Links to the Fun! TOOT TOOT (I’m serious!)

First the Music (this one’s for my dad) then the Links to everything I can think of . . . fun things to look at or watch while we drive to the Ocean Liner.  Are you packed?  I just remembered that in England there are lots of deep bathtubs, so while my tea water was boiling I ran upstairs and got the bubble bath and tucked it in!!  OMG.

Yesterday, in the middle of the packing, my eyes landed on this souvenir doll Joe got when he was twelve, on his way home with his mom from England on the Holland America Line (I forget which boat!) so I thought I’d take a picture of it to show you.  It survived really well, except for the time the top of his hat apparently got a little too close to the fire!

Rather frightening face don’t you think?  Bad dreams could come from this.  But as you will see, he turned out to be quite a fine fellow.  And as you know, it is rare for me to take a picture these days without my little shadow popping in.  My adorable little shadow.

Jack is thinking, “Him? You’re taking picture of him? Why?”

“What is he?  A doll?  Can he fetch?”

“Do you like him as much as you like me?  Look at his eyes!  He can’t even focus.  You want a friend that can’t focus?”

“La dee dah, I won’t look at him.  Then maybe she will get rid of him.”

“Nope. Still there.”

“But hey, he doesn’t seem so bad — he’s kind of growing on me.  He sure doesn’t talk much; he must not be related to you!  Does he have a name?”

“He’s soft!  I have my own human!  Is he human? He looks sort of human!”

“I like him.  He can lay on me.  Let’s call him Pete!  Take our picture; I’ll pretend to nap; lay him on me!”

 And so it goes.  Right this moment I can hear the pitter patter of little feet running around upstairs; Jack and Girl playing!  They’ve been doing that all this week!  I think by the time we get home, with no interference from me, my two kitties will be bonded. Sometimes mom just has to get out of the way!

SO, I have to go, as you know!  But here are some links, most of them have come in from our girlfriends, I thought I’d put them all in one place so you will have this easy reference: First off, the MOON, Saturday is the full Flower moon.  We could have stormy skies at sea and not be able to see it, but we know this is what will be shining down on us; and YOU, the biggest moon of the year. Be sure to go outside and make a wish on it.  My wish is that I can take photos of moonrise from the rail of the ship!

Next, you might want to take a virtual tour of the Queen Mary II.  This is the BEST LINK for the ship, you can see EVERYTHING!!! Just put your cursor on the words underneath the British gentleman and choose what you’d like to see. Put your luggage in the stateroom of your choice!  Then meet us in the Commodore Club for a Pink Champagne Cocktail!

Next, when the ship pulls out of its berth in New York, it will be going under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge past the Statue of Liberty on its way out to sea.  There’s a web cam, you can watch us go, live!  Don’t worry if it’s raining; ships do fine in the rain … it might rain because it’s spritzing here right now!  But if it’s dry, look for me on deck, I’ll be waving at you!

This camera is perched on the bridge of the Queen Mary herself.  Day and night, it provides a view of whatever the Captain sees all the way across the Atlantic, like watching the hummingbird nest only with nothing in the nest! When the first lights of land are visible, we can see it from the TV in our stateroom and run outside to call “Land Ho!”  You can look at it right now and see what the ship is doing; I just looked, it’s almost daybreak out there; the Queen is approaching New York to pick us up tomorrow!  No Land Ho for them yet, but soon!

This next link has nothing to do with the ship; but if you live in California, and are itching for some FUN … it’s time again for the Remnants of the Past Vintage Show in beautiful San Luis Obispo. You know this is my friend Judy Watkin’s show; rated the best in the country by both Romantic Homes and Country Living Magazine, among others!  I was there last year; it’s a Girlfriend’s Extravaganza, just a great weekend in the California sunshine, among the flowers!  I’d be there this year, except, as you know, I won’t be here!!!  It’s not until June 2 and 3; so if you want to go, you’ll have plenty of time to plan.  Be sure to say hello to Judy for me!  She’s just as sweet as she looks! 

 Last but not least, I want to leave you with a little bit more music . . . one of my very favorite songs by Marilyn Monroe . . . she’s singing Bye Bye Baby to her boyfriend before she sails away to Europe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  He’s sad she’s going, but she has a way of talking him right out of it!  (I’m so lucky I’m taking my boyfriend with me!)  She’s on the loose but she’ll stay on the square!  I know I’ll be singing this as the ship pulls out!  Singing Bye Bye Babies … that’s to you! We’re going to England!  Hooray!!!!  XOXO

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198 Responses to Links to the Fun! TOOT TOOT (I’m serious!)

  1. mari says:

    Bon Voyage Susan and Joe!!! Us and the kitties will (barely) survive without you, but we are wishing you a fabulous, wonderful, amazing, magical visit across the pond – and we’ll be tagging along (by your permission, of course!) to all the sights – so exciting!!!! Love you!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Mary Spring says:

    Good Day !!!! Bon Voyage..dear Susan and Joe …have a wonder full journey !!! thanks so much for the “links” and for taking us all along !!! exciting…with love….

  3. Debbie Anderson says:

    So excited for you and Joe. Have a fantastic time and can’t wait to read your posts and see pictures!

  4. Kelly J. says:

    I can feel your excitement, Susan! Thanks so much for the links! How cool is that, that we can see the ship & it’s progress! Amazing! And, yes, we had a kitty bonding experience a few years back when we went on vacation soon after bringing a new kitten into the fold. By the time we returned they were the best of buddies and looked at us like, Oh Hi! You’re back…..WE’VE been having so much fun we barely missed you 😉 Bon Voyage & enjoy these last crazy, anticipatory minutes until you are “All Aboard!” Kelly from Eastern PA

  5. Darlene (nyc) says:

    Bon Voyage Susan and Joe!!! Hoping this trip will be all you’ve dreamed it would be!!! Thanks for all those great links and for taking us along…I’ll be waving back!!! I really am so excited for you and for us too!!!! xoxo and those pictures of Jack, well lets just say he’d be smothered in kisses if I was able to get to him!!!!

  6. Colleen says:

    Have a great trip! I will be in NY by this afternoon and I will wave the ship off! Happy travels!

    • sbranch says:

      It goes tomorrow night Colleen, just in case!

      • Colleen says:

        I am going on a girl’s trip and I am going to try my best to be somewhere where I can see the ship leaving! How much fun!

        • sbranch says:

          You could even be on one of the ferries in the harbor!

          • Colleen says:

            That is a great idea…I would love to see that beautiful ship…I will look for you and Joe waving on the deck!

  7. Barb from Norristown says:

    Bon Voyage Susan and Joe! Thanks for providing the great links for the QMII. Have a wonderful trip. I’ll looking forward to going on my virtual vacation with you!

  8. Mary Cunningham says:

    Good Morning ! Tomorrow it’s Bon Voyage! Can’t wait….soooo excited! How sweet the kitties are “friending” each other, just in time…now you won’t worry as much …on the other hand, how much fun will they have while you are gone..PARTY!…lol Thanks for the Doris Day…loved all of her movies! Have an amazing day…it’s going to be 87 degrees here in Indiana! Love from the Barefoot Sparkler! 😀

    • Hi Mary, may I ask what part of IN you live in. We moved to New Whiteland last Fall and so far so good. You are so right it was in the high 80’s with a nice breeze which helped. We went to the Edinburgh Outlet Mall, have you been there?? Nice chatting have a good weekend.

  9. Treese says:

    OMG! The virtual tour took my breath away. I would love to do a Transatlantic Cruise. I don’t own a fancy dress outfit like those ladies in the picture and my guy (pure cowboy) doesn’t own a tux. Do you think they would let us get by with cowboy hats, chaps and spurs? LOL! Maybe we could teach the guests how to rope for entertainment. When I wear my cowboy duds in England the Brits are fascinated and try to buy my clothes off my back. They love all things western.
    I can’t wait to see your little “broadcasts” I am so very excited. Bon Voyage and enjoy Beatrix’s Estate and the Lake District.
    Treese/Colorado Cowgirl

    • sbranch says:

      We run into Brits all the time, when we are driving across country, most especially in Montana or Wyoming. One time it was a complete, British, Country Western band — they loved the “wild west” and wanted to see it. They grew up on cowboy movies too!

      • Treese says:

        Yep, a friend of mine in England a couple of years ago asked if I could send her a pair of “long handles” complete with flap in back in bright red for her 23 year old son. That was all he wanted for Christmas. He loves cowboys/Old West. He came for a visit a few years back for the summer. I taught him to ride, rope and shoot a gun (but, not spit-ugly habit) and he said he was in “heaven”. He even loved shoveling the horse-manure! LOL!
        British, Country Western Band-Oh, Lord!

  10. Chrissy Thrower says:

    Bon Voyage, Sue Sue! My IPad must not be able to use the live webcam because it still shows Thursday at sea! Hope you are snugged away on board! Pink Champagne for everyone. (sooo very appropriate even right now!). Have a jolly good trip Matey!!

    • sbranch says:

      Aye aye!

      • Chrissy Thrower says:

        Good Gravy! You must think I’ve lost me blooming mind! I woke up thinking today was Friday! Wondered how did Sue have time to make a blog of Jack and Petey! And why was the webcam saying Thursday!? Just figured it out whilst making breakfast for Lee. Forgive me for jumping the gun!

  11. Cindy Berry says:

    Bon voyage!!!! I can hardly wait to see how much fun we will have! And work hard on that book – I would love it in my stocking for Christmas!!! Luv ya Girlfriend!

  12. Nancy says:

    Dear Susan, wishing you a spectacular sailing tomorrow on QM2! You and Joe have so much fun planned, and your excitement must be boundless! I hope to watch your sailaway from New York Harbor and I can’t wait to read each posting along your way and to see your wonderful photos! Thank you! Wishing you Bon Voyage on sea and land! Your kitties know you deserve this special time and you will have such a special homecoming after your travels! Best wishes, Nancy F

  13. Claudia says:

    Have a wonderful time, Susan! What an adventure lies ahead of you!!


  14. Lori says:

    Smooth sailing and can’t wait for “us” to get there!

  15. Patricia H. says:

    Enjoy every moment! Xx

  16. Pamela Jewett says:

    Bon Voyage ma belle et drôle amie!
    I am just drying my eyes after seeing the photos of Jack and his new friend. What expressions on his face. Too amusing.
    We will all miss you but look forward to hearing and seeing England with you.
    Heres a toast with pink champagne and Bob’s your Uncle!
    xoxo Pam

  17. judi says:

    Hugs and kisses and full moon wishes. Safe journey and safe return.

  18. Gert~Iowa says:

    Oh my gosh…you have planned everything to be able to take us along! I am so excited you just can’t imagine! I plan on going to each link as we ride along! Bags are packed, hair is fixed…Rusty will get to visit his aunt for a couple months! lol …BY THE WAY…I just love the pictures of Jack…he is so photogenic …sweetness!! And did you know this is Nationl Hug Your Cat Day? Well, I know Kitty & Jack are going to get lots of “hugs” today!

    You and Joe stay safe and Bon Voyage!

    Signed with lots of love and prayers….

  19. Kim says:

    How sweet of you to take the time to share these wonderful links with us as you prepare for your exciting voyage! I’m looking forward to following along with you.
    I must say Jack and the sailor doll had me smiling and giggling this morning. Too cute!
    Have a fantastic time on your trip and smooth sailing over the ocean blue.

  20. Jack says:

    Sooo, are we there yet? My turn to say it! That felt good! OK, now about the idea of you arriving early so you can talk to that Captain about his driving of the boat . . . try to explain nicely that you don’t want to see him getting too close to the shore, sightseeing, or anything like that. Hopefully he’s Norwegian with a family going back to Erik the Red and the Viking ship!
    Love you! Dad

  21. Becky Pingrey says:

    Have a grand time & most importantly thank you for taking us all along!!! <3 I'm so excited!

  22. OK, sorry but that doll is scary and then when Jack’s paw was across Pete it made me laugh out loud (Jim as usual asked “what has Susan done now”)…..Susan and Joe, may this journey you are about to embark on give you memories to share forever, safe passage, and the trip of your lives. We will miss all of you; but, get on that ship and let the magic begin!!! BON VOYAGE.

  23. Susan Simon says:

    Bon Voyage, Susan and Joe… may there be fair skies and smooth seas, moonlight to dance to, and a wonderful, wonderful time in England!

    Jack has a new friend, so he will be happy, and he and Girl Kitty will keep each other company while you are away.

    Happy Sails to you both! (I am so excited for you… will be sure to watch your sailaway tomorrow. Will look for you waving… my mom actually saw us waving to her last month from the ship in Ft. Lauderdale!) I will quit burbling… just have the best time, ever.

  24. Vee says:

    Many blessings on your trip! The conversation with Jack had me grinning. Thanks for all the links. I just saw the bridge mentioned at Mille Fiori Favoriti so I feel ready.

  25. Jeanette says:

    Suan & Joe, Safe travels & Bon Voyage! We’ll certainly miss you, but knowing we are on a vicariously sojourn with you is awesome!!! This is so very exciting, I can’t believe it’s here already.
    Those photos of Jack and “Pete” are just priceless.
    I know you’ll have a wonderful time. I’ll be the butterfly on your shoulder when you’re at Beatrix Potter’s 😉
    Take the very best care, soak enough of everything up for all of us.
    Cheerio and Hugs and Love!!!

  26. Wendy Louise says:

    OMG That was sooooo great with Jack and Pete, how do you do that, make me laugh, smile and tear up a little at the same time. You are soooooooooo sweet and adorable and funny. I bet it’s from your Dad and Mom and God! Sorry, I got a little carried away, it’s all the excitement about your dream of a life time trip ! I’m so HAPPY for you and Joe ! All great wishes, have soooooo much FUN and Ohhhhh bubble baths tooo! I can’t take all this excitement ! I’m packed and ready set go ! OOXX

  27. Kim S says:

    Thanks for the links!! Have a great time, dear Sue. “Fair Winds and Following Seas!!! ♥

  28. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Ohhhhhhh, such a darling kitty, & cute sailor boy! I get teary-eyed watching folks saying goodby & greeting each other at the airport!! So, I’ll have my tissues ready tomorrow afternoon to wave & say Bon Voyage to you and Joe! Have a 2nd trip of a lifetime, and safe journeys (yikes, driving on the left side, how scary is that!)! So excited to join you and get “Twitters from the Twip”, thank you so much! Warm hugs, prayers & Godspeed headed your way! xoxoxo

  29. K. Ross says:

    Hi Susan — We are all living vicariously through YOU!! What a great trip this will be! By the way, Kitty Jack has lost his “baby face”!! He looks like a grown-up kitty now. Very handsome young man. 🙂

  30. Rhonda Dunn says:

    Hi Susan. Woke up this morning with a song going through my mind that just wouldn’t quit. “I am sailing, I am sailing. Home again across the sea.” Love that song, one of my favorites. Where was this coming from? Then I get up and read your blog – now I know. My Dad was a sailor – spent his whole life on the sea doing many things. He left Scotland in 1949 and sailed from Liverpool, England to Canada on the “Empress of Canada.” And I guess the rest is history. I told you he passed away on Feb. 23rd, and yesterday would have been his 81st birthday. So you are really tugging on the old heartstrings and bringing the tears today. Jack is soooo cute snuggled up to the little sailor. He’s precious and really too cute for words. You and Joe have a wonderful trip, take care of yourselves (you’re both very special to all of us you know). I’m sooo excited for you, and so glad you are taking us along (can’t wait!). Have fun. Bon voyage!! Sending love xoxo.

  31. Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

    Happy Trails to you Susan and Joe!! (Now you’ll have THAT song stuck in your head for a while!)
    Can’t wait for the first posts to arrive from your travels!
    I think that you’re right about Jack and Girl Kitty – this will bring them together!
    Cheers to you!

  32. Lisa R (northern Arizona) says:

    The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. ~St. Augustine
    Oh Susan, I think you are going to get several chapters out of this trip of a lifetime!!! Have a wonderful, glorious adventure!!!! May every moment be more than you ever dreamed it would be!!!

  33. Dawn says:

    Oh how wonderful, your trip is now here…it’s been waiting for you both to enjoy every moment of it…I will be thinking of you as you visit all those wonderful places too… and the deep baths too…LOL
    I am itching to go ‘home’ to England and just smell the air, look at the gorgeousness of the country and revisit all the beautiful memroies I have… and to be sailing away into the sunset to get there…pure bliss… Ill be visiting to catch up on your trip posts.. Have fun!
    Hugs Dawn x x…

  34. Barbara S says:

    Bon Voyage! Susan & Joe! Have a safe and wonderful trip. xoxoxo

  35. Peggy Cooper from Pueblo, CO says:

    Ahhh, the deep tubs of England – HEAVEN. The first time we went to London and I saw the tub, we headed right over to Harrod’s for bubble bath. We call them coffin tubs because while they are deep and long, they are also very narrow. I don’t know if anyone with too much “junk in the trunk” would fit :o)

    Wishing you and Joe the best trip ever. I look forward to living vicariously through you. Thanks for taking us along.

  36. Lynn McMahon says:

    Hi Susan & Joe
    Have a safe & fun trip!
    Thanks for taking us “Land Lubbers” ~ me~ along!

  37. Joy Pence says:

    How cute, your dialogue of Jack and “Sailor Pete” that was funny. You were having a good time with that! Have a wonderful trip. Yes, Saturday night is the “super moon” the moon is rising at its perigee so it is the closest to earth, so when it rises it look huge. I thought of you when I read that, hoping that you will have clear skies to see the super moon over the sea….now that is romantic in and of itself!

  38. Nellie says:

    Bon Voyage, Susan and Joe! I know you will have a wonderful time! You will have such a good opportunity to visit with your friends there, plus check out all the things you missed the first time.:-) I’m really looking forward to the updates you will be sending us. This is a trip that I long to take – apparently not enough, or I’d be saving my pennies.:-)

    Anyway, I send you wishes for a safe journey and happy memories.

    xoxo Nellie

  39. Betty Marie says:

    WOW! You have thought of everything, thanks for leaving the sights so we will have something to watch while we are waiting for more from you aboard ship. I went into the sight for viewing the ship and I clicked on “full view” I think that is what it said ,any way the ship is grand!! I hope you packed a gown to wear down those steps. Bon -Voyage ! Susan & Joe…….

  40. Pat Mofjeld says:

    It is storming here today so this will be quick. Loved the photos and comments of Jack and the sailor doll–you are too funny! Have a wonderful trip!

  41. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Good Morning Sweet Sue…First…omggggggggg Jack & Sailor~Pete…Hilarious & Oh So Cute! Meow! ^o^ & Happy You Packed The Bubble Bath!… 🙂 ok… I am All Packed! Love all Your Websites for Us! Sending Safe Traveling Pixie~Dust for You & Joe! I’ll Meet You at The Commodore~Club with Pink~Champagne Cocktails! Yay! Toot~Toot!!! Bon~Voyage Sweet Sue & Joe! Twirling into The Queen~Mary II…..Splash! 🙂 Love & Hugzzzzzzzz & Lots of Joy! xoxo Poof! 🙂 I’ll Be Thinking Of You when I’m Under The Full Flower Moon! A Toast to Sweet Sue & Joe….On Your Magical Adventure! 🙂

  42. Marianne says:

    Bon Voyage to you, sweet Sue! May you and Joe have the trip of a lifetime. Dare I ask one little favor? I l-o-v-e to eat new things when I travel. Would you take some pictures and describe some of the foods you find most delicious on your trip? We can dine with you vicariously.

    Many Thanks, and Happy Travels you two!!!


  43. Barbara (WA) says:

    Oooooh, this is so exciting! Thank you for the links – that ship is amazing. Of course, I laughed at your dad’s comment and thought about having 8 kids in one car. “Are we there yet” indeed!

  44. Heartsdesire says:

    Thanks for those links, Susan. This is going to be so exciting. Imagine being able to watch you sail across the ocean. I’m so looking forward to it. And when you get there, I’ll be waiting to see Beatrix Potter’s garden. I’ll bet it’s “absolutely fabulous” in May. Jack is looking very mature these days. Hope he won’t be too lonely while you are gone. Bon Voyage to you and Joe!

  45. Sandy Richmond says:

    Bon Voyage!! Enjoy!!

  46. Nina says:

    Bon Voyage Susan & Joe! Hope you have a safe passage. Thank you for all the great links sooo very kind of you to let us all tag along! Your Dad is sooo funny….Now its my turn! That made me laugh.
    Well I hope you have you’re brolly and wellies your gonna need them! But here in England we can have 42 different weather fronts in one day so you will also need your sunglasses too! Oh and we do sell bubble bath here too Marks & spencers do some lovely ones if you are passing by! Have a great trip can’t wait to hear all about it! xxxx

  47. Linda Pintarell says:

    Bon Voyage Susan and Joe! The trip of the lifetime…or to date…enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Can’t wait to be part of it. Thank you for taking all the girlfriends along. Safe travels!

  48. Mary says:

    You go girlfriend!!! Have a blast, I am sorting my stash of your quilt fabrics right now and stopped for a minute to read your blog. I am so excited for you and Joe, I think I will make a quilt with your fabrics while you are gone to honor your fablous trip. Thanks for taking us all along. Bon Voyage!

  49. Rebecca L. says:

    Bon voyage! I’m sure you’ll have a grand time.

    Wishing you safe travels from Riverside, CA.

  50. Bonnie Crawford --Arroyo Grande, California says:

    You know Sue, Jack won’t know what to do with you gone…. He is getting so big! Thank you for those links! Oh my goodness, I can just see you and Joe foxtrotting in that beautiful Queen’s Ballroom!~~ You lucky, lucky girl!! Yes, you are going to have the thrill of your lifetime! We will be flying into JFK right after you pull out…. Have an amazing time, and I will follow along as much as possible!!
    Bon Voyage to you both…. xoxo

  51. Georgie says:

    I have tears of excitement in my eyes! Whooo Hooo! It’s time! You’ve told us about it and now it’s time to go… But WAIT! we are coming too (well… almost!).

    Sending smiles and hugs. I will be waving tomorrow and will probably shout when I see your ship come into view 🙂

    Then, when the QM2 fades from view… I will RUSH about in a tizzy, and finish my packing. Saturday night I hope to see that full moon rise in Hawaii!

    Dear Susan… Bon Voyage!
    Georgie from NJ

    I’m still learning Twitter and am looking forward to your Tweets from the Trip!

  52. Francine says:

    Bon Voyage!!! Can’t wait for our trip to begin. Gotta check out all the links you gave us, and pick out my room. Have a wonderful and safe trip. Wish I was really going!!

  53. Kim says:

    How about a children’s book series of “Jack and ….” ?? (In this case, Jack and Pete!) Your narrative accompanying the photos is so wonderful! :o) Wishing you and Joe the trip of a lifetime~Well deserved! (And well researched, too!) Thank you for including us in on all the fun and anticipation of this marvelous adventure ~ We’ll all happily be traveling vicariously with you both! (PS – As always, LOVED the music! Whoever said (yesterday) that your voice sounds like Doris Day’s is absolutely RIGHT!)

  54. Karen P - Wisconsin says:

    Yay! It’s time to go! My heart is pounding for you with anticipation, just thinking about it! LOVE the cute photo clips of Jack and “Pete!” So funny is that commentary. The first picture just cracks me up….he’s looking at him with squinty eyes as if to say “I don’t trust you!” and “Pete” is looking out of his eyes the opposite direction saying “Hmmm…hmmm…..hmmm….” You always come up with something so fun and clever for us!

  55. Carole K says:

    Susan! Bon Voyage! Thanks for taking us all along–what a great adventure.
    thank you for the links, too. We’ll be able to see what you’re seeing.

    The Jack and Pete segment: Amazing! Jack is nearly the smartest cat (after my Maggie) that I know! How on earth did he know exactly what you were thinking! (or vice versa!)

    Godspeed to you and Joe.

  56. Coni (Nashville, TN) says:

    Have a marvelous time! Will you even be able to sleep tonight? 🙂

  57. Mary Ann - Central Highlands of Mexico says:

    Bon Voyage Susan & Joe! Hugs and kisses to darling Jack and sweet GK.

  58. Gail Buss says:

    Bon Voyage to Susan and Joe! I know you’ll have the best time every because “Life is What You Make it”!!! We’ll pray for your safe journey! With Hugs and Love…………Gail & Joe Buss, Bev. Hills, Fl XXOO

  59. Kathy from Brevard, NC says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Pete reminds me of the story, The Borrowers. Maybe he is the advance guard and there will be plenty of company for the kitty-sitter, Jack and Girl-Kitty.

    Thanks for all the links. I got the Queen’s Grill Grand Duplex Q1 for Larry and myself. Such a beautiful accommodation for the next however many days. Please everyone come visit so we can keep the butler happily busy!!!

  60. pat addison says:

    good morning susan, good morning everyone. bon voyage susan, i hope you have a wonderful trip over, calm winds, smooth seas and smooth sailing all the way. loved the pictures with jack, looks like he has adopted a toy to keep him company while you are gone, sort of like our cats did with my old teddy bear, they adopted it when we were packing to go to the coast for the weekend. they loved it and its been their bear ever since. have fun, and bon voyage. hugs…… 🙂 easy on the ocean videos…. i’ll be riding close to the rails!!!! LOL!!!

  61. Debbie P Weedsport, NY (near Syracuse) says:

    Wishing you the most magical, romantic, wonder-filled adventure ever!!! I love that you’re sharing it all with us…you’re very sweet. Oh…and I thought my heart would just melt looking into those beautiful kitty eyes!
    Safe travels for you and Joe ~
    Love you!

  62. Doreen Strain (from Florida) says:

    Hi Susan, I can feel your excitement in the air. I visualize you taking little jumps in the air and clapping your hands….”we’re going to England…we’re going to England”. Bon Voyage…have a wonderful time. Take a moment to feel the excitement and enjoy the feeling it gives you. Take a deep breath and have a ball. I’ll be sitting here with tea cup in hand awaiting your updates and photos. Hopefully, I’ll figure out twitter before the two months is up and your home again. LOL! Sooooooo excited for you! xoxo FOSB 4~Ever! ~ Doreen ~

  63. Paula Jones Denton says:

    Hi Susan !

    You and your kitties are sooo funny. I’m laughing out loud ! Jake the Dog is looking up at me lazily wondering why I’m disturbing his nap.
    I can sense the excitement for your/our departure in your ” voice ! ” Golly !!! I hope I didn’t forget to pack something !
    It sure will be exciting to watch the ship sail. I’ll watch for you ! Know that I’ll be waving, too !!!

    Bon Voyage to you and Joe (and all of us !)

    Happy Sailing, Susan 🙂

  64. Judy from Oregon says:

    Bon Voyage! The ship is amazing! Loved the pictures of Jack and Pete but you are right that is one scary doll. It will be interesting to see how Jack and Girl Kitty bond while you are gone. Have an amazing trip thanks for bringing us all along.

  65. Julie Cavrich says:

    Bon Voyage to you and Joe. Loved the “Jack & Pete” story. So glad Girl & Jack are “getting on”. I think sometimes they know what we need, so they gave you this before you left so you would not worry so. I am so excited! I have my Rose teacup (was my Mom’s) ready to go for tea & toast. Have a great time, I will be right there with you! Smooth Sailing!

  66. Carol Maurer says:

    Have fun on your trip, Susan!!!!! I will watch the ship leave and welcome you back home when it’s time.

    Carol M

  67. Christie Ray says:

    You just absolutely crack me up…make my day…pass along sweetness…Every . Single . Post!! Jack is absolutely the cutest little guy and how lucky is he that you know EXACtly what he is thinking! ?! Oh, Susan, last weekend we got to have a booth at one of those cute little barn sales, and the proprietor two booths down came walking up to us with the tiniest baby tuxedo named Stanley! I just knew God had read my mind, answered my prayers for a little “jack” kitty…but husband, shaking his head, said our little 2 lb yorkie girl Scout would be so jealous she could not handle an intruder. I know this to be true, but he was soooo precious..with his little kitty formula dripping from his teeny mouth! The woman had heard a meowing in her ceiling…she tore into it, trying to follow the distressed sounds…to no had dropped down between the walls…so…yes…she tore into the walls and rescued the black and white bundle of sweetness..abandoned it’s mommy. My heart hurts, still that we couldn’t be the ones to give him a home, but how thankful i am that he fell between the walls of the home of a saint to all Gods creatures. Hug your sweet Jack and Girl Kitty for me…the lady who will pine always for another black and white like the one we had when my youngest child was a baby.
    I am soooo excited for you and Joe…I’m even nervous and happy and anxious, all at the same time! I met a gal at the barn sale who lOVes you!! And we were squealing about “our” trip;)))
    And just a little thought…do you happen to have a list compiled/playlist of all these incredibly great tunes you’re always posting? If you did, we could make up our own Sue’s Tunes;)) for twirling through the kitchen…in our domesticity city:))
    I would say, try to get some sleep tonight, but I know, if you’re like me, that will be next to impossible…there’s always time to rest once the journey is in full swing.
    Much much love, you two lovebirds;)

    • Christie Ray says:

      *abandoned by it’s mommy:(

      • christie ray says:

        …and i’m wondering if it’s just me or is Doris Day not a blonde version of you!! I bet your daddy sees it;) There was a photo that came up of her on her bicycle…you both have those kind, smiling eyes! I love her…and you…
        I am making my own playlist…as if you needed one more person to say, “you know what else you could do?” for the umpteenth time…sorry for even posing the question, dear girl…you’re GOING TO ENGLAND for crying out loud!!
        Much love and hugs, as I sit here listening to so many great tunes with Frank and Doris and Petula ….

  68. Martha Ellen says:

    Bon Voyage Susan and Joe!! I know you will be having the time of your lives! Thank you for taking us all along. We all love you and wish you smooth seas and following winds! xoxo ♥

  69. Diane Byrum says:

    Susan, you are a technilogical genius to arrange and plan all of the links, webcams and music for us to be part of your journey! Happy sailing, knitting, blogging, dancing, journaling, photographing, eating (again), toasting, sleeping, dreaming, planning, painting, sketching, eating (and more eating), loving and savoring your time with your beloved Joe. P.S. and sharing this memorable journey with your girlfriends–we will observe your privacy, too 🙂 Bon Voyage! Love, Diane

  70. Oh Susan and Joe, Bon Voyage!!! Can’t wait to see all your pics. Wishing you a magical time and the best time ever. Kathy

  71. Lesley says:

    On July 16, 2006 I sailed on the Queen Mary II with my husband and our 2 teenage grandsons from Hamburg, Germany to England and then on to New York. We stayed in stateroom #8001. That was right next to the library and I loved it. We only saw our grandsons at dinner time. Dressed up in their suits they looked so handsome. I was so proud of them. Their stateroom was on level 5 which was for the best cause I know their housekeeping was not up to par. We loved the ship but the weather wasn’t exactly all sunshine crossing the Atlantic. Wonderful memories that will last forever. I had only one complaint and that was the smoking. I know you will have a most wonderful time and we are all looking forward to your blogs. Happy trip to you and Joe!

  72. Priscilla Palmer from Naples, Florida says:

    Dear Susan,

    Absolutely positively a delightful post. The captions with the Jack and Pete photos have me grinning from ear to ear. 🙂

    xoxo, Priscilla

  73. Terri from Swansboro, NC says:

    Oh the fun you are going to have. Virtual tour was just a fairy tale! OH my how so very breathtaking!! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Can’t wait to read blogs and posts! I am so excited. I have all my England stuff out too, so I didn’t pack for this trip! LOL! I unpacked! I still have some tea I bought in Harrod’s last year when I went to London. I got online to maybe order some, well the shipping was three times more than the tea! LOL! I saved some of the coins from England too! Can’t wait to go back… but for now, will enjoy with you and Joe!! Enjoy those wonderful scones for me! Oh, the clotted cream and jam! Yum Yum!!!

  74. Ann says:

    Farewell Sue! Have a wonderful trip and make happy memories. We’ll miss you.

  75. jeanne hedin says:

    Safe travels, Susan and Joe! Wishing you a trip filled with excitement, fun, memory-making moments, tea parties, joy, romance and adventure!

  76. Pam says:

    Hope you have a super trip. Don’t forget to pack your waterproofs, it’s cold and wet here at the moment. (Unusual for May, it’s usually a lovely month). Maybe you’ll bring the good weather with you 🙂

  77. Dale Worness says:

    I’m not sure if I would trust Jack and Pete alone together while you’re gone. Pete looks like an instigator. Love those false eyelashes! You better tell Girl Kitty to keep an eye on them! Glad she and Jack are becoming buddies. It does take a while, I know from experience.
    Enjoyed the tour of your ship but I did get “stuck” in the lobby. Thought I’d end up with the picture as my screensaver! I’ve never sailed on an ocean liner, just a cruise ship. Sure is a difference!
    I ended calling your CA office yesterday about ordering your new tote and the woman I spoke said you were a GREAT boss. Seems there were 2 cats in the office also. Sounds like such a fun place to work. Would you hire me? (I live in FL so that could be a bit of a problem! ) BON VOYAGE !!

  78. Sandy from New Vineyard says:

    Hi Susan!
    Jack’s antics had me laughing out loud! I think you totally got into his mind! So, do you think you’ll sleep tonight due to all of the excitement? I hope you have a wonderful trip and will make many, many memories to treasure always. Thanks for the information on the full Flower moon as well. I’ll be sure to step outside and take it all in.

  79. Sue Miller says:

    Take it all in with every sense and store it in your heart. What a wonderful adventure. Thank you for allowing is to come along! Bon Voyage <3

  80. Marcia says:

    Bon Voyage! Have a wonderful trip. Loved the pictures of Jack; what a handsome young boy he is, and getting so big!

  81. NancyP says:

    Oh, Susan, thanks so much for sharing your incredible trip! I just visited the ship, and it is truly stunning! What incredible decor, to make you feel spoiled. I love how the commentator cannot pronounce “cuisine”, with that accent, he says it like “Q-zeen”. Part of your experience, hearing all of those accents! Fun for us to have a taste of everything, with your blog. My husband and I have only been on one cruise, and it was divine. Enjoy every second of your trip!

  82. Heidi says:

    May your adventure be all that you are dreaming of and more. I look forward to seeing it through your eyes. Extra hugs to your kitties. Won’t you be returning right before/around July 4th? A perfect welcome home to the good old USA. Safe travels.

  83. Sandra says:

    Jack is right, Pete has to grow on ya!
    Getting closer to departure time…just remember to keep breathing!

  84. Cyndi in NC says:

    Oh Jack is so cute with Pete. *L* What a ham Jack is, like all our animals are. I think you’re right about the cats bonding. When Mom is not looking they get a long just fine. Of course Girl Kitty had to put Jack in his place and show him who rules the roost! *L* I bet they will snuggle up while you’re gone and complain to each other how terrible you are to leave them! So excited for you all and the great adventure! Ta-ta for now.

  85. I am ready for Susan and Joe and the girlfriends’ most excellent adventure! Bon Voyage! xoxo Debbie

  86. Mia Sophia says:

    Bon Voyage and Cheers to you and Joe! I miss you and Jack and Ms Girl Kitty already!!! Happy trails to you. Safe travels, take care and have a glorious time!
    Will look for you as you sail away…Big Hugs! Ps…Hoped the sample tea arrived in time for you trip! 😉

  87. Debra V. says:

    Susan, I’m so excited for you and Joe. You’d think I was physically going with you, I even have butterflies of excitment too! Thanks again for letting us go with you virtually. It is so awesome! I know that you will have so many opportunities to live romantically with Joe. Sipping Pink Champaign cocktails while watching the shoreline vanish as you cruise into that beautiful open sea. Then the tours of the ship while strolling hand in hand. I’m just so very pleased you are taking this trip, it’s sure to keep your marriage even more alive. Have fun! See you on the virtual tour…. Bon Voyage!

  88. Noelle Sweeney says:

    Susan and Joe,
    Have a wonderful time, you are such an inspiration; I can’t wait to see it all with you, places that I never even dreamed of and you are taking us there, it’s just too good to be true! Thanks again:) Noelle

  89. Jennie says:

    How on earth are you going to sleep tonight?! I know I wouldn’t get a wink in if I was off to England the next day! Maybe try what my mom did the night before we all went to Disneyland- 10 years old and she pulls out the wine coolers as a ‘special drink’ before bed- I’m not kidding!! It worked too- out like a light. Of course, now I’d need something a wee stronger . . .
    Jack and that doll!!! He just knows he’s cute, doesn’t he? Oh, those animals just pull us in! And how awesome is it that he and Girl are actually playing together?! It’s like they’re giving you guys the green light and letting you know that it’s okay to go off for awhile- they’ll be perfectly happy and blessed to get to know each other better.
    Bon Voyage, Susan!

  90. Shana says:

    Wishing you both a wonderful trip! Keep us posted as much as you can…Thanks!

  91. Mary Jane says:

    Susan, This is the first time I have ever posted! I had to tell you how much I enjoy your so totally you blog. I cannot wait to see England through your eys and hear your description of all you experience. You are such a postive person and make everything you do and say such a joy to me. I wish you and Joe the most wonderful magical time of your lives!

  92. Joan B says:

    Dear Susan & Joe,
    Have a great trip!! So excited to be going along with you. Leaving Jack & Girl Kitty must break your heart – can your kitty sitter start a blog so you can get daily updates on them???? Have a wonderful, fabulous, beautiful time, thanks for taking us all along with you, and sharing these links to keep us busy while you are gone.
    Much love & thanks,
    Joan B.

  93. Cindy in South Carolina says:

    I could look at pics of Jack all day long. He is so photogenic and such a natural at modeling. People will think one can actually pose a CAT! So glad Girl and he are becoming buddies. Please get your sitter to take pics of them while you are gone so I can get my Branch-Hall cat fix. 🙂

  94. Brenda says:

    May you have the best time of your life!!! I love, love, love the links you provided and I can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures. Wishing you and Joe a wonderful and safe trip!

  95. Rita from MN says:

    Bon voyage! Safe travels! Make lots of memories! And thanks for taking us along.

  96. Bonnie L says:

    My husband and I have experienced a Trans-Atlantic crossing and it is wonderful!
    When he found out that he would need a tux for such events he insisted on purchasing a ‘cowboy tux’ in Dallas. He is from North Dakota, I am from Iowa, and we met in Texas. Have a wonderful, wonderful time, dear Susan. I will try to come along via your blog. We are on our way north from our winter home in Florida and have stopped for the night in Georgia. Our destination by Saturday: Louisville. By the way, when my husband wears he ‘cowboy tux’ he also wears the cowboy boots………yes, they go along on the cruise! Bon Voyage with Love 🙂

  97. Dee says:

    Have a WONDERFUL trip across the BIG POND!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to all of your tales/photos!

  98. Pat says:

    Bon Voyage to the both of you. I wish you a wonderful and exciting trip. I hope it is all that you wanted it to be and more.

  99. Donna Bradley says:

    Loved Joe’s souvenir doll and I think Jack does now too! I am so happy you and Joe get to take this trip. Have the time of your lives!
    Love from Texas~Donna

  100. Linda in Texas says:

    Bon Voyage and happy sailing and touring. Looking forward to seeing England through your eyes.

    And if Jack gets any cuter, we’re all gonna have heart attacks!

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