Hearts and Flowers ♥ ♣ ♥

 Happy Valentine’s Day Girlfriends ♥  It’s a day for Hearts and Flowers, LOVE and DREAMS (just like yesterday!)    

This song’s for you!

 Need a last minute little thing for a special girlfriend, or for special YOU, I have a Valentine Bookmark — just click on here to print it out. (If you don’t have card stock, for extra strength, fold the paper in two; glue it shut and cut it out.) 

Valentine’s Day, one of the loveliest of holidays, a celebration of the thing that makes the world go ’round . . .

Not just the thing that makes it go ’round, but the thing that makes the ride worthwhile.


Not just for romantic love, but all love; moms for their kids, teachers for their students, sisters for sisters, brothers for brothers, best friends for their BFF, even love for the earth, the sky, tea, kitties, and everything in between, ALL LOVE; everyone should have a Valentine today so be sure to save some of that love for you!  Treat yourself to a little Valentine love today and be your own best friend.


There are lots of ways to celebrate a day of love; take a child to a special bakery and buy him a chocolate eclair (a great way to give yourself a Valentine!), take a long bubble bath with your book and a big bottle of cold water, call someone who is lonely and shoot the breeze, get the wonderful book Elizabeth and Her German Garden by the same author who wrote Enchanted April (Elizabeth von Arnim) and treat yourself to a little bit of early spring in a wonderful garden with a most interesting character; make yourself a cup of hot chocolate this morning and take it back to bed; watch a good old movie; walk through the woods or down to the water; or go to an animal shelter and choose a new pet; give yourself the gift that keeps on giving.


What else can I do to help you celebrate a wonderful day?  Maybe a little more time to sign up for our Valentine giveaway?  OK!  Scroll down ↓ to the next post and leave a comment if you haven’t already done that — just click on the tiny “comment” word at the very bottom of the post.  What else?  A yummy hot chocolate recipe?  Fast and easy and Valentine’s perfection?  OK, I can do that . . .

 More FLOWERS anyone?

Love yu Girls, have a Wonderful day!!!

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372 Responses to Hearts and Flowers ♥ ♣ ♥

  1. Debbie Anderson says:

    I love how your blogs always make me smile and the pictures are lovely! Happy, happy Valentine’s day to you.

  2. Yvonne Shafer says:

    Thanks, Susan, for the beautiful Valentine! I’m passing it along to my dear sisters (and brothers) to remind them that Love is all you need (thanks, John Lennon)!

  3. Kimi says:

    Happy Valentines…
    Susan to you and yours! and of course girl kitty & Jack XO have a happy day!

  4. Ginnie says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Susan and all the girlfriends! So many good ideas in here. ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Karen P says:

    Oh YUM!!! Just made the orange and chocolate chip mini muffins. I haven’t yet won 🙂 the heart shaped pan so I used a mini muffin pan. They turned out fabulous!!!! The mixture of flavors of chocolate and orange and the walnuts is so scrumptious! Very moist and tasty with my Earl Grey Lavender cup of tea! Thanks!!! xoxo….kp

  6. Rosemary (Sissy) says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the G-Friends!!! I am enjoying the wonderful flowers, especially when I have yearnings for spring.

  7. Susan says:

    Thank you for theValentine’s bookmark. I LOVE to give your bookmarks away. The “moon” one was a big hittoo. I’m sure they will Love this one. It’s a lot of fun to surprise people with a little gift. As you well know!

  8. Margot says:

    Happy Valentines Day to all!!!

  9. Jill says:

    Love all the kitty pics and reports! Have you heard this before?? Mine is currently snuggled up in is bean bag chair in front of the fireplace–oh the life!!

    Soft kitty, warm kitty
    Little ball of fur.
    Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
    Purr, purr, purr.

  10. Carla says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day … Susan, Joe, Jackie Boy, and Girl Kitty .. May love & hearts fill your day~

  11. Wendy says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for the bookmark!

  12. Debbie N. says:

    I decorated the living room with my antique Valentine Postcard. I had forgotten all about them until I saw the one in your blog. Now mine are smiling down at me from the bookselves. Though tomorrow is really my favorite, Half-price Valentine Candy Day. lol 🙂

  13. Susan says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Susan!

    I loved the Enchanted April movie, but have never read the book. I’ll have to check it out, along with Elizabeth and Her German Garden. Thx.

    • sbranch says:

      Book is so wonderful, movie is wonderful too, but the book is even better I think.

      • Janet says:

        The books are ALWAYS better – I think – because you use use your imagination when you’re reading.

        Anyway, please add my name in for the giveaway, give Girl and Jack a loving pat from me and have a Happy Valentine’s Day, Miss Susan – and All the Girlfriends. Other than the time I spend with my own family, this is the nicest part of my day – “visiting” here with you and this wonderful gang of buddies, fans, friends. :>)

  14. Carol Rehme says:

    Your Valentine ideas suit me to a “tea” here in the Sweetheart City of Loveland, Colorado! Thank you.

  15. mari says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susan!!! (and Joe too 🙂 )

  16. nonnie says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Susan. Thanks for the always beautiful words and pics!

  17. Pat Tingwall says:

    Hi Susan! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Thank you for the bookmark and for the book recommendation–Elizabeth and Her German Garden. I love to read and this sounds wonderful! Loved your darling valentine at the beginning of this post….will you be making them for purchase?

  18. Ann says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susan and all the girlfriends. My husband is so wonderful, I am like a giddy schoolgirl today. And I found the perfect gift for him–the man who is impossible to buy for. But I found a camera that can be attached to the birdfeeder which takes shots of the birds who come to feed. You can download pics to your computer or connect camera directly to the tv! I can’t wait for him to open it! (Of course he loves birds–and dogs and horses.)

    • sbranch says:

      When we were in England we went to a tea house that had a TV that was hooked to a little nest outside over the door; we were watching the mama bird feed the just-hatched babies. I loved it, wanted it in my kitchen. Have never gotten around to getting one, but have loved watching the hummingbird nests I find on the internet! What a wonderful gift, you brilliant person!!!

      • Janet says:

        True story. One of the things I like best about my current apartment is that it has a private entrance & I can hang seasonal wreaths on the door. The first Spring I chose a very pretty artificial eucalptus wreath that was actually quite expensive – maybe $30-40? Well, a mama bird liked it so much she built her nest in it. Since it was very often when I left for work and always dark when I got home I never noticed the gradual progress being made on the nest until a few weeks before Easter. The mama bird hatched 3 little somethings – I never did find out what species they were – but I could watch her feed them through the peephole in my door! I felt like “Jane Goodall, animal behaviorist.” Whenever I heard loud cheeping/chirping I’d go look and there she was with worms or whatever, stuffing them full. It lasted about a month and then one day when I got home from work, there was no one “home” – I was so disappointed that they had all flown away somewhere [hopefully to a larger home]. And the wreath was rendered useless! Birds know what they’re doing when they build a nest – talk about solid construction! There was no way I could have removed the nest and cleaned the wreath without dismantling it – in the end it had to be tossed. But what a unique experience!

        • TJ says:

          Janet, I had a similar experience years ago with a Christmas wreath that I loved. Back then, I was notorious for keeping the Christmas wreath on my front door until maybe late March. But that all changed the year a bird’s nest was built right in the center and nestled at the back of the wreath against our storm door. We usually enter the house from the garage, so it was months before we knew the bird family was there. At first, it was fun peeking at them but then it became too messy. I could hardly wait for the baby birds to grow up and fly away…which they eventually did. The wreath was immediately tossed in the trash can. Lesson Learned…now, I always make sure to get my Christmas wreath off the door by mid-January.

          • Janet says:

            TJ – thanks for sharing. My wreath was terribly messy too – poop and God knows what other substances EVERYWHERE. No possible way to save that expensive wreath.

            PS – I’m famous for keeping my Christmas wreath up forever too. It’s artificial and it’s there right now – though I take the Christmassy things off after Jan 1 – now it’s just a nice winter wreath with plaid ribbons and pine cones. Doesn’t start looking goofy until March or so when the robins come back. :>)

      • Debbie P says:

        That IS a great gift idea for a bird watcher!
        I found the hummingbirds to watch last year, too! I think they were in California. So fascinating to see them up close and personal like that! Now I’m on egg watch with 2 bald eagles, nesting in Iowa. I was turned on to the eagle cam by our local librarian and I have to say I couldn’t let a day go by without checking in with them….I kinda felt like they were MY babies as the weeks went by! Nature at it’s finest….the birds and their nesting instinct.
        …..and I thought I was the only one….

        • sbranch says:

          No I’m right there too, it’s just wonderful!

          • janet says:

            5 summers ago I hung a pot of petunias at the edge of my patio. Well a mama bird hatched her little family there. Guess what – every spring they return and fly around the edge of my porch perching, just like the first year they were here. Amazing how they are guided back year after year! Tweet Treat:-)

            Happy Valentines Day Susan – I’m thankful for your big heart for all of us girls! I made the Orange Chocolate Tea Biscuits this morning – mmm. . . we loved them – wondering what they would look like baked in that little heart tin? – just thinking. . . .

      • Rae Ann Roche says:

        If you go to http://www.bear.org you can watch Jewel the black bear and her two newly born cubs in their hibernation den…they are located near Ely MN…

  19. Lady Jayne says:

    Love is in the air, I can feel it all around.
    Happy Valentines Day.

  20. Janie Phillips says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Sue! xoxo

  21. Donette LeTourneau says:

    Warm hugs to you from Minnesota! We over here count on lots of hugs and kisses to keep us warm everyday 🙂

  22. Kelley S. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you and Joe and the sweet kitties all good things. My cat, Miss Kitty, wanted me to tell you that she thinks Jack would enjoy her favorite toy – a mouse-shaped laser pointer. She loves to chase that light all over the house, and I enjoy watching her have a good time.

    • sbranch says:

      I just did a video of Jack with that new little toy!! I felt bad, like it wasn’t fair!! 🙂

      • Kelley S. says:

        Miss Kitty has turned into a bit of an diva about it. She even sat on my knitting project so that I HAD to play with her.

  23. Senda Guertzgen says:

    Susan, I love your blog! Have been a fan of yours for many years and have a stack of your calendars that I cannot part with! Thanks for all you do, especially the chocolate chip scone recipe. Will certainly try it!
    From snowy Missouri!

  24. Jane alexander says:

    How timely! Susan, I was trying to spell the word hyacinth about an hour ago, and kept erasing and trying again. Then there you had it for me in your blog. My best friend sent me a photo of a hyacinth blooming last week. That is VERY early in Pa. I know you will have a lovely Valentine’s day. This morning I found a bunch of old valentines my husband had given me, and also a box that belonged to my mother. By the way, today is the 101 anniversary of my mother’s birth! She’s been living in heaven for a very long times already.
    I pray God to send blessings overflowing to you and Joe and Jack and Miss Kitty.
    Jane Alexander

  25. Ginny S. says:

    what a lovely bookmark! Thanks for thinking about us “girlfriends”!

  26. DeAnna Passmore says:


    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all my SB girlfriends! I received a real treat yesterday. A friend of mine who lives in NY and is terminally ill, mailed me a Valentine. He is in his 80’s and we have been friends for over 15 years now! We met through a mutual business. Anyway, it is a kid valentine…one you would fine at an elementary school class party. It made my heart sing! I immediately contacted him and told him how it made my day (and with good reason because that is the ONLY Valentine I’ve received 🙁 ) He said that’s the reason he sent it…to bring me joy! Isn’t that thoughtful? Just thought I’d share!

    • sbranch says:

      People can be so wonderful!

    • Diane says:

      Dear DeAnna….I was so touched by your message about your dear friend and the Valentine! How special! There is just nothing like the long-time friendships! I send you a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY too….xxxxoooooo from one of the “girlfriends”…….

      • DeAnna Passmore says:

        Thank you! Through all his trials and tribulations, he always remembers me at Christmas, my birthday and Valentine’s day! His words were, “all pretty ladies should receive at least 1 Valentine!”. He is like a father to me and since my Dad passed away at the age of 54, it means the world to me!

        • Marilyn says:


          Beautiful, simply beautiful! What a wonderful man and what a lucky lady you are!!

          Marilyn (in Dallas)

  27. Rettabug says:

    Just gorgeous! I love your drawings & your recipes, Susan.
    Every time I get a notice in my email that you’ve put up a new post, I smile & head on over to see what is new with you.
    I shared the video of Jack with my sweet granddaughter over the weekend. I wish you could have heard her “Awwwwww”s! The was enthralled with him!

    Happy Lovers Day…we celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary today!

  28. Linda Wattier says:

    Thank-you for the beautiful blog. Have a great day yourself. The hot chocolate sounds great. Just took a cherry pie out of the oven. Made it for my sweetie. He’ll enjoy it.

  29. Jerri Ellen says:

    This Valentine’s Day I am not cooking or baking even though I love to…I did it all weekend. I am ordering a heart-shaped pizza from Papa John for tonight. I think my hubbie will be just fine with that and a glass of wine. Chocolate for dessert, of course!

    Hope all of the Branch Babes have a LOVE-ly day!!

    • Debby Gibbs says:

      The “Branch Babes”…I love it! I retired from a school where we were the Alderwood Owls. The retirees started getting together once a month to do fun things together, like trying to learn Bridge and MahJong, go to lunch, a day at the beach…and we call ourselves the “Alderwood Hoots”. So now I have two nicknames! Thanks, Jeri!

  30. Kelly says:

    Thanks Susan for all of the beautiful things you share. I think I will make a cup of tea and snuggle with my Hunny tonight… Kelly

  31. florence rozler says:

    Susan, muffins were mummy, love your blog makes my day!!.Love the N.Y. pictures,Have a great VALENTINE Day.

  32. Nancy says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susan & Joe!

  33. Judy says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  34. Jennie says:

    As always- you are a shaft of joy and light in my day- thank you!

  35. Jeanne says:

    Happy Valentines Day!

    I always look forward to your blogs, recipes and art work. It is all beautiful.

  36. Diane says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to an angel disguised in human form….YOU! You deserve the very happiest day of all and I hope that today will be that for you! Thank you for the sweetest Valentine messages and gifts…you are always thoughtful, always giving and always protecting with your words and music and art and pictures to all of us “girlfriends”! I have spent my first half of the day with my very loved daughter…and we have watched a funny movie and laughed our heads off, and then we went out to lunch. I decorated our dining table with festive hearts and decorations for a tea party for this afternoon, and we have a special family time with her father for this evening. You inspired me awhile back to do this for her….and it has been so wonderful. She told me this morning that she was so happy today and realizes that people can celebrate Valentines Day without a boyfriend and still have a great, loving day. Amen to that!

  37. Mia Sophia says:

    Dear Susan…

    While You Are Here

    “Our hearts will know a brighter glow
    Our roof will ring with cheer
    Our simple food seem twice as good
    While you are here
    For friendship is enchantment
    And everything we share
    Is twice as sweet and twice as gay
    And twice as rich and rare!”

    You make our days brighter and happier by just being YOU!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours…
    Hugs and Kisses and sweet treats too for you and Joe and kitties two!

  38. Dee says:

    Oh, Susan … thank you for the Valentine! and a Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Mr. Joe! My Valentine passed away 16 weeks ago and after 52 years or wedded bliss, I miss him terribly. First years of our marriage, money was an issue, so on Valentine’s Day I received a beautiful card and one beautiful red rose which more to me than dozens of roses! and so it continued through the years. He always got me a beautiful red rose! my daughter mentioned how she couldn’t figure out why “Daddy” did buy me a dozen! and when I explained to her the reason for “one” rose, she realized how precious it was to me! It is not about the money … it’s about the Love!!! and so today I wear a “red” rose on my lapel and know he is smiling.
    Pink Hugs,

    • sbranch says:

      Thinking of you Valentine girl xoxo

    • Diane says:

      Dee…how special the red rose is….and how very sweet it is to read your love story! You are one of the SB girlfriends and I send you extra hugs and caring today! Xxxxooooo!!!!

  39. Mary S. says:

    THANK YOU for all the absolutely beautiful pictures!!!! That is gift enough in itself! And the bookmark is sooo lovely! I collect them 🙂
    Lots of love to YOU, on this Valentine’s Day!!!

  40. Mary S. says:

    P.S. The song is so great – makes me want to watch Sleepless in Seattle – again!!!!

  41. zinnia patch says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susan and Joe……and to all my SB girlfriends….Today I’m celebrating 38 yrs… with my Joe, i have a choc. indulgence cake cooling on the counter….we took a walk earilier today with snowflakes as big as snowballs and in a few hours we will fix a delicious dinnner…… and then watch a movie….. a beautiful day…. and thank you for the flowers and yet another post that just makes my day even better…..

  42. Patricia B says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

  43. Margaret says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  44. JudyCinNC says:

    What a lovely treat from Susan – thank you – on this the most loving day of the year. DWH and I went to lunch, along with hundreds of others, and had a wonderful, playful time just being together. My Jonquils are blooming profusely right now, so I requested no flowers from the florist this year – I love having a really big bunch of Jonquils on the red tablecloth – red and yellow really do look fantastic together. Happiest of Valentine’s to you and Joe. Judy C sends warm wishes heaped with love.

  45. Becky says:

    A lovely lunch in front of a fire at a nice restaurant. Which was a Valentine gift from my sweetheart of 52 years. (He spoils me.) Also a large sugar heart shaped cookie from my daughter and a card and letter from my best friend. I am so blessed. I hope your day was as blessed!

  46. Wendy S says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day girlfriend! Thanks for the beautiful bookmark…

  47. Joyce Heffner says:

    Susan and kitties:
    I love getting your blog. You always make me smile either with your stories or Jack’s antics. Love all the music, photos and videos. Keep doing what you do best! Happy Valentines Day to you and Joe.

  48. Linda Riggs says:

    Happy Valentine’s day to you…..I just love your blog, it always cheers me up and makes me feel happy. Thanks for all of your inspiration and friendship. Hope you have a wonderful day : )

  49. Lisa G says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day. We’re celebrating as a family with a home cooked pot roast. Take care.

  50. Clair says:

    I don’t have a sweetheart for Valentine’s day, but received a flower from my local credit union which made me so happy. It’s the little things in life, you know? 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

  51. Val in Cal says:

    This morning I made your recipe for marshmallows. Tonight I’ll make a special dinner for my husband, then I’ll serve hot cocoa with marshmallows, and heart shaped cookies. Thanks for your blog. I love it!

  52. tricia says:

    Thank you for all the lovely Valentine treats – especially the bookmark!
    Happy Valentine’s Day ~ with love!

  53. Nicki Anderson says:

    What a sweet valentine ! I do so enjoy your blog. I love it when I see your name pop into my inbox. Happy Valentine’s Day, Susan. You’re the BEST !

  54. Dee Ann says:

    Happy Valentines Day to one and all. Another good book is The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton….happy reading.

  55. I love the song ” A Kiss To Build A Dream On” Thank you!

  56. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Joe, kitties, and girlfriends too. Thank you for the recipe and bookmark. Love your blog and music as always.

  57. Tamar Weaver says:

    Love those sentiments!

  58. Terry says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Susan!

  59. Jandina Konop says:

    Happy Valentines Day!!! Hope your day was just wonderful!!

  60. Kit says:

    A very Happy Valentine’s Day! It has been wonderful over here in Montana. Flowers, balloons and chocolate. 🙂 Kit

  61. Carol D. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  62. Bonnie from Iowa says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Love your artwork, Susan! Regarding the comment about the bird’s nest camera…….we have an Eagle cam in Decorah IA that got millions of hits last year watching the baby eaglets hatch that I am sure you would love to see. It’s here http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles …….you’ll be amazed.

  63. Patsy says:

    I send lots of handmade valentines and next year, each one will have a Susan Branch “Love” bookmark enclosed. You’re our gift which keeps on giving. I wonder how many lives you’ve touched?

  64. Pamela McDaniel says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for always being an inspiration to us! I have learned so much from you, and I love your blog and website!

  65. Sharon Cloyd says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am not home yet to try your hot chocolate, but maybe the next best place to be when not at home…having a venti hot chocolate at Starbucks…they gave me a Valentine yesterday for a BOGO today.. so I am relaxing and enjoying your wonderful blog with my son/valentine for the rush hour. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Joe.

  66. Barbara T from Wolverine Lake, MI says:

    one of the gals at work did something special for all of us! She baked heart shaped sugar cookies, decorated with lovely pink Royal icing, and sprinkled just the outside edges with fancy sparkle sugar, then in the center of each she decorated with writing “something” loves “something”….examples were Juicy loves Couture. Fish love Water. Peanut Butter loves Jelly. Blondes love Bling. Boys love Beer. 🙂 so many and I can’t remember all the others. It was such a fun treat to decide which one that we each wanted to have. It was so creative and what a special treat for us. I myself am baking your orange/choc tea biscuits to serve as dessert for my family tonight! thanks for the inspiration. (on Sunday once again, I made the hot milk cake – it’s a big hit!!)

  67. Karen P says:

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Just in time for a romantic, candlelight dinner, the wonderful UPS man delivered my new Paul McCartney cd, “Kisses on the Bottom.” Contains the new Valentine song. It is filled with sweet, romantic vintagy music such as “The Glory of Love”, “Always”, etc. Just fabulous! Thought I’d pass along the recommendation!

  68. Paula B. says:

    Thanks for the special Valentine’s post, Susan, I agree it is a day to celebrate all those we love. When my first period class came in this morning I had a box of Conversation Hearts on each of their desks, you should have heard them! And as for myself, had a little shopping spree including stopping at Godiva for some truffles! Happy day!

  69. jane says:

    Happy, happy Valentine’s Day, Susan, and everyone, all the way from Seattle! I’m making crab cakes and asparagus and just dipped some giant strawberries in chocolate for dessert. Thirty-eight years of true, wonderful love to the sweetest guy in the world — next to Joe, I’m sure.

  70. Pat says:

    Happy Valentine Day and thank you for the beautiful bookmark. Look forward to your blog every day.

  71. Jena says:

    Today, to celebrate the day of Love. I chose my Valentine to be me; just for the morning mind you. With our move to Windy Wyoming, I’ve been in a whirlwind of activity that hasn’t had a snit of time carved out for just me…..so, all the planets aligned last night and everyone else had SOMETHING TO DO this morning.

    I stole away in the car (all alone) in the 40 degree sunshine with the moonroof open, windows down, radio blasting out the oldies channel and sang my way to town…the whole 40 miles of desert worth of tunes and Sing Along. (I did have a little feet heat going, but it was such a luxury to have the sun literally in my hair that I was practically floating when I pulled onto 3rd Street.

    I ran up the steps to the post office and clanged the key in the lock. As I opened the door a hurricane of pink and red exploded out of our box. It was too funny, I started giggling…..so did the ol’ cowboy down the way that had one eye peering into his box at ground level and one eye peering at me. After his explanation of only having ONE EYE we were both laughing hysterically as I picked up the Valentine’s that got my day started with a BOOM!

    Next I took myself to lunch to devour my ‘tines and my fett. with alfredo sauce. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? A crew of young teens strolled into the lunchtime throng, pulled the chef from the kitchen and crooned him a love song complete with choreography. The room was abuzz with a standing ovation and the chef was as red as a cinnamon heart. All very festive….as the girls went to leave on the back of their shirts were their names as the statement: “You’ve just been Valentined!” So cute.

    After this “dinner and a show” I ended up spending two hours shopping at my new favorite bookstore. The only one that I’ve ever visited with not one but THREE Vaults; nothing like a little ol’ cowboy town history to spark my interest in the U. Pacific rail and its creation: in the books, the walls, and in those very vaults. So excellent.

    Okay, I am now thoroughly prepped to create a Valentine Feast for the family of steak and eggs and pink heart pancakes. I hope everyone had as festive a day and I can’t wait to read your stories of the day!

    Best wishes and in Friendship,

  72. Trish says:

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Sending a smile your way. 🙂

  73. Victoria Miller says:

    Thanks, Susan, for the delightful Valentine’s Day post. I just read that February 14 was actually an ancient Roman feast day celebrating the beginning of mating season for birds — a sure indication that spring was on the way. A very happy day to you and Joe and your loved ones, and to all who visit here!

  74. Bonnie Hisgen says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friend.
    I feel like I know you after reading all your blogs. And I just want to say I’m sending my love to you and your hubby and adorable kitties.

  75. Cheryl McNeely says:

    Love your art work, recipes and all things cute! Happy Valentines to you.
    Just wanted to share a particular Valentine Day that my family had several years ago. My daughter was a teenager and I had just remarried. We learned that my husband was one of the unfortunate unpopular kids at school when he was growing up (you would never guess it now as he is so handsome and wonderful!!!) He never received any Valentines 🙁 My daughter and I got busy and made oodles of hand made cards, put them in a big paper bag decorated to the hilt and presented them to him. He still has the bag full in his desk drawer to this day!

  76. DonnaRay says:

    Love is in the air…….I’m feeling it here in Upstate NY all the way from the Vineyard. Thank you, Susan. I wish you could see the hilarious e-Valentine we received from friends…..it’s the classic story of Romeo and Juliet….but made into a video (on JibJab) staring photos of their own dog and cat, who fell in love but since she’s a Catulet and he’s a Muttugue their love is doomed….soooo funny! It thrills me……this day……the combination of love, fun, friendship, humor, sharing. I so enjoy hearing how people celebrate this day……so many ways to say “I love you.” My Daddy (who died in 1980 and is still remembered as “that sweetheart of a guy”) used to have a standing order at the Rexall Drug Store for a dozen small heart shaped boxes of Russel Stover candy. He’d spend Valentine’s Day delivering them to “widder women” and other lonely hearts. Then, he’d come home to Mother to deliver the big box!
    As always, DonnaRay

  77. Roxana A. says:

    Wishing you a very lovely Valentine’s Day, Susan. Your wonderful posts always make my heart sing. May this day dedicated to love shower you with blessings.

  78. Jeanie Piscitelli says:

    Happy Valentines Day to you all,this blog is a valentine present !

  79. Susan Martin says:

    Loving the beautiful flowers! Thank you for this website – it’s always the pick-me-up I need!

  80. Paula Abay says:

    Happy, happy Valentines Day to you Susan! Thanks for thinking of all of us. We all love you!

  81. Pam G. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day-we haven’t celebrated yet. It has become a small tradition to have a couple of pieces of dark chocolate and ice wine on V. Day evening. We have been married almost 40 yrs. so are grateful every day to have each other.
    My small grandson told me Happy V Day on the phone tonight, so cute-he is not yet two.

  82. Patty says:

    Happy Valentines Day!

  83. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for cutey patootey bookmark!!! I printed out two for friends and one for my mom 🙂

    My daughter and I also made the muffins tonight! The are YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

  84. Rosinda says:

    Thank you for the valentine, Susan and your constant inspiration! I can always count on you for that! I hope your day was filled with lots of love and flowers!! xoxo

  85. Susan in Maryland says:

    Happy Valentines Day, Susan! Thanks for the bookmark. I’m still using the owl bookmark from the autumn.

  86. Mrs. Hall says:

    Celebrating our 42nd anniversary today. Even though we didn’t really know what we were doing so long ago, we are both glad we made the choice. God has been good to us!

  87. Cathy in Golden, CO says:

    Beautiful Artwork!!! You will need a really, really big – decorated shoe box for all your valentine’s this year!!! Here’s another one . . . Happy Valentine’s Day – Valentina! 🙂

  88. Kathy Seeman says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susan….I have enjoyed my Love wall paper for the computer ….thank you for the lovely gift. Hope your day was special. As a gift to a dear friend who has an antique shop here in Delaware, I worked her shop today for her…..I had a blast rearranging the furniture…and in the last 5 minutes…I sold 5 paintings to one man! What a great thrill.
    Again thanks for the gifties.


  89. Jane says:

    I KNEW you would have something special for Valentine’s Day! So many sweet sentiments, ideas and a recipe! You are a good person, Susan Branch! You make every day delightful!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! 🙂


  90. Susie kunze says:

    Thank you! I took an afternoon walk in the woods with my husband, dog, and pet goat!

  91. Julie Cavrich says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Susan, Joe, Kitties and all the girlfriends! Thank you for the Heart bookmark. Love it!

  92. Anne Miller says:

    Thank you, Susan….I needed a little Valentine cheering. You always seem to come through. Blessings!

  93. Marian says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too. Thank you for such a pretty Valentine. Your flowers are beautiful.

  94. Holly says:

    Susan, thank you for the lovely Valentine post. Just beautiful from start to finish!

  95. Maria-Helena Tompkins says:

    Thank-you for bringing a little bit of joy to everyday with your lovely blog.

  96. Sherry Richter Puntillo says:

    I hesitated opening my email of your blog today as it is the first V-Day after my husband filed for divorce a month ago. I have gone all day pretending it wasn’t THAT day; it’s simply Tuesday. I took the plunge and opened it and was glad it wasn’t too mushy. Thank you for the bookmark and the lovely, lovely flowers. I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday, Susan!


  97. Jo Ann F. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  98. Karen K. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Thank you for the lovely bookmark! Love your blog, it brightens my day!

  99. Mrs. Joan Keller says:

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. I enjoy your art work too. Bless you for taking the time to give to us girlfriends. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  100. Pamala Black says:

    LOVE love day!!!! hearts, pinks, reds, whites…..great times

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