Hi everyone! Let’s see, where were we? Well, let’s not go to where we were, let’s move ahead to where we are! Lots going on in the Heart of the Home these red-letter days, almost too much. I’ll catch you up with some of it now, and save the rest for the April 19th Willard!  Have I told you lately that I love you? Well, I do . . . MUSICAflowerborderIMG_6803

Dawn breaks in my kitchen, and the outline of the rabbit ears just makes my Good Friday morning.  Run, go get the camera. Love the sunrise as it filters through the trees in our garden, into the windows, landing on my Beatrix Potter People and those bunny ears saying, spring, spring, spring.musicIMG_6795

It’s doing the same thing outside. A stormy sky is background to the white steeple across the street when the sun peeks through the cloud cover and splashes it with light through the trees. Isn’t that a perfect Easter scene? So New England, so full of

IslandCharmBlueBirdIt’s spring again, and the robins are bobbin’ along . . . we are so lucky.


And that isn’t all. A big brown UPS truck pulled up out front yesterday ~ I could see him through my studio window, I jumped out of my chair, and Steve, the driver, and I walked together, him, outside, carrying a box up my driveway, me inside, seeing him through the windows as I walked through the living room, then the wood room, meeting him at the kitchen door . . . me thinking, could it be? It seems early! Steve, seeing my eager face, teasing me, holding the box back for a second and making me laugh.


It was from the printer who sends us stuff all the time, but I got the camera, because it looked like it, it felt like it, and just in case, I wanted to do a “You are there” moment, for my Girlfriends who’ve stood by me through this entire long process of book making!


And it was! The first two copies, hot off the press . . . There is something SO scary/exciting about a new book, keeping a diarymakes my hands shake and stomach quiver . . . I will never get used to it. And coming from my diaries, this one is especially scary. Suddenly the poor little thing is on its own, off to see the wizard with protective mommy getting further behind, singing Que Sera Sera and hoping for the


I took my time and looked her over carefully. Did she have all her fingers? Toes? What color were her eyes? (Blue.) I’m counting time by heart throbs. Ba-bump,

something about the light

I opened it . . . and thought Oh, my, welcome to 1982 and my first little house on Martha’s Vineyard. From this photo above? I still put that rabbit head over the wood container with flowers on the wall next to our door every year, and the garden sign at the bottom is now in my picket fence garden, waiting for the tulips to bloom around it. The pumpkin bit the dirt a long time ago, but I’m still madly in love with dappled things.

photo 1-13

And this. I can’t wait to take you there . . . you are going to love it!


I opened the book, and began to turn the pages . . . and there they all were, just like I painted them, just like they were supposed to be! Oh yes, a ribbon marker too. Her eyes are blue, and her ribbon is sea green. 368 pages of pretty paper, good deep color, recipes and zillions of photos . . . 



I always felt bad about leaving that cliff hanger in The Fairy Tale Girl ~ it was cruel and inhuman of me . . . I am so glad that is almost over! Here we go! . . . The Fairy Tale Girl was the Appetizer, A Fine Romance was dessert (which we ate first, because that’s who we are) and now, for the Main Course, Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams. I hope it’s been long enough so that you are very hungry!



I could not leave out one of my very favorite quotes. This new book is full of quotes, definitely more than any of my other books, and mostly ones you’ve never heard from me before . . . because I wrote about the inspiration that made me put them in my first book way back then . . .

pink flowers


And the inspiration for my love of train travel is there too, and the reason I got started with it, and my interesting run-in with John Madden, the famous football coach, on that first trip, which you don’t know about so far, but you will . . .flowersIMG_6856

And my dad . . . we received two books, one for me to show you, and the other one went off to Blogdaddy yesterday (along with a bag of wisteria seeds that have been popping off our climbers all week). I am SO excited for him to get the book (and the seeds)! I know you know! As far as I can tell we are still on schedule for delivery of YOUR books . . . I think you should have them in hand by the second week in April, yes, and they will all be signed, I’ve been signing book plates for every book. And for those waiting to get the books in stores, I think they’ll arrive maybe 2 weeks later ~ we ship to our Girlfriends who’ve ordered first, then the stores (and then I imagine they have some processing to do when they get there), so for sure by the first week in May, we have a Mother’s Day pub date .flowers


I’m almost done with all the projects I’ve been working on for so long. I decided to make my 30th year a banner year the best way I knew how. BTW, note the space I have to work in? I’m lucky I get that. If you don’t think there are kitty hairs worked into each and every watercolor, then you don’t know from kitty hairs. What are you watercoloring, some might ask . . . and I would answer, for this I actually got to relive the writing of my first book . . . and feel again all the hopes and dreams that went into it. flowersIMG_6834

Never in my wildest dreams did I think, when I was sitting at the dining room table in my first little house on the Island, recovering from a broken heart and heartofthehometrying to write a book, not knowing how, and not knowing whether I would ever find a publisher, that 30 years later, I would be celebrating its birthday like this!  This is a mockup for the new cover (which will take the place of the ← old one). I promise, it won’t look so glued together when you see it in person. And I already changed it a little. I didn’t like “revised and enlarged,” at the bottom because it sounded like I made the pages larger, or the print larger or something . . . so I changed it to this . . .


The finished book will still have the gold banner but it will say,”revised and expanded,” since that is what it really is. Words. Gotta love ’em. And I loved every second of the expanding! I wrote a angelartlong forward for it, added lots of new recipes and art, new quotes too, and a much more complete Index. You know this was my first child, I love her very much and I hope she will meet a whole new generation of newlyweds, best friends, sisters, nieces and all the other lucky people who know that cooking is an art, but that it’s mostly a giving thing. This is my Christmas present to everyone. It will be in stores around September first, but in our own webstore for our Girlfriends in June. . . I’ll let you know when it goes up for presale, just trying to let Kellee get her breath from all she has to do about the one that came in the box yesterday!flowers

IMG_5450AND, in the meantime . . . Joe and I are walking every day, getting wisps of spring breezes, smelling the warming earth (smells like chilled leaf compost), seeing the trees beginning to bud, going to the shore and listening to the birds cry as they swoop and dive into the waves . . . It’s happening again, just when you think it might not. It’s GORGEOUS out there this morning and we are heading out as soon as I say good bye to you. 

IMG_5506It’s the perfect place to say our Easter prayers . . . we have so much to be grateful for. Our health and family and home and love, warm beds and applesauce and cottage cheese, and tea and kitties, not just today, but every day. With current events as they are, its up to us to hug each other tight and never let go.


We’re having a pork roast for Easter dinner, and, as usual, I’m making this delicious fruit compote to go with it . . . it’s on page 59 of Heart of the Home, if you have it, but if not, here it is . . . it’s also an old-fashioned perfect “Grandma dinner” with lamb or ham! For the people you love. spring bunny

Easter cake

I know most of you have seen this recipe many times, but we have new Girlfriends coming to the blog all the time, and this Bunny Cake is so easy and so fun and so festive and so kid-like, it’s always worth a little reminder. No matter our age, we all have a bit of kid lurking inside ~ which it’s good to nurture! For the Joy, because . . .fun is good

Bunny Cake somebunnyAnd now, last but not least, I have a secret (I actually have two) but the one I’m telling you about now has to do with fabric. And that’s all I’m saying. One cliff hanger down and one to take its place. Anyone have a favorite fabric of mine that they wish had not gone away? Love to hear about it! Love to hear about anything you want to talk about! Love YOU! Happy weekend! Make kindness your middle name. Bird and heart ... With love from Susan Branch

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870 Responses to RED LETTER DAY

  1. allison austin says:

    thank-you for posting on my B-day and i am looking forward to seeing you at
    book people in austin texas

  2. JoAnn says:

    Hi Susan, I can hardly wait for your latest book to arrive at my door. I discovered your blog a couple of years ago and always look forward to your new postings. I live in a log home in the mountains and will drive over three hours to see you at the book signing in Danville, Ca. I am so excited to see you in person. You and Joe have a safe and wonderful journey across the U.S. to meet all your fans.

  3. Sandy Simpson says:

    Hi Susan!

    I would like to be placed in the drawing for the personally signed book, paint brush and /or paint blot worksheet book mark. I have all of your books and c cannot think of anything more special, to whoever wins. Thanks, Sandy Simpson

  4. Ilene Gavenman says:

    I am so thrilled that you will soon have more Susan Branch fabrics for us! I am currently working on a quilt from your Martha’s Vineyard Watercolor Collection Little, Fat Quarters kit and so love all of your darling fabrics. The flowers with hydrangeas, humming birds and the garden gate is my absolute favorite, followed by the pink, blue, and purple hydrangea print, and the tea party prints. I also love the Girlfriends series and last year I bought Baby Love online to use as a table cloth for a baby shower. We all loved those darling ducks! It was so wonderful to be able to purchase your fabrics at the little fabric shop just off of Branch St. in Arroyo Grande, right after visiting your marvelous store there. I can’t wait to see your new line! XXXOOO

  5. Looking forward to every single word, photo, quote, and brush stroke in the new book! The hummingbirds return to my window and your new book will arrive in the mail all in the same month. Hoooooray!

    How very lucky and blessed we all are to have wonderful you in our lives!
    Love, Valerie

  6. Tammy in Colorado says:

    Hi Susan. I can’t wait for the new book! I have an idea too. I’m sure you know how popular coloring books for adults have become. I just received one from my sweet friend for my birthday. I had no idea until then. And since then I keep thinking you should create a coloring book for your girlfriends with some of your drawings. Now that would be fun and I’ll bet all the girlfriends would love it. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Mary Pilkenton says:

    Sure would love to win one of your new books! Started rereading Fairy Tale Girl so I’d know where your story left off. Your spring cleaning before you left on your road trip is inspiring.

  8. Bridget Cote says:

    Can’t wait for your next book and plan on seeing you again at one of your book signings. My heart ached for you at the end of “Fairy Tale Girl” but I KNOW I can look forward to the happy ending that’s coming in “Isle of Dreams”!!!

  9. Davie Jo Kotches says:

    Inspirational! I look forward to reading your new book. Have all your books and thinking about the new, old “Heart of the Home”. Love your outlook on life, reading your clever blog and looking at your beautiful works of art. Bright spot in my life. Thank-You.

  10. Sharon Sammarco says:

    I am soooooo excited to receive your new book! I am surprising my Mom and taking her to Martha’s Vineyard for our very first time! I ordered a book for her and one for me (of course because I have them all) to guide us along the way! I sure hope it gets here soon so I know where to go and what to do and if we are truly blessed we will run into you! That is if you are back from your tour, sigh. I hope I win one of your brushes and bookmarks! Have a fabulous day!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m sure you’ll have the books in time, and I know you’ll love it! What a nice memory for the two of you!

  11. Jan Hammond says:

    Susan, I get tears almost always when I read your blogs. That means your
    writings and you make me happy!! It’s spring time in the Rockies and soon
    friends, Jackie, Gale and I will be seeing you in Denver! We are SO looking forward to it. I wish friend, Gloria, in Mpls could meet you, too. We all
    enjoy your writings about your life and locale! Am looking forward to getting
    your book—to add to the other two or I could say, “the other four” as I have two others of yours. Bless you and keep you on your and Joe’s trip across country.

  12. JoAnn says:

    Hi Susan,
    I pre-ordered your latest book online on your site so that I would have it when I went for your book signing in Danville, Ca. I went to the bookstore’s website and they are saying we must have a ticket to attend which includes your book. Can we not attend if we already bought the book and would we have to purchase the same book to attend and meet you? I’m just a little confused and hope you can clear this up for me. Have a blessed day.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m not the person who actually has anything to do with bookstore rules, in fact this is as new to me as it is to you. I know some of the bookstores I’m going to are selling tickets to the events . . . but these folks seem to be including a book with it. Bookstores, as you probably know, are struggling these days and trying to find new ways to support their habit of staying in business . . . so that may have something to do with it. I bet you could buy ANY book in their store, and that would satisfy their need. I don’t know. I’m so sorry if this is causing trouble! I know bookstores don’t like to upset customers, so I would think they wouldn’t be very strict with this. xoxo

  13. Debbie Sowards says:

    I got my book today!!!! So excited!!!!

  14. Eugenia says:

    She arrived Thursday, April 7, I was at work, but my husband texted me a photo of my package with the message, “Your friend is here.” Indeed my friend was home waiting. I tear up now with the joy of each a every Susan Branch book. She is beautiful, I’m torn between rushing through her or savoring each precious page. Thank you. Thank you.

  15. Rachel Ramos says:

    I cannot wait to get home today to check my mailbox! So excited to receive her 🙂
    Have a beautiful and funtastic day!! Thank you

  16. Rachel Ramos says:

    Ooops, i forgot to mention how much i would love to win your brushes! Maybe they will bring me inspiration! Thank you

  17. Dee says:

    Dear Susan-
    So looking forward to meeting you in Hudson-a “Friends of Gladys Taber” member also. Also looking forward to new “Heart Of The Home”- have the first one so I guess I’ve had it for about 30 yrs! Love all the cookbooks.
    I know what you mean about train travel-just returned from NYC-so relaxing & meet the friendliest people.

  18. Janet says:

    Oh my – I stalk your blog – I can’t get enough I love your stories and drawings and your cats that look like my long ago Pepaw kitty. I like to think of this blog as one of my happy things ! I feel like were long lost friends. I would love to have a signed copy of one of you books – so here’s to hoping that soon I am reading away.

  19. Amy K says:

    Susan, I was lucky enough to get your new book and started reading it last night and stayed up late so I could finish it tonight. I absolutely LOVED it! It was so heart warming and inspiring! Everything you said about putting good out into the world you do with your books and your blog. You are a kindred spirit! My 23 year old daughter is going through some tough things in her life and has so much to give the world if she would appreciate all her gifts. I’m hopeful that she will with time and life experiences. I’m ordering your last two books in the series for her as I hope it will give her some inspiration to keep on keeping on. I think your book will be a beacon of light for her. Thanks again for your gift of humor and warmth. I know the book will do amazingly well!

    • sbranch says:

      I thing the 20’s are the hardest years. You’re “all grown up” *you think*, so you should automatically “know” where you’re going and who you are . . . but for most of us, it’s just not true and it can feel like torture. I tell my nieces to just keep heading in the direction of their dreams and take as many pictures of themselves in their cute clothes as they can. Thank you Amy! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Best of everything for your daughter.

  20. Cherei McCarter says:

    Here’s my chance of introducing feux feux into my house! Ohhhhh.. Tis’ a brave day for this woman! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      You are so brave! So a woman named Cherei McCarter has no feux-feux in her house???? How can that BE? 😊

  21. Judy F., Orange County, CA says:

    Just received my book yesterday! Thank you Susan for ANOTHER book to cherish. I have to force myself NOT to read it too fast, I’m enjoying it so much. You may not think of yourself of being “brave” but I admire you for stepping out of your comfort zone all those years ago. You’ve live the dream that some of us have had and I for one, thank you!

    Already while reading this book, I laugh out loud one minute then I’m choked up the next! Your first book, “Home is Where the Heart Is” was the first in my collection. Even though I have that original book, I will definitely add the revised edition to my collection too and look forward to it’s release.

    Thank you for all the JOY you bring to so many of us through your writing and illustrations and for bringing us along on your “adventures”. (((Hugs)))

    BTW, my sister and I are planning to come and see you when you’re going to be at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, CA on June 8th. It’s not listed on their event schedule yet, so we’re hoping it is confirmed. We’re anxiously waiting to meet you in person 🙂 Safe travels during your book signing tour and best wishes to you always.

    • Judy F., Orange County, CA says:

      Oops!! I meant to type “Heart of the Home”!! What’s the matter with ME? 🙁

    • sbranch says:

      So glad to hear you’ll be at Vroman’s ~ We will definitely be there, never fear. Thank you Judy, I am very touched by your kind words. xoxoxo

  22. Sheree McMahon says:

    It would be so wonderful to be chosen in this drawing but really when we have your new book in our hands and are all tucked in for the night, we will all be winners!

  23. Carla Henn says:

    My friend Nancy and I are planning on coming to the WOODSTOCK, GA book signing. We are also planning a weekend of Susan Branch meals and tea party, she has a menu of ready. OH we are so excited, can’t wait. Hope I win the drawing, it would make this all MORE perfect.

  24. Hi Again Susan,
    MV Isle of Dreams arrived yesterday and I have been falling in love with you all over again (and laughing, crying, and cheering) ever since. Laundry, dishes, and life are piling up and I don’t care. I am so enamored with every page, drawing, story, quote, and everything Susan. So very grateful you are you and what a darling you that you are. Could never thank you enough for all the moments of joy, ”
    kindred spiritship”, and inspiration you have given me and others. xox

    • sbranch says:

      Oh my Valerie, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to tell me . . . that was so nice. xoxoxo

  25. Sally says:

    Susan: I’ve just finished your newest book. I’m still sad that I didn’t find your house when I visted Marthas Vineyard in 2000. But now that I know it’s history, it’s almost like finding it. Your descriptions are so well written I can almost say I’ve been there. Our lives have paralleled so closely that it gives me a new out look of the future. It’s a work of love dear California girl, thanks. I throughly enjoyed it.
    Continued blessings for you and Joe.

  26. CJ Love says:

    Hi Susan,
    I read Isle of Dreams this weekend and couldn’t put it down. I LOVED it! I enjoyed the entire series but Isle of Dreams is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your story. You are inspiring and a true Fairy Tale Girl.

  27. Janice says:

    See I did miss post, glad I was able to check today, it has been i. The back of my mind. Can’t wait for the new willard to come. I have the old book which I found years back at a thrift store and I gladly brought her home. Can’t till I can get the new one… Lobe the books that I do have and I so want Marthas vineyard… I couldn’t put the fairy tale girl done from the moment it arrived… Love you Susan your just fantastic caring loving woman… With love Janice

  28. Pam S. R. S. says:

    So looking forward to meeting you in Hudson. Will be there with my Mom. Hope you have the best birthday celebration tomorrow! I’ve been hooked on your cookbooks ( and books) for years, though I don’t have the very first one. I am excited to buy the 30th anniversary version of “Heart of the Home” when it becomes available. Stay safe and have fun in your travels! See you in May!
    P. S. A movie or TV series?! That would be so wonderful! That will absolutely go on my prayer list.

  29. I must try to get your book from your store so I can get your autograph. I would so love that! My birthday is coming up…perhaps I can bribe…ummm…coax…ummm…someone will just love to order one for me! 🙂 Ohhhhhh Kiiiiiiiiiiidsssss……
    I forgot to tell you that I am so happy about the movie and sooooo can’t wait! It’s going to be wonderful!! You are still right up there with Lucy Maud Montgomery for helping me feel happy. A movie about your life is the best gift of all <3
    Now I'm not remembering the other things I wanted to comment on… but I have a feeling I might by the next post lol
    Have a delicious evening. Rilla went to bed tonight hoping for no snow in the morning. I'm hoping too !
    Denise of Ingleside

  30. Laura W says:

    You are such a beautiful part of me..of my girls. I have been reading your books for so many years…always keeping them near to me. They have comforted me in the best and worst of times. They have been there for me and with me like a beautiful old friend. In 2000 I lost my father, then five months later I lost my mother. She was my girlfriend and my mom. We always were such a close family. Losing her was like losing a part of my heart. Reading my books by you gave me hope..brought me love and comfort. These past few years two of my children moved away. One daughter to California and my son to the Air Force now stationed in Italy. Sooo hard! Reading your books again brought me hope and comfort…strength to let them go to pursue their own dreams. Still working on it though! Reading about your life and the things you did, experienced and went through has comforted me through mine. Thank you so much! You are forever in my heart. Love Always, Laura from Colorado. <3 Hope to see you in Denver in May!

  31. Ginny Killinger says:

    I have had your new book in the preorder section of Amazon for so lonnnnnng now and I see your blog and I am too jealous 🙁 I want one with your signature………………………………………………….!!!!! I am rereading the Fairy Tale girl again at my volunteer job today where I get to read sometimes 🙂

  32. Rae Ann R. says:

    My book arrived today💐Wow!💐It is very “hefty” and I can’t wait to start reading tonight…💐Thank you, Susan for sharing your life with us💐👏💐

  33. Maureen Schneider says:

    Thank you for all your beautiful words, artwork and quotes. They have brought many joyful moments to my life!!

  34. Dee Ann Thomas says:

    So happy for your new book! What a wonderful way to usher in SPRING! Thank you!

  35. Eileen says:

    Happy Birthday, Susan!! Hope your day has been glorious. You gave me a lovely treat by including one of my favorite quotes: “Hyacinths for the Soul”. I first discovered it when I was in high school and have quoted it many times since. Today was a perfect day to bring it to mind. Thank you!

  36. I am inspired by your art and musings and have several of your books including: Girlfriends Forever, Christmas Memories (filling out my second one I had to purchase through Amazon-you need to release another one!), Autumn, and also have 2016 Calendar. I would love to win a signed copy of any of your books!

  37. jane says:

    Oh my oh my, dear Susan! It’s here and I’m so distracted by it, just sitting there staring at me. First, when I opened the package and touched it, it felt DIFFERENT in a very good way. It’s so heavy and substantial and I love how the book feels in my hands. I’m allowing myself to read just a few, few pages at a time, making it last like the most special box of chocolates.

    And, to top it off, I experienced the kindness of your California staff and dear, dear Sheri. I opened an email telling me that my book had shipped, and it was being sent to MY OLD ADDRESS. It’s been too long to have it forwarded and I wanted to SOB. Sheri walked me through all of it, assuring me another would be sent. And I received it just a few days later. The other one DID show up and the kind lady who lives in the old house will “return to sender” it back to California. As always, the sweetest, most helpful Sheri, kindly making that book appear so fast.

    My heart is again breaking because of the heartache you had as you adjusted to your new life. I’m so glad, for once, that I KNOW the ending! I simply LOVE this book, Susan. It’s gorgeous, inspiring, lovely! And so much fun that it starts out in March and April while we’re also experiencing the loveliness of Spring.

    Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

  38. I’m IMPATIENTLY waiting for ‘our’ new book…looking every day….hurry up mail-lady…oh…not today…maybe tomorrow:/…love always, Toni from Sylvania OH

  39. C.Mary says:

    I would treasure one of your paint brushes as much as I do your books!
    Thank you!

  40. Sue Hamman says:

    I love all your books! Hope I win!!

  41. JUL says:

    It’s here…let’s cheer..!!. As I was getting ready to unpack the box that was delivered this morning..I spied a stamp on the top…of two wine glasses of bubbly …with the words…’Here’s to you”!…I was so excited ….i carefully opened the box and unwrapped the book that had been lovingly wrapped in tissue covered in hearts. I immediately sat down next to the kitchen table…tossed the tissue still on the table…and labels strewn about on the floor. Of course i had to read it immediately. No chores would be done today. What a treasure. Your writing brings me Joy..and your website warms my heart and makes me smile. Jwli.

  42. charlotte m. says:

    Just had to let you know I got my book on Monday and I am LOVING every word and savoring every page to make it last as long as possible. Thank you so much for this wonderful story. You are a treasure, dear Susan.

  43. Joni Lee says:

    I hope to get your newest book with your paintbrush treasures inside 🎨📚Love that Joe of yours and the way he thinks!

  44. Susan Martin says:

    Valerie had a “scathingly brilliant” idea about the coloring book!!! I’ve purchased 3 so far, and haven’t colored a thing – I’m just not inspired. But a Susan Branch coloring book? With kitties and sunflowers and hydrangeas and shelves with heart cut-outs and corgi dogs and little brown houses in the woods? I would color these in a heartbeat!!!!



  45. D'Anne R. Paratore says:

    Mom could not wait for me to come home from the hospital (1 mo) to check up on whats new with Susan Branch and to order your newest book. She went from
    80 to 8 yrs old! And I thought that was excitement that I was home.

    Still wondering if you have thought about writing a book about your cats? Just a short book to read to the cats at night.

    Now I am going to comment, would love to cross-stitch some of your artistry. It was so boring in the hospital and now it will be another 3 mos in bed – even some water-color prints, maybe?

  46. Noreen Krebs says:

    My daughters and I can’t wait to see you in St. Charles, MO in May!!! We are avid fans!!! Have a great trip!

  47. Cecelia says:

    Loved your book! I read it too fast 🙁 But I will reread it again soon and savor it the second time. I cried at the happy ending AND because I reached the end of the book! I’m 45 past 12 and so much of your writing relates to my memories and childhood too. Big family, stay at home Mom, trips to the library, summertime with friends….
    Looking forward to your movie/series. I hope you are planning another book soon. But you need the well deserved rest from writing this amazing book! So enjoy your book signing trip and Scotland!

  48. Judy Owen says:

    I just closed the back cover on Isle of Dreams with an Ohhhhhhh and tears in my eyes. What a wonderful life you have had – well, of course you had to go through the rough spots to get to where you are now – don’t we all? You are a very talented woman – I have been with you since Heart of the Home was first published and I am looking forward to the new edition. I just want you to know that when I read any of your books I am taken away to a calm and soothing place. They have a special place on my bookshelves along with my other most favorite books: Jan Karon’s Mitford series, all of the Miss Read books, all of the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M.Montgomery, and my books saved from childhood – Nancy Drew and The Bobbsey Twins. Thank you for sharing your talents and life with us all. I hope to see you when you come to Austin! I am a 72 year old grandmother of 7 and I have always said to them what my mother said to me: I love you to the end of the numbers and the numbers never stop.

  49. Christine Williams says:

    Hi Susan,

    Love you and your books! U would love to win. Have a wonderful tour and don’t miss your kitty kids too much!

  50. Breta Sisson says:

    Am dreading finishing reading “A Fine Romance”. I am just loving every minute reading it and don’t want it to end! So on to another of your books!

  51. Tammy J. Stewart says:

    Susan, I’m getting caught up! I re read A Fine Romance like a fiend. THEN I find out there’s Another Book!! Do you know I got whip’lash getting that book (the Fairy Tale Girl)!! And you touched my heart, made tears leak when I read of your hunt for self esteem. Even after my mentor and Goddess, the renowned children’s author/illustrator Patricia Polacco guided me, I still trip over self doubt…even after people have bought my work. So, thankyou for sharing your story. It gives me a renewed hope and encouragement!

  52. Pam Schippe says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am wishing upon a star on the Isle of Dreams in hopes of winning the brush and the book. I believe in magic, so maybe I have a chance.
    So I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    Thanks Pam

  53. Marilyn says:

    Hi Susan,
    When we received news the book was mailed out i got so excited! The book arrived and i could not put the book down. Your words made me feel i was right there with you, through out your journey.
    Maybe you let us know, but i wondered what happened to the adorable house you made a home?
    I have many of your books displayed in my house which makes my home so warm and comfy.

  54. Buzz n Bea says:

    What a Red Letter Day, indeed. So excited for you and the girlfriends.

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