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And guess what? YES! They’re here!Blessing #1: The new cups started shipping out to you guys last week! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, they are on the way!!! They crossed the pond using every form of transport, plane, ship, train, truck, and slow boat to China … we don’t know how because no one would tell us, but the miracle is, all the way from the luv-lee potteries in Staffordshire, England, to Arroyo Grande, California, they have arrived! And for the most part, in one piece! Thank you for your never-ending patience! Reward? MUSICA!

The color turned out great! Here’s what the backs look like. As you can probably guess by the slow pace of the all-of-a-sudden infamous “supply chain” … unfortunately we will not be getting more of them before Christmas!! I THOUGHT we’d get these by September!!! If you were waiting until you saw the whites of their eyes, your time has come. They are here! And if this is the first time you’re seeing them, you can read more about them and see other designs we still have in stock HERE.

Blessing #2: Fall has come on very slowly this year.👏 A long fall is what I hoped for, and a long fall is what we’re getting! Usually, by this time, the leaves have turned and fallen and we’re raking them up . . . but right now the colors are at their best, and when you look out the window you see them, orange and yellow sparks twirling past in the wind. This was our walk in the middle of October! Green as green can be. Note the smooth and leafless road…

Then came a wild nor’easter! Worst winds I’ve experienced since I moved here! Wind gust was clocked at 96 MPH in Edgartown on the other side of the Island! This was our walk the day after … lot’s of visible wildness!

Tattered and torn leaves, branches, and pine needles carpet the dirt road to the sea ….

And a lot of missing sand, carved out and taken away . . .

I noticed this leaf on the ground, stepped right over it, but after a few more steps I felt I HAD to turn back and get a better look. WHAT was that? And take this picture. Right? The perfect cut-out “eyes” in the leaf were enough, but it wasn’t until I enlarged it that I saw the eyes had EYEBALLS!!! I’ve been saving it to show you. A wee note from nature!🍁

Storm was raging when I woke up and came downstairs in the dark, flashlight flickering around the kitchen like a lighthouse beam … the wildest of winds knocked out electricity for a lot of the island, including us … but our good old gas stove saved the day! The kitchen was warm and smelled like last night’s pot roast.

I lit myself a path through the wood room, flickering flames into the living room to my studio beyond … time to paint. It was a storm, but it was cozy and like a step back in time. No TV, no computer, a moment to just BE. Just like Gladys Taber said it should be!

Threw on a jacket and went outside to check on things the next day … at first I thought the wind had chipped the paint off the arbor! But those marks are tattered leaves plastered to almost everything, the arbor, the house, the car. The storm prematurely blew lots of leaves right off the trees! But our house stayed strong, as she has done since 1849. Knock on wood. These new type of storms we’re getting pack a wallop!

Lost one big tree behind the arbor … which was kind of good ~ it didn’t hurt anything, not even the picket fence, and it had shaded-out the roses on the arbor for years, so now, I get to grow roses again! A win-win! Blessing #4.

This is over our back fence behind the barn to the neighbor’s yard. They lost a tree too. This one is actually schmooshed right up against the windows of the house, but still no damage. Lots of huge old trees down all over the island…but we were lucky, no injuries that I’ve heard of, and all is back to normal. Blessing #5. Blessings galore.

And now? Thank goodness the storm didn’t take ALL the leaves! And they’ve finally turned color . . .

I took this picture of the back garden from an upstairs window… when the sun comes up and goes through the trees, we get warm gold light inside the house… Blessings just too many to number…but I think you can see them!

And here we are out walking in the woods …

Which are now ablaze . . .

Even the beach grass is on fire!

Lots of wild bittersweet . . . Mother Nature decorating earth. Just for us! How blessed are we?! I’m losing track!

This was today . . . the crows are having a field day!

Leaves coat the bottom of this puddle on the road, and trees reflect in the water. Isn’t it gorgeous?

This is the reward at the end of our walk . . . this little sandy salty windy beach…

We are listening to the book The Overstory right now, one ear-pod in Joe’s ear, one in mine, so we can listen together … it’s a Pulitzer-Prize winning novel and love story to Nature. Could NOT be in a better place to hear it . . . had to stop and smell a tree at one point, put my nose right ON it . . . so inspiring! Did anyone read A Gentleman in Moscow? That was our last read. I’m still not over it! My sister is reading it now; she calls me and we become the tiniest bookclub in the world hashing everything over!

When we got back to the car this was waiting. I PROMISE with all my heart we did not put that leaf there. It came on it’s own, just like you see it. Another blessing. Madly in love with nature . . .

Today it’s only about 48 degrees! Cold. Joe (Blessing extraordinaire) made us a fire, and now he’s outside putting on the storm windows . . .

While Jack investigates the mantle. All is well!

For those of you who read Fairy Tale Girl or Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams, you might remember Elaine? She had the dog called Boxcar, was my boss at the record store, and fired me too? (Not her fault, she had to, I had become useless which you know was NOT MY FAULT!) She’s been my dear darling friend since 1971. She lived here on the island for 10 years, moved back to California 20 years ago but kept her house here ~ and now she has retired from working at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and moved back here two weeks ago!!! I couldn’t be happier. She was born in Boston, so New England is really her happy place.

Elaine drove across country with her darling Westie, Ripper! He’s standing on his back legs in order to get a better look at Jack. Isn’t he adorable?

So, we now have Jack and the Ripper. But I have to say Jack is not that fond of the Ripper. Ripper would just like to lick Jack all over. But Jack is saying, 

“Don’t even think about it.”

I’m just happy to have a cat that goes so well with the decor! Would hate it if he clashed!

But how could you go wrong. This is the secret to decorating. It’s like a movie set. Plain and unadorned. That way when the season changes . . .

I take the summer decorations upstairs and put then away until next year. . .

Then all I have to do is stick in different pillows, some fall flowers, quilts, and voila! It’s fall! Same thing and suddenly it’s Christmas! Joe, Elaine, Ripper and I went off-island a few days ago. The first time any of us had seriously gone into stores for three years. We went to Pottery Barn. OMG.

Every Christmas thing was out, sparkly, red and white, candles, and fluffy throws, perfect pillows, glass chandeliers … everything to set your heart on fire. The whole thing went to the happy zippy part of the brain. I was as excited as Ripper when he goes after Jack! We threw money at the cash register, bought tiny end tables, white felt and red sequin Christmas trees, napkins, candles, and star shaped pillows came home with us.

And this appliqué tablecloth! Needs to be ironed, but I wanted to see it on the table the minute I got home. I am going to LOVE Christmas this year, and I think I’ll just start now and have Thanksgiving and Christmas be a dynamic duo! Lights Camera Action!

We got our greeting cards back in!!

William Morris would be proud, recipes make them useful!

All about love . . .

Feeling the blessings! Especially when you think that this year we are going to be together. Fingers crossed it stays this way!

What else? I’ve been painting! Heading for my studio with Jack and my tea in the morning. . . listening to old movies while I do my watercolors …

Practicing people ~ I love painting people, but I’m still so nervous, I do the drawing, but putting on the first bit of paint is scary! The cup, you ask? I have that cup in real life only the shoes are blue. Isn’t it funny? Had to paint it.

This is my newest one… I love her … she hasn’t been scanned yet which is why the picture is so dark, it’s only a photograph. The book? My 8-year-old niece was reading it; she was OVER THE MOON about this series of books ~ so I thought, in her honor, I should include it in the new calendar.🧡 Normally I don’t have to turn in calendars until the first of March, but due to “supply chain” issues, the fact that everything is taking so much longer, they need them this year by January 1. So that’s what I’ve been doing. 2023! Eeek.

Something lovely happened. Erin, bottom left, called me out of the blue … she said her book club was reading my book Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams and said they loved it so much would I would come to one of their meetings so they could talk about it … I’d never met any of these girls, and yet they all live here on the island! So of course I said yes… And here we are!

 Look at Erin’s table! Isn’t it gorgeous? I wanted you to see it for possible Thanksgiving inspiration! That blue and orange together was spectacular! I didn’t even know it was going to be dinner! They all brought recipes from my cookbooks! I was so honored I was almost (stressing on that word) speechless! I got to hear about how they met! You know I have this closeness too with my girlfriends, but it was wonderful to be in the bosom of that same thing with a whole different group!

I love seeing other people’s houses! Erin’s house was wonderful. I loved how they put their library of great books all in colors!! Cute! And yes, Joe was there too, along with Erin’s husband, they ate in the kitchen and only came out to pour wine and wait on us! Men can be so adorable!💞

Yes! Second printing of Home for Christmas has arrived!!! In the Saint-Nick of time … considering the “supply chain” ~ we got lucky! Big help that we had it printed in the good old US of A!

If you need to be taken back in time to a 1956 Christmas, this true story will do it for you … in detail! I had a wonderful time writing this book. It was especially good during the time I was losing my mother, my first and forever best girlfriend, to be immersed in the warmth of her love every day as I wrote and painted this memory. Definitely a blessing. Like a dream. ♥️

And speaking of home and the generosity of girlfriends . . .  I got the best thing in the mail the other day… and it wasn’t even for me, it’s for you!!! Yes! 

You’ve seen my autumn decorating for years now . . . and something almost everyone comments on that you can see in this picture is…

my Pilgrim candlesticks! They come out every year . . . I found them in an antique store about a thousand years ago and have never seen another set.

They are just perfect this time of year!

Aren’t they wonderful? The black is the best! But guess what? These aren’t mine! These are going to one of you!!! Yes, our girlfriend Bunny Perkins from Ohio spotted them on Ebay and sent them to me to give to you! Wasn’t that just the sweetest thing?! You know Joe hates having to stand in line to pick up packages at the Post Office, but this one, he forgave me for! Leave a comment at the bottom of this post (you’ll see a whole bunch of tiny words and near the end, click on “comments.” Just a word or two is all you need to leave in order to be entered for this giveaway!) Thank you Bunny! You’re a blessing, so very kind and thoughtful of you!

Have you guys seen the pictures of families reuniting at the airport now that they can come into America from other countries again?😥 It’s just like Love Actually (best movie ever made). After all these months, people are throwing themselves into each others arms and sobbing with joy. Sisters hugging sisters, couples hugging grandchildren. Makes you cry … makes your heart soar.

We get to have Thanksgiving at our house this year! I’m so excited! I was just reminded by one of our girlfriends that it’s the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving!!!!🍁 The chicken stuffed with my grandma’s dressing was delicious last year because of course it was just us. But this year we get to have the real thing, with good old friends, light the candles, bake a pumpkin cheesecake. I already ordered the turkey! Yay yay yay yay!💃🏼

Here’s the guaranteed-to-please recipe from my Autumn Book . . .if you need it to be gluten free, all you have to change is the gingersnaps … get the gluten-free ones and voila! If you haven’t made this recipe I highly recommend it. Easier to make and more delicious than pumpkin pie, in keeping with the season!🍁Well, the clock keeps ticking and the hands move closer all the time to when we’ll be heading off on our trip to England on board the Queen Mary 2. I think about it all the time! May 1. Here we come! I got my booster, yesterday we got our flu shots! Staying healthy! First requirement for getting on that ship! Where are we now … oh yes, must be around blessing #757. ♥️

Bye for now girlfriends. Going out on our walk with our book! I hope you are doing well and feeling festive. Both the quote above, and this one below, are very nice to read at our 400th Thanksgiving dinner! With all my love . . . .🎃  And don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway!🧡


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2,136 Responses to Blessings

  1. Belinda Preslar says:

    I feel inspired 😘

  2. Cindy Henkelmann says:

    Susan, You are LOVED!

  3. Kathleen Wilverding says:

    Thank you Susan for being such a blessing to everyone.

    Kathleen Wilverding

  4. Pam Murphy says:

    Thank you so much, Susan for your lovely and inspiring blog posts! They usually come at the perfect time…well, really, anytime is perfect to see all the wonder and beauty you share with us!!!

  5. Nancy Reinford from PA says:

    Hi Susan,

    I loved the picture of Jack on the mantle and Ripper is a cutie. When we brought home our rescue dog, 10 yrs ago, our cat was only a year old and use to our dog that we had to put down. Anyway, I think our cat lived on the refrigerator for a week, only coming down at night to eat and potty. They are best buds now. Cats are funny, aren’t they?
    I love your posts and all the pictures. Have a great holiday.

    Nancy R.

  6. Misty Chapman says:

    Thank you Susan for always sharing pieces of your life with us through your paintings, photos and words. I love reading your blog and books. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Kathi Steinhorst says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year, and yours is my favorite newsletter & blog. What a beautiful combination! Glad that you survived the storm, and are getting to enjoy the beautiful fall colors of New England. Also my favorite location! Happy Autumn!

  8. Melinda DeRouin says:

    I LOVE you photo of your garden from an upstairs window! I make you Christmas Jam every year for my friends and family and of course, myself! YOU are a blessing to me!

  9. Diane Gibson says:

    Thank you Susan for being you, your Willards are my treat, better than chocolate! Happy Thanksgiving to a wonderful friend I’ve never met.

  10. Lynn Conover says:

    Reading this post was like a warm hug on a chilly autumn day.
    YOU Susan Branch are a blessing to all (& yes, I have counted you in my list 💗)!

  11. Patty Scott says:

    thoroughly enjoyed this as always!

  12. Laura says:

    Thank you for the Willard!

    • Laurel S says:

      Dear Susan. Happy autumn hope you are enjoying your fall. My daughter and I recently drove from Florida to Nashville and were lucky enough to see the trees changing their colors. We used to live up north and really miss that. Your new cups are lovely would be great for warm apple cider this time of year! Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  13. Jo Ann Hassell says:

    I have loved you and your art from your first book and cards. Happy Thanksgiving and GRATEFUL for you!

  14. Laural Wood says:

    Always a highlight of my email. Thank you for being you Susan.

  15. Sue L says:

    Ooh, would love to win the pilgrim candlesticks! And can’t wait to make the pumpkin cheesecake 🙂

  16. Thank you Susan for sending this to my email box. Finally, something uplifting with beautiful illustrations for me to read.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. Janet G says:

    Your blog is so comforting. I always look forward to reading it. Thank you for sharing your life and adventures.

  18. Olivia Johnson says:

    I just got home from meeting my very first grandbaby- a girl- sweet, darling Natalie Rose! What a delight to open my email and see a Willard ready for me to savor. What fun!

  19. Dianne in upstate New York says:

    Dear Susan, Such a lovely post! I am so pleased that you are now calling your posts “Willard’s”. I was fortunate to receive Willards when they used to arrive via snail mail. I think that I am only missing the very first one. I must admit that they are a “little worse for wear”, as they have been read and reread many times. I unfortunately missed out on ordering the “bound” volume of Willards, as I waited too long. I’m hoping that it might be offered again in the future- or that it might be a giveaway.
    When I clicked on Musica at the beginning of the post, I stumbled across a posting in the sidebar for Father Ryan singing Everybody Hurts on Britain’s Got Talent. It is absolutely beautiful, and I believe that your girlfriends will enjoy listening to it. If it doesn’t appear in their sidebar, it can be Googled.
    I was supposed to be on the Vineyard for Halloween, but I had to postpone. The person I was traveling with was sick and being tested for Covid. She was, fortunately, negative and is doing much better. So we will be heading to the Vineyard on the 16th. I hope that the leaves are still in their glory, as our Fall has been a little drab this year. I look forward to seeing the bittersweet and the beach grass. I also look forward to trying to find the road you walk down each morning. It calls to me every time you post a picture of it. I just want to crawl into the computer! Although we had heavy winds here (causing the leaves to fall before they had a chance to change color), we didn’t sustain any serious damage. A brief loss of power, but that was all.
    I love the cup with feet. I actually have a set of four egg cups of the same design. I love them, as I love Mary Janes (and saddle shoes!). Such happy memories of wearing both. Remember how our skates fit perfectly on the saddle shoes when the key was turned?
    My passport renewal arrived earlier this week, so I can now start seriously planning my trip to England and log on to the Cunard site. The excitement is mounting!! I am so glad that you enjoyed A Gentleman in Moscow. I loved how the paths of the characters crossed and how the count’s life was influenced by those whom he probably would not have even noticed beforehand. There’s a lesson to be learned there. I also love the movie Love Actually- it (along with The Holiday) is my favorite “modern” holiday movie. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

    • sbranch says:

      My blogs were just like Willards, just as long and just as newsy, and the word blog has always sort of bothered me, it’s not very pretty, so evoking my grandfather’s name feels like a good thing… bringing the blog people together with the Willard people, that seemed just right! We’ve now had two strong storms. There are still leaves on the trees, but you should hurry! Happy Thanksgiving Dianne!

      • Dianne says:

        We will unfortunately miss the leaves, as we have had to postpone again. Heavy rains the latter part of the week caused a leak in the roof. The leak unfortunately was above the heater, and it shorted out as a result. So I’ve been without heat for the weekend, but I’m used to it at this point (it’s been a continual problem in my rental property). I’ve learned to bundle up as you did in “Martha’s Vineyard…” as my thoughts turn to my ancestors who came to this country in 1630. Imagine the hardships they faced. How did they survive the winters with just capes and shawls? Although I’m old-fashioned myself, I do enjoy some of the comforts we have today. I’ll be visiting the Vineyard at the end of the month instead. I’m looking forward to seeing some old-fashioned decorations and celebrating, hopefully, on a “village” level. The commercialism of recent years has taken some of the joy out of the holidays for me. I must prefer a Christmas tied with heart strings. Take care and enjoy your Thanksgiving with Joe and Jack.

  20. Kristine Countryman says:

    I a SO grateful for you. This blog warms my heart!

  21. Michelle Alexander says:

    Always a joy to read! I always get great ideas and thoughts to ponder from your posts Susan,thanks so much for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Joe!

    • Nancy says:

      I truly love you! Always a Blessing to read. A warm and fuzzy feeling comes over me … each and every time! Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy 400th Thanksgiving!
      I plan on making the Pumpkin Cheesecake!
      ~Nancy from Arizona/Pennsylvania

  22. Flossy Stewart says:

    Hello dear Susan😊…love your newest blog…very beautiful and very inspiring as always…sending all good thoughts, prayers and wishes to you, Joe and Jack…

  23. Sue says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Susan! You give so much joy and inspiration to me and to so many others! Thank you for the blessing that you are!

  24. Trish Clark says:

    I enjoy everything about this Willard. You are truly blessed.

  25. Shirley says:

    I love love love the candleholders so much! Thank you Bunny for your thoughtfulness.

  26. Kathy Landes says:

    Love the “Little house” poem. Because we do live in a little house I printed it off and hung it in our home. Thank you for introducing it to me.

  27. Verna Wheeler says:

    Susan, I got my bunny cup the other day. It is just wonderful. I have a dwarf Dutch rabbit with a personality to die for. I collect rabbit items.

    I’m from near San Luis Obispo and have wondered how you could leave that area. It seems never too hot or never too cold. But seeing your pictures of where you live now, I can see the beauty of the East Coast. I lived on a ranch between King City on hwy 101 and Coalinga on hwy 5.

    Love your blogs.

  28. Erin Spining says:

    I’ve always loved and envied (😟) those cute pilgrim candlesticks…🤞

  29. Bernadene Stammer says:

    Hello Susan and other kindred hearts,
    Thank you all, especially Susan, for being a wellspring for beauty and gratitude.

  30. Laura M Hapner says:

    I always feel so joyfully positive and connected after reading your Willard. The candlesticks are absolutely perfect! Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays-great food and family without the stress of gift-giving.

  31. Tricia says:

    Thank you for the delightful pictures and news from the island! What a blessing you are Susan!

  32. Ann says:

    Pick me! I love those candlesticks!
    And – I love getting the newsletter, the music, and the infusion of happiness you send in each one.
    Thank you, Susan.

  33. Doreen Takisaki says:

    Dear Susan,
    I so love coming here for a lovely visit with you, and all things “grandma style”. I am forever grateful for being introduced to Gladys Tabor, who for sure has become a dearest of friends!
    The Pilgrim Candlestick holders make my heart smile!
    Happy Thanksgiving, dear Susan!🥰

  34. Nancy L Myers says:

    Your blogs and other postings are such a blessing to me. Always something uplifting just when I need it. I enjoy everything you write about, but the tales of Jack and the Ripper are especially charming. Thank you, thank you.
    Nan in Kansas

  35. Susan Stitt says:

    Hi Susan and Friends,I was thrilled to see this Willard in my email tonight. It’s the pick-me-up I needed. We moved to a retirement village in April, and I still don’t know where many things are! We love sitting on our third-floor balcony overlooking the courtyard, but that hasn’t gotten the boxes in the storeroom unpacked. I don’t think I would care except a lot of it is my treasured holiday decorations. Can’t have that! I have to quit enjoying the relaxed life and get myself busy. I want to find your Christmas book first. I grew up about the same time you did, and we had the very same Terri Lee doll. Yours had a cousin in Texas! Grandchildren helped me pack my boxes, bless them, truly, so my Christmas books are safe but haven’t found their way to the shelves just yet. I’m just grateful that sixteen and eighteen-year-olds gave their time to help us. I’m grateful to you for your lovely paintings, photographs, recipes, and stories. My 2022 calendar is already up, so I can say I’m home.

  36. Mary Theresa says:

    Love your books Susan! You always bring me back to the Maritimes in Nova Scotia, to Cape Breton where I was born. Always loved the ocean, wool sweaters,the beautiful colors of the fall leaves and hot buttered scones with cream. I always look forward to your newsletter!

  37. Cindy Stierhoff says:

    Oh the sound of Fall from your lips Susan to my heart❤️. You rank high on the blessings scale at my house❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. Laurel in Virginia says:

    I just love fall!! Your Willard inspired me to get out, take a walk and soak it all in 🥰🍂🪵🍁. Happy early Thanksgiving!

  39. Kathleen Williams says:

    Bless you Susan Branch…Joe too xx

  40. Jackie Pellow says:

    Bunny, and Susan, are both Treasures of the Heart♥️

  41. Sharleen says:

    I lurve my Winter Cup….it is everything I wanted it to be! Thank you so much. I simply laughed out loud- all by myself – at Jack peeking over the mantle! Such a clever, curious, charming little guy! Enjoyed seeing your world through your perspective: the puddle of leaves; the tattered leaves on the arbor; the way your car ‘caught’ its own leaf for a blessing; the Halloween leaf was totally perfect; I would have stopped for it, too! – how could it be So unique?! =o)
    The minute I realized that hurricane was coming your way, I prayed you would be safe and well–but only you would make it a cozy adventure – and go paint. I love being part of your girlfriends and the joy of seeing your creativity and attention to every blessing. Whatta role model of optimism. Happy, Happy, Thanksgiving to both of you and your corner of the world. <3

  42. barbara stinson says:

    Thanksgiving Blessing #401……….Pilgrim Candlesticks! Blessings multiply when love is present. Spread some cheer, some smiles, and give a hug (might remember your mask) and feel the blessings multiply!

  43. Susie Branch says:

    I have a great-granddaughter who needs gluten free. I can’t wait to send the Pumpkin cheesecake recipe to my daughter so she can make it for her Granddaughter next time they go to North Carolina to visit. Thank you . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Susie Branch Amarillo, TX

  44. Bebe says:

    It is so heartwarming to read the Willard, just when I needed a little life positivity!
    Thank you so much. I forget sometimes to count my blessings.
    And not just your Willard, but all the warm responses from all the girlfriends!

  45. Sharon Reese says:

    Love Thanksgiving!

  46. Shawnee says:

    Dear Susan~
    What is the title of that large book that Jack is sitting on?


    • sbranch says:

      It’s Websters International Dictionary 1943 version.

      • Dianne in upstate New York says:

        Love that it is a dictionary! Some of my friends think I’m “crazy” when I say that a home is not complete without a dictionary. Although I have a newer version, I still use the Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary I took to college in 1965.

  47. Brenda King says:

    Susan, I always look forward to getting email from you. You are such an inspiration for all of us with your uplifting spirit. Thank you so much for letting us share your life with Joe and Jack. Happy Thanksgiving!

  48. Michele Taylor says:

    It has been a long, lovely fall in Idaho too, just the best! Happy Holidays to you and Joe and Jack!

  49. Di W Word says:

    Happy Thanksgiving from Di and Happy the Corgi.

  50. Gale Harris says:

    So beautiful to read about multitudes of blessings instead of multitudes of problems. Thanks so much for all you do to keep our hearts uplifted!

  51. Linda Carpenter says:

    Hi Susan, I love your November Willard. I would love to win the candlesticks. Blessings, Linda

  52. Jennifer Hines says:

    One of the best Willards ever . . . and I go back to the paper versions. I was reading The Overstory when the pandemic brought life to a screeching slow down last March. That book led me to my “year of the tree” reading list. You might enjoy The Wild Trees, Lab Girl, and/or The Hidden Life of Trees. Thanks for all you do to brighten our world.

  53. Jennifer G says:

    The leaves here in KY are just translucently atumnal! Thanks for the glimpses of your home! Happy Fall!

  54. Karen says:

    I love this Willard, Susan. You always give us more reasons to savour the fact that we’re alive and all is well even in this weird world. I got of our “Girlfriends Forever” last week. It was gifted to me for my birthday by a friend in 2001. Twenty years ago! She and I are still friends …. as are you and I. Cultivating friendships and creating and appreciating the cozy and pretty things in life are your superpower! Thanks for being who are and for STAYING who you are through all the ups and downs of all the years. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. xo karen

  55. Mary P Giambruno says:

    Thanks again for the chance to win!!!

  56. Deb Smith says:

    Dear Susan,
    Our fall in Green Bay has been a long, warm one, too…but we woke to snow today, just in time for the Packer game.
    I adore the “Blessed” mug! Such a beautiful reminder to be grateful for the abundance of blessings we have. Sadly, I lost my mom this summer 🙁 She always called me her ‘little star’. The stars on it will remind me of the wonderful Mom God blessed me with. Love Love Love!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Joe, and Jack!

  57. M.T. Feely says:

    Thank you for such a lovely and enjoyable November Willard!! My sister forwarded it to me to make sure that I received my copy. It is always so fun to read it and all the more fun knowing that my sister is reading it, too. (We live in different states.) What a blessing to receive it. Happy Fall and Happy Holidays to all! Thanks, again, for such a great read and for sharing your talents so that many may enjoy the information that you provide.

  58. jeaniej says:

    What a lovely, warm and cozy post! Perfect autumn! And how fun to be guest of honor at such a beautiful book club gathering. All lovely. Do add me into the queue for your drawing. That’s terribly generous.

  59. Anne Branco says:

    What a happy, happy day when I opened my e-mail and saw there was a Willard! Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Oh, yes–I would absolutely LOVE to win those candlesticks! I have always loved them. Anne

  60. Barbara Russell says:

    🍁Reading your blog has been a great blessing to me today!💛🍁💛

  61. Karen C. says:

    What a lovely giveaway. I’ve always admired those candle holders. Fingers crossed!

  62. Carol says:

    Oh my cuteness! My Rabbit Rabbit mug arrived yesterday (well, in the evening as my mail service is slow) and I am thrilled to pieces! I sent one to a close friend as a surprise….which it certainly was as I did not post a message lol! I have rabbitted for years since a friend introduced it to our online group. He has passed away and each month I honor his memory with those words first thing. Worth every penny! ❤️❤️❤️

  63. Pam Hoerner says:

    I love hearing from you thru Willard! Happy thanksgiving!

  64. Nancy says:

    Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours.

  65. Marissa Roach says:

    Love your blessings post

  66. Susan O. says:

    Just love to read your blog and look at all your pictures. Thank you for sharing especially during this terribly COVID time…it’s a little like traveling.

  67. Mary Beth Willson says:

    Susan, I always smile when I open your posts!
    Thank you so much ❤️😊

  68. Susan Miller says:

    Thank you, Susan, for warming up a cold and snowy day here in Michigan! Your messages are always filled with so much kindness and creativity. Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving season.

  69. Sylvia Brun says:

    Love your emails

  70. Cathy from Golden, CO says:

    I’m thankful for you – Happy Thanksgiving to you, Joe and Jack! PS: Still planning and excited for our England trip!!!!!!! XO

  71. Gayle Casias says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for the joy you share!

  72. Marilyn Young says:

    A perfect read with pictures for Fall. I loved being inspired once again. We all need this ❤️

  73. I always enjoy reading about what you are doing and painting. You inspire me to paint in my style, not as anyone else. It’s easier to like another’s style and try to be like them. And it’s my successful to be yourself.

    • sbranch says:

      SO true, very wise… much easier to like others’ art more than your own … we just don’t realize our own unique qualities as we do those of others. But what you do as YOU, is priceless. Never doubt that.♥️

  74. Lyn Morgan says:

    I love your Willards so much and look forward to the email every month! You and Joe have a beautiful home and life~thanks for sharing it with us. Jack is so cute.

  75. Kathy Prell says:

    I wish you a happy Thanksgiving Susan. Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring Willard. I too, am feeling very blessed…

  76. Mary Jean Price says:

    Peace . . . Love . . . Happiness . . . the simple joys of life!

  77. Rhonda Williams says:

    Thank you Susan for reminding me that nature is a blessing. 👍

  78. Becky Maggio says:

    When I go to my emails and see you there, I feel my soul exhaling and my heart bursting with anticipation!! I never open it right then but save it for the perfect time, when I can close my mind to the world around me and soak up every word and travel through each photo! Fall is my favorite time of the year and I yearn for a REAL fall. In South Louisiana we have a day or two here and there, in between warm, humid days. So, you are truly my Autumn Fairy❣️ Thank you for blessing us all with your amazing posts, through every season. Blessings to you and Joe as you celebrate Thanksgiving with your very lucky guests.

  79. Yvonne Bumanglag says:

    Susan you are such blessing to so many people in the world. Wishing a festive Thanksgiving 2021!!

  80. Donna Galletti says:

    Was truly a “Red Letter Day” last week when I received my Winter mug !
    It was definitely worth the long wait we had for them to arrive in CA.
    It has been a foggy weekend here in the central San Joaquin Valley so have been enjoying hot chocolate in my new mug.
    Always love when a new blog/Willard appears, and enjoy reading whatever you are writing about.

  81. Leighanna Morgan says:

    Your books and blog are one of my dearest sources of inspiration. Blessings! Thank you!

  82. Kelli Davis says:

    So many blessings and so much to be thankful for!! Loved the island Fall tour and glad all is well after the storm! The candlestick holders are beautiful and will look lovely on a Thanksgiving table… maybe mine! 😉
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving day with family and friends! 🍁🧡

  83. Teddie Wilson says:

    Thanks Joe!

  84. Cassandra smith says:

    I love your blog.

  85. Rosemary says:

    Your newsletter is like a warm hug from a friend each month. Thanks for reminding us the simple joys in life are all around us. My Thanksgiving table really needs those candlesticks…I really, really love them!!!

  86. Sheron Fitch says:

    Susan…thank you for sharing light and beauty in your blog posts!
    Gratefully, Sheron

  87. Debbie Boerger says:

    This “Place” is a comforting constant in my life right now. So thankful for you, Dear Lady for providing it. We arrived in Florida yesterday, had a very nice flight, delayed by a few hours. I did shed a few tears as we took off, looking out at the familiar mountains. Landing was fun, too, picking out all the familiar sights along the SW Florida coast. Beautiful sunset behind tall palms, and seeing our beautiful daughter.
    The chaos in our house didn’t magically resolve, but that’s OK. The mold smell is extremely strong, so I’m working on getting contractors to “fix” it. Tom is running all the usual errands, and we will again be having our lunch time game of cribbage with the picture of his parents playing on the shelf.
    I’ll take it one day at a time…………
    Mucho Love,
    Debbie in Tampa

    • sbranch says:

      In love with two places. . . always difficult. Always homesick! Have fun down there! Won’t be long, and you’ll be back! ❌⭕️

  88. SusanTahakjian says:

    Wonderful blog. Lost my mom a year ago. Just trying to continue the good things she did. She loved decorating for all the holidays especially Thanksgiving!

  89. Cheryl King says:

    A delightful giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving!

  90. Deanna Martz says:

    Susan: Thank you for “boosting” spirits!

  91. Minette Hendricks says:

    I have all of your books and calendars and have been a fan since you were illustrating recipes in Country Living magazine many many years ago…I have never written to you but I feel like I know you as many of your girlfriends do. I’m sure we are about the same age. I, too, love England and have been there many times. And finally the last time we went (3 years ago) we got to Beatrix Potter’s house. It was magical to me! Thank you for these many years of sharing your art, insight, knowledge, beauty and photos for all these years. Stay well and continue doing what you do best!

  92. Carol Timm Hoover says:

    Always so inspired after reading your newsletters!

  93. Beverlee Moreno-Ring says:

    What a wonderful blog Susan! So many blessings!!!!!!!! And having your dear friend move back and now you have Jack and the Ripper… so funny….. Thank you for all you do to bring joy into the world..xoxoxo

  94. Susan Foy says:

    So enjoy reading the Wllards! Thank you for the respite and a reminder to count my Blessings!

  95. Lisa says:

    Your work has been a blessing in my life.

  96. audrey Bell in LaBarque Creek, MO says:

    Our family has come to that place in time when we will not gather in mass at Thanksgiving for our traditional Day After Celebration. So sad that a 50+ family tradition comes to an end. My mother always said there will come a day when the children become the parents and then eventually the parents become the grandparents. It was with a big gulp and a I shed a tear or two when it was decided just yesterday we will discontinue the tradition this year and look forward to perhaps a spring or summer outdoor gathering instead. Since I was 8 years old my dad’s brother and his family would gather together at my parent’s house the day after and we would do it all over again. Turkeys, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries, sweet potatoes, stuffing and rolls, green veggies, and pies, OH THE PIES! Everyone has their special recipe to prepare and bring to the gathering. Some cousins are flying off this year to visit the mouse in Florida, some to attend Hogwarts, some will be staying home to entertain their own children and grands, a few with new babies have decided not to make the long trek. I am sad to see this longtime celebration coming to the end, but confident we will find new ways to celebrate family events in the future. Blessings to all at this time of Thanksgiving, enjoy with family or friends or whoever comes into your life. Cherish the time spent together!

  97. Cynthia Arnold says:

    My favorite season – Autumn. I have loved your artwork for a very long time. I would love the pilgrims on my table!

  98. Jan Ash says:

    I cherish my Snail Mail Willards and I love this one Susan! You have blessed me and my family in too may ways to count. Thank you!

  99. Kay Johnson says:

    Always lovely to visit your part of the world. We are enjoying the first snowfall in Minnesota….time to change over from fall to Thanksgiving/Christmas. What ceramic turkey doesn’t like sitting by the twinkling Christmas tree lights!!!

  100. Ginger Chriss says:

    Thanking God for my family and the closeness we can enjoy this year. Love that we have texting and facetime, but nothing beats a hug!

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