CHEER UP, we’re in the PINK

We’re in the Pink darlings, in more ways than one . . .  MUSICA So, in honor of Vanna, in honor of our Giveaway, today we celebrate with her favourite colour which of course is PINK  ~ the colour associated with JOY, femininity, and romance (also Double-Bubble gum, flowers, babies, cotton candy) … it’s the color of universal love and warms the cockles of our hearts. And most of all, it puts sunshine in our day … pink sunshine. Vanna is getting into her deep-dive costume, and while we wait . . . let’s do pink!

Take a deep breath of this luv-lee flower . . .

Ahhhhhhh . . . . mmmm, roses . . .


Fill it with pink lemonade . . . 🎀

Tea anyone? Or iced tea? Go get some, I’ll be right here when you get back!

All treasures from second hand stores . . .

Ice-cold Lemon Rice salad is good with everything in the summer, especially barbecue! And so pretty decked in flower petals. The trick to rice is to rinse it in COLD water when it’s done. Get all that starch off so that it doesn’t feel slimy or stick together.  Here’s the recipe! Pink . . . 

Clematis . . . read how to grow this fluffy springtime spark of light HERE.

Another yard-sale find . . . 

We were far from home when we saw this lamp in an antique store and could not take it with us … but a picture is almost as good!

More pink!

We saw these luv-lee things at the New York Gift Show, having pictures is almost as good as having the real thing, less expensive, takes up less room.

Top o’ my stove . . . Rachel gave me the little love creamer … check out the tiny tea-for-one … another antique store moment.

Martha’s Vineyard in June and July . . . roses everywhere!

My kitchen porch after a day of hard work in the garden! Pink glass … 

F I R E W O R K S  in the Park . . .

The hydrangea in our dining room . . . I bought the Hydrangea Pot at Macy’s about 25 years ago . . . I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it . . . just keep refilling it with potted plants, and voila! The glory of the dining room!

Oh yes, Pink. The letter I got from the Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth when I was a little girl. (Lots of you already know, but just in cases: Yes, I wrote her first!)

Christmas Pink!

Painting in pink!

I think I love pink easily as much as Vanna! This is my Fairy’s Petticoat Pale Pink Peony.

Ahhh yes, England. Does anyone know what this flower is? It was in the fall … they reminded me of bleeding hearts but the fall isn’t the time for bleeding hearts . . .

Yard sales!

Sweetest duvet cover . . . we sleep so good under this! Nothing like a cozy bed!

Table set for a wintry Valentine Breakfast . . .

My dinner party diary for that day . . .

Things like this make doing the dishes highly satisfying.

Okay, now you are all in the very best, calmest, happiest, and dreamiest of moods . . . one more deep breath . . . ahhh , good, because it’s time for our drawing, and as you know there can only be one winner 💔 . . . so hold those happy cheery thoughts, because who cares, they are only cups!  And you are so lucky, you already have everything you need!

This time it will be four fishes! 🐟🐟🐟🐟 Get ready girls! Open your mouth, here comes the fish. (No, no, not you Vanna, you’re not a fish ~ I was talking to the Girlfriends! You look beautiful, I love your scaled lime-coloured body suit and shiny pink flippers, perfect for slithery deep dive. The pink plastic ice-cube necklace pulls it all together!) Vanna’s so talented.🌸 Okay, she’s UP! Her hands high over her head, thumbs twisted together in classic dive form… Kick OFF Girl!  She’s DOWN!  She’s a whirling dervish. Little confetti-bits of paper with names on them are spiraling into a vortex of churning paper, the room is filled with floating, flying confetti . . . Vanna surfaces, looks up and like a lizard’s-tongue after a fly, a lightening-bolt across the sky, Jack’s claw as I walk by, she plucks a name from mid-air, and hands it to me.  💌    Oh, I love this so much!💖Alright, Girls, here we go . . . little drum roll, please . . . The winner of all four cups is . . . . .  L O R R A I N E   M A C H O L Z Congratulations Lorraine!!! From almost 3,000 entries, YOU’RE the one to come up with the fish! Lucky Girl! I’ll need your address . . . watch for an email from me soon.💖

So, to change the subject for my wonderful dear girlfriends not named Lorraine Macholz  . . . 😢 (Don’t worry, you know we’ll do this again!)  So, let’s see … first off something I think you might like if you don’t have it already . . . there’s an easy way for you to be alerted when I do a new post. You’ll get an email, just like when you get a Willard.  To make that happen, go to the top right-side of this page … (see the example with the red arrow below, you’ll just click there . . .)

And when you do . . .A screen that looks like this will come up. Not very Susan Branchy, but it does deliver! Just click the little envelope in the red circle . . . sign up, and from now on, when there is a new blog, it will simply show up in your email!💌 If you want , you can go from HERE . . .So what else . . . Oh yes, before I go … we DO have a few Spring and a few Winter cups left, if you’d like to see them, there are very few, I hope if you want one, you can get it HERE.

Oh yes, the date is set for my talk at the Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo, California.🍎 Joe and I we’ll be taking the train out in October . . . we’ll be at the Apple Farm on Saturday, October 13 . . . they’ll have further information for you HERE on July 25. Hope to see you there!💞

This was me the last time I was at the Apple Farm 🍎. I’ll have to remember not to wear that dress!AND, if you’re going to be near Cape Cod in November, I’ll be speaking at the West Falmouth Library on Saturday, November 10, at 1:30 pm.📚 Fall! It’s coming!🎃

And one more thing . . . Oh, yeah . . .

I know I said I might not do anymore cups . . . but then I thought, what about fall???

And I could not resist . . .

And, was there to be nothing for Christmas?  I didn’t think I could bear it! And this one is a whole new shape. It’s a wider-mouthed cup sized between our large one and the small one to make extra cuteness on your shelves … a luv-lee 14 oz. cup. The holly design goes all the way around. I am picturing my Christmas dinner table right now!

Then The Apple Farm 🍎 said they would love if I did an apple cup . . .

Of course I did, how wonderful, more fall!🍁 Perfect for eating Apple Crisp out of! And I think they’ll be there when we are!I just wanted to show you what’s coming. The saucers for the cups shown are mine . . . was just trying to see how they would look with antique saucers and I think they look good! Soon I’ll show you the bottoms and handles and we’ll put them up for presale … just didn’t want you to think I was being lazy! I will leave you with this little reminder:

Yes, it’s Pink and it’s Summer. We are so lucky! Love you dearest ones. Thank you for all the wonderful comments. 💞 You are by far the funnest of them all! The cleverest of them all!

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557 Responses to CHEER UP, we’re in the PINK

  1. Elaine from Toronto says:

    Hi Susan, I seem to be having a problem leaving a comment. This is my third try. I don’t even see them waiting for moderation. Just wanted to say I love how you displayed your sea glass on the lintel of your windowsill. It’s very pretty. Have fun celebrating Joe’s birthday this month. Hugs, Elaine

    • sbranch says:

      Here we go Elaine, hope this comes up, and thank you!

      • Regina Carretta says:

        I have had the same challenges as Elaine – I’ve sent 3 messages and none come up at all….hope you can chat with the gremblins.

    • FayE in CA! says:

      Ditto! First time that I have had a problem. When I hit the post comment button my comment did not come up stating “waiting for moderation” like usual and when I tried to post it two more times a message came up indicating that my comment had already been posted, but it still didn’t show up “waiting for moderation, but same already posted message.” This glitchy non-posting happened on Saturday, Aug. 4th. I just chalked it up to a site malfunction, however, this would be a different gremlin behind the scenes and I don’t appreciate it’s interference!!

      Got my Victoria magazine and although it was nice that they included the picnic in the article it wasn’t a good article on the picnic, but great to get some publicity on your book. I, too, wondered why in the world the group pic wasn’t included…Jeeze, Louise! Perhaps they would have had to get permission from everyone to include their photo? Also, the photo included of two picnickers looked very staged. Did they even ask you for a comment on the event? Guess Girlfriends are too picky and protective of you! If they end up contracting you as writer or artist in residence for a year that will make up for the lack of detail on the picnic.

  2. Regina Carretta says:

    yes, the interwebs have gobbled up my comments as well…..just wondered if you have watched PBS “Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages”…..she explores all the lovely spaces in England… my next trip – when do you start your travel agency, by the way?? Should it be East Sussex/Kent (Sissinghurst and Charleston), or to Hilltop Farm and Dove Cottage, or the Cotswolds? I think my friend and I will go back for a few days in London then we will choose one of these areas….have you stayed in Grasmere or Ambleside? We won’t have a car (we may hire a driver)… thank you , dear Susan for your travel wisdom…..
    hmmmmm Travel Advisor Extraordinaire….I can see it now…..
    Regina, Seattle

    • sbranch says:

      Here we go Regina … Found you! Yes, loved the Hidden Village series. Where you would love staying in the Lake District is the village of Windermere … we’ll stay there next time. You won’t need a car in that village, there’s a wonderful supermarket, there’s a wonderful walk with an amazing view right there in town, there’s a ferry connection to other places on the Lake, AND darling restaurants. It’s got it all! And you can easily get a driver to take you up to Hill Top or to Grasmere, no problem.

      • FayE in CA! says:

        Left two comments since Saturday and they didn’t even come up for moderation…tried three times and no luck. Guess they are cyber-traveling to NOWHERE!

        My name doesn’t even show up on the screen!! Have never had to re-enter my name for each post! Frustrating and weird.

        • sbranch says:

          No, it’s probably just me! Let’s see if this comes up…

          • Vicki South of Arroyo says:

            I have the same situation right now as FayE. But on the previous Susan post, we were back to other names being inserted for my own, which I just deleted and then rentered my own name and email address. I’m sure my name and address is appearing sometimes on other readers’ pages here. We went thru this before (but survived!). Gremlins…

          • sbranch says:

            I know, and they come and go. Driving me nuts! So sorry!

  3. Dear Susan, Congratulations to the winner of the cups, and thanks to Vanna for inspiring you to do a pink blog—loved every bit of it. I am planning a redo of a flower bed that would work well with a picket fence around it, so I’m using your photos to inspire me. I’ll keep the pink peony, resurrection lilies and coneflowers, and will need to find a good pink rose and that one pink hollyhock is just perfect, but difficult to achieve, I fear.
    Also, have you ever considered marketing washi/crafting tapes with your painted edging like on your calendars etc? I would buy them for sure.
    Love All you do, Jeanne of Iowa

  4. Kelly Fortner says:

    Susan, for some reason – even though I am a subscriber – I have not been getting your newsletters. Since they have been a highlight of my days, I want to know what I must do to receive them again. Thank you!!

  5. Kathleen Trepp says:

    Congratulations!!! Just received my Victoria, British Edition and finally there is your lovely picnic at Beatrice Potter’s garden………What joy!!!……..So happy for you and perhaps some new friends will join in the fun when someone might be interested in finding your Blog……..
    I was also just taken back by the entry by Patricia about Marilyn Simandle……Years ago I had a B&B in Laguna Beach and she stayed with us and at one time did one of her marvelous paintings of our inn which I still enjoy today!
    Thank you evermore for the great joy I derive from your work….Love, Kathleen

  6. Regina Carretta says:

    FYI – the interwebs have gobbled up 2 attempts at leaving a message. So if you see this 3 times, forgive me! You need to start a travel agency, Susan Branch, Travel Advisor Extraordinaire….waiting to give us wisdom on where to stay near Hilltop Farm/Dove Cottage….in Grasmere? In Ambleside?
    And do you watch on PBS, “Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages”? Right your cup of tea, must say…..well we shall see if the interweb goddesses decide this message will connect.

    • Vicki South of Arroyo says:

      Yes, I had double-dipped; left a second comment days later from another I’d left (which, Susan, you did answer [fun!]; thanks). It was about all my ideas for more cups (ahem); I don’t want to let go of the cups yet. St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving; can’t recall what else I came up with. I had some imagery in mind! But I’ve scrolled thru twice and don’t see my second comment; didn’t at the time I sent it either; just poof, gone. Anyway, Susan, if you get this, I loved the idea, too, of someone else here (we’re all helping you keep very busy!) saying that a California cup would be great; you can’t do every state of course, but since you live on MV and have your store (and a history) in Calif, that would be okay, no? I’m a Californian; I’d love to see you do a Calif cup!!!

  7. Paula from Texas says:

    So glad to see you in Victoria magazine! 2 whole pages–very nice! Unexpected pleasures indeed. Pictures taken with a different eye as your upcoming film will be, so it will be interesting to see how you are reinterpreted.

  8. Diane Puente says:

    Dearest Susan, I know I am late reading this beautiful pink blog….but it has been the kind of summer that I am so relaxed…having such beautiful days outside…and everywhere!…that I feel like I am behind on everything. House cleaning does not count! This was the perfect blog for the mood I have been in too….but how could you go ahead with more gorgeous cups that I will have to have?? (Ever thought of a teapot)…lol. My daughter stole 3 of my cups when they arrived ….she even stole Jack from me!…..but maybe that is just the excuse I need to get more!
    Thank you for all you do and share….and have a wonderful August!!xoxoxo

  9. Winnie. Nielsen says:

    Hi Susan from Zermatt, Switzerland !! This is the loveliest quaint Alpine city!! Twice a day, this Shepherdesses move their long haired goats from their farm through the town to the grazing fields. Their lovely bells are are serenading the entire Main Street. I thought of how you would paint such a cute scene !!! You know the alpine colors of the Shepherdesses jacket braid and the colorful halters around the goat’s necks holding the bells?

    Congratulations Lorraine!! Enjoy those wonderful mugs,, And Susan, THANK-YOU for creating an Apple mug and Halloween mug . Be still my heart!! I am totally NUTS over all things apple so your mug is going to be a must have . I have made your apple crisp recipe many times and this mug is just perfect!!!!

    WooHoo to the glorious pinks of summer flowers and lemonade too. But honestly, Florida has had an awful rianynand steamy Summer and I am ready for September!! Over here in Germany and Switzerland, the early apples are in the farmers markets and delicious! Now I have the desire to launch some early fall favorites when I get home, so bring on the fall apples!!

  10. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Susan, hello from Zermatt, Switzerland which is this beautiful quaint town at the base of the Matterhorn mountain peak! The air is cool, the views are magnificent and the old village houses from the 17th Century still exist. It is a true Alpine village like we saw in Heidi, back with Shirley Temple!

    Congratulations Lorraine and enjoy your lovely set of mugs! A huge THANK-YOU Susan for designing a new apple and Halloween mug too. I have made your delicious apple crisp recipe and this mug will be perfect to add to my collection!! Here in Germany and Switzerland, the early apples are already ripe and available in the farmers market. They are so good and would be perfect for apple crisp too.

    A shout out for the blizzard of summer pink flowers and treats too! Pink lemonade was always a must have for my July birthday as a child.

  11. Deanna Rabe says:

    So many lovely pink things! And new mug designs! My husband and I visited Apple Farm on our honeymoon 30years ago!

  12. toni prada says:

    Dear Susan
    Thank you so much for the lovely Pink Post. Gorgeous photos to brighten out days. Sorry if this is a repeat – I sent a similar message earlier. Hope this one arrives – if not it’s probably operator error – in other words ME!

    You showed a pretty pink bloom asking for a name. Not sure – but it looks very much like a plant that grows here in Port Orford along the southern Oregon Coast. The botanical name is Dierama, but the common name is so much nicer –
    Angels Fishing Rod and Fairybells. It’s a good size plant with long stems with pink / white blooms. I never knew the “real” name till I saw one at our County Fair. Not sure if it’s the same – hope that helps. Thank You Again -Toni

  13. Amylisa says:

    I love coming to your blog, it always cheers me up. So much beauty….and Jack of course!
    I just got finished re-watching all 6 seasons of Downton Abbey. I follow Kevin Doyle on Instagram and he has mentioned there might be a movie coming! I sure hope so!
    Have a great weekend Susan!

  14. Brenda King says:

    I just picked up the Victoria magazine which features you. Yay! It’s great!

  15. Jeanne of Iowa says:

    I have had my comment gobbled up as well. My name does not appear at the comment site now, but it did several days ago, but when I submitted it there was no moderation notice, it just disappeared. I don’t like to think of how many others have not been able to comment to say how we loved your ‘pink’ blog.
    Thank Vanna for the inspiration.
    I also asked if you would ever consider offering washti tape of your wonderful borders. It would be a lovely addition to my journal and a constant reminder of your creativity. I would buy such an item for sure.
    Thanks, from Jeanne of Iowa

    • sbranch says:

      I would love that Jeanne! Perhaps some wonderful washti tape manufacturer will contact me one day!

  16. Donna Wheeler says:

    The happy warmth of this blog from you is wonderful! From the kitty welcome home; the dining room re-do and hint of drapes; learning to oil my kitchen wooden utensils; fava bean recipe I would never make – but I learned there’s a bean inside the bean, so now maybe; all the domesticity just touches my heart.
    I want to copy by hand the lovely paragraph that appears just above Joe’s birthday smile.So many of your quotes are memorable.I love that one.

  17. Maryjane bolt says:

    Could those lovely pink puffy flowers possibly be called ditch men’s breeches (britches)?

  18. Congratulations dear Lorraine…

  19. davie jo kotches says:

    I guess I was dreaming to think you weren’t political. Not to the degree you make slight comments about unfortunate event of “Omarsoa”. Whom is about as unimportant as they come. There are much bigger fish to fry and I might add they are of people who purposely deceived the american public at a much hire level. You are an artist, and a great one, I have followed you for years. But also being from Martha Vineyard and California, I should have known. Dissapointments come to us in life and I would have liked to have kept on thinking that you were not one of them.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m not sure but I think you’re unhappy with something I said. I’m sorry, I sort of figured that Omarosa was gross enough that both sides would be perturbed by her avarice. I’m a person, just like you. I see you have thoughts, and of course I do too. That’s a good thing! We want everyone to be thinking these days.

  20. Laurie Ann Mitchell says:

    I have spent a glorious afternoon going through your blog. I am so excited about
    your mugs and have purchased the July mug and have put in an order for the mug with the pumpkins. You are a talented artist and I love your blog. My husband and I moved from Cape Cod last July and we live in Castaic (near Santa Clarita). My husband and I and my sister and her husband are taking a trip to England next September. We will be going to the Channel Islands, England, Scotland (where my dad was born), Ireland and the Channel Islands. I will have the pleasure to show my husband, Pete, my sister Rosemary, her husband, Bill where my Father was born. All of us are very excited to visit new countries.

    • sbranch says:

      What a wonderful trip for you all! Nothing like returning to your roots no matter how distant they may be, and yours aren’t! Nice to have you here Laurie Ann!

  21. Connie says:

    Ooo I love the mugs. I got jack kitty love the myself and garden flowers for a friend. Makes my morning more cheery! Love your blog. Been reading it for years.

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