Another Gorgeous Day in Paradise

Another gorgeous day in paradise! MUSICA!Musica


Oh, I am working so good now, girls. So excited for the new book. It’s my most favorite thing I’ve ever done and that is truly saying something. You are going to love it. I almost don’t want it to be done. I’ve already started painting for it, yesterday I painted my first little house as a doll house with no walls! That was fun! And I’m laying out the pages, hurrying before you all forget where we left off from The Fairy Tale Girl!

But then, the sun begins to come up, I look outside . . . and oh my . . .

from the bedroom window

I meant to do my work


I had to go out the kitchen door . . . because all the leaves were calling me! What was going on in our back yard this morning as the sun got into the tops of the trees was just wonderful!



fall on Martha's Vineyard

The sun was lighting the tree tops on fire . . .


Here’s the garden before the sun got to it . . .

frost quote


Nice and cozy . . . all this beauty right outside the door!

sunrise fall

But this is what I meant . . . the sun was hitting the tops of trees, coming through other trees and splotching them with light, like it does on the walls inside the house . . .pretty amazing, don’t you think?



fallVita quote

Oh yes, definitely treasure . . .

clothes on the line

It’s hard to show the wind in a photo . . . I keep wishing the leaves would stop in mid air and let me photograph them coming down . . . they are flying through the trees today.I can even see them here from my window in the studio because the light catches them and they flicker all the way down. 

I almost forgot to tell you . . . I caught one in the woods today! It is not as easy as it sounds, believe me. But I got one, and I made a wish on it and tossed it!


Shhhhh, I would really like it to come true!

fall on Martha's VineyardDishtowels on the line are a pretty good second-choice indication of wind . . . . .
drying dishtowels on the lineThey can really get going . . . the wind is cool and fresh and smells good too. *Someone* should start raking up leaves!thoughtful cat

Let’s let *Jackie* do it! He won’t mind. He’d do just about anything to get out there! 

kitty moves

He heard me say that . . . Really? We’re going out ???? 


You might remember this photo taken in the spring, only instead of leaves, these branches were filled with white flowers . . . it’s an ornamental pear tree. Trees are year-round giving things. Squirrels love them too.

From our bathroom window on the second floor the squirrel condo in the linden tree.

squirrels outside the bathroom window

You can't have everything quote; susan branch art

Yes, just like Bogie and Bacall!


Sun in the tree tops . . . Autumn gold.


autumn fall book

carved pumpkinI hope you are getting lots of use from your Autumn book!  There are a couple of recipes you may not have tried but I think you would love . . . one of them is Roasted Radicchio on p.50. A most amazing side dish, drizzled with balsamic syrup and so good, and different! Also the Gingerbread Cake with Lemon Sauce and whipped cream on p. 93. I’ve never tasted a better one. Honest. You’ll love it! Also, as a treat, because you deserve it, on your next rainy day, try the Red Chili Onion Rings on page 29! Heaven! And just in case you’d like to make my Grandma’s Stuffing this year . . . here’s how to do it, very simple, but you need to plan ahead a little bit.

grilled cheese

And then there’s this . . . mmmmmmm. Grilled cheese. Good for breakfast or anytime!

Girl Kitty

Here’s my darling Girl Kitty. Getting a little ear-scratching. We are having lots of quality time these days . . . I brush her every day to help her with those dastardly hair balls. She loves it and so do I!

building a house

lovelyWhile I was walking around the garden taking pictures, I went out back to the street for more splotches of morning sunlight . . . They have taken this old house almost completely down in order to save the parts that are salvageable. It will be gorgeous one day. Seeing it made me think, building a book is a lot like building a house. First you need a foundation, then you add the framing, nature and lovethen the sheathing, the shingles or the clapboards, then the windows and doors, so it’s all enclosed and begins to look like a house. And the whole time you’re tapping your foot and saying Hurry. Then you get the wiring, insulation and plaster, then the cupboards. the linoleum, and the tub . . . and FINALLY you get to the good parts, the paint and wallpaper (don’t quote me on how to build a house) and then, most exciting of all, you get to the part where you get to cut flowers from your garden to fill a little vase hometo sit on your window sill. ♥ And that’s exactly where I am on the book right now. At the flowers-in-the-vase stage. I’ve made myself a mock-up version of the book so although it’s very clunky, I get to see exactly what it will look like! And you are always on my mind as I choose the Martha's Vineyard Isle of Dreamsperfect photo, the perfect bit of art, the perfect quote and my very best words. And so it goes, until the house is built. Which will be sooner rather than later. I COULD get it to the printer in two months, IF I did nothing else, BUT, I don’t think that’s going to happen, SO, asap will have to do!


In the meantime, Kellee is away on vacation, when she gets home I will have a brand new WILLARD all ready for her to send out . . . I think she said it will go out on the 17th . . . so get ready and sign up your sister and your best friend so they get one too! I have so many exciting things to tell you. Many surprises are coming this way, Girlfriends, for all of us!one secret

rainy day


Just had to show you this beautiful rainy day we had last week . . . too pretty not to mention.

And this . . .

moon rise

Moonrise last week over Vineyard Haven Harbor . . . We went down to Owen Park to take this picture. The October Hunter’s Moon always seems like the biggest one here on the Island . . . It was so exciting, waiting, waiting, the light of it came first, and then finally, there it was, peeking over the horizon! Looks like the sun, but it’s really the moon!

carved pumpkin

And here’s one of my favorite dishes, just love this color and love to see it every year.

dishesmy paintbrush, doing what comes naturally

And now, one of the many reasons I LVE my Blog, a surprise for my dad, a giant hug to say I miss you, Dad! Hope your day is going wonderfully! Kiss Jeanie for me!  XOXO

Love my daddy



I   A D O R E 

And you too Girlfriends, the OTHER reason I LVE my blog . . . hope your day is going wonderfully too! I will hug the kitties for you! XOXO

I've got my love to keep me warm

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405 Responses to Another Gorgeous Day in Paradise

  1. Becky says:

    Well, now THAT is a lovely post in word and pictures! You have such enthusiasm for LIFE itself. Take care and have fun! Becky in golden Oklahoma!

  2. Holly says:

    Hello everyone!! Susan, thank you for another lovely post! My sister & I really enjoyed it. Today in Indiana the weather is amazing, so yardwork was in order. I’ve dug up all my herbs to keep over winter in the sun porch. Rosemary, lavender, sage, oregano…. ummmmm they all smell wonderful.

    • sbranch says:

      I was in the garden for a while today too . . . I really want to get out there, but I am TORN, because there’s this art thing going on!

  3. TJ in VA says:

    Hi Susan,

    It’s nice to be close to the first person to respond with a comment. I drove my GD to school this morning for Jazz Band rehearsal at 7:30 AM so I, too, enjoyed the golden light at the top of the gorgeous autumn leaves as we were driving directly east facing the sun. We are just a week past peak color here in northern VA, but the leaves are still beautiful. Hard to believe it is already November with so many leaves still on the trees. I remember some previous Halloweens being so-o-o cold and bare tree branches.

    Delight in all the golden days to come!

  4. Dear Susan, there I was reading all your lovely thoughts about Autumn and the wonderful things going on in Smallville–and then you have the last photo of you and your dad–Now I’m crying. That is just the sweetest photo and reminds me of me and my Daddy. Thank you, dear one for being you! xoxo ♥

  5. Jaime says:

    Just got home from teaching my first graders today and I’m so happy to see this new entry! Thank you! I left you a 5 star review for Fairy Tale Girl on Amazon. I loved it soooo much. I am so happy that there will be another book soon. Good luck and God bless you!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you for that Jaime! SO nice of you to take the time. And thank you for teaching the kids too! And for the blessing! XOXO

  6. Tracy Jones says:

    I too, live in MA and the fall here was spectacular…even all the rust colors from the leaves that are still on the trees are beautiful. I have read The Fairy Tale Girl twice and am so looking forward to the sequel. I had an opportunity to visit MV some years ago and loved it. Of course the story of your like makes it even better!

  7. Oh that was so wonderful. A real treat to go along with my afternoon tea. The new book sounds so chock full of goodness; I can’t wait! Today was a picture perfect Fall day. The colors of the trees take my breath away. Every day when I am out and about, I think of you, dear Susan, and your appreciation for each season. I can now get into each up coming season with joy. Okay, I’ll need a little help getting through Winter, but, between you and all our Girlfriends, I’ll get it! 🙂

  8. Maryellen says:

    Thank you for sharing that gorgeous November day on the Island. We are all so excited for part 2 of your story, too! Can’t wait to see inside your doll house.

  9. kay walker says:

    Thanks for the new blog. I love it, this is a wonderful time of year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I can’t help but wonder as you write Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams, are ideals coming along about the next book and playing in the back of your mind? I hope so

  10. Gin in New Hampshire says:

    Well, now I need to pull out my Autumn book! Beautiful pictures, Susan. And I love when you post town pictures from around MV. Can’t wait for your next book so we can see the stories behind your Vineyard homes. xox

    • sbranch says:

      I can’t wait . . . all the fun before and after pictures, and lots of Island photos too, and the seasons! xoxo

  11. Cathy from Golden Co says:

    Your blog is a feast for my eyes. I love the fall and your neck of the woods is special… it’s very mild here today so I also did some yard and garden cleanup. They say a winter storm is coming Thursday! It is November but I’m so spoiled by the long, warm, leisurely fall we’ve had. I loved your book and read it in two days. Your childhood was so like mine minus meeting all the famous people’s 😉 Your 1st marriage and 2nd ….. ditto! But like you, I’m so happy and content now. I am so looking forward to your next book. Your writing and artwork is exceptional… thank you for sharing your gifts. Also want to say hi to Daddio!

  12. Troy Louise says:

    Lovely pictures of your beautiful world clear across the country from me! We had snow yesterday, which we need here in Nevada, but it stole a bit of autumn from us. Love that darling wreath you have on the door – is that candy corn? Thanks and have a wonderful week & keep plugging away on book II!

  13. Sylvia in Seattle says:

    Lovely to check in and find all the beautiful pictures of fall surrounding you there. It’s quite beautiful here as well. Leaves are spectacular this year. I’m re reading FTG and imagining scenarios for the upcoming MV Isle of Dreams :-). Love the Musica. I got to see Eartha Kitt here in Seattle shortly before she left us. What a treat. She still sounded fantastic.

  14. Shannon(Pennsylvania) says:

    Beautiful. Love, love the poem by Bliss Carman, it puts that intangeable, sweetly melencohly, totally indescribable spirit and heart of October totally into perspective. Closest thing I’ve found to pay homage to autumn other than this poem is the haunting melody of Ashokan Farewell by Doc and the Lady…and I’m so happy that you told us about them a few years ago! This October surely was a beauty, and here in south central PA November is following in her brilliant footsteps. Love you. Love you too, Blog Daddy!

    • sbranch says:

      That is really close to being my favorite song too. I just LOVE it and even sing it around the house all the time.

  15. Your wish must be that Downton Abbey wouldn’t end!!! I would love that too.

    • sbranch says:

      It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to that one! I’ve loved having it to look forward to every winter for so long!

  16. Sandra Mailey says:

    Thanks so very much for sharing your wonderful island with all of us!! Fall is such a special time – absolutely full of fabulous sights and sounds and smells!
    It’s also fun to hear about your work on the book we are all waiting (patiently) to read. The wait is easier when we have the “play by play” to enjoy along the way.

  17. Lynn Marie says:

    I LOVE that last picture of you and your dad! It surely has been a beautiful fall–lingering on. It is as sorry to go as we are to see it go but my goodness—the holidays are just around the corner. They will be here “toot sweet” before we know it!

  18. Jennie Lou says:

    Hi, Susan, from wet and windy Washington State (Go, Seahawks!) where the leaves are blowing almost as soon as they change color. We have been soaked lately, but brave goblins rapped on the screen door on the 31st, and we wished we could start a hot-spiced-cider tradition to warm them before they hurried along. I am delighting in swapping cozy sweaters and wooly socks for the light weight summer togs in the bedroom closet, and making the bed with flannel sheets and a cherished quilt. We celebrated our wedding last month (33 years) and I made a wish out loud for “The Fairy Tale Girl” for Christmas while I knew my nieces were listening (I promise to be sooo surprised!). Thank you for the pictures of Fall. I especially like your garden. Someday….

  19. Christie says:

    Love every word and picture and golden leafy sea-salty wind blowing through this blog, dear Susan. But the photo of you and your Daddy hugging got into my heart and suddenly I’m sending a big hug across the universe to my Dad: father of four, WWII Marine, brick barbecue-building, charcoal-grilling, Boy Scout-leading, engineer extraordinary who taught me to read at 4 then introduced me to the local Carnegie library. Next time you see your Dad, will you please give him an extra hug from me, too? xoxo

  20. Heartsdesire says:

    Gorgeous fall photos, Sue. You know exactly the right spots to photograph, those fall colours are fabulous. I just finished your book. It brought back so many memories. I made grilled cheese sandwiches for a week. The 50s were such a wonderful time to grow up. Definitely simpler times. When I got to the end and saw “to be continued,” I didn’t know if I would be able to wait until next year. Like all the girlfriends, I’m so looking forward to the new book to see how it all ends. Your Autumn book is on my coffee table and I’ve been reading it daily. There are so many good things in it, especially the Gingerbread Cake, which I’m hoping to make this weekend.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m hurrying with it . . . I didn’t realize until it was too late how hard a “to be continued” might be — on me too, I’m dying to tell the rest of the story! xoxo

  21. Ann Jane Koerber says:

    Dear Susan, I’ve been alone all week….Dave is out on an adventure with his Casita (camper, but I refer to it as his other love)……anyway, being alone makes me think alot and I’ve been thinking about my Dad and my brother, both deceased, but both very much a part of my memories. Your blog was so welcome……your foliage, your conversation and then the end…….you and your Dad in a warm embrace… caught me off-guard and I had a heartwarming cry. How blessed you are to have each other. Thank you for sharing, Susan. You are inspiring and such a breath of fresh air.

  22. I just bought the 2016 wall calendar. Each year I say the same thing, it is the best, yet! Beautiful! I look forward to each new month. It is one of my Happy Places just looking at it each day! ☺️

  23. Susan Morgon ( an Ohio gal in SoCal ) says:

    That picture of Jack is hilarious! And ASAP is just fine,because we want you to enjoy beautiful autumn – our soul needs refreshing, don’t they? Here we’ve had our first chilly day; my toes were cold all morning! No complaints, though, not after all of the hot, humid weather we had here in SoCal. So, the house being taken apart will be put back together again, is that right? Looks like a very pretty place. You’ve included some of my favorite kind of scenes in your pictures today, the sun lighting up the tops of the trees. Loved it!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, that’s right . . . they are rebuilding it. It’s a gorgeous place. We walked through it before it was taken apart, and it was pretty bad in there. But they are saving all the good stuff. 🙂

  24. Laurie Walt says:

    Frustrating day today…but then your post and the grattitude is back in its proper place! Thank you Susan, Love.

  25. Milanya says:

    Wonderful post! A couple of weeks ago I was at an old-fashioned household auction and I saw some cat dishtowels by Sue Hall. Was that you? I missed buying them along with 9 Gurley candles for Fall because I miscalculated the piece price. I am kicking myself now…..

  26. Candice says:

    I’m sitting at my desk at work crying after reading you call your father “Daddio”! My father was “Daddio” too. He passed in 1986 at the young age of 59. In one year I’ll be that age. You’re so lucky to still have your Daddio.

  27. Vicki says:

    I loved all your autumn photos SO much. Thank you for them.

    The photo of you with your dad is precious.

    How you described the building of a book was perfect.

    I’m feeling a little wary that you’re going to finish this last book and then retire.

    I hope Arroyo Grande got a little of that rain yesterday; as usual, we in the southerly regions got nary a passing drop. Sigh. But it’s been nice for a day or two to get out of the 90s temps.

    Have a great rest of the week…write on!

    • sbranch says:

      Retirement is an option. I work pretty steadily and there are a lot of people I love that I would like to pay more attention to. But then there are all these books that want out . . . of me. So probably I won’t, but things change, the clock ticks forward, and so we’ll just have to see. xoxo Thank you Vicki.

  28. Cheyenne Renard says:

    In your pic of your dishes you love what is the name of that Sterling sliver spoon is it Rose pattern by Wallace. Could you please tell me the name of the pattern n manuf?? I hope you have a great visit with your Daddio or Daddy as I call him each time I stare at his hands so glad he is there to hug you makes me cry to cuz my dad has been gone way too long ago also had strong German and Irish hands love the memories . Bless you all So glad your in Arizona enjoying the dry weather but they do say showeres here in Las Vegas area. Love to you XXX and Joe and Diddio too XXX Cheyenne from Henderson Nv

    • sbranch says:

      I have a lot of mismatched spoons and I’m not sure which one that is. If it’s an emergency I can go and see if I can find it . . .? Las Vegas must love the rain! Enjoy Cheyenne!

  29. Rosanne Murphy says:

    There is something to love in every season, but I love autumn best! The gorgeous trees and mellow sunlight, while some roses still bloom. Drawing closer to the hearth, knitting more, reading books by soft evening lamplight. (I love that lamp with hanging crystals on your mantle!). I have enjoyed so many of the recipes from your Autumn Book, but my all time favorite has to be warm apple cranberry crisp with vanilla ice cream. I will need some soon (also love your ginger cake). Anyway, SO excited about your next book! I feel like it will give greater context to the wonderful art and books you’ve created over the years, especially with The Fairy Tale Girl as background. Happy Autumn, dear Susan! No one captures it better through photos, quotes, and always your unique art.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, that apple crisp is just plain irresistible — I could eat it every day. I could, but then you would have to roll me into my chair every morning. Thank you dear Rosanne! XOXO

  30. Kathy Phenix says:

    Loved your blog and the thrilling news of your next book. Can’t believe it’s come this far, this fast. Keep working, but not too hard. Girl needs her brushing and Jack needs his play time.
    Cherish every minute you have with your Dad. Thurs will be the 38th anniversary of my father’s death at age 66. It was sudden and so unexpected. Easier for him but so hard for my mother, brother and sister. And for me. I had last seen him in Aug when I returned to Germany for another school year as school nurse.
    I had been away for 6 yrs and only seen my parents at some vacations but I have the wonderful memory of driving my parents and sister all over the British Isles during the summer of 1976. I still miss him terribly and wish I could have one more day. So hug your Dad just as tightly every time you see him.

  31. Priscilla from SoCa living in SD says:

    And I hope your day went wonderfully too!
    Just wanted to tell you again loved The Fairy Tale Girl and
    Waiting anxiously for your sequel!
    Were you working at Sherman Way Topanga/Reseda Bob’s in 1969?
    Went after my last day of high school in Thousand Oaks to celebrate. And then, of course, grad night at Disneyland!! Anyway I bet you waited on me at some point. Hit that Bob’s a lot while at CSUN too!
    I went there a lot. Big Boys have been my favorite since birth!

    • sbranch says:

      Mine since birth too! 🙂 I might have been there! If you got a real jokester with good service, that was me!

  32. Jackie P says:

    Your blog tugged close to my heart strings. My nickname for my dad was also Daddio — our own special exchange. He loved it. No one else called him that but ME. After a long illness, he passed away in February. I still think of him everyday. I was daddy’s girl. He will be in my heart forever. ❤

    • sbranch says:

      XOXO I’m very touched Jackie, I think I know how you feel. We’re lucky we’ve had them in our lives.

  33. Charissa says:

    How do you do it? You make everything so special and cozy. My hubby says that I do that, but I think if he ever saw you do it he would think it was amateur hour over here. You so inspire me:) The leaves are just full out gorgeous. The light…?!?!? I am dying. Thank you so much for sharing as we don’t get that here in Frisco, TX. I love those squirrels. We have some that like the acorns in our yard, but they don’t live in our tree. Could there be anything cuter for a guest room than resident squirrels? Not in my mind. I also love that you live so close to the a church. It makes for such pretty pictures. Do they have bells? I vaguely remember you saying they do. The sound of church bells is cozy too. Those kitties keep getting cuter, I think. And that picture of you and you dad made me cry. Nobody gives a hug like one’s own dad. Coziness personified… both of you. Hugs to you, BLOG DADDY! I’ve been thinking about your afore mentioned possible Christmas book (Yes, I took this idea and ran with it in my head. You might not even really be thinking of it, but in case you are) and (I know I am getting ahead of myself because I am waiting on pins and needles for Isle of Dreams. I am so glad it is making you happy. That makes even more of a joy to read.) I was wondering if you might include a list of your favorite Christmas albums… like you have done for movies and books? I would be so excited to have that. There was something playing in your house when Joe was making that wreath video that brought back my childhood and it made me think we need a list of your Christmas Album faves so all the girlfriends can be cozy for Christmas:) I decided I am having Downton season opener party. Pajamas and pearls. Tea and scones. Champagne and strawberries. Susan Branch’s Gingerbread and lemon sauce:) Savory tea sandwiches. Only candlelight and fireglow. Just a few good friends. I can’t wait. I know yours will be the hit of the party. It always is. Makes me look good hee hee:) I still give you credit though and I usually give the people that comment one of your cookbooks, but this party everyone already knows who you are. xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, we do have bells! They are my favorite thing! I love all the traditional Christmas carols, the old ones, like Bing and Frank and Dean. I also love Anne Murray’s Christmas album and John Fahey too. Your party sounds like pure perfection!!! It’s going to be WONDERFUL to see all our people again! Happy day Charissa!

      • Charissa says:

        Yay bells!!!! I always think you live in a postcard of exactly where I want to live. Bells, 4 seasons, squirrels, beautiful white old home, near the sea, lots of plants and trees, nice neighbors that let you borrow their dog:) I might not have any of those, BUT in my house there is love and that makes up for a lot:) And I am glad you have that too with sweet Joe. Wow! Thanks for the recommendations. I had never even heard of John Fahey. Listening now. Isn’t technology great. You don’t have to wait to run out to the record store and decide if you want to spend a lot of money on something you might not like. Just pay $10 a month and you can listen to almost anything you want. Luckily, I do like it. He’s great. Thank you again.

        • sbranch says:

          I was truly lucky when I chose Martha’s Vineyard to run away to! Who knew? But now that I’m here, I do love showing this little fairy tale to others. It’s not mine, but I belong to it! There are so many of these kinds of places in New England, with the old architecture and history and the churches with the steeples and the bells.

  34. Elaine in Toronto says:

    Hi Susan, I just emailed my friends to tell them you had posted a new blog then hurried back to read it. I loved all your pictures. What a wonderful fall we’ve been having. Do you remember the jug with the farmer’s poem on it that Beatrix Potter had on her mantle and you illustrated on page 189 of “A Fine Romance”? My husband has always loved that poem and I’ve been keeping an eye out for one when we go antiquing. Usually they are out of my price range. But on Sunday, I found a beautiful one – pink lustre with the poem on one side and a farm scene on the other. And…I didn’t mind at all paying the $30 the dealer was asking. Actually, it was marked $38 but she said I could have it for $30. So lucky to have found it. Enjoy your beautiful creative endeavours but take time to enjoy the season. Hugs.

    • sbranch says:

      THAT was a find, Elaine, how great! And that price was SO low . . . I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at $120! You got such a good deal. Good for you! Love these kinds of success stories! xoxo

  35. Audrianne Hill says:

    Thank you for a grand post. It was 71 degrees here in Holland Michigan today and everyone who came into the bookstore kept saying it felt like summer only without the cottagers so it felt too weird. It was also election day and there was plenty of punditing going around. I don’t know if punditing is a word; I just made it up. It doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving is just around the corner nor is there that November of the soul that Ismael talks about in Moby Dick. It’s just too beautiful of a day and they project one more just like it! Wahoo!

    Wishing you the sunniest!

    • sbranch says:

      Take it while you can, it sounds lovely! I like punditing and plan to use it in the future if you don’t mind! 🙂

  36. Elaine Depo says:

    Oh my, Autumn is all about color and light, isn’t it? The leaves here have been leisurely in their decisions to break free ~ happily for me! My oak out back is close to the house, and with the low, double windows it’s a feast for my eyes! At this time of year I really miss my husband, he used to enjoy raking the leaves into piles, first for our daughter, then, our granddaughter. He’d pretend he was annoyed when they’d make a mess of his hard work, the dogs covered as well! Just wonderful memories!

    So excited for the coming book, and dear girl, don’t worry about any of us forgetting where Fairy Tale Girl left off while waiting for the new ~ never gonna happen! Happiness to you!

  37. Mary Brehm says:

    Hi Susan. Today was a beautiful, golden, sunlit, leaves flying through the air sparkle kind of day. The temperature reached 70 today. I am making new curtains for my kitchen and I must say they are coming out really pretty. I treated my self to some really pretty lace cafe’s and my oh my you should see the sun when it shines through them. I absolutely loved your blog today and you completely caught me off guard at the end. The picture of you and your dad got me so choked up and the tears just started flowing. Thank you for sharing him with us.

    • sbranch says:

      My pleasure, and his too I have to say. Love your new curtains! There is just something about curtains that cheer a person up!

  38. Rhonda D. says:

    Beautiful fall photos of your yard Susan….so inspiring. My creativity just runs rampant when the fall if the year arrives. Hope it works that way for you too. I’m as excited to have Isle of Dreams in my hands as you are excited to write it. Sending the happy writing gene your way. Your squirrels are looking very chubby, well fed and content. I know they have great landlords. My granddaughter was christened this past weekend in my Dad’s christening gown. The gown is 83 years old and still in quite good shape. I know my Dad would have loved to attend the ceremony if he were still with us. You’re very blessed to have your Daddio to share in your life. xo

    • sbranch says:

      The beautiful wonderful circle of life, and your granddaughter will grow up knowing that she was christened in her great-grandad’s gown. Lovely! Thank you Rhonda!

  39. Leslie Naugle says:

    Dear Susan, I received your wonderful book as a birthday gift, and I must say I couldn’t keep my nose out of it until it was done. As usual, it will reside with all my other Susan Branch books. We all feel that we are kindred spirits with you, but I cried and laughed with you through the whole book. You are so unique and I treasure your words, your childhood and family, and your talent. We all wish we could be your sister, friend, and your neighbor. Can’t wait for your next installment.

  40. Fan in California says:

    Sigh. As always, thanks for the GORGEOUS photos and lovely thoughts. Looking forward to the new book!!

  41. Gert~Iowa says:

    Another wonderful post! (I have not posted to my blog for the last week or so–sad!) And to think you are working so hard on our book! Amazing!! That’s what you are!! I see the tree tops light up with gold too, but mine are in the evening, as the sun is setting! Just another of Gods wonders… Love the picture of your dad and his big ((hug))!

  42. Colleen Carpenter says:

    Susan, you are a true blessing to us all. Reading your blogs make me happy to be alive. Thankyou!💕

  43. Paula says:

    Hi Susan,
    What a nice surprise to see a new post from you!! Boy the leaves and birds call me away from my work, etc. too!! Also if I had a view of the Squirrel Condo like you do, I would probably be hanging out in your bathroom too, watching them from the window. LOL Does Jack watch them? I too love the picture of you and your Dad, sometimes we wait and try to have people looking into the camera, but this one just captures the love and it just looks like that hug felt so good. Bet you are glad someone snapped that pic. Have fun with the painting of the book….can’t wait!

    • sbranch says:

      Jack almost verbally asks me to open the window so he can sit in the sill and watch for them. In the window, he’s only about five feet away from that tree. Joe took that picture, and I’m so happy to have it. It did feel good! It expresses exactly what I hope he feels when he sees it. xoxo

  44. Dee Fox says:

    I love your blog almost as much as I love your books. This one made my eyes smile and my heart stretch like my arms do when I wake in the morning after a good night’s sleep. A very sweet and contented “Mmmmm”. Thank you!

  45. Dear Susan,

    I must express my immense gratitude for the time you take to share such beautiful observations of the world around you. Since I work in the corporate world, it is often dark when I leave my cubicle, but your writing is a wonderful reprieve from the monotony. It also inspires me to go home and relish the simple pleasures of being a newlywed!

    Have you ever read ‘Our Town’ by Thornton Wilder? I feel sure you would love its poignant message about the ephemeral nature of life and how we should bask in the joy of daily treasures: hot coffee, new-ironed dresses, mama’s sunflowers, sleeping and waking up!

    I have yet to process the abject wonder and loveliness of Fairytale Girl. You have a wonderfully unique style and showcase brave vulnerability in writing from the soul! It’s whimsical, creative, honest, musical, light-hearted and FUN! Even though adulthood hardens me sometimes, it is works of art like yours that bring me back to the halcyon center of childhood. So, thank you, from the very bottom of my heart. I hope to meet you on your next book tour!

    Sending faerie-kissed sparkles your way,

    Amanda Shields
    Birmingham, Alabama
    Age 23

    • sbranch says:

      Loved the words from Our Town, I think Thornton Wilder and I would be kindred spirits too. Thank you so much Amanda for your lovely words. I hope to meet you too someday. We’re going to try to get to Alabama next spring. xoxo

  46. Elaine Osborne says:

    A big “Thank you!” for the simple, yet profound beauty you see in the world and share with us, along with the accompanying quotations. We had to memorize the Bill Carman poem, A Vagabond Song, in sixth grade, and it has since been a favorite. Love all of your posts! Thanks again!!!

    • Elaine Osborne says:

      P.S. Editing note for the above reply: “Bliss Carman poem…” sorry for the typo. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      It’s great when they had us memorize things when we were very young . . . we never forget them. My dad is proof of that, he is always coming up with something he memorized in grammar school! Thank you Elaine!

  47. Nancy B says:

    Oh, Susan! Your photos are simply stunning!! I love the way you choose the perfect saying or poem to go with each one. And the art you paint along the way. Thank you for sharing all this beauty.

    Nancy (from Bakersfield)

    We had a bit of rain yesterday! YAY

  48. Linda Kidd says:

    Susan – I love your posts and your books!! Autumn is my favorite time of year. I always pull out your wonderful “Autumn” book and look through it again. Can’t wait to try the recipes you recommended.

    Linda Kidd, Loganville, GA

    • sbranch says:

      Good! Sometimes I get stuck, making the same thing over and over, but I’m always happy when I try something new and it works!

  49. Nicoline Bostens says:

    Oh you are one lucky girl, to have such lovely views all around your gorgeous home! Golden colored trees, brown squirrels and black and white kitties, can it get better than that?
    I’m looking forward to your new book, and in the meantime, have the Fairy Tale and Fine Romance on my bedside table. I jusy started re-reading FR again, because my husband and I are planning a trip to the Lake District, hoping to go next spring.
    I hope you don’t mind my asking again, but have you heard anything about the Chinese version?
    And also, we are planning to visit England in the Autumn, so we can join you at the Stourhead picnic, looking forward to that! Is it possible that you can let us know when you plan to come?
    And finally, I was walking along the street last week, sun shining, light breeze, when a whole lot of leaves started to flutter down, it was such a lovely sight, like brown and golden snowflakes gently falling all around!! Really enjoyed that, a tiny moment of happiness!
    Have a lovely day

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, the Chinese version will be coming soon. I ordered twenty, just in case anyone wanted one… we just sent in our credit card yesterday, so they should very soon be winging their way across the universe! Can’t wait to see it! I’ll give you the date for the picnic very soon. That’s another thing I’m excited about! I understand the leaf thing, it’s just so lovely . . . Thank you, Nicoline! xoxo

      • Nicoline Bostens says:

        Thats just great, thank you in advance! There’s a lot to look forward to!! The Chinese book, your new book, a trip to GB and a 2nd trip to meet you and Joe! What a great year 2016 will be!! Thank you!!!!!

  50. Jeni Behen says:

    Hello from Kansas City! We had a simply GORGEOUS fall day today…wonderful to celebrate with our very own Royals (the baseball kind :D) What a day for a parade with a few hundred thousand friends! SO much fun. Enjoyed your beautiful fall photos of the sun on the tops of your trees…and the moonrise! WOW! Lucky, lucky you and lucky, lucky us for your sharing. For the record, I preordered your book…received it long enough ago that I’ve read it twice (read ALL of it the first day I got it..could not put it down!) Absolutely loved it. You certainly are a wonderful storyteller. What vivid pictures you paint with word and brush. Cannot wait for Part Two. (I’m enjoying Honeycrisps again…bet you are, too.)

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, I am! I waited all year! 🙂 Congratulations to Kansas City . . . it looked really fun on TV too!

  51. Sandra says:

    Yup! You surely live in Paradise!

    City Girl, dreaming of nature and quiet

  52. Terry Jansen says:

    That hug Susan…your dad would love that photo…it’s almost 3 years since I lost my dad and I’m so glad I took lots of photos of so many moments..him looking through his front window at his street lined with flowering Jacaranda trees, their petals forming a carpet. Another of him proudly holding the biggest orange!
    I loved your Fairy tale girl and eagerly await the next…and the next, you mustn’t stop!

  53. AngieTink says:

    ☆☃♡♫♫♬☂❄✩Rise & Shine Sweet Sue & Thank~You For This Sweet~November~Blog~Post Absolutely~Delightful I Love This Photo With You & Your Daddio (Our~Blog~Daddy) Huggggggggging 🙂 Ahhhhhhhhhh Tears Of Joy Flowing….. ♡ & Girl~Kitty Purrrrring & Jack “Please Let’s Go Outside”!!!!!! 🙂 We Have Had a Weird “Warm~Autumn” So Far…. I Need Cooler Weather So I Can Keep My Windows Opened Every~Day!!!!! So When I Gaze At All Your Gorgeous Autumn~Photos …I Can Feel The Chill in The Air & Yes There is a Huge Smile Once Again on Me Pumpkin~Face 🙂 (Jiggity~Jig) As I Sip My Pumpkin~Spice~Coffee This Morning It Hit~Me Thanksgiving is Upon Us!!!! I’ve Been Basking in The After~Glow of Halloween ☆♫ I Need To Plan My Thanksgiving~Menu….Turkey…Oyster~Dressing Mashed & Sweet Potatoes Cranberry~Sauce & Brussel~Sprouts & Your Scrumptious Corn~Pudding & Pumpkin~Pie & Now I Am Starving… 🙂 I Love November It’s A Very Yummy~Month…. 😉 Time for Breakfast…. 🙂 Sending You & Joe & The Kitties A Warm Hug & Always a Bit of Pixie~Dust & LOVE…. I Know You Are Busy Creating Another Glorious Book….Breathe…. We Are All Beyond Excited….Yay! Thank~You Sweetest Sue! xoxo Poof! ☆☃♡♫♫♬☂❄✩☆☃♡♫♫♬☂❄✩ P.S. Are You & Joe Making Thanksgiving Dinner This Year? & I Love Today’s Musica! ☆♡♫♫♬✩ 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      I know! Thanksgiving! I’m not going to think about it yet. Love what we are having now. But you’re making me hungry too!

  54. judi says:

    Such a pretty post. I am surprised you still have so many leaves. Nice little warm streak you northern climes are having. I am waiting for a long awaited cool down so I get the spark to bake again. Can it be a year already since you were in AZ? A big hug to “blogdaddy”💕

  55. Deborah in Odessa, Tx says:

    Good morning. What beautiful pics. i look outside and still see green. …the golden light of Fall is in the air though. Love the moon picture. The squirrels are darling. I have some running amuck at my place….FYI….be careful of vent pipes!! I watched one go down one….it was HORRID!!! They cannot get out and it was 2 days to get him out and the walls and plumbing put back. Sorry, I should have better things to tell. Looking forward to new book and I am going to make that gingerbread. I copy, sincerest form of flattery, plaid napkins to go go with the dishes I use for Autumn. Love floral and plaid together. Thanks for all you inspiring ideas for home and life.

  56. Deborah in Odessa, Tx says:

    Oh, and one more thing, how could I have forgotten, What a wonderful thing that you still have your dad. I love the pic. and always love his comments.

  57. Janis from Oklahoma says:

    Wowsa! What a great blog post just at the perfect time! We love our most magical Autumn with all the colors it brings. ♡ You are such an inspiration, and I can hardly wait for our next book! We love daddy bugs and kitty kisses. ♡

  58. charlotte m. says:

    Your pictures always make me want to be in the northeast. I don’t think I am hardy enough for the winters, though. Just finished Fairy Tale Girl. I loved it and can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. I was born in ’57 and I remember so many of the things you wrote about. I am from a family of 7 children and I loved the chaos. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    • sbranch says:

      I’ll have the winter for you and send it in the blog and then you can have the best of both worlds!

  59. Shellie L. says:

    Thank you for a beautiful Autumn post, Susan!

    Really brightened up my day 🙂

  60. Linda Metcalf says:

    I love the Fall season and especially love the fain days! Getting cozy and cooking and planning! Your stuffing sounds very similar to ours. I put great granddaughter in her stroller one day last week and went in search of bittersweet to bring in the house. We found some but we may need a good hard freeze to get any more. So many happy days ahead and lots and lots of baking! Have a beautiful day!

  61. winnie Nielsen says:

    Good Morning Susan!! I was so excited to see a new blog post packed full of Autumn beauty. We are having a week of 90 degree/humid days down here in Florida and I have to admit it has me feeling left out. Although not really true, it feels like the rest of the country is viewing gorgeous trees and wearing sweaters! Waaaaa!! LOL!!

    You know, I think your idea of making the gingerbread recipe might just be what the doctor ordered! My mom always served hers with a hot lemon sauce too. If you can’t have a gorgeous NE Fall day, gingerbread might just be the next best perfect thing!

    Your happiness and excitement of working on your book makes me smile the whole time I am reading what you are doing. It is contagious!! Although I did not know what went into your other wonderful books, I think you have infused all of them with the same loving care and commitment. At least that is what has always come through to me when when I have read them, and enjoyed them, over and over again through the years. When I am reading your books, I feel like we are having a conversation together in the same room. Maybe it is that we grew up in the same era in big families and identify with many of the same aspects of life?

    Hi Blog Daddy! I am joining Susan and sending you some extra hugs from down here in Florida! My Daddy isn’t here anymore and sometimes you just need a Dad to send hugs to. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  62. Jane Smith says:

    Susan, I love everything about your blog and wish you would consider doing some blogs on these topics: your pantry. It looks so interesting and I love to see the different things in it. Your curtains, each window has interesting and homey curtains. (The ball fringe are my favorites.) Your pillows, the patterns are so enticing and they all have ruffles. They are very difficult to find nowadays. The cushions (red and white) on your kitchen chairs with the ruffles and the ties are my favorites. I think at one time you could purchase them on your website. Your many banners. The valentine banner I saw in an older post is so adorable. Hoping you find some time to consider doing posts on these ideas. Thank you!

    • sbranch says:

      Okay, Jane, I will keep your comment, and when I am searching for an idea for a blog, it will come in very handy!

  63. Margot at the Beach says:

    Yes…I go out and follow the leaves. LOL I miss the Linden tree that was outside my bedroom window when I was growing up. I have some soap that smells so wonderful of Linden blossoms. I totally agree with Robert Frost…he must have read my mind long ago. So don’t go along with “the rush”…savor painting that book of yours…we can wait. After all, we have things to bake and some of us have leaves to rake!

  64. Karen Holly says:

    Susan, thank you for another wonderful post. This is such a beautiful time of year- sometimes I feel like I must pinch myself to make sure it is all real. Please share some of your photos and comments on Instagram- we would all love it!

    • sbranch says:

      I keep trying to do that . . . wish that Instagram hooked up to the computer . . . I can take the phone, but then I would have to do doubles of the photos since my Canon takes so much better pictures. I would be covered in cameras wherever I go! 🙂

      • When I want to put pix on my Instagram from my camera I send the photo to my email, transfer to my iPad by pressing on pix to save image…I don’t have iphone..then put on Instagram from there. It’s a little work but I only put favorites on anyway. It probably would work with your phone too.

        • sbranch says:

          From my phone it’s easy … you can just tell it to send directly to Instagram right from the phone. It’s from the computer I can’t seem to do . . .

          • Chris Wells From Knickerbocker, W. TX says:

            I think what Cris is saying, is email the picture from your computer to yourself , then you can pick it up on your phone. Is that right, Cris?
            Listen to me….I don’t even understand Instagram! LOL
            But I do the same thing with Jim’s IPhone in order to get it to my IPad.

          • sbranch says:

            So I would email it from my computer to my phone? Hmmmm. Now I have to figure out what my phone’s email address is. There’s always something! 🙂

  65. Jane Franks says:

    Hi Susan! Wonderful views of the Island! So glad your book is coming well, and you have time for the Blog and Willard, too! Amazing!! Lots going on here. Will send some good news soon!! Have a wonderful day! Isn’t this the grandest time of year? Oh, to stop the clock for just one month!! 🙂 xo

  66. sondra fox says:

    Happy Fall GF’s! Living here in So. CA, I don’t have the gorgeous fall leaves you all have elsewhere, but I always look for what I DO have. My magnolia tree, outside of my dining room window, is in full bloom. The scent of the blossoms is delightful. The hummingbirds are back. Don’t know where they went for a couple of weeks. Their high flying antics are once again keeping me enthralled. When I sit out on the patio, they fly in right in front of me, perhaps telling me “thank you” for giving them food. I make sure their food is fresh each week. Then there are the tiny finches, with their yellow breasts, feeding together on my long, narrow feeder. Perhaps they’re having a Thanksgiving dinner together. Their little chirps are charming. The other morning, there was a storm coming through. There were huge black clouds overhead. I just sat & watched them. The next day, it was the same. Unusual for our part of the world. The sun tinted the clouds, on their very edges, with light. Fantastic. Look for these pieces of magic, wherever you live. Wherever you live in our great country, you can find your little piece of heaven. And, thank you Susan for letting us in on your little piece of heaven. I do enjoy all of your pictures & the way you enjoy life. My father left my mother, brother, & myself, when I was nine years old. My daughter was very close to my husband. Because I never had a father, I always loved observing their closeness. The bond you have with your father is wonderful to see. That last picture of the two of you hugging, was so touching. I could see the love you both have for one another.
    (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

    • sbranch says:

      A good dad is a wonderful thing. They definitely aren’t everywhere, you are not alone Sandy. Love that your daughter was gifted with one. xoxo

  67. sondra fox says:

    A P.S. from me. That adorable picture of the squirrels made me laugh. I feed squirrels who are so cute to watch with their little paws taking shells off of nuts. I know most people don’t like squirrels in their yards, but I find them adorable. How I’d love having a squirrel condo in my yard. Do they have their babies up there in the spring Susan, & do they winter in their condo? Such a wonderful picture of a squirrel couple. (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, they winter and they have babies! And they all run over and hang off our bird feeders, just enough to add lots of joy to our viewing!

  68. Carrie in Medina says:

    Thank you for this gorgeous post! Of course we won’t forget where we left off in FTG! No way! Love the images you’ve shared here; just amazing! I love the awesome squirrel condo! And, oh my, love, love the sweet little bird in your “Love” mug!! Too adorable! Thank you for sharing your amazing positive outlook and enthusiasm for life!! Never ceases to put a smile on my face!! Thank you!

  69. Ikwig says:

    That sunlight touching the tips of the vivid trees is one of the (many) reasons I’m the early riser in our house; how anyone can sleep when there is such beauty outside is beyond me!

    And that lovely picture of the road in the rain reminded me strongly of the old camp song we used to sing in a round: “The road is calling, as leaves are falling. I’m going home. My travels are all done (although I always thought they were saying “my troubles are all done,” so that’s how I sing it!). I’ll sit by the fire, and drink a toast to all of you. Farewell, I must be gone.” When my daughter was a baby, I always switched up her lullabies according to the season, and that round was her autumn song!

    I’m glad that the work on your next book is going so well (in your last blog entry, it sounded more like play than work, which is exactly how it should be)! But thank you for taking a little time away from it to share all the loveliness around you with us!

  70. Teresa G., Lafayette, CA. says:

    I’ve always felt you can really tell a lot about a person by how they hug! An instant barometer to their soul and I’m happy to note (though I would have guessed it) that you and Blog Daddy know how to HUG! What a spectacular picture. That was the best part of the whole beautiful blog today! Warmed my heart right up. I was flipping through the Autumn book yesterday – prominently displayed in the heart of my home at this time of year – and added to my list of things to do today to make the Ginger Crisp cookies. They hold up so well in the freezer and I’ll have my Thanksgiving place card/cookies all set to go. One of my favorite ideas from you! Even bought a pear shaped cookie cutter. Girlfriends – see page 15 and the recipe on page 106. Just the cutest! Have a beautiful hug-filled kind of day! XXO

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Teresa, good little reminder for place cards! And yes, maybe, because of the photo of my dad and me, I should have played the Beatles, It’s only love and that is all . . . xoxo

  71. Melody says:

    Oh, Susan, thank you for the lovely blog post. What a great way to start my day. I agree, Autumn is the most beautiful season, with all the wonderful colors! There is something about the air this season that just feels good. Crisp and fresh. I’m glad the new book is going well, of course we can’t wait. But, don’t hurry for us, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. 🙂

  72. yvonne says:

    No words needed when a hug can say it all…beautiful photograph of you and your father 🙂
    Regards to you, Joe and the kitties.

  73. CarolK in NJ says:

    I could live in Fall all year round with those beautiful colors and warm days and crisp nights. Thank you for sharing your Fall Island with us. This has got to be your best blog ever! And the best part was seeing you and your dad hugging. That picture made me cry…….thank you.

  74. Ann says:

    Your post just made my day! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful island home with us who have no autumn leaves here on Morro Bay.

  75. Debbie says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful post! I love the poem you shared by Bliss Carmen, it really captures my thoughts about Autumn. We are having a gorgeous Autumn here in Illinois too, warm days, cool nights, leaves golden, yellow and some so read they break my heart! Enjoy!

    • sbranch says:

      I squeal out loud to poor Joe the whole way out to the water on our walk. It’s just been a stunning fall here too.

  76. Shelia Wotring says:

    Loved hearing from you and glad to hear your enjoying the Fall Weather! Its beautiful here in Northern Virginia. A little too warm but I’m not complaining cause soon enough it will be freezing. Nice time to get the yard in shape for Christmas decorating though. But Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals. It will be at my daughters brand new home this year! She is very excited. Loved the Fairy Tale Girl and looking forward to the sequel. We can all wait…take your time and pour all into it that you can. Love all your details. Makes for an enjoyable read. Love the kitties, your daddy and all your coziness! : D

    • sbranch says:

      That’s exactly what I’m doing now Shelia! And Happy Thanksgiving in your daughter’s new house! Fun!

  77. Nancy says:

    Dear Susan, The pictures were beyond beautiful. Take your time with the
    book and never worry about when it will be done because we will always want
    the new book no matter when it comes out. Please enjoy the wonderful life
    you have and paint and write at your own pleasure. Also, so lucky to have
    your Dad’s arms around you. Happy Autumn.

  78. Anne in Maine says:

    I know you can’t tell but I hope your wish was that this is NOT the last season of Downton. Beautiful post as always. Really enjoying Fairy Tale Girl. Can’t wait until the next book. My copy of your Autumn book is on the coffee table. I consider it one of my autumn decorations. Have a beautiful Fall day. And I’m with you—I wish this could last for one more month please.

  79. Jack says:

    Loving our huggy , kissey , poopoo picture…..I know it’s us because I recognize the Etigere in the background. The picture generated so many asserted girlfriend hugs the collar is worn off my shirt.

  80. Jack says:

    PS ….I may have mentioned this before ….but I am so impressed when you girls burst out
    Speaking French on Twitter ……and you never had any lessons !…….

  81. Gail M. says:

    Hi Susan! Your pictures and descriptions are absolutely breathtaking!!! You are so lucky to have the sensational change of the season right outside your door! It’s FINALLY cooler here in So. Cal, only 48 this morning and it is wonderful! Enjoy every minute of your book preparations, I will continue to patiently wait! I am eager with anticipation to see what you have in store for us. Can’t wait for Willard, too! Smiles and happiness to you, Joe and the kitties! Happy Wednesday!

    • sbranch says:

      I love that you are getting cool temps in CA ~ I know how much everyone enjoys that little taste of fall!

  82. Lori C. says:

    Susan, I just started The Fairy Tale Girl last night – my first chance to relax – light some soft table lamps and autumn candles and enjoy. I’m half way through it. Loathed putting it down and going to bed. I just loved when you got your first set of water colors (reminded me of your first photo on today’s blog) and the story of the blond lady with the apron and pink tulips on her decorated table. I knew exactly how you felt! I just loved your first Thanksgiving with Diana in your beautiful little apartment. Thank you for the best ever recipe for your Grandma’s stuffing! You were so ahead of your time with everything – loved you getting your first little Beatrix Potter animals and Julia Child’s cookbook. Is it as daunting as it seems? Can’t wait for the 2nd installment!!!!

    • Lori C. says:

      Finished it last night! I laughed out loud when you went and got yourself a coffee table! That was priceless!! And I loved your Mom’s “Eat your roughage!” A wonderful read! When will Isle Of Dreams be available for preorder?

      • sbranch says:

        Hopefully soon, I feel more comfortable putting it up for presale every day as I begin to add the art and put in the photographs. I’m so glad you liked The Fairy Tale Girl! Made my day!

    • sbranch says:

      Makes me so happy to hear that Lori! Julia Child’s cookbook comes under the quote mentioned by one of our Girlfriends, Carrie I think, said by her mother, “If you can read, you can cook!”

  83. Donna Klein says:

    Loved seeing the view from New England and the update on your next book, which along with everyone else, I am anxiously awaiting.
    After living in Vegas the past 7 years, I am so enjoying the beauty of fall again in MN. One day last week, we had snow flurries all afternoon. Don’t tell anyone, but I was so excited to see the falling snow! (Even though I know well How long it will linger once it truly does arrive).
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Something about the first (second and third) snows that is SO magical, it’s just a gift. I’m not sure if you told me or not, but have you moved back to MN?

      • Donna Klein says:

        Yes Susan, I moved back last winter, after a breast cancer diagnosis. My family is here and I wanted to be near them during treatments. Doing really well and feeling great now 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          Happy to hear that, and happy to know you have your seasons ~ I would think they would be very life affirming. They are for me. xoxoxo Keep on doing well Donna!

  84. Carol Maurer~~~~ Kennewick, Wa says:

    Loved all the pictures of the sun coming through the trees! Such splendor!! We are now getting some frost….. well….. just a wee little bit on the north side of the roofs. BUT, it is changing the leaves on the plants to a beautiful yellow and gold. I think it’s about time to plant my bulbs in the plant containers.

    I’ve started walking in the mall with all the other mall walkers. I just started this week, but I’ll tell you, I feel wonderful! Plus, I’ve just about quit my snacks. That, right there, makes a world of difference!

    Have you gotten your flu shot yet? Did you realize that there is a more potent shot for us seniors over 65? I did not know that. I’ve heard it hurts more than the other one. I’m getting mine this week.

    To you, Susan and to all the other girlfriends out there, have a GREAT rest of the week!

    Carol M

  85. Margie says:

    Dear Susan — thank you for another WONDERFUL blog! The Fall colors are breath-taking! Makes me wish I was in New England rather than California! And the picture of your Blog Daddy is so touching; he seems like a real one-of-a-kind sort of man! I must also tell you that I LOVED the part in Fairy Tale Girl where you wrote the first entry into your very first diary. “I WILL tell Mom!” if you are not me and you are reading this. So cute, and so typical of a young girl. Thoroughly enjoyed the book! And the camping trips — Egads, your parents were brave! And such nice memories for all you kids. Thanks again for this glimpse of beauty — Looking forward to the next book!

    Happy Fall!


    • sbranch says:

      I’m sure my brothers would have rather jumped off a cliff than be caught dead reading my girlie diaries when I think of it now! Happy Fall to you too!

  86. Christine from CA says:

    Thank you for the wonderful fall pictures! Autumn comes in slowly and quietly in S. California! Finally rain the last two nights and a cool crispness to the air this morning. My liquid amber tree is slowly trying to change the color of its leaves. Beautiful! and my granddaughter likes to decorate our Thanksgiving table with them. I love the anticipation of the new book! I love and am grateful for your beautiful perspective on life and the seasons! Thank you Susan!

  87. Donna Hardin says:

    Lovely fall pictures…looking forward to the sequel! I loved a the picture of Jack…it captured his energy and zest for life! Lol

    Sweet hug picture…dad’s are the best…along with moms too!

    Have a great productive day!

  88. CW says:

    Hello Susan,

    I fear my unfinished comment to you may have been sent inadvertently. My sausage fingers are not always adroit working a small keypad.

    We are finally enjoying autumnal weather in the Sacramento area. Just above us is Nevada City, where New Englanders settled years ago and brought with them seeds and saplings. It is a veritable cornucopia of magnificent colors amidst lovely gingerbread houses. Nevada City in the Fall is the next best thing to being in the motherland.


  89. Lori Metschan says:

    Thank you for your lovely post!! I can’t wait for the new book, as I am savoring Fairy Tale Girl for two reasons….one is that it is so good I don’t want it to end and the other is that I am reluctant to get to the part where you are heartbroken…I will have to get to it, but I kind of don’t want to!! Oh, I know that sounds strange, but it is how I am feeling about it. xoxo!! Lori in Seattle….:)

    • sbranch says:

      Only way to it is through it! Luckily I didn’t know what was coming (while living it) or I might have gone around!

  90. Michelle in Twain Harte, CA says:

    My day’s wonderful now, because I have you in it! …and we had a beautiful, lovely rain storm. What’s not to like?

  91. Mary says:

    Hello! I received my very first blog from you today, in my email. While I have long admired your art I hadn’t actually connected with the fact that there is, indeed, a person holding the paint brush! It was delightfully charming to sip my morning coffee and “chat” with you about the “goings-on” outside your window.

    I look forward to many such mornings with you! Thank you!

  92. audrey Bell, LaBarque Creek, Missouri says:

    I was thinking about you, and about how my Octobery season went by way too quickly this year. Surfing around on your blog, reading about scary Halloween ideas and looking through photos of leafy days gone by, I was hoping to squeeze a few more images of fall in… (No pressure here, but I was also hoping to find an Autumn bead for sale.)
    I still have Thanksgiving to look forward to… and all the fun cooking and entertaining possibilities November brings…
    Then you can imagine my surprise while I was clicking around on your blog dear Susan, and I found this! A new blog post!
    Thank you for taking some time out to think of us, and sharing the rainy windshield photo… I do love a rainy day!
    I think I will get out my Autumn book for a cooking adventure!

  93. Lori says:

    Hello Susan! What a wonderful treat to have a new blog post from you. The weather in Indiana has been awesome. This afternoon we are 75. Last night the sky was just filled with twinkly stars and it was so clear. Can’t wait for the new book and I’m glad it is bringing you pleasure creating it – I know it will bring us pleasure reading it!

  94. Lynn says:

    I brought your beautiful book with me to the hairdresser this morning, Customers and stylists were amazed at how pretty a book it is. The jacket caught their attention and then they were swept into the pages. A few copies were ordered for Christmas gifts for moms and sisters. And I told them that the good news is the sequel is almost finished!

  95. Ann in UK says:

    Love this Blog, I can almost imagine myself in your beautiful part of America. The photo of Kitty Jacks eyes is so funny and I love the squirrel photo. I have to tell you two weeks ago I stayed in the Lake District near Lake Windermere, of course I was really there to visit Beatrix Potters house at Hill Top, also her husbands solicitors offices in Hawkshead. There was an exhibition of her watercolours, the ones used in her books. Thank you for writing about the National trust places you visited when in the UK, I have visited so many as I became a NT member soon after.

    • sbranch says:

      SO happy to hear that. They have so many wonderful interesting things to see. You are lucky to be there. Are you English?

      • Ann in UK says:

        So sorry not to have replied sooner, yes I am English, I live in Leicestershire, where today it is very windy – almost all the leaves have been blown off the trees now. When I visited The Lakes I carried your book with me, back in the hotel I read the relevant pages to my husband.

        • sbranch says:

          Isn’t the National Trust almost a miracle? Thank goodness they came when they did and saved so much for posterity!

  96. Marla says:

    Hi Susan!
    As always, I enjoyed your photos today – especially the sun in the tree tops – autumn gold is so beautiful. It reminds me of late afternoon sun – right before sunset at our house. We call it Magic Time. The low rays of sunlight shoot across our backyard, across the lake water and up to the trees on the other side of the lake. The whole color palette changes, the water sparkles & is gone in about a minute. When my hubby or I see it, we will shout out “it’s magic time!” and we will stop what we’re doing and watch. It’s bonus magic time if you see a deer!

  97. Darylene from South Dakota says:

    I was having a ‘trying’ work day, saw your blog hit my inbox, and immediately relaxed. Perfect timing, Susan. I needed that! Also, even though I am impatiently waiting for Isle of Dreams, if I’m honest, the anticipation of it is quite delicious, too! That doesn’t mean that you should slow down, though – don’t you dare 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Oh I am so happy to hear that! I love anticipation too . . . but I get that last line, and don’t worry, I won’t!

  98. Ann in UK says:

    In my excitement I forgot to add I carried your book ‘A Fine Romance’ around Hill Top with me!

  99. Marilyn H says:

    What joy fills my heart and soul when I read your wonderful blog and see your lovely pictures, and of probably my favorite time of year. Love Fall and how you actually relish in the earths changes and nature that is all around us. I must go outside directly to fulfill me. The sun is out on this chilly day in northern CA. Wish we had rain. We sure don’t get it like the rest of the country but I’ll take pleasure in the sun today.
    Looking forward to that next book Girlfriend. I’m sure it’s a treasure like the last two. Enjoy good health and good friends ! Blessings to you, hubby and kitties.

  100. judy says:

    Oh, such a dear, sweet letter from your heart to us today in the blog, thank you! And, those photographs are so pretty. Autumn is a wonder-filled month. Thank you again for the full moon bookmarks for this year. I have paid close attention to the full moons and loved seeing the Hunter Moon recently. Hope you will tell us the dates and the names (will they be the same names?) for next year’s full moons. Thank you Dear Susan! Wishing you more lovely Autumn days and happy writing….love and prayers, jep

    • sbranch says:

      We like to do a special bookmark with the moons and names and dates on it as a Christmas present to everyone and we will do it again this year, watch this space! 🙂 Thank you Judy!

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