been hovering near the 50’s on most days; clear and cold at night.

And behind us, the lights were beginning to come on in the little houses that hug the shore.  But you are saying to yourself, where’s the moon?  Didn’t she say something about the moon?

Oh yes she did!  There it is!  And there goes the ferry.  When we left the house, we really weren’t expecting this, we were just going to dinner. . . but when we saw what was happening . . .

We needed to chase the moon, the ferry, the stars!  We got the car and drove out West Chop to the Meadow for a clear view of the sound in time to see the ferry steaming toward Woods Hole.  I think that’s one of the dippers up there in the sky on the right!

A little further down, we came to the West Chop Lighthouse and there was the moon, giving us a beautiful shot. All of these photos were taken without flash — for some reason, there is a very strong light shining on the front of this house.  This photo reminded us of an Edward Hopper painting.  But we wouldn’t want to live here . . . who could sleep?  See the stars?

Thought you might like to see a daytime photo of the lighthouse (built in 1817) . . .  just as wonderful!

Finally back home, and there’s the moon, peeking through the linden trees over the roof of our house.  And this wasn’t even the full moon!  I think you can see why, first thing Monday morning, we Googled “time of moon rise on Martha’s Vineyard,”  and planned our day around 5:10 pm last night.  When the time finally came, we got our hats, gloves, scarves, big jackets and drove to East Chop.  We got there early and waited, so excited, as it got darker and darker, scanning the water line, asking each other 10,000 times, “Where do you think it will come up?” And, “Do you see a little light over there?”  Trying to pinpoint the spot it would rise.  And then, finally, “There it is!!!”

Why is this so exciting?  I don’t know.  But most of what you’re seeing is reflection on the water; it’s really just a little sliver of a moon, so far, skimming the water line.

And then we were treated to a bit of a light show. . . sparking pink on the water . . .

Then turning yellow.  Hello.

Lighting the ocean on fire for one perfect moment in time; how could it get any better than this?

Here comes a fishing boat going home to Menemsha, about to cross the path of the moon; how must it feel to be on that boat?!!!  The put-put sound of the engine, the clanging of the rigging, the smell of the sea in the cold wind, the water rushing past the bow, and then, the moon.  Lucky!

I hope they did! 

So, after taking about 200 photos of this view :-), we got back in the car and drove along the north shore taking more pictures as we went . . .

What a view — I wonder if the owners of this house are inside but turned off the lights to watch this???  I would.  And I’d be playing this music too!  Bella Luna!

This is the Edgartown Lighthouse . . . see the red light?  It blinks!  I got it!! 🙂  So wonderful that we are digital now . . . otherwise I would have gone totally broke on the film for this little outing!

And yet, I will publish an out of focus picture like this!  But how could I not?  We were “coming to” from being moon drunk, and began to notice how beautiful the Edgartown architecture looked in the moonlight, details gleaming white in the dark.

Edgartown is a very pretty little New England town.  But it’s a summer town; almost all the businesses close down in the winter, and many of the homes are occupied only during the summer.  If you are ever looking for peace and quiet, Edgartown in the winter is the place to go.  This is part of the Charlotte Inn, one of the prettiest Inns on the island.

The beautiful Federated Church . . . built in 1828; the congregation was established in 1642.  But I digress.  How can I help it.  Sublime beauty calls.

It was a wonderful drive back to our neighborhood . . . the moon shined its light on us the whole way. 

Full moons wake me up…. I think I have thin eyelids or something, because I’ve always been able to sense or “see” light even with my eyes closed!  Here’s the moon around 2 am this morning.

If you have my calendar, you already know that Native Americans called the first moon of the year the “Wolf” moon.  They had nature-inspired names for all the moons; next month it will be the “Snow” moon.  I recently gave away a Bookmark that includes the dates of the full moons for 2012 and all the Native American names for them . . . in case you just came here from Willard and missed it, here it is again.  Click on “bookmark” and you can print it out and become a moon chaser yourself.  It was really fun; next time I’m packing a picnic!  I think a soft little roast beef and lettuce sandwich, heavy on the mayo, lots of salt and pepper, would be very nice in the warm car with the moon shine.  (Notice moon shine is two words! :-))

OK girls, you probably know by now, we have a special give-away today, Valentine’s Day is coming . . . I mentioned in the Willard that I was giving away a signed copy of one of my Love Books, but I’m really giving away two!  To the same person!  One for whoever wins the random drawing, and one for the winner to give away to someone they love!  I hope one of those two books goes to YOU!!!   All you have to do is leave a comment (just click on the little gray word “comment” at the bottom of this post), and that will enter you in the drawing.  I’ll let you know who the winner is in a couple of days.  Until then, have a wonderful day girlfriends, be good to yourself! 

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1,968 Responses to The Moon, Redux

  1. Terri says:

    Thanks for the lovely Valentine bookmark! My new Christmas books will feel all dressed up!

  2. Elaine Allen says:

    Lovely to see all your creative endeavors! and thanks for a chance to spread the LOVE!!! Elaine

  3. Marie says:

    I love all the pictures of the moon. Being a Cancer, I have always loved that big old moon. Reminds me of an old Italian traditional song that we sing: “Guarda La Luna”. It talks about looking at the moon, how it moves across the mountains, tomorrow it will return. It’s missing a piece, how beautiful you are, you make me want to die. Those crazy, romantic Italians 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Love it!!

      • Bernie Stammer says:

        Seeing that beautiful made me crave the movie “Moonstruck” starring Cher and Nicholas Cage. My daughter (who is seventeen) and I curled up in my bed with real from a pot buttered popcorn and laughed at how much Olympia Dukakis reminded us of my grandmother and how much the movie made us miss our crazy Italian family!! The moon stirs memories and draws us close to those we love.

  4. I too am a moonchaser (and a moonchild~born on the 2nd of July). I just want to thank you personally for all of the wonderful moments you share with yor readers and fans. I literally walk lighter and smile brighter when I have spent time on your blog page. I find myself whistling vintage tunes I either had never heard of or had sadly forgotten. I would love to visit ‘the Vineyard’ someday just to experience some of the things I have seen on your page. Keep bloggin’ and sharin’ with all of us who appreciate not only your talent but your kind heart as well.

  5. Anne P says:

    My son just finished learning about moon phases and we thought your Full Moons bookmark would make a nice little treat for his science teacher. Maybe we will make extras for ourselves. I recently discovered your blog and have especially enjoyed your pretty art and lettering. Thank you!

  6. Vickie says:

    Nothing brightens a winter day like a letter from Willard. Thank you so much for sharing your art and whimsy with us all. You turn a gray, blah day into a cozy day of contentment.

  7. Jill Hruska says:

    Hello Susan – Thanks for sharing your lovely shots of Martha’s Vineyard by moonlight. I love the West Chop light house shot. Before I read your caption, I immediately thought of Edward Hopper, too. It brought me right back to art history class – a very good memory! Thanks again, Jill

  8. Sarah says:

    Susan, I’ve just this evening discovered your lovely blog and so enjoyed these amazing moonlight images. Then I scrolled on down only to discover your “hyacinths”. Don’t you just adore that lovely poem. Stop by to visit and you’ll see why it’s the name of my blog. Love your work! Look forward to following along now that I’ve discovered this delightful place. ~ Sarah

  9. Kristine John says:

    How delightful to have an opportunity to share one of my favorite things (your books) with someone else! You are a treasure for certain. Thanks for sharing your heart with us!

  10. Thanks for the chance in your drawing… sure hope to win!!

    Edgartown looks so delightful….. and the Charlotte Inn looks quaintly inviting!!

  11. Lesley Baker says:

    Hi Susan! I’m new to your blog and its just beautiful!I was lucky enough to find a second hand copy of your book “vineyard seasons” on an online auction site,and now it is mine!!..don’t know how anyone could bear to sell it!! I just got my first “willard”….thats great,too. I have some precious letters from my grandad kept safely away,and now I”ve dubbed them “freds!”..your influence spreads!!(I’m in New Zealand)
    all the best to you!
    from Lesley

  12. herlinda samaniego says:

    we are all very fortunate to your invitation of the book drawing. i have one friend who is losing her battle with vision, dialysis, diabetes, and other maladies, but who does not want to give up on being with her grandchildren as often as possible, and her second love, quilting. she has never received a card of any type from her husband, much less a valentine card. as long as she lives, i will celebrate valentines with her…your words hit me, in the heart…”valentines are heart to heart”, i too, am a hate valentines, with a broken heart after 44 years of marriage, he left. you have given me hope, to share a valentine with a bestest friend, my buddy lilly. thank you for your support and your beautiful website, i envy your talents, and your homelife, all a good envy. God bless you and your family.

  13. Joan Kohler says:

    I’ve been a fan for many years. Love all that you do. Bless you for your talents and inspiration!

  14. PauliJ says:

    Yet another admirer here, Susan!

    Thank you for the music you give us to listen to while we read your blog posts and Willard! I thoroughly enjoyed the latest Willard (of course!) and came over here to the blog to enter the random drawing! I would not be sad if that random machine landed upon my name! The book is a delightful gift!

    Speaking of out of print Susan Branch books, when I went to order my DAYS book this year, I was told it was out of print. sigh. Before I came up with a replacement, Kellee sent me an email telling me that in going through inventory they had found more! Yay! I ordered two and have been told they are on the way to my house!

    Thank you for all the photos, ideas, recipes, kitty stories, and beauty you bring into my life, Susan. God bless you and brighten your days, as well.

    I have a cute story to tell about a perfectly soft, all-gray kitten that was delivered to my house last August. I had asked my grandchildren to catch two male kittens from amongst the many barn kittens they have on their farm. They are wild (the mothers were in the barn when they bought the farm) and not easy to catch. Well, our son, their father, called me one day when, on his way home from officiating at a wedding, he stopped by our house to pick up some of his clothes. I was still at the wedding reception; he asked me if I had ordered a kitten? I told him I had “ordered” two male kittens. He told me that he moved a box in his car and heard a mew. He opened it and there was a little gray kitten inside. One of his children had put the kitten in the car without telling him. That kitten had a 2 1/2 drive and had sat in the car for hours during the wedding and reception. The wild little thing jumped out of the box and his car and was “some where in your garage,” my son told me. Some where in or on the box was a note that said, “His name is Gus; I named him myself.” 🙂 I called and asked which child had named him his/herself? It was our 10-year old grand daughter that had caught, boxed, loaded in the car, and named Gus. I decided to keep the name since the mouse in Cinderella was named Gus (was he gray or brown–oh, well!). Gus has become a delight to all that see him–even big men who do not generally like cats. 🙂 He loves to jump out at us from a bush or some where in the garage and surprise us. From the moment I first got my hands on him, he would settle down and purr so contentedly. I can understand your feelings for Jack! Gus has been neutered, also, and is doing great!

    I am cheering you on in your weight loss!

    Lovingly and gratefully,


  15. Mary says:

    I would “Love” to win that book on Love! C’mon number generator, pick me! 😉 Thanks for all the inspiration you send out Susan. I love reading your blogs and listening to the music. It relaxes me so much. Have a blessed day!

  16. Chris says:

    the candles are glowing the tea is in the mug, the birds are singing as if it were spring! and I am just about to bake some yummy cookies…does it get better than this? lots of love from London England where we love you too!

  17. Mary Kay O'Neill says:

    I was out in my backyard gazing at the wolf moon tonight – just beautiful. I’ve always loved a full moon even thought it does bring out the crazies at work!
    I look forward to your newsletter and follwing what you’re up to.
    Happy New Year!

  18. Anna says:

    What an enchanting slide show of the moon. I loved it!

    I’m crossing my fingers in hopes the number generator chooses me to win that lovely little book.

  19. Katherine says:

    Is it too late to try for the book? Hope not!! 🙂

  20. Bridget says:

    Good morning dear Susan. It’s Friday the 13th (gulp!); no matter, it will be a beautiful day for all of us. I’m not superstitious, I’m not superstitious…..repeat as necessary throughout the day. Sorry, too much coffee can make me silly!

  21. Cindy Stokes says:

    I so enjoyed your photos of the moon and the tour you took us on around your lovely area and town! I could just picture myself right there with you! (and I thought it was gorgeous here in OH!)
    I’d love to be in the drawing for your books! I know just who I would give a copy to if I win. My dear friend Ann in CO has lost 4 close loved ones in the past 6 months. A sister, a life-long friend, a cherished uncle and now her father. Way too much sadness all at one time. I know this book would bring some light and joy into this sad time! And if I don’t win…I’ll just purchase one and send it to her because it is such a joy filled book!!
    Thank you!!

  22. donna sutton says:

    I Love your blog. For some reason I get up very early in the morning and your blog is the first thing I read along with my first cup of coffee. I just find it so inspiring. Love it.

  23. Lisa Cook says:

    Who wouldn’t LoVe a copy of this book? Thank you for your inspiration and love!

  24. Terry says:

    I just love your blog, it’s the best! Today just might be my lucky day! 🙂

  25. Brenda Lewis says:

    Thank you Thank you for a chance to win your book an my BFF JoAnn will love her copy too love your blogs

  26. Susan says:

    Those photos just took my breath away. I live in California and love the east coast’s beauty. When I want to escape, these photos will be viewed again and again. Thanks for the opportunity for drawing.

  27. CindyC says:

    Loved the moon chase. I live in the country and when the moon begins to get “full”, I take time to walk at night in the moon light. Especially when the weather is warmer than in winter. The bookmark is great and I love the digital cookbook pictures. I have several books from the past and would love to add this to my collection! Thank you.

  28. Jennifer says:

    I actually do not have any of your books, but I just love your art! It makes me happy. I bought some address labels years ago that I loved, and I’ve just found your blog and realized, they were yours! Hope I win!!

  29. Kat (from the swamps of Jersey) says:

    Geez Susan, you and Joe have such fun together. You made a drive out to dinner a fabulous adventure. One of my best girlfriends is newly “in love” with a wonderful guy she went to high school with. I’m so glad they found each other after all these years. Her happiness is contagious. Romance is the greatest beauty secret every woman should have and enjoy, like you say Love is Loves reward. Ooo La La

  30. Christine Pawlowski says:

    What it must be like to be you! I’m recently retired from 33 years of teaching(I miss my kids!) and am determined to enrich my life by getting healthier (swimming 3-4 hours a week) and also getting in touch with my creative inner self! You really inspire me! Thanks so much!

  31. Deb Surman says:

    Dearest Susan, I have every book of yours BUT this one. I did just order a copy for myself along with Romantic Homes Magazine featuring you, but if I win the 2 copies in the drawing I know 2 special girlfriends who would be delighted to receive them. The Valentine decorations are going up this weekend and I’ve reserved a special spot on my Grandma Laurie’s antique table just for your book.

  32. Denise in NJ says:

    What a blessing to give away Love! I would be thrilled to win your book and to have one to give away. I know just the person to give it to!
    Loved reading this months Willard. You are so creative. Heading to take a look at that adorable teapot.

  33. Lori Jennen says:

    Loved Willard, and all the cozy ideas!

  34. Wendy says:

    Would love this little book… thank you for the moon photos!

  35. Ruby Bundy says:

    Your blog is wonderful and I keep up with each post. I must say that this is the best! These pictures just take me away to a place I would love to visit and leave the world behind. It’s a good dream–just driving with you or walking and seeing all the houses and viewing the sights of Martha’s Vineyard. I, too, love the moon and your pictures are the very best. My 8 yr. old grandson, Paul, & I have enjoyed the moon since he first learned to say the word! Thanks for the beauty of your pictures, the recipes, ideas and all you give us with each post!

  36. I would dearly love to win the book and I would give one to my friend Jano in California. We have been friends for so very long, but being on seperate coasts we rarely get to see one another.

  37. Carol Barker says:

    Have a great day!

  38. Mary Jane says:

    I’m looking right at your calendar on my office wall and there are so many lovely things to look at that I never noticed the typo! It’s wonderful knowing we’re all human…

  39. Cheryl says:

    Love all your moon pics – makes me want to be there! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  40. Kathryn Zitelli says:

    Whoo hoo! The pillow I ordered was just delivered today! I love it! Now I’m going to redecorate my livingroom around “My Country House.” Can’t wait, to paint and sew. Thanks for making such lovely home decor items.

  41. Susan Butler says:

    You help me stop and enjoy the little details.Thank you for sharing your love of life!

  42. Jean says:

    Hello Susan…
    I just love all the pictures of Martha’s Vineyard you post in your blog! I have only been there once, with my husband and loved our stay on that island. We have family on Cape Cod in Wellfleet. My Father-in-law owns the Kendal Gallery in Wellfleet and is an artist himself. If you ever find yourself there stop by and say hello…Myra, his wife is the warmest person you’ll ever meet. Anyway your blog makes me think of summer on Cape Cod, spending time in the ponds and beaches…instead of winter in cold Connecticut. Thank goodness for memories! Thank you for the bookmark on the moon…I printed two, for myself and one for my daughter. We were Wolf Moon Watching too! Breathtaking….

  43. Denice says:

    Loved all your bella luna pix!

  44. Linda Thomson says:

    What a treat to see the moon through your eyes! Thank you for reminding us to slow down and love the beautiful things around us. My college age daughter and I just took a driving trip from LA area up to San Luis Obispo, we could hardly take in all the beauty! We stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch on the harbor and enjoyed a particular sweet breeze coming off the waters as the boats swayed softly at their mooring, we took a walk along the board walk and just drank it in. Stopped in Arroyo Grande enjoying the material store there and some of the antique stores called our names! Then up to visit family. The next day offered us a beautiful day as well as we had lunch in Morro Bay, a little restaurant right on the water, so lovely! So many blessings!!

    • sbranch says:

      How wonderful, of course I’m very partial to that neck of the woods. You are so right, it’s very beautiful. Glad you had such a nice time!

  45. Linda R. says:

    I love your moon shines! <3

  46. Dar says:

    Love the Valentine Book – so very sweet

  47. Diana V says:

    I so love getting your emails and reading your blog! It lights up my day when I see anything from you in my inbox! Keep up the good work (not sure why we would call what you do work – it seems like so much fun!!!)

  48. Linda R. says:

    p.s. I wanted to say (writing about full moons) that your photos allowed me to remember the absolutely beautiful Long Night’s Moon that shone over the Pacific Ocean at an Oregon beach hideaway this past December. I awoke early – still dark – and looked out at the full moon shimmering over the ocean. As the waves gently splashed the shore and then ebbed away, the wet sand reflected absolutely beautifully the moon! It was an incredible sight. The string of tiny lights from the crab boats dotting the horizon added to the awesome beauty. No picture could do it justice, but I tried. Now I’m back home on a snowy Montana prairie where the Wolf Moon is right at home as well.

  49. Ann says:

    Thanks Susan for a wonderful blog. I love visiting you and your furry little lover cats (loved the ball game you had with your kitty). I’m such a fan and have 6 of your books. Yesterday I put away your Christmas book, which I display in my kitchen every year (I do the same with the Summer and Autumn books as well). I’d love it to be able to put out the Love book during the “Love” Month of February, when I celebrate “Valentine Day” all month.

    Again thank you so much for your beautiful inspiration. You are a joy to visit.


    P.S. I’m a lover of the Moon too, being born in July I think it only comes natural.

  50. Cara M. says:

    Happy New Year Susan! I love your blog! It makes my day. Thank you for all your creative inspiraton! I am looking forward to Williard this month….I signed up three times but still haven’t gotten it yet…today is Friday! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  51. Judy in CA says:

    Susan, thank you again for another post that I can share with my mom, and for just a little while, she and I are walking on the beach, smelling, hearing and holding hands, giving her a break from her nursing home room… That means so much to me!!

    p.s. I hope I’m not too late!!

  52. Nancy Goldstein says:

    Am I too late? I hope not!!!

    • sbranch says:

      You’re not! I know lots of people put their Willard aside to read later, so I held this post a bit longer so everyone can get signed up!

  53. Janet Conn says:

    Thanks for more photos of the moon. I have really enjoyed all of them being a moon lover myself. Thanks for the Valentine give-a-way. It is always exciting to have a chance to win your wonderful items.


  54. Harriett Fargnoli says:

    Thank you. You are a gatherer and reflector of light. A wonderful post.

  55. Cindy N says:

    Love your Wolf Moon Photos! I keep Hubs posted on all the Full Moon Names… and he thinks I am so smart! You should have seen the Wolf Moon in Paso Robles, CA. EXquisite!!

  56. Linda in Texas says:

    I hope I’m not too late either. I haven’t posted here lately. (December was very hard as my 97-year-old mother declined rapidly and went home to be with the Lord on new year’s eve.) But I’ve come by to read your blogs, and it always makes me feel better.

    I wish you had put the video clip of your friends singing about the moon in this post too. That was so beautiful.

    Thanks for being you and sharing with the rest of us.

  57. Debbie says:

    The moon is now my new desktop………I can escape!!!! I am a school secretary and the kids love the picture!!!

  58. Melanie says:

    Thank you for all of the LOVE you’re spreading ’round the world, Susan. We’d be honored to win one of your books to add to our collection!

  59. Marguerite Riley says:

    As a tranplanted New Englander, it is always great to see such beautiful pics from that area, especially those with the magical moon. Thanks for helping us all be moonstruck this winter.

  60. Pamela A says:

    The moon was so beautiful at our house, seeing it coming up through the trees. Your pics were beautiful – what a lovely place to be. Thank you for sharing – you have such an appreciation and seeing the beauty in everything. Thank you for the fab giveaway, I would share my copy with my BFF that I only get to see once a year, nearly not enough. This would be wonderful to share with her to let her know how much I treasure her friendship and love.

  61. Connie Michael says:

    Happy Friday, Susan! Just sitting here wondering how Jack is doing….. I’m craving a new picture of him… and Girl Kitty! Hope you have a wonderful weekend – you are getting snow on the Vineyard? chm

    • sbranch says:

      Coming soon to a blog near you! 🙂 (No, no snow, just blustery wind, gray skies, threatening and wonderful!)

  62. Karen P says:

    Are you holding up okay, girlfriend?! I thought I’d help things along so see if you can get up to 2,000 comments by the time this is all over! That might be a record for your lovely giveaways! Have a nice weekend! xoxo…kp

  63. Betty Binder says:

    I just finished reading “Willard” and love it everytime it arrives in my E-mail. Just jumped over to your Blog and thought you’re pics were fantastic! I have five of your books, all signed except for your Autumn book. Hoping for your signed “Love Book.” From one California girl to another………….love ya, bjb

  64. Lorraine says:

    My favorite weather report: “Sunny today, moony tonight!” And I always leave my curtains open on the nights of the full moon to fall asleep under the moonlight. If I am facing west around 2:00AM, I am at just the right angle for it to shine through the lace curtain liners in the bathroom and through the doorway and wake me! This month, I was sure it was shining so brightly that if I stayed outside long enough, I’d get moon-burn!

  65. Beverly says:

    I would love to be the winner of your books, if it’s not too late. Thank you.

    • sbranch says:

      I think we’ll keep letting people sign up until midnight tonight . . . you’re right on time Beverly!

  66. Tracy Nassau says:

    Hi Susan! I LOVE all the pictures you take and post…thank you for sharing so much with us all! You are indeed the very BESTEST kind of girlfriend! You know, I was just feeling very “valentiney” today….thinking ahead, I have not one, but two girlfriend parties planned, one for a group I’m in, the other random friends…..and I needed some INSPIRATION……and I thought, I wonder what Susan Branch is up to? And sure enough, you have inspired me! I’m going to start decorating this week so keep posting any fresh valentine brainstorms you have!!

  67. Peggy says:

    To find the times of moonrise and moonset go to I print a calendar showing the times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and moon phase at the beginning of every month. 🙂

  68. Deb says:

    Hi Susan,
    Holy smokes……!!!!!!!!!! I left a comment when this Blog entry was just posted….and just came back to read more of the girlfriends comments. Looking at the times of the posts and the responses, it looks like you Susan must have been up all night………or get up to answer comments in the wee hours while the moonshines and then are still answering as the moonlight fades into sunlight….wow!
    So many comments….so many girlfriends…..this just might become the SB”up all night” Blog…ha ha! Fun! fun…..and more fun!
    Have a Happy Weekend!

  69. Debbie '51 says:

    Wow! I take a day off and look what’s going on in my absence! 1825 posts – and counting fast! EVERYone wants that sweet book 😀 Or, maybe we can’t get enough of we girlfriends!!
    Just wanted to help work up to 2000 posts!
    Happy Friday the 13th!
    Love to all!
    ps – Can’t wait to see what Jack’s been up to lately!

  70. Amanda says:

    Thank you for giving us a chance to share this beeeyootiful book! Love it! <3


  71. Gloria says:

    Just read Willard and enjoyed it so much. Also went to your blog and liked all the pics. They were lovely. The best thing I like most was what you said about your girlfriends and the Valintine tea party. My best friend of 40 years past away 2 yrs ago and I think about her every day. She was also like a sister to me. Your news letter brought up memories of the good times and some sad ones. Thank you so much for all the little saying,pics.,and water color pics. Keep the ideas coming.

  72. Jane says:

    I know you have a gazillion entries, Susan, but here’s one more. Awesome pictures by the way. xxoo

  73. christine furey says:

    Thanks for offering the chance to add your sweet little ~love~ book to our collections!

  74. Jennifer D says:

    winning your book would be the puurrrfect Valentine. I love reading your stories about Jack. Love those kitties! <3

  75. Denny M says:

    That same moon has been greeting the last few morning when I get – so special to see!

  76. deborah says:

    Bella luna, indeed! Such pretty, pretty pictures! You are blessed to be able to discern the treasures around you, that can be so easily overlooked by many! Thank you again for sharing!

  77. Janet says:

    Hi Susan,
    I just want too see if you can reach 2000 and I would love the book. Have a Grea Night !!!

  78. Sharan says:

    Susan – I just read your latest Willard. Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday. After the busyness of Thanksgiving and Christmas it is a sweet little day set aside to spread some more joy and love. We need little days like this more often. Thank you so much for spreading joy and love with all you do Susan.

  79. Deborah Foerter says:

    My husband and I had been clearing brush on our farm that we just bought located a few miles south of Annapolis Maryland. We were bone tired to say the least and we looked up and saw that moon coming up over the water and canada geese flying in for the night, what a sight. We stood there hanging onto one another cuz we were exhausted and exhilarated in the same moment. Seemed like the moon was closer than usual! How cool that you and I were looking at this rapturous vision at the same time.

  80. Joanie Myers says:

    Hi Susan……..LUV your blog and of course your books!!! I have most of them
    and I am looking forward to your new book, Pancakes. Thank you for sharing
    your thoughts and artwork. Every year I order your calendars and share them
    with my dear friend. Take care and God Bless You !!!

  81. Joanie B says:

    Thanks for spreading and sharing your joy. My husband and I both have copies of the bookmark for our own moon gazing party. You forgot about kissing under the silvery moon! I think that there is a song “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” sung by Doris Day and Gordon McCrae that I saw in an old movie, many moons ago. It talks about spooning under the moon, so grab your honey and make sure you do the next full moon.!!

  82. Wild Rose says:

    I enjoyed reading the latest Willard and thought that I would drop by and enter your giveaway ~ I see that a few others did too! What a tremendous response. How lovely to be able to share the prize with a loved one….I know who I would send a copy to….


  83. Lois Faye Burgess says:

    Hi Susan!
    I love your enthusiasm about the simple things in life!! I am going to download your bookmark on the full moons on my flash drive, so I can print it at our local library. My mom, who is 85, loves the full moon too, so she would also enjoy your bookmark. She is always saying, “It’s been forever since the full moon (even when a week has passed since the last one!)”.

    Happy Moongazing!

  84. Ann Beirne says:

    I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures. They always remind me of home. Although I have been away from New England for many years, I will always consider myself a New Englander! I am originally from Rhode Island and remember taking the ferry from “The Mainland”(for me it was Hyannis) and going to Martha’s Vineyard. I loved it even as a kid!

    Thank you for bringing back fond memories for me.


  85. Patricia Grissom says:

    Halo Susan,
    We just saw a halo sun. It’s rare to see here in Southern Oregon. Angels are among us. Ask, Trust, Receive, and Give Thanks. Yahooo
    Also my dear friend gave me a book mark for a special friend and I put it in youe Love Keepsake book. We believe in Angels, Do you?

  86. Millie Ray says:

    Talk about “Moon glow”! Wow, those pictures were superb. Thanks for sharing.

  87. wanda says:

    It’s days end here in Lou. KY…it has been a Good Ole Wintery Day here! The Sun going in and out great clouds and beautiful flurries since yesterday almost continuously! Very nice to watch the snow flakes flying in the air and the wind blustering!! Burrr!! I thought winter would never get here. Missed it at Christmas……Saw the full Wolf full moon the other nite…Moca my kitty and I walked to the mail box and admired it there and back. Thanks for your wonderful blog! And freestuff too!

  88. Regina says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve loved all your stuff for a very long time. 🙂 I was delighted to purchase another one of your calendars this year and opened it up to january….. You probably are aware that the word Reason was … ah hum… miss spelled in the Heart of the Home 2012. I love it! O.k. and the reason I do is because it makes me feel you are a real person… 🙂 Thank you for being human 🙂

    Cheers and have a truly relaxed and blessed New Year!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh yes, I know 🙂 I wrote about it in my last Willard, which you can see Here (just scroll down to the 2nd or 3rd posting), and sign up for Here. I am definitely human! 🙂 Thank you Regina!

  89. Debbie says:

    Hi! I’ve recently discovered you online and am thrilled. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I received “Christmas From The Heart Of The Home” as a gift several years ago. (So sorry to hear that some of your books are out of print; I had always hoped to buy a new “Christmas” one (my first of your series) to replace the beautiful, but worn/torn cover…) Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll win your “give-away,” as I don’t have that one…and what a nice idea to have an extra to give away!
    Thank you.

  90. Cheryl S says:

    Just discovered your blog and love it! I will definitely be back to visit often!

  91. Helen says:

    I would love to win your book as I don’t have this one.

    PS: You missed a 70 degree bright sunny day in Arroyo Grande today!

  92. Kirsten Wichert says:

    This post was soooooooo beautiful! I want to be on Martha’s Vineyard too! I didn’t appreciate it when I was young and living on the east coast. My grandparents had a house in Edgartown that was used for a summer home. But, you are teaching me to appreciate where I am now ( living on the west coast…..which I yearned for as a child). I have been lucky enough to live in many states east, west, north and south. Each place has it’s specialties. I am in love with the ocean so as long as I know I can go when I want, I’m happy. Your recent trip here made me glad to be here, too! I am learning to look for things to love that I may have not noticed before. Your blog is helping me do that. Sometimes it’s in my own kitchen!! Thank you Susan!

  93. Susan Roubal says:

    I would love the Valentines Day book- it looks so beautiful. Maybe you’ll need to go into additional editions of your books for us “latecomers”. I’m so enjoying your column and your recommendations. Gladys Tabor has become a favorite of mine, so calming and descriptive. I feel as if I already know her as well as you! Thanks for doing what you do, so well! Susan

  94. Barbara says:

    Oh My ~ my sister introduced me to your Blog in December, and I told her it was truly a Christmas present!! I can’t express to you, Susan, how much I admire your wit, writing, art, pictures…….all of it, and how excited I am every day to hurry to your blog and see what’s new! It’s like getting a present everytime!!

    I naturally signed up for Willard, and yep, the same excitement overtook me!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea of a Valentine’s Party for your girlfriends, so fun.

    It was very fun seeing your pictures, it is fascinating to see the different surroundings we all call home, especially when it is different from our own. It is llike peeking in the windows at night, when the curtains are left open!! I am in MN and also observed the glorious moon. I was lucky enough one morning to look out one window of the house to see the moon going down (it was so big and bright)
    and watched the sun come up about 20 minutes later on the east side of the house. It was a good day.

    Ok—I have commented way too much. Thank you for YOU 😉

  95. pam erselius says:

    Thank you for adding coziness to life!

  96. joanne takatsugi says:

    moonlight always brings a smile to my face… i remember my youngest son at about 4 or 5 years old… intrigued by how bright the moonlight made a very dark night… and saying… “mommie, god must be happy because his smile is so big!!” out of the mouths of babes! he’s going to be 30 this year… but in the moonlight… he’ll always be my little boy! happy new year, susan… may it be your best year… YET!!!!

  97. Rosalyn E. Brown says:

    I LOVE kittens & kitties (your Jack is adorable!!), I love Romance & LOVE (with my husband JOE, and with our kitties Willie Lou & Lucy), and I love that your blog helps me to realize how lucky I am to have so much LOVE and so many special people to LOVE and appreciate! Thank you for the gifts you give to all of your readers and friends – Beautiful thoughts, beautiful photos, beautiful ideas for beautiful celebrations for our loves and friends – AND… your most LOVELY illustrations! I saw the LOVE book at a friend’s house several years ago, and of course – LOVED it. If I am lucky enough to win a copy, I would love to share it with a very special older lady who has become like a second mother to me – showing such love, caring and support. Have a LOVEly Valentine’s Day with your Joe, too!

  98. SharLynn says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal anecdotes with us, your gentle readers. I have always loved your artwork and your blog offers us an entertaining glimpse into your world. It’s a treat I look forward to.

  99. Rosalyn E. Brown says:

    Hello! Not sure if my comment was registered (left it above) – but thanks especially for helping me to appreciate all the LOVE that surrounds me – and of all the LOVE I have to share – and more ways to share that LOVE with those I LOVE! You’ve given me some really great ideas for sharing that romance LOVE with MY husband JOE, as well as with my best (BFF) friends, family and Kitties, Willie Lou & Lucy! Thank you so much!!

  100. Linda Stone says:

    Hello, Susan. If I’m not too late, please put my name in the pot, too. I absolutely love your “work”. I’m crossing my fingers. Sincerely, Linda S.

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