How do you feel about a trip to Nantucket?  You’ll have to leave him . . . can you do it? Perhaps a little MUSICA will help.


I tell you it is not easy . . .

Girl Kitty wave Bye Bye

How about Girl Kitty?  It’s hard saying goodbye, but they have darling people, Jessica and Bob, staying with them, so it will be OK.  They have been trained in the fine art of rubber-band shooting.

island hopping

So here we go.  Dropped off by Joe’s sister in Oak Bluffs, that’s our boat straight ahead, coming to get us.



We’re going island hopping . . . My kind of travel, no car and this is the view out the window from our table on the fast ferry as we’re leaving the harbor.

island hopping

from the beach

Passing all the summer frolickers . . . not the clearest of pictures because the windows on the boat were a wee bit salty!


One hour and ten minutes of smooth ocean travel wearing lovely sea bands just in case, and voila, we pull into downtown Nantucket where we are met by our dear friend and whisked away to his August hideaway . . .


. . . he rented this most glorious house and invited us to come over for a visit and thank goodness we did not foolishly come up with some sort of thing like Oh no, we can’t go, we have to work!  (For a change.)  You know how “house crazy” I am . . . well Nantucket is the place to indulge. Cutest places here, I just stared out the window as we were driving along, and then . . . this!  Can you imagine a more comfortable place to sit, talk, hangout?  No, me either. Get ready, there’s more . . .


Go out that door in the previous photo, you have your choice of THREE of these lovely seating areas on different parts of the deck. You can knit, you can read, you can write letters, you can nap, you can drink wine, you can stare blindly at the ocean.


island hoping

With the quietest most lovely view, and the ocean breeze bobbing the lanterns around.


And rather a nice front row seat for the sunset . . .


The view, along with the light wind, makes all the little hairs on your arms stand right up; you pull your shawl a little closer.  Now watch what these lanterns do . . .

island hopping

Ahhhhh!!!!  They’re solar powered; they come on all by themselves.  Aren’t they wonderful?

Nantucket view

I’ve never seen them before but they were very close to magic as far as I’m concerned.  I got right on it . . . if you want these,  here’s where you go to get them . . .

our room And soon, it was bedtime, we had a room with a view . . . and slept with the ocean outside our windows.

dining room

Thought you would like to see the dining room where we had our tea this morning.  Is this not a little bit of heaven? These wooden walls smell sooooo good! (I love traveling with you, we like so many of the same things!)

pictures like this

This house is old and has been in the same family for generations . . . the rooms are filled with photos like these. They are so lucky someone held on to these precious memories.


But this is my favorite, a shelf-desk just like the one Louisa May Alcott had in her bedroom. And the house is filled with books.


It’s kind of like a rambling old camp . . . seven or eight bedrooms in different wings, and there’s one wall where family members have been measuring themselves with dated pencil marks and initials since 1910.


This morning we went for walk in Sconset, which is on the other side of the island from where we came in on the boat, and very peaceful and quiet, especially during the week.  Especially at 7 am.

Back in the whaling days, the whale blubber (and other whale parts) smelled so bad, that the families built themselves “summer houses” on the other side of the island to escape it. Hence we have the darling town of Siasconset or “Sconset.”


Worth the getting-up and getting-out for . . . the day is fresh and the window boxes are fluffed on all the darling old houses…


It reminds me of England . . .a chip off the olde blocke.


On one side of the street is that long walk along the ocean, and on the other side are houses facing the water. Here are a few we saw along the way.


From the name over the door, we are led to believe these people aren’t home much, but if this was mine I would change the name to Seldom Out.  It might not make as much sense, but it would definitely be closer to the truth.


Look how they continued the hedge in the back (left side of house) off the roof line and across the back.  Is that brilliant or what?  Then they took all the square lines and rounded them out with the smiling fence.

island hopping

You want to stop for tea in every one of them.  Knock-knock, can I please come in?  Just a quick cup of tea, a nap with your kitty and I’ll be on my way.


It’s all fences and hydrangeas.


Fences, roses and porches . . . and charm . . . (Musica? Same song, same place . . . One more time.  Happy Summer my dear friends!)


And more porches, the kind you dream about . . . and roses grow on trellises on roofs!


Porches with stripes and pillows and wicker and rocking chairs . . . and starfish in the windows.


bikes and porches

more hydrangea and bikes with baskets . . . love-love-love it.


And lots of driveways made from crushed clam and oyster shells . . .



Too early for a swim in the pool . . . but I’d say it looks like the perfect place for lunch. 


This used to be the town water pump a long, long time ago . . . see the plaque on the rock, below right?


Here it is up close:  “The well was dug in 1776.”  Out here on this bitty island, less than half the size of Martha’s Vineyard, even then, teeming with life and determination.


And adorable houses like this one right across the street from the well.


A couple of blocks over, this is the only business on this part of the island. They have fancy groceries.


And the basics . . .


You can see why it might be popular.

Island hopping

When we got back to where we’re staying . . . I walked right out the door to take us down the little path to the sea . . .


I knew you would want to see this lovely little beach . . . I wish I could send this breeze to you via Internet Express.


This is the view when you look to the right . . .

IMG_6136 And here it is when you look to the left.  You have it all to yourself.

The house

And this is the house as you walk back up to it from the water .  .  .  I have other pictures of the bedrooms ~ in case you’d like to see more.  We’ll be here for a couple of days.  I’ll take my camera everywhere!


But, in the meantime, I also wanted to update you on AUTUMN.  I’ve been getting letters asking for an update, so here you go.  Just before we left I got a sample of the finished product! I am thrilled with the way it looks.  There’s our long awaited ribbon, securely fastened in our new book.  Finally!  I love how it looks. What do you think of the color?  It’s like wine, brownish wine, fallish leafy color of New England.



This is such perfect timing, I am so ready for fall, I can’t help it, it’s my favorite season and we’re so on the verge right now — singing crickets and little cool breezes in the woods. The printer is saying he’s trying to have the rest of the books to us in two weeks. We are keeping our fingers crossed.  For sure, the second it comes in, out it will go, signed, to you and yours.


new logo

Autumn is the very first book from Spring Street Publishing so you’ll see this, our new logo, inside the book for the first time.  We are very excited in more ways than one.


Because being “in charge” means that our little bookie-book gets a new logo, a ribbon, a sticker and a new start on life for anyone who may have missed it ten years ago. And that makes me happy.

leaves  And, let’s see, I had something else I wanted to show you . . 


Ah yes, this darling Pig pitcher.  He looks especially cute right now in my pantry, and he matches my elephant creamer! (The elephant is vintage, you have to find him in antique stores ~ once in a while, when I’m out and about, if I find an extra, we put him in our vintage store, so keep an eye out there if you’re interested).



Anyway, we found this beautiful little pig brand new and actually got a few of them in stock in case anyone else needs a perfect creamer for a large tea party, or for the myriad of other uses for which pitchers are famous.



He looks like he’s singing!



I think he’s adorable . . . I just got him a couple of days before we left, so far he has put milk on our cereal and that’s all we’ve had time for.  But, he made Joe smile (indulgently).

pink border


There’s a little spoon/teabag holder that matches, and I think there are a couple other piggy things in our store.  I really needed the spoon holder!


And soon, coming to a neighborhood near you, Janie has made us a wonderful new fall banner!

fall leaves

 And now, back to our regularly scheduled programing!  Nap on porch anyone? XOXO 

sb border


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355 Responses to ISLAND HOPPING; Martha’s Vineyard to NANTUCKET!

  1. Kristina says:

    Oh, how I would love to go to Nantucket! While doing genealogy research, I discovered my family has roots there…and I live in Nebraska! Several generations called the island home back in the 18th and 19th centuries before scattering with the wind to all parts of the states. Someday, I will get there and try to discover what they did for a living. Have a fabulous trip! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      How interesting! I bet some of them are over in the grave yard here.

    • katherine says:

      Hi Susan and Kristina,
      I just wanted to say hi to Kristina too! I am living in PA now but grew up in dear Nebraska. I miss the openness of Nebraska some days and of course I miss all my family that is still there. I still have amazing memories of my favorite houses in NE… my Grandma Luceil’s, my Aunt Chrystal’s and Grandma Margaret’s. Houses get into your heart and they are great memories of times gone by. Thanks Susan for a wonderful tour of Nantucket. I am a house nut too and always wanting my husband to slow down while driving so I can peek at peoples homes, porches, flowers, and gardens! There are certain houses that I just would like to invite myself into to meet the people within as they must be as dear as their homes.

  2. Charlene H. from So. Calif. (S.F.Valley) says:

    Susan…thank you for sharing all this beauty with us! Love, love, love the history and the homes! Also, congrats on Spring Street Publishing! Your artistic and creative mind must be venturing further into the business world! Break out the champagne and have a successful launch! May smooth sailing come your way! ♥♥♥

  3. Sharon in The Carolinas says:

    What a grand time reading your blog post and loving the photos! House tours are the “best”. Makes me feel like I am on a little tour of your vacation also. Any house photos you can post are greatly appreciated! Love living on the east side of the US. Looking forward to our first fall here. The pig pitcher is an adorable addition to kitchen decor. Know you will enjoy every minute there before you head homeward.

  4. Janet in Rochester says:

    How lucky to get that invitation? A few days on Nantucket! When I hear “Nantucket” the first thing I think of are window boxes. Of all its wonders I think they stand out most for me. They’re everywhere there and just gorgeous. Love those clamshell driveways too. Glad to see some folks still have them. Much nicer to look at than asphalt, dirt or rocks. I have a friend whose grandparents or great-grandparents had a summer place on MV? Nantucket? And the walkways around their property were paved with fishbones. Never saw that before. But apparently it was something everyone did in the late 1800s/early 1900s. I understand that every so often the walkways had to be “re-laid” with bones. I guess when it became much easier to do a walkway made of cement or stone or bricks [one that wouldn’t need to be done again in a few years], the age of fishbone sidewalks began to die out. But they certainly were unique. Thanks for the alert on the latest Janie banner – got to have me one. Enjoy the rest of your idyll on Nantucket, you lucky girl. ⛵️

    • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

      that is one of my dream destinations, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard, and Salem, MA. actually I would to tour about New England in the Fall, maybe some year I can. and go touring about the Hudson Valley and see the old Dutch farms there. sigh!!!!

    • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

      Where did you get the tiny sailboat???

  5. kathy Bussey says:

    Please post more photos–they are very calming after a stressful day at work. Just like a mini vacation. Thanks for taking us away!!

  6. Lorraine from White Plains, NY says:

    Gorgeous. Just… gorgeous!

  7. Barbara from MA says:

    A bunch of girlfriends and I went to Nantucket last October when it wasn’t so crowded. We took a tour of the island with a wonderful woman driver/tour guide who was a native and she told us everything possible about the island. We all had so much fun that we invited our guide to go to lunch with us. Such a beautiful place to visit. We may all be going back this year…

  8. marisa grindstaff says:

    wow a trip to Nantucket it was just what I needed, a mini vacation
    to a place I have never been . I love all the shades of blue. Thanks for letting me tag along. Great decorating tips too!!

  9. Pom Pom says:

    That looks like the house in The Big House! Wow! How fun! Thanks for the lovely tour!

    • Joanie Ruppel says:

      I am reading The Big House right now! Heading to the Vineyard in September – can’t wait, although now I want to spend a day on Nantucket!

  10. Rhonda D. says:

    A lovely dreamy tour of Nantucket. I will have to add this charming place to my bucket list. Thank you for taking us along. Love the cedar shingled houses, the hydrangeas, the flowers and the sea. I think I’m starting to feel homesick. The ribbon color for the Autumn book is perfect, absolutely perfect. Enjoy your island hopping vacation…a wonderful get-away.

  11. Martha Ellen of VA says:

    How lovely, dear Susan. Enjoy your time with your Joe. You have been working so hard on our new book–take long walks, eat great seafood, and sit on one of those beautiful porches and drink it all in. The smiling gate is just perfect for Nantucket! xo ♥

  12. Toni says:

    Hi Susan
    I’m so happy to see your new post today. What a lovely mini vacation, so close to home, yet far enough away to be exciting. Hopefully some day I’ll get to the islands too. Enchanting.

  13. Susan Hann says:

    I’m sitting at my desk at work and enjoying the sights of Nantucket. I’ve always wanted to go there! I can just picture sitting in my sand chair with my toes in the water reading a good book, looking up every once in a while to watch the birds and the waves. I close my eyes and smell the salt water and feel the breeze on my arms. Then I open my bag and take out one of those cinnamon rolls and devour it! Thanks for sharing your trip and all of your adventures with us!

  14. Mary Brehm says:

    Oh Susan, How lovely. I can actually see, hear and taste all of the wonderful sights and sounds in the pictures. So wonderful. I thought of you this past weekend, my hubby took me to the Madison Bouckville antique show in central NY, near Cooperstown. It is like the Brimfield show. We had so much fun. It was the first time we had ever been. I was overwhelmed. I got some fun goodies and I saw that cute little elephant creamer. I actually found a matching pitcher as well. Every time I found something pretty I thought, I wish I could show this to Susan, she would love it. I bought a pretty little punched tin pie safe and more of my mothers Johnson Brothers “friendly village” dishes. I inherited them from My dad who passed away in June and we had our 30th anniversary on June sixteenth. He was very ill so we couldn’t celebrate then. This trip was our belated getaway to celebrate. It was wonderful after a long hard spring.
    I know how you feel about fall…I am getting excited as well. There is already a small nip in the air. I made fresh pesto this afternoon with basil from my garden, so yummy. Thank you for sharing Nantucket with us. I will remember what you said once, that if I plan and think about it hard enough, someday I will make it come true for myself. Once again, thanks for being you. Love, Mary Brehm

  15. Margaret Bommarito says:

    Definitely on my Bucket List. Thank you for reminding me of why I love the New England coast. Taking me back 40 years!

  16. Susan...aka: "noonie" says:

    Susan Dear,
    I love what you wrote today..Your trip to nantucket is spectacular…A place I have always wanted to visit myself….Been on Cape Cod for an extended visit, but never made it to the outer islands…..My cousins husband has much family history on Nantucket and I think the original family home is still in the family…and this goes back to the early 1800’s….So fascinating. I adore the homes (grey and white) and all the flower boxes and hydrangas…I could move in today!!! Your blog today, was like a real breath of ocean air that I needed to breathe in! …Do you ever sketch on your travels about? I am involved in a plein aire paint out this coming weekend and will be so fun..My first real one…I usually paint at home at my desk….a new experience …. Please keep posting new photos of your time on Nantucket…I Love seeing all of it…….Hi to Joe too! Have a ton of fun!!!!! ♥

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, I always do have a sketch book with me. Just in case, but you know, Mr. Camera does a very good job.

  17. Sue Miller says:

    Thank you for taking us along on this trip! I feel as if I have been on Nantucket for the past few days. I am reading an Elin Hildebrand book and your pictures have now made the story come alive! Wonderful timing for me. I will get to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket someday…I must do it. Hope that you and Joe have a magical trip

  18. martha says:

    Oh, fun! I love Nantucket! My gal pal Pegs and I went to the flower show a few years ago! I thought it was funny that there was Joe Pie Weed in all the gardens there and how we fight it here in the South! How lovely to walk the shopping area. There is a wonderful book store where I got a map of Cape Cod in the 19th century! Love love! We even found a darling tiny outdoor restaurant for lunch! Oh, do enjoy! And don’t mind me.. I’m just a little jealous! 🙂

  19. Carol (Daisy) says:

    Thank you so much for taking us along again. . . I will never get to Martha’s Vineyard so these excursions are so wonderful to see. Your pictures are always so interesting and yes, I seem to love everything you do just like all the other girlfriends. Funny, the color of the ribbon is the first thing I noticed and how it went just perfectly with the plaid colors in the book jacket. I think you made just a wonderful choice of publishers. Have fun on the rest of your adventure!!

  20. Jackie Cavitt says:

    Loved the “visit” with you as my guide! Thank you so much!! Gonna head over to your store and get my Autumn book…can’t wait!

  21. Kathi Sanoba says:

    Oh my…how lovely.

    With the beautiful photos and your eloquent descriptions, I feel like I’ve been on vacation even though I am sitting at my desk at work! Thank you again for your pictures and your word pictures, too!

  22. linda M says:

    Hi Susan—-You always make me smile–Thank you for you!
    I have been reading all the Elin Hilderbrand books.All set on Nantucket,so it was so nice to see your pictures. Hub & I had visited Nantucket many years ago & loved it.

    A home body–yup,me too.Cooking,quilting,reading and drinking lots of tea.

    See you soon –in my mailbox. That always makes me Happy,Happy,Happy–like a room without a roof!!!!

    Your friend,Lin

  23. Laura Croyle says:

    What an Awesome place to stay with B-e-a-u-t-I-f-u-l views!! Lucky you!! Absolutely Gorgeous sunset view!! We went to the Pacific ocean back in June and sat on the beach and watched the sunsets every night! Lovely! I could almost smell it and hear the seagulls in your photos! Sigh……….
    Thanks so much for taking us along! Such a Wonderful house!

  24. Diane Cassano says:

    Awww… I needed this blog today – I am going to visit Nantucket in September and I just cannot wait ! I collect your books and the Autumn is the only one I don’t own – soooo happy to see I will be able to have that in my collection soon.
    Have the most wonderful time on Nantucket. Life is good.

  25. Hello Susan ~ what a lovely visit to Nantucket! How wonderful to go island hopping sans automobile!

    So rearing to get going on Autumn, ah! the weather is already turning to Autumn and today I really got myself a going ~ started opening the stored decorations bought some Autumnal coloured candles and got my Hallowe’en ones too {the shop was shut in October last year so I had to manage without them} fixed me up a fresh Autumn banner not too unlike the one here, and it matches my {soon to be with me} new Woodland Trust Emma Bridgewater mug! Put my Summer Emma mugs to bed and brought out my Autumn ones ~ it sure was hard putting the Rose and Bee to bed until next Spring ~~~

    Love the solar powered lights too! I need to put mine back outside in the apple trees as we had bad winds of late and I had to bring them in. So looking forward to the rest of your wee visit island hopping!

    Waving from Across The Pond ~ Debs in Wales xoxo

  26. Gail Osgood says:

    Oh Susan, thank you so much for the lovely trip to Nantucket! I’m drooling over these photos. I so wish I could be there! But thank you for taking us along so we can be arm chair travelers!

  27. erica says:

    Hi Susan!

    Happy to hear from you! Wonderful that you’re on a little getaway!

    I love the beautiful natural wood in the home you’re staying in! Love the other homes and gardens on Nantucket, especially the ones with verandahs! (jealous) Love the deep crimson-ish ribbon on the Autumn book! And, last but not least, I love the piggy pitcher. How about S’wine carafe? I can visualize a deep red wine coming from his mouth…..oh….how eye brow raising that would be! “Would you like a little red S’wine with dinner dahhhling?” lol. Enjoy, and thanks for all the “loves” today!

    with love,

  28. Angie says:

    I love how you put all this together. The pictures are terrific, and give us a sense of being there alongside you. I do appreciate your hard work. Your talent takes me to so many great places.
    Great post. Enjoy your trip.

  29. Patty Anderson says:

    I’ll have to verify this, but some of my ancestors were from Nantucket, too. My Dad was from the Macy lineage (as in the department store) and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit Nantucket to find out more. (But mostly I want to visit because I feel that I really do belong there…it tugs at my heartstrings!)

  30. Lynn Beck says:

    Oh , this makes me want to go back to Nantucket so much ! I was there with my late husband , Ray , many years ago .It is such a heavenly place . The rose covered cottages are soooo beautiful ! Thanks so much for sharing . 🙂

  31. Barbara Weaver in Hampton says:

    Just lovely! The house is so adorable; makes me want to take that LeCarre book off the little shelf and curl up on one of the sofas. Can’t wait to receive your Autumn book. Some day I’ll go to Nantucket–it’s on the bucket list.
    Thanks for the tour.

  32. Tessa~ says:

    Oh sigh… Oh sigh… Oh happy sigh…
    Thank you so much, for continuing to take us along, when you visit lovely places.
    Thank you, a-bunch!!!!
    Gentle hugs,

  33. Ann Jane Koerber says:

    Wow, Susan! I love this! I love that you’re getting away from your work and the hustle, bustle of MV for a few days without the hassle of traffic! What a wonderful place to relax. I only wish you could have brought Jack and Girl Kitty to cuddle……although they’re fine where they are. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful get-away with us. xoxo

  34. Bonnie Hisgen says:

    I absolutely can’t believe how awesome that all is. Susan, you show us all the most fabulous stuff. Guess what?…..We leave on Sept 14th to do YOUR tour of England. Oh I am so excited. I read A Fine Romance and said to my husband, “We have to do this.” And so we are. Think I can talk him into Nantucket next???

  35. Diana Young Hall says:

    Oh my, what beauty! Thank you Susan. Fall is my absolute fav too! I think I need it somehow. We will be having our hottest temp week of the summer so far coming up, so it is soothing to look at your beautiful locale. Have a wonderful trip, but really, how could you not! Take care….. Misplaced Midwest girl! Except I really love my Midwest too! Lol.

  36. AngieTink says:

    ☆✷✼☆✷✼☆✷✼ Sweet Sue This Summer Blog From Nantucket….The Simple~Life Musica…..Each Photo…..I Feel Like I Went on The Trip With You…. 🙂 I Can Feel The Ocean Breezes…. Taste The Salty~Sea….Ahhhhhhhhhhh….All Tan From The Island Sunshine……All Rested Curled up on The Porch Reading “Autumn” (Congratz! The Book Looks Glorious) Love The Ribbon! 🙂 ) It’s One Of My Most Treasured Books & I’m So Happy Your Little “Bookie~Book” Gets A New Life! 🙂 I Love The Piggies Too “Oink’! 🙂 & Janie’s Autumn Banner…..Beyond Amazing! 🙂 I’m So Happy You & Joe Took This Summer Adventure & Oh So Happy You Took Us Along….. Twirling as These Summer Days Fly By & Oh So Ready to Cart~Wheel Right into Autumn! Yay! Thank You Sweet Sue! You Know I’m Doing The Jiggity~Jig! xoxo Poof! ☆✷✼☆✷✼☆✷✼ 🙂 P.S. That Nantucket House Is Gorgeous! 🙂

  37. LynnMarie says:

    What a delight to be off to Nantucket for what I call the end of the “sweetness of summer”. Enjoy and soak it all up to last you all the way to next year! The house looks absolutely wonderful–can’t wait to see more pictures. Thanks for taking us all along again.

  38. Vickie Getty (Little Rock, AR) says:

    Oh my goodness – how perfectly perfect! This Southern girlfriend has a new place on her bucket list now!

  39. Your home away from home is just too pretty to nap in. I’d be awake the whole time I was there just trying to soak it all in. The hydrangeas!!! I adore everything about this post, and I’m looking forward to my Autumn Book.

  40. Nancy Jones says:

    Looks like heaven!

  41. Mamey Brown says:

    My dear Susan!!! You have done it again! Loved this post! I felt like I was right there with you. I actually did feel a breeze! You give all of us girlfriends the best gifts by taking us along with you to all of these gorgeous places!! There is such magic at the sea……Thank You my kindred spirit; Thank you!! Now I’m craving a cinnamon bun!

  42. Deb W says:

    Oh…My…Goodness!! I almost didn’t get past the photo on the porch with the sun going down. I sort of zoned out…..imagining myself there…………….. uh, oh yeah, when I came back to reality to read the rest of the post, I was so glad I did! White picket fences! Dove gray clapboards! Roses and Hydrangeas! Old-fashioned bikes…..with baskets!!!!! Could hear my feet crunching on the shell driveway……Definitely going on the Bucket List!

    I missed the Autumn Book on the first go-round, but have mine ordered. SO looking forward to it!

    • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

      and lets not forget the bakery shop and those rolls, and I’m borrowing one of those bikes for a ride around the island. what a wonderful place to be ….. sigh!!! 🙂

  43. Teresa says:

    I love this post! Would you believe that after 25 plus years of visiting Martha’s Vineyard every summer, I finally went to Nantucket for the first time the last weekend of July. It was a perfect weather weekend with my husband–left my boys home with a dear friend. We stayed downtown at the Ships Inn, which was a delightfully perfect place for us. Afternoon tea/lemonade every day and cookies, and a bountiful breakfast! Those cobblestone streets are something else–such an adorable downtown area.

    We did everything, shopped, strolled, had iced coffees, split a ham and pickle sandwich and a chocolate ice cream soda at the pharmacy counter, sat on the benches to people watch, rented a car (we did go to Sconset!), had a drink at the Wauwinet and the White Elephant (both gorgeous!), and bought those delicious chocolate covered cranberries from Nantucket Chocolatier. You must get some. The milk ones are flavored with orange and the dark ones are flavored with raspberry. We enjoyed shopping at the two cute bookstores there, too. So much fun.

    We ate at the Ships Inn our first night and it was fabulous. Our second night we ate at Center Street Bistro, which is a little hard to find, a tiny place with a few tables, but delicious food. Highly recommend them both if you have not eaten there, but so many great places to choose.

    We loved our romantic weekend there, but are still loyal to the Vineyard. So glad we went though, and we would definitely go back.

  44. Isabel says:

    Susan, I swear you are psychic. I have been waiting 10 days for a new post.

    I am from the Northeast and as I have mentioned before, right now I am stuck in Florida. But I am a true Northeast person at heart. Tomorrow it will be 97 and we have to wait for October for it to go down to about 85 degrees.

    Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. The colors, the smells, your book, which I am about to order. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Massachusetts. I went to Cape Cod years ago but would love to own one of those houses you passed on your travels. You are so lucky to be in that part of the country and get to take advantage of all those beautiful things.

  45. Joan Lesmeister says:

    So happy your kitties will be quite content with your friends, whilst we get to travel with you dear Sue & Joe!! Love traveling with you, yes, we do like the same things and the simple life! Nantucket – such a treat that we get to visit (& I love the names). Gorgeous flowers & houses & ocean & lanterns & porches & sunsets, can I just say WOWSER! Giant THANK YOU! ♥♥♥ xoxoxo ♥♥♥

  46. Chrisy says:

    Thank you dear Ms. Susan for taking me to such lovely places. I’m still traveling with you in England. I’m taking my time and savoring every moment usually while sipping Mangers pear cider.

  47. Heather L. says:

    Now that was just beautiful!!!! What a magical place to spend a weekend! Thanks for sharing!!! Makes me think of the children’s book by Joan Aiken “Night Birds on Nantucket”. As for books, I’ve just started “Jane Austen’s Country Life” by Dierdre Le Faye

  48. Melissa says:

    Susan, thank you so much for sharing your views of Nantucket. It truly is one of my most favorite spots ever. I used to vacation there every summer for a week in the mid-90’s thru early 00’s! A bunch of my girlfriends and I would chip in and rent a house close to town or near Brant Point. But Surfside was always our beach of choice. How I absolutely love it there. Eventually, our group slowly went their own ways with getting married and having children, so our year vacations came to an end. Luckily, one or two of us make it over there for at least a day trip once a summer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get there this summer…maybe in the Fall when the crowds thin out. In the meantime, I will think back on my fond memories w/the “gals” and our crazy single days. Toss a penny by the Brant Point lighthouse as you pass by on your way home. It’s suppose to mean a safe trip back home and speedy return back to the Island. Enjoy!

  49. Margaret says:

    Oh, how I, too, would like to go to Nantucket! While doing genealogy research, I discovered my family has roots near there. My ancestors moved to Martha’s Vineyard from MA in 1659 having arrived in MA from Somersetshire, England in 1637. They were farmers. Do wish they hadn’t gotten the itch to move on. Would love to be living there still! Thank you Susan for the lovely pictures. Hope to see you in CA in November.
    Margaret in CA

  50. Jennie says:

    Hi Susan- I LOVED loved this post! What a gorgeous house you are staying at. Those wood walls are fantastic. They remind me of the first house I lived in as a very little one . . . only 4 years old, but I still remember the warm, cozy wood of the walls and molding, much like the place you are staying. Even at that tender age I have loved houses and the families they encompass!

    This post was an extra delight for me as I was able to meander along with you while sitting on hold forEVER trying to get hold of someone to figure out some medical bill debacle we’ve been dealing with for months . . . your lovely post helped keep me calm and pleasant so when I actually got to talk with a live person I could be kind and patient with the situation!
    “You get more flies with honey than vinegar” as my Grammie says, and it’s so true. Thanks for the help! 🙂

  51. Karen P (Wisconsin) says:

    How lovely, Susan! Oh my! The windowboxes on the houses!! So gorgeous! They really know how to grow flowers, don’t they? The white picket fences around the inviting yards filled with adirondak chairs ready for little “settle down for a chat” time! Just wonderful! And the house you’re staying in! I wouldn’t want to leave! That nice walk down to the ocean is just too much to bear for this land-locked midwestern girl! 🙂 Have a wonderful time, sweetie, you deserve it after all the hard work you’ve been doing! xo

  52. CarolK (cent'l NJ) says:

    Nantucket looks so sweet. We’ve been trying to find a place to go to for our thirtieth anniversary this September. First it was Maine ~ all booked up, then NH but we’re already going there in another week, then I thought, maybe Jim Thorpe in PA then you show us Nantucket and I think ~ ocean, love the ocean, old houses, beaches, flowers, history ~ let’s try there. See what you started. LOL……….Jersey hugs anyway………….

  53. cindie says:

    My very favorite place. My husband and I honeymooned there 43+ years ago. We stayed at the Jared Coffin House. Love the island and the history.

  54. Judith C. Schell says:

    I would love to buy a copy of your signed book. How can I do this? I hope to soon visit Nantucket, it has long been a dream of mine!

    Have a perfect summery day!


    • sbranch says:

      Just go back to the blog and click on the word AUTUMN, the book will come up, you can click on it and do it online, or you can call the studio and Kellee can help you. You too Judith!

  55. Christine Perica says:

    Thank you so much for the vacation on Nantucket! That house is a dream with its wood walls lined with books, beach sand white chairs, lovely lamps, old photos and the porch! I can smell the salt air and hear the gentle lap of the waves. Just a dream for a land-locked New Mexican this summer. The beach, the shore, the walks along the water remain so very real to me with help from you, dear friend, who is always so gracious to share. Yes, more photos, please!

  56. Diana from Ancaster says:

    Than you so much for this wonderful post !
    I felt the cool ocean breezes all the way up here!!!!

  57. Theresa says:

    That seaside cottage is glorious!!

  58. Susie says:

    Susan, That is a beautiful home !! All the houses just looked wonderful. I love the fences and hydrangeas. The roses on trellises covering the houses. Just bliss. Enjoy your visit . xoxo,Susie

  59. Oh, I want to go in person! Your photo tour was wonderful, but I couldn’t smell the ocean air or the wood walls, dang it.

    Loved the piggy kitchen things! Charming and wonderful.

    Lots of delightful things in this post, Susan!

  60. Arlene Burch says:

    OMG! My dream vacation…..forget Hawaii! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy for a long time.

  61. emma cook says:

    I love seeing the inside of old houses. Can’t wait for more pictures!!
    Thanks so much!
    Cathy in triple digit hot Texas

  62. Mary in Phoenix says:

    Thanks for the delightful “true taste of summertime” … and the anticipation of Autumn with it! It doesn’t get any better than a 10th anniversary sticker and cranberry ribbon 🙂 A friend of mine placed a few of those solar lanterns in the yard after our tea party last year. Didn’t realize how cool they were until nighttime … and then had such a nice memory of her every time I saw them. Cute hostess gift idea … and she found them at Lowe’s! Enjoy your much deserved Nantucket get-away ♥ We have a Christmas card picture of our kids sitting on a bench in front of that same ocean view. Simply breathtaking. Life is good. Thanks for sharing. XO

  63. Jane Franks says:

    Just lovely! Thank you, Susan. I needed this mini-vacation right now!! It’s easy to see why you would escape to Nantucket from MV in August! A no brain-er!! Thanks for taking us along!! I love the pig!! And your newly released book. So excited for your new publishing venture! I think it is just wonderful! I’m going to have to get the book to celebrate with you! So good to hear from you!

  64. Julia says:

    Thanks for the trip! We do love houses and little fenced gardens.
    Mine has turned out to be very pretty. When I got back from my
    trip I was determined to have my very own English country garden
    and I did it!!! Fall is on its way but we shouldn’t be wishing out lives
    away – it’ll be here soon. Oh, I got my cats some bands to shoot and
    they both looked at me like I was totally nuts. I guess little old ladies
    don’t play – they just hiss and purr!

  65. Judy Tracy says:

    Your trip took me back to when my husband took me there for my birthday to one of the bed and breakfast locations, many years ago. Have you ever seen the applique quilt poster made of Nantucket Guests and all the bed and breakfast establishments on Nantucket? Quite divine! Hangs in our guestroom now.
    The house you are in is wonderful. Thank you so much for taking us on this trip of yours. :>) Am sorry Erica Wilson is not still alive and living on Nantucket. She had a wonderful needlework shop way back when.
    Enjoy! Will look forward to your next blog entry.

  66. Patricia Anne Testa says:

    Susan:I just can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.I love,New England,houses and cats.When I was a little girl how I enjoyed playing house,still do. So many things you
    Write about I can relate to.Love cats, taking pictures of flowers in my yard and houses.
    I have a few of the Rose Chintz dishes which were my mother’s every day dishes.
    Summer is my favorite season and your visit to Nantucket was wonderful. Can’t wait
    To see the bedrooms. God Bless You! Pat Testa

  67. Lynnie Marie says:

    Are your house flags still available somewhere?

  68. patricia ayala says:

    So hard to see those little furry faces,saying Good bye. But,wheeeeeee! thank you for bringing us along in such a well needed trip, I honestly fell the ocean air and see myself walking in such a beautiful place! My husband just started a new job,so vacation time is on hold, but next year we’re planing a trip to the East Cost! I can’t hardly wait. Thank you so much Susan,XOXOXOXO

  69. Simone says:

    Thank you Susan for the beautiful post of Nantucket. My husband and I visited there many years ago and loved it all. We especially loved the Whaling Museum. It was very informative, there’s a lot to be learned of the whaling industry there.
    Rumor has it that Nantucket was part of the Underground Railroad. I heard this years ago from someone who grew up there.
    We would love to return.

  70. Ruth Thomas says:

    Oh, dear Susan, how homesick I am for my little home of Newport,RI. How I remember walking the small quaint streets (although I didn’t think they were quaint then!) and going to the local grocery store and packing up a thermos of kool aid and my mother’s bologna and cheese sandwiches and potato chips and walking to the beach for the day. And how I remember the beautiful hydrangeas and the old church steeples and old cemeteries. My sister is going to come all the way from California next year here to Indiana and we are going on a road trip back to Newport – it has been 11 years since I have been there but over 50 years for my sister. Nothing has changed much – our homes are still there and I remember it all. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

  71. Janice N. says:

    Hi Susan!
    What a wonderful post! I feel like I am there with you, feeling the lovely ocean breeze and smelling the salty air. And what a wonderful house right on the ocean. Thank you for the tour! Love Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard both. The piggy and the elephant creamers are adorable. I have the cutest little white bird creamer that sits atop the back of my stove, right next to my amber glass teddy bear salt and pepper shakers with their little fat tummies. Here in Northern California, I can see the angle of the sun has changed already and Fall is just around the corner. Our leaves have just barely begun to turn. Can’t wait to get some mini-clothes-pinned to the twine across my kitchen window! My Maple Leaf quilt has already found its way out on display but I’m holding off till the weekend to begin the “Falling-up” of the house. “Our” favorite season is about to begin! Enjoy!!!

  72. Diana Everett says:

    When we have gone to Nantucket in the past, we have stayed at The Wood Box Inn….a tiny place that is supremely cozy.

  73. Bonnie L says:

    Thank you for giving me a look-see at some place I have always wanted to visit!!
    Everything you showed us looks just like I imagined…..I definitely need to add this destination to my Bucket List! You are so good at ‘Show and Tell’ 🙂 Can’t wait to see more pictures….Enjoy yourselves! Love and Hugs to you both.

  74. Brenda says:

    I so love everything you do! Thanks for the lovely pictures. I have been there and I absolutely love it…the most beautiful place on earth, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard!!!! I am going to live there someday.

    Would you please please come to Texas in the meantime?!?!?!?

  75. Ann says:

    Lucky you to be visiting my favorite place on earth! We vacation there every summer. I was walking along with you in Sconset and I have stared at the house you are staying at many times. We always dine at the Summer House and it is always good. All the girlfriends who said Nantucket is on your bucket list–I highly recommend you move it up to first place. Can’t wait to see where you go tomorrow.

  76. Aren’t you lucky to be able to visit one of loveliest spots in America & have such a great beach house to stay in? It reminds me of the old beach houses near here in Atlantic Beach, NC. My family’s house, built in 1950, has the pine paneling too. Since you love England like I do, you’ll understand when I say Nantucket feels very English in some ways. Safe, so attractive, like going to the past in a good way. I visited there once on a small cruise shop years ago. took a “back yard” tour from a resident, saw the whaling museum, explored the main street & drooled over the ‘Sconset homes. I hope the weather is good for you & you have a relaxing time!

  77. Holly says:

    Truly a magical place-especially after the crowds have gone home. I miss The Grey Lady!

  78. Sharon in Fresno says:

    Susan, you have such a marvelous way of taking us along on your little trips. I LOVE it! You make me want to visit everywhere you go. I am soooooo thrilled you are coming to a book signing near me in Cayucos in November. I have already R.S.V.P.’d. My husband and I will make a weekend of it at the beach. I hope to buy your new “Autumn” book there. See you soon.

  79. Mary Jane says:

    Thank you Susan for that beautiful tour. I am so in love with New England. We did go to Nantucket but just for the day a few years ago. We stayed in Plymouth MA. right on the ocean and then in Sandwich, I loved that. And visited on the the Cape. I tell you I have never and I mean never enjoyed a vacation before or since as much as I did that one. We did not see the parts of Nantucket that you showed us. I wish we had! That is just the kind of place I love the most, the houses and the flowers and the ocean just fill my soul. I loved the villages too. I want very much to go back to Nantucket and over to your beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. I have never been there. Truly I am hoping to have a wonderful 50th Anniversary trip there in 2016. But it might turn out to be a 49th anniversary trip instead lol!! I don’t know how you do it, but you always post these wonderful posts just when we all need them the most. Thank you again. What a blessing you are.

    Mary Jane

  80. Kate Taylor says:

    Love that house, very much like ours in Franconia NH minus the ocean! We’ve got the great porch and 4 generations of people heights on the wall, grans small desk that I can still see her writing notes to us 19 grands. We have mountains outside but I would love a vaca with beach instead. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place.

  81. Be still my heart! Nantucket is by far my favorite place to be. It is on my “when I win Lottery” list. I would move there in a heartbeat. Then we could be neighbors! I love Martha’s Vineyard too, but Nantucket has my heart. Loved your post.

  82. Anne in NH says:

    Absolutely loved this post taking us on your trip to Nantucket! On my long.bucket list too. I once took a trapunto class from Erica Wilson in Portsmouth. …bought her book which she shared pictures and her love of Nantucket, where she lived. We spent the whole day with her. I enjoy spending time with YOUR experiences too. Thanks for your colorful prose♡

  83. Becky Maggio says:

    Amazing, as always 🙂 Can the Autumn book be preordered? Perhaps I missed that somewhere along the way? Thanks to you my bucket list of places to visit keeps growing!! Thanks for always taking us along…just in case we don’t make it there ourselves. Be blessed!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, you can get Autumn in our webstore — or if you just click on the word AUTUMN in the blog, it will take you there.

  84. Gert~Iowa says:

    Oh my, Susan…what a wonderful place to visit!! But leaving those fur babies would really be hard!! ;( That house you are staying in is gorgeous! And thanks to your descriptions, I could smell the wood and the salt in the air… Those porches are so inviting! I could lose myself out there…including those beautiful sunsets! I want some of those lights….they are really neat. I’ve never seen them before, and especially love the fact they are solar…just turn on automatically at dark….Very Cool!! Your walk was also so inviting….those homes, awww how I could “stay in” The fences…the flowers…and the “fancy grocery” store…what a place to vacation! Thanks for taking me along! And yes….more pictures please!!

  85. Heidi Rose (Issaquah, WA) says:

    Oh, I’ve always dreamed of going to Nantucket! What a wonderful post to read on a very hot and humid day here in the PNW. I could actually feel those ocean breezes right through my computer!! I love the “Seldom Inn”. It reminds me of a Charles Wysocki painting. I fell in love with his iconic paintings of New England and Nantucket as a teen, so therefore, I fell in love with the real places! Thank you for the visit…I hope to go there myself one day!!

  86. Fan in California says:

    “And the basics.” You crack me up! Because, let’s face it, heavy duty cinnamon rolls and coffee are basics!! Thanks for the lovely travel log; looking forward to the next installment . . . As well as the Autumn cookbook — it looks beautiful, right down the ribbon !

  87. What a fun get-away! Thinking I might need some east coast beach time one of these days.
    I adore the porches. We live in a little bungalow and I use our porch for my art studio because we enclosed it with windows and a set of french doors, but I love the porches that are open and full of rockers and swings. Lemonade porches, I call them. They remind me of the summer nights described by Ray Bradbury in “Dandelion Wine”- so hospitable, neighborly and gorgeous!
    I do LOVE the new Autumn book- the ribbon is perfect. 🙂
    Have a lovely week!

  88. carmel says:

    Once again, you are so generous to share. Your post took my breath away and truly cheered me. Yes, please do share more pics of the house and whatever else. Wow, it’s been 10 years since I bought your Autumn Book. I gave away several copies as gifts as well. Great to see the return of the ribbon! I make good use of them in your other books. Continue to have a magical time (Joe too, of course) dear one. Sending good wishes to all the girlfriends, including your dad.

  89. Kathleen from Philly says:

    Thanks, Susan for that breath of Nantucket air! We’ve only been there once, took the ferry over for a day trip when we were staying on the Cape, forget which little town. The whole island is just adorable, or I should say “dolly”. My 4 sisters and I use “dolly” as a descriptive adjective, meaning just too cute for words. We can get pretty silly when we get together…
    But I have to tell you, I’m reading “A Fine Romance” again, (4th or 5th time, I’ve lost count) in preparation for our own trip to the English countryside starting August 28. SO VERY EXCITED!!! We will start out with a couple days in London (for the husband) and then the adventure begins! We plan to visit Highclere (bought tickets back in February), Jane Austen’s house in Chawton & of course, we can’t miss Hilltop! I don’t know what excites me more! A lot of meandering in “dolly” little villages for 2 weeks, ending up in Edinburgh so Rich can visit the mecca of golfers everywhere, St. Andrews. Not quite as big an adventure as your crossing but still quite a dream trip for us. We visited the Cotswolds on a day trip years ago, & I said we must come back and stay there and experience the life, if only for a few days. Lucky us! I’ll be thinking of you especially at Hilltop. And thanking you for all the little extra information you included in your book. Hugs! Kathleen

    • sbranch says:

      It sounds like a dream-come-true to me! Have fun, yes, think of me at Hill Top and I’ll think of you, you’re very lucky!

  90. Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

    oh, my-my-MY-my-my (lots of them!)!! Thank you for taking us along! I am loving every minute! Please thank your friend for allowing you to publish pictures of his home on your blog. I will spend lots of time soaking in the atmosphere. Absolutely one of the coziest, inspiring houses I’ve seen in awhile. (P.S. Did you happen to tell him that we’ve come along?? I’d like to room with Chris if I could! Or maybe we go back into your suitcase every night?? That would be okay too! Just so happy to be with you!)
    Lots of love from this Girlfriend (forever)

    • sbranch says:

      No I’ve let you all out to run free . . . I think I see you and Chris now, coming up from the beach!

      • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

        no they are still on the beach building sandcastles. I think that tower needs a spiral shell to decorate it. care to come down to the water and play with us????

    • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

      This is the LIFE!! Susan AND Chris AND Pat just hanging out on the beach. It’s time to walk the shore line and look for shells. Let me grab a bag. Is anyone coming along??

      • Chris Wells Knickerbocker, W. TX says:


      • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

        I’m right there with you, I have a basket with some sandwiches and a an bag for more shells. coming Susan???

        • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

          oh, Pat, you are so Handy to have around–“basket with some sandwiches” 🙂 I’ll tote a thermos with some lemonade. All is well. I’m with my Girlfriends!!

          • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

            I always have my basket with me, never know what you may need or find. lets see, sandwiches and a good bottle of wine, anyone have some cups or glasses???

  91. Lisa says:

    Dear Susan,

    This is from Lisa @ Aprons Americana. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since your book Autumn was published! I brought all of my Susan Branch books to an Autumn book signing in New Jersey and you graciously signed them all.

    I recently bought A Fine Romance: Falling in Love With the English Countryside for myself from your website (I bought it for my mom when it was first published.) I absolutely love it and am so happy for you that you published a beautiful book like this. I love your calligraphy, paintings, photos, recipes and writing. What a work of art.

    And, I learned from A Fine Romance – we have the same birthday: April 12th!!!



  92. Sandy from New Vineyard says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip! It was my favorite thing today!

  93. Maureen says:

    Enjoy your vacation.
    It looks beautiful.

  94. Mona in Riverbank CA says:

    How lovely Nantucket is – beyond lovely! And there is no fragrance better than a breeze coming in off the sea except maybe all the flowers in the sun. Those beautiful houses, the gorgeous hydrangeas, and the view – it looks like a place that restores the soul. I don’t think I’d want to move off those porches!

    My husband and I just celebrated our 35th anniversary in Monterey. CA. We drove over and had lunch, and then spent some time on the beach just looking and enjoying the wind and the view. Oh, and me finding shells to take home for my jars. It was sunny and warm, just a perfect day to get away. I can never get enough of the ocean!

    Your pictures make me want to take off cross country to enjoy the end of summer and the start of autumn. But as long as you send us pictures and bring us along, I think I can get by just fine. Thank you so much! My soul needed this today. =^..^=

  95. Jamie from Virginia says:

    A Madaket sunset!!!! Oh be still my heart! I have never seen a sunset anywhere that rivals the sunset at Madaket. The colors are breathtaking and each one is different. Sconset is my favorite place in the whole world…but then I haven’t made it to the Vineyard yet :-). If you are still there pick up a copy of “Walking Nantucket”, it is a guide to all of the walks around the island that are lesser known than Sconset bluff and each one is beautiful, some are longer, some shorter, each one well worth the adventure. I knew Nantucket was smaller than the Vineyard but I didn’t realize it was that much smaller, does the Vineyard still feel like you are on an island then? How is it that we can truly fall in love with a place? And you can’t explain it to others really, maybe a kindred spirit would understand but not many people. I remember the first time I arrived in Nantucket Harbor, it was love at first site and She, The Grey Lady, has been my muse ever since. When you leave you must always throw a penny overboard over your shoulder to assure your return! Thank you so much for sharing your trip, enjoy. And I am so on to those solar lanterns!
    ~ Jamie

    • sbranch says:

      Oh yes, the Vineyard is only a hundred square miles — but there are 6 towns, three large and three small. On Nantucket there are two, one large and one small. I love how you love it, it’s so very special and magical.

  96. Mary from PA. says:

    Oh ! So beautiful and relaxing as you describe it.
    Thanks Susan

  97. Cathy Shandorf says:

    Needed a vacation! Feels like I was there with you!

  98. Carolyn says:

    Heavenly, heavenly. Any work-a-day doldrums went out the window with thoughts of a cool ocean breeze…

  99. Sara says:

    How nice of you, Susan, to take us along with you and Joe to Nantucket! I needed a break from all these green beans, not that I’m complaining. I kind of envy that bedroom with natural air conditioning and the ocean to lull you to sleep. You’ll stretch yourselves awake in the mornings. Sigh.

    I can hardly wait to get my new Autumn book, and to think it’s the first to be published by your own publishing house! That makes it extra special. I have your first one, but I couldn’t help but pre-order the new and improved, although I don’t see how it could possibly be improved! Love your little piggies. I was at your store today again, trying to narrow down my wish list. (Haha! Like that’s going to happen!)

    Have a perfectly lovely time, Susan, and thanks again for ‘taking me away’ for at least a little bit. 🙂



  100. Joyce Collins says:

    I guess I’ll always be a New England girl at heart. Thank you for the wonderfulness. You are a treasure… ChiChi

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