Hello darling friends. Are you out there? We are, somewhere, but don’t ask me to be specific! I’m writing to wish you a Happy Easter, and catch you up on the last week here in luv-lee England by the sea! MUSICA (Luv-lee Vera Lynn)

Let’s do both! We’re off the ship! Goodbye wonderful Queen Victoria. We loved every moment of our time with you. 💞 Grab a cup of something hot and join me for the “homecoming.”

Waking up early last Friday, I went out on our deck in my jammies to see the lights and breathe my first breaths of England all around us . . . we’d arrived!

We had to stay on the boat until they could get the bags off and it was our turn to go. . . so we went to the Lido for breakfast ~ my last breakfast on the ship was perfection, one poached egg, half a broiled tomato, and a wee slice of hash browned potatoes. You have to agree it was pretty cute!

And suddenly, we were on land (where I continued rocking for two more days!). And there was no doubt which country we were in.

With just enough STUFF to keep us feeling as though we have everything. Which we do. I took pictures of men and bags while we waited for Rachel who was coming to pick us up!

Here we are, two people who should never have met because it was quite impossible, but who did anyway, as in a miracle, who have so much in common and so much love for each other. Together again.

And Rachel’s darling husband, Paul … we marvel every time we see them, which is never enough, how lucky the four of us are to have found each other . . .

We sat and had lunch and talked about a thousand miles a minute, but they had to catch a train home, and we are off in another direction, for now . . .

Into the careen-mo-bile we went . . . here’s the map of England I painted for A Fine Romance, I haven’t painted the new one yet, I’ll need to add Ireland this time! But see the foot going off at the bottom left on the map? That’s where we’re going to be staying for the first two weeks, in Cornwall, just below the Devon border. But, see the ship? Our hotel for the first night is on the coast, just above the ship’s smokestack. A short drive, for practice.

Hither and yon we went (that’s as specific as I can get about where we actually were) ~ It was clear ship-life was over and there would be no more sunbathing! Winter had returned! Our green and pleasant land is on the verge.

We are going to see the whole change of season as the trees bud into leaf, and the hedgerows become less brambly and fill with leaves, birds nests, and wildflowers, we will be witness!

But for now, the reality is that that white spot is snow, and baby, it’s cold outside. (Right now, inside, I am wearing two sweaters and a shawl. Joe’s out, and just called to tell me it had been hailing! Sounds just like home!)

Only drove past our hotel twice, trying to figure out how to get into the narrow driveway. But Joe did it. 👏 Each time he becomes more comfortable driving on the wrong side of the road . . . and I’m thinking I should get those things they put on a horse’s eyes so it doesn’t get spooked. Okay, a blindfold.

We checked in, then stood and marveled at the view from our room. Way over there, you can see a church with a clocktower and churchyard, and in the foreground there are thatched houses. Squealing. We are really in England!  Couldn’t get it to sink in! 

The Limestone Hotel in West Lulworth was the sweetest place to stay ~ we woke up our first morning in the total quiet of the countryside pierced by the music of birds ~ and the food there was amazing. At breakfast they actually handed me the menu tucked inside a Beatrix Potter Book!!! 

 Why? I don’t know, because they are English and can’t help themselves. Because they like to see Americans go bonkers. (Quietly bonkers, as we are strangers in a strange land and wish to draw as little attention as possible to our idiot selves!)

As we walked out, we saw the bin filled with their breakfast “menus.” I’m afraid I took this a little personally. Our first breakfast? On our first day in England? Doesn’t this seem a bit much serendipity-wise? Did one of you call ahead? 💞


We stayed only one night (lamenting the whole time, we wanted to stay longer, the story of our lives with everything we’ve done this week!), then we were off along narrow roads and through tiny villages to find our rental house near Bude in Cornwall (close to the Devon border), me with the camera glued to the car window. We left the ship on March 23rd, and today, as I’m writing you, the birds are still singing, and I’m in a whirl of everything we have done!

Colors have gone by in a watercolor blur, little dogs on leashes, flying white clouds, ancient churchyards, pubs, stone walls, cobblestone streets, and fields of lambs, feeling yourself falling back in time through your car window. Good thing I’m writing it all down or I would be totally lost!  We’re still trying to get our land legs! I could honestly write all day every day, I’m so inspired. I barely know what to tell you first . . . I’m trying to be organized . . . one thing at a time, stay focused . . .

So, on the way to the rental house, we made the all-important first stop at our favorite supermarket to stock up with everything we’d need to wake up the next morning and Sing Ho! This famous English market is like a good book, you get inside and you don’t want to come out. Every picture tells a story. Crisp organic vegetables, eggs so fresh and local the yolks are bright orange, seeded crunchy breads, salted butter, fresh from the farm whole chickens, and massive juicy, tart blueberries from Spain ~ and no GMO’s, they aren’t allowed in England. 💋

We found the cottage we’d rented, found the key, got ourselves unpacked, and slept like babies. And what do you know, the next morning the sun came out (for a while, the sun in England plays hide and seek with the clouds) … and here is our thatched cottage which I would have recognized anywhere ~ been dreaming of getting here for months!

This is the living room. It’s not grand but there are three small bedrooms upstairs, one for us, one for our luggage and one for Siobhan who is coming this afternoon to stay with us for the weekend (we have reservations for “Sunday Roast” Easter Dinner 🌸 ~ more about that later).We go off for a muddy walk, pop some musica into the car and wind our way through the brambly hedgerows, exploring all day, then back home where Joe builds a fire. I make tea and write, Joe reads maps while we watch Mary Berry make goat cheese on TV, and Goggle Box which may be the funniest thing on television. In between, I am reading a wonderful book, the Pulitzer Prize winning Washington by Ron Chernow ~ an amazing biography of our first President. Big fat book that Lowely’s John gave me… so big, will probably last the whole trip. I LOVE it. Can’t wait to go to bed and read! While we walk each morning, I tell Joe what I learned the night before. If you like history, you’ll love this book!

And as always, when we leave home, we are automatically lost.  Inside the rental house, too. Where’s my camera? Where’s my pen, where’s my jacket, hat, purse, phone … because nothing has a place here. I forgot. I took it for granted at home on the Island, how normal it is to have things where they belong. That is over. Not to mention how does this washing machine work, is this really the door key, and tell me again about the money. And the constant refrain “what do you suppose this is, means, stands for?” Ahh, glorious travel. Love being all so much more ignorant than usual. I’m ten years old again and everything is new. Things are so different here, it makes you think . . .Here’s our new tip for travel: You’ll love this, it works like a charm.

Don’t let these narrow roads scare you … get behind a truck (a lorrie), and let him run interference. He knows what he’s doing and you don’t. Never leave him if you can help yourself. Do not pass. That is idiocy of the first kind.

Narrow road where people park in your lane? No problem, follow that truck! His bravado will blow your mind, but just go with it.

Afraid that everyone is stopped around the curve? Don’t worry, you have a truck in front of you! (Been looking for a good place to use this quote and I think I’ve found it:)So where shall I take you, what would you like to see? That is my question. We have been to so many places, but I need to pick one because you can’t stay here all day and suffice it to say, neither can I! I know, I’ll give you a little taste of everything . . .

Starting with pubs, which you probably know are everywhere. Bastions of good will.  The food in England is two thumbs up and six stars. Here, we are in a beautiful candlelit place that Rachel suggested, in front of a fire at the St. Tudy Inn, in the tiny town of St. Tudy (Say, “sinteudie,” one word) ~ run by a famous chef here in England, Emily Scott. So lucky to come for lunch on a week-day just before Easter, I’m sure next week we’d never get in!

It was just yummy . . . this is “Port Hilly mussels with Bacon and Lovage” . . . (they forgot to mention in cream sauce!). Mouth fell in love.

OMG. Is all I can say, don’t look at me while I slurp them down and lick the shells!

After lunch we explored the village . . . because all this was waiting just outside the pub door. We looked over the roof tops and saw this . . .

And visited the wonderful church . . .

Where we found this marble tablet on the wall. Called “A Table of Kindred and Affinity.” It’s not about intermarrying, which is what we first thought, but then we decided it was more about keeping the peace in a small village! According to this rule-tablet, you may NOT marry your son’s son 🤓, nor your sister’s daughter’s husband! 😜 Don’t even try it! And even though you’re not related to him, it’s just asking for trouble if you marry your Husband’s Brother’s Son.

On another wall was this delicately carved thing . . . the church was lovely, we read that it got its start as a Celtic graveyard called God’s Acre . . . filled with history, and beautifully needlepointed kneeling pillows in every pew.

Perfect for Easter . . .

The church yard was peaceful, and the pigeons sang the national anthem, as they have forever, “My toe-huts-Bet-tee” . . . 🎵

Primroses were peeking from their winter lodging in rock walls . . . clusters of daffodils were everywhere.

Back through the village we went, back in time, past windows with lace curtains . . .

And BTW, if you like lace-curtained windows, you’ve come to the right place!

Because they’re everywhere. This gorgeous curtain was in an AMAZING village called Clovelly, pronounced Cluh-VELLIE. The black enamel door, the brass numbers, key hole, and mail box, a wee work of door art.

These curtains too, so pretty . . . want to come back and see what this wall looks like in the summer! I think those are climbing roses. Can you imagine? So romantic.

And these curtains . . . which also came with something else that Clovelly is known for . . .

Lots of friendly kitties . . .

Just like home . . .

And they not only like to be petted, they expect it (spoiled by us appreciative far-from-home tourists). . . if they see that come-hither gleam in your eye, they will come right up to you and rub your leg, making your day! As you can see, they live in a tiny, vertical, fishing village, very steep (what is the word for steeper than steep, steep doesn’t do it), built on the rocky coast, and every one of the cobblestones you see, and many more, were brought up from the shoreline below and laid by hand. There is a strong legacy of insanity that runs rampant in this village. It’s a real place with real people, not a museum, and all handmade. And no cars allowed. No vehicles at all. Don’t even try to bring your skateboard.

Near the front door of each home you’ll see what they call a sledge. Not a sled, a sledge. Residents pull everything from their cars in the car park home on one of these, groceries, fertilizer for their charming little gardens, firewood, probably their babies too, it all comes this way or it doesn’t come. Imagine the days before heat and electricity? At one time, we read, everything came down by mule, even tourists. There are still mules living up at the top near the gift shop.

Lots of different styles of sledges in Clovelly!

Real people live here, and that is one of them below Joe ~ he is RUNNING with his dog … normal people can barely walk on this street, but he is a runner and just getting home.

The locals really do have to put up with a lot to live in this historical place, there isn’t a lot of privacy. There are hotels and pubs so it doesn’t exactly “close” but most of the tourists leave by around 5 or 6 … later in the summer. And you should mind your p’s and q’s when you come because they will compost you if you don’t. 😹

We got there late, and the little tea room was closed . . .

but the tea room window was darling . . .

And this one, too, someone’s kitty has a wonderful view when he dines . . .

So worth the walk, and oddly, much easier walking up than down. Even if walking a steep road isn’t your cup of tea, no one needs to miss this lovely place where nothing ever changes ~ most of the time Land Rovers are available to take people down and bring them back up.

Because when they say down, they mean business. You can also stay at the bottom, at the Red Lion Hotel, and they will drive you in and out.

So back up the hill we went . . . seagulls crying and swooping over our heads. I tried to take pictures of them, there are two there if you can see ~ it was the best I could do, there were really maybe a dozen of them but they refused to gather together and pose for me. And so off we went, intrepid climbers, looking for a place to have tea so I could write this all down . . .

Then map man has another idea . . .

“You like King Arthur and Camelot and all of that, don’t you?” “Yes,” I say, narrowing my eyes at his oddly innocent question. Could be a trick.

So the next day we went to the inspirational castle ruins of Tintagel (pronounced Tin-TA-jel), with links to the legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Anyone who’s read Mists of Avalon would love to visit this place of magic and myth. Besides the views and the ruins, there is a luv-lee tea room and gift shop too. There is so much to say about this place, but I will save it for the book I’m writing ~ In the photo above, we are about to walk back to the car the long way, and Joe is taking my photo as I am reading the sign that leads to the walk.

Now here I am with the sign saying, “Really?”

Because #1 “Unprotected cliffs and banks” got my attention, especially when I looked at the “path.” ⬇ Hello.⬆

But hey. Okay, let’s go. I’m insane, I fit in.

It did get better as we went along… although I did lag at times.

The views were wonderful, the air was salty and clean and smelled like clothes on the line. We were outside, walking in England, what could be more wonderful?

We met others, this happy couple who we could hear laughing all the way up the hill . . . but no, sadly, we did not think to say, “Can you please take our picture?” We really need to do better at that. 

Wow, get to use it AGAIN! Never before, then twice in one post! What are the chances?

On the way home, needless to say, we had more delicious and calming “tea” here in the tiny Cornish village of Boscastle at the Cobweb Inn which was built before 1600 (as a warehouse, although they say the townspeople could always get a drink there). It’s a place where muddy boots and wet dogs are welcome . . . crowded with local families of all ages. And us. A little bit in awe. We are still new at this.

So now, a few more bits and pieces, you’re almost caught up . . . we bought our first real, English, Hot Cross Buns ever, brought them home and had them this afternoon with milky Earl Grey tea. They were fresh, soft, and sweet, with no frosting on top, but they have a cross.  Easter!

I think I’ve shown you this photo before. I’m on the right, my brother Jim is on the left, and Stephen’s in front … all of us are the opposite of thrilled to be sitting with what we can’t help but see as a sort of monster despite the big bow and the eyelashes. Steve is still young enough to cry, Jim is faking his smile but bravely staying on the rayon knee for his mom who just wants a photo, and I am being brave too, as the oldest. We all would prefer to go somewhere else, anywhere else. Easter Bunnies were not really like Santa. I think they finally gave up trying to sell them to the crying babies of the world! But no matter how bad this was for us, I found something that had to be worse.

Talk about brave! These are really good boys! Is this not the worst? I laugh so hard every time I see it! I can’t get over how awful it is! I found it on line a long time ago, and I’ve been saving it for just the right moment to spring it on you! I hope you’re sitting down.

Okay, I’ve dried my eyes. I’m probably just tired, but that bunny strikes my funny bone in a place I can’t seem to get back from! I recognize the humor, it’s my dad, together we would go through a whole box of tissues snorting and laughing at that photo!

SO, snapping myself out of it! Changing the subject, while we were at the Limestone Hotel that first night . . . a miracle of coordination took place.

Off the boat, only one night at the Limestone (this bunny was on their lawn!), and yet, a package arrived there for us that very day! Perfect timing! Waiting for us in our room! And inside were the new cup samples. Eeek! As I was ripping open the boxes, I worried, remembering the first group . . .

. . . and how dark they were ~ I was praying these would be better. That color had been a setback, and approvals took much longer than they should have ~ I expected to approve the samples before we left home, but they didn’t make it in time, so we tried for Florida, and that’s when the dark ones came, and I just couldn’t say okay to them. But look!

Our new samples and they’re just what I hoped . . . And now they’re with us here! We have gifts! 🌸 I’m so relieved!

I wanted to show you . . . so you don’t worry! The color is wonderful, the flowers soft and none of them are black!

Love this sweet handle on the Spring cup.

And the pink butterfly!

And the softer spring colors look gorgeous on the bone china . . . all just splendiferous! Thank you for your forgiveness, I just couldn’t force myself to give you something I only partly liked, at best. They will arrive to the Studio, we hope, the end of April … fingers crossed! We want you to have them for Mother’s Day and will do everything we know how to make that happen. 🌷

Worth waiting for, pansies are perfect for Mother’s Day!

Bottoms all turned out well too. Kellee has put these up in the webstore, so you can see all sides, bottoms, handles, everything, just in cases.

Kitty cup too, Jack in the Box!

Immortalizing my boy.

My darling short one.

Kitty love is right!

Another cheery handle!

And the one that will always remind me of this wonderful adventure . . .

Another fine romance!

Lambs and hedgerows and spring trees and everything …

Yanks on Shore, Look out England! 💞

I have a little Easter present for you 💞. . . a skinny chick bookmark I made before we left . . . just click there, and print it out. I hope you like it!  It might make a good Easter-dinner place card. So what are you having? Ham? If you’re having ham, try my Fruit Compote with it … I think it’s in Heart of the Home, or maybe Vineyard Seasons, and it’s SO good!

And don’t forget my lovely cream-cheese and coconut frosted carrot cupcakes! (The recipe is also in the new version of Heart of the Home if you have it.) I’m very far away from most of you right now, but it doesn’t feel that way! And you’re never far from my thoughts. 💞

It’s a most wonderful time of year! Sending love XOXOX Here comes April, we start right off with a full moon!  And I’ll just say it now, Rabbit-Rabbit . . . good luck to us all! 👏


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466 Responses to EASTER in ENGLAND

  1. Sally Geisel says:

    Oh no. I just scrolled down on that Pinterest site. Just delete my post altogether! I didn’t realize there were other photos there that are horribly inappropriate. Ugh. Sorry!!!

  2. Karen Ruth Ullom says:

    Oh Precious Susan, This blog makes me want to return to England—NOW!! I’ll be most anxious to read the book you’ll be writing about this trip. I felt as if I had come home when my late husband and I visited this beautiful country. It would be fun to see your packing list for your trips to England; I’ve never seen so much luggage in the entire life, which peaked my curiosity about what all you pack. Honestly, I’m not nosy as a rule, but am intensely curious. Smile!! Well, continue to have a rip-roaring good time; our hearts will be with you as you both satisfy your curiousity especially in some areas you haven’t seen before. I love all my mugs and am SO delighted with the bone china. It’s a delightful way to have my tea, M’Luv.

    • sbranch says:

      The things that take up the most space are probably our cameras, computers, wires, batteries, and phones! My art supplies are a pretty good chunk too … Joe’s maps are almost a whole suitcase. Then I have this George Washington book that’s about 5″ thick! Plus we packed for three seasons, and we’ve already seen them all! We both have wellies! I’m sure you get the general idea!

  3. Georgeann Forester says:

    Happy Easter and Resurrection Sunday, Susan and Joe! So happy you’re back in England to enjoy the countryside and all the quaintness England has to offer. Soak up all the lovely British accents too❤️

  4. Cindy Maulin says:

    Hi Susan and Joe!!! Looks like it is happy landings in England!! The pictures and sidebar comments are splendid… loved them …especially the grazing sheep. As usual, love traveling with you all…. I am not even one bit nervous driving on the other side of the road! ( thank you joe)….I know you’ll relish every second. Have a wonderful Easter and welcome in Spring for all of us in gorgeous England. Be safe and keep Twitterville hoppin’.

  5. Jane Alexander says:

    I am 76, and have never been to England, yet reading this takes me there in a most amazing way. Thank you so much! I love the photo of you and Rachel. I love your friendship. I love every photo. It is hard to explain how dear your blog is to all of us. Thank you again. Xoxo
    Jane Alexander

  6. Janet Krompier says:

    I love traveling with you. When I refreshed your blog link (you are a favorite at the top of my iPad) and saw this post, a squeal of delight and a yippee skippee! What a wonderful trip so far, thanks for inviting me along!

  7. Brenna says:

    Hazahhh! love it all and so thrilled for the new cups and spring and April birthdays (mine too :)) Love and blessings on the your journeys and thanks for sharing the love with us all! <3

  8. Amy Lee from Salem says:

    Cheers Susan, I am so excited to be traveling with you. It’s as if I was really there again. Love the serendipity of your first night. Won’t make this long, looking forward to every adventure, every blog and all the little threats along the way. Happy Easter🐇

    • sbranch says:

      Reading every one of them, love them, horrible not to answer them ALL, but have to go soon, so must hurry, love hearing from you Amy!

  9. Memarge says:

    Oh! I just love your updates for us! It really makes ME feel that I’m right there with you!! Happy Easter and blessings for you and Joe!!!!

  10. Julia says:

    Thanks for the blog post… made me laugh too! Bunnies and all! I almost feel like I’m there too… Happy Easter!

  11. DeLores E Johnson says:

    How great to receive this tonight. It raining and snowing in our small town in Minnesota. Winds are supposed to be 30-50 miles/hour. Sooooo…..not a very nice Easter weekend here. The weather gal on TV said after this round another storm is brewing! I guess Spring isn’t around the corner here.
    I so enjoy your letters and pictures and you are so good at describing everything!
    I am going to look in your books for the recipes you talked about for Easter. We are having guest for Sunday dinner so I am going to make them. Have lots of fun on this trip and keep us posted!! Reading them is my “Quiet time”.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Oh Susan thank you so so much for taking so much time for us. I’ve never met you but feel like your an old friend reading your blog. Loved the Easter pics.
    Enjoy every minute of that lovely country.

    • sbranch says:

      Me too, feel like “I’ve got all my sisters with me!”🎵 Wish I could answer every one of these luv-lee comments, but soon Joe and Siobhan (who are still asleep upstairs) will come down with the battle cry, “Let’s GO!” I have to get ready!

  13. Traci S says:

    Happy Easter Sue! What a wonderful time to be in England! Like stepping into a storybook! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I can’t wait to read the next installment of your adventures.

    I do have a request for a future blog post, perhaps when you’re home…your wedding to Joe! You know us girls, can’t resist hearing about a wedding!

    Kindest Regards,
    Traci S.

  14. Gmapat says:

    What a dream of a trip! Thank you so much for packing us along. England is beautiful no matter the season. I’mlooking forward to watching the changes along with ours. My hubby has lined our long farm drive with hundreds and hundreds of daffodils. Just amazing! Luv-lee to the max! Hugs. Many Happy Trails……. Pat down on the farm in Indiana

  15. Lynn Barlow says:

    Loved it when you talked about driving past your hotel twice, trying to figure out how to get in the narrow driveway! Same thing always happens to us on our visits to England—and my hubby John learned to drive in England, but for years now he’s been spoiled by the wide-open roads of Arizona. Wishing you safe and happy travels!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, that’s the right word, spoiled ~ what a piece of cake! Driveways big as freeways! AND, big bonus, ON the correct side of the road! (ha ha ha!)

  16. I’ve been wanting to go to England forever, mostly because we speak the same language. Now I see it’s not so easy! Nor the driving.

    I love your watercolor map. I’d love to have a version I could frame. I have a lovely friend from Devon and I didn’t see that!!! 🙁 I hope you get to visit so I can see her homeland.

    Still, have a ball. You and Joe are so fun and I’ve enjoyed every post along your way!

    • sbranch says:

      Go to the Cotswolds . . . it’s curvy, but not vertical (as I remember!). Wait till you see what we walked up yesterday! Cornwall is so gorgeous, it’s worth every moment. (I can say that because so far we’ve lived through it!) Yes, historic Covelly Village is in Devon, just on the other side of the border from Cornwall ~ and virtually, you were there!

  17. Gloria H says:

    I never thought I would care for England, but seeing it thru your eyes is charming ! You see beauty in so many little things that many people would not even notice. I love your writing, your drawings, your cups, everything ! You are truly a very special and gifted person. You make us feel as if we are all part of your family. I look forward to all your adventures and travels. Thank you for that and enjoy the rest of your trip with your special hubby !

  18. Judy B says:

    England is just too wonderful for words! It’s like inserting yourself in a Dicken’s novel.
    The charm factor is off the charts and so happy to be following you and Joe through jolly old England and Ireland to come. Would love to explore family ancestry for the Wroughton name, which originated in an area where Wrought iron was made. Believe it was Wales. You are making memories to last forever! Thank you for sharing with us girlfriends.

  19. Annie B says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely trip to Britain 🇬🇧 and 🇮🇪 Ireland. I really appreciate your taking the time to write! Thanks again❤️

  20. Barbara Anne says:

    What a delightful first week and playing catch-up to you two (three if Petey wants to be counted) has been a joy.

    Great photos – but that second rabbit looks mostly Martian to me. Isn’t that what aliens look like in the movies?

    Happy Easter! Have fun (or is that a given?).


  21. Dawn Yovanovich says:

    Truly almost like being there! Thanks for sharing the vivid descriptions and photos of your springtime adventures.

  22. Heather Moriarty says:

    A cup of tea and a post from Susan! A special moment that I save for the end of the day when I see your note in my email in the morning. Everyone is curled up in bed now and I have an uninterrupted moment to myself. I click the link and suddenly I’m gone, in another place. For a moment I’m lost in the charm of merry old England with it’s cobblestones and homey cottages and windows filled with lace. I sip my tea and can smell the salty air by the Red Lion. I think how wonderful it is to finally be here, a dream I’ve always had. The post slowly brings me back from England to reality. “I must have one of those mugs!”, I say. I’m so happy you held out for the softer, more truer, and lovely versions of your art. That is one of the things your girlfriends love about you. You make everything beautiful and your cups need to reflect that too!
    Safe and blessed journey to you both!

  23. Jan Martin says:

    So wonderful to share beautiful England with you & Joe. I “almost” feel like I’m tagging along with you! It’s a trip on my bucket list for sure. I am looking forward to your adventures ahead. Thank you so much for taking all of us along with you. A very blessed Easter to you & Joe🐰.

  24. Nancy B says:

    This was so much fun to read! My husband and I are enjoying watching, the second time around, Doc Martin. I recognized the name of the town called Bude mentioned so often on the show. Are you near Port-Wenn or is that a fictitious name? We get such a kick out of that town and its characters. The scenery is gorgeous! So I can sort of picture where you are. 😊Oh, and I think the new cups are beautiful!
    Happy Easter!
    Nancy (from Bakersfield)

  25. Welcome to our beautiful land Susan and Joe! I love Devon and Cornwall. The first time we went down it rained the whole time, but it was beautiful nonetheless. Clovelly. It was sunny all the way down the hill. We had lunch in a nice pub, then when we were on our way back up the hill, it tipped it down like crazy. So much so that we had to get into our cases and get some dry clothes out and then change in the visitors centre washrooms. But it was such a beautiful quaint little village. Things will really be greening up from here on out. The Forsythia in our back garden is blooming and the Camelia bush outside our front door is now running riot, and of course the daffodils are dancing their silly heads off. You really have arrived at the best time!! Tell Joe I think he is the bravest man on earth. 18 years here for meself and I still have not managed to conquer my fear of driving, and even as a passenger I have my heart in my throat most of the time, so kudos to you also! Your newest cups are beautiful. I can’t decide which is my favourite. Happy Easter! Here’s to a safe and uneventful (except for the happy events) trip and stay for you both. xoxo

  26. Jan Painter says:

    Good Morning and Happy Easter Sue. So glad that you are enjoying England and hope the weather will soon improve for you. I can only agree with Ann in saying how much it makes me appreciate my own country to see it through the eyes of others. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your travels and hope I may make it to Hill Top in May.
    With love from Jan in York x

  27. Diane from Poulsbo says:

    This is the best Easter gift ever! I am right there with you both on our trip, and I am loving every moment! I had to laugh out loud at you behind the napkin….and that Easter Bunny! Omg…..how did children survive that monsterous looking freaky creature!? Lol. I am so happy for you to be there! It is so beautiful!
    The new mugs are perfect! I ordered Jack….since you refuse to part with the real Jack….and the England mug! Cant wait! 😍 Have a very Happy Easter! Xoxoxo

    • sbranch says:

      Now you’ve done it. Got me started on that Easter Bunny all over again! 🤣 I have no control when it comes to that thing. Glad you’re enjoying it Diane! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  28. Miss Virginia says:

    Helloooo and Happy Easter! What a most lovely post you’ve sent us, such a joy to be along with you and Joe on your trip! Love seeing the photos, it feels as if we are all in the backseat of your car, enjoying all the sights and sounds and smells, right with you! Thanks so very much for being our tour guide!

    Easter Blessings ….and happy trails to you, until we meet again! 🎶

    Oh, and that ‘bunny’ picture….it’s creepy and hilarious at the same time!….I can’t look away!

    Enjoy every minute of this fabulous adventure. xoxox

  29. Oh, I do love following you on Twitter for “real time” updates, but I must admit that I love, love, love the blog for filling in the details. Somehow I missed that you were actually in Cornwall… Rosamunde Pilcher country! I literally laughed out loud at the “careen-mo-bile” comment because that is exactly how we felt for 2 ½ weeks in Ireland… racing all over the literal countryside – down the narrowest lanes and slimmest two-lane roads I’ve ever been on – at TOP speed. I prayed a LOT (and lived to tell about it). FYI… God made us built in blindfolds – eyelids – I know because I used mine a lot! But, you do really have to keep them open or you might miss the wonderful sheepies! You have offered the perfect solution of getting behind a lorry. All the drivers in the UK countryside have clearly “erased this line…” (oh, Oscar Levant… love him in The Bandwagon and The Barkleys of Broadway… and I can just hear him saying that!) Those mussels!! Mmmmmm… Love going “back in time” with you in Clovelly. 😊 Snickering at the skateboard comment as I try to envision anyone – even XGamers – skateboarding over those gorgeous cobblestones. I’ll bet those folks don’t have issues with being overweight! LOL at that really bad Easter bunny and those poor boys in the photo. Happy Easter to you and Joe and your English friends!

  30. Linda says:

    Loved this sweet English adventure! I am married to a non traveler, quite content to stay home on the farm taking care of the livestock, etc. He could blend in with the folks you see. But I love living your trip. Love the area you are in.

  31. Helen Henderson says:

    Happy Easter 🐣. Love your driving tip. We did something similar when driving down the Amalfi coast in Italy years ago. We tucked in behind a coach and stayed there as long as we were able. All the cars coming the other way pulled in for the coach, and we followed in its “slipstream”.

    Hope the weather warms up for you….Spring must be on its way soon as it is beginning to look Autumnal Down Under!

  32. Cheyenne Renard pop says:

    Happiest Easter beloveds Sue & Joe.Youre so wonderful.We Love you both.Youre a blessing from God.Safe trip.Have a blast.Cant wait for your next book.May all youre dreams come true. Love & Blessings xxx Cheyenne in Henderson Nv xo smooche

  33. Patty says:

    As I drink my lemon tea from your, In Love With Nature cup, I want to thank you for brightening up these cool and cloudy days here in Maine. My husband & I hope to visit England someday. Looking forward to seeing tea room pictures and all of the luv-lee things that they serve! Best!

  34. Claire says:

    Loved reading your adventures here in the UK.So sorry about the weather,we have been experiencing the’beast from the East’ for at least 2wks.This Easter weekend is usually a very busy bank holiday but unfortunately many things have been cancelled because of the rain.Hopefully Spring will show her face soon.We live on a rather remote farm and have many new lambs so they really need some good weather.
    I really love your mugs,a good size for a cup of tea with a piece of homemade Victoria sponge.so wish they were available here to buy.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, I’m afraid you owe us for the weather!😂 It’s okay, we’re wrapped up toasty and loving every moment! Blessings on you and especially your baby lambs.

  35. Anne lovell says:

    Oh happy day! I have my coffee this morning and have really enjoyed reading the blog and all the wonderful comments. I’m so excited to be on this trip with you and Joe! And I can’t wait for the cups I ordered, these samples look perfect in color, thanks for saying no to the previous lot. Way too dark! I can’t wait to see where to next! Thanks Susan,

  36. Judy from Maine says:

    Oh I just love love love this sharing of your latest trip. It brings back the fondest memories of when we (you and me and all the girl friends) first went to England those many years ago. I have to say though, THE EASTER BUNNY picture is just too, well I don’t know what. I nearly choked I laughed so hard, than with tears streaming down my cheeks, I couldn’t decide if I was laughing or crying. It is just too scary, but I have to thank you for sharing. Maybe a little of my insanity is showing too. Anyway, thanks for a wonderful in every way blog. Keep in touch and Happy Easter.

    • sbranch says:

      I choke every time! 🤣 Such a crazy moment in time, never to be forgotten due to the best invention of the last 150 years, the camera! I love the insane, we are the normal ones! xoxo

  37. Colleen van de Kraats says:

    Oh Susan, the teacups are perfect and you were absolutely right to wait for perfection!!!!
    My truest, deepest hope is to be able to follow one of your books and tour England………it’s in my soul.
    Thank you, thank you for sharing and may you and Joe have a beautiful Easter.
    God bless you and safe travels,

  38. Lisa Buick says:

    I’ve only been to England once, but I know I could live in the countryside there. Your journey has taken me back and I thank you for that. Continue to have the time of your lives.

    Lisa B.

  39. Jennifer Lauri says:

    Well dear Susan, you had me laughing and, yes, snorting through this blog travelogue. From the twice-mentioned Levant quote to the horrific bunny portrait (which I also have seen before 🙁 ) your adept skill of making all your readers part of the action is so welcomed, and needed! Enjoy the rest of your journey and a Happy Easter to you and Joe. My Joe and I will be serving turkey breast and trimmings, and maybe I will get adventurous and make those delicious cream-cheese and coconut cupcakes!

  40. Karen says:

    Just dreamy!!

  41. Jackie says:

    Love reading this post… the idea of the menu on a Beatrix Potter book sounds enchanting. Was the book still intact ? Also the cottage you are staying reminds me of the one Hyacinth Bucket( keeping up appearances) was trying to buy in the country. Happy Easter for Joe and you. 🐇 Ta ta lovely!

  42. Lorraine says:

    Thanks ever so much for taking us with you. I’m having a great time but I will be glad when it warms up. Two sweaters and a shawl! Yikes!!!

    Happy to hear about the mugs! Yay!!! I’m so looking forward to receiving mine – but whenever they get here will be fine.

    I don’t know why the website does this but lately when I start to write a comment, someone else’s name and email show up. There must be a techno glitch somewhere.

    Anyway, enjoy your trip and thanks again. Love to all and drink lots of tea!

  43. Margie says:

    Happy Easter Susan and Joe! I am excited for you in charming Cornwall. Your new tea cups are adorable. I love the kitties on the handle, neat! Laughed at the monster Easter bunny picture too, it has that effect the way the Easter bunny looks. Also laughed at the signs! I had thought to make hot cross buns, one a penny two a penny hot cross buns. 🐰🐣🐥🐤♥️

  44. Karen H. says:

    Hello dear ones! Thank you Susan for all your tweets, instagrams, and now this great post! You are some brave girl hiking up those steep steps, but I know you want all your girlfriends to delight in the beauty of the English countryside. I want to go back to England NOW! I’m enjoying my SB mug of tea in my travel armchair, plotting out where we will stay when we take our adventure for a return visit. Can’t wait for your next book! Happy Easter, and sending you love and prayers for a safe journey.

  45. Betty says:

    I love your blog and this and previous trips are all on my list of things to do! So enjoy everything. Can’t wait for your new book.

    Happy Easter!

  46. Beverlee Moreno-Ring says:

    Oh Susan, this is just the best blog. Feels like we are on the trip with you! Can’t wait for your new book to come out. I think I have read A Fine Romance three times :-). Seeing your Easter bunny picture with your brothers just cracked me up. I can so relate! But the pick below with the alien bunny creature and the two boys was priceless! So many wonderful experiences to share.. That town with no cars, the Inn with the Beatrix Potter menus, and one of your best tips, driving behind a truck and blinkers for you. Next time we will try them both. Look forward to your next letter to us all. Xo

  47. Robyn says:

    Thanks for taking us along with you.

  48. Margaret Harke says:

    Lovely, lovely, thank you for sharing your trip. I so enjoy sitting with a cup of tea (in the morning) or a glass of pear cider (in the afternoon, it’s getting into the 80s here now) and reading your blogs! Keep the pictures and adventures coming!

  49. Lorraine Macholz says:

    Dear Susan! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, while my eyes fill with tears. For over thirty years I have tried to get to England only to have something happen that made it impossible to go! Sad… maybe some day I will hope! I love all your pictures and explanations too! In this post was not the electric cello, but I will tell you that I love listening to that over and over again!!! Thank you ever so much once again!! Happy Easter! xoxo Lorraine

    • sbranch says:

      I will put the electric cello video up soon. It’s so wonderful, but I ran out of time … it goes up on Twitter directly from the camera, but to get it on the blog it has to go from the camera, to the computer, to youtube, and THEN to the blog! We went back and looked for her again, but she wasn’t there!

  50. Ginnie Judd says:

    Happy Easter, Susan & Joe! Love the post, as I do all of them.



  51. Ginnie Judd says:

    Meant to also recommend a book to you, especially because you have Iowa farm in your ancestry and you like Laura Ingalls Wilder. The book is Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder, by Caroline Fraser. So interesting & well written, with new insights on the relationship of Laura & her daughter Rose and many thought provoking observations of our nation’s theory of Manifest Destiny, the romance (or lack of it) of the farm, the ability (or lack of it) to make as a small farmer without support from local or federal sources, and more. Really well written and researched.

  52. Cyndi in NC says:

    Wow. I’m reading the blog and up comes your breakfast on the ship. I loved it because all of it was gluten free! But aside from that it looked yummy, I can’t wait to hear about Easter Roast and all the good things that come with it. So nice that Siobhan will be with you for the weekend and to enjoy Easter dinner with you. I’m an eater type traveler. I want to try everything and eat everywhere! As usual the pictures are great. I love the kitties and how friendly they are. A cuddle with a kitty is wonderful. Even a peek at one of their inside eating places. Lace curtains, what could be better than your little village. Love our trips together!! Hugs to all and Happy Easter from the other side of the pond!

    • sbranch says:

      You would love it here, EVERY pub and restaurant has wonderful gluten free dishes! Happy Easter Cyndi! xoxo

      • Cyndi in NC says:

        Sounds wonderful! My daughter loved pub food when she was there but didn’t need gluten free food. I’m sure I would love England. Happy Easter Susan, Joe and Siobhan.

  53. ~ Del Gato Gordo Y Descarado ~ says:

    Thank you for the many assortments of gift, wonderful surprises.
    You are stunningly beautiful in your “true self” way, real as the Cosmos intended…you both are just glowing inside and out! You even make shell sucking look prestige-ly. Each and every picture story is appreciated, including daffodils in white wine (not).
    Attaching links was icing on the cake (Inca – Trip Hazard-sttudyinn.com) each link packed with humor, images, products, recipes, Arts, food, Hospitality News, local history, everything and linked to each of their blog, social media accounts- thank you!

    The answer to your question of: “what is the word for steeper than steep, steep doesn’t do it,”
    My Dear, you’ve been “Swissed… with a Himalayan perception of vertiginous perpendicularness.”

    Happy Trails

    • ~ Del Gato Gordo Y Descarado ~ says:

      daffodils NOT in white wine it should read…sorry!

    • sbranch says:

      I love that! I borrowed from Willa Cather while negotiating the slippery slope: The end is nothing, the PATH is all. Basically saying to myself, don’t look down! Sweet words about beauty, thank you. Grabbing the little fluttering kite tails of this beautiful life we’ve been given … and holding on hard. 💞

  54. Sandy says:

    Dear Susan,

    I laughed when I saw Joe with all your luggage and I knew you were not going to take a train. I am not sure if you traveled that way in England but the Europeans do not take on more than one bag since it is not secured and it can be difficult if you happen to get into the wrong car when you enter for your journey. I would prefer the car and then you do get to see so much more of each town and village. I love it when you travel, the last two trips were so special and I always feel as though I am with you on your fun trip. Thanks for all the pics, safe travels to you and your adorable hubby. Best regards, SB

    • sbranch says:

      We unpack everything in our rental places, then repack smaller bags for smaller trips! xoxo to you Sandy!

  55. JudyH says:

    I love your long newsy posts! There’s so much to read I keep going back to it and looking again and again at the pictures. I’ve visited Ireland twice and England briefly once on my way to Ireland. Love them both and like you wish I could have spent more time in every place I visited. Looking forward to the next post. This is the next best thing to me going back there myself!

  56. Jen Auslund says:

    Before I read your caption I completely LOST IT laughing out loud at the SUPER CREEPY BUNNY! Oh my word! Those ARE some obedient boys! Thank you for the belly laugh- I sure needed it- so glad your trip is off to a”brilliant “ beginning. Your first England book was our tour guide last autumn when we spent a month roaming from Scotland to the Cotswolds. Cannot even wait to have another edition for our next trip! Hugs, and be safe!

  57. Frances says:

    Susan, you’re making me homesick again! Although born and raised in London, I think of Cornwall as home (still have some family there), and it’s been far too long since I was there. We used to go every couple of years, but it’s now been much longer and here in California I ache for Cornwall. May you and Joe continue to enjoy good health and the ability to enjoy all your trips to wherever you go . . . especially England. Hugs to you!

  58. Judy Zobel says:

    This morning on public t.v. Rick Steves was wandering about Cornwall. Beautiful sea views, hedgerows, cozy places to stay, the moors, etc. All I could think of as I was watching was “lucky Susan”. Did you see the wild ponies?????

  59. Carla Herkner says:

    It is great fun traveling vicariously with you, Joe and Petey. It amazes me that you can take the time while you travel to include these wonderful blog entries. I’m so grateful that you do. We are heading to Hill Top Farm about a month after you are there and we are so looking forward to it all! I’m currently reading “Stillmeadow Road” and enjoying it so much. Especially the part where Gladys and Jill see Spring unfolding. Happy Easter and wishing you lots of wonderful, grand adventures ahead!

  60. Joann says:

    Hello Susan!!!!!!!!!!!! Your post is darling! Great to see Rachel and Paul as well; they are looking splendid! I so wish we could come to the picnic but we will wait for photos and all the charming messages from everyone who will be there!! We will try to have a girly tea here on the same day; we’ll see how it turns out! If anyone is interested—go look at Pine Hollow Vintage on FB or Instagram. It’s like a “Bachelor Viewing Party” except we’re just all fans of YOU!!

    So thrilled you are having a wonderful time so far!! I love that you say “we want to stay another night.” There are SO MANY places I want to go back to, there is barely room for new places!!!!!!!!

    Sending lots of love and Happy Easter JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  61. kimberley says:

    Its so lovely to see your take on things I take for granted – narrow roads, lorries, hot cross buns… =)

  62. Linda Rachel says:

    Happy Easter even if the weather is not as lovely as we had all hoped! Are you coming to Suffolk on this trip to see where Bartholomew Gosnold lived and where his daughter Martha is buried? You would love the Suffolk villages and cottages!
    Enjoy every minute of your trip. Just off to bed, to read your book and spend a little more time with you on Martha’s Vineyard. x

  63. Marguerite says:

    Thought you might enjoy this recipe for “Clovelly Toast”.

    Slice bread into thick slices, trimming crust. Fry until crisp in plenty of butter. Sprinkle with cinnamon, cloves and sugar mixed together. Serve hot.

  64. Ruth Haines says:

    Oh, what a wonderful blog! We stayed in Cambridge and this made so many happy memories return to my wee brain. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  65. Starr miller says:

    Hello and Happy 🐣
    Love all your photos. Thank you.

  66. Barb Cowles says:

    Susan and Joe, Thank you for all the glorious pics and descriptions of your trip. Oh and the food too. Love the village cats. Any place that holds dear the kitty is okay in my book. Will continue to watch your adventures and thank you for sharing them. Barb

  67. Sonya Hewes says:

    Thanks so much for your darling post! Love hearing about your adventures and absolutely LOVE the cups!!

  68. E. Eastman says:

    Love, love reading your posts! I had to laugh at the photos with the Easter bunny. I never had an issue with bunny but my granddaughter confided in me that she has to spend the night before Easter in her mom’s bed because the idea of a life-size bunny creeping about her house hiding eggs TOTALLY freaked her out! Santa is welcome but not the Easter bunny.

  69. Gisele Chapman says:

    We went to England for the girst tine last Seot for our 40th Anniversary…was a delight to reread A Fine Romance before going. Wonderful

  70. Donna Jones says:

    Oh how I wish I could curl up in your pocket and come along on your trip! I looooove England and A Fine Romance brought it all flooding back. It’s so exciting to tag along with you & Joe again. You’re exploring places I haven’t been yet—I’d love to go to Clovelly & see the kitties—so I’m making a list for my 2020 visit to England. Sounds like a long way off, but 2years can go by in a blink.
    Have a lovely Easter and safe travels….Can’t wait to get my Spring & Jack in the Books mugs!

    • sbranch says:

      A Blink!!!! You are so right! And there is so much delight in the slow planning. It’s a big job and really requires some time to do it right! The plan is “No Regrets!”

  71. Sandi from the Cape says:

    So happy you’re at your happy place! This was a long, wonderful blog so I know you’re having the times of your lives! Loved everything you shared! Especially the mugs that are all fixed! I’m getting the Jack in the box! Kitty love it!!!! Have a luv lee Easter and looking forward to the next blog!

  72. Sarah says:

    Oh, your photos make me long for a return trip to the English countryside. It’s been far too many years, and I have such sweet memories of our time there. I doubt that a return is in our future, so your photos fill my heart with joy.
    I stitched a darling Peter Rabbit in needlepoint through IG. I look at him and can’t help but think of you. You and Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit and the English countryside all are interwoven in my mind. Happy travels, dear Susan. Happy Easter to you and Joe.

  73. Lynn Hamilton says:

    What adventures you and Joe have; love joining you in beautiful England. I have already pre-ordered your new cups to add to my collection and they are lovely~wishing you and Joe a delightful Easter xo

  74. Dixie Johnson says:

    “O’ to be in England now that April’s there!” The Bard was right & I’m sure it will be prettier as the month progresses. Your pics are so pretty & I miss it already since we spent 2 wks there last summer! Susan–you are such a storyteller & I’m looking forward to the next one! Thank you for your including all of us.

  75. Enjoying reading about your trip, a bit jealous. Always wanted to visit Cornwall after reading one of my favorite books, The Shell Seekers. I will get there one day, but your travel guide is the best!

    • Vicki South of Arroyo says:

      Oh, I loved that book so much and I also enjoyed the Hallmark movie (1980s; based on the book) with Angela Lansbury. (Filming locations in Cornwall were Lamorna Cove, Land’s End, Marazion, Porthgwarra at Land’s End and also St. Ives. [I looked it up!]) Another movie (from a short story) which depicted a lot of Cornwall (Cadgwith, Helston, St. Ives and Prussia Cove [looked that up, too!]) was “Ladies in Lavender” with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. (This film came out, oh, about a dozen years ago at least.) The series on PBS-TV, Doc Martin, is filmed in scenic Port Isaac, Cornwall (as several of Susan’s readers here have already mentioned). I’m with you, especially after seeing Susan’s photos and reading her wonderful descriptions (can’t wait for that next book) – – the rest of us need to go there, too! Susan IS the best travel guide!

  76. AngieTink says:

    Rabbit~Rabbit My Sweet~Sue & Happy~Easter To You & Joe & All Your Magical~Friends In England! The Photo Of You & Ray #PureJoy!!! 🙂 I Love Reading Your Blog This Morning….I Saw The Easter~Bunny Hopping Down Our Road…. 😉 I Tweeted You Something To Make You Smile Check It Out…. 🙂 & I Love Your Church~Bells Tweet! 🙂 #Herbster & #Me Are Grilling #Lambchops & I’m Making Cous~Cous & #Asparagus Steamed…#EasterYumminess! Time To Go Easter~Egg~Hunting! We Love You! April~Luv! xoxo #Poof 🙂 P.S. All The New~Cuppas Are Absolutely~Gorgeous! 🙂 Yay!

    • sbranch says:

      Everything very wonderful here, and I see it’s very wonderful THERE! HAPPY EASTER Angie! xoxo

      • AngieTink says:

        Good~Morning Or Almost #Noon Where You Are My Sweet~Sue Our Easter~Sunday Was Truly~Scrumptious I Retweeted For You In Twitterville The Photo Of Me As The Easter~Bunny From a Few Years Back Take A Peek 🙂 You Will #Smile 🙂 Counting Down Your #Birthday…Our Taylor’s Birthday Is April 7th She Is Turning 14!!! OMG! Then We Celebrate #You Sweet~Sue Yay! What Plans Have~You? xoxo #Poof! 🙂 😉 P.S. Sipping A Lovely Cuppa Of Peppermint~Tea #Cheerio! 😉

  77. Diane says:

    Oh, I spotted a dog in your post…maybe a border collie. I loved roaming the hills and coast and seeing so many unleashed beloved canines, especially the sheepherding collies and ebullient labs. More dogs, please !

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve been putting more dogs up on my Twitter site . . . they are everywhere here in England, we may be the only people without a dog! On all our walks and in all the pubs too, it’s just a wonderful thing!

  78. Anne says:

    I can”hear” the excitement in your words.😅 Sledges! Lovage! The Brits are SO charming and civilized☺️ Happy, Happy travels and looking forward to many more posts 😘🌺🐇🐑☔️🍀

  79. Julia Simile says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have been thinking about you and Joe on your adventure. Just now getting to read your blog. Such an exciting few minutes of reading. Love the photos. Can’t wait for more!

  80. Pom Pom says:

    Yay for wonderful England! Thank you for sharing!
    Are those two carts full of luggage both yours?
    Happy Easter!

  81. Karen Lotito says:

    A very Happy Easter Day to you and Joe! I loved your blog! All things English are my thing, especially as my dear MIL was English. We really would love to get to England again but first we’d need the $$$$. Hopefully someday. Have a wonderful time and I’m enjoying traveling with you! Have a spot of tea for me! Love, Karen xox

    • sbranch says:

      It’s definitely something worth saving for! Meditate on it every day and I know you’ll find a way!

  82. Donna says:

    Oh, I do love going on these trips with you! Loving the door photo and lion, thatched roofs, quaint cottages, all of which I would move into in a moment. Loving the walking tour, and a competent safe driver, who does not expect me to read a map! Thank you for the seats near the fireplace and meeting good friends along the way. I may never go to GB but I have been.

    • sbranch says:

      Makes me so happy to hear that Donna, was hoping to provide that “You are there” moment!

  83. Bobbie Calgaro says:

    I may never get to England but at least I get to go with you every time you go and it’s a delight!

  84. Kelly Fortner says:

    Happy Resurrection Sunday!! Thank you for allowing us to travel with you to England and to see those special places again. My friend and I started taking students to England in 1978, going at least once a year (during Spring Break), and we always started in England so that our students could adjust to riding the Tube (in preparation for Paris) and so that they could – more or less – speak the language. I taught English, and my friend taught French, so – obviously – we made certain that we included both of these countries in our itinerary. What a joyful learning time we had . . . until September 11, 2001 when the district curtailed all travel. I am going again through your postings. Thank you for sharing!!!

  85. Debra Sewell says:

    OMG!!! The last Willard was the Axores, land of my roots(plus Ireland and France). Now my top bucket list location is Cornwall. Because of book Rebecca and many other books set in Cornwall. My daughter in laws parents were both born in Penzance. Please turn this trip into another wonderful journal story book. Please. I loved loved this Willard. Thank you and Joe for sharing your lives and trips with us.

    Debra Sewell

  86. Meg says:

    So happy to hear you are working on a new book! The best Easter gift I’ve had today!

  87. Tammy Smith says:

    Oh the joy that you give us all by sharing your travels! And…I can barely wait for your new book detailing this new travel!!! oh so exciting…thank you

  88. Sandra says:

    Happy Easter to you both..sorry there,s little sunshine at present but it will get better. Cornwall is beautiful in the Spring..look out for wild violets and the lovely celandine..the yellow flower with glossy star shaped petals..,love the mugs hope we can get them here as soon as possible too..your artwork is exquisite…
    Meantime enjoy all the Easter goodies,,chocolate, simnel cake and hot cross buns..and lots of lovely walks to enjoy the air..
    Love and blessings

  89. Deb Huch says:

    Dear Susan,
    You sure make my heart feel so good. Seems like Rachel and Paul are a dream come true. How lovely to have such happy friends, even tho so far away.
    I have a new friend that I haven’t even met yet that lives in Preston. Someday I will get there. Are you going to be up in the north part of England this trip?
    The idea of menus in books is BRILLIANT. Why have we not thought of that?
    The picture of Joe sitting by the fire is wonderful….because being a grown up IS hard. I especially love the pictures that have people in them. It makes it so real.
    Your new cups are gorgeous. Good choice in waiting for the perfect color. Kitty Love is my favorite but, all of them are beautiful.

  90. Rhonda P in Texas says:

    Thank you Susan, for a wonderful start to my work week! Being in England with you will be the best trip of the year!

  91. Dd says:

    Your posts and travel books are so enjoyable and so very helpful when planning a trip. I’m so looking forward to the new one. Packing for more than three weeks scares me. I did read t comment about luggage, but I also would love to see a more detailed list at some point.
    Looking forward to t next post.

  92. Lin Rader says:

    Lovely post! Everything was wonderful. Love the inns and hotels there. So homey and comfy! Not that modern, stiff, impersonal look so many have here. I guess generic would be a better word. Did you notice the large twig heart over the fireplace and the small companion ones on either side? Along with your “writers” room key and Beatrix Potter menus i would say your trip was Providentially preplanned! Had a wonderful adventure ourselves yesterday. Went to the White Horse Inn in Metamora…an 1860 stagecoach stop. Lovely original floors, windows etc. Looking forward to more! Blessings! Love from Michigan

  93. cookie kutz, sisters ore. says:

    susan, this js my first note to you, tho’ i have many of your books. thank you for bringing the English countryside alive again for me. we went there about 10 years ago. it was delightful to walk through historic lands. i too loved Tintagel castle. thank you for your gifts and sharing with us. i cant wait to get your new cups. i remember in the late ’40’s our school would give us a pen pal.. .mine was from aittle e glish town. now you are returning that memory.

  94. KathyK says:

    Anyone know how I could find the Autumn, Winter and Santa cups? Coming late to the party I missed them. I see them still available online where they’re made in England but they don’t ship overseas. So sad.😞

  95. Phyl D says:

    So loving this detailed account of your latest trip to Merry Olde…
    Susan, have you and Joe ever been to Penzance and stayed at the Abbey Hotel? It was owned and run by Jean Shrimpton and her husband for over 30 years. Believe it’s a rental property now.

  96. Bonnie says:

    So, why ARE there so many lambs, anyway?

  97. Christine Morgan says:

    Wonderful blog post Susan. Thank you for sharing your trip. I so enjoy reading your posts. Looking forward to your new book. Also to receiving my mugs—–love all the mugs but I think the Mother’s day mug is over the top! Enjoy your trip and don’t forget about us back home!

  98. Christine says:

    Hi Susan and Joe-
    So nice to see you made it safely to England to begin your Springtime adventures. Love the small towns, pubs and churches that you find. Can you buy those lovely lace curtains seen in all the windows in the shops there? Your thatched-roof cottage rental looks wonderful! Always wanted to stay in one of those. Have fun! Looking forward to your next post.

  99. jeanie m says:

    Oh, those poor children sitting with that “rabbit” from American Horror Story. Yikes! Just love all the places you go and how you describe everything. By the way, that is a very handsome picture of Joe by the fire. Am enjoying this so much, Susan. Thank you for taking the time.

  100. jeanie says:

    Well, if I didn’t already adore England, I would after reading this! You two are the consummate travelers, so simpatico. (Although I don’t know about the unguarded climb on Tintagel!) The inns, towns, everything looks wonderful. So do the cups and I need to get over to the shop and order. NOW! Keep having fun and sending us back these terrific messages!

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