Hearts and Flowers ♥ ♣ ♥

 Happy Valentine’s Day Girlfriends ♥  It’s a day for Hearts and Flowers, LOVE and DREAMS (just like yesterday!)    

This song’s for you!

 Need a last minute little thing for a special girlfriend, or for special YOU, I have a Valentine Bookmark — just click on here to print it out. (If you don’t have card stock, for extra strength, fold the paper in two; glue it shut and cut it out.) 

Valentine’s Day, one of the loveliest of holidays, a celebration of the thing that makes the world go ’round . . .

Not just the thing that makes it go ’round, but the thing that makes the ride worthwhile.


Not just for romantic love, but all love; moms for their kids, teachers for their students, sisters for sisters, brothers for brothers, best friends for their BFF, even love for the earth, the sky, tea, kitties, and everything in between, ALL LOVE; everyone should have a Valentine today so be sure to save some of that love for you!  Treat yourself to a little Valentine love today and be your own best friend.


There are lots of ways to celebrate a day of love; take a child to a special bakery and buy him a chocolate eclair (a great way to give yourself a Valentine!), take a long bubble bath with your book and a big bottle of cold water, call someone who is lonely and shoot the breeze, get the wonderful book Elizabeth and Her German Garden by the same author who wrote Enchanted April (Elizabeth von Arnim) and treat yourself to a little bit of early spring in a wonderful garden with a most interesting character; make yourself a cup of hot chocolate this morning and take it back to bed; watch a good old movie; walk through the woods or down to the water; or go to an animal shelter and choose a new pet; give yourself the gift that keeps on giving.


What else can I do to help you celebrate a wonderful day?  Maybe a little more time to sign up for our Valentine giveaway?  OK!  Scroll down ↓ to the next post and leave a comment if you haven’t already done that — just click on the tiny “comment” word at the very bottom of the post.  What else?  A yummy hot chocolate recipe?  Fast and easy and Valentine’s perfection?  OK, I can do that . . .

 More FLOWERS anyone?

Love yu Girls, have a Wonderful day!!!

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372 Responses to Hearts and Flowers ♥ ♣ ♥

  1. paulie says:

    love this cheery post – it starts our day off with love & smiles again! xx

  2. Patricia says:

    Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a sick little girl who is sad about missing handing out her Valentine’s at school today…so I think I’ll make her some hot chocolate and sit and read Little House on the Prairie to her today and let her know that no matter what- she’ll always be my Valentine! xx

    • sbranch says:

      That would definitely work for me! Probably be her best Valentine’s day ever!

      • Laura says:

        Maybe u could have a friend drop by to get her cards to pass out and then bring your little girl’s cards to her after school? Been there….sad baby! Hope she feel better! Xoxo

        • Patricia says:

          Thank you…what a great idea I think I will do that. She will be happy at least to have her cards even though missing being able to pass her own out made her teary. Very important when you are in kindergarten and spent ages making your cards! (actually very important at any age!)

          • sbranch says:

            Poor little kid, tell her we are saying Happy Valentine’s and get well soon!

          • Laura says:

            My daughter missed her Valentine Party in kdg., too! Her teacher felt so badly that she brought her cards to our house after school….how wonderful was that?? My “little girl” is now 16 and still remembers when her sweet teacher made that special delivery….have a cozy day with your little one…when you turn around, she will be 16!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

          • sbranch says:

            Ohhh, sweet. xoxo

  3. Sara says:

    What a FABULOUS way to start a WONDERFUL day!!! 🙂

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!! Have a GREAT one!!!

  4. Julianna says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Thanks for the lovely gift, Susan. You are a true gem.

  5. Kirsten Wichert says:

    Happy Valentines to all the girlfriends!!! Thanks again for some beautiful art, Susan! I had a lovely tea with my bff yesterday. Today I will relax (well, a little) and be my own valentine! I have sugar free cocoa with my coffee every morning and yes I do take it back to bed! It’s my luxury since I’m home anyway. I’ve been doing more for myself lately. Happy to do for others, too. Thanks for the suggestions.

  6. donna sutton says:

    Happy Valentines Day. What a wonderful way to wake up and have a cup of coffee, and start the day on your web site. Just the thing a person like me needs and looks forward to each day. I hope your day will be special.

  7. Pam says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day girls (and of course, Joe). Haven’t seen my other half yet, he had to get up at 4.00 to take our daughter to Gatwick, she’s off to Las Vegas today for a friend’s wedding tomorrow. The postman had to come last night so there was a card waiting on the mat when he left. There was one waiting for me when I got up too. Lovely!!

    • sbranch says:

      I had one waiting too, when I got up, and just about to go upstairs to take chocolate and card to my beloved boy (no, not Jack, Joe! :-))

  8. Jeanette says:

    Good morning, Susan!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to yoooouuuuuu. Thought I could break out in a bit of cyber song today. ;). Wishing you a love-filled, chocoliscious, sweet day. I ordered some Valentine’s goodies from the shop yesterday with wonderful Judy on the phone. They’ll arrive in a couple of weeks, waiting on the gorgeous Emma mugs. But, hey, I’m all about extending this wonderful holiday! Know you are loved and appreciated. xoxo, Jeanette

  9. Sandy Richmond says:

    Thank you Susan! Happy Valentines Day to You, and all of the girlfriends! Have fun!

    • Jacquelyn Wirthlin says:

      Happy Valentine’s Day, Sue and Girlfriends. May you all have a memorable, lovely day. My Valentine, Ken, (of 35 years) is away today but we will celebrate when he returns. The artwork is gorgeous, Sue. Thankyou. Jackie in Las Vegas

  10. missholly says:

    Yea!!!! Happy Valentines to you and Mr. Joe and of course the 4 legged members!

  11. Bettina says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you…

    I will enjoy all the good stuff here on one of my favourite websites during the rest of my lunch break.

    Take care

    Bettina from Berlin 42

  12. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Thank you for the beautiful Valentine Susan!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Have a love-filled day! xoxo♥♥

  13. Kelly J. says:


    And thanks so much for sharing your gifts with us today, and everyday!!

  14. Lorie Hartsig says:

    Love you, too!
    Today’s blog is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for the lovely gift of you!

  15. Gert says:

    Good morning Susan & Happy Valentines Day to you (& Joe of course!) Thank you for the gift of the bookmark…I just love them & share them with my friends!! *Here is a trick we did with The Moon bookmarks…since we don’t have a laminating machine..we took clear packing tape, & covered both sides with it & cut excess off & viola looks & feels just like it had been laminated!! Again thank you & bless you my friend!

  16. mary lou prendergast says:

    Happy Valentines Day! All your ideas are perfect…..think I’ll try a few.

  17. Marie (from Virginia) says:

    Susan and Girlfriends~HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

    Sending wishes for a fun-filled fabulous day!

    Marie xo

  18. Shelley Bresett says:

    Happy Valentines Day Susan and Girlfriends! X0
    May your day be full of happiness and joy…thank you for always thinking of us with your little gifts, the bookmark is lovely. It`s something to brighten my day.

  19. Happy Valentine’s Day, Susan, and All 🙂

    I always make valentine’s special for my little family. Big supper, yummy dessert. Your lemon roll wirth strawberries and hot fudge of course ;). And during, we open each others valentines 🙂 my 22 year old is beginning to balk at that idea, but I keep at him ;_ lol
    I want them to feel a special love on valentine’s day as well <3

    The paintings are beautiful, Susan.
    Thank you so much,
    Denise of ingleside, PEI

  20. Janet from Macomb, Michigan. says:

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone !!!!

  21. Suzanne says:

    Happy Valentines Day to all! Hope everyone is loved and kissed today (smooched or the candy!) Thankyou Susan for the lovely valentine and flowers, so pretty to start the day. My hubby gave me a dozen roses this morning, lovely red and white ones, so pretty on a cold February morning. Love to you and Joe and the kitties!!!! XOXO

  22. Pom Pom says:

    Happy Heart Day, Susan!
    I love that hyacinth quote. So wise!

  23. Sheila Brazzell says:

    What a wonderful way to start Valetine’s Day. You thought of it all music ,flowers and chocolate! Enchanted April is one of my favorite movies! I think it’s time to watch it again. Happy Day to you, Joe, Girl and Jake.

  24. Penny Hoopes says:

    thank you for the lovely bookmark! and, thank you for the wonderful “orange & chocolate chip tea biscuits” recipe. They are super deeeelious. We ate them all they are soooo good.

  25. jeannine leonard says:

    Happy Valentines Day!

  26. Julia says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you! You are loved by so many of us!!!

  27. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susan! Thank you for the special bookmark….I’m going to print out one for my college-age son and high school-age daughter as little gifts today! It’s snowing this morning in Michigan, the perfect back drop for this special day!! It’s always a “gift” to read and enjoy your daily blog, you are so appreciated Susan…..thank you so much for all you do to brighten our days!!! (My hubby always likes your recipes the best….I’ll tell him, “yep, it’s from Susan Branch”!!!).

  28. Christie Ray says:

    Received my pretty pink roses last night along with the biggest box of reeses peanut butter cups I have ever seen! He knows they are my favorite;)
    Thank you for the violets and morning glories…my two favorite flowers…and my daddy used to wake me by saying, “morning, Glory, it’s gonna be a big day!”
    Have a wonderfully sweet day, dearest Sue and Joe and Jack and pretty girl kitty,

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Valentines Day to you!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely paintings with us, I will smile all the way to the dentist this morning….

  30. Connie Michael says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Joe, and the kitties! Thank you for such a sweet start for our day…….. 🙂

  31. Donna says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susan! I hope you, Joe, the kitties, and all the girlfriends have a lovely day! XO

  32. Sonia says:

    Gorgeous post and nice way to start my morning..reading my favorite blogs with a cup of coffee and a kiss good morning from my Valentine!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!
    Miss Bloomers

  33. Happy Valentine’s Day Sue and Joe — and all the Girlfriends and Guyfriends!

    I’m twice blessed this morning with Valentine’s Day gifts …

    First, on my Nook Tablet, I opened your Valentine Blog and read while still in bed and my sweetheart was snoozing next time to …

    Second, after showering & dressing, I came out to the Kitchen to make Tea (oh glorious Harrod’s English Breakfast No.14 – my year round indulgence!) and on the counter was the loveliest Picnic Basket, an “I Love You” knick-knack for my desk, and the cutest Valentine’s Day Card (wish I knew how to post a picture for you on here!) …

    And all I got my sweetheart was a new Lawn Mower … I think I’d better get busy in the Kitchen was something Chocolate for he is a Chocoholic … like all the best people are!

    Much love and happiness and sunshine to all the Girlfriends on this Glorious February Day,

  34. Linda H says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Susan, and to all of the girlfriends! Thanks for the sweet post this morning–I knew you’d have something special for us to read today!!!

  35. Karyl Dawn says:

    Happy Heart Day!!!! Love the Flowers!

  36. Vicki from Virginia says:

    Thanks for the LOVE-ly Valentine wish this morning Susan! Same to you, Joe, Girl and Jack!! Hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

  37. Susan Simon says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Susan… and to all of us, too! Love waking up to a new post from you to enjoy with my coffee. My sweet husband left a gorgeous card and pink roses on the counter… made me tear up and smile at the same time. Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Quick question… I can’t have chocolate (causes a migraine); any ideas for a substitute for your wonderful heart shaped tea biscuits? I was thinking maybe cranberries, or something like that, but I am sure you’ll have the perfect suggestion. I’d like to make them to take to my mom this weekend… she’d love them and I can put chocolate in hers and make mine the other way. Thanks again for that scrumptious recipe!

    Have a wonderful day, all!

    • sbranch says:

      The cranberries would be wonderful, I would think that butterscotch chips would be good too. Or just have walnuts. Any of those would be delicious! xoxo

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        How about cranberries and the grated orange, dried cherries and chopped almonds, or butterscotch chips and chopped pecans??? Yummm–think I’m going to have to make them today though I was waiting until the heart-pan I ordered from Susan’s web store comes… 🙂

  38. Barbara Stillman says:

    Thank you, Susan, for the pretty bookmark and beautiful blog post. I just love all the ideas you gave us. Happy Heart’s Day to you and Joe!! Hugs from Barbara in Cumming, Ga xxx

  39. Francine says:

    Happy Valentines Day to you Susan! I enjoyed all the lovely artwork on your blog this morning! My house is still adorned in Valentine decorations from my mom’s 90th birthday party which I hosted on Sunday! Yesterday the grandkids and I made strawberry scented Valentine Glitter playdough! We cut out heart “cookies” and put them on a heart shaped plate! Looked good enough to eat! Today, I am looking at the lovely flowers from my husband. He can’t get out, but he gave me some money with orders to go buy myself some flowers! Daffodils are my favorites, but I haven’t found any yet!!! Today, I’m going to my mom’s assisted living place to have lunch with her on her Valentine Birthday! I don’t think my husband and I will have any special Valentine sweets today -we’ve had more than enough the last couple days – but we plan on going out for his birthday dinner tomorrow. He was kind enough to share his special day with my mom, (last Sunday) – so I owe him a nice dinner out! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

  40. Sue says:

    ♪♪ Happy Valentine’s / Hearts Day to you and yours and the felines!!!! ♪♪

  41. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! It’s my favorite day of the year! I celebrated by making cookies for my hubby and fudge for my children. And, of course I made them Valentines! I plan to go to the kindergarten class where I volunteer for their party this afternoon.

  42. Rosemary says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you Susan! Lovely post today. Yes, it is a day for all kinds of love..for friends, family, and pets! who are family! Going to be with my quilty ladies today since it is sewing Tuesday…as usual! Made Valentine tart cookies to share..a little sweetness for my friends. Have a wonderful, love-filled day with your Joe and kitties!

  43. Pam K says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Miss Susan! Thank you for your wonderful words, stories, art, and sincere kindness. May it be returned to you a thousand fold. Have a lovely day! Pam K.

  44. Susan Craft says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Joe and the kitties! This was such a beautiful post today. I have always loved that quote about hyacinths for the soul and your artwork is so pretty and so inspiring.
    I was pleased that you pointed out that Valentine’s Day includes all kinds of love because I worry about the huge emphasis placed on romantic love for this day. It must be especially poignant for those whose hearts have been broken by their sweethearts. I want everyone to feel loved and happy. Soooooo- my best love to you, Susan, and to all the girlfriends out there. Have a good day everyone. I’m off to make orange & chocolate chip tea biscuits.

  45. Aggie says:

    I have always loved Valentine’s Day!
    ♥Happy Valentine’s Day to all♥
    Haven’t made biscuits yet because I was busy yesterday making DH fav birthday cake – Pineapple Upside Down – your recipe is excellent! TY again ♥

  46. mary says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susan! Thanks for reminding us to love everything and everyone and that love IS what life is all about! I too enjoyed the book and movie Enchanted April. I recommend The Ghost and Mrs. Muir for a nice romantic movie. Thank you for the lovely bookmark!!

  47. Karen D says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Thanks for the lovely blog today – love those morning glories too!
    Am having a little withdrawal today – was an elementary school teacher and retired last year. Really missing all those adorable faces so filled with excitement to pass out their little paper cards! Such an outpouring of love for their teacher too! Guess you know how that feels! 🙂
    No one here is quite that thrilled…

    • sbranch says:

      Well we are Karen, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY … it must be hard! xoxo

    • Nina says:

      Happy Valentines day Karen! I’m sure the little ones are thinking of you today too! I will never forget my favorite primary schoolteacher and it was a looooong time ago! xxxx

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Karen,
      I know that your students from last year’s class are thinking of you today! This is my final year of teaching second grade. I will retire in May, after 35 years of loving what I do each day. I’ve been making special memories with my class all year long… and thinking about all the milestones in our year. Today was my last Valentine’s Day celebration in school. I completely understand what these special moments mean! When I (very gently) announced my retirement last week, the whole faculty and my second graders were all so sad. I’m trying to be brave and cheery for them now. But it’s soooooo hard to say Goodbye to teaching, even though I’m looking forward to saying Hello to all of the adventures that await!
      Happy Valentine’s Day, Karen! Sending love and gratitude for all of the lives you have touched in your teaching career!
      Warm hugs,

      • Karen D says:

        Dawn and Nina – how sweet of you to respond! I am thinking the first year away is the hardest. 35 years Dawn – wow! So many children will always remember you.

  48. Georgie says:



    Thank you so much for your greeting today!

    We passed out homemade chocolate covered pretzels at work this morning to help start everyone's day with a smile 🙂 I'm sending some through the airwaves to YOU!!! It was just WONDERFUL seeing your blog and celebrating across the miles. THANK-YOU! Love the bookmark too. I treated myself to your heart necklace for my birthday. I see that on the bookmark, how FUN 🙂


  49. Susan in the country says:

    I just love the flowers you give us! They are just beautiful and happy to look at when it’s snowing horizontally outside!!!

  50. Suzanne says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to All ! I hope you have sunshine in your heart all day.

  51. Karen P says:

    Good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie! What a cheery, lovely heart-filled greeting for us on this wonderful day! Hope your day is as special as you are! You deserve it! xoxo….kp

  52. Cindy Maulin says:

    happy valentine’s day susan…what a fun special day…now even MORE special with your wonderful gifts…thank you for the bookmark susan..i love it and will use it today!!! we had the perfect snow last evening..so now there is a little cute snow-person in our front yard…we went outside late last night..my husband shoveling..me..creating our new friend…. a cutie pie…fixed your orange-chocolate chip biscuits early this morning..what an aroma filled the house…have a wonderful day!!! xoxox…love, cindy

  53. Lori says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 One of my friends and I had a Susan Branch celebration … she got me the adorable heart necklace and one of the red topped jars and I got her an Emma Branch heart mug. What would we do without you? Also, as a single woman, thank you for reminding us that Valentine's day is for everyone! We had snow this morning and a two hour delay – but now we can begin the candy sharing day.

  54. Barb says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Sue, as well as Joe and all the other readers of this blog! We love the blog here in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. I have been a reader for a long time and have introduced two friends (Hi Brenda and Leah) to it and they enjoy it also. Just thought I’d mention that I turned down an invitation out for supper tonight and chose to stay in and make Susan Branch Spareribs and Juice for our meal. Looking forward to it!

  55. Be my valentine♥ Hope you and all of the girlfriends have a day filled with love, hugs and chocolate! xoxo Debbie

  56. Diana says:

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO SUSAN and all the GF-Branches!!! What a wonderful thing to start the day with a blog entry and the BEAUTIFUL artwork and a PRESENT!!! My honey will not be around today, but he left my card on my desk chair (I work at home) for me and brought me roses on Saturday.. He says he likes to get ahead of the crowd! LOL.. I am a very lucky girl and so thankful for the love a great man.. my family.. my mother and siblings… This day is slightly bittersweet in that I will always remember my Dad bringing me Valentine treats, even as an adult.. he brought to work where my coworkers were jealous I’m sure! Such sweet memories of a man I miss every day.. but know he would want us to be happy and share the love.. made my rounds in his memory yesterday to my sisters and my adult sons.. yes they endure their Mom’s overtures…. Love and hugs to you all out there in E-land…looking at the beautiful snow we got last night (finally) and going to enjoy my day today.. I think a nice bubble bath is in my future after work! 🙂

  57. Melody Ridge says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Thankyou for all the beauty that you bring ito the world and your challenge to find beauty in every day things. So often, people live for the big “MOMENTS” and totally miss the fun of everyday pleasures. May you have a wonderful day!

  58. ~Sheila~ says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day ♥♥
    Have a romantic day with Joe, and purrrlese hug Jack kitty for me!

  59. Janet says:

    I too wish you and Joe a very happy and romantic Valentine’s Day. I love the beautiful flowers in the blog and especially the wonderful color combinations. I am a red, white and green combination lover so the flowers were spectacular to look at this morning. All of you have a great day too.

  60. Priscilla says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susan, Joe and all the Girlfriends!
    Feeling all the love reading all the Girlfriend’s comments on this day of love. And the drawings are lovely as always!

    • Diane says:

      HAPPY VALENTINES DAY girlfriend Priscilla! I also love reading all of the comments and soaking up the friendship….there just can never be too much love and friendship! Hope you have a very happy day! xxooo from one of the girls……

  61. SharonS says:

    Happy Valentines Day, Sue, Joe, Girl Kitty, Jack and all the Girlfriends. May you all be reminded how much you are loved. Have a good day everyone.

  62. Charlene says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Joe and the kitties. Love you, too.

  63. Sharon Byars says:

    Thanks for the great start to “V” day!! Still early here in CA but love to begin the day with your blog….especially talks on “chocolate”. making your chocolate chip biscuits this am. have a lovely day.

  64. Judy in CA says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Susan and all the girlfriend / kindred spirits!! Love to you all…

  65. Nina says:

    Happy Valentines day Susan & all the Girlfriends! Thank you for a beautiful blog today. We are having the traditional romantic meal for four in the Hughes household today! I have set the table added heart shaped napkins, confetti & a string of heart fairy lights not forgetting the candles can’t wait for hubby & the kids to get home & see it! Gotta love valentines day and thank you for reminding us that its for everyone! xxxx

  66. Marge says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, girlfriend.

    You’ll never know how much joy & happiness you bring each time I visit!
    God bless you today and every day! Hugz!

  67. Kerry S. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Susan and all the Girlfriends! I’m taking myself to Farmer’s Market and to a special brunch treat! My Valentine will be back on Friday for his weekend home! The cats and I will just have to celebrate in his absence! I am going to body sculpting class at the Y – the class studio is all decked out to celebrate Healthy Heart program!
    Have a wonderful day everyone! Share a hug and a smile today!

  68. Kim DeMichele says:

    Thankyou Susan, for the beautiful bookmark!!! It looks wonderful on pink card stock, such a treat!! Your flowers are beautiful too! They make me smile on a snowy Valentine’s Day in Ohio!! LOVE your blog and recipes, they make my day!!! Thanks, Kim D.

  69. Bernadette Gibson says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! You start my day is such a wonderful way. You are the first person I connect with in my day. Love You!

  70. Debbie Ann T. says:

    Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a womderful day to celebrate with all the people we love in our lives! <3

  71. Happy Saint Valentine’s Day . . and thank you for such a cheerful blog today. I love that in America Valentine’s is all about love, not just couples!

  72. Lori Fernandi says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Susan, Joe and kitties. What a wonderful way to start the day with a song. You make every day so very special – an inspiration to us all.
    You’ve made my year complete – I got to meet you and Joe at Creative Connection – now all is well in my world. Have a fabulous day.


  73. Sherry Kennedy says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Susan, Joe, and the kitties…and all the SBGirlfriends! Love waking up to a new SB blog, especially on this day of hearts, flowers, and love. Took the granddaughter to do nails yesterday (for her Valentine’s treat), since she has a “date” with her friend (who is a boy, but not boyfriend) tonite. She’s 13 and thinks she’s 18. We try to keep it light! LOL! My son (her father) also has a big evening planned with his lady after work, so I’m set to watch a romantic movie and linger with my memories of my sweetheart of 46 years! We were married on February 12, so this whole week is dedicated to love!

  74. Birdie says:

    Happy Valentine’s day Susan. I am so happy, I ordered your ‘Love from the heart of the home’ book from Amazon and received it yesterday! Just in time for Love day. 🙂

  75. Mindy says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends! Enjoy this special day!!! My 2 year old daughter and I made chocolate dipped strawberries last night (decorated with lots of heart sprinkles). My dad is coming over this morning for a donut “picnic” on our living room area rug. Then my mom is coming over for a lunch of heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches. Should be fun!

  76. Marcia in Brazil says:

    Happy Valentine’s day, dear Susan! I hope your day is filled with gorgeous little surprises…

  77. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL….I’m wishing lots of love to everyone and don’t forget our furry friends too!!! I also remember the school day memories of our party at the end of the day and passing out our little cards…..really loved the ones with candy attached!!! My parents always made sure we each got a small heart shaped box of Russell Stovers chocolates…..Jim and I are so blessed and we choose to celebrate everyday not just one day a year surrounding ourselves with Love in our home….I’m going to plant some minature roses in a garden this Spring so I can enjoy them for months!!! Enjoy this day and share your heart with someone you love today!!!!

  78. Wendy Louise says:

    Thank you for the lovely message and bookmark, I will use it with my Gladys Taber books I have been devouring all winter. My library has a huge selection of her books and if they don’t have the one I want they get it, I’m so lucky! Starting my mornings reading her books is just wonderful. I have found such kindred spirits with you and Gladys, what joy! Happy Valentines Day to everyone !

  79. Barbara (WA) says:

    Happy Heart Day to you! I bought a darling little pot of red violas for my windowsill yesterday as well as a fresh baked cinnamon roll for today’s breakfast. A card and gift card will be given to my hubby of 38 years, cards were mailed to my other loved ones. I awoke to a very quiet forest that surrounds our home thinking that soon the song birds will be in full chorus, very soon!

  80. Martha Ellen says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the girlfriends and to you Susan and Joe! ♥♥♥ What a wonderful day to remember that love is all we really need in life. ” Love is love’s reward” I absolutely adore that quote! Thank you so much for the bookmark–This is my new mantra!
    I’m enjoying the day making a special dinner for my sweetheart. I have beautiful red roses on the dining room table from the nicest man in the whole wide world!! ♥

  81. Carol S. says:

    Dear Susan,
    Thanks for making every day a Valentine’s Day with your wonderful blog page!! Hope that all of the FOSB have love and laughter in their hearts today!

  82. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Susan and Joe, as well as all the other girlfriends! I’m making heart-shaped cutout cookies today for my sweetie and also to take some on a plate to a couple of older friends…We’re going out for dinner tonight but I’ll tell you about a dinner I made on Valentine’s Day several years ago: I used my set of heart-shaped cookie cutters and made everything heart-shaped for the entire dinner! Croutons made from bread cut with a little heart cutter as well as fresh red pepper hearts in the salad, beet slices cut in hearts, heart cut-out opening in the baked potato, rolls in heart shapes, etc. You get the picture. It was time consuming but really fun to do!!! Another thing that my husband Norm and I do that we have been doing for years and years: We make valentines to give each other (cards). It is really fun and both of us enjoy doing it. Sometimes they are made like collages from cut-up pictures from magazines, sometimes drawn, sometimes painted, sometimes drawn and colored with crayons or colored pencils. There are no “rules” and some years they are nicer than others but it means a lot to each of us that we hand-make them. Some day when we are gone, someone will find the box of them in the closet and probably laugh their heads off…LOL 🙂

  83. Marie (Long Beach, CA) says:

    Happy Valentines Day to you Susan and all the girlfriends! Your music choice is perfect, enjoying it a lot. Thank you for the “Love” bookmark. I’ve printed it on cardstock and will be giving one to each my girlfriends today. We get together every Tuesday, most of them scrapbook and I make greeting cards. They’re going to love the bookmark. ♥♥♥

  84. Linda Pintarell says:

    “HEARTS” to all – have a lovely, lovely Valentine’s Day!

  85. Joan Ramseyer says:

    Susan, Because of your inspiration I am having a Valentine’s Tea this afternoon for some retired friends who were teachers like I was. I splurged and bought the Emma Bridgewater Valentine teapot from your website. My table is set and even though it is a gray day in western Michigan there will be tons of laughter this afternoon. Cheers to you Susan and the sunlight you bring into our lives not only on Valentine’s Day but all year round. Your English teacher fan, Joan

  86. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~Happy Valentine’s Day to All~
    Every day is Valentine’s Day when you are with the Ones you love~
    Physically~or in Spirit~or Virtually

  87. Miss Pat says:

    The book “Elizabeth and her German Garden” is available on Amazon. Free for the Kindle. Just added it to my Kindle Touch. Happy Valentines Day to you, Joe, Jack and Girl Kitty aka Miss Kitty.

  88. Risa says:

    <3 LOVE Makes the HEART Twirl Round <3

  89. Jill S says:

    Thank you for the wonderful blog. It brings a little bit of sunshine to my day!

  90. Rae Ann Roche says:

    Heart-y thanks for the bookmark, Susan…XOXO…

  91. Lori C. says:

    Long before I ever saw “Enchanted April” – I was the only one in the theatre watching it one mid-week afternoon – I found an old beautiful edition of “Elizabeth and Her German Garden” in an antique book store – a beautiful turquoise blue copy with the sweetest picture on the cover. Years later I gave it to my favorite boss in the whole world – Elizabeth Jane Orr (who we called E-Orr or Eeyore). Love and friendship – two of the sweetest words!

    • sbranch says:

      It was Elizabeth von Arnim’s first book! Just love it.

      • Diane says:

        I cant help but chime in today…! I LOVE Elizabeth Von Arnim’s books…and the movie Enchanted April! No one else I know does…until today after reading this…! My Grandmother…who was like a mother to me…took me to the movie when it first showed, and then I bought her the book, and over the years have collected EVA’s other books. So beautiful! I am very happy to “meet” others on this blog who also love the same. Happy V Day!

  92. Angie(Tink!) says:

    ♥♥♥ Happy Valentine’s Day to You Sweet♥Sue & Joe! & to Girl~Kitty & Jack! ♥♥♥ Thank You for this Wonderful Valentine’s Day Blog…filled with L♥ve & Magical Ideas! (L♥ve Louis’s Song!) Herbster & I started The Day with Your Yummy Biscuits & Hot Coffee…Yum! I’ve got Chicken & Dumplings simmering in The Crock~Pot…(We Exchange Gifts early~Evening in front of The Fire…got L♥ve~Songs On The Radio…Sunshine & 73 Now! wow! Breezy too…windows Open…got My Red PJ’s On Now gonna Hop into The Tub & get dolled up In My Red Dress! Yay! so Wishing All an Enchanting Valentine’s Day! Yay! Twirling into a Day of L♥ve & Candy~Heart~Bliss! L♥ve & Hugzzz & Pixie~Dust! xoxo Poof! ♥♥♥ 🙂

  93. Donna says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥ Thank you for the bookmark and the chance at the giveaway. Kisses to the kitties! XOXO

  94. Carol Maurer says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Susan!!!

    I hope that this day is a very special day for both you and Joe. Oh ~ LOVE ~ can I say more?!

    Am waiting for the results of the valentine pan that you are giving away.
    Carol M

  95. Wendy says:

    Love you, too! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  96. Karen Saunders says:

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!

  97. Elaine says:

    Enjoy your day Valentine Queen!

  98. Deb from Dixie says:

    ♥♥♥ Happy Valentines Day♥♥♥ Susan and to all the girlfriends!
    Wishing you all a day that fills your hearts with love and laughter…..it is a day I am grateful for the blessings of family, friends and furry buddies…….and for the “love from the Heart of the Home ” sent to us all by you Susan.
    Many times you lift us from a sad day, brighten a happy day, make us smile, laugh and think about things in different way…..that is sharing the love….and I know all of us ♥ you for it.
    Happy Hearts Day…….

  99. erica says:

    Greetings Susan!

    Oh…..ooooohhhh…..the vintage photo at the top of the page….ooohhh….now that is divine! That little sweetie has made my day!

    Love is in the air! Hmmmm…typing that made me think of the song on the “LOVE BOAT” show, which made me think of cruise ships, which then made me think of all the “girlfriends” and YOU on a cruise! Crusin’ with Susan, wouldn’t that be a fun party?

    Okay, enough of my babble. I’m the one with the imagination….remember, LOL.

    Love the “primula” flowers on the bottom of the page, and can’t wait to putter and plant in my yard/garden again and see some COLOR!

    Much love to you,

  100. Erin Perry says:

    “Elizabeth and her German Garden”! I first became aware of this book when I read about it in Rosamunde Pilcher’s “The Shell Seekers”. I’m a librarian and I was able to use our inter-library service to find a copy from across the country. It was charming, enchanting and I loved it – which is no surprise, for “Enchanted April has always been one of my favourites. Happy Valentine’s from the central coast back to you on Martha’s Vineyard.
    Erin in Morro Bay

    • sbranch says:

      And written in 1900! So hard to believe!

      • Priscilla says:

        I love Morro Bay. My family used to vacation there in the late 50’s early 60’s. Bet the Rock hasn’t changed at all.
        I loved “The Shell Seekers” so I am looking forward to finding a copy of “Elizabeth and Her German Garden”. Just checked our local library online and they do not have a copy, so I will try the used book stores.

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