My Favorite New Word . . .

One of my favorite new words, which I learned while talking to a clerk in a bookstore in Ambleside when I was buying a book on sheep, is “heaf.”  (Yes, I now buy books on sheep! Please don’t let this influence your decision about whether or not to keep reading.)

 To put this word into context, I had to learn another new word: “fell.” A fell is what they call a mountainside in the Lake District area; they might say, “fellside,” instead of mountainside.  “Heaf,” then, is an old Norse word that describes a certain area of fellside where sheep graze. Picture it for a moment.  See the hill?  See the sheep?  (Don’t worry, this has a good ending and stops being like the 4th grade in about one second).  Beatrix Potter (you like it better already, don’t you?) raised a breed of sheep (endangered at the time), called Herdwick sheep.  She especially liked this breed because it remembers its native heaf  and returns to it instinctively.  It’s said that Herdwick sheep are “heafed to the fell.”  Isn’t that great? Heafed to the fell.  Says it all.  I’m heafed too; heafed to my own version of fell, which happens to be this.

H o m e . 

(When I think about it, it’s such a short uncomfortable leap from “heafed to the fell,” to “heifer on the hill!”  I know my dad will try to work in a joke here somewhere — I think I make it too easy for him! )

The kitties were happy to see us (but not as happy as I was to see them!), Girl Kitty cried (my baby)we have been joined at the hip ever since; she has never slept cozier,  next to me! Jack still has his round kitty eyes, he still chases the ball, he sashays back and forth, curling around my legs, saying, in no uncertain words, I’m so happy you are  H o m e !

We drove up the back driveway, to the smell of cut grass and the old boxwood around the kitchen door. Dragged the twelve or fourteen (we’ve lost count) bags into the house, kissed the kitties, and pulled out all the cute things we brought home, arranged them on the dining room table, going Ohhh, and Ahhh, and Remember this?

Woke up yesterday morning in our own bed!!!  First words: Where am I?  Made tea, started a load of laundry, took my cup and walked all over the yard, to see what’s up in the garden, to smell the roses, pull a couple of weeds;  when Joe got up, we walked out through the woods to the pond; how’re the wild blueberries doing this year?; came home, more unpacking, more laundry, and we hung our flag on the house.  Which requires antics on our part, hanging out open upstairs windows.

Last night we walked down to the harbor  to look at the moon and get a whiff of breezy salt air; the outdoor restaurants were lit up and filled with summer people, the terns were swooping and diving into the water, making those little plopping water noises . . . we window-shopped down our little Main Street; stopped for ice cream cones (pistachio and mocha chip in sugar cones), then walked back up the hill; our neighborhood was so quiet; a million fireflies flicked through the bushes around us.      H o m e.

Because we are  H o m e, we have heafed to the fell . . . and the timing couldn’t be more perfect:  Martha’s Vineyard looks and smells like a million bucks.

The whole place is dressed to kill, little straps falling off shoulders and everything.

And now, the Fourth of July!  How perfect!  So what are you doing tomorrow?  I hope it’s something fun!  We’re going to walk across the street, to my girlfriend Martha’s, for a good ole’ barbecue with our friends and their kids.  All-American hamburgers and hot dogs — and potluck for the rest of it.  We’re bringing crunchy White Bean Salad, and cold Lemon Rice salad; made gorgeous with fresh herbs and lots of colorful flower petals; even if you’re not cooking, a look at a photo of this salad is worth it . . . so pretty!  . . . and Joe’s hot garlic French Bread.  How bad can it be?  I Tweeted the recipes today, but, just in case you missed them, here we go again!

America the Beautiful!  God shed his grace on thee.  And us too, please. 

I feel so lucky.  Number One, when you go away, you’re never quite sure you’ll make it back alive . . . but we did!  Out and back, like clockwork!  And number two; we’re Home.  Heafed and Happy.

And we will never, ever, ever, forget the beauty of the Mother Country; the world history that’s encompassed there, and the smart, funny, charming people we met along the way. 

And I will never ever forget how wonderful it was traveling with YOU!  The funnest girls ever!  I have lots more  photos and moments to tell you about; there’s also a very special give-away coming soon, to mark this trip; it was pretty good, don’t you think?  It deserves something special . . . after I get the mail taken care of, I’ll be back!!

Mmmm. Someone just lit their barbecue in our neighborhood  . . . the smell is coming in through the window of my studio.  Two summer smells I love: coconut suntan lotion and a just-lit barbecue.   Happy 4th Everyone! ♥ God Bless America.

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368 Responses to My Favorite New Word . . .

  1. Aggie says:

    Glad to hear all is well after your wonderful adventure. I have had many cats and only one responded the same way as your Girl when I was away a long time. I thought I was imagining her tears, but it is true, my Emma cried for joy all those years ago : -)
    Welcome back!

  2. Jan says:

    Welcome home!! Always good to be back home. We arrived home last evening too after a week at our cabin. Spent time with children and grandchildren – wonderful!! Attended a home town parade and then a picnic barbeque afterwards. Doesn’t get much better. Only thing missing was our youngest son who is out of the country with his job. Have to tell you our youngest two year old grandaughter loves the cow pull toy I bought from your store and grandma loves the bright red timer I bought also. I too was outside this morning checking out the garden and my flowers. My, how things grow in one week’s time – including weeds! Again, welcome home!

  3. Karen D says:

    Such a lovely home to come back to! And a lovely kitty welcome, too! It always takes me a couple of days to adjust after a big trip. Usually until about the time the laundry is finally finished, reality sets in! Thanks so much for the wonderful trip – loved every minute! So glad you are back, and we still get to blog and chat! (happy heart)

  4. Rachael says:

    Love your site and love your pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Happy Day after The 4th of July Sweet Sue!…Love all The Photos of HOME! I KnowYou & Joe are so Happy to Be Back & The Kitties…Meow & Purrrrrrrr! I know You have so Much to do Unpacking…Laundry…catching Up On Everything! On The News Today They Said That Prince William was Being “Knighted” (Of course I thought of You!) 🙂 Let’s See…Our 4th of July was Fun & Scrumptious! Herbster Just Bought a Cast Iron Hibachi Grill…( He Searched in so Many Stores & Nobody Had any)??? so He Broke Down & actually Bought one “Online” lol 🙂 ( Huge for Herbster!) so for The 4th I Prepped all The Food & He Cooked it all…on Our Back Screened~In Porch…& as We sipped on a few Icy Cold Corona’s with Lime & Ate Our Perfectly Grilled Steaks & Corn on The Cob & all The Other Yummy Fixin’s We Actually watched The Fireworks…In Our Back~Yard!!!! Over The Canal…(WE Have a LegoLand…in Winter Haven) & They Put on Quite a Fireworks Extravaganza…& WE can See The Show from Our House!…it was a Blast!….Anyhow…Happy That You are Safe & Sound…That You & Joe are Home Sweet Home…I know You will Have The Sweetest Dreams for Many Nights to Come of Your Beloved Magical Journey! & Once again Sweet Sue I Thank You for Taking us along it has Been a Dream & it Has Been Enchanting! Have a Delightful Lazy Hazy Summertime Day My Friend! Hugzzzzzz & Kitty~Kisses to Girl Kitty & Jack! & always Lots of Summertime Pixie~Dust for You Sweetest Sue! xoxo Poof!✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸✶*¨`*.✫* P.S. Last Night with The Glittery Fireworks in The Sky & The Full~Moon Rising…& sitting on Our Porch…Amazing! 🙂

  6. maybaby says:

    You have the most perfect home to return to, especially with two sweet kitties to greet you. Welcome welcome welcome, and thank you for taking us on your trip! I wait with breathless anticipation for the book about your time there. Your words describe everything you do so eloquently that we are transported to your side, whether it be on a ship, on a heaf, or in your own backyard. Thank you, as always, for your most lovely words and pictures!

  7. Shannon C says:

    Welcome home!!! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time…as did the rest of us! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and I can’t wait to see your journal!!! Love to the kitties…xoxo

  8. Becky from Lockport, Illinois says:

    Welcome home! Miss Potter is my new favorite movie…Jemimah Puddle Duck was my son ‘s favorite when he was five years old…he called her Jemimah Putt a duck…my mother bought a stand guard goose years ago and we named her Jemimah Putt a duck…who is still with me today with a slight ding in her head from a flying hockey puck (four sons)…thank you for sharing Beatrix with us and now I am calling Jamey to remind him of his beloved Putt a duck.

  9. Kay says:

    Welcome home! What a perfect time to return – just in time to celebrate the 4th. I know your sweet kitties were pleased to see you.

    Here in North Central Texas our family celebrated with brisket, smoked chicken and all kinds of summer salads, not to mention a plethora of desserts. There were laughing kiddos jumping in the pool and lots of family pics being snapped. Four generations shared in the fun. There was even a faint breeze which made the summer heat tolerable. Last night we enjoyed what seemed to be the best fireworks show ever – pond side with the beautiful full moon glistening off the water. What a wonderful day!

    Looking forward to more of your England memories as your schedule allows.

  10. pat addison says:

    good afternoon susan, hope you, joe and the kitties had an enjoyable 4th of july. i have the towel warmer info for as to where you can get one, here goes: or simply go to and type in towel warmer, they have a wide variety and a wide range of prices. happy hunting. hugs……. 🙂

  11. judy dow says:

    had a yummy fourth of july your potato salad your hummus berts cheese biscuits and my moms french silk pie thanks for the inspirations love to the kitties and you lucy

  12. Balisha says:

    There will be something missing in my time on the computer. I so enjoyed “my trip” with you. Enjoyed all the wonderful things that you did. Thanks for including me.

  13. Sue says:

    Welcome home! I was so excited at a gift that I received today that I just had to tell you about it. I work at a school for the arts as the principal’s assistant. He and his wife just returned from two weeks in England and they brought me two beautiful Emma Bridgewater cups. I was so excited that it brought tears to my eyes. I have been following your blog and loving your trip to England. So when I knew they were going, I shared some of it with his wife who us head of our art department. I showed her your blog at the Emma Bridgewater factory and all the cups. Well she knew I loved them and they made a special trip to the factory to get two for me. They went on a Sunday and called ahead to make sure they would be open and they were. I was so thrilled, especially knowing you’d just been there. How thoughtful of them. I told her there was nothing they could have gotten me that would mean more or be more appreciated than the cups. So now I own a little piece of England too.

    Sue in Florida

  14. Dawn says:

    So glad you made it back home safe to Kitty and Jack and gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard. Looking forward to autumn with you. 🙂
    Lots of love from Austria!

    • sbranch says:

      Me too, Dawn, look forward to it with you…are you planning any USA trips?

    • Hello Dawn, I noticed you live in Austria and I wanted to share with you that my Daughter Angela just returned from 37 days in your lovely country and she had the time of her life. She visited Vienna and all the museums and graves of all the Composers (so much music history), and she made 2 side trips one day in Munich Germany and a 4 day trip to Paris; but, her heart was with Austria. She studied at the University to finish the music portion of her degree. The pictures that she took were beautiful and I think you are a very lucky lady to be in such lovely surroundings on a daily basis.

  15. krista barrett says:

    Welcome home Susan and Joe. I loved traveling through England with you. Please make sure you work “heafed to the fell” into your book. The warm and satisfying feeling that phrase evokes is just too good for words.


  16. Carolyn says:

    Welcome home–anything lovelier? Thanks for taking all of us along–it has been such a treat!

  17. Carla says:

    Thank you for taking us with you. I loved it all. My boys 10 and 12 also loved the photos and facts you included.
    Thank You!
    Welcome Home!!

  18. Rae Ann from northern Michigan... says:

    Whew…so glad you are safe at home…and that the kitties aren’t sitting with their backs turned to you like pets sometimes do when their people have been gone…it was such fun to travel with you and share all your experiences…just found a few seconds to check in…haven’t been on the computer all week, but have had such fun doing projects with the grandchildren, watching fireworks, splashing in the water, cooking, eating, loading and unloading the dishwasher…whew…it was a glorious 4th in northern MI…still having a MAJOR heat wave…what about Martha’s Vineyard???…xoxo…

    • sbranch says:

      We are in the lucky zone right now. It’s in the 80’s, there’s a breeze from the harbor everyday, but the real thing for us is, there isn’t much humidity right now, humidity is what does us in. People are telling me the island had the most beautiful weather while we were away, “the best spring ever” and I think I see it reflected in the gardens, everything is just popping!

  19. Marilyn S. says:

    Welcome, welcome home! There is no lovelier place to be. How wonderful to have such a beautiful place to come home to and on the 4th of July holiday as well. I certainly enjoyed “our” trip and want to thank you again for all of the delights you shared with us.

  20. Lisa Nelson-Jones says:

    I am SOOO happy (So happy!) you and Joe are safe and sound at hef-com central 🙂 I am especially happy because (well,almost the whole time, ok, sometimes I peeked) the whole time you have been abroad, I have kept (having to at times tie my hands behind my back) from your blog to keep from myself from having a stroke at all of the beautiful, wonderful, glorious wonders of Englad so that I can save it all up and actually get my greedy little hands on an ACTUAL copy (real, live!) of the booklet. I want to savor it, to drool over it, to snatch it away all to myself while enjoying MY tea and time with you all at once (or stretched out savoring every single little word of it). I am so excited. I cannot wait to see all the wonders, all the beauty, all the spectacular drawings through my very favorite artist’s eyes…whom I would rather take an England trip with than anyone else I know of. And I get to! I CAN’T WAIT!!

    • sbranch says:

      I have to say that working on the Diary means the trip really isn’t over, I’m still living in it every day! I understand Lisa, I like to surprise myself too! Here at Hef-com central! 🙂

  21. Danielle says:

    Welcome Home Susan & Joe! I so enjoyed our trip and I can’t wait to hear more about it. So glad you had a wonderful time and are now back, safe and sound, with the kitties – Home Sweet Home! And also the most perfect time to be on MV : )

    Danielle xo

  22. Paulie says:

    Hello Dear Ambassador to England! Susan Branch……..
    That is right! What else is there to say? England should make you their Ambassador for sure. I wonder how many tourists will now book a trip to England after being one of the “Girlfriends” to accompany you and Joe on this trip. Oh I really do think you have truly earned this title now. We are all in love with England now. The landscapes have been painted well in your blog through your written hand and eyes and we all treasure the experience and your gift. Now the real question is, does England really know what a gift you have made to them? Ah, that is the question now. So girlfriends what do we say?

  23. Tawni urrutia says:

    So happy to have you both home! Now that you’ve had a few days to catch you breath, I want to float something out there…maybe, like every five years or so, you take a fab trip(bring us all along, of course) and publish an incredible diary! You know, Bon Jour from the Heart of the Home…Joe & Sue’s adventures in France! Ole(with the right accent mark over the “E” that I am to lame to know how to do) from the Heart of the Home …Spain through the magic eyes of Sue &Joe.
    I really look forward to the English Diary. You are a lightening rod for joy!
    Tawni in Lodi Ca

  24. Susan, I was watching the Olympic Trials and it dawned on me that once again in just a few weeks we are all going back to England to cheer on our athletes!! We will get to see the lovely English Countryside when they go on sites and do the athlete bios, so you will get to see places that you/Joe just recently visited. I can’t wait and since you took all of us and showed us England now we will be more astute and aware. GO USA!!!

  25. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    oH Susan, It’s fun to think of you back Home….Safe, Sound, and Happy! Did
    your heart skip a beat to see Girl Kitty and Jack? Your garden is looking good!
    Our garden was decorated for a garden bridal shower on Sunday. The sunshine, heat, and high humidity brought the the party inside after awhile….I think the laughter seemed louder and the love felt stronger, being all tucked together inside! I wonder if you are back to the “hum” of beautiful everyday life on Martha’s Vineyard. You are in my thoughts ….and I do mean literally. This past Tuesday, on the eve of the full thunder moon, I wanted to walk around Sunset Pond. Usually, Bret and I go together, but with the high heat and even higher humidity he thought I was Crazy! I just had to go! The moon, the pond, the fireflies were calling me….but I had to be quick because it was getting dark so fast. I brought my camera; the moon was so big as I walked, it looked like a giant peach. Ugh, No batteries! Well, I would take a mental picture! And then my favorite part…..the loop through the woods, where the fireflies fly! There were hundreds! Everywhere! I was looking to the left and to the right, up high, down low, and began walking faster because it felt really dark in there….but oH so magical! And then it looked really really dark, as I was face-to-face with the pavement! I lay there for I minute, repeating “I’m okay, I’m okay.” And then, YoU popped into my thoughts and saved the day(night)….. I started LaUghInG!!!! I had just….”heafed to the fell!” or had the pavement heafed from the heat and caused me to fell? I’m sure I made a “heaf” sound as I fell! And now as I look at my “Giant” peach of an ankle and hear those words, “I told you so!”….. I remember the moon, the pond, the fireflies, and wish I could be on the more romantic side of “heafed to the fell.” I dream of the classics…..but why do I
    always end up living the comics ?
    Wishing you a Beautiful weekend Susan, from my fell to yours……..XoXDawn

    • sbranch says:

      As long as you live to tell the story, that’s OK! 🙂

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        Gosh, Susan, I KNOW both Dawn and I live in Minnesota and actually live fairly close to each other but PLEASE do not ask me to keep track of her here!!! It was one thing while we were in England on the trip, but there IS a limit! Besides that, I’m figuring she fell in the dark because she must have saturated herself and her husband with mosquito spray because the mosquitos have been so bad that I can’t imagine how they were out walking in the dark! In fact, maybe a gigantic mosquito tripped her! 🙂

    • Wow Dawn please start your walk earlier in the evening from now on we are not nocturnal creatures you know?? Hope your ankle feels better soon and that moon you talked about should of lit your way? I have yet to see my 1st firefly of the summer? hmm probably the heat keeping them from frolicking about…I had a fall (over my computer cord) will be 2 yrs. in Nov. and tore my retina and I’m still having flashes of light in the dark UGH hope that doesn’t happen to you!!! Be well sorry that happened to you.

    • judi says:

      So sorry about your fall and so glad you’re okay. A lifelong MN girl who is sojourning the past 10 years in FL – I sooo miss fireflies. They are magical. The walk sounds worth it to me – even with your booboo:(

  26. Lisa R (northern Arizona) says:

    Welcome Home!! Hope you had a wonderful 4th celebration…..the pictures of the island are gorgeous….could look at them every day! Thanks for sharing.♥

  27. Kathy in San Diego says:

    There are now words for your blog entries–love them all. Your patriotism, love of everyday life, and descriptive thoughts are simply a joy to so many. Thank you, as always, for enriching our lives!
    PS. Absolutely LOVE those kitties too….. 🙂

  28. Connie Martin says:

    Welcome Home!

    Love,Connie and Love the USA!!!!

  29. Peggy says:

    Welcome home Wonderfull to see Jack
    Hope you have a great summer Love your blog

  30. judy says:

    Heafed to the fell.., I LOVE that phrase!

  31. Jack says:

    Saw a big ole rattlesnake on the drive this morning and had the cops come and put it in a bucket — they will let it go somewhere out of town — this is the time for them to be active
    And so Susan — I think you should play your “Sneaky Snake” song for everyone remember Sneaky Snake goes dancin’ , awiggelin’ and prancing … maybe you won’t see him …
    And maybe you won’t hear , but he will sneak up right behind you and drink all your root beer …

    • Pat Mofjeld says:

      Yikes, Jack! A rattlesnake! And you sing songs about snakes???!!! And I was just thinking, after reading Dawn’s comments above about walking in the woods at night and falling, etc., that with the bad heat wave we are in, the snakes are probably coming out at night to eat the bugs (fireflies AND mosquitos) because it is even too hot for snakes here right now during the day! And when my husband, Norm, when I freak out because of a snake outside, tells me “It is just a garter snake, afterall, not a poisonous snake”, my reply is, “A snake is a snake, is a snake, is a snake, etc.!” Ughhhh…. 🙂

    • judi says:

      Snakes don’t bother me too much unless I come upon them by accident and then,,,,,they make me jump and back off. Floods are the things that REALLY make them come out of the ground.
      Jack, by any chance did your boys have some of those rubber fake snakes??? I’ll bet so:) Ha, a song about snakes and root beer!

      • Jack says:

        We had one snake get loose in the house; our son Bradley was a big collector! We searched for it for days with no luck. Then one evening, wife Pat and I were in the kitchen and she started jumping up and down mouth working arms waving but no sound! Finally she croaked sn-A-ke — and there, crossing the entrance to the family Room — the snake!! Then the new law was no animals other than our dog would ever be brought into this house and it stuck —- I think ……?

        • sbranch says:

          Isn’t it fun that you are still finding out about things that happened at home that you didn’t know about? Wasn’t there a furry critter in your shoe … a mouse or a hampster?

      • Jack says:

        Several comments have been made regarding Sue and how she is ……well here’s a bit of how I think she got that way …. short story example: We’re at Disneyland. Mom and I are wandering kinda aimlessly and behold our No. 2 son climbing branch to branch up this huge tree they had there! We knew who it was because he was wearing these green bib coveralls he liked; so we moseyed on with the satisfaction of at “least we know where that one is.” It couldn’t have been more than three minutes later that we see this green streak running about a block ahead of us; yup, him, old No. 2. My point being here that with loose snakes in the house and four (count ’em) super-active brothers to cope with every day, she was tenderized and mellowed out at an early age. I don’t recommend this as a method to develop a nice person, but in her case it worked! I guess I would say, “don’t try this at home!”

      • Jack says:

        Really a cute song Judi — if ya wanna hear Tom T Hall sing it you can get it on google – I bet you like it !

  32. Karen says:

    Seeing your “home” shots brings me on a mini vacation to my favorite place… MV!… I’ll be there in September, but oooh, to blink my eyes and be there right now. You describe it perfectly.

    • sbranch says:

      I don’t know what we did to deserve this, but we are having Perfect weather. It’s not humid, just softly breezy, all the things you want the island to be…. But September, it’s always heaven in September.

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        Here, too…in the Fall it is really nice…I am just hoping this heat wave doesn’t last until then and that Fall really does happen here–wonderful cool dry breezes and beautiful colors, harvest time, crisp apples, sweaters, cold rainy days in front of fireplaces, crackling piles of leaves to walk through, apple cider (maybe even peah-cida…)–thanks for the brief respite from the heat wave! 🙂

        • zinnia patch says:

          Oh Pat! Thank YOU for the brief respite from the heat. I actually could feel a cool breeze just reading your comment. ahhhh

  33. Georgie says:

    I am finally catching up with everything!!! Heafed to the fell! Remembering our roots… taking them with us and returning back HOME again! Isn’t is wonderful that we can carry home in our heart wherever we go! But, there is always something so special that happens when we put the key in the lock, turn it and push open our own front door after a long trip! Ahhh! The Joys of travel and the Joys of coming HOME.

    This trip has been eye popping, heart bursting and soul satisfying!!!! How FUN to travel with 200+ Girlfriends. Now we get to sift through the 10,000 pictures together 😉

    I hope you plan to do a book tour with your journal… a lot of work to plan, but oh I can see all the smiling faces! xoxo Happy Weekend!

    Yardville NJ

  34. I love your “little straps falling off shoulders” photo!

    • zinnia patch says:

      Hi Cathy! I just popped over to peek at your blog and oh my goodness…talk about a respite from the heat!!!!! Ahhhh what a beautiful garden….I love your post and the font is just too cute….will be back later…and I to just loved Susan’s comment about the straps…so creative!!!

  35. Miriam says:

    I have SO LOVED all your posts but this was the cherry on the top! The pictures and comments are awesome….can hardly wait for your book….would love to make this trip with my hubby (he’s enjoying your blog too!!) Susan Branch, you are AMAZING !!!!! xoxoxo Miriam

  36. marie bailey says:

    So glad you enjoyed your trip to my homeland, it really is a beautiful place, even if a little wet. Although your country looks just as beautiful to us. Anyway Ive just watched a Sunday morning programme we have Country File which featured sheep and HEAF and the work they did in 2001 to help continue the breed of sheep through sperm and egg collection wouldnt have paid much attention bif I hadnt heard the word HEAF. So thank you for my lesson in English words I knew nothing about. Marie-UK

  37. Victoria says:

    Dear Sweet Sue,
    Welcome home!!!! And Happy 4th!
    What an amazing trip for us all! … From one charming place to another… So glad you and Joe are home safe and sound and all is well. Loved your pictures!!! ( love all your pictures). ..and reading about your home coming and sheep, I always learn so much from you! XO !
    Each year we take a trip to Cape Cod and this year we are hoping to take a day trip explore MV. I fell in love with New England on my first visit…. it feels like home, even though I’m from the midwest. I would love to retire there.
    Thank you for sharing all you blessings with all of us!
    Please give Jack and Kitty Girl a kiss for me!

  38. Welcome Home ! Thank you for allowing us to join you in a trip of a lifetime!
    Very generous of you. I have never been to England but through the photos and blog have felt like I have a better appreciation of the beauty and culture! Hope to visit one day myself .
    Thanks again

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