Hello darling friends. Are you out there? We are, somewhere, but don’t ask me to be specific! I’m writing to wish you a Happy Easter, and catch you up on the last week here in luv-lee England by the sea! MUSICA (Luv-lee Vera Lynn)

Let’s do both! We’re off the ship! Goodbye wonderful Queen Victoria. We loved every moment of our time with you. 💞 Grab a cup of something hot and join me for the “homecoming.”

Waking up early last Friday, I went out on our deck in my jammies to see the lights and breathe my first breaths of England all around us . . . we’d arrived!

We had to stay on the boat until they could get the bags off and it was our turn to go. . . so we went to the Lido for breakfast ~ my last breakfast on the ship was perfection, one poached egg, half a broiled tomato, and a wee slice of hash browned potatoes. You have to agree it was pretty cute!

And suddenly, we were on land (where I continued rocking for two more days!). And there was no doubt which country we were in.

With just enough STUFF to keep us feeling as though we have everything. Which we do. I took pictures of men and bags while we waited for Rachel who was coming to pick us up!

Here we are, two people who should never have met because it was quite impossible, but who did anyway, as in a miracle, who have so much in common and so much love for each other. Together again.

And Rachel’s darling husband, Paul … we marvel every time we see them, which is never enough, how lucky the four of us are to have found each other . . .

We sat and had lunch and talked about a thousand miles a minute, but they had to catch a train home, and we are off in another direction, for now . . .

Into the careen-mo-bile we went . . . here’s the map of England I painted for A Fine Romance, I haven’t painted the new one yet, I’ll need to add Ireland this time! But see the foot going off at the bottom left on the map? That’s where we’re going to be staying for the first two weeks, in Cornwall, just below the Devon border. But, see the ship? Our hotel for the first night is on the coast, just above the ship’s smokestack. A short drive, for practice.

Hither and yon we went (that’s as specific as I can get about where we actually were) ~ It was clear ship-life was over and there would be no more sunbathing! Winter had returned! Our green and pleasant land is on the verge.

We are going to see the whole change of season as the trees bud into leaf, and the hedgerows become less brambly and fill with leaves, birds nests, and wildflowers, we will be witness!

But for now, the reality is that that white spot is snow, and baby, it’s cold outside. (Right now, inside, I am wearing two sweaters and a shawl. Joe’s out, and just called to tell me it had been hailing! Sounds just like home!)

Only drove past our hotel twice, trying to figure out how to get into the narrow driveway. But Joe did it. 👏 Each time he becomes more comfortable driving on the wrong side of the road . . . and I’m thinking I should get those things they put on a horse’s eyes so it doesn’t get spooked. Okay, a blindfold.

We checked in, then stood and marveled at the view from our room. Way over there, you can see a church with a clocktower and churchyard, and in the foreground there are thatched houses. Squealing. We are really in England!  Couldn’t get it to sink in! 

The Limestone Hotel in West Lulworth was the sweetest place to stay ~ we woke up our first morning in the total quiet of the countryside pierced by the music of birds ~ and the food there was amazing. At breakfast they actually handed me the menu tucked inside a Beatrix Potter Book!!! 

 Why? I don’t know, because they are English and can’t help themselves. Because they like to see Americans go bonkers. (Quietly bonkers, as we are strangers in a strange land and wish to draw as little attention as possible to our idiot selves!)

As we walked out, we saw the bin filled with their breakfast “menus.” I’m afraid I took this a little personally. Our first breakfast? On our first day in England? Doesn’t this seem a bit much serendipity-wise? Did one of you call ahead? 💞


We stayed only one night (lamenting the whole time, we wanted to stay longer, the story of our lives with everything we’ve done this week!), then we were off along narrow roads and through tiny villages to find our rental house near Bude in Cornwall (close to the Devon border), me with the camera glued to the car window. We left the ship on March 23rd, and today, as I’m writing you, the birds are still singing, and I’m in a whirl of everything we have done!

Colors have gone by in a watercolor blur, little dogs on leashes, flying white clouds, ancient churchyards, pubs, stone walls, cobblestone streets, and fields of lambs, feeling yourself falling back in time through your car window. Good thing I’m writing it all down or I would be totally lost!  We’re still trying to get our land legs! I could honestly write all day every day, I’m so inspired. I barely know what to tell you first . . . I’m trying to be organized . . . one thing at a time, stay focused . . .

So, on the way to the rental house, we made the all-important first stop at our favorite supermarket to stock up with everything we’d need to wake up the next morning and Sing Ho! This famous English market is like a good book, you get inside and you don’t want to come out. Every picture tells a story. Crisp organic vegetables, eggs so fresh and local the yolks are bright orange, seeded crunchy breads, salted butter, fresh from the farm whole chickens, and massive juicy, tart blueberries from Spain ~ and no GMO’s, they aren’t allowed in England. 💋

We found the cottage we’d rented, found the key, got ourselves unpacked, and slept like babies. And what do you know, the next morning the sun came out (for a while, the sun in England plays hide and seek with the clouds) … and here is our thatched cottage which I would have recognized anywhere ~ been dreaming of getting here for months!

This is the living room. It’s not grand but there are three small bedrooms upstairs, one for us, one for our luggage and one for Siobhan who is coming this afternoon to stay with us for the weekend (we have reservations for “Sunday Roast” Easter Dinner 🌸 ~ more about that later).We go off for a muddy walk, pop some musica into the car and wind our way through the brambly hedgerows, exploring all day, then back home where Joe builds a fire. I make tea and write, Joe reads maps while we watch Mary Berry make goat cheese on TV, and Goggle Box which may be the funniest thing on television. In between, I am reading a wonderful book, the Pulitzer Prize winning Washington by Ron Chernow ~ an amazing biography of our first President. Big fat book that Lowely’s John gave me… so big, will probably last the whole trip. I LOVE it. Can’t wait to go to bed and read! While we walk each morning, I tell Joe what I learned the night before. If you like history, you’ll love this book!

And as always, when we leave home, we are automatically lost.  Inside the rental house, too. Where’s my camera? Where’s my pen, where’s my jacket, hat, purse, phone … because nothing has a place here. I forgot. I took it for granted at home on the Island, how normal it is to have things where they belong. That is over. Not to mention how does this washing machine work, is this really the door key, and tell me again about the money. And the constant refrain “what do you suppose this is, means, stands for?” Ahh, glorious travel. Love being all so much more ignorant than usual. I’m ten years old again and everything is new. Things are so different here, it makes you think . . .Here’s our new tip for travel: You’ll love this, it works like a charm.

Don’t let these narrow roads scare you … get behind a truck (a lorrie), and let him run interference. He knows what he’s doing and you don’t. Never leave him if you can help yourself. Do not pass. That is idiocy of the first kind.

Narrow road where people park in your lane? No problem, follow that truck! His bravado will blow your mind, but just go with it.

Afraid that everyone is stopped around the curve? Don’t worry, you have a truck in front of you! (Been looking for a good place to use this quote and I think I’ve found it:)So where shall I take you, what would you like to see? That is my question. We have been to so many places, but I need to pick one because you can’t stay here all day and suffice it to say, neither can I! I know, I’ll give you a little taste of everything . . .

Starting with pubs, which you probably know are everywhere. Bastions of good will.  The food in England is two thumbs up and six stars. Here, we are in a beautiful candlelit place that Rachel suggested, in front of a fire at the St. Tudy Inn, in the tiny town of St. Tudy (Say, “sinteudie,” one word) ~ run by a famous chef here in England, Emily Scott. So lucky to come for lunch on a week-day just before Easter, I’m sure next week we’d never get in!

It was just yummy . . . this is “Port Hilly mussels with Bacon and Lovage” . . . (they forgot to mention in cream sauce!). Mouth fell in love.

OMG. Is all I can say, don’t look at me while I slurp them down and lick the shells!

After lunch we explored the village . . . because all this was waiting just outside the pub door. We looked over the roof tops and saw this . . .

And visited the wonderful church . . .

Where we found this marble tablet on the wall. Called “A Table of Kindred and Affinity.” It’s not about intermarrying, which is what we first thought, but then we decided it was more about keeping the peace in a small village! According to this rule-tablet, you may NOT marry your son’s son 🤓, nor your sister’s daughter’s husband! 😜 Don’t even try it! And even though you’re not related to him, it’s just asking for trouble if you marry your Husband’s Brother’s Son.

On another wall was this delicately carved thing . . . the church was lovely, we read that it got its start as a Celtic graveyard called God’s Acre . . . filled with history, and beautifully needlepointed kneeling pillows in every pew.

Perfect for Easter . . .

The church yard was peaceful, and the pigeons sang the national anthem, as they have forever, “My toe-huts-Bet-tee” . . . 🎵

Primroses were peeking from their winter lodging in rock walls . . . clusters of daffodils were everywhere.

Back through the village we went, back in time, past windows with lace curtains . . .

And BTW, if you like lace-curtained windows, you’ve come to the right place!

Because they’re everywhere. This gorgeous curtain was in an AMAZING village called Clovelly, pronounced Cluh-VELLIE. The black enamel door, the brass numbers, key hole, and mail box, a wee work of door art.

These curtains too, so pretty . . . want to come back and see what this wall looks like in the summer! I think those are climbing roses. Can you imagine? So romantic.

And these curtains . . . which also came with something else that Clovelly is known for . . .

Lots of friendly kitties . . .

Just like home . . .

And they not only like to be petted, they expect it (spoiled by us appreciative far-from-home tourists). . . if they see that come-hither gleam in your eye, they will come right up to you and rub your leg, making your day! As you can see, they live in a tiny, vertical, fishing village, very steep (what is the word for steeper than steep, steep doesn’t do it), built on the rocky coast, and every one of the cobblestones you see, and many more, were brought up from the shoreline below and laid by hand. There is a strong legacy of insanity that runs rampant in this village. It’s a real place with real people, not a museum, and all handmade. And no cars allowed. No vehicles at all. Don’t even try to bring your skateboard.

Near the front door of each home you’ll see what they call a sledge. Not a sled, a sledge. Residents pull everything from their cars in the car park home on one of these, groceries, fertilizer for their charming little gardens, firewood, probably their babies too, it all comes this way or it doesn’t come. Imagine the days before heat and electricity? At one time, we read, everything came down by mule, even tourists. There are still mules living up at the top near the gift shop.

Lots of different styles of sledges in Clovelly!

Real people live here, and that is one of them below Joe ~ he is RUNNING with his dog … normal people can barely walk on this street, but he is a runner and just getting home.

The locals really do have to put up with a lot to live in this historical place, there isn’t a lot of privacy. There are hotels and pubs so it doesn’t exactly “close” but most of the tourists leave by around 5 or 6 … later in the summer. And you should mind your p’s and q’s when you come because they will compost you if you don’t. 😹

We got there late, and the little tea room was closed . . .

but the tea room window was darling . . .

And this one, too, someone’s kitty has a wonderful view when he dines . . .

So worth the walk, and oddly, much easier walking up than down. Even if walking a steep road isn’t your cup of tea, no one needs to miss this lovely place where nothing ever changes ~ most of the time Land Rovers are available to take people down and bring them back up.

Because when they say down, they mean business. You can also stay at the bottom, at the Red Lion Hotel, and they will drive you in and out.

So back up the hill we went . . . seagulls crying and swooping over our heads. I tried to take pictures of them, there are two there if you can see ~ it was the best I could do, there were really maybe a dozen of them but they refused to gather together and pose for me. And so off we went, intrepid climbers, looking for a place to have tea so I could write this all down . . .

Then map man has another idea . . .

“You like King Arthur and Camelot and all of that, don’t you?” “Yes,” I say, narrowing my eyes at his oddly innocent question. Could be a trick.

So the next day we went to the inspirational castle ruins of Tintagel (pronounced Tin-TA-jel), with links to the legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Anyone who’s read Mists of Avalon would love to visit this place of magic and myth. Besides the views and the ruins, there is a luv-lee tea room and gift shop too. There is so much to say about this place, but I will save it for the book I’m writing ~ In the photo above, we are about to walk back to the car the long way, and Joe is taking my photo as I am reading the sign that leads to the walk.

Now here I am with the sign saying, “Really?”

Because #1 “Unprotected cliffs and banks” got my attention, especially when I looked at the “path.” ⬇ Hello.⬆

But hey. Okay, let’s go. I’m insane, I fit in.

It did get better as we went along… although I did lag at times.

The views were wonderful, the air was salty and clean and smelled like clothes on the line. We were outside, walking in England, what could be more wonderful?

We met others, this happy couple who we could hear laughing all the way up the hill . . . but no, sadly, we did not think to say, “Can you please take our picture?” We really need to do better at that. 

Wow, get to use it AGAIN! Never before, then twice in one post! What are the chances?

On the way home, needless to say, we had more delicious and calming “tea” here in the tiny Cornish village of Boscastle at the Cobweb Inn which was built before 1600 (as a warehouse, although they say the townspeople could always get a drink there). It’s a place where muddy boots and wet dogs are welcome . . . crowded with local families of all ages. And us. A little bit in awe. We are still new at this.

So now, a few more bits and pieces, you’re almost caught up . . . we bought our first real, English, Hot Cross Buns ever, brought them home and had them this afternoon with milky Earl Grey tea. They were fresh, soft, and sweet, with no frosting on top, but they have a cross.  Easter!

I think I’ve shown you this photo before. I’m on the right, my brother Jim is on the left, and Stephen’s in front … all of us are the opposite of thrilled to be sitting with what we can’t help but see as a sort of monster despite the big bow and the eyelashes. Steve is still young enough to cry, Jim is faking his smile but bravely staying on the rayon knee for his mom who just wants a photo, and I am being brave too, as the oldest. We all would prefer to go somewhere else, anywhere else. Easter Bunnies were not really like Santa. I think they finally gave up trying to sell them to the crying babies of the world! But no matter how bad this was for us, I found something that had to be worse.

Talk about brave! These are really good boys! Is this not the worst? I laugh so hard every time I see it! I can’t get over how awful it is! I found it on line a long time ago, and I’ve been saving it for just the right moment to spring it on you! I hope you’re sitting down.

Okay, I’ve dried my eyes. I’m probably just tired, but that bunny strikes my funny bone in a place I can’t seem to get back from! I recognize the humor, it’s my dad, together we would go through a whole box of tissues snorting and laughing at that photo!

SO, snapping myself out of it! Changing the subject, while we were at the Limestone Hotel that first night . . . a miracle of coordination took place.

Off the boat, only one night at the Limestone (this bunny was on their lawn!), and yet, a package arrived there for us that very day! Perfect timing! Waiting for us in our room! And inside were the new cup samples. Eeek! As I was ripping open the boxes, I worried, remembering the first group . . .

. . . and how dark they were ~ I was praying these would be better. That color had been a setback, and approvals took much longer than they should have ~ I expected to approve the samples before we left home, but they didn’t make it in time, so we tried for Florida, and that’s when the dark ones came, and I just couldn’t say okay to them. But look!

Our new samples and they’re just what I hoped . . . And now they’re with us here! We have gifts! 🌸 I’m so relieved!

I wanted to show you . . . so you don’t worry! The color is wonderful, the flowers soft and none of them are black!

Love this sweet handle on the Spring cup.

And the pink butterfly!

And the softer spring colors look gorgeous on the bone china . . . all just splendiferous! Thank you for your forgiveness, I just couldn’t force myself to give you something I only partly liked, at best. They will arrive to the Studio, we hope, the end of April … fingers crossed! We want you to have them for Mother’s Day and will do everything we know how to make that happen. 🌷

Worth waiting for, pansies are perfect for Mother’s Day!

Bottoms all turned out well too. Kellee has put these up in the webstore, so you can see all sides, bottoms, handles, everything, just in cases.

Kitty cup too, Jack in the Box!

Immortalizing my boy.

My darling short one.

Kitty love is right!

Another cheery handle!

And the one that will always remind me of this wonderful adventure . . .

Another fine romance!

Lambs and hedgerows and spring trees and everything …

Yanks on Shore, Look out England! 💞

I have a little Easter present for you 💞. . . a skinny chick bookmark I made before we left . . . just click there, and print it out. I hope you like it!  It might make a good Easter-dinner place card. So what are you having? Ham? If you’re having ham, try my Fruit Compote with it … I think it’s in Heart of the Home, or maybe Vineyard Seasons, and it’s SO good!

And don’t forget my lovely cream-cheese and coconut frosted carrot cupcakes! (The recipe is also in the new version of Heart of the Home if you have it.) I’m very far away from most of you right now, but it doesn’t feel that way! And you’re never far from my thoughts. 💞

It’s a most wonderful time of year! Sending love XOXOX Here comes April, we start right off with a full moon!  And I’ll just say it now, Rabbit-Rabbit . . . good luck to us all! 👏


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466 Responses to EASTER in ENGLAND

  1. Marlyn says:

    Love the stories, links and photos. I feel as though I am there. Thank you so much.

  2. Julie Eden says:

    The Railway Children open Tuesday at the Minack.

  3. Susan Coady-Butler says:

    Susan and Joe, thank you so much for thinking of us and sharing your adventure. Your commitment and efforts are so very appreciated! Snow feet deep here in Maine, so love seeing some greenery and blossoms. We have never travelled, but plan to once our son is safely on his way into adulthood. I watch travel shows, how to pack bags endlessly, look at maps and wonder would we ever be able to do it all? I always look at how to do everything from a carry on bag only!! Then I see your bags on the carts and just laugh at myself and my plans. I marvel at your strategy for driving narrow roads and navigating tiny driveways. I am encouraged that we will be able to travel as long as I remember all your experiences and your tips!!! Thank for everything you share!. Have a most wonderful Easter!

  4. Grace Peters Alexander says:

    Your lovely post today brings back so many memories when a number of our family (Peters) visited Devon and Cornwall, home of our ancestors, specifically Fowey on the coast north of Plymouth. The highlight was finding a sketch of our ancestor, Hugh Peters, hanging on the Fowey church wall!!! And….charming Clovelly had the most wonderful scones and clotted cream … Tintagel was magical… Ahhhhhh!
    Thank you!!

  5. LINDA LORENZ says:

    Happy Easter! Wish that mine was a bit happier, took a tumble on my daily walk and broke my ankle! Thanks to a helpful neighbor who saw me fall and called 911, I am now wrapped up in a soft cast in my dads chair, with crutches when I have to use the ladies room, with bottled water, glasses, tv remote, etc. and my 84 year old mom to take care of me! God bless her! I would probably be in a hospital if not for her! Had DRS visit today and have to go for an MRI next Weds to see how it is healing! What an EASTER!!! Thank goodness for laptops!! Luv, Linda

    • sbranch says:

      Feel better soon Linda! I know, a desk I was leaning on broke a few years ago ~ I fell and broke my wrist … no fun!

  6. sylvia in seattle says:

    Love every little thing about your posts. Makes me feel as tho I am there. Thank You for never disappointing in your pictures and prose. Love You.

    • sylvia in seattle says:

      Although I agree with every word of the above post, it did not originate with me! So someone is not being credited for those words. Strange. Gremlins among us. Gremlins? Does anyone use that word now?

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you . . . and truly, I love you right back! xoxo

  7. Kathy jones says:

    Thankyou for sharing some of Cornwall with us 😍 I plan to go there some day 😊 when do you travel to the Lake District? We travel next Sunday 8th of April 😃😃

  8. kathleen says:

    So happy that you visited Clovelly. I have very fond memories of our visit there, at least forty years ago. The donkeys were the main mode of transporting goods down to the homes and they wore darling straw hats decorated with flowers. I hope in your travels out that way, you find fields of bluebells to enjoy. Happy trails !!

  9. Brenda Wilkinson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your holiday. I love all the pictures and especially those of your rental house. I currently re- reading ‘A Fine Romance’ It is such a joy.

    Happy Easter

    Brenda. (New Zealand)

  10. Kim Cook says:

    Happy Easter! So enjoying your trip from my seat here in the US…thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to hear from you again.

  11. Barbara Irvine (Connecticut) says:

    Happy Easter, Sue, Joe and all the Girlfriends! Susan, I am loving all your Twitter posts and photos, and love the new Blog. It is so much fun traveling with you and Joe, and such a reasonable cost to all of us!

    Safe travels, and I look forward to every new post!

  12. Sherrill says:

    Such a lovely, fun post! Thank you, Susan…we always enjoy traveling with you and Joe. Have a blessed Easter and trip.

  13. Karen Williams says:

    Oh Susan and Joe,
    Welcome to England, Croeso I Gymru (Wales) Scotland and Ireland, ah heck, welcome to the U.K.!! 🇬🇧

    What an absolutely lovely post….been desperate to have a blog drop into my inbox…have heard via Lisa J in the USA (she has been following you in Twitter) that you’d arrived in Cornwall…and now I see where you’ve been so far! Clovelly is beautiful! Isn’t that where they have Upalong for the journey up the hill and Downalong for the same hill going downward to the sea? So quaint!
    And the hotels you have stayed in look so cute and very English! Oh gosh that cottage…scrumdiddly!!
    So glad you arrived safely via the Pond and that you’re here for a wee while.
    The cups look beautiful and Jack….ah Jack is immortalised! Prrrrrfect!! Do hope you’re not missing him too much.
    Only five weeks or so til we meet at the picnic! So excited!
    Looking forward to seeing the next update whenever you have a mo….
    Loved seeing Rachel and Paul…they haven’t changed, still so youthful!
    Apparently you may get snow Sunday or Monday, so hope you’ve got your thermals!!! Lolilol! 🤣😂

  14. Ann Woleben says:

    Loving all of the photos already! It will be fun to watch the change of seasons there through your posts. Easter blessings to you~

  15. Debbie R says:

    Happy Easter Dear Sue and Joe, just loving your tweets and your blog. Thank you for taking us along. Have a wonderful time. Until later Mate!

    Debbie R from Valencia

  16. Cheryl K says:

    I can’t wait for your book!! Have a wonderful trip. My husband’s family came from Mousehole – maybe you’ll be there!!

  17. Marie says:

    Happy Easter Susan & Joe, thank you for sharing your travels. I’ve always wanted to visit Cornwall, so it is wonderful to see the places you have visited. Your cosy cottage looks charming and the perfect base for your first couple of weeks in England as spring arrives. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures. Marie x

  18. Lorna S. says:

    Dear Susan and Joe,
    I’m having such a good time on this journey. I love hearing you squeal with joy and Joe’s chuckles as you take us on roads behind lorries and next to fields of sheep. Every moment is a delight. My sketch book is filling up quite nicely, thanks to you and your picture taking. I did have a few slips and trips trying to keep up with you on the paths through Clovelly, but that runner bloke just picked me up and dusted me off and set me in the right direction to follow you. Gosh, this is the “good times had by all” kind of traveling I love. How is Petey now that he’s off the sea? And it was so good seeing you and Rachel together again – a true kindred spirit that spread to your spouses. God’s grace works wonders in this world. I am so glad the second run of the cups came up to your expectations. I’m sure we all look forward to receiving them in early May. You are both darlings to keep us with you and share your photos and snippets of your days. It saves me from writing a thousand postcards. Continue to be well and stay open to the magic just around the corner.
    With a heart full of love and appreciation, L.

  19. Amy Klump says:

    Oh, Susan! I LOVE these posts from your England trips! I’m getting sooo excited as I’m going on Mandy and Betsy’s Fine Romance trip with my daughter! Can’t wait to see all the quaint cottages, lovable lambs and dreamy countryside! I’ll be driving for part of our trip so I appreciate you driving tips! Keep these posts coming as they will help me get through the next 5 weeks or so before we start our trip! Love the mugs, too, by the way. I purchased the set and can’t wait to see them in person! Have fun exploring!

  20. Jan Davidson says:

    Loved every minute of your blog!!! The first place you stopped on that island with the rock fences well California has them also in Sonora CA. You are having so much fun and so am I enjoying every thing you have done. Looking forward to the book with all the pictures. What are you going to name your book. I have loved all the books you have named. God Bless!!!🏡🍀

  21. Dawn from Rhode Island says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post — I could practically hear the surf and taste the salty air along your cliff walk. I imagined getting winded while trying to keep up on the steeeeep cobblestone lanes. The hearts over the fireplace in your rental, the Beatrix Potter menus, the tea-times and lace curtains and kitties and flowers in rocks, oh my! Then just as the Anglo-swoon built to a crescendo, bam — up scrolls that old alien Easter Bunny photo. I laughed so hard I cried! Made my day.

  22. Esther says:

    Love reading of your adventures, thanks for sharing.

  23. Sara Brooks says:

    Dearest Susan!! That was such a delightful blog!!! I was with you all the way and enjoying YOUR JOY at being in the British Isles…. it as always been on my Bucket List but after seeing all the walkingI think I will just have to go there through YOU!!Thank you for the adventure and all the sites f things I love! The new cups are “to die for”!! love, Tissy.

    • sbranch says:

      Different parts of the country have different kinds of walking, I don’t mean to scare you away . . . there are many many luv-lee lamb-filled, bluebell-spattered walks in much flatter places.

  24. Jessica Small says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful info as usual. Love the stories of your trip on Queen Victoria and your visits to Cornwall where I have been many times. Love all the details including the kitties. Thanks again and looking forward to more!

  25. Ginny Petitt says:

    This is such a lovely blog to read right before Easter! I am jealous as we love England! There’s so much to see and as you have shown us in your pictures, it never gets old. Have a wonderful time and Easter! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Gale Harris says:

    I busted out laughing at the photo of the scary EEEKster Bunny. Almost brought up my dinner. What were they thinking?! I’m saving the file to give me a big laugh whenever I need one. Thanks so much!

  27. Patty Pierpoint says:

    I love getting a new post and visiting Cornwall with you. Keep the pictures coming!
    Thank you and Happy Easter!

  28. Tiah Foster says:

    Ohh, Susan,

    I’m so glad you do your blog. I hope to go back to England in the future, but no exact date, and therefore to ‘armchair travel’ with you folks is just so joyous! Enjoy every minute and let us know when you next book is ready! Thank you so much.

  29. Phyllis Skalko says:

    Oh! be still my beating heart! How lovely it all is. Without you and Joe I would never have seen all these wonderful sights.. Since I need to use a walker to keep my balance these are places I could never visit. You are my feet and eyes. So Thank you so much for sharing your trips this way. I feel as if I am there right with you…..

  30. Carla vdM says:

    Loved reading the beginning of your time in England, with the lovely photo’s…..enjoy it all!
    Those new cups just look wonderfull now.
    Greetings from the other side of the Northsea ;o)

  31. VickeyB says:

    Happy Easter, Susan!

    The pictures of your trip so far are wonderful. As usual, I almost feel like I am there with you. Thank you so much for these wonderful posts!

    I absolutely love the picture of you, Jim, and Steve with the Easter Bunny. Is it my imagination, or does Jim look very much like your Dad in that picture?

    And, the picture you found on-line of the Easter Bunny and the two little boys really IS terrifying. I am surprised the boys aren’t actually screaming from fright. Clearly, whoever designed that costume never saw a Beatrix Potter bunny! (Either that, or they had a terrible bunny phobia!)

    Safe travels as you continue on around England.

  32. Judy says:

    Happy Easter to both of you Susan!
    How wonderfull to see the placs where I was with my husband on our first holiday together in good old England.
    Was there before on holidays on board of my Father’s coaster many years ago.
    Enjoy your stay and I heard just on the telly the weatherman saying there will be snow on Eastermonday with you.
    Stay save and enjoy
    Greetings,Trudy from the Netherlands

  33. Kay L says:

    Hi Susan

    A warm welcome to England! It’s lovely to read that you are enjoying your trip. Hope that you have had a good Good Friday. Have you ever been to Derbyshire or Yorkshire? I think you would enjoy the rolling hills and sheep. Have a wonderful time and Happy Easter to you both. Best wishes Kay x

  34. bev tippett says:

    I enjoyed every minute. What a wonderful walk- just beautiful. I used to walk hills all the time…not so much anymore. You got a work-out. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Kelly Houlton says:

    Thank you, Susan! I love your pics and stories so far 🙂 I laughed ’til I cried when I saw the creepy, nuclear-mutant-Easter bunny pic LOL! My husband came to check on me and I showed him! Alas, it is snowing here in Wisconsin, but the ice went off the river yesterday I saw a lot of ducks. Enjoy every second of your magical trip! Safe travels and lots of love 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      So happy everyone is getting a laugh from that hideous bunny! I laugh even writing this, all things about that bunny crack me up!

  36. Lee from Tustin, CA says:

    Susan…the picture of Joe by the fireplace was really great! Did you take the pic? He looked like he fit in there perfectly. Happy Easter to you both and thank you for keeping us up to date!

    • sbranch says:

      He does fit in! Yes, I took the photo, either I take them, or Joe takes them, and every once in a blue moon, we remember to beg someone to take a photo of us together!

  37. Sharon Maier says:

    What a wonderful gift to be tagging along with you…I feel like I’m really there — I even dug out my Chernow Washington book that I’ve had for ages and never read…you’ve inspired me to finally break it open.
    Thank you for all the details…you truly make my day…
    Sharon (in 80+ Houston)

  38. Denni inMN says:

    Opening up your blog today, my first response was Happy Birthday to me! An excellent way to start the day and I was hoping to see a new posting from you, and to my happiness it was there!! Susan and Joe on the move in England, showing us new sights that all of us love to see. I hit the magic number today and I’m thinking about what future I’d like to plan next. I was on the west side of Florida visiting my ’90 year young’ Irish Uncle, when you were on the east side visiting Joe’s brother and sister-in-law. What fun these opportunities can lead to! Adventures just steps we dare to take!! Your writings give us such wanderlust and hope for better and simple things in life!! Safe travels to you and Joe as you trace your ancestry. We love being a part of it! Thank you, Susan! Denni

  39. Mary/Indiana says:

    Thank you again for letting me live vicariously through you and Joe’s glasses!
    Just a Beautiful tour! Looking forward to more, more, more!

  40. Kathy Hughes says:

    Fabulous post, wonderful quotes, memorable pictures, and the bunny ones were too funny! The cups are perfectly beautiful— wish I had room for all of them. Continue enjoying your wonderful trip of our mother country! I’m learning and seeing so much. Happy Easter to you and Joe from a Charleston girlfriend. 🙂

  41. Janine n says:

    Loved the entire post and pictures, but especially lived those Easter bunny pictures. That second one got my funny bone too and I laughed until I cried. Still giggling with tears in my eyes. I’m definitely saving this post to reread and have a good laugh when I need it! Thanks! Glad to hear you are writing another book, too.

  42. Alice Dennison says:

    Happy Easter to You and Joe !

  43. Sally Jenks Roth says:

    THANK you, this made me SMILE!! It is hard getting back your “land legs” after being at sea, especially in a small, enclosed area like a shower…
    I love Cornwall, my favourite county. We stayed in Crantock last summer, I’m so glad you went to Tintagel. I’m really loving your journey, thanks for diligently keeping us informed.
    Happy Easter to you both! Drive defensively and KEEP LEFT!

  44. Jane Leniart says:

    Oh how I love this. I read it once but will keep it to read again. What a wonderful place you are staying in. I loved England. We visited people who were living there temporarily. Keep the stories coming. Happy Easter.🐣🐇

  45. Barb Murphy says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking us along!
    Such fun to sit with a cup of tea and read of your adventures.
    I loved Clovelly and all the wonderful lace curtains. I can picture them blowing softly in the breeze when a window is opened.
    Spring in eastern Iowa is slowly making it’s way into the landscape. Trees are budding and daffodils are just coming up out of the ground. So exciting!
    Wishing you a joyful Easter.

  46. Susan Morgon ( Ohio gal from SoCal ) says:

    Everything about this post just oozes charm! From kitties to King Arthur, it’s just perfect. I felt totally blissful, happily reading along, and then you mentioned the book you are writing. Oh, my ….. I just ❤💙💚💛💜 this post!

  47. Shirley Burt says:

    Happy Easter, and thank you for all you shared. Makes my heart happy to see and read about all your adventures on this holiday of yours. OOPs. Ours, for we are along for the fun.

    Love and bunny hugs to you and Joe and all that you love.

  48. Cecelia says:

    OMG what a post!!! THank you for the update and pictures. Have a Blessed Easter

  49. Donna says:

    This made my Friday. So lovely. Have a wonderful Easter. Can’t wait to hear about the Roast Beef dinner,

  50. Yarlette says:

    What a wonderful surprise when I checked my email this afternoon. Wish I was in England with you. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Love the way you describe everything. Happy Easter to you and Joe. The mugs look great. Look forward to future updates.

  51. Trudy says:

    Strange–name and e-mail are not mine. Just saw it when sending the mail–will change name and mail-adress to the right ones.

    By the way–do love your new mugs aspecially the Fine Romance-mug and the Kitty-mug.
    Greetings,Trudy fom the Netherlands

  52. Sunny says:

    I am here on the ranch in Oregon, but I absolutely LOVE traveling with you through lovely England! I feel refreshed as if I have taken a vacation. Doc Martin is my favorite t.v. show, and Clovelly reminded me of his little seaside village. What an amazing place. You and Joe are a treasure for sharing your great adventures!

  53. Penny Bohlen says:

    Tamping down the envious jealousy. So happy for you and your visit to the Mother country.

  54. Diane Skinner says:

    I loved every minute of being with you all on your wonderful journey!
    Thank you for such lovely pictures to show us where we are going!
    I can’t wait to see your next adventure!
    Have fun and a very happy Easter to you and Joe!
    P. S. I love all the stops for tea for all of us tea drinkers!
    Love from Huntsville, Alabama

  55. Mary Large says:

    Happy Easter! My daughter and family are to be in Cornwall over Easter. They currently live in Bury St. Edmunds. Her hubby is AF stationed at Lakenheath. They will head home to the states (VA) this summer. So if you should come across a family with a set of triplet girls (6years) and their littler sister (4years). Tell them hello.
    Love all your pictures and hearing of your adventures in wonderful England.

  56. Carol Grant says:

    Happy Easter and thank you for letting me have this visit with you. I have a anted to visit Cornwall ever since I read The Shell Seekers by Rosamund Pilcher. One of my favorite books. I’ve actually read it several times! It takes place mostly in Cornwall. And I loved how they were always getting the”tea things” so they could have tea!

    Carol Grant

  57. Jackie P. says:

    Hi Susan — I had to chuckled when I saw the Easter photo with you and your bros “enduring” the Big Rabbit. Then, I laughed until I cried when I saw the second photo of the alien-type Easter Bunny — especially with your annotations! OMG! What were they thinking?! You are absolutely right about the Easter Bunny not being anything like Santa. Never caught on. Too creepy. (Still laughing . . . my dogs, annoyed with me, had to leave the room . . .) Great blog. Happy Easter to you and Joe.

  58. Dear Susan, so wonderful to see all your photos from England and will eagerly await another travel diary from your pen and paintbrush! You help keep the homebodies of the world (me included) dreaming of the day when we will set sail too! Meanwhile, home is pretty good – the first crocuses are opening here, as the snow slowly recedes. Still cold but there’s no turning back now. Safe travels and much wonderment along the way! xxoo Sarah

  59. Thank you for the bookmark! Happy Easter!

  60. Fran Patten says:

    God bless ya, Susan and Joe. So glad you’re enjoying the ride. Thank you for always sharing your lovely and full adventures.

  61. Stacy says:

    Delightful! Already looking forward to the next post.😘

  62. Stephanie Brady says:

    Thank you so much for taking all your “friends” along. I also don’t like to fly so only travel where a car will take us. So I like your idea of renting a car & driving to the ship! Will be making your carrot cake tomorrow. The last time I used the big recipe. It made a large double layer plus lots of cupcakes I shared with all my friends. Yumm! It is finally sort of warm here on the Cape. Enjoy your travels & Happy Easter.

  63. Sandra Garber says:

    One of my favorites of your blogs. Now, I really want to go to England. Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

  64. Linda Ishmael says:

    Thank you, thank you so much for sharing your amazing trip!! I wait so impatiently for the Tweets!!! And tonight at the beginning of my Spring Break from school I get a beautiful long blog post. So a bite of supper, a bit of tea, a fire to knock the chill and my feet propped up and I’m off to England!!!! 😊 PS That Easter Bunny was so horrible it was funny!!!!

  65. Star Johnson says:

    Susan, I am so excited that you found Clovelly. My husband and I and best friends did a driving trip thru England about 20 yrs. ago. At that time
    they also called it the “Up along, Down along”. We thought it was darling and
    I think they still had one donkey. We were able to get into the Red Lion Inn
    which afforded us parking. A good time was had by all. Thanks for the reminder.

  66. Denise says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Susan! I was there with you, sailing, driving, walking, sipping tea… all of it!

  67. Patty says:

    Are you two now married?????? I see the wedding rings, congrats!!!!!!!

  68. Char says:

    Hi Susan and Joe,
    Thank you for a sumptuous pictorial feast of your travels. Almost makes me feel a bit like I am there, too. Funny thing is, I always get a strange urge to check your blog and voila! There is a new one to enjoy. Love your thatched cottage, the grazing sheep, the old stone buildings by the sea…and “Tea” of course. Thanks for the reminder to check your recipes 😁I have all your cookbooks! Cream cheese and coconut cupcakes mmmmm! I am awaiting the “Spring” cup hoping it would be here soon; I didn’t know about the bloopers😩. I love sheep, lambs, wool, knitting, etc. Thus I have your Nature cup and thought the Spring one would complement it. Wishing you many more sunny adventures on your trip.
    Musica for you, “Little goats eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy!” I have some memory of my Mother singing some little ditty like that.

  69. Marianna says:

    Oh goodness, I recently watch the Hidden Villages episode featuring Clovelly! What an enchanting place. Happy Easter and safe travels.

  70. Nellie says:

    Wow! What loveliness! So appreciate the respect and honor given creations of the past! How wonderful that you are able to take us along with you! Love the new cups! Must be sure to make room for them! Sending wishes for continued special times!

    -xoxo Nellie

  71. Terry Jansen says:

    Your lovely post came through just before I went to bed..and now I’m reading it again on a Saturday morning..so glad you were able to see Clovelly..my husband (Ben) and I were there in ‘98 and wish we could have stayed longer!
    So excited to see the cups, especially the ‘falling in love with the English countryside’ one..that has to be the cutest little cottage ever..plus the Spring cup..they are my birthday pressie to me (12th April) and I’m happy to wait til they wing their way to Australia!
    You’re doing a super job of keeping us all up to date Susan..best wishes to you and Joe on your merry way!

    • sbranch says:

      We have the same birthday! Mine this year will be, in . . . Dublin! (can’t believe it!).

      • Terry Jansen says:

        I know, that’s why I mentioned it cheeky me..I love that fact..have a wonderful birthday in Dublin and I’ll be doing the same in Oz..70 is the not so good bit lol xx

        • sbranch says:

          How would you feel if it was 71???? 😹

          • Terry Jansen says:

            Susan, I see you had a wonderful birthday in Dublin..how perrrfick!
            I also had such a birthday..my dear friends wrapped me in a pink bow and spoilt me beyond expectation!
            Turning 70 is not bad at all..and you turning 71 is pretty jolly good too..we are lucky indeed xx

          • sbranch says:

            Jolly good!

    • Cheyenne Renard pop says:

      Im from Brisbane Au.Where are you in Au? I live in the USA Las Vegas area.i miss ky Vegemite n Golden Syrup.I got the wrong one here i went n mistaken the syrup its says desert syrup.i was trying to.make Anzec Biscuits Happy Easter. I miss pavlova n Passion fruit .Cheers to you xo love Cheyenne xo

      • Terry Jansen says:

        Hello Cheyenne,
        I’m in South Australia where Vegemite is plentiful lol also Golden syrup..I love Anzac biscuits, especially the chewy ones! Best wishes, Terry xx

  72. Kathy says:

    Loved this! I can’t wait to see a beautiful new book from this adventure! Wishing you
    Easter blessings.

  73. Lynn says:

    Happy Easter!
    Thank you for sharing so much of your adventure with us! I got chilled seeing the cool rain, and warmed up with the sunny sky and walking about the tiny towns. All seems so wonderful! A fairy tale comes to life through your writing.
    The mugs look great, btw!
    Have another marvelous love affair with the English Countryside!

  74. Jennie Lou says:

    Happy Easter, Susan and Joe! I am so happy that you are taking me along on your English adventure, your photographs are getting better all the time. What a darling little “chocolate box” cottage you are renting! And I especially like the windows with the lace curtains, as they were my very first memories, I was born in Cambridgeshire and Mom walked me through the village past windows just like those. I used to see them in my dreams and when I told my Mom, she exchanged such a look with my Dad! They are both gone now, but I am glad to see the windows are still there. Glad, too, that your cups turned out so nice at last. I can’t wait to see where we go next! Be well!

  75. Linda Haskins says:

    Oh my! You are my dream come true, with every word you write and the photos you post. So heartwarming, beautiful and exciting! Thank you for your time in writing this lovely blog to share your adventures. Looking forward to the next chapter. Safe travels to you and Joe. Have a Blessed Easter.

  76. joleen standley says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. Its wonderful.

  77. Patty in SLO says:

    At last! So happy to see a blog post at last (I’m not a Twitterer). Been thinking about you, wondering how your crossing was and looking forward to seeing all your adventures in England. Please keep up the posts! Wishing you a Happy Easter from SLO!

  78. Bonnie says:

    Have a blessed Easter you two! Enjoyed this post immensely, sent the link to my online English friends.

    I’m hoping some day you will design a tea cup even without a saucer. 🙂 I’ve no room for any more mugs. 🙂

    (trying to figure out how my url got changed. )

  79. Betty says:

    Thank you for this lovely first post from beautiful England. So pleased you are visiting Cornwall, land of half of my ancestors. They came from around the westernmost part of the County. Hope you will visit St. Michael’s Mount, Cape Cornwall and St.Ives. There is a little village, Germoe, near Penzance which I think you would love. I found my gt-gt-grandparent’s headstone in the churchyard there.
    So looking forward to the rest of your journeying, especially Ireland – more ancestors there!
    Happy Easter to you and Joe.
    Betty (Melbourne)

  80. Gayle Casias says:

    Hi Susan, like you, I love England. Especially the small villages, I have friends in Charing which is about 50 mile South East of London that I stay with while there.
    One of my favorite things is chatting with a neighbor while drinking a cuppa.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip and I am looking forward to your new book.
    I loved A Fine Romance. I’ve read it twice.

  81. Lynda Mortensen says:

    So wonderful! There is a fascinating ‘Museum of Witchcraft’ in Boscastle, did you visit? I can remember my parents taking me there when I was small, and we visited many times after that. 9 years ago I took my daughters for the first time, and just last year it was my Husband’s turn. I can remember that my Dad would never go in, he took a nap in the car…I think he was scared lol!
    I can’t wait for the next instalment of your adventures in England! Have fun!

  82. Linda C. says:

    If time allows there’s a beautiful 50 room house and gardens to tour in Bodmin, called Lanhydrock. It’s filled with family treasures and so perfect for we lovers of Downton Abbey and Poldark. Ohhhhh to be in England again. Have a wonderful time!

    • sbranch says:

      We’ve been there, and LOVE it … you are so right, it’s a must see. We are trying to go back if we can!

  83. Asha says:

    Happy Easter Susan & Joe. Aren’t we so blessed???? Thank you for allowing us to join you on your journey! 🐇🐣

  84. linny says:

    Susan, Happy and cheered. Your post is great thank you so very much! Can’t wait to get the kitty cup and the Mother’s Day cup. I don’t know if I can stop! You help us remember to enjoy our lives! Thank you for sharing your fab trip. I look forward to all your posts


  85. Jan Johnson says:

    Such deliciousness!! I am so excited and anxious to get the book so you have to hurry when you get home! That little Cornwall village is so wonderful – it looks very much like Port Isaac, where Doc Martin is filmed. It’s just so whimsical and wonderful everywhere there it seems. How special to get to see the season change!

    Those mugs are so special. Even the handles! My favorite ever is the thatched roof England one.

    That Easter bunny with the boys made me almost spit out my tea! It looks part alien and so creepy! I wonder that the kids didn’t take off running and screaming LOL!

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I am so envious but so thankful I get to see so many wonderful sights in the land that I long to see, and if I ever get to go I probably will never leave – I’ve warned my kids!

  86. Marisa says:

    Oh! I am so delighted that you visited Clovelly! I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somehow I’ve been following the official Clovelly Village account on Instagram for a few years now . . . All of their photos are so charming and magical and I’ve dreamed of visiting. And thank goodness for your post, as I’d have been so embarrassed to show up pronouncing it CLUV-ely as I’d long thought it . . . Very grateful for (and surprised by) your pronunciation guide!

    • sbranch says:

      Takes me forever to learn to pronounce things right, I was hoping to save everyone this trouble! xo

  87. Debbie Sisk says:

    Your luggage makes me laugh almost as much as the bunny. What s beautiful place you are staying!! Because of you I have 2 Emma Bridgewater cups. I believe A Fine Rimance is calling my name. Thank you for taking the time to write and photograph for us. We really appreciate it. Easter blessings

    • Cheyenne Renard pop says:

      I was laughin so hard n also looking for the kitchen sink.It reminds me of an I LoveLucy episode the one with the travel trailer, where she was collecting Rocks n didnt tell Ricky its like your luggage i was howling love it xxx

  88. CarolK in NJ says:

    Great post to kick off your landing. I see you pack like I do. LOL I will try to keep up with you although those steep cobble stones in Clovely Village would have been a killer on the pinched nerve in my back. Aughhhhh!!! I’m a prisoner of arm chair travel so I’m relying on you kiddo and those wonderful pictures to keep my starry-eyed. Have a Blessed, Happy Easter.

  89. Lynette Strohbach says:

    Happy Easter Susan and Joe! Thanks for the wonderful blog, and I’m enjoying the less strenuous arm chair traveling with you two! Those steep streets would be a killer for me, but I suppose you could get used to it. Loved the lacey windows and cats looking properly spoiled. I hope it warms up for you more next week, and your wanderings are more “spring like”. Love you guys!

  90. Judy Jennings says:

    Oh, Susan, England. Beautiful… All I can think as I look at the photo of you standing on the cliffs looking out to sea at Tintagel is “WHO?” Who before you stood on that spot hundreds of years ago? Thousands of years ago? So many unknown people. Unwritten history. Stirs me to the center of my very being. 💕 Have fun for me, too.

  91. Margaret Matlock says:

    Love reading about your adventures. Thanks for taking us along. Happy Easter.

  92. Debra Ann says:

    I probably won’t ever make it there. Thank you for letting me see it through your eyes!😃

  93. Linda Underwood says:

    I probably won’t ever make it there. Thanks for letting me see it through your eyes.( That was from me. Not Debra Ann.

  94. Maureen Wheeler says:

    You have my heart all a flutter 💓 Happy Easter !

  95. Barbara A Case IN says:

    Love, love, love. Thank you for hauling us along with you….bright spot in my day. Your writing is so vivid, really feel like we’re there. You really have to enjoy yourself enough for the rest of us. Luv’ to you both !!

  96. Monique says:

    So wonderful!!!Reminds me of Jacques and I in Provence☺️Such unforgettable times.
    Mugs are GORGEOUS!Lovely pics -How charming everything is!

  97. Rachel from Orange Beach, Alabama says:

    I’m so ecstatic that y’all went to Clovelly! I never thought it would be possible that y’all would stop there. It is such a lovely place, and it is on my list of Cornwall must visit sites! I’m loving your darling photos and observations. I get such a kick out of your sense of humor. That Easter bunny photo was a scream! Reading your blog is the sweetest treat!!!

  98. Anne Rowe says:

    Happy Easter, Susan and Joe! So enjoying Cornwall! We have traced my Father’s family (the Stones) back in Cornwall to 647! Really hope to get there one day. Your pictures and stories are wonderful…and thanks for holding out on the teacups…you are a class act and they are worth waiting for! Safe journeys you two! Saw a bluebird yesterday and four robins in our yard today…SPRING has arrived in NH.

  99. Heidi Garske says:

    I don’t know which name I love the most, but The Cobweb Inn is right up there! Thanks for sharing your adventures ❤️

  100. Pam Mauss says:

    Susan, loving that you are in Cornwall. My grandparents
    were from a small village near Falmouth. It’s so nice
    to see your pictures,since I have not been there
    it’s beautiful. I have been to Falmouth, Mass. loved it.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog
    have a wonderful Easter and keep those pictures
    Fondly, Pam

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